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Meet Me In Denver with Darragh Murphy and Friends

Set your batchannels for tonight’s premier of Meet Me In Denver with Darragh Murphy and Friends on the NQR network of Blogtalkradio.

I’m predicting that Darragh will be discussing the details of the rally in Denver including how to arrange to get on a bus.  She will probably also be discussing what is being planned for a pre-Denver PUMA conference to be held in DC on August 8-10.  And there’s lots more.

The party starts at 9:00pm EST.

You know, Darragh made a good point about friends the other day in Princeton.  Who are Obama’s friends?  We know that Bill and Hillary have thousands of them.  Some of them have been lifelong friends.  Mack McClarty and Vince Foster had been Bill’s friends since elementary school.  Hillary too has a coterie of friends she has known since she was a girl.  Loyal friends who share mutual admiration and respect for her.

But who are Obama’s friends? Who knows him, vouches for him, is loyal to him?  Where are the FOBs for Barack?

74 Responses

  1. Your last two sentences are questions I’ve been asking for a long time. A number of people interviewed at his college in CA remember him, but none say they were close friends. I have never seen any mention of friends from Columbia or, for that matter, of any one who even remembers him there.

    I have also recently raised the question, on another blog, of why Obama has never appeared with his grandmother–the woman who basically raised him. Hillary had her 86 year-old mother campaigning with her, and John McCain has had appearances with his mom. Does he not want to remind us that he’s bi-racial rather than pure AA? Why wouldn’t he want to be seen with family?

  2. grayslady – In Obama’s first GE ad, he highlights his white family quite prominently, including his grandmother. He has one quick pic of his father. It’s like he was all black for the primary, and mostly white for the GE.

    The cynicism of this man knows no bounds.

  3. Thanks, madamab. I don’t have tv so I don’t know what sort of ads he’s doing.

  4. grayslady, no tv here either. Thank the deities, or I’d have smashed it by now.

    Offthread, but I was pleased to see one media outlet calling BHO the “likely … nominee” — instead of “will be the nominee.” And we’ll see what we can do about the “likely” part. UNlikely if luck is with us!

    Also, his handlers keep protecting the Precious. “media access to Obama was limited by his campaign.” so he won’t say something arrogant or dumb on video, no doubt. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/1131ap_obama_afghanistan.html?source=mypi

    Darragh, you rock! Keep on strong.

  5. Interesting. “none say they were close friends” Does that tell us something?

  6. actually,
    the TV ads I’ve seen with his “white family” are all old photos of when he was a child…….
    his Grandmother is still alive “somewhere in Hawaii” , along with his half sister….and his half brother is alive floating around, but I guess they don’t speak.
    But, it’s true, where ARE their friends, his, hers????

    I guess they are tucking MO away now….no trip to Afganistan to be photographed in headscarves for her

    Makes a person go, “hhhmmmmmmmm”

  7. Obama has few “close friends” because he is an opportunist. He takes what he needs to achieve the next rung of the ladder.

    This is just a little off topic but I read the latest book on Madonna penned by her brother. The similarities of both are pretty marked. Self involved, lacking empathy, created myths, no loyalty to others. Both are opportunists dedicated solely to advancing themselves. As a result, she had few close friends and few speak well of her owing to her ability to throw them under the bus when she no longer needed them. He has done the same.

    Narcissitic personalities may depend upon other to help them climb the ladder but they are more than unwilling to share credit. This blows a hole in their self centered egos that getting to where they want to be was not a solo production.

  8. PJ – Obama = Bush, with the dictatorial tendencies fully intact.

  9. madamab: Your previous blog was super. I felt like I was sitting right there with you.

  10. Hahaha! BTD has a piece over at TL about a panel discussion at “Netroots Nation” on the Obama-Clinton conflict in the blogosphere. The panel is chaired by Chis Bowers and there are no Clinton bloggers on the panel.

  11. bb: I read that too. Surprise, surprise!

  12. Pat,

    You are so right about narcissistic personalities. I’ve always thought GW Bush was incredibly narcissistic, but Obama is so much worse. Bush actually has some long-time friends and he has relationships with his family at least. Obama and Michelle are both users. I really feel bad for their daughters. They will need serious therapy later on in life.

  13. Harriet is now on with Darragh.

  14. She is so cool!

  15. bb: I mentioned Madonna because this is a performer with limited talent who used marketing skills and the right connections to gain the renown she now enjoys. The same with Obama, limited talent and a product of a marketing campaign and the right connections.

  16. Where are they?

    Fist place I would look is under the bus.

  17. You meet the nicest people under the bus!

  18. Uh, make that “first place”

  19. BO has close friends. He has been friends with Rev. Wright for 20 years- Rezko for 17 years and Bill Ayers for 13 years. These are his friends. It is just that his friends are radicals.

  20. Wow, that was great! I rushed home and got here a little late, but I got to hear some of it. Power to the people!!!

  21. 2004>Tony Rezko>Rahm Emanuel>David Axelrod>Daley Machine>Barack Obama

  22. DownListen: Those are also friends he “used”.

  23. Oops, I slipped back into the ’60s there for a minute. I am just so impressed with what riverdaughter, Diane, Murphy, and everyone else has done. I’m so proud to be even a small part of it.

  24. great show….mawm and I just registered for DC anyone else going?

  25. PJ – Thank you so much!

    I started calling Obama narcissistic in December of 2007. Here is a fun little paragraph from my weensy blog:

    Obama is a narcissist of the first order. His whole campaign is about how wonderful HE is, not how wonderful his ideas are. His book was called “The Audacity of Hope,” for Jeebus’ sake! Every human being on the planet hopes for something, but because the Great Obama, Uniter of Us All, does something absolutely unremarkable, it’s now “audacious.” Could he love himself any more?

    Lord, it sucks being right sometimes. 😉

  26. Would love to but finances won’t allow. Must remain an “armchair” activist and depend upon those who can to carry the message and herald the voice.

  27. Oh – and the show was AWESOME. I can’t believe how articulate our people are. I would be so nervous I would probably pee myself. LOL

  28. gary: I’m registering. I will meet you there. Maybe we can do some pre-planning. Brad Mays has some cameras he wants to lend to you and mawm for your trip to Denver. I’m thinking of holding a conference call for confluence bloggers. We’re getting invites to do stuff left and right. It’s amazing.

  29. madamab: It’s okay to be right, sorrowful to be wrong in this case. The Boy King simply cannot succeed in his quest for world domination. And I am beginning to think that is where his goal lies.

  30. DownListen, something about that list just struck me: these are all people who are older than Obama. No one on that list who’s his age. Also, they’re all in a position (or were) to help him. This is a personality crying out for help.

  31. The light of democracy has not dimmed. The people are coming together. If nothing else, I only hope that this open opposition leads to his defeat in November. I am already resigned to 4 years of McCain. Can’t be any worse than the last 8.

  32. grayslady: They also take the place of that elusive father figure he tried so hard to recreate in his book.

  33. I wish I could meet you all in DC…$$$$….sigh….

  34. PatJ, that certainly looks like a possibility, doesn’t it?

  35. How did a little known state senator from Illinois with less than two years in the US Senate get up one morning and tell himself he was qualified and experienced to become POTUS? He didn’t, someone came to him. Big difference with the candidate who has had the “fire in the belly” all along.

    One runs out of a sense of duty, the other out of a sense of entitlement. This is what this campaign has boiled down to.

  36. madamab: Are you closer to Denver? Because that’s the important one.

  37. RD – I’m closer to DC! I live in New York. But…I have no car and no job right now. Extra expenses like that are not in the budget.

    I haven’t ruled out Denver 100% yet. If I can get the job I’m supposed to get by the end of the month, I am hoping to go. 🙂

  38. In a relatively new area of psychology, BZero has a personality trait known as Significance. People who have the significance personality trait get their self-worth from external sources or others. They over compensate by outward shows of dominance and betterment. They are very emotionally fragile. They are the consummate users. They don’t have friends, they have acquaintances. They work their whole lives on networking. Notice how quickly BZero redrew his district in order to make take in more Repugs and wealthy constituents. Their favorite word is “I” — notice how many times BZero will have to correct himself from using “I” instead of “we.” With significance, it isn’t what you can do it is being in the position of power — notice even at a relatively early age it was gaining the Editorship of the Law Review, but he never wrote an article. And the most telling is writing a memoir while in your 30’s — who does that other than someone who believes that they are indeed unique and through telling their story others will come to know just how special they are. Something that is as frightening as it is cogent, to someone with significance, ends always justify means. Ethics and morals are never absolute, but merely suggestions. I’m not given to hyperbole, but BZero scares me more than W.

  39. it would be awesome to live blog the whole conference, especially if there are enough of us there to take turns, keep everyone right up to the minute with what’s going on.

  40. Are y’all going to Denver? Maybe I should go.

  41. Prolix – A long time ago on my blog, someone made a pretty good case that Obama is a sociopath.

    It’s hard to diagnose someone when you don’t know that person, though. I’d like to see what Justin Frank, author of “Bush on the Couch,” has to say about Obama!

  42. gary: I’m thinking along the lines of webcasting or using blogtalkradio. It would be great if we could get some live callers to ask questions during the sessions

  43. madamab: I have the money and the means to get to DC if you are interested in hitching a ride with me.

  44. madamab,

    I think Obama is a sociopath. I don’t see any signs of empathy in him. He doesn’t seem to really connect with other people at all. The only way he makes a connection is in those mass rallies, and people are really just projecting their own fantasies on him. Of course, now that he has begun showing his true colors, it will be harder for people to do that. If he ends up being the nominee, I’ll bet turnout is going to be extremely low in November.

  45. Madamab,

    In positive psychology it isn’t psychoanalysis, but observation. As of now there are 34 personality traits catalogued and each has a distinct pattern. It is relatively easy to recognize the patterns and BZero’s picture should be next to the definition of significance.

  46. RD, that sounds great. I’m excited already..

  47. RD – Seriously?! That would be amazing. I could even rustle up a place to stay, I think – I have a friend who lives there.

    Do you want to email me at madamab at gmail dot com?

    bostonboomer – I hear you and I think it’s a very good possibility. I see no signs that he understands anyone but himself.

    Since neither he nor McCain are connecting with the base of their party, I agree about the turnout too.

  48. Prolix – Thanks for educating me about positive psychology! I know nothing about it. I learn something new every time I come here. 🙂

    Conflucians rock!

  49. oh my god, that would be cool madamab…we could plan for how to do your plays spontaneously in Denver….

  50. ooooh gary that would be so awesome….:-)

  51. madamab: seriously. You can hitch a ride with me. Take the Northeast Corridor train from Penn Station to Princeton Junction and I’ll pick you up.

  52. Madamab, two authors for your consideration on positive psychology if you are interested, Dr. Martin Seligman or Dr. Donald Clifton.

  53. gary and madamb: Sheri Tag has asked us to do No We Won’t for her while she’s on vacation. Bwahahahahah!
    I’d love to do a cocktail party and one of madamab’s one act plays. Then hear from Gary and mawm about their new careers as blog journalists on the ground.

  54. Can y’all swing by and pick me up? I wanna go too.

    It’s only 2-3 days out of your way.

    Each direction.

  55. that sounds cool RD, and I love the play on the radio thing…I hadn’t even thought about that…do it like the old time radio shows with sound effects and everything… that would be fun.

  56. No way RD! That would be too much fun!

    I’m up for it. When would that be?

  57. oh and thanks, Prolix! 🙂

  58. Prolix,

    I’ve never heard of “positive psychology” either, and I’m a psychologist. Do you have any links to more information? It’s also news to me that there are exactly 34 personality traits. I’d have to say there would be a lot of disagreement from most personality theorists on that.

  59. Well, I certainly am familiar with Martin Seligman. He’s the guy who discovered learned helplessness in rats.

  60. BB,

    Surprised you haven’t heard of positive psychology, it is now recognized by the APA. There’s many books written around it, just google positive psychology, authentic happiness, seligman, clifton. I didn’t mean to give you the impression that there were only 34, but within positive psychology there are 34 dimensions that have been defined, but given the multiple nature of each individual, there are over 1.4 million possible combinations with just the 34. So far in the research, there has not been two people identical. Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.

  61. good evenenening conflucians, how thee heelll r u tonite?

  62. …should have said, there have not been two people identical in a database of almost 3 million.

  63. Prolix, (and all)

    I have been fascinated by Obama’s personality disorder. I am no psychologist, but it seems to me that personality disorders are supremely hard to define because traits are shared among many disorders.

    I just know that I was married to an abusive man that had no core identity, no empathy, memorized phrases to show “concern”, used people to climb, abused me for my intelligence that threatened him, punished me for not loving him, never let me forget (years of reminders) that I walked up the aisle too soon on our wedding day and didn’t let him bask in the “glory of the day” long enough before I came to join him.

    Our marriage counselor apologized to me a year into it for not recognizing the abuser in him sooner, and made a vow to help me get away. He called my then husband a “malignant narcissist” and “psychotic”.

    The strange part is that many, many of our friends projected perfection on him, and it made it very hard to get support for the abuse outside of my immediate family.. He won almost unheard of things in our divorce. Judges wanted to trust him, because he was so “earnest”.He too graduated from Columbia and is very successful in business.

    But check, check, check… when I started seeing these things in Obama, I have had fear in my heart since. I will do anything to keep him from being rewarded with POTUS

  64. I want to go to DC, does anyone know how many have signed up/ i t would be terrible if 250 was not reached.

  65. JoanieB,

    Wow — what can one say other than, I’m proud to know someone even in this indirect medium who is such a strong, intelligent, determined survivor who makes me laugh very often.

  66. (smile) ( a few tears)

    Thank you Prolix. Your hilarity has been wonderful for me. I love the brains, determination and humour here. I am so lucky to have this.

    I’m VERY emotional over this primary battle. I don’t won’t to see the sickness win.

  67. (don’t want to….)

  68. Joaniebone, you have my deepest admiration. For it to take a year for even your therapist to see the truth must have been unbelievably difficult. Without your experience, my uneasy feeling about O just kept getting stronger and stronger and I learned long ago to trust those instincts. I thought I felt strongly about Bush but couldn’t figure out why I felt even stronger about O.

    Prolix, that you for the detailed info. Was hoping someone could explain my intuition to me with facts. I didn’t think Edwards was qualified 4 years ago and didn’t have this same feeling about him. Am still shocked at his endorsement and it’s timing.

    I learn so much here. Thanks all

  69. I am truly worried as you are about what BZero bodes for the country. I get the feeling of him being POTUS would be like asking Michael Vick to dog sit.

    Everything I read just scares me about how little of a soul there is — I really believe he doesn’t have a set of core values only vague hints or suggestions that are entirely malleable.

  70. Joaniebone, you are an example for all of us that strength, patience, and determination can prevail. Thank you for sharing your story.

  71. I mentioned to the group after the Seneca Falls event that I thought O’s big supporters all thought he was subject to the strings they wanted to pull which meant he was surrounded by people pulling in every direction. What a mess that would be.

  72. Phala, in the 10,000 years I have trudged around on this big rock, not really that old, but sometimes I feel like it, I have never, ever had such a deep eviseral dislike of a candidate.

  73. Impersonating the Great Pretender – Obama is Reagan – again
    (both Mondale and Ferraro – approve)

  74. Scott, blow it out your ass sweetie. Seriously, I mean it, fuck off. I don’t know who Christina is, but I’d love to see her proof. What a joke that yesto site is…very poorly written and about as screechy as the best freeper site. now go away, we don’t do deprogramming here.

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