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      A few months ago I read a couple of books by the Singaporean intellectual Kishore Mahbubani. In “Has China Already Won he discusses Taiwan. The one exceptional trigger for a war involving China is Taiwan. Most of the time, the Chinese leaders have a lot of policy flexibility. There are no strong domestic lobbies to worry about. But the one issue where the Ch […]
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Tuesday: A Call to Action

Conflucians and PUMAs, maybe you’ve already booked your flight and made your hotel/campsite reservation for Denver but what will you be doing once you get there? And what is PUMA all about anyway? What is our purpose? Are we a movement? A new party?

Those are questions we are attempting to answer and for this purpose, the instigators of the PUMA movement propose an organizing meeting in Washington DC. The Pre-Convention PUMA Conference (PCPC) will be held on August 8-10 at the Marriott Wardham Hotel, the scene of the crime.

The purpose of PCPC will be to organize PUMA for the purposes of the Denver convention and to define our role going forward. We see great potential in PUMA as being an organization that keeps an eye on the major parties. Right now, there is no particular entity whose responsibility it is to make sure that the parties play by the rules. There is no group that holds the party players accountable to the voters for the decisions they make and the propaganda they generate. PUMAs are now to assume the mantle of responsibility that others have abandoned. We will become the referees. We hope to represent the voice of the voters who will give democracy back to the electorate. We want to make sure that our votes are counted, our primary results are respected, and what is important to us is recognized and included in party platforms. And unlike more ideologically motivated groups that have sprung up in the last several years, it is our desire to find that place where most Americans are and base our positions on principle, and to survey the political landscape from those principles, in order to resist the cults of personality and fad movements which have siphoned our strength and diminished our role as voters.

Right now, we are in the process of organizing this first conference. Our time is short. Our immediate goal is to plan for our presence in Denver. Our long term goals are to develop the infrastructure that will make us a powerful political force for future elections. Our tentative agenda is here: tentative-agenda There will be a number of organizing workshops on Saturday. For example, The Confluence has been asked to organize Saturday morning and afternoon workshops on blogging in its current and future manifestations.

Now, PUMAs, this conference is being planned with the help of event planners who have graciously donated their time and expertise to help make this happen. However, we are in a bit of a bind. We aren’t sure how many of you will attend. Some of you have already budgeted your money for Denver. The cost of PCPC is estimated to be ~$200/person. This does not include hotel accomodations that we are presently negotiating with the hotel. Since many blogs and organizations are founders of the PUMA movememt, we would like to hear from as many of you as possible in defining our role and organizing our coalition activities and strategy in Denver. But being mindful of budgets and time, we propose that these blogs and orgs send a few representatives. If there is more interest (we would be delighted at this prospect), we need to get a headcount so we can acquire facilities and equipment accordingly. So, I am asking those of you checking in this morning to copy this post shamelessly to your own sites and get a show of hands of those who are interested. If you can please let us know by this Friday how much interest there is, we will pass this information to the event organizers.

Let me know in the comments whether you are interested and we will collect this information. You can also contact Will Bower at PUMA/JustSayNoDeal and Darragh Murphy at PumaPac. The Confluence can be reached at theconfluence08@yahoo.com. We will be updating you with information as we get it.

Are you ready, PUMAs?

144 Responses

  1. LOL! The Unity thing. Too funny.

  2. ABC News What’s a P.U.M.A.?
    If you thought the Democratic Party was a single machine unified behind presumptive nominee Barack Obama, then you should think again.

    As much as the GOP could be hurt by the disaffection of Ron Paul and Bob Barr supporters, the Dems are in danger of losing far greater numbers of voters…supporters of Hillary Clinton.
    continue http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  3. Hey foxnews.com is headlining the story of Google shutting down PUMA websites:

    “It appears that [Blogger’s] policy can be manipulated by people determined to shut down the free exchange of ideas,” said Carissa Snedeker, whose blog, BlueLyon, was among those that were frozen.

    Google, however, says it was a filter issue.

    “We believe that there was a spam e-mail sent promoting the seven particular blogs as part of the ‘Just Say No Deal Campaign,’ and so only those URLs were flagged in our system as spam sites,” Google spokesman Adam Kovacevich said, referring to a coalition of disaffected Democrats who oppose Obama’s candidacy.

    The bloggers believe that Web surfers who support Obama took advantage of a loophole in Blogger’s system that allows readers to report spam blogs, the artificial Web sites that abound on the Internet and are used to promote other sites.


  4. Gary, do you want to go to this conference? It starts on a Friday. 😦

  5. Mawm: If you and Gary could be there on Saturday, that would be great! I’d really like to work with you guys on blogging opportunities. Youtwo are famous (or infamous) for covering the RBC hearing and the Unity shtick in NH.

  6. Morning everyone! I would really like to attend this meeting, but I am currently unemployed and can’t make a commitment at this point.

    Count me as a “maybe.” 🙂

  7. I can make it saturday, but have to work fri. couldn’t be there until late–maybe in time for cocktails 🙂

    Thanks for the “head’s up” on the August Convention.
    **Is anyone still watching MSNBC?
    Seems the ONLY POLL they chose to quote is the
    “Q” one. All other polls are “not good” for Obama “except” for this one!
    Gee.. they are HORRIBLE… now they’re reporting on McCain’s age…OK..OK..they’re OFF AGAIN !!!

  9. tpt/ny – Did you see the SNL skit on how John McCain is old on Saturday night? It was the least funny thing I have ever seen. They could have made it amusing, but they didn’t seem to know which way to aim their snark.

    Anyway, I guess that is the line of attack for the NBC family at this point. As in-depth as I’d expect from those morons.

  10. tpt/ny

    I went and looked at that poll and in my opinion it has absolutely zero credibility, and here’s why:

    “About one-fifth of those who voted for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries decline – so far, anyway – to come home to their party.”

    What the hell??? “so far, anyway” ???? is that part of some polling jargon I’m not aware of? These people are such tools they can’t even hide it.

  11. I would love to attend. I am still working on the details Hopefully, things will work out job wise so that I can attend. I’m getting very excited.

    FYI-The latest talking point put out by Taylor Marsh is that having a roll vote is not in the best interest of Hillary. In fact ,she goes so far to imply that the action would assisting in destroying Hillary. I don’t know where she is getting this shit from, but she has become a huge disappointment. She claims to be very close with the Clinton Campaign. Whatever. Making a case aganist John McCain is one thing, but saying a roll vote would be detrimental to Hillary is another. I don’t know what the fuck has gotten into Taylor, but she’s definitely lost me.

    That’s for the update riverdaughter.

  12. Any chance for a virtual reservation? Excellent next step.

  13. lonnette33, she became a member of the OFB.

  14. Dear RD and Conflucians, I am so disappointed that I will not be able to attend in Washington, but am grateful to all of you who can go and build the PUMA un-Party. Thank you all. In honor of all of you, I’ve written a little something this morning, to hum while you make your reservations, get organized–or send good thoughts to our compadres who can. The song’s temporary title is “Ballad of the Stay-At-Home Voter,” but it could use a catchier one. Maybe just “Reason.”

    The following is sung to the tune of “Fever.” I’m hearing a little let’s get-this-ball-rolling finger-snapping at the Confluence. And good morning to you all!

    [Music, bass begins]

    Always knew I didn’t trust ya
    Always knew I didn’t care
    “Where ya gonna go?” ya bluster
    I say well honey I can stay right here
    You give me reason . . .
    mm mm mm
    Every morning
    Reason every livelong day
    And REASON!
    Tells me honey
    Home is where I’m gonna stay

    Now you can call me “sweet” an’ I won’t scoff
    And you can call me “bitter”–I’ll smile
    ‘Cuz more than one can demo the brush-off
    And more than one can exit with style
    You give me reason . . .
    mm mm mm
    Every morning
    Reason every single day
    And REASON!
    Tells me honey
    Home is where I’m gonna stay

    Well go ahead new Bushie an’ clinch it
    And climb your little throne a mile high
    On Tuesday morn my tush I won’t inch it
    On Wednesday everyone will know why
    You gave me reason . . .
    mm mm mm
    Every morning
    Reason every shinin’ day
    And REASON!
    Tells me honey
    Home is where I’m gonna stay . . .

  15. Lonnetee33: Taylor is a “HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT” and then some! I read that article (I go there very rarely to see what she is doing) and it was awful! Her site traffic has plummeted.

    I have great news for this site — According to Alexis Ratings, Riverdaughter’s site now gets MORE traffic than Taylor’s hypocritical, two-faced site. She has taken a nose dive and Riverdaughter is gaining steam.


    After you get to the TM rating, type in riverdaughter.wordpress.com in the + box and hit “Compaire Sites” and you will see that Riverdaughter now beats TM in traffic rank.

  16. Magdalena – that was purrrrrrfect! Just let those Cheeto-stained, unoriginal Obamans try to match the creativity we have here!

    Low-information, uneducated voters my butt. PUMAs rock and rule!

  17. You ask this question:
    “And what is PUMA all about anyway? What is our purpose? Are we a movement? A new party? and say you are to meet in DC to discuss the answer.”

    Then you go on to define PUMA:
    “We see great potential in PUMA as being an organization that keeps an eye on the major parties.”

    Do you see no potental in PUMA as a party?

  18. Would love to go, have to check my budget. Anyone in the South wanna carpool?

  19. Taylor wrote a blistering piece on the Democratic party after the RBC meeting. She said something like, “You don’t know the fury who have unleashed”. Right after that she was interviewed by MSNBC and asked directly about her blog post. I saw her completely back away from what she had written. It was at that moment that I knew either someone had gotten to her, or she was reading the political wind and thought it would be more advantageous to side with Obama team and not make any more waves.
    In the end I see her as simply a big ego. She would always promote herself and ask her readers to write to XM to get her a radio show, and occasionally whine about her hate mail. I imagine her hate-mail is pretty light nowadays.

  20. samsgrandma, I hope to see a viable third party. I think it would take big figures like Bill and Hillary to come to it to give it legitimacy. Right now there are many smaller parties, but none really have a the star power needed to lift them to the next level. I was dissapointed in the Green party’s choice of Cynthis McKinny, who I veiw as a crazy person.

    Right now, I personally don’t think organizing PUMA as a new party before the election is a good use of our time, maybe after Nov. There are so many other things to accomplish.
    Having said that, I think we should do everything possible to keep the PUMAs together. I have found through this process that the people who supported Clinton are the salt of the earth. They really the kind of people I have no hesitation standing with. There were always elements of the Dem party that I was uncomfortable with. The ones who will not use the military under any circumstances, the elite liberals, some of who I work with who look down their noses on people, but in reality think they are smarter than they are, the ones who use race to win elections. I have dealt with Obama supporters for 7 months, and I can say that they are the most despicable people in this country. For me, they are worse than the Republicans. If the PUMAs could create a party out of the CLinton Dems and the moderate Republicans, I think we would have the winning coalition for years to come.

  21. I’m at work right now and forced to type on my iPhone so I will be quick:
    if you are not able to attend, we are discussing the logistics of webcasting or using blogtalkradio to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate.

    About Taylor, I don’t know who she’s talking with in Clinton’s camp but logically, the only thing that can rescue the election for the Dems right now is a knock down drag out floor fight at the convention. If they really want to win, the nominee has to be seen as legitimately chosen. The convention is the last opportunity to make the party play fairly and respect the will of the voters. Therefore, a nomination for both candidates is not only desirable but necessary. There is nothing wrong with debate and resolving conflict in a public forum and only the weak fear it. Clinton’s no weakling.

    As for Alexa, cool! This site would not be successful without the Confluence blogging team and commenters like you.

  22. I love the Confluence, but these days I cannot keep up with all the comments. I guess this growth is a good thing though…

  23. Just wanted to share with everyone a video I found at Alegre’s Corner. It is a MUST SEE. We CANNOT let “Precious” be victorious.

    It is a great video — please pass it around.

  24. […] Tuesday – A Call To Action. July 15, 2008 — pumaalliance Posted on July 15, 2008 by riverdaughter […]

  25. I am confused about the “march” for Hillary during the convention and the other dates for PUMA convention…which is more important to attend?? I can come from Montana (with my grandson to help me) but please advise when it is more important…thanks…

  26. Personally, I agree with RD about the future of PUMA. I think PUMA should be the new Moveon.org, but one that works from a center point of view.

    This center is not the fictional. corporate media center, located somewhere between the far right and the extreme right, but the true center of the country, which is quite liberal if you check the polling.

    True center includes establishing UHC, getting our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan as safely and quickly as possible, restoring the rule of law (good-bye warrantless wiretapping, torture and signing statements), shifting our focus from oil to alternative energy sources with technologies we already have, taking away No Child Left Behind and restoring civics and the arts to our public schools, and so many other goals.

    We must remember that no person stands above principle. Hillary is wonderful, but she is not perfect and from time to time, she will do things that make us go “WTF!” Any national leader will do this, no matter how excellent.

    We should be the watchdogs of Democracy going forward, and after the GE, we should say that PUMA stands for “People United Means Action.”

    Just my 99 cents as usual. 🙂

  27. “OhVoter” that was a great video-thanks.
    “madmab & gary” – thanks for the references.
    I do agree the “only” saving of the Democratic party is a “FLOOR – FIGHT” !!
    This “FORCED-UNITY-CRAP”; is-never-going-to-work!
    Is it too late for MI to put the democratic re-vote names
    on the up-coming Aug. 5th state primary ballot??
    Just A Thought
    Go PUMA

  28. I always believed that PUMA should have a seat at the table. The party has let us down and done such damage behind the scenes merely because it could.

    Whether or not it evolves into a third party, it should be considered as a force to be reckoned with or at the very least, a watchdog committee acting on behalf of true Democrats.

  29. Obama supporters trashed the unelected, automatic and unpledged delegates as undemocratic autocrats when it looked as though they might put Clinton over the top. Not anymore.

    With the dust settled on the primary season, one thing is clear: Obama is the presumed nominee thanks only to superdelegates. He never did win enough pledged delegates to reach the winning number, falling about 350 votes short. His expected victory stems from beating Clinton among superdelegates 463-257, according to a tally on Real Clear Politics.

    All the more reason for Obama to make sure that there is no roll call including Clinton’s name on the ballot at the national convention — which a few die hard fans of the former First Lady are still clamoring for.

    Why highlight just how close the Democratic contest really was? And there is certainly no gain for Obama in dwelling on how he had to depend on superdelegates to win the nomination

  30. I think TM’s position is that Clinton should quietly go away for party unity’s sake much like what Gore was forced to do in 2000. I think we PUMAs should insulate Clinton from any negative effect on her own career. We are doing this not just because of Clinton but because of principles and convictions about what democracy should be. We feel that the SDs are coerced into voting for Obama right now and we want to see them vote their conscience in the convention for the best qualified winnable candidate. I don’t know how they can reverse the damage they did with the RBC ruling on May 31 but the least they can do is an honest and equitable floor vote at the convention for the leading two candidates neither of whom have the delegates needed to win decisively — SDs vote and count only at the convention.

  31. hopefully I can rearrange my schedule and make some part of it.

  32. Mawm, I agree with you and I also agree we should wait:
    “If the PUMAs could create a party out of the CLinton Dems and the moderate Republicans, I think we would have the winning coalition for years to come.”

    Thomas Jefferson believes in revolution and so do I.

    But in the same sense as I dislike hearing democrats calling anyone a “flip flopper” rather then thinking up something original, I don’t want to be “the new move on”. A PUMA leads!!

  33. I think Taylor believed her site would become home to the Obamabots once she distanced herself from Hillary. Instead, if you venture over there on occasion, it is still a site where for the most part, Hillary supporters still gather with a few diehard Obamabots who do nothing but snark back and forth.

    Doubtful that she had this in mind since many of the bloggers also include her in their daily postings. Not good.

    She seems to have lost quite a few posters as the numbers have dwindled significantly and her calls for “unity” and the “good of the party” seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The posters seem to echo much of what PUMA stands for and her goal appears to have evaporated as a result. Oh well!

  34. Uh ooh!
    There’s trouble in paradise. Some people on Capitol Hill are becoming annoyed with the Lord of the Democrats

    Hill Democrats miffed at Obama

    After a brief bout of Obamamania, some Capitol Hill Democrats have begun to complain privately that Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is insular, uncooperative and inattentive to their hopes for a broad Democratic victory in November.

    “They think they know what’s right and everyone else is wrong on everything,” groused one senior Senate Democratic aide. “They are kind of insufferable at this point.”
    ( … )
    One Democratic aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity, compared the Obama campaign unfavorably to President Bush’s administration.

    “At least Bush waited until he was in the White House before they started ignoring everybody,” the aide said.

    I can’t believe those people are noticing the arrogance of Obama and his similarities with Bush only now.

  35. August is crazy for me and I will not be able to attend on Aug.8-10. Pls. make sure that you give the ‘masses’ at home lots of jobs to do. Many of us are dying for tasks that we can perform that do not involve road shows. I think that this movement is the most exciting democratic movement that I have ever been lucky enough to be part of. Pls. try to donate to The Denver Group ( I know there are so many worthy groups out there, but this is our chance to write (or right) history. We must seize the moment. Love you all.

  36. As much as I would love to be there, I simply am unable to do so. However, I will be glad to donate something toward expenses just to ease the burden a little. It would make me feel as though I were there, at least in spirit. It pains me to say that I am unable to attend owing to the importance of what this movement is about and what it represents.

  37. MABlue –

    I can’t believe those people are noticing the arrogance of Obama and his similarities with Bush only now.

    I think they are in the same boat as everyone else who believed in Obama. I don’t think they cared about his arrogance and narcissism, they just thought he could help them accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, Obama cares for nothing except his own agenda, and no one is exempt from that special place under the Greyhound.

    Samsgrandma – Moveon.org was a great idea, but their leaders lost their principles when they endorsed Obama. PUMAs won’t do that. To be the real watchcats of Democracy, you have to be leaders, right? 🙂

  38. mawm – this gets a standing ovation from me:

    I have found through this process that the people who supported Clinton are the salt of the earth. They really the kind of people I have no hesitation standing with. There were always elements of the Dem party that I was uncomfortable with. The ones who will not use the military under any circumstances, the elite liberals, some of who I work with who look down their noses on people, but in reality think they are smarter than they are, the ones who use race to win elections.

    Thanks to the fantastic fabulous felines of PUMA, we can start taking care of the real problems our friends and neighbors face.


  39. Riverdaughter: This is inspiring news. I would love to join in the action but I will be out of the country for most of August. I regret not being able to attend because, as Pat J said, this movement represents something very significant. Someone needs to give those pretentious pseudo-liberals a spanking, and I think PUMA is going to be the one to do it.

  40. Thanks madamab. Had to step out for a minute and walk the dog. Some PUMAs are dog people too.

    MABlue, isn’t it fascinating they’re just noticing BO is “arrogant” and Bush-like? When all of us here have been singing about it–not just me and my feverish little tune–for weeks.

    Grow, PUMA. Stretch and grow.

  41. Thank goodness somebody is thinking about the day to day problems people struggle with. The so-called center, the fly-over people, the people who the elite sneer at – these people are Hillary’s people.

    For years, I have hypocritically kept silent when Democratic bloggers/commenters said things I disagreed with. Thank goodness for sites like this one.

    Conflucians do stuff, they don’t just type.


  42. madamab, I agree with the “platform” you set forth. Sadly, that’s pretty much what we thought the Democratic party platform was going to look like this year. Most of us are former Dems (having chosen Independent status due to the May 31, 2008 debacle). I’m a proud FDR Dem, and I suspect that most of the PUMAs are, too. I don’t think we need to call ourselves “centrist”, if only because that tends to play to the traditional media’s definition of centrism. Traditional Dems are the party of Main Street, not the party of Wall Street, and I suspect that would encompass a lot of moderate Republicans, too. Positioning ourselves as traditional Democrats is not something we should be ashamed of, IMO.

  43. By the way, RD: “And unlike more ideologically motivated groups that have sprung up in the last several years, it is our desire to find that place where most Americans are and base our positions on principle, and to survey the political landscape from those principles, in order to resist the cults of personality and fad movements which have siphoned our strength and diminished our role as voters.”

    Inspiring. Perfectly thought-out, perfectly cadenced. This needs to be in the PUMA charter.

  44. Yes! I want to belong to a movement that wants to take care of practical things. I beleive in the dignity and importance of the ordinary citizen. No more invisible people. No more elitism.


  45. madamab,
    I have a vague worry about a move on type org. There were individuals at move on who controlled it. I am not even sure there was a real vote to support Obama.

    Although I agree it should be an evolutionary process, a political party, with many, ever changing, equal voices, political candidates arising from neighborhoods, a constitution which gives the members a way to toss out party officers who think they can control any outcome, seem to me a way to help democracy flourish for at least the next 30 years. After that PUMA should schedule another revolt.

  46. RD said:

    About Taylor, I don’t know who she’s talking with in Clinton’s camp but logically, the only thing that can rescue the election for the Dems right now is a knock down drag out floor fight at the convention.

    I hope the idea that TM is talking to or is very close to the Clinton campaign is not perpetrated because it’s false.

    The only blogger I know who actually has contacts in the Clinton campaign is Heidi Li but even she doesn’t pretend to speak for Hillary or even know what Hillary wants. However, I find it very interesting that she is actually one of the engines behind a potential floor fight.

  47. In my community, I see zero enthusiasm for Obama except from the elites. The local dems are sweating big ones. Some of them are fearful of losing in November because they see no help coming from Obama at the head of the ticket.

    From what I’ve heard, Obama is not bringing in the big dollars people thought he would. It has become clear that the boyz just wanted to keep Hillary out of the race. Obama has filled his purpose.

    Turnout is a huge concern for local Dems. Obama is not going to help there either.


  48. Arabella, I am so happy to see you. I hadn’t seen you and I started to get worried.

    Don’t you have your own blog? Is there somewhere I can go to check up on you, if I don’t see you here?

  49. Mostly I just lurk on blogs, and am better with in-person chat. And it just so happens I was already planning to drive by Washington, DC, (from Boston) that weekend anyway. Sign me up for PCPC! I can attend Friday and part of Saturday, but I have to be in Charleston, SC, by dinnertime that Sunday to meet up with my hubby.

    I can offer a one-way ride to anyone who wants to go down to DC from Boston on Thursday Aug 7. Since I would arriving on the early side, I volunteer to help with setup. I am a retired “admin” type.

    BTW, I should mention that I’m not much of a political activist. I’m a hermit independent researcher and very interested in memes and how they effect collective change in the context of their historical epoch, so that will be my main focus in attending. Hope that is OK.

  50. Mawm – I’m in the middle of a perfect storm at work and at home. It will pass as storms do.

    PUMA’s are tough and resiliant in all things, aren’t they?



  51. I use

    “PUMA, strong, yet graceful in repose”

    all the time

  52. Personally, I see PUMA as a sort of MoveOn where FRAT HOUSE WOMANHATING HUMOR IS NOT ALLOWED.

    I see PUMA as the first fucking liberal political space where “STFU and get me a beer” men ARE NOT WELCOME, and where women’s issues are fucking FRONT AND CENTER.

    I see PUMA as the first and so far ONLY mixed-gender, mixed-race political space where sexism is taken as seriously as racism and other bigotries for the first fucking time in the history of the fucking universe FINALLY.

    That, to me, is PUMA.

  53. Some of them are
    fearful of losing in November because they see no help coming from
    Obama at the head of the ticket.

    A friend of mine said that Obama was still better than McCain because with any Democrat in place, the liberal grassroots would be in a better position to grow.

    Heh. Too bad, so sad.

  54. Wow, I won’t be able to go either. My PUMA Cub starts school the following week of the Conference (FL starts early). That week is shopping for clothes & school supplies week.

    But I’d be more than thrilled to tune in via blog talk radio or watch/listen to a live stream.

  55. Mawm – you just made my day.

    PUMAs – Strong, yet graceful in repose.

  56. Janis — I second that

  57. Arabella Trefoil, on July 15th, 2008 at 11:52 am Said:
    Mawm – I’m in the middle of a perfect storm at work and at home. It will pass as storms do.

    PUMA’s are tough and resiliant in all things, aren’t they?



    I’m so sorry to hear that Arabella, we all have those moments when it seems that it only gets worse. Although they may be perfect, but storms do pass eventually. You always have us here!

  58. Update: Wikipedia’s PUMA article, which had been challenged (by bots, not doubt) and nominated for deletion (by bots, no doubt) has now been approved.

    Nice try, bots. Repression has a funny way of not working. Or rather, it works wonderfully: it makes us stronger, more determined, and ultimately, more visible.

    I look forward to post-DC additions to the article, and hope someone in attendance in DC can/will provide the necessary text.


  59. grayslady – If Obama becomes President, the Democratic brand will be dead, I believe. Plus, I want us to be inclusive and not exclusive.

    PUMA should be about representing the working class. The Democratic Party was supposed to do this, but the Obama wing of the Party has decided to throw us under the bus.

    Personally, and this is just me, I really don’t want us PUMAs to become a political party. I would rather that we just believe what we believe and hold all parties accountable to those beliefs. Thus the Moveon.org model would apply, although we can do without the corruption and idol worship, as RD wrote.

    As for a third party, should Hillary not be the nominee, I hope she and Bill will start, or join, one and bring her supporters with her. My instinct (and cats have good ones!) is that she would win in a landslide in 2012. Both McCain and Obama would be destined for a single term as President, IMHO.

  60. Simo, all I want is a political space of all genders and races where the word “wh*re” is recognized as just as filthy, disgusting, and dehumanizing as the word “n*gger,” and as much as instant fightin’ word.

    Beyond that, we can just be a boring old political pressure group. That’s ALL I WANT, a boring old political pressure group where the word “wh*re” is considered and believed honestly adn wholeheartedly to be as repulsive a word as “n*gger.”

    Can I just fucking have that for once?

  61. […] Tuesday: A Call to Action Posted on July 15, 2008 by riverdaughter […]

  62. One thing I would like to work on is to get more people over the age of 40 into the political blogging space. I think the blogosphere is heavily weighted toward the young, but there really isn’t any reason for that to persist. A lot of older people are on-line now, and maybe just need to be pointed towards communities in order to start taking advantage of them. Plus, people who have retired could contribute a lot since they have more free time. I want the blogosphere to tap into the wisdom of experience, instead of throwing it in the trash as most Obama supporters want to do right now.
    The powers that be want to cut the young off from the elder’s wisdom. It is part of their divide and conquer strategy. If mature people become a force on the net, the really outrageous grotesque babblings from the know-it-all youngsters will be marginalized.

  63. Janis –

    Beyond that, we can just be a boring old political pressure group. That’s ALL I WANT, a boring old political pressure group where the word “wh*re” is considered and believed honestly adn wholeheartedly to be as repulsive a word as “n*gger.”

    Can I just fucking have that for once?

    Yes, you can! 😉

    Seriously, HELL YES. Social justice is social justice. It is time to stop leaving people behind when fighting for equality.

    Where is our ERA?


  64. I see PUMA as the collective voice of those of us who have remained loyal and have been muted. We are the backbone of what makes the “wheels” turn in this nation. Some of us have contributed over the years when it was a real sacrifice to make that 5.00 contribution. We understand all too well what it means to live paycheck to paycheck, raise kids, pay the mortgage, live within a budget, make do, do without, get up every morning and go to work even though we ourselves were ill simply because others depended on us.

    We looked at the Dem Party as home to the working class. We never saw this one coming. Our voices and votes were tossed aside. Our representatives in some cases canceled our preference. The party leaders drowned us out. We have been ignored, admonished, ridiculed, and insulted. Yet we refused to go away.

    PUMA represents our interests in that we will not be silenced. We have learned from the best that in order to be heard we sometimes must shout it out. From those who made civil rights their cause, from those who pushed for the rights of women, from those who recognized the need to punish hate crimes, from those who stood firmly against the the war, from those who addressed injustice from the well of the Senate and the House and brought us to our feet with their passion.

    PUMA is ephemeral in that it has risen from our hearts and our heads along with our ever seeking quest for justice in the face of the alternative. It is here, it is now, and it will always be maintained by those whose mission have always been above self interest.

    I want my party back.

  65. The net will also become naturally more skeptical and more liberal — both hallmarks of the old.

    It’s interesting — the PB2.0 that we all seem to talk about could simply become a reality by including more old folks in the discourse. It’s the lack of skepticism and the rampant extremism that caused 1.0’s demise, right? Old people are by nature more skeptical and moderate. The problems of the PB1.0 are the problems of any space dominated by people in their 20s.

    No, I’m not saying that people in their 20s are evil. I’m saying that people in theri 20s, unleavened by other age groups, are fucking bad news. Socially, humans are meant to exist in diversity or we get stupid and violent. (Old people without the young get indolent and stubborn.)

  66. Sorry — I was replying to Mawm’s statement that Bloglandia would be improved by the inclusion of old people.

  67. Mawm, on July 15th, 2008 at 9:36 am Said:

    lonnette33, she became a member of the OFB.

    What’s the OFB.

  68. Obama Fan Base

  69. About John Bresnahan’s Politico piece ref’d above about miffed democrats, one sentence poked me in the eye. “And having to struggle to help Clinton pay off her own debt, he hasn’t had the time or the resources to raise money for Democratic House and Senate candidates.”

    I emailed him:

    Please stop repeating the canard that Obama’s effort to pay Hillary’s debt is damaging his own fundraising. He has raised almost nothing for her, and his efforts are in any event about getting her maxed-out people to give him huge sums. His tanking fundraising, which you would love to blame on Hillary (what else is new?) is the result of buyer’s remorse. Mr. Goodbye-Old-Politics has a had a stunning few weeks of rightward pandering lurches on core democratic issues, and many supporters had to put down their checkbooks so they could take another Dramamine.

  70. Obama Fan Base

  71. OhVoter, on July 15th, 2008 at 9:39 am Said:

    Interesting stuff. It’s a shame because above all else I thought Taylor was an honest broker. I just don’t understand. I know I’m not missing anything here. Somebody must have gotten to her. I’m just disappointed in the direction of that site. Her case aganist McCain is understandable and I suck around for a long time, but her latest comments on the roll call is simiply ridiculous.

    Love riverdaughter. Thanks for the info Ohvoter.

  72. Mawm, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:28 pm Said:

    Oh. LOL

  73. Mawm ………take a poll ………66 here

  74. will be 40 in December

  75. I hope Fox mentions that Google was a big contributor to Obama’s campaign.

  76. I think Darragh Murphy and I are the same age. 1968. Very turbulent time to be born.

  77. Who’s watching the greatest Iraq speech evah?

  78. Lonnette, TM has always been very open about supporting any Democrat, including Obama should he have gotten the nom. She would say it repeatedly on her site, and people wouldn’t hear.

    People like that have no principles as far as I can see — what they say is not what they think, and you never know what they are thinking because every word out of their mouths is negotiated with their needs at the moment. Interacting with them is worthless. You might as well talk to a wall; you’ll “get to know it” just as much.

  79. I have photos of my mom and dad at war protests with me in their arms.

    Now, my Dad supports Obama, but I wouldn’t expect anything different. My mom supports Hillary. My dad is pretty much a mysoginist even though he would swear up and down he is not, but he doesn’t like smart women. Just one of the many reasons they are not together anymore.
    Funny though, he ended up with a woman who is not dumb, but pretends to be. I guess he doesn’t mind being manipulated as long as he doesn’t know it is happening to him.
    To me, he is typical of the liberal men who got their way in the 60s, an end to the viet nam war, and when they did, they dropped women’s issues like a hot potato.

  80. I’m 56. I’m an Aries, born in the Year of the Dragon.


  81. Just read a column over at Politico stating that some of the Dems in congress are a little pissed off at Obama for under funding their campaigns. It also suggested that since he moved part of the DNC to Chicago he has not been infrequently in touch with Nancy and Reid. Really?

    Just another case of “under the busitis” popping up again with him. His slogan should be “Use ya, Lose ya” since he is operating no differently than he ever did.

    Surprise, surprise, supers! Those of you who were so eager to jump onboard the Obama train must be clinging to the sides about now.

  82. This coalition had better find out what Hillary is going to do. I believe we are assuming, far to much. We can’t end up looking like fools.

  83. regency: I watched. Intermittently. I can take about 3 minutes of him before I get bored.

  84. Janis, yes you can have what you want. I want it too.

    I refuse to be told by this supposedly “post-feminist” society that the term “woman”–and the rights, the worth, and the specificity that go along with it–no longer has validity or meaning as a category in this culture–because “we’re all equal now.” Bullsh*t. Women are NOT treated equally here or around the world. Only a few examples: We are paid less than men, have less control over our bodies than men, and are subjected, with impunity, to insults considered allowable by rational and irrational men and women alike. We are about to see the most successful woman candidate in this history of American politics denied a floor vote. Would this have happened to Edwards? To Biden?

    I no longer blame men for this situation, however. I blame women. WE are the ones who must determine what our fighting words are. WE are the ones who have to stand up and not sit meekly by while we’re beaten up or exected to join in the woman-bashing (all you gals on TV besides Katie Couric) or misogyny-denying bandwagon, because we’re afraid we’ll look retrograde, 70’s, or worse, maybe the boys won’t let us sit at the big desk anymore.

    I am sick and tired of women putting up with this.

    Janis is the bitch I’m looking for.

    I am the bitch I am looking for.

    You are the bitch I am looking for.

  85. Just skimming the comments I see similar thoughts. I am most likely unable to do Washington and/or Denver but would be happy to provide financial support and PROWL for PUMA. I chucked a lot of my cash towards bringing down HRC’s debt and not sure if I can muster up the $500 to do either trip.

    Is there any way that the Washington PUMA meeting could be video/tele conferenced? I’m not technical at all but this might help others out.

  86. Mawm – Born in 1967, will be 41 in September. I am officially “over 40.” Woooohooooo! 🙂

  87. BTW, PUMAs. Check out Andy Borowitz today. Here’s a taste:

    Obama Releases List of Approved Jokes About Himself

    Bid to Help Late Night Comics

    Saying he is “sympathetic to late night comedians’ struggle to find jokes to make about me,” Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill) today issued a list of official campaign-approved Barack Obama jokes.

    The five jokes, which Sen. Obama said he is making available to all comedians free of charge, are as follows:

    Barack Obama and a kangaroo pull up to a gas station. The gas station attendant takes one look at the kangaroo and says, “You know, we don’t get many kangaroos here.” Barack Obama replies, “At these prices, I’m not surprised. That’s why we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”

    You get the gist.

  88. Elixir – Oh, ROFLMAO!!!!

    Do we get the sense that people are just a wee bit tired of being censored by Obama’s thuggish Thought Police?

  89. Hillary-zilla, you do yourself no favors expecting to get an answer from her. In fact, you set yourself up to be disappointed.

    My advice: Let it go and focus on the battles you can win.

  90. It is unsurprising, but extremely discouraging, that the MSM meme is Blame Hillary for Obama’s fundraising problems. We’ve seen & heard how unimportant Hillary’s debt is to Obama, and the contempt that accompanies discussion of it from his supporters. When it appeared her debt would not be paid down, all we heard was how his supporters didn’t want to help her since she had been so nasty. Obama & the media always manage a dig at her, don’t they?.

    I wanted better from Politico.

  91. Magdalena, I’m seeing women who I thought much better of doing this now. It’s a real wakeup call for me. For an awful lot of women, even women who call themselves feminists, feminism is an excuse to collect books. It’s not a movement, it’s a hobby. The minute it causes them to bump up against something uncomfortable, they back off.

    One friend of mine who is now divorced was telling me a while back how it all happened very gradually, how he slid slightly to one side, then a little more, then a little more — it’s the standard story. You give an inch, expecting that an inch will be given to you eventually, only it never is. You give another inch, then another, and another, and ten years later you’re mooshed up against the wall.

    Do you think she’s learned from this, learned anything larger that seh can apply in a slightly larger arena than her goddamned bedroom? Of course not. It never occurs to her that that behavior that she recognizes in relationships is what’s softened her up to do the same thing when Barky slides just a bit to the right, then just a bit more, then a little more, then just a little bit more … just slide down a pinch there, honey …

    When confronted o this, she says that this makes him equivalent to Hillary now — yeah, sure. As long as the disingenuous lying and sliding inch-by-inch until you’re falling off the bed isn’t counted as a huge negative in and of itself.

    Besides he’s far to her right at this point. But she’s slid over so much that she’d have to wake up and realize she’s hanging on the edge of the bed — and admit she was taken for a ride by YET ANOTHER MALE to whom she gave way too much slack. Again. After ten years of it.

    We live our whole lives cutting them slack and talking them up. If we realyl wanted to, we could bring a total halt to this horseshit in a heartbeat. We don’t. Either it’s a conscious choice or else we’re not equipped to do it. Means the same either way.

  92. Mawm

    I am double 40 and then some.Thanks for the invite. I have
    lurked here almost from day 1. Thanks for the invite. Have
    to leav now but I shall return. Don’t “Stop Thinking About
    Proud Puma

  93. I’ll be in Denver at the Convention, but I can’t afford two trips to Denver. Will definitely be interested in hearing about the pre-convention, though.

  94. madamab, You were born the fall after the Summer of Love.

    Are you virgo or libra? I would guess libra from your theatrical talents.

  95. Eleanor A, the pre-convention will be in DC not Denver. Does this change anything for you?

  96. xdemocrat, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:30 pm Said:

    great letter! can you post his email address? thx 🙂

  97. Syls, please comment more. We need your voice.

  98. Hillary-zilla: For this, I am willing to look like a fool.

  99. Oh, and for whoever’s counting, I just turned 49 on Friday.

  100. SophieL,
    Fifty is the new thirty so look for some real rejuvenation coming your way next year.

  101. I am older than Mawm, younger than Syls, and a Taurus? Does this disqualify me?

  102. Hi Syls!

    My mother is 82 and she still holds down a job. She has more energy than I do. She also is my best advisor, my best mentor, and my best friend. My mother on Obama:
    “He’s too tired to be president.”

    My mom is a Lithuanian who grew up in Chicago. Here is my mother at her 80th birthday (in the middle) singing Lithuanian folk songs with her sisters:


  103. Happy Birthday, Sophie!

  104. Syls – Rock on Proud PUMA!

  105. Mawm – Jussssst missed the Summer of Love!

    I am a Virgo, but I have a Libra moon and a Scorpio ascendant.

    I’m kind of a mess, astrologically. 🙂

  106. This blog maybe older than you think,…….mawm

  107. madamab, you think you are a mess. I’m Sag with Virgo moon. I’m an unorganized organizer, or an organized mess maker. I’m not sure which.

  108. Mawm, Organized chaos.

    That was a band at my school. They were terrible.

  109. Mawm – Oh my! Well, you and Gary are awesome, I don’t care what signs you are.

    Same for all the Conflucians. Big hugs from me to you…:-)

  110. Hillary-zilla,
    I didn’t mean to imply that people here weren’t over 40. I thought that was the case. What I was trying to say was that I would like to get more people over 40 to participate. We are the vanguard for people our age or older. I think we should make an effort to connect with people who may not be online or who may be online but not participating actively in the discussion.

  111. Mawm,
    1968 – very turbulent time to graduate from high school

  112. luckyann – re john bresnahan email (politico miffed democrats author)
    If you click on his name in the byline, an email window opens.
    I got a form thank you for caring email from him promptly.

  113. RD, I would really love to come, but the budget at this point just won’t allow it. For us West Coasters, travel costs are pretty high.

    One suggestion I do want to make: those workshops you show on the agenda should be recorded for those unable to come. They sound like very valuable tools that more of us could benefit from. Please consider doing that so that they can reach many more people than those able to go to the meeting.

  114. It seems everybody on this blog is assuming, far to much.

  115. Hell, I want people over 70 to participate. Old people are fucking FANTASTIC — they know EVERYTHING. Their like a society’s long-term memory, walking libraries of experience.

    I’d always — and I mean ALWAYS — thought that old people were the most valuable people in any society, the ones that get put on the lifeboat first. I know it’s not a popular belief, but I value them over kids. Kids are inevitable where you have healthy men and women; do away with kids, and you can replace them in nine months.

    Do away with old people, allow a whole generation of THEM to be shunted aside and vanished, and you lose what takes eighty years to create. Old people are the most important investment any society can make.

    Kids and young people? Keep them healthy, yes. But old people are GOLDEN. They take decades to create. Everything in a society should be geared to making as many of them as possible.

    That’s the basic of evolution — evolution doesn’t pursue the creation of children, but grandchildren.

  116. I AM GOING TO ASSUME, COME 20 JULY. Hillary’s debt will be payed. OFF.

  117. Hey all —
    I won’t be able to make it to the DC conference or Denver, although I would dearly love to go to both.

    If part of the DC gathering is to think about how we go forward, though, it would be great if there could also be on online discussion of that as well (not nec at the same time). It is difficult to have real back and forth online in some ways but I think it’s worth it. The PB2.0 moderated discussion at Corrente did a decent job (except for the fact that it’s nearly impossible to get registered there).

    And especially if we could figure out a way to draw out some of our lurker members (with all the hits just this site is getting, you know there have to be a lot). No matter what direction PUMA goes in, the online organizing aspect is still a lot of uncharted territory. It has great potential to include thousands of folks who would not have been able to participate actively in the direction of a group say, 10 years ago, where physical presence was still needed.

    Part of the failure of the DNC was that it dictated an outcome to us and demanded our loyalty in return. That’s the old model of political organization. For all the blah-blah about how fabulously Dean in 2004 and Obama now have harnessed the power of online activism, they haven’t changed the model at all. They did not take any action at all to harness the enormous powers of interactive discussion and feedback from voters to influence the direction of the party, or even give a cr*p what the voters thought. It was just a new way to make money and new way to propagandize their autocratic decisions.

    PUMAs didn’t fall for that, rightfully and passionately so. What I would really love to see is for us to break the top-down mold and create a truly interactive and consensus-based activist base. In other words, let’s show ’em how its done.

    er, sorry so long, really I just wanted to ask for some online fora for future of PUMA conversations!

  118. samanthasmom: looking forward to turning 30 next year! (with 20 years of experience)

    Mawm: Thanks!

  119. Hillary, I think we may be assuming, but in general, the progressive blogosphere IS infected with the same problems that are hallmarks of social spaces dominated by the young: extremism, idealism, and gullibility. There’s just no getting around that. I’m not saying that young peopel are all dipshits, that old folks are all perfect, or that there are NO old folks here.

    There are women execeutives and women politicians as well — but the power structures in place are overwhelmingly biased toward those that are created when only men are in charge.

    This is the same — there are some older people, yes. And there are some sensible young people. But the social universe of Bloglandia is the sort of structure created by a crowd of exclusively young people.

  120. Hey, I graduated from high school in 1968, too. Those were unbelievable times but I find this movement to be exhillerating as well. I wrote a letter to the editor as part of the Puma Prowl and got this in response:


  121. Valhalla said:
    Part of the failure of the DNC was that it dictated an outcome to us and demanded our loyalty in return. That’s the old model of political organization.

    For me, this was one of the biggest turn-offs at the big cheeto and other “STFU and get in line” sites. When did it become appropriate for Democrats or progressives or liberals to behave like authoritarian neocons? Especially as mouthpieces for a hopey-changey Messiah.

    Makes me believe that the 800 paid bloggers were out of work neocons.

  122. Puma-SF: Great link! Best quote (imho):

    Even a sixth-grade civics student knows there’s something fishy going on here, because neither the delegate math nor the hair-brain explanations offered for Obama’s top dog status pass the straight-face test.

  123. We’re off to give Donna Brazile a great big Puma welcome. The woman who wrote the article said she will post pictures from today so we’re getting some good press here. More later…

  124. xdemocrat, on July 15th, 2008 at 1:29 pm Said:
    luckyann – re john bresnahan email (politico miffed democrats author)
    If you click on his name in the byline, an email window opens.
    I got a form thank you for caring email from him promptly.

    thanks! I emailed him:

    Dear Mr. Bresnahan,
    I think it’s troubling to blame Hillary for Obama’s bad fundraising as
    your article “Hill Democrats miffed at Obama” suggests. Given that he
    raised as little as $100.000 for her it’s hardly believable that this
    could break his fundraising abilities. Besides that any efforts on his
    part are mostly attempts to get much more money from her donors, who by
    the way have already raised millions for him. In my view such
    accusations are just more of the “let’s blame Hillary” mantra.
    Lucy-Ann XXX, MA

    got the same form reply as you I assume:
    Thanks for your comments. John Bresnahan

  125. Janis…. it’s the sort of structure (populated) by a crowd of (mostly) young people

  126. SophieL —

    My theory is that the Dems looked at the success Republicans had combining the following: put up an unqualified buffoon for office, savagely repress dissent; and exploit ignorance and jingoism. They thought if they could just copy Repub’s methods thoroughly enough, they’d get to win too.

    But in doing so, they lost sight of the principles that bind Democrats. Instead of forming a strategy based on appealing to people’s better selves, they choose instead to appeal to people’s worst selves. Obama’s rock concert strategy and cynical exploitation of younger voters’ enthusiam and naivete is just the flipside of Bush’s oppressive patriotism.

    Not only did we not fall for it, but Clinton’s amazing strength of support and our numbers show that it is not only preferable to win based on truly democratic (small ‘d’) principles, but possible.

    I know this is pretty vague-y sounding, but we should concentrate on turning righteous anger in positive action, and at the same time showing that self-righteous fakery is wrong, even used merely as a tool.

  127. Help! I’m stuck in moderation for who knows why.

  128. Puma-SF, I love the CityEdition and have collected all their stories in my personal ObamaWatch file.
    I agree that we need to make Senator Clinton aware of our outrage and our desires.
    In a larger sense, the collective outrage that spurred this movement must not abate.
    Outrage drives purpose, not the other way around.
    If we lose our anger, we have no reason to exist.

  129. Janis, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:44 pm

    I don’t have a problem with Taylor supporting Obama, or her making the case aganist McCain. I didn’t have a problem with her insults either; calling PUMA’s dense. That’s her opinion. However, I do have a problem with her putting forth the next Obama talking point of the day concerning roll call at the Convention. All the while claiming to be “following” Hillary’s direction? This smashing in the face of reality. Taylor’s rationale concerning roll call is ridiculous and her arguement doesn’t sound as if she believes it herself. At this point, her “words” are just that, “words”. She doesn’t sound honest anymore. Honestly is why I liked Taylor. Her tell it like is personality is why so many of us liked and respected her. Now, you can’t really buy one word that comes out of her mouth.

  130. Riverdaughter,

    Count me in, it will be nice to sit inside this time instead of getting wet outside and now being heard. I will e-mail one of you and yes I am interested in planning and succeeding. The media never questions what Obama says and is still giving him a pass, while he avoids debating Mc Cain just as he did with Hillary.

    GO PUMAs

  131. I’m 45.

    Janis, was your friend by any chance named Gwynneth Paltrow? Didn’t you just LOVE it when she was prancing around with her “I have a crush on Obama” button on?

    These gals are gonna deserve what they get. Unfortunately, I don’t deserve what they’re gonna give me.

  132. I just emailed Bresnahan at Politico re the blame Hillary for Obama’s low fundraising. Thanks for the heads up, folks.

  133. I can be there. I live really close.. so it’s not a problem. I wish I could offer lodging but my apartment is *tiny*.. however anyone who needs advice on getting here/getting around, can help with that.

  134. […] Tuesday: A Call to Action Posted on July 15, 2008 by riverdaughter […]

  135. I won’t be able to make it to Denver. I am interested in seeing where PUMA goes from here. I am very tired of deciding between bad and worse and love the idea of someone “representing Mainstreet instead of Wall Street.” Personally, I’d like to see some pushback at traditional media and I’d love to see if we could find a way to make sure the power brokers in DC don’t forget who they are SUPPOSED TO be representing.

  136. Argh. I won’t be able to make it to Denver or the PUMA conference. I can’t wait to read about it on the web. I hope everyone who can take time off from school or work will make plans to protest the Denver convention. We need as many people out there as possible.

  137. Can’t make it, but we can kick in for PUMACon 2008.

    Who’s holding the money? RD? Is there a PayPal account or anything? Or should we just kick in to individuals?

    Gary and Mawm, I still owe you some green for your trips, appearances, rabblerousing, etc. Are you boys going to this whoopdedoo? If so, I’ll just introduce you to my friend, either Mr. Grant or Mr. Franklin or maybe fifty Saquajaweas (sp?)—let me know how to send.

  138. Okay, I posted a few hours ago but I am just coming around to read the comments about Taylor Marsh. Here is my opinion:

    I will not bash Taylor. She was one of the few big bloggers who stood by Hillary until the end and I appreciate what she gave to us in terms of her radio show and blog posts. I agree that it is a shame that she chose this route and has now gone from simply a Democrat who reluctantly endorses Obama to someone who is outright hostile to PUMAs and Democrats who refuse to vote for Obama. Some of the posts have been outrageous including her opinion on the roll call. There was another post by an author names linfar entitled “Dishonoring Hillary” (google it). That’s the type of trash that occasionally gets posted on Taylor’s site these days. If we wanted PUMA bashing we can just go over to DailyKos.

    The only rational I have is that if Taylor ever wants to be on XM, Air America, or any other progressive blog station, she had to endorce whoever became the Democratic nominee. But I also agree that she probably thought that many of us would stay and support Obama or that she would gain Obama supporters. She has already suspended her radio show indefinitely so I am not surprised that her ratings and visitors have plummeted since Clinton suspended her campaign.

    I wish Taylor well and once she can become an honest voice again after the election, I might tune into her shows again. But I agree with those of you who think that it sounds like Taylor doesn’t even believe what she says anymore. It’s obvious she’s not passionate about Obama but she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place and she has lost a lot of her fans who have flocked to this site, the PUMA blog, and No Quarter radio.

  139. sorry for the typos and errors in my post above.

  140. Riverdaughter didn’t your daughter design the pink puma on the black background.

  141. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

  142. Have not been able to keep up with posts this week. Would very much like to come to DC and have relatives in the suburbs. Haven’t checked plane fares but would be interested in carpooling from the Western NC area.

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