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Wednesday: Dignity?

Reader D. sent me this last night:

I know you don’t need another idea for a blog…  (I wouldn’t be so sure about that D.)

But below is something that I think I missed a meeting about somewhere.

Remember the Women Count Pac?  The one that did the fabulous ads for Senator Clinton?  I remember back in the my naïve days when I thought I knew what movements were about when I extended my hand for membership and sometimes with my precious few donation dollars after the Hillary donations and travel.

Imagine my surprise when I got this.  They sent out an email yesterday asking for people who want to be informed and attend a “Platform Listening Meeting” in my area.  How cool, eh?

Not so much.

Today I got this …and “lo and behold” when you click to find your area – guess what website opens for you to choose your area?  That’s right – the selected one.

I felt betrayed, ripped off, cheated – oh wait.  I guess that’s just the election process these days.

When the heck did they decide to support Obama?  You’d think that they would have sent a memo or something… 

I was just wondering if anyone else was a little deflated by this latest news.

Perhaps working so hard on the PCPC Conference has just kept me out of the loop?  

Hard to say…

Hope the news is more positive over on The Confluence…

A devoted fan,

So, she sends me an email from Women Count PAC that shows the group now attempting to grovel for Obama’s attention for the platform because the *only* way you can influence the platform of the DNC is through Obama’s Website.   WomenCount PAC do “issue demands” regarding the intolerable level of sexism that surfaced during the campaign:

“Our Party is committed to achieving gender equality in all aspects of American life. Therefore, we will not tolerate sexism targeted against our candidates or their spouses in the media or anywhere else in the political arena.”
“We acknowledge that the 2008 Democratic primary election exposed pervasive gender bias in the media during the campaign. From now on, when we see examples of this behavior, our Party leadership will take immediate and public steps to condemn it.”
“By doing so, we will establish that our Party recognizes that gender bias is a violation of Civil Rights and that men and women should be treated equally in the media and in all facets of our society.”

How did we get from this:
to this:

Jeez, the language is so quaint.  To their credit, they advise the attendees at these scripted soirees to be “aggressive and persistent”.  (You can read womencountplatform.  Note that the formatting may have changed from the original.) But the framing is all wrong.  It’s a little like demanding that your dungeon masters feed you a higher quality of gruel.

The problem is that these regional platform forums shouldn’t be held at all in this manner.  Since when did Obama own the Democratic party’s platform?  What we *should* be doing is asking this question over and over again at theses forums: “Who died and made you God of the Democrats?”

Will Bower and I got a quite different kind of letter from Hillary Clinton.  In it, she asks for our input on what concerns us most and she is asking for it in current terms not for future contemplation.  You can add your input at HillPAC here. I’m assuming that she doesn’t have to go to one of these Platform Listening Tours or whatever to get them to pay attention.

This song goes out to all the Obamaphiles and other Democrats who just can’t stay away no matter what their man is. I can almost hear David Sedaris singing it. (Garychapelhill and Mawm just spewed coffee on their keyboard.)

One more thing:  Commenter GRL from InsightAnalytical has a list of international news links that are local to Obama’s Grand European and Middle Eastern Tour.  You might like to see what gets filtered out of the CBS Evening News with Katie Chipmunk.

212 Responses

  1. Now that’s embarrassing.

  2. Off topic, but worthy of a post..

    Here’s a useful guide I finally got up!!!

    …hopefully, it will help people stay informed more easily (and help keep track of any more Obama road trips)…I accumulated these links while doing the World Media Watch for B…z…

    The “International Press Library” is Up and Running! (Useful Links to the Foreign Media)


    Get what the “local press” is saying, not what is filtered through our media!!

  3. Women need to stay angry.

  4. I got so burned by MoveOn’s turning anti-Hillary that I am reluctant to give money to any of these political organizations. You have no way of knowing where they’ll go next.

    I’ll stick with Hillary.

  5. RD,
    Love your posts!

    Yesterday I also got Hillary’s mail titled what “What matters to you” (by what you say guess that we got the same).

    One of the paragraphs I like is this one: “So let’s keep the conversation going. I want you to tell me about the issues that matter to you. I want to hear what’s happening with you and your family — how high gas prices, the war in Iraq, and the struggling economy are affecting you. Your feedback will help steer the direction of HillPAC and how we are going to tackle America’s problems together.”
    OK, I can do feed back. But, as someone has already mentioned I, too, am getting leery of some organizations…

    Anyway, she ten mentions that in the time “ahead” she’ll be fighting for BO to ensure getting a Democrat in the WH.
    Well, sorry, but no can do.

    As a matter of fact, and after BO’s sorry FISA vote, I’m still fuming that no one in the media seems to have gotten stirred up their legs enough to discuss at length BO’s eerie pronouncement of: “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    Although it has already been mentioned here, if anyone’s interested in this subject BO’s taped speech in which he mentions having a “Civilian National Security Force” can be found at: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=69784

    Go PUMAS!

  6. plural: I think they’re heart is in the right place but they have chosen the most ineffectual way of getting their point across. This letter demonstrates not that they buy into Obama but that they have bought into the process that says that everything must go through him. This is just wrong. Once you accept that Obama is the de facto leader and grand poobah, it’s all over. You can never affect change except through him and he owns the key. My point is that none of us should go to these regional platform meetings with anything but one message:
    Who the fuck do you think you are!?

  7. Grangatita: Fighting for BO to make sure that a Democrat gets into the WH is quite different from fighting to get Obama into the WH.

  8. Fighting for BO to make sure that a Democrat gets into the WH is quite different from fighting to get Obama into the WH.

    Well said, rd. You have an elegant mind.

  9. Good catch.

    I got the HillPac e-mail yesterday too and I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m waiting to see the candidates they fill in there.

    On the making lemonade note, I’d like to see this debacle of a primary season lead to some networking, solidarity and action to re-claiming the Democratic party and supporting women in politics.

    Heck, organizing some meetups in different locations for grassroots work on the lower levels of the Democratic party would be excellent too.

    I’m very, very, tired of the lesser of two evils argument offered for supporting Democratic Presidential candidates.

  10. mwb: Funny you should mention that. You may be interested in attending our PUMA conference to he held in DC on August 8-10 at the Marriott Wardham Hotel. The price of the conference is unbelievable. We’re still not sure how we snagged this baby. The conference is not just to address women’s issues but to organize ourselves, plan for Denver and define our mission going forward. See more details here: https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/07/19/the-pre-convention-puma-conference/.

  11. Steveboy: Never say never.

  12. Steveboy, in the past, the more delegates the candidates get, the more influence they have over the party platform. Obama and Clinton are about even in pledged delegates, but Clinton is being excluded from influencing the platform, and instead Obama is promoting these platform meetings.
    The joke is on anyone who goes to one, since it is widely reported that Obama has already decided on what the platform will say.

  13. I wonder what their price was…
    Anyway, PUMAs get some attention from CNN – Will is quoted, but somehow mixed in with Tarpley

  14. rd – the photos (especially of Anna and the King of Siam) and the song put a big smile on my face. Yes, my man I love him so ….

    I still say that Howard Dean’s mid-life crisis is the root cause of the Obama candidancy. Dean (and kos) want to be our Mister Man, while we grovel at his feet. Obama allows the white frat boys to be Mr. Man by proxy.

  15. francine, that is where you are wrong. Obama has no real positions. He has change positions on several issues.

    Abortion rights,
    Public financing of elections,

    When will it end. Why do we even need a platform, when Obama can change his mind whenever he wants. THe platform should just say, “Whatever He says->>”

  16. Whoo! I love the stench of troll desperation in the morning!

    Great post, RD.

    By the way, I just spoke to my friend who doesn’t read blogs. We haven’t spoken about politics in more than a month – she knows nothing about PUMA.

    She said that she is terrified of Obama and does not want to vote for him. This whole self-congratulatory “I AM teh President” tour of Europe is a massive turnoff to her; plus, she thinks he is not smart and has toxic personal associations.

    She is a die-hard Democrat like me.

    After today, PUMA may have one more member. 🙂

  17. madamab, if we are deadenders, why do the trolls bother? Do they think they can change our minds?

    Seems like they are wasting their time.

    Obama is unelectable. You can believe the media hype if you want, but he will lose in Nov.

  18. Why does steveboy without the e keep addressing dead people?

    francine – Get a rock up side your head – we already told you – we are Republican and Neocons and Operation Chaos all rolled into 18 million.

    There, we have said it. No reason to continue with the guessing game and name calling.

    Guilty as charged.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  19. Key word in that sentence, Francine is “Obama’s and Clinton’s positions on the issues ‘were’ nearly the same”. WERE-past tense. Whatever they were at one time, no more. Obama has shown his colors with his FISA vote, Iraq withdrawal, campaign finance and on and on. We just saw it coming much sooner.

    He does not say what he means or mean what he says. He is as pliable as Gumby and I will not vote for him.

    Now Go away!

  20. Whoo! I love the stench of troll desperation in the morning!

    Moi aussi.

  21. Also, “all sexism was in the media” was a Dean meme than everyone else adopted. Howard of course doesn’t have cable so he’s out, Nancy couldn’t hear anything over the sound of how awesome she is and B0 – well, he was only joking with the sweeties, the claws coming out, the periodically and women getting abortions when they have the blues.
    He is a feminist – his own sister said so! (M0 said she wasn’t, but…)

  22. madamab, if we are deadenders, why do the trolls bother? Do they think they can change our minds?

    Seems like they are wasting their time.

    Mawm, I’ve never understood why anyone would go on a website and start sh*tting all over the commenters and the blog owner. Not only is it pointless, it’s just bad manners.

    Guess my “momma” raised me better than that.

    Bonjour, Arabella! [waves]

  23. francine – YOUR choice supports the neocons. Obama as nominee guarantees that John McCain will be the President.

    Buh-bye now.

  24. My vote is my damn vote lady, you are not invited here and are trolling. BO is the damn Neocon. Don’t you dare attempt to presume you know me or anything else about me.

  25. Why do they think that telling me “you’re not really a Democrat” will upset me? Calling me a Neocons or Republicans doesn’t upset me.

    The fact that you name-call in this way tells me a lot about you, trolls. Your greatest fear seems to be not being part of the in crowd. This must be part of the Obama generation’s need to have as many Face Book friends as possible.

  26. Steve–my issues are with the DNC and its leadership more than with the selected one. I have been a Democrat since the first time I voted in 1972. I have held my nose and voted for more than one Democrat over the decades. This year, I finally realized that the Democratic Party has me, and all women, for granted. The party and its elected officials were silent when the MSM and progressive blogs descended into a morass of misogyny. Only now, when they want my vote AGAIN, do they say they will now condemn gender bias. Sorry, Steve, but at this point in time, it’s “just words.” I will not vote for John McCain, but neither will I give my vote away just because there is a D behind a candidate’s name. My vote must be earned.

  27. Nobody today mentions how it was 8 years ago, when Bush rode similar, though imo a smaller, waves of adulation buoyed up by adoring fans who would hear no criticism and could bear no questioning of their golden boy.

    Where are those pushy, thuggish fans today? Did they all stay the same and decide to back a different donkey? Still all the same shrieking and throwing feces.

    I was so fed up being told to ‘get over it’ and back the new POTUS eight years ago, and here we go again. Ca me fait rire.

    Point: at high tide, it takes maximum effort to go against the forces of the tide. But as sure as what goes up must come down, high tide too must recede. I hope we don’t have a massively taxpayer funded neo-Praetorian Guard before high tide recedes, however. And god, not more unexamined funds toward tax exempt religious organization – that prospect alone is enough to make me shout ‘Jesus!’

    Next point: I appreciate that in a season when the MSM and the obamabots would have us intoxicated with adulation of Obama, and Obama seems most comfortable being adulated, because it is all about him him him talking about him him him — that HRC wants to know about you, you, you and what you think and do things for America, America, America.

    In sum, I guess the cure for the Bush hangover is more hair of the dog as the MSM sobers up, realizes why it was drinking in the first place, and goes back on another bender.

  28. I think francine is scared.

  29. believe me, November 2008 will be the very first time in my entire life(39 almost 40 years) that I will have voted Republican, but it may not be the last.

    The Democratic party is over. 😦

  30. francine, doesn’t it bother you to think you will have the blood of iraqui babies on your hands? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  31. The Democratic party is over.

    I won’t miss the hangovers, that’s for sure. The Kerry binge almost did me in.

  32. perries, ca ne me fait pas rire. ca me fait deguelle.

  33. stxabuela – I agree. The way the Party treated Hillary was simply appalling. Misogyny and race-baiting were perfectly fine as long as the target was HRC.

    I don’t understand what these idiots have done to my Party, but I want it back! Hate is NOT a Democratic value.

  34. And francine, with a toss of her head, flounces away in high dudgeon, vaporizing with a snap of her fingers and leaving behind a faint fetor of BO.

  35. francine, that’s right. You have the blood of afghan babies on your hands.

  36. I am, for the most part, a lurker these days. With all that is going on with me, I really don’t feel I can add to the discussion; but I will say this, do not piss me off. It is not the time, nor the place to make me angry.

    These trolls come on here and presume to know what we are about. I am 50 years old and I know what I am about. I have been a democrat since I was 12 and that was tough, considering I was raised by republicans.

    I am an american citiizen and I want my elected officials to ask me what is important to me. This morning HRC did just that, while the change’ling is out and about on his “look at me tour”.

  37. perries and gary:


    I love that so many people speak French here. Ca me fait sourire. 🙂

  38. Do BO supporters even know what their candidate supports at this point? He seems to don a new mask to suit the occasion. That anyone would have the sheer temerity to defend this candidate with a straight face says to me the lobotomizations have been under way for some time now.

  39. I’m out here in the Midwest for a while, as some of you know. When the primaries started the 20+ eye-candy trainer that I’d hired here told me “Hilary won’t be the candidate because America is not ready for a female president.”

    “Nonesense” I told him, having been a working woman in NY for oh-so-many years. “Hillary is the only one person available who is brilliant, wise, experienced, and intelligent enough to be the chosen candidate.”

    It would seem that eye-candy was more in touch with the people than I realized. Well, not exactly.

    He was unknowingly picking up vibes from the royalty of corporate America who do not want to allow this beautiful country to be led back in the direction of strength and prosperity by this woman. They are instead ready to market, thug, propagandize, and force a narcissistic idiot in place to lead this beautiful country into the Dark Ages and a bona fide Dead End.

    BTW, like madamab’s friend, almost all people out here are afraid of Obama. These people are not stupid.

  40. To me womencountpac always seemed to say, If you promise, promise, to change your ways we will go along with you, but you have to promise, OK……wow !!!

    RD, you are right, their hearts are in the right place, and you are kind in just saying, ineffectual.

  41. Gee, I see we are getting some Unity ambassadors today. Lol! Is this all you’ve got? Please kids, be cool, stay in school. You’ll need it.

  42. francine and steve (I’ve been booted from the confluence so often I’ve got a boot imprint on my arse)

    eboy can’t stay away from the Confluence and NQ. They ALWAYS come with the same tired rhetoric.

    I’ve never seen two sadder individuals. I pray for them daily.

  43. I think the new wave of trolling is for the benefit of the trolls. They are having a crisis of faith. They are coming here to do some haka and make them feel better.

    But the koolade is wearing off. They are scared.

  44. Ding, Ding, Ding! You win Francine. You guessed our agenda correctly.

    No to vote for Obama! Man you’re slow. We’ve only said it like a THOUSAND times.

    Don’t worry though, it seems your comprehension skills are improving, albeit, a little slower than we’d like.

  45. Edwardian,

    In order to better facilitate and serve the Obotomatons, all Jiffy Lube locations have been turned into driveby lobotomy clinics.

  46. Bonita – shhhh. You gave it up too easily.

  47. Bonita – the part that makes me laugh is how “she” accuses us of wanting to torpedo his agenda after he becomes President.

    Doesn’t she know he is ALREADY the President, according to him?

  48. edwardian, on July 23rd, 2008 at 9:51 am Said:
    “Do BO supporters even know what their candidate supports at this point? He seems to don a new mask to suit the occasion. That anyone would have the sheer temerity to defend this candidate with a straight face says to me the lobotomizations have been under way for some time now.”

    I so agree edwardian. They say ‘show me your candidate, any candidate, and I will tell you that you should vote BO because he has the same platform as _____[insert your candidate’s name here]____. Exactly the same, so don’t be silly. Quit being so selfish and do what we want.’


    Mawm, don’t do that – have some nice ginger tea and remember that laughter deflates pomposity and makes you feel better all at the same time.

    So what do you think that if there is a gaggle of geese, and a murder of crows, that there could be a fetor of BOs?

  49. Can I ask a teeny tiny favor? Can we refrain from mentioning baby blood, my son leaves in a few days and the last thing I want to think about is . . .

  50. The trolls are exhibiting signs of flop sweat. The money is drying up. O’s burn rate is astronomical. Hillary’s contributors are not kicking in. He rented an NFL stadium to do his Mussolini impersonation. Fitzgerald still has a grand jury humming along. O is doing his first world tour but he cannot charge for admission. The press is showing signs of embarrassment for being caught in their kneepads. Has the great unraveling begun? Who knows, but it is increasingly fun to watch.

  51. They have been assimilated into the Borgama Collective.

  52. madamab, on July 23rd, 2008 at 10:09 am Said:
    “…Doesn’t she know he is ALREADY the President, according to him?”

    And you know, seriously now, making him potus is really a drop in the bucket of the appreciation and recognition he deserves, for his record of… um…having for so long been… err… umm for all he has done… um for… his sheer innate deservingness.

    It’s really the least we could do, and barely a start. Maybe we should declare him a god now, to show that we are really earnest and sincere. It took Roman emperors years to work up to god status, but in this modern age, we are more efficient.

    Do not ask what you can do for your country. Ask what you can do for BO. What have you done today, for BO. Nothing? Do you want to make BO cry?

  53. Hurricane Dolly is upstaging Obama. (Another woman out to sabotage Le Petit Prince.)

    I hope our southern friends are out of harm’s way.

  54. Kim – {{{hugs}}}

    Your son is in my prayers. Right now my go-to person is Our Lady of Providence.

  55. Arabella, I think you’ve got it. Obama’s struggling to break out of his MOE in the polls (Ras has them tied again today) and some have finally realized that no, the world does not revolve around them and their limited intellectual powers.

    All adolescents go through this phase — thinking there’s no pain in the world but their own, no one’s desires exist except theirs, and that somehow, with their limited life experience and limited powers of thought, they know better than anyone else. The moment when they realize none of this is true is frightening to them, so they act out while desperately clinging to this belief anyway.

    Which is why they think that threatening people with not being part of the ‘in’ crowd is effective. Unfortunately, as with all narcissistics, they burden others with their own pathologies, and they are trying to use us as the donkeys to carry it.

    Most people grow out of it as they become adults. But some folks never do.

    It’s sad.

  56. I apologize Kim, wasn’t thinking….and before I sent steveeboy to the spam filter I read that he admits to have voted for Nader in 2000. So he has the fucking nerve to lecture us about ANYTHING? Also shows what great judgement he has, right. what a tool. and a stupid tool to boot.

  57. Any organization that rolls over for the presumptuous selected at this point loses my respect and my support. Are none of these “leaders” capable of seeing the fraud? Have they not learned anything from the last 8 years? This is what happened with Bu$h.

    Not only are the Obots nervous, but now the Rethugs are nervous once again. I got a “forward” from an R party diehard. It’s a letter from a Steve Russell who labels himself as a American citizen, patriot, veteran, taxpayer, voter and broke!!!!”

    In the body of the letter he blames all of America’s problems on – guess who – Hillary.

    * Mortgage companies have declared bankruptcy
    > costing thousands of people their jobs
    > * Home values have nose-dived
    > * Millions of Americans have lost their homes
    > * World oil prices have risen astronomically
    > * The Democrats continue to block drilling in
    > oil rich reserves to continue and even increase our
    > dependence on foreign oil
    > * Gasoline prices have increased to over $4 a
    > gallon and there appears to be no end in sight even though
    > Americans have reduced
    > their driving over one billion miles a
    > month.
    > * The stock market, where most Americans’
    > retirement hopes are invested, has dropped by more than
    > 15%..
    > * Food prices are increasing at an alarming
    > rate fueled mostly by rising energy costs.

    The letter writer needs to add one more label to himself – suffers from major CDS – either been asleep for the last 8 years or just an idgit. It is a remarkably stupid letter. I only mention it because it means PUMA, The Denver Group, this blog and several others are having an impact and the rats are stressing. My hat is off to the voters who see the machinations without the benefit of being online – it give me hope and more confidence in America’s future. Most of the American voters are not braindead or crooks.

    Also noted this AM – CNN’s big project “Black in America” got walked back by the dingbat Soledad – shes states it is Not about BO (cough, cough), looking oh so disgusted………right. No collusion at CNN doing a year long “research” on this “pressing” problem in America.

    I am feeling particulary bitter and dry this morning. I am loving the fact they are stressing and look forward to keeping the pressure on and resolving this in a fair and balanced manner – electing Hillary Clinton POTUS.

    PUMA/The Denver Group

  58. Valhalla – Nice summary!

  59. Where’s my BO deodorant?

  60. It’s in the linien closet, in back of the Febreeze.

  61. {{{{ Kim and son }}}}

  62. You guys are all making me laugh so hard…except for Kim. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

  63. The beauty and simplicity of our plan is infinite. We control the keys to the kingdom and all we have to do is…nothing. Well, we do have to let Them know that we will not budge until HRC’s name is on the ballot, her name is put up for nomination and her delegates counted. 18,200,000+ beautiful, strong, principled voters deciding that their vote will count. Amazing.


    Can we have Hillary back now?

  64. Let me see…we are insane because we aren’t yelling “Agent, Agent…sit down…” so we can get a look at him or some thing else?

    Shucks…old age must have some protective powers the “The One”!

    As to womencount.pac, I think they are doing the only thing they can do given that the party has no mechanism for DISSENT! I do think there is some weird thing about him taking over the party without first being “confirmed” and I think part of the reform needed is that the PARTY always remain the PARTY and not become part of the CANDIDATE!.

    OK, NOW BACK TO SWOONING! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfogMFL7UJo&eurl=http://guerillawomentn.blogspot.com/

  65. somebody posted this earlier, but the link didn’t work for me. Anybody else notice that PUMA made the front page at cnn.com?


  66. Gary, no problem, I am just a little hypersensitive right now. It is these damn trolls who think they have the answer. They are going to enlighten us. Give me a break.

    We have sat idly by and watched the ’00 election hijacked in Florida, the ’08 in Ohio and now our own party has done it again.

    They just don’t get it. This is not about Obama. THis is about my vote. If he had won the nomination legitimately, I wouldn’t be here. I would not have voted for him, because he does not have the experience necessary. I would have held my nose and voted for somebody or just stayed home.

  67. Maum,

    I’m an angry woman and I plan to stay that way until BO is safely retired from politics. He gives me the creeps.

  68. Kim,

    I’m so glad to see you again. I’ve been thinking about you and have come close to e-mailing you privately, but I know how busy and stressed you must be. I’m am sending good vibes to you and your son. Take care.

  69. Hi KarolinaNYC!


    I have to run out for awhile, will “see” you all later. I see we have a troll influx this morning. Did BO make another gaffe?

  70. I wish there was a place where history of “democratic” loyalty could be pubished and compared. I would love to see the voting & activisim records of Obamabots like Francine & Steveboy compared with PUMAS.

    I am 50 years old, have voted for Carter (twice), Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton (twice), Gore, Kerry. I have donated or volunteered my time for every one of those campaigns. I have phone banked, leafleted, rallied, worked the polls, canvassed for democratic candidates at all levels since I was a teenager. I have never once voted for a republican or even an independent. I have backed a loser in EVERY presidential primary I have been aware of (except McGovern), including Howard Dean. So… the fact that after all these years and all this effort, I no longer want to be associated with this party should say more about the how the party has changed than it says about me. That the likes of Francine & Steveboy cannot understand this makes me very sad.

  71. Kim, I am empathetic to your situation. Hugs to you. I’m sure that you have your own mind-tricks, but I hope that you won’t mind if I share the one that someone taught me a few years ago when I was feeling vulnerable and didn’t want to let those scary thought and images antagonize my mind. Whenever an undesirable, scary idea hit my brain, I said to myself “The devil is a liar. No weapon formed against Thee shall proper. Amen.” I don’t intellectually believe in a devil, but on some subconsciouss level apparently I do, because I find this “trick” very comforting and … it worked for me.

  72. Hey, Bostonboomer! Have a fun day!

  73. I love the reporter who corrected one of his senior foreign policy advisors when he/she asked about Obama’s speech in Germany concerning whether is was considered a political speech and the advisor said the President doesn’t give political speeches (or something like that) and the reported reminded the advisor that Obama isn’t the President.

  74. Good morning, all!

    Hello sweetie trolls! Oh me oh my, did your little leg-tingles fade, did you have to come here to try and get them back? No? Still feels nice and warm? Aw, no, sweeties, my darling ones, I believe that’s tee-tee running down your legs. Little bit scared, mes petites? Ground not so firm under your feet? Golden Boy–mais oui, pun intended!–keeps shifting this way and that? Et vous arrivez ici! Bon. Il y a beaucoup d’apprendre, mes cheres!

    perries, great post earlier.

    Ah, womenpac. Let them try, bless them. I’ve spent 45 years watching women ask the boys nicely to treat us well. Please, mister, I need an abortion, please please mister I swear to god it’s not just that I’m feeling blue please please please may I? Please will you notice when I’m beat up by the press? Please please will you notice that you are paying me less than the men on your staff? Please pretty please with sugar on top may I be accorded the same dignity you are?

    I’m done with it, my friends.

    I want a woman in the highest office in the land.

    I support Hillary.

    I support The White House Project.

    And I thank any of you who share these goals.

  75. Wow Boo Radly (love your SN) – I have to ask how Mr. Russell figures Hillary did all that?! What a tireless lady. She must never sleep.

    Kim – my prayers are with you and with your son.

  76. Made me cry to leave a message for Hillary. Here we are, in this surreal mess, and she is still working her butt off, asking us what she wants her to fight for. If she does not become president, now or 2012, it will be such a huge lost opportunity. She is the real deal.

    And look at our choice instead…

  77. Maybe the trolls are onto something, since they’re blaming us for an Obama loss in Nov or for a failed agenda if he wins. Either way, they only see bad things ahead for the big o.

  78. parentofed: Hit the bulls-eye, you did.

  79. Trolls are here to provoke and accuse, and then run home to scream that their feelings were hurt and we’re all so rude. And they now have the secret memo proving we’re all minions of Karl Rove. I woke up thinking I live a rather restricted life, but I now feel my earthly existance is rich and full and infinitely varied, compared to the pitiful, small world of people like …well, actually, remaining nameless is just about all the recognition trolls deserve.

  80. Thanks to all of you. We are really doing okay. We are coming to terms with this and my son will be fine, just fine.

    BB: I have been lurking alot. The troll brought me out this morning.

    Can I ask a question though? Most of you are around my age, how do you get around the empty nest thing? I have never lived in a home without at least one of my children.


    Good morning, Magdelena!

  82. Fif,

    I’m sad also but Hillary is doing what she does best working hard for what she believes in. We should do the same. Denver.

    Can we have Hillary back now?

  83. Thanks for thinking of us, Arabella. I’m in Corpus Christi–lots of rain and winds 20-30 mph. Predicted to see tropical storm strength this afternoon; sustained winds of 45-50 mph and gusts nearing 60. We’ve been getting bands of rain since 3 am here, and we’ll be under a tornado watch all day since we’re in the northeast quadrant of the storm (northeast is the worst area.) Huge rolling thunderclaps, almost constant right now. The Rio Grande Valley is in much worse shape–they’re already getting pounded, flood warnings in eastern Cameron County (Brownsville) and a 72 mph wind gust by 8 am in Port Isabel (South Padre Island.) The Queen Isabella Causeway between South Padre and the mainland is now closed, so anyone left on South Padre will just have to ride it out. Los Fresnos is reporting all electric power lost. Keep the Valley in your thoughts and prayers. It is flatter than a pancake down there and widespread heavy flooding is anticipated. Plus, the storm is slowing down and strengthening–bad news. The only bit of good news is that the entire S Texas area was in a severe drought and the ground is able to hold a lot of water. I’ll try to keep in touch throughout the day, but the lightning is getting closer and I may have to shut down the computer during bad rain bands.

  84. Did you all get Will Bower’s email regarding telling Hillary to put her name in nomination?

    I gave our girl an earful. Respectfully, of course. 🙂

  85. That CNN.com piece makes us sound lame. I get frustrated when I see PUMA coverage, because I feel the fundamental issue(s) of the Democratic Party (and their manipulation and violation) are not clearly stated. It makes us sound unfocused and immature. The basis of this movement are the very foundations of our democracy–that should always be the talking point, and specific examples should be readily repeated (eg: FL/MI deliberate delay, no revote, and then the RBC debacle; caucus abuse and delegate allocation; Dem leaders & DNC interference and bias; and media intrusion etc.). If we sound vague, it’s easier for people to write us off. Of course, this was a CNN report, so what can I expect?

  86. For sure you and your family will be OK, Kim. I don’t doubt it.

  87. And they now have the secret memo proving we’re all minions of Karl Rove.

    What secret memo is that?

  88. fif – The secret memo from Karl Rove is in the top desk drawer right next to Obama’s birth certificate.

  89. fif, at least they weren’t calling us republican operatives, or bitter old women. that’s a move in the right direction. any publicity is good imo. They even gave us a free plug for the convention inDC which, btw, ALL of you should sign up for. 4 glorious days in our nation’s capital at a 5 star hotel (I was there for the RBC meeting and it is NICE!!!) All that for $250? you’ve got to be crazy to pass that up. Seriously, you couldn’t even get a single night at that hotel at that rate, and that includes 3 nights and the conference AND food. So who’s going???? lets see a show of hands people…don’t make me come out there 🙂

  90. mwb: “I’m very, very, tired of the lesser of two evils argument offered for supporting Democratic Presidential candidates.”

    I’m not.

  91. I wrote to womecountpac on sunday and and asked to be removed from their list.

    I hve admired susie Buell so far but their choice of their #1 priority to sit down with Obama, Pelosi, McCaskill, Sebelius annd others to talk about “gender issues” and stop gender discrimination against Michelle as their priority did not stand well with me. I md disappointed by Jehmu Green, Stacy Mason, Rosemary C…who started this pac which I came to admire.

    They also lied….about their stance for the 51% women….not 51% is being represented by Obama.

    These same women will not stand up for Cindy McCain or Cynthia McKinney…

    And as for Emily’s list ….it supports pro-choice women regardless of party…will it support McKinnney?

  92. Copy of a post at Murphy’s site

    Remember to participate in our email intiative, over 110,000 emails and the form has been updated with new Supers.

    Also, my post for the day:
    Obama Needs ‘Troop Deployment’ Lessons From FDR

  93. Arabella – LOL!

    The secret memo from Karl Rove is in the top desk drawer right next to Obama’s birth certificate.

    Well-played, my friend. 🙂

    Actually, I have wondered for some time if KKKarl Rove’s secret memo is in Nancy Pelosi’s desk. If Obama isn’t a right-wing plot to torpedo the Dem’s chances in November, he sure seems like one.

    He is the rightwing’s wet dream made manifest. He LITERALLY associates with terrorists, he replaces the flag on his plane with that ridiculous Obama For America symbol, he has a Muslim name, he has no clue about national security, he is an elitist who can’t bowl, he is a flip-flopper….

    Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?

  94. here’s the website for the convention. GO SIGN UP NOW!!!!!!


  95. I’m in an undisclosed location, maybe that’s why I’m so discombobulated.

    Lemme see if I got this right.

    So you dissolve your own platform, your make your own web site disappear and and the member of your grove to now join the Obama webpage and file whatever complaints they have there? So Obama webmaster can’t delete anything they find annoying or anything that wouldn’t put Obama in a good light?

    Which genius came up with that idea?

  96. The CNN article is lame because CNN is just lame. They have no identity, they are always following someone. Last year, it was leader Fox, this year it’s MSNBC.

    And, yeah, Soledad, the big series on blacks has nothing to do with Obama. Remember 2004, when they did that election-eve special on Bush’s faith? Any questions that show might have brought up were lost to the voter that was reassured by Bush’s strong, upright Christian beliefs.

  97. garychapellhill:

    I am going to the DC PUMA conf.

  98. By the way, I also got an email from Women Count PAC, with Jehmu Green’s name assigned to it, and none of the links sent me to O’s site. Are you sure about this?

  99. CNN
    Preston on Politics: PUMAs stalking Obama
    WOW, stalking is illegal and I find the heading misleading and insulting. So, if we exercise our constitutional right to FREE SPEECH and dare to PROTEST the CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS OF RENDERING CITIZENS AS 1/2 A PERSON (1/2 a vote), then we are “STALKERS”!

    CNN is still having a love affair with Obama if they can’t see that we have principles and we don’t resort to thug tactics of “Stalking”. I guess it wasn’t enough for them to label anyone not supporting Obama as a racist, now they are trying to make us into “insane people” stalking him.

  100. YAY NOBO!!!! see you there. who else is going????

  101. Here here, nobomo. Let women stand up for women. Especially because we already have smart, experienced, dedicated women–like Hillary–to do the job. Makes it easy.

    No more of this there-aren’t-enough-women-in-the pipeline bullshit. How many decades has it been since Ferrraro?

  102. The secret memo from Karl Rove is in the top desk drawer right next to Obama’s birth certificate.

    And the whitey tape.

  103. Co enablers, O is the DNC Bush a Party Puppet unqualified for the Office of President and by placing him on the throne the DNC betrayed their own Base, ran a shell game appointing their poster stooge whilst they failed to consider that the groups that are PUMA and Just say No already fought for their independence and are naturally empowered unwilling to accept the nose ring. So forget the stereo typed barrage of grievances, shame, guilt, abuse, fear and your stupid political bot bites all planned to snap women back and rally around your pick, unlike the identity grievance used in the AA community it will not work here most of us have lived through and already rejected dependency as a life choice, to us you just appear pitiful and weak much like the Christian Right also a coalition of anti social personality disorders. The lack of diversity and representation of white females and their interest at the DNC is exactly what has brought the chicken home to roost steering the Party down this destructive path.

    My guess my estimate is that right now about 30 percent of the Dem Base that voted in 04 has broken from the Party, now the only suppose left is has O grown the Party enough as they say to cover the loss and some percent that went to McCain. The lack of diversity and representation of white females and their platform interest at the DNC is exactly what has brought the chicken home to roost steering the tone deaf Party down this destructive path of betrayal.

    Ohio just moved to toss up from leans Dem with a 10 point McCain lead with learners RECALL this State was almost ruined by a Party Puppet who had no qualifications propped up by Party another son of a President who looked the part, they won’t swing back to O that’s over. Divided government is the goal this round.

  104. No, the whitey tape is in the safe with Obama’s passports. You keep the real stuff under lock and key.

  105. Salt, my thoughts exactly, the idea that we would just fall in line and do was we are told. From where I am standing, PUMA appears to be the people who do not take things lying down. We are the ones who have had to fight for every scrap we have earned and we have gotten good at it.

  106. SALT- Terrific comment and view!!!

  107. He’s uh, dressing them now too — no green…I’m going to start a further unpack of his really sick religion RD.

    Monster. And that bastard Gore is the same, to little too late. The Clintons should distance themselves and do nothing for them. Nothing after what has happened. If you come to my place you can read all about Wright, Cone and the “Ice Peoples” — he listened to 20 years of that RD. 20 years. And her thesis? It’s about that. Not that she is like Angela Davis (New Yorker Cover) — worse…….

    Charles had a piece up about his call for a civilian army here. Police State? Very strange — watch the youtube:

  108. Salt – Excellent!

  109. Have you seen McCain’s video about the media’s love affair with Obama? It is so funny

  110. The Dem platform states the primary exposed sexism in the media. IOW, they didn’t see any from the Obama campaign. Another free pass.

    I assume the WomenCount folks haven’t worked with committees in large organizations. Those reps can be very persuasive, convincing you of how much this powerful statement will accomplish, but all you’re left with is….just words. The DNC has already done this statement, obviously it didn’t do anything in the past but shut up some women. Ditto this year.

  111. I can’t claim to fit all the lame-names the lame-brained Obamacrats try to paint us with. I am old. I am white.

    I am not a Republican. Been a Democrat a whole lot longer than most of the Obamacrats have been alive.

    I am not bitter. Bitter is sissy. Pissed is where its at!

    I own my vote. No troll, DNC Pinhead, no politician and no pundidiot tells me how to vote.

    I do not know if come November I will vote for McCain. More than likely. It will only feel good in than it will be a 2/fer against the selected nominee of the corrupt DNC and corrupt Democratic Party Leadership.

  112. ps! Read Cannonfire off RD’s links — he had a great piece up.
    The Democratic Party has betrayed us. Now, betray them. They deserve it. There were a few sexism articles up yesterday, O right.

    Cannonfire really did a great piece on the whole deal——all the things they called Hillary and also your old pals? Boy did they pull a stunt telling people to vote Repub, against Hillary. Sick little fucks.

  113. The latest from the most historic trip since Moses took Hebrews from Egypt:

    Debate over Germany Trip Leaves Team Obama Frustrated

    Barack Obama’s campaign is frustrated over all the vehement discussions about his speech in Berlin on Thursday. SPIEGEL ONLINE has learned that the recent criticism (more…) took the campaign by surprise and frustrated Obama’s advisors. At first many Europeans complained about Obama not coming to Europe, but then the criticism shifted to his keynote address on the trans-Atlantic relationship — and fears it might lack substance. The reaction has left members of his team frustrated.

    Although the discussions over where Obama will appear in Berlin are finally over — he will speak at the Siegessäule, or Victory Column, at around 7 p.m. on Thursday — another debate is already heating up. Is Obama using Berlin merely as another prop for his election campaign (more…)? In an editorial, theInternational Herald Tribune is demanding greater “sobriety” from Obama. The Economist is complaining of “disquieting signs of a tendency on Mr. Obama’s part to tailor his message to whichever audience he is talking to.” The magazine asks if one will be able to find any real clues from his talk about the future course of US policies in the speech. Others bemoan the fact that the senator isn’t even bothering to make a symbolic visit to Brussels, the capital of the European Union. How can he truly be interested in positively transforming the trans-Atlantic relationship if he doesn’t make a stopover in the city, they are asking? Paris and London are already frustrated: The two countries feel neglected because Obama is paying them only brief visits.
    ( … )
    SPIEGEL has learned that the Obama team is frustrated by the controversy surrounding the candidate’s Germany visit, with some asking why the trip is so difficult for the Germans to comprehend. The candidate merely wanted to drop by for a visit with America’s allies to share his vision of US-European relations. It is said that the address he plans to give in Berlin will not be a stump speech, but rather a substantive speech on trans-Atlantic relations. Of course, as a presidential candidate, Obama is limited to talking about this vision, since he doesn’t have the ability to sign documents or treaties or even make policy. And as a man running for the presidency, he obviously has to keep American audiences in mind when he makes appearance abroad.

  114. Israeli news outlet on Obama — quite scathing. (Disclaimer: I don’t know the credibility or the reputation of this news outlet — maybe somebody could comment on that.)


  115. SALT said: My guess my estimate is that right now about 30 percent of the Dem Base that voted in 04 has broken from the Party

    This may be true – I think a higher figure would be safe. It highlights how incredibly stupid, clueless the DNC, Pelosi et al, media is. The 8 years of “third world” media coverage and the lack of people rioting in the streets over Bu$h sent them the wrong message. The American voter will not accept another fraud, even to “jist have a D” in office. Nope! Especially with Hillary, the qualified candidate available.

    We will not accept garbage anymore from corporate, media or elected officials. Does not their lack of integrity bother you? Pols is pols is a recipe for failure and disaster for a great number of Americans. If we accept this, when will we ever get it right?

    The afore mentioned groups are going to lose big time if they do not rectify their error. Especially if the fraud nom is allowed to preside.

  116. Please send these women a copy of “He’s Just not In to You”

  117. “preside” should be proceed. sorry

  118. dakinikat – LOL! We could send them my play, too. Maybe they’d get it then. 🙂

  119. Awww, little Keisha. So clueless about the words you use. Do you want to see what real hate looks like?

    Click here if you dare to read what you and your cohorts have been saying about Hillary Clinton for months and months.

    Come back when you understand English a little better.

  120. Why the hell are you here, Kiesha?

  121. The post from an Israeli paper is definitely right wing. The last sentence says as much in praise of the Jewish settlers. However, any criticism of Obama is welcomed since his true intentions are for the Jewish vote.

    Please, someone put Keisha out of her misery. Her return performances are tedious.

  122. Wow, the trollies are panicky today. There are new, as of yet unidentified pheromones in the flop house

    As an unabashed fan of Escape to Chimp Eden, I must say that the chimp fear display behavior comes to mind.

  123. another troll..steveeboy. Why do they come here? I don’t frequent Daily Obama. What is their obsession with us?

  124. Keisha, so why haven’t you moved on? You’re still here.

  125. And please do the same to steveeboy. His comments are about as worthwhile as listening to an Obama speech. Useless.

  126. steveeboy – Do you know how many years comprise a President’s term?

    Do you know whether or not the Great Lakes are in Oregon?

    Do you know how many states make up the Union?

    Your candidate doesn’t.

    I don’t vote for people who aren’t smarter than a fifth-grader. I’ve had eight years of Bush and I’m a bit “fatigued and irritated” with it.

  127. With no Hillary to hate on, the trolls find that they have a chemical imbalance. Keisha tips her hand when she says “hate, hate, hate.”

    They are in withdrawal from the hate-hate-hate endorphins.

  128. Keisha is lost……now shoo off!

  129. It is amazing that these jokers have the time to flash in and out of blogs spreading their supercilious Obama love. No one interested. They are like the mean little kids who keep poking sticks into dead things. Yuck.

  130. actually BO has a dream…more hubris!!! :

    take the white for 8 yrs and then add 2 more yrs by not holding elections….as president he can…so that is why he thinks he can be a leder for 10 yrs…..

  131. Keisha, do you remember the last candidate who was supposed to restore diginity to the white house?

    How did that turn out?

  132. I didn’t think the CNN piece was that bad. I noticed they actually listed the different positions of PUMA’s (some will vote McCain, write-in, third party) instead of repeating the trolls (you’re a Repub front.) There will need to be a good turn out for the conference to get continuing attention. I wish there was a concurrent one on the west coast to participate in.

  133. The trollies are trying to project their panic onto us.

  134. “Since when did Obama own the Democratic party’s platform?”

    Short answer…since the Democratic convention of 2004.

    Thoroughly depressing post. Thank you anyway.

  135. All I know is, Axelrove must not be paying these people much.

    Meanwhile – did I tell you all that Obama has made my father a bachelor? My Obamabot stepmother is running his campaign office in Prince William County, VA.

    She has two days off between now and election day. No, that does NOT include weekends. Weekends are workdays for her now. She is 68 years old, by the way.

    She is getting paid, but that’s not really the point, is it?

  136. madamab: Must make for some pretty interesting comments at the dinner table. Your poor Dad.

  137. You know how teenagers hate to be wrong about anything, especially their choice of friends? How they need to be handled very delicately to avoid triggering defensiveness? Not told they are wrong, but supported in getting at the truth? I think so many Obama lovers are like this. They are willing to cling to a bad choice just to spite the more mature people in their lives (dismissed as authority figures) who know that’s what it is. How do we reach them? How do we help them change their minds while still saving face? Is there hope?

  138. Via a vis not trusting other groups, I put as item #1 in my list to HIllary: do not furnish my email address to the O-nation/DNC mind meld….I give no politician my complete trust and that includes HRC.

    BTW…I get to this blog on west coast time and this morning, as is often the case, it seems like a good 30% of comments are replies to troll postings (Steve? Francine??) which I cannot view…why not leave the damn things up so everyone who reads this blog can follow what is going on????

    Obviously just pulling down the post does not discourage a troll since so many people get hijacked into responding to it anyway. Why on earth respond to a troll?? It makes no sense to me especially since I cannot read what the troll posted.

    Or am I completely not understanding what is going on here???

  139. PJ – My dad likes Obama too. Actually, I am the only one in my family who doesn’t. It is definitely causing strain in our conversations. Sigh.

    If my Mom were alive, I’m convinced she’d be a PUMA. I am so glad she passed on her penchant for thinking outside the box to me. 🙂

  140. All BO supporters are looking for Hate, Anti-American, Bigoted R*cist activity.

    News Alert! None here.

    You might want to check in over at Trinity United and Obama’s Support Groups with it’s members that are either in, out or headed for prison at this time.

  141. Boo Radly, on July 23rd, 2008 at 10:19 am Said:

    Can you post a copy of that email.

  142. I was going to post some responses to non-existant trolls to mess with salmonrising’s head. But I chickened out.

  143. Madamab – sounds like time for an intervention or some Batman action needed!

  144. From a post at pumapac: Politically Drunk has updated the SuperDelegates on their email list.

    Remember to participate in our email intiative, the form has been updated with new Supers.

  145. Has the Boy King made his speech from Israel yet? I want to check the news before I leave the house and hate having all networks break away to listen to that pap.

  146. salmonrising, we like dropping houses on the trolls. It’s fun.

  147. madamab: Oy vey!

  148. Carol, on July 23rd, 2008 at 12:10 pm Said:
    All BO supporters are looking for Hate, Anti-American, Bigoted R*cist activity.

    News Alert! None here.

    You might want to check in over at Trinity United and Obama’s Support Groups with it’s members that are either in, out or headed for prison at this time.

    They should also check on DemocraticUnderground, DailyKos, Atrios, CrooksandLiars, HuffPo and, at times, CorrenteWire.

  149. LOL Carol and PatJ!

    I know, it really sucks. I had a passionate conversation with my father about it, and he is a typical liberal elitist who thought (at the time) that Obama was like JFK. He also claimed that Hillary supporters in Kentucky and WV were all dumbass r&c&st hillbillies, and that Hillary was just nasty and that’s why he didn’t like her. When I asked for examples of her nastiness, he couldn’t give me any. (Of course.)

    I wonder what he thinks now, but I am too chicken to ask. We’ve had enough problems over my evil stepmother. (She is a typical O-bot personality, unfortunately.)

  150. Is it me or are the rest of you tired of hearing that history will be made with the first AA president?

    Wouldn’t history have been made with the first woman president?

    And wasn’t he raised by his wh$te grandmother? SO he is not just AA, but bi-r#cial?

    You can almost smell the guilt, when the trolls cannot see that both HRC and BO would have made history.

    Sorry for the symbols, just hate being thrown into moderation.

  151. Good morning,
    I know some people got an email from HRC (HillPac) mentioning BHO.
    I got an email from HRC, too, but mine didn’t say anything about him at all.
    It was all about the HHS petition.
    Though there was a link to sign the petition included, it didn’t link to an opinion page.
    Anybody know what gives?

  152. Peter Daou is back online.

    The Daou Report

  153. Besides getting Hillary into the WH this time, it is also positively vital that we have Senators and Congresspeople voted in who have strong minds, backbones and financial morals, and are not able to be swayed, or even touched at all, by lobbyists. Corporate, trade & industrial controls have to be reinstated to make America a democracy, not a totalitarian fascist state.

  154. Josgirl, you may have to be signed up for Hillpac to get the email.

    If you aren’t just go their and fill it out.

  155. Kim – Yes, I am tired of the “history will be made when …” gets played over and over.

    I don’t care about history. I do care about having a competent CIC. Obama is not fit for the job.

    These people are so thick.

  156. DL – I can post it if RD or a moderator says ok – it is long, starts with sarcastic dribble regarding Hillary and her campaign debt. It is inane.

    Coincidence the CDS rears it’s ugly hateful head from BO trolls and Rethugs at the same time. I love to see their stress – we are doing the right thing!

    I went to a link recommended by someone above -Cannonfire – seems the hate/fear/distress is percolating. I am so wise to never go back to DK in almost five months and stopped Huffpost long before she outted herself. The posts are even worse now – lies and hate with no connection to the Clintons or truth. These people are seriously mental.

    It is some how invigorating – wickedly comforting.

  157. sorry there (not their)

  158. Kim, thank u for the “Love Affair” You Tube re BO. Interestingly, I woke up, turned on GMA (good morn america) and sleepily saw a little clip coming up of the video; they were going to show a portion of it – Diane Sawyer said “here is a clip of the new UTube video of ‘the media’s love affair with BO.” OK – I’ll watch it. Except, it was just a 4 second thing – 2 bars of “Can’t Take my Eyes Off of You”, one second of something – who knows – and then POOF – it was gone. Hmmmm – I thought. Was that a mistake or an on purpose? I guessed an “On purpose.” As in – we gotta cover it but it’s just killing us.

    At any rate thanks for the link – but halfway through, I just couldn’t stomach it anymore.

    P.S. Kim, we are all thinking of you and your family and meditating on positive thoughts.

  159. CNN: Obama’s PUMA Problem
    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Party Unity My A–!

    Not all of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s supporters have fallen in line behind Sen. Barack Obama.

    Not exactly the slogan you want heading into your presidential nominating convention, but one that is being repeated online and in neighborhood bars by a group of disenchanted Democrats, who have dubbed themselves PUMAs.

    Why are they angry? It all depends on whom you ask.

    Some of the PUMAs accuse Democratic leaders of rigging the primaries to favor Sen. Barack Obama, while others feel that he is not qualified to be the party nominee, let alone competent enough to lead the country.
    continue: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  160. Kim, that’s just it.
    My email came from HillPac.
    The petition linked to HillPac.
    I followed it, then followed the one posted here, same site, different page.
    Different people got different emails from HRC’s HillPac yesterday and I’m just wondering why.

  161. And as far as the “hate” theme, I am a little tired of being called a hater and a r@ cist. The other day I was channel surfing on satellite radio and heara a radio show taking calls about BO’s promises. This is a predominately Bl ack call in show and I hear callers stating that they have heard that BO is going to make me a sl ave, because I am wh ite. I don’t hate at all, anyone, but it sure sounded to me like I am hated. I know RD hates rumor mongering, but I actually heard this on XM. It is the stupidest thing I have heard since this election started.

  162. Josgirl -dunno, I liked to it right away.

  163. I just tried again and you are right it is not there now.

  164. I’m suffering the horrors of hell here with depression and anxiety attacks. My shrink can’t see me until tomorrow afternoon. My husband expects me to get a job right away. I need some time off to heal, dammit!

    OK, tantrum over. The plus side of my unemployment is that I can spend time on PUMA related activities. That’s what I really want to do. As soon as I get my meds adjusted.


    The WomenCount email came from me (Jehmu Greene) and I think it is important to clear up a few things. Yes, we are directing our members to sign up for the platform listening meetings, but WomenCount has made no endorsements in the presidential race – we are not talking about Obama nor McCain, but we are talking about the ISSUES that grew out of this historic election – thanks to Hillary. We want to influence the Democratic Party Platform and the reality is that the Obama campaign has control of that process.

    I admit that we were in a tough position. When we asked our members to sign up and attend the platform meetings, we thought that we would get a handful of respondents. Our plan was to manually get the info on the events from the Obama campaign and then send one-on-one emails to the WomenCount members who had pledged to attend. Imagine our surprise (and excitement) when the response was overwhelming. Unfortunately we weren’t prepared to respond to such a large number of respondents, and at the same time we needed to get the information in their hands as soon as possible. WomenCount decided that our only option was to direct members to get the info directly from the website set up by the DNC and the Obama campaign. It was only done out of logistical necessity!

    I hope everyone understands that we are just getting started at WomenCount. We are small and trying to be as nimble as possible. We need your help and input as we continue to build a movement that will ensure that the blatant gender bias and sexism that occurred in the primary WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! So that next time – and there will be a next time – a candidate like Hillary Clinton has the full weight of a movement behind her!

  166. Arabella, sorry about your losing your job. Take some time, you deserve it.

  167. I’m sorry to hear that, Arabella Trefoil. I know what you’re feeling. Somedays, I can’t motivate myself to get into the shower.

  168. madamab- Your step-mother has only 2 days off, but how much to you want to bet that o takes off more time than that. He gets so tired. Poor thing.

  169. Kim, if you don’t want to vote Obama, you are a hater in their minds. 8 years of Bush has taught them that demonizing people who don’t agree with you is all part of the Democratic process.

  170. Kim,
    Empty nest syndrome is tough, but you get thru it. (can take 2-3 years).
    You have to still watch over them but from a distance. Be very careful that they don’t go wrong (they will a bit).
    Go and visit, otherwise they might feel abandoned. However only as often as is necessary- don’t want to make them feel you’re controlling them. Watch out that they may be very lonely in college or wherever. Be supportive of any new relationship they may form-or job situation.
    Remember the hug a day you tried to give when they were little- keep it up.
    Have fun with your old friends, and remember after a very few years, most come back with grandchildren!!!

  171. Kim, that means a lot to me.

  172. um….Arabella, my head got messed up long before coming to this blog…I asked for an explanation for the policy since I am a newcomer..evidently I wasn’t sufficiently deferential…

    my mistake; I took RD at her word inviting refugees from other blogs to join the community…I didn’t realize this was a private conversation among the cognoscenti instead of a public blog where folks disgusted with the DNC and bloggerboyz could come gather ’round the virtual water cooler…

  173. salmonrising – Sorry, I was trying to be funny.

  174. Jehmu said: I hope everyone understands that we are just getting started at WomenCount. We are small and trying to be as nimble as possible. We need your help and input as we continue to build a movement that will ensure that the blatant gender bias and sexism that occurred in the primary WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! So that next time – and there will be a next time – a candidate like Hillary Clinton has the full weight of a movement behind her!

    Sigh…NEXT not good enough. sorry. I respond to all the women’s groups who are now, NOW willing to stand up for women’s rights. Guys, that ship sailed.
    We will undo it NOW.

  175. I was reading something that referred to the Barack Obama Show coming to town, and I suddenly flashed on the Eva Peron tour of Europe.

  176. Jehmu,

    What is the point? Obama will write his own platform. You don;t really buy that he will include any of your discussions at these meetings do you? I have read several places they already have a platform.

    I see these meetings as a way to divert attention from the fact that the winner of the popular vote and winner of almost %50 of the pledged delegates doesn’t get to write %50 of the platform. THat is the way it has worked in the past. It seems that Obama and DNC don’t want Hillary near the platform. Could it be that she might slip something in about Universal Helath Care which is anathema to Obama, Kerry and the like?

  177. I couldn’t have said it better, mawm.

  178. Mawm – I still agree with all the democratic principles, they don’t and he doesn’t. Is there anyone here who does not agree that Obama’s vote on FISA went against the principles of our party? The same thing for faith-based iniatives? He is the one who looks like a neocon, smells like a neocon and votes like a republican, so how am I the hater?

    Laurie-Wish it were that easy, my son is leaving the nest for Iraq, he was stop-lossed. I can’t visit there, my two other children are hours and hours away. I just moved to this town and hate it here. I am in Greenville SC, yes a liberal dem living in the home of Bob Jones University. You want to talk about misogyny, move to G’ville.

  179. Which just makes me scratch my head in wonder since Ted Kennedy has been promoting universal healthcare for about 20 years yet he supports Obama who will walk away from that in a heartbeat. Won’t fit in with his corporate sponsors needs.

  180. Kim, about the empty nest thing…wanna borrow the two-year-old grandson of mine that just took the opportunity of my attention being on my typing to wipe a faceful of boogers on my left arm??

  181. I cried because I had no Xanax, and then I met people who had real problems. Heck, Kim, I feel like a wuss. I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

    The only thing I feel passionate about now is devotion to our movement, and I include all of you in that. I may have just been handed an opportunity to do something really important.

    PUMAs don’t pout.

  182. No, Ms. Marple, I will have to pass but thanks, I think.

    I am going to try to take this time to have a life of my own. I may move to the beach and become a sailing bum.

  183. Kim – now you’re talking. Sounds like a plan to me.

  184. Mawm – Perfect response to Jehmu. Thank you.

    I do believe that WomenCount has good intentions, but this strategy is all wrong. Hillary has not lost yet. Why are you counting her out?

  185. Arabella – In my experience, dark chocolate and a long walk are way better than Xanax. Treat yourself – you deserve it! 🙂

  186. Thanks, madamab. I need encourage at this moment.

  187. Arabella, I am not going through anything that countless other mothers have gone through and that is why being here is important. Hillary would have pulled the troops and I think stopped this “back-door” draft.

    When she says she is going to do something, she follows through; no matter how it appears, she follows through. I know she voted for this war, but she had no choice.

    The only thing I can say is sometimes we do have to “cowboy up”. Be tough, hang in there and follow Hillary’s words:

    “Always aim high, work hard and care deeply about what you believe in and when you stumble, keep faith and when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.”

    I have that quote pinned beside my desk and at home, I even have CafePress making a t-shirt with that on it. It inspires me.

  188. Is it hokey that I said it inspires me?

  189. Jehmu, I respect what you’re trying to do, but it will accomplish absolutely nothing. There has been an equal rights for women platform at the DNC forever, and it was added at the behest of women who believed in it as fervently as you do now.. It didn’t help Hillary one bit this campaign.

    Any symbol, any phrase of words is important only if people are willing to back it up. The DNC and party leaders didn’t, and I have lost faith they ever will. Our party was hijacked by a group with its own agenda, for the sole purpose of seeking power.

  190. Kim – you are so spot on. Brava!

  191. Arabella, Kim, give into it. Don’t hold back. A good cry, a primal scream, whatever it takes to get it out. And tell hubby to back off. That kind of “support” only adds to the stress.

  192. Pat, I have done that, been through it, denial, crying and now I am pissed and ready for a fight.


  193. Pat – Yes, I’m still going through the grieving stage and caro sposo needs to back off. I will set aside a grieving period and mark it on the callendar.

    Then I will “put on my big girl pants” and do what Kim suggests. To everything there is a season.

    I know I’m not alone, and that’s half the battle.

  194. Kim, I want to get some really big cat toys and rip them apart. Grrrrrr

  195. Hey all – RD has a new post up. Check it out!

    Apparently the hacks at TM are stepping up their attacks on us. Yaaaaaawwwwwwn.

    [Didja see my sharp pointy teeth when I yawned? Didja?]

  196. Womencount Pac should be demanding that Hillary’s name be put on the ballot in Denver and have a roll call vote.

  197. Arabella, sorry about your job. I’ve been there. And like you I didn’t even like the job. That is beside the point.

    Don’t let ANYONE stampede you into getting another job immediately. Now that you have time, take your time. You owe it to yourself. If you don ‘t feel like looking for a job right now, don’t.

    Tell spousal unit that the right time for job hunting is when you are ready. Rushing into things isn’t a good idea. I did and I lived to regret it. You do what’s best for you. Sometimes love means having to tell spousal units to STFU. For their own safety. 🙂

  198. Arabella – I missed you when you stopped posting for a while. I had grown to admire your posts. When you came back a day or two ago and said you were experiencing “a perfect storm” I knew you were, once again, being understated. Someone with your sharp mind and grace will find something better.

    In the meantime, have you heard of GABA – might check it out. Good thoughts and best wishes to you. I try to stay away from meds – was on Zoloft for several years because of personal stressful loses, one on top of another. Each percipitated increase in dose. It kept my lips sealed but that is all. Just a suggestion. Good to have you back.

  199. DownListen: I agree, she is still the victim of sexism when special rules are created to keep her out.

    Stupid to try to change things someday, if the sexism is not just happening NOW but also PLANNED for August implementation!

    They really should know the DNC/obambi bunch will say *anything* to get you into bed, but they won’t be calling in December.

  200. […] Wednesday: Dignity? (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Reader D. sent me this last night: “…Remember the Women Count Pac?  The one that did the fabulous ads for Senator Clinton?  I remember back in the my naïve days when I thought I knew what movements were about when I extended my hand for membership and sometimes with my precious few donation dollars after the Hillary donations and travel… They sent out an email yesterday asking for people who want to be informed and attend a “Platform Listening Meeting” in my area.  How cool, eh? Not so much… [W]hen you click to find your area – guess what website opens for you to choose your area?  That’s right – the selected one.” […]

  201. Thanks for this post RD. Many of who received this letter had questions. I contributed to the original ad, but not another cent to Women Count.

  202. […] Wednesday: Dignity? (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Reader D. sent me this last night: “…Remember the Women Count Pac?  The one that did the fabulous ads for Senator Clinton?  I remember back in the my naïve days when I thought I knew what movements were about when I extended my hand for membership and sometimes with my precious few donation dollars after the Hillary donations and travel… They sent out an email yesterday asking for people who want to be informed and attend a “Platform Listening Meeting” in my area.  How cool, eh? Not so much… [W]hen you click to find your area – guess what website opens for you to choose your area?  That’s right – the selected one.” […]

  203. Jehmu:

    Yes, there will a next time….and that is why I will see who the candidate is..but I will nnot let the same people who were silent/blind to manage the platform agenda.

    Your own email specifically said that candidates and their own spouses avoid this in nov 08.


    These folks will be on the platform….

    You could have waited until after nov 08 for this issue…more important is REFORM in primary elections…no causes etc..

    Sorry Jehmu, Stacy, Suzie and the others…you do not get a pass on this one….you may be small but you caould have waited a few more days to point to you own site instead of being directed to Obama’s.

    Did you ask McCain for similar request ? Since womencountpac also had republican and independent hillary followers as well. OR do they not matter? Did you ask Cynthia McKinney’s or Nader’s people? 51% of women belong to different parties not all to Obama’s party!

    You made a mistake here…you can get back credibility by changing your timetable and asking all parties etc.

  204. Arabella: Keep yourself busy even if it doing menial things. Why not contact Darragh Murphy and ask her if she has anything that neds to be done for PUMAPac? Then, if your company didn’t provide you with a career service, contact a temp agency. I know you need time to heal but the anxiety will get worse if you are idle.

  205. […] Wednesday: Dignity? (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) Reader D. sent me this last night: “…Remember the Women Count Pac?  The one that did the fabulous ads for Senator Clinton?  I remember back in the my naïve days when I thought I knew what movements were about when I extended my hand for membership and sometimes with my precious few donation dollars after the Hillary donations and travel… They sent out an email yesterday asking for people who want to be informed and attend a “Platform Listening Meeting” in my area.  How cool, eh? Not so much… [W]hen you click to find your area – guess what website opens for you to choose your area?  That’s right – the selected one.” […]

  206. […] Confluence reports that some early precursors of the PUMAs – Women Count – already turned Log Cabin Republicans on […]

  207. Well, he is getting a bump in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll. He’s ahead by three point, but he is still losing Ohio by six points. The disturbing part of the poll is Florida, where Obama has a slight lead. The media’s covering of this trip has just been a disgrace. If we can get them on, we need to work all the comment sections as possible. The word should be that he is a serial Flip flopper (undivided Jurasalem and direct negotiation today again) and thet he looked like a school kid on a class trip when compared to the people he was meeting with. These are two areas where He gets poor results in the Rasmussen polls, one is as high as 63% not in favor.

  208. Post script-I did not mean to sound so negative, but most of the super delegates are “chicken sh-t” and they will feed on the numbers. Obama should be ahead big time based on the campaign that McCain is waging and it is important if we want Hillary and we do, that McCain look like a sure winner.

  209. Arabella.. I got the humor the first time & I totally liked it ..thanks for your “sorry”

    My 2nd post was just an attempt to understand the logic of deleting a troll comment but then spending so much time responding to the troll. Am new at this, but I just assume that if trolls are ignored they just get bored and go away.

    Hope the job situation improves for you sooner rather than later…

  210. I am so shocked at women count PAC! We will NOT rally behind Obama, EVER! It’s time we all start standing up in what we believe in and take action…Do not the undemocratic party bully, threaten and scare you into voting for a corrupt flip flop liar. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


  211. ok, i have to say a word about that 1920’s, 30’s, um, that old video. barbra streisand sang that song in “funny girl” about her love for nicky arnstein *swoon*.

    ‘oh my man i love him sooooooo, he’ll never knowwwwww, all my life is in despair, he just doesn’t care…when i hold him in my arms’ …well, you get the idea.

    so babs sang it better, and babs is a MOFO BIG HILLARY supporter, so i’ll be damned if i’ll let that video ruin my memories of nicky arnstein.
    ( getting a migraine as i type).

    way to go, as usual, ms. riva dawta

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