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Don’t forget that tonight we’re doing The Lion’s Share at NO WE WON’T.  Gary and Mawm are going to be guests and Darragh, Will and myself will be joining Sheri for a couple of hours of ranting, reviewing the news and lighthearted folderol.  We will even attempt to do a one act play by Madamab. Set your timers for 8:00pm EST.

Commenter JoeySky pointed me to this cool site with all kinds of PUMA swag.  It’s associated with 18MillionStrong.  Check out these bracelets.  I think these will the hottest new thing since Steven Colbert’s WristStrong bracelets.

Not bad for $4.00.  I don’t recommend bumper stickers.  I still have my Hillary bumper sticker and I’ve had a$$hole guys lean out of their cars to tell me that “SHE LOST!”  I intend to have the last laugh but not at the expense of my personal safety.  The bracelets are just about perfect.

488 Responses

  1. Wow, they are nice!

  2. OT, but did you hear about Bob Novak? Hit a pedestrian and drove away. A bicyclist followed him and made a sort of citizens arrest until the cops showed uo.

  3. I have my Hillary bumper sticker prominently on my car and have to admit, no funny business yet but I do worry about slashed tires once in a while.

  4. masslib, just read the article on Novak. The guy he hit isn’t hurt badly, so that is a relief, but reading the account, Novak tried everything he could to get away, but the cyclist got in front of him adn wouldn;t let him.

    Novak has to be one of the biggest jerks in the country!

  5. Thanks for the link. I just ordered a few bracelets.

  6. Oh, and there was no shipping charge!

  7. Those wristbands are great! I love the color.

    RD – you might want to discuss the latest Obama lie tonight – apparently the Banking Committee is “his” committee.

    This really rubs me the wrong way. Why is he lying about stuff like this? It seems pathological to me.

  8. Remember how the media fawned over Novak during the Plame leak news? The line of “I’ve known Bob Novak for many years and he is a man of honor” was repeated over & over. Just because he doesn’t yell & curse, that’s all it took to make him look distinguished among the screamers.

    I never saw honor, and he never apologized at all for his role in the leak to either Valerie Plame or Joe Wilson, two hard-working Americans who got shafted over & over.

    Oh, in case some troll thinks we’re too negative over here, just let me say that Novak positively is a huge jerk.

  9. This article about Open Left’s attempt at “diversity” is excellent. A must read!:


  10. The banking committee story is a real classic.

  11. Madamab: Because he is all things to all people, he is the one, and as such all committees are his and his alone. It is his world, we just occupy space in it.

  12. That Banking Committee lie: (SCREAMING)

  13. I’m not sure we even occupy space.

    We may just be figments of our own imagination.

    The only reality is The One.

  14. I hope someone puts together an Obama Euro-Gaffe video so we don’t forget any. Man, I’d pay money for that.

  15. parentofed, don’t say that. Next thing you know, Obama campaign will be selling the DVD for $100.

  16. Yes the Banking Committee is Obama’s committee, he has already been crowned President and will be serving as President of all 57 states for like the next 8 to 10 years. Didn’t you know already?

  17. Well shouldn’t the election be cancelled so he can be coronated and save money?

  18. Mawm, what can I say? You’re so right.

    Maybe this is just my perception, but did you see Couric in the video? Right before she tries to pin Obama down on whether the surge worked, she pushes back her hair, and kinda swallows. Was she intimidated by him, do you think? He was clearly getting annoyed, and he responded in a patronizing manner.

  19. I have heard that if Obama is elected President, he will want to keep his senate seat, and then run for Senate in the other 57 states.

  20. Remember his speech on race where he threw his grandmother under that bus? They packaged that into a DVD and sold it for $50. I always wondered, who the suckers were that bought that piece of crap.

  21. Great, I’ll be listening at 8. BTW, speaking of bumper stickers, I have an HRC on my car. Unfortunately, the mister is not a Hillary supporter (gasp…I know), unfortunate for him. So whenever he has to drive my car I think about how he must feel.

    He used to keep saying that he would have voted for either dem but I know he’s a BO supporter.

  22. You know what would be hysterical, if Hillary followed up BO’s european vacation with her own global “fact finding mission”. She’d actually attempt to find more sh*t out. Are we, the taxpayers, really paying for BO’s mission here?

  23. @ FL Voter,

    You just reminded me of something when you mentioned “for the next 8 to 10 years”. What the hell was Barry talking about when he mentioned that? How can he get 10 years?!!! It’s bad enough he’s already assuming he’ll win the election AND reelection.

    The guys a tool.

  24. elixir, that is my husband’s favorite saying. I always come back with “But what type of tool is he?” Unfortunately, with Obama the tool possibilites are endless!

  25. Michelle will run when he finishes and he can just tell her what to do.

  26. All reality must be viewed through the prism of The One.


    Seriously though – the bots are ALREADY trying to pretend he didn’t say what he said.

    Sorry kids, it’s on video. Suck. On. That.

  27. My kids refer to people like o as ‘tool sheds’.

  28. I have heard that if Obama is elected President, he will want to keep his senate seat, and then run for Senate in the other 57 states.




    Mawm, d&mn! Gary is one lucky guy. Well, you’re both lucky. Can’t wait to hear your voices tonite! 🙂

  29. Prolix, are you here lurking? I just saw the composition of the Senate Banking Cmte & Bunning is on it. Here’s hoping Bunning snaps out of his stupor & responds. Jeez, I wish it had been McConnell, he’d set O’s ego back so far, it wouldn’t see daylight for a week.

  30. Does anyone have a link to the interview in which Obama said that his Germany speech wouldn’t be political because when the President gives a speech overseas it isn’t political? And then the interviewer reminded BO that he isn’t the President? If not, does anyone know who the interviewer was?

  31. The funniest thing about that Novak story is finding out that Novak drives a Corvette.

  32. Gary and Mawm are going to be guests and Darragh, Will and myself will be joining Sheri

    I just noticed this! My eyes went straight to the bracelet and the links.

    YAY! The PUMA Conferdation together on No We Won’t!

  33. BB: actually, I don’t think Obama himself said that; it was a senior advisor. The advisor was unidentified in the article I read, but I’m sure it would be easy to find.

  34. Wow what a cool store. I love the bracelets.

    I wanted to add something about Taylor Marsh after seeing the Mid-day post. I used to hang over there and didn’t really mind her bandwagon move to Obama after June 3 because she really wants to be on radio more than anything. It was just business after all. But some of the posts are so saturated with Kool-Aid that it’s sad. I go there maybe once every two weeks. I have noticed that her comment numbers are pretty minimal. The Flying Monkeys from Obamaland didn’t respect her and now that she’s pissed all over HRC supporters, it looks like she’ll have pretty much no audience soon.

    May I ask, what’s up with the Banking Committee “gaffe”?

  35. Why would any US political presidential candidate feel the need to address the citizens of a foreign country? Its not like the Germans are going to be voting for him. What’s the benefit of all this, except to feed his ego?

  36. I checked out the web site. Her T shirt designs are very good too. Hand printed and reasonably priced.

    Just so you know…remember when Barky’s cultists over at TPM started calling them selves Hussein? Well, now they’re saying President Obama. Kind of like a mass hysteria.
    I get upset when I see the media get all crazed over Barky, then I remember that only a year ago, it was Paris Hilton. Remember her?

  37. “I have heard that if Obama is elected President, he will want to keep his senate seat, and then run for Senate in the other 57 states.”

    Of course, he’ll vote “present” when he manages to be there for any important votes…

  38. I got a letter in the mail from Hillary Clinton today. Yes, it was a form letter. In it she asks for a donation to her remaining sizeable camplaign debt. I’ve been at work all day if this has been discussed.

    But I don’t believe Hillary would send this if her campaign debt was paid off.

  39. “Why would any US political presidential candidate feel the need to address the citizens of a foreign country? Its not like the Germans are going to be voting for him. What’s the benefit of all this, except to feed his ego?”

    Bingo! What would any of us think if a candidate for prime minister of some other country came to the US expecting to give a speech at Ground Zero or any other major landmark?

  40. BB: sounds as though they are expecting a huge crowd tomorrow. Maybe they’ll pull a Portland & have the Rolling Stones perform. Didn’t Jack Cafferty say Europeans were as excited as if the Stones were on tour there? Jack is in Obama’s pocket, so maybe he let this slip. A little snarky, I know, but hey…..

  41. Thanks for the link, masslib. Excellent post by Paul.

    Back online after a power outage. It’s still rainy and windy, but no real damage here in Corpus Christi. We have had sustained winds of 35 mph, gusts to 50 mph. The Rio Grande Valley has a lot of uprooted trees, several roofs blown off, and almost 100,000 without electricity, including almost all of Cameron (Brownsville, Harlingen) and Willacy (Raymondville) counties. Dolly is now down to 85 mph winds, but is moving into Hidalgo (McAllen, Edinburg) County–the most densely populated area of the Valley. They’ll have a rough evening down there. Thanks for thinking about us!

  42. Newhorizon, I keep saying to myself that I must be missing something with this speech in Germany. I found it to be extremely inappropriate and was surprised that the German government allowed it. I cannot think of one relevant thing that a US Senator has to say to the people of Germany. It’s not like he is the President and can change foreign policy. Shouldn’t any foreign policy changes be addressed with the German Government directly and not the people of Germany?

  43. I don’t know who to suggest this to, but what about creating PUMA pendants and necklaces with that cool silhouette symbol that most people associate movement with, the one with the letters P U M A under it.
    I would LOVE one with the dark purple and ruby eyes studded jewel design!
    Those would sell like hot-cakes! And maybe part of the sales could go towards Hillary’s debt.

    Is something like that possible?

  44. FLV, I have big issues with using other countries as photo ops, just like I do when W would use our military as props for appearances. Add to that the fake interviews that Andrea Mitchell pointed out and the whole picture becomes even more alarming.

    Jeez, I wish McCain could more effectively exploit the arrogance. Obama is just a more polite version of W.

  45. Nice. Can’t wait to wear my PUMA bracelet and Hillary t-shirt on election day when I vote against Obama 🙂

  46. “Riverdaughter”
    I read your post earlier about how, without Hillary around to mimic Obama can’t help but mess up(or something like that). I AGREE !!
    As PAINFUL as it is to not have her around, IT’S BETTER IN THE END !!
    Obama stands for nothing & without Hillary to drive the discussion or to have to “SWIP” at, he can’t function.
    I remember writing EXACTLY this to Hillary before June 7th.

  47. After listening to Obama in the debates, I knew he was grossly uninformed on the military, the economy, and world affairs. Listening to him on this trip, I realized that his talking points are the same ones I heard on the A-list blogs. It was disconcerting; I’ve echoed some of those in the past during discussions with Repubs, but I realize my knowledge is rudimentary.

    This man wants to be POTUS, and he sounds about as well-informed as a frequent visitor to a few blogs. Scary.

  48. To stxabuela – I’m glad to see that you’re doing okay. My first duty staion was Kingsville and I still have a soft spot in my heart for Southern Texas.

    I just bought a couple T-Shirts and a wrist band from 18 Million Strong. I’ll be wearing them when I go out biking here in Washington State. I hope I don’t get run over.

  49. Hey Democrat1972 – why don’t you camplain somewhere else.

    Senator Obama was going to vote for Roberts so how does that make him any better than McCain?

  50. Democrat1972: You must be new here. Riverdaughter has written about Obama and SCOTUS. Search The Roe Ruse and read it. You can disagree but many of us here believe that we cannot trust Obama with ANYTHING. If you don’t agree than this might not be the site for you.

  51. That a$$hole Cafferty just posted a question live, Why do come Hillary Clinton supporters want to derail Obama’s nomination

    When referring to PUMAS,(wanting to put Senator Clinton’s name in nomination)he said we were in the “cut off your nose to spite your face category”


    July 23, 2008
    Why do some Clinton supporters want to derail Obama?
    Posted: 04:50 PM ET

    FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

    PUMA is an acronym that stands for “Party Unity My A–.” It’s the rallying cry for a group of disenchanted Democrats – “PUMAs.”

    Many are supporters of Hillary Clinton who just can’t quite get over the fact that she lost and Barack Obama won.

  52. Silly Democrat1972– You obviously don’t have enough hope. No one will die or need to retire once o is coronated. The Supremes will all continue to serve and the Republican ones will just start to vote the way o tells them to.

  53. Jack Cafferty just made his question about PUMA implying some nasty things … please go to CNN and make nasty comments to him and explain why PUMA doesn’t support OBAMA

  54. madamab,

    Thank you for that link! I didn’t have any luck looking on google news.

  55. “if so, keep in mind that we have a couple of liberal Supreme Courtt Justices that may retire in the next 4 years. You want McCain picking them? The court would go strongly conservative if he gets his way. I’m not an Obama follower, but I’d rather have him making the picks.”

    Democrat 1972—Are you kidding me??? I can not grasp the whole “Vote for Obama so that senate dems won’t have to do anything except rubber-stamp nominees” schtick. How lame can you get? Seeing that Obama has never articulated a single principle that he hasn’t been willing to “refine” I have zero confidence that he will make anything approaching liberal court nominations.

    This whole SCOTUS screech-fest from the Flying Monkeys overlooks the most basic fact: justices often turn out exactly the opposite of what was expected in terms of outlook. For every Ginsburg and Scalia you have a White, Warren, Souter, et al. SCOTUS is often a crapshoot at best.

    That’s the sad thing about the Flying Monkeys, they’re just so darned young they have no idea what “borking” means (even sadder is that senate dems seem to have forgotten it as well).

  56. I just saw the “Bothway’s Barack” ad on MSNBC. It was good. He is such a pitiful excuse for a candidate.


  57. Some of us do need to go & defend PUMA against Cafferty, but it won’t be me. I got tired of CNN yanking my chain during the primary, just so they could pull it out of their tails to make Obama look good. I wish Cafferty would just have to sit there and grumble, with no one voting in his polls, and no one responding to his email calls.

  58. I am really bored with the BO supporters and their lame attempts to persuade us.

    I thought we had already all agreed to go ahead and vote for Obama, bow down to Michelle, admit we are racists and vow to stay under the bus during his 10 years in office!

    Now, why can’t they leave us alone.

  59. From “About Us”: “We will start with the Democratic party and then work to bring together the rest of the country. We will come together at our common goals and go forward together, strengthened and mighty.”

    How’s that working out for you?

  60. CNN is getting a lot of comments, many PUMA speaking out.

  61. @ riverdaughter or anyone else at 2007 Netroots Nation conference. Was Hillary booed at the 2007 Netroots Nation? If so, Kos is rewriting history to censor evidence of their bad behavior because of the backlash against them from the primary wars.

  62. Katmoon, on July 23rd, 2008 at 6:33 pm Said:
    wow they are actually posting PUMA comments? I thought it was hopeless but maybe I’ll comment too now..

  63. Carol

    Both Ways Barack ad is priceless!

  64. I am in the process of fighting with the city democratic party group that is organizing. I explained my voting and participation in the Primary and Caucus. I explained how a group of Obama thugs showed up and harrassed me throughout the day and how fraudulent the caucus turned out to be.

    I declared myself PUMA!

  65. Please fix my post – I forgot and said I was a r*cist and it is in moderation.

  66. He’ll be elected by all the 57 states for 10 yrs.

  67. grlpatriot: OMG! YES, she was booed. I remember it well. She was booed on the answer she gave about lobbyists who contributed to her campaign. But I don’t think she was the only one. It is my impression that Dodd got booed too. Biden wasn’t there. Or, maybe it was Gravel. Holy crackers, they were mean to her there. It was the only time I saw her physically shrink in her chair the whole primary season. They were unbelievably rude
    And they cheered like maniacs over everything Edwards said. It was embarrassing. he played them like a two bit fiddle.
    Obama sat there looking bored and didn’t say much. In the end, it was a better strategy. Better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.
    Now, I don’t know what Kos heard but I was sitting smack dab in the middle of the audience and I know what *I* heard and there was definitely booing.
    He’s lying. Let’s go to the videotape(s).

  68. Gary or Mawn…you going to any of Dean’s appearances on Fri? I just realized I’ll be in G-boro on Fri, and he’ll be showing up at noon. Here’s his schedule:

    * 9 a.m. Raleigh
    North Carolina Democratic Party Headquarters
    220 Hillsborough St.
    Raleigh, NC 2760
    * 12 p.m. Greensboro
    Governmental Plaza
    Greene Street (between West Market and Washington)
    * 3:30 p.m. Charlotte
    Margery Thompson Professional Development Center
    428 W. Boulevard

  69. You tell ’em, Carol.

  70. I went to CNN, posted this, but my comment is awaiting moderation:

    Tampa FL

    PUMAs are against the DNC and RBC May 31st, 2008. They enabled Obama across the finish lines by stealing votes from Hillary Clinton in Michigan and halved Florida votes to put Obama ahead on the delegate count.

    Now how is there supposed to be party unity when the Democratic Party itself is cheating to benefit Obama? Party Unity My A__, indeed!

    A proud PUMA voter.

  71. Francine, we are not Republicans.

    We’re Democrats who want DEMOCRACY back in the Democratic Party.

  72. Ok, I went to CNN & composed a concise, intelligent little post, and they wouldn’t accept it. Comments closed. Good thing I’m having a glass of nice wine as I type, or I might have tossed the computer.

  73. “The moment you didn’t know you were waiting for is here!” This is the Subject Line of their invitation to join the city democratic party – OMG – I am going to have to be excused while I go projectile vomit!

  74. “newhorizon”,

    I’m lame? Get your history right on Supreme Ct picks.

    There is an old saying that rings true here….

    Being careful of of what you wish for, it may come true


  75. Riverdaughter,

    I watched the session on line at the time, and I clearly recall the booing when Hillary said that lobbyists are people too.

  76. Francine,

    No one care what you think–not even your fellow Obamatrons. Carry on.

  77. Francine, the DNC & RBC DID steal delegates from Hillary – from 73 that she earned, Obama was given 4, PLUS all the Uncommitted votes that some were for Richardson & Edwards and Biden.

    Then Florida (who deserved to have a waiver and was denied despite Iowa, NH and SC being granted waivers) was cut in 1/2. I’m a 1/2 person right now.


  78. SHEESH, the closed comments and moderated me into byte land … just like the old daze on Koz and huffington … guess i have to give up CNN also.

  79. francine we gave you the consolation prize last night – President McCain – right before gary gave you your coat and escorted you to the door like a gentleman.

    We have already confessed, what more do you want?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  80. Oh and Francine,

    Please cite the party rules that allow a candidate to get votes that were cast for “undecided” and for another candidate. Obama got four votes that were cast for Hillary Clinton and more than 50 cast for “undecided.” Produce the rules that allow that please.

  81. BB: I wasn’t there, but also saw the video online, and read many reports at Kos et al of the booing.

  82. Francine is a CHEATah girl!

    “The Obama CHEATah is a malignant predator on Democracy. Like its predeccesor, the DITTOHEAD and Republicans 2000-2008, the CHEATah cheats and steals votes in order to win elections. They also are experts in creating false narratives to hide the flaws of their incompetent, inexperienced and ineligible candidate. CHEATahs roam the blogosphere, DNC and mainstream media.”

  83. Thank you RD! I really appreciate you feature the PUMA wristband.

  84. I proudly still have my Hillary sticker on my car and I intend to have the last laugh to — no funny business for me but I admit whenever I see one of those stupid “O”s on the back of someone else’s care I just want to RAM THEM!!! But I control myself.
    In case anyone is wondering about the alleged Euro-love Obama is getting — it is just that, alleged. My mom gets the Greek channels and they are laughing at Obama arrogance & presumption with this “world tour.”

  85. francine, with full votes for FL & MI and without delegate stealing Hillary would have been within 100 delegates of obama…that’s referred to as a tie and the SDs would have chosen her based on the fact that many of obama’s delegates are from undemocratic caucuses, she won more votes and is more electable.

  86. sm77 [sounds funny calling you by your full name there]:

    Indeed, all the Blogger Boyz kept saying the Dems need a Rove, do whatever we have to do to win. They were tired of losing, become Republican in their approach to elections, that was the mantra throughout 2006-7. Looks like they succeeded. Of course, as Rove recently said, the jokes on them, they end up with Richard Nixon.

  87. Anytime somebody does something really dumb, my husband and I say “What an Obama”

  88. francine: Thank you so much for enlightening me about my folly in calling myself a PUMA. You are absolutely correct! What was I thinking? Obama is wonderful, it has taken me this long to finally come to the same conclusion; now we can share our good thoughts.

    Don’t pay any attention to these deadenders and the uninformed on this blog. They refuse to see your good intentions. If you continue to come to this room, invited or otherwise, I am sure you will make more converts than just myself. I can so a few out there waivering so keep up the good work.

    Can we get together soon for coffee or maybe a drink? I have some terrific ideas to share regarding future converts and fundraising. And oh by the way, I am the same one who got run down today by Bob Novak! Coincidence or what!

  89. Francine – What is your purpose in being here? You sure aren’t winning hearts and minds by being so belligerent. What’s in it for you?

  90. There were three versions 4 state pledges signed.
    None of them required anyone’s name to be removed from the ballot.
    They only stated an agreement not to fundraise or advertise.
    All parties complied.

  91. francine – we were hoping that the RBC meeting would resolve all of that. Instead the DNC & RBC CHEATED by awarding delegates & votes to Obama which he did not rightfully earn.

    How you gonna that Democracy?

  92. I would estimate that troll Francine & the responses to her added a minimum 15 hits to our handy-dandy ticker. Thanks, Frank or Francine or whatever. We’re edging ever closer to 2M, and on.

  93. The Obots are visiting. Things are not going well if they feel they need to give us their precious words and time.

    OKids, seriously there isn’t anything you can say to “change” the way things are here. Some laws of physics can’t be broken. This is reality. Obama isn’t believed or trusted here. The longer things have gone on it has only gotten worse.

    There is no return.

  94. I have been out most of the day and the postings have piled up! You guys have been busy.

    I am so glad that a poster on a previous diary mentioned that they were having difficulty trying to understand anything that Obama says. Thank God! I thought it was me. Talk about flinging the bs all over the place; this guy has doubletalk down to a science all its own.

    Bush may be unintelligble but Obama is becoming incoherent.

  95. Here is what I sent to CNN, regarding the closing of the Cafferty comment section
    on the feedback page for cnn, where comments can be posted anytime


    You didn’t even leave the post on Cafferty open for PUMA to respond, what cowards. 20 mins, that’s all you gave.

  96. francine, you know that Sunflower broadband won’t like the fact that you are using their service to spam our site after you have been asked to leave. We have powerful friends in your part of kansas so beat it sweetie

  97. josgirl – actually Obama advertised in a National Ad Campaign for 2 weeks in Florida.

    Then, Edwards, Obama, Biden registered as “uncommitted” – an official name in Michigan and then proceeded to spend millions campaigning under the name of “uncommitted”.

    These two violations of the rules required that Obama not receive any votes whatsoever from either state. Obama counters the “Florida incident” as the only way he could run his ad in the other 57 states.

    My mama told me “working the rules” is cheating!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  98. francine: Exit. Egress. Leave. Vamoose. Adios. Your postings are stupid.

  99. Well, that was unpleasant.

  100. The Obots have buyers’ remorse. Obama’s USO tour is a failure. He sounds and acts more and more like Bush every day. Obots are starting to realize that not only is Obama and empty suit, he is incapable of winning the election.

  101. If they dug up Ronald Reagan I would be tempted to vote for him over The Boy King. Spare me.

  102. So did any of us manage to get posted at CNN? I’m so glad I cancelled my cable; I don’t miss CNN/MSNBC one bit. I do miss BBC America sometimes, but it’s worth it.

  103. francine, on July 23rd, 2008 at 7:01 pm Said:
    no, it’s not. I remember that I read it in a WaPo article about superdelegates a few months ago (I believe march…you can look it up if you want) and some superdeleates who were interviewed for the article stated that if the candidates were separated by 100 or less delegates they would feel comfortable exercising their own independent judgment. and please don’t forget about the caucuses. they are the main reasons for obama’s success. He’s were he is now because of them and it’s pretty hard to argue about that. I don’t just talk about the fact that his overall lead in delegates (even with caucuses he’s behind in the popular vote- and yes I include MI & FL and no I don’t give him MI votes he didn’t get) is largely from caucuses. I also talk about momentum. Iowa was a caucus what gave obama an advantage and he wouldn’t have won all this contests in february and got his “inevitable” status from the media if the it had been primaries.

  104. gary; I guess you have been told. Francine is an expert on fools and idiots. And her sense of humor, wit, and irony is totally lost on her.

  105. Carol, I know, but what’re gonna do with comments like that, huh?
    Another point is that both states fully expected to seat their entire delegations after a nominee had been selected.
    They still do.
    I have quotes from the official Fl. Dems handbook and from Nancy Pelosi saying so.
    It was all a crock to begin with.

  106. I guess they are in full bore kamikaze mode now. What panic.

  107. Why is Bower useless?

  108. After stupdifying the neighbor that wants me to join his democratic party circle, do you think I should go ahead and join, wear my Hillary gear, go to each event and stir it up!

    I am a child of the 60’s, I didn’t mix it up then but, I am feeling like mixing it up now! I can hear the rocky music now………………….

  109. OY! I’m watching CNN – (I think it is safe) – and they’re showing Barry’s speech from Israel today. Holy. Mary. Mother. The guy can’t speak. They keep calling his visits, “picture postcards.” Giving more of a picture op than diplomacy. The guy is a tool.

    Meanwhile McCain accompanies a family during their food shopping visit. Certainly made sense to me. There are certainly quite a few things I don’t like about McCain but I do agree

  110. You can’t have a bracelet, Alanis.

  111. Alanis: The proceeds go into buying a sense of humor for francine. I fear it is going to take a lot.

  112. Put the bracelet back, Alanis. It’s not for you.

  113. I idea is to try and humiliate you into voting for Obama.

  114. 1. Thanks for the link. Just ordered myself a bracelet.

    2. Francine et al: If you cared so much about the supreme court, you would not have participated in a fraudulent primary. You want unity? Fine. Fall in line behind Hillary Clinton, the people’s choice.

    3. Obama didn’t win shit. Hillary didn’t lose shit. Neither candidate garnered enough elected delegates to win the nomination outright. It was only with the coersion of the DNC that enough superdelegates promised to vote for Obama at the convention that the DNC proclaimed Obama the nominee.

    4. Promises from superdelegates mean squat. Until they cast their votes at the convention, they are free to change their minds as often as Obama does on issues of policy.

    5. Hillary upheld the rules. Kindly explain to me how she did not. There was no requirement to take her name off the ballot, and HIllary was a co-sponsor of the “Count Every Vote” legislation which would ensure that every vote carried equal weight and every qualified voter is given a chance to cast that vote. She would have been 15 shades of hypocritical if she had taken her name off the ballot in MI and denied those people the right to have their voices heard and their votes counted.

  115. Alanis can’t lift her knuckles off the ground long enough to put the bracelet on, she’d tip over

  116. That is why they excelled in the caucuses.

  117. Parentofed – I did, I posted it and my comment “was awaiting moderation”

  118. JTS, nice comment

  119. I wonder if Obama supporters know the monsters they are turning into.

  120. I think Alanis and francine are bored. They need some fresh Hillary Hate to energize them. So they come here and make a ruckus. They need to get the feeling back, because it’s gone, gone, gone.

  121. I am really bored with the BO supporters and their lame attempts to persuade us.

    I thought we had already all agreed to go ahead and vote for Obama, bow down to Michelle, admit we are r*cists and vow to stay under the bus during his 10 years in office!

    Now, why can’t they leave us alone.

  122. It takes a while to troll all the PUMA blogs too.

  123. Thanks, Mawm!

    I can’t believe that Dean will be in Charlotte on Friday and I will be in New York! My fellow Carolina Panthers… um, I mean, PUMA’s, I am relying on you to represent!

  124. YAB a troll posted on the Midday watering hole site gave him what for by the way-he is probably a HOUND because he has the Hillary as Majority Leader in the senate and Obama is unstopable message-I believed I dropped a House on him!


  125. Pat LMAO maybe we should back the truck up.

  126. Carol: they didn’t believe us. Perhaps we had too many signs of life in our answers. Next time, try to drone in a mantra.

  127. Arabella Trefoil, on July 23rd, 2008 at 7:18 pm Said:

    Huh? Why are you saying I need Hillary Hate? Did I miss something?

  128. This is the third time that Francine has been here today. My goodness she’s persistent. I called her a little slow before but now I think she’s EXTREMELY slow.

  129. Well, someone has been doing a very good job of catalogging information. Now, let’s get this out to the SD’s.

  130. Where’s my post?

  131. what they don’t get is that Hillary could owe 6 trillion dollars to starving babies and the holy spirit himself could come down and place a halo on his head, we still won’t vote for him.

  132. I am really disappointed by the quality of trolls that visit. Doesn’t this site deserve better trolls?

  133. Those aren’t the trolls I know.

    Love, Barack

  134. sorry there was a bad comment where someone disparaged my friend Will Bower-It appears to be gone now if it is not please moderator scrub it I dont believe the profits from puma gear are lining anyones pockets-the prices are not high enough and the lack of a shipping charge leads me to believe this.


  135. I would like “troll soup”, but I heard it was truly poisonous!

  136. Yay! Almost time for the Infantry Co-Commanders of the Rebel Alliance and the PUMA High Priestess Radio hour!

  137. hey everybody-saw a new (and I am sure not authorized t-shirt) tag line”Obama 08-He will set us Free”

    Please someone, Pat Maybe? get me my vomit bucket.

    Is the one now going to take credit for emansipation?

    High Arabella how are you? and mawm gary RD bonita parentofed fl voter( am a fl 1/2 voter too) and my beautiful Carol Diamonds!


  138. Oh and our co-coordinator to the latin community-SM77

  139. I’m OK, michael.

  140. Talking of PUMA merchandise, it would be good to have reusable stickers with the PUMA logo (and may be a paw-print) that we can stick on the butt-pocket of our jeans.

    I so, so, so want to be able to wear a “Vote Hillary” sticker on my clothes for the GE. PUMA on the back-pocket is a not-so-close second.

  141. fuzzy – Good and ready to go tomorrow – fundraising is my life – we will need some leaning!

  142. Francine lives in Lawrence? I’m so embarrassed. But, guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The town is pretty much infested…

  143. going to knw we wont

  144. Cafferty thinks we’re humorless? That hurts.


    Who does he think he is? Cafferty wouldn’t know a joke if it spit ® in his face.

    I got an action alert about that story. But comments were already closed. The coward.

  145. carol my debit card is ready to make the contribution…I am so excited-Rico better have alot of greygoose and grande marinier and palmigranite juice


  146. Cafferty-(in my best Donald Trump) YOUR FILED!


  147. And yet more DNC crap-So much today

    Denver Post: DNC Getting Gas Tax Free
    Photo of Ken Shepherd.
    By Ken Shepherd (Bio | Archive)
    July 23, 2008 – 11:29 ET


    Democrats in Congress may not have acted on Sen. John McCain’s proposal for a summer gas tax holiday, but that hasn’t stopped the Democratic National Convention from getting tax-free gas courtesy of the citizens of the Mile High City, reports the Denver Post this morning.

    Filed as breaking news and published at 8:13 EDT on July 23, the Post’s Allison Sherry has the scoop here. Below is an excerpt:

    Since March, staffers working on the Democratic National Convention have been using the city of Denver’s tax-free gas pumps to fill up their cars – and using its carwashes.

    A dispute about this prompted city officials Tuesday to promise that the local host committee will reimburse the city at a market rate for gas – and pay state and federal taxes on the fuel.

    It was never the intent of the city not to properly charge the Democrats for the fuel or its taxes, said Katherine Archuleta, mayoral liaison to the convention.

    Kudos to the Denver Post for tracking down the story. We at NewsBusters will be tracking if the national broadcast media picks up the story, although I personally doubt it will get much traction what with the Obama World Tour commanding the MSM’s attention.

  148. I should know this, but does anyone have the link to the radio show? Thanks!

  149. Cafferty-since fuzzy is a generous man he is giving dona brazile the night off in the “flaming vat of oil dunking booth” you will be sitting in for her! for every $ 5.00 over your ten dollarcover you get to dunk jack cafferty into a vat of obama-cheny-bush energy bill oil!

    pretty good deal…hugh only an extra $ 5.00!


  150. RD, I have a bumper sticker on my car that says “Someone Else For President.”

    I get amazing feedback on it every day. Nothing negative so far.

    It seems to make people stop and think.

    It lures Hillary supporters.

    It allows TEPID voters to voice their concerns.

    It confounds the ‘bots, because it doesn’t do what they expect. They don’t attack me (at least not so far).

    I love it, guys. I can highly recommend it. I got it at a rally years ago and only put it on two months ago when Obama was pre-crowned.

    Don’t know where you could get one now . . .

  151. Democrat 1972–“I’m lame? Get your history right on Supreme Ct picks.”

    My history is impeccable. Your tired SCOTUS sky-is-falling routine is what’s laughable.

  152. Wexler is now under investigation by the FBI for his residence in FL.

    Go get him!

  153. I am going to be super upset if this God who will set us free doesn’t go back to the senate and try to do a little bit of work for the Democratic party.

  154. gary is on now.

  155. Riverdaughter and madamab are on now.

  156. If I am physically in one of the 58 states, I believe that qualifies as a free speech zone!

    What say you Obama?

  157. They are doing the play now.

  158. Is Ed in any of those 58 states?

  159. He follows me anywhere anytime anyposition………..

  160. Good job on the play!

  161. It must be the chain around his neck.

  162. madamab and Company are super duper!!!!!

  163. Actually it was a purple blue tie.

  164. Carol: **&^%!!!!! )(*&^%$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. It’s called a “con man”.

  166. But, did I mention he is “black”!

  167. Obama is crafty, not overly intelligent.

  168. Hey River daughter,
    I just wanted to say thank you for posting our new creation( the wristbands) on your blog. It really means a lot to me.
    My name is Denitza and I’m the one that sales the wristbands and all the shirts and also the one that made the winning Hillary “this on is for you “ T-shirt.
    I’m usually on the background and I keep it quiet, however I just had to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving a voice to a our Puma project. We really put our hearts into it.:)
    Thank you!

  169. what a HUGE waste of time and our money:

    63% Say Trip Does Not Make Obama More Fit to be President

    Now if only they had asked if they think it makes him look like an arrogant asshole…..


  170. Loved hearing yours and Mawm’s voices tonight!

  171. They are pushing him as a “liberal” which he is not.

  172. I hope the play turned out well….

  173. gary: It did. Hope you guys do more!

  174. This lady from RI makes a good point.

  175. Mawm was correct in his analysis of when and where Obama’s campaign took root.

  176. Gary and Mawm: you guys were great! That play was a lot fun.

  177. I’m listening to PUMA Radio right now. Yay 😀

  178. That was fun.

  179. I just ordered my bracelet! Yahoo!

  180. Missed the live broadcast. Can you go to the site and listen later?

  181. SM was great as usual.

  182. Phala: Yes

  183. Did anyone see this?

    From G.I. in Afghanistan – “We got more thanks from the Dallas cowboy Cheerleaders” than from Senator Obama

    Cross posted from Miss Beth’s Victory Dance

    You all know that Obama is on a “fact finding” tour right now. You would think (if you buy into Obamamania) that he would be meeting and talking with our boots on the ground; you know, the experts. Not so fast. Over at Blackfive is this:

    This is from a USAF friend in Afghanistan:

    Hello everyone,

    As you know I am not a very political person. I just wanted to pass along that Senator Obama came to Bagram Afghanistan for about an hour on his visit to ‘ The War Zone’. I wanted to share with you what happened.

    He got off the plane and got into a bullet proof vehicle, got to the area to meet with the Major General (2 Star) who is the commander here at Bagram.

    As the Soldiers where lined up to shake his hand, he blew them off and didn’t say a word as he went into the conference room to meet the General. As he finished, the vehicles took him to the ClamShell (pretty much a big top tent that military personnel can play basketball or work out in with weights) so he could take his publicity pictures playing basketball. He again shunned the opportunity to talk to Soldiers to thank them for their service.

    So really he was just here to make a showing for the Americans back home that he is their candidate for President. I think that if you are going to make an effort to come all the way over here you would thank those that are providing the freedom that they are providing for you.

    I swear we got more thanks from the NBA Basketball Players or the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders than from one of the Senators, who wants to be the President of the United States . I just don’t understand how anyone would want him to be our Commander-and-Chief. It was almost that he was scared to be around those that provide the freedom for him and our great country.

    If this is blunt and to the point I am sorry but I wanted you all to know what kind of caliber of person he really is. What you see in the news is all fake.

    In service,

    CPT J
    Bagram, Afghanistan

    Just saw this on real clear politics what a scumbag.

    Damn he pisses me off

  184. indigogrrl: Kind of reminds me of Col. Frank Burns.

  185. him I could laugh at……

  186. Good point. What an arrogant ass he is.

  187. From “About Us”: “We will start with the Democratic party and then work to bring together the rest of the country. We will come together at our common goals and go forward together, strengthened and mighty.”

    From “Credo”: “We will all need to come together before the fall. Let’s craft a message that even wingers will envy. … Some of us have lost our minds lately. We are putting conditions and litmus tests on our candidates. We are getting lost in the trees while failing to see the forest. ”

    From “Puma Power”: “There will be a lot of calls for ‘Unity!’. But let us acknowledge what this really is. ‘Unity’ is a weapon that the party is going to use against us.”

    Does this qualify as a flip-flop? Perhaps it’s time to update one or two of the above categories.

  188. At least you still have your Hillary sticker! Some asswipe stole mine off the rear window of my car! then replaced it with an Obot one! ARRRGGGG! I couldn’t get the damn thing off fast enough!

  189. Carol: They are talking about us and Ed.

  190. shari is talking about Ed, they don’t know its ed rendell…call in pat or carol and se tthem straight

  191. Eddy you fools. Rendell.

  192. Ed Rendell!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. I am so embarassed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. thanks pat!

  195. You three guys are terriffic!

  196. is the play posted somewhere to listen to now??

  197. Let them die! That is one less voter we have to convert!

  198. Halle Berry said she would pick up paperclips with her tongue for Obama. And I still use Swifters to pick up mine!

  199. RedDragon, and I have been feeling “assaulted” because someone took my Hillary sign from the corner!!!! I still have both my stickers on my bumper. I would be so po’d if someone actually took off my sticker and contaminated it with an O.

    What nerve. Was the car at home or in parking lot?


    Bravo!!!! Loved the play, the sound effects were awesome.

    Great letter Indigogrrl!! Wow, what a JERK, that letter needs to go viral!

    PS: Did you get my angel hair pasta? 🙂

  201. Carol is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. OMG!!!!! CAROL!!

  203. oh no Pat. Is Ed with Carol?

  204. CAROL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. Mawm: My heart is broken!

  206. Sales.

  207. Pat, you must call to defend your honor…

  208. Yay, Carol!!!!!!!!!!

    Carol Diamonds!!!! Heard your voice!!!

  209. gary: I lost that years ago.

  210. It was a little rasppee tonight!

  211. Yes Gary she did and it was not to Ed.

  212. Carol; You are too much!!! Is this the best blog in the whole blogosphere or what???

  213. pat I insist that you call next time, if you are half as funny in real life as you are here, you’d steal the show.

  214. Indigogirl, could you post a link to the letter? Thank you. Info is not surprising and I would love to forward link to military family members. I am so sick of the media talking about how “presidential” he looks and the great visuals and trying to explain the less than stellar poll numbers.

    I may have to go on medication or have my own cocktail party every night. ha

  215. carol you were wonderful-love your voice


  216. gary: I did call in a few weeks ago and sounded like a complete moron!!!

  217. Carol, that was so funny….Ed was a little “tied up”?

  218. Phala: If you want some company…….

  219. please post link to show. should have it but am struggling technically tonight.

  220. I heard you Pat – you were fabulous!

  221. Hi guys! That was fun! I loved hearing everyone’s voice.

    Pat – you were outed! Your shameful affair with Ed Rendell is now known throughout the blogosphere. 🙂

  222. I missed it when you were on Pat

  223. gary: She hogtied him with my lavender tie. It has gotten so bad he has asked to be thrown under the bus.

  224. Pat, anytime. So appreciate all of you and your comments. Am sitting here quietly sometimes amazed at your insights.

  225. Hey does anyone know about the details of the march in Denver yet?? I plan to go with my grandkids and need to know dates if possible…Thanks….

  226. Hogtie – I don’t think so. But I will try that tonight!

  227. should have put period after sometimes. Amazed at your insights always.

  228. madamab: That was a great broadcast. Listening to one of your plays with gary, Mawm and rd. Then hearing SM, Proud Military Mom, and what’s her name from Texas. It was a lot of fun!

  229. phala the link is here:


    but it usually takes about a half hour after the show before they put it in the archive there, so you’ll have to wait a bit.

  230. Carol: ^&%$$$#!!!!

  231. Could be Mrs. Rendell if I wanted.

  232. PJ: Glad you enjoyed it. If we do one with Nancy Pelosi, we will have to have you on. I will accept no substitutes. 🙂

  233. wow, river daughter, hirehigh heels just wrote the nicest things about you and it’s up there and NQ …

    can you feel the love tonight?

  234. Carol: If it wasn’t for that damn medical report that came back this week……….

  235. madamab: But I sound like Roz on Frasier. No melody in the voice. But I could command troops!!!

  236. and guess what I had to convince them you ladies sorta share Ed as your blog husband-LOL

    sorry not funny at all-fuzzybeargville

  237. “…and what’s her name from Texas”

    that is what we in the gay community call FIERCE!! stand back ladies…..

  238. I thought you did a wonderful michelle madamab!

  239. Michael: But he is so, I don’t know, animalistic?

  240. Pat: I LOVE YOUR VOICE! You give good phone.

  241. SM: Too funny! I miss regency. Hope things are going well in Calif.

  242. every one who can please have your cards and cash in hand tommorrow its anothe push for our campaign debt and we dont want carol to cry now-oh and not only will we have Cafferty in the dunking booth for every extra $ 5.00 but Ed has gererously offered himself in the new kissing booth for the same price-for the ladies out their who love him!


  243. You guys were all so great! It’s so much fun to hear your voices. Carol, your Texas accent is adorable.

  244. Riverdaughter probably never knew how this blog would erupt when she first started. Her coverage is now spreading and again, the hits are closing in on 2 million! Unbelievable!

  245. MadamaB: I LOVED THE PLAY! I was LOLing through the whole thng with the great sound effects.

  246. fuzzy – now I know we will be retiring our debt. The sacrafices I make on a daily basis for Hillary!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  247. Ed will also be wearing a new line of Puma Muscle shirts that will soon be availible! I cant wait!


  248. Thanks BB – so does Eddy.

  249. He asked me to personally dress him.

  250. My birthday is Monday July 28th (the big 46) if we hit 2 million hits by then what a nice present-


  251. Funny Pat – He asks me to undress him!

  252. bb: It is thundering and lightning like crazy here. The rain is coming down in sheets. If it hasn’t made its way to Boston, it surely will in a short while.

  253. Happy Birthday Michael!

    Hillary sends her love!

  254. Thanks everyone! LOL Gary – my part was small, but vital.

    RD was wonderful with stage directions, and you and Mawm were fabu as Barack and Bill! Uh, uh, uh….

  255. If RD is willing, I still have an extra Hillary shirt that I am willing to donate to whoever wins the 2 million date lottery.

  256. Seriously people – we do NOT want to see Ed Rendell in a muscle shirt.

    He is cuddly, not muscle-y. Am I right? Give the poor guy a break.

    How about some red satin boxer shorts? RRRRoooowwwwwRRRR!

  257. ok all this is about carol diamonds and her bragging rights as a puma hillraiser! we owe it to her she is just a texas girl you know and they do everything big in texas!


  258. They are having a riverdaughter love fest over at No Quarter if anyone wants to join.

    It is the hireheels guest post.

  259. James McPherson is with the blog police. Um…Gary, I think you were right about most of the trolls having .edu addresses. Get your own blog, James.

  260. Somebody throw some ice cubes over at madamab.

  261. hey gay men love muscle shirts even when thay are not apropriate-

    Be glad I did not say Puma Speedo madamab


  262. In all seriousness – I have a great book I could donate to the 2 million blog hit cause.


  263. Ohh, man, I REALLY wish they wouldn’t mess with my ego. The last thing I want is to start acting like Markos Moulitsas.

    None of us could do it without everyone else. We’ve got to hang tight guys because the $^&*’s about to hit the fan. We are ruiing everyone’s [;ans.

    Grab a buddy, hold hands and stick together.

  264. I ordered my bracelets.
    in the news: NBC price for their shilling: 5 million

  265. Michael P – Not the Speeeeedoooooo….nooooooo….


  266. Thanks fuzzy – but it is about my gal Hillary.

    My greatest wish is to be able to know that I can go about my business and the business of the world is being handled by the smartest, most qualified President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    As I have said before – I love her, I trust her, I trust Bill and Chelsea to work their hearts out for the benefit of us all.

    McCain said latest polls showing 9% approval rating now for Congress!

  267. Pat,

    We’ve been having thunder and lightning here since midafternoon. This has been one of the worst summers I can remember. First weeks of downpours and thunder. The 3 weeks of a heat wave. Now more thunderstorms. This sucks bigtime.

  268. we have thunder and lightning here too, must be up and down the whole coast

  269. RD: if you start acting like Markos, we will let you know, don’t worry. Somehow I think you’ll manage to keep your feet on the ground.

  270. rd: Markos? Are you kidding me? Nothing matches this blog for the insightful posters, the intelligent comments, the informational diaries that are set forth each day. His blog is nothing more than a bunch of frat boys trying to outdo each other with putdowns for the most part. I would wager they barely read the postings he puts up.

    You have created a blog that has something to say and your diarists reflect you. Your creation is moving and quite possibly having an impact. His is just old news.

  271. The thunder here is unreal; almost deafeningly loud.

  272. Gary, we have gotten such terrible downpours here that the easement between the street and sidewalk in front of my house got completely eroded by the floods of water going downhill. I live on a very steep hill. I got the town to come out and fix it about 2 weeks ago, and now the big gully is right back the way it was. I’ve never seen so much rain here before. And my sister lives in Northern CA and they have had so little rain that there have been wildfires way before the fire season. It’s crazy.

  273. Another piece of the Bush legacy: a Dem majority congress who continue to bow to the Repub agenda.

  274. OMG – HireHeels just READ Taylor Marsh like a dirty novel on No Quarter. And now she’s BFFs with RiverDaughter!


  275. RD, I’ve met few people as smart as you without the large ego to match. the way you have trusted some of us to make a home here has been most refreshing after we were walked off the plank at so many other sites…I am forever grateful 🙂

  276. bboomer, we have gotten our share of rain this summer too, but after last summer’s drought it is most welcome. I don’t think it rained once last year during July

  277. Just ordered 4 bracelets, they are really nice! It was a great show on blog radio tonight! I am more optimistic than ever….cant wait for Denver.

  278. madamab,

    You were great as Michelle. You have a terrific voice!

  279. What garychapelhill and bostonboomer said…RD ROCKS!

    Everyone stay safe – it’s pouring and lots of lightning here but no floods…

  280. Also, I loved Gary’s discussion of all the focus on racial issues while ignoring LGBT and gender equality.

  281. awwww, thanks BB…[blush]

  282. Don’t worry about the thunder, Conflucians, we have them almost everday here in Tampa, at least from May-November.

  283. gary,

    That is exactly what I meant the other night about RD’s generosity of spirit. From the beginning, she has welcomed us to be part of the blog instead of just observers. I’m so grateful to be even a small part of it.

  284. Riverdaughter, you’re not a former Republican so your sense of self won’t go overboard.

  285. have you guys seen “both ways barack” the new anti-obama ad? it’s great!

    “he’s worse than a flip-flopper!!!” The GOP are so cute…

  286. I loathe the GOP but I sure do love their Obama ads!

  287. Pat, they sure do know how to break it down to the least common denominator…..gotta give them credit for that. Its like, “hey, you remember that Kerry guy, right??? he was a flip flopper and that’s bad, remember???, now look at this guy. he’s WORSE thana flip-flopper…” it cracks me up, its like they’re talking to a two year old 🙂

  288. SM: These lightening strikes are pretty intense here tonight. Very, very loud.

  289. My husband misses Janis. Isn’t she on va-ca or something?

  290. It would be nice to see Obama do a Gerald Ford as he gets off the plane. Giggle, giggle. Take the wind out of his unearned sails fast enough.

  291. please send some rain this way. SC gets rain, Asheville gets rain, Charlotte gets rain. We get droplets. Better than last year though.

  292. fuzzy has old friend on the phone so hitting the shoe rack

    tonights afirmation/prayer-

    Creator father mother god/dess

    Watch over us to night and we thank you so very much for hearing us and keeping our hillary strong.

    please watch all the my puma friends tonight as we work to right that which has been wronged and bring justice back to our land.

    My special request tonight is for my friends who are now with You in Your presence it is for them I continue to fight this fight. I do this so we may have a leader that will work and dedicate herself to ending this disease.

    This disease that every day adds another family tradegy to the butcher bill. I know I canneot have my friens back nor my douglas for even one minute, but if i can save one othe lover parent child from knowing the loss I know it will all be worth it.

    I ask this humbly for the strength to go on. Amen

    good night all and sweetest of dreams


  293. parentofed: Didn’t Janis indicate that she was going to London on one of the former posts?

  294. here’s where the poster at NQ got the letter –

    how do we link stuff anyway???

    SM – got the angel hair pasta and a nice pinot waiting for you in the fridge…

    PS what was Ed Rendell doing at Applebees with Fuzzybear????

  295. Michael: You made me cry.

  296. Pat,

    How about if he has a bicycle accident a la GW Bush? Remember when Bush was in Scotland and waved at the guards and then fell on his face?

  297. Pat, what a visual, O tripping over his ego as he deplanes. Love it!!!!!!!

  298. Just for the record: I have just added indigogrrl to my list. In fact, right to the tippity top.

  299. Pat: oh, yes, think you’re right. Thanks

  300. what list???? any pictures involved???? I didn’t do it!

  301. bb: I forgot about that one! He looked like an idiot.

  302. Michael – Goddess bless and keep you.

    XOXOXOXOX you gentle soul….

  303. fuzzy – you are wonderful.

    See you at the cocktail party tomorrow night! Let’s make them pay!

  304. QUICK — here they come with the FoolAid ….
    everyone back under the bus!

  305. well, most of the media was in the tank for Bush when many of his accidents happened, and the effect was diluted. I suspect the same for Obama.

    But, the image of him tripping over his ego does inspire many giggles..

  306. Pat – looked like an idiot?????????????//

  307. indigo: this is how you link stuff:
    type <a href=”missbethsvictorydance.blogspot.com/2008/07/from-gi-in-afghanistan-we-got-more.html”>Name Your Link</a>

    So it would look like this:
    Name Your Link

    (hope that displays well…flyin’ blind without a preview…)

  308. It is 10:50 and I am shoveling chocolate covered donut into my mouth while outside something that looks like it was created by Stephen King is blasting away. Eerie. (The donut has nothing to do with the weather, I just have the munchies.)

  309. Carol: Bush

  310. <a
    href=”missbethsvictorydance.blogspot.com/2008/07/from-gi-in-afghanistan-we-got-more.html Linked Here

  311. errr……. wtf did I do wrong???

  312. michael: Sleep with the fur of a thousand PUMAs around you.

  313. Pat – the inference that Bush only looked like an idiot is what I was getting at!

    Sorry, Eddy told me to be nice.

  314. type Name Your Link

  315. indigogrrl: Ed and Fuzzy and Applebees!. I always had first dibs even before Carol chimed in.

  316. sorry for the multiple posts but a kids gotta learn!

  317. pat – they were talking about YOU

  318. Indigogrrl,

    I think it was a good thing…

  319. Indigogrll: See what I mean. She cannot stop herself from rubbing it in.

  320. Dag nabbit, i posted all my thanks in another thread!

    thank you RD, thank you Mawm, thank you, Gary, thank you Laura!!!

  321. Pat,

    I’ll vouch for you. Your affair with Ed came first. Carol moved in fast though, didn’t she?

  322. Poor Ed. My crush goes back years.

  323. indigo: Hard to tell because the browser will render what it can and cough out the rest. So, since I can’t see your source code, I don’t know what you did.

    But here’s the official instruction.

  324. taggles: That was a great show tonight. Loved the information and you guys were hilarious.

  325. Indgogirl: Thanks! Yummy!

  326. RD: That’s a sweet blessing (Sleep with the fur of a thousand PUMAs around you).

  327. I am listening now, but i haven’t got to the play yet

    can’t wait to hear it

    why didn’t you call in, did u hear me calling out for u, but you just sh*t around with carol, she is the one who blogs about ed!

  328. It’s 10:57, and I just broke my diet and had a piece of carrot cake. Long day.

  329. Is anyone here nearing 55 and paying a lot for insurance? I just wanted to remind anyone who is that Bill Clinton repeatedly asked Congress to let those 55 and older purchase Medicare.

  330. taggles: I sounded like an idiot myself the last time I was on. Maybe next time. But Carol got her dibs on Ed over the airwaves. I was laughing my a** off however. She is too much! And between you and I, I have difficulty topping her.

  331. That donut I just ate may make a return appearance after this piece:


  332. Pat – you DID NOT sound like an idiot! Stop it or I’ll take that donut away.

    Now that you mention it, I’m having a Homer Simpson moment: “oohhh… donuts….”

  333. If you’re reluctant, as I am, to give clicks to HuffPo, edgeofforever has the same link to the Obama/Olympics/NBC deal that Pat links. It is disgusting.

  334. well, that didn’t make much sense. I meant edgeofforever discusses the story at the website Not Your Sweetie, so you can catch up on that news item w/o the HuffPo traffic

  335. PAT: It all makes sense. Kiss my azz to get Hillary kicked out and I’ll give you $5 million on ad business.


  336. Hi everyone, just wanted to chime in to say, “this is the best blog”!!! I don’t post too often but I’m always here reading.

  337. RD: I’ve been reading the lovely comments about you and The Confluence over at No Quarter and it occurs to me that I’ve never formally thanked you for creating this space.

    I was pretty down and out after Hillary suspended. I wanted her to stay in, I couldn’t support Obama, and I felt like I was the only one. (Just like I felt when I first realized I was gay!)

    I was at MyDD in those days, in exile from the Big Cheetoh. There were still enough Hillary supporters there in May to make it worthwhile. Curiously, I learned of PUMA from some Bot’s post. He called another poster a “PUMA troll.” Someone else asked what that was and someone else told what it stood for. I Googled it, found justsaynodeal.com. From there, I found this site.

    I have enjoyed the posts, the comments, and the people here. I learn something every day. I have not had this kind of hope since New Hampshire.

    So, Thank You!

  338. Obama is disgusting in his power grab. I would rather vote for Jack Abramoff; at least I would be guaranteed tickets to sporting events.

  339. Thanks for the play tonight! What a great show- it is nice to be able to put voices to the names.

    We are having rain here in NW PA again as well. Weird weather the last few years but this year takes the cake! Is hte entire Eastern U.S. having rain??? I remember the year we had all the hurricanes- hope we don’t go THERE again!

    Fuzzy- My prayers are your prayers too! Blessings!

  340. Big Deal about Obama and his commercials during the Olympics.

    Hillary is actually going to be in the Olympics:

    Gold Medal – Swimming rings around him in Foreign Affairs

    Gold Medal – Pole Vaulting over him in Health Care Reform

    Gold Medal – Ramming the Volleyball down his throat in fixing the Economy

    You get my point!

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  341. Do obama supporters still get headaches after they had their lobomy?
    Should I buy stock in “Headon”?
    I ordered a bracelet and a sweat shirt.
    I want my youngest granddaughter to have a piece of history. To remind her to always stand up for what you believe in.



  342. Carol -LOL!!

  343. Thanks taggles! I appreciated the opportunity to participate in your show. You are a real pro and a proud PUMA! Rrrrrroooooaaaarrr!

    Good night everyone. Sleep tight and don’t let the bastards getcha down. Tomorrow is another day!


  344. HELEN: That is SO SWEET!! Right on! We are a part of a “from the people, for the people” movement.

  345. SophieL — thank god you weren’t the lone gay!
    I would have never gotten a date…
    your linking info made much more sense than the “official guide”

    I kept trying and got it right …you know what they say –if you fall off a dyke its best to get right back on.

  346. That Hillary! Just hopes she gets back in time to carry the crown to the podium in Denver. She would never had walked past those soldiers lined up to greet her. You can bet she would have shaken every hand offered. I would say that he has a lot to learn but I doubt he can be taught. Moron.

  347. Carol, unfortunately Obama won the Shafting contest.

    And the sell out with NBC is mulit-layered. We’ve commented before on how convenient that Obama has such strong alliances and donors within the nuclear industry, while NBC is owned by GE, the nuclear plant builder.

  348. She is going to fight him at the convention – I know It.

    She is just staying low to let him self-destruct and then it’s over – she will smack him down on the stage and take over. It will be magnificent.

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  349. Good night MadamaB!! Hey, ever thought of doing an operetta, or like where eveyone sings and ad libs the melody while reading their lines? THAT would be funny!

  350. You guys are too funny!! I am now stuffing cashews into my face. If I stay much longer I am going to be mistaken for Aretha Franklin’s stand in.

  351. Nite madamab

  352. PrentofEd: EXACTLY, I read not too long ago that GE is selling their appliances business. No more GE fridges or washing machines – now it’s on to NUCLEAR PLANTS. Wow Al Gore, you sold out the damn planet with your endorsement.

  353. pat – stop it! you’re making me hungry….

  354. Pat – that ‘s okay – Eddy says he likes a woman he can hold on to.

  355. al gore had to…he was threatened. they were going to reveal he has a love child with john edwards…tsk tsk

  356. Let’s hope that McCain begins to put some pizazz into his campaign. This year we have a choice of either Itchy or Scratchy for president. Hillary is the only strong candidate out there.

  357. Carol Said:
    She is going to fight him at the convention – I know It.
    Yes, please
    She is just staying low to let him self-destruct and then it’s over – she will smack him down on the stage and take over. It will be magnificent.
    Yes, please
    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008
    From your mouth to God’s ears.

  358. or Beevus & Butthead

  359. Pat – which is which? I want to make sure I vote for the correct one!

  360. I’m having too much fun here, but I promised myself to go to bed early today. I have work to do in the AM that I am heavily procrastinating.

    Good all, Fuzzybear, thank you for that lovely prayer, Conflucians, onward to Denver!

  361. Carol: Have you seen Aretha lately??????????? It would take the Backstreet Boys in total to hold onto her.

  362. nitey nite –sleep tite –dont let the Ed bug bite!

  363. Indigogrrl: **&^%$!!!!! )(*&^%$!!!!!!!

  364. whUtttttttt???

  365. did anyone hear anything else about the John Edwards scandal?

  366. Pat – you and I need to colaborate and write for McCain.

    We could definately jazz him up – and as for body language you take the upper half first round and I will take the bottom half. Let’s make him look alive!

  367. speaking of buh – ed

    I need to head to mine — maybe just maybe I can get some good sleep tonight!

    xoxoxox to all y’all

  368. Carol: Please translate for indigogrrl. tx

  369. parentofed: Nothing. The mainstream press has avoided mentioning it.

  370. Pat, I remember when I went to see her, the secret service guy was telling everyone who was waiting to relax because she always stopped and shook hands with every single person in line(kinda like, yep, she keeps us working). And he would know.

  371. What am I??? Chopped liver???

    You girls can squeal all you want, but I have his baby.

  372. i’m waiting for the translation… (yawns) (rubs eyes)

  373. The only way for him to look halfway alive is to pay a visit to Madame Tussaud.

  374. The corporate media are waiting for Drudge to run the story about Edwards getting caught with his hand in the nookie jar before they report it too.

  375. indigogrrl: joaniebone has just joined us from Seattle. She too has designs on Ed. And not in a good way.

  376. myiq2xu: Edwards should make a statement.

  377. see, I’m sitting here thinking that this scandal was the leverage the Obama campaign had over JE. I think they may have tipped the Enquirer, but in any case, if it’s out in the open, they can’t hold anything over John Edwards. John may know some crap on the Obama team, or maybe Elizabeth now can speak freely about Hillary.

    Is this just a late-night fantasy,do you think? Far-fetched?

  378. gary – I saw her twice in one day!

    Fort Worth – over 10,000
    Dallas – over 4,000

    She was lovely and beautiful and never said “uhhhhhhhh”.

    She however, was not able to shake everyone’s hand – but then, we weren’t fighting in 130 degree sun wearing 60 lbs of gear with bullets flying around us all day.

  379. indigogrrl,

    Back in the saddle–Mariners outta town now…! Nice PUMA stuff, huh?

  380. All I can say is that when Edwards spoke about “two America’s” it wasn’t “just words”. I borrowed that from the Obama campaign slogan.

  381. myiq: Drudge has a link to the Enquirer article.

  382. myiq2xu: Edwards should make a statement.

    Whaaa? Huh? What did I miss?

  383. parentofed, on July 23rd, 2008 at 11:30 pm Said:
    see, I’m sitting here thinking that this scandal was the leverage the Obama campaign had over JE. I think they may have tipped the Enquirer

    I thought the exact same thing. My first thought.

  384. Does the Boy Wonder speak tomorrow from Berlin?

  385. joaniebone – the national enquirer just found out about Pat and Johnny. They are going to print the story and Eddy will find out once and for all.

  386. Unless the media suddenly disappears from the horizon.

  387. I am laughing out loud here!!!

  388. joanie: Edwards/Hunter

  389. Edwards- “I did not have sex with that woman!””

    It’s just a coinky-dink that the baby has his eyes.

  390. Lord – I hope the baby doesn’t have her facial expression!

  391. It is not this post so much but the comments. A must read.


  392. She looks like Linda Tripp’s sister.

  393. Check out the baby’s hair. If it is perfect, it’s his.

  394. myiq2xu: I was leaning toward Camilla Parker Bowled.

  395. That would be Mr. Ed’s sister

  396. Not exactly Eliot Spitzer’s type.

  397. Pat! Tooooooo funny!

  398. I’m not endorsing infidelity, but if you’re gonna go sneaking out on yer spouse, do it with someone better looking than what you already got.

  399. Camilla Parker Bowled.
    I second that. Yikes.

    Jesus! My poor Elizabeth. His poor kids.

    I feel bad enough just for being on his steering committee.

  400. Not a very flattering picture of her. Or maybe it is for all I know.

  401. myiq2xu, on July 23rd, 2008 at 11:43 pm Said:
    I’m not endorsing infidelity, but if you’re gonna go sneaking out on yer spouse, do it with someone better looking than what you already got.

    Well, there are plenty of examples of men who did not follow that rule.

    Pat those comments are freaky. What are they talking about “McCain crossing a line”?

  402. Okay – let’s not get misogynistic here.

    Being part Jewish, BO in Israel is a complete nightmare! I bet the note he put in the crevice was a grocery list from MO.

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  403. If it is true, then he did this while poor Elizabeth was going through treatments and defending him on national tv against Ann Coulter. What a slimebucket.

  404. masslib: Those are Obamabots. They do not need a reason.

  405. The “note” was his birth certificate.

  406. and i thought Bill Clinton had bad taste in extra marital trollops

  407. McCain said he was willing to win a war vs an election. BO is willing to lose a war to win an election.

  408. If she looked like Cindy Crawford that is one thing. But this one looks like she has not only been around the block a few times but a couple of others as well.

  409. Guys, we have no idea if this is even true. It’s just the Enquirer.

  410. True.

  411. I actually think she looks a lot like John Edwards.

  412. Pat-

    I remember writing here about how much money I donated last winter when I didn’t really have enough to heat the house. I feel so sick about it. Boy did I have a “come to Jesus” when I made it to Hillary.

    On the bright side, I don’t think this benefits Obama any. His turn will come.

  413. I am just waiting for the big speech in Berlin. This is where he will attempt to replay JFK and Reagan. If they show up clutching lighters like they do for rock concerts, I will not be held responsible.

  414. Hi all, I missed all the excitement this evening but thanks to all who participated in the gathering of the ferile clan.

    Know what I wish? That when BO is scheduled to speak in Germany, something of great urgency and importance will happen here, rendering his speech superfluous and perhaps even deeply inappropriate.

    Wait a minute–things of deep urgency and importance are already happening here. And the speech is already superfluous. And speaking in front of a Prussian-cum-Nazi monument is already deeply imappropriate.

    But you get my drift.

  415. Magdalena: The only time the MSM will break into his “speech” is if another blond goes missing.

  416. Edwards career is deader than door nails. It’s not the infidelity per se, it’s Elizabeth, since she is so beloved, and the dying wife. My husband said Newt went on to have a career after cheating on his sick wife, but we didn’t know Newt or his spouse when it happened. We know & love Elizabeth. I wish she had been the Edwards running for president.

  417. joaniebone: If you feel let down imagine how the Obamabots are going to feel when he either loses or goes back on even more promises if elected.

  418. I’ve missed you guys, but I was just able to come in for a quick peek—I’ll see you all tomorrow at the cocktail party-scotch in hand.

    Pat and Carol, I am calling your bluff–name Ed’s “distinguishing feature”. Only I know!

    Goodnight everyone!

    John Edwards. Ewwwww. Like a bad ex. Gotta go and shake it off……………….

  419. Pat–Ha!

  420. I didn’t think the McCain comment went over the line. But, then, I agree with it. Jeez Louise, does the Obama campaign find this tough? I can hardly wait….

  421. The NE isn’t reporting rumors. They gave a factually detailed report of Edwards late-night visit.

    It sounds like they were tipped off. They have been sued enough times they wouldn’t be making this up.

    I’m wondering though, Obama got his Senate competition eliminated by stories dishing dirt on them. Maybe this was his way of getting out of a promise to Edwards.

  422. parentofed: You just need to take it with a grain of salt. Those comments are strictly from his worshippers.

  423. myiq2xu: If your theory holds true what did they have on Hillary then?

  424. Pat and Carol, I am calling your bluff–name Ed’s “distinguishing feature”. Only I know!

    Cleft chin? He has sort of a dimple there doesn’t he?

  425. What on earth was “over the line” about McCain’s comment? This is politics.

    Under the line: Obama announcing that Israel is a strong supporter of Israel.

    Way under the line.

  426. Pat: I hope the crowd does just that, with the lighters and all. I’m not of the Cafferty ilk; I think Americans will be turned off by that rock star crap overseas.

  427. joaniebone – If I disclose that information, I will then have to k*ll you. (I’m kidding)

  428. Pat Johnson, on July 23rd, 2008 at 11:58 pm Said:
    parentofed: You just need to take it with a grain of salt. Those comments are strictly from his worshippers.

    But they said Gergen and Joe Klein said it was “over the line”? Oh wait…

  429. parentofed: I agree. Americans hate being told by other countries what to do and whom to love.

  430. joaniebone: No, she is not.

  431. Nothing.

    I’m just wondering if Edwards was promised the VP in exchange for his endorsement, and now they’re telling him “Gee, John, we’re sorry, but because of this scandal we can’t offer you the job now after all.”

  432. Gergen supposedly said the comment was over the line.

  433. myiq2xu: But this was supposed to have been revealed as early as Dec 07. They must have had an inkling then.

  434. Well, Eddy says he wants me to find his other distinguishable feature, so, I will be leaving for the night!

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, stop it Eddy it tickles!

    Nite Nite.

  435. myiq2xu: It’s possible. It’s also entirely possible he wants to clear the field of all potential Democratic rivals now and in the future, and the VP slot had nothing to do with it. Obamanipulation, anyone?

  436. myiq: I see you think evil like I think evil. My thoughts to a T.

  437. “Newt went on to have a career after cheating on his sick wife, but we didn’t know Newt or his spouse when it happened.”

    And of course McCain did the same, finding a woman who could finance his political career in the process.

  438. Obamanation

  439. Carol: You will stop at nothing!

  440. myiq2xu, on July 24th, 2008 at 12:02 am Said:

    I’m just wondering if Edwards was promised the VP in exchange for his endorsement, and now they’re telling him “Gee, John, we’re sorry, but because of this scandal we can’t offer you the job now after all.”

    Exactly what I thought. I bet he was behind the original story as well.

  441. Republicans get scandalized over teh gay, Democrats over teh nookie.

  442. parentofed, if you’re still here…

    actually, I think if the Edward’s story is true, it’ll do more harm to the Democrats, generally, and O. in particular.

    paraphrasing Carville: Democrats will win when they start helping each other instead of the opposite.

  443. Think of this, the story originally had to have been leaked by someone in the Edwards campaign. Who else would know, except the FBI?

    I’m guessing that there were spies in his campaign, and they weren’t working for Hillary.

  444. has anyone heard if any celebs plan to attend The Serious German Speech? I’m hoping Scarlett shows up in a lowcut dress, Clooney wanders around without knowing where to go, and Wanda Sykes insults everyone. Sorry if you like any of these celebs, but these dumbasses truly “went over the line” this primary. IMHO, that is.

  445. I can’t see how cruelty to your sick wife is going to get any votes from women now!

  446. Here’s to Scarlett Jo in a lowcut dress!

  447. myiq2xu,

    Totally believable.

    Pat and carol–see? You haven’t named it yet.

    will you help me jump start my funny tomorrow night? I have been feeling witless lately.

    Goodnight all!

  448. I don’t know if anybody is up and about and interested in a little late-night housecleaning, but there are trolls at the bottom of the “Invitation to Democrats in Exile” and the “Puma Power” tabs/threads.

    ‘Tis late indeed (for me). Sleep well.

  449. We have trolls right here in river city on this thread, actually.

  450. sayitisntso: If the scandal is true, I don’t think the MSM will dwell on it. They’re usually ghouls, but I think this is one scandal that will please no one, even JE haters. The MSM would be afraid of the backfire, and I actually believe some people in the media truly respect and like Elizabeth.

  451. The sewer lines back up at night and trolls flood the basement.

    Someone will hose it clean in the am.

  452. I don’t get to post much, being a working mom w/ a toddler, but boy you guys – really made my evening tonight. I laughed. I cried. I yearned for Pat’s chocolate doughnut. I stumbled here not from other blogs but just from looking around the web saying ‘is it really possible that everybody loves teh One? Where is the HRC love or is it all misogyny and recycled 90’s loathing and conspiracy theories?’ I am so grateful for this space, RD and for the high quality of the writers.

    And I love those PUMA wrist bands. Sharp design! Nice color choice!

    myiq2xu – can I borrow that ‘hand in the nookie jar?’ Did you coin that? Hilarious!

  453. If it’s just one thing Hillary’s done it’s to raise the value of a woman’s vote for her.

  454. “James McPherson is with the blog police. Um…Gary, I think you were right about most of the trolls having .edu addresses. Get your own blog, James.”

    1) Funny comment about “blog police.”

    2) I’m a troll for participating in a discussion in which I agree with most of you on many issues, and in which I–unlike many here–freely take responsibility for my opinions by posting with my name while declining to engage in name-calling? OK, I’m happy to bow out after this comment.

    3) I obviously have my own blog, as you could have seen my holding your cursor over my name. In fact, you might even like my last two posts, which were about Obama’s Barack-and-Roll World Tour.

  455. perries,

    Pay it forward comes to mind. Believe me, I’ve spent the past four months either online or on the phone for Sen. Clinton and the one thing I have to give to others who may be discouraged is:

    PUMA! It ain’t over til it’s over!
    I was lurking at dailykos today and even they know that their candidate is shaky. But we don’t have any doubts we know who Hillary is.

  456. Crock and Roll

  457. perries, nice to see you again.

    I’m often up here late at night, but I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep, so thanks to everyone for another day and night of good conversation.

  458. sayitisntso, on July 24th, 2008 at 12:20 am Said:
    If it’s just one thing Hillary’s done it’s to raise the value of a woman’s vote for her.


  459. one of the things that I think is odd about the Germany visit is the obama folks have disallowed banners and signs, they must be expecting something less than a welcome mat if they’ve decided to control the signs. Sounds very odd to me.

  460. dakinikat, the Obama campaign has done that everywhere. They hand out their own homemade signs.

  461. masslib: I understand controlling the message in the US, and afterall they didn’t even have 1/2 of the dem party, but in Germany? I just can’t see the German’s going for that … they have a lot of experience in recognizing propaganda and we know obama does propsaganda to the hilt every where he goes in the U.S.

  462. “I can’t see how cruelty to your sick wife is going to get any votes from women now!”

    I hate to say it, but he really looks bad here. Elizabeth was pretty obviously not happy with his decision to jump on the boys’ club train and embrace Obama and his subpar health care plan, but hey, who cares about her wishes, Obama obviously offered him something. But then he goes out of his way to destroy any political future he could have had? Good show.

  463. We’ve got to give some love and support to the Denver Group. They were in the NYT today.


  464. What talent? Edwards doesn’t have any talent. He has money and boyish good looks. Why do you think he dropped out so soon. My hope that he would really challenge Hillary but he’s been circling the drain the entire time. The media wouldn’t give him a second and I guess he was busy getting jiggy with his freaking weird ass looking affair lady. What happened to his morals and his principles? He’s a sell out but I still can’t figure out how Obama played him.

    Who got played in Iraq?

  465. If you’re trying to leave a message for Senator Obama, please press one now. Senator Obama would like to remind you that he adores Ronald Reagan, loathes the disgusting refuse who vote Democratic, and is planning on running primary challenges to clear the disgusting ranks of this loathsome party and find people who believe in disenfrachisment, domestic spying, lectures about Republicans’ superior morality, and most importantly, his personal divinity. Have a nice unifying day, %$#hole m&^%$#@$%^!

    “or the head of a new group dedicated to eliminating poverty.”

    Sorry, but that’s already been promised to Tony Rezko. Edwards can, however, choose between passing out blankets or yelling at people who complain that they’re freezing. (If he wants to stay on Obama’s good side, I’d go with b).

  466. BJ, Obama isn’t here. If you want to talk to him try kneeling by your bedside and clasping your hands together, I have it on good authority it works.

  467. BJ: I’d love to comment but your name really turns me off.

  468. No, you are pathetic.

  469. Just note before beddy-bye. Busy day tomorrow. Heard Edwards say that he would accept VP if offered just a day or so prior to this news breaking. Interesting timing on someone’s part if not coincidence.

    When it comes out is political but the error in judgement was his and he has to take responsibility for the pain he has caused. As with Clinton’s, a marriage is between the two people involved and I don’t know what I would do–except be very hurt and angry. A child complicates the situation further. Edwards is too good a lawyer for anyone to print an erroneous story IMHO.

    Gingrich had to lay low for a while but is getting back into mainstream politics but he didn’t have a stampede asking him to step in and run in the primaries soooooo.

    I hope Edwards can still be effective bringing light and solutions for poverty.

  470. Did someone fart or is there a troll loose in here?

  471. As far as I’m concerned the “don’t ask don’t tell” was worth it at least they did something. When you think about what they had to go through to merely get this passed it makes you appreciate them even more.

    The Clinton’s aren’t just good politicians. They are also good peole.

  472. “I’d love to comment but your name really turns me off.”


    “Jealousy is ugly and pathetic.”

    Dreams really do come true! Prayer actually turned you into Obama, and now you too can offer amazingly profound insights. Praise Jesus! Can I get a uhhhhhh, ehhhhhhh, gulp?

  473. doh good “people”. Sorry about that.

  474. “Do you really represent Hillary?”

    Are you really this stupid? Yes, I’m her agent. Do you have a book deal you’d like to pitch?

  475. Do we represent Hillary?

    No, we represent ourselves.

    But you obviously respresent Obama

  476. What about a sports drink? We’re in teh market to endorse a sports drink.

  477. Wow, with logic like BJ’s, how can I not support the Presumptuous One?

  478. Sports drink?

    BJ Swallows?

  479. “You get an “F” for matching up comments and responses, Genius.”

    I’m sorry, beej. I thought you could handle seeing two people addressed in teh same physical space. I forgot that you guys are even dumber than your hero.

    Forgive me? (Look, I’m talking only to you. Not Puma and you, just you!)

  480. I need to go to bed but I live in SF obviously and today on the radio show they talked about us all getting together the weekend around 8/1 so if any of you are from these parts of the woods please let me know.

    RD: Please give them my email address. Sorry for not giving it out but the paranoids are after me.

  481. Someone leave a note for the janitor, the trolls are crapping in old threads again.

  482. Quit shouting please

  483. New York Times did a feature too on Denver group. You can comment at both sites

  484. HILLARY 2008! OR MCCAIN 2008!

  485. myiq2xu, on July 24th, 2008 at 3:21 am Said:
    Quit shouting please


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