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Hillary vs The Bushies on Birth Control: Vigilance Never Sleeps

While Barack Obama is loping around Europe and the Middle East, doing his best CIC impression, Hillary is back at work taking on the Bush plan to recategorize some forms of birth control as abortifacients.  Give them an inch and they’ll take a megaparsec.  Peter Daou, Hillary’s internet director, sent us this post today cross posted at The Reality Check and Huffington Post.  We are honored to post it here as well.:

An Outrageous Attempt by the Bush Administration to Undermine Women’s Rights

Sen. Hillary Clinton's picture

The Bush Administration is up to its old tricks again, quietly putting ideology before science and women’s health. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is poised to put in place new barriers to accessing common forms of contraception like birth control pills, emergency contraception and IUDs by labeling them “abortion.” These proposed regulations set to be released next week will allow healthcare providers to refuse to provide contraception to women who need it. We can’t let them get away with this underhanded move to undermine women’s health and that’s why I am sounding the alarm.

These rules pose a serious threat to providers and uninsured and low-income Americans seeking care. They could prevent providers of federally-funded family planning services, like Medicaid and Title X, from guaranteeing their patients access to the full range of comprehensive family planning services. They’ll also build significant barriers to counseling, education, contraception and preventive health services for those who need it most: low-income and uninsured women and men.

The regulations could even invalidate state laws that currently ensure access to contraception for many Americans. In fact, they describe New York and California’s laws requiring prescription drug insurance plans to provide coverage for contraceptives as part of “the problem.” These rules would even interfere with New York State law that ensures survivors of sexual assault and rape receive emergency contraception in hospital emergency rooms.

We’ve seen this kind of ideologically driven move from the Bush Administration before. Senator Patty Murray and I went toe to toe with the Bush Administration to demand a decision on Plan B by the FDA. We won that fight and we need to win this one too.

When I learned about these proposed rules, I immediately joined with Senator Murray to call on the Bush Administration to stop these dangerous plans. I am joining with New York family planning and healthcare advocates to spread the word. Now is the time to raise our voices. I will continue to press HHS and I hope you will join me. I have posted information on how to get involved at www.hillpac.com.

Come by for Cocktails sometime, Hillary, you’re more than welcome.

185 Responses

  1. HRC: Kicking ass, taking names, rocking it all through the summer.


    That’s muh girl.

  2. Do burka’s come in a one size fits all?

  3. Why, yes, Pat, I believe they do. They’re all woman size.

  4. Can we have Hillary back now???

  5. I don’t think she ever left, RD. 🙂

  6. So far, nothing on this from the presumptive nominee. Not holding my breath.

    Please contact your respective senators and congressmember. Urge them to join with Sen. Clinton and Sen Murray in opposing this travesty. Congress needs to hear from the voters about this.

  7. but if the Bushies were trying to ban basketball…. we’d get the best speech evah!

  8. She is the strongest voice for women, the majority population in the US, that we have. How the DNC can possibly ignore her talents, her strength, and her strong stand on positions across the board in favor of one who fails all tests, is beyond my comprehension.

    She is a fighter, she will fight, she will go toe to toe when she feels it is in the best interests of the public, and we are left with empty rhetoric. Somebody please tell me what is wrong with this picture?

  9. If our burkas all come with the cool Obama symbol, then it will be change we can believe in. Resistance is futile. yeah, right PUMA

  10. Good god almighty! A leader who actually does something, a leader who clearly stands for a progressive cause. What a concept.

  11. Since the convention is being sponsored by corporate American, i.e., AT&T, Coke, etc., do we take anything seriously anymore? It is all for sale. Right down to the logo stitched onto the tote bags.

    All I ask is to be left with the choice of color for my burka. Black may be slimming but I have always preferred violet. This is getting more and more insidious by the day.

    And the moron is over there but not available to press conferences or questions. Just photo ops and little speeches. Ugh.

  12. RD,

    How exciting that Peter D. shared this with us. I guess they aren’t mad at us for being pumas then. I miss Hillary so much and was thrilled to see this video of her. I just knew Hillary would stand up to Bush on this. Not a peep out of the presumptuous one, of course. He’s more concerned that some woman might get an abortion because she’s “feeling blue.”

  13. bb: How right you are. If Peter is willing to share this video it tells us something. At this point I will grasp upon anything to see her come back but if she truly intended to give up she would have released those delegates which would make it more than perfectly clear to us “deadenders” that she meant it.

    I see some underlying hope that your comment has done to make me now think otherwise. It may be her secret way of telling us to just hold steady. I hope.

  14. It really does something good for my soul to see her fight again and especially about this issue.

    I have never spent a minute worrying that she would not continue to fight and be productive in her service to the public. It makes me glad all over again that she is on my side!!! Wahoo!!!!

    Hillary, may your power and stamina never fade!!

  15. Pat,

    A couple of days ago, I accidentally turned to Fox News from my usual channel these days–animal planet. There a young female anchor was explaining to some guest talking about a missing white woman that she would have to break soon because of BO’s “historic” trip.

    Will someone please explain to me what is so “historic” about it? Is it historic because he knows nothing about foreign affairs and has never even traveled to Europe before? Is it historic because he is acting like he is already President before he even gets the nomination? Is it because he is demonstrating to the world just how stupid the Democratic Party really is?

  16. It was great to see Hillary, wasn’t it?

    I can just see the DNC cursing her now: How dare that Hillary come in & remind people of what a real Democratic leader is like?
    Maybe the big o can give a Grate, er, Great Speech on what he would have done for us if only he weren’t lecturing Europe?

  17. Pat,

    We are the ones with the “audacity” to hope! Let the Obamatrons mock us. We will have the last laugh. This man is truly a joke and a very bad one.

  18. BB: Was it Flavia on Fox? She would think it “historic.” hehehe

  19. Lou Dobbs is my personal hero these days. He has a difficult time hiding his contempt for Obama. He always refers to his inexperience and he is not big on McCain either.

    I just hope that McCain picks a running mate that if I HAVE to end up voting for him I won’t feel too bad about my decision. Anyone but BO.

  20. bostonboomer: I believe we’re doing the right thing. We are sticking up for ourselves. It’s not the DNC against just one person. It’s the DNC against 18,200,000+ of us. Not only that, but I don’t believe that the average Obama voter is that wed to him. Oh sure, there are zealots, but many of the voters I canvassed and spoke to were only infatuated with Obama and knew it. Many of them told me that Hillary would be perfectly fine.
    So, we’re not really doing anything wrong that requires scolding. We are adults, with power, with votes and we are demanding our wishes to be respected. When it is all over, THEN the campaign might very well be mad at us for ditching the party but I am all for giving the party the opportunity to do the right thing. We don’t let up, we don’t feel helpless. We hang in there until the bloody end. And then we knock the stuffing out of them.

  21. parentofed,

    I don’t know. I only heard and didn’t look at the screen, then quickly switched off to avoid seeing The One. I try to only watch nature, movies, and sports on TV these days.

  22. Lurrrrv her.

    As she said: “I was fighting on the front lines before the cameras were there, and I will be fighting for the things that are important to us after they are gone.”

    She’s the real deal. Thank God there’s someone to believe in when I look at the bankrupt political landscape.

  23. Those photo ops are also getting on my last nerve! Most have him either surrounded or talking to an African American. Again, he stoops to exploiting that community for his own personal gains.

  24. Riverdaughter,

    Absolutely we are doing the right thing, and thank you for your inspiring leadership. I have never had a stronger feeling of being on the right path. But I also keep hoping for signs that Hillary knows about us and approves of our actions at some level. It doesn’t really matter. I’d still believe we are right no matter what Hillary might say. But I did grow very fond of her this year and I still have so much respect for her opinion.

  25. Oh God, I need a shower. I went over to the o site to see if it had anything to say about this change. First they wanted me to sign in, but I was able to access the ‘issues’ section. There are about 30 issues and can you believe it, one of them is ‘women’. 50+ percent of the population and we get one f**king issue sections. And it was all crap. I really am worried about our country. His kookaid drinking barbie doll supporters do not know what they are doing. I know that I have said that it will be tough love for them and they will have to learn, but part of me is still really troubled by it all.

  26. Gee, that Hillary seems pretty durn smart. Maybe she should think about running for President someday.

  27. An the pundits speak of Bill and Hillary with such derision. What the hell do they owe that No Nothing? Asking if her support is strong enough? Why isn’t Bill doing more? Have THEY made peace with Obama? Is it enough?

    Aside from owing him nothing more than a big, fast, kick in his ass, they owe him nada. He has dissed, ridiculed, stood by when they were called racists, demeaned and put down the Cinton presidency. He should be the one asking forgiveness. The a**hole!

  28. BB: I was just being snarky. I thought that Cavuto slam on Flavia a couple of months ago was just priceless. Yeah, I know, I can’t believe I’m saying nice things about Cavuto, either, but he deserved it for exposing her as a silly Obot spouting drivel. Of course, Fox is the one that hired as a 22-year old analyst.

    As for tv, I find myself rediscovering PBS; most everything else gets on my nerves.

  29. When I think of what we are losing in losing her I get sick to my stomach. What has happened to commonsense in this country? We know fair play took a walk but turning down the one chance to make a difference and putting their hopes on Mr. Hope and Change is ludicrous.

  30. Honora< brave soul.

  31. Hey, BTW, Brook went to her first day at Summer Institute for the Gifted today and a funny thing happened. She said that the teachers *liked* her. Isn’t that a bittersweet thing for a kid to say? It’s one of the first times in her life when the math teacher praised anything she does and where the art teacher takes an interest in her. There’s no pressure at this camp. It’s all child centered and fun but engaging and challenging at the same time. But I thought it was a little sad that when Brook comes up with her insights, she’s never been rewarded for that before.
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  32. I just finished watching the video “Ghosts of Abu Ghraib” which left me feeling so ashamed of the actions of our country and determined that we not have another leader who, like bush, has no moral center.

  33. I cannot believe that anyone, including the dnc, howie, nancy, donna would not know what a HUGE MISTAKE they made selecting the chosen one. They have lost their f**g minds. She has got to be NOMINATED in Denver. We have got to keep up our good work.

  34. Obama reminds me of a new movie that gets hyped to the rafters for weeks before it premieres and then bombs so bad it’s out in DVD a month later.

    All the “experts” and critics are gushing about it, but everyone else is staying away in droves.

  35. heh, myiq2xu, that “movie” deserves to to straight to video!

  36. rd: No one will ever love our children as unconditionally as we do. When someone offers words of encouragement it goes straight to our own hearts. We fell in love with them from the day they were placed in our arms. For another to offer kindness and see them whole is touching. It is an occasion for laughter and tears. Go ahead.

  37. myiq2xu: “Snakes on a Plane” to name one.

  38. I am in moderation.

  39. Pat: Yeah, but to the media, he’s A Star Is Born.

  40. We don’t let up, we don’t feel helpless. We hang in there until the bloody end. And then we knock the stuffing out of them.

    Yes!! We are PUMA!!!

  41. One of the posters over at TM just likened us PUMAs to Japanese holdouts from WWll. A few others are claiming we are such a small number that it won’t matter in the general since he will turn the entire 50 states blue!!! Others say they don’t need us. I can now sleep nights.

  42. Shocking News For Obama
    (must be those Michigan PUMA’s)
    Detroit News Poll: Michigan Will Be Close
    A new Detroit News poll shows a tight race in Michigan with Sen. Barack Obama edging Sen. John McCain, 43% to 41% with 12% undecided. Another 5% support either Bob Barr or Ralph Nader.

    The survey’s 4 point margin of error makes the race a statistical tie.

  43. PJ: Except we smell a whole lot better. Dune by Dior by day, Paris by YSL at night.

  44. did you all see where he spent $300,000 to paint his plane with his seal, and put his banner on it? No American flag, he replaced it with his seal. That is not someone I want running the economy for our country

  45. My husband will be so disappointed. He liked the French whore analogy, don’t know that he’ll like Japanese survivalist as well. Wonder what country will be next?

  46. PJ: LOL! That sounds like some kind of punishment. “You broke the lamp even after I told you not to throw the frisbie in the house? That’s it! Go to the moderation queue.”

  47. With 3 boys and 1 girl someone was always doing “time” in my house. They used to refer to it as Sing Sing.

  48. RD,

    That is so sad that Brook has had so little encouragement from teachers for her math and art talents. I never did well in math, but in hs I was fascinated by chemistry and physics, which girls weren’t supposed to do well in. It was very painful to be ignored and mocked, especially by my physics teacher. My parents finally hired a tutor to help me with a difficult topic and I score the best in the class on the exam. My teacher was very humiliated when I told him I’d gone to a tutor to get the explanations I should have gotten in class.

    I agree with Pat. Laugh and cry and be happy that Brook is getting the positive reinforcement she deserves.

  49. Pat,

    I hate to admit this, but I liked Snakes on a Plane. I thought it was hilarious.

  50. good evening conflucians! 🙂

    i love hillary

  51. Go Hillary! I’m happy Peter sent you this…I guess this means Hillary isn’t rejecting us…that’s good to know.

  52. Wow, what is the significance of them sending the post here? This woman should be president!! Let’s make it so.

  53. A few months ago I reread “The Diary of Ann Frank”. This young lady was a born writer yet she too struggled with her teachers who were unsure of how to deal with one so gifted.
    She told her story with such clarity and insight that you have to step back and realize that these words she put onto the page came from the mind, heart, and soul of a girl who did not live to see her 16th birthday. Yet she lives on. A remarkable feat.

  54. Is Hillary’s HillPac site new? It says she will be donating to Dems, but when you click on candidates, it says coming soon. Same for initiatives.

  55. Hi taggles! Great show last night and you were really wound up!

  56. bb: If you say so.

  57. ya think, pat?

    I was a little tight and had a lot to say and do.

    I’m glad you liked the show, thank you!

    But the show is really all about you guys. Without you it’s nothing.

  58. Puma-SF: I can think of several reasons. But we best not read too much into it. It’s just good that she’s out there and we can see that she’s still sticking up for us when she could be just sitting behind a desk playing trism on her iPhone.

  59. taggles: I LOVE your show. I listen to it all of the time.

  60. taggles: I was glad to hear TexasDarlin’. She is really onto the birth certificate thing. Here is my take: he writes this book and says all these great things about the absentee father with a drinking problem and says they were married. Now the birth certificate may prove otherwise. The point is, who cares. Not his fault. But if true, it shows he LIED. I do not see anything more nefarious involved than that. But the lying won’t look too presidential.

  61. OMG….they quoted me talking about obamaphiles and obots…guess the hate will start coming my way now…

  62. Go Hillary! The Obamabots wanted her to disappear but she’s still here fighting for our rights. She never gives up and she’s in this contest against the Republicans until the day she dies. She’s a fighter!

  63. Oh my God! gary is quoted in the NYT!! You’ve come a long way, baby!

  64. RD, this is what the blogosphere used to be about: good solid reporting with plenty of factual information to back up points. Go Gary! Go PUMA!

  65. Gary, congratulations!!

    Now we have to “gird our loins” for the inevitable troll invasion. I’m ready, willing, and able to fight them!

  66. RD: Did you see the first comment to the times article? Made me wanna puke. surely someone here can write better than that. Certainly more honestly!

  67. hey rd, I got a great show planned for Wednesday. details to follow soon, i believe!

  68. This may be the last bastion of free speech now that FISA has been thoroughly let loose. I see smoke signals in our futures.

  69. congrats gary!!! good work!

  70. Pat,

    I’m a huge horror fan. I guess it’s because my mom wouldn’t allow me to go to those movies as a kid. It’s a guilty pleasure, but I like serious movies too.

  71. I’m fed up with the nonsense from BO: Air Hope, ban green color, tap dance the 16 months timeline.

    While Hilary is doing her job protecting the interest of the people, BO is doing nothing but serving his ego.

  72. gary: Will you still talk to us after this? Will we need to “clear” everything through Mawm? Have you written your slogan for the plane?

  73. gary and mawm: Did you get my email?

  74. bb: I still remember your story of your sister and the bridge. Funny! Not to her maybe, but I laughed out loud.

  75. That is so awesome, GaryCH!!!!

  76. Pat, about the birth certificate, i believes it shows something like that too. you are right, it’s the lying and obsfucation that is the real problem.

  77. Congrats Gary! Hopefully this will give the site more traffic from other disaffected Democrats. Maybe a few NYT writers are fans of the site as well 😉

  78. pat, I wonder if they wrote that before my update where I call for a boycott of the Times….

  79. You’re right I mean we know we can always count on her and that she’s always looking out for us.

    You know, I’m sitting here watching (sorry to admit this) watching Hannity and Colmes and that damn toe sucker, Dick Morris is on there talking about how Maliki has just under cut McCain by agreeing to the 18 month redrawal plan. And when I add that to a post I read here a few days about about the Bush administration preparing the transfer to the Obama administration by their Iranian talks and my head just about blows off. Could this crap be real?

  80. gary: Too funny!

  81. Puma: This is why I cannot bring myself to watch more than 15 minutes of cable anymore. They drive me crazy with their stupid comments. Anything to fill up time with the sleaziest people offering “expertise”. Yuck!

  82. Gary: They probably quoted you specifically *because* of the boycott. Er, and we have some of the best writers in the blogosphere.
    How cool is that?

  83. RD, I know what you are going through with your daughter. When my son was younger, in junior high school, I would have problems with him in school. He was very verbal, could recite things from memory, way ahead of his classes. But he would not write. He would not do his homework, and no amount of punishment would do any good. I would take away video games, music, tv anything and everything I could think of. He still would not finish it. One day I got a call from school and he had sever back and stomach pains. I had no insurance and took him to the emergency room. They told me he had gastroenteritis, and I had to take him to a specialist. Well the doctor put him in Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles for observation, for kidney and stomach problems. After two days they said he was in real pain, but there was nothing wrong and said it was psychological. The shrink tried to blame me of course, saying it was because I was divorced and dysfunctional, then after talking more with my son, we found out it wasn’t me, it was a school teacher who tied his hand behind his back and made him write with his right hand. (he was left handed). Come to find out he told my son that if he told me what he was doing that he would hurt me. Now mind you my son was only 12 years old. He held all this inside and the stress finally got to him. When he told the doctor this, his pains went away. Now mind you he was still in the hospital and I had no insurance. So 2 weeks later and a 10,000 hospital bill later, I find this out. Needless to say, after a long lawsuit with the school board, They fired the teacher and he got to do his work on a computer instead of having to handwrite, and they paid the hospital bills.
    Moral of the story is don’t ever give up your fight for your daughter. You will win in the end. However, I hope it never gets to the point of so much stress on her that she cannot handle it like it did my son.

  84. Thanks, Pat. I needed that I’m going to go play Wii Fit now.

  85. gary=tobin??
    Way cool!
    Congratulations gary!

  86. I miss Hllary. Im sick.

  87. pat, mawm just suggested that maybe the plane will be headed to guantanamo with the slogan “Change you can’t escape from”

  88. taggles: If they start to untangle that lie, and I believe that is what it is, then the entire bio becomes suspect. Who cares what his parents did or did not do at that time? He cannot be faulted for that. But the story and the dedication to his absent father is mythological. The man was a drunk, had a separate family, and was over here having a good time with a young teen away from home for the first time. Nothing extraordinary about that. Happens every year.

    The father had no meaning in his life. But he created the fiction because it was less painful than the truth for him. And it sold.

  89. Puma-SF: I stopped watching the news. It’s all propaganda all the time. The point that Gary was making, and I think there is more than a morsel of truth to it, is that people do not trust the media anymore. They tend to believe their lying eyes. Oddly enough, Obama is sinking in the polls. Even if his Grand European Tour does result in a small bump, the trend is not looking good for a guy who has gotten so much favorable press. And the reason is he was selected not elected. If he were really the People’s Choice, he wouldn’t be dancing so fast.

  90. gary: I want a seat on the plane as one of the “300 advisers”. I am an expert on reading a resume. That should be enough.

  91. Well pat that brings us to another point, you hardly ever hear him talk about his mother, he writes an entire book on his absentee father, which makes the father look good.

    I think it’s pretty telling. He wasn’t very nice to his mum in the book.

  92. BTW, my company sent out an announcement that we were working with the Clinton Foundation to bring down the cost of malaria drugs in the third world. I’m not really surprised because my company has been a very good global citizen, sending money and medicins after the tsunami in Indonesia and being one of the first in the industry to argue that price increases were unsustainable. So I was really happy to see the announcement in my email box. It gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

  93. actually pat, not to toot my own horn, but I might be overqualified to be president, my resume is more than half a page long….

  94. Oh, RD, got your email, sent you one back..

  95. Funny thing about the polls; neither Obama and McCain are moving at all. Both hover between 40 to 45%. Yet state polls show Obama gaining on McCain, particularly in the red states. Give me a break!

    The “spin” is all too much. Let’s wait until after Denver before we place any stock in the polls. At this point, each one is merely drifting.

  96. Waaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa

    I want Hillary back now – I demand it!

  97. pat, actually McCain has remained stable, Obama continues to slide.

    The really freaky thing at rasmussen are the markets. In Ohio for example McCain has consistently led by 1 or 2 points. Even though this is basically a tie, in the markets Obama leads by 63 to 33 or something. What explains that? that against all evidence betting people are still going heavily for Obama. I don’t get ti.

  98. taggles; I have a suspicion that Mom was not into mothering. She was a young kid and had ambitions beyond raising a child. When she sent him back to Hawaii to live with the grandparents he may have felt abandoned since Mom had remarried and had another child. Deep down I believe he made his way in the world by attaching himself to people who validated his worth. This is supposition on my part, but I think it goes to something deep within him. When a Mom rejects a child it creates a hole in that child that is often irreparable.

  99. RD- You are right and I had written off watching the news awhile ago but thought I’d check in and see what Hannity had to say about O-bomb-a’s trip. Hell, what did the NY Times do today by refusing to publish McCain’s Op-ed piece.

    I think we are making a difference and we are not alone. At the “die-in” at Pelosi’s house this weekend I picked up a flyer from a veteran’s for peace group and they will be in Denver protesting against Obama as well. They are saying it is “a generational moment, a moment when we decide our own path & our collective faith.” They say BO is now more valuable then McCain to the ruling class, to sell the war to the public.

  100. That is why the polls make little sense. He will suffer from the Bradley effect in some places.

  101. Pat, if what you suggest is the case, and I’ve also believed for some time that it is, and they created a fake document to cover up his lie, how can anyone ever trust him? Is that doctored birth certificate illegal or just indicative of being a man with no character, morals and ethics? Or a man living in a dream world?

  102. I’m so tired, i’m asleep as the keys here, good night conflucians!

  103. PJ: My mom used to periodically send me to live with my grandparents. I LOVED it. I was the only child, my grandparents were ordinary Catholics, not religious cultists waiting for the world to end and they ran a very stable, orderly household. Not that my mother was a slob. Far from it. It’s just that every part of my day was planned and I liked that.
    So, it might not have been so awful. I remember that when my mom came to get me, I was always very sorry to go. My grandparents were like angels to me.

  104. Karolina: His dream world was self invented. He wrote the book as a jumping off point to his run for the presidency. It sounded good on paper. He probably never thought the birth certificate would ever be questioned. It started with McCain being born outside the US where his father was stationed at the time. This interest is what led some to request his birth certificate.

    Now he cannot remember which hospital he was born in. Come on. This is Hawaii. Not that many hospitals over there. The birth certificate may lead to an illegitimate birth. Then how do you justify what he wrote in the book? And Grandma apparently is not talking.

  105. Nitey-nite, taggles. Deep in Morpheus arms you lie, off you go to beddie-bye!

  106. rd: I had the same thing. Lived on and off with my grandparents due to circumstances. But I loved my Mom and could not understand why this was happening. My grandparents were wonderful people, yet I wanted my Mom. So I probably did have the that hole inside me growing up. Can’t say this is true of Obama, just a possibility.

  107. Gary, congratulations — being snarked by the NYT’s used to be reserved for Buckley and Goldwater, now they endeavor to eat their own. The good news is that all these stones their hurling at least gives their new hires like Bill Kristol somewhere to sun themselves.

    Pat, as for the birth certificate issue — it’s perfectly understandable, there aren’t boxes to check for immaculate conception or primordial goo.

  108. Nite taggles.

  109. Pat,

    I think Obama could use your help in writing a new resume. But i guess he should have hired you a little sooner.

  110. prolix: Leave it to you to reduce the problem to its correct size!!

  111. while BO is doing his Propaganda world tour saying “Mission accomplished as if he were the President, Clinton is fighting the good fight for women and pro-choice.

    I hope NARAL national (not the regional non-profits) goes belly-up. If BO sent them a photo from Iraq where he was standing next to military equipment that looked like a diaphram, they would tout how he’s so much better on women’s choice.

  112. bb: Pure speculation on my part. You cannot trust a word out of his mouth.

  113. BB, really enjoyed your post this afternoon, dusting out the corners of history is always a good thing, thank you.

  114. Thanks, Prolix. I appreciate your kind words.

  115. Moran’s interview of Obama made me ill. He is talking like he is already President of the US, and he is totally pulling a George Bush. He is trying to parse the meaning of timetable to make it seem like he and Petreus are on the same page.

    Didn’t someone tell him that we are on benchmarks now? Timetables were so 2006.

  116. Also, as far as this newest Bush attack on women by making their uteruses again be subject to laws and to the whims of every health official—I still don’t understand how the religious right et al. are so into protecting the lives of the unborn, when they are the very ones who get such orgasms from hearing a judge issue the death penalty on someone who “deserves to die”. And from sending out thousands of living kids to die while following orders to kill thousands of living people in wars, etc. It just makes no sense to me that they do not themselves see that they have no concern for dead babies, just for controlling the behavior and fate of other people. Ugh.

    Yes, I so very much want Hillary to be in charge of bringing this country to order and peace and prosperity for all.

  117. Read this one the other day. *Very* much pisses me off.

  118. His arrogance comes through loud and clear too. Obama started answering before Moran had finished his question. When Moran said he hadn’t asked a question yet, Obama told him to ask it again later if what he was about to say didn’t answer it.

  119. I watched Hillary’s speech just before I saw Obama’s interview with Moran. It is amazing the difference. She sounds like a president. He sounds like a used car salesman.

  120. KNYC, when did logic have anything to do with the religious right?

  121. OMG! Mawm, did that interview just happen? I wonder if I can watch it on line? I can’t believe Obama actually said that!

    “Obama told him to ask it again later if what he was about to say didn’t answer it.”

  122. BB, Obama never fails to remind me why I will never vote for him.

  123. There was an interesting little aside this afternoon between Andrea Mitchell (Greenspan’s Viagra connection) and Tweety (get me a towel I’m talking about Obama and the tingling, oh the tingling) Matthews.

    Andrea, always seeming to be a BZero fan, was quite upset with the Precious. Seems as if they have had no access, not even pool coverage, and have been forced to take defense department footage. While not quite calling the trip a fraud, she said, “We don’t pay our military to be journalists.”

    Could be that Air Change is in for a bumpy return trip.

  124. Mawm, they really irritate me. I’m very spiritually inclined, and their ego-created reality where everyone has to believe what they believe really pisses me off.

  125. “BB”
    Your 1st comment “NAILED IT FOR ME” !
    I miss her & glad Peter D’s still around.

  126. Hey everyone! Damn that Hillary, she is so annoying, making all the other politicians look so unprincipled and spineless! 🙂

    Pat Johnson: Are you ready for your close-up?

  127. RD, I was a gifted child back in the 70’s when there were programs in California schools to help. Ah, the good old days. I was absolutely miserable in my regular elementary school classes where I was called names and ostracized (this went on into high school), but twice a week I got to go to wonderful, separate classes with other gifted students, where we studied French, filmmaking, art . . . incredible. It made me who I am today.

    In high school there were no such programs and I withered and ended up dropping out, taking my GED to get away from the hell (all this with the consent of my parents). I went on to get my degrees and after graduating with my BA (top of my class) got my PhD within four years.

    I could not have done any of this without the understanding of my wonderful mother and father.

    Your daughter will remember forever, and know.

    All best you both.





  129. For anyone interested in getting pissed off and wanting to return the favor, you might want to check out TM’s latest posting that we “PUMA” in fact have not really paid off Hillary’s debt complete with hateful comments, etc.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  130. Pat, I don’t want to say I’m unsympathetic to Obama, because I understand totally where you’re coming from with that hole inside, but OTOH, I think it’s been said that his mom wanted him to live with her and he chose to go with his grandparents because he wanted to stay in the US and go to school. That’s different than her sending him to live with his grandparents. Even Michelle, from what I understand, speaks glowingly of Obama’s mother and how much she loved him. (Personally, I would have loved to have had the opportunity to live with my grandparents as their home was like a refuge to me, but everyone’s different).

  131. Oh Madamab,

    I just knew you were off creating something delightful. Going to savor it now.

  132. madamab: I smell an Oscar!!!!!!!!!! This is so true to life!

  133. They just keep getting better and better!!!

  134. OMG – the post has just been removed over at TM. I guess she found out the definition of Libel.

  135. OT, but smelly troll on the “An Invitation to Democrats in Exile” thread tonight. If someone feels like de-trolling.

    Also, I may have missed this, but is the “About Us” thread the only place where Guila Jackson posted her Crawford, TX videos with Howard Dean?

    Way to go, Guila!

  136. As for the press finding fault with Obama, they could catch him stuffing bombs with Al Sadr and toasting bin Laden and they would marvel over his multitasking abilities.

  137. Madamab, have you hired Blackwater to bug Speaker Pastel’s office? Wonderful as usual.

  138. DisenfranchisedVoter: And someone over there mentioned he is going to appoint a Muslim woman as his adviser for female issues? Is this true? If so, I wasn’t being snarky about those burkas.

  139. TM is smart enough to know that pissing off PUMAs does not help Obama win extra support. She’s doing it to increase her dismal web traffic.

  140. I just realized how truly inept I am. Just changed the batteries on my mouse and my keyboard. You would think I was putting together a missile for the length of time it took.

  141. I think the most perfect photo of BO is in the helicopter with Petra and Hag. It reminds me of someone else who pretended to risk life and limb for the country!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  142. Pat – Eddy said to tell you “hi”!

  143. Carol: *&^%)( $#@%^&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Bostonboomer, I heard him say it! Couldn’t believe it. Moran and more on the interview will be on Nightline tonight.

    garychapelhill, your comments were so clear amidst that NYT piece. Refreshing! Congratulations!

  145. That post at TM’s is still up and written by someone named Christine Cedeno.

  146. Magdalena, Thanks for the tip. I’m reposting Guila’s comment here.

    Guila Jackson, on July 20th, 2008 at 12:59 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Riverdaughter, Will Bower wants me to send you two videos from Crawford, TX (Howard Dean) to post with the article. Here are the links to the videos. The first one shows me being the first person he spoke with and the second one is me continuing to talk as he is trying to talk to others. Will asked me to send them by email but I didn’t have your email address. Here are the videos and if you will send me your email address, I will send them there along with the email from Will.
    My email is pumaprowljackson@gmail.com.

    Thank you and thanks for all you do.

  147. Madamab,

    Once again, I salute you. Thank you for another great entertainment. I can’t wait to see it on the stage.

  148. Wonder if those network idiots who went on this trip are having second thoughts about mister “hope” and “change”? If he can brush them off now, can only imagine what 4 years of his admin will look like.

  149. You’re welcome, bb. I must say I do like to wander around this site. It’s nice to have a place to feel at home and as though I’m not alone. Last stop I hit at night before I hit the hay.

    ‘Night all, and thanks to you.

  150. The best researched and imaginative writers live on this one blog. The talent is amazing!

  151. Nite Magdalena.

  152. The press is none too happy about the reconfiguration of Air Change. BZero gets a first class cabin with four captain’s chairs, the staff (probably should be spelled staph) gets the equivalent of business class and the press, small old seats, no change.

  153. As long as he is “comfy” that is all that counts. Need to be ready for those big rallies promised in London and Berlin!

  154. I tried to look up my donations and my son’s, and they are not listed.

    Obviously, they don’t list all donations!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  155. Yaay! for gary and The Confluence for making the NYT. Only I was a little disappointed they described The Confluence as a site for ‘disaffected Democrats’ instead of the true description, “a site where the best minds of the true Democratic Party gather”.

    Oh well, maybe next time.

    Hey, does anyone know what’s up with HillPac? I had never heard of Leadership Pacs before this. From googling it sounds like HillPac was a pretty big deal up until she started her Presidential campaign. How do they work? I came across Hillpac’s financial info from 2006, and it looked like most of the money went to consultants and vendors and stuff — is that for more fundraising and ads and stuff?

  156. I just watched the Terry Moran interview with Obama over at the No Quarter. That arrogant SOB was talking about “doing my job” as if he is already POTUS. He isn’t even the nominee. This is completely outrageous, and someone needs to put a stop to it. This man is so arrogant and entitled that he’s practically certifiable. I thought we already had a crazy man as POTUS, but this guy is far worse than Bush.

  157. bb: Exactly. Even if you discount the fact that he still has yet to garner the number of votes needed to actually put him over the top, he is still competing with McCain until November 5th. His ego knows no bounds.

  158. Carol,

    They only have to list donations over $200. Anything in amounts less than that doesn’t have to be reported. It’s a big loophole and could easily be abused, especially by foreign donors.

  159. I just watched the interview on Nightline — his ego is slightly larger than Montana, another red state primary he won. His arrogance sets new standards — he must send his shirts out to be stuffed.

  160. prolix: lol

  161. SERIOUSLY OFF-TOPIC, but kinda important…

    I got this via email…

    “Thuc Ngyuen just sent this Chat message.

    I just got the bill for the first ever JustSayNoDeal conference call. There were 82 callers for almost an hour, so the bill was 450.00+. I am asking for help. Please ask people to paypal me a donation at thucdnguyen@gmail.com thanks”

    Thuc is a student and paid for this out of pocket. We sent $50—c’mon PUMAs. We can stamp this one out.

    PayPal is your friend.

    PUMAs don’t let PUMAs get stuck paying the tab.

    Every bit helps.

  162. DisenfranchisedVoter linked to an Uppity Woman blog above……it was actually Obama t-shirts taken from a Michelle Malkin contest. well, I never thought I’d go to MM’s website, much less post a link, but these t-shirts are soooo funny!


  163. rd, it’s great that Brook is in a place where the teachers recognize her for the brilliant, interesting person she is. I am very familiar with the laughing/crying feeling; on the one hand its such a relief when a teacher gets them, and on the other hand, why the hell does it have to be so hard for them? They deserve to have that encouragement and support all the time.

  164. I miss Anglachel’s daily posts. I hope she solves her personal business soon so that we can read more from her.

  165. Gary, you are probably not here anymore and I had wanted to congradulate you also but have been running back forth to my laptop.

    Bostonboomer, I’m glad that you’re around again!

    Pat, it was fun exploring the birth certificate fiasco w/ you! I’ve wondered how it was going to get resolved…I guess we’ll see, eh?

    Everybody, I enjoy reading all of the posts, comments, shared insights, opinions, etc. here. Sweet dreams to you all!

  166. I came late to the party again!



    SHE PROTECTS ALL DEMOCRATIC TENETS – especially Women’s rights!!!!

    Thank you Riverdaughter for posting this – wow!!!

    Good night everybody & WE CANNOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT.

  167. Please Digg the article if you Digg.

  168. “I just watched the Terry Moran interview with Obama over at the No Quarter. That arrogant SOB was talking about “doing my job” as if he is already POTUS. He isn’t even the nominee.”

    He’s had a transition team in place for months. (Yep, that’s transition to the Presidency not transition to the nomination).

  169. I’m glad there is at last one Democrat left who believes in Democratic principles like privacy and women’s rights.

    Mountain Sage

  170. Here is an interesting paragraph on the About Us page of HillPac:

    “HILLPAC respects voters and works to protect their votes. We believe that every vote should be counted and that voters’ voices should be heard, not just on Election Day but every day.”

    I wonder if that’s a dog whistle (or maybe I should say “cat hiss”) to us PUMA’s.

  171. RD — could we have wanted Hillary because we knew he was insane, or are we just figuring it out now, my friends.

    This takes the cake, and comes from NQ tonight. The American Flag isn’t on the plane, the logo is — see the pix here!


    and here is the religious read, off NYT –we really need to know what is actually going on you guys. We do. We really so.


    because we love Hillary, we are PUMAS, and we are smarter!

  172. OT but: did you all see Obie’s new campaign plane?


  173. The Rainbow Tour- with the front loader washer symbol- and not the American flag! I have finally found a difference between Bush and Obama:

    Bush clearly loves America (true it is his warped concept of America) but hates americans

    Obama-Hates America and he Hates Americans.

    the question is will the Rainbow Tour by Pollyanna be an incredible success?

    I am not waiting please someone get me a vomit bucket!


  174. Did B0 make any statement on this issue? After all, he wants to bring us, bitter women on his side, non?
    I guess he’s too busy with fashion police:

  175. On FOX-N-FRIENDS they were talking about the
    Obama camp sending out a “NO GREEN” clothing memo to the traveling “circus”. Also to the women like C.Couric to dress down, or something like that!
    So the MSM that cover the “WHOLE WORLD”, needs
    OBAMA who has’nt been out of the country for some time, to LECTURE THEM !!
    Here’s where their “IN THE TANK”; they’re NOT REPORTING IT !!
    “OK”, king Obama we’ll do whatever you say.

  176. Fasion-project runway Obama-yuck

    as hiedi says-your either in or out-

    big “o” you are out!


  177. Good morning – I got fired yesterday. I’m going to my ex-office right now to pick up my “personal belongings.”


    I feel terrible

    See you later

  178. {{{{Arabella}}}} I am so sorry Hope you are ok….


  179. This article has a Digg. If you Digg, please consider using the Share link to Digg it.

  180. Thanks Hillary. Thanks for looking out for us. I want Hillary’s name on the ballot. I want Hillary’s name on the ballot. I want Hillary’s name on the ballot. If there is one shred of decency left in this far left pile of lies that used to be the Democratic Party they will suck it up and put Hillary’s name on the ballot. I think we all know that that has about as much chance as Obama actually knowing what he is talking about. He is a true chartatan…someone who pretends to know more than he actually does. And that is about the best thing I can say about him.

  181. Pope Paul VI predicted grave consequences that would arise from the widespread and unrestrained use of contraception. He warned, “Upright men can even better convince themselves of the solid grounds on which the teaching of the Church in this field is based if they care to reflect upon the consequences of methods of artificially limiting the increase of children. Let them consider, first of all, how wide and easy a road would thus be opened up towards conjugal infidelity and the general lowering of morality. Not much experience is needed in order to know human weakness, and to understand that men—especially the young, who are so vulnerable on this point—have need of encouragement to be faithful to the moral law, so that they must not be offered some easy means of eluding its observance. It is also to be feared that the man, growing used to the employment of anti-conceptive practices, may finally lose respect for the woman and, no longer caring for her physical and psychological equilibrium, may come to the point of considering her as a mere instrument of selfish enjoyment, and no longer as his respected and beloved companion” (HV 17).

    No one can doubt the fulfillment of these prophetic words. They have all been more than fulfilled in this country as a result of the widespread availability of contraceptives, the “free love” movement that started in the 1960s, and the loose sexual morality that it spawned and that continues to pervade Western culture.

    Indeed, recent studies reveal a far greater divorce rate in marriages in which contraception is regularly practiced than in those marriages where it is not. Experience, natural law, Scripture, Tradition, and the magisterium, all testify to the moral evil of contraception.

  182. Joe, you’re kidding right? do you know where you are???? If I were a women I certainly wouldn’t be taking advice about my reproductive health from some bozo named joe, and I definitely wouldn’t be taking it from an 80 year old celibate man wearing a dress and prada shoes. Get Lost before the women sniff out your nasty stench.

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