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Action Alert: Save Debra Bartoshevich as a HRC delegate

Last month, Debra Bartoshevich, a Hillary delegate from Wisconsin, said something rash. She said that she was going to vote for John McCain. This was not wise for several reasons, besides the fact that friends don’t let friends vote Republican.  The most important reason is that the convention hasn’t been held yet and we cockeyed optimists haven’t had enough fun.  She failed to get even before she got mad.

That’s OK, I forgive her.  We all got a bit rash last month.  In the midst of the RBC “shock and awe”, we lost our focus.  Some PUMAs *are* going to vote for McCain– if they have no suitable alternative.  But we are back to calmly, rationally pursuing more productive avenues before the convention.  Our objective now is to have Hillary’s name in nomination at the convention so her delegates can vote for her.  And here is where Ms. Bartoshevich’s spontaneous remark may be a bit problematic.

It turns out that the Wisconsin Democratic Party would like to decertify Ms. Bartoshevich.  I am sure that Debra regrets not checking her mouth with her mental policeman but now is not the time to think about how we might address the issue in the future.  Now is the time for all good PUMAs to come to the aid of their delegate.

Read and respond:

Quote FROM Debra Bartoshevich…
“The Wisconsin Democratic Party is holding a conference call THIS FRIDAY, July 25, to make a decision about whether to allow me to retain my status as a Hillary Clinton delegate to the Democratic National Convention in August in Denver.”
BACKGROUND: The Wisconsin DNC is telling Debra she will lose her delegate status. She is fighting so she can vote for Hillary @ the convention. Please help Debra by immediately contacting the Democratic Party Chair and ask them to stop rigging this process by punishing someone simply for supporting Hillary Clinton:
Joe Wineke, DP Chair
The Democratic Party of Wisconsin
222 W. Washington Ave.  Suite 150
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
CALL: (608 ) 255-5172
FAX: (608 ) 255-8919
EMAIL: party@wisdems.org

35 Responses

  1. What difference does it make?

    There’s no scenario that has HRC getting the nomination, so it seems silly to worry about one delegate. And openly supporting McCain is rather different than simply supporting Hillary.

  2. Because she is one of us, a Hillary supporter and that is what matters.

  3. There are plenty of scenarios where HRC gets the nomination, the main one being Obama keeps talking.

  4. NCEmily: If there is no scenario in which Hillary;s name is entered in nomination, then there will be no president Obama.

    Now, you can either come here and bore us with your tedious exclamations to the contrary or you can get on the horn and tell Dr. Dean and Ms. Brazile that they MUST honor the first serious female contender to the presidency and her supporters or it will be on YOUR head if we end up with a President McCain. If Obama is really the people’s choice, he has nothing to fear.

    There will be no unity without a nomination vote for Hillary. your choice.

  5. NCEmily – If Barack Obama cannot succeed in uniting the Democrat Party around him at a contentious Convention, then he certainly does not have the leadership qualities required to lead this country.

  6. I’ll send a email in support of the delegate to the WI Dem party…but I don’t blame them if they exclude her…I’ll probably vote for McCain too…but to say that OPENLY as a Democratic delegate…I don’t know if the party can tolerate that…it’s the convention of the Democratic party…what you’re doing in the privacy of the voting booth is one thing but you don’t have to rub it in the party’s face…certainly not as a delegate…if she wants to go she should say that she was angry last month but has calmed down and will support the party…sometimes you have to lie 😉 I highly doubt she will be allowed to go as a mccain supporter…

  7. @RD: I’m all for Hillary’s name being put in nomination, but I don’t see how she can carry the day. BO’s delegate lead simply can’t be erased.

    At this point, I’m ready to swear off politics. It’s an expensive habit, both in $ wasted on losing candidates and time lost trying to persuade people.

    For the first time in years, I’m not planning to vote in Nov (although NC isn’t a competitive state, so it couldn’t really matter).

  8. What about Lieberman? Does he still have a vote – after all they did not pull his commitees that he sits on?

    What about decertify all those who did not pledge the way their state did – let’s start with John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and so forth.

    Yes – support Debra and write in your support.

  9. Can we call or write even if we aren’t Wisconsin voters? I’ll email anyways, I just hope that it works!

  10. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe shit like this is going on. Wait a minute! Yes I can, especially when you’re dealing with Obama. However, there is no way for Hillary to the nomination. That is just nonsense. However, I will be sending a note in support of Debra.

  11. Okay, I am furious!! I just got off the phone with:

    Joe Wineke, DP Chair
    The Democratic Party of Wisconsin
    222 W. Washington Ave. Suite 150
    Madison, Wisconsin 53703

    CALL: (608) 255-5172
    FAX: (608) 255-8919
    EMAIL: party@wisdems.org

    The nice young woman on the phone just told me that it was unanimous and Debra’s credentials have been stripped.

    I asked why and she said it’s because she said she was going to vote for John McCain. I told her no, she wants to vote for Hillary at the convention. She then went on to tell me that Hillary’s name will not be put into nomination that it has already been decided. So, I told her in that case there would be a lot of Democrats voting for John McCain and she goes, I know and that’s too bad.

  12. This woman disqualified HERSELF by supporting the Republicans. If you support the GOP then you don’t get to vote at the democratic convention. Just ask Zell Miller.

    Furthermore, NO PUMA belongs at the Democratic Convention. PUMAs by definition are NOT Democrats. You folks get to be Republicans or whatever else you want, but you’re not progressives and you’re not Democrats.

    Obama is the nominee, the convention will NOT be contested, and Hillary will be there to support the party, it progressive platform and Obama (and his running mate) like all genuine Democrats.


    Keisha’s back on O-borg assimilation assignment.

  14. Keisha: She certainly did not she simply expressed her desire to vote for Hillary Clinton and apparently that is against the DNC rules.

    Go fuck yourself.

  15. Wow – who put out the troll bait?

  16. Sorry for the foul language, SM but I am so pissed right now.

  17. Oh, and what is “progressive” about discriminating against women? What would be “progressive” about the government spying on citizens? What would be “progressive” about selling your soul to corporations?

    I’m just super curious – but by THAT definition, um – yeah, I’m so NOT “progressive”!

  18. Puma-SF, on July 23rd, 2008 at 4:48 pm Said:

    Yep. That’s what I was told too. We are now officially in the Twlight Zone.

  19. This is really unbelievable. At one point I asked her “is this the Communist Party” and she politely said no, this is the Democratic Party. So I asked where was the Democracy? What about one person one vote. What time does the bar open?

  20. I just called and spoke to a young man that said she was unanimously stripped of her vote at the convention as she publically declared she “would vote for McCain if Hillary Clinton’s name was not on the ballot”. He told me it was a done deal. Then, I nicely but firmly explained to him that since the Democratic Process included the person with the most popular votes name would be on the ballot this should be a non- issue.

    He said he understood my position and had received calls all day regarding this. He would pass along my thoughts to his supervisor as he is an intern.

    I say we unleash the PUMAS on them!

  21. Puma – SF – trust me, if Keisha gets her wish, she is already fucked.

    If you haven’t already gone to see BO’s latest fucking lie, go to NQ for the video.

    He is a compulsive liar.

  22. I sent an email to Will and he forwarded to JW and they are saying:

    again, I don’t think some person hired to answer phones and take comments can speak from absolute certainty…I highly doubt they want this to go public by announcing it on the phone every time someone calls. I wouldn’t put much weight on this

    Let’s hope.

  23. Carol: You’re right it looks like BothWays Barack is now head of the US Senate Banking Committee. Compulsive liar is right!!!

  24. Sent a letter of support to Joe Wineke for Debra Bartoshevich and would like to send her a blind cc. Any ideas, anyone?

  25. Ah beat it, Grendel. You’re the one who’s delutional. Go spew your ignorance and hatred some place else.

  26. Amazing that minions like Grendel accuse others of being delusional, while trying to prove their significance, which is non-existent

    Contrary to Grendel’s comment, “it” and others like “it” are the pathethically pathos ridden entities.

    They are sadly psychoactive enough to think they matter. They do not!

  27. To be more percise, the email address for Wisconsin Democratic Party Chariman Joe Wineke is:


  28. I just sent a letter to Mr. Wineke.

  29. Debra should have immediately retracted her statement and apologized, and declared emphatically that she would never vote Republican. A party delegate signs a pledge to support the party, therefore she cannot just go off half-cocked and publicly endorse the opposing party. As a private citizen she can vote however she wants, but as a delegate she cannot say just anything in public.

    Maybe she can still back peddle and salvage this. I’m so angry at her. She blew it.

  30. I love this site!! Debra, you rock!! GO PUMA!!!

  31. […] all heard the story of Debra Bartoshevich a Wisconsin Hillary Delegate who was ultimately stripped of her credentials for rashly pledging to […]

  32. […] – or eliminated. First, there was Mayor Michael Nutter, during the primaries. Then, there was Debra Bartoshevich. Today, there’s Sacha Millstone and Ed Rendell. If Obama is so obviously, totally and […]


    There is nothing to save! There IS no misunderstanding!

  34. Study the post of bringdown,then compare the obama supporters last night? equal dummies? imagine the reaction of this lot when their messiah becomes the mondale this time,,peaceful? or down to the appliance shop for a new flatscreen,,Hillary and husband must save the party the next two nights.

  35. Debra, you are a real insult to the Democratic Party. Shut up!

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