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The Scratching Post Saturday Night – $10K in 3 days!!!!

Lovely and gracious Conflucians, Carol, aka Marilyn Monroe’s TWIN sister and resident Conflucian Fundraiser Master, has worked her be-yoo-tiful self throughout her July 4th vaction in LA to raise funds for Just Say No Deal’s $5 Bux & $50 T-shirt drive. Click on the coffee cup & T-shirt on the right hand column to donate!

UPDATE: The Confluence RAISED $10,000.00 in 3 days to pay down Hillary’s Debt!  Click at the jump for the Haircut!  The Monet of Mean has depicted Carol (aka Marilyn’s TWIN sister) giving our Madame Speaker a trim for just in time for her Sunday Service (h/t Fuzzybear!).  Rico will be serving complimentary Dom Perignon to celebrate the occasion!

As always, the now tuxed-out Rico will serve you Pink PUMAs and Mountain Lion Martinis.  Flo in her lovely Givenchy gown will be glad to show her Karate skills to any Smieglys that decide to drop in uninvited, as well as hold some of those words we say when we stub our toe against the coffee table.

We are also holding any trivia games you’d like to enjoy.  Angie the Seinfeld Trivia queen rocked the Friday Fundraising Fest last night.  So the floor is yours as this will operate as an open thread.

For the more studious minded, here’s an article that made my ladylike dispostion disappear, by Liz Sidoti at the AP:  Analysis: Obama revels in contrasts with McCain

Even so, a seemingly unfazed Obama tore through the week with McCain in his sights, giving the impression that he’s becoming at ease with his newfound role, and, perhaps, running for president on the whole. At times, he came across witty and hip, relaxed and confident, and much more comfortable than he was during the heat of the primaries.

Perhaps it’s because there’s now a measure of clarity in the race, with an opponent from the other camp with a completely different take on the issues. Perhaps it’s because polls show Obama slightly ahead while McCain has seemed unable to lay a glove on him. Perhaps it’s because the campaign days are lighter — at least for now.

 Perhaps Liz never heard of PUMA.

Carol, a little bit off the top, please?

Carol, a little bit off the top, please?

321 Responses

  1. Liz is an idiot. This was a BAD week for Obama.

  2. come on come on lurkers just a few more donations if you guys can come up with the $ 90.12 fuzzy will shut off the ac and do the last $ 50.00 but dont put in the total carol until we get that $ 90.12! Hear me loud and clear…this is a fyzzybear challange!

    I am going to be eating cardboard this week see how much I love hillary….and PUMA’s

    fm last thread

  3. Fuzzy, do you really want to help Hillary, or just shave Nancy’s head?

  4. Can we shave Dean too?

  5. Carol think that will work? I have the form up come on $ 90.12 come on and then I do the last fifty!

    Rico not one drink not so much as an olive until I get that $ 90.12 and mr dj ot so much as a anita bryant polka here me….

    sorry folks but fuzzy has to lean!


  6. Where will the shaving take place? Maybe at some fetish club in her SF district.

  7. Mawn Dean gets a battery acid high colonic to clean out all tha t sh*t he spread about hillary during the primary!


    He deserves worse-but I am not “that” kind of guy

  8. My heart is broken, no diamonds tonight and no $90.12.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  9. Battery Acid is too nice for him. We need something that involves live monkeys.

  10. Mawn-if france after the end of the occupation trators and colaborators heads were shaved by resistance members as a sign of shame doesnt Nancy deserve that?


  11. Bruce almighty-what a great idea!

  12. I’ve updated the running total.

  13. If Regency comes in , let me know. Also Laura. I wanted to speak to them last night , but was able too late.

  14. Carol you will get your diamonds dear-maybe the lurkers need some further leaning from the bear!

    if i dont get some dollars soon I am going to have Rico lock up the top shelf and have the dj play the best of the alvin and the chipmonks backwards come on $ 90.12 and we are so close.


  15. Hey, relax everyone! Have a Pink Puma or a Mountain Lion Martini – we’ll make it to 10K!

  16. mawn how is gary doing?


  17. I got 2 more shirts!!!! does that put us over the top!!! this is from mawm and me!!!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 12, 2008 8:46 PM EDT
    Contact: Gary xxxxxxx
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    Amount: $100.00

  18. Mawm – Fuzzybear was the one that came up with the schematics, at 10K, Carol cuts Pelosi’s hair, and I forgot the rest.

    Fuzzy, you mind giving us a rundown?

  19. I’m fine fuzzy!!!!! where’s those clippers he he 😉

  20. OMG!!!! Did we make it Carol???


  21. fuzzy – it is up to you.

    garychapelhill and mawm $100



    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  22. Gary and everyone else and all of us…tonight, this week, and this month, and until the time ends, we’ve made Hillary Clinton the Comeback Kid:

  23. Jeez…. SO CLOSE!!! But we’re almost there…c’mon Conflucians, we can do this!

  24. SM look we are only $ 140.12 away and I offered to kick in the last $ 50.00 so its a $ 90.12 ….

    Rico step away from the booze I am imposing the volstead act on this place!

    fuzzybeargville-showing off his snarky history knowledge

  25. Karolina, here and accounted for.

  26. Since you approved the picture Fuzzy, we’ll wait for a good Conflucian to come along & give Diamonds to Carol.

  27. fuzzy – pay and post!

    I can hardly wait!

  28. On behalf of 18 Million voters, the State of North Carolina, a Hillary Delegate, and the soon-to-be newest member of the DNC, this one’s for you:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 12, 2008 8:53 PM EDT
    Contact: xxxxx
    Fayetteville, NC 28304
    Amount: $50.00

  29. Oh dear, I’ve upset my mother by telling her I gave my writing collection away in my will. Time to emend!

  30. Captsfufp! Welcome!! How are the trips into the Delegation Galaxy???

  31. ok making the donation now- moth flys from wallet…


    Date: July 12, 2008 8:55 PM EDT
    Contact: michael varvel
    xxx nw 10th ave xxx x
    gainesville, FL 32601
    Amount: $50.00


    We are almost there people!!!

    Carol, you got some Diampnds!! How many are there?

  33. that’s it isn’t it? captsfufp just put us over the top CAROL, UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  34. I AM DYING HERE!!!!!

  35. ordered xxxl on the t-shirt-and carol the total please…


  36. I’ll get the picture of Carol (aka Marylin’s Twin) cutting Pelosi’s hair as soon as she approves we are over 10K.

  37. If it didn’t put us over the top…let me know. I’m all being melodramatic again 🙂

    “Tomorrow we’re going to get up, roll up our sleeves, and keep going…we’re going to tap into the all of the spirit and talent and just plain grit of this great nation again.” – Sen. Clinton, NH Victory Speech

  38. damn captsfufp- beat me to it she still gets the bucks now the total and Rico you can open the Bar as soon as it is up!

    DJ you may start the music Dean and Nancy center stage…..

    wish Pat were here….


  39. With all the precincts reporting in, we are ready to declare a total… (sits on edge of seat)

  40. Lurker here. I donated 20.08 for a second time yesterday. just didn’t share. sorry.

  41. captsfufp $50
    fuzzy $50



    I’m crying so hard, I can’t type as I listen to the New Hampshire speech.

    Once again, this one’s for me, I know we will hear it in Denver:

    PUMA$ Who Have Donated in So Many Ways Will Fix this Injustice!


    Now, get me some bandaids this is gonna hurt!

  42. I know, where is Pat??? Ms. nancy herself needs to be here!!!!

  43. where is bostonboomer. Where is Pat? Where is arabella trefoil?

  44. Regency, I just wanted to say HI! You’ve been on my mind , because I was worried about you. I hope that you are feeling way better than the last time we “spoke” at one of these parties this week….

  45. Off-topic:

    Can anyone suggest to me some really good books on FDR, Harry Truman, LBJ, and RFK? I can’t drink but I wanna be well-read in the coming months. Just so I know what kind of legacy Hillary’s bringing with her.

  46. FDR – The Doris Kearns Goodwin book about him and Eleanor (amazon search it)

    Truman – “Truman”

    LBJ – Anything by Robert Dallek

    RFK – The Gospel According to RFK, anything by Arthur Schlechinger (spelling)

  47. Thanks, Karolina. I’m feeling much better emotionally. Still very sad, but we’ve laid them to rest; it was time for that.

    Unfortunately, I’m not having a painful reaction to my meningococcal vaccine shot. My shoulder hurts SO bad. It’s been five days and mom–who’s a nurse–thinks I may be having an adverse reaction. Lovely, huh?

  48. Captsfufp: Thanks! That’s “Truman” by David McCullough, isn’t it? I just bought 1776 and I’m really looking forward to reading his other works, like “Truman” and “John Adams.”

  49. REFRESH YOUR PAGE & scroll up to see Carol cut away!

  50. Sorry for dominating the thread!

    Janis, I just printed out those ads and showed ’em to ma. She loves them. She would love it if you did her campaign ads when she runs for public office again. Very impressive.

  51. I hope everyone has seen the HairCut above! It was fun!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  52. OMG SM that’s Awesome!!!! he he he


  54. SM – 3 days Wednesday afternoon until today!


  55. Gary you like it?? Doesn’t Carol look BEE-yoo-tiful?

  56. Love it! Carol-you do bear a striking resemblance to Marilyn!

  57. I’ll update that – 3 days – WOW!@!

  58. just went to peacocks and lillies and gave arabella a special invite Katie the tote board please its still at $ 9900.00 !

    Rico open the bar and drinks are on the house!

    DJ play its raining men for me please – the weathergirls extended version w/rupaul


  59. Just gave 100. to your button on the right .. with the shirt …

    Hope this helps , .. been gone . I will never be able to catch up .. !

    Hi Everyone ;))

  60. Hi, Briana. Awesome, thanks!

  61. I’m here! I’m glad I haven’t been forgotten. I’m too broke to donate anymore until the end of this month.

  62. Hi, Briana!

  63. RD you made this possible I am crying like a baby I am so happy look what a moblized and focused group can do I actually believe that Obambi will screw up and Hillary will be our nominee….

    Now we need a pg 13 rated Dean high colonic pic….give a new meaning to the term the doctor is in…


  64. I need Katiebird’s help – she’s the one to change the update – I don’t know where to do that. I think you need to be coded as an Admin or something.

    Katiebird, you out there?

  65. Boston boomer you are a big hillary supporter and you deserve to be here at this moment and share a cosmo with me……

    a toast:

    Ladies and gentelmen to Carol Diamonds and Madame President-do O get a here here for the team?


  66. Liz Sidoti at the AP: perhaps Obama is so relaxed because he’s really not running against anyone impressive anymore. when he has competition he gets a little testy. my toy poodle is smarter and more interesting than either of the candidates.

    Mawm, what do you have against monkeys?

    Wow, Carol, you do kind of resemble Marilyn but I think you’re better looking. you’ve done a great job!!! I hope you’re some sort of fundraiser in real life.

  67. payday aint till thursday boston and I am tapped out too


  68. regency,

    The best books on LBJ are by Robert Caro: The Path to Power, Means of Ascent, and Master of the Senate.

    There is a new book out about RFK that looks interesting: The Last Campaign, by Thurston Clarke, about his 1968 campaign for President.

  69. I just wanted to pop in and say that I am in awe of you Confluence PUMAs!

    Congratulations on your amazing fund raising achievement!

  70. I just updated the post title instead until Katiebird returns.

    WE DID IT!!!

    Rico, Dom Perignon for EVERYONE!!!

    Carol, you get 10 bottles of Dom Perignon on the house!!

  71. sorry do I get a here here?

    (fuzzy slugging a cosmo)


  72. Fuzzy—Here’s dean for you:

    CAUTION: This video is a bit scatological (potty humor)



  74. Rico may I have another and make it a double-

    another toast

    to Carol SM Gary Mawm and RD bostonb and all who have done the real work of getting PUMA off the ground
    I am in awe!


  75. Here here!

    (slugs a cranberry juice)

  76. Thanks, Michael. It will have to be a nonalcholic cosmo though. I’m in recovery.

  77. lanikai $20.08
    Briana $100



    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Roll!

    Everyone, keep donating. I will catch up with the totals tomorrow. For now, fuzzy and I want to enjoy the party!


  78. Hi everyone .. !!! .. Oh .. it’s so great to see you all here … !!

    I just placed a call to my nephew in Texas to tell him to come here and sign up and donate ..etc. .Crap he is not home .. are we on a time schedule .. ?

    My girlfriend left a message on the phone for me and she said PUMAS & Just say NO Deal were on Fox and they paid down a bunch of Hillary’s debt .. ??

    Is this true .. ?? .. promise .. I will read now .. and shut up .. I just can’t help myself .. LoL ..

  79. kiki, you are right. Making monkeys participate in torture is wrong.

    Although, what if they enjoy it?

  80. Just saw the following by Michael Goodwin of the NY Daily News:


    Sounds like the native drums are beating louder, spreading the word that PUMAs are in the area and are on the prowl. Way to go, everyone!

  81. Having a little fun with all of my PUMA friends!

  82. SM so wrong but so satisfying….Dan and Nancy have been served their comupance now for a special treat for our happy hour saturday buffett…

    as promised we have par-boiled Donna Brazile under soundproof glass to…

    we dont have to listen to her drone tonight!


    -next is that mckasskiller person….

  83. Mawm, lol!!! I just thought making them hang out with Coward Dean was TOO cruel.

  84. Briana,

    Yes, it’s true. No there’s no set schedule but we’re all impatient.

    Don’t shut up. Talk. Loudly!

  85. fuzzy – thanks for all of your leaning!

    Will you dance with me?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  86. Carol – don’t miss lanikai’s $20.08 posted upthread, too! With Briana’s $100, that makes $10,179.96.

    Conflucians, I am in awe of us! We did riverdaughter proud.

    Carol, fuzzy & SM, great work!

  87. Fuzzy!! Gosh, what could we have done without your leaning!

    Rico will give you 10 complimentary Dom Perignon bottles & a Lambada dance:

  88. oops, just refreshed and see Carol’s post on the total.

  89. (sigh) OK! I’ve updated the running total again. If Carol and Fuzzy don’t slow down, I’m going to wear my fingers out keeping up!

  90. Rico, I’ll have a margarita, please.

    Regency, I’m gald you are feeling better after the tragedy the other night. About the vaccine—what does your Mom say needs to be done?

  91. gary mawn- I know your dedication to our movement has probably affected your friends like it has mine read this fm the last thread: it how my day has been until I got here (I was with 100 bears and friends today)

    Hello poor fuzzybear, was talked into “tubing down the Itchetuckne (itchy-tuck-knee) river by his friends today and asked to bring a few sides….

    Tubing is a southern summer tradition where many like minded individuals rent large mac truck innertubes plop into them in a cold spring fed river….and ride down the river..these individuals were bears-think kathy griffin last thursdays show….

    Well it was a dubious proposition from the gitgo, it rained when the tram picked us up and took us to the river, where you try to jump into freezing water . landing on your innertube so your tush hangs through the hole in the tube so you are gently washed with the current down the river.

    Sounds lovely-right-no laffing please-fuzzy missed his innertube completely soaking himself and was pulled under almost ratdrowned! For the next 30 minutes I was dragged behind my inner tube until we got to a shallow part of the river and was able jump into my tube!

    Unfurtunately i did it backwards and was forced to ride uncomfortablly laying in the tube with no neck support until about 30 minutes from the end I developed a painful cramp in my right calf muscle. It was so painful I defied gravity by levitating out of my tube.

    I was looking anywhere for a place to touch bottom so I could walk it off well of course I found foouting but it took 5 minutes to work out the cramp-there is no shore on this river…spent the rest of the ride trying to keep the cramp from comming back hanging onto my tube for dear life.

    Finally the end of the “float” was over and i dragged my tired sore body out of the water (thank god for sunscreen or I would have been scortched!)

    A light lunch with southern sides and cold cut sandwichs was served and homemade brownies made by me.

    An offer was made by the group to let me go down with them again…I declined-

    What did fuzzy see on the bumber of the master of cero”moan”ies for this event?

    “Obama 08″

    I believe these guys were tying to do ol’ pro’hillary fuzzy in!

    potato”e” salad and macaroni salad any one-and yes their was okolaid-fuzzy did not drink…

    There is no place like home there is no place like home!


    this is my bar story for tonight and sorry if you already read it I have a bottle of dom and 2 cosmo’s (a double)

  92. Hey, I missed this – what happened to RegencyG????

  93. Karolina, she’sbathing the area in alcohol righty now but if it doesn’t improve soon I have to go to the doctor.

  94. sure carol I will be glad to what you think of my story today….and a dance with you is infinitely safer than me near any water not confined to a glass or a bathtub…

    Carol let us dance….


  95. Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire

  96. fuzzy–so sorry to hear about your tubing experience…I used to live in blacksburg VA, where tubing down the New River is a summertime tradition….but sounds like your river is a bit more scary (if it hadn’t rained for a while, your butt usually drags along the bottom on the New)…I did end up getting badly burned going down several times, though



    I am now going to give a Howard Dean screeeam of glee:


  98. regency I missed it too whats happened?


  99. Hey guys, congratulations on a great job!!! We did it!

    I’d love to hear the total of how much was raised for Hillary.

  100. Seems to be an adverse reaction to a vaccine shot. Shoulder’s swollen; can’t lift my arm. I got the shot 5 days ago. Shouldn’t still be this bad.

  101. Hi, Regency! It’s Karen from LJ! I hope you feel better soon.

    Hi to all of my other PUMAs too! I gave my $50 and I can’t wait to get my Hillary t-shirt!

  102. Welcome, Karen! Thanks.

    W00t, the dollars pouring in,

  103. SM & FUZZY, its on the Thursday night party toward the end of the evening. Regency had some stray dogs jump on one of his favorite kittys.

  104. RegencyG, go to emergency!!

    WTF are you doing home? Don’t make me drive to Texas to pick you up!

  105. Oh, I thought, ugh, never mind!

  106. as our dear departed friend ann richards-texas most funnest gov. said..”if you ask us we can preform….after all ginger rogers did every thing fred astaire did…only she did it backwards and in high heels…..”

    After she was amBushed in 1994 Ms Richards went on to persue her passion for championing the rights of those among us without a voice and riding her Harley as a good will ambassador….

    To this day she is loved by millions of Texans because she reprensented the “Lone Star Spirit.”

    We could have used Ann she loved and was loved by our Hillary…


  107. Karolina – that could be a rabies shot she needed instead. RegencyG – RUN don’t walk to the hospital. PLEASE!

  108. Premier Guests: Valerie Plame Wilson and Ambassador Joe Wilson

    Washington, DC – NO QUARTER RADIO Live Internet Talk enters new territory with “Security Corner,” hosted by Larry Johnson, a discredited CIA officer who is despised by the extremes on both the right and the left. (Must be doing something right!) Larry Johnson joined the CIA the same day as Valerie Plame Wilson and spent a year with fifty other classmates being trained as an intelligence officer. Larry subsequently left the CIA and served in the State Department’s Counter Terrorism Office. He is an expert in counterterrorism. His full biography may be read here.

    Tune in to No Quarter Radio (NQR) live on Monday, July 14, 10:00-11:00 a.m. ET as Larry Johnson interviews Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson. Our guests will be answering listener questions, and the call-in number is (347) 677-0792.

    more details at NQ.. the website for blog radio NQ is listed there

  109. Fuzzy, Ann Richards is PUMA Ancestor Goddess.

  110. Karolina, believe me that still weighs on my mind, too.

    It was a meningococcal vaccine. Ma’s a nurse and keeping a very close eye on me.

  111. yeah, SM, I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t be our loudest spokesperson if she were here today 😦 Here’s to you Ann!

  112. Oh I am so sorry regency….Douglas left me with two lovely kitties MeMe and Muesetta(La Bohem) lovely striped tabby’s who kept his spirit with me until there maste called them home….

    I hope your shot is ok….because reactions are nothing to mess with! I am with Sm!


  113. Ann Richards would have been shouting from the rooftops for Hillary.

  114. Thanks Fuzzy and SM. Fuzzy, I’m sorry bout Douglas and the kitties. I believe they’re all still with you. I like to think that.

  115. Wow!! We rock and rule, yes we do!! I left for my dinner break and came back to this!! WTG PUMAs.

    Rico, a round of your finest single malt for everyone, on me! (Nice tux, btw.)

  116. Yes, Ann would have been Hillary’s champion all along and I think could have made a difference before this situation got so out of hand….at least, I like to think so.

  117. At times, he came across witty and hip, relaxed and confident, and much more comfortable than he was during the heat of the primaries…Perhaps it’s because the campaign days are lighter — at least for now.

    Of course this is true. The man is a lounge lizzard. He wants to go to the beach, eat his waffles, and have other people do the work that he gets credit for so everyone will always wuv him.
    Sorry. Feeling a bit bitter and clingy here tonight.
    *sips her cosmo*

  118. I loved the Texas commercial hillary ran that was a tribute to ann richards who was our girls mentor…I real Lady and a Dame and a Broad what ever she had to be to get the job done! I felt like I knew her she was a PUMA she is channeling each of us…

    Regency Fuzzy gonna lean on you if you get sick….we need you and it is purely selfish reasons that we are concerned we dont want you out of the fight when we need you cause of some reaction to some vaccine!


  119. Just a shout out to say ” YOU ALL ROCK, GREAT JOB”!!!

  120. Regency your kitty will get better and thrive because you both share the same PUMA spirit…


  121. Fuzzy, I liked that commercial too. I liked Ann quite a bit myself. She was buds with my then-Governor, Mario.

  122. Fuzzy, my kitty was murdered. She was too pregnant to fight them. It was 3 of em. They dragged her to the park next door. That’s where I picked her up.

  123. Congratulations all!
    Thank you on behalf of all those of us who gave all we could before the push, we appreciate it.

    Regency, go to the doctor, now!

  124. Can you find room to post this picture on the site?

    I love this picture and this is what she will look like when she is sworn in.


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and RULE$

  125. Anyway, how about those donkeys?

  126. Another toast to Ann:

    I’m really glad that our young people missed the Depression, and missed the great big war. But I do regret that they missed the leaders that I knew. Leaders who told us when things were tough, and that we would have to sacrifice, and these difficulties might last awhile. They didn’t tell us things were hard for us because we were different, or isolated, or special interests. They brought us together and they gave us a sense of national purpose. [1988 keynote address, Democratic National Convention]

    and of course:

    Poor George, he can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth. [1988 keynote address, Democratic National Convention]

  127. Yolanda: great article. This part particularly resonated with me:

    And when he denies with a straight face that he’s changing anything, Obama gives new meaning to chutzpah.

    The changes have been so dramatic that many liberal activists are expressing buyers’ remorse. Some are demanding their contributions back and vow not to support Obama until he adopts his old positions.

    For me, a centrist Democrat and a hawk on security, most of his new positions are better than those he abandoned. But they’re not believable. They create doubts about whether he has core beliefs.

    Not that I’m for his new postions–just that they raise those doubts that I’ve been pointing to all along. (And I suspect many of you have as well.

  128. weird when you think that Ann Richards lost to a much lesser man after a smear campaign………forward 14 years and Hillary experiences much the same situation with a Bush clone……..it might be smart for people to note how that first one turned out.

  129. sorry regency I am sorry so sorry I misunderstood the post it only said that your kitty was attacked I did not know she had been killed…oh honey please forgive me that must have been horrible….they are so appart of our family I wish I could hug your pain away…


  130. kiki you are so right that is the commercial we should run compairing Ann’s treatment to Hillary’s treatment thats why this so resonates with me now the connection between the two!

  131. Contratulations Riverdaughter!

  132. I want to thank you all so much for this magnificent blog and what it has accomplished today.

    Hillary Rise+PUMA Rise=Democrats Rising Up

  133. Thanks Fuzzy. I’m really all right. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not upset. It hurt because she’s been with me in all her grumpiness for years. I think even I was stunned by how hurt I was. I’ve lost three kitties including her in the last month, so I thought it would hurt less, but to see it was very hard.

    Really, please don’t let me bring the place down. I’m fine. Pumped for our girl and ready to write another front page post to make you think.

  134. good regencyg glad to see you are pumped for hillary! Rico what ever regencyg wants put it on my tab…

    where is my pat?

  135. Regency, I’d order you a White Russian, but untill you know what’s going on w/ that vaccine, you probably should avoid imbibing any alchohol. Just on the shoulders. Would you like a White Russian for that?

  136. Katie, are your neighbors having another party tonight? Is Pat over there?

  137. There are two wee possums in my backyard. They’re kind of creepily cute.

  138. Bill just showed up to check on regencyg. I told him she was sad and her arm hurt. He said to keep the video running just in case she trys something with him. He loves our Hillary more than anything.

    He’s also picking up the tab so everyone save your credit cards for the donations!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and RULE!

  139. regencyg is underage. She can’t have a cocktail.

  140. Carol: I’m drinking cranberry juice and coke. It’s non-alcoholic, but yummy. Thankyou for sending BILLLLLLLL. Hey, tape it if you want to, I’ll want the souvenir. I’ll pay extra if he comes naked–eh, shows up naked.

  141. regencyg carol after all my excitement I am callingit a night and turning…

    dont make fuzzy lean on everyone…you be nice to carol and donate tonight and she will total tomorrow morning…Carol you have the night off and will see all tomorrow

    fuzzybear can hardly keep eyes open {{{bear huggs}}}

  142. {{{bear hugs Fuzzy}}} Good night! Get some fuzzy sleep now.

  143. This has been a great week for us. I am exhausted so I will be hitting the sack. Goodnight all. Regency if you are not going to take SM’s advice and visit the ER, stay close to Mom untill she knows that you are out of danger!

  144. Oh, and say HI to Bill for me. I’m not sure if he remembers me….

  145. Thankfully, the heating pad and medicine seems to be helping, guys. I’m sticking real close to Mom tonight, so no worries!

    Thank you all for your concern and have a great night sleep. The work is never over for PUMAs.

  146. Karolina, if Bill knows you, he’s going to have to be punished. Thankfully I brought my handcuffs for the interrogation.

  147. Guys and gals I gave $5.08 at NoQuarter Link a little while ago. Pitiful amount but it’s all me and hubby can afford right now. I hope it helps Hillary pay off her debt so that turdhead can’t hold it over her head anymore and make her feel obligated to him for anything. He should be kissing her feet. I would love to see her grab him by those big ears and sling him all the way to the gate in Germany. I was just a thinkin’ if he were to drive the bus that he keeps throwing everybody under, he could stick his head out the window and his ears would start flapping like dumbo the elephants and that would make for alot more room underneath.

  148. And I should say lift the bus off the ground. But you know what I meant to say.

  149. ALforHill, thank you so much for you donation. That’s exactly what I gave. I gave it out of my scholarship money and that’s probably not what they intended when they gave it me.

  150. The AP has become such a joke. Why didn’t she just write:

    I heart Obama! (w/accompanying squeal)

    The disconnect is so bizarre. “Confident?” Did she miss the constant dissembling and awkward explanations (sometimes several in a single day?). I never watch MSM anymore, so I might be living in a bit of an echo chamber, but I choose that over willful exposure to pure propaganda. It’s 99% crap now. Anyway, as my sister and I went over the latest BO absurdities, she informed me: “Yea, but you should see the news. It’s the same love fest for him 24/7. It’s all about how everyone is coming on board, and he is presidential and inevitable.”

    It’s like the end of the primaries: they cheered louder and louder for him as Hillary grew stronger, and the people of WV, KY, PA, OH, TX, and PR ignored the media chanting. I just hope people are listening to their instincts come November. His dramatic 12 point drop in this month’s Newsweek poll (which was ridiculously bias last month anyway) suggests the public is not buying the “new & improved BO.” Personally, I can’t even stand to look at him, let alone listen to him. His preening, smug arrogance has always been a complete turn off to me.

  151. Anyone still around?

  152. I’m here!!!!!!!

  153. Goodnight everybody. Good luck with the fundraising for our girl. It seems like the beautiful flame went out of the candle when they jerked the nomination away from Hillary. Television is so boring now. No Hillary to grace the screen giving her down to earth speeches, not the soaring over the head rhetoric that her cheating rival gave. I always felt Hillary spoke right to me through my television set. I cried and I laughed with her. When she won I did both. When she lost, I did both. Deep in my heart, I feel that she was born to be our 44th President of these United States and God will indeed Bless America again with Hillary shining with truth and justice as our leader. God please save our great country and give us Hillary. She is the salve to soothe our troubled land.

  154. Congrats Conflucians for that outstanding fundraising.

    I’m sure you’ve heard about that Newsweek poll that places BO only 3 points (insignificant) above McCain. I thought you all might like some more good news. Rasmussen’s Daily Tracking has them TIED!


    In a year like this one, the Democratic candidate should be up 20-30 points. It’s not looking good for BO. Hmmmmm, maybe BO stands for ‘bombed out’?

  155. I’m here….was just doing some local PUMA work if you can call it that. We need more local PUMA coverage!

  156. francy, take a hike

  157. Francy, you’re lies will not be tolerated….this is a private party, either donate to Hillary or leave.

  158. And kiss my ass on the way out. Better yet go stick your head back up yours.

  159. Who’s Fancy? I don’t see a Francy post…

  160. Sorry Gary & Conflucians – had stuff to do – Flo gave Francy a move she saw in a Bruce Lee movie.

  161. Pumas are just getting started! By next week, they’ll really be sweating the convention and the more mainstream talks, the less credible they are. Talk, talk, talk…How about vote, vote, vote??? They don’t know jack s***!

  162. I’m going to make a trip to LA on Tues. for a PUMA meet up. Can you believe it that some Californians think we can beat the odds?

  163. poor francy is just one of those dead-ender obama supporters….don’t worry, she’ll eventually “get over it”

  164. Does anyone know the balance on the campaign’s debt?

  165. Thank you Rasmussen. We know that he is actually behind McCain and will continue to sink.

    Hillary will be our nominee and our President 2008!

    Everyone say your prayers! God is listening. He loves this planet and this world.

    It has been a long hard year. But, we will prevail. Everybody stay focused.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  166. I have emailed some local columnists and urged them to write about PUMA and what we want.

  167. Why are the Obama followers so full of rage and hate? They blindly follow the hope and change message, yet they are angry little meanies. It must be a side effect of the Kool-Aid.

    Congrats to all on the $10K + raised for Hillary!

  168. Hi Patty! No final news, but Will Bower PUMA Chieftan Supreme has said that it’s estimated we’ve raised almost enough to get her out of debt.

    Reports should come out soon though, check Heidi Li’s Potpourri on the blogroll at the right column for more info.

  169. Patty – they haven’t released anything. I bet they are waiting to release for the “taddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaa” after BO announces his “ill gotten gains”.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock & RULE!

  170. PUMA is bringing hope to the hopeless voters who don’t see a choice and really dislike O. Just keep talkin’ about it in real life. They’ll think you’re an insider, but they are so grateful. Nobody wants to think their country is going to the dogs.

  171. Guys and Gals – remember – this is “our debt”. This is for all of us, even the idiot head kool-aide drinkers that haven’t come down from the high yet.

    Hillary is our Leader.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock & Rule!

  172. Or going to the H.O.U.N.D.S!

    Poor Ed, he knows his dog can’t take our PUMA. LOL.

  173. And Eddy doesn’t want it to!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock & Rule!

  174. Al for Hill: I know what you mean. Hillary was the excitement of this race. I think even the oppositions miss her too and what she brought to the campaign.

  175. I’ve been working OT the last few weeks as well as dealing with a family illness, so forgive me for not keeping up.

    Has Hillary addressed PUMA yet? Does anyone know her plans for the convention? Does she know about all this activity on her behalf? I don’t understand because I’ve seen stuff in the news about her campaigning for Obama.

  176. I suspect Hillary’s announcement that her debt is clear will come Monday — otherswise it’d get buried during the weekend.

    Tony Snow is today’s news.

  177. Someone please tell Alegre’s bloggers we don’t want Hillary as VP.

  178. Obot followers are mean and angry because they have participated in a shady process to deny voting rights and they’d be for Hillary if they weren’t little crimminals.

    I don’t like what was said by (Gramm?) that the public are “whiners”. Very hurtful.
    These Obots just are not aware that the real issue is that every person is responsible for dreaming the American dream and for electing public servants who will DO what they say they’re going to do and holding them to it!

  179. Conflucians, I must go, CONGRATULATIONS!!! We all deserve a round of PUMA cocktails on the house & good night.

    Let me know what the number is for Dean’s buzz cut.

  180. I have a lot of love for Ed. The way he stuck by and up for Hillary was amazing. I’m glad he’s the one leading the HOUNDS not some overzealous Kool Aid drinker.

    You just know Ed’s only taking that dog for a walk around the block. He has no intention of really making it run.

  181. I know this is off-topic, but could someone fill me on what seems like a very coordinated effort by Obama sympathizers over at NQ.

  182. what kind of effort?

  183. You’re probably right. I haven’t heard a word about those Hounds since the initial announcement. Has anyone?

  184. Patty, to me Senator Clinton is talking in code. She’s showing up when asked but letting PUMA do work independently. I wouldn’t think she’d acknowledge PUMA or it would be a way of owning it. Most don’t want her as VP and Bill isn’t at ALL keen on it!

  185. nope, that dog doesn’t hunt (HOUND)

    and I was at noquarterusa today…I didn’t notice any bots. Hell, Larry will let them play there…free speech, etc. They are probably trying to find out how to join PUMA

  186. garychapelhill: I don’t usually go to NQ, but I watched today, and in every article discussion, there was someone(s) there who were clearly BO sympathizers ridiculing PUMAS. I just find it interesting the time dedicated by BOs over there.

  187. I don’t want to see her as VP either. My current plan is to vote downticket only if Hillary isn’t the nominee. But in all honesty, if her name were on the ballot in any capacity, I doubt that I could leave it blank.

  188. Are you guys lobbying the delegates individually? Because I don’t see any other way to get the nomination. Is there a list of email addresses and phone numbers?

  189. This has been a long primary and post primary season and everybody’s weary, grumpy, but even stupid kids can wise up, hopefully.

  190. Gary
    Ann was part of my generation. I know exactly what she wass
    saying.We were shown respect and treated as adults. The
    respect was returned and shown by love of country.
    I was part of greatest generation and believe you will be
    the next greatest one. You are fighting to right the wrong
    that has been going on with our laws. My country is in
    good hands as long as there are PUMAS. I am 82 and
    first timer. Now back to lurking

  191. Thanks all. I am exhausted.

    Cuttin’ Nancy (oh, I mean her hair) and shaving that back and ears has worn me out. You have to admit, she does look better bald, kind of the old Kojak look!

    I loved the party. I will resume my begging tomorrow. Hopefully, she will tell us great news soon! I bet she can hardly wait to stick to the assholes.

    If you are looking Hillary, Bill and Chelsea – we love you!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!


  192. Today I read that supers are migrating back to Hillary and if there are any more rumblings about how flip floppy Obot is….I see her winning a roll call, seriously!

  193. Patty,

    Check out this link; maybe it will help you.


  194. Sylvia, thanks for the comment…Hopefully you’ll comment more and share your wisdom with us 🙂 Your generation made us proud, we’ll try to return th favor.

  195. I need to vent. My partner and I just had dinner with a strongly Democratic friend we had not spoken with in a couple of months. I was being good (at my partner’s insistence) and not talking about the O word. The friend then asked us if we had finally “gotten comfortable with Obama”. I tried to change the subject, but when he insisted, I asked him if Donnie McClurkin was going to have a cabinet position. He kept the party loyalty spiel up, so I asked him about FISA. He said that Hillary voted the right way “because she could” but that Obama voted the only way he could because if he voted no and there was a terrorist attack, there would not be a Democratic President for another 40 years. Aaaaaaaghhh! How do you get through to these people?

  196. elizinsandi good news, do you have a source?

  197. Patty, if you join PUMA they will give you assignments like the other day when they shut down the DNC with 60K of phone calls. I’ve been grilling my Senators Finstein, Boxer and local representatives for months….Just flash emails, constant stuff…They can’t ignore it!

  198. bruce, I find that infuriating as well. The conventional wisdom among Obama supporters is that the ends justifies the means….which is the same philosophy of the bush administration. I feel strongly that it is an immoral philosophy and that nothing is worth sacrificing your principles and integrity. It is shameful really

  199. puma.org

  200. I admit I’ve been a lurker for months. I am sooo grateful to riverdaughter for this site. I live in Dobson land – which is hard enough – but with the Obamabots invading my few bastions of solitude, I thought I would lose my mind. This site has been a godsend. I’ve really enjoyed all of your analysis and commentary. Chalk up another $20.00.

  201. It seems obvious to me that there must be a $ incentive for BO to change his stance on FISA

  202. gary, my sentiments as well.

    Bruce, there are no short cuts to good government. You have to know that inside and to he** with other people! They are just trying to hustle! They don’t know any better. Cheer up, okay?

  203. Patty, the 8 supers that switched is from a good source.

    Bruce, my friends can be tough too. Went to the traditional bar after gay parade in SF. Many women showed up wearing Obama Pride stickers. Spoke to a few, fed them info, gave them website links. They removed their stickers.

    At a few points throughout the afternoon, my partner and I had folks chanting “PUMA, PUMA.” It was a riot. But more importantly, folks listened. Might not have changed all the minds there, but they heard the dirt.

  204. I frequent other blogs and while the comments on the FISA vote seem almost 100% against Obama’s vote, his people are not abandoning him over it.

    I think it has hurt his fundraising though, at least temporarily.

    And his vote will cost him some support from undecideds.

  205. Bruce, I don’t get along with them. I stop talking about that. And if they don’t let me, I make it clear that I’m about to insult their candidate so we should move on.

  206. Bruce — you tell these “people” you won’t fall in line. You tell them about what Riverdaughter wrote the other day about the DNC selecting these losers. We have an excellent candidate who would be at least 20 points ahead and would take a clean sweep of the electoral map if SHE was the nominee.

    Tell them you will NEVER feel comfortable. That when all the sexism was going on and NO ONE of leadership stood up for Hillary that proved right there they would NEVER stand up for your mother, sister, aunt, etc.

    Tell your friend you’ll be getting a haircut on November 4th – just like barry did in Chicago instead of marching in Gay Pride.

    I could go on and on — this burns my tail !!!

  207. mountainkgk: Don’t lurk. Stick around. Jump in. We don’t get a chance to address everyone but we try. I was a lurker from way back.

  208. People always want to rationalize something that isn’t true. Sen. Clinton voted for FISA because it is wrong.

    What kind of administration will we have if the leader always takes the safe, pandering stand? You know, he is not known for having any kind of base of beliefs to go on. None at all. I didn’t like Reagan, but everybody knew where he was coming from.

    Will Obama ever stop pandering?

  209. meileen:

    I thought there were many supers who never declared for anybody yet.

  210. Bruce–tell them that a politician only has his/her word and record to recommend them. And their’s cannot be trusted on either.

  211. I don’t think we should be quiet at all especially with friends. Obama campaign wants us to be silent. That is one of their voter suppression tactics.

    There is not much time before the convention. We need to make as much noise as we can before then. After that, if Hillary is not the nominee, our choices become limited.

  212. Ok before I get to sit down and relax I have to vent for just one moment and then I will let it go. I just got home and pulled the new Time Mag. out of my mail box and sat down to read. Not a bad issue this week considering both Time and Newsweek have become the all Barak Obama magazines or the trash McCain ones. Well I had a good read and then got to the last page and what did I find? Michael Kinsleys essay that told Hillary supporters to “JUST GET OVER IT” and get on board with Obama. May I ask how many simple minded men out there are going to tell smart, independent, free thinking women to “JUST GET OVER IT”. I am so over people telling me to “JUST GET OVER IT”, does this piss anyone else off? I asked my ex-husband and my signifant other if they would ever tell me to “JUST GET OVER IT”, and guess what they said not if they wanted to live and breath. See they know better than to tell me to “JUST GET OVER IT”. There are so many sexists out there that have have yet to learn this about women, WE DO NOT JUST GET OVER IT. We seethe, boil, fester and get really pissed off and we act on it, we do something about it, we fight back. Everyone go to Time and tell Mr. Kinsley what you think of him and his “HIS JUST GET OVER IT”.

  213. Patty, I think you’re right about that. The item I read, from a reliable source, was that 8 supers who had switched from Hillary to Obama, switched back to Hillary this week. It’s a trickle, but it’s a start. And I see is as an awesome omen.

    Simo, you’re right. I now tell my friends, and I believe this whole heartedly, I am not voting Obama because this party needs it some fixin’. And if not now, then when?

  214. I see ‘it’, even.

  215. kim, I understand. It means that not only do they think you are wrong to think what you think, but that its not even worth their time to debate the issue. Very lazy if you ask me. Men are used to getting away with it because for a long time a lot of women didn’t have the power to say NO.

  216. It’s funny that the BO camp uses phrases like “fall in line” and “just get over it.” How clueless/sexist are these people? Don’t they know how that sounds? Do they think we are all a bunch of Edith Bunkers?

  217. Whew, ok I feel better now and got my glass of wine and ready to sit back and relax for a bit and good evening to all.

  218. Maybe PUMA should just be a new political party. We need more than two parties to choose from. Both are rotten to the core, really.

  219. meileen, yeah I, too, find that if people are given the true story, they’ll check it out and change their support.

    I talk to people basically because what the heck more can Hillary lose? And what can I lose either? Being down, there’s no where to go but up.

    Obama people can just say no and I could care less. She’s been totally trashed and everybody knows it. They don’t think an underdog can come back so many times. They’ll listen.

  220. Hey, Kim…pull up my extra soap box! lol

  221. Kim, hell hath no fury.

  222. Kim — I got rid of that rag along time ago — as well as the San Francisco Chronicle. Only paper I read now is the Wall Street Journal. Only one I can stomach and it just happens to fit into my line of work.

    I had to toss my Fortune Mag out last month because it had Obama on the front – the issues were split 50/50 (I only know this because my friend received John McCain’s photo)

    Jeez – it’s hard to find a good read !!

    Those articles only continue to fuel the fury — ROAR !!

  223. No man that I know, live with, been associated with, work with, friends with would ever ever say that to me, they know better than that, it just amazes me the men in the MSM and politics that still think this type of thinking is acceptable.

  224. Kim–You would think that they’ve never met a woman. What I also find interesting is that the political influence of women on the next generation is also underestimated. Don’t these people realize that we are the domestic rulers?

  225. Simo, are you in SF?

  226. Wall Street Journal cannot be trusted since it was bought by Murdoch. But I don’t mean to tell you what you should read of course.

    Somewhat off topic:

    What gives with her people flocking to go to work for Fox? I totally blame her advisers for blowing a sure thing for her on Super Tuesday and not having a plan for after. Fox is welcome to them. But I’m pissed. And it looks bad for H for them to be hired over there.

  227. I canceled Newsweek last month but they are still sending them, I just toss them anymore, I was hoping that Time would be a little better but I look like I am wrong on that one, and one last thing it is pretty bad when I only listen to Fox news now. I do not have a TV I have XM Radio and used to listen to CNN but now I ban them except for Lou Dobbs because he has seen the light lol. I listen to Fox news, Fox talk radio and god forbid American Right, and actually agree with Laura Ingram, Hannity and Levin on many things now, god I think Obama has turned me into a conservative. Actually I have always been a Blue Dog Democrat, Socially Liberal and Fisically consrvative but the consrvatives are ringing my bell this cycle.

  228. Because anybody is better than McCain will never be a sound reason for voting for Obama.

  229. Okay Guys, I’m still up. Look what just got posted by NQ on the AP about BO.


  230. Kim-It’s terrible that journalism has lost all integrity. They base all of their reporting solely on opinion. Back in the day, they actually based it on research–Imagine that!

  231. That print media stuff makes money. I just got solicited for hard copy of the NYT! Like in a heartbeat, right? Not on your LIFE!

    If they think phrases like “get over it” and “fall in line” are going to work, well they might with some people who are beholden to others somehow in the community or workplace. But all they’re really saying by “get over it” is “I wish I had your intestinal fortitude” But they don’t so they just join the herd and go to pasture. Eventually, they get what they asked for: nothing.

    This primary will make history in it’s opportunity to right wrongs. Hillary is the JFK spirit and that’s not an original observation either. But, it’s not over ’til it’s over.

  232. It looks perfect for all her people to go to Fox News. It means that everybody else is biased and they haven’t forgotten.

  233. I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t $ changing hands in the journalism industry. It seems so one-sided that I ask myself, “what’s the deal?”

  234. Kim, you made me laugh with that one. I too have been watching Fox and wondering what is happening to me. I actually found myself agreeing with Pat Buchanan at times during the primaries. WTF? I guess it was because EVERYONE else was anti-Hillary. And yeah, where once I recorded Olberman, I now record Lou.

    Is it due to aging?

  235. Kim, on July 13th, 2008 at 12:48 am Said:

    That is really quite incredible. Has anybody told Michael Kinsley to get over himself?!

  236. meileen – Oakland —

    (sorry – arranging the Denver trip – not paying attention)

  237. I love the new Newsweek pole out though Obama went for 15 points to 3 points aheas which means that McCain is probablly 5 points ahead lol.

  238. carol, I saw that on firedoglake and thought that Thers was trying to be snarky, but just is a shitty writer–because it did come across as serious. In the end I couldn’t tell if she/he was being serious or not.

  239. meileen- Olbermann makes me want to hurl! He reminds me of my cousin the DJ who used to use his air time to blast his estranged wife and think it was hysterical–a total powertripper!

    And I too find myself glued to Buchanan’s assessments. He was the only one sticking up for Hill

  240. This is the paragraph from Kinsley that is just kooky:
    “But true, professional unscrupulousness–the kind of do-anything-to-win pragmatism that Democrats envy in Republicans–requires more than just working yourself up into a lather of dislike. Sometimes, in fact, it requires the opposite: putting aside your dislike, your disappointments, your anger, your feelings of betrayal. In the case of Hillary Clinton’s erstwhile supporters, all of these feelings seem overwrought to me. But there is no point in arguing about this, or at least not now. Now is the time to just get over it.”

  241. People I couldn’t stand before but at least respect now:

    Neil Cavuto
    Greta Van Susteren
    Joe Scarborough
    Pat Buchanan
    Lou Dobbs

    People I used to respect:

    Wolf Blitzer
    Anderson Cooper
    Candy Crowley
    Soledad O’Brien
    Gloria Borger
    Jack Cafferty

  242. Fox is too much of a tabloid for me, and far too trashy. All the mainstream television news seems in the pocket of the neocons so it’s pretty much all useless, though Fox is by far the worst.

    You don’t get the truth from television news. It’s all biased. Best to stick to a few newspapers and online truth watchdogs.

  243. Heidi Li–Next they’ll be saying, “ladies, take a bubble bath and relax”

  244. I do find it amazing that Obama has been getting a pass on the bernie mac thing, I mean isn’t he supposed to be reaching out to women? he really is stupid, I think. I noticed that some MSM outlets aren’t even covering it (MSNBC) which is troubling after the whole Imus debacle.

  245. AnnieO:
    What I actually find so bizarre in that paragraph is that Kinsley applauds “true unscrupulousness”. I don’t know which Dems he’s talking about but I certainly can’t say I’ve ever admired that trait in Republicans or anybody.

  246. elizinsandi, my partner had to nudge me at times. I realize I have been almost ‘in the closet’ when it comes to defending Hillary. Sent a link from NOQAURTER to a lesbian group in Maui in the hopes of finding like minds to add to PUMA, knowing full well that in that small community, I was taking a big step. They blasted me, but I pushed on. They could not come up with one thing that Barry has done, no one could answer what he stands for, yet they insisted I get on board the BO train. I attempted to explain that this is bigger than Hillary, this is about our party. Still, their only response was, “He’s better than 4 more years of a Repub.”

    The problem is, even being a true blue dem, I don’t believe that.

  247. PUMA needs it’s own campaign:
    We WON’T fall in line!
    YOU get over THAT!

  248. I am getting old I guess lol, a whopping 43 years old and I guess my belief systems are changing a little, when I was younger I wnated to change the world now I think I want the world to leave me alone and let me do it myself. Yes I want universal Health Care, not for me I have good health care but so many people that I know that do not have it but and here comes the but of all things, Hillary was a true Ble Dog Democrat, her main concern was balancing the budget getting the dollar stronger, fixing our economy and then getting other things implamented, Obama is spend, spend, spend and tax me somemore, if he will not balance the budget then I do not want him taking my money. I want and demand fisical responsibility, he promised 3.8 trillion in spending in his last speach, he said he was going to pay for it with closing tax loopholes, I am sorry he can not close that many corporate tax loopholes. He is spend and spend and drive our dollar down even more. I am sorry I made the most and did the best during the Clinton era, I want those days back, Free trade, Welfare to work, middle tax brackets, I can live with that.

  249. Kim- maybe i’m missing something, but the two sentences seem to contradict each other to me.

  250. Nothing would be worse than 4 more years of Bush.

    But some things could be almost as bad.

  251. What do you mean Annie O?

  252. Setting a wonderful example of democracy for the globe with the help (?) of Bernie Mac. Never heard of him, myself.

    I’ve got it! Obama is trying to appeal to all the polarized, fragmented portions of America. Next thing we’ll hear is that Bernie Mac has back taxes due or is on steroids or some other b.s.

  253. Kim- I mean that if it is necessary to “work(ing) yourself up into a lather of dislike,” how can doing the opposite apply?

  254. Kim–the 2 sentences don’t seem to make any sense. Like I said, maybe I’m just missing it. Sorry.

  255. gary, BO has a newer, shinier coat of teflon than Bush ever had. Nothing sticks to this guy. It’s effing amazing. If Rev. Wright didn’t put him in the grave, not to mention the past 2 weeks of gymnastic style flip-flopping, I guess nothing will. Oh, except us PUMAs.

  256. 4 years of Obama getting us to $14.00 a gallon gas would be worse. He said that the other day and he would be fine with it to make us conserve and drive less and then he would pump trillions in to new souces of energy that is unreliable. Please we need to drill now and find other alternatives as we drill now. We have to get away from foreign oil we need our own.

  257. meileen,

    Trying to convince strangers is hard, I think. Try a PUMA meetup, just a suggestion. You need to be around voters who support YOUR views and then you can speak out. I just email the cr*p out of my Senators and Congress people.

  258. Heidi Li, love your work and have wanted to email you/leave a comment at your site, but I am not on gmail. Is there another way to get in touch with you?

  259. Patty: If we don’t get Hillary, we’re getting 4 years more of Bush. Accept it and get used to it.

  260. I live in a county that votes Republican in a blue state. There’s nothing more formidable than bringing up politics, but I just do it where I am with people I know and who see me regularly. If they don’t like it, I just say thank you very much and shut up. Needlesstosay, they will think about it later, I bet! Most people are happy to hear someone who is sincerely trying to sort out the mess we’re in. They get inspired to start to think a little. Personally, I’m sick of anonymity and now we have FISA!

  261. elizinsandi, agreed, but there’s real slim pickin’s on Maui. I am now in SF and that is much better, but in Maui, OMG – those folks actually believe BO is the second coming. It’s quite frustrating, so when I am there, I only discuss this stuff with folks that give a rats a** about politics.

    As for writing to congress, here’s what I sent nancy p yesterday:
    Ms. Pelosi,

    I lived on 18th Street in San Francisco for over 15 years, moving to Noe Valley in 1996. I voted for you many times, believing you would bring good things to the House. I was thrilled when you became speaker, and I defended you on numerous blogs when folks started complaining about your ‘impeachment is off the table’ mantra. I truly thought you were better than what they were saying. Now, I am not so sure.

    I watched you carefully over the past few months, hoping to glean some sense of why the party was so dead set against Senator Clinton as our nominee (yes, it was THAT obvious). I had many discussions with friends about this. We surmised that perhaps you inside folks had dirt on Bill, or something on Hillary. But nothing has come out, and we are left wondering why so many in the party are threatened by the Clintons.

    Your recent interview, where you stated you were too busy to notice the misogyny that occurred against Senator Clinton throughout the media, many times originating from the Obama campaign, was disheartening to hear. Your statement that you being a woman has at times worked to your advantage, that blew me away. What has happened to you? And more importantly, what has happened to our party?

    I used to think, if the Democrats were going to win, that we had to act a bit more like the Republicans (sans vote stealing!). I still agree with that assessment today; however, I NEVER thought it would come on the back of the best president in my lifetime, or on the reputation of his wife. Republicans don’t do that. They don’t eat their own. Our party sat back while attacks about racism were waged about President Clinton. Come on now! We all know better than that. Why did you not stand up and admonish the Obama campaign for the dirty politics they resorted to?

    Nothing hurt (me and) the party more than the May 31, 2008 RBC meeting. When we watched 4 delegates go to Obama that belonged to Hillary, when we watched ‘uncommitted’ go to Obama after he STRATEGICALLY removed his name from the Michigan ballot, when we witnessed that these decisions were made behind closed doors, you lost me and so many others.

    We are now hearing that Senator Clinton might not even be on the first roll call ballot at the convention in August. This, when in a year that a woman won so many primaries, won the rural votes we need to take back the White House, you folks consider not even placing her on the ballot – what are you all thinking? Every time you strike out at Hillary’s campaign, there are millions of supporter who feel the blows. Do you really still believe that we are all going to just fall in line?

    It’s heart wrenching for me to say, but after all of the GOTV work I’ve done, particularly for Kerry in 2004, I am at a place where I can no longer support this party. There is NO WAY I will vote for Obama after all that has transpired. In addition, I will do all that I can to keep turning others away from voting for him, one at a time or through posting to the different groups of which I belong.

    I still own my home in Noe Valley, but that is no longer my place of residence for voting purposes. If it were, I think you know how I would be ending this email. Suffice it to say, I am one of many who will be watching all those that did not do the right thing this year. I am proud to say that one of my current senators did; Senator Inouye actually understands loyalty, and he will have my vote until he decides to retire. That’s what loyalty is all about.


    Eileen ******
    Kihei, HI

    A strong supporter of the following, to list just a few:

  262. regencyg:

    That’s a bleak prospect – bleaker than I can contemplate. We cannot let that happen.

  263. Us PUMA’s need to roar even louder now. It is the time. Obama choose not to take campaigne financing, he expected Hillary supporters to climb on his band wagon, that is why he said he would raise over 100 million a month but it seems we are not jumpping on board. I will never donate to Obama, I still donate what ever I can to Hillary. I is not much, about $100.00 a month but I will do what ever I can for her never Obama. And after we can not donate to pay off her debts I will donate to her Senate campaign to help her out there so she will never have to use her own money.

  264. Bernie Mac impresses me about zero. I’m originally from Hollywood. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Usually.

  265. Someboby come play with me and Nomobama at TM. We’re antagonizing trolls.

  266. Re gen cy…
    Leave the trolls alone, honey.
    They bite.

  267. to all a good night off to a warm hot bath for me before bed. I will see you all tomorrow.

  268. regency- remember, they’re just misguided children, who’ve been manipulated by a political machine. God help the children!

  269. Josgirl,

    Have you met me?

  270. Hi gang! I know I’ve missed some of you by getting here late but that’s the price for being primary care-giver to a parent.

    C O N G R A T S TO U S!! We dood it! I was glad to be a part of it. I hope the news comes out on Monday or so that HRC no longer has a campaign debt to retire.

    Regarding the party here at the Confluence…did Rico drop trou and dance in his jockstrap as some of the bartenders have been known to do at Southern Decadence in NOLA? 🙂

  271. LOL josegirl

  272. and whut, pray tell, is TM? Taylor Marsh?

  273. fredster, have u been nippin’ at the cough meds? LOL

  274. elizinsandi,


  275. kim. later!

  276. I know you bite too, Regency.
    But trolls are poisonous.
    Don’t even pet them.
    Avoid eye contact, if possible.
    I’d be devastated if one of them turned on you.

  277. LOL

  278. elizinsandi, I’m very protective of our Regency.
    She’s precious.
    And precocious.

  279. i love my confluence friends! great way to save gas!

  280. Rico, a double Wild Turkey on the rocks for Regency!

  281. when does this dive errr…cat box close??

  282. Rico’s dancing naked on Fredster’s table and Regency’s cut off.

  283. #
    elizinsandi, on July 13th, 2008 at 1:49 am Said:

    fredster, have u been nippin’ at the cough meds? LOL

    Nah…just thinking about Southern Dec. and hoping we will be back to the NOLA area by then.


    It’s a hoot! Gary, Mawm and Fuzzy…if you all have never been to it you should consider it. And besides you’ll throw some $$$s toward NOLA’s recovery…(no not from a hangover!)

  284. I have enuf aggravation without trolls. Grrr!

  285. #
    regencyg, on July 13th, 2008 at 1:35 am Said:

    Someboby come play with me and Nomobama at TM. We’re antagonizing trolls.

    TM? Ewwwwwww!!

  286. oh wow! And I thought NOLA was for North Los Angeles. Duh me!

  287. #
    josgirl, on July 13th, 2008 at 1:56 am Said:

    Rico’s dancing naked on Fredster’s table and Regency’s cut off.

    Oh my…is there an ATM here? I need some 20’s…but where to put them? 😉

  288. Fredster, I thought Conflucians were imaginative.

  289. #
    elizinsandi, on July 13th, 2008 at 2:01 am Said:

    oh wow! And I thought NOLA was for North Los Angeles. Duh me!

    Nah…N’awlins Looziana. I’m a naturalized Yat, having moved there with family in the 70s. Great place and the area is coming back as well as my beloved St. Bernard parish but it’s going to be slow.

  290. #
    josgirl, on July 13th, 2008 at 2:03 am Said:

    Fredster, I thought Conflucians were imaginative.

    Oh we can be. I was just trying to keep the tone to a PG13 rating!

  291. Okay, I’ll chill, even though I was enjoying the visual.
    BTW, what do you think of Native Daughter Donna Brazile?
    I’ve been researching her and let’s just say, she’s interesting.

  292. Fredster, on July 13th, 2008 at 2:01 am Said:

    Oh my…is there an ATM here? I need some 20’s…but where to put them?

    Bill! Honey, do you have on that speedo I bought you?

  293. regency, I tried to register at TM, no luck. I gave it up.

  294. Thanks, Eliz, maybe in the future. The next time I go slumming, I’m taking a posse. Thankfully I had backup. They are really very obtus.

    Also, regencyg, please ease up on the non-sequiturs. How, exactly, did Obama set back race relations a century?
    ogenec | 07.13.2008 – 01:42 am | #

    He seemed to be serious.

  295. Question: How, exactly, did Obama set back race relations a century?
    Answer: Stereotyping

  296. “when does this dive errr…cat box close??”

    Oh, man. How and pathetic are O supporters? (Hint, in order to make a funny or cutting remark, you have to be at least reasonably intelligent. None of you qualify and it gets really sad really quick.)

  297. josgirl, seriously. Popeye’s chicken for breakfast? What is wrong with him?

  298. Josgirl, that is a more succinct answer than I gave. I could have written a dissertaion.

    Yeah, we won that fight.

    Mysteriously, the obots forgot where their ‘publish’ button was. *shrug*

  299. #
    josgirl, on July 13th, 2008 at 2:09 am Said:

    Okay, I’ll chill, even though I was enjoying the visual.
    BTW, what do you think of Native Daughter Donna Brazile?
    I’ve been researching her and let’s just say, she’s interesting.

    I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Donna was born in Kenner LA which is a suburb on nola. I think she’s a 3 time loser in presidential politics; Dukakis, Gore and now-unofficially-Obama.

    I think her “cooking with grease” is horseshit because if you are cooking nola or cajun styles and depending on what it is you’re cooking, first you make a roux:


    That’s why I laughed at her comment to Paul Begala on CNN one time when she said he could come over and she’d cook something for him. Harumph! I don’t need her to tell me how to cook! I can fix damned good red beans and rice, shrimp stew or shrimp creole, boiled shrimp with corn on the cob and red potatoes and I even one time did a baked stuffed redfish. The only thing was my neighbor brought me the redfish whole. I had to gut it (bleh) and decapitate it (more bleh). After that…uh, it was okay. Here’s the recipe:


    PS: I’d make someone a good wife, now wouldn’t I? LOL! 😉

  300. Seriously,

    do you seriously have to ask?

    What isn’t wrong with that man?

  301. That was fun regencyg. Haven’t been at that site since early June.

  302. Meileen. Thanks for coming. I needed somebody there to have mah back. I think Nomobama was doing great, but I almost *glomped* you when I saw your name. They were absurd! But I was the one that was “increasingly bizarre.”

    But yes it was fun.

  303. Well, I’m not from N’Awlin’s but I can make a mean pot of gumbo myself, cher.
    Did you know DB has been swapping recipes with Karl Rove since 2000?

    Seriously, He can only measure blackness by how well people dance.
    And how many kids they don’t take care of.

  304. You make an excellent point, regencyq.

  305. Josgirl, the weird thing is that the man can’t dance. The Man from Hope got more soul in his lips blowing on that saxophone than BO trying to sway to somebody, anybody’s rhythm.

    And Donna Brazile calls us Republican? Why is irony dead?

  306. I thought nomobama did great.

    I hit Huffpo today to support Edsall’s posting about The Denver Group. Boy, I don’t miss that place. It is brutal. At least the galy/guy (was it JR?) seemed like a decent chap/gal.

  307. HuffPoo is a self-imposed gallows. Cut of your head to spite your poor self-esteem.

    I just went over long enough to Digg it. I don’t have a Huffpoo account so I didn’t even bother with the comments. I didn’t want to get registered just to get banned.

  308. josgirl, on July 13th, 2008 at 2:33 am Said:

    Well, I’m not from N’Awlin’s but I can make a mean pot of gumbo myself, cher.

    What kind of gumbo do you like to make? I have to admit my faves to make myself are sausage, and then chicken and okra. I hate fooling with the okra to cut it because it’s so slimy. You can wash it off, but then I’d just as soon bread it in corn meal and fry it at that point. It’s like popcorn something or other. The best for me is to fry okra and yes….(ahem) fry up some green tomatoes! Y U M! But I don’t fry them in grease, but oil. Oh well…son of the south with the fried foods. I guess that why I take Vytorin for my cholesterol! LOL!!

  309. josgirl, I don’t even get what he thinks he’s doing. Well, I mean obviously he’s trying to throw black voters under the bus to appeal to racist whites, but not only is it evil, it has zero chance of working. He can talk %$#@ forever, and he’s not getting those votes, yet the more he keeps it up, he’s going to depress turnout among black voters. Wow, lose lose! It’s like he thinks he can bring people together in the unity of not liking or trusting him.

  310. josgirl, I don’t even get what he thinks he’s doing. Well, I mean obviously he’s trying to throw black voters under the bus to appeal to r—– whites, but not only is it evil, it has zero chance of working. He can talk %$#@ forever, and he’s not getting those votes, yet the more he keeps it up, he’s going to depress turnout among black voters. Wow, lose lose! It’s like he thinks he can bring people together in the unity of not liking or trusting him.

  311. Oh whoops, I apologize to the cat box person. I thought you were the troll from the other thread.

  312. Hi all,

    From a column in the July 12 issue of The Economist:

    But at least conservatives and liberals have discovered one thing they can agree on: that Barack Obama is a cynical opportunist, a flip-flopper and a shape-changer, a man who brushes aside his principles with the same nonchalance that lesser mortals reserve for their dandruff.

    Mr. Obama’s hard-edged cynicism also helps to quell one of the biggest doubts about his candidacy–that he is too naive and soft-minded to hold the most powerful job in the world.

    He is occupying the middle ground in order to reassure white voters that he shares their values. This is no airy-fairy liberal who is going to allow himself to be pushed around by Middle Eastern despots. This is a shrewd opportunist at work.

    The Economist, by the way, is PRO Obama.

  313. Uh-oh…I think everyone has crashed!

    I will have to discuss with Fuzzy, Gary and Mawm the possibility of coming to NOLA for Southern Decadence.

    Rico…you and I are going to have to have serious discussions about what to do with and where to put the 20’s! 😉

  314. Seriously, sometimes I think he’s trying to lose on purpose.
    He’s got to know he’s in way over his head and doesn’t really have a clue, and now that he senses the people who he’s trusted to run the ship are clueless, too he wants to bail.

  315. Fredster, if you’re leaving, I’ll lock up.
    And as far as the gumbo thing goes, my N.O. friend who taught me said the definition of the word gumbo is “put that in the pot, too.”
    And that’s what I do.
    Don’t even get me started on the art of frying.

  316. Oh josgirl you’re here! I was getting ready to call it quits for the night…which I hate doing because I don’t get my “reprieve” so-to-speak until after 1030-1100 CDT. And then I have to catch up on all my emails, read blogs, etc. Glad you’re still here…I may be drifting off soon… In honor of HRC I did a couple of boiler-makers with Abita Turbo Dog! Da eyez are getting sleepy and da fingas are getting lazy.

    I’m feeling good in that I found out our Road Home grant thingee has been approved and we should be receiving a check from the state of LA for around $70k to help rebuild our house!! That’s combined with our insurance payouts (which were minimal). So now all we have to do is to find a rental in the area where they will take our “attack doxie” and then we can go home! Of course since there are no stores like Kmart, Walmart or Target in our parish I have to buy all those things like bed lines (and even beds) before we leave Alabama.

    People think things have returned to normal down there…they haven’t. When you have to drive 15-30 miles to get to a store to buy dry goods, there’s something wrong. That’s why I’m trying to buy all the stuff we need (even bed linens, bath linens, pots ‘n pans and dishes) because they don’t have a store for that in St. Bernard. I understand they have like six dollar stores in the parish but what the hell good are they after a certain point?

    In addition, we don’t even have a hospital in our parish. There is a triple-wide trailer where they run a clinic. Fat lot of good that will do for me with a parent who is a cardiac patient with an artificial heart valve, pacemaker, fem-pop by-pass and stents in her legs! But…my mom wants to go home…only because her husband-my dad, her mom and strep dad are buried there.

    Okay…off my box. I’m going to try to sleep now, hoping we can get an apt that will take me, an old lady and a dog to rent.

  317. #
    josgirl, on July 13th, 2008 at 2:57 am Said:

    Fredster, if you’re leaving, I’ll lock up.
    And as far as the gumbo thing goes, my N.O. friend who taught me said the definition of the word gumbo is “put that in the pot, too.”
    And that’s what I do.
    Don’t even get me started on the art of frying.

    Oh yeah… it can’t hurt when you throw a little bit of everything in the pot, but still you have to make the roux to start it off. And I’ve seen cooks who, when they don’t get the roux right, just throw it out and start over.

    Okay…gotta email the lady who has the 2 bedroom/2 bath apt for rent back in Chalmette! She has teased me about this for awhile. I missed a two bed one bath apt cuz she put her daughter in that one. I told her that really I needed 2 beds/2baths because Peg and I both take fluid pills and it would get kinda ugly for us to both be fighting for the bathroom! And besides, it it came to a toss-up, naturally my mom would get the bathroom and then I’d be the one exposing my tally-wacker just to take a wizz! That wouldn’t be nice because then the neighbors would see Fred Jr. and say “Oh my Gawd! What a G I A N T! LOL!

  318. Okay, officially locking up.
    Fredster, if a person can’t make a roux, that person can’t cook.

  319. […] Let’s send The Confluence community (Conflucians) some love and appreciation for their outstanding fundraising effort! […]

  320. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

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