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Obamaphiles: you’ve been had

Ever since Obama began his candidacy, the rest of us have wondered: how did a less than one term senator with virtually no qualification to be be president and no message but Change! make so much money in such a short period of time. Steve Soto at TheLeftCoaster sees an interesting correlation that many of you should stop and think about.

Before the primaries began, Obama had amassed $99 Million, almost as much as Hillary Clinton who had been amassing her warchest for years.  Where did that money come from?  Not only that but since Obama became the Presumptuous Nominee the money kind of dried up.  As Steve points out, the Obama campaign will try to pin this on Clinton and say that her supporters are holding back.  And this may very well be true.  But the decrease in funding started to happen back in March.

March? March? What happened back in March?  Oh, yes, i remember now.  Matt Yglesias, Chris Bowers, Josh Marshall and the other blogger boyz were going on and on about how it was mathematically impossible for Clinton to win.  Well, not exactly.  Without the voter suppression techniques that the Obama campaign used, it would have been very possible for her to win, but why get into that nasitiness?  The Obamaphiles don’t believe the Pure One would ever be that dishonest.  No, what Steve Soto uncovered, and what seems very likely, is that the money was directed at defeating Clinton.  It was made available for just that purpose.  Yep, thousands and thousands of maxxed out voters sending money for this one single purpose and then, just as suddenly, all drying up!

I mean, it *almost* seems like there was an influx of cash to Obama just when he needed it most with the specific goal of taking out Clinton and this influx of cash doesn’t seem to be sticking around for the General Election.  WHO would DO such a dastardly thing???  Who would deliberately fund a candidate who isn’t qualified for the least important cabinet position in the WH much less the presidency in order to knock out the strongest candidate that would go up against the Republicans in the fall?  Why, it’s almost ROVIAN in it’s simple brilliance.  It would be like having a lot of Republicans send money to the weakest Democratic candidate, reregister as Democrats or just vote for the Democrat in states where there were open primaries. I found a lot of such households in PA where the voter was just making mischief for the Democrats and never intended to vote for Obama in the fall.  LOL!  They were having a joke on us!  So much fun.

But, could it be that this is what happened with the fundraising money? That the ratfucking Republicans rigged the Democratic election by flooding the Obama campaign with cash and then beating a hasty retreat once they accomplished the dirty deed?  Hmmmm, there’s only one way to find out.  We need for Obama’s campaign to correlate contributions to party affiliation or previous contributions.  I mean, we’ve been so busy looking for Republicans among the PUMAs, maybe we’ve been looking for Republicans in all the wrong places.  Yeah!  Let’s demand that Obama release his contribution lists!  That would settle the question.  Wouldn’t he want to be rid of the taint of a Republican setup?  I mean, that would be sooo embarrassing if it turned out that he couldn’t win on his own merits and needed the help of sneaky Republicans.  it wouldn’t bode well for the GE, would it, if it turned out that much of his support was from Republicans who were just trying to game the system.

Oh, BTW, his campaign predicted a haul of $100 million in June.  He hauled in only $30 million.  What is it they say about past performance is not guarantee of future returns?


207 Responses

  1. I’m not so sure his campaign wasn’t in on the ratfucking, I hear the latest trial balloon is for Hagel to be VP. How insulting is that? After we get called Repulicans in the most derisive of terms, he turns around and puts one on the ticket???

    And as for the money raising, I guess the whole foods arugala eaters forgot that we are in a recession–going on a depression–and that we don’t have the money to give.

  2. Yes. My uncle is a huge Republican bundler and he organized fundraisers for Obama just to defeat Clinton. What’s much more worrisome though is that he plans on voting for Obama to destroy the Democratic Party. He hates McCain and believes a McCain loss will be a neocon win which will “purify” the GOP to run in 2012.

    The man did the same thing in 1976, doing everything he could to defeat Ford and help Carter win. All for one reason: to lay the grounds for his favorite, a governor from California by the name of Reagan.


  3. a LOT of things make sense if they are after the money. It puts the FISA vote in perspective doesn’t it? I mean, if the bulk of your money was coming from Republicans… Hmmm, I wonder if it will result in more money for July or whether the trend will continue downwards.

  4. I Survived “The Blog Bunker”…Apologies to PUMAs (Never Got to Mention Us)

    The host wanted to do a “primer” on polling. I had listened to an earlier show and it was clear from that that there was no interest in Clinton or her supporters. The host is a self-described “libertarian,” by the way. I think their slant in general is that McCain is old…I did a good report on it, so you can get a feel for what goes on on “The Blog Bunker” on Sirius. There 3-day free pass is something which gives you the chance to listen. They repeat the show often apparently so you might bump into me along the way. The interview ahead of me was a guy who runs a political betting site from the UK.

    My bit went well, and at least I educated the younger listeners about the flaws of poll data…If I had been a quicker, less nervous PUMA, I might have wedged a mention in…but it was clear that the host wasn’t going there. I had written about Zogby and he could have brought up the skewing of those polls and how they were always wrong about Hillary’s chances in some of the states she won handily. But he wasn’t going there.

    I think this “younger set” and their audience have written Hillary Clinton off…

  5. davidson: I can’t remember a PUMA movement back in 1976. I can’t understand why real Democrats would go along with this if they know the game that’s being played here.

  6. PS—Did you see Anderson Cooper’s “very serious show” about the Clintons last night. I caught a few bits, then taped the rerun. I call it “insidious journalism” and will be writing about it…I’m slipping into my former “Media Watch” role again, I think, although I can’t stomach watching this crap….

  7. BO startd all this by running his Democrat for a day campaign. Many republians voted for him just to defeat Hillary.

  8. Good Morning Everyone. I wanted to start the totals over here.

    Carol, on July 12th, 2008 at 8:49 am Said:

    Okie Dokie – Sorry I missed the party – I was exhausted from a long day and catching up from the long trip to California.

    Last total was $9159.44

    I caught some missing donations:

    chatblu $5.44
    garychapelhill $10
    joaniebone $5


    Thanks everyone!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    PUMA$ Who Donate for their fellow PUMA$ are Supreme and what this is all about!


    Let’s take it over $10,000 early today, I need to play beauti-operator on Nancy! SM77 – I want to be in that picture doing the deed – I’m a Marilyn Monroe lookalike! Don’t forget, I’m shaving her ears and back.

    Good Morning fuzzy!

  9. RD: What? My uncle is a Republican. What he did in ’76 was to help defeat Ford because he felt Reagan, a “true conservative,” was robbed of the nomination and that Carter would be a disaster, thus, helping pave the way for Reagan in ’80 and the Reagan Revolution.

    With regards to this election, I don’t think Obama Democrats honestly thought they were being played. I honestly believe they foolishly thought Obama was so gosh darn transformative any Republicans seen by us as gaming the system were actually going to vote for him in November. What’s messed up is that they accused Republicans who voted for Clinton as actually gaming the system (Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” nonsense) when, in fact, they were much more likely to actually vote for HRC in the GE.

  10. Sorry if my above reply isn’t so clear or well written. It’s early over here (West Coast) and I haven’t yet been to bed (Long night of partying and whatnot).

  11. I received this letter at my blog and thought I’d pass it along:

    I found you from another website, and I made a youtube video about Obama’s FISA vote that no one in the media seems to be talking about. I was wondering if you would possibly share this with your blog readers. Thanks!


  12. I know Hillary’s camp was slower to tap into the internet for fundraiser; but once she did she “BEAT-HIM”, on that as well!!
    Everything about his campaign is just, “smoke-n-mirrors”!! PERIOD !!
    Go PUMA !!!

  13. PS…about the above FISA video…it’s a righteous rant spoken directly to the camera….ending with “Shame on you, Barack Obama.” It’s good to see some anger about this…
    Will get you fired up…

  14. At Chicago fund-raiser for Obama, a cussing Bernie Mac jokes about “hoes.”


    When this gets around, the money woes will get worse.

    We’re looking at 4 years of jokes about “HOES” and major policy discussions about which RAP group is on Obama’s iPod, cultural gaffes about which venue is appropriate for a rally of the masses, and which spanish course we should all take to learn a foreign language.

    Meanwhile the Federal Reserve will be rescuing banks with our money in order to hide the looming fiscal KATRINA headed our way.

    The “presumptive” Democratic Party nominee is an immature adolescent “man’s man” according to his friend, Bernie Mac.

    Oh, well then. Why worry, be happy.

  15. Over at NQ there is an article up regarding the fundraising and BO blaming Hillary and her supporters.

    In the comment section:

    “he might have to throw himself under the bus”

    next comment, “he’s not welcome”

    I had to laugh my ass off!

    I have said for a long time, we Hil supporters need to get out from under that bus and someone drag his ass under. Soon, I know it will be soon.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  16. @bmc: I wish that misogynistic slur would cause outrage but I doubt it. Perhaps it’s because I see so many in my peer group (twentysomethings) use that slur as a damn synonym for women and girls (and all other things deemed “bad”), but I see just about most people laughing it off, especially since it’s from a black man.

    I lost faith back in ’99 when Eminem because a global superstar because of his ultra-violent misogynistic bigotry and violent homophobia. We’ve made progress on homophobia (At least, slurs are not acceptable in the public eye), but misogyny is even worse today. Hell, we confuse it with “frank sexual banter” (Those are the exact words the NYT used to refer to shock jocks who “joked” about rapes).

  17. I think both Republican trickery and Clinton supporters refusing to hop the runaway O bus are at play. If the O campaign said 100 million would be raised in June and they got 30 million instead, that is a gap of historic proportions. The Republicans sending in small donations of under $200 to avoid scrutiny then stopping is very possible. But part of it is Clinton supporters are not giving. O’s campaign spent like crazy presuming they would continue to get zillions from the peons and then get more from Clinton supporters. I think he has been punked by both groups. I continue to be amazed by O’s lack of good old gumption.

  18. We’ll of course they did, it was and is their only hope, but we knew that and so did they recall it was the Dem Base not required but a new coalition, the republicans and independents were the new team that wanted Obama, it’s was all a manufactured a red herrings posturing. RD I do disagree with one premise you make, to me Obama did not corrupt the Primary that the DNC did all by it’s lonesome and had been doing before the primary ever started they were against Clinton, it is the Party the DNC specially the Party apparatus that is corrupt, that suppressed the votes, changed the rulz, stacked the AA minority district with sometimes 3-1delegate counts, and ran the caucuses, pulled the race grievance and anointed the SD’s that gave Obama the crown, IMO Obama is no more than a pawn a real victim and certainly is performing that way his real capabilities on display mush limp on the stump once you remove the name calling scarlet letter R from his mystic nothings left sorry, and this is just as he performed in committee meetings Kerry has more presence now there is just the fog left. IMO unless the Party moves to Hillary and the SD’s come out and save this Party by doing their job as they should have before, McCain is President of that I have no doubt and the Party broken. And that growth in Congress they are trading for at Pelosi behest, they need to really HOPE that American’s are not so offended by their folly of forcing a Party lackey on us, capable of doing little more than enabling a incompetent FISA passing fat cat Congress and give a speech many admire, and serve as a figurative symbol of social change that they also just say no to the down ticket dem’s as well.
    Recall what we felt and though of the Rove rancid RNC ran but dumb fringe bots incapable of rational non anti social thought well ditto for the DNC at least for me. At least McCain is trying to cast of his Parties demon’s.

  19. I want to add (and then I’ll stop hogging this thread), that it’s incredibly difficult to criticize a black man in pop culture for his misogyny or homophobia without being accused on not “getting it” (Oh, noes! We’re not “hip!”) or, worse, being racist.

    OK, done.

  20. Didn’t Obama get a lot of his original “start up” money for his campaign from Bush’s Texas big money men?

  21. RD – could we go ahead and start the fundraising for moving the DNC back from Chicago!

    Or, better yet, shall we just leave it there and start fresh. (This would mean that Hillary could bring a new “freshness” to Washington.)

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  22. I have three words for all of you:


  23. Did anyone seriously think the daughter of the most partisan Republican president who was run out of office by Democrats who is also the grand-daughter in law of President Eisenhower would all of a sudden become a Democrat? Wait…maybe her kids told her to support Obama.

  24. Reading that link to the Bernie Mac comment, the funniest part was that they had to correct the initial line about reporting that Obama would be out with Lil Kim and getting into fistfights with Kanye West. In the original report, apparently the reporter wrote down Bill Clinton instead of Kanye West! CDS is an insidious disease.

  25. No matter what insidious plans the Republicans may or may not have had in regards to the Democratic Primary, the fact remains that it wouldn’t have worked without the help of the DNC, Democratic Leadership, and the Fauxgressive blogosphere.

    In my mind a corrupt system knows no party. In my mind there is equal opportunity corruption in Washington D.C. and amongst our “leader”.

    For that and other reason I like being an Independent these days. I feel free to loathe BOTH parties whenever I feel they deserve it. Which gives me lots of opportunities to loathe both parties.

  26. Or maybe Julie remembered that Hillary was a lawyer helping to draft the articles of her father’s impeachment.

  27. Also, Susan Eisenhower is backing Sen. Obama as well.

  28. Let’s face it. Oprah brought his plague on us. She mentioned his name and endorsed him before anyone had ever heard of him. I’m sure she knows Axelfraud and all the boys. I’m willing to bet she put her head and dollars together with all of them. She is the exact parallel to Wright – “we do so much good, so don’t charge us for our racial bigotry.” He gets all this credit for running such a great campaign. I say bullshit.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  29. Oops forgot another corrupt arm of our corrupt system; the media. The media that misinforms, lies, spins, obfuscates and spews trivialities with all the passion of a Packer Fan at Lambeau Field.

  30. Next Nancy Reagan will see the light. Maybe Betty Ford?

  31. Yes, the republicans rigged the democratic primary, they were the so called “Obamacans”… who of course went back to being “Republicans”. Good news for us Hillfans! The Chosen will not win the Elected come November.

  32. A Look at a Chicago-Style Fundraiser for Obama–”Hoes” on the Agenda

    Oh, wow!!!! Of course, the classic Obama comments are worthy to note….of course, he softens his criticism…..

  33. Well, that theory would explain high BO donations totals coupled with small Democratic Party donation totals. Many Republicans would want to take out Clinton but not actualy support the party. PUMAs, who previously supported Clinton, would not be responsible for a drop in funding. They could explain a failure in BO funding growth since the primaries but not the drop, if their money never was going to BO.

  34. Durrr. Exactly like I said.


  36. I also read that Bush’s “Pioneers” gave O lotsa cash(and it wasn’t because they were inspired by his message!)

    Where I live is extremely Repub and I was pretty surprised to see that O had won my county overwhelmingly. I stood in line for an hour and a half to vote, surrounded by the usual white guy Repubs, so I knew there was something weird going on. Now I know what it was. Our primaries are open so super easy to game.

  37. Or whoever deduced it…

  38. Thanks “davidson” for that inside-scoop!!
    Please keep “us” informed of your uncle’s next move !!When people ( my husband ), tell me “he won & even
    thought I really wanted Hillary too, it’s over” !!
    My response is “it’s not over & he did’nt win” !!
    Obama had a “good run” in the middle of the process in mostly republican states;
    but when the Rev. Wright stuff hit he “SUNK-LIKE-A-
    STONE” !!! If one more person says he “won more contests” I’ll scream. What’s the total population #’s of Americans, after all “his” states are added up / compared with the total from “hers”.
    This does seem more & more like a fight for the direction of the Democratic Party as a whole.
    Do we want the 9% current congressional group in charge or the 67% “Clinton-dem-party” !!
    I’m a Clinton dem “all the way” !!

  39. I said all along that o fell for the republican trick bag. He asked people to become Democrat for a day, and thats what they did. Of course the republicans had planned this all along, knowing they could not defeat Hillary. So the great bamboozeler got bamboozled himself. Brings to mind a line out of a Prince song…who’s pimin who? lol…..
    Now fast forward…we have a huge coalition, Pumapac, Justsaynodeal, with over 230 sites joining in. We are an awesome force in this election. With the Denver group full page ad in Chicago yesterday, along with the fund raiser going on here at the confluence and elsewhere….we are being heard! I am blessed to be a part of something huge. We will make the difference!

  40. GRL,

    What Sirius channel is “The Blog Bunker” on? It would help to know for those of us who do have Sirius.

  41. But the classic irony here is that the SDs who are supposed to be in tune with all such party machinations could change the outcome here. Are they too afraid to? Like RD said in her previous blog, pick some excuse, any excuse — he has given you many!

    On another side note, this is the election where a majority faction of neither party wants to vote for their nominee? But I still find it hard to believe that the republicans want to lose (per Davidson’s comment above).

  42. I am not surprised at the scenario of Republicans supporting Obama because they hate the Clintons and as a side benefit they might get a candidate that it is easier for McCain to beat.

    It is well acknowledged that the Nixon campaign saw that McGovern would be an easier candidate to beat than Ed Muskie. And low and behold, the Manchester Union Leader, a right wing NH newpaper, printed some trash about Muskie’s wife that caused Muskie to rail against the paper in public in such outrage that tears were in his eyes and Muskie was no longer the front runner.

    I have thought for a long time that Obama wins in the caucuses were a result of Republican shennigans since you need not be a registered voter to participate and so you can bring in young college students to skew the result.

    It is time for the Democrats to end the caucuses and have closed primaries to get the best and strongest candidate.

    Go Puma!

  43. I believe that the Hill Camp is withholding the numbers for a “tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” after Barky announces his pathetic ill gotten gains.

    Also, I guess Hill’s big donors didn’t buy into the extortion request as we did not.

    Sit Back future President Elect Hillary, we’ve got your back! (And it’s not hairy like Nancy’s.)

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  44. No matter what, I think the contribution list should be made public ASAP. This would end this dangerous charade.

  45. bmc,

    I’m not looking forward to having a President who has pals that tell jokes about ho’s and then after he tells him to clean up his act he said “I’m just messin’ with ya.” Can we please have an adult for President? This is going to be worse than Bush.

  46. How are we going to get Obama to release the contribution list? Besides, they don’t have to keep records on anything under $200, do they?

  47. Gee, is it too late for Obama to flip flop (again) on taking matching funds?

  48. Thanks to everyone fighting this fight.

  49. I keep talking about this and I know it sounds paranoid but GOP Ratfucker Extraordinaire Roger Stone – yes, Roger Stone of the “$2.5 million to investigate and destroy Elliot Spitzer fame” – ran and funded Al Sharpton’s campaign in 2004. Now why would he do that? Personally, I think it was a trial run to see if they could manage and fund a Democratic campaign.

    Just stop and think about it. Why would a decades-renowned GOP trickster pick up Al Sharpton and give him money and expertise to have a run the presidency?

    Here’s a Democracy Now Interview with Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett.

    Why would he do it? It was a trial run for running Obama against Clinton, I’m sure. I think they picked him after Clinton won her first senate race. Think about the fact that the Illinois GOP couldn’t find a single Republican in the entire state of Illinois to run against him. What is the likelihood of that? So he winds up running against a mental defective from Maryland – and it should be noted that Keyes got 30% of the vote. LOL Not bad for a guy who is missing half his brain.

  50. I also believe that in a coordinated effort, Republicans en masse propped up the weakest candidate in the primary (much as they did Dean in 04) for precisely this reason.

    Also, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

  51. Riverdaughter – I need to talk to you. Is it possible you could drop me a line? Thanks.

  52. Tony Snow passed away….

    My mother also had colon cancer that metastasized in her liver this was in 1981 and no one had ever survived it. But she went to MD Anderson for a brand new treatment (they ran high levels of chemo through a tube directly into the tumor in her liver) and it saved her life.

    When Snow first revealed his liver cancer, my mom wrote a letter to the NY Times about the success of her treatment. As a counter point to all the early obituaries…

    Her surgeon read the letter, recognized her (this is after over 25 years), looked up her records and called her! He was that pleased to know she was still around.

    I’m very, very sorry that Tony didn’t have that same sort of luck.

  53. the Obama fund raiser an the word, Ho form his friend he choose hmm, I’ll call it ,if Obama is not a bigot he appears to be one….no it’s not funny, women are murdered every day, in the not to distant past recall a women was beheaded in a park while out for a stretch and a young college class president shot in the head while walking home from school, every day women are violently assaulted… and I don’t believe that’s happening to any other demographic these days so bigoted demeaning dehumanizing attacks need to be shouted down as vile which they of course are.

  54. Everything about Obama was on the internet in early January, but it didn’t start getting reported until March. There were stories on the internet in February that the Repubs were donating to Obama. In March, Rush Limbaugh told Repubs to vote for HRC to rally the Democratic base around Obama after everything started coming out about him.

    Hillary Clinton is a polarizing person. The Democrats didn’t want her because she loses 50% of the vote right away and invigorates the Republican base. The Republicans didn’t want her because she gets 50% of the vote right away.
    The Democratic leadership doesn’t have a clue. Since she already had 50% of the vote, she can only increase in a bad economy.

  55. I’m not entirely sure it’s Republicans — part of it, yes. But I think that the whole “beat the bitch” mentality explains the lion’s share of this without having to appeal to Republican ratfucking.

    Once again, an abject lesson in How Not To Be Right To Soon: I’d said months ago that the whole emotional punch behind Obama’s campaign was “BEAT THE BITCH!” That was their endpoint and beyond that, who cares? Just beat that fucking bitch. Misogyny drove the entire thing.

    No bitch? Hey, let’s stay in bed — no reason to exert effort. We’re done, right? Time to celebrate!

    Oh, uh … there’s another election? Eh, who cares about that?

    When your whole campaign revolves around BEAT THE BITCH, what do they do when the bitch is beat but sleep in and lose interest?

  56. One question:

    What about the Kennedy’s? Puh-lease. If it is just the Repubs that are corrupt, how could the Kennedy’s back a loser? Just to show that they are not racist and even more liberal than we thought. Or just so stupid that Ed and Carolyn didn’t realise they were shooting their Party in the foot. I don’t think so.

  57. BTW, the ads are finished:

    These are DRAFT ONLY and NOT READY FOR PRINTING. If you want to print and distribute them as flyers, let me know and I’ll upload PDFs.

    I’ve sent PDFs to the Denver Group, but I have no idea if they like them or not.

  58. Obama was always boring the excitement was generated around him , not from him ..

  59. OMG Katiebird, my Dad died in august 1981 of liver cancer. I had been praying frantically for 2 years for a cure. I’m glad to hear that their was one. Wish I’d heard about it—maybe needed to add “get the information” to me to the prayer.

    Anyone know a successful, but not (yet?) public cure for Parkinson’s?

    Sorry for going off-topic for a moment.

  60. I cannot get The Denver Group or Heidi Li’s blog to load this morning…Does anyone know if their sites have crashed and why??

  61. athyrio:

    just tried both sites… they do work

  62. Janis, y’know, Chris Rock came right out with it. At a fundraising appearance, he told the audience to support Obama so that they didn’t have to vote for the old white lady.

    If you are an asshole who doesn’t want to vote for a woman for the sole fact of her gender, you can hide your misogyny behind your support for a candidate of another class which is equally under-represented. You can support the black guy and keep your progressive street cred in good order.

    I went back to the comment boards during the time when Kobe Bryant was going through his ordeal around the rape accusation. The comments about the young woman who made the accusation are staggeringly similar to the comments made about Clinton even on well-known progressive boards.

    Soto wonders if it’s anti-Clintonism. No, Steve, it isn’t. It’s misogyny. Oh, and lots and lots of GOP money.

  63. This info needs to get out. Should be mentioned the next time the media interviews a PUMA. Maybe that would pressure the (or someone or one) media to check it out.

  64. Last night someone had trouble with PumaPAC too. This is kind of creepy….

  65. {{Karolina}} I’m very sorry. Living with a loved ones cancer is bad enough — but losing that battle is horrible. I’m so sorry.

    What you said, “add “get the information” to me to the prayer” IS really the magic trick.

    And it’s actually my Dad who gets the credit for saving my mother’s life. Everytime she gets sick he goes down to the K.U. Medical Center Library to study the latest medical research (actually I guess she hasn’t gotten that sick since the advances in the Internet)

    That’s how he found that particular treatment… The story is pretty interesting but pretty long. Getting the treatment you want is NOT easy in a world dominated by Health Insurers.

  66. Oh good. About the sites being okay.

  67. Obama Backers on the Left are Wincing Now

    When Jesse Jackson’s Castrato-gate or the Barack Obama Nuts Controversy or whatever you want to call it erupted last week—as captured by the hot microphones of Fox News—terrible cries of pain went unnoticed.

    Not from Obama, who, as presidential historians will tell us after his inauguration in January, was the great beneficiary of the rhetorical (and never actually attempted) Jacksonian castration, and no cries from Jackson, either.

    Jackson’s too busy to shriek. He’s suffering the ambition of African-American politicos eager to replace him as America’s race broker. And he’s been hooted down in the style of pre-Revolutionary France, by white liberals who once feared him, though they no longer feel compelled to feign interest in Jackson’s ridiculous rhymes.

    The cries of pain came not from Obama or Jackson but from the American political left, from scribes and liberal editorial writers and broadcast analysts and eager bloggers. The true believers who evangelized that Obama would transcend politics as we knew it are suffering a Barackian hangover

  68. Ya’ll might find this interesting: http://www.opensecrets.org/pres08/contrib.php?cycle=2008&cid=N00009638

    It lists Obama’s top donors.

  69. Without the voter suppression techniques that the Obama campaign used, it would have been very possible for her to win, but why get into that nasitiness?

    Not to nitpick but err… She DID win. The big boiz get no freebies here.

    No, what Steve Soto uncovered, and what seems very likely, is that the money was directed at defeating Clinton. It was made available for just that purpose. Yep, thousands and thousands of maxxed out voters sending money for this one single purpose and then, just as suddenly, all drying up!

    Absolutely. I said it before, Hillary was in the race to win the Presidency and the other candidates were in it to beat her.
    Remember that Obama’s pitch was that “you cannot go into a GE win half the country saying they’re not gonna vote for you”. His campaign used to hype Hillary’s negatives every day, as if that was Obama’s platform.

  70. I think this definitely shows donors who were not just average people. If Obama was a real grass roots movement, we would have seen the donations increase as the public became more aware of him.
    I think RD has an interesting idea that it was money used for the sole purpose of getting Clinton out. All we need are the lists of reported contributions for the time periods, and lists of voter rolls that include party affiliation. We could cross reference the two lists and see which groups(Inds,Reps,Dems,Green,Unaffiliated) had the most influence on Obama’s numbers.
    Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.

  71. Did you catch the Metro-NY article on Thursday’s Hillary-Barry fundraiser? Looks like they needed some plants/ seat-fillers. How else could a 39-year-old admin asst afford a $1,000 per plate function?


  72. Fred,

    I don’t find Jesse Jackson Sr. ridiculous at all. I voted for him when he ran for President and I would do it again. Obama doesn’t have that same connection to the AA community. He is patronizing and his speech on Father’s day was disgusting IMHO. He is using AA’s to further his own agenda and has offered them nothing in return.

  73. Katibird,

    “Getting the treatment you want is NOT easy in a world dominated by Health Insurers.”

    Don’t I know it. My Mom has Parkinson’s and I have every possible word that might pertain to it on Google alert for years now. I have been managing her disease while every idiot around me has been telling me to just let her deteriorate as there is no hope. There was a treatment w/ GDNF that worked on the test groups amazingly well a few years back, brought them completely back from the last stages of Parkinson’s….and they cancelled it saying it was dangerous. The people and their families sued and went public and tried everything that they could, but no deal.

    I guess if people were not afraid of getting ill they wouldn’t want to pay insurance, and if they rarely didget ill they’d live too long to keep the population manageable.

  74. Katiebird,

    That is a wonderful story about your mom–and your dad’s devotion to her. It is sad about Tony Snow. He was too young to die, and I feel for his kids.

  75. I find it hilarious that Obama thought Hillary’s supporters would be sending him money once he kicked her out of the race. I mean its not like we didn’t warn everyone day after day. How many letters were sent to the DNC telling them they were losing her supporters. I read comments from dozens of women who said they had refused to renew there monthly payments to the party and told the DNC rep the reason why. Really our Democratic leadership is truly stupid. I’m only sorry that Clinton has succeeded at all. I hear she raised 4.5 million for the jerk in June.

    But there is only one way Hilary could be nominated in August. One or more of the more well respected SD who abandon her has to loudly and forcefully recant. People are not going to take this risk unless someone starts the ball rolling.

  76. Karolina NYC,

    My experience in helping my parents and caring for my mother-in-law is similar. My M-I-L had severe emotional problems and suffered a debilitating strong. I was told for both that she needed to be institutionalized. She did spend some time in a nursing home after the stroke, but we were able to bring her home again. Doctors are so negative these days. I found I really had to be an advocate for her. Now that my parents are getting older, I find the same thing. Doctors have no bedside manner anymore!

  77. still cannot access either web site, and they are the only ones I cannot access….have tried on several different browsers…Must have a virus or trojan that is an Obama supporter….Hmmmmmm…

  78. I find it hilarious that Obama thought Hillary’s supporters would be sending him money once he kicked her out of the race.

    Hey, you slap a woman around a little bit, they like that — shows them who’s boss, is what they were thinking.


  79. I’ve got to run off to a Sisters in Crime meeting. But I’ll be back in a couple of hours. I’d really like to talk about health care … If anyone else is interested send me a message at katiebird@gmail.com.

    I won’t push it if there isn’t any interest…

  80. Janis – those are really good and straight to the point.

    We need to start sending our information directly to the SD’s certified mail.

    I think there should also be a demand that they explain in detail their reasoning behind chosing BO. Combine those answers for the next article. I can see it now, Nancy (bald and ears-back hairless after I get through with her) “oh, he brings a freshness, a freshness. I’m just glad he goes to church.”

    Most people don’t get to watch cable and see what fools these people are.

    Guys and Gals, I need some contributions from those that can afford it and would like to give!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  81. Carol,

    I figured they could make one quick rabbit-punch point, and people could go to the website for more; no need to put EVERYTHING in there, it’s too much.

    Like I said, I can upload PDFs if anyone wants them.

  82. Carol!

    We missed you so much last night! I knew you were napping from your post in Gary’s thread. I hope you feel proud – it was a great night, we can definitely work it up to 10K! Fuzzybear has an image of scissors & Namcy Pelosi, all you need to do is send him a picture and maybe he can merge them.

    Riverdaughter, AMEN & HI-FIVE. We’ve all talked about this and that now the blogosphere is wondering WTF is the money now – it’s too simple. We’ve been had by the Rethugs. Not us as PUMAs, but the O-borg.

    And I believe Davidson 1000% percent. Too many open primaries & gushes of money. Yep.

    I say F-k ’em. Let them suffer. The Democratic BASE supported the REAL Democrat, not the optical illusion of one. They deserve to lose.

  83. Two states:

    If assistant’s boss bought a bunch of tickets and handed them out to everyone at work, that would be “how else.”

  84. The Bernie Mac “hoes” comment is being picked up EVERYWHERE now…AP story all over the place….

    A Look at a Chicago-Style Fundraiser for Obama–”Hoes” on the Agenda (UPDATE 1X–AP Picks Up Story & It Is Being Picked Up EVERYWHERE!)

  85. As for Clinton-hating black comedians, I was royally ticked off by Wanda Sykes on the Jay Leno back in March ? [can’t remember when ]. She was so denigrating, repeating all these media memes, about all the “different” Hillaries, schizophrenia. Leno didn’t say a lot, but I turned him off, and haven’t watched since. I wouldn’t go see Sykes in a movie or tv show under any circumstances.

  86. Here’s another bit toward the 10g’s:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 12, 2008 11:34 AM EDT
    Contact: GinainKC
    Independence, MO 64058
    Amount: $100.00

  87. After being immersed all week in work over my eyeballs ( the nursing shortage is no joke but I am thinking perhaps PUMAS can reach out to the ANA who endorsed Hillary ?? I can call and find out this weekend ) I am so grateful pleased and proud to be able to come here and catch up even while I am on the air with GODDESS RADIO on http://www.cygnusradio.com and anyone who wants a PUMA shout out come on into chat !!
    you can click to listen here or find us on iTUNES under ecelctic , rock , or blues, Cygnus Radio
    I record the show to the podcast which averages Feed Views 3644 Subscribers 457 Downloads 3091 per month and last weeks podcast was dedicated to Hillary .. but every GODDESS RADIO is dedicated to women and created to showcase the women of independent music.
    I am so proud to be a PUMA and the women here constantly inspire me I was playing EVA CASSIDY doing FIELDS of GOLD and thinking Hillary is getting MY GOLD !!! I was definitely getting all smushy ….
    Also I want to share a pic from a good friend and also a PUMA Carol Lowery, who is a DJ at Cygnus As well.. , whose son is in Afghanistan playing for the troops CLINT LOWERY OF SEVEN DUST

  88. I guess I need to revise my upcoming post on Obama’s fundraising so it fits in with this one.

    It goes into more detail on last years fundraising but RD answered some questions I was asking.

  89. BB, it is heartbreaking if you let it get to you, but I just ignore the a$$h@les and forge on. Have found that physical therapy keeps them healthy and strong, so I take her 3X a week. Maybe we can have a post on the healthcare system sometime as KB suggested, especially because it is such a big issue in this campaign.

  90. It would be nice if PUMAPAC came up with a campaign to reach out to the Super’s. I think many of them are not in the loop, they also have blinders on, we need to take the blinders off…

  91. Myiq, I had begun to wonder if you were Steve Soto of LeftCoaster, since you said last night that you were working on a piece on this.

    I’ll see y’all later!

  92. WooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooo!

    We made the news!


    Huffy is helping us out!

  93. Barack Obama told a potential donor to his campaign that Hillary Rodham Clinton is on his list of possible vice presidential running mates, but that her husband’s status as a former president makes matters “complicated.”
    I guess the only two term winning successful Democratic beloved former POTUS is more complicated to hang out with than Rev Wright Bill Ayers Tony Rezco David Axeface or any of the other losers and slime he has been hanging with for 20 years ….gee is my animosity showing …let me tell you how i really feel

  94. NH, on July 12th, 2008 at 11:23 am Said:

    I agree and the right person would have to be John Lewis since he knows how Bo and his thugs operate. I feel it has to be an African American that has to do it first then the others will follow.

  95. Obama’s magical money machine did two things:

    1. It gave him the money to build and run his campaign.

    2. It convinced the DNC and superdelegates to support him because they thought they were going to get lots of money too.

    It’s kinda like one of those old scams where a conman “salts” a played-out mine with gold nuggets, then sells it to some suckers who find out too late it’s just a hole in the ground.

  96. Okie Dokie –

    ginainkc $100

    Taking that TOTAL to:


    Move that Meter Please!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  97. How about taking this on the road?

    Publish the list of SD’s. We all sign up for the one’s near us. We start making appointments and hanging out with them. I have free time. I would love to go and visit my SD’s multiple times a week.

    While they get to hide, what do they have to lose. I think they owe us an explaination since they supposedly represent us.

    Who Thinks We Should Take It on the Road?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  98. I’ve been collecting web info about Obama and this campaign for months.
    Republicans for Obama claims they were founded in 06 to encourage Obama to run for president.
    Donna Brazile spoke of the “Obama factor” in Slate magazine in, I believe, 04.
    But the article I’ve linked to re: Brazile is a little more interesting, imo.


  99. Carol, I donated $25 a couple of days ago directly to Hillary’s site to retire her debt. Later, I e-mailed the site indicating that I was a PUMA. Will that count?

  100. fuzzy – as a Marilyn lookalike, you can find an image of me on the internet!

    Thanks SM you guys are all great. (I laid down for a few minutes and actually didn’t wake up until this morning. I also left my good dinner sitting out. It was really going to be good. B000000 HOOOOOOOOO!)

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  101. Republicans for Obama claims they were founded in 06 to encourage Obama to run for president.

    And WE’RE the Republicans?!

    And can someone explain to me why it’s a wonderful point in his favor if Repubs supposedly love him so much, while WE’RE called “ratfuckers” if we’re suspected of being Repubs?

  102. Alrightyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    two states $25



    Move That Meter!

    Nancy, I hope you are gettin’ ready for your close-up!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    Let’s get this done people. BO is blaming us for his lack of funds and will take all of the credit for Hill’s debt!

    I say, FUCK HIM. What say you?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  103. LOVE This. Hillary is brilliant!

    “More seriously, some Obama supporters worry that the spectacle of their candidate eagerly embracing his old rival, Hillary Clinton, and traveling the country courting big donors at lavish fund-raisers, may have done lasting damage to his image as an arbiter of a new kind of politics. This is a major concern since Obama’s outsider credentials, have, in the past, played a large part in his appeal to moderate, swing voters. In the new poll, McCain leads Obama among independents 41 percent to 34 percent, with 25 percent favoring neither candidate. In June’s NEWSWEEK Poll, Obama bested McCain among independent voters, 48 percent to 36 percent.”

  104. Ben, he capitulates utterly on FISA, Iraq, NAFTA, and a million other things, and they blame his falloff on the fact that he wore a matching tie when he was on stage with Hillary. This is hilarious.

    Here’s an idea: maybe the crops just withered on the vine because it was a dry season, and not because the old hag walked on the dirt road by the fields.

  105. Janis: I love the ads!!! I think they are wonderful!!! We should be using them everywhere we can, and they should be posted on every site as well. But absolutely they need to get them out there in front of the public, not just here on the internet, because there are loads of people who need to get that message. Such talented work; I salute your ability!!!!

  106. Great work, “josgirl” !
    In your “search” if you come across, “where Obama
    was on the Sunday after 09/11/01” please let me know thru this site.
    He was a local public official, there must have been “someone” who asked if he was @ his “home-
    church”, to “honor” this American Tragedy!

  107. Happy to see the comments on the Huff piece “HRC lost, we are loons, HRC is polarizing, deep in debt – should have spent the money paying her debt, but most likely ‘just hating on the black man’.”

    I know these are all of reasons for working for the revolution.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    I need money, please donate if you can.

    Someone move that METER – over $9300!

  108. The caucus I attended in KS had over 1000 there . The democratic party leader asked the republicans to stand up . The Clinton and Obama supporters were separated in the auditorium. Well over 60% of O’bama’s supporters were republicans. The “leader” asked us all to give them a round of applause ! No one in Hillary’s section stood up. It took nearly three and a half hours that caucus due to the change of registration for a day line.There was a horrible ice storm,too. Notwithstanding our vp in waiting governor,there is little chance KS is going blue in november. If you look at the number of delegates he garnered there , in a caucus of some 17,000 statewide, you get an idea of how he pulled this sham off and with whose help.

  109. josgirl: Great find! (beating self–where was this article a few months ago?)

    Janis: Spot on! If only we were actually Republicans—then the Obamicans would be “reaching out” to us. But instead, we’re OLD Dems, who periodically feel down, get bitter, and will eventually come around.

    Don’t hold your breath on that eventually.

    I’m taking the Michelle option: I’ll have to think about it and I haven’t had time to think about it yet.

  110. Janis,

    I love the work you did and would love the PDF so I can plaster some all over my small little town and leave some in more conspicuous places. Along with sending them to the SDs in NJ. Let me know how to reach you. Thanks!

  111. JANIS GREAT ads 🙂 great work 🙂

  112. “Ditto SophieL.” !
    I’m taking the Michelle option, as well.
    Go PUMA

  113. Janis: “And can someone explain to me why it’s a wonderful point in his favor if Repubs supposedly love him so much..”

    I’ve been asking myself that for months and months. The Reagan worship, everything. It’s been there. I tried to scream about the closet Republican stuff while part of the Edwards campaign here–trying to stop the runaway Obama train. Deaf ears. Why was that ever okay with “Democrats”? BTW, John Edwards makes me sick now.

    GREAT ADS Janis! Let me know when they’re ready to use. re: your talent–YOU are the one I’ve been waiting for!

    Can someone please clarify if there was any truth to the word yesterday that we are having an open convention with no restrictions or “symbolic votes”?

  114. Charles? Are you still here? I can’t seem to figure out how to comment at your blog.

  115. Janis, those are AWESOME.

  116. Sorry about this stream of comments, but YES. Show the SDs OUR $$$ muscle.

    Janis, I think it would be great to produce a flyer about Obam’s diminishing resources Vs. the power of PUMA for distribution to the SDs.

    “We’d have your backs, babies–now get off your butts and elect a winner!”

  117. Janis. I think the third ad is the best.

  118. I’ve uploaded the PDFs in a zipfile, all three:


    They are suitable for printing on a laser printer and being used as flyers.

    And the gifs are here:

    Anyone who wants to use them for print advertising in a magazine or newspaper, LET ME KNOW AND I WILL SEND YOU THE ILLUSTRATOR FILES SUITABLE FOR HIGH-QUALITY PRINTING.

  119. Janis, those ads are phenomenal. Definitely forward them to Marc and Heidi for their next ad. It is imperative that those are printed as soon as they’re ready. I’d love to pass those out when I got to California in a couple of weeks. Here in TX too.

    I think the 3rd one will resonate most because it shows that no matter what happens both can be prez someday.

  120. We always new Obama was a premature ejaculator.

  121. Riverdaughter,

    It’s the “FILTHIES” as I have heard them referred to her on this blogg by Janis. Republicans and elitist trust fund Democrats. I hate how everything boils down to money.

    They are the ones who orchestrated the schemes to fill Obama’s coffers with $$$$. This corporate bundling that was big back is Feb. and Mar. probably tells a big part of the story. I would bet that most of those contributions came from Republican execitives and med-level corporate management, etc..

    I doubt that college students and African Amaricans raised this kind of money so quickly!!!

    The scheme is so clear that its frightening. The worst part being that Republicans could not succeed in this eneavor without the trust fund elitists within the democratic party.


  122. BB – I just saw on an old thread that you grew up in Lawrence. My niece just graduated from KU last year (my son flew in from CA and I flew from TX for the graduation). Her dad did Mizzo (is that the right spelling?) and her sister did Maryville in St. Louis.

    We cheered for the Jayhawks in Football this spring after USC (my son graduated from there) was out.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  123. I’ve been thinking this all along, RD. This is EXACTLY what happened in ’76. We elected the biggest goober that paved the way for the worst ememy of working-class Americans we’ve ever seen. Reaganomics was the worst thing that ever happened to this country; Bush 1 & 2 were just spawns from that evil emperor. I have been wondering why all the $200 contributions that could not be traced…I have been screaming my head off for MONTHS that this guy is a secret Republican–not even a secret anymore. It would make perfect sense. The Republican warship became afraid of Hillary for, let’s see, 16 years ago, and have been undermining her ever since. Well, I guess they just didn’t factor in us “non-Stepford Wife” Democrats who can still think for ourselves. That and those of us who just have nothing else to lose but our votes, and aren’t giving them up for ANYONE but Hillary, the last champion of working-class Americans. They didn’t have the internet in ’76, or the word would’ve come out, just like it is now. God help us this time around.

  124. I sent the PDFs to thedenvergroup@gmail.com — hopefully that’s the right address.

    Haven’t heard back, but if they want to use them free, I’ve got no problems with it. I can’t do too much pro bono work just because of time constraints, but I’m more than happy to do some when I’m able.

    I think my fave is the Roosevelt one — that one of the best presidents we’ve had, and the architect of the modern Democratic party *sigh* was far from a shoe-in when he went into his first nominating convention. Do you know there were NINE OTHER PEOPLE on the ballot that year? And we were in the grips of a crippling Depression, with a Repub at the helm who was hated only marginally less than Dubya?!

  125. regencyg – wHere in TX – I’m in Las Colinas – I can come over and wash your eyes out myself!

    I am ready to post those ads everywhere also.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  126. They are all VERY strong, and appeal to a variety of mindsets–just what a good campaign should do. You are very talented, and we are lucky to have you.

  127. Over $9300

    Move that Total!

    Do I have to go take a nap to this done?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  128. Janis,

    YES YES YES. Excellent work.

    I’ve emailed the founder of the group and asked him to give your ads consideration. I linked to the comment which contained links to the ads.

    Hopefully he will do check them out. They are a million times better than the one the group ran.

  129. Carol – H-town naturally. And leave my eyes alone! The better to see the big dawg with. Did you realize that that guy is really sexy? I mean, seriously. It’s sort of scary.

  130. Joanie — thanks. That’s what I was trying to do, and I hope they can be run in different areas to appeal to different fears or concerns.

    1) The best candidate is not always the shoe-in.
    2) NO ONE has the right to tell someone when to pack it in.
    3) A hard fight is not a bad thing.

    For anyone who will use them for flyering, don’t just print your fave, print them all and distributed them together, so that it looks like more of a coordinated campaign.

  131. Janis, the ads are great!
    You don’t even have to read ’em to get ’em.
    I don’t know squat about advertising, but as a consumer that’s what I want an ad to do.
    Well done.

  132. Here are my contributions for July:


    DATE: July 12, 2008 12:46 PM EDT
    NAME: Carol
    ADDRESS: Atlanta, GA
    AMOUNT: $100.00


    DATE: July 8, 2008 3:55 PM EDT
    NAME: Carol
    ADDRESS: Atlanta, GA
    AMOUNT: $100.44


    DATE: July 4, 2008 10:23 AM EDT
    NAME: Carol
    ADDRESS: Atlanta, GA
    AMOUNT: $20.08

    I really have to stop this now. I just can’t help myself!

  133. regencyg – stay away from the Big Dawg!

    No, not until just recently. He did however turn me into a Democrat. Sorry guys, I didn’t pay much attention over the years. I left it up to the powers that be. Now, I know if I get the Hill in, I will be able to relax and let her do her job while I do mine.

    (Don’t let Pat know that Eddy is still here! I couldn’t get him to go home. He wants to hang out for the de-hairing of Nancy!)

    I need money or else Nancy goes free at midnight!)

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  134. Gawrsh.


    I’ve done this for a decade for pay, and this may be the most successful campaign I ever do. Heh.

  135. Sounds familiar. From “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff:

    “Rabbit’s clever,” said Pooh thoughtfully.

    “Yes,” said Piglet, “Rabbit’s clever.”

    “And he has a brain.”

    “Yes,” said Piglet, “Rabbit has a brain.”

    There was a long silence.

    “I supposed,” said Pooh,”that that’s why he never understands anything.”

  136. when i was a kid, i watched a tv-series about a child doctor, who is exceptionally intelligent that he becomes a doctor but is not respected by others, due to his age.

    I still remember the dialogue, “People think maturity comes with age.”

  137. Carol in Atl – is making me happy! (this drive started on the 9th – I did get you for the 4th, can’t add you on the 8th without going back and counting everyone- and I’m too tired.)

    Carol in Atl $100 Thank you very much.




    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  138. I have an alternative explanation for the fundraising drop, Riverdaughter. It’s easy.

    Obama was a six-week wonder. His halcyon period lasted from about New Year till mid-February, when he won 11 primary contests on a run. Then the Wright and other scandals began to break, he began to waffle, and he was no longer seen as the Messiah, but just another candidate trying to make a buck.

    The donations dropped and began to approach those of a normal candidate, which everyone now views as a crisis.

    I predicted it all. I predicted that the huge level of donations was a byproduct of inflated imagination and media promotion.

    Hate to say it. I was right.

  139. I promise not to quote the book again–after this, but does this not sound like His Audaciousness:

    You might say that while Rabbit’s little routine is that of Knowledge for the sake of being Clever, and while Owl’s is that of Knowledge for the sake of Appearing Wise, Eeyor’s is Knowledge for the sake of Complaining about Something. As anyone who doesn’t have it can see, the Eeyor Attitude gets in the way of things like wisdom and happiness, and pretty much prevents any sort of real Accomplishment in life…

    Pooh Bear may be bad on National Security but he’s good on Philosophy.

  140. Blake: Doogie Howser! I loved that show. And yes, he was right.

  141. Lisa posted on the other site – she has 2 T’s heading to her house!

    Lisa $100




    Where’s fuzzy? I need help with the leaning!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  142. Janis, would you write to me sometime soon? I want to ask you something. Its a “put two heads togther” kind of thing….



  143. And while Barky’s busy doctoring–ah, searching–for that contribution list, let’s tell him to dig out his certified birth certificate, too!

    We have a right to know if he’s even a natural-born American.

    If a war hero can be harangued into producing his authentic birth creds, so can the Faux Boy!

  144. P.S. It’s interesting that the black comedian who made it part of his show to tell us all the difference between blacks and N-words has now placed himself firmly in the N-word category. Disgusting! I’ll never spend a cent to see that skinny, not-so-subtle wife hater again.

  145. Hey everyone – a little entertainment has been posted for your enjoyment.


  146. How morbidly coincidental is it that John McCain was shot down over Hanoi on Hillary’s 20th birthday–October 26, 1967?

  147. Some kind of synchronicirty there for certain ….

  148. Janis,
    I would very much love to have those ads in pdf form. How can I get them from you? They are very effective. I would love to distribute to the college campuses in my area. The younger crowd needs to learn about the real history.

  149. Hey yall dont forget: Even with all the corruption and blatant unfairness; Our girl got the most votes…

    She actually won…

  150. William: I agree. Obama has peaked. The next time I am confronted with a young Obamabot, I am simply going to let a puzzled smile slip across my lips, and say:

    “Obama? Please, he is SO last season . . .”

    Or possibly:

    “Please. Everyone I know is SO over him.”

    Kiss of death to a fad.

  151. prplvette85, you can get the PDFs in a zipfile at:


  152. Someone (sorry, I scrolled and couldn’t find the post) was wishing PUMApac would initiate a campaign aimed at the Super Delegates.

    Pumapac has been writing to the SDs for weeks now, some members have established ongoing correspondence with a few of teh SDs. We have been encouraging those who support Senator Clinton to not waiver, and we’re trying to convince the Obama camp SDs to reconsider.

    If you’re so inclined, there’s a list of SD contact info here:

    We need all the voices we can muster. Thanks.

  153. and speaking of comedians .. bernie macs jokes about ho’s were only inappropriate only after they were not well received at a fund raiser . I guess Baracks responsiblity as a father is only a pose for faith based initiatives and doesn’t apply to himself and his own daughters . Fathers with daughters would be incensed at jokes about “ho’s “because one day someone will refer to them like that … isnt that what being a responsible father is about ? perhaps bo should look to his own role modeling “what good families should look like ”
    before he points the finger .. oh wait that was Michelle wasnt it … guess they are both good at pointing the finger and never examining their own behavior.
    Hillary breaking glass ceilings cant help his daughters if they role models sexist behavior for them at home and in public …..

  154. Janis,

    Nice job.

    Would you mind sharing your flyers with PUMApac to use as a resource? This weekend is one in which we focus intensely on distributing flyers.

  155. Dances – per my previous comment – we all need to sign up for a group in our area and hang with them. Expect a detail logical answer as to why they are supporting him.

    I’m in for my area.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  156. DanceswithPumas,I’ve got no problems with it– I’m not sure if I should keep the “paid for by the denver group”on the bottom, though …

  157. Riverdaughter, your conspiracy theory — we might as well call it by its true name — is intriguing. Allow me to summarize here the points I’ve made in a response post:

    I’m not persuaded that the “mathematical inevitability” meme really took hold in March. All such talk had a “whistling in the dark” vibe until late May.

    That’s why I think the donations did NOT come from Republicans.

    What else happened around that time? The Rezko trial. It became clear that the jig was up for the Illinois Combine.

    Ask yourself: If Obama could not make his $100 million projection in June, how did Obama earn $100 million in the early early days, back when he was a little-known long-shot? Who was funding him then?

    Eleanor Pringle says the Rezko gang had hoped to put Illinois Governor Blagojevich into the White House. When that proved impossible, due to Blago’s legal troubles, the gang turned to Obama.

  158. Not sure if someone else offered up this information but it wouldn’t be that hard for someone to figure out
    BO’s donations. There’s a database on Huffington Post for campaign contributions so the information is out there someone just needs to find a quickler way of accessing it and tieing it into a census databse that tracks party affiliation.

  159. Janis, go to the next thread, somebody’s got a message for you.

  160. Dances – can you make the columns such that we can sort alphabetically by State. I will be glad to start trying to make physical contact with them in my area.

    We need to get a lot more personal than email. They probably have changed their emails for their personal business to avoid us. I’m ready to set some appointments and ask for explanations. If they are on the government payroll, I have no problem showing up to visit.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  161. Remember that all those donations that came over the internet can be traced – do the names match the owner of the site?

    Also, Obama got my email that starts with “pink….” and addressed me as Carol. How did that happen? Who sold or give my name to him?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  162. “Dances – per my previous comment – we all need to sign up for a group in our area and hang with them. Expect a detail logical answer as to why they are supporting him.
    I’m in for my area.”

    Good idea! We are in agreement!

  163. Janis

    Re: paid for by the Denver Group.
    I can Photoshop it for local hand distribution, if that wouldn’t compromise your artistic sensibilities.

  164. Magdalena:

    The proper phrase is :”He is so 15 minutes ago”

  165. josgirl, on July 12th, 2008 at 11:59 am Said:

    Donna Brazile spoke of the “Obama factor” in Slate magazine in, I believe, 04.
    But the article I’ve linked to re: Brazile is a little more interesting, imo.


    Interesting article. I wonder if Donna is feeling played.

  166. This would be a bad time for Obamanation anyway. All the kids are out of school, so they aren’t reinforcing each other’s cult like devotion to The Precious.

    They are back home or alone in the real world where their Obamania is receiving blank looks or uncomfortable reactions from normal people.

  167. Robin, everybody, there are two links in that post.
    The first is about Brazile/Rove, the second links to Republicans for Obama.

  168. thanks, josgirl. I only read the first one.

  169. I do want to remind people of the connection between Rove and Rezko. The RNC was “over run” by religious right wing nuts just to have the neocons get their way. So this plan here was to have the party over-run by faux leftist liberals just to have the “neo-cons get there way?

    In both cases they are backing an inexperienced, naive candidate with a huge ego..What is the difference between “compassionate conservatism” and “hope and change”?

    The good thing is that democrats are not republicans and will not be herded or “fall in line”.

  170. what elixir said.

    if anyone donates $200 or more to a candidate in an election cycle, their contributions have to be reported to the FEC. unless he’s violating this law, Obama has already reported their contributions. (and since he makes ppl who buy his campaign buttons, shirts, etc. fill out a form, it seems like he’s OVERREPORTING contributions, not hiding them. probably to make his fundraising totals look good.)

    the HuffPo has a list of ppl who have given any candidate more than $200 (and lets you sort by zip code, etc.). the information is also on the FEC website. it’s not difficult to find out who gave $200 or more to Obama and when but it is very time-consuming.

  171. Janis, on July 12th, 2008 at 10:53 am Said:

    Janis, your ads are very powerful. Kudos and thank you!

    GRL, i don’t have sirius but thanks for doing the interview.

    Davidson, thanks for your comments. it’s good to have information about what the Republican donors are doing.

  172. well RD..I wanted to respond to your mind boggling article, then I read all the comments (1 1/2 later )my mind is just about ready to explode.
    I mean, I’m not naive,(sp) and I had heard about Limbaugh having some sort of campaighn to get Reb. to back Obama, but this is just too much for me to comprehend!! Everything seems to be a conspiracy and not just Reb. but Dems as well…just so that HRC wouldn’t get elected?
    “oh the webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive”
    I have to think about this…a lot!

  173. Janis,
    Fantastic! Excellent work!
    Thank you so much!

  174. […] theory to the Republicans. I recommend you head over to The Confluence to read the entire post which I’m only excerpting a bit here: I mean, it *almost* seems like there was an influx of cash to Obama just when he needed it most […]

  175. “a LOT of things make sense if they are after the money. It puts the FISA vote in perspective doesn’t it? I mean, if the bulk of your money was coming from Republicans… Hmmm, I wonder if it will result in more money for July or whether the trend will continue downwards” RD

    So what you’re saying is that BO knew he was being backed by Rep.and that’s why he “had” to vote for FISA?

  176. RiverDaughter, I have always thought that the Republicans were behind the Obama rise. The media and them are why we are in this mess now. The Republicans know and knew Hillary would be a grave threat to them and she will win. By the way, I listened to you on the radio this past Wednesday when you were talking with FMgirl and heard the term ‘Butterfly Effect”. I smiled to myself, I had written a thread back in June about this. Feel free to read on http://stellarvoices.wordpress.com/

  177. myiq2xu: “He is so 15 minutes ago.”

    Added to my stockpile.

  178. http://rawstory.com/news/afp/Republican_Obamacans_could_be_key_t_02182008.html

    Republican ‘Obamacans’ could be key to Obama victory
    “It’s one of his funniest campaign jokes, getting huge laughs, but it underscores what could be absolutely crucial to Barack Obama’s White House hopes: the fact that some Republicans secretly back him.
    “There’s one right there, an ‘Obamacan,’ that’s what we call them,” the Democratic senator declared last week after winning primary contests for his party’s presidential nomination in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.
    “They whisper to me. They say, ‘Barack, I’m a Republican, but I support you.’ And I say, ‘Thank you. Why are we whispering?'”
    Obama has cracked the joke in every campaign speech since his win in Iowa on January 3. He tells it with a stage whisper into the mike, and can get a stadium packed with 16,000 supporters to burst out laughing.”

  179. It Pleases me that You All are FINALLY catching up to a site
    that has been laying this type of info for MONTHS! GO to
    RAVENSCAWL there’s more information there than a KILOGRAM of Mustard seeds. Riverdaughter I’m glad that you
    have show a source.

  180. Thanks for having the guts to say this. It needs saying. I’m waiting for the responses that brand you a racist for saying anything against the “chosen one.”

  181. Wait a minute: If I were a Republican, why would I rather fight the young, good-looking, popular candidate (the only kind of Democrat who ever wins), than the shrewish woman that no one really likes?

    If I’d been a GOP strategist, and this kind of tactic were really on my mind, I’d have given Hilary Clinton so much money she’d be farting hundreds for weeks.

    Face it, Hilary camp: YOU LOST. Your candidate was unelectable and a phony. Everything she touched in the Clinton presidency melted into a puddle of slag.

    Good riddance.

  182. I disagree strongly with your absurd conspiracy theory for three reasons.

    #1: Many Republicans, seeing that Clinton had a negative rating in polls of registered voters of about 45 to 50 percent, believed that Obama was the stronger candidate in the general election.

    #2: It is logical that the amount of money Obama is getting is going down; after all, the intensity and excitement of the primaries is over, and has been replaced by a boring back and forth between McCain and Obama.

    #3: Think about this for a second… how many people on this blog (who are Democrats) pumped money into Mike Huckabee’s campaign? After all, he was the weakest Republican. Let’s be reasonable… this is an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory and nothing more.

  183. Actually, I doesn’t make sense that Republicans would donate to Obama’s campaign while encouraging right wingers to vote for Hillary (the Rush Limbaugh Operation Chaos). As a Democrat who would have voted for whichever candidate won, I think we need to move forward now and figure out how to stop Republicans from benefiting from the split in our party.

    We should either choose another third party candidate, force Hillary onto the ticket as VP, or demand a high level position for Hillary in the Senate (Reid’s job is what I’d be gaming for). We have an election to win.

  184. I have written about these “disoriented Obamanians” back in March and I always say Obama is the ‘devil’ that we don’t know. Even though it is a ploy to get this guy in, there are still many Americans who are traced about him. I can only hope a lot of them recovered before November.

  185. Why do you guys show up with your baseless “rebuttals” long after traffic on this thread has slowed?
    It doesn’t make your argument stronger, it just means its less likely there would be somebody around to shoot you down.
    If that’s your intention, it’s pretty cowardly.

  186. Hello poor fuzzybear, was talked into “tubing down the Itchetuckne (itchy-tuck-knee) river by his friends today and asked to bring a few sides….

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  187. KarolinaNYC, please try http://www.lef.org. This is the website for the Life Extension Foundation. Type in Parkinson’s in the search window. It’ll open a page showing products, protocols, LE (Life Extension) magazine articles, what’s hot. Scroll down to protocols; and just go from there!

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    I just looked at 14 pages on Parkinson’s disease in their awesome, 1-1/2″ book of “Disease Prevention and Treatment: Expanded Fourth Edition-Scientific Protocols that Integrate Mainstream and Alternative Medicine-Based Upon Thousands of Research Studies and the Clinical Experience of Physicians Around the World.”

    Every bit of information in my book is on their website. Free. Just research what you need there; The Book (as I call it because it’s so big and thorough) is given to members. I can’t speak highly enough of LEF’s integrity and good work.

    BTW, my husband became stronger, happier under Dr. Smith’s care; has surmounted a heart attack and kidney stones, and is active and well with this new type of combined medical knowledge. He just turned a healthy, active 79, running his business and having a ball.

    Didn’t mean to write so much, just to give you the information you may want to explore, and tools for research. I’ve been through it all; I’m now ready to tackle my own limbic seizure disorder following their protocols. It’s not at all about living longer, but about having the best quality of life–and health–we can have right now.

  188. Marla, thank you so much. I will be looking at it immediately.

    That is exactly what I want for my Mom—the best quality of life possible. She has always been extremely strong and beautiful, and I won’t let her feel defeated if I can help it. Thanks again for the lead.

    I am happy for you that you were able to help your husband so much and I wish the same type of results for you!

  189. what was done to Clintons this primary season seemed more than a desire to defeat them. It was downright sadistic in tone, and that’s why I believe a number of Republicans who have hated Bill Clinton got involved in this early on with gaming the system, funding BO, and crossing over. The Republican Hillary haters gave half their war-chest to BO – and knew that he could sway the media against her with huge advertising buys – especially those in the netroots.

    If not jointly planning Iowa with BO’s campaign, they probably knew that Iowa was key to his gaining momentum. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rove helped come up with the caucus strategies. Novak was TOO conveniently prescient to say that Hillary would come in third in Iowa. dontcha think?

    With all these forces against her, it’s amazing that Hillary did so well and kept it so close, and then, the DNC had to steal from her to drag BO across their manufactured “finish line.”

    if McCain wins, it’s a brilliant strategy that the Republicans conceived of…the hitch here is the Republicans will have to live with McCain as much as we do.

  190. Not neccessarily. I don’t think that he would be doing the decision-making. I really believe that he will be have a VP much like Chaney—really heavy duty fascist, with lots of ideas.

  191. I was thinking about the business of donating less than $200 to escape the prying eyes of FEC. I was thinking you still have to come up names, addresses and occupations even if you don’t list them with the FEC.

    Hmmmmm, remember all these people added to Obama’s fundraising list for buying a button for one dollar? They had to turn over all that info….


  192. Yes, everything in that post sounds about right. There’s a lot of evidence that Republicans were voting for Obama in the begining. They only voted for Hillary later in Texas and Ohio because the wanted the primaries to keep going. They already did the damage. They’re scared of Hillary. They know she can win.

  193. We need $240.20 to make it over $10,000. If you can donate please do and post on the next thread!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  194. That ad is a beautiful thing. Wow!

  195. GRL, on July 12th, 2008 at 8:53 am Said:
    PS—Did you see Anderson Cooper’s “very serious show” about the Clintons last night. I caught a few bits, then taped the rerun. I call it “insidious journalism” and will be writing about it…I’m slipping into my former “Media Watch” role again, I think, although I can’t stomach watching this crap….


    GRL, please do write it up! Anderson Cooper shocked me when he threw an unholy fit about the Curious George Obama tee shirt. I never saw him go into an unprofessional sputtering rage over Katrina. Or even say a word about C.U.N.T. (Citizens United Not Timid, formed to slam Hillary) or the “bros before hoes” tee shirt.

  196. I can donate the $240 needed.

  197. “Many Republicans, seeing that Clinton had a negative rating in polls of registered voters of about 45 to 50 percent, believed that Obama was the stronger candidate in the general election.”

    Yeah, maybe in 2004 they did. It’s weird, but I don’t think no experience, gapes when asked the simplest policy related question, up to his neck in dirty chicago politics, constantly insults major voting groups, etc. screamed winning candidate to Republicans looking around for something to do when their primary was over. I don’t think they believed that soon the whole country would be singing God Damn America, you know? More like, thank you Jesus for the Democrats’ stupidity in nominatiing the only person we can not only beat, but demolish. And if it’s logical that Obama’s money is going down due to boredom, why is McCain’s going up and up? Granted, few Democrats donated to Huckabee, but then Republicans tend to have more money overall and tend to do whatever will help them win. Fight like hell and all that.

  198. […] 200 Responses to “Obamaphiles: you’ve been had”   […]

  199. Language, Riverdaughter! Language! “Ratf…ers”? Didn’t you learn better manners in public school?

  200. Hatshepsut1988 – Did you make the contribution? If so, please let me know, post the details if you can and I will add it to the totals!

    Thanks so much.

  201. http://www.ajc.com/opinion/content/opinion/stories/2008/07/10/boggsed.html

    love this article…title should have been ‘What if he ROMPS?” Regretful Obama Makes President

  202. Yes, you have been conned. Obama is owned by the same folks who own Clinton. People say so often, this politician is owned by the interests! Or this campaigner has voted for the most horrendous legislation! But you say who exactly is behind the candidates, and you’re called a conspiracy theorist. I mean, I don’t understand it. Doesn’t anyone question why Obama’s website and photos of him in the papers have that holy white glow superimposed over everything? Can you say hypnotism? You want to see the real Obama, what he’s voted for, what he says he will really give you, backed up by sources, and not emotionally charged rhetoric, then read this.


  203. “Operation Chaos” was a success in that many Republicans already annoyed that McCain was going to become our nominee decided to have fun with the Democrats. Is this unusual? No, there were Democrats that did the same thing. I’m not sure how organized those efforts have been in the past, but it’s the usual political crap that happens.

    I recall either in the last election cycle or 2000 some Democrats “swapping” votes.

    In total, I don’t believe Hillary is going to overcome the DNC machine. Folks, what we really need is an utter collapse of the RNC and DNC. Lose the machine and get back to the roots—grassroots of the parties.

    The folks at the DNC and RNC are paid players. They get paid to push whomever the leadership wants and that’s how it rolls.

    If we were capable of overthrowing our government before (we were British subjects once), we most certainly can work together to disban the DNC and RNC.

    I have been so frustrated with this campaign season. The RNC also selected our party’s nominee in a different manner, but it has ticked off many.

    Do we have many differences in this country? Sure we do! One common thread is what happens when you’ve screwed over enough Americans—we get mad and then get organized.

    I know the Hillary supporters started Party Unity My Ass, but I believe it should be a moniker for all Americans from every political background to join the fight. Why should well paid idiots lead the party committees and disregard the will of the voters?

    It is time to take the trash out and start cleaning house.


  204. Meanwhile, Ron Paul keeps being ignored.

  205. […] Here is an anti- Obama Post and youtube link. Obama Hate […]

  206. […] 3 days!!!!PUMA=Bull Moose?Project Much Stupid Kossack?Monday: Obama’s ready for prime time in IraqObamaphiles: you’ve been hadSunday: Time The Book Confluence: Penelope as ArtemisHe’s Just Not That Into You: A Play In One […]

  207. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

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