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Summer Rerun: How to break the DailyKos addiction


This post was originally published on Feb. 19, 2008.

So, you say you want to leave. They’ve insulted and troll rated you for the last time and, by golly, you’ve had enough. You’ve given them the best blogging years of your life. You don’t have to put up with this crap. Do they think you don’t have choices?

The question actually is, do YOU think you have choices? The answer is yes. But you’ve got to get out from this addiction first. You know that DailyKos isn’t good for you but you’re afraid of the big bad blogosphere out there. DailyKos says, “You’re *no one* without me, baby.” You worry, can you be heard? Will your carefully crafted and beautifully written diaries find an audience or will you be cast off into the oblivion of the world wide ether, untethered from the safety of the Big Orange Satan?

Well, here I am, one month and nearly 16,000 hits later. I’ve made lots of friends and people drop by looking for the odd collaboration. It’s quite a lot of fun actually.

But you’ve got to get this monkey off your back first. The thing about this addiction is that the reason you are hooked is because of the interactivity. You can get instant feedback. It’s like a rat hooked to one of those feed bars that deliver a hit of cocaine every couple of minutes. And if that’s your cup of joe, by all means stay, even if they are abusing you. You will become a DailyKos whore, always looking for that next rec, but we will try to avert our eyes.

But if you reached that bottom and there’s no place to go but up, here is my advice for breaking the habit: Get yourself banned.

Now I know and you know that you are not a troll and you have no intention of insulting anyone but banning is the only way. I tried self-discipline, I tried a GBCW diary, I tried vacations. Nothing worked so well as being put on temporary exile. Trust me, this will work. And your friends will find you. In fact, you might want to include your new blogging place in your last diary as a forwarding address. Your account will probably still be there (mine still is so far) and you can still raid your old stuff if you need it. But you will be dead to them otherwise. And that’s OK.

So, how to do it: You don’t have to be inflammatory to be inflammatory. Simply post a diary that wouldn’t have caused a blink last year but will drive the Obamaphiles to extremes. For example, I recommend the following topic for a diary:

Are Obamaphiles using Scientology recruitment strategies?

Draw some correlation between the two (there’s *got* to be one) and then stand back and watch the amazing swarm descend upon you. It will be a sight to behold and in about 30 minutes, it will be over. Quicker than methadone.

Oh, sure, you’ll be tempted to go back and see your friends but without the ability to post or recommend, it gets to be pretty pointless after a few weeks. In the meantime, you’ll be free to explore the rest of the blogosphere, which seems to be populated by a lot of very fine bloggers in the Reality Based Community. And you’ll be happy to know that the DailyKos demographics will be getting pushed even more into the ultraviolet end of the spectra. What credibility it had when you were still there will be one Kossack short. Sort of like “one sandwich short of a picnic”, if you catch my drift.

So, if you want to leave, just do it. We’ll be here on the other side.

Update: Katiebird alluded to this in the comments, if they won’t delete your account maybe you can just ask them to suspend your priveleges. It amounts to the same thing as banning but it’s a lot less upsetting to the Obamaphiles.

Oh, what the heck, go out with a bang and really nail the bastards!

BTW: after you’re banned, just send Markos a quick thank you note for all the fun you had. I really *did* have fun, but it was time to move on. Anyway, you might like to go back someday if they ever regain their sanity and it really was a good site at one time.

Good Luck!

Update:  Here’s an interesting article that is relevent to the DailyKos addction.  It’s from The Human Nature Review and is called, Sex, Drugs and Cults: An evolutionary psychology perspective on why and how cult memes get a drug-like hold on people and what might be done to mitigate the effects.

I can’t vouch for the level of peer review in this journal but the author makes a lot of good points that bear striking similarty to the DailyKos Action-Attendion-Reward cycle.

Also, the book Snapping by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman has been recommended to us.  Both of these authors testified before Congress in the wake of the Jonestown massacre and won the Leo J. Ryan Prize named in honor of the Congressman who was killed at the time of the mass suicide in Guyana.

Interesting Note:  The assisant to Leo Ryan, Jackie Speier, was severely wounded by gunshot on the airstrip at the same time Ryan was fatally shot.  She was rescued the next day, recovered fully and continued her career in politics, recently winning a special election to take Tom Lantos’ House seat when he died of esophogeal cancer earlier this year.  You would think she knows a thing or two about dangerous cults.  First thing she did as a representative was deliver a stinging speech against the Iraq War.  She was also a strong Hillary Clinton supporter.  Go Jackie.

180 Responses

  1. Ah, THAT’s how you do it. I sent a note to a front-pager asking her to delete my account. But she told me accounts couldn’t be deleted. I didn’t think of asking her to ban me. And I didn’t think of forcing the issue.

    Since I’ve visited there nearly every day since March 2003 — even today 😦 — your advice is extremely timely!

    Now the test: Do I REALLY want to cut those ties?

  2. katiebird: Let’s put it this way, if Markos started losing people left and right due to outright bannings, he would start to take notice. It’s bad for ad revenues because like I said, you’ll stop hanging out there after awhile. And all that will be left will be the stupid male coeds who seem to stalk the place these days.

  3. (nodding) Hitting him in his pocketbook makes some sense. And I’ve already taken that first step of asking to be deleted (thinking aloud)

    So, I write an offensively anti-Obama diary (would a powerful Pro Hillary diary work?) Add a TipJar & just let it sit there….

    Hmmm. Maybe tonight as the election returns come in (lots of traffic)….

  4. Another thought: It could be a coordinated attack of offensive diaries….

  5. Katiebird: you’re good at thinking this stuff up. It’s scary.

  6. riverdaughter, I’m just trying to keep up with you. And I’m deadly serious about it. I’ve been lost these last few months. While I’ve tried to make due at a couple of other sites, your site — your articulation of both the current state of the political scene AND our blog-mis-topia has really made me sit up and think.

    I don’t want to waste my final diary. What are the chances of a coordinated assault?

  7. That sounds violent and I don’t mean to — I’m talking about posting diaries.

  8. katiebird: I’ve heard from a lot of dissatisfied Kossacks saying the same thing as you and the only thing I can say is, I think it would make the blog world take notice, You might want to check with Hillaryvoices to make sure they’re onboard with it. The Clinton campaign might not want to have NO presence on DK. OTOH, if there are many of you launching diaries describing in minute detail why you can’t stand the Obamaphiles and what you would like to do with them if you ever had the chance, that could be a really fun read as each one of you does a swan dive. In fact, maybe you guys could troll rate each other’s diaries so it will go more quickly.
    Of course, I would never want to be accused of fomenting an insurrection because that would be wrong.
    I just think it would be as fun as all get out to watch.

  9. Funny things is I don’t know how it gets half a million hits a day. Because, you know, jotter posts the diary statistics, and it seems like just under 10,000 unique viewers of diaries in a day, and just over 15,000 in a week. So, I am not sure, does the rest of the traffic just reads the front page? Of course, if you refresh the page, or stay too long, etc… that increases the ‘traffic’.

    I go to a lot of blogs, but I also belong to Hillary’s Voice (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HillarysVoice/). It’s a really good support group, and people share things they see on the net, including on the orange place. Then I go there to recommend and read pro-Hillary diaries. I mostly stay away from everything else.

    Basically, I see my role as “no, we won’t be run away”. Also I think that MSM pays attention to the dkos and it’s a big blog, so someone needs to correct them. So I find it important to have pro-Hillary voices there.

    Of course, your sanity is your first priority. So, if the frat environment (with apologies to frat houses) is getting to you, stay away or try Riverdaughter’s method.

  10. Katiebird: It’s online. They can’t hurt you and you can’t hurt them. They’re just pixels on a screen.
    Plus, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to get your point across that they Obamaphiles have taken things too far. If it takes what you would call an “assault”, then become what I would call a “guerilla”.
    But make it good and coordinated and effective because you are likely to only get one shot at it.

  11. Try this link:

    Those are (Good bye cruel world) diaries, at least those that have that tag.

    seems like there are at least one or two every day.

  12. riverdaughter & ghost2,

    I’m actually not confrontational enough to pull it off — I couldn’t even let that one comment sit there without claifying the obvious fact that I wasn’t thinking of actual violence.

    I guess I’m just a dreamer at heart 🙂

    Still, there’s nothing like a fun dream on a cold day…

  13. I tried saying Obama wasn’t really African-American and had no claim on the electoral solidarity of African-Americans. Still didn’t work….not even a TR!

    This reminds me of the Monthy Python book in the 1970s (of course) that had a teen advice column…I’m paraphrasing here… “I have a terrible acne problem, and I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. Can you buy acne?”

  14. ghost2: if they are leaving at that rate, why not ask people to do it en masse and not write the GBCW but write a “Suspend my damn priveleges, you ignorant Obamaphiles!” diary. Telling them to shove it all together will be more effective, There *is* power in a union.

  15. I wouldn’t do a GBCW diary — for one thing, I don’t think enough people know me to matter! And for another, well — that implies that I’m not happy to be gone.

    I do like the idea of a SMDPYIO diary though — Maybe that could become a new tradition over there?

  16. Rich: was that the Monty Python book that had the Queen of England with terrible gas and there was a “Poot!” on every other page?

  17. What if…..

    25 of us all posted SMDPYIO diaries all within seconds of each other….just think of the list on the right.

    I like it – I’m in if we can find another 23 to go along!!!!!

  18. I don’t think running a coordinated assault on behalf of Hillary would help — it would just make the Obamaphiles feel more justified in their moral superiority.

    Today’s topic is whether Michelle Obama should clarify her public statement that she is now proud of America for the first time in her adult life because so many people are working to change America through her husband’s campaign.

    There are a significant number of people on the site who are so morally superior that they think that Mrs. Obama was perfectly justified as an African-American woman to make such a remark, and they don’t see the inconsistency between such a statement and her husband’s post-partisan campaign. Isn’t the whole rationale of the Obama campaign that he can unify rather than divide. Is there anything more divisive than saying you haven’t been proud of America for 25 years? After all, the Rethugs have been campaigning on “liberals hate America” since the 1960s.

    Many of the commenters rail against the hypocrisy of the “my country right or wrong” Republicans, and insist this comment will not hurt the Obama campaign. They don’t want to hear that justification is not the name of the game.

    Moral superiority is so convenient.

  19. shainzona: I can set up contributor accounts for those 25 people if they need the security of a place to post. They just need to drop by here and let me know.

  20. isisinny – sounds as if DKos and Friends are proud of Michelle’s comment. If that’s the case, I hope she doesn’t modify it ’cause that one is going to come back to haunt them – from a lot of directions.

    Maybe we should go over and contribute a few “atta boys” to that little love fest!

  21. isisinny: I hear ya. you’re right of course that we don’t want to give the Obamaphiles any undue credit. However, it *does* tend to reinforce the idea that the Big Orange Satan is all powerful and if he doesn’t recognize you, you’re nothing. Believe me, Hillary is getting a lot better press outside of Dailykos than in it where her supporters look like a ragtag bunch of weaponless jedis in a sea of clones. I’m not sure that’s the image she wants to project, constantly besieged even by her own side. Let DK be the Obama blog for now. Resistence there is futile. And besides, I need the help. 😉

  22. riverdaughter….I’ll snoop around and see if there is an interest.

    Another thought….could we come up with a phrase that reduces to a few clever initials to use as quick hits on comments….like SSDD does.

    Obama Sucks the Big One would be OSTBO.
    Obama and Patrick Sitting in a Tree would be OAPSIAT.
    Obama and Michelle Lauging All the Way to The Bank would be OAMLATWTHB (a little long…but you get the point)

    It would be great to think backwards and come up with a bunch of initials that spell out something clever and we all started to use it and hit and run.

  23. How about this diary — “Sharp Wonkette Progressive vs. Timid Centrist — Will the Faux-Left Manichaean Naderites Elect ANOTHER Bushist Fascist? (w/Poll)

  24. Actually, I DO want Michelle to modify her comment because (1) the Obamaphiles could use a lesson that they can’t just say ANYTHING; and (2) if Obama does wind up being the nominee, I really don’t want him weakened by that sort of shit. Because as much as I would prefer Hillary, I want a Democrat, any Democrat, even the candidate venerated by those idiots, to win.

    Perhaps it is my litigation training that makes me want to jump in and fight with them from time to time, but it quickly gets exhausting. I should just try to remember how exhausting it is BEFORE I post.

    Tonight should be interesting. Hopefully Hillary will beat the odds. Where are you all going to watch? Until recently I preferred MSNBC for my elections return viewing, but now I’m not sure I can stand another evening of Tweety and my former hero KO. On the other hand, Wolf Blitzer and Candy Crowley make my skin crawl.

    Maybe I’ll just watch American Idol with my daughters!

  25. You guys are pretty creative. Like I mentioned to No Blood, check it with Hillarysvoices first and then do it in a coordinated fashion, together. It might be a bit like the Judean People’s Front but it could attract a lot of attention. Strategize together, not separately. I suggest using email.

  26. Love the title of the diary, no blood! I’m not sure it will fit in the title field though.

  27. RD: Could be the same book. All I remember is the acne bit, the candy box (crunchy frog, “dew-picked and lightly killed”), and the Nazis of Rutland.

    While I’m typing, I should say that DK doesn’t bother me too much. Despite its mission statement, it’s only incidentally a Democratic site; it’s a self-referential “netroots” site, and most people there are hostile to any Democratic figure who has an existence independent of said netroots. They hate what they can’t claim ownership of.

  28. Rich: It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that you feel more comfortable there than the women who are complaining,. Girls are raised to take every insult personally, It’s part of conditioning them for the guilt that comes with motherhood where they will be accused of doing everything wrong. When you get sniped al, it probably rolls right off of you. When it happens to a female blogger, it stings. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.
    I can think of a couple of ways to get around this. 1.) post under a masculine sounding username and the hooligans won’t see you as an easy target for intimidation. 2.) get used to it. They don’t know you so how can they hurt you? 3.) see them as they really are: little dots on a screen. As far as I know, no one has ever been killed by dots. 4.) Sharpen your snark skills. A couple of times I went mano a mano with Bob Johnson and KagroX and I think I out snarked them. At least they ended up hating me even though I wasn’t really mean.
    But even if you do all of these things, it’s really hard to overcome the feeling that there is an excess of testosterone poisoning at DK these days and not many women I know spend their spare time hoping to be heckled by the same type of idiots who hang out at street corners after a frat party yelling and screaming and vomiting in the bushes.
    So, after a certain amount of harrassment, they call it quits and leave. Can you blame them?

  29. riverdaugher, I LOVE your Bob Johnson & KagroX story!!

    1.) post under a masculine sounding username and the hooligans won’t see you as an easy target for intimidation.

    This totally works at the dKos. Years ago my best friend and I used to both post — her with a gender-neutral name & me as katiebird. She was always a trusted user & everthing she said was important. I always got a pat-on-the-head and an explanation that what I’d said was obviously stupid & a waste of time.

    I should explain that she IS much smarter than me and a very well-known novelist — so she knows how to write a good sentence.

    But what I’m talking about is the difference in the way we were treated whether the readers agreed or disagreed.

    I think their userID snobbishness works in my favor these days — but it’s too little, too late. I can’t STAND hard-talking and that’s what they specialize in over there.

    I’m done with them. It’s official.

  30. Yep RD, gender is a big part of it, and the other part is that I enjoy dishing out the abuse…so getting it vindicates my dishing it out. Consider Daily Kos my substitute for a genuine sadomasochism fetish.

  31. Ooo, Katiebird, how did you do it? Did you get banned or did you ask to be shut off?

  32. Rich: Well, YOU can get away with it. I’ll betcha you didn’t get half the TR’s that I got. The message to me was definitely “STFU, bitch”. They didn’t put it in those words but it was in their font language. We can always tell.
    You know, it wouldn’t be that difficult to be a sock puppet but I haven’t really been tempted. Not even a little.

  33. Nah, I’ve just been called a paid agent, a “potted plant” (Stroszek), and some other harmless stuff. I’ll try to work harder, but I suspect your right–the real abuse is reserved for women, what with their reflexive support for Evil just because it wears a pantsuit.

    Annals of Hillary-Hatred Dept.: I’m watching the Berenstain Bears on PBS Sprout (let’s just say it’s part of the evening routine around here), and the mean character is named Hillary!

  34. Nope — it’s will power. 🙂

    Actually, I’ll go back if there’s a group effort — I’ll post my email if anyone wants to contact me (katiebird@gmail.com) — but otherwise, I’m just done with them.

    PS — I think kos said something last week about another unmentionable topic. Was it vote-counting? I think we should all post simultaneous diaries on a topic he’s forbidden.

  35. You know what? I remember at least one user who got banned justfor mentionning Rezko. Mentioning a conspiracy theory gets you banned very fast, and until a month or so ago, that was considered ‘out there’ (kind of ironic to think about being ‘out there’ according to dkos criteria). But unfortunatly for you, now Rezko diaries don’t result in you being banned.

    Larry J. got a warning lately, and he posted his response, complete with a screen shot, on his blog. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time. It was really hysterically funny, here:


  36. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/2/19/203225/781/712/459999

    And that, my friends, is why Obamismo is creepy stuff.

  37. Oh, Rich — {{shudder}}

  38. rich… i checked that link. WTF? “obamafy my life” is beyond creepy.way,way,beyond.

  39. Yeah, that was me. I got my posting privileges suspended for talking about Rezko. I was told it was a “right wing talking point”. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never associated discussions of historical reality with the right – with the occasional exception of military actions (which they frequently can describe in mindbogglingly accurate detail).

    I think Kos and MSNBC are going the same thing – they’re aiming to become the Obama channel/website and have a big in with the White House should he win. Kos wants to be the online Obama central and MSNBC wants to be to Obama what Fox is to Republicans. So, they are both subsidizing his campaign.

    I’ve pretty much quit watching tv. I never watch panel shows and I avoid half the internet. Why stress yourself out? It will be what it will be.

    Who was the poster with the bar in Ireland? I miss that person.

  40. Love the site! I’ve heard that “several” of the front-pagers are “completely disgusted” with DK now but are reluctant to say anything.

    So you’re not alone, just much braver.

  41. Lori:
    Talking about Rezko is a right wing talking point, but calling Hillary a divisive figure who has tons of baggage is not? Talk about condoning right wing talking points!

    Double standards have become the norm over there. I can’t believe that Kos is letting the place go to seed that way just because he supports Obama.

  42. Y’know, I could have told you during the Gilligan’s Island reality show ad fracas that it would all come down to this… that it’s Kos’ blog, and despite its size, he makes the rules and moderates the strength of the surrounding reality distortion field.

  43. I’m glad to discover this page and realize I am not alone in my observations about DK. I’m also quitting Olbermann (gradually; I tune in about 20 minutes into the show, after the number 5, HRC bashing segment is over). As for Kos, I took the hint after he posted one of their presidential polls. He’s always nice and wonky enough to include past data. All through 2007 Edwards was the Man on that website. He consistently polled #1. Then Iowa happened, and suddenly Obama was polling #1. So much for dedication. I also didn’t like the way Kos pumped up Dodd after his filibuster promise (which I admired), only to trash him later when he committed the grave sin of appearing on Imus, as if the two actions had the same moral weight.

  44. Daily Kos is a fascist blog . .. pure and simple.

  45. Pragmatist: We throw that word “fascist” around almost as much as we call people racists. It’s starting to lose meaning even though it means something very specific: a form of government where the ruling elite and corporate interests are indistinguishable and where there is a high degree of nationalistic fervor and authoritarian control.
    Not everything is fascist and when I was still a Kossack it wasn’t what I would call fascist. However, the attention-reward mechanism on Dkos is pernicious. It remains to be seen whether this was intentional.

  46. Can I pretend I’m smart since I was never a DK person? That qualifies me to be president, good judgment and all.

  47. RD, this is a howl. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. As an Edwards first, Clinton second, nobody third voter, once Edwards dropped out it was incredibly easy for me to leave Brand X. I left very shortly after Edwards dropped out and never looked back. Rude, self-important people are a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to spend time with them. Since I left Brand X relatively early in the election process, it wasn’t until I read a diary on EENR that I learned about The Confluence and also that Alegre had moved on. Can’t say it came as a surprise.

    I remember when I used to deliberately post on Peter Daou’s diaries to thank him for updating us about Hillary, because I wanted to counter the obvious trolls who I knew would quickly leap into the discussion. My thanks were genuine, but I also wanted him to realize that not everyone on the site for whom Hillary was not the first choice was bound and determined to be rude. It became increasingly obvious that differences of opinion were not going to be tolerated. That’s why, as of today, Reclusive Leftist is also off my blog list.

  48. ah, you were right.

    we hung in there for another three weeks of cumulatively escalating abuse after your february post before we blew them off. now that i’ve seen the flat learning curve extend out another four months, i can see my motivation to stay there a while longer in case a few of them regained the capacity for critical thinking was just wishful thinking.

  49. Are Obamaphiles using Scientology recruitment strategies?

    I laughed at this one so hard I’m surprised I didn’t burst a blood vessel in my nose.

  50. RD – you know, DK is not the only “lefty” blog site that does this.

    Eschaton, for example, became unbearable for me a long time ago, and it’s because of the fact that Atrios refuses to regulate his posters. The mob rule mentality/Hillary Hatred took over because of it. Only those who believe in the orthodoxy of the moment shall now be tolerated.

    There are no ratings there, but the attention/reward system is the same.

  51. RD: I was glad to see that photo of Markos What’s-his-name in your earlier piece. Interesting to put a face to the (cough, cough) legend.

  52. blogging on your own or on smaller blogs does a much better job of improving one’s writing. look at a herd of buffalo – do you see much original thinking going on in there? nope.

  53. I’m thinking of the whole “how do we keep bloglandia from turning into a stinky sewer every few years?” question, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible.

    Not that we have to toss our hands in the air and go, “Oh, well! Can’t do anything about it!” Just that we have to start shepherding this cycle instead of trying to fight against it. What we have is an almost biological cycle here: structures rise up, grow from the waste of what went before, flower brilliantly, then start to go rancid, and there is a new population of seedlings from the compost pile that was once the newest reincarnation of bloglandia, and these seedlings swear up and down they will NEVER EVER EVER make the mistakes of the previous blogs.

    The appropriate response isn’t to try to freeze the whole thing at Stage Three. It’s not possible == blogs evolve, people are attracted to the ones that seem to make sense in Stage Two, and then the increase causes a sort of tension that drives the fracturing into tomorrow’s new seedlings.

    How can we anticipate these cycles and prepare for the next incarnation of bloglandia to hit the gruond with a running start? Do we have to, or is it enough to wipe the compost off our hands when the new incarnation starts to stink and grow fur, and just calmly begin planting seedlings?

    I’m just not sure that a steady-state solution is possible. Everything rots after a while; we need to start anticipating and using that cycle instead of trying to freeze in Stage Three.

  54. I got banned from Daily Kos for saying I would not vote for Obama. I was not rude. I just said I won’t vote for Obama. Next time I went back I noticed I had been banned.

    They have a Stalinist mindset there.

  55. Wow – blast from the past! I was a major Kossack lurker. What’s daunting is that this post was only 4 months ago. So much has happened since then, it seems like eons passed.

    We have grown so much and dare I say, “found our voices” in the process.

  56. MikeB – I cannot believe they would actually ban you for something like that.

    It’s always our fault for not understanding the Great Obama. It’s never his fault for not reaching out to us and honoring our concerns so that we could feel better about voting for him.

  57. gqmartinez said this a little while ago at Corrente:

    “But hysteria is all the rage these days, I guess.”

    I don’t care who you are, that there’s funny!

  58. grayslady: What happened at Reclusive Leftist? BTW, I understand satire. But I’m not sure The New Yorker cover was clear enough. The satire can’t go over people’s heads or it will be offensive to some people. Of course, these days, anything that doesn’t show Obama as the next reincarnation of Christ is offensive but you can do just about *anything* with Hillary’s image without accountability.
    So, what is it that bothered you about what she wrote?

  59. I never liked commenting at cheetopia.

    Too many people for a conversation. If you responded to anything it would be 20-30 comments down the thread, even if you had threaded comments.

  60. Janis, those are great questions. IMO, those blogs that are most successful spell out their mission clearly and stick to it, allowing people to disagree on points but suggesting that those who disagree with the mission may wish to find another blogging location. Where Brand X failed is that the site owner abused his own mission: to support and elect Democrats. Once he started down the road of saying that the wife of a two-term Democratic President wasn’t a real Dem, site legitimacy disappeared immediately. That’s just an example, of course, because other sites also seemed to forget the nature of their mission.

  61. Janis,
    I have a theory on “Party Invariance” that I believe will help, in part, prevent a rerun of PB1.0. I’m hoping to expand upon this idea over at Corrente.

    (BTW, on my drive from Palo Alto to Seattle, I listened to Isaackson’s bio on Einstein so that explains my terminology. Also, the physicist in me comes out every now and then.)

  62. My comment on the New Yorker cover at Corrente:

    “Kewl hipsters cannot be ridiculed, otherwise they won’t be kewl hipsters anymore.

    Fads die to the sound of laughter.”

    It may not have been funny, but it was clearly satire. And the targets of satire are often offended.

  63. RD, the satire failed because it wasn’t getting at anything truthful. Our objections to Obama have nothing to do with anything about him being a muslim or terrorrist. By making that illustration they were trying to make fun of the people who don’t support Obama by calling us all xenophobes and irrational when our objections to him are very rational.

  64. RD – Re: The New Yorker cover – I think it was pretty clearly satire. The title of the cartoon was “The Politics of Fear.”

    The New Yorker is a very well-known bastion of liberalism, and I don’t believe for one moment that the people for whom it was intended really misunderstood it, especially not Bill Burton.

    The reaction of the Obama campaign was all about the politics of distraction. Sure took our minds off FISA, now, didn’t it?

    IMHO of course.

  65. myiq: I tend to agree that the target of the cover was the Obamaphile. It was intended to make him/her freak out.
    Mission accomplished.
    The cover itself wasn’t funny but the freaking sure as heck is.

  66. From Molly Ivins:

    “There are two kinds of humor. One kind that makes us chuckle about our foibles and our shared humanity — like what Garrison Keillor does. The other kind holds people up to public contempt and ridicule — that’s what I do. Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful. I only aim at the powerful. When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel — it’s vulgar.”

    RIP Molly

  67. I got banned from DKos, Crooks and Liars, Fire Dog Lake. I may be banned at other sites, but I haven’t been back there to know for sure.

    I never really like FireDogLake. Gary used to go there. I always thought they were snobs.

  68. Kind of busy today, so I can’t take the time to read all the replies here. Just wanted to check in with you RD. Back in the spring, I was on Huffy, constantly countering the O wingnuts there with support for Hillary. I read a post form a gal that was rioting against the Kos machine, and leaving due to negativity. I had already been blasted enough and my posts weren’t making it through on Huffy, so I left after reading this marvelous message.

    Was that you, RiverDaughter? If so, thanks, as you saved me many hours of lost time spent on Huffpoo.

  69. “It’s always our fault for not understanding the Great Obama. It’s never his fault for not reaching out to us and honoring our concerns so that we could feel better about voting for him.”

    madamab: Exactly.

  70. Ha!ha! Ha! Good times, good times! I was having identical experiences in a certain forum that becae afflicted with CDS just like Kos. And I remember the “please ban me” threads there too…yep. It was a general “get off my internet” movement – spurred by the campaign itself
    Is there a reason I don’t see the comments – just the name of the poster and the time?

  71. Grayslady … hm. Interesting.

    Did “the mission” simply shift without people realizing until it was too late?

    I think that having a “mission” like that may cause people to swear allegiance to it, which is neutral. I’m not saying it’s good or bad … but if you have people swearing allegiance to Thing A, all you have to do is shift Thing A over to Thing B either subtly or suddenly, and you go off-mission rather quickly. Once you have everyone aimed in the same direction, it’s easy to shift their aim. So the mere existence of a mission is a sort of unstable equilibrium; if you’ve got them lined up already, you can get them to realign.

    but if peopel aren’t aimed similarly, what the hell is their motivation for being together in the first place?

    Maybe there has to be a periodic open review of the blog mission, where “me too you’re so wonderful you’re doing a great job, thank dawg for people like you” posts are not permitted, as well as “people like you suck, you are responsible for the downfall of civilization,” posts. Sort of adopting a Roberts Rules for blogs, where there is a standard method for reviewing the mission, and the blog will engage in it every year or so … ?

  72. I saw the NYer cover as a commentary on hysteria–both the attacks on Obama being circulated and the overreaction that propogates the smears. The reaction to the cover showed me that it was rather on the money.
    For example: would the “Muslim Garb” photo have gotten much play if there wasn’t an overreaction? Nope. But now everyone has that picture in their heads. Now we have the same with the cover.

  73. I am so out of it. I didn’t even know Kos existed until I found RD and NQ and read about it here.

    Of course, this is the better place to be!

  74. MYIQ: That was a GREAT quote & thanks for sharing it.

    I also agree that the New Yorker cover is satire, but that’s what the New Yorker does all the time. Or… it could have been planned that way so Obama can continue his passive-agressive “the media is racist, vote for me” psychodrama.

  75. RD, I thought the New Yorker cover was in poor taste largely for the reasons you describe. It reminded me too much of the idiotic attacks on Hillary. However, it also implied that those who are opposed to Obama have, as their basis of opposition, unfortunate racial, ethnic or cultural stereotypes instead of the real reason most of us are opposed to him: inexperience, incompetence and no discernible core values.

    I said that a better, more timely satire of Obama would have shown him as a puppet controlled by members of the Chicago Machine or else showing DNC and Dem party leaders holding the strings. It would have been more in keeping both with the tone of the article inside the magazine, as well as a legitimate parody of Obama’s “transformational politics”. There was nothing rude or impolite in my remarks. I simply disagreed with her, so my comment was banned–never to see the light of day.

    That’s fine. It’s her blog. I just don’t want to spend my time in an echo chamber.

  76. “RD, the satire failed because it wasn’t getting at anything truthful. Our objections to Obama have nothing to do with anything about him being a muslim or terrorrist. By making that illustration they were trying to make fun of the people who don’t support Obama by calling us all xenophobes and irrational when our objections to him are very rational.”
    mawm – bingo!

    Whomever this was aimed at, I am not sure they actually exist – not even in the GOP. This was more of a fantasy opponent the B0bots concocted, just like the bitter, racist gun and bible clingers. They can’t even hear what we’re saying over the sound of how awesome they are.

  77. gqmartinez:

    For example: would the “Muslim Garb” photo have gotten much play if there wasn’t an overreaction? Nope. But now everyone has that picture in their heads. Now we have the same with the cover.

    You are absolutely correct. No one in the Clinton camp paid any attention to that ridiculous New Republic cover, and so down the memory hole it went.

    By the way, the tabloids and Hannity had been showing that photo for almost a year before Drudge and Kos manufactured that hysteria about how ZOMG TEH HILLARY PUSHED TEH PHOTO EVIL EVIL. It had not gained any traction, precisely for the reasons you mention.

  78. gq—the worst part is they knew exactly what they were doing.

  79. So, are ya trying to tell me that BO is not a Muslim? Mo is not a militant black panther (or is she a fully outfitted PUMA)?

    The only thing I found wrong with that drawing was the accessories in the Oval Office were the wrong color.

  80. That photo was real, not photo-shopped or altered in any way. Why was it rac*st to circulate?

    BTW – Here is a NYT article, offered w/o comment


  81. “Man, I’m just messing wit’ you”.

  82. When “discussions” slide into name calling, personal insults and abject vulgarity, they are no longer discussions. Not having much to do with Kos, since I never went there until January, I was amazed at the rancor and hostility pouring unchecked out of there.

    The few reasonable posters were left swinging in the wind over there while the vulgar postings were met with high 5’s. I left that site only to find the same at HuffPo and watched MyDD fall into the same stance. It seemed as if the posters were trying their damndest to outdo one another in derision rather than present facts or a clear point of view.

    I was almost ready to give up but then Riverdaughter sent and invitation to like minded posters and it was such a welcome relief. The posters and writers on this one blog alone are fantastic, creative, and well informed.

    Thank God!

  83. carol, I don’t know if it was here or on another blog, but I remember someone asking if that was arugala on the mantel.

  84. The one thing that Obama and his supporters cannot abide is being made fun of.

    They CANNOT be laughed at, because as soon as they are the target of ridicule they lose their “cool” status.

    So we should make fun of them and laugh at them as often as possible

  85. Pat:

    I think one of the goals of “Obama Bloggers” was to astroturf peer pressure.

    A core group ganging up to ostracize anyone who wasn’t supporting Obama.

  86. Carol: Please put me in for $50.00. I just made my contribution and am getting another tee shirt.

  87. myiq2xu: I kind of got that impression after awhile. It was sickening to read some of those comments. Still is. Just a bunch of frat boys.

  88. Whoops! Somebody is in big trouble!


    Telling the truth will not be tolerated!

    Spread the word!

  89. Okay, I now have become the proud owner of THREE Hillary tee shirts, size L. Am willilng to donate one to any poster on our blog who may not have been able to donate. Let me know. I am serious about this.

  90. Well, I for one am pleased to have found this place. I still post at the others from time to time. I get TR’d quite a bit now, it seems more for non-rude truthful observations and not my rude or sarcastic comments. Interesting, because I am still the same person with the same “deadend” position.

  91. New Republic cover was not satire. It was sexist and attached to a sexist article inside the cover.

    New Republic has done so much damage to the Democratic party over the years. They pretend to be Democrats while pushing an anti Dem neocon agenda.

    They lynched Jimmy Carter. They lynched Bill Clinton. They pushed for the Iraq war and portrayed Dems opposed to it as appeasers. They endorsed Joe Lieberman in 2004. It is only fitting that they would endorse Obama.

    New Republic is filled with sexist, hate filled commentary about the Clintons every single day.

  92. Some dolt went ahead and published Ricki Lieberman’s phone and address on HuffPo. The moderators over there must be at lunch because most of us cannot get a word in edgewise but this poster was allowed to break every rule imaginable!

    This is scary stuff.

  93. I remember getting banned from Crooks and Liars…which at the time I still considered basically fair…for having the temerity to criticize Keith Olbermann. There was some love in going on about how wonderful he was and I had the nerve to say I didn’t like the way he made fun of young women and teenagers. I said I thought he was a bully and creepy, especially his obsession with britney spears and paris hilton….I was summarily banished for all eternity.

  94. Talk about creepy.

    Did you guys read this?

    Barack Obama’s super marketing machine

    This is some of what these guys are up to:

    You know, of course, that Obama has your e-mail address. You may not have realized that he probably also has your phone number and knows where you’re registered to vote — including whether that’s a house or an apartment building, and whether you rent or own. He’s got a decent estimate of your household income and whether you opened a credit card recently. He knows how many kids you’re likely to have and what you do for a living. He knows what magazines and catalogs you get and whether you’re more apt to get your news from cable TV, the local newspaper or online. And he knows what time of day you tend to get around to plowing through your in box and responding to messages.

    This is actually creeping me out.

    All that data gathered in one place may seem a little spooky, though the average credit card company already has it and then some. Ultimately, the approach is about greater sophistication and efficiency. It means the campaign may not wind up wasting time contacting people who are probably voting for McCain, and that when Obama aides or volunteers go out looking for supporters, they have a pretty good idea of what issues those potential supporters care about most. It’s the political equivalent of what big corporate marketers have been doing for years: If you’re a baby boomer living in Westchester County, N.Y., golf gear catalogs will show up in your mailbox, but if you’re a 20-something living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you might get a free trial of Spin magazine instead. Now the same goes for politics — if you’re in a demographic that makes you statistically likely to have children, Obama might send you an e-mail about education policy instead of one about taxes.

    No wonder this guy supports The Destruction of Privacy Rights Act, er I mean FISA Reform.

  95. MA, that reminds me. does anyone know what CIMCO is? we had a troll on one of my earlier posts and when I tracked down his IP it was from some company in chicago called CIMCO. I googled it + obama and found an FEC page which showed that they had been paid several thousand dollars by the Obama campaign. I can’t figure out what they do, though.

  96. “He sees you when you’re sleeping,
    he knows when you’re awake.
    He knows if you’ve been bad or good . . .”

  97. I stupidly took one of those online surveys a few months ago. At the end of the survey they asked for age, home address, tel number, email address, etc.

    Within a few days I was getting spammed by every company imaginable out there in the blogosphere. My phone began to ring off the hook with salespeople. My mailbox started to again become inundated with crappy fliers. It took me a week or two to realize that the information from the survey was being distributed all throughout the web. NEVER take one of those innocuous surveys. You become a daily target of spammers.

    And no, I have no interest in Viagra and breast enhancements. But our information, whenever we make a purchase, is also fed into the same type of marketing foundations.

  98. Criticizing KO is akin to blasphemy on those other blogs. They furiously attack as if you said something about the Baby Jesus.

  99. Janis said:

    “Maybe there has to be a periodic open review of the blog mission, where “me too you’re so wonderful you’re doing a great job, thank dawg for people like you” posts are not permitted, as well as “people like you suck, you are responsible for the downfall of civilization,” posts. Sort of adopting a Roberts Rules for blogs, where there is a standard method for reviewing the mission, and the blog will engage in it every year or so … ?”

    Amen, Janis. Sounds good to me.

  100. gary – I was appalled night after night that he attacked Britney, Lindsey, Paris and even Anna Nicole after she died.

    Keith is absolutely a misogynist. I can’t believe I watched him as long as I did.

  101. Carol: Did you get my message above?

  102. I know for a fact he has inside information regarding my email – it starts with “pink” and he addresses me as Carol.

    I called the number on the page and complained. Someone was to call me right back – 170 + days and counting.

  103. I own two of KO’s books. Anyone for a book burning? I will also throw Jack Cafferty into the flames as well.

  104. Pat, I’m going to go back and list everyone in about an hour. (I’m sneaking in some work for the moment.)

    For now, PAT WANTS TO DANCE!

    Donate or Perish PUMA$!

  105. Gary:

    I just checked in with my corporate Hoovers acct and I guess it’s Cimco Communication, Inc HQ in Oakbrook, IL and a branch in Chicago. Here is their LOB:


  106. Pat:

    Set up a “spam” email account. Whenever you have to register somewhere, use that email.

    Save your real email for real people.

    I would say use a bogus name to set up the spam account, but that might violate federal law.

    I “have a friend” who did that, however, and nothing has happened to “him” yet.

  107. […] this with an excellent point from mawm at the Confluence RD, the satire failed because it wasn’t getting at anything truthful. Our objections to Obama […]

  108. I guess we know who is going to play the terrorist card!

    Obama aka McCain


    PUMA$ Donate or Perish!

  109. please change McCain to Bush – I made a mistake.

  110. myiq2xu: Will you represent me pro bone if I get hauled off to prison? We may even get a shot on Court TV.

  111. Carol:


    DATE: July 16, 2008 4:18 PM CDT
    NAME: Patricia Johnson
    Springfield, MA 01108
    AMOUNT: $50.00

  112. I don’t think they actually shoot people on that channel, do they?

  113. myiq2xu: No, just my overwhelming need to be on television.

  114. The way things were going in the early G-dub years I was halfway expecting televised executions.

  115. Pat: “pro bone”? Ack, you know I have a dirty mind. Don’t make such typos around me.

  116. I think that comment up there is my very first comment here. It’s certainly one of the first….

  117. Gary, CIMCO is a reseller of internet services. They provide DSL, VOIP, website hosting, etc. Appears to be geared to small and large businesses rather than consumers.

  118. garychapelhill



  119. I still visit MyDD and get called names (like Republican Troll) and am told I am deluded. The other day, this guy posted a diary about how we could achieve party unity. I commented: An interesting plan. That is, of course, if Obama ends up being the nominee. A response back was: your abuse has been reported

    Can you imagine? These people think they’re progressive!

    But I still post because I get rec’d by the few that haven’t fallen in line.

  120. I always wondered if the darkened Obama picture first out on DK was a deliberate plant by them. That was my first experience with them. I wasn’t impressed, until heard of the Strike. Then I was impressed.

  121. From Urban Dictionary:

    Adjective. Popular on the outside, poopy on the inside.
    Everyone likes Ben but he’s a real asshole. I guess he’s just poopular.

    Who does that sound like?

  122. I just wandered back to DK to see how they were doing. Their advertising rates are down. It used to be $25k per week for a premium ad and it’s now down to $15k. So, something is going on.

    I looked up a diary I posted in January 2006 about how Kossacks shouldn’t be begging Hillary to not run. It’s weird to read and to read the comments. Nothing has actually changed.


  123. The thing that blows me AWAY is that we’re called Republican ratfuckers because we don’t want to be called hos, didn’t appreciate seeing a dedicated 30-year public servant called a cuntslutwhoredykebitch at every turn, and didn’t care for the frathouse mentality that felt like the worst of Dubya’s boo-yah defenders.

    I didn’t want to hang around in a goddamned frat house and cheer when some chippie in a bikini shimmied for their candidated, and I’m a Republican?! What the hell universe are these people from?

    That was what really slammed me in the face with the political reality for women: we’ve no place. We’re mendicants, the ultimate beggars who take handouts and are supposed to fawn in gratitude for them. The Republicans will let us off “easy” if we fluff their pillows, and the Democrats will let us off “easy” if we flash our tits.

    To me, PUMA symbolizes that we finally exist politically — someplace where we don’t have to defer one way or another anymore. The fact that there are men calling themselves PUMA amazes and really heartens me.

  124. Don’t be bad mouthing Obama girl!

    Amber Lee Ettinger is the only good thing to come out of the Obama campaign.

  125. By the way, if anyone wants their name on another list, I just put my name on this from the ACLU:


  126. Janis,

    You need to have your own blog. You will be my official site when I need the righteous rant. You are so right.

  127. Amber Lee Ettinger is the only good thing to come out of the Obama campaign.

    Yeah, because there are so few outlets where men can go to ogle brain- and talent-free cheesecake that the presidential primary election has to start pitching in to make up for the shortage.

  128. Mawm, I can’t. I get too angry too quickly. Being here and only a commenter as opposed to someone who can really set the tone means that that part of me is ratcheted down a bit and under some dampening. I’m serious. It’s not pretty when it gets out of control, and I don’t need any more stress. This election is bad enough already without me getting nosebleeds every five seconds. 😛

  129. An eon ago I was a jobs counselor. I had a boss that used to take me down the basement of our building and grill me about having sex with the other counselors. Turned out he was banging at least one of our participants, a welfare mom, When welfare slapped him with paternity of two kids and child support. See, banging your participants is a no, no. My lesson from that was the biggest accusers are often the guiltiest, simply take their guilt, and give it to you. While you are trying to get the gobsmack off your face, they walk away laughing.

  130. But you should let it all out in an extended format.

    The PUMA movement needs all the voices.

    And you have such a great way of really nailing that feeling with wit and fire.

  131. I usually just lurk on this site. Oddly enough this Daily Kos stuff has caused me to come out of the closet. You guys sound like a bunch of spurned lovers pretending they are over their exes. Hardly a day goes by without referencing that site. You write about him way too much. I never went to Kos; I wrote blips on Huffington and Trailmix until I found my home here. As a Puma I hate to say it but “get over it”.

  132. I love it when somebody just takes it upon themselves to “pop” and leave instructions for the rest of us on how and what we can discuss.


    We are free to diss and satirize anything we choose. If it offends, leave. Unless your fingers are nailed to the keys that are directected only to this site, then LEAVE!!

  133. Yo poppy!:

    If you’re a PUMA what’s your ID number?

  134. We’re still in the middle of the fucking primary season, dumbass. What the hell do you THINK we’re gonna talk about?

    A person can be forgiven for bitching about an ex while the divorce is still proceeding.

  135. Or while the ex is still breathing

  136. Read this and weep. Another Hillary backstabber heading for bigger and better….


  137. wesaypopnotsoda, this isn’t about just Kos. It includes a lot of liberal/progressive sites. I got banned from a lot of them for saying I didn’t support Obama. These weren’t sites that were set up to support Obama and I was trolling. They were sites for Democrats. Once the primary started, it was almost like overnight in Feburary when the knives came out and we were driven off the sites.
    These are Obama’s supporters who are online. They congregate in places, and DKos is a big one, although they are tanking in hits now. As people leave those blogs and search out other places the space changes.

  138. It isn’t about love. There is grief when you try really hard to do the right thing, and it fails, because so much of yourself has gone into the effort. Anger is fair. Sadness is fair. Rage over the realization of lies, paternalistic putdowns and misdirection is fair.

  139. I’m happy to say I had the foresight (well actually was just too lazy) to visit DailyKos on a daily basis.

    Oh, and wesaypopnotsoda, it was probably best for you to stay in the closet.

    Mountain Sage

  140. Emanuel’s another dirty politician from Chicago. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in on the fix from the beginning.

  141. wesaypopnotsoda: First, I’m a little surprised that someone from my neck of the woods is so clueless. You haven’t been paying attention for the past couple of days. So, go back and read the posts of the past 48 hours before you type. Really, we could give a f^&* about the Big Orange Cheeto. It’s the Kossacks we’re worried about.
    Second, the reason why we’re bringing up Kos and reposting this diary relates to item one above.
    Third: I know PUMAs. PUMAs are friends of mine. You’re no friend of mine.

  142. PUMA is all caps too.

    It means Party Unity My Ass!

  143. Okie – Dokie:

    Simofish’s friend $100
    Pat $50 (she is now the proud owner of 3 Hillary T’s and wishes to share with anyone that wants one and can’t contribute money at this time)

    Grand Total So Far: $170.16

    For those just joining: I have kicked off 3 days of Brown Bagging It for Hillary $10.08 per day until Friday midnight to Retire Our Debt.

    PUMA$, “you wanna dance, or DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?”


  144. I just had an idea about fund raising. Huffington Post has a tool where you can see the individual political donations on a map. You can search by name, place, job occupation. What if we did searches on our respective areas, and went to the locations where people donated to Hillary and haven’t maxed out, and ask them to give a little more to retire the debt. Do you think that is too intrusive?

  145. Sugar has a picture of Obama over on her blog showing him talking on a phone. Except that the phone is upside down! Typical.

  146. Ha! I missed this post, having only arrived in May, and having only a minor DKos addition (I lurked for four years, but only commented and diaries for about six months). Great one. I have a post on Kos that I think former kossacks would love called Truth and Kosequences, about kos’ damage to the left in terms of money and support for Obama.

    Sorry I’ve been away for a while. I’ve been moving, and am interviewing for a new position on Friday. Have been and will be super busy, but I’m still here!

  147. Mawm: Would we be considered stalkers? I don’t know. I would hate that.

  148. Mawm, I did that a month ago in my area. I have a mailing 50 strong in my little town of 30,000.

  149. Pat, no it works! I just send innocuous post cards with anti-Obama messages and no return address.

  150. People don’t go there. I have a picture of Hillary as my cell phone screen saver. I am a broke ass Social Worker who has given to her campaign and to decrease her debt. I am here because of my faith in her. As far as having an ID number, how republican! I didn’t know there was such a thing. I contribute and believe that she is the best person for the job. That’s why I’m here. So, yeah, I’m the friend that tells you you talk waaaay too fucking much about your ex-boyfriend! Thank me for my wonderful insight and move the hell on.

  151. I make my own post cards, ftr.

  152. Oh, I see, we’re talking fund raising…sorry.

  153. isaytrollnotpuma, I’ll be happy to thank you for your wonderful insight once you provide one.

  154. As far as having an ID number, how republican!

    If you were a PUMA you would know I was BS’ing you, but you fell for it.

    Only Obots use “Republican” to insult other Democrats.

  155. Mawm said: Do you think that is too intrusive?


  156. BTW – I’ve never had an ex-boyfriend in my life. (it has to do with being a flaming heterosexual guy)

    Real PUMAs know better than to assume we’re all women.

  157. I had an ex husband. Must count for something. Maybe not.

  158. I’ve had several ex-boyfriends that I was over before the door closed behind them

  159. New post up

  160. Well Pat, if you hadn’t been playing around with my Eddy, he might have stuck around!

  161. One more thing we probably all share in common: the been there, done that syndrome.

  162. Carol: (&*^$ )(*&%#@!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. isisinny, on February 19th, 2008 at 5:45 pm Said:

    Actually, I DO want Michelle to modify her comment because (1) the Obamaphiles could use a lesson that they can’t just say ANYTHING; and (2) if Obama does wind up being the nominee, I really don’t want him weakened by that sort of shit. Because as much as I would prefer Hillary, I want a Democrat, any Democrat, even the candidate venerated by those idiots, to win.

    isisinny is not PUMA, all PUMA agree that they will not vote for Obama. You might find that sites like TalkLeft.com are more to your way of thinking.

  164. Wow you guys are amazing! I didn’t know the secret handshake (capitalize Puma, no ID,assuming it’s all women), so I must really be a troll. This is a pro-Hillary site and I do love it, but some of you are really paranoid.

  165. wesaypopnotsoda: The only ex-boyfriend I think about was Jay Michaels who had a bod to die for, a sweetly-goofy sense of humor and the mind of a mathematician. Mm-Mm-Mm, I have NO idea why I broke up with him. Probably didn’t think I was good enough for him. Stupidest thing I ever did. Will live out my days regretting it.
    DKos? Never looked back. Er, except to fetch my old diaries. Seriously. I don’t miss it a bit. But, as I said before, I worry about some of the people still there who have no idea how messed up their perceptions are. Other than that, I’m not sure what you’re getting at. A lot of this post was snark but I understand that satire is the last concept that humans develop and some people just *never* get it.

  166. wesaypop: Nope, not paranoid. Not with all the waves of trolls we’ve had. They came through in stages with different messages to see if we would crack.
    We didn’t.
    And not with the threats, like the guy who tells me he is going to HUNT ME DOWN if any family members or friends die in Iraq.
    Or the people who call us Republicans or deadenders who will ruin everything, EVERYTHING! if we don’t support Obama.
    ha-ha-ha! We are so used to this stuff that paranoia just seems like background music
    But you’re right about one thing: We really are amazing. That much is true.

  167. Riverdaughter,

    Thank you for the tone of your message, I was just taken aback by the nastiness of the first responses.

  168. wesaypop: This is our blog. We can make it as nasty as we want it to be or as nice as we want it to be. It really depends on the commenter. But one thing we do NOT allow is for a commenter to set the tone for OUR blog, Savvy?

  169. A few exes, one whom I can’t stomach, one who was a decent guy. Some gloriously wasted time spent staring at Jamie Bamber’s naked abs. Not much angst, sorry.

  170. Janis: I love lust. I’ll bet Jamie Bamber’s abs can’t compare to Jay’s HUGE tracts of land.

  171. Me too. The primary reason I got married. And had 4 kids in 5 years. I was so shallow back then. But dammit, he had a profile like a Roman god!

  172. You say you lurk here but act like we’re totally unfamiliar to you.

    Anyhoo, the new post doesn’t even mention the place we don’t talk about all the time.

  173. Riverdaughter,

  174. The one thing that Obama and his supporters cannot abide is being made fun of.

    🙂 They also seem not too fond of hearing that people can be rational, intelligent, and sane and not support Obama. I guess I should check and see if I get banned from myDD one of these days for freely stating that I don’t support him, or possibly for calling a certain hyperactive pro-Obama bully a fascist, which he is..

  175. Personally, I had no problem “kicking” Daily Obama. True, I was never a diarist, or even a member. But, I did go there all the time, once I realinzed that it was “the” leftist place on the Internet (sometime during the Clinton impeachment controversy). Even then, though, I wondered why a place called “Daily Kos” should be that place. Later, I learned that “Kos” didn’t ,mean “cause” but “‘cos” as in “Markos,” the guy who ran the place. Well, I thought, why him? Who is he? I never heard of him. After a while, long before this year’s nomination battle, the place became a shit pile–with it’s secret handshakes and troll ratings and superstar “diarists” and so on. Yeah, there might still be the occasional good article on city planning or such-like, but how could that make it worth going there when 90% plus of what was going on was crap. I found myself using the place only as a portal as the blogroll had a lost of sites that I liked, but then, I realizedthat so did the sites I liked, and there was no reason to go the Orange Boy first. I won’t even get into what’s happened there this year, as y’all already know that sad story.

    Again, I guess my main point is who is Markos Whateverhisnameis-os? Why should I, or anyone else, give a flying you know what about him, or his site? Did someone vote for him? Did he ever do anything for the Party? Or for liberal causes in general? As far as I’m concerned, he’s nothing. And his site is less than nothing. If the Democratic party wanted to set up a decent, moderated discussion board, that would be great. But, in the meantime, I’ll spend my time on blogs (like this one!) run by people who are open about who and what they believe in, who don’t pretend to represent the whole party and then turn out to be misogynist, fan-boy, moronic, sell-out pieces of shit.

    Daily Kos? No thank you.

  176. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

  177. Is anyone going to this in Austin? Kos is and it looks like it’s going to be one big happy group of Obamacons influencing the future.

    Web developer turned small blog into influential convention
    By Peter Mongillo


    Thursday, July 17, 2008


  178. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

  179. I’m a newbie-never heard of Kos until a month ago. Visited it for the first time today to check out that attention-reward system. I think you’re right not to have one, it can be addictive.
    I find all your old posts so much fun RD-I think I’ll spend some time checking them out…

  180. roofingbird
    I heard Will Bowers on No We Won’t Radio, asking for people to go to the meeting in Austin and specifically ask Howard Dean to put Hill on the nomoination.

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