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Here is the correct sports metaphor

Don and Alice gave us some pretty lame sports metaphors in their stupid letter.  But we can’t deny our lying eyes.  Here’s what we saw:

Now, if I were you, Don and Alice, and all you Superdelegates (yes, we know you’re out there), I would fix this vote toot suite before you find yourselves in suspension for 4 years.

(H/T to rktothemk for the reference.)

Holy Hemiola!  DailyKos produced some excellent writers, none of whom stayed at DailyKos.  Here’s another example from Anna Shane at Alegre’s Corner: David Lynch and Hillary Clinton

And here’s another by Campskunk: Obama, the Not-So-Stealth Centrist.  It’s an embarrassment of riches.

89 Responses

  1. yeah I wonder what the intention of this letter was…surely not winning anyone over or??? because if so they are absolutely incompetent…do they really think any clinton supporter who doesn’t support obama feels compelled to do so after reading this letter? LOL I think they just wanted to make sure we know that we are REALLY annoying,,,well we’re fine with that.

  2. LOL….you’re correct. That is definitely a more appropriate sports analogy. But, even if Obama had won fair and square (which he didn’t) I wouldn’t vote for him. He is an inexperienced empty suit.

    Mountain Sage

  3. Don lied in that letter. He said Hillary lost. She won. Obama was selected with caucus votes in red states.

  4. This was a fantastic clip!! You really nailed the analogy with this one!

  5. I apologize for doing something I consider a no no, which is to copy my comments from another blog.

    I too found that sports analogy so silly that I reacted to it on TM.com

    Actually I like Don Fowler but my God, these analogies:

    ” The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t establish conditions to recognize the Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand concessions before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him at Wimbledon.”

    Donnie, if your purpose was to sound moronic, mission accomplished.

    The LA Lakers didn’t turn around and work for the Celtics. Roger Federer didn’t immediately turn around and started working on helping Nadal win Flushing Meadows (US Open).

    It’s an election and even His Awesomeness has to find a way to appeal to enough voters to win. How does he do it?

    By addressing the conditions these voters laid down for their support. Duhhh!

    Why should Obama only placated the cowards who are helping Bush shred the 4th amendment, those who want to limit women access to abortion, and not do so with recalcitrant Dems?

  6. Stopping by for a quick fix — 30 PUMA’s on their way to my house for a BBQ to celebrate the TRUE LEADER of the Free World — HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.

    RiverDaughter – you never cease to disappointment me with your wit, clever mind and talent. I thank you !!

    Gotta – go prepare the feast !!

  7. Uh, I don’t want to be petty, but could I get a hat-tip there?

  8. Uh, guys, someone else brought up this analogy on the last thread. I only take credit for fishing out an appropriate video that sums it all up.

  9. Thanks, RD! I’m going to edit my own post about this to add the you tube. 🙂

  10. That youtube video is gold.

  11. rk: not petty at all. I give credit where it’s due. Sometimes, I have to step away from the laptop before I’m finished.

  12. I wonder if people will realize that Obama is spending like a drunken sailor and out of the 52 million raised only 15 million is saved for the GE. For the GE he is going to want 100’s of millions more to spend. He has promised trillions of $$ in programs here, and is now overseas making promises that will cost the American taxpayer 100’s of millions more. If he is elected we will have our taxes raised in every area and significantly. His promises of tax credits will be the first thing out the window.

  13. why can’t I see the video?

  14. rd: Whatever your muse, whatever your inspiration, it is always worthwhile.

  15. rktothemk,

    I remember your comment! RD gives credit. She might have had to go look up your comment. I like to put up my posts and then edit afterward too.

  16. And I have no idea who gets credit for: It ain’t over until it is over. Yogi maybe?

  17. RD’s generosity of spirit and sharing of the spotlight is one of the most wonderful things about her. That’s why I love this blog so much.

  18. I’m pretty sure I saw Hillary land quads over and over while BO can’t land a single.

    Maybe it’s my lying eyes!

    President Obama on Training Wheels just isn’t going to happen!

  19. BB: Please don’t inflate my ego. I assure you, I am as ordinary and selfish as the next person.

  20. RD,

    Sorry, RD, but I insist. I believe you have a real talent that has helped your blog grow. You do have generosity of spirit. That doesn’t preclude your having a very healthy ego too. You know how to include other people while advancing your own goals.

    If only Obama and his supporters had that talent, they might not be in the mess they are in right now.

  21. daaarrnittt it !!! waaah I can’t watch a video while I am streaming on the radio soo I have to wait til three to see this gem darn darn darn I hate waiting but i can wait til 2012 for Hillary 😉 ah well I am playing a song called
    Put Down That Chainsaw Baby I’ll Take You Back by FODDERSHOCK I love it …

  22. well, here was my contribution to olympic ice skating the the 2008 election:

  23. Taggles – LOL!

  24. Heh, bostonboomer, thanks – I’d commented and then went over to hack away at another post of my own (still fighting with it), and then came back to see if anyone had responded to my comment on the last thread – and was pleasantly surprised to see a whole post devoted to it! I didn’t know how long it had been up though, and I was more than a little thrilled to have contributed to a Confluence post. 🙂

  25. Right, and remember how “gracious” Nancy was when Oksana won?

  26. taggles — great vid! And a great point.

  27. Mario Cantone, a Boston area comedian, used to have a piece in his act that ridiculed Nancy to no end. They were both from the same town in MA and he just riddled her! Sore loser that she was.

  28. nancy=obama, no doubt about it!!!

  29. They made fun of us, they said they don’t need us, and we irritate them. It’s clear they really don’t take us seriously. After all, we only threaten to reform the caucus states, stop DNC corruption, refuse to donate, and withhold our votes. Donna Brazile et al one-upped us: they threatened blood in the streets and riots.

    BTW, that is when I knew I’d never support the big o, when a DNC official can say that on CNN, and not be fired or even reprimanded. I smelled shit, and it’s still on fire.

  30. I wish someone could actually show me what an Obama presidency is supposed to look like. I have asked that question numerous times and have yet to get an answer. It is a pretty good guess what you can expect from McCain, but exactly what does an Obama administration look like and will I recognize it should it happen? Anyone?

  31. You’ll soon be hearing from the Messiah’s Civilian National Security Force (CNSF) run by Black Panthers knocking down your door in the middle of the night for posting in an opposition blog site full of infidels such as this.

  32. An Obama presidency looks like van art: Unicorns, rainbows, a bee-yoo-tiful princess, and a hansome prince with a powerful magical sword.

  33. (Formerly ChumpedDemocrat) I want to share my responses — in bold black marker — to a DNC Registered Survey I received.

    1. To the letter from Howard Dean — his name is circled and connected to: “YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO DEMOCRACY. You have turned the Democratic Party over to Dem Elitists, Corporations, and Authoritarian Leftists”

    2. On every page of the “You Have Been Selected” survey — NEVER EVER on each page (4x)

    3. On the letter from Barack Obama –
    a. Our party has always stood for change: “Yes, getting rid of people”
    b. We’re the party of a young President who asked what could we do for our country….: “JFK was qualified”
    c. We’re the party of a man who told us that the only thing we had to fear….: “Don’t sully the name of FDR”
    d. We’re the party of Jackson, who took back the White House for the people….: “BHO has NEVER been for the people”
    e. And we’re the party of Jefferson….:”BHO is a crook and a liar”

    To “I hope you will contribute” my answer is “NOTHING”

    Signed, “A life-long faithful Democrat, but Senator John McCain here I come”

  34. Forgot to link to the picture of Obamaland:


  35. Ack, Arabella! I’d managed to forget that horrible portrait — and you’ve ruined everything!


  36. Pat Johnson, on July 20th, 2008 at 1:43 pm Said:
    I wish someone could actually show me what an Obama presidency is supposed to look like. I have asked that question numerous times and have yet to get an answer.

    Pat J:
    Margaret Kimberley who writes for the Black Agenda Report has a very good piece on that subject. I have to say the lady is on to something:

    Freedom Rider: Obama to Make World Safe for the Rich

    Barack Obama has spent years avoiding being “pegged” or “tagged” as a man of the Left. People should accept the fact – he’s no progressive. And no Black militant, by any stretch of the imagination. “He has to slander all black men. He has to threaten war with Iran. He can’t end the occupation of Iraq.” Obama’s full of compulsions, and phobias, too. “He has to tell lies and claim he was against warrantless surveillance and then vote in favor of it.” Mostly, Obama has to do whatever is required to service his mega-million campaign apparatus, “a well oiled marketing machine that convinces gullible people to believe he is who they want him to be.”
    ( … )
    He will govern just as he has campaigned ever since he first held public office. The former law professor will find reasons not to defend our constitutionally protected civil liberties. The new president will find more reasons to single out black men for criticism. He will always have a reason to continue the Iraq occupation, the time to leave will never be right. His nominees will not enforce civil rights laws, but they will do so with soft words and smiling faces.

    The hand writing has been on the wall for a long time. Barack Obama cares about his own ambition, and nothing more. His campaign is a well oiled marketing machine that convinces gullible people to believe he is who they want him to be. Those of us who aren’t fooled have an obligation to speak up and point out the sleights of hand that go back many years. We should not be surprised when it continues to show itself after January 2009.

  37. bostonboomer, on July 20th, 2008 at 1:24 pm Said:

    Sorry, RD, but I insist. I believe you have a real talent that has helped your blog grow. You do have generosity of spirit. That doesn’t preclude your having a very healthy ego too. You know how to include other people while advancing your own goals.

    If only Obama and his supporters had that talent, they might not be in the mess they are in right now.

    I completely agree.

    I’ve read blogs for the last 5 years now, and while I might read opinions that I agree with, RD’s writing ability itself makes this blog a gem.

    I feel that the people who post on here, and RD…are the closest to my own personal filter of the world…which that is to say, one of the most true to life.

    Not like these obama supporters who are so willing to turn around do the same thing bush and his supporters have done. Turn a blind eye to reality, with no criticism.


  38. Our house was getting dirty and then I realized, we were the house cleaners we were waiting for.

  39. Wow-thx RD for a fantastic video!

    I really don’t know what to think about his Presidency. Like Joe I’m worried about the idea of a Civilian National Security Force. I’m worried about wire-tapping. I’m worried about Pelosi’s noises about censoring the web. I’m also worried about Pakistan and BO’s suggestions of escalating the war there.

    On the other hand s’times I just think I’m succumbing to conspiracy theory.
    The problem is nobody really knows Obama. He shifts and turns and has no history. And he certainly treated HRC rotten.

  40. Oh, and I don’t know what he’d be like on the economy. (Where Hill would’ve been much better).
    Actually it could just be a “do nothing” Presidency -just like the Congress which spawned him.

  41. Murphy just sent out a PUMA Action directive to write to Don & Alice. I adapted the form letter and threw in some tasty bits. I hope they get blasted by a powerful PUMA force. What a bunch of disconnected incompetents. But why should I be surprised after watching the RBC debacle?

  42. ” the other hand s’times I just think I’m succumbing to conspiracy theory. The problem is nobody really knows Obama.”

    Laurie: it is not conspiracy theory. Everything that is written about Obama on this site, and many others (TM–the early days; NoQuarter, Tom Paine, Savage Politics, et. al.) sources their material to factual evidence. It only looks paranoid because the truth is so OUTRAGEOUS!

  43. “Our house was getting dirty and then I realized, we were the house cleaners we were waiting for.”


  44. 3 polls have Obama up 3 Gallup, Rasmussen and ABC/WSJ
    whta is alarming is none of those poll have factored in PUMA. Many say that 17% of PUMAS will vote McCain and 18% will hold out until the convention to see if Hillary gets the nod. In any case scenario it looks bad for Obama -35% means a landslide victory for McCain. PUMA’s get ready to feel the pressure from the DNC demanding you fall in line

  45. Thanks RD this reference (as always) is “SPOT-ON”!
    “MaBlue” thank you for that “Eye-0pening” link!
    We have to tell them that they can “STILL GET A CLINTON BACK IN”!! Obama has the worst “people skills “EVER !! No-one wants to be TAKEN-FOR-GRANTED !!! Only Rezko & crew benifited from Obama’s IL votes about $$ distribution.
    Some were pushing the McKinney candidate. Let’s just “TABLE” that for now … PLEASE… !!!
    Remember it’s not “OVER” until the “LADY” or in this
    case “LADIES ( & MEN) in the “PANTSUIT” says it is !!
    GO PUMA!!

  46. I had a fantasy yesterday: Hillary at her inauguration. We are all wearing pantsuits.

  47. The correct analogy for the Celtics and Lakers would be if, after being tied at the end of the game, the NBA decided to give some of the Lakers’ points to the Celtics in order to avoid having to play an overtime period. How would that have played with the Lakers fans?

    It would nice if the fraudulent awarding of unearned MI votes and delegates to Obama by the RBC was publicized more as the main reason for so many of us not supporting Obama. That outrageous event was never really covered adequately by the MSM and no Democrats have really had the guts to stand up and call it for what it was. There is absolutely no excuse for it.

    The problem with declaring Obama as the presumptive nominee is that, even with a legitimate win with the superdelegates at the convention (if that were to occur), it will be portrayed as Clinton trying to “steal” the election from Obama. Even if it’s a completely legitimate win.

    Unfortunately, the DNC has taken its risk, lost, and now has no real leverage against any of us to rally around its illegitimate condidate. Despite the Obama camp’s illusions, the country is never going to elect an inexperienced, unknown candidate like Obama no matter how low Bush’s approval rating is. They can threaten to blame Clinton if Obama loses, but they are clearly going to do that regardless of what we do. The damage is done and there’s nothing they can do at this point.

  48. fif: Not me. I’m going topless.

  49. The thing that knuckleheads like Fowler don’t understand is we are voting for a leader not rooting for a candidate. Our allegiance to party is dependent on our we view the party fits our basic values. At this time the party and their presumptive candidate do not fit my core values. Obama in the last month has demonstrated with his FISA vote, rejection of public financing, and changing stances on Irag he has no core values, so why should I, a life long progressive Democrat support him or this party. I have never been a fan of the Democratic party but rather a member of the Democratic Party.

  50. What a great analogy that little video is …. now if only we could get rid of the offenders in the demographic party and replace them with honest people and change the primary .. you do great RD 🙂

  51. Hi guys:

    wanted to spread the word…

    a few PUMA members are making a documentary of voter fraud/disenfranchisment, they are focusing on TX, but are interested in any other cases as well.
    Please shoot me an email if you have any examples you would like included(you can stay anonymous if you want),
    and I will forward you the email of the person in charge (I would rather not post it out in the open), sarajohns0202@gmail please ID yourself

    ALSO, there is a PUMA conference in DC, Aug 8 – 10, 3 days at a 5 star hotel only $250, please sign up b-4 spaces run out, the details are at : http://www.justsaynodeal.com

    Riverdaughter: LOVED YOUR POST!
    I gave those 2 idiots at the DNC a piece of my mind! No wonder the country is in trouble with idiots like that in charge!
    don@fowlercommunications.com, germonda@dnc.org

  52. I have been weeding this afternoon and probably suffering from a case of sunstroke since I reread those awful letters from Alice and Don! What total and complete a**holes!

    Need to calm down and compose a response to murphy’s request since I do not want to embarrass the PUMA movement by crassness.

    They have no clue as to how much they are turning us farther and farther away from the Boy King. Their comments only reinforce my disgust at the way this whole thing has gone down and I feel so bad for Hillary who probably has had to put up with far worse from the people she has supported and sustained over the years. Their actions border treachery.

  53. pyromancer76, I am now receiving in the mail appeals from the DNC marked URGENT. Three so far. Each time I write PUMA in big letters across everything and send the envelope back (and yes, I make them pay for the postage). I enjoy the process each time, although one would think they’d begin to get the message.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking more about the infamous Shut Up and Put Out letter, and am beginning to suspect it’s only partially about getting money from either camp. I have the feeling it is further introducing/inuring us to the tone of what will become of the Democratic Party in November. A la Bush, it will be, You’re Either With Us Or Against Us. A la Bush, no dissent will be tolerated. A la Bush, you will be demeaned and degraded, regarded as unpatriotic, and accused of crimes you never committed and are not responsible for, if you still manage to object at all.

    And a la the Bush years, farther down the road, when time has proved your objections correct, all the strength it took to hold your ground against greed, war, corruption, selfishness, and self-aggrandizement will be forgotten, as everyone will shake their heads in dismay, and ask, How did we get into this mess?

  54. “I have never been a fan of the Democratic party but rather a member of the Democratic Party.”

    Right on, Jake.

  55. Magdalena:

    I would stuff the letter with washers, it weighs down the letter, and since its a prepaid envelop, it will cost them lots of $$ !!

    I can’t wait until I get my next pre-paid letter.

  56. Hillary is the only thing that made this presidential contest exciting. Now it is terribly boring. Boring has to be the greatest sin to God who took care to make the entire creation, interesting and exciting. I wonder how Obama fares with the “thou shalt love the Lord thy God; no other gods before me . . . ” Honor your father and mother ” Thou shalt now bear false witness; thou shalt not steal; thou shalt not covet . . . etc.

    As far as his civilian national security force, he is probably thinking of his personal protection by the nation of Islam who also provided private security for Michael Jackson.

  57. feliz: You’re right. Hillary was the life of the party.

    Anyway, someone else posted yesterday that this e-mail wasn’t meant for us; it was meant to energize his base. I think that’s quite possible.

    I’ve been also thinking about the Mile High stadium thing. I think there is going to be a floor fight. I think Hillary has a vastly superior command of the issues and a far stronger argument to make in favor of her candidacy. I think Obama & Co. know this as well. I think the extra seats are for Obamabots so that the whole event plays out like a caucus and not a primary. Somewhat like the Wendell Wilkie nomination.

  58. Mike Marks, on July 20th, 2008 at 3:05 pm Said:

    I agree. Even if Hillary pulled out a miracle, the fact is with the media not reporting the truth about BO only being the presumptive nominee and there being no nominee until the convention most of his supporters would think that he was cheated which would be false. This is why BO is acting like he is the nominee, having Dean campaigning for him and Pelosi praising him like a stepford wife. Does she want to be VP? I just don’t see how the SDs are going to change their minds and vote for Hillary at the convention. It is too late.

  59. Hi guys: got this letter.. please please give what you can:

    Hillary Grassroots Supporters:

    Thuc Ngyuen just sent this Chat message.

    I just got the bill for the first ever JustSayNoDeal conference call. There were 82 callers for almost an hour, so the bill was 450.00+. I am asking for help. Please ask people to paypal me a donation at thucdnguyen@gmail.com thanks

    She has the phone bill on her account that got the ball rolling for the Coalition that has now built the Puma movement to 2.5 million strong. This is the Coaltion behind the Roll call demands, the Denver action, the Delegate action, supporting the loyalists action and is building the foundation of the NOBAMA, stop Obama campaign.
    This Coalition is keeping Hillary viable for 2008 and 2012. It is the Coalition investigating and documenting the caucus fraud.

    All we need is $450 and she is unburdened of our debt. A few dollars from each will help this first bill, and someone is carrying the subsequent calls, so there are these small costs to share ahead, also. It’s time to feed the PUMA.

    Thuc Nguyen is a student, so this is a huge burden for her, much larger than she thought it would be. Let’s do the right thing and swiftly. Thanks.

  60. I guess if Hillary is not going to release her numbers today, Eddy and I will just go take a nap!

    (By the way, the pox is cleared up!)

  61. If they have the whole thing wrapped up, why are they fatigued and a bit irritated about alleged carping?

    Confident people don’t write letters like the one Germond wrote.

  62. The Gaffe-a-thon Rolls On: Obama Expects to Be President “For the Next 8-10 Years”


  63. 8-10 years? LOL!

    You know, at least McCain makes mistakes about other cultures. Obama doesn’t seem to have the first clue about the country he wishes to “lead.”

  64. That’s awesome. 🙂

    For those interested… there’s a french blog that has a letter to french media today. Translated link below.


  65. Imagine no more countries – just one world government with Obama in charge.

    You knew that Obama would be bored being president. He plans to be Emperor of the World in another year or so.

  66. Thanks IndyPUMA! That translation is fairly horrendous, but I think we all get the point!

    Do your jobs, French media! PUMA! 🙂

    Arabella – Emperor of the World? The Ron Paul black-helicopter types aren’t going to like that! 😉

  67. Obama has so much in common with Bush: The same empty slogans, the well oiled marketing machine, the “nice guy” (well crafted image), and the same arrogance.

    Apparently, Obama is not to be mocked because he will retaliate with pettiness.
    Larry Johnson brings this interesting story to our attention:

    Nobama for The New Yorker’s Correspondent

    The Politico reports today: “The campaign received 200 requests for press seats on the plane. Among those for whom there was no room was Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent of The New Yorker. The campaign, which was furious about the magazine’s satirical cover this week, cited space constraints.”

    Ryan Lizza has been slobbering all over that empty shirt throughout the primaries. Just because he write a good article about how much of a pure politician Obama is (and there was THE cover), Obama bans him from the plane?

    Can you guys imagine how this guy would behave as POTUS? Scary!

  68. MABlue – That is so typical of Obama. He has no idea how to handle himself in an adult manner.

    I reallllly do not want his crazy finger on the button!

  69. And John McCain, warts and all, allows access constantly to the press. That’s how the “lovefest” with him came about. This guy is going to button up any access as it will severely reveal how incompetent he is. He will become the “Browniie” of “you’re doing a heckuva job” fame otherwise.

  70. Funny, but Ed was helping me weed this afternoon. He is so handy. And close by.

  71. I just bought my husband a two-year subscription to the New Yorker for his bday. Tee hee.

    And I’m waiting for someone to throw out this quote from Abraham Lincoln the next time the Precious evokes his memory –

    You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    Ain’t irony a bitch?

  72. Hello every one fuzzybeargville is back and mad as hell that he did not rate a nasty letter telling him to get on board?

    Did not we conflusians and the lovely Monroesque Carol Diamonds not raise enough $$$ for Hillary’s campaign to warrant a nasty “get on board or else letter”?

    GRRRRRR MaBlue I feel slighted I go away for not even 30 hours and I am dissed by the DNC again.

    Arabella and Madamab I never liked being called a Republican but if the alternative is being an Obamacrat…GRRRR…Its a tough choice I think I will stick with PUMA.

    Pat why do they not see that if they let Hillary be our champion Fuzzy will lean so hard for them that they will reach and exceede their $ 500 million goal for this election season? with Carol Diamonds and the royalties from Madamab one act play series…GRRRR

    Carol I know you are ready to this with Hillary as our Champion! Dean and Donna need to be shown the door now if necessary with the end of fuzzy’s foot!

    RD Obviously my basketball analogy from several threads back was better than these two “alledged”
    Hillary Supporters who have obviously never played the game!

    Fuzzy is back and in a foul mood Its all Dean Donna and the Obamanations fault!

    Fuzzy still loves you all here-did Hillary release her Numbers yet?


  73. Oh do not forget Taggles will be on blog talk radio this evening at 8 pm EST!- love you all!

    sorry for “venting my speen” I had a great time in Jacksonville and avoided all large bodies of water this weekend.


  74. Hi, Fuzzy! Are you ready for an eight to ten year Obama presidency?

  75. The Onion gives us an idea about the type of pieces Obama would like to see:

    ‘Time’ Publishes Definitive Obama Puff Piece

    The 24-page profile, entitled “Boogyin’ With Barack,” hit newsstands Monday and contains photos of the candidate as a baby, graduating from Columbia University, standing and laughing, holding hands with his wife and best friend, Michelle, greeting a crowd of blue-collar autoworkers, eating breakfast with diner patrons, and staring pensively out of an airplane window while a pen and legal pad rest comfortably on his lowered tray table.

    According to political analysts, the Time piece features the most lack-of-depth reporting on Obama ever published, and for the first time reveals a number of inconsequential truths about the candidate, including how he keeps in shape on the campaign trail, and which historical figures the presidential hopeful would choose to have dinner with.

    “The sheer breadth of fluff in this story is something to be marveled at,” New York Times Washington bureau chief Dean Baquet said. “It’s all here. Favorite books, movies, meals, and seasons of the year ranked one through four. Sure, we asked Obama what his favorite ice cream was, but Time did us one better and asked, ‘What’s your favorite ice cream, really?'”

    Time managing editor Rich Stengel said he was proud of the Obama puff piece, and that he hoped it would help to redefine the boundaries of journalistic drivel.

    This article is a riot, especially because it’s sooo close to reality.

  76. Fuzzy – My father-in-law lives in Jacksonville. Next time I’m down visiting the old coot, maybe we can get together.

    Don’t sulk.

  77. will he be president of all 58 states?

    for the full ten years?


    “It is better to be silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove al doubt.”

  78. That’s the plan.

  79. Arabella It would be a pleasure I would come up and take off work jump or swim through fire to meet the person with the wonderful mind that has so helped the PUMA Cause….


  80. so are we revising the constitution with the election of barak obama? or maybe with such a “good and decent benevolent dictator we will no longer need to be a slave to the constitution.


  81. The third term of George W. Bush.

    Who needs a Constitution when we have Obama’s “judgment”?

  82. here’s another Onion gem

    Entertainment Scientists Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013


    Again, it’s sooooooooo close

  83. I think Valhalla, in a comment over at Talk Left, may have nailed it regarding the nastygram from Fowler and Germond:

    “Fowler and Germond aren’t trying to communicate with Clinton’s big donors (who the email was aimed at).

    They’re trying to rile the troops. The DNC’s still using the same playbook but the arena has changed. Obama never did so well in the polls as when he was running against Clinton and it was a big beat the b*tch competition. And now Obama’s stagnant in the polls and the usual rah-rah hopey-changey stuff isn’t working.

    They can’t ressurrect the anti-Clinton fever against Clinton directly because she’s now ‘unified’ (ok, yeah, whatever). But they can take aim at her supporters.”

    Sounds about right to me. Obama’s campaign has never been about substance; it’s always been about being the anti-Bush and the anti-Clinton. Too bad for them that the lock-step Dems never anticipated the rapid rise of the “anti-Obama.”

  84. The sports analogy does not work for me, but I wonder if that’s how the Democratic leadership felt the day after the 2000 election. Bush won; get over it for the good of Bush and country. Yeah right!!!??

    Also, who cares if we get behind The One to win this for Barack Obama?? My vote ALWAYS goes to the person who I feel can best do the job. I have NEVER cast my vote for the benefit of the candidate. (Nor to make the candidate’s wife proud of her country, but I digress.)

    I feel like Don and Alice do not understand that, even though I was a Hillary supporter, I was going to support any candidate BUT Obama this year. That is because he lacks the experience and other qualifications for the job of POTUS. Had the same situation happened where it was only Edwards and Obama left at the end, I would have been just as outraged at the calls to quit for unity’s sake, the calls for the superdelegates to endorse now, the hideous handling of MI and FL, etc. I would have felt the same if it were only Biden and Obama left, or Dodd and Obama, etc. It is not only about Hillary, even though I felt she was best qualified this election. I cannot cast a vote twhich lends ANY support to a party so corrupt. The added bonus is that I will not have to cast a vote for a person who I feel cannot handle the job.

    I understand the Don and Alice are fatigued and annoyed with me because of my stance. However, I cannot live with myself any other way……….

    Like many others here, I will NEVER cast a vote for Obama. Whether, for the first time in my life, I cast a vote for an opponent to keep someone out of office is yet to be seen. More of being treated like this sure pushes me in that direction.

  85. His sports annoly was wrong this is the correct one. I do mine in College playoffs. The final 4 are up and it is UNC against Duke, my team is Duke and they get beat by UNC. UNC makes it to the finals against Penn State. So if you are a Duke fan and it is now UNC against Penn state who do you think I would root for? Penn State to kick UNC’s butt, lol, I hate UNC and would never root for them. That is why they call it a rivalry. Don needs to get over it, I wrote him a very long letter explaining this to him.

  86. […] Riverdaughter “Correct sports metaphor“for reality context Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)‘Hero’ Hayden […]

  87. Much better sports analogy than the one that the DumbObamaCrats tried. How legitimate would the Super Bowl or the World Series be if the umpires and referees were all wearing the uniforms of one of the competing teams? If every time that team got to the 20 yard line they were awarded a touchdown? Every time they hit a single it was scored as a home run? If it looked like the other team might tie the game or pull ahead, the game was called in the third quarter or the seventh inning?

  88. […] I mentioned this analogy over at The Confluence, and Riverdaughter dug up this fabu […]

  89. RD, thanks for this post. I love it. All the party leaders deserve the 4 years suspension.

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