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    Propertius on Media-Created “Reality…
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      A few months ago I read a couple of books by the Singaporean intellectual Kishore Mahbubani. In “Has China Already Won he discusses Taiwan. The one exceptional trigger for a war involving China is Taiwan. Most of the time, the Chinese leaders have a lot of policy flexibility. There are no strong domestic lobbies to worry about. But the one issue where the Ch […]
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The Pre-Convention PUMA Conference

Hi, guys,

I am copying this shamelessly from PUMAPac but I think that’s OK.  Here are the details for the Pre-Convention PUMA Conference:

Marriott Wardman Hotel

Washington, D.C.

August 8 – 10, 2008

Dear PUMAs,

The 2008 PUMA Conference Committee is ready to ROAR with these incredible conference deals! For the amazing (and we mean that sincerely) price of $250, you will receive the following:

–  Lodging at a FIVE STAR hotel – the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. for THREE nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

–  Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

–  Lunch on Saturday.

–  AND it also includes the price of the conference itself.

Mind boggling, crazy good isn’t it?

Registration will open tomorrow at 12noon PST at:



After the first 250 people register at the $250 price, IT IS GONE.  As we are under tight time constraints with the hotel for numbers and commitment at this time, once you register there will be NO refunds. (Please reread that sentence before you register.)

1.  YES we have a registration offer if you’re local or not planning to stay at the hotel.  If you would like to attend without the hotel room, the price is $150 (or if you aren’t one of the first 250 to register).

2.  YES we welcome vendors.  If you would like to have a “vendor table,” you may do so (we reserve the right to determine if your organization is a good fit).   We have 30 slots open for $100 per table.

3.  YES we need sponsors.  If you’re interested, please email us immediately at PUMAConference@yahoo.com.

4.  YES you will have an opportunity to volunteer – you can do so during the registration process.

5.  YES we are still working on how folks can participate via the internet (Just Say NO DEAL) and radio.  Details will follow late next week.

Email us with any questions at pumaconference@yahoo.com.

READY?  So are we!  Meet you in D.C!

~  PUMA Conference Committee

Now, Conflucians, if you must pick a place to go this summer, choose Denver.  We will do everything in our power to make sure you are are included in this conference in DC even if you can’t be there in person.  But if you *can* attend, please register ASAP.  The conference rate is spectacular.  We’re still scratching our heads over how we snagged such a sweet deal.  Maybe it’s because we’re returning to the scene of the crime and there’s some kind of cosmic justice in that.

The Confluence has been graciously volunteered to lead workshops on blogging.  If you have any suggestions as to what these workshops should include for 1.) covering the PUMA movement 2.) Covering Denver and 3.) planning for the future, please leave your ideas in the comments.

30 Responses

  1. I am just jumping on tonight, so forgive me if this has already been discussed earlier. These Dem leaders are abhorrent. Not only do they insist on ignoring democratic processes, they insult and demean us for “making demands.” Do they think this condescending and contemptuous attitude (Calling Donna Brazile!) is actually going to bring us into the fold???

    [From NoQuarter today]
    Too bad the latest letter from two top Democratic National Committee officials is not an imaginary missive from a Hollywood comedy. Under those circumstances the b.s. spewed by Don Fowler and Alice Germond might be funny. But they are dead serious in writing the following:

    “It is time for all Democrats, supporters of Senator Clinton and all other contenders for the nomination, to stand with him to secure his election and the election of Democrats at all levels of competition.

    I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who continue to carp, complain, and criticize the results of the primary and lay down conditions for their support. The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t establish conditions to recognize the Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand concessions before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him at Wimbledon.

    It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion. It’s time to put the primaries behind us. It’s time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands.”

  2. Alice and Don can KISS MY ASS!

  3. fif – what a maroon. Sorry, but had the refs taken 10 baskets away from the Celts and given them to the Lakers, you can sure as hell bet the Celts wouldn’t recognize them as the NBA champions.

    What’s with the sports metaphors anyway?

  4. Fif,

    Excuse me??! Since when is it wrong to make demands on a politician before offering your support or your vote? WTF?! I’m not supporting any politician “without conditions or demands.” Where is all this nonsense coming from? These people are insane.

  5. you know that don fowler is the one who made some kind of back room deal at the RBC meeting. I remember him coming back from the “lunch break” and apologizing to Ickes for what he was going to do (disenfranchise FL) which indicated to everyone there that he had made a deal with someone between sessions–against the rules–and that it would be a surprise to Ickes. He’s a total tool, and a joke for trying to push that crap now. Alice was an Obot from the get-go.

  6. I guess all these pesky demands for democracy and and all that crap is really “irritating” and interfering with their plans.

    Thanks for making me laugh everyone! If they keep poking us PUMAS with a stick and they are going to get CAT SCRATCH FEVER!

  7. OT apologies.
    We were talking about astrology at pumapac and I had this idea of having an astrological chart done for PUMA.
    Almost as soon as I mentioned it, a professional astrologer amongst our ranks stepped forward and offered to create the chart.

    Without the Confluence, the movement wouldn’t have manifested as it did, if at all.

    So, I’m wondering if you can provide the exact time and date that the idea was “conceived”? I remember it was during my first lurky visit here, and I didn’t really know what you were talking about, but still… I remembered “PUMA”.

    So thank you, and please let me know if you wouldn’t mind providing that information.
    You can email it to me at this name at gee male.

  8. gary: not only that, but Ickes revealed in his final speech that the night before, after they’d consumed some wine, Fowler was waxing poetic about FAIR REFLECTION. Then, when the vote for MI came, he caved.

  9. Gary,

    Isn’t Fowler the guy from South Carolina? I remember him too. some Hillary supporter he turned out to be! Backstabber is more like it.

  10. bboomer — it’s not just before you vote, but before you (if you’re a big donor) hand over wads of cash!

    I’ve been thinking about this, and I don’t think this letter is aimed at her big donors at all. I think it’s aimed at riling his troops.

    Obama never did so well as when he was going head to head with Clinton during the primaries. Well, now the primaries are over and his polling stinks. The avg advantage for this past week from Ras and Gallup is less than 2 points (within MOE) on McCain. And nothing so far has helped — not massive flip flops, not the Schmoonity crap, and not his revising (or whatever he calls it).

    They can’t go head to head with Clinton anymore, so who best to shoot at to in an attempt to jumpstart the CDS infection? Well, her supporters, of course. I’m sure these two morons are hoping to get some media coverage off of this.

    Or, they are such imbeciles that they should retire from politics immediately before they hurt themselves.

  11. Alice and Don are perfect examples of Obama-style “reaching across the aisle.”

    Blackmail, threats and middle fingers to people who disagree.

    No thanks, I’ll go with the candidate that actually knows how to argue her case and win, without having a pissy temper tantrum.

    That would be Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Sorry Obama, you don’t get the job. We have a much more qualified candidate who did her homework before showing up for her interview.

  12. fif–that’s right, I forgot about that , and yeah bboomer he’s the old guy from SC who sounds like foghorn leghorn. total backstabber….you could tell Ickes was pissed

  13. Today in the NYTimes, there was a long piece about McCain & Romney. Apparently, there’s a lot of buzz about a reconciliation between them and Romney in the top running for VP. With his economic savvy and McCain’s foreign policy cred, Obama is going to look like he just graduated from high school. Romney also pulls in the conservative vote. Each day it just becomes more apparent that the DNC has forced the weakest possible candidate on us in a year that should have been a slam dunk. Hillary has it all, and they chose Mr. Nowhere Man.

  14. Just a simple question to ask them: Would they have sent out that note to supporters of Ted Kennedy?

  15. fif, I hope your wrong. I really thought Romney was awful and hope McCain doesn’t pick him.

  16. Could I get a double for Eddy and I?

    He is still a hound, but he is definately not a

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  17. madamab, you are amazing. I hadn’t seen your web-site before.

  18. Wasn’t Alice Germond the beauty who had her hair fixed in the style of Olive Oyl?

  19. ha ha Olive Oyl — I thought Germond was the woman whose comments were crazy meandering — even the other Obots on the RBC weren’t paying attention to anything she said. She seemed almost senile.

    Was that the same one?

  20. I think so. She had her hair pulled back and twisted into a cone in the back of her head. I think she is from Calif. An idiot.

  21. madamab, total agreement. I so miss hearing a good solid argument of a point, but that requires knowledge of the issues and well thought out solutions.

    Thank you for the post earlier today. It was so honest and from the heart. Your courage and openness is truly inspiring. Thank you

  22. Don’t know how those of you that were there (I had company that weekend and could only watch in small segments) keep from having a coronary. It was/is outrageous. This example of “democracy” is what we are projecting to the world????

    RD, appreciated your comment earlier about our “progress” since Seneca Falls. I want to be able to tell my grandchildren that I did everything I could to follow in that tradition and made a difference.

  23. she’s from WVA…which means she’s REALLY rich…I remember that when I lived in the DC area the villagers who had their compounds out in the panhandle of WVA had the big bucks…society bigwigs..

  24. What kind of half-witted imbecile came up with those metaphors? The L.A. Lakers and Roger Federer most certainly established “conditions” for recognizing the victories of the Boston Celtics and Rafael Nadal. The conditions were that the “rules of the game” had been applied fairly to both sides and there had not been a surreptitious collusion to effect the results of the game.

    If the NBA had only awarded the L.A. Lakers one point for every basket they made instead of two, or the International Tennis Association decided to arbitrarily subtract 4 games from Roger Federer and gave them to Rafael Nadal, do you think the L.A. Lakers and Roger Federer would recognize that they had lost??? Hell no, they would be furious and they would protest vociferously — they would do everything but recognize those victories.

    Do you know who also demands that their citizens support candidates “without conditions or demands”? Totalitarian regimes. Thanks Don Fowler and Alice Germond, but no thanks!

  25. quick note about the pre-Convention meeting:

    if there’s some way to weed out Obama infiltrators, do it. they are an insidious bunch who will report back to their Messiah and they’re infiltrating Hillary Meet Up groups already, especially ones in swing states.

    there must be a rorschach that only Clinton supporters can pass.

  26. Dances with Puma: here is the info from the horse’s mouth, and I may say that I am quite the kicking mare:

    SM, on June 1st, 2008 at 3:39 pm Said:

    Thank you Puerto Rico!

    I am making an announcement. I am now a member of the PUMA party.

    P arty
    U nity
    M y
    A ss

    Rico, give everybody a round of Barcadi & Coke on me!

    Please come back and tell us with the astrologer said. I know that PUMA is a Gemini, so that’s why it’s so diverse.

  27. at the risk of actually being on-topic… 😉

    while I understand that the focus of this conference is Denver, I hope that some consideration is given to what happens post-Denver, and outside of Denver.

    IMHO, PUMA’s should consider doing more than just saying “Nobama” — they should be looking toward building a real non-partisan progressive movement — one that tells the Democratic Party that we see Obama not as the primary disease, but just as one fatal manifestation of it….

    Toward that, I’d like to make two suggestions that are related to the larger “Party Unity My Ass” message.

    1) PUMA support for Cindy Sheehan in her race against Nancy Pelosi. Sheehan could use some cash, especially before August 8th, in order to help gather enough signatures to get her name on the ballot.

    2) PUMA support for Dr. Phil English. English was nominee of the Democratic parrty in PA’s thrid district in 2004. (he lost, but did far better than expected, despite receiving no real support from the DNC or DCCC ) . But after watching the failure of the Democratic congressional majority to stand up to Bush, he decided to run for Congress this year as an Independent.

    I think that by slightly expanding the focus (especially with regard to getting Sheehan on the ballot) PUMAs can fight back against the Obamabot characterization that we’re just a bunch of dead-ender Clinton supporters. Yes, we support Clinton — because she’s the best candidate. But we’re PUMAs because the only reason that Clinton is not the nominee is the wholesale corruption of the Democratic Party — and our larger purpose is to take back the party from the corrupt power-brokers and return it to ‘the people’.

  28. oops… one correction. I meant to write that Phil English was the Dem nominee in 2006. (he was also the nominee in 2004, but in 2006 he did better than expected in a heavily GOP district without party support).

  29. I’ve been debating whether to go to the PUMA Conference in D.C., or somehow, make it to Denver (may have earned free round-trip airfare, but no lodging). Do we have a PUMA conference agenda yet ? How is the regisration going? When do you have to meet the 250 registrants threshhold?

    Thanks for letting me know.

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