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Epiphany Season

So, I was walking around in Princeton, minding my own business, when who should I spot sitting on a stone bench but… Darragh Murphy???

{{double take}}

OK, it wasn’t entirely accidental. There was a reason why we were both there and I’ll be telling you more about that in time because we will need your help. But let’s just say that she’s just as charming and pretty in person and she has lovely green eyes. What was amazing is how easy to strike up a conversation. In fact, I think it was hard to shut us up. It was well after 10 before I drove her to the train station. But let’s just say that we weren’t the only ones swept up in the discussion. This election season has been one revelation after another. We keep peeling back layers of the onion. This is not to say that there is a single core at the center of what has transpired. There are many moving parts creating a synergistic whole that explains the rise of Obama.

There is a separate synergism at work in our counter movement. Darragh and I swept another player in the mix tonight. It’s new and good and exciting.

So, while you are all pondering what the hell I’m talking about (hint: “Snapping“), take a look at this retelling of the Lord of the Rings. How many of us are Tolkien fans? Hmmm… Coincidence?

By the way, don’t forget to check out another new member of our blogtalkradio lineup, MorningQ with BettyJean and Pagan.

77 Responses

  1. Um, I’m not a Tolkien fan….sorry…;-(

  2. I can’t wait to hear the details, riverdaughter. I’m totally ready for an epiphany.

  3. Kbird: We are living one. Epiphany means “shining forth”.

  4. There may be a time when democracy falls. But, it will not be this day or in this time. Not if we stand together.

    Puma Rising

  5. Teresa: If you are here, you are very much the kind of person Tolkien would have appreciated.

    As for the Rasmussen poll, that doesn’t surprise me a bit. In fact, it’s a good think the Big Dawg isn’t travelling with him, getting up in front of all of those people with his arm slung casually around Obama’s neck and drawling, “You’ll be lucky to get Obama to work for you!”

    Yes indeedy. 😉

  6. MABLue posted this video yesterday and OMG, it friggin touched me.

    Although I see Hillary more in Aragorn’s role, the true King of Gondor vs. the mad fake one.

    OK, nerd revealing moment.


  7. An Open Convention? Obama’s all for it!

    Support the Open Convention

    At the Democratic National Convention next month, Barack will deliver his acceptance speech in front of 75,000 people at a free, open event in Denver, Colorado.

    Make a donation of $5 or more between now and midnight on July 31st, and you could be one of 10 supporters chosen to meet Barack backstage and watch his acceptance speech in person.

    Each of the 10 selected supporters can bring a guest, and will be flown to Denver to spend two days at the convention, culminating in Barack’s speech on Thursday, August 28th.

    Make a donation now and you could have a front row seat to history:

    So what are we fighting for?

  8. So this has turned into a glorified Lotto?

  9. Hey Katiebird!

    LOL!! “OPEN CONVENTION” meaning “out in an open stadium.”

    They actually think the can get away with this.

    We must fight the ORCs.

    O bama
    R uffian
    C abal

  10. Rivedaughter: Now that would be hysterical. Bill would look 10-feet-tall next to the “professor”.

  11. SM (laughing and crying)

  12. PUMAs are the Hobbits of the Shire, fighting a war we didn’t really ask for, but somehow it’s up to us to win it.

  13. Has Bill lost his mind!!??

  14. Chris Matthews – Grima Wormtongue

    Donna Brazile – Shelob

    Howard Dean – The Gaffer

    Axelrod – Sarumen

  15. Pat! Hiya doing? Which Bill? You mean the Silver Fox, The Greatest President since FDR “Bill?”

  16. Gandalf the Grey/White is Bill Clinton.

  17. Yes. I think I may have misunderstood the irony in the statement. Just picturing him with his arm around Obama is a complete turn off.

  18. Pat:

    Picture Patrick McGoohan as King Edward Longshanks in Braveheart, with his arm around the snotty aide of the prince, walking him towards the window for a “chat”

  19. Who is Smiegel/Gollum???

    I can’t name just one, there are so many Gollums, Reid, Pelosi, Brazile, Edwards, The PB 1.0, DNC operatives, you name it.

  20. Okay, I linked to Snapping and it appears to be something about the psyche and personality cults. Haven’t the faintest idea how to connect the dots with that.

    Probably going to have difficulty sleeping tonight with that small hint, rd. But I gather we have a right to be positive?

  21. I sent that video to my mother today: she responded that it almost made her cry and she asked: is it still possible?

  22. funny, RD the pink puma video we both had seems to be gone? You don’t suppose youtube and google heve pulled a little stunt do you?

    Maybe, the progressives like Lambert and Khaus can figure it out?

    We wouldn’t want to think the G has anything to do with censorship or that youtube would stoop to something like that do you?

  23. myiq2u: Gotcha!

  24. There is a separate synergism at work in our counter movement. Darragh and I swept another player in the mix tonight. It’s new and good and exciting.


    Princeton + Riverdaughter + Murphy + “Player in the Mix” = A respected scholar from Princeton University who is a closet PUMA aka Paul Krugman?


  25. I am getting ants in my pants and am at the edge of my seat. Loved your deductions SM!

  26. LOTR? Gag.

    The Hobbit was good when I was young and had it read to me by our principle (in class, people!!), but Tolkein never did anything for me. My idea of entertaining sci-fi is Jasper Fforde.

  27. Gollum – El Pequeno Cheeto

  28. C’mon PAT, let’s be real.

    Riverdaughter + Murphy (who comes all the way from Boston) in Princeton, meeting a “player in the mix.”

    Why Princeton? Why couldn’t they meet at a Dunkin Donuts? Or a Cheescake Factory?

    It HAD to be Princeton? Unless Riverdaughter & Murphy did an Ocean’s Eleven and stole Michelle Obama’s dissertation, then WTF else could mean “player in the mix & Princeton”???


  29. I guess that should be “El Cheeto Pequeno”

  30. Isn’t the dissertation available online anymore?

    I looked at in a few months back.

  31. omg, that video is just f*cking brilliant. Brilliant. F*cking. Brilliant.

    I can’t think of any other way to articulate just how effing brilliant it is, so I’ll stop now. But y’all should know I’m sitting on my couch chanting ‘f*cking brilliant’ for the rest of the night.

  32. MYIQ2XU= GENIUS!!! El pequeño Cheeto Frito Maldito!!!!

    Let me stop.

  33. at “it”

  34. SM, don’t think to hard, buddy. If you build up the excitement, you’ll only be disappointed. Like “The Ring”. It took me about two years to finally see it and everyone said it was the scariest thing ever. I was so disappointed and still am.

  35. Krugman – Treebeard

  36. I was not into Tolien but I did see The Ring. With the exception of Orlando Bloom, not my thing.

  37. Or maybe Gore

  38. SM: You are sooooooooooooo goooooooooooooood!!!

  39. SM:: Okay, connect Krugman to Snapping.

  40. gqmartinez

    I’m a big fan of Tolkien and Fforde. Maybe give JRR another chance?

  41. i loved Lord of the Rings movies. I didn’t read the book. But it is a perfect metaphor for us.

  42. Someone at pumapac.org just posted this:

    “Neil Cavuto show reported that Pelosi IS RESIGNING!!!”

    Does nayone here know anything about this?

  43. You would think she would have mentioned something.

  44. From Fox on the blogger shutdown:’

  45. GQ: I knew the Ring would be bad when I saw the previews.

    But please allow me to build up some excitement – after this time of darkness – otherwise how else can we build up the nerve to speak out & fight?

  46. Pat, just spent time on Yahoo searches, Flo Conway & Jim Siegelman are experts on Cult Phenomena, it could be these esteemed authors are at Princeton, and are also closet PUMAs about to come out.

    (But wouldn’t it be GREAT if paul Krugman was a PUMA? I think he is – but he won’t say it.)

  47. Dances — it looks like some ‘important’ bloviator called for Pelosi to resign, and Fox had a story about it, not, sadly, that she is inclined to take that excellent advice.


    that’s a link to the bloviator person, not familiar myself with her work.

  48. Sounds like the DNC is just going to blow off the presidential election because of the the economic woes. Can we replace Pelosi and the Convention too?

  49. Now I’m curious!

  50. Conflucians – I’m going to bed – last night was a late night here & I can’t do it tonight. I’ll check in tomorrow, si Dios quiere.

    Love you guys & FIGHT THE ORCs!

  51. never mind about the pelosi resigning thing…
    the person misheard. Thanks anyway.

  52. Sorry, SM. I’m a downer, I know.

  53. Snapping is a fantastic book. The title comes from the conversations that reseachers had with cult members. they said every single cult member they interviewed talked about the process of being bombarded with information and at some point, they just snapped.

    I can’t wait to hear what this is.

  54. Princeton is so pretty

  55. Make a donation of $5 or more between now and midnight on July 31st, and you could be one of 10 supporters chosen to meet Barack backstage and watch his acceptance speech in person.

    Is that even legal?

  56. There is also a “snap” when one leaves a cult.

    I was raised in a religious cult — got my degree in Psychology — probably trying to figure out what the hell the church did to me. I remember the moment I decided that I was leaving — it was as if a huge burden was lifted — I felt FREE — I snapped into reality.

    I’ve spoken to others who have left religious cults and they also know the moment when they emotionally left the cult.

    Many of us saw Obama cult behavior at DK — and other “progressive” blogs — as soon as I saw the Obama cult behavior I left DK and HuffiePuffie etc — never to return.

    My friends who are former cult members also see the Obamabots as cultist.

    LOTR — I love the series — and yes history does repeat itself — JRRT was a brilliant writer.

    The Orcs are the Obama cultist — unwashed, uncivilized, thugs.

  57. Murphy is very nice. At first I thought she was a man–I thought Murphy was her first name…I remember when Hill conceded–the bloggers on Hill’s “official site” all started blogging for everyone to go to pumapac…that was a good thing as now the Puma movement has grown and growled in a good way. ..thank goodness for you riverdaughter and Murphy and all the other blogs..cause the MSM has been brushing so much under the carpet for Precious…amazing–never witnessed anyone getting so many free breaks as he has been getting…I have been a staunch Democrat all my life- am in my 40’s…I am still kind of shell shocked at what happened during the Primaries–how Hill was mistreated and my party sold its soul- hungry for new blood and $$$$$

  58. “We have restored posting rights to the affected blogs,” it wrote, “and it is very important to us that Blogger remain a tool for political debate and free expression.
    From Fox on the blogger shutdown:’

    NOW if they only could FYI the OBAMA CAMP to let them know that Freedom of Speech is the corner stone of this country! Honestly, all that we have to put up with just for trying to express ourselves and organize. I am now labeled “AN OBAMA HATER and a Lesbian” (as if the later is a National sin…NOW I won’t say). Gee, one OBAMA FAN even called me insane?!?

    I hope this CHANGE thing is over and done with soon, because I sure am not enjoying the experience. I thought AMERICANS had the right to disagree? Did I miss some thing, are we under MARSHAL LAW?

  59. “Make a donation of $5 or more between now and midnight on July 31st, and you could be one of 10 supporters chosen to meet Barack backstage and watch his acceptance speech in person.”

    But please know that it’s going to cost a lot more than $5 if you want him to wash away your sins with his touch.

  60. Woman Voter —

    I’m hoping that once Rezko starts singing in order to get a reduction in his sentence — that Obama crimes will finally catch up with him.

    Rezko was a major player — but he wasn’t elected — Obama was elected and used his office in the Chicago pay to play way of politics.

    How can the dNC not know that Obama is dirty?

    How will the Obamabots respond when their messiah goes on trial? Suddenly — no one voted for Obama — no one will admit being suckered? Or will the bots scream — Political prisoner?? etc.?

    The Obamabots don’t understand democracy — and the rights Americans have been taught is part of what democracy is — like Freedom of Speech.

  61. ggmartinez

    I agree with you even though the vid was great. But Tolkien was incredibly racist with personality and goodness directly linked to race and the good ones being fair and the evil ones dark/riding elephants. Then all of his women (except Eowyn who btw was presented as happy and settled down once she found a man) are very static, powerful only in the realm of their demesne, while the men roam around in brotherhoods.

    For good sf I recommend Bujold’s Vorkosigan saga (Jasper Fforde is fantasy imo).

    Intresting about how to get people out of the Obama cult..

  62. Dial up is a pain — but Hillcat did a great job intercutting the scenes.

    I think perhaps my favorite scene is the “I am no man” scene when the Rath King is terminated.

    Orcs and Trolls — the evil ones.

    LOTR — the struggle between good and evil. The easy path in LOTR is to merely fall in line and let someone else make all the decision.

    Well worth seeing — even if one has the old fashioned dial-up connection!!!!!

  63. morning all fuzzy bear is in the house for a quick one befor work….

    still know news on the mystery in princeton…RD please please please spill!


  64. When Democrats start talking about “free speech zones” then we know they are no longer the good guys. They are become Orcs.

    All decent Americans, of either party, were appalled at Bush’s Free Speech Zones and rightly so. Good decent citizens cried out that “all America is a free speech zone” and all lovers of democracy agreed.

    Until now. Obamacrats talk about Free Speech Zones like good little Bushbots. It is not to be tolerated.

    Voting for Obama, like good little Democrats, is enabling such behavior. Gandolph would not approve. Aragorn would not accept Free Speech Zones on this day or any other day.


    Spill RD, Spill!

  66. SM,

    How about Markos for Gollum?

  67. kenoshamarge,

    They had “free speech zones” at the Dem convention in Boston in 2004. I was shocked at the time, but now it seems to be an accepted policy. I think people have forgotten the meaning of civil disobedience.

  68. Did love the LOTR analogy. Obviously, riverdaughter is Goldberry, but who does that leave as Tom Bombadil? I thought another obvious one was Gollum as Obama (both known as “the Precious?”).

    Senator Clinton as Arwen.
    Bill Clinton as Gandalf.
    Al Gore as Legolas. etc., etc., etc.

    BTW, for those who claim not to be into the LOTR, you should try the books before the movie. And if you’ve read the Hobbit, be prepared: This is a whole ‘nother universe.



  69. BB, did they really? Then the rot is deeper and has gone on longer than I thought.

    Actually I should have realized that Obama could not have just appeared out of nowhere like he did and gotten the money he has without a lot of planning and backroom deals.

    That just means we have to fight harder and longer and tell both parties that we, as free Americans, will not tolerate “FREE SPEECH ZONES” as if this was a dictatorship.

    Free Speech is for everyone in this country wherever they stand and what ever they have to say. (Not yelling fire in a crowded building of course.)

    People either stand for our freedoms or they don’t. And we need to know, without equivocation, which side our party stands for. Because there is no half-assed spin we should accept on this crap. None whatsoever!

  70. I don’t know if you know but Hillary changed the part in her hair and MSNBC had to talk about it.

  71. RD, what a dope! Those movies are okay after all –WP helped me! God I thought we were all really sunk for good! CENSORSHIP though?

    NOPE! We will always find a way around that BS!

    yay! congrats on this movie you are about to make!

    In my opinion you are HUGE! and I think you are the greatest, as well, and all your pals, too!

  72. That is an absolutely BRILLIANT Lord of the Rings redo! The power of one, indeed. Thanks RD.

  73. BostonBoomer! I haven’t seen you around!

    YES, yeeeesssss, Markos loves the PRE-ciouzzzzz…


  74. “What say you?”

  75. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

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