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    William on It’s All Biden’s F…
    Beata on It’s All Biden’s F…
    William on It’s All Biden’s F…
    William on Pop culture sensations
    Beata on It’s All Biden’s F…
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    • The Wages Of Embarassing Elites Are Death
      Everyone remember the Panama papers? A leak of bank records showing that the ultra-rich are hiding massive wealth, tax-free and often breaking the law to do so? A rather weak set of laws designed to allow tax avoidance by rich people, at that. Found out the other day that the reporter who broke the Panama Papers story was killed by a car bomb. Coincidence, n […]
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Thursday: Radio killed the bloggio star?

If there’s one thing I’ve found really exciting about the new progressive blogosphere it is the degree to which we are not afraid to use new internet features to be heard- literally.  I love to blog but, dangit!, do I always have to be tied to this damn keyboard???  Wouldn’t it be great if I could listen to other bloggers while I am theoretically cleaning my actual house?

In the past month, we have seen a mini explosion of blogtalkradio shows from Sheri Tag’s chatty NO WE WON’T to Larry Johnson’s No Quarter Radio and BettyJean and Pagan’s Morning Q. Darragh Murphy launches one of her own, Meet Me in Denver with Murphy and Friends premiers Saturday at 9:00pm You can see some of the lineup at Piper’s calendar at JustSayNoDeal

But that’s not the only place where we have gone.  Will Bower is a Facebook addict.  Flineo does video.  And there’s something called Lively.com that looks veddy interesting, indeed.  It looks like a version of Second Life with more user creativity involved.  I can only speculate because they don’t have a Mac version yet and apps that touch Windows shall never touch mine.

I have a theory about all of these different media popping up in  recent years.  Well, actually, it’s not a new phenomenon.  People have been trying to find each other for millenia but only in the last 200 years or so has it been able to hook up regardless of geopgraphy.  The internet has accelerated that pace and scope.  With Morse code and telephone, there were fixed endpoints.  The person you wanted to reach was a known.  With the internet, the endpoints have disappeared.  You can virtually roam the world and get to know new people and for some of us, that has freed us from lifetimes of quirkiness.

If you’re the parent of a gifted kid, you see how hard it is to be assimilated in real life.  There just aren’t too many people like my Brook.  She’s not strange, she’s just not normal.  It’s hard for her to identify with some kids.  Some of them just don’t share her interests.  She feels like she’s talking to carrots with others.  There’s nothing wrong with either Brook or her peers.  It’s just that the peers are more likely to find and hang out with kids who live across the street while Brook has to wait for special summer camps to meet people like her.  That’s the way some of us are as well.  We love politics, analysis, idle speculation, snark and satire, freeing our minds from the confines of the rigid suburban thought patterns.  It’s hard to have coffee with the neighbors sometimes.  They just don’t get our passions.  And maybe we don’t get theirs either.  But online, we can find each other.  We’re connecting and our online experiences are becoming richer with each new killer app. Someday, we may have our own Lively place or Second Life at The Confluence where we can kick back after work and have a cocktail party.

It’s all good.

So, what next big thing have you Stumbled Upon?

As for these guys, well, plus ça change…


  • Whoo-Hoo!  Conflucian commenter Janis has jazzed up the ads for The Denver Group.  See the new ad here.  Great job, Janis.
  • Over at Alegre’s Corner, she has a post on the nasty machinations of the Bush admin that is now trying to recategorize certain types of birth control as abortifacients for the purpose of getting them excluded from federal healthcare coverage.  Take your BP meds before reading Action: Tell Bush and the HHS Enough!. (the bastids)  Hillary is on it but who doesn’t need allies?  Oh, and where is the NARAL endorsed candidate on this issue?  Anyone seen him?  Well, THAT’S odd.  Alegre says his website doesn’t mention the rule at all. 

131 Responses

  1. Yes, it is interesting that we never thought we would be older adults, home alone, communicating with cats!

  2. BO is stating he raised $50MM+ in June.

    Oh yeah, let’s separate how much came from our Hillary’s friends and donors!

    PUMA$ “you wanna dance, or DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?”

  3. RE Brook: We’ve had kids like this and We have Grands like this. We call them Hybrids, never ever meant to be pejorative, just shorthand for marching to a different drummer. I think we wait until they’re adults to let them know that…no need to print this.

  4. Tess: From an evolutionary standpoint, they must serve a purpose. I just wonder why there are so few of them and why we as a society treat them so badly.
    Or is it that because we treat them badly there are so few of them?

    Maybe with the tubez there is a greater likelihood that they will meet and reproduce. And we will end up with better internets?

  5. NARAL had better find him. We all know how passionate he is on this subject. He certainly doesn’t want to have to worry if his daughters might someday be “punished” with a baby.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  6. RD- is Brooke the girl in your ava?

  7. Blog radio really takes the PUMA movement to a new level. It’s nice to hear people talk about their experiences and their opinions.

    I listened to No We Won’t last night. And I was very impressed with Liz J., co-founder of High Heels. The story she told about what happened at the luncheon room at the Rules & By Law committee would never make it to the MSM.

    The MSM don’t report the real intensity of the support that HRC commands. They downplay the PUMA movement and defected democrats. But MSM no longer have a complete control of the message. The water is leaking at every small hole of the wall of oppression. PUMAs are finding new ways to break the wall. If there is a will, there is a way.

  8. Luckyann: No, that picture in the avatar is me. I put in my dentures and airbrushed out my wrinkles for it. But I have a lot less hair since the “accident” last month at the hair salon. The person cutting my hair and I share different definitions of the term “shoulder length”. It is most certainly NOT shoulder length and won’t be until December. I am not amused.

  9. Really good print ad by the Denver Group. A strong message with a great image.

  10. Riverdaughter: re: Brooke
    I have a daughter like that; too intense, sensitive, perfectionist, etc. Hang in there. The kids who think she’s strange are probably the ones who, at age 22, will reflect that their high-school years were the best years of their lives.

  11. Janis has done a fabulous job on the ad for the Denver Group. Simple, clean, hard-hitting. They just need to keep running this ad wherever they can get the most exposure.

    RD, thanks for highlighting Alegre’s and campskunk’s articles about the HHS proposal. It’s worth reading the full HHS proposal that is linked. Its conclusion is that specific wording shouldn’t matter: that whatever the conscience of the health-related worker finds objectionable should be enough to deny women their prescriptions. It is truly offensive. Remember that part of John Edwards’ credo: “freedom of religion and freedom from religion” and send off your messages to Congress and HHS.

  12. “Maybe with the tubez there is a greater likelihood that they will meet and reproduce. And we will end up with better internets?”

    Society treats them badly because most people in society want things to be easy and comfortable, and brilliant kids with a healthy amount of curiosity, creativity, and connectivity are an annoying threat to most people’s self-image. It sounds like Brook is very lucky to have a mom who understands and supports her. I suspect that is because she is much like you RD, and you remember your own childhood. I hate to see gifted kids with not so gifted moms who are “treated badly” at home as children.

  13. No We Wont had a broadcast last night?; I thought the next one will be on 7-20…

    Carol: Barry raised 52 million? Thats less than the 100 million they were arrogantly predicting but still a pretty good amount. I wonder how much Hillary raised for her debt?

  14. Janis, what a terrific ad!! Congratulations!

  15. wow RD you look young! may I ask how old you are?

  16. Hopefully, now that BO has stated his numbers, Hillary will release hers.

    Let us not forget – BO’s money was partly extorted from Hillary’s people!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  17. Public shouldn’t fall for Obama’s rhetoric

    excerpt: The paper hanger, just as the lawyer, delivered wonderful, inspirational public speeches. Both spoke of the “change” and “hope” their election might bring if people would “believe in” their country. Steeped in a similar class warfare rhetoric; their speeches emphasize the rich were keeping the poor people down.
    Without a track record to judge the man by, people simply fall for the rhetoric. The German people had to “believe.” They wanted “change.” And through “hope,” they only had to “believe” what Adolph Hitler and the Nazis said; without questioning what Hitler and his Marxist-Socialists pals had really designed behind the scenes.
    continue http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  18. Jesse Jackson: Hypocrite. These people are just disgusting.


  19. I often tell my kids that I feel sad for those people who ‘peak’ in high school. My daughter, who heads off to college next month, asked me last night if I wished that I were younger. I honestly said that I did not. The present has always been my favorite time. (That said, o’s present votes are another thing.)

  20. and by “these people” I mean Obama and Co.

    complete lack of leadership and integrity.

  21. Did anyone notice that Obama didn’t vote on the Bill to fund AIDS, TB, and Malaria prevention (35 million) and Claire McCaskill voted to decrease the funding. Clinton voted for both full funding and the bill

  22. whoops, that should be 48 billion

  23. Ummmm, does Allegre’s Corner have an ad for a pro-life organization at the site or am I not understanding something?

    The new Bush rule is perfect. In his next life he will come back as a woman with no morals and no protection and nymphomania and he’ll get to experience having 16 wailing, needing, raging, hungry kids and 28 miscarriages each one happening one limb at a time.

  24. I thought BO’s camp already released their June numbers and he only raised $30 million? Where is this new figure coming from?

  25. fif – that was an estimate from “sources”

    Please remember that Hillary has been out begging for him. If her people had not come through – I’m talking the big boys – he would have not gotten as much.

    PUMA$ For Hillary! Stop the Lies!

  26. Morning all! Damn, RD, I don’t know how you do it every morning. Wonderful.

    Janis – GREAT JOB! I’m so glad you and Marc hooked up and collaborated on that ad. It looks absolutely fantastic.

    Carol – Thanks for the article on Netroots Nation. I must say that every time I see Kos’ site described as “liberal” or “progressive” I simply want to scream.

    Kos is the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen. If Obama wants to vote for telecom immunity, Kos withholds funds from him temporarily. If anyone ELSE votes for telecom immunity, they deserve to lose their seat?! And how will the mighty Kos accomplish that, pray tell?

    I hope Kos doesn’t fall in the water and drown while staring at his beautiful reflection.***

    ***A little Greek mythology reference there, no threat intended.

  27. Smart kids are a royal pain in the ass. When mine were still at home, I used to long for three semi-sentient droolers who would be entertained by television.

  28. Obama campaign plant a fake coverup story?
    Did presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign plant a fake story accusing itself of campaign finance irregularities, in order to portray itself as victims of right-wing allegations about the campaign’s successful Internet fund-raising?
    However, the fake Maureen Dowd column has certain attributes which only persons intimately familiar with the Obama campaign would normally have privy to. The allegations in the fake Maureen Dowd story required the expertise of persons familiar with Internet technology. There are hundreds, indeed thousands of people who would have such IT expertise. But the allegations also require expertise of persons familiar with obscure provisions of Federal campaign finance regulations. Find me one person among the general public who would have intimate knowledge of Section 103.3(b) of Title 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations
    This Man Is Dangerous

  29. let’s just skip the election, the media has decided Obama is already president….

    MASSIVE U.S. COVERAGE PLANNED OF GLOBAL OBAMANIA — WashPost, “Anchors to Follow Obama’s Trek Abroad,” by Howard Kurtz: “The three network anchors will travel to Europe and the Middle East next week for Barack Obama’s trip, adding their high-wattage spotlight to what is already shaping up as a major media extravaganza. Lured by an offer of interviews with the Democratic presidential candidate, Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric will make the overseas trek, meaning that the NBC, ABC and CBS evening newscasts will originate from stops along the route and undoubtedly give it big play. …

  30. RD:

    When you said “shoulder length,” did you specify which shoulder?

  31. My shoulder is only about 6 inches long.

  32. RD,

    This post meant alot to me. I’ve been trying to explain myself when I spend any night, especially weekends, glued to this computer snickering and raging. It (sadly?-I don’t know about that) has become my social life.

    I am feeling more alienated by the minute in the “real” world. Sure I look normal and sound normal, but when any news issue comes up–I’m a weirdo. I cling to Janis’ badge-“you’re crazy when you’re right too soon”.

    It helps. Really helps. But I’m a can’t see my friends-so many of them. They’re Demos, but I’ve lost respect and they for me.

    It has been an earthquake to no longer feel that I am most at home at the 36th district Dems picnic, or in the company of my COMPLETE family discussing politics.

    Thank you so much for this home!! I can’t say that enough. (choke). I only wish I had all of you nearby. I did have the privilage of meeting several Conflucians that came to my home for the PUMA org meeting. GQmartinez, Ohio, jltacoma, ronK, lhseattle.

    It was great!!

  33. Karolina NYC–I don’t see any ads on Alegre’s site for pro-life organizations just now. However, one of the problems for blog owners who have decided to go with Google ads has always been that you have no control over the ads that are featured. This problem has been raised before with other blogs where the Google ads seemed to be out of sync with the objectives of the blog.

  34. joaniebone: Ed too feels the same way. He told me so over breakfast.

  35. I don’t understand all of this money stuff. Obama raised 55 million in June with an average donation of $68. The DNC which had less than 4 million is now flush with cas, almost equal to The RNC…how is this possible?

  36. plus politico is reporting that their fundraising beat all expectations, but didnt the WSJ report that they had expected 100 million. i’m confused. maybe that’s the point

  37. Someone please tell ABC, NBC, and CBS has stupid they look sending their anchors on BO’s International tour. Like little puppy dogs being led around on the leash.

    He seduced them with one on one interviews. Yes, let reward that behavior. He hasn’t given any interviews in months and that’s because he always does poorly.

    It’s amazing how supposedly smart people continue to make the same mistake. This is what they did for Bush (media sold him to the people) and now they are selling BO.

  38. The money source has always been a problem for me as well. Is it possible the amount is being exaggerated?

  39. My 15-year-old is somewhat the same way. I keep telling her it’ll get better when she goes to college because she’ll meet more people like her that CHOOSE to be there. We all share some ‘odd-duckedness’ in our family; so for me, the internet has helped me find a wonderful community of people outside of my adopted red-neck ‘burg. As for your haircut fiasco, may I offer my services next time in my lovely one-person studio. I have 26 years in the biz and I know enough to clarify length therefore avoiding shear mayhem. It’s just me and whoever’s in the chair, shooting the sh*t and drinking some vino. Good times.

  40. Bonita: They are all in the tank for him and he has yet to outright capture the nomination. Trying to make him look presidential is the ultimate aim. One can only hope he trips up on his history while there. Doubtful, since I think they brief him all the time to fill in his shortcomings.

  41. The difference between my ex-wife’s left and right shoulders was about 4 1/2 inches, but in her case “shoulder-length was moot. I still recall how her pale strands of hair glistened in the light of the WalMart. All seven of them.

    Of course, that was when we were together. Last time I saw her, she had a rather fetching comb-over using her bleached and straightened back hair.

  42. Irlandese, on July 17th, 2008 at 10:27 am Said:
    My 15-year-old is somewhat the same way. I keep telling her it’ll get better when she goes to college because she’ll meet more people like her that CHOOSE to be there. We all share some ‘odd-duckedness’ in our family; so for me, the internet has helped me find a wonderful community of people outside of my adopted red-neck ‘burg. As for your haircut fiasco, may I offer my services next time in my lovely one-person studio. I have 26 years in the biz and I know enough to clarify length therefore avoiding shear mayhem. It’s just me and whoever’s in the chair, shooting the sh*t and drinking some vino. Good times.

    I love ‘odd-duckedness’, and take comfort in knowing there are good people out there…that add spice to life!

  43. Grayslady, thanks for the info. It seemed too wierd to be intentional.

  44. myiq2xu: Sounds like you let a “good” one get away.

  45. Yeah, my fault for leaving the door unlocked.

  46. WTF is this?

    A candidate for POTUS goes on a trip and a bunch of “journalists” turn it into a Beatles Reunion tour after John Lennon’s resuscitation?

    Jesus H. Christ, can these guys chauffeur Obama to the WH already so we don’t have to see something this macabre?

  47. MABlue–well said. When BO came to Pendleton, OR (my adopted ‘burg), the reaction to his appearance was much like a rock concert (which to all my friend’s consternation I REFUSED to attend–I’ve seen better rock concerts and didn’t need to waste my afternoon drowning in Kool-Aid). Katie Couric reminds me of Diane Sawyer doing the interview with Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley–cotton candy.

  48. So is this America’s demise? Done in by American Idol – Presidential candidates?

  49. Pat,

    Read my lips: T.R.A.M.P.

    Did you see I wrote to you in the middle of the night last night? (he he)

  50. Now the Ocampaign is claiming they never said 100 million.

    That’s why they leaked the $30 million rumor, so they could “beat” expectations, even though they only brought in half of their goal.

  51. Been a stumbler for years
    the radio is a bit new to me and I find I need to play catch-up with their plug-ins – my last computer simply couldn’t log in in the website after their last imorivement and my new one needed another plug-in for me to hear anything (if you are in the same boat, don’t forget to restart your browser after installation).
    As long as I can keep up – it’s all good – they are just tools – WE use them for good!

  52. myiq2xu: Yeah, my fault for leaving the door unlocked.

    parted amicably, did we????

  53. Destardi–my new husband shares my odd-duckedness. I had to wait 42 years to meet him, but it was well worth the wait. I have single-handedly converted him to not only the Democratic Party, but now to PUMA. I will now work on his 25 year old son who was giving off some major PUMA vibes when we last talked. As for my clients–one day at a time. Janis, a FANTASTIC ad, again. You are truly gifted. I can’t wait to get my hands on one, and go paste it up in town! How about making into a flyer that I can put on cars that have BO stickers? Now THAT would be fun.

  54. The journalist trip disgusts me.

    As far as their donation numbers. If true, it means they lied to everyone not 4 days ago. They emailed me(I’m on his list. Blaaah!) to say how far behind in fund raising they were from the Republicans and they really needed more cash. Now they are saying they are almost caught up?

    So Obama camp doesn’t mind lying to its supporters to get more cash out of them. Not hard to believe.

  55. Very amicably.

    Except for that restraining order stuff, but that was just a misunderstanding.

  56. The media is sickening. Let’s just avert our eyes. It’s worse than a bad car crash, public displays of hygiene or myiq2xu’s scary clowns.

  57. Bush/HHS attempt to expand on definition of abortion:

    Press release from HRC and P. Murray against draft legislation.


  58. Personally, I never display hygiene.

  59. Whoop — not my ad, close to it, though. Thanks for the shoutout all the same. 🙂

    Reminder: the flyers that ad is based on are at:


    Grab `em if you want `em.

  60. USA Today is saying that the European/Middle East tour is shaping up to be Obamapalooza.

    I have to throw up now.

    Has the whole world lost it’s collective mind?

  61. Public flossing has become a menace here in Seattle. There are phone #s posted to report it. “Nose grooming” too.

  62. Are you referring to the nose itself, or the hair flowing out of it?

    Because my ex-wife . . .

  63. Janis,

    With all due respect to the Denver groups ad—and I love it– I like your series better. I have been spreading them around to the activists around here. I am still marveling about the day you created them right here. You really are incredible. And you have shit-kicking boots too!

    I know how to copy Janis’. Any word on how to get a copy from the Denver group of the newest?

  64. myiq2xu,
    Just sayin it’s a good thing you live down there.

  65. the fix is in for barack, we will be the wrench in their plans.

  66. Only until my parole ends, then I can move almost anywhere.

  67. Hey! — well bad news on birth control, no? Can you imagine taking that away in a country where jobs are gone, houses are gone, umm? I’m going to tackle that one from a feminist perspective today aiming of course to enlighten Fiorina on these things — my blog searches behind the scenes are so sad RD & Co. Ever since I wrote the abortion piece. Why did we want Hillary? Women’s issues! Since when can any man handle it… maybe I’ll find the stats on how many Gov types had girlfriends on the side who? Because in this gen we are in it would be VERY foolish to think that we all don’t know about all of these things.
    It looks like as a last act to favor the Religious Right, Bushco has evil plans as usual, only, towards us.

    In good news! the search “pumas for clinton” now nets 2,360,000 –which is roughly doubled in 1.5 months of PUMA.
    As for Clinton news in the web today — it says she is getting ready for 2012! Hey! What about this election! And the National Republic says McCain isn’t so bad.

    Congrats on raising an “indy” daughter! That’s great! (Just like her mom!) and ahem….just like us! yay!

    Isn’t that weird about Clinton 2012? But, I like it that her supporters have met with Fiorina! And I like it that she has utterly distanced herself from the one who gave her the finger. Let’s give the DNC the finger back. In a big way. They are running scared, but, that Solis Doyle gig? Every move he made just makes us angrier, and what a little traitor she was. After a certain age, like NOW, we have BIG powers RD. To dole out LESSONS the hard way, when one of our own was hurt in the way that she was by all those Democratic Women (I voted in)————

    gotta love genX overlap with tail end Baby boom—— we grew up with political clout!

    I have a historic piece from Ms. some of us can relate to, today…
    What I can’t believe is the fairytale style denial of Bush or even his damn wife! Face reality!


    hugs to all!

  68. I still think that the money for Obama is coming from the people who would benefit most w/ most $$$$ from having a weak puppet candidate dividing the democratic party so that it is ineffective—people all over the WORLD who benefit the most and have no scupples about robbing us (US citizens) of the resources the United States had before Reagun started to dismantel all sorts of regulations (in his early Alzheimer’s fog). These are fascistic, corporate elite of our own and other nations. Right now there’s probably still some $ trickling to them to finance the Beatlemania and other rock star promotions, ’cause Hillary STILL has not capitulated (whaddabitch,huh?).

    BTW, I was thinking after reading some of the notes to RD, how thankful I am for this site as well. I don’t remember how I got here, but I know that this is the first site I looked at when I decided that I needed to be in touch with others that were feeling the pain of the Hillary kick down last month. I was going to read and watch for a while to see what kind of people were here, but ended up jumping right in because everyone seemed to be people of kindred spirit, whom I would enjoy having as friends. So thanks RD and thanks all.

  69. Irlandese, on July 17th, 2008 at 11:09 am Said:


    Congrats on getting married!

  70. allow me to be a dissenter on the whole ‘new media’ thing.

    above, someone mentioned that Liz J had news about what happened in the HRC lunchroom. Now, since I did a whole post here about this subject, I’d really love to know what she has to say — so now I’m stuck here at the computer, listening to the show, waiting for Liz to come on….

    I’d much rather be able to click on a link, and read her news.

    what makes the internet such an important resource is the immediacy of access to information. “streaming” information, in terms of information dissemination, is a step backward (not to mention a massively ineffecient use of bandwidth) Just because we have the technological capability to do something doesn’t make it a good idea — and streaming audio and video programs are generally not a good idea.

  71. Riverdaughter – As you can tell, when I was playing beauti-operator on Nancy – I really did a great job!

    She really stands out now in a crowd.

    It hurts my feelings that you didn’t come to me for your makeover.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  72. I don’t know if someone already mentioned this today but Taylor Marsh has responded to the email she’s been getting from PUMAs who are disappointed with her opinion that there should not be a roll call. You can go over to her site to check out the post.

    I don’t plan on emailing Taylor. I’ve said this before but I’m not going to trash her but there is no point in emailing her about why we won’t vote for Obama. She doesn’t want to understand or sympathize with us. It’s unfortunate because I thought she said that after the primary season she would create a space for both Obama and disaffected Clinton supporters who choose not to vote for him. It’s sad to see her site turn into this and it’s the main reason why hardly anyone goes over there anymore.

  73. Pat – please deflate the Eddy blowup doll.

    People are giving you a bad rap just for having a little fun with your most recent purchase.

  74. I don’t know paul. Most people can’t read two things at once, but a lot of people are capable of watching/listening to one thing while reading another–waiting for cue words to focus attention away from the reading to the audio/visual. In that way it allows you to take in information from two sources at the same time.

  75. Can someone give me the radio address, please? I just put in DSL yesterday in this house, and am hoping to be able to hear it clearly now. Thanks.

  76. dvoter, her site is tanking.. take a look at the alexa graphs….the confluence has actually surpassed her

  77. I am so gald Jackson is being totally discredited. I think he is a despicable person. For him to say ni****, is the height of hypocrisy. He will never again be able to castigate people like Imus. Al Sharpton is next. That guy is such a sleaze. Remember Tawana Brawley ? Obama is on par with those two. Just another AA race-baiter, preying on the black community’s paranoia of white people to advance themselves.

    We had a similar incident in Durham, NC to the Tawana Brawley scenario when some student athletes were falsely accused of rape, and black leaders in the community whipped up their constituents into a frenzy right before an election even though the case was falling apart before their eyes.

  78. There is also a connection that is made when we hear another’s voice that isn’t there in print. It is the reason TV has blown away print news. Video and Sound together can really reel people in.

  79. Carol, you punk’d Nacy.

  80. Nancy

  81. Janis, I thought you might be tooting your own horn when you said you could improve on the Denver Groups first ad. Boy was I wrong. These three ads are fabulous, on point, and short enough for an ADD society. Well done. I especially liked the theme of it’s anyones election.

  82. On the $$ subject,

    If they’re doing so well, why are the DNC paid minions standing on so many streetcorners (everywhere here!)begging for money and membership? They remind me of the Mormon pairs on a “mission”.

    It’s beyond creepy, but very revealing.

  83. What the hell? can anybody point to any outlet that has really gone negative on Michelle Obama? they are such whining babies….

    Barack Obama blamed the ‘conservative press’ Wednesday for negative attacks on his wife Michelle.

    “What happened was that the conservative press—Fox News and the National Review and columnists of every ilk—went fairly deliberately at her in a pretty systematic way,” Obama told Glamour Magazine

    maybe its pre-emptive outrage.

  84. “pre-emptive outrage”

    The true campaign strategy in a nutshell

  85. the worst attacks on her, actually, came from those pictures I posted from the Huffington Post….

  86. Streaming whatever is especially useless for those back in the Dialup Age.

    All the video links etc. are a serious obstacle when you’re on dialup, as I am on weekends.

    Fortunately, now that I have discovered the use of the “STOP” button, my life is simpler and I can read all the text I want.

  87. Jesse Jackson is even more of a steaming pile of hypocritial shit because he not only went after Imus, he attacked black rappers and comedians for using the n-word, said it had no place at all in our language. I guess he’s the exception to the rule. could it be he was talking down to black people???

  88. At least HRC actually made some comments about things, however innocuous, that they used to smear her.

    Nobody has said anything about MO in the press. Wow, now you can be faux-outraged at nothing.

    I am outraged that Obama campaign would attack the Catholic church the way it does.

  89. In most cases, given a choice between a video/audio clip and a transcript, I go for the written version.

  90. OT, but to all other confluence posters, I know I usually post soemthing about this time today, but I got nothing. Carol, how bout a brown bag lunch drive?

  91. gary: pre-emptive outrage indeed. Like Sebelius’s speech saying that “inexperienced” and “not qualified” were r*c*st code words

  92. Mawm: what has the Obama campaign said about the Catholic Church?

  93. If Obama is dissing the Catholic church it’s probably because the Pope refuses to recognize him as the new messiah.

  94. SM – they are calling for the Brown Bag Donation Drive!

    Post it Baby Post it!

  95. myIQ2xu, I feel the same way about written transcripts. I’ve spent so much time in situations where I can’t play an audio file. Yet I really want to know what’s been said. Or I want to write about something but the only transcript is an audio one….

  96. Given that Amanda M. was kicked off the Edwards campaign because she badmouthed the Catholic church (not a bad thing, given what she was complaining about), there is a certain dark justice here given that she’s currently All Barky All The Time. Heh.

  97. Janis: That Denver ad is priceless!. So glad you jumped in at the time; your talent and creativity is amazing.

    joaniebird, Carol: In your names I plan on donating what I saved from my grocery shopping yesterday which came to about 20.00. It is our way of forgiving you. Ed and I have discussed it and we both agree that we are bigger people.

    Jesse Jackson is a two faced media whore and I am not in the least surprised by his actions. Except for the fact that it was directed at a presidential candidate, he only lives for the spotlight.

  98. SM – are you gonna post? Or KB?

    I do have something about the Netroots Nation that might be interesting to read, if no one else steps up.

  99. I got nuttin

  100. […] Thursday: Radio killed the bloggio star? (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) If there’s one thing I’ve found really exciting about the new progressive blogosphere it is the degree to which we are not afraid to use new internet features to be heard- literally… In the past month, we have seen a mini explosion of blogtalkradio shows from Sheri Tag’s chatty NO WE WON’T to Larry Johnson’s No Quarter Radio and BettyJean and Pagan’s Morning Q.  Tonight, Darragh Murphy launches one of her own. You can see some of the lineup at Piper’s calendar at JustSayNoDeal But that’s not the only place where we have gone.  Will Bower is a Facebook addict.  Flineo does video.  And there’s something called Lively.com that looks veddy interesting, indeed.  It looks like a version of Second Life with more user creativity involved.  […]

  101. I am watching McCain live in KC, MO.

    He is such a honorable person. People are giving him their information regarding their lost loved ones.

    Fuck Obama. If we do not get Hillary, it will be McCain.


  102. I am working ona book post. I’m late but i’ve had some personal things to take care of.

    Did you ll read this piece by Shakespeare’s sister:

  103. masslib: That article is a must read for all voters. Thanks for the link.

  104. Sorry Pat, but when Eddy was here last week, we didn’t have time for reading.

  105. Carol: *&^() %$#%%()**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Carol, what station?

  107. CNN was carrying it. It’s off now.

  108. Oh, That’s the event I thought about attending. But, the sign up page scared me. I just couldn’t sign up as a McCain supporter….

  109. Beginning to feel really guilty. It is hot here today, temp already at 86 and dewpoint climbing. Listening to Gore today I realized I was using up energy with the a/c on to keep cool. I know he has a point but it is kind of miserable here. We always want our conmfort.

  110. Hey all, I put up a new post. Hope you enjoy it!

  111. Pat, does Gore think we should go without A/C? Really?

  112. SophieL, myiq2xu, and Janis. That was a joke about them attacking the catholic church. I was using it as an example of outrage over nothing having happened. Sorry about that. I don’t go for baseless smears on anyone. We don’t need them, Obama has enough real sleaziness to keep us busy.

  113. Pat, I really resent them telling us to turn our AC down. That is the solution they come up with? Why is it always the little guy who has to implement the solutions to whatever the world faces? If they had worked on clean energy projects, Democrats and Republicans, maybe we wouldn’t have to be guilt tripped into not cooling our houses.

    I watched the World Aid concert (big waste of money) they put on to highlight Global Warming. All of the segments about how we as a world were going to take care of the problem were things like using flourescent blubs, re-cycling, biking. I wanted to puke.
    If you haven’t seen “WHo killed the electric car?” you should. The technology to have purely electric cars has been around since 1998. The only thing stopping it, is the strangle hold the oil industry has on the world. They got the electric cars taken off the scene and they bought up all the patents to the batteries. 10 years later, Al Gore is asking Pat Johnson to turn her AC down or she will kill the planet. Assholes!

  114. A/C could be more efficient than it is — and I have been in a lot of places where they turn it up so high that it’s actually painful. There’s taking the edge off the heat and letting you sleep or eat in peace, and there’s making it so frigid indoors that you need to put on a parka when it’s 115 degrees outside.

    I know that the A/C in my office building could also be a lot more sane; if we could just open our fucking windows, we wouldn’t even NEED A/C here. I remember when I lived in Sandy Eggo, I had an apartment with no climate control whatsoever. I didn’t need it — correction, there was about two weeks in an August one time where I needed a fan.

    Compare that to when I lived on the East Coast and would spend the entire month of August in misery and listening to myself sweat. God, what HELL the east coast is at the end of summer. No wonder October is my favorite month when I’m back there; October means that August and September are as far away as they’ll ever be …

  115. Mawm: I did see that movie and I always ask: if we can put a man on the moon, create iPods and plastic, why are we not capable of inventing a car that can at least get 60 miles to the gallon?

    The answer of course lies with special interests. As long as there is a buck to be made, to hell with the average consumer.

  116. I don’t think it’s bad to think before you turn on your A/C, though — although I do get pissed when I hear well-off people talking about how wasteful the working and middle class are, b ecause they don’t have a spare $15 grand lying around to put solar panels on the roof of their … um, sorry, those people don’t own houses, so they can’t install shit at a whim, can they?

    But I think the problem that Gore is talking about isn’t so much that people are not turning down their A/C, but that people can’t live at all without putting a carbon load in the air, no matter how thrifty they try to be. That’s the problem — you can’t move a toe without putting carbon into the air. Current technology doesn’t allow you to.

    That means that people like Gore have to use current technology to travel around and get the word out … even though airplanes are terrible polluters … because there are no other options. In order to get the word out about creating other options, for the moment, the first generation of people have to use the old, crappy options for travel and stuff.

    As new options are created, he and others can start to use them — and it’s the fucing responsibility of the wealthy to do it FIRST, not because the working-class and poor don’t care, but because they can’t afford it, even if it is cheaper in the long run. Even if those 15-grand solar panels will pay for themselves in five years, a poor family without a house doesn’t have the initial lump sum lying around, nor five years to wait for it to find its way back to them.

    And don’t even START ME TALKING about rich people who have kids. I’m sorry — no. I know it’s an instinct and all, but well-off people with a ton of kids just piss me off. No, your DNA isn’t so damned special that you alone are exempt from the environmental load your kids put on the planet.

    Sorry, I’m going to go off on a tangent here if I don’t shut up …

  117. Pat: Yep. We are capable of it. We just don’t want to. Period.

    Humans are a problem species.

  118. Janis: lol

  119. Janis said

    because there are no other options

    That is my point. There are other options. It is the special interests(Oil companies) strangle hold over our government that are keeping them from being implemented.
    I really don’t think that even if we all made a concerted effort to conserve energy that we could reverse this thing unless there are fundmental changes to how we feul transportation and industry, and that is not going to come from me turning down the AC.

  120. AC is a lifesaver. thousands of people (especially the elderly) die of heat related conditions when the power goes out in the summer. Remember the heat wave in paris a couple years back? a lot of people there don’t have AC because it is usually not warranted, but that summer as temps soared above 100 degrees, over 10,000 people died.

  121. Mawm, if there are other options that we’re not allowed to exercise and that have been killed off before they got to us … that’s another way of saying there are no other options.

  122. I suppose it is in my own personal DNA to always try to do the right thing. And my conscience always places me in a position of trying to understand the other side of an argument.

    Having said that, I am going to keep the a/c on! My argument is that I earned it, I paid for it, and I am responsible enough to know when to turn it down.

    This is what 12 years of a Catholic school education does to you. Guilt.

  123. pat, if you lived in the south, you would have never even bothered. when its 95 degrees with 90% humidity, you thank whatever god or goddess you pray to that A/C exists

  124. Janis, you are right. I just hate it when the elites want to put the weight of solving Global warming on us when they are holding a lot of the solutions back themselves.

  125. JANIS ROCKS!!!! I love your ads & agree with Mawm that you need a blog to set on fire. I love reading you and hope you do it soon!

    RD: WOW, thank you for keeping us in the loop, I’m so thankful that PUMA is just growing & growing!!!! Brooke sounds like a great kid, sounds like my PUMA cub.

  126. Pat, Gary is right. It’s mandatory that newer housing has central heat & air in Tampa – it’s too hot to sit in a house. Now if people lived out in more rural areas where there’s more of a breeze going, then I can see where the fan is fine.

  127. Mawm: I think the spokespeople sorts are often careful not to be too blamey. People like Gore will say things that are a bit more rah-rah, encouraging people to pull together and each do a little, blah blah blah. That sort of thing. And they will be careful to say that wealthier people have a sepcial responsibility to do more because they can afford to.

    But … when it filters below them, it gets distorted VERY FAST. The layers below that upper layer are filled with the most self-important, spoiled, superior assholes. 😦 They buy heirloom tomatoes at the local farmer’s market, so they’re saving the planet. I love my local farmer’s market, but when you buy an heirloom tomato, then pack it and your three kids into a Hummer to drive back to your house in the foothills, no. You are not “saving the planet.” Get the hell over yourselves.

    And most poorer people and working class folks keep the A/C down anyhow, since it’s so expensive to run. We had one wall unit in my house when I was growing up, and it got turned on maybe twice a summer. That’s IT. A/Cs COST MONEY to run.

    But people like that get lectured at by others with central air, and it rankles.

    The older I get, the more socialist I get. And not the American flavor of socialist, where we think it means Soviet. I mean, good old-fashioned “rich people suck ass and the government should pay us to go to school” socialism. I don’t even care about how hard it is to pay for it. We’re happy to go into scary debt to blow people up, but suddenly we turn into penny-pinchers when the time comes to give kids operations? Suddenly, we get all, “Yes, but who’s going to PAAAAAAAAY for it!”

    FUCK that. We’ll worry about that later. Hey, we’re passing the cost of the Iraq war on to the next several DOZEN generations of Americans — if we’re already gonna put a billiob people in hock up to their eyeballs, it might as well be for clean water and free fucking college degrees!

  128. Doesn’t surprise me. I first really started to feel uneasy about Obama after I looked at his website, and nowhere even listed on his menu of 20 or so “Issues” were Women’s Interests. There was a section devoted to Sports Hunting, but nothing mentioning any issues of specific concern to women (ie: abortion, equal pay, etc…).

    I sent a message requesting to know why such an important and wide variety of topics had been omitted. Was there a glitch, was it a simple oversight? (crickets chirping). A week later, they emailed me. Not to answer my question, but to ask me for money. After a second request for an answer, I got nothing but solicitations for donations for the next 2 weeks until I finally got my email address removed from their list.

    Now we all know the idea is to stay vague on as many things as possible so that he can change his stance as needed.

  129. “We’re happy to go into scary debt to blow people up, but suddenly we turn into penny-pinchers when the time comes to give kids operations? Suddenly, we get all, “Yes, but who’s going to PAAAAAAAAY for it!”

    Right on, Janis.

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