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Friday Fundraising Fest!

H/T to Katiebird for the Puma & Cocktail!

H/T to Katiebird for the Puma & Cocktail!

Ok, Conflucian PUMAs, put on your dancing shoes & get your Clinton Cocktail and dance!

UPDATE: Changed the video, sound quality not the greatest – this one is much better. 

Clip is from Puma Carranza and Rocio on the Latin American version of “Dancing with the Stars” (Baliando con las Estrellas).  Yes, it’s just as cheesy as the US version but hard not to look away. 

Rico and the bouncers are checking for ID and there is a $5.00 cover charge.  You can click on the Just Say No Deal “5 Bux for Hillary” coffee cup on the right hand screen OR click HERE to give our Hillary a debt-free weekend. 

If you don’t have the funds, a good Conflucian will spot you a fiver (please?)

UPDATE:  If you want the Hillary prize-winning t-shirt, you can order HERE.

Rico will be serving drinks in a HOT bicep enhancing V-neck, wowza!   Flo will be checking in words you don’t want to say in front of the kiddies.

 For the more studious minded, I think Maggie Gallager is in a pre-PUMA stage, with her latest opinion piece Obama is a Politician:

 And Obama promises to vastly expand taxpayer obligations for a new and expensive network of benefits at the same time that neither he nor anyone else in Washington — including John McCain — will tell us how to pay for our existing underfunded obligations to senior citizens in Social Security, Medicare and prescription drug benefits. All gain, no pain. That’s Obama’s totally conventional Washington promise to the American people.

¡A bailar!  – Let’s Dance!




424 Responses

  1. I’m the first one at the bar…Kiddy Cocktail please! I’ll be back w/ my 5-spot info.

  2. Rico darling, you are such a Papi Chulo in that shirt!

    I’ll have a Chardonnay please. I have to mind the store today.

  3. *dusts off my Salsa moves* I can do a fiver. I’ll be back with the receipt.


  4. Any hints on sizes for the T-shirts? I like really loose ones. I’m a size 10ish but have sort of broad shoulders and I hate tight clothes. Does anyone know if those are women’s sizes or men’s?

  5. OOOH- gotta update a T-shirt link!

  6. Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 9:25 PM EDT
    Contact: Regencyg
    Houston, TX
    Amount: $5.08

  7. So many of the pundits keep shouting that “the women” will come around and back Barry. My take is that, as the campaign goes on, his actions–and personality–will drive more and more women away. Maggie Gallager isn’t the only one who has his number. Here’s hoping that she, and others like her who have a public forum, will keep peeling the mask off the real Barack Obama.


  8. sm? It works for me….

  9. Caveat: Gallagher is an inveterate right-winger, who uses budget issues as an excuse to oppose almost any good thing the government does.

    That said, the consensus is firming up — Obama IS a politician, and an extraordinarily ordinary politician at that.

  10. tabbycat in tenn,

    They’re probably unisex, loose-fitting shirts.

  11. Has anyone received a t-shirt? We can share ideas as to what size to order.

  12. I’ll get a big one and let my Hillary loving husband wear it if it’s too big. Then he can get me one!

  13. I’ll take a Long Island Ice Tea. The only way I’m on the dance floor is if I’m tipsy.

  14. Everyone, the music is loud, I hope you can hear me!

    Please refresh your screen, I updated to a new video, sound and video quality is better.

    And MUCH better dancing too!

  15. I got an XL T-shirt. They said it’ll take 4 weeks for it to come.

  16. Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 9:35 PM EDT
    Contact: tabbycat/Teresa

    Amount: $50.00

  17. My best salsa move involves a tortilla chip.

    As for dancing, I learned my technique from Elaine Benes.

  18. myiq…now I want tortilla chips and white cheese.

  19. All right Tabby!!! Tell how the T-shirt fits!

    Who else is paying the cover charge?

  20. #
    myiq2xu, on July 11th, 2008 at 9:37 pm Said:

    My best salsa move involves a tortilla chip.

    As for dancing, I learned my technique from Elaine Benes.

    myiq2xu, LOL!

  21. I did the $50 for the T-shirt earlier, what’s another $5?
    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 9:39 PM EDT
    Contact: Angela xxxxx
    Amount: $5.00

  22. Who is Elaine Benes? I feel so ignorant sometimes.

  23. katiebird — re: last thread — I’m so sorry, I wasn’t trying to imply that I thought you were trying to speak for me — I meant to point out that you were right about the professor thing and what a dumb@ss Jack was. LOL — the one thing I don’t like about blogs is that things can sometimes get lost in “posting” translation!

  24. BTW the male dance in the clip is PUMA CARRANZA, a Peruvian soccer star.

    Rocio is an amateur contestant who is paired up with Puma until they either win or are eliminated.

  25. tabbycat: Elaine Benes was Julia Louis Dreyfous’ character on Seinfeld.

  26. tabbycat:

    Go to YouTube and type in “Seinfeld Elaine Dance” and prepare to be mortified with laughter

  27. ps tabbycat — an in case you didn’t watch the show, they had a whole episode that revolved around how bad Elaine was as a dancer — her technique can’t be describe in words, but it was hilariously bad.

  28. CT Mom,

    Thanks for that link to the SeattlePI. That was an awesome column. I can’t believe that I spent over two years in the DC area and never heard of this lady.


  29. “Stellllllaaaa!”

  30. myiq2xu — d’oh — why didn’t I think to direct tabbycat to you tube? that’s what I get for being old (although, I’m 8 years younger then the “youthful Obama” — but I’m a girl, so I guess my years are counted the same as dog years).

  31. Rico will give everyone a free drink ticket if you donate $5.00!

    Gimme my free drinky-poo!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 9:47 PM EDT
    Contact: SM
    1/2 person at 1/2 vote State
    Tampa, FL
    Amount: $5.00

  32. myiq2xu, on July 11th, 2008 at 9:37 pm Said:

    My best salsa move involves a tortilla chip.

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  33. 5.44, another 1/2 voier, Hollywood FL

  34. Ok, that was worth it. Funny. How the heck did I forget her name? Too much too early?

  35. Elaine had a last name? Who knew???

  36. Chatblu, Thank you!

    Please proceed to the bar for your free drink ticket.

  37. chatblu, paybacks are hell. You can make up for your half vote by sitting on your butt in November.

  38. Ron, if he had just said Elaine, I would have known. The last name through me off.

  39. If gangatita is around, I have a spare shirt, size medium – this one is for you, girl! 🙂

    (katiebird has my permission to give you my email address)

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 9:49 PM EDT
    Contact: Sherry
    Charlotte, NC
    Amount: $100.00

  40. SherryNC!!!!!!!!

    Rico, give Sherry a whole bottle of whatever she wants!

    Awesome & thank you!

    Where’s the lovely Carol & the totals? (Math was not my favorite subject.)

  41. Kramer had a first name too.

    But Newman only had one name

  42. Sherry, you are a sweetie. And I mean that in a good way.

  43. correction: that’s Grangatita (iirc)

  44. Okay, guys, Anderson Cooper has a whole hour on “The Clintons” right now.

  45. Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 10:02 PM EDT
    Contact: Vonda
    Chapel Hill, NC
    Amount: $50.00

    T-shirt on its way.

  46. Vonda!! Thank you!

    Hey Rico, hook up Vonda with a bottle of whatever she wants, YES including the Dom Perignon! We have a Clinton Candidacy to save!

  47. Carol!! Wake up. We have money to count!

    They made a good point on the Clinton show about Obama winning the red states while she racked up all those wins in the blue states and they need her for re-election. I would tell some of them to kiss off.

  48. So far it seems to have been about how BO can benefit from their enormous power and that if he insults them, he will be in the dog house. Commercial. Next about Bill.

  49. David Gergen is in love with Obama. Everything that happens plays in his favor according to David.

  50. hey, sm, loved the salsa video – and more, hearing you on the call w/riverdaughter (replay) last night!

    This wonderful Confluence – of thought, of spirit, of dedication – is saving my sanity. Heartfelt thanks to all who herein come together…

    Irish Cream, Rico dear 🙂

  51. tabbycat: you betcha. I’ll sit on that vote, or worse.

  52. Another donation for Hillary. From my sister:


  53. Sherry – you are TOO KIND!

    Isn’t the Confluence a fun place? We’re not a shrieking band of paranoid holdouts .

  54. chatblu, being in Tennessee, sitting home is easy. He has no chance here. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision. I could not reward the party for their actions but I don’t know if I could vote for a Republican. I sure don’t blame anyone who has made that decision though. I’m still pretty damn mad.

  55. WOO-HOO!

    Bird-gal, please ask for a VIP bottle of anything you like from the very buff & ruff Rico.

  56. yay birdgal’s sister! Where are our bean counters? I am a bean counter in real life but I have no accounting skills tonight. 🙂

  57. anyone up for Seinfeld trivia? Elaine Benes had a middle name too — who knows it?
    hint — it starts with “M”

  58. Angie – you are killing me.

    UGH! Can we cheat & look it up online?

  59. Marie

  60. Vonda!!!! another chapel hillian??? We thought we were the only pumas in the county!!!

  61. Karolina NYC ~

    I actually did go to bed last night, but checked the thread this morningbefore I left for the day.

    I did hear of Miller, IN. Never went there or even through there (that I know of).

    I actually grew up in Rockford, IL but moved to South Shore (Chicago) in my junior year h.s.

    So we’re both from small(ish) towns. But it sounds like we share similar values.

    Thanks for the heads up tonight on Anderson Cooper. I just turned it on….

  62. we need infantry volunteers 🙂

  63. Don’t play TV trivia with myiq.

  64. good evening everyone. I had a rough day. My boss said I could not get paid for my vacation, which I am taking to go to Denver. But, I am going anyway!
    I donated $10.00. I figured someone might need a donation. So 5 for me and 5.00 for someone who can’t. Can I get a drink please?
    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 10:24 PM EDT
    Contact: Pissed of PUMA

    Amount: $10.00

  65. I’d love a pinot grigio……..

    Date: July 11, 2008 10:09 PM EDT
    Contact: kiki
    birmingham, AL 35215
    Amount: $10.00

    I’d really like a t-shirt but I’ll have to wait till payday.

    have I mentioned that my daughter moved to Florida a few months ago? she’s job hunting, and in the meantime I’m supporting two households. we weren’t thinking, when we set this whole thing in motion, about the reality of electric bills in both ‘Bama and Florida in the summer, not to mention rent and other bills. it’s killer. she had a job when she went, but got laid off, and at that point we’d spent so much moving her that we just hoped against hope she could find another. she will!!! in the meantime, she’s happy there, so that’s important.

    she went into a restaurant the other day and asked if they were hiring. the manager, a 40ish guy (she’s 24) asked her all these really inappropriate questions (did she have a boyfriend? what did she like to drink? what kind of a drunk was she? a nasty one?) honestly! she called me and said she didn’t want to be a financial burden, but he wanted her to come for an interview, and drinks, at 10 p.m. after the place closed. she actually agreed (she’s desperate) but said she’d have a friend with her because they were going out that night…….and this guy had the nerve to tell her it was ‘unprofessional’ to bring a friend to a job interview!

    needless to say, I told her I could carry her a little longer, and really really did not want her to go. she was hoping I’d say that 🙂 the nerve of that guy! I, of course, attribute it in part to the ‘open season on women’ we’ve been experiencing. it pissed me off a lot.

    so, if anyone knows of a decent job in Orlando, it would sure help me, my kid and Hillary!

    but that wasn’t really my point. my point was that I’m trying to help Hillary, but am in a difficult position right now. I keep thinking if only my kid had been job hunting during the Clinton presidency, she’d be in great shape. remember the job market back then?

    I’ll keep doing what I can for our girl and my girl.

    in the words of Phil Gramm, this economy is just in our whiny little heads. it feels so real though…….

  66. myiq2xu wins! Marie is right — and no, you can’t look up the answer.
    Since myiq2xu won — he gets to pick the next question. (if s/he wants)

  67. I am a master of useless knowledge

  68. What was the name of the judge in the final episode?

  69. Art Vandelay?

  70. Ddetails:
    $25 10:21pm

    Don’t know how to copy it. Put a bill in for my husband and 2 sons who ARE (I have to stay positive or will need more than the martini I’m getting ready to order) voting for Hillary in Nov. Added a bill for my Rep. daughter in law who I am sure we would have convinced before Nov (she went to a rally with me)

    It looks like NC may be a battleground state. It is becoming easier to vote McCain after O’s FISA vote.

    Rico, may I have a martini–very dirty please.

  71. cover charge for me and mawm…..

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 10:28 PM EDT
    Contact: Gary xxxxxx
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    Amount: $10.00

  72. prplvette & kiki = 2 free drink tickets each!

    I read Carol’s taking a nap – I’ll try to add this up.

  73. I thought art vandelay was an architect

  74. Cover Charge:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 10:28 PM EDT
    Contact: katiebird
    Amount: $5.04

    Oh, Rico! Is that Gin and Tonic for me? You’re perfect — thanks!

  75. Just contributed my cover charge- worked an extra hour today to get it too! Worth it for Hillary.

    Also, my Eons.com PUMAs just Say No Deal group has contributed $60 today! Hoorah!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 10:28 PM EDT
    Contact: Melissa
    PA 16316
    Amount: $5.00

  76. Well dang you guys. Let’s do college sports…who was the quarterback for TN who won a national championship in 1998 🙂

    (You can tell I watch sports and not Seinfeld)

  77. GARY!! Infantry Co-Commader of the Rebel Alliance!

    Honey, you get a bottle for you & Mawm – you have done so much!

  78. gary– art vandelay was who George’s alter-ego (a fake person, who George would pretend to be, and yes, George would also say he an architect, but once he said he was a marine biologist). Anywho, that was the joke on the last episode — the judge was actually named Arthur (or Art) Vandelay.

  79. Forgot to give my Texan Scorpian Sister a free drink ticket – sorry – got caught up dancing!

  80. Thank you, SM77.

    Rico, I’ll take a bottle of my favorite high brow low class brew: Lamar Street Ale – but I’m really part of Whole Foods Nation. Really!

  81. Ding Ding Ding!

    Angie nailed it.

    “Art Vandelay” was also George’s imaginary boss at his imaginary job at Vandelay Industries.

  82. tabbycat –The only one I know is Peyton Manning — ’cause I’m originally from NOLA.

  83. Opps – meant “really not”. And not even started!

  84. Gosh, my last post to gary is incomprehensible — wish we could edit — Let’s try that again — “Art Vandelay” was a fake person in several episodes — George’s imaginary boss, George’s alter-ego who was also an architect and, once a marine biologist, etc. Until the last episode – when the judge was named Art Vandelay.

  85. sm77 Thanks! two Clinton cocktails please.
    kiki- I know how you feel. I am helping my daughter in Denver. She is a single mom of 3 and in remission for uterine cancer. I was going to go out there to watch my 2 grand daughters, while she flys to Boston to take my grandson off to college. But now I can’t take the 2 weeks, so I am going to have to hire a babysitter until I can get there. Luckily she will be back the day the convention starts, so I can do my PUMA duties lol!

  86. Since I just got home from the day, I’m asking if anyone has mentioned the latest decision of The Precious?
    Obama may sponsor NASCAR racer

    And is it possible to charge him with pandering without being called a bigot?

  87. Back in February when all of Obamanation was gloating over his string of causcus wins in small red states, I loved comparing Hillary to Eli Manning.

    The Patriots were 18-0 and all the “experts” said the only question was how many points they were going to win by.

    But somebody forgot to tell Eli it was hopeless.

  88. Gary, not by a long shot.

    Loved your videos and Mawm’s, you put this town on the map!

  89. Kiki, I have been where you are when children come home. My youngest son was staying with us to save some money for a down payment and everything went to ????. Good luck. We’re mothers no matter what age our children are.

    Gary, I just found out there is a group meeting in Asheville every week so am just thrilled. There is one in Charlotte and one in Raleigh too I think. I’ll go back and check the minutes of last night’s meeting if you are interested.

  90. Poor Peyton angie. He graduated in 97.

    Hi katie! Where is your sis?

  91. Ok myiq2xu — here is a really, really hard one — what was the name of Babu’s restaurant?

  92. Carol’s last total from gary’s previous thread was:

    Now we have:

    RegencyG: $5.08
    Tabbycat: $50.00
    Angie: $5.00
    SM: $5.00
    Sherry: $100.00
    Vonda: $50.00
    Birdgal: $100.00
    Prplvette: 10.00
    Kiki: $10.00
    GaryChapelHill: $10.00
    Katiebird: $5.04
    ProudMilitaryMom: $5.00

  93. Yeah, myiq, but then the officials took over to make sure Hillary couldn’t win. That was a great game wasn’t it? (NOT the primary.)

  94. oh prplvette, prayers and good vibes for your daughter!

  95. Leslie Former Dem- There is a post up at Alegre’s on the Nascar business.
    What’s next? Will he declare himself a Republican and be done with it?

    Rico- May I have a Margarita please?

  96. Conflucians. I sat next to a 68 year old guy at dinner tonight who is desperate to vote for anything with a D next to his name. He was so angry when I told him that up to 46% of Democrats were not voting for Obama, He was so insistent that Republicans and Independents would fill the void. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that most of the Republicans were already onboard with McCain because *that’s* the way Repblicans are. They do what they’re told and their primary result isn’t really in dispute. We know who won that one fair and square.
    Some Democrats are going to be very surprised by the fact that we aren;t all going to fall in line and that for us, it is a matter of conscience. If we vote for Obama, we might as well be voting for another version of the Republican party, I understand what is motivating my dinner companion but he is failing to see that he is voting for the destruction of his own party. He’s just frantic to get rid of Republicans/
    This is the contingent we have to target. He wasn’t opposed to Hillary. He just thought the race was over. I set him straight on that one. As long as there is a fair, open and transparent convention and she has an opportunity to present her case, devout Democrats will accept the results. But if that isn’t the case with the convention, the rest of us will not. Now, I can’t figure out how the Obamaphiles are going to make it seem like a fair election is not reasonable but there’s no doubt in my mind that they’re working on that message aa we speak. All I can think is that 18 million people need to be heard or the party is on its own.

  97. prplvette, thoughts and prayers from here, too. Unfortunately, my family has had many who have fought the battle against cancer and it isn’t easy for patient or loved ones.

    am envious of the grandchildren, though

  98. Tabby, it’s not Peyton? I thought Angie had it

  99. SM! Hey, honey. Thank you for the ticket. I do so love the company.

  100. Tee Martin. Peyton’s back-up for two years.

  101. kiki,
    When my sister went to live in NY and was without work, she went to various hospitals and applied to work in the ERs to register patients. She did get a job shortly after her arrival. I don’t know if that is a possibility. But it worked for her.

    I am so sorry those questions are still being asked. i remember being asked inappropriate questions when I began my job search (a million years ago). But that was the way it was then.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her. And tell her “good job” from me for taking her friend with her to the interview. She ought to report him to the restaurant association or the chamber of commerce in Orlando.

  102. kiki — I thought I had it too!!

  103. prplvette: My heart goes out to your daughter. My prayers too.

  104. Kiki- My best to your daughter- I have been in the restaurant business forever- If I can be any help- let me know. Those questions are illegal and sexual harassment- your daughter could get a chunk of change if the comapny is big enough. I knwo of one company that would just settle rather than go to court. Big chain or private?

    See- this is why we need Hillary! There is just too much of this crap still going on!

  105. David Gergen wants to have that teachable moment on race. Ironically, I never trusted him BECAUSE he joined the Clinton administration after being a Republican for so long. It seemed he liked being close to power for power’s sake and not because of any abiding principles. He also is part of that reclusive San Francisco think tank (I can’t think of the name).

  106. prplvette85,

    my heartfelt and positive wishes for your daughter are on their way.

  107. The Pakistani Restaurant?

    I don’t recall the name but he went out of business following Jerry’s advice.

  108. ben, he is totally eaten up with Obama.

  109. The Pakistani Restaurant?

    I don’t recall the name but he went out of business following Jerry’s advice.

    dream cafe?

  110. angie, I think that Peyton Manning is correct. Tabbycat, only 50 days until SEC kickoff. Even funnier, college football starts the night of the acceptance speech in the stadium.

  111. Baboos


    This Thread: $355.12

    Last Thread: $8.492.70

    TOTAL (drumroll)……


    $8,847.82 !!!!!

    Let’s give Carol a big surprise when she wakes up from her nap and take it to $9,000.00

  113. yeah, i stopped watching talking heads months ago. i’m actually think i’m closer to the normal public now. i bet you could ask 20 people and maybe one would know the name david gergen.

  114. Obama’s not sponge-worthy

  115. lol!

  116. michelle really does have “man hands.”

  117. People can call me a racist all they want BUT I say to David Gergen that making this nomination about a “teachable moment on race” instead of about “the best and most qualified candidate” is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long while. It is basically saying that the only qualification Obama has is that he is black — and I personally do not believe someone’s race (or gender for that matter) should be what “qualifies” him or her for President.

  118. Riverdaughter, did you tell him you were a Commander of the Rebel Alliance?

  119. Tabby- Just chiming in, usually the t’s are men szs, so buy accordingly.

  120. myiq2xu — holla! Obama is most certainly NOT sponge-worthy! LMAO!!!

  121. Leslie former democrat, some discussion of the Nascar on earlier post today.

    Repeat of what I said then, the car he is sponsoring (and it ain’t cheap) may not even qualify for the race (not enough points if time isn’t good enough) and has a good chance of not finishing the race. not qualified–not finish= O. LOL already.

    Seems I have heard comments in MSM questioning how other candidates spent campaign donations. This takes the cake. THis is the person who we are supposed to trust to solve our serious economic problems. How I miss hearing Hillary speak about solutions.

    Another martini please.

  122. I know chatblu…I can’t wait! It wasn’t Peyton though 🙂

    I need something to take my mind off the convention so I’m glad. I checked the schedule and there isn’t a huge game that night. I wish they had one of those great match-ups to compete with it.

  123. Robin got it!! Dream Cafe! Ok, next Seinfeld trivia question is up to Robin! (I know I’m a total geek, but I think this is fun)

  124. Hi Laney! I sent you an email earlier tonight. Did you get it?

    ben, Michelle needs to stand up straight. Like many tall women, she slumps.

  125. thanks, y’all!

    Proud Mom, I think it’s not a chain.

    I have an interesting postscript, one of my daughter’s frinds just called me. she works at another restaurant in Orlando. two guys came in this evening and ne waxs ordering a sandwich to go. his friend kept saying he didn’t know why the guy was getting food there, the place sucked. then he turned to my kid’s friend and said “your restaurant sucks, I work at a much better place” or something like that. she asked where he worked, and it was the very place with the creepy manager. so she said “I can’t compare the food, I haven’t eaten there, but at least our manager isn’t sleazy”…..she said the guy just looked at her for a minute, then said “well ok, you got me there’

    oh dear – silver lining, my kid’s instincts were correct 🙂

  126. “I can’t figure out how the Obamaphiles are going to make it seem like a fair election is not reasonable”

    Riverdaughter, we had a troll infestation today and we were told by several of them that “Hillary would have done the same thing if she was in Obama’s position”

    That didn’t convince me the first time I heard it and it doesn’t convince me now.

    But doesn’t it seem like those “troll-points” become campaign talking points? Is that argument enough to convince the people like your dinner partner?

  127. what was mulva’s real name?

  128. kiki — always tell your daughter to trust her instincts. As a woman I can honestly say every major mistake I’ve ever made in my life happened when I did not trust my instincts. So, she did a great job trusting hers.

  129. yay! what brand of golf ball did george pull out of the whale’s blowhole?

  130. ProudMilitaryMom,
    thanks for that update. I’ll have to go there once I catch up here…

    Today, I was stopped by a young man who was hustling for the DNC. When I told him that I am a PUMA and support PUMA Pac, he acted as though he had already heard of us. When he asked what had “turned me away” from the DNC, I told him. I also gave him examples of the DNC fixing local elections. And this was apparently new information for him. At the end, he said that voting for Obama was choosing, “the lesser of 2 evils”.
    I recalled something that someone said here – I hope you will tell me who you are . I said to him, The lesser of two evils is still evil”. And I then said that I am tired of the DNC telling me who I want to vote for – especially when their track record is just abominable.

    It felt good. (and bad at the same time.) why can’t we just have honesty in our government?

  131. Delores!

  132. Gary,


  133. what was mulva’s real name?


  134. delores

  135. kiki and leslie Thank you so much for your well wishes for my daughter. I truly appreciate it. I so wish Hillary were back. My family sure could use her universal health care, among her other policies. That is why I have been working so hard for our coalition, and will not give up.

  136. Titelist — sp? I don’t golf.

  137. Robin — by the way — that was a good one — I loved that episode where George pretended to be a marine biologist.

  138. I’m working on a post regarding Obama’s fundraising. There’s a ton of stuff out there, but the more I looked the weirder it gets.

    He was bringing in a ton of money a year before the Iowa caucuses when he was a nobody rookie Senator.

    Now he’s the presumptive nominee and he’s having trouble raising lunch money.

  139. What is the “same thing” that Hillary would be doing. Moving towards the center? Well, she might. But we all knew she would because she is more centrist. We also know what her husband did but that she isn’t quite the pander bear that he was. So that argument won’t work either. We knew exactly what we were getting with Hillary.

  140. Titleist! Yes!

  141. SM are you in FL?

  142. angie, I love that one too:

    “The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to

    return soup at a deli!”

  143. Not exactly a dance tune but…

    For anyone interested in a song (“In her won Words”) which has lyrics made of excerpts of HRC speeches, please go to http://wordsnmusic.homestead.com/lyrics.html. The lyrics are at the bottom of the page along with an mp3 file. NOTE: This is not a studio recording, but something that people might use to inspire themselves and others to keep up the good fight. Anyone is welcome to make her or his own arrangement. I ask that the melody structure remain. Also, the instrument is a requinto, so the pitch will be either a third or fourth off from the chords on the lyric sheet (which are for a standard guitar).

  144. Phala,
    Thanks for that…
    I loved the metaphor of BHO and the racecar. lol…

  145. How about “the tractor story?”

  146. Ok — here is a new one –what is the combination to Elaine’s vault?

  147. #
    myiq2xu, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:05 pm Said:

    How about “the tractor story?”


  148. Robin — LMAO — the old man trying to return soup at the deli — I’m wiping tears from my eyes!

  149. myiq, that’s what I want to know. How did he raise so much money before the primaries even had any one’s attention? Why him? I think they, whoever they is, saw him as the only chance to take out Hillary.

  150. Ben, it was in the context of the FL & MI situation and pushing for all the uncommitted MI delegates AND a few of Hillary’s…

  151. Prolix, nice to see you here socializing; I haven’t seen you comment for a couple of days or so

  152. BTW,
    Rico…I gave last night and can’t afford more until the 16th.
    So, can you hold my bill until then and make me one of your great mango margaritas?


  153. #
    angie, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:05 pm Said:

    Ok — here is a new one –what is the combination to Elaine’s vault?

    Is that the one where she tells all when she drinks?

  154. There is some rule where donations < $200 do not have to be publicly reported. Big gaping hole in campaign finace law.

  155. sm77: No, I didn’t tell him. He was really mad that there were any holdouts. He really didn’t understand. Conversation went like this:
    George: Don’t you really despise what the Republicans have done?!?
    Me: Yes, I really hate it. I can’t bring myself to vote for them.
    George: Then how could you let McCain win? He’s as bad as all the rest of them.
    Me: If I vote for downticket Dems, I’ll have less to worry about with McCain in office. If Obama gets in the WH, my party will be indistinguishable from the Republican party in 4 years.
    George: But you have to vote for him or the Republicans will win.
    Me: Not my problem, George. He can’t win anyway.
    George: If you vote for a thrid party candidate, you’ll be just like Nader.
    Me: I’m not voting third party. I’m just not voting for Obama. Period. It’s a protest against the DNC.
    George: Yeah, but Obama is going to be nominated at the convention.
    Me: Not if I can help it. But it wouldn’t matter anyway. Up to 46% of us are not voting for him
    George: I don’t believe it. The Republicans and Independents will vote for him.
    Me: No they won’t. They’ll fall in line like they always do.
    George: You’ll vote for him if you care about the party.
    Me: That’s where you are wrong. I *do* care about the party. Therefore, I refuse to vote for Obama
    George: (getting really angry) We’ll see about that after the election.
    Me: Yup, we’ll see
    George: I don’t beleive your survey. It’s not 46%.
    Me: We’ll see, won’t we?
    George: The Republicans and Independents will cross over.
    Me: We’ll see.
    George: (cold shoulder throughout dinner, then…) I don’t believe your number.

    Too f%&*ing bad, George. That’s what happens when the party pisses people off, cheats and steals votes and deliverately obstructs the better candidate. People get mad. Don’t tell ME about it. Write to Howard Dean and Donna Brazile.

  156. In 2007 Obama raised $99 million, more than anyone except Hillary.

    That was twice what Edwards raised, and more than Edwards, Dodd and Biden combined.

    Before a single vote was cast.

  157. Hiya, PofEd, been traveling.

  158. Robin — yes, but you have to name the type of alcohol they give her.

  159. angie, I saw your note about our “Constitutional Law” – I agree that it’s all to easy to have misunderstandings online. I was just trying to make sure we didn’t have one. I’m REALLY glad we don’t.

    I’ve been so caught up in the Seinfeld quiz, I forgot to say anything!

  160. schnapps?

  161. Carol,

    I love your enthusiasm! I finally had the opportunity to order my t-shirt. Please add my donation to the total!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 11:08 PM EDT
    Contact: dwwenz
    Amount: $50.00

  162. Schnapps is right!!! Robin wins again!

  163. Tabby- just read your email… will write you in the morning. you can call anytime… I’m so glad Puppy’s #’s are good.

    i’ve been soooo inspired by the Confluence party, i make margarietta’s tonight, sitting on the deck, loving life… only because, CAROL ROCKS, YOU GO GIRL!!!

  164. peach schnapps

  165. Obama seems to be suffering from shrinkage.

  166. We need new money for donation. Please go reach out to the people that don’t use the internet. There might be a lot of people who will be willing to donate.

  167. Yay!! what is the name of the holiday that george’s father invented?

  168. “That was twice what Edwards raised, and more than Edwards, Dodd and Biden combined.”

    (shiver) And none of them ever asked how?

  169. #
    myiq2xu, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:14 pm Said:

    Obama seems to be suffering from shrinkage.



  170. Too easy: Festivus, a holiday for the rest of us.

    What were the ceremonies involved?

  171. Prolix, we’ve been seeing pretty steady McCain ads run on the Huntington, WV TriState TV stations. It’s the patriotic one, showing hippies vs POW McCain. I’m curious at them spending that much money here this soon, surely this area is tied up for McCain against Obama. E-Ky is, WV is; do you think it’s to reach the Ironton, OH & SO Ohio areas?
    Any insight?

  172. Mawm, yessir in Tampa, FL.

    Rico’s asking me if Gary’s sharing some of that tall bottle on the house with you?

  173. Alright, I’ll have one and how’s about one for my friend:


    AMOUNT: $10.00

    I’ll take a vodka martini, please.

  174. #
    myiq2xu, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:17 pm Said:

    Too easy: Festivus, a holiday for the rest of us.

    What were the ceremonies involved?

    You’re right. there was a pole….
    and feats of strength?

  175. Thank you Laney…he is so sweet. I could tell he’s tired of going to the vet. He was clingy (not bitter though!).

    Enjoy your margarita’s. Carol does rock! Someone needs to wake her up.

  176. Ewwwwwww- BO + sponges. I have to go bleach my brain.

  177. Someone asked about Joanie? I think she’s at work. I’m not sure what time she gets off?

  178. Riverdaughter: HAHAHAHAA!!!!! OMG!!!! George is still bitching to his wife in his hotel room still….”I can’t believe that girl told me 46%!!! She has to be lying, she’s probably a DFH anyway. Nader, my ASS!”

  179. You forgot the “airing of grievances”

  180. Uh, song title for HRC speech excerpts should be

    “In her OWN Words”. I wish wordpress had preview!

    Someone was asking for a song for PUMA. Please check it out:

    http://wordsnmusic.homestead.com/lyrics.html .

  181. Sorry for being dense, RD but who’s George.

  182. PofEd,

    Yes, I’m sure it is to reach the southern Ohio market and bolster turnout since that region should be a gold mine for McCain.

  183. #
    myiq2xu, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:21 pm Said:

    You forgot the “airing of grievances”


    Yes! “My son tells me your company stinks!”

    myiq2xu’s turn

  184. I asked about Joanie, katie. She’s working late even for a west coaster.

    I want to know where all that money came from! How did he get that many “small donors” before the race even had any attention? It boggles my mind and I know it wasn’t the just the net folks…Edwards was their guy at that point.

  185. myiq2xu, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:01 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I’m working on a post regarding Obama’s fundraising. There’s a ton of stuff out there, but the more I looked the weirder it gets.

    He was bringing in a ton of money a year before the Iowa caucuses when he was a nobody rookie Senator.

    Now he’s the presumptive nominee and he’s having trouble raising lunch money.

    I have NO DOUBT that the DNC gave him tons under the table. That huge Tampa rally BEFORE Hillary conceded was funded by the DNC- local radio talk shows were fuming about it since it was only open to Obama donors & DNC invited guests only.

  186. Eriposte came out of seclusion to put up a post at LeftCoaster. Then Turkana did a post that ticked me off. He didn’t mention PUMA by name but he said we’re delusional for liking McCain.

    I responded and told him we don’t like McCain, but we like Obama even less.

  187. Riverdaughter – Please tell Hypergraphia to write about “George” and his dumbassed-ness.

  188. tabbycat! I guess I was reading so fast (to catch up) I missed you!

    Joanie works some nights. I’ll ask her if she minds if you guys know where.

  189. tabby – rezko was still in his picture at that time. So were the other associates of rezko. it wouldn’t suruprise me if the $$ came from his “associates” in the Illinois combine.

  190. Katiebird, look at the top of the post, new image (wink, wink!)

  191. #
    Mawm, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:09 pm Said:

    There is some rule where donations < $200 do not have to be publicly reported. Big gaping hole in campaign finace law.

    Mawm and myiq2xu, who has oversight on the financing? who would be responsible for investigating the sources of funding?

  192. ea, that was lovely! thanks for linking it (though I fear it has already become an earworm :-))

    ben, what we knew – KNOW – we get with Hillary is that she demands we hold her accountable in the job for which we hire her. There is, imo, no more we can ask of our Candidate, and no less than we should EXPECT.

  193. those @sshats who accuse PUMA’s of “liking McCain” just don’t get it: “liking” McCain has nothing to do with it — we don’t trust Obama and we don’t trust the DNC.

  194. myiq — I’ve completely forgotten about LeftCoaster. I read one too many upsetting posts and deleted them from my bookmarks. What a shame. I used to like them.

  195. $10 to Hill. A mojito for me and a mango margarita for Leslie.

    What are people called who stand too near?(Seinfeld)

  196. In my last comment I was referring to the early $$ when he was the “new” junior senator from Illinois.

  197. How did George’s fiance die?

  198. Robin — the FEC has oversight of campaign financing.

  199. Licking the cheap envelopes that George insisted on getting for their wedding invites!

  200. close talkers

  201. SM!! That looks Great — Perfect!

  202. I’m late to the party, but we did have gin martinis here chez Radiowalla tonight.

    I’m not drunk enough to find Obama attractive as a candidate, but I’m never going to be drunk enough to pull the lever for a troglodyte like McCain.

  203. MyIq,

    I find BZero’s fundraising problematic as well. He has only admitted in the NYT piece investigating his run once he got to D.C., but obviously that is a “refinement.”

  204. oy….I have a friend, in real life, who is a young man, 27 years old, nice enough in person but he has a blog….not one of the famous ones……he’s an Obama fan, and I’m not making this up – lives in his parents’ basement.

    we are trying to be friends and had to agree not to discuss politics a while back. really.

    I looked at his blog tonight, thinking the whole FISA thing might have made him rethink his devotion….and here’ s what I saw:

    it’s so UNFAIR that people are judging Obama when he isn’t even president yet. most presidents are afforded 100 days into their presidency to make an impression. they deserve that. to judge him BEFORE he’s even elected is just not fair.

    oy. this is madness. these people pushing this idea weren’t even voting age when W wasn’t vetted, but don’t they have parents or history books? or eyes?

    there has been a “first 100 days” thing, most notably with JFK, as I remember. but that wasn’t the vetting period.

  205. Contribution Details:
    On July 11, 2008 11:21 pm
    Contact: elizinsandi

    Boowah! A shot of Wild Turkey on ice please!

  206. Oh Joan
    You are so nice… And that margarita is the best>
    It’ll be my treat on the 16th.

  207. Prolix, did you know that RNC head Mike Duncan is from Inez, Ky, a little Eastern Kentucky town in Martin County?
    One of the first things McCain did after he became the apparent nominee was make a visit to Inez & chat up everyone with Duncan in tow.

  208. for SherryNC

    Thank you and you’re welcome. Sorry, but what is an earworm? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  209. licking the envelopes to their wedding invitations

  210. “They’re real, and they’re spectacular”

  211. oh my god, i can’t keep up 😉

  212. Dwwenz, Carol’s taking a nap (she said so in previous thread) so until she comes back, we are doing this (eek!)

    OK, here goes:

    TOTAL SO FAR: $8847.82


    Dwwenz: $50.00 – Rico, give Dwwenz a bottle of anything!

    PUMA-SF: $10.00 – Rico, two free drink tickets!




    $8,907.82 !!!!!!!!


    But Carol will be happier if we take it to $9,000.00 by the end of the night – who’s willing to do it?

  213. SM: I felt really bad about George because he seemed like such a nice guy but the more in denial he was, the more resolved I became to not vote for Obama. It’s the weirdest thing. The more they insist we will come around, the more determined I am to see that Obama loses. .

  214. Who were O’Brien and Murphy?

  215. OMG Kiki-we’re not supposed to judge before we vote? Funny guy.

  216. PofEd,

    I knew Mike Duncan when I lived back there — he owns banks and has more money than God. He was and always has been a high colonic instrument of the Bush family.

  217. #
    angie, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:31 pm Said:

    Robin — the FEC has oversight of campaign financing.

    Thanks, angie. how is an investigation started on campaign financing?

  218. “Anti-Dentite”

  219. myiq2xu:

    Who were O’Brien and Murphy?

    High profile neo-Nazi leaders

  220. myiq, was that the episode where George and Jerry pretended to be O’Brien and Murphy and took their limo from the airport? And it turned out O’Brien and Murphy were Nazi’s doing something at Madison Square Garden?

  221. #
    myiq2xu, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:35 pm Said:

    Who were O’Brien and Murphy?

    neo nazis. I loved that one!

  222. Prolix, yep, that’s the Mike Duncan of which I speak.

  223. Name George’s neighborhood nemesis who worked for Mayor Dinkins.

  224. riverdaughter

    Up to 46% of us are not voting for him.

    Where does this percentage come from?

    I know I am not voting for him and I don’t know anyone who is, but all the polls have him ahead.

    I was visiting family in PA over the fourth and an elderly cousin actually choked up when she told me that this will be the first time in her life that she can’t vote for the Democrat.


    Elinzsandi’s $50.00 (you get a bottle of that baby!) makes the new total:


    C’mon, it’ll be like Christmastime’s at Carol’s when she wakes up and sees how well we did!

  226. myiq, I had heard that Soros was funding BO bigtime. I assumed that Soros would quit once Bo was nominated, because I think that he actually wanted the Repubs to win. I have nothing to validate this. Also, read somewhere yesterday (maybe it was here) that the Chicago machine funded him. Oh, I think it was in that column in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune about Jesse’s gaffe.

  227. katiebird — yep, the limo episode is the O’brien & Murphy one.

  228. Lloyd Braun!

  229. Right now the FEC is toothless. They make FEMA look hyper-competent.

    There were stories earlier this year that they were overwhelmed by the paperwork submitted by the Obama campaign.

    If they started an investigation now, we would have a new President before they finished.

    But that $200 reporting threshhold and online donating make a huge gaping loophole someone could send a lot of laundered money through.

  230. How can they fund him without it being disclosed (the $200 limits, etc)? I know he had a lot of donors and I can kind of understand that after he won Iowa or even when he started polling well, but last summer?

  231. Joan, all I can think is…..for people who came of age during the present Bush presidency……you install someone in office and then hope for the best. that’s all they’ve ever known.

    didn’t work out so well though.

  232. Robin: here is info on how to file a complaint with the FEC:

  233. oooh I wish we were doing simpsons trivia….I know everything!!!

  234. angie, what was the original title of War and Peace?

  235. Who was “Little Jerry Seinfeld?”

  236. Robin gets it again! Lloyd Braun — “Serenity now, insanity later”. Next question please!

  237. Windy, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:39 pm Said:

    a new cnn poll and he’s just up by 3 according to the new newsweek poll which had him up by 15 (!) the last time…

  238. myiq2xu: Kramer’s champ fighting rooster!

  239. #
    angie, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:43 pm Said:

    Robin: here is info on how to file a complaint with the FEC:



  240. Ok guys did you scare off Jack and John? I was so hoping to meet them at the party!!!

  241. War: What is it good for? LMAO

  242. Riverdaughter: AMEN! I think we are all with you on that. The arguements to vote FOR Obama are too WEAK. Just because “so-and-so” told us so? MAKE ME.

    Can you imagine his face if you would have said: “Well actually, I own a blog that is actively involved in taking his candidacy away and restoring order and fairness in the Democratic Party. Care to join us?”

    He would’ve needed a Heimlech manuever on the spot!

  243. Mawm, myiq2xu & Robin it’s the FEC O was resp for keeping it shut this year? LOTS of ledes at my pad under FEC ethics fundraising etc — umm it’s bad — and not exactly “acting blue” either



    that was growl o’ the puma……..! now hugs! to my friends!

    also “opensecrets.org” and “democracy21.org” xxoo!

  244. I kicked in $50.

  245. #
    myiq2xu, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:44 pm Said:

    Who was “Little Jerry Seinfeld?”

    Kramer’s chicken with “poor egg production”!

  246. didn’t the FEC basically have no authority to do anything in the primary because they didn’t have enough members to have a quorum???

  247. sm77-You forgot my lowly $10- I don’t know how to do the receipt thingy. I’m copy and paste challenged and don’t know how to remove the personal info.

  248. tabbycat:

    Imagine $millions in donations processed online in amounts under $200.

    A smart person could design a computer program to do the transfers.

  249. New question: in the junk mail episode — what does the bucket on the postman’s head symbolize according to Kramer?


    DATE: July 11, 2008 11:46 PM EDT
    NAME: Karolina NYC
    AMOUNT: $12.18

    White Russian, Rico.

  251. yeah, you’re right myiq. I did one for my mom but it was in my name so it’s as easy as that. (she wasn’t topped out, just didn’t have a way to do it at the time.)

  252. The FEC seated its full membership yesterday. The new chairman used to do legal work for none other than Tom Delay.

  253. ea, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:22 pm Said:

    Someone was asking for a song for PUMA.

    For a PUMA song I like Red Football by Sinead O’Connor.



  254. myiq2xu, I got a good bop upside the head one morning a few weeks ago listening to a local NPR talk program and they were discussing Obama’s fundraising prowess. An Obama *supporter*, mind you, called in with a nugget of info, to wit: if you stopped by an OfP office and wanted to get a button or bumper-sticker or such, they made you fill out a donor card and pay for the item! I’ve been involved in more than a few Dem campaigns, and NEVER have I been expected to pay for a frickin button, much less write down my personal info and attest to being a donor!

    Seems to me, that is one shrewd way of making it look like he was getting a zillion $5-10-15 donors without having them actually send him a contribution. Lots of people collect campaign memorabilia for fun & profit – but the O-man made them automatic contributors!

    (When I mentioned this subterfuge to an O-supporter, the reaction was “why give it away if you can sell it?” haha, I suggested she didn’t want to go there. :-))

  255. fuzzy is here whats the total carol?


  256. Joan, it’s ok, no problem, sorry I missed you earlier!

    Here we go….

    PREVIOUS TOTAL: $8,957.82


    Joan: $10.00 gets you two drink tickets!

    Seriously: $50.00 , Rico, a bottle for whatever Seriously wants!






    OK, Conflucian PUMAs, can we take it to $10,000???



  257. is any one up rico I need a double cosmo…and can you make a pink puma as a shot…


  258. another t-shirt:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 11:52 PM EDT
    Contact: robin
    Amount: $50.00

  259. vbonnaire, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:45 pm Said:


    thanks, vbonnaire!

  260. Wow-za

    Over $9,000!!

  261. yes yes we are less than $ 1000.00 from a high colonic for dean and a “special haircut” for Madame Speaker-given by our wonderful mistress of the tote board and resident arm twister-carol


  262. #
    angie, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:45 pm Said:

    War: What is it good for? LMAO


    angie wins!

  263. YAY Fuzzy’s here!!! we’re $1000 short of nancy’s haircut!…start leaning!

  264. YAY!!!!!

    PREVIOUS TOTAL: $9,017.82


    Karolina NYC: $12.18 – two free drink tickets and a shot of Patron Silver!

    Robin: $50.00 – you get a bottle of whatever you like!



  265. SherryNC, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:53 pm Said: ……Seems to me, that is one shrewd way of making it look like he was getting a zillion $5-10-15 donors without having them actually send him a contribution. Lots of people collect campaign memorabilia for fun & profit – but the O-man made them automatic contributors!

    (When I mentioned this subterfuge to an O-supporter, the reaction was “why give it away if you can sell it?”

    Ah….. a real Obama supporter there! lol !

  266. Everytime we go over a $100 mark, I update the total in the sidebar…

  267. SherryNC:

    Sales of books, shirts, keychains and bumperstickers is another way to launder money.

    Some billionaire “buys” a million dollars worth of nonexistent stuff and it gets reported as a sale rather than a donation.

    Newt Gingich wrote a book and got a huge advance from a GOP owned publisher. Most of the books were sold in volume to wealthy Republicans (and probably went straight to a landfill)

  268. Fuzzybear! Hi-ya!!

    If we do $10K, I’ll personally do a mock-up picture of Pelosi’s “haircut!”

  269. please tell me carol is alright-I worry all this fundraising may have worn her out?

    fuzzybeargville sulking

  270. OK…here’s a little bit more…I am not going to bed till we hit 10000 🙂

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 11:59 PM EDT
    Contact: Gary xxxxxxx
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    Amount: $10.00

  271. Fuzzy, Carol’s napping as per previous thread so I took it upon myself to play hostess tonight.

  272. Alright Gary!!!!!!

    OLD TOTAL: $9,080.00

    Gary: $10.00

    NEW TOTAL: $9,090!!!!!!!!!!

    (thanks Katiebird for updating, don’t know how to do that!)

    HEY, If anybody here puts up $50.00 or more, Rico says he’ll show his six-pack abs, and honey, they are TIGHT!

  273. Oh crap! I just saw this at Bartcop:

    “Obama’s doing better than I said he would.
    But if he is, it’s only because his campaign
    stole all my ideas. But the joke’s on Dems,
    because in the end, he’s Richard Nixon.”

    — Karl Rove, quoted on KOS

  274. #
    angie, on July 11th, 2008 at 11:48 pm Said:

    New question: in the junk mail episode — what does the bucket on the postman’s head symbolize according to Kramer?

    mmmm, I think you’ve stumped me. the evil of mail?

  275. Windy: That number comes from a very recent CNN poll. Something like 1/3 will not vote for Obama, the rest of that 46% will vote for McCain.

  276. Mawm,

    the $200 limit is per election cycle (i.e., primary or GE). they have to aggregate smaller contributions so if you mad a $1 contribution 200 times during the primary season, they are required to file a report to the FEC.

    From the FEC Brochure:

    The FECA requires candidate committees, party committees and PACs to file periodic reports disclosing the money they raise and spend. Candidates must identify, for example, all PACs and party committees that give them contributions, and they must identify individuals who give them more than $200 in an election cycle. Additionally, they must disclose expenditures exceeding $200 per election cycle to any individual or vendor.


  277. Robin — I can’t believe I stumped you: George asks what does the bucket symbolize? Kramer says: “Our persecution” George says: “Then shouldn’t you be wearing the bucket?”
    Ok — maybe that one was too obscure. Here is a better one:
    Name Kramer’s friend who sells “sable” hats made from rat fur.

  278. Fuzzybear is doing a midnight lean on all those lurkers out there who are making contributions and not posting them here so we can count them!

    Come on guys and gals (ya’all in southern) its still primetime in the mountian and pacific time zone we need to here the cash register ring…

    1) do you want an open convention and not a coronation? (1st lean)

    2) do you want Hillary nominated on the floor and the voices of her delegates heard? (second lean)

    3) do you want our platform issues addressed in a respectful manor? (third Lean)

    4) do you want a free hillary that can pspeak her mind and if necessary accept the democratic nomination for president(fourth lean)

    5) do you want to silence once and for all the Pelosi’s dean’s and axelfraud’s minions and pleebs? (Fifth lean)

    6) do you want to see Obama sent back to the senate to serve out his remaining term and return to community street organizing in Chicago!!!(Sixth Lean)

    7) Do You Want PUMA to be the Growl Heard Around the world!!(Seventh Lean)

    Then dig deep real deep and free our girl so we can have our candidate back!!

    Fuzzybeargville -Has Spoken!!!

  279. myiq, you sent me over there…why is nearly every diary titled “Obama”. Are they all trying to make the rec list?

    Laney, I think John and Jack’s shift was over 🙂

  280. I don’t remember the name, but it was some Russian guy.

    Who said “It’s Go time!”

  281. Hi guys! I gave my 5-spot at the door. Who’s got scotch?

    Katiebird: “Joanie works some nights. I’ll ask her if she minds if you guys know where.”

    Katie, since I exposed your you-know-whats at the last party, you might as well expose me. But you know I’ve always been more comfortable exposing myself.

    I work at a quirky little bar called “Kittens in Underpants”, in the back room. Tips are great.

    I’m completely witless w/ Seinfeld-never saw it!.

  282. for lisadawn82

    Thanks for the tip.

  283. Bob Sacamano.

  284. lol, Joanie.

  285. Bob Sacamano is the name of Kramer’s friend with the rat/sable hats.

  286. RD sorry am very tired what were the poll numbers? 46% of who are voting McCain and 1/3 of who are not voting Obama? sorry this is a long thread and cant seem to find those poll numbers…


  287. Izzy Kazanbaum (sp?) — Lloyd Bridge’s character — the old “tough guy”?

  288. What was Kramer’s coffee table book about? Bonus — what was it’s special feature?

  289. yes, myiq – like the 10% Obama was taking off the top of t-shirt sales on Unity Day; but in this case, people going into an O-hq for goodies are *forced* to fill out and sign a donor card. Don’t you think that’s unusual?

    oh, and

    Date: July 12, 2008 12:05 AM EDT
    Contact: Sherry
    Charlotte, NC
    Amount: $44.44

    In honor of my wedding day 7/11/64, 44 years ago – the Anniversay that isn’t – but I got 2 great sons out of the deal so not a total loss. Still standing! This one is for moi and appropos of HILLARY IS 44!!!! 🙂

    oops! missed the day by 5 minutes. But I was married in CST, so we’re cool. lol

    hey, Grangantita, are you around?

  290. I’ve always said “Underpants” is funny. Always!

  291. #
    angie, on July 12th, 2008 at 12:21 am Said:

    What was Kramer’s coffee table book about? Bonus — what was it’s special feature?

    coffee tables! and it had legs that fold out to make the book into a coffee table

  292. If you make an online donation they have no way to verify your identity. If the donation is under $200 they don’t need to verify it anyway.

    The ID issue will be with your bank or credit card company, because they want want make sure someone isn’t impersonating you.

    So if you’re so filthy rich you own your own bank, what’s to stop you from laundering the money in small increments using account numbers generated just for that purpose?

    What about using bogus credit card accounts issued by off-shore banks in the Caymans Islands?

  293. Robin has it again! next question please!

  294. about coffee talbes….it had legs and turned into a coffee tablel

  295. damn it!!!

  296. Hi Tabbycat!

    I met Confluceans GQmartinez and jltacoma today. We met to plan a larger PUMA meeting at my place on Sunday. Also, there is a blogsite for Washington PUMAS now.

    We’re planning a visibility event here. Suggestions welcome.

  297. Izzy Mendelbaum

  298. poor gary — don’t fret, Robin is quickdraw McGraw! 🙂

  299. myiq2xu — D’oh — Mendelbaum — I think I should get partial credit.

  300. gary, Robin must type faster than you do. You almost had her.

  301. Tabbycat in Tenn:’

    If it’s not to late or it’s been answered already my apologies:

    National Championship Quarterback: Tee Martin

  302. lol, you guys.

    who said:
    a young lady I know, let’s call her “Elaine”, happened to find herself overwhelmed with feelings of resentment and hostility for her friend, let’s call him “George”

  303. OO, Joanie — that sounds fun.

  304. Okay people, am working on the next ad:

    How many delegates does Hillary have, and how many for Barky?

    How many are needed to secure a nomination?

  305. Yay Bonita! It was Mr. Tee.

  306. Robin — the Rabbi who lives in Elaine’s building!

  307. Who did George call after his fiance died?

  308. Janis…I think they are still recounting Guam.

  309. more trivia!!! i love jeopardy….did I mention mawm has an audition in a couple weeks????

  310. #
    angie, on July 12th, 2008 at 12:28 am Said:

    Robin — the Rabbi who lives in Elaine’s building!

    Yes! I love that episode!

  311. ea, an “earworm” is a song that gets into your head and you can’t stop hearing it. Can be good or bad, depending on the song. huh. “you are not invisible to me” is still piping along!

  312. marisa tormei?

  313. Go Vols!

  314. Janis, thank you for these ads. What are your themes?

    What was the final word regarding the convention voting? I heard earlier that full vote, no restrictions. Was that bogus or verified?

  315. Joanie- You didn’t tell me thats where you work, now that I know, I’m heading South to see you!!!

  316. I hope Hillary does acknowledge her supporters in getting her out of debt and does not get forced into saying thankyou to that phony “the one”


    does any one know where we are total on the debt how close are we to having it totally paid off?

  317. Ok — what makes Elaine laugh during George’s girlfriend’s piano recital?

  318. ugh. I just glanced at the front page over there and there is a post mocking Puma’s. They are coming up with names for pissed off Dodd supporters, etc. I guess all those guys got 18 million votes too. Now I remember why I left.

  319. or is it tomei?

  320. tweety pez!!!

  321. gary gets it — its a pez dispenser!!! Your turn for a question gary!

  322. Bonita…are you in TN?

  323. ….I keep having to stop myself from full-fledged vulgarity….

  324. what apartment # does jerry live in —heads up, I don’t know the answer, so its an honor thing…

  325. Weren’t O-zoids jumping up and down about the Newsweek poll when it had Obama up by 500% over McCain?

    Lookee here, lookee here.

    Glow Fading?

    The latest NEWSWEEK Poll shows Barack Obama leading John McCain by only 3 points. What a difference a few weeks can make.

    what the hell happened here? The PUMA movement went public?

  326. joanie, you can’t possibly top Janis!

  327. gary — his apartment # is 5A , I think — someone else (Robin, myi) should confirm though.

  328. Gary, Myiq:

    Is there some Seinfeld trivia going on?

  329. OK, OLD TOTAL: $9,.090.00


    SherryNC & Anniversary that isn’t: $44.44


    $9,134.44 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG, Rico said he’ll do the Lambada, The Forbidden Dance with a $100.00 + donor!!

    HERE is the Lambada, the Forbidden Dance:

  330. okay love the trivia all but what about fuzzy’s leans and one out there on the west coast?

    or is the fuzzy going to hav to sulk?

  331. blinking)

    Joanie can’t top, who? Doing what?

  332. I’m in GA but went got my Master’s degree from UT.

    I have a friend who is supposed to donate fifty to Hillary to get a t-shirt for her mom who phone banked for Hillary’s campaign. I told her to email me when she made the donation.

    When I hear from her, I’ll let you know but it won’t be until tomorrow. Dealing with trolls Jack and Keisha wore me out so I’m ready to hit the sack.

    Keep up the good work everyone and have a good night.

  333. MABlue — yeah, we are doing Seinfeld trivia — whoever gets the question right gets to ask the next question.

  334. Tabbycat, I think I could. Janis uses brilliant colored language to make an intellectual point. Me? I just go straight for the nether regions with no point at all. I have never grown out of crude humour.

  335. okay delete “went” from my previous post. I really am tired.

  336. I don’t understand how the DNC is getting away with this. Aren’t campaign contributions covered by federal law? what gives them the authority to decide when her contributions can no longer be applied to her debt?

  337. Well, i’ve finished the margarita and i’ve tried to keep up with the comments, but I used to work nights, and missed most of Seinfeld.

    Thanks to Joan for the drink. 😉

    I’m off to bed so I can pick up my Hillary supporting daughter flying in from Boston early tomorrow morning…..

  338. Still, If you want the all time winner you should meet our sister Pie.

  339. Katie, I can ALWAYS top who by doing what.

  340. You Seinfeld guys need to get a room! (smile…)

  341. (nodding) I know

  342. not sure if you included my $25 in post at 10:30–donation at 1021. Will have to learn how to copy and remove personal info.

    myiq–I don’t want to start any rumors but do you know anything about the middle eastern guy with big bucks who was reported to be at a couple of events with O in Chicago which he doesn’t remember. passport issues? made money on Iraq reconstruction? read an article late one night and don’t know which sites to trust

  343. Ok — 5A is the right number for Jerry’s apartment — I admit, I looked it up (after I answered though, so it wasn’t cheating). So, here is my question: The episode where Kramer asks Jerry to ‘pick up some Cubans for him in Florida” — what was Kramer talking about?

  344. michael,

    here’s the gist of the CNN poll:

    In a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey completed in early June before the New York senator ended her White House bid, 60 percent of Clinton backers polled said they planned on voting for Obama. In the latest poll, that number has dropped to 54 percent.

    In early June, 22 percent of Clinton supporters polled said they would not vote at all if Obama were the party’s nominee, now close to a third say they will stay home.

    In another sign the wounds of the heated primary race have yet to heal, 43 percent of registered Democrats polled still say they would prefer Clinton to be the party’s presidential nominee.

    That number is significantly higher than it was in early June, when 35 percent of Democrats polled said they preferred Clinton to lead the party’s presidential ticket.

    Obama won 59 percent of support from registered Democrats polled in June; now he garners 54 percent.


    so if only 46% of Clinton Dems (who are 43% of the Dems according to this poll) support Obama, that’s almost 20% of the party who won’t support him.

  345. joanie, you’re right. Janis can cuss with flair.

  346. cigars!

  347. Robin — nope, cigars is not the right answer (although that is what Jerry thought he meant)

  348. myiq–I heard today that after questions were asked, the number of large donors went way up for O. Looking forward to your post with all the info together

  349. Cubans!

  350. Dominicans!

  351. Phala in NC, I missed you, sorry!

    OK….here goes…

    OLD TOTAL: $9134.44

    Phala in NC: Gets two feee drink tickets & Patron Silver Tequila shot!

    NEW TOTAL: $9,159.44 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who’s going to dance with Rico for $100.00?

  352. Robin — :MAO — yes, real people from Cuba: bonus — they actually were not from Cuban — were where they from?

  353. Let’s try that again:

    Robin — LMAO — yes, real people from Cuba: bonus — they actually were not from Cuba — were where they from?

  354. Actually, they were Dominicans, and they ended up working in the Mendelbaum’s restaurant rolling crepes.

  355. myiq2xu — that’s right — and remember, the roll the crepes too tight and the hot insides squirt out and injure people, and Kramer says “That’s why you have to get real Cubans.” Ok — next question goes to myiq2xu.

  356. Good night everyone! I’ll see you in the morning.

  357. Any of the Seinfeld fans want to make a donation for a youtube posting?



  358. Good night, Katiebird!

  359. Good night Katiebird, thank you for the image! Copy & paste it for your files.

  360. never got into signfeld….fuzzybear one eye open going to bed and I will lean tommorrow to get to 10,000.00 hope I get to see sm77’s virtual image of nancy with her new delivered by carol…

    fuzzybeargville big bear yawn

  361. Janis,

    this is from wikipedia.
    they have been accurate about the delegates this cycle (more accurate than places like politically drunk) but i haven’t compared lately. wikipedia’s sources are:
    * The pledged delegate estimates come from the sum of the Current estimate columns for the states listed in the Chronicle section later in this article
    * The source for superdelegate estimates is the 2008 Democratic Convention Watch blog. Superdelegate endorsements were frozen on June 7, the date of Clinton’s concession speech.[3]

    Delegate totals

    Obama 1,765½ (52%) + 478 = 2,243½

    Clinton 1,639½ (48%) + 246½ = 1,886

    Clinton needs 2117 to win. so she needs 231 more delegates.

  362. Sorry myi — Quickdraw McGraw aka Robin got Dominicans first. The next question goes to her.

  363. mean to say new do delivered by carol-

    Big BEAR/PUMA Yawn

    hibernation time


  364. Janis,

    ps i’m fairly certain that some SDs have switched since June 7th but maybe the wikipedia article is a place to start.

  365. sm77 — I gave a total of $55 today — although I would love to give more, I’m tapped out until my next payday.

  366. who broke Kramer’s tony?

  367. Raquel Welch!

  368. Michael Fuzzybear, I’m emailing it to you now…

  369. Goodnight beautiful sis, I ‘m not far behind…

    “..so if only 46% of Clinton Dems (who are 43% of the Dems according to this poll) support Obama, that’s almost 20% of the party who won’t support him.”

    As for that polling, that’s a match for total AA boycott (100% participation) numbers that they’ve been threatening if Hill was the nominee.

    The Supers that went to Obama are losing their cover.

  370. Phala in NC, google Evelyn Pringle…She’s got alot on that subject.

  371. #
    angie, on July 12th, 2008 at 12:59 am Said:

    Raquel Welch!

    wow! fast!

  372. 371.
    Robin, on July 12th, 2008 at 1:01 am Said:

    angie, on July 12th, 2008 at 12:59 am Said:

    Raquel Welch!

    wow! fast!

    I’m trying to be you! 🙂

    Ok — why doesn’t Jerry want to eat at Poppy’s restaurant?

  373. sm77, on July 12th, 2008 at 12:54 am Said:

    Any of the Seinfeld fans want to make a donation for a youtube posting?


    sure. I bought a t-shirt today,so I don’t have much. would $10 help? where to donate?

  374. Ok — why doesn’t Jerry want to eat at Poppy’s restaurant?


    He didn’t wash his hands after bathroom

  375. Goodnight everyone-see you tomorrow…………

  376. Goodnight, joaniebone!

  377. I’m crowing Robin queen of Seinfeld trivia — for the answers and the speed. Ok, gang — thanks so much — this was totally fun for me, but I’m going to bed now (1:04 a.m.). Sweet dreams all.

  378. Can I just ask one Seinfeld question and whoever gets it will have a drink on me before I go to sleep?

    Where did Kramer arrange for 3 Japanese businessmen to sleep?

  379. Article from three days ago on Obama’s fundraising:


    The senator’s claim rests on a shaky premise: that all (or even most) of Obama’s cash comes from regular guys and gals sending in $5 donations over the Internets. Fact is, that’s not true. Now, don’t get me wrong. Obama’s massive fundraising machine—which rejects money from federal lobbyists and PACs and boasts a record number of small-sum donors among its 1.5 million individual contributors—deserves a ton of praise. It is, simply put, the most democratic in American political history.

    That said, Obama’s fundraising base still looks a lot like Al Gore’s or John Kerry’s. For starters, the majority of Obama’s money continues to come from folks with fat(ter) wallets. In the primaries, for example, donations larger than $200 accounted for 55 percent of Obama’s haul, or about $150 million. Lawyers forked over $18 million of that total; the largest single contributor was Goldman Sachs. And now that the primaries are over, Obama is free—like McCain—to funnel checks larger than $2,300 through the national party. He’s taking full advantage of that luxury.

  380. ps — yes, her answer about Poppy was right & I should have written “crowning” not “crowing”
    Good night for real this time!

  381. Goodnight, angie! Just in time, I’m worn out, too.

  382. Karolina — I can’t resist — in his huge chest of drawers — loved that episode!!
    Ok, for real, for real — good night, sweet dreams.

  383. Everyone said goodnight while I was typing. Nevermind!

  384. #
    Karolina NYC, on July 12th, 2008 at 1:06 am Said:

    Can I just ask one Seinfeld question and whoever gets it will have a drink on me before I go to sleep?

    Where did Kramer arrange for 3 Japanese businessmen to sleep?

    can’t resist… in his chest of drawers.

  385. Robin you donated already, here’s a clip!

    The Youtube user said these are his best Seinfeld moments – see if you guys agree:

  386. dammit!

    good night everyone!


  387. The Seinfeld trivia was a great idea, too bad I missed it.

    Can we do “Arrested Development” next time? I want to run rings around everyone here.

  388. Angie—you rock! Rico one for the road for Angie.

  389. Robin — jinx — you owe me a coke — I think we might be the same person! lol.
    Ok — for real — goodnight, I had a blast.

  390. I’m off to bed, too. You give a good party, SM! 😮

    g’night all

  391. MABlue — you are on for Arrested Development.
    Now, I truly am signing off — good night all.

  392. Oh, what the hey. A drink for Robin too, Rico!

  393. #
    MABlue, on July 12th, 2008 at 1:09 am Said:

    The Seinfeld trivia was a great idea, too bad I missed it.

    Can we do “Arrested Development” next time? I want to run rings around everyone here.

    Yes! Yay! “there’s always money in the banana stand”!

    goodnight for real, thanks for a great party!

  394. And I’m going to meet the Sandman too…Goodnight!

  395. MABLue, good idea! we’ll do it for the next Fundraising cocktail.

    We have a so far total of …..(drumroll….)


    Carol, when you wake up & see this, I hope you’re proud !!!!!!

    C’mon West Coasters, one last Donation shot before my East Coast behind drops from too many PUMA cocktails!

  396. Sherry- thank you! You guys make the party, you made it happen. Good night!

  397. What was Cosmo Kramer’s medical pseudonym?

  398. Yes, SherryNC, an earworm can go either way. Funny, I had the refrain in my head for weeks before I put something else with it. I finally spent a good part of a day listening to her speeches on youtube and typing away. I began with three single-spaced pages of quotations.

    I hope this worm crawls. Once again– http://wordsnmusic.homestead.com/lyrics.html

    “In her own Words” at bottom of page, pdf and mp3.

  399. SweetieSue! How are you? I think all the Seinfeld fans dropped out – I can’t help you there.

    But I’m going to log out myself -too many PUMA cocktails and my feet are killing me after all that salsa dancing. Have a great night!

  400. Sorry to interrupt. Would someone mind checking to see if http://blog.pumapac.org is up? Something weird just happened and I’d feel relieved to know it was just my connection, and not the entire site.
    Thanks in advance.

  401. I’ll answer it myself–Dr. Van Nostrum.
    Good night.

  402. G’night sm77. Sweet Hillary dreams.

  403. DancesWithPumas

    The page would not load for me–tried two different computers and three different sites to check.

  404. Did anyone see the special about the Clinton’s tonight on CNN?

  405. Saw just a few clips during commercials of movie hubby is watching. He has been out of town so am letting him control the remote while I chat. Hope to see replay later. Was it fair?

  406. Dances with Pumas. I have been getting error msgs all night from explorer which shuts me down. Probably unrelated but aggravating. Don’t know a lot about this technical stuff.

  407. ea…

    Thank you so much.

    I just spoke with another PUMA, Murphy’s site is down.
    More shall be revealed. Thanks again.

  408. DancesWithPumas,

    it seems to be up now.

  409. It was awesome there was some stuff that pissed me off, too but they talked about how important the Clintons are and will continue to be and that Hillary could actually have more influence as a Senator then BO could as president. that’s not the outcome I want and I will continue to fight but it feels a bit better.

  410. PUMA’s back up.

  411. i didn’t see it. what pissed you off, Puma-SF>?

  412. Late night but finished!

    These are DRAFT ONLY and NOT READY FOR PRINTING. If you want to print and distribute them, let me know and I’ll upload PDFs.

    ‘Night, all.

  413. Thank you!

  414. David Gergen needs to get rid of that comb over.

  415. computer problems persist—anyone still here

  416. The server was down for maintenance… and of course,
    pumapac was don’t with it.

    Guess I went directly to paranoia mode.

  417. More good poll news

    In the latest NEWSWEEK Poll, Obama leads Republican nominee John McCain by just 3 percentage points, 44 percent to 41 percent. The statistical dead heat is a marked change from last month’s NEWSWEEK Poll, where Obama led McCain by 15 points, 51 percent to 36 percent. . . . . (Note: all other Newsweek Polls this year were close, usually within the margin of error.)

    In the new poll, McCain leads Obama among independents 41 percent to 34 percent, with 25 percent favoring neither candidate. In June’s NEWSWEEK Poll, Obama bested McCain among independent voters, 48 percent to 36 percent. . . .

    17 percent of former Clinton supporters say they will vote for McCain in the general election, 13 percent are undecided, and 70 percent say they’ll vote for Obama.

    Note: this poll did not give respondents the option of staying at home, which the latest CNN poll did. In the CNN poll, almost a third of Clinton supporters said they planned to stay at home in November while 54 percent said they’d vote for Obama. That’s 16 percent less than say they’ll vote for Obama in this Newsweek poll.

    Since it’s hard to know how people who plan to stay at home responded in the Newsweek poll, I think it’s difficult to interpret the poll. If the most of the 30+% of Clinton supporters who would have chosen “stay at home” if that had been an option instead answered “undecided” in this poll and if the remaining ones who would have answered “stay at home” (~20% of Clinton supporters) are assumed to be divided between Obama and McCain in the proportion that people chose those candidates, 54% of Clinton supporters would vote for Obama (the same as the CNN poll) and 13% would vote for McCain. A few are undecided and about a third would stay home. I think given the CNN poll results, this is probably close to what is going on.

    In any event, the new Newsweek poll shows that Obama and McCain are essentially tied, as they have been for most of the year. I think the Dems should be worried, given how much the electorate does not like the Republican Party right now. (In a recent LA Times poll, fifty-one percent of voters said they had a “positive feeling” about the Democratic Party; 29% said that of the Republican Party.) Obama should be doing much better than he is.

    Earlier this year, I read that if 25% of Clinton supporters voted for McCain or stayed home, the Dems could be in trouble. Using that rubric, both the CNN poll and the Newsweek poll show that the Dems are in trouble unless they can convince Clinton supporters to back their candidate. (We will if it’s Clinton!)

  418. fuzzy up all by him self this AM? I think it is time for a new thread the cocktail party was wonderful but this is not NOLA so it may be time for last call-


  419. Thanks-EleanorA !
    That was a great link.
    I also was really impressed by the “on the fence”, young, female & catholic voter!

  420. I just saw this headlined on Kos

    “Obambi to Obagheera… ”

    of course I won’t link, but its really funny it says that obama has tranformed from this (insert picture of bambi) to this (insert picture of PUMA!!!!) are they clueless or what?

  421. Okie Dokie – Sorry I missed the party – I was exhausted from a long day and catching up from the long trip to California.

    Last total was $9159.44

    I caught some missing donations:

    chatblu $5.44
    garychapelhill $10
    joaniebone $5


    Thanks everyone!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    PUMA$ Who Donate for their fellow PUMA$ are Supreme and what this is all about!

    LOVE YOU ALL, Taking the totals to the next Thread!

    Let’s take it over $10,000 early today, I need to play beauti-operator on Nancy! SM77 – I want to be in that picture doing the deed – I’m a Marilyn Monroe lookalike! Don’t forget, I’m shaving her ears and back.

    Good Morning fuzzy!

  422. This is late news, but we gave $100. last night at about 10:30 PDT

    I hope there are a lot of others who just haven’t reported their contributions.

    We’ve got 2 wonderful shirts coming!

  423. Just gave $100. I thought I would surprise my aunt with a shirt; she’s a big Hillary fan. The other one is all mine!

  424. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

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