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Friday, They say “He’s Electable,” We say, “Not”

A couple of days ago my husband came tearing out of the bedroom saying that someone on TV said that she was a P.U.M.A. and that Obama was “Unelectable, Unqualified and Illegitimate.” These three things (he said she said) that meant Obama was going to lose the election if the Democrats give Obama the nomination.

That phrase, “Unelectable, Unqualified and Illegitimate,” has stayed with me ever since. It pulses through my mind with nearly every heartbeat. And I wonder sometimes why no one else can hear it. I spent a day with my parents (Dad a PUMA, Mom a TEPID) and an Obama supporting sister. And I swear the phrase was reverberating so loudly in my mind, I kept expecting her to tell me to shut up.

Not that she would. She’s not that sort of sister.

When I think of “electability” I always think of John Kerry and Howard Dean. I remember September of 2002 when my mom asked me who I was supporting for President (we have the sort of family where that question is often asked two years before an election.) I said I didn’t know but that I wasn’t thrilled about supporting John Kerry. She said what about the Governor of Vermont — she heard he was interested. Brainiac that I am I said, “Mom, I’m NOT supporting some Governor of Vermont for President. THAT’s just impossible!” And OH, how I wish I’d stuck with that feeling.

Because if there is one thing I learned in 2004, you may not be able to predict the most electable but, you sure as heck can see the most unelectable a mile away.

Obama and his supporters are trying to parse their way to the nomination and on through the election. They try to pretend that “Unelectable” is a racist argument because racism is the only thing stopping anyone from voting for him. And when we bring up the specific problems they claim those are “Republican Talking Points” as if Obama wouldn’t have to face up to such issues in the General Election.

Well, the Obama Campaign’s real problem is that those issues aren’t just “Republican Talking Points” they are serious issues that show very real weaknesses in Obama’s judgment and the judgment of the Democratic leadership that brought us to this point.

(Days pass: My brain is filled with a relentless buzzing sound)

As I contemplate and try to sort the list of Obama’s weaknesses, I finally figured out where that buzzing sound is coming from. It’s the result of that barrage of issues surrounding the Obama Candidacy and it’s not a buzzing: it’s the repetition of but, but, but, but, but. . . . .

But, He’s never really held a full-time job. Is the Presidency an entry level position?

But, even before his recent flip-flop on FISA he signaled that he didn’t have the same judicial priorities as me.

But, even with important endorsements he lost the major states on Super Tuesday and after Hillary restructured her campaign he lost nearly every major state. Don’t candidates usually start sweeping the states after they get tagged as inevitable? Obama managed to lose every single county in West Virginia at a time when he was supposedly our inevitable nominee.

But, I keep hearing “God Damn America” and wonder how that’s going to sound in the fall.

But, he’s not brave enough — his willingness to distance himself from longtime friends like the Reverend Wright aside — what about his flip-flops on issues? Has he stood staunchly for anything?

But, He keeps laughing at voters and talking down to us and could his affection for rap music come back to haunt him?

But, what about the stuff that hasn’t come out? Will Obama’s relationship with Ayers and Rezko play a role? What about the history of corruption in Chicago?

But, he thinks Universal Health Care isn’t fair to people who don’t want access to health care . . . Reminding me of how he thought counting the votes in Florida and Michigan wouldn’t be fair to the people who didn’t vote.

(Putting my hands over my ears to mute the buzzing)

The list goes on and on — I never get to the But that makes it all OK. Am I missing something?

181 Responses

  1. So, following that logic, will having Sen. Obama on the ballot be fair to us who do not plan to vote for him?

  2. The Denver Group is going after the DNC in Chicago this morning, good ad; pass it on.

    Friday, July 11, 2008
    The Denver Group First Ad Hits Chicago
    The Denver Group’s first ad appears today (July 11, 2008) in the Chicago Tribune. We thought Chicago was the perfect place to start. For those who want to see a hard copy, it appears on page B5 of the Metro Section.

  3. Does TEPID stand for something?

  4. The “missing” piece belongs to him. He lacks leadership, credibility, ideas, trust, along with experience and qualifications. As someone else commented on an earlier posting, in the real world he would never have been invited to a job interview with a resume this thin.

    Conversations that you have held with your family reflects the same discussions carried out across the country. There is so much he lacks that it is impossible to envision him in the role of Commander and Chief. Throw in an equal measure of arrogance and entitlement and he simply does not cut it.

  5. That ad by The Denver Group is terrific!

  6. Does TEPID stand for something?

    Only a complete lack of enthusiasm — a tepid willingness to vote for the Democratic Nominee. (suggestions welcome)

  7. Pat,

    Now and then I do reach out and ask how they think Obama can win. The closest thing to an answer is that the whole thing depends on Obama registering millions of new voters.

    Which considering Chicago’s history with Voter Registration is more of a threat than a promise. Isn’t it?

  8. Great ad!

    I too have heard that the new voters will determine it all.

  9. Tepid: lacking passion, lukewarm

  10. Again, all the people supporting him cannot possibly NOT see that he is a disaster, but they must think that they will not be affected by it. From their position, they figure it will be a dramedy they’ll be watching, while reaping short-term benefits ($$$), and to hell with everything else. Yes, another Bush term, but who cares.

    Well, it won’t be as easy as the bush years (and that’s a sarcastic comment).

  11. Let’s go – we need this debt paid so we can pay for additional ads to sweep the country!

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  12. “Tepid: lacking passion, lukewarm”

    I know what the word tepid means, I was asking if it was an acronym like PUMA that conveyed some new meaning. I guess I assumed as much since it was in all capitals like PUMA. 😉

  13. Katiebird, sometimes I wonder for a fleeting second if I’m missing something, too. But no, we’re not. The list of negative grows daily and there is no convincing BUT out there that can erase all our doubts and suspicions and compensate for the failures. He is a loser. Even if by some fluke he were to win, he’d still be a loser. And so would we all.

    “Unelectable, Unqualified and Illegitimate” — a powerful mantra.

  14. All reasonable Buts. However.


    Perhaps O went to the Reagan Library and got the teflon.

    decent ad too.

  15. I also don’t understand the people that think Bo will make everything better once he becomes president. BO is 47 years old and has no major accomplishments. And the legislations
    he brags about, 95% of the work was done by someone else where BO just got the credit. How do they expect this guy to accomplish anything.

  16. Sorry total, no it isn’t an acronym, but if it was, for me it would mean:

    T- otally
    P-andering, posturing

  17. Katiebird–You are on to something here, but it’s almost undefinable. Obama isn’t grounded-I guess that’s the closest I can get to describing what ‘s missing. To trust someone with our country, we must know them or they must have a sturdy resume. GWB is a dolt but Americans knew him father (still huge mistake). Kerry and McCain have the resume. Bill had the resume and Hillary and Gore now have both.

    I also have this sense that Obama doesn’t get it–the seriousness of this job. It is audacious to grasp for it and not feel the weight.

  18. TEPID:

    “Thinking . . . ewww . . . Precious . . . I dunno . . . “

  19. I love the ad! We should all pass it on to as many people as we can!

  20. All of these BUT’s are great, save for two:
    Obama has held a full time job–he was a community organizer in Chicago. Or is there a reason why we don’t count this as a full time job?
    And I’m not sure how an affection for rap music will come back to haunt him. Is it a little like saying that a person who likes classical music will have a problem with the electorate because Wagner wrote classical music and his music appealed to the Hitler? Some rap music is offensive, some is beautiful. . .
    Other than that, buzz buzz buzz

  21. Peter,

    Most voters have not looked closely at Obama. He’s new to the scene and they (reasonably) assume that the “Presumptive Nominee” is at least qualified for the job and (maybe even) the best candidate to get us out of all the trouble we’re facing after 8 years of Bush.

    How could they imagine that we’re about to foist on them a candidate with as much baggage as Obama?

    Do you really think that Obama’s position will be this strong after the voters learn the facts about Obama’s weaknesses?

    If so, I’d like to hear how you think that will work out.

  22. Bush at least had owned a baseball team and was a governor for a few years.

    I am still astonished that the Dems managed to find someone who makes Bush look experienced and mature.

  23. Community organizer??? That is so vague—-many people could use that one and it could apply to so many things. Ex.-I organized my community to plant flowers in our parks, or get a new traffic light up, or oppose a referendum, etc….

  24. Tepid is the response I had for voting in past presidential elections for Dem candidates. However, they did come with experience whether or not they electrified in the end. Bill Clinton being the exception to the rule.

    This year I was enthused. Hillary offered so much more yet we are now stuck with this candidate who continues to surprise us every day. More and more he displays his unpreparedness and also his tendency towards majestic displays rather than substance.,

    McCain is making this easy for Obama. His utter failure as a candidate so far is offering little reasoning to vote for him. We are being offered two candidates who can only be described as Worse and Worser.

  25. cricket, The Community Organizers I’ve known didn’t work anything like full time (although they may have been PAID for full time work) — And I have to say that I’m amused to hear that job put up as credible experience on the road to the Presidency.

    Also, His love of Rap music has led him to make some very public mistakes. Like the “I’ve got 99 problems …” and the Brushing off his shoulders event.

    These things are on YouTube and they’re easily added to commercials.

    Are you thinking that he’s going to use the election as a teachable moment on Rap? I don’t think that many people are interested.

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  27. PUMA ad ROARS! Did you get my tee shirt purchase last night ? Another $50.00 closer to Hillary’s name in nomination.

  28. Hi Carol,

    Before taking off on an errand, yesterday I sent a blurb to another thread saying that I’d just happened to catch FOX and a great intervention from Will. Wow! Only 5 mil left!

    Anyway, what I didn’t have time to explain was what upset me about the interview. This is that while Will was beaming with pride at the fact that the PUMAs had managed to send between 6 to 10 mil during the 4th of July marathon to erase Hillary’s debt, the host kept asking Will why was anyone trying to pay the debt of someone who has a reported over 100 mil in assets. Which, of course, made me realize that the host didn’t understand a lick of why the PUMAs are so doggoned on helping Hillary out with this one.

    Unable to do much else, while I was getting dressed I kept shouting to the TV different things, and all of them had to do with the same: It is because those of us who understand that her fight was our fight want to show the entire world that we really appreciate how hard she tried to help those in need of true leadership and compassion! You morons!! It is because we want to show the sophomoric kool-aid drinkers and blind obamabots that regardless of their dirty tricks and attempts to toss her to the side we will be supporting Hillary until we are blue in the face! You morons!!

    BTW, when I returned to the Confluence and read what was going on with the energetic attempt to erase Hillary’s debt, I also caught your mild admonition, so here are the facts behind the real story of moi (former Michelle not followed by an O!). A someone that’s already forgoing all the luxuries imaginable (and then some!) and for whom going all out “for our gal” is not a joke.

    Actually, “family leave” is a nice sounding euphemism that does nothing to help families in the least—like, for instance, as it implies a family vacation would. Nope, in the case of the airlines what family leave means is leave w/o pay. So, since it has been over a month of forced “leave” due to hurting my back (probably while helping passengers with their overhead luggage, or while pushing those crappy heavy carts through the aisles or, who knows, maybe while being jerked around during unexpected “jerks” and trying to make sure that the cup of hot coffee doesn’t spill on passengers) what stands loud and clear is the w/o pay bit. A real b*ch…

    At any rate, even though I would love to get my hands on the nifty shirt, as I promised yesterday today I’m again trying my best to help erase Hillary’s debt, and as you can see by the receipt, the very best that I can do right now is $10.00. As a former flight attendant, hope you can understand.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 8:55 AM EDT
    Contact: Moi
    Amount: $10.00

    PUMAs Rock!

  29. KC,
    Well, the reason I even asked the question is because I sent my friend in Minneapolis over to here to try to talk her down off her Obama wire. It backfired. She IS a community organizer (I actually have a lot of friends who are community organizers)–she works REALLY hard with people in the inner-city community of Minneapolis to give them a political voice, to help them create social centers, to bring businesses and health clinics into their area.
    She’s one of my best friends and I hardly get to see her because she’s always working. So, you know, I think that in a city like Chicago or Minneapolis, community organizing might be bit higher stakes than planting flowers.

  30. If I might add two cents here, something that has resonated over and over to me since I worked on his campaign, is that this has been thrown at us in a way that, if we don’t accept it, we are bad, racist, not socially aware.

    I have mentioned this before, but when I was phonebanking for him, the African American callers seemed much more conscious of voting on merit. His white supporters seemed almost mesmerized.

    I saw it again this past weekend, I met up with a lot of old friends from legal aid and we were a very diverse crowd.

    My friends that were AA, were really starting to question and say, WTF? It was the white supporters who were saying, “Oh, no, he will change the world.”
    It is hard to express without seeming to be politically incorrect, which is what I think this might be all about.

  31. Katie- Plain and simple, this guy is just weak as a candidate. The American people who bought into him are just as weak. I put them in the same category as the people who sit in the huge mega churches, depending on the guy on the pulpit, giving them their next breath of life
    There are so many buts, you are right on, the list could go on for pages…

  32. plural – the hype was that Bush owned a baseball team. The reality was that he has a 1.8% in the Texas Rangers and a job promoting the new location. He never corrected this nor did the media.

    By the way, he purchased that 1.8% with funds that he got for some stock sell to one of daddy’s rich friends 2 weeks before the oil company bit the dust. Amazingly, he never had contact with Martha Stewart in the pokey!

  33. Cricket—I get your point, but mine is that it lacks specificity so could really be anything-from fluffy to serious. It’s just not a solid resume builder.

  34. Oh crap I knew that last comment would get thrown into moderation

  35. also—-if obama could add back up to it, that would help. For instance, if he could cite (and provide evidence) that particular numbers of people improved their lives by__,__, and ____ through his efforts doing _____. That is my point and I think it would be taken more seriously.

  36. Carol, really?

    I’ve heard he had a major hand in designing the new Rangers stadium – is that fiction also?

    He was involved in the negotiations over the strike in 1994 — did they use him as a figure head?

  37. KC & Katiebird,
    I get it.
    I’m just bummed, I guess, that my friend came to the site on a day when, well, she could feel that HER work was being looked down upon and discounted.
    As for the rap. UGH, that shoulders thing was so infantile!! He was like on of my third-grade students, except that I can take them seriously when they do things like that!

  38. plural: I would never go so far to credit Bush with any superior qualifications for the role of President than Obama.

    Both suffer from the same form of entitlement, the chance to be called Commander in Chief without regard to what the job actually entails or requires.

    Bush rode in on his family name and his father’s connections. His record on the environment alone in Texas was enough to raise serious doubts and his history as a failed businessman certainly rang of his lack of qualifications. He felt entitled.

    Obama offers more of the same. The man has never held a full time job, his time in the Senate is negligible, his win over Alan Keyes not exactly a surprise, his business connections raise questions of ethics, and his grasp of the issues in doubt. He also suffers a sense of entitlement because of his race.

    Both Bush and Obama mirror one another in that they are two empty suits who have risen to positions of leadership based on very little empirical evidence that they are qualified.

  39. Cricket, I understand what you’re saying about your friends and how hard they work. I have similar experience with my profession. I’m a Librarian and when people hear that they say, “Oh, how nice to have a job where you can sit and read all day” — As if that’s all Librarians do….

    The job of managing, organizing and staffing public libraries is a lot of work and no one has time to sit around and read. Ever.

    But that doesn’t make us Presidential material….

    And the Full Time Work? I can only judge that by the way he approached his legal and teaching and Senate careers. They didn’t get the benefit of his full time concentration and I just assume that’s from the habit of a lifetime.

  40. Katiebird:

    I thought/felt exactly the same thing you just pointed out about Obama with Reagan 28 years ago.

    We all know how that turned out, hence the teflon reference.

  41. Plural: In several books I have read regarding Dubya, I wondered if they had given him the job he wanted, which was baseball commissioner, if he would have even run for President. He didn’t get the job as baseball commissioner, hence the last eight years.

  42. Low information voters with big egos have propped him up and now they can’t say they were wrong and they are fooling themselves further by rationalizing and trying to cover up. I was at a conference at SF couple of weeks ago and at lunch there was a guy from Notredame (good school, a PhD) pronouncing “he is good candidate” in his smug old way to a couple of Swedes at the table. I had to immediately leave the table because I could not just sit there without confronting him. I had already had a fight flying in with the guy sitting next to me — he was another PhD, a university prof. His big line was that his politics was more like this guy’s. I wonder what he thinks of FISA or Iraq now? I am sure he will use his grey matter to fool himself again.

  43. katiebird,
    My mom was a librarian. She came up against that all the time. She had PhD in library science and no one, not even her employers, took her seriously. I totally hear you!
    And, yeah, my question was specifically about the community organizing because that seemed to be the one job he held as full-time position. Professor and State Senator were both part-time. And senator, well. . . We all know how that’s gone.

  44. No need to apologize Kim. I like the acronym.

  45. I wish he’d been made baseball commissioner — he’d have been good at that. And done a lot less harm.

  46. Plural: he didn’t get the job, lack of experience.

  47. I always thought that his career path suggested that he has ADD. It seems like he spent his time on every job working on getting the next job instead of actually doing the job. If he had done any of his jobs, he might have some accomplishments on his resume.

  48. Sophie: Which one, Bush or Obama, I am assuming you mean both since it applies.

  49. RD you just need Unqualified and Illegitimate in your thought process his electability is a likely given and only an opinion at this stage the fact won’t be determined until Nov. It’s a faux red herring argument both way’s now, an individual opinion based on data points we each use to make judgments, but there is no disputing the fact that the guy is Unqualified, has very limited experience, has profound poor judgment, dose not have the support of the Base or the supposed Independents and Republican cross over that would supposedly elect him unless the republican withdrawal and he runs unopposed again, and yes he is not Legitimate in that Dean Pelosi and Kennedy scammed the country extorted 500 Million for a rigged race and crowned Obama as nominee it is a fact he was not elected, all again likely make him unelectable but it should also have made Bush unelectable.. The racist thing is nothing more than name calling made up victim hood Obama drama and should be ignored as anti social gang behavior to intimidate inflame hate if possible dysfunction I choose not to play.

    I’ve made my personnel judgment that Obama will not be elected with my vote and it’s because I believe he is Unqualified incapable of governing our country and would be a President of a Party again which appears to be what the Dems, I included Super Delegates who also failed us by going along with this fraud want. Let me add, and I really do not want Pelosi and Reid running all branches certainly not Pelosi, who IMO since her Turkey incident where US soldiers would likely have been killed, is to ideological for even her current role. Divided government is a good thing, certainly when you have fringes controlling the TWO Parties as they do now.

  50. Guys, I forgot about the book confluence yesterday. I will be posting something briefly. I have another book chosen(unless Carole has chosen one). Don’t feel you have to read if you are not interested, but I find it cathartic, so I will continue.

    Anyway, I wrote a post about Michel Kinsley’s new editorial on PUMA:


  51. Grangatita – OMG, I would never try to admonish anyone. I LOVE EVERYONE ON HERE and ALL THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH – PEOPLE ARE DOING IN MANY WAYS!

    I am a former FA and I know how hard a job it is. I have also been injured and without enough money to live many times.

    I have commented over and over – please, don’t anyone contribute anything that puts them into financial difficulty – we are going to get this done with many forms of support!

  52. If the only problems were that he’s inexperienced, an elitist, a misogynist, and a liar I would have a very hard time voting for him. I’ve seen phonies before and recognize the breed.

    Hell, I’ve voted for Democrats I haven’t liked before. Some I’ve even loathed. When your choices are bad and worse you end up with a lot of Dimwits and Crooks on your voting record.

    However this time, the Democratic Party and the DNC, with the help of the ever corrupt and dishonest media served us up a steaming plate of bovine excrement to obvious to ignore.

    Some of us are refusing to partake. Maybe we’re just picky eaters. Or maybe we’re full-grown PUMAcrats that think democracy is more important than party. Think that might be the problem the Obamacrat Party is now experiencing? Hmmmm?

  53. Kim: I was referring to Obama, but you’re right, it could be Bush as well.

  54. T – Terribly

    E – Egotistical

    P – Precious

    I – In

    D – Denver


  55. We tend to make our little jokes and digs regarding these two candidates but the seriousness of this election, and where we find ourselves right now in history, is much to frightening to contemplate where we are headed and who will lead.

    The falling economy.
    The price of a gallon of gas.
    The falling dollar.
    Trade imbalances.
    The military.
    A lax congress.
    The weakening of the Constitution.
    Job security.
    Home mortgage failures.
    Dismantling of the New Deal.
    Corporate rape.

    Does anyone seriously consider either McCain or Obama being necessarily equipped to handle even half of the issues on this list? I don’t.

  56. Obama message to non PUMA’S

    EXCERPT: My Fellow Americans:

    As your future President I want to thank my supporters, for your
    mindless support of me, despite my complete lack of any legislative
    achievement, my pastor’s relations with Louis Farrakhan and Libyan
    dictator Moamar Quadafi, or my blatantly leftist voting record while I
    present myself as some sort of bi-partisan agent of change.

    I also like how my supporters claim my youthful drug use and
    criminal behavior somehow qualifies me for the Presidency after 8
    years of claiming Bush’s youthful drinking disqualifies him. Your
    hypocrisy is a beacon of hope shining over a sea of political posing.
    read rest here: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  57. Masslib: I bought the book, read it, thoroughly enjoyed it; but have missed the book club each time.

  58. I still think this is some sort of mass hysteria by yuppies screaming look how cool I am.

  59. I think it’s American Idol.

  60. Trust Every PUMA In Denver.

  61. I wholeheartedly agree with Kim’s assessment above. That is exactly what it is. A serious reading of Obama’s legislative role would present a step back in consideration and wholesale acceptance. Of course that would require something beyond a 30 second sound bite.

  62. Kim, that’s ok. I will post a thread shortly to conclude the Atwood book. I was supposed to last night but completrely forgot.

    I plan Thurday evenings at 7pm and I think I’ve come up with a way to keep the threads accessable after the fact. I will discuss it in the post. I also have an idea for our next book.

  63. Pat, you are so right. I don’t normally drink milk. Last night on my way to see my son, he asked me to pick up a gallon of milk for his son. It was $6 for a freaking gallon of milk. I had no idea. How are poopr people going to buy food? I am sorry, but the state of our country is really starting to frighten me.

  64. sorry poor people

  65. by the way

    It’s the Super Delegates you should target they can change this now by moving to Clinton and stop this scam from continuing. Pelosi, Dean and Brazile have no power that can stop them.

    Certainly the chicken little that waited until the crowning…..Senator Brown Obama voted for a bill now law that you say

    “…this legislation overreaches and infringes dangerously on the basic rights of American citizens while removing their right to seek legal recourse.”

    and believes if I have the blues I can’t have an medical procedure of my choosing, and he still has your delegate endorsement

  66. Well if we are marching to a fascist state the first ones to be driven away during the night will be us. We are the holdouts, those who refuse to be indoctrinated into the “new politics” of Obama. This is one good reason to work toward his defeat even if it means 4 years of Bart Simpson’s Grandpa in the WH.

  67. Peter,
    I think Obama can slide on his Teflon when it comes to his experience — that’s pretty obvious (since NO ONE talks about it publicly)

    BUT No one has ever gotten this far with the sort of Bizarre associates that Obama has:

    His very first Political Event was at the Home of former Domestic Terrorists. Where money was raised. McCain is already using this fact in speeches. And I think it’s even more devastating to his chances than the “God Damn America” stuff.

  68. SophieL,

    Your acronym is fine, except for the fact that you’d be associating the word “tepid,” decidedly negative, with PUMA (the opposite).


  69. KB – This is wonderful! I’ve had thoughts like this for a long time. Thank you for expressing them so eloquently!

    Barack Obama has the “ick” factor up the wazoo. There is nothing remotely Presidential about this man. I fear that Bush has lowered the bar so far that anyone is now acceptable, and then I realize, that’s what the PUMAs are doing – trying to prevent Bush’s Third Term, which would occur (I believe) with either of the current candidates.

    Either Obama or McCain will be a disaster for this country, I believe. McCain appears to be suffering from Tourette’s syndrome these days – just blurting out whatever random thought comes to his mind, then taking it back 30 seconds later.

    We are in deep, deep doo-doo if the Party doesn’t do the right thing in Denver.

  70. ” Thinking

    Says it for me exactly, and it’s funny, besides.

  71. Carol (and everyone)

    I’m adding the running totals to a graphic that I’ve posted in our sidebar.

    I might miss the updates (I’m going for a walk in a few minutes and will do some errands too)

    Carol, could you email totals to me at katiebird@gmail.com — that way I can find them easily when I get back.

    The image goes right to the donate page (but not the tee-shirt page)

  72. Pat Johnson,
    Does anyone seriously consider either McCain or Obama being necessarily equipped to handle even half of the issues on this list? I don’t.

    No of course not, but for me the choice now is


    and I find a weak figure head easily fatigued President with a co enabling Congress and Party under the control of a fringe ideological cultish political sect REGRADLESS of the deed absolutely unacceptable and a danger to our country our future

  73. Being a little older, I can remember the protests of the Vietnam era. People marching outside government offices, flag burning, rallies, the flight to Canada, open rebellion against an unjustified and unwarranted mission in Vietnam. The people were lied to and the country reacted.

    Today we are witnessing the takeover of a formerly solid politiclal party that stood for us, the working class. And but for a novice political outcry from a group of internet bloggers, there is total silence from those to whom we appeal. If this can happen to the Democratic Party I shudder to think what the next takeover looks like. Am I beginning to sound much too paranoid?

  74. Anyone check out fundraising totals…

    Barry had a much weaker June than intially expected (around 30 million), his campaign thought they might get up to 100 million…

    mean while McCain had his best month so far at 22 million…

    Anyway the number I am most concerned with is Hillary’s numbers…

    Hopefully we all have taken a big chunck out of her debt…

  75. Sophie…precisely what I’ve thought. He’s spent a career positioning for advancment. Positioning…not performing. The prototypical opportunistic politician searching for the next feather for his cap. Jewel for his crown……etc.

  76. Those three themes should be repeated like a mantra by every PUMA:


    All the other issues: sexism, the media, etc. are important elements, but if he is fundamentally ILLEGITIMATE, then it is a matter of democratic principle. Period. They cannot dismiss and belittle that as “whining” and “spite.” We are fighting for the same thing our Founding Fathers fought for–fair representation. The Denver Group’s ad is spot on with the Boston Tea Party.

  77. Masslib – go ahead and chose. I was on vacation and out of touch for the most part.


  78. Yeah ParkSlope: I was aiming at a solution for the tepid voters…

  79. Pat’s absolutely right. If we look at the reality of the US and the world situation, it is a frightening beyond belief. There is an absolute possibility of being thrown into a complete Dark Age, unless we get someone motivated to make things work into the most powerful position in the world.

    That’s what pisses me off about these idiots yesterday on CNN with their smug smiles (Donna included) about the “new young black leaders.” They are so damn ignorant. They are a part of the mainstream now, and this is not the time to stroke their own or ANYBODY’s ego or wallet by getting one of their own into the Whitehouse just because they CAN. This is a time to get the best qualified person into the job, BECAUSE WE NEED HER/HIM!!!! Otherwise no one will be in the mainstream. We could easily all end up in the Third World.

  80. This whole post is wxactly the way I feel. You start talking to people who are supporters and they just refuse to see the truth. If it were anyone else, this would not have happened. Sure Bush was unqualified, but at least he was the governer of a large state. This guy organized communities and did a bad job of that. His associations are nefarious, to say the least. He flip flops worse than Kerry. It is amazing to the point of wanting to deprogram people.

  81. fif – I totally agree. That’s why I think the Denver Group is doing just amazing work on this. How dare the Democratic Party try to bully Hillary off the ballot and try to stop her delegates from voting for her? It’s completely unprecedented.

    And to tie her participation in the Convention to money? How utterly….old politics.

  82. Salt: The only thing bad about your premise is that congress is at it s weakest approval in years. I read yesterday that only 11% or americans believe that congress is doing a good job. The american people are so fed up with government that I wonder if an uprising isn’t coming.

  83. They continue to muddy the dialogue with gay marriage and abortion. No one wants to seriously talk about the real issues that I enumerated above since neither one in reality has solid solutions. Ignoring these problems and allowing them to fester because they refuse to present the truths of the situation is another form of pandering to the voters.

    When the case for your candidacy rests on the backs of attacking social issues that have no real effect either way on our way of life is cowardice. Leadership demands more and neither candidate has the fortitude or the means to be addressed as such.

  84. Kim, I know what you mean about the price of milk (and food in general). I’m a *lot* more careful about what I buy now and I’m still spending about 20% more than I was last year. Same thing with gas for the car. It scares me, but at least I can pay it, for now anyways. I don’t know how poor people can cope; they didn’t have any slack in their budgets before the price of everything went through the roof.

    Carol, here’s another donation for Hillary:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 10:14 AM EDT
    Contact: [Nadai]
    Raleigh, NC 27606
    Amount: $50.00

  85. Here we go:

    Moi $10
    ChumpedDemocrat $50

    Totals so far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  86. Sarainitaly – I don’t know what you contribution was so that I can add it to the total!

  87. This is OT, but most of you know, my son was “stop lossed”, Not knowing this was going to happen last month,we had ordered the movie from Netflix and did not want to watch it, but I did anyway. Did you know that more than 81,000 young men have had this back door draft pushed on them and this does not include the “surge”?

  88. Ever since I read this post, Natalie Cole’s song Unforgettable has been going through my head, except as Unelectable.

  89. katiebird – I will be able to email the totals throughout the day, I can’t right now.

    Also, can you put up the t-shirt site also?

  90. Kim: My heart goes out to you and your family. The most difficult job is the waiting and wondering. These kids are amazing in what they do and how well prepared they are to do whatever is asked. All we can do is link hands through this blog and hope you receive the vibes.

  91. Pat Johnson, on July 11th, 2008 at 10:12 am Said:

    No you are correct to be concerned our country is in decline peaked bout 4 years ago and our politics are attacking the anti social dependent culture not the empowered but IMO the Party’s are the exactly the problem here they are manufacturing these sheep.. Those folks in the streets you speak recall were not Democrats protesting they were, We the People and the passion was for justice, against the slaughter of Americans and Innocents and for actions by our government in our name using our power against our interest. And let’s face it Dem went to far on taxes and social justice as the rational and burden excessivley the middle turning families away…many problems there also, recall the last powerful pol in Il the real reason we lost Congress Rep Dan Rostenkowski and Dems stood by and did nothing.

  92. Kim, I was never around when you were talking about this before, so I didn’t get a chance to tell you how sorry I am that your family and you have had to deal with this unfairness.

  93. Kim – BO is not going to bring them home. He has already told us that. He has no plan and thinks, “Oh well, not a problem.”

    Hillary is the only one intelligent enough to figure out a plan to fix this and get our people home.

    DAMN THE DNC, OBAMA, PELOSI, DEAN – they are are TRAITORS to our country.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  94. Thank you Pat, I wish there was something someone could do, but Puma, I pray is doing it. I know Hillary would have brought them home. I believe that. I was asked by my friends who are Obama cultists, if I was now going to vote for him and I know it sounds stupid, but I have to go McCain. I really feel he at least knows what a war is like. His son is over there too.

    But better yet PUMA’S, lets get Hillary in there to bring my son home to me and his son.

    And Pat, my mom, who is close to seventy truly believes that this is going to be a full blown depression, not a recession. My son’s wife and son are moving in with me, because they cannot make it if they don’t.

    The stupidity of the DNC baffles and infuriates me.

  95. Katiebird:

    Every politician out there has unsavory associations.

    No question about how O has gotten further despite the bizarre associations.

    My opinion is that most Americans say exactly what I wrote in my first sentence without weighing how bizarre or nasty the associations are.

    Most voters expect a certain amount of bad associations from all pols and thus dismiss that aspect of character in them as deciding factors in their votes.

  96. Unelectable?

    This is the first time I ‘ve tried to link here. Hope I remember my html.

  97. Everybody…

    unless there is some good reason not to do so, I will be calling in to some progressive radio shows and spread the news about the fundraising efforts among Hillary supporters…

    I think this is an important story that has been ignored by the MSM…

    any suggestions…

    what are the totals, ofcourse it has been millions since 7-4-08, right?

  98. Oh and thinks for linking hands for me, just do NOT group hug me. I burst into tears thinking about it everytime someone hugs me. Have to stay strong to get Hillary in and my son home. No tears.

  99. Do you really want to end the war, provide healthcare for everyone, and reverse the curse of the last 7-1/2 years? Then visualize this:

    Denver, August 2008, Hillary takes the stage

    And so here tonight, in the name of everyone who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out — I accept your nomination for President of the United States.

  100. Salt: I was merely pointing out the principles to what the Dem Party stood for over the years. No party is guilt free of any of the travesties we have endured over the past 100 years. My point was that then we saw activism against what was perceived and what became known that we had entered into a venture that was immoral. The public reacted and rightfully so.

    That outpouring of disgust was met by citizen members of both parties. Party label was a non entity. The reaction was against both Johnson, Humphrey, Nixon and every hawk who sent these kids to die unnecessarily.

    Distrust of all political leaders found its footing as a direct result of those years. We are lied to over and over again which may be why we are so eager to put our faith into someone who tell us they can easily change the world just by uttering “hope” and “change”. Why, because deep in our hearts where cynicism has yet to reach, this is what we aspire. We allow ourselves to become so easily duped.


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  102. Sophie, Carol – Love it! Love it! Love it!

  103. #
    SophieL, on July 11th, 2008 at 10:15 am Said:

    She’s still got it:
    At Morning Obama Fund-Raiser, Clinton Is the Star Attraction

    If you can stomach reading about the two of them together, do it. But it says Clinton outshone the nincompoop. Surprise! Surprise! You can also leave a comment easily and I would encourage you to do it.

  104. Pat, when I went to hear Hillary speak during the primaries, that was what she spoke of—the problems and her solutions for them. She was real. When O. accused her, after that last televised debate, of not wanting to talk about the issues, but rather spend time on inconsequential gossip, it hit me like a ton of bricks what a smarmy , slimy politician he is, and how he cares nothing about people, only himself.

    I remembered that this was what my grandparents told me that the Communist politicians in Eastern Europe were like at the beginning of the 20th century —all rhetoric and mass manipulation. And when they won their prize and the Soviet Union was formed…turned out they didn’t give a crap about anyone but themselves. That’s another reason that Obama’s vote on FISA sent chills down my spine…I remember how people over there lived wit the knowledge that they were under constant surveillance when I visited in the 70’s.

  105. What Happened to Obama’s $100 Million June?
    July 11, 2008 8:40 AM

    Sen. Barack Obama’s fundraisers were predicting an unreal fundraising month for their candidate.

    “One hundred million dollars this June — it’s definitely within reach,” Obama fundraiser Wade Randlett said last month to The Hill.
    The campaign hasn’t released its June numbers, but people close to the fund-raising operation say the total will likely be just over $30 million. While this isn’t a poor showing, it is an underwhelming haul for a campaign that has ballooned in recent months, has promised a true, 50-state electioneering effort and has told its biggest fund-raisers that it wants to collect $300 million in general-election cash by mid-October.”

  106. Kim – I didn’t know that about your son. I am so, so sorry. I am so tired of the sneaky way in which the war is being endlessly continued without body counts, pictures of coffins or dead bodies, or even a draft to really hammer home the cost.

    You all might be interested in my weekly letter to Howard Dean – now revised and updated:

    Dear Dr. Dean,

    Please know that we PUMAS are not a bunch of irrational females who just need to “get over it.” Our objections to Barack Obama are based on facts which make him an unacceptable Democratic nominee. No amount of wooing and “love” from the Senator from Illinois will change those facts.

    Here is a PUMA Declaration of Objections (soon to go national) that lists all of the problems we have with Senator Obama and his illegitimate nomination.

    Here is a petition with hundreds of signatures, stating the reasons in a slightly different way. If you click on the “Signatures” tab, you will see the remarks associated with those signatures.

    If you truly want Party Unity, you will stop threatening Hillary with being ousted from the Convention. You will allow her delegates to vote for her. And you will accept the results of the nomination process, NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE. Stop putting your finger on the scales, Dr. Dean. We are not low-information voters like the Obamans. We are not fooled by vague promises and bumper-sticker slogans. We want our 18 million votes to count. We are tired of the DNC’s undemocratic actions, as on May 31st, when Obama was given delegates from a state where he had removed himself from the ballot; or when the Rules Committee invented ways to punish Michigan and Florida (obvious Hillary states), but not states like NH and SC (supposedly Obama states), which moved their primary dates without any penalty whatsoever.

    Party Unity, My Ass, until we get our Democratic Party back. If you do not shape up and do the right thing at the Convention, you will ensure John McCain’s victory in November.

    Thank you,

    New York, NY

  107. I think Obama has a good chance (say 50-50) of winning a single term simply because the GOP brand is so damaged right now that any Democratic nominee would have a 50% chance going in. The problem is, I see no way someone as unfit to be President as Obama can win a second term, and a failed Obama presidency will simply revive the GOP brand.

  108. samanthasmom: Loved the video! Just another reminder of what an asshole Kerry is from my homestate. If his rationale is based on the fact that Obama is electable just for being a black man then give me Denzel Washington. He at least has proven he can act.

  109. Carol,

    I donated $50.00 last night. I did not keep the details but I am so proud that we are standing up this way.

    Four years ago my husband and I were in the Ukraine to adopt a child. It so happened that we were there at the time of the elections at the end of October and in November.

    We were in back in Kiev preparing to return to the US with our beautiful little boy as the crowds were massing in protest in Revolution Square.

    As we watched the story continue after our return I often wondered if a greater visible protest at the time of Bush vs. Gore would have had given the Supreme Court a sense that people expected them to make a better decision than the one they made. We expected our institutions to work better than they did in that instance.

    The people in the Ukraine did not have a great expectation that the rule of law would prevail but their protest helped to make it happen.

    So I am very proud that we are doing the work to make our voices heard.

  110. AA4HILL, on July 11th, 2008 at 10:53 am Said:

    What Happened to Obama’s $100 Million June?
    July 11, 2008 8:40 AM

    In theory, it could have been $100 mil if he had the other half of the party behind him.

  111. tdraicer: And your reasoning demonstrates the willingness of the DNC to go whole hog with him. They see McCain as a loser so they are willing to stick with this non performer to the end. They wish to make “history” and forge a new Democratic agenda.

  112. Pat, gotta say this, WHAT F&%KING agenda? They have done absolutely nothing in the last four years.

    Did they withdraw from Iraq? Or even cut funding?

    Did they even attempt to call Bush and Company on all their misdeeds?

    Did they override FISA? (I was so shocked by the votes the other day)

    Tax cuts?


    Please someone tell me.

  113. Okie Dokie:

    Nadai $50
    Mar $50



    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  114. Maybe that is why they are so eager to vote in this empty suit. Hillary would make them work and has a damn agenda.

  115. Obama can’t win and won’t. Obama has the media, the money and the movement and he hasn’t be able to pull away from McCain.
    Today Rasmussen poll Obama 43% McCain 42% … McCain has pull within 5 in New Jersey and 6 in Michigan blue states, Obama is in trouble.
    It’s the PUMA movement , the air time given by Fox and other MSM outlets reaching the millions that love this country and know Obama in unqualified to govern.PUMA will change the landscape of this election , the DNC party and this COUNTRY.

  116. Mar—that was a really amazing and emotional time. The only thing that broke the grip of political corruption and manipulation there was EXACTLY what I hope we will continue to be doing—relentlessly, confidently, expecting righteousness, and relentlessly, confidently working for it.

  117. The agenda is all about power. Determining who and how they will fund future races through the DNC. Picking and choosing candidates who pass their litmus test. We see them already changing that dynamic by replacing delegates in states who are not full Obama supporters with those who are.

    The DNC and the house leadership agree on what gets to the floor for passage and committees are staffed with those who can approve or block legislation from seeing the light. Staff enough of those committees with true believers who have been hand picked and your agenda takes off.

  118. DTII- The Progressive radio shows are all about Obama. They ALL have been touting Obama from the beginning, I don’t think they care about anything to do with Hillary.

    I think most Hillary people have stopped listening to progressive radio…

  119. Fred: Obama has the media. That’s all. The money came from the Repubs playing with our primary and creative bundling. The movement has been in decline since mid-Feb.

    I’m thinking Alice Palmer should introduce Hillary when she makes her acceptance speech.

  120. fred: I wish I could be so assured. But McCain is running a dismal campaign so far and even if the polls are close right now Obama has the small advantage. Both are idiots but McCain looks old, tired, and almost incoherent. Obama could just pull out a squeaker based on that alone.

  121. He’s “black.”
    It’s the forty-fifth anniversary of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech.
    It’s the fortieth anniversary of RFK’s assassination.
    There is no there there.
    That’s why nobody can put their finger on the problem.
    A problem would require substance.

  122. Would this make a good T-shirt?

    We’ve got her back and we’ll get her back!

  123. Carol, here’s another donation for HRC:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 11:10 AM EDT
    Contact: [oceancitygirl]
    Amount: $50.00

  124. Laney: I have cancelled Time, Newsweek, The Nation, The Progressive. I have almost completely stopped watching cable with the exception on occasion of Fox. I have eliminated most of the blogs I had on saved in my Bookmarks.

    I am now reduced to this and a few other like minded blogs and as I kiddingly once said, to perezhilton.com. Being unable to stomach the one sided portrayal of Obama as all things to all people, and having to witness the evisceration of Hillary, I tuned out.

    The only one benefiting from this is my mailman.

  125. SophieL: You are wound up good this morning! Love it the logo!

  126. josgirl: Exactly, it is we who have been “bamboozled”. No other way to see it.

  127. Pat you just made the case, The republicans are down in the tank, losing seats, Bush poll numbers suck McCain hasn’t run a good campaign factor in all these factors and McCain is only down 1 point Rasmussen today. Obama should have a 15% point lead. Obama has lost 6% points in New Jersey and blue states. Most nation polls give him a lead between 1 and 5 with all McCain problems, and remember he ran ads in 18 states b4 McCain ran 1 and he still can’t shake McCain. He’s in trouble and he knows it and that trouble in PUMA

  128. fred:

    I agree w/Pat. McCain et al fumbled yesterday on what should have been a good day for him.

    Also, look at electoral college maps: RCP or hominidviews (link is on this map).

    Nationwide polling is generally meaningless IMO.

  129. If Hillary was the Candidate she would have a 15%-20% lead with no looking back, Obama is ducking debates becuz hes knows his poll numbers will plummet after that, he thought he would build up a good % lead of about 10%and could lose a few points in the debates, but he cannot get that lead. The Dems gave you 3 winners in 37 years becuz the offer you the weakest candidate

  130. Pat- I know, I’ve done the same.
    DTII had a great idea, if it would do any good. It is sad the the MSM is not talking about the fundraising for Hilary, but the progressive radio stations are NOT going to be interested in it either.
    So again, anything Hilary slips by without any media attention…

  131. Pat Johnson, people keep projecting on to this blank screen what they want to see, good and bad.
    Pointing out his negatives is an exercise in futility, in my opinion, because what is negative zero?
    Once you realize that the emperor is not only naked, he’s just a hologram to begin with, the machinations surrounding this madness become crystal clear and infinitely more disturbing.
    Symbolic tokenism by ragtag committee.

  132. Pat: Today is my birthday so I am wound up. I’m going to be going out to do something fun soon. I know none of you know me and you certainly are not obligated to get me a gift, but—

    It sure would be nice to see that we’ve broken $10K when I get back tonight.

  133. Laney: I was a huge fan of Amy Goodman and her brother David. Both stood for truth and justice. But when they clambered aboard the Obama bandwagon I was devastated.

    I thought if two people of their caliber could support him it left me very disillusioned. I always thought that Amy was one of the true voices of reason and concern out there.

  134. SophieL: HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY, MANY MORE!!! You are our gift so take that as our wishes back to you!

  135. josgirl: You continue to impress me more and more. As both of us are daily visitors to Sugar’s blog, I was always impressed on your way of putting things into perspective.

    You are absolutely correct . Taking Obama at face value is just illustrative of the degree of how desperate we are to believe in something, anything to fill the void. It is just a shame that he comes wrapped in such a murky package because the hunger is so real out there.

  136. Aw, shucks, Pat.

  137. PumaPac members, check your email.

  138. Schmoonity:

    Ugh, I hate how all Hillary’s public appearances have to be with him. It’s like she’s been taken prisoner and he’s the Head Warden at the Institute for Unreformed Women with Minds of Their Own. She can’t be left unattended because she might try to escape. (which I totally would but she’s a better person than I am).

  139. tdraicer: That’s my big fear. And it screws Hillary twice.

    ClareA: Thanks!

  140. Jules: How do you become a PumaPac member?

  141. “It’s like she’s been taken prisoner and he’s the Head Warden at the Institute for Unreformed Women with Minds of Their Own.”

    Isn’t that the truth?

  142. SophieL: Scroll up to the top and on your right hand side see the PUMApac blog. Enter, and they will allow you to register.

  143. SophieL: Click on PumaPac link on blogroll. Once there, click around until you find something about membership. You just have to send an email to the listed address. Easy! Happy B-Day!

  144. Unfortunately I think that Obama may be electable. The reason, John McCain. I have been following politics since the 60’s and John McCain is one of the worst candidates I have ever witnessed. The video of him stumbling over the Viagra vs. Birth Control issue yesterday was one of the most humiliating, for him, pieces I have ever seen. He looked like a befuddled old man. Unless McCain puts together some kind of campaign, and in a hurry, Obama will be the next president. IMO, only.

  145. I’m going to Da Bronx to celebrate my birthday. I’m going to Arthur Ave. to eat all the things I love. If any of you in NY are inclined, c’mon up and I’ll buy you an espresso! (Look for two middle-aged women ooo-ing and aaah-ing over cheese, bread, and torrone.)

  146. We all know a great part of this is about money. By our definition, though, money = support.

    After we dig Hillary out, we may really need to flex our muscles, and show the SDs just how big our guns are.

    Unfortunately for some of the SDs, it may not be enough to show them that voting for Hillary is the right thing to do. We also must show them that we are a block of support for them, with GREAT fundraising ability.

    The SDs need to see our numbers–bodies and greenbacks. Pleading, reasoned arguments haven’t yet done the trick. Too many of them are in the WIIFM place: (What’s in it for me??)

    As soon as the final tallies come out (total from PUMAS everywhere), we need to have press releases ready!

  147. joaniebone: Agreed. My wish is that after November the PUMAs remain strong. We cannot let this be just a one shot attempt for 2008. No matter the outcome in the general, the PUMA grassroot movement must remain in effect. We need to have an agenda for 2012 so that this travesty never happens again.

  148. As for Obama’s embarassment over the fact that most of us stupid Americans are not bilingual, what is HIS second language? Does he have one?

  149. johnnie: That is my biggest fear. McCain looks weak. However, as bad as he is, in reviewing the national polls, Obama has not outpolled him by much. Says a lot.

  150. joaniebone: Does doubletalk count?

  151. joaniebone – His second language? English, the first is Rhetoric 101 with a whole bunch of halting speech pattern thrown in.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  152. Pat, I really think we’re here to stay.

    I am so stubborn, though. I am still pushing hard for Denver. I’m just not ready to look at November. I want Hillary on the ticket, and even if people think its a lost cause, I’m going to work my ass off for it. We are still close. It’s about strategy and organization now. Let’s pull this off!

  153. I heard him on the radio this morning and he was all “obviously this,” and “obviously that.”

    The only thing obvious to me was that he was bs’ing his way through something he had no clue about.

  154. joaniebone: Love your attitude. It keeps mine from deflating.

  155. plural, Carol: You are both making me laugh out loud and I had better get off my tush and get some housework done before the Board of Health makes a surprise visit.

  156. I just wish someone had raised their hand and asked him that after that discouraging, almost abusive talk he gave to those children.

    I am so emotional now. I alternate between barely contained rage and weepy gratitude over this patriotic movement.

  157. The Dow just dipped below 11k, why are people not rioting in the streets!

  158. Pat – they just left my house. It will take them a while to get to yours.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  159. Pat-tape this to your fridge:

    Obama is:

  160. Hillary needs Cash, PUMA needs Cash, I need to report that Cash.

    If you got it give!

    oceancitygirl $50



    Who is going to take us over $7500 so that fuzzy can have a field day in the torture department?

    Also, I need to play beauti-operator with Nancy today!

  161. I’m taking the totals to the next thread. Please donate and post on the next site the contribution.


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  162. katie – give it to me again – I am ready. Had to change computers to do it.

  163. Katiebird, this this a great bullet points list to those that constantly ram the “buzz”in our ears. My rage has been so that I have become quite inarticulate at times!

    Pat said:
    This is one good reason to work toward his defeat even if it means 4 years of Bart Simpson’s Grandpa in the WH.

    LOL!!!!! Pat, thank you for the laugh!

  164. […] Katiebird nails it…but, but, but. […]

  165. PamFlorida

  166. Revelations6:1-8 the for horse men
    6:2 wars
    6:4 killing each other
    6:6 food,oil,barley
    6:7-8 death and hell
    Ephesians 4:14-15 not to be


  167. katiebird, could you please send me an email tonight? I have a big favor to ask of you. MUST be this evening, ok? Thanks!

  168. Sherry, check your mail!

  169. did, and done

    thanks, katiebird 🙂

  170. Hmm, certainly Obama’s not perfect. I especially disagree with him on his view about healthcare. However, the things you listed are nearly as bad as some of the “buts” swarming around MY head about John McCain.

    For example, he supports a war with Iran (has joked about killing Iranians numerous times), has flip-flopped on setting timetables for leaving Iraq (said he would if the PM of Iraq asked us to leave but then when the PM DID ask, he said it wasn’t true), wants to drill in ANWR and along our shores (which won’t bring gas prices down until 2012 at least), and the economists who signed onto his economic plan actually thought they were signing on to something else entirely and actually DON’T competely support his plans. This man is far more dangerous for this country than a guy who likes rap music.

    It’s not simply party unity to vote for a man who’s NOT going to drag this country into a war with a nuclear-capable country and might actually SOLVE some of our issues.

  171. I am an avid Hillary supporter as were most people that I know, actually. I plan to vote for Obama in the fall and so do all of the other Hillary supporters that I know. Dragon hit the nail on the head. The but but buts about John McCain far outweigh any worry I have about Obama.

  172. dragonmage06,

    Poor Obama has barely held a full time job — how is he going to manage the complexities of the Federal Government?

    Bush, whose resume was just about as weak relied on Cheney for the real work. Who will be Obama’s “Cheney”?

    Until we know that, we don’t know who we’re really voting for. It would be like voting for a Pig in a Poke. And I’m NOT putting lipstick on that pig! (as our friend Mawm might say)

  173. Sherry, did you get my second email?

  174. OpenLetter, the Republicans disenfranchised one state to steal an election. The Dems have so far done the same to two, and looked the other way for documented illegal shenanigans.

    If we reward them for this behavior, we will have NO party that looks out for honesty and democracy. Not one. We will have a third-world government no matter who wins, in a nation with the nuclear arsenal of the world’s last superpower. What kinds of wars will that nation start in the future? What kinds of environmental devastation will be laid at its feet?

    We need to think beyond the blindered view of just this one election. The Democrats have begun the soul killing that already destroyed the Republicans — if we don’t kick them back from this precipice HARD, there will be no hope. We are screwed. There is just no arguing against that. The Dems must be slapped down HARD from this to ensure that they NEVER EVER EVER pull this shit again.

    Come on. They foisted an illegitimate candidate on us, breaking laws and palying all sorts of funny games, and rammed it to awoman who represents the only two-term Dem president in my lifetime. Do you trust those people to suddenly wake up after election day and go, “We must settle our differences peacefully!” “We must safeguard and protect Mother Earth!” I don’t. Not by a long shot.

    McCain, in his hearts of hearts, is a moderate and always will be. He can’t be threatened or cajoled with anything; he’ll surprise us to the left. Obama has already surprised us to the right, refusing to so much as vote against the shredding of the Constitution even if it had only symbolic value. He is empty of everything but ambition.

    We’ve already had a spoiled rotten, inexperienced brat who thinks he can learn on the job and thinks it’s owed to him for the past eight years. You want another one?

    We already suffered under eight years of a party that played every filthy game to win that they could think of. Did you MEAN it when you complained about those dirty tricks and election-rigging games? Did it mean anything to you, or were you just complaining because your party didn’t do it?

    I WILL NOT reward that sort of behavior.

  175. yes, katie, & responded. 😉

  176. tag team trolls!!!

    LOL!!! they must be getting desparate!!!!!!!!!!

  177. Obama was “Unelectable, Unqualified and Illegitimate.”

    That is a perfect description of Obama.

  178. Katie,

    Wonderful post! Finally, I’m catching up after a week of working way too hard. You have it exactly right. I have that buzzing in my head too. I just can’t figure out why the Democratic “leadership” is so blind to what is happening. I’m actually starting to worry that the Dems might lose the Senate if they keep up their self-destructive insistence on running a candidate with zero qualifications for the job.

  179. katiebird: Obama, like all presidents, don’t necessarily have to handle ALL the complexities of the budget. That’s what Congress is there for and that’s what his myriad advisors are there for. He won’t NEED a “Cheney” if he actually listens to the people who know what they’re talking about (which Bush NEVER has). Comparing Obama to Bush is like comparing Hillary to John McCain. There IS no comparison.

    I’m not so interested in his past experience (which includes an excellent record in the Senate), so much as how intelligent and reasoned he is.

    Janis: So what you’re saying is that you’re banking that a guy who’s JOKED ABOUT KILLING IRANIANS TWICE is going to suddenly jump to the left after he’s nominated? He doesn’t believe in universal healthcare, his campaign manager called America a “nation of whiners” and said that the recession was in our heads, McCain supports the Bush tax cuts, AND he’s against timetables for Iraq. He’s as right as you can get without falling off the edge!! If he’s jumped so far into the Far Right’s pocket, do you really think he’ll just jump right out again once he’s PRESIDENT?

    Certainly the Democratic party needs a kick in the pants, but electing the better candidate, who actually has spoken about protecting the environment and actually falls in line with the majority of left-leaning values, is not rewarding the party, it’s bringing the country back from the brink of oblivion. Once OBAMA’S elected, with liberal values at his core, all we need do is keep paying attention and keep communicating what we want. Obama will listen, I believe, whereas McCain has already proven time and again in this campaign that he WON’T.

    We can’t handle another term of Bush, and we can’t risk putting someone in who’s expressed such Bush-like views over and over again on the off chance that maybe he’ll change his ways. McCain is NO LONGER a moderate, and his heart of hearts doesn’t count in politics or policy-making.

  180. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

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