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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Walk home: the world’s most ex…
    connelly567 on Walk home: the world’s most ex…
    Beata on Walk home: the world’s most ex…
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Cocktails at The Scratching Post: Down by the Riverside

Comrades, even the fearsome PUMA Militia needs to take a break.  I’ve arranged for our cocktail party to be held on a deck overlooking the Delaware River between NJ and PA tonight.  We’re at Point Pleasant, PA.  You can check it on the webcam .  This is the place where you can rent a tube and a bus will take you several miles up river so you can spend the next couple of hours doing absolutely nothing but floating.  The water is shallow and there are “rapids” but you can handle it.

I love water.  I spent most of my childhood near one major ocean or another and the tang of salty air always brings back good memories of Sundays at the beach, shell hunts, sand crabs and the shoo-shoosh of waves. But I’m just as happy on the river or next to a lake or just listening to the sound of rain.  Water never lets itself be hemmed in.  It always seeks the path of least resistance.  If you put an obstacle in its way, it just flows around it.  You can contain water but after awhile, it evaporates and turns into a new raindrop and starts flowing in a different direction.  Accumulate enough water in one place it is literally a force of nature.  F=ma and all that.  It can be benign or powerful but it is rarely ever still.  It never does what it is told.

So, take off your combat boots PUMAs, park your deadly force HP printers in the corner, sit back, relax and watch the river roll by.

Welcome to The Scratching Post Cocktail Party.  I’m your hostess for this evening.  You’ll find the bar on the left side of the deck, manned, as always by our ever faithful bartender, Rico.  He’s got plenty of flair and always has a special drink.  Tonight, you can choose from a Causmo, that will help Hillary Clinton retire her debt and look towards the future with HillPac.  There are lots of good causes.  For example, Murphy at PUMAPac still needs to pay for those buses to Denver.  Drop in and say hello.  Causmos are $10.  Or, if that’s not in your budget, you can try a light, citrusy AJ Summer Drink.  Of course, you can order whatever you like.

Tonight’s entertainment hails from Brazil.  Bebel Gilberto is the daughter of Joao Gilberto and singer Miucha.  This soft Summer Samba goes nicely with sunset over the river, warm summer breezes and good friends, So Nice…

We militant PUMAs are really quite approachable, now that we’ve taken off the camouflage.  But if you feel a belligerent word starting to harsh your mellow, consider checking it with Florence, our lovely attendent.

The waiters will be circulating shortly with a salad of sun ripened Jersey tomatoes, fresh basil and mozarella.  There are also some fresh corn cakes with a chipotle mayonnaise.  Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

542 Responses

  1. I love water. I spent most of my childhood near one major ocean or another and the tang of salty air always brings back good memories of Sundays at the beach, shell hunts, sand crabs and the shoo-shoosh of waves. But I’m just as happy on the river or next to a lake or just listening to the sound of rain. Water never lets itself be hemmed in. It always seeks the path of least resistance. If you put an obstacle in its way, it just flows around it. You can contain water but after awhile, it evaporates and turns into a new raindrop and starts flowing in a different direction. Accumulate enough water in one place it is literally a force of nature. F=ma and all that. It can be benign or powerful but it is rarely ever still. It never does what it is told.

    AMEN! I love that PUMA = Water analogy.

    Rico! How you doin’? Nice shirt! Could you give me a Causmo please.

    Carol Diamonds, is it ok if I pledge the $10.00 now and pay it once I get paid?

  2. Wow, this place is dead. Where is everybody?

  3. water is determined…given time it will take a flat plain and give you the Grand Canyon.

  4. Rico, I’ll have two Causmos with top shelf vodka. Hold the other one for later.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 5:56 PM CDT
    Contact: Riverdaughter
    East Bumfuque, NJ

    Amount: $25.00

  5. I left to pour my first Cosmo of the evening.

  6. Absolutely!

    sm77 is starting us off with $10



    Who’s Next?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  7. I love water too. Thanks riverdaughter! This is a lovely image.

    (PS — I just got myself banned at dKos!! Finally)

  8. 10 causmos, Rico. One for you, one for RD, one for me, and share ’em as people come in the room.


    DATE: July 24, 2008 5:57 PM CDT
    NAME: Ohio
    ADDRESS: &&&&&&
    MXXXXXXX, WA 98###
    AMOUNT: $100.00

  9. RD, I went to college with someone from West Bumfuck, maybe you knew him…..

  10. Non: You must be new around here. Have a seat, grab a drink and wait. The others will be here shortly. Some like to make an entrance. Some arrive fashionably late.

  11. Nonymo, give it time, people are just starting to creep in.

  12. (Can I coast on the $100 I donated last week? I’m still freaking out over it)

  13. katie, what got you banned?

  14. riverdaughter is in for $25



    Can we get a running total on the right side of the page?

    Thank you very much!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  15. some are even still at work on the other coast….suckers!!! he he

  16. Alright Ohio!!!! WOW! I think Ohio gets a bottle of Dom Perignon for that.

  17. Gary, I didn’t go to high school around here. I lived in Jabip, PA back then.

  18. I went on a commenting spree. Most of them are hidden now. But, I just started telling people about being concerned ’cause he’s such a bad speaker and “God Damn America” aside, he’s never held a full time job. I don’t think it went over well. But, I had to repeat it about 15 times before it really took.

  19. SM, how about one for Colorado? that’s their must win in their 57 state strategy/nonsense. and I believe McCain is beating him there too!

  20. Wow, water!
    I’m a Pisces so water is my element.
    Ohio, thanks for the drink!
    I’m a little short right now so I really appreciate it.
    Never fear, though, when my ship comes in, I know how to “run the bar.”

  21. Running Total? Sure. I’ll fix it now.

  22. Carol, don’t forget Ohio’s $100 – I think Ed Rendell will give Ohio a lap dance for that.

  23. Ohio – you Rock! $100



    (katiebird – did I already count it last week? Let me know.)

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    Where’s fuzzy?

  24. Kbird: Congratulations!!! Don’t you feel special now? It’s sort of like ritual circumcision (the male kind). It sounds scary but it only takes a minute and after you’re done, you feel like you’re an adult.

  25. josgirl–I’m a pisces too, here’s to all the water signs!

  26. gary and jos: Scorpio, which I *think* is a water sign.

  27. Carol: Part of what I saved on food shopping this week.

    $5.00 for me
    $5.00 for Ed

    Date: July 24, 2008 6:04 PM CDT
    Contact: Patricia Johnson
    Springfield, MA 01108
    Amount: $10.00

  28. Pat and Ed – $10 WooooooooHoooooooooo!



    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  29. Gary, if they wanted a “red” state chock full of electoral votes, FLORIDA is the place where it’s at.

    M-Fers are SOOO DUMB. I say let them lose. It’s Howard Dean’s doing.

    How are you going to base your electoral vote “win” on mountain states with VERY CONSERVATIVE populations?

  30. Riverdaughter, definitely a water sign, along with Cancer.
    I think HRC is Scorpio, too.

  31. Scorpio:

    Being a water sign, Scorpio is considered highly passionate, imaginative, determined, persevering, inflexible and self-confident.

    Not that I believe any of it.
    Ok, how weird is this? We’re at a cocktail party asking each other “What’s your sign?” !

  32. the intertubes sez this about water signs:

    The Element of Water is associated with the Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, and it also rules the Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth Houses. The watery words flow with this Element: fluid, flowing, wavering. These terms can easily apply to an individual’s emotions, which are exactly the realm in which Water exerts its influence.

    Water Signs are intuitive, sensitive and feel more intensely than the rest. They are emotional and nurturing and, like a river, run deep. How things feel is what matters to these folks, and they base their actions on sense, rather than on logic or intellect. Water is also about compassion and understanding, since the receptive talents of these individuals are remarkably high. Water Sign people can take in the feelings of others, process them, and put forth a plan or solution that will be conscientious to all.

    Those graced by Water love to take their sense of the world and translate it into the artistic. They desire aesthetic beauty — and for everyone to be happy as a result of that beauty. Much like still water can become stagnant, however, an inactive Water Sign person is not a Water Sign person at their best. Water Signs feel most fulfilled when they are helping others, and they do so in an enchanting, considerate and even romantic way.

    The flip side of this dreamy Water world is the tendency of these individuals to brood. Water Signs are susceptible to mood swings, and, at their worst, they could become self-indulgent, controlling and hostage to a fantasy world. This also brings up the ability of these folks to see things more clearly than others. Call it psychic, if you will.

    Water Signs are emotional, empathetic, receptive and feel things deeply. Alternately calm like the sea or possessing the force of a torrential rain, the emotions brought forth by this Element are plentiful, indeed.

  33. Ed would have donated more but he needs his money to “buy” his way out of Texas.

  34. I’m a Scorpio with Taurus Rising – Patron shots for water signs!

  35. Pat and I are Taurus – that is why neither of us can let go of Edward!

  36. Just for the record: I am actually drinking a chilled Cosmo so if I start to get a buzz in a little while, and tell you guys how much “I love you”, somebody call a cab.

  37. Riverdaughter – YOU ARE A SCOPRIO???

    OMG – Kismic Water Scorpion sister moment!!!

  38. I am a Taurus and my ex was a Scorpio. They seldom mix.

  39. sm, baby, no Ed for me. If you want the lap dance, be my guest.

    I am going to huddle in a little lavendar corner over here and play Guess Who’s Gay.

  40. We love you Pat! (Ed and I both.)

  41. Just gave my $25, but didn’t copy my receipt. This is my first time at having cpcktails.

    But I have been tubing down the Delaware from Point Pleasant. I live about 20 minutes from there. It’s a gorgeous, relaxing trip.

  42. Pat – I LOVE YOU (dribble falling on my chin).

  43. Pat – my husband was a scopio also – November 7.

    We must be twins.

  44. Ohio: We honestly do not care who is gay or not. We just enjoy the company and the brainiacs who reside here. And lavender is my favorite color so welcome.

  45. MaryLee $25



    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  46. RD, It’s like losing 50 pounds — seriously. And it was fun. I was so scared of those guys just 4 months ago. But, all these months of dealing with trolls made talking to them a breeze.

    It was so great to see those buttons disappear!

  47. Obama is a Leo, a fire sign (opposite of water) and this is what that same page says about them….kind of eerie how right on it is…..

    those who bear its will can be overly strident in getting their way. Call it bossy, even. These folks can come across rather forcefully. Selfishness and an overdeveloped ego can also be seen as part of a fiery individual’s shadowy side.

  48. Ohio, you’re going to have to give your “Free Ed Rendell Lap Dance” ticket to either Pat Johnson or Carol Diamonds.

    Oooh “Guess who’s Gay” is fun!

  49. Carol: Only mine was an idiot. Remember the SALT treaties? He could not figure out why they were arguing over salt since there was so much in the ocean! But damn, he was good looking.

  50. It’s true – the only sexual orientation Pat and I are interested in is Edward’s!

  51. Carol, I’m pretty sure you counted it. I know I posted it. But I’ve GOT to stop. It was really a crazy donation to make at this time.

  52. Gary, but BIll Clinton is a Leo too – but he’s a positive Leo.

  53. Carol and Pat, I’m a Taurus too!

  54. Lap dances? We just started. I thought that was the West coast’s domain anyway.

  55. katiebird: Mine is April 29th.

  56. Pat, that’s just a couple of days after me. I’m April 25!

  57. Evenin’ Conflusions, mighty fine place you have here and I love the view. I’m quite thirsty this evening and would love a Causmo. I haven’t got my email yet but I just sent the fine lady:

    Put me down for $25.00, Carol.

  58. I don’t know if you can stay katie! We have a strick code of conduct here – okay – nevermind.

    katiebird – everything on the house for you if RD agrees for slipping in over at the enemy camp and making it back without being spotted!


  59. Got to run, but just wanted to share this ringing endorsement given to obama…..lol


  60. Watched a little bit of Brit Hume before I came on. It seems that some of his panel are even impressed with his trip. Tho one did mention that while he seems to be impressing Europeans, his numbers are going down here. ( Here is where I would put in a smiley face if I knew how.)

  61. Taurus’s are tough. We are so cranky.

  62. Puma – SF $25



    Let’s go!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  63. hanging my head

    Carol, I did get outed. Someone replied to my comment by posting a link to a post where I first reported on what I was doing.

    But, I can lurk and keep the running total up to date (sniff)

  64. give me a causmo rico! who else wants one?

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 6:19 PM CDT
    Contact: Gary xxxxxx
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    Amount: $20.00

  65. Obama is so full of himself it is beginning to become apparent to some of the public. He may regret this trip in the end.

  66. Pat, I really think that this will be the Best Week of Obama’s campaign.

  67. I read on CNN that they were registering people to vote in Berlin—and they still insisted it wasn’t a campaign event.

  68. May 11 – We are not cranky. We stand our ground with good humor all the way up to the point that you push us tooooooooo far and then we blow!

    Are you listening BO?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  69. Gary, I heard that too.

  70. MaryLee, on July 24th, 2008 at 7:20 pm Said:
    Watched a little bit of Brit Hume before I came on. It seems that some of his panel are even impressed with his trip. Tho one did mention that while he seems to be impressing Europeans, his numbers are going down here. ( Here is where I would put in a smiley face if I knew how.)

    Then if Obama is impressing them SOOOOO friggin much, why doesn’t he stay there then?

  71. Carol, I think that comrade Katiebird deserves a commendation for meeting the enemy on its territory and poking it in the eye. Gleefully.

    Everything is on the house for Comrade KBird tonight!

  72. I deserve a crack on the knuckles but I took a peek at HuffPo’s homepage and they have him pictured alongside those of JFK and Reagan. Give me an f***ing break!

  73. Um, Pat, I know, thanks. I’ve been here for awhile.

    I was just letting SM know she can keep the lap dance for herself.

  74. I guess I should clarify–registering americans abroad–in berlin, but you never know!,

  75. garychapelhill $20




    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  76. gary, Oh really? How big *is* the congressional district that Berlin is in?

  77. Fuzzy is here and asking is what is the correct link tonight? I gotta do my share-


    please point the way miss carol diamonds for me

  78. garychapelhill, on July 24th, 2008 at 7:23 pm Said:
    I read on CNN that they were registering people to vote in Berlin—and they still insisted it wasn’t a campaign event.

    Dead people voting, now GERMANS? OMG. I know that there are a number of Americans living in Germany, but they can’t be THAT much.

  79. Garychapelhill, did anybody mention Pisces are generous?

  80. SM at 7:23:

    Wish he would.

  81. (blushing)

    Carol and riverdaughter — thank you SO much! I’ve been looking forward to tonight! And now I can really enjoy it.

    Rico? Do you have a nice Delicato Merlot? (batting eyes with a smile)

  82. It occured to me that with his “one world” speech in Berlin, he’s either scaring the s^*( out of the end time evangelicals or they’re getting their hair done and getting things in order for the Rapture. He’s just sealed his impression as the Anti-Christ today.
    Hmmmm, did he do it intentionally?

  83. Maybe Berlin is part of the states between 51-57?

  84. SM, now if we start talking about dead germans, that includes Hitler, I’d love to come across his name on the voter roll…hee hee…..

  85. One Causmo please. Never drank at this watering hole before…but think I like it!!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 6:26 PM CDT

    Amount: $10.00

  86. Katiebird, I’m pretty sure that Rico is gay.

  87. I only saw a bit of coverage and I read the headline “Tear down these walls” does he steal every one-liner he uses?

  88. Katiebird, since Ohio gave me back the “Ed Rendell Lap Dance” – I will officially bestow it upon you for your bravery and courage in enemy lines.

    Could the DJ cue up the Thong Song” for Ed’s lap dance please?

  89. RD, I know but, I think he likes my smile.

  90. eriezindian, We LOVE first timers. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to throw the full version of the initiation rites.
    Kbird, go get the ceremonial knife and make sure it’s sharp this time.
    Gary, bring the garbage pail.

  91. And that’s why I didn’t unbutton the extra button or two on my top…..

  92. Drinking Mojitos tonight. Thanks, Ricco

    wow, fresh mint

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 7:28 PM EDT
    Contact: samanthasmom
    Amount: $10.00

  93. riverdaughter, on July 24th, 2008 at 7:28 pm Said:
    It occured to me that with his “one world” speech in Berlin, he’s either scaring the s^*( out of the end time evangelicals or they’re getting their hair done and getting things in order for the Rapture. He’s just sealed his impression as the Anti-Christ today.
    Hmmmm, did he do it intentionally?

    Or Illuminati New World Order crap.

  94. I’ll go git my poking stick….

  95. I’m wondering if I every used the “what’s your sign line”.

    I’m an air sign (Libra).

  96. Riverdaughter, This one?

  97. eriezindian $10 Welcome to “our place”!



    fuzzy – hit the cocktail on the upper right!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  98. SM: Same thing. The endtimers are looking for signs all of the time and he gave them a great big one today complete with neon and an arrow pointing right at him.

  99. And somebody throw some more money into the “bail out” jar.

  100. I don’t believe in Jesus that much, but if he turns out to be the anti-christ I sure as hell lucked out….

  101. gary, the zug-zug stick, if you please

  102. (ummm) This is a nice drink.

  103. Katie, ok, now I’m scared….you know Francine lives in your neck of the woods, maybe we should sick you on her..

  104. Kbird, Yes that’s the one. Now, where did we put the betadine and the forceps?

  105. I really wish that George Carlin was alive to see the sack of cow manure Obama & the media is spreading.

  106. (nodding) gary? I’ve got my plans. Can’t share them online though….

  107. One of my kids just walked in, saw me sitting at the computer sipping a Cosmo, went “oh oh”, and backed out the door. What is his problem??

  108. samanthasmom $10



    Thank you very much!

    Also, who’s cutting what and who’s bleeding where?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  109. and Down by the Riverside becomes Deliverance in 3..2..1…

  110. obama a gave a one word speech? what was the word? ok where is my link to Hillary so i can wear down the ccard again


  111. Rico is not immune to the charms of La Bird.

    RD, the end times garbage is serious. There are people (like Bush and Pals) who actually believe this crap and act accordingly. Funny, though, the few end-timers I’ve met are always looking for the business angle. A few years ago I had a born-again end-timer who wanted me to help him package a set of 3 films based on these end-time bestsellers.

    The books were the equivalent of Christian rock—I don’t know anyone who listens to it but people were gtting rich off it.

    No offense to Christian rock fans.

    I graciously walked away from the deal as I am not now nor have I ever been a party to such, well, stupidity. Though I am partial to the believers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    They are called…wait for it…Pastafarians.


    I shit you not.

    The bumpersticker I always wanted to make: If the Rapture comes, I’m stealing your shit.

  112. Pat, his problem is that he doesn’t have a cosmo…

  113. Pat Johnson, on July 24th, 2008 at 7:35 pm Said:
    One of my kids just walked in, saw me sitting at the computer sipping a Cosmo, went “oh oh”, and backed out the door. What is his problem??


  114. His one word speech was “Hillary”.

  115. SM: I’m blissfully ignorant of Obama Grand Presidential Tour of the Middle East and Europe. After I dropped in on his press conference yesterday, I just couldn’t take any more. Sooo much happier not subjecting myself to summer tv. It’s TV definitely not worth watching, unless *we’re* on of course.

  116. That thing he does when he says,

    “You’re gonna hafta stop….” AND
    “You’re gonna hafta start ….” AND
    “You can’t keep saying/doing/thinking ….”

    Is so embarrassing — and he was saying that in Berlin! I could hardly believe it. And he’s so serious — he’s not kidding at all!

    Who talks to voters like that? Why does that work?

  117. Ohio:
    YES!!! The Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Space Pirates – or something like that.

  118. I know, I actually like to watch the Olympics, now he’s gone and even ruined that for me @#$@#!!!!!

  119. I myself have always been partial to Hale Boppers.

  120. are there any left pat? I thought they all went back to their home world

  121. gary: Just DVR the stuff you want to see and skip the rest. The good stuff is on in the wee hours anyway. Then you can ff through The Precious. Jeez, for all we know, he’s managed to buy lighting the torch too.

  122. K-bird, those phrases are convenient ways to construct a straw-man argument. Just like Bush uses straw-men to say “some don’t want to fight the war on ter-rah”, so Obama uses strawmen. Also, his “the notion that…” is a good strawman starter. Very obnoxious.

  123. It is ironic that we could all sit and happily listen to Hillary and Bill give policy speeches and never get bored. Obama comes on and I can take about 5 minutes before I turn it off.

  124. riverdaughter, on July 24th, 2008 at 7:37 pm Said:
    SM: I’m blissfully ignorant of Obama Grand Presidential Tour of the Middle East and Europe. After I dropped in on his press conference yesterday, I just couldn’t take any more. Sooo much happier not subjecting myself to summer tv. It’s TV definitely not worth watching, unless *we’re* on of course.

    Me too. I can’t bear to listen to any of the “Obama is a God in Europe” crap. I swear, I’ve never been a witness to such absolute and total BS and I will fight to the best of my ability that we DON’t see it again.

    What kind of message does that send to the world? That the US is putting another inexperienced moron as president. Great.

    A fact-finding mission (like McCain did in Latin America) DOES NOT include major speeches in symbolic cultural landmarks. It’s scary and lethal to Democracy.

  125. Not to take too much away from the party here, but over at Corrente there is a very interesting discussion going on re: the philosophy of PB2.0. Something I’ve been hoping for.

  126. LOVE WATER! and PUMAS! and it’s not on topic but, this is HUGE news McCain is meeting the Dalai Lama tomorrow!
    WOW! that is peaceful news to me, fellow pumas…

    Its a green pumadem thing, out California way. HUGE!

    xxoo! — the rivers and the oceans all find their way eventually to the headwaters of the MIGHTY CONFLUENCE! we do. You guys, NQ has a paw film thing up for PUMA I didn’t see it yet, but RD you might want it for here!
    best to all of you!

    ps: RD the video this morn cracked me up! —! It really sums it up!

  127. Pat: I am beginning to think we are the ultimate non-conformists. Does that mean we shouldn’t acknowledge our coolness?

  128. Yeah, me, too. I haven’t seen anything but that ridiculous picture of him touching the wailing wall. He looked like such a dupe.

  129. What kind of message does that send to the world? That the US is putting another inexperienced moron as president. Great.

    SM, I kept hoping that someone at dKos would say, “He has too worked a full-time job he…. (whatever)

    But, they didn’t it as all, This is a Democratic Blog — go away.

    And that lecturing to people — it makes me crazy to hear.

  130. move the tote for me please-

    Date: July 24, 2008 7:43 PM EDT
    Contact: michael varvel
    XXX nw XXth ave apt X
    gainesville, FL 32601
    Amount: $30.00

  131. gqm: Thanks for reminding me. I have been trying to figure a way to get Lambert to the PUMA conference so we can talk about PB2.0 in person. I know he’s not a PUMA but it just seems like the perfect opportunity. But I think he’s strapped for cash.

  132. riverdaughter, on July 24th, 2008 at 7:41 pm Said: Jeez, for all we know, he’s managed to buy lighting the torch too.

    Didn’t you hear? Right when the Olympic Torch is lit, Obama will mysteriously fade in the center of the flame, then shoot up into the sky and land in the middle of the arena and shout “YES WE CAN” while the Chinese Acrobats spell it out on the arena floor.

  133. I predict by the next election the important coverage will be taking place throughout the blogosphere. This is where the candidates will come to get noticed.

    Newspaper sales have dropped dramatically, the same with magazines like Time and Newsweek. The MSM is ridiculous and none more so than this election season.

    Blogs like these will become the national clearinghouses for candidates who aim to get their message out there. This is where the action will be by 2011.

  134. SM: LOL! What an image! I can just see it. Too, too funny. There’s got to be a post in that for some enterprising Conflucian.,

  135. (perking up) Did I hear Lambert’s name?

  136. Greetings RD and crew. I’ve just limped over from hireheels to belly-up. Make my “Causmo” a double $20!! Guess I’ll be crawling back to hh! 🙂
    Cheers to my “militant” activist!
    — scl

  137. rd, if i weren’t burning through my savings and currently unemployed, I’m sure I’d make it to the conference myself. But so it goes. Not that I’m asking for handouts, just a job :o).

  138. RD- Your discussion about water reminds me of my favorite things–PUMAs. The DNC can try to control us and it may work for a while but rest assured, just like flowing water, we will decide where we want to go and that is where we will end up. I brought some soft shell crabs from Maryland, enjoy.

  139. Katiebird: It’s the best arguement against an O-Bot. That “No full-time job” is the best.

  140. It is difficult to read Lambert’s position at time. One day he is pushing Obama, another not so much. I think he is a PUMA at heart but his other bloggers are more in favor of a Dem in the WH than the candidate’s shortcomings. But I still read Lambert. He is interesting.

  141. SM, (squinting) Yechch!

  142. Hey, Sista! Glad to see you could make it. kick those shoes off and grab an Adirondack chair. Rico, can we get the lady a causmo, please?

  143. Hi, fellow Pisceans!

    $10 to Hill from me. Rico, a Causmo, por favor.

  144. I forgot to call you Comrade Sista. What other suitably militant titles can we give ourselves?

  145. prada heels always arrive a little late….but i’m here!

    Causmo is yummy — i even forced my republican boyfriend to buy one … he’s gone now, so hoping a sugardaddy shows so i can make him buy me another 😉

    have you guys heard bout the new Quinnipiac Nos? Obama slippin’ in four states including Colorado…ahhh what a rocky mountain high that is for me …

  146. Vbonnaire, McCain is meeting the Dalai Lama?????

    Where? I didn’t hear about this? Oh that’s right, it’s all about Obama doing his “Foreign policy, PSYCH! Photo Op tour”

  147. yay joan another piscean….I’m feb 27, you?

  148. ooohh republican boyfriend…I hope he’s rich at least.

  149. Possibly we are non conformists but I prefer to see the people on this site as thinkers. People who like to roll things over in their minds before making a decision. People who give thought to where we travel as a nation as we travel this road together.

    I see us more as independent thinkers with a manifest love of our country, what our true party stands for, and as people when the sh*t hits the fan are able to stand their ground. If that makes us non conformists, so be it. We also know the real thing when we see it, HRC.

  150. Newspaper sales have dropped dramatically, the same with magazines like Time and Newsweek.

    Part of this is a transition to accessing the papers from the internet. The fact is that however much we hate newspapers, we need quality reporting from sources that have the time and resources (e.g. money) for real reporting. How many bloggers could have scooped the black sites in eastern european countries? Would Abu Gharib been found out as early as it was without full-time reporting from Sy Hersh? I don’t think so. Many blog posts rely on the MSM. Sure, we can analyse the data from budgets, etc., but I wouldn’t rely on bloggers to do all the reporting.

  151. hey katiebird, my limpin’ sista christian…. and her sageness…Riverdaughter…

  152. Yay! Sista Christian & Princess Prada in the House!

  153. (Waving)

    Hi Joan and SistaChristianLouboutin, & Honora & gqmartinez AND Ohio!!

    I’ve been distracted by keeping up with the running total and forget to scroll back sometimes. I’m sorry.

    Wow! This is a great party — Riverdaughter, It’s the perfect location. That river breeze is sweet!

  154. gqmartinez….as long as newspapers have crosswords and soduku they will be around forever….

  155. Guerrilla Princess! Comrade Sista! Pretty soon we’ll have a squad.
    I saw some interesting poll numbers today as well as the fact that against John McCain, both Hillary and Gore come out ahead.
    Obama? ehhhh, not so much.

    So, what’s with the Quinnipiac numbers?

  156. Yikes, And Princess! xxoo (I love your outfit!)

  157. Ok does that get me in the door?


  158. How come when Hillary creamed o in Puerto Rico it did not count because they were not going to vote in the GE, but now we are supposed to be so excited because Germany likes him? Last time I checked, Germany had no Electoral College delegates.

  159. riverdaughter, on July 24th, 2008 at 7:46 pm Said:
    SM: LOL! What an image! I can just see it. Too, too funny. There’s got to be a post in that for some enterprising Conflucian.,

    Maybe I’ll have another “Satire on a Budget” moment – let’s see what I can think up!

  160. just following Fuzzybear’s lead …. this is my first virtual experience….well, kind of…

    Dear diane,

    We deeply appreciate your support.

    DATE: July 24, 2008 7:41 PM EDT
    NAME: diane XXXXXXX
    AMOUNT: $10.00

  161. Howdy all! Rico! Patron y Dos Equis por favor

  162. Hey, if anyone wants to recommend me for What Not To Wear, I won’t be embarrassed.

  163. did you see the fox poll? I posted this in the last post but in a heads up its BO 41 to JM 40…..if you make it w/ veeps it s Obama+Hillary 48 Mccain Romney 39…..she even gets near the ticket and its a winner….hope she has already told him to cram it on that one..

  164. myIQ, !!

  165. Honora – EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. When I think of Hale Boppers-I think poor LT Uhura you thihk her psyhic friends would have warned her so she could have gotten her son out of there?


  167. gqmartinez: But that is where the creativity comes into play. There is not one diarist on this blog who could not compete with most of the MSM. The dregs like MoPo and the slime buckets like Novak will be totally irrelevant by the next election. The action will be here in the blogosphere. If we can cut Hillary’s debt to such a degree simply by online back and forth, think what will happen in the next 4 years. Those same candidates will be blogging right back.

  168. Pat-Obmamweek mag refuses to cancel my subscription. I have requested twice but it still comes 2 months later. I throw it straight in the recycle bin. Guess they don’t want to lose any more subscribers.

  169. Princess, sometimes my BFF pops in for a drink. He’s pretty generous with drinks.

  170. Hi Fuzzy!! Do you got your lean on?

  171. riverdaughter, on July 24th, 2008 at 7:08 pm Said:

    Being a water sign, Scorpio is considered highly passionate, imaginative, determined, persevering, inflexible and self-confident

    Thanks, needed that. Now, I’m really on the prowl!!!!!

  172. Savor The Warm-up Music-To-My-Ears – by Quinnipiac!!!

    McCain gains ground on Obama in Minnesota, poll finds…
    Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN – 2 hours ago

    A Quinnipiac University poll released today found that Obama leads McCain 46 percent to 44 percent among the state’s likely voters, a statistical tie. …

    John McCain picks up steam in Colorado and Minnesota Los Angeles Times

    McCain narrows gap with Obama in new Michigan poll MLive.com

  173. So, what’s with the Quinnipiac numbers?

    Not knowing what the Qunniac poll says, basic statistics says that you expect 1 outlier for every 20 polls taken. From my recollection, Q wasn’t very good during the primaries so they seem to have bad models.

  174. Joan: The day I received my copy of Time with Obama on the cover and being declared the “nominee” I cancelled immediately. Time is definitely not objective any longer. The same with Newsweek, The Nation, and the Progressive. All have been cancelled. I am now forced to read the back of cereal boxes.

  175. BFF is cute We all sit up a little straighter when he’s here.

  176. Pat, I remember that day. I was so shocked. I’ll never forget it.

  177. Is BFF another Ed? {{she says blinking with eyes wide open}}

  178. Polls are not Barry’s friends because they reflect reality. He only wants the world to see the illusion of the World’s Best Savyahhh

  179. I lost my wallet so I can’t drink. But I’ll have a mug of Market Spice Tea. Yummy. Stuff keeps me up all night though.

  180. and we already heard McCain had gained in OHIO in a Rasmussen Poll the other day…

    guess someone better tell Precious the elex is in

    “A M E R I C A ” not “G E R M A N Y”

    i’ll bet mccain gets more mileage from the german restaurant than obama gets at brandenburg…!!!

  181. gary- I hate everything o says and does, so it is all to possible that he will choose Hillary.

  182. I’m still catching up on everyone else here…

    $10 to Hillary (for the record)

    I’ll go back to reading again – Hi everyone!

  183. honora, he probably has already BEGGED her to be on the ticket, why would she even consider it?

  184. Yes what is with those Quinnipiac numbers? Discerning Comrades want to know… And Sista LOVES sugardaddies… especially when they’re holding a tray of tasty refreshments. Body shots anyone?

  185. How will we react if he does (and I doubt this will happen) choose Hillary?

  186. I remember her offer from the primaries–joint ticket, her on top…I bet that offer is still on the table…

  187. hola jjm,

    I’ve been out of the loop, but I finally got my network up and running. Have a lot of catching up to do…

  188. gary: He is not about to take second place. He has gone too far now with the C of C crapola.

  189. Pat: Well, whatever it is that the Village people do that gets them the big bucks must be something very elusive because I just don’t get it. On the other hand, we do have quantity. I’d like to see MoDo turn out A level snark 7 days a week. She only has to write *two* measly columns a week to live in her swank townhouse.

  190. well, that’s why they vote republican — they care more about money than peeps….so i provide the conscience in the relationship — works out especially well now since i refuse to quit on our gal — ….

  191. SistaChristian – I want a do body shot!

    (umm, how do you do a bofy shot?) 🙂

  192. rd: MoDo is my definition of a sl*t. She may come across as a holier than thou Catholic school educated girl but she is just a sl*t. I should know, I went to school for 12 years with girls like her. Billy Joel even dedicated a song to them.

  193. hiya jjm and you, too, gqm.

    Rico, set them up for the PUMA-Seattle communards. Put it on joanie’s tab.

  194. BODY not bofy

  195. Date: July 24, 2008 6:59 PM CDT

    Amount: $10.00

    Here’s my first of the eve –

    And am now ready to have a leisurely ride in the midst of like minded peeps.

  196. sista: you need to get out more…you’re scaring me with the “body shots”…. i’m sure u’ll find a willing participant here 😉

  197. Pat: Are you offering a lap dance to the BFF? As long as their are no pics taken that will get him in trouble with the fam, he’s probably amenable.

  198. Obama is the next hale bopper and all his followers will make the ultimate sacrifice and try to jump a ride on the next puma free spaceship that is following in behind a comet!

    well me and my fuzzy friend Tim are going for a walk athon for hillary who will sponcer us $ 5.00 a milne back in an hour or so to do sme heavy leaning-

    we are doing 4 miles tonight


  199. SM: My Cosmo is working its way through to my head since I didn’t even notice the typo. Made sense to me!

  200. Heard about a cocktail party here. Just dropping by to say “Hello, friends”.

    Hello, Friends!

    Thanks for all the work you all do. And a special thanks to RiverDaughter. 🙂


  201. BTW my Militant Hostess… since we’re having such lovely Brazilian entertainment… How much do we need to raise before we can give Howard Dean a Brazilian Bikini Wax– bet we’d get a real scream then huh?!? 🙂

  202. $100 towards a bus to Denver.

    I feel so much better after a bit of shopping therapy.

  203. rd: Only if there is something in it for me. I am very shallow.

  204. Pat- I sometimes doubt my resolve when I go there, but for the record o/Clinton would not make any difference to me. You know i can imagine Hillary and Bill watching all this obamalooza stuff and thinking, Hillary could run the country and o would not even care or know. Very Bush/Cheney. Unfortunately, Pelosi, Kerry, Daschle, and Dean would notice and would do everything possible to stop it.

  205. Princess: I don’t think I’ve ever slept with a Republican. The closest I got was an Independent with Country Club Republicans in his family tree. You’re running with a dangerous crowd.

  206. i know there are some mccain fans here, BUT…

    could he be any MORE boring…..i mean, how can they be TIE …. why is Obama losing ground in some states…..

    huh?…what’s that???
    All I can hear is “R O A R I N G”….

    must be those annoying PUMAs!!

  207. Sista! I’ll rather give Howardr a Brazile-ian Bikini wax, cuz he’d be the first man up in that.

  208. IndyPUMA: She is pretty special isn’t she? I can see her writing columns for the MSM. Another Mary McGorry.

  209. I wouldn’t put it past them to put her on the ticket just to totally eff us up! That would be a terrible conundrum.

  210. Pat: He would not disappoint. He likes good food, good wine, good music.

  211. sadly, i’ve only ever dated them….let’s just say we have great ‘debates’…..and lots a steaks @ the Palm.

    (hey, a girl’s gotta eat!)

  212. Pat:

    I’ve been sipping my drink quietly. But as far as O choosing Hillary, it would make no difference in my vote or in any actions I would take.

    He still was handed the nomination, the MSM were still mysogynistic, he is still unqualified and played the race card, and the DNC is still corrupt.

    Hillary’s job as anything by President changes nothing.
    And actually, that will just be the start of taking back the Party.

  213. Pat: I won’t believe you until you start huggig everybody and drunk texting Ed Rendell.

  214. I say give everybody a chance. You never know who you can convert along the way. My mission statement.

  215. at $ 1000.00 Donna and Howard get a bikini wax and we aint using NAD’s someone get the Epilady out! and that real sticky bee’s wax! Pat you and Carol ge to do the honors and we will let special guests sista and princess wax obermanm and mathews! I am a generous bear tonight!

    we will show them cruel and un usual punishment!

  216. SM: I get mellow so text messaging sounds pretty good! Only I probably won’t be able to see the keys in an hour.

  217. Pat Johnson, on July 24th, 2008 at 8:08 pm Said:

    Or we could use a shot of integrity in MSM with the likes of RiverDaughter. 😉

    But, special is she and of you as well.

  218. RD: shouldn’t the number be going up by now….it didn’t when i donated for some reason…

  219. Since Hillary left, we’ve been having to provide our own entertainment. Obama is a Bush in training (now *there’s* a concept) and McCain is so pale he’s transparent.
    Whaddaya think? Is McCain holding back and lulling Obama into a false sense of security?
    Does Obama see through it and have something up his sleeve with the media’s help?
    Do they know that we could give a flying fig?
    Where’s the spark? Where’s the fire? Where is the motivation?

  220. Wakonda-Ikwe – you get a bottle of Silver patron on the house for that – THANK YOU!

  221. Hey, are the little buggy things biting anyone else.

  222. Princess: Carol usually keeps the tally and I think she disappeared briefly. Lemme see if I can do the tally, although I’m really bad at arithmetic without a calculator.

  223. Hi gqm & ohio! Wow, super nice of joanie to get drinks for us – we’ll have to thank her when she shows up.

  224. PWP-Don’t think there are any McCain “fans” here. He’s just more acceptable to some. Not even in the same ballpark as Hill.

  225. Yes fuzzy (michael p)… let’s hope Howie has a really bad sunburn too… let errr ripppppp! Auchie!!

  226. ndyPUMA: But she gets embarrassed when we say it but we really, really mean it. Her voice needs to be heard far outside the Confluence. Think of the impact it would have! I predict “someday”.

  227. Donation amount: $25.00 USD
    Total: $25.00 USD
    Contributor: taggles

    Good evening conflucians, may I have a double.

    talking about dating, princess, it’s a lot like choosing a candidate in politics.

    Did you ever notice that some people willl never date someone cause they know the persons a jerk.

    And some date a few times and figure it out.

    And then you have the some who end up marrying the jerk before they learn.

    I was in the first group, when it comes to Obama.

  228. michael P Varvel, on July 24th, 2008 at 8:11 pm Said:
    at $ 1000.00 Donna and Howard get a bikini wax and we aint using NAD’s someone get the Epilady out! and that real sticky bee’s wax! Pat you and Carol ge to do the honors and we will let special guests sista and princess wax obermanm and mathews! I am a generous bear tonight!

    we will show them cruel and un usual punishment!

    A “satire on a budget” moment is kicking in!

    C’MON PEOPLE! Do you want to see Howard & Donna get waxed? Let’s do this!

  229. but I should also add, back when I was dating I wasn’t immune from dating a few doozies!

  230. taggles: I was shallow enough to date someone because he had tickets to a Rod Stewart concert. He was a super jerk but the concert was well worth it. Kind of felt bad after but what the heck!!

  231. rd, I’ve “dated” a republican once. The intellectual interactions were horrible but other aspects weren’t so bad ;). She was an F-you Republican–which I didn’t know initially–and gave me crap for donating some of my scholarship/grant money to charity. Oy.

  232. SM: No bikini wax, masking tape ought to do it.

  233. Pat, no need to feel bad about that, I saw Rod Stewart in concert about 15 or so years ago, it was a night to remember at Great Woods in Mansfield, MA.

  234. Taggles: i’m so with ya….the reason sooooo many women didn’t ‘pick’ precious from the beginning is because they recognized those smooth talking, slippery lines…. heard ’em all b4.

    too bad the young girls are too inexperienced to see the signs…

  235. (nodding) I take the total from Carol and post it. But I haven’t seen a total for a while. RD do you want me to take it from you?

  236. taggles: I was there!!! Am pretty sure it was in Marshfield.

  237. nope great woods is in Mansfield MA. were you at great woods?

  238. gq:

    funny story!

  239. Kbird: Could you please? I start counting and then a thought pops into my mind and I forget where I am and have to start all over.

  240. taggles: Great Woods then! I know we drove awhile.

  241. RD: I thought it was automatic counter…sorry

  242. pat, we were probably at the same concert, it might even be like 20 years ago now that I think of it.

  243. did anyone happen to see denver group’s coverage on a local abc affiliate ??? one of clinton’s delegates made it sound as if he spoke to hillary and she’s moved on….no intention to fight at convention….

    curious if anyone watched it….

    (he also alluded to the fact that hillary appreciates what we’re doing – but the decision is hers)

  244. I haven’t ever dated a republican (they’re hard to find in my circles), but I’ve probably hooked up with a few and never knew about it

  245. Could be. I was newly divorced and Rod was in his prime. It was a terrific concert. Rod may not have been handsome but he oozed that special something.

  246. Initially, I thought it would be cool to donate to him, just to keep the primaries interesting. But I didn’t know anything about him except his speech at the 2004 election and a couple posts he did at DKos. Then I saw him in person and he just looked so bored in that way when you have to attend an event and you REALLY don’t want to be there. No other candidate was acting like they found the whole thing rather tiresome.
    That’s when I started to see him as he actually was– unimpressive, dull and bored.

  247. I have to say, I know reasonable Republicans. Even a handful that I’d date *wink wink*. But I like to debate for the sake of debating.

  248. princess wears prada: I hope she knows and we will honor her decision but we also want to send a message to the DNC so whatever they say, PUMA is not going anywhere soon.

  249. I was a creep magnet when I was dating – I spotted obie right away!

  250. Gee, I feel so out of it.
    I’ve never dated a Republican.
    I’m not sure I ever dated anybody who voted.

  251. Wakonda-Ikwe? Was that a $100 donation to Hillary? (I’m working on running total) and just want to be sure….

    That’s really generous!

  252. I admit to being a Hillary fan right from the start. I knew she had negatives but I always admired her. It was when she took the stage and really put on a display of what she had going for her and her true persona came into being. From that point on, she was my one and only choice and still is. She has everything I would desire in a candidate and president. It has nothing whatsoever to do with gender. She is simply the most qualified candidate on the world stage period.

  253. princess: That would be disappointing if Hillary doesn’t intend to allow her supporters to fight for her at the convention. I can imagine that she would want to move on rather than be smeared again by the media and the Obama campaign for being a sore loser. She might also feel that the only way she can move on is to allow America to see Obama for who he is and have him lose in November without having her take the blame for splitting the party.

    Regardless of how Hillary feels, the 18 million Americans who voted for her should still have a say in what happens at the convention and beyond. I cannot support Obama and I’m sure Hillary understands. She is probably just as angry with the media and the DNC leaders but cannot object without being attacked. I just think that this movement we’re creating is bigger than one candidate. It’s about fighting for our votes, our voices, our choice in who runs this country for the next 4-8 years. After 8 years of Bush, I refuse to sit down and shut up while another arrogant leader wants to ruin this country. I’ll be fighting against Obama until he loses on Election Night.

  254. You guys are hilarious. Sorry I’m late. Am I the only fire sign here? I’m a Saggitarius, but my moon is in Cancer. Almost all of my best friends and lovers have been cancers, except two Leos, one of whom was a manipulating hustler, like Obama except much more macho and sexy. The other Leo I married, but it didn’t work out.

    Katiebird– congratulations on getting banned at the Cheeto! I’m so jealous. I went over and read your only remaining comment. I can’t read the hidden ones anymore, but I’m sure yours were very clever and funny to anyone with a sense of humor.

  255. did everyone hear the play today, V added some stuff to it, and it’s great.

    [splashcast c GUKT3171WB JTAH4176BI]

    I don’t know if the link for the splash cast will work until I hit enter. It it doesn’t work when you have a second, go see it at


  256. princess: What else could Mo say? We’ve always maintained that this goes beyond Hillary. Heidi laid it out so clearly this morning. The convention is a sham and will not create unity just by pushing a pre-determined outcome. All delegates need to be enfranchised or the nominee won’t have the full support of the Democratic voters.
    What the heck are they so afraid of? They’ve made such a big deal of his ineveitability. It’s not like we can’t see what they’re up to. But it doesn’t change a thing. hillary MUST be nominated and let the chips fall where they may. All she has to do is sign the petition. What woman in her right mind *wouldn’t* want to be nominated?

  257. There is a loose troll in the previous thread running amok under the cognomen of WTF?

    Is there a cleanup crew available?

  258. I was in Boston during the ’04 speech and was supporting Obama during the ’04 Senate race long before most people in the country knew who he was. I wanted to see what he would do as a Senator and was deeply disappointed.

    Interesting. All the Obama skeptic posts I had up at the Stanford Democrats website are gone. I think their domain license expired, but there should still be the internal site. The whole thing seems to be wiped out. Odd.

  259. (Giggle) BB? Really, there’s only one left? Wow!

  260. I am an Aquarius. My birthday in 2000 and 2004 were terrible days. Inauguration day. I hope next years will be better.

    I don’t know what kind of sign that is though, can someone fill me in if they know.

  261. Indeed PJ, Hillary is the most qualified by far… let’s hope Obie trips and falls off said “world” stage right into the orchestra pit. Maybe he could land on few MSM bots…and knock some sense into em…

  262. Sista in da house!

  263. I’ve got $420 with taggle’s contribution:

    Donation amount: $25.00 USD
    Total: $25.00 USD
    Contributor: taggles

    RD & Carol , I did this on a spreadsheet, but I could have missed something. So if this doesn’t balance out please let me know and I’ll fix the total.

  264. I dated a facist one time—true story when I was 18 I was a foreign exchange student in Spain, I wan’t out but knew I was gay. started dating a guy in my class. His family had ties to the Franco regime and Opus Dei. They actually went and lived in Argentina after he died because they had a facist dictator as well. Long story short he used to go to confession after every time we were “together” and then basically went insane…I moved back to the US and became a lot wiser 🙂

  265. Just got home from work. This is for 2 causmos – 1 for me and 1 for HRC

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 8:31 PM EDT
    Contact: carr50
    Arvada, CO
    Amount: $20.00

  266. Hey everyone! Piper here.

    Rico, one causmo please.

    Date: July 24, 2008 7:32 PM CDT
    Contact: Piper
    xxx xxxxxxx
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    904 xxx xxxx
    Amount: $10.00

  267. pat: you’re right about the DNC — we need to keep that in the forefront of our message!

  268. gqmartinez, on July 24th, 2008 at 8:30 pm Said:

    I too, was hooked back in 2004. He inspired me to believe we could find a future hero inside our party. Even thought then, “hey, who cares if he has no experience. Maybe that’s a good thing.”

    Then I did some homework, found out about Alice Palmer, then watched him say, “you’re likable enough, Hillary.” That began my big swing to Hillary, that and the media harping on her tears in NH. Hell hath no fury, and all.

  269. OMG I just realized my first boyfriend was a facist 😦

  270. PIPESTER….there’s my gal!!

    how r things in JAX?

  271. Sorry gals and girls – I had to talk to the insurance company regarding my son’s car. A maniac in California decided driving in his lane and waiting his turn was not an option. He was driving in the opposite direction from my son when he made a 90 degree turn across 3 lanes and T boned my son’s car. $20k in damage and they still won’t total it.

    Pisses me off! He will be out of the car for almost 3 months.

    I’m talling now, give me a few minutes. Thanks.

  272. I made the mistake of having dinner while the network news was on (although I was flipping channels). Saw a brief image of Precious arranging a wreath apparently at some monument. He plays President so well, or so he thinks.

    I wonder if that’s part of a plan: To see how many faux presidential things he can do (and Obie is soooo good at faux) and get away with it without a howl of protest? Between O Force One, the faux seal and now the faux wreath presentation, is this all just practice to get the visuals right?

    Regarding the media buy on the NBC for the Olympics, I’ve never watched them, or hardly ever. Maybe one or two events but that’s it.

  273. Wow — ALMOST $500!! This is incredible!

  274. FAUXBAMA, read that somewhere and lmao.

  275. I’m going on a walk but I’ll catch up on the updates as soon as I get back…

  276. Fuzzy, I can’t do the Brazilian wax of Donna/Howard, I searched for photos, at least I thought I could find one that was somewhat PG-13. No luck.

  277. Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 7:29 PM CDT
    Amount: $10.00

    excellent suggestion for the libation – this is for the wait staff –

  278. I’m having a kamikaze, and walnut. I don’t like peanut. How is everyone? What is the tally?

  279. Cheers Piper and Tags. Yes Comrade Sista has been here for a while with the rest of the rogues nursing a double Causmo… Bionic liver activate…

  280. @ josgirlou can date me.

    I always vote, even in the local dog catcher elections.

    I am, in the interest of total disclosure, totally gay married, but that didn’t stop gqmartinez from getting a freebie accidental boob brush a few Sundays ago.

    (All is forgiven, Gilbert, and rest assured, neither of my boobs is a Republican, especially the left one. Not that I’m saying an accidental freebie is the equivalent of a date to a Ph.D. such as yourself. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    Regardless, josgirl, if you’ve never dated another girl, you will find me smart, hygienic (except when I have spray foam insulation stuck in my hair), handy, an excellent chef, a good listener, and yes, I send flowers.

    Other than the flowers thing, I kinda sound like Golden Retriever. Except I don’t fetch. Get your own damn tennis ball, I say.

    But as mentioned, I am totally married. We say “gay married” because it sounds funny, like there are flavors of marriage, like flavors of ice cream. “I’ll take two scoops of gay married in a sugar cone. Make the scoops boob-sized, please.”

    On second thought, I may not at all be your type.

  281. Ya’ll have to go read Jeralyn’s post at TL. O has done more that McCain for this country by talking for 18 months. Seriously?

  282. SM, i forgot to tell you , I thought your cheetah girls were great and I LOVED the cheetoh boys…that is a keeper…lol

  283. I just had an image of an Obama commercial:
    “I’m not a president but I play one on TV!”

  284. Thank you Gary! Satire on a budget works if it made you laugh.

  285. Ohio: You send flowers? That’s the one thing I miss with the BFF. He never sends flowers. 😦

  286. Hey Princess. It’s okay. I’m getting ready to go to DC for the weekend. I”ll be staying at the Hotel Palomar thanks to my Thank You card points. Who says shopping isn’t rewarding?

    Who here is going to the PUMA conference?

  287. One of my sons just popped in again and poured me a second Cosmo. He just laughed and left. I trained these kids right, don’t ask, don’t tell. Works everytime.

  288. I usually by flowers all by myself…I love to have them in the house….

  289. Piper: I’m booked for it.

  290. Ohio, that was tooootally not my fault and I still feel bad about it.

    Of course it has been a little too long. D’OH!

  291. RD: this from HireHeels Today – inspired by Germany’s Milli-Vanilli — the similarities were too striking to resist…works better with music “GIRL YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!”

    was a pop
    formed by
    in Germany in
    2008, fronted
    by Soros, Int’l.
    The icon’s
    which earned
    him a
    for president
    of the u.s.
    The act sold
    millions of
    singles and
    became one
    of the most
    popular pop
    acts in
    However, his
    turned to
    infamy when
    his status was
    revoked by
    PUMAs after it
    was revealed
    that the actual
    vocals on the
    tour were not
    the voices of
    the star

    sources: Pumapedia
    JustSayNoDeal True Hollywood Story

  292. BFF must have other great qualities.

  293. RD–Awesome! Me too. Then we can have causmos in person.

  294. #
    riverdaughter, on July 24th, 2008 at 8:42 pm Said:

    I just had an image of an Obama commercial:
    “I’m not a president but I play one on TV!”

    And I’m afraid RD, that’s what he’ll say if he’s elected.

    “Hey guys, I didn’t know there was real work and shit like that to be done! I thought it was all about the photo-ops!” “Axelrod, Pfloufe, where are you all? H E L P! Hillary?? “

  295. princess: Perfect!!!

  296. Hi everyone! Just stopped by to say hi. Will join the party and drink a Causmo later.

    PUMAS ROCK!!!! 🙂

  297. Joan, on July 24th, 2008 at 8:41 pm Said:
    Ya’ll have to go read Jeralyn’s post at TL. O has done more that McCain for this country by talking for 18 months. Seriously?

    Jeralyn’s excited because the convention’s in her town & she’s going. So OF COURSE she’s waxing poetic over Obama since she doesn’t want to lose those press/blog passes.

    BTW: 18 months (which the majority has been campaigning) does not = 20 years of McCain’s Senate career.

  298. I just realized that I have been spelling Cosmo incorrectly. No matter, I am getting a buzz. Am I the ONLY one on here sipping the “real” thing?

  299. was it millie or vanilli that committed suicide??

  300. SM: So true. Like him or not, McCain has had experience.

  301. I’ll bet Howard has a hairy back. How about we give him a back wax? That has to hurt. And we could pull out his nose and ear hairs with tweezers.

  302. Okie – Dokie!

    fuzzy $30
    sistaChristianLouboutin $20
    Joan $10
    princess wears prada $10
    jjmtacoma $10
    Blue Blue Gal $10
    taggles $25
    carr50 $20
    Piper in Pucci $10
    Blue Blue Gal $10 (She went back for 2nds)

    Grand Total So Far:


    Plus Wakonda – Ikwe $100 for the Bus’

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  303. Princess : LOL!! I love the Milli Vanilli = Obama!

  304. What’s everyone’s favorite cosmo recipe? I have mine stored in my blackberry. (I used to host martini nights and that one was a common request.)

  305. bb: A little masochistic tonight???

  306. Carol: Don’t forget me and Ed at 10.00.

  307. Could I please request Rico to stop by? Needing Martini, small olive, shaken not stirred. Just read post on No Quarter on Taylor Marsh, about Heidi. Feeling ill, but really just want a drink and a good laugh! HA! Here’s the $10.44 to add.

  308. THANKS SM…it’s that whole FRAUD thing makes me tingly all over xoxo

  309. Pat,

    Don’t you mean sadistic? And when it comes to Howard Dean, yes. I still haven’t figured out what we should do to Donna, but I don’t want to get anywhere near her bikini area, that’s for sure.

  310. gq-I had an awesome Pomegranite cosmo in Indianapolis at the Colonial Club with Sista. Good times. Gooood times.

    Belated congrats on getting your PhD. (That’s what you earned recently, right?)

  311. bb: Right, sadistic.

  312. If anyone is bored, my old life.

  313. Piper — what about our times @ Capital Grille in Philly – wasn’t that good for you …

  314. Ohio, what a lovely proposition.
    And while I have no problem with the girl thing, the spray-foam insulation hairdo is a real turnoff.
    I prefer the short ‘n sassy look.And I love Goldens.

  315. Ooooh Boston Boomer…

    “I’ll bet Howard has a hairy back. How about we give him a back wax?”

    Let’s add that to the Brazillian Bikini wax shall we? We’ll give Howie a veritable spa day of pain. Get out your wallets and belly-up Confluence Cocktail Army!
    — Comrade Sista

  316. #
    bostonboomer, on July 24th, 2008 at 8:49 pm Said:

    I’ll bet Howard has a hairy back. How about we give him a back wax? That has to hurt. And we could pull out his nose and ear hairs with tweezers.

    I almost went with a fella who was like Lon Cheney Jr. with the back stuff. Completely took the wind outta my sails, so-to-speak. Well, that and the Jagermeister…;-)

  317. That last link didn’t include the NMR data which got me all excited.

  318. katiebird, on July 24th, 2008 at 7:16 pm Said:
    Carol and Pat, I’m a Taurus too!

    Princess is TAURUS TOO!!

  319. Good Evening.

    Rico I would like a fun Sparkling Raspberry Cocktail w/ your Dom Perignon. I am feeling GOOD and full of FUN. Synergistically, SO synergistically, as I was clicking out of the final page after I had contributed my little week’s drip to Hillary’s river of flowing-away debt, my cell phone played its pleasant guitar chords. A young anxious voice responded to my greeting:

    “Hope you are having a pleasant evening, ma’am. As you probably know, McCain is having 250 million dollars contributed to his campaign from unknown sources. This is Obama For America calling, to give you an opportunity to contribute to your future by contributing at the 300 dollar level. This call is being recorded.”

    “No, thank you.” I said kindly, not wanting to burst his young, hopeful bubble.

    “Well, we have other levels. Perhaps you would be interested in the 100 dollar level.”

    “No, thank you. I’m not interested in contributing.” I said a little more sharply.

    “I completely understand, ma’am. Do you have any questions that I can answer that will help to interest you in contributing?”

    “I AM NOT INTERESTED IN OBAMA. You shouldn’t be either. Now thank you. Good-bye.”

    And now my Hillary receipt:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 7:16 PM CDT
    Contact: Karolina NYC

    Amount: $10.00

  320. PWP–It was incredible for me! As was Hilldarity @ Sole Food.

    pdgrey-Taylor owes Heidi Li an apology. Allowing her to be disrespected like that was uncalled for.

  321. gqmartinez: After a visit to your site I now feel like a complete moron.

  322. Okay – may I say – liquor a few of you up and you spill the family secrets! (I got you and Ed earlier Pat!)

    pdgrey $10.44



    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  323. sista: i think we need to cut u off … LOL

  324. Karolina: Loved it!

  325. need to break for a real drink 😉

  326. There are a lot of Tauruses and MA people on this blog. I have no idea why I felt compelled to mention this.

  327. josgirl: I think we must have dated the same ones.

    ohio: I don’t know what to say, but I loved your offer. I don’t know if you really want to push the polygamist gay married thing though. might be too much for people or something. Polygamy really freaks folks out – you know.

    gqm: I BET that has been the most expensive freebie boob ever!

  328. Boston – GOSH YOU ARE SO SMART! That’s right! I can do that “Satire on a Budget” Howard’s back wax moment and it’ll be PG. OK…. be right “back!”

  329. Pat – could it be that it was the last thought that popped into your drunk head! (Eddy told me you get really silly when he liquors you up!)

    Karolina NYC $$10

    Grand Total so Far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  330. If we wax HoDe’s back, will we get another scream out of him?

  331. I think we should wax Howies back with paw print design.

  332. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, jjmtacoma!

  333. But I am very proud that I spelled masochistic correctly even if it was not the word I was originally going for. God, it is getting warm in here!

  334. princess wears prada, I loved for post on No Quarter! You know just what to wear for every occasion!

  335. Carol, I ponied up at the beginning of the evening.

    gqm, I’m just giving you a hard time. I leaned, you leaned, my boobs were there, hilarity ensued. Don’t feel bad. Boob brusher.

    Technically, though, if it gave you a tingle up your leg, you have to send me flowers. It’s like, in the roolz.

    RD, yes, I send flowers. Like garychapelhill, I love to have them in the house. And there’s something kinda wodnerful about sending someone a package of prettiness just because.

    You can always leave a webpage up on your computer that the BFF “accidentally” notices. Then sigh loudly and forlornly. And say in a wistful voice, “I love flowers.” If you can get your eyes to brim a little, that will help send the message.

    You can also send yourself flowers. When the BFF asks who sent them, you say simply, “I did.” Then walk out of the room. Not in a huff, but pleasantly. Hum “I Feel Pretty” if you can.

    Seriously, though, if the BFF’s only fault is flower related, you are doing well.

    Off to the fairgrounds to take a class in how to win at the State Fair. Yep, we’re hicks. We actually go to school to learn how to be one. The fab GF competes in the cheesecake and beekeeping contests. She has all these fancy ribbons because she wins a lot.

    We no longer have bees (let the colonies go when we started on the house) and I haven’t made the fromage blanc and creme fraiche for the cheesecakes since…two years ago come August.

    This housebuilding thing really takes you over.

    Okay, time to be a bumpkin. Dig you chicks and cats later.

  336. Ah, Pat…

    The take home message is actually simple. I’m interested in “long distance communication” in proteins. Think of proteins as little machines that are elegantly ordered to a specific shape that permits them to do a specific function. I’m interested in how changes in one part of the protein influence parts of the protein far away. To use an analogy, how does a change in your car’s steering wheel influence the wheels which causes a change in the car’s direction.

    In the specific project I linked to, it was studying “Chloride channels”. Cells need to have the right balance of “things” inside and outside to function properly and one of the “things” needed is chloride. The “chloride channels” facilitate the passage of chloride (table salt is sodium chloride). I studied a mutation in one of these chloride channels that leads to a form of Kidney disease. I found that this mutation dramatically changed the function. The question I was most interested in (which is only briefly discussed in that paper) is how that disease causing mutation changes the shape of the protein and how that change in shape leads to an altered function (or ability to pass chloride in and out of a cell).

  337. Pat Johnson, on July 24th, 2008 at 8:48 pm Said:
    I just realized that I have been spelling Cosmo incorrectly. No matter, I am getting a buzz. Am I the ONLY one on here sipping the “real” thing?

    Me thinks I need to catch up with you- Please, Rico may I have another – and the change is yours – Thanks

  338. Karolina NYC,

    That is so funny. I can’t believe they start out asking for $300. I wish they would call me. I did finally get my survey from the DNC and had fun filling that out. I’ve also gotten two requests for money from Obama which I sent back all graffitied up. God, the envelope alone was enough to sicken me. Yes We Can! printed on the outside and fancy fliers inside that went into my recycle bin.

  339. princess wears prada, meant to say “loved YOUR post”. I confess, I didn’t wait for Rico on that martini!

  340. SM

    I can hardly wait for your next creation! We do need a new thread, I think.

  341. According to perezhilton.com which I frequent now that I have deleted most others from bookmarks, Anna Wintour is having trouble with the mag. Sales have been falling off. Sorry, but i am extremely limited on the sites I go to now. However, if you are interested in any updates on the Kardashian sisters, I’m your go to girl!

  342. woooh-done


  343. BTW, I should mention that PloS ONE is an open source site. It even lets you make videos to discuss your research. I may end up doing it…

  344. Sorry fuzzy – but that job is too horrific for me! I think for it to be cruel and unusual punishment that Howard and Donna will have to wax each other! And let’s not see the video on YouTube, please!

  345. Here’s a MA person who’s a sag. Any sags here?

    Can’t donate right now but I’m very excited to see our total climbing.

    Hey, any word on where the Hillary TShirts are? I bought two but haven’t seen anything yet.

  346. Pat,

    I totally noticed that you spelled masochistic correctly, which isn’t easy, even when one is completely sober.

  347. The actual link to PloS One

  348. okay, just got back giving my last lecture of the summer, i’ll have white wine … and i’ll send my $10 Hillary!

  349. bostonboomer,

    I know what you mean about his mailers. The last one that I received had my name on the front followed by the statement “This time it will be different”. Really creepy.

  350. Hi Elixir,

    I’m a Sagitarius. Is that what you meant? I thought I was the only one here born under a fire sign. {{waving}}

  351. elixir: They said 4 weeks.

  352. I took my dad out to the country for ice cream, and when return, the joint’s hoppin’!

    Carol, I just donated $10 for Hill, but didn’t bother to get the confirmation. You can trust me, I’m a Hill supporter, and don’t cheat.

    As for my $10 drink, when I went to Emerald Isle, NC in June, I brought back a case of Duplin Co wine, but I’ve drunk all the Black River Red. Yeh, I’m bad. So could I have a drink? It’s a sweet muscadine wine, and I love it.

  353. bb: You are such a sweetheart!!

  354. ok what happened while I was gone!

    Did we get Hillary back or is it still Obozo the presumptous possum and chief.


  355. Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 8:09 PM CDT
    Contact: Darragh Murphy

    Amount: $50.00

  356. damn I type a lot

    josgirl, the spray-foam in the hair was an accident, not a preferred look. And I love Goldens, too.

    But I understand. So we will keep it platonic. Which is probably wise.

    jjm, baby, I wasn’t pushing group marriage. If josgirl and I date, it’s purely for fun. Not that we are dating because we’re not for a variety of reasons, including that she doesn’t like my hair, though I had to point out that the spray foam was a one-time thing and accidental.

    But that’s okay because I was just pointing out that there are lots of good folks in the world who may or may not be who you’re looking for but may offer you some fun and flowers.

    And given the state of the world (pretty fucked up, I’d say) sometimes fun and flowers is just the ticket.

    Unless you’re a boob brusher. And I know one but he will remain nameless.

    Okay, gotta go. Drink up.

  357. Holy Hemiola, GQM! I understood that. Quick, get me another drink!

  358. Michael: He is on his way to Gainesville. Wants to say hi.

  359. Bostonboomer I see that you have been doing a beauty treatments on one of our Democrat bigshots who need work done most. Pelosi, on the other hand, is all beautied-up to, um, I believe approximately 2078.

  360. Now, I have dated a Sag.
    They didn’t vote, though.
    Come to think of it, they did sag, however.

  361. Yes fuzzy – it is official – we have Hillary back. She flew over to Germany and smacked his ass down!

    dakinikat $10
    parentofed $10

    Grand Total So Far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  362. 2078 is her next botox treatment.

  363. Michael: Kathy G at 10!

  364. why do I get called a racist while CNN can put up headlines like this:

    Black and single: Is marriage really for white people?

    If they don’t want it how bout giving it to us gays?, but seriously isn’t that kinda racist?

  365. come on carol we will blind fold you and Ed will take you out to the Submarine races for being a good sport!


  366. Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 8:07 PM CDT
    Amount: $25.00

    Here’s to the peeps who made this possible –

  367. Michael: Watch the Ed stuff with Carol.

  368. Gary, I am very disappointed in you; you implied that Obama was politicizing his speech by signing up voters. Didn’t you understand that the POTUS does not give political speeches in Germany?

    As punishment, come here and have a big slurp of my lovely wine.

  369. gary: It is discriminatory is what it is. Led by the Religous Right who embrace McCain and Obama. Yuck!

  370. My oldest (who is off to college in one month) and I just took a walk.. No water, except my fountain, but it is a beautiful night. Rico, Is there anyone still awake in here? I’d love a cold beer, anything as long as it is NOT German.

  371. parentofed, I’d rather have dead americans voting than live germans!

  372. i keep hoping the germans will just keep him

  373. Honora: We are all here. It is a bittersweet moment we all know will happen from the moment they are born.

  374. Sorry fuzzy – no can do! I will have to pass on that beauti-operator job!

    Murphy $50
    Blue Blue Gal $25 (Somebody take her keys away – this is her third contribution tonight!)



    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  375. dakinikat: I have no problem with that.

  376. I was totally off, But I’m caught up to Carol’s numbers now.

  377. thanks pat you are my life saver! My walking friend tim had a good week his partner was just declared cancer free isn’t that great!

    Imagine what we could do if we had Hillary as president to end the war on on science!

    Tim is fixing things around my place that the good news ….the bad news is tim is an engineer!


  378. Michael: That is wonderful news. I hope Tim is someone “special”. The journey can get pretty lonely at times.

  379. gary – you will be getting your wish! Now, don’t get me started!

    Have you noticed that they have not given us the totals on the number of new voters they have registered in the jail and prison populations that are not felons?

    Why get we get those totals?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    (Think about it Pumas, once we all get arrested in Denver, BO and MO will show up to register us to vote.)

  380. RD,

    After my defense (which went much easier than I anticipated), I was most happy that my friend who is in real estate (and no science background) was able to describe my research. I took that to mean it was a success. I got a drink (or ten) for that.

  381. bostonboomer, elixir, we form a sag threesome here at this scratching post.

    Live free or die!

  382. I’m from MA, what the hell is a sag? i never heard of it before.

  383. How’s the house coming, Ohio?

  384. or should I say massatoosits

  385. Carol: You might get to star in one of those prison documentaries on MSNBC! Like, “Lockdown in Denver”.

  386. Michael, that’s great!

    I’m sorry if the setting for this cocktail party may bring up bad memories of your horriffic ordeal tubing recently.

  387. Piper in Pucci, I’m from ormond beach, Fl. 1 hour south of you. And I agree Taylor needs to apologize to a lot of people. Like the people that build her blog up, gave her money, listened to that crazy “radio show”, and somehow managed not to commit siucide after her Feb. 14 pod cast. I still get ill thinking about it.

  388. no taggles, massatoosits is one of those other 57 states, he wasn’t trying to say massachusetts.

  389. my fav mass town is woooster


  390. wusta.

  391. taggles: Massatootsis? Is that kinda like Illi-NOISE?

  392. Yay! Three archers on board!

  393. This link if for RD.


  394. Hi folks. Sorry I’m late.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 9:28 PM EDT
    Contact: SophieL
    CT 06470
    Amount: $20.08

    Rico, got any Glenmorangie? 18 yrs?

  395. How about Holyoke?

  396. I thought was teasing me about the tubbing down the river thing-I almost stayed exiled on the last thread!


  397. My favorite MA town: Peabody. Pronounced PEE-buddee. Say second two syllables really fast.

  398. Here’s my cover charge. Only 1 Causmo for me tonight, Rico – I’m late to the party and have to work tomorrow…

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 8:25 PM CDT
    Contact: Sherry NC
    Charlotte, NC
    Amount: $25.00

    Wish I could do more, but it just cost me 2 weeks’ wages to spring my dog out of the hospital.

    Now back to the top to read comments for awhile.

  399. Come again…MASSATOOSITS

  400. Peabody always cracked me up! Or Chicopee.

  401. Yins Massatoostis people talk funny

  402. thats it taggles(wusta) it was a great show last night! loved the toilet flush sound- Every time I see the one on TV I wanna run to the bathroom and flush-but could not afford the water bill!


  403. illi noise might be worse since he hails from there.

  404. how about north cackalacky

  405. We in WMa don’t have accents. We all just sound a lot like Lauren Bacall.

  406. bostonboom…i’ll bet he does too. And i don’t want to see it. Not only that ,Donna must have a lot everywhere..eeeeewwwwweeeeeee!!! and I don’t want to pay for or see her get a wax job.
    Hey all..better late than never…..
    Pat..i hought you knew what you were doing wih causmo’ ..I liked it.

  407. Is the bar still open? I’ll take a Causmo and $10 for Hillary.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 8:31 PM CDT
    Contact: britgirls
    Amount: $10.00

    Just off to make myself a real Cosmo …

  408. From the McCain camp today regarding BO’s little rock band, beer fest gathering in Germany today:

    “John McCain has dedicated his life to serving, improving and protecting America. Barack Obama spent an afternoon talking about it.”

    I think McCain can most definately thank our Gal for that one. Go Hillary, Go Now. Go all the way to the White House.

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  409. I’m in Beantown myself. All of my MA “militants,” know that dumping “Tea” doesn’t fall so far from that Boston Liberty Tree… 🙂
    A toast to my fellow rogue Mass (and nation/wordwide) PUMA peeps.
    — Comrade Sista

  410. fuzzy, go over to my blog when you have a second and re listen to it. I lmao every time i hear it because i pressed the toilet fx, right after bill burton said president.

    I am laughing about it right now.

  411. well we have a town in florida called two egg and there is no “s” on the end of that …also shamuckla and pea ridge proud…


  412. McCain needs to make more statements like this. It has humor and makes a point. Lately I think Obama is running all alone. Of course, that is what he is used to but still.

  413. and my sister lived in east lickskillet Alabama-near Hazelgreen


  414. “I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fail… when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. This day, we fight!…..drink?” …………….Scotch..please…Good evening!

  415. Howard’s PUMA back wax:

  416. [Arriving fashionably late, so as not so see any references to lap dancing]
    Rico, por favor — a vodka & dubonnet, sil vous plait, when you get a chance!

  417. Good evening Rey. So glad you could join us.

  418. SM: Hysterical!

  419. hey pat, I’m not from westen massatoosits, many patz of it ah butiful.

  420. No lap dancing until we hit the 2 million mark!!

  421. I think West Lickskillet was in tennesses about two blocks from my sisters house


    the music is winderful

  422. pdgrey….thank you darling 😉

    i was lying in bed the night bf – and i rose out of bed to write it … guess u could say i HAD to write it….so glad we all found a new home here and within the JSND blogosphere….i’m actually having fun again.

  423. taggles; But you won’t hear “pock the cah” west of Worcester. We are more refined out this way.

  424. I met Howard Dean once at the Eastern States Exposition when he was governor of VT. He is short.

  425. sorry wonderful-SM ROFLMAO


  426. OMG sm77. I almost topped my cocktail HAH! How about let’s pitch in and give Nanc (another) face lift? How much will that cost fuzzy?

  427. SM dear lord that’s scary….are you going to add it to the post?

  428. Is the topic for the evening horoscope signs?

  429. Sophie L $20.08
    britgals $10

    Grand Total so Far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  430. okay – the howard dean waxing graphic is hysterical….i cannot stop laughing — RD – did u do that???

    sista: did u c it yet?

  431. I’m always fashionably late..but will be early arrival in Denver, because I have a place to stay, and family to see!!
    Wheres SM.. i know she’s here somewhere…

  432. how bout , throw me down the stair my shoes?

  433. We did good on the total tonight.

  434. Pat – once you’ve had Eddy – everyone’s short!

    HA HA

  435. Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 8:39 PM CDT
    amount: $25.00

    sitting, listening, appreciating the company – Rico, please, a Captain and coke and keep the change – oh – and call a cab please too!!! LOL LOL LOL

  436. Yes Sista saw it; almost dumped my ‘tini from laughing so hard!

  437. I think SM did the howard wax picture…if you think that’s funny check out her “cheetah gals” and “cheetoh boys”


  438. taggles: Never heard that one. But we drink soda not pop.

  439. You think Peabody is funny, try Athol.

  440. Carol: )(*&^%!!!!!!!!!!! &*^^%^^!!!!!!!!!!!

  441. knew u’d love it sista….

    remember when we saw him in cambridge — we actually like dr. dean then…

    who would have thunk it !?!

  442. How tall is obama he did not look taller than Hillary but then again No one stands taller than hillary accept maybe big dawg these days! they are all a bunch af venial little men and women who run our party these days.


  443. “I met Howard Dean once at the Eastern States Exposition when he was governor of VT. He is short.”

    Ahhh…so that explain why he is such an angry “inch”.

  444. Blue Blue Gal $25 (4th contribution to our Gal tonight!)

    Grand Total So Far:


    PUMA$ All Rock!

  445. How could we forget Athol? Oh my God!

  446. Pat Johnson, on July 24th, 2008 at 9:45 pm Said:
    taggles: Never heard that one. But we drink soda not pop.

    Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing for me when i moved here from WI and ordered pop at Brighams. They thought I wanted a popsicle. I thought they were oferring me soda water.

  447. Don’t think Howard is much more than 5’8. We were eye to eye.

  448. my hero for today: Louise Sawyer, Thelma & Louise.
    “You get what you settle for.”

    and I aint settlin’ for nothin’ less than HILLARY CLINTON.

  449. I was thinking of driving up to VT and leaving a big ole Hillary sign on Dean’s yard. Heh.

  450. Sadly Princess I remember… We thought Howard had spunk, turns out he’s just a PUNK! Let that wax RIP! Then give him an nice exfoliation with grade 3 sandpaper!!!

  451. hey all – just got back from CVS – where the new cover of PEOPLE was staring me back in the face with the ENTIRE OBAMA CLAN….

    O had on a checkered shirt – looked like he was ready to go bowling or something….but what was strangest bout the pic – it looked as if they touched up his hair with grey hues…. i thought my eyesight was just hazy @ first….. i would bet a CAUSMO they’re trying to make him look OLDER!!!

  452. Yes Gary – I go by 2 names:

    SM is my “commenter” name

    sm77 is my “wordpress didn’t let me do a two letter user name so I put a 77 next to SM” name

  453. BFF: I didn’t start the lap dancing thing. I am only a carrier.

  454. pricness wears prada, not only do you adorn to perfection, you know when there is a good enough reason to not sleep! My new hero!

  455. Now, see here, when it comes to place names, it’s hard to beat KY. I think a most pertinent spot on the road here is one called Possum Trot. I kept meaning to use it last week during the Running of the Possum Jokes, but never got around to it.

  456. princess – yes the grey is coming out. They definately air brushed MO.

  457. Peebudy is good, but I like Woburn, pronounced Whoooburn.

  458. I thought he wasn’t going to let his daughters do anymore press…

  459. BFF: It is all our fault. RD is very sedate and ladylike. It is the rest of us who are reprobates. We are deplorable in a nice way.

  460. Parentofed,

    How about Gnaw Bone, Indiana? That’s a good one.

  461. parentofed, can you top Lizard Lick, NC?

  462. I remember when Joan Rivers used to hawk a think called Eppilady-the most wonderful thing in hair remover I think Donna deserves a date with the EppilLady on high speed!


  463. Is People another magazine I am going to have to cancel? If he appears in Home and Garden I will be down to nothing.

  464. hey princess, i noticed that Obama was wearing tighter/shorter dark pants/blue and black with light brown shoes.

    so black highwaters with lightbrown shoes. did anyone else notice that? thassa a no no in my book of fashion fOpaux.

  465. Princess, My mom said the SAME THING, she swears he’s dyeing his hair to get “grey hair.”

    HOW ABOUT some experience first, huh Obama?

  466. bostonboomer : do u live in boston??

    if not what town…curious

  467. Are you guys serving appetizers? I’m getting a bit hungry.

  468. Obama could appear in a leotard and carrying a boa, since I usually turn him off within minutes of an appearance, I would not notice if they matched his stilettos.

  469. Carol, on July 24th, 2008 at 9:46 pm Said:
    Blue Blue Gal $25 (4th contribution to our Gal tonight!)

    Grand Total So Far:


    PUMA$ All Rock

    Only showing my adoration for the inn keeper – !!!

  470. Did anyone notice how Donna Brazile looks like “big Momma” maybe that is it she is bitter because she looks like Martin Lawerence in Drag?


  471. {Pat} Knew there was a reason it was fun to hang out here 😉

  472. Pat: Noticed you’re in Springfield. I’m going to be in your neck of the woods from Aug 8-10 at a NOFA Conference (which is why I won’t be in DC 😦 )

  473. i did a body shot a long time ago in falmouth massachusetts @ a place that was called the Casino…

    it wasn’t pretty….it involved tequila and a Chicagoan name TJ

  474. Gary, I for sure know one that can top that, but cannot use it because it is extremely inflammatory. It merely refers to a small historical incident, but the language is outdated. Folks have discussed changing it, the old history vs PC argument but it’s still there.

    There are lots more, I even have a book on place names in KY, but it is upstairs and this wine has gone to my head. It will take a while to manage stairs. Hub is gone to a play rehearsal, he won’t believe it when I tell him I got drunk with the computer.

  475. Hi, all. I’m still broke, but I do have a large glass of pinot noir. It’s nice to see so many new englandas here.

  476. yes but none of the appitizers are green!


  477. RE: Faux-Obie’s doo… Seems to me that a man of his age would have had gray hair already… I think he was “Just For Menning” during the Primary to attract the college bots… now that he actually has to get votes from people that will show up at the polls in the general– he’s trying to look more presidential with the “salt & pepper.” I’d like to see him donning that boa btw Pat J.

  478. BFF: Don’t hold rd accountable. She tries to set the tone but some of us just go off course on occasion. We love to amuse ourselves!

  479. well all my kathy is on now so taking a break wish will were here!


  480. SM,

    Are you here? How about putting up a new cocktail thread with your Howard Dean photoshop at the top? There are almost 500 comments on this post!

  481. SistaChristianLouboutin, on July 24th, 2008 at 9:34 pm Said:
    I’m in Beantown myself. All of my MA “militants,” know that dumping “Tea” doesn’t fall so far from that Boston Liberty Tree…
    A toast to my fellow rogue Mass (and nation/wordwide) PUMA peeps.
    — Comrade Sista

    It’s funny you mention that, although I live in Tampa, I was born in Methuen, MA and raised in Lawrence, MA Essex County Massuachusetts.

    Maybe all the rebel liberal spirit’s in the drinking water.

  482. I went to grad school at UK, didn’t get out much : )

  483. SophieL: What is NOFA?

  484. Puma-SF: Didn’t you read the menu? Caprese salad with fresh Jersey tomatoes. Corn cakes with chipotle mayo. We could have had some shad from the river but it’s not my favorite fish.

  485. princess: I have been to the Casino in Falmouth. It was right on the beach.

  486. i get that sista – but this was different than i’ve ever noticed b4…chk for urself….

    it’s as it they sprayed his hair with a very faint grey…maybe it was just me…not salt & pepper…that looks diff…

  487. Puma – SF – yes, we are having faux presidential BO and troll mini bites!

    Don’t worry – they are not real, so they are not poisonous!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  488. Ok Boomer!

  489. Hiya, Sista…sorry I miss your post.

  490. Pat: You can stop now. He knows me too well.

  491. SophieL: Maybe we could meet while you are in town?

  492. Pat: It’s the Northeast Organic Farming Association. I’m not a farmer, just a locavore (Local Foodie). The conference is at UMASS Amherst.

  493. rd: Just trying. You know what a romantic I am.

  494. I’ll take your word for it Princess. I’d rather not look at his SMUG mug at all if I can avoid it…
    Do you think we could wax Axelrod’s comb-over. I’ve been wanting to take care of that for months… How much to book the “Asselrod” in for a spa day fuzzy?

  495. SophieL: Let me know.

  496. pat: casino was an old cape classic…gone now — great, great fun! those were the days…

  497. Hungry? When I take my pop [father, not soda] for ice cream, we go to this little place in the country that has the yummiest soft custard choc/van twist. Tonight I complimented the owner, and he said, “Yeah, it’s 6% butterfat, that makes it good.” 6%? Yeah, just plop it on that sugar cone real thick.

  498. Here’s an interesting tidbit: I know someone who works in one of the swanky hotels in Denver and she says that they charge something like $4 for each empanada appetizer. But the hotel subcontracts to the Mexican restaurant around the corner because the Hotel’s CIA trained chefs say that folding those little suckers is too tricky an time consuming. I think the Hotel makes a very nice profit.

  499. Pat: Yes, let’s meet up. My partner will be with me. She’s not a PUMA (yet), but she was a very strong Hillary supporter right up until that worst Saturday of my life.





  501. Pat: Yes, I know you are a softie. 😉
    BFF is a romantic in his own way. He’s a great date. Very witty when you get to know him. Loves to go out to eat.


  503. Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 9:01 PM CDT
    Contact: Jennifer
    Amount: $10.00

    Okay, here’s my contribution….I sure need a drink! I was just at NQ and reading about the Chosen not visiting the wounded soldiers in a German hospital because they wouldn’t let him bring his campaign photographers……I decided to come here for a drink. What’s in a Causmo anyway?

  504. Carol (or whoever’s in charge of money here): Is it possible for us to have a fundraiser here for people who want to go to Denver but don’t have the $$. I can’t get to DC or Denver–I already had other plans in place, but I can throw a few bucks into the kitty for someone who has the time but not the funds.

  505. imustprotest: a Causmo is a Cosmo but you buy a virtual one and donate as you have just done.

    Good work, comrade.

  506. imustprotest $10.00

    Grand Total So Far:


    MOVE That TOTAL!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!


  508. Denver -No. But I’m hoping I’ll have a job so that I can make a contribution.

  509. [Perking up ears.] Did someone say “go out to eat”?! 🙂

  510. SophieL: Funny you mentioned that. Lambert at Corrente would be an asset to us in blogging workshops in DC for PCPC but I get the impression that he’s got several wives and 15 children and can’t spare a nickel.

  511. No,No,No, I’m from Tennessee, Home of “The War of the Roses”. 19th amendment fame. Try” Little World, Tennessee” for a small town name.

  512. SophieL – I’m just the bean counter, cheerleader, part time beauti-operator!


  513. RD: Nice snap up top. I’ve canoed on the Delaware. (And I am a water sign–a Cancer.)

  514. Ha! I still have a People’s Party button from 1972; I was some kind of ass’t field somebody lackey to put them on the ballot in KY. We succeeded. I can definitely be called Comrade Parent.

  515. Blogging workshops?

  516. Cab has arrived – (like I’m in the city)
    will towel off from tubing, say thanks to our hostesses, and look forward to our next assignment!!!

    may lurk til eyes get tired –

  517. Thanks Blue Blue Gal!

  518. NEW THREAD – COCKTAILS PART DEUX – at the recommendation of Boston Boomer –

  519. Contribution Details
    Date: July 24, 2008 9:14 PM CDT
    Contact: Jennifer

    Amount: $39.48

    I decided to round out the total..if I did my math correct should be $600.00

    Hope you don’t mind, like you weren’t trying for a symbolic # or something.

  520. Sorry, RD. I ran in right from work and missed the menu. I’m good now just left some choice words over at Politico. Yum, this is mighty tasty.

  521. I must protest – come and post that for Carol on the Cocktails part deux – Boston said this one was too long – new thread up above, same cocktail party!

  522. Denver is out of the question since it’s hard to take my son out of school. However, my Brother who live in Denver, will be doing all the hell raising for me.

  523. before I truly say goodnight – can I share:
    http://www.denitzanyc.com/product_p/18wrbd0001.htm – these are P.U.M.A. bracelets, so we can recognize each other, or: just help the cause.

  524. denver yes!! and my son is getting married in Oct. so don’t have a lot to spare. But will be there!!

  525. Question to all. How united is your Immediate family in regard to the nominee and party?

    Mined are actually rep. at heart with the exception of yours truly who is an independent. Although, due to this current administration, we voted for HRC in the primary and would choose her over McCain despite of our conservative views. It wasn’t easy convincing everyone but, family should stay together.

    Where do you guys stand on this?

  526. Did anyone here, read the article written and was bloggeg on PumaPac this AM..regarding how Obama was really selected? God it was so interesting because good ole Karl Rove and Donna Brazielle were the main charqacters in this plot.

  527. Why are we splitting onto a new thread? I see we have part “DEUX”, and now I am not only “lurking” but am really confused –

  528. Got my Causmo!

    DATE: July 24, 2008 10:37 PM EDT

  529. Wasn’t that an eye opener…and scary at the same time?

  530. I sent the link to Donna B and told her we were on to her. She nevers writes back to me any more I wonder why.

  531. PumaSF..thanks for putting back where I can find it..I want to print this one out.
    I’ve never heard of the magazine or paper . do you ?

  532. Yeah i sent excerpts from it to her..haven’t heard back either

  533. I just had to watch Kathy Griffin. Tonight she had Mario Cantone whom I love. He too is from MA.

  534. Just got back from dinner and drinks with hubby. Looks like most everyone else ‘been drinkin too.

  535. Rey, on July 24th, 2008 at 9:37 pm Said:
    “I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me…”

    Great quote – from my favorite person in my favorite movie. Also one of my favorite books.

  536. Mae Govannen and Namaree…nite all!

  537. http://sugarnspice.typepad.com/sugar_n_spicea_meeting_pl/

    Sugar was on Capitol Hill and by coincidence saw our Hillary arriving
    for work.

    Here’s another story about Hillary at work. The author is awe-struck,
    but admits she has been a critic. The media should burn in hell for
    the lies it has spread about the Clintons.


  538. OK, I have to admit I have a difficult time with MPM (male political media, also referred to as MSM) but once in a while I take a peek. I am usually horrified. And I was duly horrified by the piece in the NY Times of Leah Daughtry. She is the “preacher” who is also a political operative and is Howard Dean’s Chief of Staff.

    There is a passage in the article about her in her sanctuary and there is a banner that reads “They Owe Us.” This is in relation to Reparations.

    Now, can someone tell me who “they” is?

  539. And, I just found this:

    “The Democratic National Committee takes another hit today. The Washington Blade has obtained a copy of DNC Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry’s deposition in the ongoing discrimination discovery hearings.
    When asked about whether she supports gay marriage, Daughtry replied that she does not. ”


    So I can now ask my question. Where is the Democratic Party going with all of this?

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