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The Mother Of Us All: A Play in One Condescending Act.

THE SCENE: NANCY PELOSI’s office. Like her home, it is tastefully furnished in pastels. Comfy chairs are placed strategically around her desk. PELOSI is sitting behind it, looking at her computer screen and humming slightly.

[A knock is heard at the door.]

PELOSI: Come in!


PELOSI [smiling]: Hi, everyone! How’s everything going? Is all well with Obama for America?

DEAN: Oh, absolutely, Nancy! That trip to Europe and the Middle East has the media creaming its collective pants.

BRAZILE: Oh, HELL yeah. Man, you should see the photo-ops our future President has been getting!

REID [muttering]: Yeah – too bad we can’t tape his mouth shut.

PELOSI [sweetly]: What was that, Harry dear?

REID [sighing]: Nothing, Nancy. Anyway, the reason we’re here –

PELOSI: Let me guess – PUMA?


DEAN: Nancy, we just don’t know what to do.

BRAZILE: We’ve tried telling them we don’t need them and to get over it –

REID: We’ve tried ignoring them –

DEAN: Nothing is working! They STILL say they won’t vote for President Obama!

PELOSI [soothingly]: Now, now, everyone calm down. All they’re looking for is a little reassurance that we respect and honor them. [rising] No offense, but I think what you need is a more motherly approach.

BRAZILE: I KNEW we came to the right place! Harry, I can’t believe you didn’t want to ask her.

REID [exasperated]: Jesus, Donna! The important thing is, we’re here now. So, Nancy, what do you suggest?

PELOSI [sitting back down behind her desk]: Come back in 15 minutes. I promise you won’t be disappointed. [PELOSI, BRAZILE AND REID file out of the office.]

[FIFTEEN MINUTES PASS. Another knock at the door.]

PELOSI: Come in, everyone!

[BRAZILE, DEAN AND REID come in and sit down expectantly.]

DEAN: Well, Nancy, what have you got for us?

PELOSI: Check it out! [rising, clearing her throat, pacing while reading]

“Dearest PUMAs,

Please do not worry about a thing. All your concerns will be addressed once President Obama has taken office. You should emulate that paragon of patriotism, Britney Spears, and just trust us with the future of your country. After all, we have done such a great job with our majority since 2006!

As for the Vice Presidentship, that is President Obama’s decision, not yours. I hate to be stern with you, because we really value your unquestioning support, but you realize that we are in charge and not you, don’t you? I mean, it’s not like it would really matter anyway. Hillary is yesterday’s news. We are moving forward into a new, post-partisan, unicorn-filled future with our young, handsome, charming rockstar candidate!

So why don’t you all just give up and let us do whatever we want? Resistance is futile, and you will be assimilated.

Love and kisses,

Grandma Pelosi”

[PELOSI stops, and waits expectantly. DEAN, BRAZILE and REID sit in stunned silence. Then, happy, relieved smiles break over their faces.]

BRAZILE: Damn, Nancy, that was fantastic!

DEAN: Wow. Great, great job, Madame Speaker. The iron fist in the velvet glove.

REID: Yeah – even I’ve gotta admit, that was a stellar performance. Brava!

PELOSI [preening]: Well, this oughta fix their wagon. Nothing can stop Obama now!

[ALL FOUR LAUGH. The Princess phone on PELOSI’s desk rings.]

PELOSI: Hello? Oh, Hillary, is that you? [EVERYONE stops laughing.] Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-HUH. Well…um…of course that’s your decision…uh…yes, yes, of course. I understand. [PELOSI hangs up the phone, shell-shocked.]

[brief pause while EVERYONE looks at PELOSI.]

REID [who can’t take the tension any more]: Damnit, Nancy! What happened!

PELOSI: Well, um…it appears that Hillary has been getting an earful from her supporters. She has decided to place her name in nomination at the Convention, so that means…she could actually win instead of Barack.

[EVERYONE is mute with consternation.]

BRAZILE [breaking the silence]: Well, well, well. Looks like it’s gonna be a very interesting summer.


Cross-posted at Oooh, nuance!

250 Responses

  1. That’s great! Brava.

  2. madamab’s playlets are as good as any produced on SNL. They should be bundled and published they are so on target. Cheers!

  3. Thanks! 🙂

    I just wonder who they’re going to trot out next to try and make us all “hopenotized.” So far, their efforts have not been impressive.

  4. PJ – I even gave this one a happy ending. See? Hillary supporters can hope, too!

  5. Wonderful play! Tony Award winner!

    I just sent the following email to Nancy Pe-loser:

    Ms. Pelosi,

    You recently stated, at the Netroots Nation Conference, “The only one thing important right now is party unity.”

    My response to you is “P U M A”. I’ve no doubt you know what that stands for.

    The “party” is dead. You, Howard Dean, Harry Reid, Donna Brazile, and Barack Obama, have been mostly responsible for beating it senseless over the past year. The final death blow was dealt on May 31, 2008.

    There can be no party unity. There is no more party. You destroyed it. So, the only important thing right now is a fair and democratic convention in August.

    You might want to let your buddies know that we PUMAs aren’t going anywhere. We’re here to stay. You’ll be hearing from us in August. You’ll be hearing from us in November. And you’ll be hearing from us in all the months in between.

    And if John McCain becomes president, you’ll be hearing from us for the next 4 years, as we rebuild the “party” without you and your colleagues in it.

    PUMA Power!
    Cindy Sheehan for Congress!

  6. Pelosi sounds so Delores Umbridge-y in this play. I can see the kittens playing on the china plates.

  7. Great letter, mystichill4puma! We will not be silenced, now or in the future. We are the base of the Democratic Party, and we know how to fight, just like Hillary!


  8. madamab has her characters down to a tee. One can envision them performing their role exactly as pictured in real life. Nancy blink blinking, Reid hesitant, Donna so arrogant. She captures their essence perfectly.

  9. Madamab: THANK YOU!!!!

    I defintely see this as a “Who Killed Ole Yeller” Act 2!

    Can’t wait for Act 3 when Hillary signs the petition to put herself on the ballot! (crossing my fingers!)

  10. SM – I hope that soon I’ll be able to write that third act, and it will be REAL!! 🙂

  11. Wouldn’t that have made this entire last two months bearable?
    Just to see those worshippers taken down a peg or two is worth waiting for.

  12. Pelosi’s Princess Phone? Nice touch, madamab!

  13. Funny!! You must have been a fly on the wall! I just rec’d a newsletter from IOwnMyVote.com. It concerned a critical letter sent to top Democratic donors from Don Fowler and Alice Germond. I am not an eloquent writer and often do not use proper form…but I wrote to both:

    Mr. Fowler and Ms. Germond,

    I, too, supported Hillary Clinton, and she is no Loser. You would have been better served, in your condescending letter to Top Donors, to use a term more appropriate.

    I watched the SBC televised meeting. I watched Ms. Germond and Mr. Roosevelt allow back room proceedings to take place, which were specifically against the rules and regulations. I watched Ms. Germond and Mr. Roosevelt allow a slight majority to take 4 from Michigan, that had been counted and certified for Hillary and GIVE them to Obama.

    I am disgusted with the Democratic Party…plain and simple. I don’t know who I will vote for, but you need to understand that the distrust many feel, right now, is a direct result of Ms. Germond, Mr. Roosevelt, the Bylaws Committee, Howard Dean, and the DNC moving half of it’s operations to Chicago. And none of this has anything to do with Hillary Clinton, so you should stop using her as your excuse.

    You and Ms. Germond should be ashamed of yourselves..and the letter you sent to Top Donors is just the latest you should be ashamed about. People can vote for and donate to whomever they choose, in this country. This is the first year I’ve known the Democratic Party to be thought of as Bullies…that’s usually a trait of the Republican Party.

  14. MollyeA – You really nailed it, in my opinion.

    I am disgusted with the Democratic Party…plain and simple. I don’t know who I will vote for, but you need to understand that the distrust many feel, right now, is a direct result of Ms. Germond, Mr. Roosevelt, the Bylaws Committee, Howard Dean, and the DNC moving half of it’s operations to Chicago. And none of this has anything to do with Hillary Clinton, so you should stop using her as your excuse.


  15. Way to go MolleA!

  16. they have to borrow a phrase”awakened a sleeping giant and filled it with a terrible wrath” it was true 67 years ago and its true now.

  17. I love this one.

  18. Madamab’s cliff hangers AKA the days of our lives, summer ’08’ in the USA.

  19. LOL Mawm! 🙂

  20. madamab: Will you be on the show tomorrow at 8?

  21. PJ – I think so. I can’t make the rehearsal tonight but hopefully there will be a run-through tomorrow. 🙂

  22. I am looking forward to it. You guys will be great.

  23. Wow, you guys have rehearals and stuff! I’m impressed.

  24. Should we alert Frank Rich???

  25. madamab: Enjoyed your latest piece. Are you familiar with Gogol’s “The Inspector General”? If not, I think you’d like it. Your closing scene reminded me of Gogol’s ending.

  26. PJ – Frank Rich has CDS. I don’t think he’d like this one! LOL

    Jules – I am familiar with Gogol’s work and enjoy it, but I don’t think I’ve read “The Inspector General.” Will put it on my reading list!

  27. Grandma Pelosi…lol She should stick to grandmothering!

    Madamab…you already know I think you rock and am praying the last part about Hillary will come to pass. I would love to see all the usual suspect clowns shell-shocked!

    Keep up the good work and I am encouraging everyone to support this site….Confluence, a site that doesn’t mind printing the truth!

  28. Yes, do read it. There’s a wonderful mute scene at the end. It’s a satire on corruption and the main character (Khlestakov) hoodwinks everyone into believing he is someone very important. Hmm, the more I think about it, the more I want to re-read it from our current perspective!

  29. Jules – You know, it’s amazing how this era and the Stalinist era are starting to become more and more alike…Obama is using race the way Stalin used Communist Orthodoxy – to enforce conformity and purge non-believers.

    He scares the bejeezus out of me.

  30. Thanks for the link, edgeoforever. I’m enjoying taking the time to read all the links you guys provide – a host of new blogs is opening up to me.

    I just heard a cicada. We didn’t have any for the past couple of years, and I missed that summer afternoon sound.

    I have three months of severance pay, so I can take a little time off to regroup.

  31. Is her debt really paid off? What fabulous news!!!!

  32. There should be a huge press release on the debt payoff for Hillary!!!!!! Send PR copy to all media outlets!!!!!!!!!This is huge news!!!!!!! Huge for Hillary! Huge for PUMA!

  33. Dear all, as some of you know I am a strong Puma. Here is an email I just sent an Obama-supporting friend:

    I know you aren’t following the campaign the way I am, but something you might want to be aware of:

    During his foreign trip, Obama has banned American journalists who have criticized him. He has banned foreign journalists and not allowed them to come near him, because, more than American reporters, they tend to be independent and do their job. He has set up fake interviews where he appears to be asked questions by journalists, but these are in fact staged questions presented by the military. It has gotten so bad that NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchel went on television/MSNBC last night to complain about these “fake interviews” (her words). Bear in mind that both NBC and Mitchell have been very strong supporters of Obama from the beginning, and that Mitchell was very tough on Hillary. So it must be pretty bad if even she is speaking out.

    Once again, Obama has adopted Rove’s modus operandi and I believe if he is elected–this is me now–we will have four to eight years of Bush-like altered reality, fakery, censorship and control fed to a gullible public. I am so upset about this. When did we become the bad guys? Where is the change Obama promised? Even if I could forgive him between now and November for undermining abortion, gun control, the separation of church and state, FISA/privacy, public financing, and the anti-war effort, how could I ever bring myself to vote for someone who took one look at the Bush era, saw how great it worked (only for a time–didn’t he notice that it failed after a while?) and decided to replicate it?

    I can’t in good consience vote for this man. I can’t be part of my party becoming this. He is creating a Democratic Party that shuts down dissent as much as the Bush Republican Party ever did. He has no core principles. He casually ignores his own base, our values, the core values of the Democratic Party and of lifelong Democratic consituents like you and me. He will do anything to get elected, it seems, and, if his behavior thus far is any indication, he will do anything to stay in power once he is elected.

    The following is from the (of course conservative) Wall Street Journal. But I am beginning to fear the writer may be right:

    “His campaign is more cultural than political. He sells himself more as a cultural breakthrough than as a candidate for office. To be a projection screen for the cultural aspirations of both blacks and whites one must be an invisible man politically. Real world politics, in their mundanity, interrupt cultural projections. And so Mr. Obama’s political invisibility — a charm that can only derive from a lack of deep political convictions — may well serve his cultural appeal, but it also makes him something of a political mess.

    Already he has flip-flopped on campaign financing, wire-tapping, gun control, faith-based initiatives, and the terms of withdrawal from Iraq. Those enamored of his cultural potential may say these reversals are an indication of thoughtfulness, or even open-mindedness. But could it be that this is a man who trusted so much in his cultural appeal that the struggles of principle and conscience never seemed quite real to him? His flip-flops belie an almost existential callowness toward principle, as if the very idea of permanent truth is passé, a form of bad taste.”

    Hillary, by the way–who has already been to Iraq many times–is back in the trenches, trying to stop the just-announced Bush rule that would label certain types of birth control pills and all IUDS as “abortificants,” and thus make it harder for women to have access to them. Too busy with his Rainbow Tour of the Middle East, his meaningless slogans, fake seals, bogus interviews, staged photo ops and misleading and heavily edited footage (Andrea Mitchell yet again), he has yet to utter a single word about something that is real and heavily at stake right now.

    If this is the new Democratic Party, count me out. I need to be able to vote for things I believe in. I will not give my permission for this, just as you and I, remember, did not give our permission to Bush, to the war, or to anything that followed. I will not give my permission to McCain, either. I will not vote against who I am.

    Remember, your vote is a banner that clearly states: I have seen what you do, and you have my permission to continue.

  34. Arabella: Take the time for yourself to heal. That is the very first thing as you are more than likely in shock and disbelief right now even though you may have prepared yourself for the outcome. Sending out only best thoughts to you and keep in mind that terrific Mom of yours.

  35. Nicely said, Magdalena.

  36. OMG! We paid off her debt! That is so incredibly wonderful!!!

    YAY EOF!!!

    Here is a link to Opensecrets.org’s page on HRC.

    I’m thinking someone needs to do a post here on this. Mawm?

  37. Oh, Pat. You just made my day. I was fired yesterday. Last night my husband and I went to visit my mother said:

    1) Oh my poor baby!
    2) Do you feel like throwing up?
    3) You need to take time to grieve.

    What a wise woman – and her priorities are in the right order too.

  38. madamab, a great post followed by great news! Are we sure this means the debt is paid off? Or are some of thos funds for Hillary 2012 or other things?

    What a coup if we have done it!

  39. Magdalena – It seems that she has more cash on hand than debt. Will Bower also says that her debt is paid off. I’m assuming that both Open Secrets AND Will can’t be wrong! 🙂

  40. are you sure that her cash on hand isn’t GE money?

  41. This is fantastic! It has absolutely made my day! Thank you!

    I wonder if Carol would be interested in starting a Hillary 2012 fund drive now? I am maxed out for this campaign, but isn’t it true I can start contributing to that?

  42. Can Hillary continue to raise money?

  43. Arabella: Exactly. No one can possibly know what you feel inside. And don’t let them tell you to “get over it” and “just pull your socks up” and “get on with it”. You were hit by a train. Your Mom was right. You need to go through a grieving process only you can experience. You don’t think Hillary went through the same thing? Of course she did and I bet she allowed herself some good long crying periods.

    Adjustment is difficult and there is no set timetable to recover. With me it is long walks, quiet music, a cup of tea with a dear friend. But it does take time. Indulge yourself first and foremost. And as corny as it sounds, the sun does come out tomorrow.

  44. Magdalena – I would hold off. I think we will soon be contributing to her Presidential Campaign – the last week in August!

  45. Hoorah ! see http://nounity.blogspot.com/2008/07/top-clinton-supporters-still-not.html

    Democratic disunity is evident among Clinton’s top fundraisers according to The San Francisco Busines Times article Clinton Backers Continue to Shun Obama Campaign,

    Despite taking in $52 million in June 2008 alone, presidential candidate Barack Obama received only $19,250 from major Hillary Clinton donors.

    From a list of 311 ‘Hillraisers’ who brought in more than $100,000 each for Clinton, only eight contributed to Obama’s campaign in June, according to the Huffington Post.

    Fewer than 3 percent of Clinton’s top donors have given any money to the presumptive Democratic nominee.
    Other evidence of continued disunity includes the increasing reach of Puma, Just Say No Deal, and Nobama sites on the web. Nobama Network, a relative new comer, lists over 330 sites in its network. Just Say No Deal the site that first kicked off this movemnet is still holding strong with a long listing of member sites. Puma, however, has become a commanding presence on and off-line.

  46. For those with questions about the debt, here is edgeoforever’s story again:


    Seems definite to me, but then, I don’t have a direct line to the HRC campaign…:-)

  47. Well I hope this is true, but didn’t Hillary have something like $23 million already banked for the GE? Could these OS numbers include that? I dunno, hope someone can clarify.

    MadamaB! Love this new play. Am looking forward to tomorrow night’s program. Which of the plays are you doing?

  48. Guys, let’s wait for some sort of corraboration on the debt before we jump to any assumptions.

  49. That is wonderful news about the debt!

    madamab: You’re right, there are so many parallels to Lenin and Stalin: the Cult of Personality, banning the press, accusations of racism [in those days, people were accused of being fascists, Western sympathizers, capitalists, saboteurs, etc., but the analogy works]. We are on the brink of something very terrifying.

  50. NH – Yet some sites, like TalkLeft for example, persist in stating that Obama is a shoo-in. Nothing will break their delusion.

    It’s amazing how factually-challenged some of the “progressive” blogs are, isn’t it?

  51. Actually, we PUMAs are accusing of being saboteurs, aren’t we??

  52. jules – Yes, we are “destroying the Party” because we have silly, petty concerns like fairness and transparency in our democratic process; not to mention we expect our candidate to represent Democratic principles.

    Can you imagine how clueless people have to be to buy this argument?!

  53. Long live the resistance!

  54. Hi madamab, I read this play last night at 12:30AM and I went to sleep feeling very happy. Kudos again!

  55. I agree madamab. Sites like Talk Left, which I used to visit daily, cannot admit they made a mistake. The rationales they concoct for continuing to support him are laughable.

    I wish they was a way we could send out a satirical video something that makes fun of Obama, his supporters and the MSM. I do think ridicule, when it conveys a truth, is the best way to show America how terrible it would be to elect Obama.

    BTW, I have noticed a shift in the comments to many MSM articles, and this shift is decidedly anti-Obama. If the polls are anything like the primary, then if Obama is polling tied or a little ahead, that means he is 5-10 points behind McCain.

    I think the election is McCains to lose, and not Obama’s to lose.

  56. OK, one demand only: Hillary for President

    So Fowler and Pelosi and Brazile et al are getting fatigue and irritation from our ‘carping’ and ‘demands.’

    Okay, let’s simplify. Hillary for President.

    If she is the nominee for President, fine. (We can even live with Clinton/Obama.) But if Obama is nominated for President, then we don’t vote for him.

    That’s what we have 9 million HIllary supporters saying in the world outside the internet (per recent poll). They’re simply saying they won’t vote for Obama. They’re not talking about speeches at the convention or other cosmetic stuff. They’re talking bottom line.

    Now that we have the DNC’s attention, maybe it’s time for us to talk bottom line.

    No fiddly symbolic stuff, not even just an honest-appearing vote (which Pelosi could strong-arm just as she did in June).

    Just the result: Hillary for President.

  57. I think sites like Talk Left are like nervous parents of the bride. The know their daughter is engaged to a loser, but they have already sent out the engraved wedding invitations and paid a deposit to the catering venue. So they have to act as if everything is great, but in the meantime they are saving up money to help with the divorce.

  58. NH – I agree that the MCM is starting to switch back to their first love, McCain. They are just doing it a little earlier than I thought.

    It’s so typical of the arrogance of many of the Obama bloggers that they simply refuse to admit the PUMAs have a point (or even that they exist!). Today BTD is carping and complaining 😉 about how Obama is being advised by neocon apologist Cass Sunstein. Yet guess what? He’s still voting for Obama.

    What the hell good is it to b&tch and and moan if you won’t do anything about it? I’m getting “fatigued and irritated” by their hypocrisy.

  59. Isn’t Susstein a likely Obama Supreme Court nominee?

  60. turndownobama-com, on July 22nd, 2008 at 1:07 pm Said:

    OK, one demand only: Hillary for President

    I agree with this — this should be PUMA’s message.

  61. Madamab – Poor BTD can’t stop lovin’ that man o’ his.

    Fish gotta swim,
    Birds gotta fly
    I gotta love one man till I die
    Can’t stop lovin that man of mine.

    BTD looks lovely in those period costumes by the way.

  62. Arabella Trefoil – Wow! How many more reasons do I have to have for not voting for Obama?

    CASS SUNSTEIN for the Supreme Court!

    pm317 – You know, I’m starting to think the same thing.

    Hillary or bust.

  63. madamaab – Sunstein, ayep. That’s what I heard.

  64. Has this condescending OP ED by Donna Brazile to Hillary supporters been posted here already? Be ware, you will need to count to 100 after you read her note for unity.


  65. madamab, on July 22nd, 2008 at 1:16 pm Said:
    I don’t think we can ever accept Obama as the dem nominee. So even if we demand a nominating ballot and a roll call vote and he wins, the damage to democracy has already been done. So many of us are saying exactly “Hillary or bust.” By some miracle we may get her but we may also get him as VP. Then what? I just wish that many of his skeletons (I am sure there are many and we have already seen some) come out of the closet and he withdraws for good before the convention.

  66. AP Headline: Obama touts foreign policy credentials with Mideast trip.

    Yep, they printed that with a straight-faced font. Me, I would have put…..’touts pathetic foreign policy credentials..’ or …..”touts lack of foreign policy credentials..’
    But then, I’m not in the media tank for Obama, like the AP, whose mission [as I remind you daily] is: We Make Obama Look Good No Matter What.

  67. pm317 – I know what you’re saying…but we don’t have to tell the DNC everything. 🙂

    Just getting her name placed into nomination will be a major accomplishment. If he wins with the appearance of fair-and-square-dom, of course we won’t vote for him. We can just say that it’s obvious the DNC rigged it despite our demands for fairness, openness and transparency.

    Yes, I am sneaky. 😉

  68. pm137

    Our best hope is to keep the resistance strong. You can’t force somebody to love someone. Dean & Co. are using all the techniques a stalking abuser uses. They are bullying one minute and laying guilt trips on us the next.

    As long as the PUMA movement stays visible and stands firm, it makes it hard for the thieves to justify their stealing the nomination.

    Vive PUMA! Toujours PUMA!

  69. So truthful and hysterical!


  70. pm317, on July 22nd, 2008 at 1:26 pm Said:

    madamab, on July 22nd, 2008 at 1:16 pm Said:
    I don’t think we can ever accept Obama as the dem nominee.

    Just want to clarify this — rejecting Obama stands on its own merit and has nothing to do whatsoever with Clinton. So it is not some frivolous angry reaction to not getting my candidate. It is more about how a weaker candidate is being propped up in every which way — look at his foreign policy field trip and I am paying for it.

  71. pm317, right. I voted for Kerry in 2004 even though I couldn’t stand him. Obama is completely unacceptable. I can’t even hold my nose. It wouldn’t matter if I had a Hazmat suit. Never happening.

  72. Mawm – I feel the same way. Kerry was horrible. I told myself “Never again will I hold my nose and vote for a loser.” And now I’m glad I made myself that promise.

    I didn’t think that they could actually find a worse candidate than Kerry. And they went ahead and did just that.

  73. Carol, thanks for the laugh! Oh, that Shmucker Carlson! I wanted to vote but didn’t dare give McCain’s campaign my email address. I’m not ready for that, yet.

  74. PofE,

    Please use the saying with abandon. A very wise aphorist once said,

    Sayings are meant to be shared, it is the way a culture perpetuates itself and unless they are shared, people will think you are just mumbling to yourself and that isn’t good unless the accusers are wearing white jackets.

  75. Brazile’s ‘unity’ thing is available for public comment at


    Easy posting, goes right up. Lots of PUMA posts.

  76. if this is a repeat .. did anyone see pelosies piece in huffpluff ..?? . haven’t read it – just found the headline ..

    pelosi tells ‘Clinton’ supporters to stop worrying about who the vp is gonna be .. dont’ want to ruin my morning ..

    Whoohoooooooooo PUMAS .. !! Hillary’s debt paid off .. !!!

    I love it love it love it ..

  77. Arabella – The worst part is I thought Kerry was going to win. As bad a candidate as he was, I thought he’d make a good President.

    Sigh. Fool me once – can’t get fooled again! 😉

  78. Briana – uh, did you read the play?


  79. We need to remember that the many of the SDs are elected officials. All of the House members are up in November. Yesterday, I got an email about a fundraiser for my Governor , who I really like. I wrote back that no Dem was getting any money and no Dem that supported o was getting my vote. We need to let these guys know that the presidential candidate is just the tip of the iceberg. If House members start to worry that will get Pelosi’s attention. We need to fight to win.

  80. news flash-honolulu; this reporter has just interviewed candidate obamas old high school history teacher.this explains recent verbal gaffs by mr obama.quote”barry was how do i says this ,gee i hope he understands?well to be quite frank about it ,is he was our version of jeff spicolli,you know that role sean penn played in fast times at ridgemont high.it still amazes me how far he has come because i frankly i thought i be seeing him permanatly on the beach.” this is andy rooney signing off.

  81. Is anyone noticing that they are all using the word VP in every article? I really don’t think Hillary wants to be VP and I think she turned them down when they asked but I think in order to save Barky, Pelosi and gang are making it seem that all Hillary supporters want is her to be VP. I wish PUMA or JSND would make this more clearer.

  82. someone posted at pumapac that mccain leads obama in OH in a new poll…is this true??

  83. #
    Mawm, on July 22nd, 2008 at 1:38 pm Said:

    pm317, right. I voted for Kerry in 2004 even though I couldn’t stand him. Obama is completely unacceptable. I can’t even hold my nose. It wouldn’t matter if I had a Hazmat suit. Never happening.
    I voted for Kerry too and I think the difference is that he was a mainstream albeit a weaker candidate with no alternative and there did develop a general consensus that he was the dem candidate for GE. Here there is no such consensus developing and is made more difficult with the presence of a stronger candidate Clinton and other complications such as the DNC rigging, the media bias, the candidate himself with his lackluster resume and damaging background. They wanted Clinton to go away so that those other complications did not see the light of day. Unfortunately for them, some of us were paying attention. I bet PUMA is predominantly INTJ (Meyers Briggs).

  84. Can’t say I didn’t like Kerry, I was indifferent to him. My mindset was anyone but Bush.
    I can’t stand Kerry now, but for all his faults at least he was qualified. This time around, no way will I vote for BO- better a hero than a zero. Actually, the more I know of BO the better McCain seems.

  85. I hope it’s true, and even if it isn’t, I thank the people State of Ohio for thier enduring good sense.

  86. yes its by 10pts go to real clear politics and you can see it.

  87. pm317 – OMG! I am ENTJ! LOL

    Boy, there are some VERY smart people here…

    and I agree, Kerry was a legitimate nominee, unlike Obama.

  88. Honora, on July 22nd, 2008 at 1:56 pm Said:

    van Hollen will not get my vote.

  89. madamab, Yea I was going to include E there. I myself am an out and out INTJ.

  90. Re: McCain and Ohio – the average is a 1.5 point lead for Obama, which is within the MOE.

    Rasmussen has McCain leading by ten points.


  91. For all practical purposes, Obama chould win. You can’t compare Kerry. First, the press didn’t like him. Second, he was running against an encumbant, it’s extremely difficult to unseat a sitting President. Third, people were not as against the war as they are today. Fourth, Bush was beloved by the Repub base, McCain is not. Fifth, the economy was better than it is today. Six, gas prices were lower. This is the best year for the Democrats in several decades. Any Democrat should win. So, you can’t compare 2004 to this year.

  92. I’m an INTJ too. OK, I have two data points. As a biologist, I call this a trend.

  93. ENTJ here

  94. weird. Is everyone NTJ here?

  95. don tufts, on July 22nd, 2008 at 1:59 pm Said:

    news flash-honolulu; this reporter has just interviewed candidate obamas old high school history teacher.this explains recent verbal gaffs by mr obama.quo

    I vaguely remember reading LATimes article that quoted a Harvard prof who said Obama was good at pretending to be intellectual.

  96. Gary is INTJ

  97. I am more selfish I have several demands:

    1) Hillary for President

    2) Donna Brazile to resign from all official and un official party posts as long has she continues to whore for the media

    3) Dr Howard Dean Resigns from the chairmanship and admitt his coulpability in the sham nomination process.

    4) Nancy Pelosi Resign as Speaker of the house with the next congress and a new speaker selected

    5) The writers of that discusting letter to Hillary Donors be removed from the Democratic National Committee and any posts they hold on any sub committee’s

    6) Senator Barak Obama chose not to run for re-election of his senate seat with out Hillary’s permission as a sign of his undying loyality to her superior intellect

    7) Make Fuzzybeargville chairman of the rules and bylaws committee

    8) Completely reform the nomination process

    9) Carol Diamonds be put in charge of DNC fundraising

    10)Recognize Puma as the new conscience of the party

    ok I am out of time gotta get back to work…


  98. The AP touting BZero’s foreign policy creds is like calling Granimals couture fashion.

  99. Hee hee hee fuzzybear! Love your list of demands. You are awesome! 🙂

  100. Prolix, on July 22nd, 2008 at 2:13 pm Said:
    The AP touting BZero’s foreign policy creds is like calling Granimals couture fashion.

    Careful with that, I just read the fall fashion shows had several models wearing stuff that looked like the muppets. The article warned against regular people following this trend.

  101. Masslib: LOL

  102. INTJs (and ENTJs) are a special breed, only about 12% of the population, may be a little more if we include the Es. But most of us have investigative powers and that is where our mistrust of Obama comes, I think we can put 2 and 2 together, faster. FWIW.

  103. Sorry, should have ended my previous post with a 🙂

    Don’t want you all to think I am serious about all that.

  104. pm317 – I didn’t know that. Wow. I remember taking that test a long time ago with a bunch of friends. Very interesting stuff. 🙂

  105. #
    Mawm, on July 22nd, 2008 at 2:12 pm Said:

    Gary is INTJ

    My husband is an ENTJ. He had only to look at couple of things about Obama to figure him out.

  106. Are INTJ’s and ENTJ’s the only people immune from the so-called Obama charm? If so, I feel lucky to be in that 12% or so of the population.

  107. Arabella, to INFP’s BZero is as transparent as saran wrap and twice as clingy.

  108. I wandered over to view the Love Video vote at the McCain site; as expected, it’s amusing and disturbing at the same time. These people are supposed to be journalists, supposed to be professionals. At least some of them are, I know some are pundits, which seems code for Say the Most Outrageous Thing Possible So You Get Called Back and Paid For It..

    But, the supposed journalists sound like kids. You knew who they sound like? Harriet Miers. Remember her silly Christmas card & notes? Remember how these faux progblogs and some journalists ridiculed her? They now sound just as stupid, just as fawning, just as unprofessional, just as adolescent.

  109. 😦 I don’t even know what INTJ and ENTJ stand for. Can I still play with you all?

  110. Arabella – Good question!

    I am laughing while imagining all the Obamans laboring over the Meyers-Briggs test – then giving up halfway through because they are too boring, and going off to play video games. LOL

  111. PofEd, remember experts are former spirts that didn’t make it.

  112. What’s ENTJ and INTJ?

  113. honora, i’m with you. what are ints and ents?

  114. Thanks fuzzy – hope everyone knows I’m only into politically correct Diamonds – no Blood Diamonds.

    In fact as far as I am concerned, “cz’s are a girl’s best friend.” However, for President it has to be the real thing – Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008.

  115. Prolix – INFP’s are the Clingfree of the Democratic Party. Or the Static Gard.

  116. Arabella, that’s why BZero is so repulsive to me.

  117. Hilarious play!

    Ummm an actor is omitted! What role for that race baiter Clyburn?

  118. madamab – lol

    Yes, that is a good observation. The Obamanauts would be too bored to complete the test.

    Isn’t there a shorter version?
    Do I really hafta do this?
    Doesn’t it light up or play music?
    It doesn’t look like it would taste good, but let me try ..
    Ugh, tastes horrible. ptui

  119. Arabella, they are post-myers-Briggs

  120. LOL Mawm and Arabella! 🙂

  121. madamab thank you for yet another insightful play.

    Come on, let’s call Obama’s trip what it really is. It really is just another EGO TRIP! What a waste of money this one has been since he has been going on EGO TRIPS for over a year now without leaving the USA. At least now Europe and the middle east get to experience the Obama ego first hand.

  122. Honora, do a google on Myers-Briggs. There is a wiki (it would not post the link here.)

  123. I just took an online test and it said I am INFJ, whatever that means

  124. Prolix,
    watching the Obots, it’s more like squirts that didn’t make it.

  125. Obama is like decaffeinated sugar-free cola. No carbs, no calories, no taste … Hey why am I drinking this stuff? Because the marketing convinced me that it’s cool to drink this stuff. I’ll have lots of friends and be sexy if I drink this stuff.

  126. I just tried to go into PUMApac. Said there was fatal error and couldn’t open. Anyone else having problem?

  127. FL Voters comments reminded me of a quote from Alice in Wonderland that sums up BZero:

    Alice: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
    The Cat: That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.
    Alice: I don’t much care where.
    The Cat: Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go.

    That about sums up BZero.

  128. Prolix, you are right we are all Alice, since we are rational beings in an irrational world.

  129. Ghandi and eleanor roosevelt were INFJ’s so I’m in good company. Hell Jung himself was an INFJ….(according to this website I’m at that I know nothing about he he…)

  130. Gary, it tells you why you are an activist and dare to make your voice be heard. You aren’t easily cowed and your world is structured by your beliefs.

  131. yeah, I got a weird fatal error message too when I tried to go to puma pac

  132. Just retook the test – I’m an ESTJ.

    Here is what the personality types mean:


    Anyone else wants to take it, it’s here:


    Enjoy! 🙂

  133. has pumapac been hacked, shut down by bots?


    or possibly just having normal tech troubles.

  134. I had my MBTI done about 10 years ago. Came out INTJ. “Independent, individualistic, single-minded, and determined individuals who trust their vision of possibilities regardless of universal skepticism.”

    Sounds like a PUMA to me.

  135. I wonder if the massive email initiative today has crashed PUMAPac’s server?

    MaryLee – VERY PUMA! Rrrrrooooowwwwwrrrr!

  136. ok, how about this for a more truthful AP headline:

    Obama Touts Lack of Foreign Policy Credentials with Mideast Ego Trip

  137. Just saw this over at Fox…I’m sure this guy is going to guantanamo for sure if Obama wins:

    Jesus was only 33 when he died for our sins. And, aside from carpentry, what experience did he have in saving the world? Did he ever run a corporation, hold public office for many years or fight in a war? No, no and no. A Holy Trinity of no — like Obama.

    But Obama is older than Jesus, he went to better schools, he can speak more languages and he did narcotics. So you could say he’s been there and done that. And that’s good.

    Some say Jesus flip flops: On one hand he preaches forgiveness, on the other he mentions hell. But by seeing how Obama shifts beliefs to gain political advantage, you can see that all great leaders are willing to change. I mean, if you keep falling down, maybe it’s time to buy a better cross.

    And sure, Jesus Christ had a funny name. But, here are some other funny names: Gandhi, Confucius, Obama, Pitt. Meanwhile, here are some more common names: Koresh, Manson, Bush.

    You get the picture.

    And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

    whole thing is here:


  138. Madamab, loved the play.
    Funny, I always pictured Nancy P. on a French phone.
    Oh, well, wrong again.

  139. That’s hillarious

  140. LOL, I love this line madamab, I sooo agree!

    “What the hell good is it to b&tch and and moan if you won’t do anything about it? I’m getting “fatigued and irritated” by their hypocrisy.”

  141. I would add. I knew Hilter, and you sir, are no Hilter.

  142. I’m watching Escape To Chimp Eden. The body language of the alpha males reminds me of the Obamnauts. They remind me of Keith Olberman too. Lots of hooting and clapping and showing teeth. They try to make themselves look big.

  143. Gary – that is great!

    Did everyone see this at Alegre’s Corner?

    it is not to be missed. 🙂

  144. This latest Obama trip has just been too much for me. It seems that the media is still rushing to worship at the altar of Obama. To me Obama is nothing more than the personification of egotism and hubris. This is not what I look for in a president.

  145. Thanks for the Donna Brazile link.
    There was a part she referred to NOT COMING OUT FOR OBAMA RIGHT AWAY; something about neutral.
    Donna we saw your pain!!

  146. The share price of the New York Times Company touched its lowest point in more than a decade yesterday after an analyst cut his price target and predicted shares will weaken over time. The stock lost 96 cents, or 6.4%, to $14.10 in late-afternoon trading. Earlier in the day, shares touched a low of $13.91, their lowest level since September 1997. (Via HuffPost/AP)
    (from uppitywoman) nice article -people have stopped reading the NYT-wonder why?

  147. What happen to Murphy’s blog? http://blog.pumapac.org/

  148. madamab-Brilliant!

    I am INTJ, too!

    Koresh is a common name????

  149. garychapelhill, on July 22nd, 2008 at 3:25 pm Said:

    I thought Barky only spoke one language. He can’t speak indonesian. Tried but he can’t speak it. How many other languages does BO speak?

  150. josgirl – I don’t know – I just see Nancy with a Princess Phone. It so goes with her air of super-wealthy, yet girly gentility. 🙂

  151. Please, o speaks the universal language of hope and change. Duh

  152. DownListen, on July 22nd, 2008 at 3:54 pm Said:

    I thought Barky only spoke one language. How many other languages does BO speak?

    DownListen, if you count doubletalk, BZero then speaks three.

  153. Madamab,

    Great, right on the nose play!

    BTW, the letter to P. isn’t chicken sh*t eitherJ

    Madalena, great letter as well.

    Debt is paid?Woman,

    PUMAS are sssssssmokin’!

  154. I may not be ENT but I do possess a bullshit meter that is always activated. That meter gave me an accurate count on Obama early on: bullshit at its highest level!

  155. Prolix, for every language he speaks, multiply by two to account for the doublespeak.

  156. Prolix, lol

  157. Madamab, you’re probably right.
    But then, who needs a phone when you could just listen to the voices in your head?

  158. All these judging people here. INTJs and ENTJs. Don’t you know it is racist to judge Obama?

  159. Anyone having trouble logging in to PUMApac?

  160. Mawm –

    Don’t you know it is racist to judge Obama?

    That is SO JUDGEMENTAL!!!1111!!!!


  161. Barky’s doublespeak = Bothwaysbarack

  162. Tuscon:

    Yes, seems Murphy is down. Hopefully, just internal problem. I am pretty sure no one from Obama’s group would try anything so dastardly.


  163. you would think NYT would try to demonstrate a little fairness after yesterday’s mccain oped fiasco, but no. here is an excerpt from their blackwater story today, with no quote from mccain, only their beloved BO whose quote is weeks old!

    Blackwater Plans Exit From Guard Work
    By Mike Nizza
    ..The presumptive Republican and Democratic nominees support the use of security contractors much less than the Bush administration does, though neither has said that they must be pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Senator Barack Obama told The Military Times earlier this month that he was “troubled by the use of private contractors when it comes to potential armed engagements,” but he did leave some room for them — not that it will lend comfort to Blackwater executives.
    “There is room for private contractors to work in the mess hall providing basic supplies and doing some logistical work,” he said.

    this is outrageous.

  164. Was waiting for PUMA to go down – we MUST be making an impact – we have to be stopped! Keep up the good work everyone.

  165. Okay, what does this mean?


  166. Arabella, you are “on” today as usual. I’m just sitting here nodding over your comments. First about the wedding invitations already begin sent out, then about ObamaCola.

    Don’t people know?:

    Artificial sweeteners are bad for us.

  167. It’s amazing to me that Obama has supporters who think it’s fair play to shut down free speech. That’s the kind of behavior I expect from the bad guys – wait, what am I saying?

  168. All these INTJs must be why I feel so comfortable here, and think everyone is so sensible! Count me as another data point.

  169. Puma-SF – It means Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging IIRC.

    You can google myers-briggs and you’ll find a link that tells you what all this stuff means. 🙂

    Later everyone! Thanks for all the compliments. I really appreciate them.


  170. America Held Hostage by the Race Card
    Kerry use ” Tar Baby” to aid Obama
    Video here:

  171. Does anyone know what happened to the pumapac blog?
    came home from work looking for it and all i get is error messages.

  172. The call for unity from Brazile is just a big jar of Marshmallow Fluff.

    Let’s see: We would listen to Donna since we’re compliant, immature people. No, that’s not it.

    We would listen to Donna since she’s been an empathetic person, respecting our differences. No, that’s not it.

    We would listen to Donna since she’s been an effective leader to long-standing members in a strictly voluntary organizations. No, that’s not it.

    Face it, there’s no reason to support a paid administrator who has failed by any measure of effectiveness, who has conducted a personal agenda in a position that required neutrality, and whose divisiveness and viciousness have weakened the organization. Any viable organization would fire her.

  173. A poster over at No Quarter said “indeed murphy’s PUMA pac has been tampered with”.

  174. Donna Brazile is trying to play nice. She thinks she has us all figured out. Although it was fun to see hear her mention our protest outside the fund raiser here in SF. HA!!

  175. Please Hillary, fight for us, in Denver, as an Independant, we want to vote for you !
    18 million, we are just the beggining.

  176. I guess we’re supposed to give Donna Brazille a playfull little slap and say “Oh, you! “

  177. Puma-SF — that’s right !!!! I can’t wait to target her in Denver !!!

    In the last week we’ve had —

    Don & Alice
    Nancy P
    Donna Brazilenut

    All trying to scold us. Am I missing anyone? If they were smart they’d keep their mouths shut and ignore us but their HUGE ego’s won’t allow it.

    I — LOVE IT. No tinlge up my leg !!!

  178. If Hillary Clinton can’t get me to vote BO, Donna Freakin Brazile doesn’t stand a Fat chance.

  179. Mawm says it all! Short, sweet, and to the point.

  180. Im a ISTJ –who does that mean I should be voting for????? 8)

  181. Orange, on July 22nd, 2008 at 5:04 pm Said:

    Did you send Hillary an email. RD had the email addresses on yesterday’s thread. You can also call her

  182. Does anyone know how many emails went out yesterday to hillary’s guy?

  183. mawm — love it !!! so true !! DNC – give it up !! You see that’s their HUGE ego’s coming through. That’s why this “scene” is so on target. OH, let me – I can make them. Yeah, right.

  184. Carol, I faxed Ickes office. I reminded him of his grandfather and his involvement with the Taft/Roosevelt nomination.

  185. Mawm – do we have a count?

  186. Carol – You would only help the DNC with fundraising if Hillary is the Nominee. That why it is demand #1.. I see I made some typo’s:

    corrected demands:

    1) Hillary for President

    2) Donna Brazile to resign from all official and un official party posts as long has she continues to whore for the media

    3) Dr Howard Dean Resigns from the chairmanship and admitt his coulpability in the sham nomination process.

    4) Nancy Pelosi Resign as Speaker of the house with the next congress and a new speaker selected with Nancy returning to her vinyard to reap what she sows

    5) The writers of that discusting letter to Hillary Donors be removed from the Democratic National Committee and any posts they hold on any sub committee’s

    6) Senator Barak Obama will not run for re-election of his senate seat will return to Chicago hold a real full time job for a few years then return to the senate with President Hillary R Clinton’s permission as a sign of his undying feality to her superior intellect

    7) Make Fuzzybeargville chairman of the rules and bylaws committee-or DNC sargent at arms so I can use my “leaning” ability to keep the DNC committee members focused on supporting candidates who can win

    8) A Complete overhaul of the nomination process

    9) Carol Diamonds be put in charge of DNC fundraising and gets a direct line to Hillary Clintons campaign office to coordinate fundraising and swapping of cookie recipies

    10) Recognize Puma as the new conscience of the Democratic party

    I may be willing to negotiate on a few of these but not if the patry bosses continue this foolishness

    fuzzybeargville-I’m Baaack

  187. Mawn why does Donna Brazile think she can get me to vote Obama what is she threatening us PUMA’s with now? What strange new power does she no possess? Has she channeled JFK and FDR?


  188. Ras:

    Ohio with Leaners:

    McCain 52%
    BO 42%


    DNC, Nancy, Donna, Dean – Hillary lied! Obama can’t win!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock & Rule!

  189. Thanks fuzzy! I will give notice now that I will have another job starting in August!

    Our Gal will Win!

    I love her – there, I said it!

  190. Carol, congrats on the new job. I like your spirit. You refuse to accept defeat.

    Now, will you please e-mail me some of your energy?

    PUMA 4 evah

  191. I live in a politically divided neighborhood that leans Republican, and I do believe I’m starting to see glimmers of light in the eyes of those discouraged folks. Regarding the Ras poll, I suspect Republs are feeling a little tingle of their own up the leg now. If this keeps up, they will smell blood, and well, you know…..

  192. below an Email i sent to Hillary-maybe some one will read it…I hope I expressed the PUMA spirit in it:

    Senator Clinton,

    My anger and disgust with the Democratic Party go beyond the way you were treated during the primary by the DNC, Obama for America, the Mainstream Media. This race is no longer just about Clinton Vs Obama for president. I do not think now is the time to discuss me and my fellow PUMA’s many issues with the party. Instead I would like to talk about what I looked for in a Democratic Candidate.

    I can only be a supporter of a candidate that I believe in, that candidate is you. I can only support a candidate that I believe is ready for the highest office in this land, that candidate is you. I can only support a candidate that is ready on day one to roll up their shirt sleeves and get to work on our nation’s greatest challenges, that candidate is you!

    I will only support a candidate I trust to stand firm in their convictions to support core democratic values, that candidate is you. I will only support a candidate that will represent my liberal-progressive beliefs, that candidate is you. I will only support the candidate that fights the good fight; comes back day after day to stand up for me, that candidate is you!

    While you have my loyal support even to the convention floor, I own my own vote. My loyalty is not transferable to any candidate that has a “D” after their name. I respect you for keeping your word to support the democratic nominee even if he is unqualified, uninspiring, and un-democratic.

    I am asking you to respect my decision not to support Senator Obama under any condition. I along with 9 million (and growing) true loyal democrats under the PUMA/Justsaynodeal/Nobama umbrella, ask you Senator Clinton, to consider our desire to nominate the most qualified candidate. You are that candidate. The hand writing is on the wall if Senator Obama is the Democrat Nominee then the next president will be Senator John McCain.

    Only you can save this party, 76 years ago FDR the greatest president of my grandparents time, on the 4th ballot saved the party from nominating the wrong “man”. Fifty years later the greatest president of my time William Jefferson Clinton fought a tough primary battle to save our country from corporate greed and economic malaise. We cannot wait fifty years for another FDR. We need another FDR now and you are the FDR of the new millennium.

    Very respectfully,

    Michael P Varvel

  193. maybe a staffer will read it and pass it to her on a day she is feeling down and cheer her up!


  194. Arabella-how are youdoing are you feeling better than this morning? I worried about you alot today-


  195. I’m hanging in there, michael. Spending time on the blogs helps a lot.

  196. Arabella – sorry about the job! But guess what! I promise better days are ahead.

    In 2005, my company came in and fired all of us with 1 week’s notice. We were “invited” to interview for the bank that we had been representing for 8 years. I had been the top sales person year after year in my territory – 2 territories in US. I lived in my office when I wasn’t on calls – it was decorated like “Office Beautiful” (I have access to Market). Before the end of the day, I had everything moved out with the exception of my Art on the walls – I needed a truck. (My boss was a controlling, ignorant, jealous, loser that should have been fired but they never had the “…..” to do it. She wasn’t invited to interview.)

    They emailed us the information to apply on line.
    I did not even open the attachment. I should have left years before, but was too entrenched on a daily basis to figure it out. That was one of the happiest days of my life – freedom. When they came into town to interview, they asked me why I hadn’t filled out the aplication. I told them I had had better offers for years, had maintenance load the truck and left.

    I haven’t ever looked back – I moved on to the best company in my industry and continue to excel. That is why I know better days are ahead for Hillary – she took the marbles, her self respect, her energy and went home for now.

    Keep your chin up, know who you are, read a few books on how to present yourself to your next employer and go in and sell your “excellent self”.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    I am now headed out to purchase the winning Mega Millions ticket so we have the money necessary to put this Election to bed!

  197. Thanks for the pep talk, Carol. Attitude is everything.

  198. michael, what a superb letter. Those things need to be said.

  199. hillary has to know the deal her folks are not going to support obama the polls show this and I cannot believe big dawg has not said something to her!

    It would be funny if over these months leading up to the convention the Repugs designed their whole campaign around beating Obama with 350 commercials about what a bad guy he is …

    and then come august it’s no obama! Suprize it is Hillary-could they turn and piviot fast enough to mount an effective campaign against her?


  200. Michael – I’m looking for your prayer. I meant to save a copy. Where is it?

  201. Great letter, fuzzy! I hope she gets it!

  202. Oops! There goes Ohio!

  203. I knew that Ohio was populated by r@cis!s. The truth finally comes out.

  204. Michael.
    That was just such a perfect letter to Hillary!
    I sent her one today but I did not manage to convey my feelings like yours did! You’re talking for you and for a lot of people, thanks!

  205. McCain takes 6 point lead in Ohio poll. Michigan tied. now who would have thought blue state Michigan would be tied. Ohio McCain, Florida McCain, Michigan Tied and McCain down only 4 in Pennslyvania…PUMA RULE

  206. Magdalena: Nice letter. Incredibly nice letter. Would you mind if I borrowed portions of it?

    BTW, don’t know if you know this, but today is the feast day of St. Mary of Magdalene.

  207. SophieL: The only Mary of Magdelene I remember was a nun who taught 10th grade and beat the crap out of all the boys. Her specialty was a blow delivered under the chin to the football players. That nun must have given up a career in the ring.

  208. I love Lou Dobbs more and more every night. He has Obama’s number down cold.

  209. Hello all !
    I am writing from work (yes I am still in the office after hours of meetings and sessions with clients. And I am ready to go home, but can’t quite yet.) I most likely won’t have much time at home this evening, either so I just wanted to make a few comments:

    Arabella Trefoil I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your job. I will keep you in my thoughts.

    madamab your one act play is wonderful – I just read it and was inspired by the princess phone in nancy pelosi’s office. (HaHa)

    fuzzy I simply loved the few comments and the letter that I had the opportunity to read just now. You are a treasure.

    bostonboomer I hope you get a chance to see this. I was away last night and didn’t get to read anything. But very early this a.m. I read your account of the 1968 Dem Convention and of the riots in Chicago.

    I was a newly married young woman here in Chicago.
    (I was married the day before the RFK funeral train crossed the US, and watched it on tv the day after my wedding.) I was present at Grant Park on the afternoon just before the riots broke out. But I was safely at home when the riots occurred. But that time and the events of 1968 left me changed forever.

    I, too, had been a McCarthy supporter in the beginning and I, too, had been bitter about RFK jumping on the anti-war bandwagon “late”. Your post last night was wonderfully written and sparked so many thoughts and feelings in me – and clearly in so many others.
    Thank you.

    okay, I ‘m off to catch trains, buses and finally get in my car to go home. I hope I’ll have time to read tonight. I love the Confluence and all the conflucians.

  210. Just picked this up at http://www.savagepolitics.com. I knew it !!!

    This is from a 2003 article where the DNC wants to audit the Diebolds (define irony):
    “Republican Senator Chuck Hagel has ties to the largest voting machine company, Election Systems & Software (ES&S) located in Omaha, Nebraska. ES&S was the ONLY company whose machines counted Hagel’s votes when he ran for election in 1996 and 2002. ES&S counts approximately 60 percent of all votes cast in the United States. According to the Omaha World-Herald, which is also a beneficial owner of ES&S, Hagel was CEO of American Information Systems, now called ES&S, from November 1993 through June 2, 1994. He was Chairman from July 1992 until March 15 1995. Hagel still owns up to $5 million in the ES&S parent company, McCarthy Group. He was required to disclose these positions on his FEC Personal Disclosure statements, but he did not. This is clearly a potential conflict of interest.”

  211. For those who will miss Bushisms after January, here is our “presumptive nominee” delivering this gem:

    Let me be absolutely clear,” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, said today at a press conference in Amman, Jordan. “Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under a McCain…administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change.”

  212. Israel is ….. whu?

  213. Simple: “Israel is a strong friend of Israel.” Nothing difficult about that reading. Yep, another Bush in the WH.

  214. Pat – Eddy thought that was pretty funny.

  215. Did someone say something to me? Bad connection between here and Texas. Must be Dolly.

  216. Eddy and I are in Las Colinas. Dolly is in the Gulf – for now.

  217. How is Dolly doing?

  218. Carol: *&^%$#@!!!! *&^)(%%$#@!!!!!!!!!

  219. Churning away. One of my work peers is having a funeral in Corpus Christi for his mother in the morning – I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!

  220. “Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under a McCain…administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change.”

    Oh good. I’ve been desperate to continue Bush’s incoherence. This is so reassuring.

  221. Pat – I keep telling Eddy to give you a call and let you down slowly, but he is not really very interested in talking on the phone.

  222. Hey Conflucians. There is a rumor (over at NOQUATER) that Hillary’s debt is paid off with $1 million to spare. Still in rumor status; cross fingers that it is true.

  223. Throw in the 57 states and 10 years as president and it looks like we’ve picked ourselves another winner!!! This is the same guy chiding us for only speaking one language mind you.

  224. At least Bush doesn’t sit and studder with halting speech because he can’t figure out which side of his mouth he wants to talk out of. The ah, ah, ah, ah, ah’s are nauseating. That anyone has ever labeled him a great orator is ridiculous.

  225. Carol: He can use a phone from any position, vertical, horizontal. Quit hiding it.

  226. Does Dolly have enough food, water and flash light batteries? Because the hurricane is coming … Oh, sorry. Dolly is the hurricane. Not only that, Dolly is a strong friend of Dolly.

  227. studder – that was a play on words for all of you – as in stud (or lack of it).

  228. McCain opens lead against Obie in OH!


  229. Wexler is in trouble – falsifyling his real address.

  230. And Bush occasionally gives you a wink that shows he knows what a con man he is.

    Obama actually believes his own propaganda.

  231. Hey, this is a good one, Wexler is using his parent’s in-laws address as his “official” Florida residence in his district. O’Reilly is busting a luffa over it. hehehehe

  232. Pat – I read that not too long ago. I mean, honestly, you can’t make this stuff up!

    And to think, I have family members who actually believe I — a thirty-something Black male — will personally regret not voting for this character. You’d have to lobotomize me first! And even then, I’m pretty sure my cerebral faculties won’t be that compromised. Ee gads!

  233. His in-laws live in a retirement community that doesn’t allow children. I guess his 3 children are homeless.

    I guess the vetting is out for him!

  234. That is why he has now moved the convention to a medical laboratory – we will all be getting lobotomies – as long as it doesn’t disturb the part in my hair I’m willing – better not to know what will happen over the next 10 years of a BO presidency.

  235. Don’t worry, Carol. The minutes will fly by like hours.

  236. (chuckling and nodding) @ Arabella! I believe it.

  237. Carrie, loved your movie.

  238. Carrie – we love our country – that is why BO has to GO!

    Call us Republicans, Call us Democrats, Just Don’t call us Obama Supporters!

  239. Carrie can’t take a reality that PUMA democrats see through Obama’s lies. So she lock herself up inside her fantasy and false hope. I pity her.

  240. In case this dog isn’t dead…

    I’m INTJ. Sometimes P, depends on the test… of course, I find THAT interesting!

  241. SophieL, feel free to use any part of the letter!

  242. madamab,
    Excellent! You’ve done it again!
    Thanks so much!

    BTW, although I’ve been proud that Ohio is turning blue since starting in 2006, I am very proud that we see thru the sham of a candidate in nobama. This is one time I’ll be glad to see Ohio turn red on election night. UNLESS, Hillary is our nominee. I will work very hard for her. Otherwise, go McCain.

  243. you don’t sound so sure of yourself francine. maybe you should talk to your therapist.

  244. I heard Harold Wolfson on FOX & he even confused
    Sean. Harold is using THE SAME LINES AGAINST THE McCAIN camp that everyone USED AGAINST HILLARY !!!
    “Yes, the media is “in the tank for Obama”; but McCain’s problem is…”he’s RUNNING A BAD CAMPAIGN” !!!
    Then he’ll say “we lost” when Sean tries to compare the *2*. His voice goes down & I was’nt sure to feel like “comforting him” or “YELL @ him”!

  245. Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

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