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The Scratching Post celebrates Bastille Day!!

From the world’s free encylopedia, i.e. Wikipedia, about Bastille Day:

The storming of the Bastille was more important as a rallying point and symbolic act of rebellion than a practical act of defiance.

And what is PUMA?  We are the peasants, the farmers & everyday people who have had it UP TO HERE with the unfair, undemocratic ways of our leaders and we WILL take the DNC to task.  Who told them what to do with OUR Democratic party?  Are we going sit along and take more crap or are we going to storm the Bastille? 

I say we’ve already started to take that MUTHA DOWN. 

The only way to that is if we continue the efforts we’ve made at Just Say No Deal, and the wonderful donations to pay down Hillary’s Debt , (Marianne “symbol of Liberty and Reason” of the Democratic Party) – at the coffee cup & T-shirt on the right column of this very blog.   Carol Diamonds & Her FuzzyBear who leans (and just where it feels SO GOOD) would appreciate it!  We can do this! PUMA is 1.5 months old, !!  Will Bower, PUMA Chieftan Supreme says we conservatively have $6 million paid off, but we won’t know until July 20th.  So IF you can, in the name of LIBERTY AND DEMOCRACY, please donate at the right hand column coffee cup or T-Shirt!!!!!!                          —>

Claude Monet, Rue Montorgueil, Paris, Festival of June 30, 1878. Oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France.

Claude Monet, Rue Montorgueil, Paris, Festival of June 30, 1878. Oil on canvas, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France.

I don’t know about you, but doesn’t Rico look FIIIINE in his tilted French beret?  YUMMY!!!  He is seriously making a Caribbean Latina sweat tonight!!!   He’s ready to serve up Moet Chandon flutes with strawberries (if you like), delicious Pink PUMA cocktails and Mountain Lion Martinis to all Bastille Day Conflucians.  Our wonderful waitstaff are serving Pate and Foie Gras appetizers.  WOW, Flo is ever so wondrously sexy in her can-can girl outfit – bustier and split-to-there ruffled skirt, but she will kick a Smiegly DOWN if necessary with her jujitsu trained legs, OR kindly hold a merde word you choose to use.

At the Scratching Post, we always encourage freedom, and this will operate as an open thread.  Say what you like, do what you like, be what you like, but remember to BE YOU.  You are not alone, you have friends at the Confluence who feel the same way as you do.  We won’t allow our nation and our party to go down the drain.  We will be the chemotherapy to this cancer of corruption and pseudo-progressivism that has polluted our Democratic tenets of “one person, one vote.”  We are PUMAs – proud and vigilant – and we are not going to “get over it.” 

For our entertainment tonight, a gracious visit from the QUEEN GRACE JONES and her rendition of “La Vie En Rose.”   I’m a proud child of the 80s and Grace Jones is one of the Diva Goddesses I worship (had to include GRACE JONES WORSHIP, forgive me).  Yet, I really believe Edith Piaf would be proud to see her signature song performed in such an artistic way. 

For the more studious minded, this Conflucian PUMA invites you to read the AWESOME AND FANTABULOSO posts today (scroll below), from MYIQ2XU, GaryChapellHill and the PUMA High Priestess, The Shaman of Satire herself, Mother Riverdaughter.  Everything they said and VIVE LE LIBERTE!

374 Responses

  1. Merci’ Bearcoup!

    Does that satisfy my foreign language skills for BO!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock & Rule!

  2. Oh, look over to your left. Isn’t that Pat J and Ed Rendell making an entrance arm and arm? Wonderful couple, so good to see them back together again.

    Rico, whatever that charming couple order it is on me. They look as good together as Angelina and Brad! Classy.

  3. Mon Ami Carol!

    Je me appeal SM, PUMA Conflucian, si vous plait – Champagne Moet Chandon?

  4. I’m on detox, so no drinkin’ for me. (The last month in CA was one of excessive excess…but lots of fun.) I’ll have my standard chilled diet coke in a martini glass with a cherry.

  5. For our 2nd number of the night:

    PUMA$ Pay Up if we want them to eat Cake!

  6. Now we just need pictures of our best and brightest knitting and plotting ala Madame Defarge.

  7. And of course, one of my favorites:

    PUMA$ Donate or fuzzy will lean!

  8. Since we’re celebrating La Revolution, let’s go all French.

    Rico, a French 75 without sugar S’il Vous Plait.

  9. Actually, this is the MOST appropriate video for tonight: It says how we feel and is a tribute to the French and will help all of us ignorant hillbillies start to learn a second language:

  10. Pat! Pardon! Rico, un Moet Chandon per le mon ami Pat Johnson, vive le resistance!

  11. I shall continue to gulp my cranberry&coke. It’s a blast and an hour to be amongst such distinguished company. If anyone is so inclined, go to read William’s latest post on Bitterpoliticz. It will give you chills. It’s appropriate given what we’ve discussed today. If you’re a fan of Agatha Christie, you’ll most certainly appreciate his sense of the diabolical.

  12. Moi je prends un verre de rouge, comme d’hab. Salut a tous et a toutes ! 🙂

  13. Somebody please call a cab for that blond “Marilyn” look alike please.

  14. Pat: Shall we summon an Ed-drawn cab?

  15. I wish it was Cinco de Mayo. I wouldn’t feel so useless then.

  16. Love Agatha Christie!!

  17. I can’t wait until bars start serving Coke Zero. So much better than Diet.

  18. vive la resistance ! a bas les mecs-blogueurs fascistes !

    probably somewhat mangled francais, that one.. 🙂

  19. partie sous l’autobus!!!

    that’s supposed to say “party under the bus!”……apologies to anyone who really speaks french……

  20. “Death on the Nile” makes my life. So did “Murder on the Orient Express.” Changed the way I write forever.

  21. William’s post is a powerful read. Much like miqx2u’s today. They really are out with long knives against the Clinton’s. A sorry day whoever wins in November.

  22. Where I go so goes Eddy!

  23. Carol: &^*() %$%$$#

  24. OK: RegencyG, you get a nice Sorbet specialty whipped from Rico special recipe.

    PLEASE see the Grace Jones video everyone!

  25. I can’t say much in French. I was born & raised in New England French-Canadian region of Massachusetts, aka Essex County. So I did pick up a wee bit – and that’s as far as I can go without ordering Rosetta Stone Software.

  26. Here is another off the wall suggestion: Rove is defying the subpoena. Pretty big move on his part. But what if he is one of the forces behind this travesty and knows come January with Nancy, Reid, and Obama in the driver’s seat, all charges will be forgotten?

  27. Pat Johnson, on July 14th, 2008 at 10:05 pm Said: Edit Comment
    William’s post is a powerful read. Much like miqx2u’s today. They really are out with long knives against the Clinton’s. A sorry day whoever wins in November.

    Confluence was on FIRE today.

    Everything they said & more.

  28. Thanks, SM!

  29. Rove isn’t that smart. He barely won in ’04 despite all the advantages he had and got his clock cleaned in ’06.

  30. Bonsoir, tout le monde. Vive la resistance!

    Rico, un verre de Moet-Chandon, s’il te plait.

    For all you ignorant hos who don’t speak another language: Champagne me, Rico darling, and good evening, all!

  31. Mes chers chats,

    An apropos thought for that junior senator who doesn’t speak a foreign language but apparently believes all Americans should:

    La gloire soudaine se fane très vite.

    Sudden glory quickly withers.

    Vive la révolution!

    a California PUMA

  32. Ben Carlson: Isn’t that from Les Miserables?

    I shoulda thought of that, but unfortunately I thunk it this way: French song, Late night, Bastille Day, Edith Piaf, Funk & Groove = GRACE JONES.

    Next time, I’ll think of Les Miserables. Thank YOU!

  33. Wait a minute, I speak another language. It just happens to be Spanish. I live in Texas, hello!

    Here’s something to read if you’re sober enough.

    Clinton supporters want floor vote posted at 10:50 am on July 14, 2008 by Ed Morrissey

    It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. — Dan Cook

    Operation Chaos may not yet have finished, according to CQ Politics. While Hillary Clinton negotiates for a place of honor at the convention, some of her followers have a more important role in mind for her. They want an open floor vote for the nomination — and think that Hillary could win it:
    She may have given up, but a few of Hillary Rodham Clinton ’s people haven’t.
    The senator from New York is said to be negotiating a respectful presence followed by a graceful exit from next month’s Democratic convention, and last week the party announced that Barack Obama would formally accept the party’s nomination in the stadium built for the Denver Broncos. But there are Clinton supporters clinging to the hope that if her name is placed in nomination and the roll call of the states is conducted, she might — might — still win.
    Heidi Li Feldman, a Georgetown University law professor, insists there’s still “no way of predicting” the outcome should there be a fair vote. That’s because Obama has not secured enough pledged delegates to ensure the magic number of 2,118 needed to claim victory; the Illinois senator has gone past that benchmark only with the pledges of about 390 superdelegates — and they can change their minds at any time up to the moment they cast their ballots.
    Feldman plans to put her money where her mouth is. She raised $100,000 for Clinton in the primaries, and now she wants to raise more to run ads demanding a free vote on the nomination. She and Marc Rubin have formed the Denver Group to pressure the DNC to meet their demands — and says she will not vote for Obama in the general election without a floor vote in Denver.
    There could be danger for Obama in a floor vote, albeit rather microscopic. His long series of flip-flops have damaged his credibility and taken the enthusiasm for his candidacy out of the base. The FISA vote particularly enraged the activist base of the party, and Hillary’s opposition may have rekindled respect for her among former Obama enthusiasts. As Feldman and CQ point out, the superdelegates could conceivably still vote for Hillary in an open ballot, and the netroots might find that a pleasant alternative to the Gaffemaster.
    At least it would guarantee network coverage, now at risk thanks to the DNCC’s last-minute change for the final night’s festivities. A floor vote would make Denver much more interesting — perhaps more interesting than the DNC would like. And if the unthinkable happens and Hillary wins the nomination on the floor vote, the meltdown that would follow would ensure wall-to-wall coverage.

  34. gqmartinez: You are probably right. We do credit Rove with more than he deserves by way of “genius”.

    Whatever else comes of this year’s sorry election, hopefully there will be some reorganization put together of how to go about the next primary and the elimination of caucuses and crossover registration. These two elements alone beg for mischief making and is not wholly representative of the will of the voter.

    That is why, if nothing else, the DNC needs to be sent a strong message.

    And the first step would be to have Nancy not reelected to House Minority Leader and Reid is replaced as well. With the congressional approval rating at 9% it vividly illustrates their poor stewardship. Reelecting them would also be a sanctioning of where they have led the Party since 2006.

    They each need a robust challenge.

  35. What a great blog this is! The posts today were magnifique! Since this is an open thread, I’m going to repost the comment I left at the tail end of myiq2xu’s thread.


    I’m sorry to be so late in commenting. Based on my reading, I think that Obama and Hillary were both acceptable to the DLC, which is the organization that advises big corporations about who are the up and comers. Even though Obama made a big show of taking his name off the DLC list when he was confronted about it, he is still DLC and so are some of his top advisors.

    Obama is the choice of the investment banks, because he favors privatization of social programs and his top economic advisors are pushing for privatization of social security. That is the big thing that turned me off Obama very early.

    I believe that top Democratic “leaders” like Howard Dean pushed Obama beginning in 2004. Kerry gave Obama his donor list. Tom Daschle and his wife are both big-time lobbyists and Daschle pushed Obama to run in 2008. Axelrod is also a lobbyist, of course. Obama’s talk about not taking lobbyist money was an obviously lie from the very beginning.

    I think as the primary season began, it became clear that Obama would be easier to control than Clinton and the big media companies pushed him and screamed for Hillary to get out. Many Dem “leaders” fell for the media blitz.

    Now the media co’s and other large corporations will get either McCain or Obama–another Repub at heart. And it will be easier for Obama to dismantle social security than for any Repub. Social Security is the last big prize in the robbing of the U.S. treasury.

  36. regency: Another find! They may be finally coming to terms that this movement is not just a bunch of old grandma’s sitting around whining and sulking.

  37. It’s great to see you again, gqmartinez!

  38. This has definitely been a very special day. The posts have been fabulous and the company is always enjoyable.

    Anyone have a chance to check out this article?


  39. Wow!

    Sugar just posted this absolutely spectacular must-see video.

    Lord of the Democrats


  40. gqmartinez: Here is what I wrote about KKKarl and his legendary political skillz in August of 2007:

    And as for his brilliance? Well, let me sum up his career:

    Decades of lying, cheating and stealing to get to the top of the food chain and achieve a “permanent Republican majority”

    6 whole years of Republic dominance

    A huge Republic defeat in 2006 and an even huger one predicted in 2008; a Republic Party so crippled by scandal and unpopular right-wing positions that KKKarl pushed on them that they are poised for permanent minority status


    Buh-bye, KKKarl. If your family wants to spend more time with you, they must be the only ones. America can’t wait to see the back of your slimy white head.


  41. bb: Another reason why Obama should not be elected. He will ram that privatization of social security through a majority Dem congress where with McCain, they will not buckle as easily in giving him a win.

  42. Pat,

    Has Ed told you what happened to H.O.U.N.D.? It doesn’t seem to have caught on.

  43. Good evening. I haven’t been able to read Gary’s and myiqx2’s threads in thier entireity. Have we found out who is the man pulling the strings on the Obama puppet show?

  44. bb: He is a hound, the cutie pie! He left the “hound” in Texas over the weekend. Ask Carol.

  45. Just read the PUMA post over at HuffPo. The ping pong match is in full swing over there with our supporters and those of The One.

    The anti comments have us as all old ladies, Republicans, whiners, liars, etc. The pro’s (us) are batting back and forth. The world has gone nuts if you consider that these are all Democrats screaming and clawing at one another. Brilliant!

  46. MABLUE!!!!!!!!!!!





    VIRAL !


    Please watch it -Lord of the Rings aka Lord of the Democrats.

    MUST SEE!!

  47. SM – I need to tell you that you rock. I know it’s been a while but your call into JSND radio was awesome. I could listen to you all night.

  48. Totally awesome video. Man, there are some talented people here.

  49. Oy. I’m blogging on my blackberry watching “Hellboy” on the tube and realizing why I read more than I watch TV or movies. Yikes.

    Another 20 minutes and I can go for a run. Btw, when were hard alcohol commercials allowed on the tube during the day? They used to be relegated to late night with the infomercials for “Girls gone wild” and that crazy knife.

  50. MABlue – Wow! That video was amazing, especially for a big LOTR fan like me. 🙂

  51. #
    MABlue, on July 14th, 2008 at 10:24 pm Said:


    Sugar just posted this absolutely spectacular must-see video.

    Oh my freaking god. At the “preciousssssssss” part, I just about died laughing. That’s freaking dang brilliant. Da Vinci brilliant. That kind of brilliant. Eek.

  52. I agree about the video MABlue posted. It was amazing!

  53. Bb, I have lots to write about and a job to find. Know anyone looking for a recent grad school grad to fill a position?

    I am enjoying my time off though. My mind is free to wander these days. Not sure if that’s good or bad ;).

  54. PUMA -SF – awww, thank you!!! I thought I sounded icky, but, thanks. I feel the urge to serve as much in my power to do so – which isn’t much.

    But thanks to the Confluence & you & everyone here.

    F&ck it all.

    Storm the damn tower, we’re not gonna take it anymore!

  55. So we are about 523 hits from 1.5 million.

  56. Whoever put that video together is a freakin genius.

  57. GQMartinez: ¡Mi hermano super-inteligente!

    Good to see you out here with us on Bastille Day!

    So how’s the moving going?

  58. SM,

    LOL! Everytime you post a list of words like that, I look to see what the first letters spell. You are a font of creativity.

    I love the “storming the Bastille image,” because I’m still wading through “Crowds and Power.” The crowd storming the Bastille is an example of a reversal crowd–a crowd with the goal of reversing injustice. PUMA started out as a prohibition crowd, a group of people who are refusing to do what is expected or demanded of us–like a strike. But now we have begun to demand real change and our voices are being heard. If you hadn’t shared your brainstorm that night, it might not have happened.

  59. taggles: This was a great moment!

  60. gq:

    Enjoy your free time as long as humanly possible. Read, watch movies, travel (if you still have some change).

    Once you get into professional life, that’s it. You’ll never be able to shut down for 3 weeks in a row.

  61. TAGGLES!!!

    Sheri Tag !!!!

    We honor all New Englanders today too, as LOT of New Englanders are from French-Canadian descent.

    I HOPE YOU GET BARBARA as a guest!!

  62. gq,

    Letting your mind wander is good, especially when you are going through a big transition. I wish I knew of jobs. At least I have some income until the end of this year. Not sure what I’m going to do after that either. For now, I just have to get my freaking dissertation done, while keeping my head above water financially.

  63. SM,

    I have French Canadian ancestry on both sides, as well as Scotts-Irish. My ancestors on both sides started out in NE, and we ended up in the Midwest. I was drawn to come back.

  64. how’d you guess sm????

    I have some canuck in me! about half. the other parts are irish/german/cherokee.

    I’m a mutt! 🙂

  65. gq, what stae are you in/what’s your digree in?

  66. grad, there is someone amongst us that is a grad of high school! I didn’t no sum of us was sew smart!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  67. xxoo!

    I knew I wuz in fine company especially if we dance to GRACE JONES!

    I loved this post & funny we were thinking along the same lines my pumas as regards Bastille Day!

    Now which one of those fine cocktails first? Cheers!

  68. Hi Pat, I don’t know how to explain it. But she spoke eloquently and with passion.

  69. you guys gotta write faster, I’m impatient and hit refresh every 10 seconds! lol

  70. OMG! OMG! OMG!

    Have you guys noticed than we are less than 400 hits away from 1.5 mio?

    As my mum used to say “you were just born yesterday”.

  71. Okay – I have to go nite nite. When I get up in the morning – I hope fuzzy has leaned really hard!

    I need money for our girl or I will have to hock some diamonds!

    Love You All – Give me $5.08 if ya got it!

    PUMA$ Who want to be extinct don’t Donate!

  72. I just left CA and am “resting” in WA for a while. I’m planning to go to DC or NM. I’d like to end up long term in NM as that is where I grew up and I have an affinity for the area.

    I have an idea for a couple novels, but I can’t seem to get myself in the mood to write. I think the last week of writing my dissertation left a lingering hatred of writing in me. Sigh.

    The reading, golfing and time with the niece and nephew are great though. I’m enjoyin’ myself.

  73. taggles: She spoke from her heart. Which made it so authentic. Hope you get her on again.

  74. But what is your PhD in?

  75. NE Rocks! Home of the Boston Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and us MA residents!

  76. Btw, the degree is in biophysics, but I’m planning to give up that lifestyle to do policy. Have I mentioned the great quantative skills I learned in grad school? And project development and management? Haha. I’m so sick of answering that question…


  78. taggles: Hope I did not sound like a complete idiot last night. Was sipping on a soda when you called my number. Got so wound up that it was my turn, wanted to acknowledge all 3 of you, then started to sound like Obama when someone asks a question, ah, er, ah.

  79. Yankees do indeed!!! Not having a good season. Boo Hoo.

  80. No worries, I didn’t notice a thing! If you notice I am more nervous at the beginning of the show than at the end. but it’s getting better each time I do one.

  81. You sounded fine. All of you sound relaxed and informed, it was a pleasure for me since I am a fan. Have you invited murphy on as yet? If so, I missed it.

  82. Playing the part of Gomez Adams this evening will be Prolix who is driven wild by french speaking PUMAs.

    How is everyone this fine evening?

  83. she was on july 3rd. She is welcome back anytime. I understand she is going to have her own show on NQR on saturdays I am not sure of the time.

  84. Prolix, what does a puma roar sound like in french?

  85. Then I missed it. I was in Beantown for a few days to babysit and take in the fireworks. She is doing a lot with PUMA.

  86. We’ve hit 1.5 million!

  87. prolix: I am sorry to say I speak no other language than English. Please translate.

  88. Should I sign up to go to a McCain town hall meeting in KC?

  89. WoW!! 1,500,000 hits!

  90. Taggles, it is the roll of the rrrrrrr’s that is the distinctive part and I almost never need it translated, me being a deadender and all.

  91. katiebird: Do it! Might as well play Helen of Troy while you are at it. Your presence may double the crowd.

  92. Pat, you missed great fun last night in poking the Huffpoopers with sticks — much fun was had.

  93. Taggles, as BostonBoomer & Pat Johnson knows, I’m a Methuen born-Lawrence raised Domincan – living in FL now. I think the liberal NE rebel spirit is in the water or something.

  94. prolix: I directed you there but I did not bother to leave a comment. Did you?

  95. Anyone know when or if we will know if we donated enough to retire Hillary’s debt. I thought someone said she only had until the 15th to do it. I think the Repubs know there is a chance that Hillary still has a chance of rising up from the ashes at the convention or think that this is a trick by the DNC. Put up a dumbo like Obama and let them spend all their time and money on ads fighting a blank slate and then spring a surprise on them at the convention. Little do they know how stupid the dear leaders of our party are. They really don’t have the chocolate nuts to pull something that intelligent. They are saving their ammo until after the convention. I just hope they haven’t waited too late. It’s hard to get any t.v. coverage unless you are Obama. Even FOX is kissing up to a greater extent now.

  96. katiebird, go for it — you might win the door prize and it could be a foreign policy trip to Aruba or something like that.

  97. Pat, let me go find me comments, brb.

  98. I got as far as a sign-up page on his website. (shaking my head)

    I just don’t think I’m ready to sign up at a Republican Site. That’s a pretty big leap.

  99. Hey SM, have you read “the Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao”?

  100. Prolix!!! Welcome to the storming of Bastille Tower!

    1.5 million hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OUI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (or however you say it in French)

  101. AL: I said the same about Fox on a previous thread. It is if they are in the tank over there as well. I want some real raw meat and fire breathing commentary coming out of them again, but no, it is all kissy Obama.

  102. katiebird: I know how you feel. Like you would need to go to confession afterwards. I can’t bring myself to do it either. Almost unholy.

  103. It is so humid right now here in MA and no air is circulating. Ugh! Almost like Florida in July.

  104. This is what I posted when I got back over here last night:

    Prolix, on July 14th, 2008 at 1:10 am Said:

    I’m back, okay, here are two real comments and my replies that won’t make it through moderation:

    1. bin Laden and Hussein won’t like this. (Hussein is dead and bin Laden lives in a cave, the New Yorker doesn’t deliver either place.)

    2. I hope Arianna writes her thoughts on this outrage. (Yeah, elephants with diarrhea should have such control.)

  105. “taggles”
    WOW !! Barbara had me in tears!

  106. prolix: And they let these through the filter? Oh my God!

  107. GQMartinez! What an honor to have you here. I super quadruple respect your wise words.

    I haven’t read Junot Diaz’ book!!! I’m such a bad Dominican – I know it’s a Pulitzer prize winner.

    I am in awe of the writing that has come from the island, Julia Alvarez is an idol of mine and I am also an aspiring novelist. Maybe we can compare notes someday! My story is a historical novel that takes place between Spain & Hispañola, the disgusting start of the slave trade in the Caribbean, love, history, romance, etc.

  108. No, I posted them, but I’m sure they got clogged in the filter.

  109. Just wondering –

    Are you ladies planning to keep this up for 8 years?

  110. They only let the “kid” stuff through over there. But I have to laugh at Taylor Marsh. She did a turn on a dime after Hillary suspended thinking she would attract the Obamabots. Instead she only gets the Hillary supporters and a few trolls to post over there and it is pretty childish.

    Oh well, she made her decision but it is hysterical to watch her contortions to defend Obama when only weeks ago she was out for his blood.

  111. progressive, keep what “up”?

  112. progressive: We can “keep it up for 8 years”, can you?

  113. I think we have a “sweetie” in the room.

  114. Pat Johnson, on July 14th, 2008 at 11:37 pm Said:
    progressive: We can “keep it up for 8 years”, can you?

    I’m betting “progressive” can’t keep it up for 5 minutes. LOL.

  115. le fee verte pour mois, d’accord bien!

  116. tm is a disappointment, pat. makes you wonder if she really supported hillary to begin with. You figure after all the abuse she took at the hands of the obots, she would have continued to fight.

  117. Progressive, my adams apple betrays me close up, but continue…

  118. most women don’t want to help keep “it” up for 8 mins never mind 8 years. 🙂

  119. TM wants so badly to be a player. She will velcro herself to any candidate whom she thinks will make that happen.

  120. but we do what we have to do!

  121. taggles: You are good!!!!!

  122. Progressive, keep what up?


  123. I think progressive may have turned tail and exited.

  124. What will you do if Obama wins the election in November? This is a serious question, so please spare me the nonsensical answers. It is a real possibility.

  125. Keep up the cocktail parties? Why, you think President McCain is going to bring back Prohibition?

  126. Oh well – screw him. I’m a LIBERAL. I used to be a progressive until the Obamabots spoiled the name.

  127. sm, looks like progressive couldn’t keep it up long enough to even kiss us good night and cuddle?

    oh the humanity!

  128. progressive: I have no idea who you are but I can tell you one thing, don’t come in here and dictate the discussion. Telling us our answers are nonsensical is not a way you want to begin a discussion. Go read your copy of Miss Manners.

  129. Progressive, I happen to think a ham sandwich could beat the Republican this year. What’s your point?

  130. Did he at least leave some change on the bureau?

  131. Pat:
    I haven’t actually gotten any answers yet, just hoping for some real ones. Serious discussion is in short supply as this election wears on. Manners are in short supply all around, too.

  132. I thought you were just wondering. I didn’t realize you actually wanted an answer.

  133. Obama winning doesn’t strike me as a “real possibility” at all, but if he does I will hold him accountable for enforcing the Democratic principles he purports to embody.

    I’m not particularly optimistic about that though.

  134. masslib,

    I don’t have a point, just a question. I don’t really expect to get a serious answer, but I was hoping for some food for thought.

  135. Whoever is preventing progressive from leaving the room please release him immediately. He is under the false impression that we are holding him here for some obscure reason.

  136. Pat:
    Why so hostile?

  137. progressive: Why so insistent?

  138. Are you afraid to answer, or what?

  139. Okay, I’ll bite — as long as there isn’t a third reincarnation of a Sedition Act, I hope this fine community of intelligent, thoughtful, gifted, funny and delightful humans will be here 8 years from now and hopefully 80 more on top of that.

    As long as opinions are legal, I hope to share them with this group no matter who is or who isn’t president.

  140. Progressive:

    Why so irritating?

  141. Progressive you asked this:

    “Just wondering –

    Are you ladies planning to keep this up for 8 years?”

    I ask you, so I may precisely answer your question.

    What do you think we might keep up for eight years?

  142. prolix: Brilliant!

  143. Prolix,


  144. progressive, I think we have two bad choices for President, thanks to the DNC and the super d’s who selected Obama. On the one hand, we have an unpricincipled, unqualified Democrat who doesn’t seem to realize the conservative movement crested in 2006 and it’s real OK to be an in your face Democrat. On the other hand, we have an unqualified Republican. Whomever wins, I won’t be disappointed because I already know they both suck. My goal is to assure that the blogosphere 2.0 movement, inspired by Hillary Clinton, lives on and doesn’t become the sad echo chamber currently inhabited by old netroots.

  145. well, i’m still trying get to get New Orleans into becoming it’s own little nation state, i’m convinced if we do that, AND legalize marijuana,plus offer NO income tax, only property tax, we’ll rule this side of the hemisphere …

  146. He assumes this site is made up of all women. Never assume.

  147. then all the pumas can move to new orleans and it can serve as a safe haven for political dissidents

  148. dakinikat: I am putting my house on the market as of today!

  149. Pat,

    I am a she.

  150. we had our own running of the bulls today … only it was our roller girls team skating down bourbon street with horns and huge whiffle bats … kinda fun to watch … all these silly guys running down the street in white pants and shirts, red berets and scarves followed by an army of amazon women skating and dressed as bulls

  151. Progressive, are you gonna stick around here for eight years to try and figure it out?

  152. Progressive:

    No, you’re not.

  153. where you trying to go to Pat?

  154. Progressive – what I will do is keep his feet to the fire .. and every chance I get – I will burn him for his lies .. I know wonderful people who will not say “I told you so ” .. however ..

    I’m not one of them .. I will tell you so over and over again and take great delight in doing so .

    He will be the sacrificial lamb .

  155. progressive: I’m impressed!

  156. Progressive, this is a Bastille Day celebration thread, aka Take Down the MUTHA-FLOCKERS in power. You, know, like the Dauphin of Democracy, aka Obama & DNC who stole votes to get the nomination?


    Good. Now, if you behave we will let you order a drink & listen to the great music.

    If not, Flo will slice you faster than a Samurai Sword.

  157. myiq2xu, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:01 am Said:

    No, you’re not.


  158. dakinikat: To NO. You made it sound so good.

  159. dakinikat, may I be the first to ask for asylum? I promise to be home every morning by 7:00 a.m. and not start drinking before 7:30 a.m. See, I have some experience with the most awesome NOLA.

  160. Progressive not to worry. Confusious Say, Obioama and Meeshell will be going home to high faluting house in Chi-town after losing the election this year. No 8 years, no 4 years, just sad tears ’cause all the big money spent and no body wanted to roll them dice.

  161. Isn’t it interesting that the idiot (vapidity is asexual) assumes we’re all women? Absorbing media narratives is a very dangerous habit, “Progressive.” It can lead to decreased self-awareness and a severe lack of relation to reality. Not good.

  162. sm 77 I live between Rue Dauphine and Rue Burgundy …

    et Nouvelle Orleans, c’est chez belle!

  163. bonsoir regency … next thing we will here is that we are all white women racist living in the appalachians and are christians …

  164. ick, here not HEAR… too much absinthe … I’ll switch to white wine now Rico!

  165. sm77, on July 14th, 2008 at 11:46 pm Said:
    Oh well – screw him. I’m a LIBERAL. I used to be a progressive until the Obamabots spoiled the name.

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking for a while, time to dump the progressive label. It doesn’t mean anything. Further, it was Republicans who first used it.

  166. MyIq, congratulations on another great post, I was tardy and didn’t get to comment on the thread, but I tip my hat to your fine Italian hand of research and writing.

  167. ALforHill:
    OK, what if Obama isn’t president and HIllary isn’t either? Then what?

  168. dakinikat: One of my sons took a quick trip down there in May for a 4 day stay and for no other reason but that he had to use up some vacay time and the price was right.

    He loved it, loved it, loved it. Said the only sad part he saw was a trip they took to the 9th ward which was still in bad shape but said he would definitely go again. Had a great time.

  169. dakinikat!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!! You are the Resident Nawlins resident!!!

    How’s Bastille Day in the Big Easy? (Other than the RllerBlading Chicas as Bulls?)

  170. Duh, then we have McCain.

    Reasoning ability is a lost sense.

  171. regencyg:
    What will you folks do then?

  172. i live in the 9th ward … we’re not all broken! actually, the lakefront is bad still, and anything on the other side of the intercoastal canal… which includes the lower 9 but not the upper 9… i’m in the upper 9 … the two parishes over there are in very sad shape.

  173. SM: I agree. At this point I have no idea what it means to be called a Progressive. I will stick with liberal. Have worn that one all my life.

  174. progressive, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:06 am Said:
    OK, what if Obama isn’t president and HIllary isn’t either? Then what?

    Then we have majorities in both houses. John McCain is President for four years. And we move on. Come on now, this isn’t brain surgery.

  175. Good night all! I gotta hit the sack! Have a great evening/morning! I loved bloggin with y’all.

    And it was great to keep my skills sharpened with y’all against the one little intruder, but I’m use to fightin off 10-20 at a time rapid fire. One little obot isn’t very challenging. But it was mildly amusing. 🙂

  176. Progressive:

    Then someone else will be President. Duh!

  177. progressive, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:09 am Said:
    What will you folks do then?

    Uh, keep blogging? What are you looking for here?

  178. Good night taggles, great to have you around!

  179. Is there a point to these “probing” questions I may have missed?

  180. sm77, we also have waiter races and such … we have a french consulate here as well as an institute so we celebrate a lot … they just set off fireworks at 10 over the river

  181. taggles: You are good with the comeback though!

  182. Masslib: “Liberal” is a badge of honor for me. “Progressive” too, until the Blogger Boiz addicted to Kool Aid ruined it. Like anything that is cool before it becomes trendy.

  183. Well, I think it time to retire “progressive”. It really doesn’t mean anything.

  184. SM: How is the little PUMA Cub doing on vacation?

  185. Pat … I was finding them pretty mundane actually, given there will be a democratic congress, a McCain Presidency would have to govern in the middle … besides, Obama has backtracked on anything of value to progressives now … he’s sidling on Iraq like a little blue crab…

  186. Reminds me of a kid asking “what if” to the point that you wanted to jump out of the moving car into traffic just to escape one more.

  187. Hello, President John McCain. At least I can respect this one. Something I have little for with Bush. Something I couldn’t do with an Obama. You have Bush now with secrets you can’t pry out with a crowbar. You can’t even get a viable birth certificate out of Obama. The secrecy behind Obama makes Bush look like an (almost) angel.

  188. I’d prefer to see myself as rationale or enlightened… to hell with progressive… i kinda like to give reason it’s due

  189. Pat J:

    Today (as oppoesed to yesterday or tomorrow) “progressive” means:

    You are in favor of the government spying on everybody

    You are opposed to UHC

    You want to “study” the situation in Iraq

    You are opposed to public campaign financing

    You are in favor of sexism

    You think anyone who doesn’t love The Precious is a rac*st and you are opposed to rac*sm)

    You think The Precious is a superior candidate because of his race

    You are pro-death penalty

    You are anti-choice.

    Tune in tomorrow for a new definition

  190. Taggles, good night, thank YOU for coming to join us a bit!

    Conflucians, PLEASE DON’T FORGET, NO WE WON’T RADIO on BLOG TALK RADIO with Sheri Tag aka Taggles!

  191. masslib and myiq2xu,

    I mean what will YOU guys do – individually and collectively. I know the #1 goal here is to get Hillary into the White House, but there is a chance that will fail. There must be some thought about how to handle a McCain presidency, or an Obama presidency. Will you keep trying to throw that president out, leave the country, form your own political party, work within the system to make the hated president behave as you want him to, jump off a cliff, destroy the Democratic party, join the Libertarians, join monasteries and nunneries, fuck it all and stay drunk for 8 years, keep working for HIllary for 2012 or 2016… what? Do you have a purpose beyond getting Hillary in the White House, or do you just go poof if it gails?

  192. I am pretty much resigned to a McCain presidency. I may not like it but as you said, he will have to face a Dem congress who may not support everything on his agenda. Obama I am not resigned to in any way, shape or form.

  193. so, i’m going to cherchez les reves!

    bonne nuit!

  194. By the way, apparently John McCain is ahead in the Newsweek Poll. Ma just saw it on Faux.

  195. Personally I plan to hunt down and waterboard every single Obama troll in the nation (and those that were outsourced to India too)

  196. masslib: Thanks for the clarification. I know it changes daily but it is nice to know you at least keep up.

  197. You hit it the first time, we’re afraid to answer. You’ve put a deep and abiding scare into us. Mission accomplished.

  198. myiq2xu: lol I am falling off my chair over here!

  199. This could possibly be a drinking song —

  200. Pat, aw!!! Thank you for asking – she is in a city & federally funded summer program with sports & Girl Scouts & activities every day & plays and does sports with her friends – so she’s very active. Oh, PUMA Cub is going away with the sperm donor – oops, I mean, her DAD next Monday for 2-3 weeks.

  201. Although “fuck it all and stay drunk for 8 years” does have it’s charm.


    Why do you assume (repeatedly) that whoever wins in November will be President for 8 years?

    Neither McCain nor Obama has a hope in hell of ever getting reelected, even if they are lucky enough to win the first time.

    Secondly, why the fuck do you care what we plan to do?

    Thirdly, why the fuck should we care enough to answer you?

  202. SimoFish: Great song but Prolix and I only need to hear the doorbell ring – that is music enough for us to pop a few.

  203. I’d add one more to the ever ungulating list on progressive:

    You don’t like satire.

  204. progressive, we take it one day at a time. First, we pay off our girl’s debt. Second we continue to seek a fair and open nominating process at convention, third we continue our dialouge. We’re doing our thing. M’kay?

  205. SM: You didn’t sound icky at all. I loved how excited you got and I especially loved your Latina accent. Let’s storm the damn tower.

    ooh, myiq2xu, I’d like to offer assistance in the waterboarding exercise. Damn troll bots.

  206. SimoFish, yes, I spent years and years at Pavlov’s clinic in order to condition myself to drinking and the doorbell.

  207. SM: Sounds like her summer is fuller than mine! As long as she has fun and enjoys herself, let the S.D. spoil her for a few weeks. My S.D. was much too busy chasing to ever do a few days.

  208. Prolix: She doesn’t understand satire. Note the distinction.

  209. progressive, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:16 am Said: Edit Comment
    masslib and myiq2xu,

    I mean what will YOU guys do – individually and collectively. I know the #1 goal here is to get Hillary into the White House, but there is a chance that will fail. There must be some thought about how to handle a McCain presidency, or an Obama presidency. Will you keep trying to throw that president out, leave the country, form your own political party, work within the system to make the hated president behave as you want him to, jump off a cliff, destroy the Democratic party, join the Libertarians, join monasteries and nunneries, fuck it all and stay drunk for 8 years, keep working for HIllary for 2012 or 2016… what? Do you have a purpose beyond getting Hillary in the White House, or do you just go poof if it gails?

    Excuse the “French” but since it’s Bastille Day (FLo, please don’t drop kick me):

    Why FUCK are you so G_D DAMN interested?

    If you really want to fucking know, go back through the fucking archives of the Confluence and read WHY.

    I ain’t got no time for you Progressive. Consider this a warning.

  210. Wonderful post and comments!
    Signed, Jacques
    (a Citizen)

  211. Reg, what can you do, you lead the humorless to satire and irony and they don’t chortle — what’s a guy to do?

  212. I realize you’re all partying, and you all know each other well and I’m a stranger, but if you’re a “movement” and you are hoping to reach and influence others it might be good to consider sharing information with people who have shown some interest. Doing it in a civil way would speak well of you and your group.

    Thanks to the two of you who were decent enough to respond with some sort of meaningful comment.

    Cheers y’all.

  213. Progressive:

    You’re on the wrong team. We have real live women on our side.

    If you’re nice and polite (and bathe) one of them might take pity on you and show you a good time.

    It’s worth a shot, considering the alternative is the usual frat-boy circle jerk.

    C’mon, join the coed team. Girls aren’t really icky, no matter what the other boys told you.

  214. SM: You go girl!!!!!!!!!

  215. I am laughing out loud again at the comments! Are we all being asked to type his/her term paper or something?

  216. myiq2xu:

    Hillary must be so proud of you.

  217. Progressive – well, I guess I will just tuff it out , like I have done with gwb .

    Obama has stated and said – He wants to return foreign policy to the pappy bush years and raygun era etc..

    He also praises Alieto and Roberts decisions . .

    Abortion .. ? .. well , if you are mentally ill – furgetabut it ‘
    doesn’t count .. lol . Too darn bad .

    He is also for the failed program of “no child left behind ”

    He is also for spying on American citizens .

    His health care program is not universal .

    He is also for too many darn things that are right wing .. however .. I am tired . I will leave it at that ..

    until tomorrow .

  218. We ain’t trying to reach and influence nobody.

    Obama keeps the PUMA membership committee busy with new applicants every time he opens his mouth.

  219. Faugressive:

    She is, she sent me a letter telling me so.

  220. What the hell does Hillary have to do with this?

  221. PUMA SF: Geez, You can’t hide being bilingual – the accent comes out, and I was born & raised in Massachusetts. My cousins in the Bronx say that I say “cahfee” or “Bahston” – whatev. Amen to Liberty & Diversty.

    Pat: I try to make her as balanced as possible within the busget. I know that you understand what it is to sacrifice for your kids. Not this Michelle 10,000 crap on Ballet crap.

  222. Question for progressive: what is your objective? I have no idea since you said yourself that you were pleased that at least two of us deadenders here answered your question so now what?

    What is on your mind?

  223. I wish wordpress would add an option that would allow us to kick these rude little fuckers in the junk.

    That would teach ’em some manners.

  224. I told you exactly what we are doing, progressive.

  225. SM: I know how tough that can be, believe me. I had to do it with 4. Aye, yi, yi.

  226. progressive, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:27 am Said: Edit Comment
    I realize you’re all partying, and you all know each other well and I’m a stranger, but if you’re a “movement” and you are hoping to reach and influence others it might be good to consider sharing information with people who have shown some interest. Doing it in a civil way would speak well of you and your group.

    Thanks to the two of you who were decent enough to respond with some sort of meaningful comment.

    Cheers y’all.

    Whatever. Read the archives. You read my response above.

  227. Pat: Doncha remember that all things are bad because of Hillary or will be bad because of Hillary?

    All things lead to Hillary.

    Big Gawd has said so and so it is.

  228. Boy, even bots like progressive are bored with Obama.

  229. regency: I forget. That is why I depend on you to remind me every now and then. And I know you have a personal connection to Big Dawg so I should pay closer attention.

    It is hot here tonight in MA. Hillary must be playing with the thermostat again.

  230. Masslib: Just direct Progressive to the archives. We ain’t got time for this kind of Axelrod Nightshift Troll.

  231. why are the Obots so fricken lame? If you’re going to make a career out of assholishness, goddamn it put some effort into it. It’s just getting sad now. You started out allright with the ladies bs, then fell apart. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t bring out the persecution complex and concern trolling till at least mile 20.

  232. Is this really about Obama? Would any of the 6 other candidates who were running against HIllary in the beginning have been acceptable?

  233. masslib: He is a boring candidate isn’t he? The fizz and sizzle have completely evaporated from this race with Hillary’s departure. About as exciting as watching the grass grow.

  234. Okay, let’s start a pool, who will BZero sleep with first on his trip to Iraq — Hagel or Reed?

  235. progressive, here’s the deal. this was your first comment:

    Just wondering –

    Are you ladies planning to keep this up for 8 years?

    I’ve seen this happen more than a few times – someone drops in here who sees things differently, and his/her first comment is pretty rude, and then s/he professes to be astonished at the lack of civility? Perhaps you might have showed up and said hello, I am interested in asking a few questions, do you mind, etc?

  236. Sweetie Sue/Jacques: Merci! we are celebrating Bastille Day, the day the courageous French stormed the Bastille and said “MERDE” to the aristocratic lords.

  237. progressive: At least hurl a few choice words at us. We are used to that. Quit the Q and A.

  238. I mean I don’t walk into someone’s house and say what’s wrong with you people, and then expect that they’ll be happy to explain themselves to me and then engage in a nice conversation.

  239. prolix: He is saving it up for Petraeus.

  240. progressive, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:38 am Said:
    Is this really about Obama? Would any of the 6 other candidates who were running against HIllary in the beginning have been acceptable?

    Yes, any, save Kucinich. They at least have the requisite prior full time job experience. But not if they lost the popular vote, the swing states, the swing voters and the final four months of the nominating process(wasn’t there a point to the protracted process?). And, not if there were not a free and open vote at convention.

  241. It’s like she hasn’t been paying attention at all. If the process had been fair, then the outcome would have been legitimate. It wasn’t, it isn’t, he isn’t. Simple story.

  242. progressive, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:38 am Said:
    Is this really about Obama? Would any of the 6 other candidates who were running against HIllary in the beginning have been acceptable?

    Anyone who won it fair and square would have been acceptable-if not desirable-to me.

  243. progressive, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:38 am Said: Edit Comment
    Is this really about Obama? Would any of the 6 other candidates who were running against HIllary in the beginning have been acceptable?

    It’s about DEMOCRACY. Fair Elections, One Person one vote.

    I live in FL, my vote means SHIT thanks to the RBC, despite 3 states having broken rules and gotten waivers, FL was denied 3 times: one at the request before 2007 was over, then Obama denied a revote, and again at the RBC.

    So fuck off Progressive. This ain’t about Hillary anymore.

  244. Seriously: lol

  245. Thanks for the wonderful video of Grace Jones, brought back so many great memories. Her rendition of La Vie en Rose is so beautifully strong.

    BTW, it is” Viva la liberté” not le

  246. progressive — please read some of the archives.

    This is not nearly so much about Obama as it is about the DNC, which pushed their favored person over the line to become the nominee in an effort to rid the party of Clinton and most importantly, her supporters. It is an ideological divide. They broke their own rules to deliver the delegates for Obama, and even then barely succeeded.

    If you are truly interested, you should be willing to put a little work into it. Read the archives here, go to the PUMA pac site (which summarizes the goals and reasons for them), go to Alegre’s site and read up on the DNC’s war against FDR Democrats.

    The fact that Obama is a weak candidate, and deeply flawed, does draw our attention to him. Also, he and Dems behave in such a mockworthy and condemnation worthy fashion, it’s hard to avoid focusing on him. He’s the tool, though, not the thing in itself. Had he not behaved so badly during the campaign, I would almost feel bad for him, he’s riding for a fall and it will hurt plenty.

  247. progressive, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:43 am Said:
    What was wrong with Kucinich?

    No gravitas. Ok, progressive, I’m as bored with you as you are with your candidate.

    Guys, shall we call it a night with progressive?

  248. I had a kid like progressive. “How, why, when, where, who”? He never quit. So I took him out to the forest and left him there. I am sure he is very happy because I know I was.

    Progressive: Want to go for a ride?

  249. SM: Your turn.

  250. Click212 – sorry – my French is ne ces pas. Or whatever that means. Spanish is my second language, forgive me.

    We are celebrating bastille Day, the day that the common folk stood up and fought injustice and KICKED ASS.

    Like PUMAs.

    (PS: ISN’T GRACE JONES AWESOME??? I love her.)

  251. No, progressive. None of the other candidates would have been acceptable. This has nothing to do with the disgusting campaign Obama ran, the disenfranchisment of FL and MI, the fact that he’s a complete phony, the furthest thing from a progressive, etc. Nothing to do with him. We’re a cult of Hillary worshippers, and it was her or nobody. We’ve been planning this from birth, including the numbers of us who used to support other candidates or used to be party of the Anybody But Hillary group. We would never have accepted anyone else, even if they ran a clean campaign and supported Democratic principles. Never. Hillary or bust, and actually us ladies (you’re one, right, so you should know unless you missed the indctrination video) will never vote for anyone without a labia. I live in MA where we’ve had like 2 women candidates in my lifetime, so it’s been particularly hard on me. I hope to be able to vote again sometime in the next 6 or 7 decades, but it’s not looking good.

    Okay, you got what you wanted, I gave you the money quotes, feel free to use them, feel free to run along.

  252. I want to go to bed but your guys are so goooooood!!

  253. progressive, on July 15th, 2008 at 12:46 am Said: Edit Comment
    Why aren’t you working to change the party rules if you don’t like them?

    You pompous piece of MERDE. We ARE the base, the common folk, the dirt under everyones shoe, the m-f ing stupid idiots that voted for more losers than winners and we are tired of it. NOT ANYMORE.

    With PUMA, we ARE going to change the G_D DAMN rules. Bet your “Progressive” ass on it.

  254. Hey SM,
    I’m going to have to tell you my story idea someday. Perhaps when someone like “progressive” isn’t getting their jollies off disrupting the conversation. The psychological aspects of someone who gets off on going to blogs and forums with the sole intent to disrupt has always been exciting to me. What leads a person to do such a thing if they are not paid?

  255. gq: Lonlieness, inadequacy, self righteousness, who knows. They prefer being beat up by posters because it heightens their sense of superiority. Most of us would just get out but this one has staying power. Go figure.

  256. GQMartinez – no se – pero le quiero partir la cara al pendejo. Te respeto mucho y me encantaría la idea.

  257. They can’t help themselves, it’s like the Grapes of Wrath: “Wherever there’s a potential voter to alienate, I’ll be there”

  258. Don’t know if ya’ll heard or cared but McCain is leading in the new Newsweek poll. It went from +15 Obama to +3 Obama, to +? McCain. It was on Faux News a few hours ago.

  259. Seriously: But like the “Color Purple” : “Everything you do to me, it’s already been done to you.” FUCK THEM.

    Without a respect for the voter, for the everyday people that the Democratic Party “used to” represent, fuck them all. We need to burn their asses out back to the Libertarian/Rethug party where the came from and demand our Democracy back.

  260. I’m sorry, I’m laughing too hard to snark. Errr…you have brought a bulletin that brings us all great distress. We will work hard to rehabilitate our reputations.

  261. Hi all, I’m just passing through. Need to watch Star Trek re-runs with my husband. I think he still remembers me 😉

  262. Bonne Nuit, sm77.
    Sweet dreams of President Hillary.

  263. Bwahahahahaha! “certain very visible forums”? Like where? Daily Obama? Can you read? We can’t be bothred with old netroots. Look at you. You are bored to tears on that “forum”. That’s why you are here.

    Regency, i googled Newsweek poll and find nothing.

  264. Progressive, so go lurk some more and stop being so damn obnoxious. READ. Look at the archives. June 1st was when PUMA was born. A lot happened on that day.

    Go on, read & do a book report for us.

  265. sm77, see it’s crap like that that’s making us look bad in Cheetoland. Why should any self respecting WF shopper respect everyday people? GROSS. Get with the program, buddy. If we don’t see something about hos, old people, racist Latinos and Asians, or inbred mountain people from you soon, we’re reporting you to the moderators.

  266. sm77, see it’s crap like that that’s making us look bad in Cheetoland. Why should any self respecting WF shopper respect everyday people? GROSS. Get with the program, buddy. If we don’t see something about hos, old people, ra—- Latinos and Asians, or inbred mountain people from you soon, we’re reporting you to the moderators.

  267. SweetieSue – Buenas Noches – Bonne Nuit, and all that good stuff! Come back tomorrow!

  268. That’s crazy, reg. I figured it’d take until August for him to tank that bad. Maybe it’s an outlier. Will be interested to see other polls.

  269. “The reputation of this group in certain very visible forums is something you might not like.”

    Are they talking nice about us again? They better not be, or I’ll open up a big can o’ whoopass on ’em!

  270. jjmtacoma, Original Series or the Next Generation. I watched TNG tonight. Just as good as it was before I was born.

    Progressive: Dude, who cares what they say about us? We still raised $10,000 dollars for Hillary in 3 days. Judge us by our deeds not by how we act under the influence of flags. Most of all, just go away. Unlike many, many others, we don’t seek the valida tion of strangers to sleep at night.

  271. Seriously – LOL!!! Dammit, my wine buzz actually took you “seriously” for a minute., after all that “Progessive” crapola.

    Whew. Thank GOD my snark meter is intact. Ok. Back to the fun!

  272. Reg, I think the Newsweek poll went from a +15 for BZero to a +3 for BZero which is within the margin of error, so statistically a tie.

  273. Progressive:

    Thank you for your concern. However, this is part of Left Blogistan, where we take pride in being obnoxious and uncivil.

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!


  274. I think the super delegates are the last ones that need to be in the market of judging credibility.

  275. Oh noes, the super delegates think we’re McCainiacs. Crap! And until this point they held our opinion in such high regard.

  276. What else did you want? A reach-around?

    You’ll have to ask your trollmaster for one of those.

  277. What else did you want? A reach-around?

    You’ll have to ask your trollmaster for one of those.

  278. Deja vu all over again

  279. Progressive, what’s your user name at Daily Obama? I want to read your archives.

  280. Our superdelegates are too stupid to see straight, that’s why we’re in this mess. If they’re checking out blogs we’re in more trouble than I realized. Anyway, so many of them have publicly confessed that they’ll vote based on the preferences of their 7 year olds, so the question is whether little Johnny is reading the blogs. I suspect Rico will bounce little Johnny.

  281. Actually, thouch, I just messin with you. I don’t want to read your archives.

  282. Yeah, “progressive” where’s your blog?

    What are you going to do while Obama (assuming he wins) takes our country in the crapper?

    What are you going to do for the next 4 years?

  283. myiq2xu, on July 15th, 2008 at 1:15 am Said: Edit Comment
    “The reputation of this group in certain very visible forums is something you might not like.”

    Are they talking nice about us again? They better not be, or I’ll open up a big can o’ whoopass on ‘em!


    Fuck “nice!” It’s more fun being a bitch.

  284. We were thinking having Hillary go on American Idol.

  285. Progressive, slither back to your forum now, dear. You’ve become a bore.

  286. HAHAHA! “Reach around”.

    That’s funny.

  287. Everyone BE NICE!!! The noble super d’s are watching! Heh.

  288. Progressive:

    Just a hint for next time, just because you are for BO doesn’t mean you should have BO.

    So before you return, please bathe, and a little deodorant would really help too

  289. Clearly, I am not watching TV with husband yet – it was TNG with Spock and everything!.

    There are some great posts in the archive. I’m glad you took the time to read them. This blog really hasn’t been around long enough to have “more”.

    I think it is interesting that some of the other blogs are demeaning us (yes, I’ve seen what is being said). That attitude and behavior contributed to the existence of PUMA in the first place.

  290. [witty comment]

  291. Progressive, you obviously live up to your name becasue you are progressively becoming more annoying.

    I like free speech, but I’m officially ignoring you. Because you don’t give two shits what we think. This thread is the late night thread where people can let loose & hang from the pressures of fighting assholes like you all day.

    So fuck off, I mean it, really.

    My God, you are like the drunk guy at the bar DETERMINED to take someone home. No one told you to down that Viagra pill in the men’s room.

    Don’t you get it? NOBODY LIKES YOU OR YOUR CANDIDATE. Take a cab, please.

  292. I never said McCain was. I think both candidates suck. I’ve said that.

  293. Progress, you should buy this t-shirt.

    “Yes He Can Spy On You Obama Freedom T-shirt”


  294. Oh, a sweetie troll! How many times have we heard:

    “Obama wasn’t my first choice either” or some variation?

    I wish I had a nickel for each time.

  295. Instead of appealing directly to superdelegates here, we’re using mind control to force Obama to commit stupid gaffe after stupid gaffe. We figure that maybe if we can make the SDs watch him instead of us, they might wake the hell up and put their stupid children up for adoption, and turn to a grown up instead. Pretty Machiavellian, huh?

  296. I’m ignoring him too.

  297. Progressive:

    You would have supported Gravel?

  298. Here is why this debate is fruitless:

    Some of us are simply rational about this whole process.

    When the assumption is that one side is not rational, there is no need for debate. Debate only works when there are rational agents. “progressive” must be juvenile to try to debate with someone who is not rational, as they imply we are.

  299. Maybe progressive is Donna Brazile. Just a hunch.

  300. GQM:

    But we’re all irrational wimmens here.

    Except you. And me. And a bunch of others

    Periodically, when we’re feeling down . . .

  301. “Some of us are simply rational about this whole process.”

    Oh honey, if you’re not getting paid for that, you should be. For a not bot, you certainly have that ‘special’ touch.

    Do I have to declare my basement part of Gitmo and imprison a ramdom passerby there to prove my progressive bona fides?

  302. some have rationally concluded that Obama is no better than McCain. Some have rationally concluded he is worse than McCain. Just as some have rationally concluded that Obama is less bad than McCain. Until you accept that premise, progressive, you shouldn’t be in a debate otherwise it’s stupid to participate in a debate.

  303. Obama is the evil of two lessers

  304. Where is Gary with those houses?

  305. I wish I was a woman, IQ. Cause I’m still kinda young and I’d love to be able to . . .

  306. I’m not voting for McCain.

    I’m not voting for Obama either.

    If I can’t vote for a real Democrat then I’m not voting.

  307. “McCain=Bush/Cheney

    Well…that’s certainly a persuasive argument. Maybe we were wrong about you after all.

  308. Progressive claims we’re irrational.

    But they he tries to argue with us.

    So who’s crazy?

  309. Wow gqm! I know that was directed at myiq, but wow!

    High heels hurt, you know.

  310. Progressive,

    I have an idea how to lose the general election. It’s starts with being Dukakis of the 21st Century and ends with listening to anything Nancy Pelosi says that isn’t addressed to the voices in her head.

  311. IQ, you’re probably scrambling brains right now.

  312. OK, I’d love to stay and chat, but since no one is flirting with me and I’ve got the second seasons of Weeds on DVD, I must bid farewell. I’m off to live in irrationality, apparently.

  313. So if the choice was between Hitler and Stalin, you’d still vote?

  314. gqmartinez, on July 15th, 2008 at 1:36 am Said: Edit Comment
    I wish I was a woman, IQ. Cause I’m still kinda young and I’d love to be able to . . .

    TO WHAT???? You can’t leave us hanging!

  315. gqm: You just got screwed by the DNC, you want flirting too?

  316. C-ya GQM, have fun (that’s an order)

  317. regencyq, lol

  318. Dang, it looks like I’ve missed a lot.

    SM: I was just sayin’…

    Progessive do what SM told you and don’t let the hit ‘ya where the good lord split ya.

    Brazilenut is in town and SimoFish and the gang made some cool signs:

    Puma Prowl

  319. sm, oh, I was horsing around. I just remember all the guys in high school filling that sentence in with there own special statement. I’m a male so I’m still trying to figure out what women want.

    jjm, I never got a cigarette after being screwed by the DNC.Sigh.

  320. Progressive said he’ll vote for a genocidal manic!

  321. GQ: I’m a Caribbean Latin woman in her prime and there are A LOT of things I’m able to do.

    (Was that flirty enough for you? Huh? Huh?)

  322. jjmtacoma, run don’t walk to the television. The whole set of episodes are great tonight. I saw the original airing earlier in the evening.

  323. myiq: that is great, it should make for an easy decision.

  324. Progressive: I talked to Diane Feinstein’s office today and she still has plans to look into campaign/primary/caucus reform but apparently she will wait until after the convention to do so. Go figure.

  325. I saw a magazine cover at the store that said another x-files movie was coming out!

    I get all my best gossip in line at the store…

  326. Statements like that look REALLY BAD to the superd’s, myiq. The 2 year old of one gurgled, “Sponge Bob nice, bama nice, you mean..” Thumbs down.

  327. Progressive:

    Shoot our way?

    First you advocate voting for mass-murdering dictators, now you urge the violent overthrow of our nation.

    Do you work for COINTELPRO? Or are you just some psychotic?

    Either way I think we’ve heard enough of your treasonous suggestions.

    You ARE the weakest link! Goodbye!

  328. Tsk, there “Progressive” — that’s really cute by the way.

    I’m not stuck with anything but a tanking economy that no one “left” has any experience with fixing. I don’t fucking want to talk process with you. I want someone to make sure my best friend keeps her fucking house. I want someone who wants to make sure I can pay for college without doing a job I don’t fucking want to do.

    Fuck you, seriously. You wanna sit here and talk about a fucking flawed process and I’m talking about my country that’s going to hell and the lives of the people I love.

    Fuck you, fuck your candidate, and fuck your ludicrous process stories.

  329. gqmartinez, on July 15th, 2008 at 1:45 am Said: Edit Comment
    sm, oh, I was horsing around. I just remember all the guys in high school filling that sentence in with there own special statement. I’m a male so I’m still trying to figure out what women want.

    Your high school buddies sound VERY LAME. Sorry.

    And as a man, OF COURSE you’ll never truly know what women want. But that’s nature revenge for your ability to pee standing up.

  330. “What are you going to do – shoot your way into the White House?”

    Is there some version of Godwin’s law we can invoke here? Please?

    “And what’s not to like about John McCain?”

    Has anyone ever told you you’re an asshole? There is something seriously wrong with you people. I mean, Jesus. Do you think these insights are in any way valuable? Do you seak to people this way IRL?

  331. gqm: yeah, no cigarette and no courtesy cuddle since it wasn’t that good either.

  332. “People accepted these rules early on – even Hillary pledged publicly, in writing, to uphold the rules and throw out FL and MI, before those elections were held. “


  333. I don’t need to google shit.

    It’s a lie, which makes you a liar.

  334. “even Hillary pledged publicly, in writing, to uphold the rules and throw out FL and MI, before those elections were held.”

    Yeah, she did, except, no she didn’t! And if being a patronizing asshole won’t help your cause, lying will!

  335. “I have the link if you want it. I suspect not.”

    I wish we’d been more miseducated from the start. Then we wouldn’t be worryin’ our silly little heads now.

  336. sm: everybody had lame HS buddies. We used to think it was SO FUNNY to flip eachother off in class – but make it look like we were scratching our faces! I mean how funny is that?!

    The grown-ups had NO IDEA what we were doing, since they were born old and all!

  337. Progressive, you and your stinking CRAP have pissed me off. You are the same damn troll assigned to the O-borg.

    You are unwelcome and a nuisance. The more you insist, the more you incite in us the will to fight you and your ilk.

  338. Okay, go ahead, do it, you’ve gone through every other hackneyed talking point, now start explaining that the reason we’re so ‘fearful’ of the ‘unknown quantity’ is because, well, ya know. Go ahead, you know you want to.

  339. I see what you mean progressive, however, the rules also show that the sanction should have been 50% voting privileges for the states that didn’t follow the calendar.

    This sanction was not carried out according to the rules and I don’t believe Hillary’s acceptance of the calendar is the same as accepting disenfranchising FL and MI. Two separate issues.

  340. Oh my god, we have defended this shit from DAY ONE! Hillary signed the piece of shit agreeing not to campaign and she didn’t–unlike your candidate who “inadvertantly” ran television ads in Florida. She never said it wouldn’t eventually count. In fact, she said exactly the opposite.

    She said that you cannot NOT count votes. That that shit will haunt you and give the Republicans a racket to smack you with in November. You cannot do that. She said this.

    You’re lying completely and being bold-faced about it.

  341. I really like the fact that Progressive is so insistent about rules and making sure they are followed. I, too, hope the Party plans on following their own rules as well as the Constitution. The Democratic rules insist that Hillary be on the ballot so there should be not question about this. I’m really not sure who’s behind all of this but I can tell you it is not acceptable.

    Neither candidate has won and that is why we have a convention. We also have super delegates for a reason and like it or not that is the rule.

    So cut the crap and get the hell out or you can come to your senses and join us.

  342. good evening all. I was hoping to come in and relax a little but it looks like we a have a obambot in here.

  343. progressive, thank you. I have never seen that before. I am stupid, uniformed, and irrational. I can’t understand why teh 14 million trolls who preceded you never brought out this smoking gun!!!!

    I’m an O-bot now. Signing a pledge not to campaign in MI in FL is the same as sayng those states should be thrown out, especially when you specifically say all along that states will not be thrown out and you’ll do everything you can to ensure they’re not. Moreover, I think that Obama’s position in support of MI and Fl up until teh time he lost there (after he BROKE the pledge not to campaign there) is perfectly moral. As is his refusal to allow revotes in teh state, if he didn’t like teh initial vote (Clinton’s desire to allow revotes is all democratic and shady! I’m an O bot now and DEMOCRACY sucks! Let’s crack some heads). In fact, now I don’t think Obama was awarded enough delegates, she should not have gotten any just because.

    Take that you deluded Hill fiends!

  344. GEt the fuck out of here.

    Trivia question, whe did she say this:

    Finally, I am in this race because I believe staying in this race will help unite the Democratic Party. I believe that if Senator Obama and I both make our case – and all Democrats have the chance to make their voices heard – everyone will be more likely to rally around the nominee.

  345. Yeah, she really said that and I know she means what she says.

  346. What I find so unbelievably galling is how this guy was allowed to abuse this process, abuse the voters, and his chief opponent, now I’m supposed to protect his ass from the only people who don’t give a damn if he’s the second coming of Malcolm X and think he’s a menace. You don’t get to watch and participate in an unfair process, game it to “win” it, then turn around and say it’s unfair but we’ll fix it later–without changing the result.

    There is a failure to reason there that stultifies me.

  347. progressive: it looks like you are getting spamified.

    MI/FL “having time” in your opinion and Hillary agreeing to a punishment that was outside of the published rules are still different things.

    This is starting to feel like arguing the merits of a clean bedroom with my teenager.

  348. The Dems had nothing to do with FL, it was all republican led and they should have never been penalized. Ever they did nothing wrong, they fought it.

  349. The only reason that was allowed to happen is because he’s supposed to be black. This is such a shallow arguement.

    Progressive: I will be at the Donna Brazilenut protest tomorrow and if you can make it I’d love to talk to you more but this is getting old. Could you just call me a racist and get over it.

  350. I’m out I need my beauty rest for tomorrow. Love y’all.

  351. I think myiq left because he’s too embarassed to show his face. Some people might think that he’s one of teh best informed political commentators around, since he’s been writing about the election for months over at corrente. But damn, didn’t progressive burn his ass with that never before seen piece of info. Did you break into the National Archives to get that or something progressive? Boy is his face red.

    I iwsh I’d started out with the basics. Now, there are like 5 parties, right? Labor, Conservative, and what are tehhe others? Who’s running now.

    Wait a second. Who’s President? Is it Simon, Randy, or Paula? We need to get it all straight. Is velcro the kind you tie?

  352. Good night all! I never did get out to watch the Star Trek re-runs! I’ll just have to catch them next time.

  353. I can only take so much interaction with this alternate reality-based “progressive,” I need a shower.

    Good night, everbody. Until tomorrow.

  354. They voted for it because it was tied to a bill providing PAPER RAILS FOR ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES. IN FLORIDA. YOU DUMBASS.

    And yeah, it’s amazing that Obama supporters wouldn’t want paper trails on electronic voting machines. I wonder why.

    Wait a second, I forgot I’m an Obot now. I mean, paper trails suck! I think Diebold likes us, we can work with em just fine. FL should have a caucus, and we need to allow less voting and more head busting. Sorry, it’s a process, allow for some backsliding.

  355. Progressive, this is the last time I’m responding to you but I’m going to use small words for your sake.

    The Bill, 537 in case you didn’t know–candy if you guess why–had a paper trail attached to the electronic voting machines, ironically, so that what happened in 2000 wouldn’t happen again. That’s why the Dems voted for it. By the way, they later introduced a bill to overturn the decision, but they didn’t have the votes. It is a Republican run legislature after all.

    Facts are friends unless you lie for a living.

  356. Also if anybody’s going to sling some bs about how three other states also broke the rules and weren’t punished–so what? We can enforce or not, arbitrariness is sort of the definition of our special brand of democracy. Steve Geller smirked, and that pissed us off. Nobody in SC smirked, in fact they sent us copies of our favorite magazines. If you don’t like it, change the rules and find a way to unseat our sorry hypocritical hacks and get some people who believe in your stupid ‘principles’ in there. Our corruption is nt the problem, your failure to stop our corruption is. It’s all on you.

  357. Thank you to whoever got rid of him/her/it. I don’t give a flying frak what it’s sex was, it was a liar and a chronic one.

  358. For the record, I don’t answer to trolls for the trolls’ sake but the sake of readers lurking who may have the same questions and can be convinced.

    I do not humor fools gladly.

  359. Conflucians – please, don’t engage the troll, aka Progressive aka EJones.

    I’m an East Coast fool up at 2:30 in the morning cleaning up after this West Coast mess of a troll. I spent a while going through their mess. I also need to bathe in Oxyclean at this point.

    So please – DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

  360. Wall to wall and tree top tall.

  361. RegencyG – no troll feeding, please – it’s icky.

  362. G’night, SM. I’ll say hello to Brazilenut for ya. xx00

  363. Good night Puma SF, normally I’m a better hostess but I had to get KILL BILL on the comments.


  364. Sorry, SM. The un-reality was giving me a rash, had to apply ointment (see logic).

  365. Dang it–I spend some time with the husband and almost missed all the cats taking swipes at the mouse before they eviscerate it. Progressive–I’m pretty sure you blog on another site that I’ve had previous discussions on. Is that where your “very visible forums” comment comes from? The DNC website? Have the BALLS to come on here with the same name! Oh yeah, the ‘bots over there change their names constantly so they can post more garbage, spew more bile, and call every one who doesn’t ‘fall into line behind BO’ a troll/whiner/hater/whatever. Look, I’m not going to BO sites to stick my 2 cents in, so have the courtesy to follow suit. Did you find the ‘smoking gun’ you all so desperately need? Or are ya finding out we’re all just a bunch of real people WHO HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

  366. Sorry I left, but “Progressive” inspired me so much I had to go use the john.

  367. Go back to the DNC site–you’ve got NO friends here. Thanks for reinforcing our PUMA attitudes.

  368. Blah blah blabbity-blah

  369. Don’t go away mad!

    Just go away

  370. I know, I know–I need to make it a mantra: Do not engage, do not engage, do not engage…Sorry I fed the troll {sniff}

  371. I’m going to bed. That troll left a mess of feces all over this thread, I can’t even go that far back – takes too long on my slooooow laptop.

    But it was fun for the first couple of hours. Scratching Post Cocktails are sure fun though.

    And to the trolls, shove the Bastille Tower where the sun don’t shine. We are fighting for DEMOCRACY.

    Good night to all & VIVE LE RESISTANCE!

  372. I’m sure he’ll crap on the rug some more during the night.

    Never seen a housebroken troll yet.

  373. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

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