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Friday: Geezers

Who is this man?

He is OLD, dude.  He’s 88.  And he is one of the only things that stands between you and the loss of your constitutional rights at the present time.  This man is John Paul Stevens, appointed to the US Supreme Court by Gerald Ford and, ironically, one of its more “liberal” members.  (Think about that.)

For some reason, no one is refering to John Paul Stevens as old.  Nope.  We keep hearing about how he still plays tennis a couple times a week.  No one is suggesting that JP Stevens is too old to sit on the Supreme Court.  In fact, I’m guessing that many of us would be perfectly happy if he stays on when he turns 100.  Heck, if he dies, what would be the harm of having his law clerks taxiderm him and roll him into chamber on a dolly?  Maybe they can wire him so they can make it look like he’s asking questions, sort of like Disney animatronics.  That would be fine with me.  One of the senior clerks can write a suitable Stevens-esque opinion.  Can I get a show of hands to see who would be cool with this?

Jeez, John McCain’s practically a young whippersnapper. *

In other news:

  • The Clinton’s are busily upstaging The Chosen One.  I can almost hear the Obamaphiles now. “They’re only defending equal pay, reproductive choice and malarial drugs because they know that Obama won’t and they want to make him look bad.  Damn, Hillary Clinton!”  Bill Clinton is getting some major global pharmas to bring down the cost of anti-malarial drugs and provide mosquito netting.  Wait for it… {{Clutch pearls}} “He’s grandstanding!  He still thinks he’s president!”  Well, he *could* stop doing all of those things and campaign with Obama.  He said he is just waiting for the call, no doubt sitting beside the phone between global conferences and conferring with his wife about the nasty machinations of the Bush executive branch.  Ahh, yes, I can see him nervously tapping his fingers as he waits for that phone to ring, “Ring, Dammit! I need to feel relevent again.  Obama has to know that I would do anything, *anything* to bask in his reflected glory.”  That magical day will someday soon come when the last successful two term Democratic president of the United States will stand cheek by skinny jowl with the Dauphin to whom he will pass the torch of responsibility for the mightiest nation of the world.  The Big Dawg will drape his powerful arm around Obama’s fragile shoulders and grin at the assembled throng and say, “You will be lucky to get Barack Obama to work for you.”  Any day now, I know he’ll call any day now.
  • I found this history lesson on LadyBoomerNYC.   It seems that this year is not the first that the Democratic party has endeavored to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Like, where would the country be if Al Smith or Nance Garner had been nominated.  Holy Hemiola!  Did you see how many delegates Smith had compared to Roosevelt?  I’m amazed they let him be nominated at all.  And here’s Hillary Clinton who is virtually tied in pledged delegates (if you strip Obama of his ill gotten gains in Michigan, Texas and many of the other caucus states where the mysterious Hillary caucus goers whose intentions we can fairly estimate were not counted) and she’s having problems getting the evil triumvirate to even put her name in nomination.  Let’s think about that for a sec: an African-American male is all but anointed because his candidacy is historic but the female who came in second in a squeaker can’t get nominated at all because she came in second in a squeaker?  This after frickin’ Al Smith who had a lousy 201 delegates to Roosevelt’s 666.5 (that half delegate just barely saves him from accusations of backing by demonic forces) puts FDR through *FOUR* ballots.  PLEASE.  This is just fucking nuts.  Put the lady’s name up for nomination and quit embarrassing yourselves, DNC.
  • Alegre has this fascinating post on Choosing Girls in math and science.  I have some recent first hand experience with this subject.  Brook is in the top 2% nationally in math according to her recent NJASK and SSAT scores (perfect score or 24/24 in Algebra and Geometry facts for the lower school test).  But headed into seventh grade, she couldn’t get her teacher to recommend her for enriched algebra.  In fact, her teacher wouldn’t recommend her for Algebra at all next year.  She has to repeat pre-algebra in spite of the fact that she cosnsitently scored in the 90’s on her quizes and tests.  It gets worse.  The only students recommended for the enriched algebra course were… wait for it… boys.  Yep.  Don’t tell me what avenues to pursue.  I’ve done everything I can short of throwing a fit at the next board meeting (scheduled for July 21, 2008.  I have my alarm set.)  I’m trying to get her in a private school that won’t wait list her for lack of space (already happened at two of the best in the Princeton area).  So, if anyone out there has any connections and wants to help a gifted but mouthy 12 year old who hates homework but has a wicked sense of humor and is really a very nice girl, please let me know.  Other than that, if this is something Hillary Clinton would like to take on in the Senate before Brook becomes a classic underachiever, I would be forever grateful.  If anyone reading this can pass the message on to her, that would be very helpful.
  • Friday FAST is back. Here’s the deal: give up breakfast, lunch and dinner, send your savings to Hillary.  Click on the lunch bag in the side panel to participate.  If you can only skip one meal, that’s OK too.  If you can give a little more, consider sending it to America’s Second Harvest to help poor families feed their kids.  You’ll feel full all day.  I promise.

*I’m not voting for John McCain.  I just think the “old” argument is lame.  It’s like, “He’s  ollllld”, that’s all you’ve got Barack?  He’s old?  {{sigh}}

176 Responses

  1. Well, he did the same thing to Hillary. All the dog whistles about her being a yucky girl. Now McCain is ew, gross, OLD!

  2. Hillary is not down and she is not Out!

    She is just right! She will be right back after this brief intermission!

    Marla $10
    Kim $25

    TOTAL: $350.80


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  3. If I hear someone say Bill or Hill have to repair their legacy, I will %^_*&$#$#$.

    That needs to be a poster – all of Bills and Hills accomplishments with a blank slate on the opposite side outlining BO’s.


  4. That’s a great video to start the day.

    I will make another donation today, my third, to retire the debt and to support the Denver group and bring my lunches to work from now until August.

    But I found it interesting that after begging for donations the Precious one’s campaign announced a haul of $52 million. What’s up with that? What are they trying to put over on us, besides the Precious?

  5. Oh come on ladies.

    Why should Hillary be on the ballot? It’s still too early for a woman to be POTUS.

    Obama gave Hillary her props. He said what Hillary did was so good and so encouraging for women. Now, he knows that his daughters (9 & 7 yrs old I think) and my little princess (9 yrs old) could be POTUS some day. (Sorry you old hags hanging around here, you have to wait to see at least 30 yrs).

    Even as a men, this really great video from TGW hit home.

  6. Alegre- I had some class option choices with my kids- who are nowhere near as smart as your little angel- but they don’t support Obama, so I must have done something right.

    What I did was bypass the teacher and go directly to the guidance counselor at the new school. Get the principal involved as well. Can you schedule a meet with the Algebra teacher at the new school and get a recommendation there? Math teachers LOVE students who can do math and want them in their classes.

    Oh and make sure she doesn’t take any more classes with the bozo teacher.

  7. ProudMilitaryMom: *I’m* having the problem, not Alegre. And when I say I have exhausted every avenue, I mean I have done absolutely everything that you or anyone else on this board can suggest and will suggest. I have gone to the principal, the principal of her the middle school for next year, the curriculum advisors, the district curriculum advisors, the superintendent’s office (he never returns my calls). I have consulted a lawyer (nothing going to happen as long as she’s gifted). I have called the State of NJ DoE to speak with the head of gifted ed. Actually, we don’t have one. It’s just extra responsibility for a low level paper pusher. I have sent letters to the governor. No response. I have gone through the admissions process at 3 prep schools in Princeton. She was wait listed at 2. (Apparently this is a good thing. 7th grade is a bad time to be applying. There are simply no more spaces) We are waiting to hear from the third. If she doesn’t get in, she might as well be in study hall for math next year. tt will be a waste of everyone’s time and another year lost to not learning any new material while her male counterparts are sprinting ahead.
    Yes, I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. There is no avenue that you can suggest that I have not considered and pursued vigorously.
    She is starting the Summer Institute for the Gifted next week in the hopes that we can keep up her morale for a few weeks before we send her back to the dungeon.

  8. The Big Dawg will drape his powerful arm around Obama’s fragile shoulders and grin at the assembled throng and say, “You will be lucky to get Barack Obama to work for you.”

    LOL!! yes, lucky if we get him to work at all looking at his track record.

    RD, what the teachers did to your daughter is despicable. We lament the fact that there are so few women in math and science and this is why. In all my years of teaching Computer Science at the university level, there were about less than 5 women in a class of 40+, more like 1 or 2being the norm. This kind of disparity and the latent sexism in this society are jolting me for the first time — never expected that a wealthy, advanced nation suffered from such backward attitudes. Call me naive.

  9. EXCLUSIVE: Brian Williams Writes Home…

    NOTE: My nephew occasionally goes into New York for his job and last night, while walking past the GE building, he came across this note, which had apparently been dropped by Williams as he left the building following his nightly newscast. Hat tip to my nephew for typing up the note and sending the contents along to me via email.

    Gee, it’s on the actual GE memohead, too!!!

  10. I sympathize with your school problems. I was in one of the first evah advanced placement highschool programs looong ago. So long ago that after working myself to a nervous breakdown in high school, I went on to a college system that didn’t accept the credits and it was back to English 101. I was bitter, but from my vantage point now, it didn’t kill me because I learned a lot of non-curriculum things.
    I would suggest that if your daughter is in classes that are a snore for her and she has surplus time because the work is too easy, that you use the whole experience as a social learning and enroll her in some on-line university to get credits on the side. There are no wasted educational moments, but some end up teaching things that weren’t in the syllabus.

  11. RD- I wish that I could tell you that getting her into a private school would solve your problems. In Baltimore, we have two top-level girls prep schools and many of the girls in these school have incredible stress and anxiety issues. The boys’ school doesn’t seem to run the boys through maze in quite the same way. My oldest used to take classes in the boys’ school (they coordinate) because the teachers gave you better grades and didn’t sweat the small stuff. My younger daughter was told last April that she should move down from the AP History class three weeks before the AP test because she was not up to the work. We had to push to keep her in, but agreed to keep her out of AP next year. I just got a call from her doctor last week that the blood test I insisted they do on her at her physical shows that she is recovering from mono.. Doctor said that she would have had it in the spring, about the time the witch of the teacher was on her case. My only point is that we as a society are systematically telling girls and young women that they are not good enough, even when they are wonderful. Women are not valued and the way we learn and grow is not respected. If I had it to do again, I would stay away from the single sex schools and put the girls in the Friends School. The kids are a little wild, but they do not seem as stressed out about life. My two cents, or maybe nickel.

  12. “…mouthy 12 year old…”
    Riverdaugther that is exceedingly redundant 🙂

  13. *I’m not voting for John McCain. I just think the “old” argument is lame. It’s like, “He’s ollllld”, that’s all you’ve got Barack? He’s old? {{sigh}}

    Unlike many of you, I (and my hubby) will vote for McCain. That is our ultimate protest for what happened (it is also a surer way that these bastards won’t get rewarded for everything they have done, not the least of which is disregarding our votes to select a weaker candidate).

  14. Honora: Thanks for that but it’s not really helpful for Brook. She’s the kind of kid who rises to expectations. If you ask her to do a project, she tends to go overboard. Her stuff used to be on display in the elementary school trophy cases. The more interesting the subject, the more she likes to do. When there is no new material, that’s when she suffers. She doesn’t do her work.
    Here’s the thing, the public school she’s in stresses her out if she doesn’t tuen in her adjectives worksheets but gives her no reward for getting 6/6 in her writing rubrics. There is no incentive for her to do anything because the only stuff they count is stuff that she already knew 3 years ago. If she doesn’t dumbe herself down, they are not happy. That is why they are holding her back. She has to demonstrate that she is willing to do the work that is three years old for her before they consider moving her up.
    The stress of a private school would be a blessing right now.

  15. I will remember: Yeah, well she doesn’t suffer fools but apparently it is more unacceptable when the fool you don’t suffer is your teacher.

  16. RD- I do understand over-achieving little girls, my only point is that the private school at least the girls prep schools here, do the same thing. The boys school is not easier, just not so up tight. My baby is heading to Harvard in a month, so she is a bit of an overachiever as well. It has more to do with ‘how’ they teach and not what they teach that leads to the stress and anxiety. Smart girls try to over-achieve and that is what these institutions feed on.

  17. Q: How many Obama supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: None, you’re a racist if you don’t already see the light!

  18. Nooooooooooooooooo!

    I hate being moderated!

  19. Stevens is brilliant, and he can stay on the court as long as he wants.

    Of course, more importantly, who will eventually replace him? And what if, god forbid, he does retire or pass away in the next four years?

    It’s funny, you’re trying to make a point about McCain’s age being a non-issue, and instead you’re just reminding everyone how important it is to control the appointment of Stevens’ successor.

    In this day and age, a conservative Republican president would never appoint someone with Stevens’ views. Justices are much more closely vetted than in Ford’s day.

    Make of that what you will. I know there’s no chance I could change anyone’s mind around here.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled one-sided programming.

  20. We have many people of science by profession and persuasion on this board. To say Black holes is racist, anyone? This is ignorance at its worst and unbecoming of a group of people — reflects badly on who they think they are representing — I hold Obama responsible for this by introducing the tone and character of the dialogue to the larger audience in this primary. Watch the clip and read the blog at savagepolitics, if you will.

  21. I am in moderation! Thanks — it is an informative post.

  22. Riverdaughter,

    I have been the math and science curriculum coordinator for an online school whose name you would probably recognize. I am not comfortable discussing going that route in the comment area but would be happy to give you real, honest feedback about both the pros and the cons of supplementing Brook’s education that way to achieve your own gifted enrichment program for her. I was a gifted student myself. Spent my senior year of high school going to high school in the morning and college in the afternoon. I was a classroom teacher for 10 years, but I left over the frustration of among other things being chastised for giving students “A’s” who could do all work required but did not complete at least 95% of the homework. It reminds me of Donna B and her “Roolz”. I know you know it’s important that you keep Brook engaged in her learning even if she tunes out on school. My mom and dad were not in a position to do it for me, but I had a mentor who was. When I learned how to work the system for myself, it all fell into place. Send me an email address, and I’d be happy to add to your bag of tricks for you.

  23. Attention moderators: We have trolls in Aisle One and Aisle Two.

  24. So, if anyone out there has any connections and wants to help a gifted but mouthy 12 year old who hates homework but has a wicked sense of humor and is really a very nice girl, please let me know.

    How do I get in touch with you?

  25. BTW, old people are gross and should die. Every right-wing brat knows that (which is most of Barky’s supporters; they seem to be the only ones who think they’re left-wing).

  26. Older is wiser, in this case.

    You know what they are doing RD? Sweeping Denver of all the poor homeless people for that big inaug. I read yesterday they were giving tham passes to the movies so they can all dissappear — to make things look good.

    URRRRRRR! Isn’t it just like the New Democrats? Ignoring the WORST social problem our country has by sweeping it out of sight…I have a great video I found on that—to use….

    RD! Brook. Oh boy. Algebra. Yikes. I think I cut every class of that one! School was so much better in the 70’s—–well, ugh. Some people’s minds are more right brain, and once those letters and numbers started swimming around together is was yikes time for me…

    I wish her the best—Oh what a time you are entering — teenagetime! Yikes RD. Think back, to how that was…..

    I’m going to try and keep reaching to Fiorina on those feminist things—because given what the DNC is doing in Denver? They could care less about anyone. It’s so all about a coronation and nothing more.

    They way that bastard has treated the Clintons?
    It’s just unreal. This country of ours? Sad times lie ahead — maybe time to go–south to Mex or Costa Rica….get out before the whole place really goes South.

    They need to focus on the reality here — for the American people who need the greatest help — not overseas. At least McC has some economic plans for that. Like Hillary had. You know, it’s going to create a really bad welfare state, no? If they take away birth control and there are no jobs. People will just die. I guess that is what they want. I don’t want to see it, RD. I already saw too many children born under shrubs when I worked with homeless mothers and children.

    It’s so sad you can’t even believe it, till you’ve seen it.

    Ah well.


    hugs and best to all & good morning & you’re the greatest….

  27. America needs Hillary….
    Mc Cain is the consolation prize.
    Damn the DNC, DFA, Dean, Brazile, and Soros for robbing America of our Solutions.
    They portrayed Clinton falsely as a neo-con, a baker, a liar and a racist.
    Now they try to falsely portray Mc Cain as old and Bush 3. Lets break their assumptions of an insincere ride into the WH.
    Mc Cain is an active guy who is at the forefront, working across the ailse on imperrative current issues. Unlike Obama he is a moderate, he will work hard for all Americans. Unlike Obama, with Mc Cain in the WH, middleclass America will be seen, we will be heard and we will move forward.
    Riverdaughter it is always a treat to visit, keep staying on the front lines…….
    Hopefully we still can get our real leader back.

  28. Alan, given Obama’s latest foray into reproductive rights —saying that women “feeling blue” should not have control over their bodies— does little to make me think he would appoint anyone to the supreme who would stand up for those rights. In fact given his record of lying about every single progressive issue, I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him. In fact, his history suggests he would use these types of appts to reward cronies, much the way Bush has done over the last 8 years. If you really cared about women’s health and reproductive rights you would support nominating Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. you may now return to your self-righteous preening.

  29. Riverdaughter:

    First, thank you for this forum. I don’t post often, but read daily.
    Second, I think it is outrageous about how your daughter is being treated. Love to see an equal opportunity lawsuit. But in the meantime, have you looked at George School in Newtown, Bucks Co.? They are a Friends school thru 12th grade. My son, who has several friends (girls) who attended there were challenged immensely. One now majoring in biomedical engineering. It’s about 30 min from Princeton.
    Good luck.

  30. Gary: did you forget FISA?

  31. mary lee: I live about 10 miles north of Princeton. George might be too much of a haul.

    Janis: you can reach me at theconfluence08@yahoo.com.

  32. umm. and what about the death penalty. ..oh yeah and what about AIDS and TB and Malaria prevention…guess who didn’t cast a vote AGAIN. Not to mention that Obama was set to vote to confirm Roberts until he was advised not to so as to sucker his left wing fan base.

  33. oh, and lets not forget Iraq, Mr Change’s signature issue, but what’s that? he won’t promise to withdraw without consulting the “commanders on the ground”? hmmm where have I heard that before?

  34. oooh and gay rights. He wants gays in his coalition, but he doesn’t want us to get married. And he thinks that america should look at both sides of the issue, including nutcases who think they are “cured”. He also seeks counsel from ministers who liken gays with AIDS to smokers with lung cancer–it’s THEIR FAULT. Alan….where’d you go?

  35. Carol –

    Just clicked on the brown bag and donated $10.00 to retire HRC’s debt.

  36. Gary, I didn’t mention abortion once in my post. There’s a lot more to the Supreme Court than that one issue.

    Still, despite Obama’s comments about a mental health exception (which I disagree with him on), it is completely delusional to think that he would appoint anyone who is anti-choice. If nothing else, if he gets elected, he will want to get re-elected.

    As far as appointing cronies, he is a law professor with a ton of connections in the academic legal world, so I wouldn’t mind if he appointed some of his “cronies” to the bench. Especially if he’s replacing Stevens. The left wing on SCOTUS would need a new leader who could develop a liberal theory of law and justice and counter Scalia.

  37. I hope this coverage begins to leave a bad taste in the mouths of the electorate. What exactly are we promoting here? Being unqualified is one thing. Being praised for it is quite another.

    Three nightly anchors being released to follow this idiot around? What gives? This is beginning to sound like a case of overkill. Let the fawning and gushing begin.

  38. Hmm. Here in Sweden girls do as well or outperform boys in all subjects except gym. That is regardless of the gender of the teacher too I’d like to add. Girls and women consistently tests about 10% better than boys – coincidentally they also spend about that much more time on homework..


    I don’t know how the US sytem works but could you perhaps get a book and find an online math community for Brook to keep her interested and active? As long as she keeps up her interest she will easily outperform those boys even if they get the more advanced course.

  39. Hey Alan,

    what was it that Barnum said about one being born every minute? So true…

  40. HIs “cronies” to the bench? What a simplistic statement. His cronies so far who held such influence in his life appear to be a batshit minister who hates the whites and a convicted felon with his hands in the government till. Let’s also bring in the former anarchist who was photographed stepping on the flag who bemoans the fact that he did not do enough to “blow” up America when he had the chance.

    If these people represent his unmatched judgment, are we in for a big surprise.

  41. alan said:

    I wouldn’t mind if he appointed some of his “cronies” to the bench

    that is precisely what is wrong with Obama and supporters like you. You have bought into the immoral stance that the ends justifies the means. It does not, and never does, even if the outcome is a good one. You expose your lack of any integrity when you approve of such behavior as appointing cronies. And believe me Alan, when you start giving favors rather than looking out for the rights the people elected you to uphold, that corruption will always win out over principle

  42. Oh I’m right here. Let’s see. “Consulting commanders on the ground” is the new “support the troops” – you have to say it if you’re a politician running for anything. The 16 month timetable is BS because who the hell knows what it will be like a month from now, much less 6 months. Any timetable is BS really – do you know how much infrastructure we’ve got over there now? The bottom line is Obama will get us out of Iraq faster than McCain.

    On the death penalty, you’ve got me. Obama has said some stupid stuff over the last year, but the thing about the child rape decision pissed me off more than anything else. I’m a huge anti-death penalty guy. Still, he did work to reform the death penalty system in IL, so that counts for something.

    On gay rights, Obama has the same position on marriage as Hillary does! McCain on the other hand opposes even gay adoption! That’s ridiculous! And you’re gonna vote for him now?

  43. I wonder what others think of this: The anointed one’s foreign experience field trip (he needs it so badly!) and all the hoopla with the media anchors and such — I think they are trying to create an aura of inevitability about his nomination at the convention as a response to PUMA and the rallying cry to have a meaningful roll call vote that may change the current outcome. They tried it with the Invesco thing but did not have much effect and now if they pretend he is already the “president to be” on an international stage they can scare the SDs about changing their minds at the convention. And that Germany brouhaha is such a joke. I think the Germans had it right when they said that if one of their political candidates went and gave a rally at the Mall, how absurd it will look.

  44. Wow. I just had my first full night’s sleep in over 2 weeks. AND I managed to sleep until about 20 minutes ago!

    About the School System thing, Is this an election year for the School Board Seat? Because I really think you could get Brook in any class you want the minute you’re on the board.

    I had a similar issue with Spanish when we moved to Kansas. At age 13 I’d taken Spanish my entire life (it was required in California) but they wouldn’t let me enroll in Kansas because I wasn’t Old Enough. My parents thought it was a nutty decision but, they didn’t have any fight in them. By the time I was Old Enough two years later I wasn’t nearly as interested….

  45. Just the still you have posted (without playing the vid) of Hillary channeling Truman. Great visual!

    We’re going to beat our heads against the wall to we bleed with this stuff. We’ve got to stop engaging them.

    Gary, I can lend you that stretchy flesh colored stuff to hold your head together, though.

    grayslady, if you’re still here, I meant to comment yesterday that your proposal about all the complimentary PUMA stuff to media people was really good.

  46. Alan, who the hell knows what Obama really supports? So far this year I have to think that thinking he’s going to support something you want is like thinking you can walk on quick sand.

  47. (waving) Hi Joanie!

  48. Oh, Pat. All that stuff is so 4 months ago. You need some new material. I’m sorry that we’re over halfway through July and the “summer of revelations” that you guys dreamed about hasn’t panned out just yet.

    I will say this. This trip to Europe and the Middle East is a stupid, stupid, stupid idea. I can already see it. It will make him look too pompous and ahead of himself. The Republicans and PUMAs are gonna love this. So I’m dreading next week.

  49. Let’s face it Alan, both parties are stuck with two of the worst candidates on the scene. You know it, I know, the rest of the blogging world know. That being said, I would rather McCain facing a majority of a Dem congress who will (hopefully, but there have been few signs yet to feel hopeful) hold him in check.

    Who knows what Obama will do? Don’t say that you do because you don’t. This guy shifts at will. He has no core principles that have been exhibited so far. If you are being honest with yourself, you know that. Trying to defend him is not going to work.

    At least McCain has an established record. This guy has next to zero. Giving him credit for reforming the death penalty is suspect in that he has been given credit for authoring bills he had little input into.

    I have no trust in either candidate but the arguments you present are not convincing. No one “knows” Obama and I am beginning to suspect neither does he. He is self invented. Not a good thing.

  50. People like Alan don’t understand the outrage we feel that they let go of a winner in the most shameful way and now that they have realized their candidate is not up to snuff, are coming back to argue that we have to choose the lesser of the two evils (when we actually had the sense to have picked a winner). What a joke!

  51. Alan? You really think The Summer of Revelations hasn’t happened?

  52. Alan, now its ok to fudge your position to get elected? I thought Hillary was the one who would do ANYTHING to get elected. if the 16 mos. thing is BS, then is Obama stupid or was he lying when he advocated it?

    he did NOT do anything to reform the death penalty in illinois…you’re either just making that up or you’ve bought another one of his lies, in fact being a senator from illinois should be all the more reason for him to be against it, not to mention the fact that it is a racist policy and a large part of his base is African Americans who have the death penalty applied to them 3 times as much as white defendants, especiallly if the victim is white.

    On gay rights, Hillary supports the rights of states to make their own laws while repealing any federal laws which impede their enforcement. She has never pandered to right wing hate mongers like Meeks, who incidentally, was Obama’s mentor as a state senator and appeared in numerous ads for him (he’s the guy who said gays deserved to have AIDS). And she has also granted interviews to numerous gay media outlets and attended gay pride events on numerous occasions. Obama has done NOTHING for the gay community, except pay lip service, and he can’t even to that as well as he does to the right-wing wackos who would see us dead.

    Finally, I never said who I was going to vote for, you just assumed that I guess. I will NOT vote for Obama however. And anybody with an iota of integrity would not either.

  53. Riverdaughter,

    It sounds like your area is really bad! But I have to say that boys get treated this way too, and sometimes I think this crap is more about lazy reliance on asystematic approach to everything. (Plus NCLB)

    My son Truman went threw this too. He was doing decimal long division in kindergarten, and just wanted to keep going to what’s next. Gobbling up info like crazy.

    Seattle has a public gifted school that is really good, and I got him there in first grade. But when he demonstrated his math abilities, the math “specialist” asked him to explian his “thought process” and how he found his answer. NCLB bullshit! The kid couldn’t explain why he had those cognitive leaps, he was in 1st grade!!!

    They wouldn’t do a thing, and it wasn’t till 5th grade that the class caught up to him. And that was because he gave up, was hostile, and “hated math” for several years.

    Fortunately, that didn’t last.

    Can you hire a college student as a math tutor in the evenings when you get home? I have used surrogates with Truman this way at times, and it got him out of the frustration places. If she has a mental break during math class in the day, at least she has something to look forward to.

  54. Alan, if the people on this blog are too unenlightened for your taste than take your comments elsewhere. Insulting us and dragging worthless arguments into the room is not going to change our minds. Some will vote McCain, other will stay home. Take it or leave it but that is what the current thinking revolves around.

    Pinning your hopes on a sham candidate is okay with me if that is your want. Neither of us has the faintest reason to suspect we are going to change the other’s opinion. But at least have the courtesy of withholding your sarcasm and derision while you visit our “living room”. You sought us out, not the other way around.

    Be honest, you are as unhappy with this presumptive candidate as we are. Just don’t try to sell us the Pinto when we would prefer the Lexus.

  55. pm317, on July 18th, 2008 at 10:45 am Said:

    I wonder what others think of this: The anointed one’s foreign experience field trip (he needs it so badly!) and all the hoopla with the media anchors and such — I think they are trying to create an aura of inevitability about his nomination at the convention


    I agree with this. Big money media and the BO sleaze machine are doing exactly this. The have the big money and the corporate media cheering squads working double time and they’re still not winning over the country. There are still too many questions coming up — as much as the BO shriekers cut them down with “you’re just a r*cist!”

    So, they’re going global to buy the White House.

    Ugh. I have come to loathe this sleazy ass and his mindless groupies.

  56. Here’s your AP headline Pander of the Day [so far, there may be more as the day progresses]:

    Obama backers more excited than McCain’s, poll finds.

    [Well, gee, that bunch would go into a frenzy over a bigger size of Red Bull.]

  57. katiebird: Please ask joaniebone for me how she is feeling today.

  58. Brook is in the top 2% nationally in math according to her recent NJASK and SSAT scores (perfect score or 24/24 in Algebra and Geometry facts for the lower school test). But headed into seventh grade, she couldn’t get her teacher to recommend her for enriched algebra. In fact, her teacher wouldn’t recommend her for Algebra at all next year. She has to repeat pre-algebra in spite of the fact that she cosnsitently scored in the 90’s on her quizes and tests. It gets worse. The only students recommended for the enriched algebra course were… wait for it… boys. Yep.

    WTF?? She scores a perfect 24/24 on her test, and her teacher won’t recommend her for enriched class?? Why should she repat pre-algebra?? You sure with that test score you can’t sue the board??

    If I were you, I would sue their ass off.

  59. Pat Johnson,
    So we’re not speaking terms, huh?

  60. I’ve been waiting for the Obamabots to ay Al Gore was trying to upstage Obama too. How dare he call for a bold move on climate change and call upon political leaders to support it?

    BTW, anyone heard if Obama’s campaign has responded to Gore’s speech?

  61. RD have you considered a distance learning module that she can work on outside of school. I did a quick search and here is some info.

    Algebra I – Elementary Algebra

    Students who need to gain skills beginning with the first year of Algebra can benefit from this course. All the essential topics needed to be successful in Intermediate Algebra/Algebra II are covered. Topics include: exponents, word problems, order of operation, graphing, linear systems and more.

    Nancy Parham has been an instructor of mathematics and computer science since 1989. She has taught at community colleges as well as the university level. Her range of math instruction is: basic math, all levels of algebra, calculus and finite mathematics.

    DEV3 E872
    Enroll Anytime. Register online for Algerba I – Elementary Algebra
    No class meetings
    Fee: $185

    lgebra II – Intermediate Algebra

    The basic concepts of Algebra II at the high school level will be covered including:
    • Probability
    • Factoring
    • Polynomials
    • Equations
    • Graphing

    Go on to learn Algebra II/Intermediate Algebra. You will develop the skills necessary to be successful in future math classes. This is a second course in Algebra and some prior algebraic knowledge is required.

    Nancy Parham has been an instructor of mathematics and computer science since 1989. She has taught at community colleges as well as the university level. Her range of math instruction is: basic math, all levels of algebra, calculus and finite mathematics.

    DEV3 E873
    Enroll Anytime. Register online for Algerba II – Intermediate Algebra
    No class meetings
    Fee: $185


  62. A repeat, but I said last night that Obama’s Euro visit reminds me of the way they market movies they know will bomb as “straight to video” and sell it all over Europe.

    Obama is so “straight to video”.

  63. BTW, Katiebird has at times acted as one of my math surrogates for Truman. Thanks Katie!

  64. Gosh, RD, Iive in a town that has an exceptional advanced program in the public schools. My sister-in-law was the teacher and then program director for a wonderful prep school in NJ. I will try to get the name for you. Maybe it’s close by.

  65. I hear a buzz in my ear. Is that Seattle calling? Funny, I do not believe I know anyone from there.

    Ed, could you pass me the salt please?

  66. {{{{{ CAN SHE BE STOPPED? }}}}

    …. a book by John Podhorietz is the Republican “must read” I mentioned a few days ago (but didn’t know the name). It was written to quell the average Joe Repug’s fears of Hillary becoming too powerful (she’s one of their top “100 People Who Are Ruining America” by Bernard Greenburg), but none of the ideas mentioned in there described anything that was actually used to kick her down. I think there are many forces at work to stop democracy and freedom here, but I believe that we can stop them if we keep on working.

    Has anyone heard in the MSM the report that Dean was p***ed off about the ad in the DC paper yesterday, and that “of course” she’ll be on the ballot like the republicans orchestrated yada, yada, yada?

    Kudos to Janis for her effective ads!

  67. Joanie? How are you feeling today? I was mostly offline yesterday — were you sick?

  68. Just don’t try to sell us the Pinto when we would prefer the Lexus.

    Haha, Pat, I like that! They are trying to make lemonade with their lemon.

  69. RD, a lawyer should be able to help you. I know a dyslexia lawyer in NY, she may know an education lawyer in NJ. I’ll try to track her down.

  70. katiebird: Your sister has “kidnapped” Ed.

  71. riverdaughter

    Have you looked into the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth? I think they offer advanced distance courses for qualified kids. Not free though, and she must pass tests first.


  72. I’m glad you mentioned “Ed” — I missed that whole story. Who is “Ed”?

  73. RD, someone has a very good post up about the math gap at alegre’s corner. You might want to read it. The premise is it isn’t about natural talent but society

  74. From Pat-“I hear a buzz in my ear. Is that Seattle calling? Funny, I do not believe I know anyone from there.
    Ed, could you pass me the salt please?”

    Pat Johnson,

    You might want to ask Ed to check himself. Just got my clinic results back, and something’s amiss.

  75. Obama is a professional politician. I know many of my fellow Obama supporters ignore this, but I don’t and never have. Politicians pander. Politicians waiver. Politicians change positions. They all do it. And Obama has done all these things and he will continue to. I voted for him in the VA primary because I like his credentials, his background, his speaking style, many (if not all) of his expressed views, and his chance of winning in November. All those things are still there for me.

    I would have happily volunteered and voted for Hillary in November if she were the nominee. And she’s a politician too! She’s no different! Just one example – I loved her transformation into a working class hero during the primary. Pandering to the rural voters, etc. She’s an elite liberal-arts-educated, quite wealthy, career lawyer/politician/former First Lady of the United States, and all of a sudden she’s at one with the common man. Ha! All she did was change her message to suit the situation, after her “I’m the presumptive nominee and no one can stop me because I was First Lady in the great 1990s” plan didn’t work. A great POLITICAL move. It almost worked.

  76. pat — tsk tsk — over a man!?!

  77. Heh, RD, I just realized you linked to that post. I didn’t get that far.

  78. tainted love?

  79. if it was Sandra Bullock …now that I can understand!

  80. Alan, your effing nutz. That was Obama who characterized her as that. She never thought it would be easy. Obama is not the common man. He’s from a richer background than her. We live in a patriarchy and I am quite sure Hillary recognized that. That’s why she, NOT Obama, first used MLK’s “fierce urgency of now”.

  81. joaniebone —

    “straight to video”

    LOL hahahah wiping tears from face


  82. By the way Alan, your Obama is one of the most unprincipled figures I’ve ever seen run on a national ticket. He’s yours. You own him. Go out and make sure he wins. I’m quite happy not to be at all responsible for him.

  83. Dear AlanSweetieTroll –

    Let me sing for you

    you want my vo-ote ~
    but you cain’t have it!

    I’m taking Johny mac to the Prom and he’s going to enjoy it!

  84. Just don’t try to sell us the Pinto when we would prefer the Lexus

    There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is they’re trying to sell us a Pinto but they’re telling us it’s a Lexus

  85. Just a little “pox”.

  86. Do you agree with BO on having a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong and just as well-funded as the military?

  87. Alan:

    I got abuse heaped upon me back in January and February by Obama supporters because I dared to suggest that Obama was a politician.

    Your fellow troll spawn insisted he was “different” and “special”

    So you admit they were LYING?

  88. The difference, Alan, is that Hillary relied on her background as a politician to present her credentials. Your guy campaigned on the fact that he was above all that. Remember “the transcender” label? The “hope” and “change” bilge that was touted as something “new”?

    So now that we have established that the carnival barker was nothing more than his competitors, your are apparently saying it does not matter. Okay. But it matters to me. Pandering and lying to the constituency who bought into this miasma should trouble those who honestly believed they were voting for the bullet points on the menu.

    As it is, regurgitation packaged with a pretty bow.

  89. joaniebone: (*))&&%$!!! *^)_$@@!!!!!!!!!

  90. IndigoGrrl,

    Let’s just call it “Obama’s Straight to Video Tour”

    Weak script–check
    Poor lighting–check
    Bad acting-check
    Cheesy production quality–check
    Has Gene Shalit endorsed him? –check
    Inflated promotion–check

  91. Indigo: Funny!

  92. bargain bin – check
    forgotten about right after viewing OR screams of disgust – check

  93. I am laughing out loud over here at you guys. Got to finish my housework since you could write “Nobama” in the dust covering the furniture.

  94. The comments on here are so funny at times they outdo any paid comedians. You guys are good!!

  95. you should see us dance!

  96. See, this is what happens. I have good intentions to clean and tidy the cave and then I peek in here and someone says something that cracks me up and I sit. Stop already. Someone paste a copy of Obama’s last “speech” so I can return to my duties.

  97. just go look at the obnoxious photo of him on the homepage….

  98. I’m going to use it to scare the deer away from my garden

  99. HI All,

    Over at HIllBuzz they have a post that Michelle is not coming on the European-Middle East tour. Poor thing. She’s under the bus with the rest of us.

  100. Pat:

    If you were an Obot you would already be cleansed, you rac*st

  101. …and the dust shall recede

  102. Flo:

    That story is sourced by the Sludge Report, so get indy confirmation before believing

  103. Joanibone:

    “small” pox? You must be disappointed.

  104. Hi, peeps.

    Congrats to all (especially Carol) on the fundraising.

    PUMAs: we don’t just type.

  105. RD and all, as a former public school teacher in Texas and current doctoral candidate in education I feel for you situation. The obvious things that stick out at me are some of the more interesting aspects. The first one being is that girls tend to be much more gifted in math and science than boys. At the collegiate level not as many girls pursue it for a variety of reasons; however, girls have more innate ability at these disciplines. I find it very strange that a teacher would only recommend boys to advance. And times have changed dramatically over the last 15 years. Women now earn the vast majority of college degrees in this country. Men are the ones being left behind. That school of yours needs to get up to date.

    I also want to state that around my neck of the woods and through personal experience that being in the “regular” classes was much more fruitful than the kids who were in the advanced classes. When I moved to Texas my sophomore year I found that the 3 tracks all taught basically the same information except that the kids in the advanced classes had so much more work piled on them and they were all stressed. Most of the work was nonsense as born out by those goofy tests everyone has to take and college entrance tests. I distinctly remember one year that I had the second highest score in our class (about 400). One girl who also only was in selective advanced classes made a perfect score while I missed 2 punctuation questions. Never my strong suit anyway.

    I guess I’ll have to stop rambling right there because it is time to take my dog to the vet. I just want to say that it would be great if you could get your daughter into algebra because pre-algebra is a waste of time. But I don’t think you should over worry anything because the value of the AP track has not been proven. It certainly helps though to have your kid challenged in school.

  106. Hey Arabella! Long time. Miss you and your wit.

  107. Hi Pat.

  108. Justice Stevens…. thanks for reminding me of the Supreme Court. That’s the only reason I’m going to vote for the Democratic nominee in November.

  109. RD,
    Keep pushing the district. I finally hired tutors for my darling. She was continually placed in non gifted classes in middle school because (I still turn purple when I think about it) she was so “pretty”. Didn’t she want to be a cheerleader? How about theater? So she went to theater tryouts and a month later was the student director. She directed plays for three years and took all advanced courses. She learned to organize, write, and lead. And win state medals for theater. She was just invited (we did not even know of the program) to start the most coveted scholars program at UT Austin as a freshman.

    If the district will not do it, get the stimulus Brook needs yourself. It is not that costly. And it freaks the shit out of some of the teachers when they come in knowing calculus at age 15. They eventually catch on.

  110. IndigoGrrl,

    I’m waiting for the other hallmark of straight to vid to kick in:
    So bad it’s funny.

    Not there yet.

    Pat–you and mmyiq2xu are quite possibly the funniest people here, and that is saying a LOT.

  111. errrr – Radiowalla —

    have you been in a time capsule or possibly listening to the MSM? as if the DINO BO is going to do right by us with the SC

  112. myiq2xu,

    ED is not small. That’s how I got into this mess.

  113. sniff sniff — does anyone else smell troll???

  114. joaniebone: Thank God it was only the pox. Otherwise it could have been serious.

  115. Just read Alan’s post and your posts to him. I usually try to post something intelligent in response and you guys always come back with great answers, intelligent responses usually.

    But, I really have to ask you guys a serious question.

    How many times when you read something that a troll has posted, do you just want to say:

    “Alan, dear, Go F%^k yourself!”

    That is always my first response, but I clean it up.

  116. Yeah, I smell troll. Burn some incense or something. I think that the words “Supreme + Court + old” trigger an automatically generated trollbot post along the lines of “that’s why I won’t for McCain.”

  117. My “snarks” could never equal some of the comments that have made me laugh out loud so often. And prolix is hysterical! You guys are the best. The best wits are usually the most intelligent and this blog is swarming. You will never know how much my spirits are lifted just from reading them.

  118. Kim: Each and every time.

  119. Arabella Trefoil,

    I can’t type at all!

  120. joaniebone – heh. I’m no typist either. One thing that gets me about left-blogistan is the all-talk-no-action aspect of the participants. All that furious typing, typing, typing. And to what end?

    Conflucians are not only witty, they are practical. Other bloggers moan and groan, but conflucians actually get things done. Like raise money.

    PUMAs: We do more than just type.

  121. It’s dangerous to mention names–might miss someone, and you are right. This place is teeming with funny.

    I just wish that I did’nt have to sit at the keyboard to enjot it. I used to have a cute butt. No longer.

    Pat, I noticed you are still here. Me too, and it’s bad. I need to replace my day job that I lost last month and it’s serious! I’ve been searching in earnest, but this is a huge distraction (helps me from getting depressed, though)

    But happily, I have a yearly P/T seasonal job with the Mariners. It’s fun and is letting me squeak by.

  122. I no longer engage trolls in logical arguments …whats the point..it’s like dealing with addicts.

    now – I just bait them and mock them. It makes me feel sooo much better!

  123. I think the Germans had it right when they said that if one of their political candidates went and gave a rally at the Mall, how absurd it will look.

    That’s totally right, for all Barack worrying about being embarrassed about how Europeans see us, isn’t he about to go be embarrassing? And furthermore does no one on his staff know or care that it really IS inappropriate to go hold an election rally in another country? Is the GOP just sitting back and enjoying this or what?

  124. yup – they sure are!

    why waste time and effort and dollars bringing a candidate down when the candidate himself is doing it for them.

  125. IndigoGrrl,

    On myiq2xu’s thread just below, someone suggested filming the Euro trip and setting it to music. Wanna design the vid cover with me? We can make it like NL’s Euro vacation or “Eurotrip”. (actually serious, because it would be fun)

    Humor and mocking are more effective to get the point across. That’s all the attention span Obaots have anyway. If we mock the shit of of BO so that he’s no longer cool, it could actually be a good tool for the arsenal.

  126. Joaniebone:

    I just added a video to my post, the music is the perfect soundtrack for Obamapalooza Europe

  127. Okay – WHO poxed Eddy?

  128. you got it joaniebone – how to email you?

  129. photoshop be my thang — I could have made a way better birth certificate for ole Bobo

  130. Carol,

    I think it happened this way:

    John Edwards talked me out of using anything, just before I met Ed.

    Ed promised me that we were okay, because he was going to use “protection” with you two.

    But Pat apparently heard the same thing. Did he bullshit you too?

  131. The European Concert Tour is not surprising. We’re not sufficiently falling for that used car salesman, it would appear, so **somebody** better recognize Teh Awesome on his throne! Cue the staged speeches!

    A staged speech has no follow up questions. It’s merely the one on the stage, speaking from on high and basking in the applause. He’s, like, so totally dreamy! No messy “questions” about “policies” and stuff. He can be left in peace to eat his waffle and enjoy the adoration.

    He needs some pumping up, and fast. God, the Dems were supposed to be killing the Republicans at this point. Lights, camera, action!

  132. IndigoGrrl,
    FUN! Then we can circulate!


    Now, no one abuse this just because they know I’m easy.

  133. Troll? Hardly!
    I am a strong Clinton supporter who quit DKos because of the way she and her supporters were treated. I quit the Democratic Party after the egregious behavior of the Rule and Bylaws Committee. I maxed out my contributions to Clinton in the primary and have donated to her Senate campaign.

    To come here and be called a troll is really rich!

    Or perhaps you only allow posters who pledge NOT to vote for the Democrat in November? If so, please let me know and I’ll leave immediately.

  134. Peace, Radiowalla. I’m sorry I said I smelled troll. I really smelled roses and Febreeze and freshly washed linens. Better?

  135. Ed and I have a more intellectual and cerebral relationship unlike some. There is nothing we love better than sitting around and really examining the issues. That is why in the end he prefers me.

    I am doing my housework with the Mama’s and Papa’s blasting away. What harmony!

  136. joaniebone – PING!

  137. soooo Radiowalla –

    since you quit because of the treatment of HRC, and you’re disgusted by the RBC ruling…

    your voting for the democratic nominee why?? you believe in rewarding bad behavior?????

    do you need your meds checked because myiq is a doctor

  138. “Now, no one abuse this just because they know I’m easy.”

    A comment heard from coast to coast.

  139. FYI – most everyone here is working for the defeat of Barack Obama.

    Perhaps you do need to move along, sweetie.

  140. BTW, Obama is/was NOT a law professor. He was an untenured LECTURER at the University of Chicago.

    He has few academic credentials to his name (articles, books). The only books he writes are about his favorite subject: Barack Obama.

  141. Pat I am so glad to hear that you are listining to Oldies. My ex came into town this weekend to play “daddy” and see my son off to his duty in the desert and when we got into my car for dinner, Dylan’s “Positively 4th Street” was playing. I was told I should try to move into the new century.


  142. I’m not a doctor.

    Freelance gynecologist yes, doctor no.

  143. I thought my IQ was a lawyer. Damn double doctorates

  144. Don’t let the door hit hit ya, Radiowalrus.

    Great job on the video!! What a great way to start the day!!

  145. Kim: We listen to whatever we want, watch whatever we want, read whatever we want. I am throwing on my Sinatra oldies as soon as this one finishes. I love singers.

  146. allz I knowz iz he gotz learnin

  147. Kim:

    Actually, the degree says “juris doctor”

  148. Yes we do! And doesn’t it make you happy to know you are beholden to no one.

  149. I also have a PhD in trivia

  150. Dear Indigo,
    May I also call you “sweetie?”

    I am no fan of Obama. I don’t think he is the anywhere near ready to be president and I vehemently object to the way in which he was selected.

    That said, I loathe McCain more than I can describe. He has a lifetime record of voting against womens’ rights and he’s a crotchety, volatile troglodyte.

    I want to make my vote against McCain count. So I’m voting for the Democrat.

    What interests me is the reform of the Democratic Party so this kind of vaudeville show does not repeat itself. I would also like Hillary Clinton’s name be put in nomination and would like to see her on the ticket, either at the top or as VP.

    There it is, Sweetie.

    Since you so graciously encouraged me to move along, I’ll do just that.

  151. “Now, no one abuse this just because they know I’m easy.”

    From Pat–“A comment heard from coast to coast.”

    Don’t think I don’t know it!! It’s gotten lonely in this outpost

  152. I’ll forward any responses to you, Pat. Clearly, I’ve shown that I can share.

  153. buhbye — c ya wouldn’t want to be ya

  154. and for the record – “sweetie” –
    thems fightin’ words

  155. Hello ladies – did you know that Gary has posted an awesome thread about another brave PUMA lady and her confrontation with HoDo?

    Come on over to the new thread and stop passing poor Eddy back and forth. He’s exhausted. 😉

  156. Radio, I am getting more than a little sick of this stand Obamabots are now taking. Before, it was he is the “one”, I wish I could sprinkle fairy dust around that word, to emphasize the looks in the rapturous faces saying it. Then I heard from the same bots, well he is a politician. Now I hear, well he is better than McCain.

    My response: whoop ti fucking do!

    I am sick and damn tired of, “Well what are my choices?”

    We had a damn choice and the powers that be, at the DNC, took that away and this time, come hell or high water, I will not just give them my vote.

    NO I WON’T!

  157. Radiowalla is not a troll. I know her from dkos. However, I was miffed with her encouragement of one time Hillary supporter, turned Obamabot, adtleft who called us republican trolls. Nothing could be further from the truth. Radiowalla, I encourage you to stick around, BUT do not tell us why you are voting for Obama. We frankly don’t care.

  158. Where are Obama’s records of his time in the State Legislature?

    Answer: There are none.

    No one knows what Obama will do there’s no record to point to. So for those people to say, Obama will do or was for– where is the freaking evidence.

  159. gregoryp: hmmm, I think teachers and curriculum advisors have the wrong idea about what causes stress in G&T kids. Being in a class where the curriculum is challenging, and where there is curriculum compression and differentiation is fun for them. Allowing them to pursue self-structured projects is fun.
    putting them in a class with the typical curriculum but more problems to turn in is *not* fun.
    see, even if the first type of class ends up being more work, it is also more interesting and engaging. It reduces stress because creative e edgy has a place to go. In the second type of class, where’s the engaging activity? It becomes boring and rote. So maybe the problem is that G&T classes in your school were not designed by educators of the gifted.
    I find it hard to convince educators that there is nothing more stressful than never being challenged or being assigned work just for the sake of having something to do. If the quality of instruction is appropriate for these children who fall outside the graph of developmentally appropriate practices, then what *we* percieve as work is actually pleasure.
    It’s luke your favorite hobby. When you’re good at it and can do it at your own pace, it isn’t too much work.

  160. on the troll topic — whats up with the recycled talking point??? saving the supreme court from McCain is so last month and hardly reflects the complete right turns Bobo has made…

  161. Indigo:

    It’s the trolls favorite song – “Roe, Roe, Roe, your boat”

  162. Riverdaughter,

    I always talked to Truman ahead of time about where to put his mind when he was bored, so he had a plan to make use of the time. The one on one math tutoring really helped! College kids are great, and they get strokes and validation about their talent.

  163. I meant the kids do too.

  164. Choosing girls

    The findings really resonate with my personal experience. I’m from China. When I was in grade school, everyone would be surprised if a girl outperformed all her classmates in maths. By the time I went to college it had become such a common phenomenon that no one would ever notice. I bet this has something to do with the one-child policy that has been rigorously enforced since the 1980’s (I was born in 1980). Once the family accepts that their little girl is all they’ve got, their expectation for the girl will change dramatically. Imagine almost 50 percent of families in the country are forced into such a situation all of a sudden. This is like the grand social experiment that every researcher dreams of. So is the ability of girls a social choice? I guess the jury is in.

    Unfortunately, women and girls are also the biggest victims of the one-child policy. Gender-based abortions and abandonments are very common in rural areas. I heard the horrible story of young parents leaving their baby girl in the garbage can because they’re determined to have a boy to carry on the family line. Some parts of the country now have an alarming sex ratio of 120 boys to 100 girls among newborn babies.

  165. I’m telling you that Taylor Marsh is a piece of work. I haven’t visited her site since she implied the “roll call” vote would be detrimental to Hillary. However, my friend told me that I just had to go on her site today and read her latest drivel. I vowed that I’d never go back, but just a while ago I did.

    According to Taylor, someone on an “anti-Obama website” , pushed a lie about her concerning the “roll call” vote. She’s posting emails sent to her expressing their dissatisfaction on her comments.
    Taylor’s changed guys. Go and read it for yourself. Amazing drivel. I have been so disappointed in a person in all my life. It doesn’t even sound like Taylor. Has she been taken over by body snatchers? I only wish I could get the money I donated to her blog refunded. I feel violated and cheated. Maybe I ‘m reading too much into this.

  166. Taylor is an a**hole. Yes, we all get it, Hillary is supporting Obama. What on earth else could or would she do? But we are allowed our own opinions. It doesn’t at all “disrespect” Hillary to have believed she was correct when she argued he wasn’t qualified. I personally think Obama is one of the most unprincipled people to ever run for President. That’s an opinion I formed of him from his words and his actions through out the primary and beyond. NO ONE OWNS MY VOTE, not even Hillary.

  167. I run an online community for parents of gifted kids. There are a number of online options. I know people who have taken test scores and negotiated subject accelerations and whole grade accelerations. It can be done. If your system won’t do it, then pulling her out for that subject or the whole year might be your best option. Feel free to contact me to talk about it. I am assuming that since I have to supply my email address to comment that you will have it as a staff person here.

  168. “when we got into my car for dinner, Dylan’s “Positively 4th Street” was playing. I was told I should try to move into the new century.”

    Kim, you missed a snark opportunity there: “You move into enough new things for both of us” or “you should try to move into adulthood”. Or the more succinct: “Move into this, jackass”.

    I know these thoughts rarely occur at the right time.

    Riverdaughter, why did you decide not to sue the school? I know you said you tried everything, but it’s just that this seems so glaring.

  169. Riverdaughter, boy I know you must rue the day you asked for help with your daughter’s problems at school.
    I’m sure you’ve tried everything imaginable and have probably imagined some things that are definitely un-triable, if not downright illegal.
    Perhaps you’ve even done what I’m about to suggest, but here goes.
    My idea is similar to Kit’s above, but instead of using an existing online (or offline, for that matter) program, why not let Brook design her own supplemental education program?
    From what I can gather she’s good at problem solving and likes a challenge, so maybe she could come up with a program for herself and other students in similar circumstances where they could use the internet, with parental supervision, of course, to meet, exchange ideas, design projects, develop games and puzzles, tutor each other, etc.
    That way you could combine your net savvy with her “problem” and give her the space and opportunity to challenge herself.
    Her price?
    Get the “stupid” homework out of the way first, then indulge your intellect to your heart’s content.
    She likely could come up with a zillion ways to address the issues at hand and just might enjoy being the captain of her own destiny.
    What I’m suggesting in no way supplants your other efforts, all the things you’ve chronicled still need to be dealt with, in my humble opinion.
    However, if all else fails, and even if it succeeds, encouraging your daughter to solve her own problem might kill a lot of birds with one stone.
    All kids are special in different ways and your daughter might be able to help a lot of them in her own unique way, while helping herself at the same time.
    Please forgive me for butting in, but after thinking about your situation I just had to stick my two cents in.
    Good luck and don’t fret.
    Sounds like you and Brook are lucky to have each other.

  170. I urge you to contact a group like NOW and advocacy groups for the gifted and then go to the school administration and tell them you are seriously thinking of filing a discrimination suit and asking that they pay the tuition at a private school that will meet your childs’ needs. They usually soil their underwear when that happens.
    If they try to tell you your child’s behavior is to blame, point out that that is common for really bright kids who are often uneven in their development. There is tons of research on this issue.
    I went through a similar problem with my highly disorganized and often obnoxious son (especially with bad teachers) He had gotten the highest score on a national test to pinpoint kids with exceptional math ability, yet his teacher did not recommend him for the fast math track. This teacher did not discriminate against girls, just kids who were not neat and polite. (And believe me we did not coddle him about his behavior. I had no trouble with him being disciplined, just his being held back academically which only made him bored and more likely to misbehave.)
    I would hate for you to wind up in a private school without a huge fight. We need to hold public schools accountable when they do this kind of thing. The law forces schools to meet individual special ed needs which is why some parents have gotten public schools to pay for private ed. This was the result of a law that was aimed at meeting the needs of special ed kids, but the same principle be should be used here.

  171. Thing is, Josgirl, that sometimes a gifted kid will be willing to jump the hoops and do the stupid stuff if they are let fly in their own time. Sometimes they’ll even set it up for other kids and do the teacher’s job for her. But some of the time they shut down. From what we got above – this kid is shutting down. If so, she needs out and quickly. Best case, she’s going to have to want to fix the school situation with the option of walking away if that is what she needs.

  172. Kit, I used to be that kid many moons ago, back in the dark ages, in public school no less.
    I learned very early that school was not about learning as much as it was about regimentation.
    Most of the things I’ve learned in life have been self-taught, and a lot of it has been on the internet.
    My suggestion was not to supplant, but to suppliment.
    It seems clear to me, though, that sometimes the best course is the most obvious.
    Ask the kid.
    She knows the problem and is probably more than smart enough to figure out the answer if given the opportunity.
    Why not challenge her to come up with a program for herself and other kids like her?
    It couldn’t hurt.

  173. Riverdaughter, if you read this, please forgive the dismissive sounding “ask the kid” comment.
    It was meant as commentary on the way people underestimate the capabilities of young people, not to in any way disrepect your daughter.

  174. Looks like The Precious is poised to lose even New York! Down to 50% from June’s 51 – we got 31 electoral votes at stake – no more proportional BS!

  175. […] and Math Posted on July 19, 2008 by bluelyon This snippet in Riverdaughter’s post at The Confluence has my blood boiling. Alegre has this fascinating post on Choosing Girls in math […]

  176. The problem is that gifted isn’t a qualifying special need under IDEA and FAPE (free and appropriate public education) is only a right for those covered under IDEA – only children with some disability. Other kids have no rights in terms of a program meeting their educational needs. When Riverdaughter says she’s gone to the wall with her school district and gotten no where, she’s likely right. They don’t have to do anything if they don’t want to. She may have a gender discrimination lawsuit there, but that isn’t going to resolve by Sept. and that will work against them cooperating. If they admit the kid was qualified for the higher level course, they are admitting the teacher was biased.

    Gifted kids, like other special needs kids, need appropriate curriculum – in place of, not in addition to, the regular curriculum. Gifted kids have been greatly harmed by NCLB. There is no incentive for schools to do *anything at all* for kids who walk in able to ace the standards exams.

    Yes there are schools and individual teachers who are knowledgeable and wonderful with these kids. If your kid isn’t in one of these schools you can be up a creek. There exist all kinds of outside of school resources if you can afford them. This still leaves school as a wasteland that eats the kid’s life and may be doing great damage.

    It could be worse. Kids who are twice exceptional – gifted and some sort of disability – have it much, much worse. They often don’t qualify for anything to meet any of their needs.

    Yes, we need better laws. It’s not what you could call an attractive issue to back. Going to get accused of elitism and probably racism too. (There is good reason to believe that gifted kids come in all groups in reasonably equal numbers. Some groups are more likely to encounter stuff like lead paint that causes brain damage. Some groups are a whole lot less likely to be indentified and served by schools.)

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