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He’s Just Not That Into You: A Play In One Hopeless Act.

THE SCENE: The bottom of a church basement, the place of many an AA meeting. Coffee cups, cigarette butts and cookie crumbs are strewn everywhere. A long cafeteria-style table is at the front of the room, with a podium next to it. Seated at the table are MARKOS MOULITSAS, CHRIS BOWERS, ARMANDO LLORENS (BIG TENT DEMOCRAT), JOHN ARAVOSIS, ANDREW SULLIVAN and ARIANNA HUFFINGTON. The boys all wear chinos and button-down shirts. KOS has an orange band around his head – almost like a crown. ARIANNA is wearing her traditional camisole-as-shirt and eyeing the men flirtatiously. SULLIVAN sports a snappy bowtie.

At the podium are the authors of the book, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” GREG BEHRENDT and LIZ TUCILLO. Throughout this whole play, GREG and LIZ speak to the bloggers in a typical motivational-speaker way – in other words, as if they are eight-year-old children.

Above the podium a sign reads, “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.” GREG and LIZ also have nametags on. LIZ bangs a gavel to bring the meeting to order.

LIZ (brightly): Hello, everyone! I’m Liz –

GREG: And I’m Greg –

TOGETHER: And welcome to, He’s Just Not That Into You!

LIZ [sobering quickly]: Today, we’re here to talk to you about Senator Barack Obama. You all supported him pretty strongly in the primaries, didn’t you? [The bloggers all nod.] Now, why did you do that?

BTD: I didn’t REALLY like him better. I just thought he was more electable than Hillary.

KOS: He wasn’t Hillary! I hate that bitch! And besides, the Clinton Era is over. O-V-E-R!! The time of the blogger is NOW! We are crashing the gate! Obama is the progressive leader who will make our concerns his own. Power to the people!

ARAVOSIS and HUFFINGTON: Yeah! What he said!

SULLIVAN: I hate Hillary too, but Obama? He is Jesus and Elvis. He is the most historic, transformational

GREG: Um, yes, we get it. Thank you, Andrew. Chris, what about you?

BOWERS: Obama is just like me! We drink the same beer PBR OMG OMG we go to Whole Foods!!! [becomes a little dizzy; ARIANNA solicitously pats his arm and offers him a drink of water]

LIZ: Whoa, take it easy there, Chris. I think we understand. Thanks, everyone, for your input. So, you guys all picked Obama as the nominee, and he won. Good for you!

[Everyone high-fives – HUFFINGTON leans forward, smiling and flashing her cleavage a bit.]

GREG: Yes, good for you. Now, let’s talk about what’s been happening lately. I heard he’s been going back on his promises and has stopped returning your calls. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get his attention – and now he’s done something that really hurts your feelings. He voted to legalize Bush’s warrantless wiretapping and immunize the telecom companies from prosecution. Is that about on target?

BTD: Ha! Don’t make me out to be like one of these losers. I always saw Obama clearly. Pols are pols. Either he was lying then or he’s lying now, but no matter what, I’m going to vote for him because he’s a Democrat.

SULLIVAN: Oh, the FISA thing is no big deal. What is starting to bother me is his personality. Maybe he’s a little too full of himself lately. Still, there’s no denying what a transformational moment his presidency would be!

BOWERS: Doo-bee-doo-bee-doo. Hey, look at this pretty electoral map I made!

KOS: I’m very fucking annoyed. Those ridiculous PUMAs will only feel vindicated now. Of course, everyone knows he will still be a great President, so it will all work out in the end.

HUFFINGTON: Well, I have nothing to say on the matter. I’d rather talk about Karl Rove!

ARAVOSIS: Barack who? It was the Senate that passed the FISA bill.

[LIZ and GREG look at each other, puzzled.]

LIZ: Gosh, folks, you don’t seem to be getting what I’m saying here. Barack Obama promised to filibuster the FISA amendment bill if it contained telecom immunity. This was very important to all of you. You thought it made him special and progressive and unique. Then, he went back on his promise. Worse than that, Hillary Clinton kept her promise and voted against telecom immunity, so it looks like maybe you were wrong to hate her so. Meanwhile, Senator Obama has been “refining” more positions lately – including pretending he did not promise to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq and have everyone home in 16 months – but he says he will, right on his website!

Don’t you feel betrayed, like Joan Walsh? Don’t you feel like maybe, just maybe, he’s not that into you?

[All the bloggers squirm in their seats and are silent. Finally KOS takes the lead.]

KOS [standing]: Jesus Christ. I don’t have to take this crap. Obama’s my guy and I’m sticking by him.

BOWERS: [standing] Me too. And he loves me, he really does. I know it in my heart! He’ll come back to me after he’s President.

BTD [standing, disgusted]: Ahhhh, this New Age crap is for the birds. Obama’s a Democrat and that’s all I care about. I’m outta here.

ARAVOSIS: [standing] McCain sucks. Obama forever!

HUFFINGTON: [standing] Well I, personally, have no problems with what Obama did on FISA. He’s just pandering to get elected. I AM the one I’ve been waiting for. Good-bye! [they are all leaving]

SULLIVAN: [standing] Well, I personally think Obama’s just fine, as long as he doesn’t get too big a head. I don’t even know what I’m doing here. Later! [he follows the others out the door]

[LIZ and GREG look at each other in astonishment. Their cheery personas fall away and they become matter-of-fact. They shrug, then get to work cleaning up the coffee cups.]

LIZ: Worst case of denial I ever saw.

GREG: You said it, sister.


222 Responses

  1. I found you from another website, and I made a youtube video about Obama’s FISA vote that no one in the media seems to be talking about. I was wondering if you would possibly share this with your site readers. Thanks!


  2. madamab, wonderful!
    Now could you please do “We’re Just Not That Into Him”?

  3. madamab- i don’t post too often, but i had to let you know, this is terrific… and sooooo true, especially BTD, too funny.

  4. Great play!

    A comment on NQ has suggested if BO makes it his title would be

    POTUS – Pimp of the United States

    after his fundraising event last night!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    Move that Total – $9504.88

  5. Another awesome play and sadly most likely dead-on. Don’t get me started on BTD because we promised long ago not to bring out beefs to the Confluence.

  6. Somebody, puhleeze, produce “He’s Just Not That Into You” as video!

    PUMAs rule

  7. Thanks everyone! Righteous rant, Kendall.

    Janis, if you’re still here – Marc (founder of the Denver Group) loves your ads and wants to get in touch. He hasn’t checked the DG email in a few days. If you email me and give me your address, I’ll forward it onto you.

    madamab at gmail dot com


  8. Apparently, the “We’re Just Not That Into Him” club has morphed into the “Obama Progressive Escrow Fund” ! Some right wing blogs are not giving him $$ any more but putting it into an escrow fund until he demonstates progessive leadership.

    Maybe they will come out of denial and give it to the Denver group to get the best candidate as our nominee.

  9. Ha! Hysterical! Thanks for writing this. Made my day. 🙂

  10. I’ve never commeted here, but I had to after reading this, madamab.

    It was thoroughly enjoyable. I’ll be smiling the rest of the day. Yay, you!

    The 58th Obama state: Denial.

  11. Jmac – As if he cares! They don’t go to his $33,000-a-plate fundraisers. Under the bus they go!

  12. pie – Welcome, welcome! And thanks for the kudos. 🙂

    This made me laugh out loud. It is bumper-sticker-worthy! 🙂

    The 58th Obama state: Denial


  13. This was excellent! (Again.) You are truly gifted, madam.

    Yes, some theatre group should be doing these, and we could buy the season series on DVD as a fundraiser!

  14. SophieL – I like the idea of guerrilla theater in Denver, too. This type of protest can be surprisingly effective, IMHO.

  15. hahahaha!! EXCELLENTE, madamab! they’re just like Jennifer Aniston, leaving a light on in case Brad Pitt comes back to her.

    turn that porch light off, kiddos… you’re just wasting electricity. he won’t be back.

  16. madam: Yes! Guerrilla theatre in Denver!! Excellent! (I can’t get there, so will someone PLEASE videotape them?)

  17. great play great great play I especially like the title
    .. I know it is old but it is true bo is the post turtle !!!!

    While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Texas rancher, who‘s
    hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a
    conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to
    Obama and his bid to be our President.

    The old rancher said, ‘Well, ya know, Obama is a ‘post turtle’.’

    Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post
    turtle’ was.

    The old rancher said, ‘When you’re driving down a country road and you
    come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a ‘post

    The old rancher saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he
    continued to explain. ‘You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he
    doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he is up
    there, and you just wonder what kind of a dumb ass put him up there.’

  18. Off topic, but…

    Did anyone else catch AC 360 late last night? He was running this special: Clintons Never Quit.

    I’ve been wondering a lot about it all day. Mostly, why now?

  19. Janis
    Re: paid for by the Denver Group.
    I can Photoshop it for local hand distribution, if that wouldn’t compromise your artistic sensibilities.

  20. Fabulous, madamab! Go for the guerrilla theater – or for the old Greek style where they held masks on a stick up to their faces and spoke! And don’t forget to video it!

  21. campskunk – I wish I could have included more bloggers. As you pointed out, Matt Stoller is surely one of the most delusional.

    I just hate how he and his fellow Obamans consistently refer to themselves as the party faithful. They are NOT. They are the Party Destroyers. WE are the Party Faithful, and we won’t let our Party be overtaken by a bunch of arugula-eating, Republican-loving schmucks like them. Put that in your PBR and drink it!

  22. So what’s the option? Vote for McCain? Yeah, that’ll go well. You’re all working yourselves into a frenzy over this, just hating Obama so much and acting like Dems don’t have any reason to support him other than his party affiliation. There IS reason. He IS a liberal, he has shown himself to be concerned with the problems that plague Americans and do you really want another Right-Wing Neocon Republican in the White House starting wars and cutting taxes for the rich?

    It’s all well and good to criticize Obama. He NEEDS to be criticized, just like every president, every candidate, every politician should be criticized. But there needs to be an option that’s better than not voting for him. Like, maybe, working on your congresspeople to change some of these things you criticize Obama for supporting? Like maybe raising awareness of the seriousness of these issues? If ever there was an election for all of you to vote for the lesser of two percieved evils, it is THIS one. America is in serious trouble and McCain will only dig us a deeper hole and maybe fill it with nuclear missles.

  23. Where can I send a contribution towards producing the guerrilla theater version of this?

  24. Carol,

    I just alphabetized the SD listing by state.
    If you email me at this name gmail I’ll send it to you.

    Otherwise, if you have Excel, download the file, select all, select Data / Sort and then enter the primary column (state… I think it’s column “C”) you want to sort by.

  25. dragonmage06, those are seriously lame and sad reasons to vote for anyone.

  26. Wakonda-Ikwe – There is nothing in the works right now as far as I know, but thanks VERY MUCH for your generous thoughts! Several of the Conflucians have said they wanted to perform the plays in Denver, and I am hoping that someone who’s actually going will take the lead on it, since I don’t have any resources to videotape them or cast them or perform them.

    dragonmage06 – You literally have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know how you Obama trolls can come here and post nonsensical idiocy like this.

    Axelrove can’t be paying you that much.

  27. Delphyne: “the old Greek style where they held masks on a stick up to their faces and spoke!”

    That’s it! I’ve been trying to think how this could be produced , as a youtube or such, with just a few people – and your idea here is a perfect solution! You’d only need 3 people – the 2 questioners and 1 “panelist” with 6 masks-on-a-stick!

    madamab, you are a True Talent! Luckily, I don’t have to decide which of your one-act plays I like best 🙂

  28. dragonmage06: He IS a liberal, he has shown himself to be concerned with the problems that plague Americans

    Bzzzt! Wrong answer! Try again.

    It’s all well and good to criticize Obama. He NEEDS to be criticized, just like every president, every candidate, every politician should be criticized.

    Bzzt! Wrong again! He just wants to be left alone to eat those waffles.

    Like maybe raising awareness of the seriousness of these issues? I

    Um, what do you think this blog is about?

    If ever there was an election for all of you to vote for the lesser of two percieved evils, it is THIS one.

    Some refer to him as the evil of 2 lessers.

    America is in serious trouble and McCain will only dig us a deeper hole and maybe fill it with nuclear missles.

    Is that the red color on the Homeland Security Alert system?

  29. He sure wants to be the Commander-in-Chief! Maybe he thinks it just a GI Joe Doll!


    ChickenShit Coward is probably too kind of a term for the ball-less “One”.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    Okay, Who can give me 5 for a genuine counterfeit mockup of his gonad?

  30. Josgirl, because most O supporters are seriously lame and sad.

  31. A dragon said:

    acting like Dems don’t have any reason to support him other than his party affiliation. .

    Have you been paying attention? I can’t speak for everyone here, but it looks like the concensus is that we cannot vote for him despite his alleged party affiliation. You must have us confused with some other group. But you’re right on one point, if one isn’t convinced by the party affiliation angle, there isn’t any other reason to support him.

  32. Madamb,
    Post a [free] ad on the IFP website for the production, “looking for director” for script reading, staged production-for-video-production and filmmakers will come out of the woodwork in droves.

  33. Carol – No freaking way! He cares about the troops? My butt!

    Carissa Picard, managing director of the Fort Hood Presidential Town Hall Consortium, said she had suggested Aug. 11 and asked the campaign to suggest other dates if that was not convenient, but after several conversations she had not been able to work anything out.

    “I’m having extreme difficulty getting the Obama campaign to commit to this event, and we do not understand why,” said Ms. Picard, whose husband is deployed in Iraq. “We made it very clear to them that if they would commit to the event, we would work with them on dates.”

    By the way – I just offered my plays to the head of the Denver Group. So if they do decide to perform them at the Convention, your contribution to that group will partially go towards that cause. 🙂

  34. Madamab,

    oops! Go to the website IFP.org
    for info on posting an ad.

  35. Wakonda-Ikwe – You are awesome! Thank you! I am totally new to this game, believe it or not.

    I will definitely take your advice. 🙂

  36. Dragonmage06:
    There IS reason. He IS a liberal, he has shown himself to be concerned with the problems that plague Americans …


    OMG!!! PLEASE Madamab, don’t erase Dragon’s quote… it’s priceless! It proves how DELUDED the O-borg is. They still think Obama wants to marry them. Awwwww…

    Face it, DragonMage, you and your cohorts were a one-night stand for Obama, once he got what he wanted from you, he’s revealed his true colors and they ain’t LIBERAL BLUE. Obama is as much a liberal as John McCain is, except John McCain doesn’t LIE about it to get our votes.

    I have to say this again

  37. And by the way – I LOVE the Greek mask idea.

  38. Wakonda…
    I know you from 1968, don’t I?

  39. I’m gonna take my play inspiration for BO ‘s big Denver speech from Police Academy. Question is which blogger will be in the podium?

  40. Everyone – just ignore the dragon (it is probably just a nickname for his breath)!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  41. SM – Don’t worry, I am keeping Dragonmage06’s comments up as “Exhibit A.” He/she illustrates my point EXACTLY. 😉

  42. Dances with Pumas…

  43. And madamb, I know you heard this from me the other day, but TRULY BRILLIANT!

    AND I LOVE the Greek tragedy play idea – it’s awesomely brilliant too!

    Keep ’em coming!

  44. Wakonda!!!!!

    Wowieeeeeeeee! Excellent. Most excellent!
    I am completely gruntled.

  45. Brava, brava!
    Take a bow!

  46. PUMAs in the news, at Worldnetdaily.

  47. Who just saw Big D on TV? Love my man. Btw, he called them the “apparent” nominees. *kisses him*

  48. SophieL – GREAT FIND!

    You know what’s amazing about that article? They actually went to the source and asked what the movement was all about.

    You would think that was journamalism 101, but all I’ve seen from most of the media is “This is how we interpret PUMA, without asking them of course, and they are just a bunch of menopausal angry females. Don’t pay them no nevermind.”

    Excellent, excellent, excellent! Or should I say, excellente!

  49. Sophie,

    Thanks for the heads up on the Worldnet article – that’s another one to be printed out and given out to people.

  50. regencyg – I’d rather have sex with Bill than Hill, but truthfully, I think Hill will make a better President. 🙂

  51. madam (who was responding to regency): I’m with Hill. I consider it a two-fer.


    thanks for the giggles SophieL!

  53. I am a big fan of your plays, and this one is delicious on many levels.
    I am still wondering who picked these Republicans to be “A list progressive bloggers” (the majority of your cast).
    And picturing them squirming in their seats – sweet schadenfreude…
    While I never tended to my blog at the orange cheeto – since it turned on Clark in 2003, I always loathed that character – and his being so visibly rattled by us, silly PUMAS is sweet indeed.

  54. Janis
    Re: paid for by the Denver Group.
    I can Photoshop it for local hand distribution, if that wouldn’t compromise your artistic sensibilities.

    Naah, I’m fine with that. I have no artistic sensibilities. 🙂 Leave the URL there, though …

  55. eof – The “ex” Republicans did it themselves…or did they? How did they get their money, anyway?

    Ever since they all blew it by picking sides so early, I really have no respect for any of them, and I must say, I’m a bit suspicious now…

  56. Madamab: I’d have sex with either. Really, I’m not persnickety. If I could get both of them, I’d take ’em.

  57. I don’t know about Armando Llorens (BTD @ Tlak laft) but notice, the blogger “A-LIST” are ALL “former” Republicans.

    Notice a pattern here?

  58. I did not know that Dr. DeBakey had passed away.

  59. Still off-topic, but…

    Since no one responded to my query about the Anderson Cooper 360 Clintons Never Quit program last night, I’m wondering if it’s because no one saw it. So here’s a link to the youtube search page that lists all five segments:
    Clintons Never Quit

    Of course, if you didn’t respond because you’re just not interested, feel free to continue.

  60. Carol, are we doing donations today? I can do a $5.00 one.

  61. SophieL – Honestly, I don’t think I can watch it right now – I’m just too pissed off that the press is ONLY NOW being nice to Hillary. 🙂

  62. SophieL,

    Some folks saw it last night, or pointedly ignored it. It was an insult and a suck-up. They’re a force to be reckoned with because they need them, but why oh why would we want a “force to be reckoned with” in the White House when we can have a “farce to be reckoned with” instead.

    Those are my general feelings.

  63. Fredster – Yes, give me five!

    Fredster $5

    Total: $9509.88

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  64. SophieL,
    I couldn’t watch it, either.
    Didn’t want to get madder.

    Regency, hold out your hand.
    Now, behave.

  65. We need more comment at the Huff post on the Denver Ad its on the front page comeon folks

  66. If anyone here thinks it’s better for our country to vote for John McCain over Senator Obama, then you’ve lost touch with reality. I liked Hillary, but God help us if we vote for John McCain after what the Republicans have done to this country in the last 8 years. Take a very close look at John McCain. He’s not the straight talker, family man, middle of the road person that the news portrays him as. Obama has values that far surpass Senator McCain’s. Get educated and make a smart choice.

  67. It is SO O O annoying to hear someone like Dragonmag proclaim Obama is a liberal. I listened to his health care plan and thought, “Does the man even know a poor person?” He certainly doesn’t care about them – it was an insurance-laden fiscally irresponsible dribble.

    Yes, I think we’d have a better chance of getting out of Iraq and having some kind of universal plan with McCain. He just might get in there and say, “Free at last.” He just might work with a Democratic senate to show his maverick side.. Obama – not so much.

  68. Gary told me about the forum on Progressive Blogosphere 2.0 at Corrente hosted by BTD. I about wet my pants laughing.

    These guys believe somebody actually gives a crap what they think.

    I don’t read corrente, but I heard someone over there endorsed Obama and then un-endorsed them. Again with the rolling on the floor laughing.

    I quit reading talk left after I found two posts that reported things about Clinton that were totally wrong. Jeralyn is not very good at reporting. I pointed out the mistakes, and was told to get lost essentially.

    We all need to keep ourselves in perspective. We are all ordinary people. Most of us are not trained as journalists or writers. I don’t want to diminish what we are doing, because it is very important, but I think it is also important to not get too big of a head just because you are getting 25000-30000 hits on your blog everyday. It is the same trap people have fallen into with MSNBC, CNN, and the like. People stop using their critical thinking skills and natural skepticism because it is on TV and millions of people are watching when all of us know that most of them are bigtime blowhard propagandists.
    BTD, Arrianna, Kos, Marsh are just small time propagandists.

  69. mia – you are telling US to get educated?!!

    Irony, thy name is mia.

  70. Good satire. I wouldn’t have included Big Tent Democrat on the list of offenders, however. He has pretty consistently spoken up about the sexism in the campaign and has treated Hillary with much more respect than any of the others on the list.

    (I can’t believe I’m defending Big Tent Democrat! When he was Armando on DKos, he was insufferably obnoxious).

  71. I was wondering what the point of the program was. Like why show that now?

    And one thing I found ridiculous–it was during the speculation over whether or not Chelsea would get into politics–was Bill Bennett repeatedly saying, “If you believe in DNA…” Believe in DNA? Is DNA now going the way of the Scopes trial?

  72. Oh and mia?

    Obama thinks the working class should f&ck off. Did you know that? He thinks he can win with white house without us, because we “always vote Republican anyway.”

    Come back when you have a clue. Which will be, never.

  73. Mia, Mia, Mia – McCain didn’t go to a racist church for 20 years that taught it’s members they’re victims. He voted AGAINST the Chency energy bill you’re guy voted for.

    This election is a roll of the dice. Two Republicans are running.

  74. A lot of these people were not even Democrats until recently.

    Arianna supported Newt(94), Dole (96) McCain (2000) Nader(2000)

    Sully was/is a Reagan/Thatcher groupie. He was a Bush groupie until about 2004. He is a professionial Clinton hater. Hated Gore with a passion in 2000.

    Markos was a Reagan republican.

    These people follow politics as fashion. They have no deep seated beliefs. Especially Arianna and Sully. They go with what is trendy Obama is nothing more than the latest trend in fashion for them. They will move on to the next fashionable candidate next.

    Obama’s base are not working class people concerned with bread and butter issues who are the heart of the Democratic party. His base is limousine liberals, politics as fashion trend types.

  75. Josgirl,

    Ow! What was that for? I was good. I wasnt the only talking about freaking the Clinton’s. Madamab started it!

    Mia, go away now.

  76. Radiowalla – I included BTD because despite his “I’m fair, pols are pols” schtick, he is as bad, or worse, than the rest. He is supposed to be a rational thinker, but he refuses to withdraw his support no matter what Obama does. In the end, he is as much of a sucker as the rest, and has done a lot more harm IMHO.

  77. — Janis… lol and thank you!

    — FYI:
    Puma PAC now has a blog radio show!

    We will be hosting a one-hour blog-radio show on No Quarter Radio (that’s NQR for all of you trend-setters who have Moved On from NPR) every Saturday at 9pm eastern.

    The first installment of “Meet Me in Denver, with Murphy and Friends” will air next Saturday, July 19, at 9pm eastern on the No-Quarter blog-radio station.
    Our first hour-long guest will be Elizabeth from 8millionvoices. We’ll be discussing plans for Denver!

    here’s the link, and stay tuned for updates:

    Spread the word. Thank you.

  78. Marcos voted for George Dubya Bush.

  79. Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I will not not not get to play beauti-operator on Nancy if I am only getting 5 bucks every couple of hours.

    It is time to call in the family and friends!

    Total and Still Holding:


    If you have it – give it!

    Today is Saturday, Will said we would have this done by this weekend!

    Remember, this is what we are fighting for!

    Now get in the Spirit!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  80. “just too pissed off that the press is ONLY NOW being nice to Hillary”

    As far as they are concerned it is Mission Accomplished! Their goal was to eliminate her from the race.

  81. Hey we have everybody attention on this ad please lets leave some comments, the obots are blaming Hillary for the AD no surprise so we need to be heard from comment PLEASE!!!!

  82. Correction: http://blogtalkradio.com/nqr


    I miss her!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  84. Obama needs to go back to the Senate and actually get a record fighting for Democratic ideas. Someone said he only had 143 or so actual working days before he decided to run. He can fight against another Roberts or Alito instead of nominate one.

  85. mia,
    what have the Democrats done in the last two years. Name something? They are essentially Republicans themselves, and they have lost their way bigtime by rigging this election and installing their preferred candidate. We can’t let them get away with that or we can kiss goodbye any HOPE(tm Obama for America) we had at having credible elections.
    Obama with this Democratic congress scares me a lot more than McCain with a Democratic congress. Give me divided government. Let them have to fight it out and only pass what America really needs, not all the legislation Pelosi and Reid are salivating at ramming down our throats with Obama at the helm.

    Obama will screw up Iraq too. Don’t think he won’t. He has no plan whatsoever. Didn’t you hear that he is going back on his 16 month plan? The only plan he has for the middle east is to sell out Israel to Hamas. Check out the statements made by one of his top Foreign policy people, General McPeak. He described Israel as an aparteid state against the Palestinians, and he said the reason we have no progress on peace in the middle east is because of the powerful Jewish lobby in the US. Do you agree with that? Pretty strong words, and Obama has never denounced them. So you better start listening to what Obama says and not just hearing what you want to hear.
    Obama is a disaster.

    Hillary or McCain.


  86. BRAVO! Hilarious! Brilliant! More more more please!

  87. How much to get a banner up on MSN – Hotmail?

    How much to get a banner up on Yahoo?

    How much to get a banner up on ……………………….?

    Let’s get this debt paid and start getting the ads up!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  88. I joined a SoCal Hillary meetup group yesterday and we’re contacting media sources for coverage of the Denver group ad in the Chicago Trib. I’m excited. Also, Sen. Clinton’s thank you email said the money was for her campaign for President. Clintons never give up!

  89. I’m in moderation. The darn r*ce word again.

  90. Carol, I bumped it up a bit. Here’s the info:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 12, 2008 4:02 PM EDT
    Contact: James XXXXX

    , AL 35071
    Amount: $10.44

    gonna have to sign off for awhile. T’storms rolling thru the area and lightning popping like crazy! Don’t want the ‘puter fried!!

  91. Why should she give up? She won.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  92. madamab…again kudos girl…nice writing ..i love A Sullivan in the bow tie and drooling..

    Loved the article on the Pumas!!

  93. Regency, I’m old enough to be your grandmother, that’s why.
    Okay, a very, hip, sexy, cool (young) grandmother, but granny nonetheless.
    Madamab is entitled.
    She wrote the play.

  94. Tee-hee! Thanks josgirl. 😉 I think I’m more than twice regency’s age too, given that she is a youngster!

  95. I see the obots got their talking points for the week. The latest one is
    “It’s all well and good to criticize Obama. He NEEDS to be criticized, just like every president, every candidate, every politician should be criticized. But there needs to be an option that’s better than not voting for him.”
    I’ve been to a few blogs and the SAME talking point is being posted by hysterical trolls (Or one lonely overworked underpaid troll?) Guess what jerk off?
    If Hillary is not the nominee McCain will be the next POTUS. President McCain will then expect Senator Obama to start working and accomplish SOMETHING other than campaigning for a living.

  96. It is telling that of all the pundits out there the only pundit who did not fall for Obama was Paul Krugman.

    Throughout the primaries he expressed deep concern that Obama was an empty suit, all talk and no substance. He was impressed with Edwards and Hillary but not Obama. He tried to warn Democrats that talk is cheap and they should judge the candidates on substance. He also understood that Obama’s promise about “changing the tone” was pure bs. You cannot achieve meaningful change without conflict.

    Krugman has always avoided following trends. He was the first pundit who to figure out Bush. He was warning the country about Bush when Bush was at 90% approval and pundits of all political stripes were kissing his ass. Except Krugman. He went after Bush with everything he had when it was unfashionable to be critical of Bush.

    When the entire Media Elite was fawning over Obama it was Krugman who warned us that Obama did not stand for progressive change. He was a leader of a Personality Cult.

  97. I’m being discriminated against! I will not be denied access to the Arkansan Stallion because of my age. *throws tantrum*

    I, however, do cede to your superior wisdom.

    I still want my dawggie though.

  98. Obots always seem to be so sweet – they understand our candidate didn’t win and we’re feeling blue.

    Our candidate DID WIN! Therein lies the problem. Spineless, greedy, ignorant leadership pushed the losing candidate.

  99. I mean for additional exposure like articles with links to the ad, etc.

  100. MikeB – Very well said. I knew I was onto something with my misgivings about Obama as soon as Krugman started saying the same things I was saying. Krugman is The Man.

    Jmac – You are so right! The Democrats should nominate the winner of the popular vote, as they usually do. That’s why up until a short while prior to the end of the primaries, the Obamans were touting the popular vote as the be-all and end-all. Of course, they soon changed their tune to “majority of pledged delegates” when they realized that HRC was going to win the most votes….as if 125 pledged delegates is a mandate of some sort!

  101. I mentioned this last night, but it bears repeating. I personally know a blogger, not one of the ‘famous’ ones – he’s 27, college educated and yes, lives in his parents basement. he’s a total koolaid drinker. his latest plea, after the FISA fiasco, is this: it’s so UNFAIR that people are judging Obama when he isn’t even president yet! presidents are supposed to have their first 100 days in office before they’re judged.

    I’m serious. he said that. how do you even argue with this kind of crap?

    madamab, another great play! I so enjoy them -thanks!!

  102. On Bill Moyers, O’s style was criticized indirectly, nevertheless…very hopeful!

    Also, did you hear what David Brooks said about his stadium plan??? ROFLMAO!!

  103. “It’s all well and good to criticize Obama. He NEEDS to be criticized, just like every president, every candidate, every politician should be criticized. But there needs to be an option that’s better than not voting for him.”

    Hmmmm. Should we write sternly worded letters expressing our displeasure but promising we’ll still vote for him no matter what? I’m sure those letters would come in handy at Obama Headquarters if they ever run out of toilet paper.

    We could refuse to send him money, but then his trolls would say that’s helping McCain to win too.

    But the trolls are right, he does need to be criticized. Since we’re already not voting for him, I suggest we all Xerox our butts and mail them (the copies, not our actual butts) to Obama.

    We can call it the “Moon Obama Operation” or “MOO”

  104. thanks for the compliments everyone! 🙂

    kiki – no he didn’t! Let me guess, he’s refrained from judging HRC until now? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    elizinsandi – do you have a link to Bobo’s latest? I don’t read him for obvious reasons. 🙂

  105. MikeB, Krugman’s great. I actually discovered him during the bizarre Bush 90% days. I wanted to get a bumper sticker back then that said “proud to be in the 10%” but was afraid I’d be attacked.

  106. Ha ha, Kiki…I still think that’s funny! College education my a**!

  107. madamab, I don’t think it was anything “new”, just the original plan to rent the Denver stadium…I laughed watching the weekly report on KPBS.

    You can see what Brooks said by going to Jim Lehrer’s news program. It was really good coming from Brooks!

  108. myiq2xu – ROFLMAO!!

    “Obama, kiss our butts! MOO!”

  109. Generally, I watch the tv news with the sound off just to see who is getting attention, but not the rhetoric.

    As you probably know, Brooks has been all over the map with Obama and I’m not sure why. Barky is getting way too outrageous even for public tv.

  110. I am so glad Hillary suspended when she did. She is letting the American people get a good look at Dopey and Mopey without her to distract them…and we do NOT like our choices.

  111. Ha! Let them run on about what “helps” O. and what doesn’t. He’s immature and I can’t see how anybody, of any group, could think that J.J. has anything at all to contribute to ANY discussion. He is disgusting.

    The media wants to limit coverage to street discourse instead of issues such as the huge financial mess we’re in. It, for the media, gives the impression that The Messiah can solve all problems of all types. Wrong.

    The “criticism” is staged to avert the public from O’s FISA betrayal and other things. I guess Kool-ade drinkers just trust their leaders.

    If we don’t hold public servants to a standard, they won’t perform to a standard.

  112. typo, sorry…It, the media, gives….

  113. And he’s going to get an earful from the generals in Iraq. What a novice!

  114. He will use Hagel as a human shield in Iraq. Every time the generals ask a tough question, he’ll let Hagel answer, then take the credit for it.

  115. Hey everyone!

    I think we need to buy a banner on MSN, Yahoo, etc. That will be the biggest bang for the buck! We only need 4 or 5 weeks and I think we can draw a huge crowd of people into the fold that aren’t aware of us yet.

    Who knows how to figure out the cost and see if it is doable?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  116. Our country is stuck on the horns of a dilemma.

    If we stay in Iraq, it will be a politically unpopular clusterf*ck.

    If we leave, it will be a bloodbath.

    Either way, the next occupant of the White House will get blamed (by the media if not everyone else)

    There is no “right” answer. We never should have gotten into that mess in the first place.

  117. myiq2xu – The worst thing the Obamans did was let one person, HRC, be blamed for the entire war. Just because she voted for the AUMF doesn’t mean she is 100% responsible for the whole thing. Yet that’s what they think, or claim to think, anyway.

    I was trying to talk to an Obaman on the subway, and he said HRC was a killer. How do you get through to people like that? I mean, if the terms of the AUMF had been followed, we never would have invaded Iraq at all!

  118. The Denver group article hit Huffpo, and they are going pretty wild over PUMA, whew, a few over there trying to explain yet again party rules, but it is uglier in the posts than I have ever seen it. Stand Tall PUMA, you are the very best of us.

  119. Even if the AUMF had come down to one vote deciding the outcome, there still would have been 50 other votes helping to decide it.

    It was pushed through the Senate by Tom Daschle, as big Obama backer. Nobody seems interested in blaming him.

    The AUMF was not a declaration of war, and Bushco lied to Congress about the need for it.

  120. Huffpo is a cesspool, Katmoon…

  121. katmoon: I’ve been over there, gettting a word in edgewise here and there. It is a zoo…I guess we know where the 800 paid Obama bloggers are right now.

    A small but interesting post on MyDD has my attention now: Obama to give Hillary LBJ Speech

  122. Madamab again the play was great! I just started blogging at the beginning of June, so I’ve been learning about the blogosphere fro about a month. In reading your play, I feel like I have gotten a pretty clear picture now of just who the various obamabots are.

    Janis I looked at your ads on the last thread. They are fantastic! I am so happy!

    I haven’t read the comments here yet so I’m not in on the conversation, but, myiq, I have a feeling that Hillary will ease us out of Iraq gracefully and in a way that will be beneficial to all.

  123. Okay..that little diary turned out not to be worth the time.

  124. myiq – I totally agree. If you’re going to blame one person for the war in Iraq, blame Bush. I tried to tell people that on another blog where I was commenting for years, but I got flamed quite badly.

    Karolina NYC – Thanks! 🙂 I agree that Hillary is the one I trust to get us out of Iraq in the most beneficial way. She has been endorsed by many generals because of her expertise in military matters and her distinguished service on the Armed Services Committee.

  125. Another reason not to vote for Obama: the poor guy is tired.

    He looks tired. He sounds tired. He’s so tired, he hees and haws and gaffes, He sounds especially tired when he has to say something he hasn’t written down. Sometimes, even then.

    A member of his own campaign agrees: after a recent women’s fundraiser, where Hillary shone while Obama gave a deeply underwhelming speech, the campaigner’s excuse and description was simply this: he seemed tired.

    Sometimes even his plane gets tired. It has to land, so it doesn’t have to attend another fundraiser it’s too tired for.

    Sometimes, when Obama is really tired, he phones things in. He’s nice about it, though. He doesn’t mind if other people are too tired to show up, as long as they send their energetic checks.

    We just got through eight years of a man who couldn’t get through the day without taking a nap, and who even with the extra zzzs accomplished little except horrors.

    A man, we might add, who was preceded by a two-term President famous for his tirelessness, and who accomplished a great deal.

    McCain is, of course, also deeply tired. He does, however, have at least this excuse: he’s been working.

    Regardless, what we have before us is the spectacle of two men and a campaign with all the life, the dynamism sucked right out of it, because the most vigorous candidate (who was having her hair done while Barry was hitting the gym trying to boost his immune system) has been shunted aside. The woman who went on when she was counted out; who went on when she lost her voice, had less money than her foe, had no friends in the press, had five states to visit to Obama’s every one, and had the tide of most of our misogynistic popular culture against her.

    Obama, meanwhile, with every advantage, and so little wind pushing against him he saw, and perhaps still sees, nothing but clear sailing ahead, is . . . tired.

    I vote for vigor. I vote for the awake. I vote for the strongest candidate.

    I vote Hillary.

  126. SophieL – I saw your comment. They are under the delusion that BO is paying off her debt.

    People get me some money – fuzzy lean, baby lean!

    Banners on MSN, Hotmail, etc. This is where we reach our supporters.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  127. Madamab, in NYC most of the people that I knew were aware that the Iraq war was waged for some (then unknown) reason other than 9/11.

    Still if she had voted against the war, she would have been going against her constituency, as the Bush administration was selling the USA the story that we were bombed by Hussein, who was a verrry baaaaad man.

  128. madamab-Agree Huffpo is a cesspool, but I peek over the edge sometimes, to see what is going on, and haven’t for a very long time, and won’t do so again, it’s beyond understanding.

    Sophiet- Will check out myDD.

    I was an early blogger and had a private website at the beginning of the war, supporting our families. After I published a letter that went quite a ways on the internet (regarding some issues with our site being trampled on), I recieved an equal share of hatemail, and support. But the hate mail, is so similar to what I see posted often, and I can tell you back then when threats were made against my service members safety, I became afraid. I promised myself if I ever chose to stick my neck out again, there wouldn’t be any backing down. I appreciate PUMA, and The Denver Group and every blog and site, doing what I tried to a few years ago; not the issue I had at hand, but being heard, not ridiculed. Being taken serious, and hoping in my heart that somewhere our civil liberties matter. I smile now, and am so grateful.

  129. Magdelena: Wow! excellent comment. Met too, what she said.

  130. Magdalena, he certainly looks tired doesn’t he? The first time that I noticed this was at the last Hill-Barky debate. Annoyed and tired. When he started to act presidential and superior, instead of debating and answering Hill’s questions, I knew the jig was eventually going to be up. It takes so much more energy to live from the ego, than from the truth. He was not living from the truth, and still isn’t.

  131. Magdalena – Obama = Lily von Schtupp from Blazing Saddles! 🙂

    Great comment, I agree.

  132. Terrific, madamab! Arianna leaning over to display a little cleavage was a great touch

  133. Karolina NYC: “He is not living from the truth.”

    I get that sense as well. It’s painful to watch.

    SophieL: Thanks. Something I had to get off my chest.

    madamb: Forgot to say: kudos all over ya.

  134. Thanks, SweetieSue! and Magdalena!

    SweetieSue! – what is with Arianna? Every time I saw her on Olbermann’s show (when I used to watch him) she was wearing lingerie. It was embarrassing.

  135. carol, someone just gave 100 dollars down at the friday cocktail post!

  136. madamab, brilliant as usual. Mawm and I are going to Denver, and we have a video camera, so I’d love to perform them in Denver….I especially like this one because I loathe every single one of these a-holes….

  137. I heard today on the Monica Crowley radio show, that
    the Democratic RBC comittee met today & it was on C-span.
    Don’t know if it’s true??

  138. garychapelhill – DO IT! Do them all if you want, or pick a fave. You have my permission, as long as I get a writing credit at the end. 🙂

    I hear that Rise Hillary Rise is doing protests in Denver, so you might want to coordinate with them.


  139. Remember the point in the primaries when he compared the fact that it was still going on with the Batan Death March?

    I recall thinking, Man, this is your job now. Do your job. That was when I realized he probably has ADD because he never spent enough time at any job to actually do the job. Just moved on to the nextie. I didn’t think that was a good trait then, and still don’t.

    Can we have our Energizer Bunny back?

  140. Guys – if we pull out an August miracle and Hillary wins, you do realize Obama will have to be the VP, right?

    Are we prepared for that?

  141. Thanks Gary.

    Wake-up sleepy heads!

    wac for hillary $100



    MOVE THE TOTAL Please!

    Okay, I need $390.12 so that I can play beauti-operator on our beloved Nancy. Do you believe here approval rating will rise or drop after her hair removal tonight?

    I want to see it go to 2%. Has anyone ever had a 2% approval rating for a job and still had a job? I want to know. Inquiring minds want to know!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  142. Sorry to be so late -add my $50.00 Hillary donation please. Did it yesterday.

  143. Magdalena, very nice!

    I kinda think Obama’s looking forward to being a former president. he sees all the money Bill Clinton gets just for making speeches, and making speeches is really his thing. if he’s elected, I suspect within his first year he’ll be looking ahead to post-presidential life. and I’m sure he’s found the senate to be a very easy ride. he probably figures president will be just as easy, but with a lot more glory. but the real prize – former president. glory, money and no particular job responsibilities.

  144. Sorry, but I don’t think BO’s spouse can pass the vetting – it’s a complication!

    Bye, Bye racists!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  145. madam: I was thinking that too. But there’s the possibility he won’t take it because it’s eight long years in one job.

  146. Ellen D $50




    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  147. Do any of you think I could be the Secretary of Treasury under President Hillary Rodham Clinton?

    Naaaaaaaaaaa, maybe I will just write a book and go on speaking tours instead.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  148. I could live with a Clinton/Obama ticket, just not the other way around. I want her to be the decision maker. of couse, in the Bush/Cheney model, the VP is apparently the decision maker.

  149. Hello poor fuzzybear, was talked into “tubing down the Itchetuckne (itchy-tuck-knee) river by his friends today and asked to bring a few sides….

    Tubing is a southern summer tradition where many like minded individuals rent large mac truck innertubes plop into them in a cold spring fed river….and ride down the river..these individuals were bears-think kathy griffin last thursdays show….

    Well it was a dubious proposition from the gitgo, it rained when the tram picked us up and took us to the river, where you try to jump into freezing water . landing on your innertube so your tush hangs through the hole in the tube so you are gently washed with the current down the river.

    Sounds lovely-right-no laffing please-fuzzy missed his innertube completely soaking himself and was pulled under almost ratdrowned! For the next 30 minutes I was dragged behind my inner tube until we got to a shallow part of the river and was able jump into my tube!

    Unfurtunately i did it backwards and was forced to ride uncomfortablly laying in the tube with no neck support until about 30 minutes from the end I developed a painful cramp in my right calf muscle. It was so painful I defied gravity by levitating out of my tube.

    I was looking anywhere for a place to touch bottom so I could walk it off well of course I found foouting but it took 5 minutes to work out the cramp-there is no shore on this river…spent the rest of the ride trying to keep the cramp from comming back hanging onto my tube for dear life.

    Finally the end of the “float” was over and i dragged my tired sore body out of the water (thank god for sunscreen or I would have been scortched!)

    A light lunch with southern sides and cold cut sandwichs was served and homemade brownies made by me.

    An offer was made by the group to let me go down with them again…I declined-

    What did fuzzy see on the bumber of the master of cero”moan”ies for this event?

    “Obama 08″

    I believe these guys were tying to do ol’ pro’hillary fuzzy in!

    potato”e” salad and macaroni salad any one-and yes their was okolaid-fuzzy did not drink…

    There is no place like home there is no place like home!


    sorry accidentally posted on last thread

  150. sorry so long madamb your play was again worthy of a tony…I cannot believe this wackjob s our presumptive nominee!


  151. This may be a bit off topic, but I could use some help. I know the rumor has been that Hillary’s debt had to be paid by July 11, but I’m only finding “rumors” on the blogs. Is there a link that shows this information coming from the DNC? Anything in writing? I’d appreciate it, and Independent blogger was asking me and I said I would try to find it.

    Don’t worry, I’m not some sort of troll, I’ve been around all these blogs and have supported Hillary all along.


    Just put the link on this thread if you have it, or e-mail it to me at me@divinedem.com

    thanks again!

  152. oh fuzzy, feel better!!!

    okay all, time to go – have a great night and see you tomorrow!

    Carol – Awesome, awesome work! 🙂

  153. wow, Fuzzy – holy crap! I’m glad you survived!!

  154. carol I see our totla is rapidly approaching nancy’s skalping errr “special hair cut”-dont you think after the attempt on my life- you guys could pony up so carol can do the deed?

    I am half drowned and to sore to lean unless it is really required


  155. sorry spelling bad – I will be glad when this election is over because the attempts of bodily harm on my person will hopefully abate….


  156. Madamab-Another success!

    Magdalena-Your post inspired me! Another contribution!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 12, 2008 6:35 PM EDT
    Contact: Amount: $50.00


  157. fuzzy – not a good idea to jump onto an intertube into the water. My ex-husband did that one time in our pool and almost lost his ……. well let’s put it this way, he and Obama would have had a lot in common if JJ had gotten to him.

    fuzzy, they have been really bad to me today. I am trying to be Secretary of Treasury for Hillary, and I can’t get them to give me any money. I guess I will have to impose a tax on everyone when I get into office.

    lean fuzzy, lean fuzzy

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  158. Lakota in GA – what about all of my begging! Did that not impress you at all? What about my future career opportunity being in jeopardy? Did that not impress you at all?

    fuzzy is back for 2 minutes and the donations appear.

    Lakota in GA $50



    Move that Total

    Thanks everyone!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  159. Yes, Carol! You are impressive, as always. But when I read Magdalena’s post, I got tearful all over again thinking of the beautiful spring day when I saw Hillary in Hendersonville, NC! What an inspiration!

  160. Okay Carol, you’re getting to me. I got another shirt, this one for a friend who works for the govt and is forbidden from getting one of her own.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 12, 2008 6:46 PM EDT
    Contact: SophieL
    CT 06470
    Amount: $50.00

  161. I could live with a Clinton/Obama ticket. I think that position might do him good. It might also, although he doesn’t know it, suit him, for reasons I’ll describe below.

    Kiki is right. Obama is primarily interested in being a young former president. Oh, the ease. Oh, the largesse.

    In the interim, he will, of course, settle for the accoutrements of the presidency, minus the work (which, as many of us have already noticed, he lacks sufficient fast-twitch fibers for).

    Hence, a prefectly backdropped speech in Berlin; but not the effort of providing real solutions at home. Look for more of that sort of thing if he is President.

    Ultimate Ambassador is, in fact, the role he seeks. More of the perks and less of the responsibility. Stardom instead of stare-downs. Tourism and travel. Kow-tows and glad-handing, pomp and praise. Long flights; short dinners. Scripts just like the movie stars get. Small children in exotic costumes encircle him.

    VP: Why not let him have it?

  162. Hi again, I was away for a while.

    Madamab—the reason that I wrote what I did in my last post to you was to say what I tell people when they throw that crap about not being able to vote for Hillary because “SHE VOTED FOR THE WAR!!!!!” I’m not sure if that was crear.

  163. Fuzzy has told you time and again $ 10,000.00 for our girl and not a penny less….

    Some MSM are letting people think that Obama has promised to pay off her debt….and they believe ol’ shiff shaft will do it I told them “No Deal”we are doing it and “the one” is doing nothing. My friend (not a bot) said but it on the news….they are saying his people are paying her debt….

    please stop laffing gary mawn-not all gay men are as smart as us here….pat and carol are you snickering at my friend…he is a poor unfortunate soul…stop it!

    Some dem’s still believe the media? WTF


  164. The news networks are concerned about the cost of covering Obama @ the Stadium in Denver. Obama is counting on big coverage to help expose him. I would like to suggest that Hillary supporters get word out to all news networks that we will boycott watching any coverage of the Democratics selected one from the Stadium. Maybe this will put a damper on the Great Ones Big Event. What do others think?

  165. Hey, after we all pay down Hill’s debt and get her new T-shirt, we might want to consider getting this one.

  166. Fuzzy – OMG!! I hope you’re ok!

    Carol – COWABUNGA!!! We’re almost $300.00 to 10K!!!

    I wish I could give more, but I can’t for this week.

  167. Fuzzy glad you made it back! I will not socialize with any of O’s supporters till this campign thing is resolved. Right now…this is war.

  168. SophieL – Thanks so much – you have a heart and a large pocketbook!

    SophieL $50



    fuzzy, I am a marilyn lookalike, I want to be in the photo with Nancy. T it up – we are $240.20 away.


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  169. Carol, thanks for the advise but the idiots at the Florida Park Service make it impossible for you to just sit in the tube like most places…the launch site is deep water stupid!

    Maybe it was Gov. Crist trying to do me in with the obama people …I did say his current engagement was well timed to deflect any speculation on his Sexual orientation….if he should be offered the VP slot!

    It was a few threads back but I linked him to Arianna Huffington marrying gay men is her MO…as madamb’s play so correctly illistrates…I think Arianna huffington and Andy Sullivan would make a cute couple!

    He bring together gay marriage and poligamy like the fundies say we want….and then Crist could join in and have the best of both worlds…

    Fuzzybear is staying away from the water….

    Now Give till it hurts! Nancy has church in the morning and needs a new “DO”!

  170. Fuzzy, are you doing the 10K picture?

  171. I maxed out my contribution long ago. It is now my bounden duty to assist in other ways. Carol rocks. As does Lakota in GA. As do ya’ll.


  172. Karolina I live in a small town and these guys are rioe for the PUMA picking….when I tell them Obama has back burner’d the gay planks in the party platform!


  173. I have a wish that Hillary will stop fundraising for Obama once her debt is paid. That dream extends to all appearances in support of Obama. But I don’t think I am being realistic. Hillary said she would support him and do everything she could to help him. Oh well, I am afraid that will extend to giving up her right to a roll call.

  174. SophieL our next T will of Hillary standing on the steps of the White House with Bill and Chelsea standing slightly behind her.

    Obama will be watching from somewhere on his 10 inch screen tv in the lounge in an Illinois Federal prison. Michelle will be making friends with the gang members in her unit.

    I can hardly wait.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  175. madamab said, “Guys – if we pull out an August miracle and Hillary wins, you do realize Obama will have to be the VP, right?

    Are we prepared for that?”

    He’s unqualified and unworthy of that, too! I want him to go back to Illinois and fade into obscurity!

    lol! 8yrs. is too long to be in one job! Love it!

  176. fuzzy wishes he could but cant find any pic’s of dean bent over on the net(for his colonic) found lots of pic’s of Senator larry craig-but that is not helpful and fuzzy is not good at the old online stuff…I would be so honored if you would do it SM. I know you promised to do on of Nancy so if you could indulge me a little more…

    SM you are one of My BIG (read the caps) Hillary Hero’s!


  177. Carol: I have a heart and a really worn out piece of plastic (so worn out that you need to use charcoal and newsprint to read the numbers).

  178. OK, done deal Fuzzy! It’s not going to be a work of art, but I think I know what you want. PS: Thank you! So are you!

  179. SM – don’t forget me in the picture doing the deed. I will be the marilyn monroe look alike.

    I can’t hardly wait. Somebody give me some money. I am getting frown lines and will need some of Nancy’s botox.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  180. Every one have hear on other blogs of legal probs for “the One” do you think that obama could really be investigated charged and found guilty before the convenion?

    This would be a better flame out than Dean after the Iowa primary in 2004!

    fuzzybeargville-leaning for Hillary cash-come on PUMA’s pleease fuzzy risked his life in ariver today!

    A few $$$ for his defense of Hillary! Iowa Mark a friend of mine today from Orlando wispered in my ear “she has a plan doesnt she?”

    I told him she may but PUMA does…so lunch was not all Hillary. Also My veterans of hillary and out for hillary buttons were topics as I said the LGBT community is ripe for the picking for PUMA!

    fuzzybeargville-full court lean-and if we reach $ 10K then guess what we have a cocktail party to die for tonight!

  181. thanks SM hope your family is well I think the skeletons are rattling in the big “o’s” closet! Could Michelle O be the first presumptive !st Ladie under gaurd?


    ok now how much more Carol do we need?


  182. “Guys – if we pull out an August miracle and Hillary wins, you do realize Obama will have to be the VP, right?”

    I DON’T think so. I think that Obama is going to look really bad when all of this is over. He is looking more & more like a loser, though the MSM will not paint him that way right now.

    Madamab, remember that the Repuglicons are aware that HILL is not safely out of the picture yet, so they have not gone after him full-throttel. If he (or we) make it completely obvious that he is a disaster in the making, and get the S-delegates to switch back (though I am worried that they are locked in somehow), and get Hill to be Nominee, she will not have to get him as VP. In fact she will look bad putting him in that position, because, truly….what if something WERE to happen and, because of her bad choice HE were in charge. She’s too smart for that.

  183. $240.20 and Nancy gets it good! The cocktail party starts! Come on, if you got it give.

    OMG, I just found a wrinkle from all of this financial worry! Damn, what if Eddy notices it.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and RULE!

  184. Fuzzy – check your email -hee hee!

  185. Carol – the picture is being approved by Fuzzy – if he has your email – PLEASE FOWARD TO CAROL..

    And yes, you and Marilyn are TWINS!.

  186. hey just got a taste of carols hair cut come on guys you can do it SM really did a good job anyway who is doing the $ 10K thread? SM is it you if not you have to sen it to whoever is doing it it is priceless…..

    I you want to see SM’s work and not give carol another wrinkle come on its $ 240.20 if we and I mean me toosplit it up and the lurkers post then….we can do it!

    The pic is priceless and worth every penny of that $240.20!

    fuzzybeargville LOL_ROLFLMAO sm

  187. And Nancy sooooo deserves it!

    she will look great in church tomorrow in the hypocrite sell out section of her congregation!


  188. I did it on crappy MS Paint – I hope Riverdaughter doesn’t ban me for the picture !

  189. dont have carols Email-but carol it is priceless remember carol has sweat blood today and I was almost ratdrowned…..


  190. and carol you are stunning simply stunning!


    OK its roll call time everybody who is listening out there?

  191. SM are you throwing the party again tonight? Your last night’s bash was great.

  192. Carol did my friend woodhull fm HH come overhere he wanted to donate $ 100.00 for hillary for the confluence? told him to post here!

    It would have been earlier today


  193. I was out shopping, which I rarely do, and a young man walked past me wearing a shirt that said PUMA and had a puma logo. I did a double-take. Of course, there is a sports line called puma. (Then I wanted one of those shirts!)

    Sophie – I saw your question about the 360 Clinton special and was looking for the replies. I wondered why people did not respond. Some have indicated they did not like it.

    Well, I saw it – and they ran it back to back a few times last night – and I was kind of amazed. I think I may have felt like you – like, ‘what to make of this’?

    I felt that it presented the Clinton family in a good light. It definitely made the point that they are a force to be reckoned with – and that if Obama tried to be dismissive of them, it would be at his peril. Even people not their friends had nice things to say, but I also felt it was not overbearing. I did wonder about the timing of the ‘special’.

    Maybe I am naive.

  194. “… then expect Senator Obama to start working and accomplish SOMETHING other than campaigning for a living.”

    Now that’s funny! And true. This man has actually been campaigning for a living the greater part of his professional life. No wonder he is so good at it.

  195. No sienfeld! I dont know Sienfeld….I want Obambi trivia slam tonight we need him to know what is comming after him in September-may make him change his mind about the whitehouse…



  196. Karolina – I don’t know if any of the other Posters will do it, but if we reach 10K, I’ll post the “Carol giving Pelosi a Haircut” and make it into an open thread.

  197. fuzzy – no, I haven’t seen it. We need it.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  198. If I’m understanding the conversation correctly, all we need is $240 and then we:
    1) Get to see a picture of Carol
    2) Have a cocktail party
    3) on a new thread

    If this is so, what are we waiting for? C’mon folks–isn’t Carol getting to you yet?

  199. Ok…Lou Dobbs is over…now you can all give your full attention back to Carol.

  200. Carol, is the $9,700 the latest number?

  201. katie – yes. Hopefully, we are about to go over $10K

    This is kind of like watching the election results.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  202. I’ll try to cut paste it woodhull is a dedicated hh posters but loves the work we do over here….must not be online-oh here it is:

    woodhull said,

    on July 12th, 2008 at 1:42 am

    Don’t know if this posted. Didn’t see it.

    wanted to say that i just put another 100 in the kitty for hill.

    hope we’re coming as close the black as will said we were.


  203. dont forget blog talk radio tommorrow…


  204. and the last county is west palm beach and wexler is doind the ballot counting using a abacus(sic)

    ok who is out ther lurking?


  205. woodhill – I love you.

    woodhill – $100



    We need $140.12.

    I’m putting on my gloves. Nancy is in the hotseat, fuzzy is gonna hold her down. We aren’t even putting a gown on her. Someone’s please help us out here.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  206. katiebird – Please move the total to $9900.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  207. I am, Fuzzy! Unfortunately, my arm is killing me, making typing a bitch.


  208. fuzzy – nobody loves me. I’ll just go take a nap and the party can start.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock and Rule!

  209. come on come on lurkers just a few more donations if you guys can come up with the $ 90.12 fuzzy will shut off the ac and do the last $ 50.00 but dont put in the total carol until we get that $ 90.12! Hear me loud and clear…this is a fyzzybear challange!

    I am going to be eating cardboard this week see how much I love hillary….and PUMA’s


  210. OMG, almost $10000. What will Nancy Do? She will have to get botox on her scalp now too.

  211. Carol think that will work? I have the form up come on $ 90.12 come on and then I do the last fifty!


  212. Scratching post Saturday night thread open!!

    Countdown to 10K!

  213. my card is out….waiting leaning waiting leaning …


  214. This sucks! I have spent this primary season aching to donate, having the money to donate and unable to do so. It sucks! The worst thing is that almost my entire circle is on the koolaid. So I can’t even get somebody to donate for me.

    PUMAs please dig deep and let me owe you. I will buy you lunch, dinner and coffee when you are in my neck of woods or I in yours.

  215. Go over to the Saturday Nite Post!

  216. mia — “…Obama has values that far surpass Senator McCain’s…”

    I won’t vote for McCain or Obama. I’m a true blue progressive and the Green Party platform looks good to me this year. When the Democrats want to start behaving like what they pretend to be, maybe I’ll come back.

    Having said that, I wonder, mia, what values Obama possesses that make him morally superior to McCain? I disagree with McCain’s (and the GOP) platform. Obama’s platform was better than McCain’s before he started pandering to Republicans and breaking his promises, and he seems intent on throwing progressives under the bus now that he believes he’s the presumptive nominee. I have heard rumors that McCain has an ugly temper. I’ve heard the same about Obama. I know what McCain stands for – which is why I won’t vote for him. What does Obama stand for? I’d love to know because right now from what he’s said and done recently, I see MORE reason to doubt him than ever.

    From what I’ve read of Obama, some in his own words, he seems to value whatever will further his own personal ambition and interests. He’s perfectly willing to stab other Democrats in the back (Alice Palmer and others) to achieve his goal. The fact that Obama’s fanbase think he’s some kind of new, transformative, “post-partisan” breed of candidate is beyond ridiculous. He’s an old school, Chicago POLITICIAN which means he lies and uses the same old political tactics – on steroids.

    mia — “Get educated and make a smart choice…”

    Oh yay! Another presumptuous Obamafan to tell us all dumb, uneducamacated what to do! That’s the way to win us over – insult our intelligence.

    I’m really struck by the irony.

    This reminds me of the old ad slogan for a store called Syms: “An educated consumer is our best customer”. I think that works in this context because we, the educated consumers, have read the label and the fine print and decided the new brand doesn’t match up to his hype. Oh, and we don’t like the bait and switch.

    I’m struck by how many Obamafans gullibly bought that Obama’s a “new and improved” brand of politician because of the marketing hype, without bothering the read the label or the fine print. The reason some of us aren’t falling in line behind Obama is that can we read the label and the fine print, and realize the “new and improved” brand is really the same old Chicago politician with shiny new packaging, and the packaging doesn’t disguise that the product is lacking is substance.

    So no, mia, I’m sorry you’ve been hoodwinked, but YOU should get an education and make a smart choice.

  217. Mary S-NJ:

    Excellent response. “He seems to value whatever will futher his own personal ambition and interests.”


    The change Obama is most interested in is change for himself.

  218. Madamab, thanks for the satire. You touched on a point that could be another whole play, the braindead type (in my opinion) that will vote for a party brand no matter what’s in the bottle–even when the bottle and all the ingredients have been proven toxic and the label is misleading. I don’t get that at all, but I’m not a party animal of any type.

  219. SOPHIA about CNN,

    They also have been running repeating hour long black leaders adult children and how they feel and othe vlack issues just like they did before the primary with Hillary. I think on Pb.s. they ran David meets David the story of a black man researching his heritage and meets another David in his family that happens to be a relative the white plantation owner……They ran this one alot when Hillary was running but on ,I think MSM!

    apparantly it only about being black in this so called election and distract us from his failed stands on issues

  220. oops!! Black no t vlack

  221. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

  222. I can not and will not vote for McCain. His policies and positions on issues are totally opposite of what I believe in. McCain is anti women and voted that way. McCain supports Bush 100%. McCain make crude jokes about women being raped. No I can not ever vote for a man like John McCain.

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