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Oh, man, this is going to be one LONG campaign season

So, I get to Linda’s campaign office late.  I have another throbbing headache and it took me longer to get there than I anticipated.  There’s only one person in the office, everyone else is canvassing.  He sets me to work phone banking.  Conflucians, I’ll do just about anything for a candidate but I absolutely LOATHE phone banking.  Yes, I’ve done it.  Called hundreds of people in PA and NJ.  Done the scripts, multiple scripts, winged it, left messages.  But for every person I reach, the next name on the list gets that much harder to deal with.  I get relatively few negative results.  I don’t know what it is about a phone that makes me want to hide under a desk but the tension builds the longer I have to do it.  Usually, I manage to quell my anxiety with a bit of downtime every 5 calls or so. There’s something about a phone that just feels wrong.  I’ve never been a phone person.  Text and face to face are fine but phones drive me crazy.  But anyway, I’m rambling.  It’s just my least favorite activity.  It’s a necessary evil.

The phone banking was an endless series of message machines this afternoon.  I guess I should be grateful but the longer I got used to leaving messages, the more rattling to the nerves that first voice contact.  So, I asked Jorge if there was something else I could do.  He asked me to bundle door hangars.  Calming, menial, went well with headache.  That’s when I spotted my first Obama sign.  It was inevitable.  Linda shares her office with the state Democratic campaign.  Of *course* there were going to be Obama signs.

My reaction was visceral. I can’t help it.  It’s a physical reaction.  I want to sink my teeth into it and rip it to tiny bits. I can’t stand the coca-cola Obama symbol.  I made some comment to Jorge about the sign like, are Linda and Obama campaigning together?  He said the office was joint and anyway, he was the nominee.  Ooo, did that set me off.  He is NOT the nominee.  The convention hasn’t been held yet.  Jorge said something like, it’s going to happen, get used to it.  I replied, not if *I* can do anything about it.  (More on viscera and the like from Heidi Li who gave a talk this morning at the 160th anniversary of the Seneca Falls Conference on Women’s Rights.  In 160 years, all we’ve earned is the right to vote for whoever the men pick.  Makes me want to take down an antelope.)

A few minutes later, Travis came in.  Jorge went to him and they had a conversation that I heard bits of.  Sounded like, “Hillary supporter”, “nominee”, “that makes no sense”.  Basically, I am a batshit crazy Hillary deadender who won’t get with the program.  Guys, I might be an ancient, uneducated, woman, but if you’re going to talk about me, make sure you’re out of range of my hearing aid.  Whoops!  That wasn’t my hearing aid, it was my Bluetooth.

Jorge, Travis, if you’re reading this, pay attention:  Obama is NOT the nominee.  He is just a candidate.  He doesn’t have enough pledged delegates to win.  He needs superdelegates just like Hillary would.  The pledged delegate count is essentially even and the only reason Obama is ahead is because he got awarded unearned delegates in MI and more delegates in caucus states that is warranted by their sparse populations.

Now, you can keep saying that we should get used to it and that it’s over but if Hillary’s name is not entered in nomination at the convention in Denver as it should for someone who has as many pledged delegates as she has, then Obama is not a legitimate nominee, as far as I and millions like me are concerned.  You can follow Obama to defeat in November for all we care.  That’s what’s going to happen.  Get used to it.

In the meantime, I’m campaigning for Linda only.  I will not lift a finger or read a script that has anything Obama in it. The minute anyone suggests that I do, I’m outta there.

BTW, what kind of sick thing has this election season turned into when I actually WANT Sean Hannity to take on Barack Obama?  Sean Hannity would be stupid to make such an offer to Hillary.  We’ve seen what she did to Bill O’Reilly.  But Obama?  That’s something I would pay HBO premium prices to see.

One more thing:  I don’t know of any other term for a black hole.  It is both an astronomical term and a phrase that is used so frequently that most of us don’t give it a second thought.  Colloquially, it just means a place where things disappear and that are never seen again.  The gravitational pull for important things that are lost forever is a black hole.  I’ve used that phrase before and never knew I was a racist.  But until someone can come up with a better name for a black hole, I’m going to have to stop using the term unless I am refering very specifically to the astronomical event and nothing else.  Oddly enough, I have also found myself editing words like Oreo and zebra.  I’m not kidding.  In the sentence above, the first animal I wanted to take down was a zebra.  It’s all of those damn MUtual of OMaha footages with Marlin Perkins that come to mind when a lion stalks its prey.  I just keep seeing zebras but now I realize that it is a no-no.  Someone is sure to cut and paste it into a “Riverdaughter is a racist” page of examples.  This is ridiculous and is making true racism meaningless.  Obama needs to stop it or he’s doing African-Americans real harm.

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  1. Sorry OT. An action item going around.

    Someone posted this site that lists European news sites and blogs.


    We don’t know where the EuroBO tour will actually go, but it’s in our best interest to send those news media outlets and sites information wrt to BO. Hopefully our efforts will encourage the Euro media to ask tough questions.


    Of course, many of those sites have comment sections like this. Cut and Paste the above links there and spread the truth. (Yes, it’s TMs ‘good’ reporting during the primaries which is just the tip of the iceberg wrt why BO is not suitable for POTUS).

    Now the McCain campain has that wonderful Press Packet. I assume they’ve sent it, but it wouldn’t hurt to sent it across seas.


    It would be great to get PUMA coverage in Europe.

  2. riverdaughter this is why we must take this energy we have brought together and use it to form somehow the core of a new party as the power brokers that have brought this about will never truly give up that power .they will be like cockroachs and will scurry into the walls and dark corners until we turn the lights out again.btw i am a professional sales person and i could never stand working in phone sales its its ugg.

  3. You are a true warrior, rd.


  4. I wear my title as a “bat-shit crazy Hillary deadender” title as a badge of courage!

    Anyone who doesn’t like it, email RD for my info, we can meet, and see who comes out of the back room (I stole the last part from KO – but it works for me).

    PRESIDENT Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  5. 100% with you. Obama is NOT the nominee, so people need to stop saying it. For those two guys to go off and whisper about Hillary supporters is stupid. And yeah, they’re going to have to get used to losing if that’s how they want to act. They want Obama? He’ll lose. Get used to it. As you said so well.

  6. Don: The thing that set me off is how fucking clueless these two guys are. Hey, maybe they don’t need my help. I love to canvass and I love to blog and attend rallies and will even do phone banking at a party. I really enjoy campaign activities (except for phone banking).
    But I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit there and let them treat me like I’m a stupid woman. i mean, who the fuck do they think they are anyway? It was very frat boy. Like I couldn’t hear what they were saying and even if I could, I couldn’t possibly understand English.
    I’m not going back to that office. I’ll stick to the Bridgewater office and limit my activities to Stander only. Period. Not one word comes out of my mouth for Obama and not one erg or work goes into doing a single thing for him.

  7. RD – You are my heroine. Good for you.

    This is how they treat women in the Democratic Party now – women who are volunteering for their candidate?

    When did our Party start thinking it was okay to dismiss, deny and denigrate women?

    Let them win without us. PUMA!

  8. Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that we are seeing more TV commercials that reflect a women in a negative light. For example the ATT commercial for rollover minutes where the husband and 2 boys make faces at the mom and the mom is made to seem nasty. And the insurance commercial where the wife says we don’t have a boat, motorcycle etc and the insurance woman says ‘surprise!!’

    Or is it just that I hate these commercials.

  9. BTW, great post. I remember you told them you wouldn’t lift a finger to do anything that supported Obama. Now its loo late for them to complain. You were up front about it, so if they don’t like it, too bad.

  10. NH: Who knows whether they are increasing or whether we are just now noticing it. But I can guarantee one thing: if Donna Brazile and Howard Dean have their way and actually prevent Hillary’s name from coming up for nomination, we might as well just go back to the days when it was OK to ask the woman in the room to make the coffee. There will be absolutely no accountability for bullying a woman out of any thing she wants if she is competition to a man. Think about it. After this primary season, the EEOC will seem like some legendary thing. NO one will take it seriously.
    It’s the American Taliban without the burqa but just as efficient.

  11. Don’t let the haka get to you RD. Just as the Dems think that we have no place else to go with our votes, they’re trying to make sure that the delegates feel they have no place else to go with their votes. There’s very heavy marketing going on right now. Next time you volunteer, a Hillary button strapped prominently to the handle of your purse or something, might be in order.

  12. NH, on July 19th, 2008 at 6:58 pm Said:

    Did you see this.

    I wonder if the View would discuss this. Maybe Lou Dobbs or Greta.

  13. riverdaughter hang in there,ive found for every unsufferable ass i come in contact with i eventually meet 2or 3 great people.also as my wife has told me consistantly over 20 something years ,the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.i as a husband and father cant argue with that one bit because it usually is the woman that keeps the family on track.you are doing great work on this site so i say the hell with em.make yourself feel better go to the store buy a couple of packets of cherry koolaid and mail it to the jerks.

  14. Another piece of the Bush legacy: Most of us are tuned into Fox News and cheer leading for Sean Hannity because this is the one and only outlet willing to QUESTION OBAMA!!!!

    His bona fides, his inexperience, his unqualifications to be POTUS should be under the ultra violet light of the media but instead we watch them trail his ass all over Kingdom Come!
    The idiocy of this campaign is over the top.

    Someone indicated that Obama has over 300 advisers working on his behalf. 300!!!! There aren’t that many parts in a computer! This is ridiculous.

  15. Speaking of the American Taliban, I was just listening to NN’s panel on “the Obama/Clinton conflict in the blogosphere community”

    No Clinton bloggers invited, of course, although Chris Bowers claimed it was an accident.

    I should not have watched, I know, but it was even more nauseating than I imagined (and I have a good imagination).

    In short, it’s all those racists Clinton supporters fault, there was ‘documented’ racism by Clinton herself. There may have been a few uses of the word ‘bitch’ by some Obama supporters but Clinton’s supporters overreacted and were confused, not realizing the absolute Infallibility and Blamelessness of The One.

    Oh, and it’s all Clinton supporters fault because they are old, don’t know how to use social networking, load videos, or create viral messages. They are not young and hip and kewl like Obama’s supporters.

    Excuse me, I need to go vomit.

    For any masochistic souls, there are comments on TL about the panel (I know a lot of people gave up on TL but I still comment there).

    I do not believe in violence in any form to advance political ends, but listening to such self-aggrandizing and self-absolving bullshit makes me question my own resolve on that point. What utter morons.

  16. grayslady: If she wore a button she would probably be in danger. Look what happened to the producer of the PUMA documentary. It is not safe in some places.

  17. grayslady: As a matter of fact, I had a Hillary sticker on my backpack. I gave my metal button to Brook who took it to school and promptly lost it.

  18. Pat J, I hadn’t thought about that. I was just thinking that displaying the button would ensure any conversations about Hillary, Obama and the convention would be on RD’s terms, not on someone else’s terms. Why should we live in fear because we are PUMAs? I keep thinking of Germany and the brownshirts when I think of Obama’s supporters.

  19. My Hillary sticker is still affixed to my car fender. It is still my right to exercise freedom of speech. However, I do not kid myself that I may be inviting retaliation as a result. Far too many have been threatened and intimidated just for speaking out. All on behalf of this no nothing.

  20. IndyPUMA – OY.

    Our deep political discourse.

  21. If those bozos ever watched Miss Congeniality they would be more cautious around a Jersey gal.

    Don’t forget, when Tony Soprano’s sister got smacked by her boyfriend, she shot his ass dead.

  22. RD: Don’t let the pigs get you down.

    My mantra since January has been:

    No money. No time. No vote. Period.

    Feel free to use it!

  23. BTW, that applies to BO only!

    Hillary gets my money, my time, and my vote.

  24. When you read the hate spewed comments on other blogs and it not a great leap in imagination to envision one of those nutcases actually putting words into actions. This campaign has inflamed so many people who “believe” steadfastly in the hustle this guy has given out that any criticism of him borders on heresy in their minds.

    With no opposing voices coming from the powers that be, they feel free to intimidate and deride those of us who refuse to take heed. The DNC has brought about this current situation and will own it in the end.

  25. Don’t overlook Adriana. Last seen riding out to the Pines.

  26. Oh the temptation:

    RD: “Boys since I’m a crazy, old, bittersweet bitch I guess I can do this and not be held accountable…”

    [RD delivers two swift kicks to the boyz’ crotches]

    RD: “Boyz, y’all have a nice day now and think twice before insulting a woman OR talking behind her back within earshot”.

    RD walks out the door, stage-left, whistling a happy tune

  27. Oops! guess who forgot to close a bold! Sorreee!

  28. have you guys seen bothwaysbarack?


  29. I’ve gotten to the point where even if Obama magically morphed into a candidate I could respect, I still would not vote for him because I just can’t support anything that has anything to do with his supporters.

    But for LotR fans, watching this excellent vid (posted here previously) helps, as it encapsulates their true, troll selves:

    Lord of the Democrats

  30. RD:

    Do either or both of them have a fancy car? If so, you could do a Kathy Bates on ’em.

    “That’s how you do it when you’re older and have more insurance.”

  31. taggles – that link is not working or the site is down already

  32. Take down an antelope?

    The herdsman in The Bacchae tells the young king a horrific tale of the Bacchae’s ability to take down an entire herd of cattle with their bare hands. He sees Agave herself, the king’s mother, lift a steer and hold it aloft.

    You’re in good company.

  33. myiq: Ya’ know, I just don’t feel old. And the work I do usually requires a PhD and I haven’t got one. I think that makes me *under* educated. I’m sorry, I’m just pissed off at the whole thing. I’m really sick and tired of being pigeon holed. The more the Obama media does it and the more his supporters buy into it, the LESS likely I am to vote for Obama. Seriously. It’s gone too far and too long. I hope he loses in a landslide at this point.

  34. Well, I have searched all of the threads for the last couple of days and low and behold:

    Wbever $10



    Are we going to take it over $400?

    PUMA$ “you wanna dance, or DO YOU WANNA DANCE?”


  35. indigogrrl, it works for me, go to google and type in both ways barack and you will find the site its very near the top.

  36. RD, I am opposite of you. I like the phone banking. It is amazing the diiferent people you end up talking to. You do get to feel kindof heavy when you have had a few negative calls in a row, but every once in a while there is a magic call where you really connect with someone.
    Sometimes I think the calling can actually hurt a campaign. When I was calling for Hillary, right before an election everyone in the state would have been called a few times already and they were sick of it. I wonder sometimes if people don’t get pissed off.

  37. myiq2xu .. LoL…..good one !

  38. I keep getting an Embarq error message but I’m going to other sites no problem

  39. Sorry, there are no results for “http://www.bothwaysbarack.com/documentation.html”

  40. Lori: From what I remember of my classical drama class, there were two tings going on in the Bacchae. First, there was the cult like behavior. That was disturbing enough. But why was there cultlike behavior? Well, in this case, we have a hardass king who prefers a top down, authoritarian governmental style and doesn’t honor all of the gods. Not only does he not honor all of the gods but he suppresses the behaviors of his subjects especially the women. I’ve always wondered whether the Bacchae were as crazy as they seemed. Maybe they were just faking it to get even with the bastard.
    Anyway, if you don’t honor the wishes of your subjects, you’re likely to get torn apart in a wild frenzy. Someone should remind Howard Dean.

  41. RD is a TOD tonite, an especially Ticked Off Democrat, and I feel in good company.

  42. Do those guys take classes in how to treat Hillary supporters. I had just about the same experience her in Kansas.

    It’s the weirdest campaign technique I’ve ever heard of.

  43. RD – I am with you regarding phone banking !! I have an extra Hillary button I will bring to Denver – assuming you’re going to Denver.

    (I am on my iPhone so excuse me if I’m behind on the blog)

  44. Mawm: Give me a canvass sheet anyday. I love performing. The phone thing just doesn’t play to my strengths. It’s much easier to sway a person when you’re standing in front of them smiling and bouncing up and down in your merrills.

  45. RD, I am Canadian, and a huge Clinton supporter. I started on DKos in 2004, until I got run out with the hate – then to MyDD and the same thing has happened – although I do go over there occasionally to speak my mind and stir things up. Now I am happiest here and with Uppity Woman – I wish I had her courage!
    Anyway, I would like to donate to Puma or the Denver Group – can I do this as a Canadian? I don’t know the rules – or even if there are any……
    Keep up the good work!

  46. We went to the zoo today…got some great photos and video of the pumas.

  47. SimoFish: Thanks for the offer of the button but I think I still have a roll of hillary stickers somewhere. In fact, I have had several Hillary buttons but I usually end up giving them away. It makes people happy.

  48. Thanks Charles .. You are the only one that I know of who picked that up .. have not seen nor heard one darn thing about it ..

    you nailed it … if McCain had said that … omg.

  49. charles, is he talking about blackwater? his advisors have stated that he supports using paramilitary forces as opposed to Hillary who wanted to removed them from combat zones entirely.

  50. Charles, that *is* strange. What the heck is the National Guard, the Department of Homeland Security and the NSA for? How much more security do we need? Jeez, he’s smoking crack.

  51. Jean: I don’t know if there are restrictions in donating to a political action committee. But if you head on over to PUMAPac , I’m sure that Darragh has the information you are looking for. Same for The Denver Group.

  52. You know, telling someone to get “over it” is just so wrong on so many levels that whoever utters it probably doesn’t have opposable thumbs. Gravity and death are the only two things of which I know I’m not going to get over.

    Something that really makes me feel dirty, I mean really dirty like my shoes sticking to the floor dirty, is watching Faux News and rooting for them to find out something really despicable about BZero — really, really bad like he had Larry Craig’s love child, put it up for adoption and it turned out to be Paris Hilton — you know, that kind of bad. It really is a strange feeling, other worldly.

    BTW, another word for black hole is singularity, but under no circumstances use white dwarf, that would raise a whole new can of cashews.

  53. Charles – What in Jeebus’ name is this guy talking about?

    Blackwater? The Brownshirts? Big Brother?

    If he was saying something more innocuous, he should have clarified it. This is absolutely scary.

  54. RD- were the guys staffers or volunteers?

  55. RD, I feel just like you do. The “plastic” signs I see around? I could…
    Just know, you and I feel the same, and also about the women’s issues post Seneca Falls. I won’t ask you to read what I dropped off, because of that headache. I have one big fat one too, today.

    What that said was that Bush is paving his way to the White House — in terms of this trip. Bush is behind Obama. Probably because of Rove.

    O scares me so much you cannot believe it. He is pro-war, not anti. He has fooled the American public. Months ago I had a ref to his “blackwater” dealy. Anybody can just google Obama Blackwater and see the piece at rinff? It comes up right away.

    He is Bush. But worse.

    Anyway — know we are all on the same page, wanting Hillary. Boy.
    Are we ever.

  56. Charles – Does Obama have any idea how much we spend on the military?

    Either we would bankrupt ourselves immediately with this idea, or we would have to drastically cut the amount of money we budget for the military.

    You would think either suggestion would be quite newsworthy.

  57. Charles, I think I may have seen mention of the domestic mercenaries on one other blog. What I didn’t see mentioned elsewhere was that the few lines you quoted apparently were not in the advance speech script handed out to reporters. That tells me he wants to make sure that the newspapers won’t quote him on that particular statement. Frightening.

  58. Riverdaughter, I just want to say I understand completely about the reaction to seeing an Obama sign. It’s like every time I check my yahoo mail now there is a splash banner across the top and a side banner for the messiah. I actually become physically ill now whenever I see it! And it makes me never wanting to go and check my messages now.
    I get knots in my stomach and my pressure goes up. I’ve tried disabling my bowser images just to avoid seeing them, but maybe I’m not doing it right, cause they’re still there!

    But this is how bad it’s getting!

    “The New Coke” candidate. That’s what he is! Of course I guess that should “cocain”

  59. Actually, Arianna referred to Obama as Zero Coke after he did not stand up for FISA!

  60. Charles I hope NQ ran that — just read it. I read someplace yesterday that on this trip he has his own 300 strong force of advisors — not anyone from Washington. I wish I had saved that piece. That speech is reminiscent of? You said Tricky Dick? To me it sounds like a dictator? They both do, and I think this is why we saw the New Yorker run that cover of the two of them.

    Also, damn, that part somewhere in the middle sounded like reinstating the DRAFT to me…correct me if I’m wrong….great piece you wrote…

  61. Charles, I saw a reference for that a day or two ago that popped up on REFDESK.com (I think it’s actually run by Drudge’s brother) in the newsbits by Breitbart.com-mostly AP stories.

    It is truly ominous, and again very revealing in exposing his not-so-secret right-wing mind. However, it’s also idiotic, and can be added to a growing arsenal of his own words to use against him.

    Personally, I think we should be pooling our creative skills to make scary commercials with themes like this (and more) for online circulation.

  62. I still hold tight to Obama as the “Straight to video” candidate.

  63. Hey RD, I used the term black hole to describe Mr. Icky a couple of months ago (seems like twas brillig, at this point). It was on another site and I used it because Obama is a black hole. We know nothing about him, he appears to be without substance and things keep getting sucked into that endless void of anti-matter. I thought the description fit him perfectly.
    No one commented and said “oh naughty poster” to me, but when I re-read it I went “oof” and felt funny.
    I understand your hesitancy to use the English language and scientific terms in this climate of anti-speak. It just shows how hideous the Obama influence is on our society. One worries to write day to night or anything else. What is kind of funny is, once that concern enters in (I was going to say colors your outlook– but– well, you know…), you can get nervous about all your language. For instance in talking about LGBT stuff, I kept tripping over unintentional pun after pun. It’s like trying not to laugh in church. (oh, am lesbian by the way– so I wasn’t worried about being
    insensitive to my community– just the heightened paranoia about language was really strange). I try to say exactly what I mean– and if I use language that is colorful (oh shit!), then I make sure I use necessary language around it to show its true context. But damn, once someone can plug into your own self expression and make you self-censor, things get really creepy.
    Orwell would not be pleased. I bet he’d write something truly wonderful.

  64. Blackwater is scary enough with its right wing leanings and ominous recruits from South American countries. But for him to advocate another paramilitary group is equally troubling. The type of recruits and what their mission statement encompasses is bizarre. The Boy King sure has all his bases covered. Sounds like a possible coup out there in Obamaland.

  65. Black hole = quantum singularity, afaik

  66. The media is “in love”. They refuse to deeply question or appear critical as a result.

  67. i heard about the ‘black hole’ outrage earlier this week and I died laughing….

    Anything that’s black looks black to us because it absorbs light/em waves, i.e. energy….as opposed to something that looks, say, white, because that objects reflects all light rather than absorbs it. A dead star is called a black hole because it absorbs energy AND matter.

  68. Everybody re: the civilain defense thing, The Swamp on The Chicago Trbune reported on it in passing at the time of the speech.
    Then, I think WorldNetDaily picked it up and started asking questions, like “what the heck did he mean by that?”
    Then the other blogs started to pick it up.
    They have the video on WND.

  69. The National Security Force is going to be under whose control? ..The President? Who is the threat that requires this well armed force? Typical white grandmothers with loaded walkers?

  70. RD, I think you handled it better than most would have; this stuff plus the letter to the Clinton contributors to… once again.. “get over it”… this attitude is simply maddening to me. Been having some trouble with my blood pressure the last few months.. hmmm, maybe I see why!!!!

    About the militia comments.. it’s all scary to me. Put that together with the Youth program.. it sounds like Brownshirts and Hitler Youth. It’s scary to me… and that’s not even mentioning the intimidation factors practiced by the bots… the rancor is so disturbing, it’s like swimming against a current of … crappola.

  71. The National Security Force. Jeez. I keep waiting for the Obama decoder to come in a box of Captain Crunch so I can figure out what the hell he’s trying to say. Barack Turrets… is he letting slip his plans for the Orwellian Thought Police? Is he pandering to the militia folks to get the far right vote? Does he have any idea at all what he’s saying?

  72. Know what you mean about that weird feeling that you’ll be taken down for totally innocuous phrases – when commenting on that great Lord of the Rings Hillary-esque takeoff that’s making the rounds, I changed her enemies to the “Forces of Dorkness”.

    Oddly enough, it fit even better.

  73. RIch: Are you sure about that? I thought the quantum singularity was the thing that triggered the big bang. Of course, I am not a cosmic physicist. I don’t even play one on TV.

  74. “Obama needs to stop it or he’s doing African-Americans real harm.”

    RD, I have the highest regard for your writing and your sentiments. But don’t you think there is something wrong with the above sentence? Do you think Obama cares any for African-Americans?

    I am not even taking into account the fact that he has never done anything for African-Americans. He has not done anything for anybody and AAs are no different in that sense. But when he and his surrogates decided to engage in race-baiting against the Clintons, do you think he was unaware of its possible repercussions?

    Most people (including Obama supporters) realize at some level that is was a piece of cunning manipulation aka pulling a fast one. Because of this, I fear, many genuine instances of racial discrimination may not get the redressal they deserve because of a general loss of credibility … from crying wolf one time too many. Intelligent people like Obama and Axelrod who have a finger on the pulse of the people knew that going in. This was a an act of singular malevolence towards the AA populace.

    Harm African Americans? Trust me he does not care.

  75. RD,
    Reading what I have written, I find that it sounds like a rant against you rather than O. It was not meant to be that way.

    I am a longtime lurker and rare poster on your blog, visiting it everyday through the primary season and now even more regularly since I dont go to Taylor Marsh any more. So I know your views and I know your stance.

    No offense meant comrade.

  76. “My reaction was visceral. I can’t help it. It’s a physical reaction. I want to sink my teeth into it and rip it to tiny bits. I can’t stand the coca-cola Obama symbol.”

    LOL! I have to stop myself from swerving to run over every BO sign I pass. I also fantasize about carrying around a can of black spray paint, and spraying a large “X” over each one. Then I think: they’ll just buy another one, and that will give him money; or, Hillary wouldn’t want me to be “undemocratic,” so I refrain from either action. For now…

  77. I know what you mean about the rage you feel when you see his corporate branding logo. I was at the “die-in” today at Nancy Pelosi’s house and the mansion across the street had two banners in their front yard. If there weren’t so many police around I would have taken them. As it is I did manage to tape one of the Denver Group’s ads on the police barracade right in front of her house.

  78. That black politition thought the other said “black hoe” as in bro before hoe. He might know he was mistaken by now but he will never admit it.

  79. […] And so riverdaughter blogs about how much she detests asign for Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and his signs in a post she titled, “Oh, man, this is going to be one LONG campaign season.” […]

  80. “We’ve seen what she did to Bill O’Reilly.”

    She did nothing to O’Reilly, but she did display admirable levels of knowledge and judgment — and a pleasant personality — to the extent that I was surprised to come away from watching the interview with a belief that she could have won easily by behaving exactly that way from the beginning.

    But, you can’t turn back the clock, and it’s too late now under all but the most extraordinary circumstances.

  81. […] Oh yes there’s trouble! Right here in Obamessiahland! Apparently, quite a few Democrats read up on their party’s nomination rules and they found something that I was saying last month. Barack Obama isn’t the nominee until there’s a vote in Denver at the convention. Those folks aren’t at all happy with the Exalted One and they, in the words of Malcolm Reynolds, aim to misbehave. […]

  82. […] interesting about this is that she is a lifelong Democrat. And one of many Hillary supporters who feel they got screwed by the Democratic Party. With no […]

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