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Who Killed Ole Yeller? A Play in One Mysterious Act.

***NOTE: Thanks to SM at The Confluence for inspiring this one. As you can see, I’m over my qualms. You are brilliant, SM!

THE SCENE: An old-fashioned parlor out of Agatha Christie, with sofas, chairs, a fireplace, porcelains on the mantel, etc. HILLARY CLINTON, wearing a yellow pantsuit, is standing center stage. Seated are NANCY PELOSI, BARACK OBAMA, DONNA BRAZILE and HOWARD DEAN. Standing in the corner with arms folded is Obama’s right-hand man, DAVID AXELROD.

HILLARY: All right everyone, you know why we’re here. A crime has been committed, and it’s a very serious one. I figured we are all suspects, so we might as well get our stories straight.

OBAMA (sullenly): Well, it wasn’t me.

AXELROD: Barack – take it easy. Remember – Unity, hope, change! [OBAMA rolls his eyes.]

BRAZILE [faux-fended]: For Pete’s sake, Hillary, what the hell am I doing here? I’m neutral! How could I be guilty? Don’t you know I work for CNN?

[Brief pause]

ALL except BRAZILE: HAHAHAHAHA! [BRAZILE glares at everyone, then slowly breaks into a grin and laughs along with them]

HILLARY [wiping her eyes]: Whew! Thanks for the laugh, Donna. That really broke the ice! [returning to seriousness] Okay, are we ready to get down to business?

PELOSI [with a stern look at the others]: Go ahead, Hillary. We’re ready.

HILLARY: Thank you, Madame Speaker. [takes out a police report and scans it while speaking] All right now, as we know, Ole Yeller, the Yellow Dog Democrat, died sometime during the primary season. The voters aren’t sure when it happened, but they know he’s gone to another, more Independent place. He’ll never vote straight Democrat again. A moment of silence for poor Ole Yeller, if you would.

[ALL bow their heads.]

HILLARY [sighing and resuming her spiel]: Right at this moment, things are looking pretty grim for our Party because of Ole Yeller’s death. We can’t bring him back to life, but maybe if we figure out how he died, we can persuade the voters to get a replacement. A New Yeller, if you will. [The others groan.]

OBAMA: Jeez, Hillary, can’t you get to the point a little faster?

HILLARY [muttering]: Amateur. [PELOSI snorts in agreement.]

DEAN: Obama’s right. Let’s just start talking about how none of us could have done it, then we’ll all blame Hillary and go home. Deal? [HILLARY shakes her head with a little half-smile, then sits down by the fireplace.]

BRAZILE: That’s a great idea, Howard! I’ll go first. [stands up, begins pacing the room dramatically] Of COURSE I couldn’t have done it. I mean, no one knows better than me how to win over Democrats. Look at my record! Every Presidential candidate I’ve worked with has won! [grins triumphantly, arms out]

AXELROD [crossing to BRAZILE]: Uh, Donna, you might want to check that statement. You’ve chalked up more losses than wins in your column, unless you’re seriously claiming that Dukakis, Jesse Jackson, Gephardt and Gore all became President? [Donna’s grin falters, and she sits down sheepishly] Oh yes, you definitely could have done it…unlike me. Look at my incredible record running campaigns and working for Democratic politicians. I got Deval Patrick elected, and then, of course, Barack. I could not be more innocent. Ole Yeller loved me and my candidates!

PELOSI [standing]: Ha! Your [sarcastic] brilliant campaign made a lot of women very angry. I know because they kept calling me. [imitating the callers] “Why does Obama call women ‘sweetie’ and offer to kiss them for votes? Why doesn’t he say something about all the misogyny from his supporters and surrogates? What was that stuff about being periodically down?” Blah blah blah. They’re a bunch of whiners, but they do have a point. So don’t tell me about how you couldn’t have killed that dog. You’re just as guilty as Donna here.

OBAMA: [standing] And what about you, Nancy?

PELOSI [bristling]: That’s Speaker Pelosi to you.

OBAMA [smiling]: My apologies, Madame Speaker. [PELOSI is somewhat mollified. Of course, it’s hard to tell because of the Botoxed frozenness of her face.] But my question remains, what about you? Thanks to your inability to get us out of Iraq, Congress’ “good to excellent” approval rating is 9%. That’s gotta be some kind of record, right guys? [THE MEN ALL SNICKER. HILLARY glares at Obama until he stops laughing.] Uh, anyway, looks like you’re not so innocent either.

PELOSI [dignified]: Fine. I’ll admit that I’m not a saint. But Senator Obama, can you do the same?

OBAMA [offended]: Who, me? Are you kidding? I AM the Democratic Party! I moved the DNC to Chicago! I’m Obama for America! And besides, everyone loves me. Yes, I can!

HILLARY [unable to keep silent]: Oh, for god’s sake, Barack, you don’t believe your own propaganda, do you? Save it for your deluded worshipers in the blogosphere!

AXELROD [aside to Obama]: Yeah, Barack. I told you that most of those [makes air quotes with his hands] “anonymous supporters” work for me anyway.

OBAMA [ignoring AXELROD, sneering at HILLARY]: Oh please, woman, like you have the right to tell me what to do! I am the nominee! I won! I’m going to be nominated in a giant football stadium in front of 76,000 screaming fans – I mean, Party members! I’ll win without you and your voters! Who needs those Bubbas, anyway?

DEAN [scratching his head]: Uh, Barack? You know, a lot of people think Ole Yeller was a Bubba. You’re acting like you sure hated him. Maybe you ARE the killer!

[BILL CLINTON enters.]

BILL: Did I hear someone say Barack killed Ole Yeller? Well, forgive me for being just a dumb country boy from Arkansas, but it seems to me you’re all guilty. Donna, you changed the DNC rules to disenfranchise Florida and Michigan, but not states you thought Barack would win. Howard, you let her do it. Axelrod, you’re just creepy with all that cult worshiping stuff, the Bush-style campaigning and the astroturfing. And Nancy? Well, I feel kinda sorry for you because you got ol’ Steny undermining you every step of the way, but you sure didn’t help Ole Yeller much – and the buck stops with you.

OBAMA: Oh, come on now. Like you’re an impartial observer, Bill? This is – just – inartful, even for you.

BILL [getting red in the face and pointing]: Listen here, you ungrateful little Chicago punk. If it wasn’t for me – the only two-term Democratic President in this room, by the way – you would be nowhere, man. I raised Ole Yeller. I made him think we Democrats cared about him. I fed him, I stayed up with him at night when he was sick, and I made sure he stayed with me instead of going to Bush’s or Dole’s house. By the time I was done with Ole Yeller, it looked like he’d live forever – or at least another eight years!

You guys were the ones that screwed it up. You showed Ole Yeller you didn’t care about him. After eight years of Bush destroying everything he loved, he finally died – of a broken heart.

[EVERYONE but HILLARY starts yelling at BILL and each other. BRAZILE and PELOSI start throwing porcelains at each other. DEAN starts screaming “Chicago sucks! Yeeeearrrrgh!” at AXELROD.]

[HILLARY stands up and walks over to BILL. She shakes her head and takes his hand.]

HILLARY: I wonder if they’ll ever understand what happened to that poor dog? Come on, Bill, let’s get out of here. [exiting] Maybe in 2012, we can get the Party a puppy!


169 Responses

  1. It’s just like Murder on the Orient Express. 🙂

    Lovely story, madamab.

  2. Encore! Encore!


  4. I love it!

  5. That’s great.

  6. OMG, how do you do this? Tears are streaming down my face. This is laugh out loud hysterical!

  7. I want my puppy now. 😦


  8. And together they ride the unity pony into the sunset.


  9. gosh, i’m still laughing OUT LOUD …and by myself…

    God, that’s what I needed at this moment..who wrote this? I
    heard SM and RD talking about this last night .
    Keep it up…maybe when we get to Denver, we can do a reading of this as part of the entertainment!!!
    I’d love to direct it.

  10. Thanks, everyone! I don’t know how this stuff comes out of me. I blame Hillary. (Why not. Everyone else does! 😉 )

  11. Scenes we’ll never see? Someone should repost that card game diary at MyDD from the hampster. I can just see all the elementary school kids, putting on shows, like Andy Hardy. Who can write the songs?

  12. SM ..you wrote this? God it’s great!!!

  13. Ahem, Mary Beth – althought SM was the inspiration, it was I, madamab, who wrote this play.

    Thanks for the kudos! Are you going to Denver? I don’t think hubby and I can get there.

    As long as Pat Johnson plays Nancy Pelosi, you can direct away. 😉

  14. Great Play !

    Just hope the DNC kept the receipt when they moved the headquarters to Chicago as they will be returning it for a full refund soon!

    If you didn’t catch my latest Doughnation Posting – Catch it at the end of the last post!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  15. madamab, we added your blog to the blogroll over at alegre’s corner a while back, mainly due to wonderful writing like this – thanks for the excellent work!

    and where are all the good pro- obama writers? i can’t find any.

  16. Bravo!

  17. campskunk, on July 10th, 2008 at 3:29 pm Said:
    madamab, we added your blog to the blogroll over at alegre’s corner a while back, mainly due to wonderful writing like this – thanks for the excellent work!

    and where are all the good pro- obama writers? i can’t find any.

    So much for the creative class. eh?

    Madameb, please consider doing one on the bloggerboyz.

  18. Madamab, this was fantastic! The Party needs a Puppy.

    Why do I want to cry as I laugh?

  19. thanks, campskunk! wow, I didn’t know that. I need to stop by there more often! 🙂

    Pro-obama writers? You don’t think Will Bower, Matt Stoller, Matt Yglesias and BTD are good wri –


    Sorry, sometimes I just crack myself up. 😉

  20. masslib – I did quite a number on Chris Bowers a while back. Two posts on the Bowers Manifesto, in fact.

    But the way they are justifying Obama’s FISA vote, when Hillary would have been treated rather violently in his place, will indeed be the subject of my next post. Don’t think it will be a play, though.

  21. Am practicing my crockery throwing now. This part was written for me, madamab! And I promise to lay off the Cosmos before the “performance”.

  22. MaryBeth, alas, I am not the resident Conflucian Playright, it is the FABULOUS and BRILLIANT MadamaB.

  23. Hmm….nice to see I gave the writer inspiration from a hearbreaking story of a much loved dog who recently passed away.

    Some people just can’t fathom the respect and honesty given from an animal to his owner. Sad that…politicizing something so honest and so loved into fodder for a laugh or a lift from the inconsequence of life’s heavy woes.

    No, Tequila, don’t lift your leg. You’ve always had more class anyway!

  24. I “smell” a Tony out of this.

  25. Massib, I soooo agree!! Please Madamab??

  26. Tellurian – Look, a shiny object!

    Everyone else, please resume your normal conversation.

  27. That was a lot of fun, madamab! You revealed the whole situation that has been created in the Dem party, by whom and how it was done in a short play.

    This kind of thing would be a great way to teach current events to kids.

    Only, I’m still hoping that 2008 will still be the time for the new puppy.

  28. Just for the record: When I phoned the DNC and finally got through, where murphy indicates that you insert your name, I said, HI, this is Nancy….. Honest to God, sometimes I even amaze myself.

  29. Pat Johnson, on July 10th, 2008 at 3:38 pm Said:
    I “smell” a Tony out of this.


  30. regency: In a very primal way I kind of dug Tony Soprano. There was just something about him.

  31. Sorry. I can’t resist this.

    Tellurian, this one’s for you, to the tune of Old Man River:

    Barack Obama,
    He’s no Dalai Lama,
    Seems to say something,
    But really says nothing.
    He just keeps changing
    And keeps rearranging his song.

  32. #
    anna shane, on July 10th, 2008 at 3:23 pm Said:

    Scenes we’ll never see? Someone should repost that card game diary at MyDD from the hampster. I can just see all the elementary school kids, putting on shows, like Andy Hardy. Who can write the songs?

    Well, we have great writers here – any great actors to play the scene, have someone video it and You Tube it? Either that or send it to SNL.

    Great writing, Madamab!


    You are right, the part was written for you. You are indeed a Method actress!

  34. Okie Double Dokey:

    I picked up some more at the other sites:

    LizfromFL – $50
    sassysenora $50
    EinNC $200 (good for you)
    Julianne Barbato $50
    Julianne Barbato’s Denitra’s Gift $50
    garychapelhill for mawn a T $50

    For a Grand Total of


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  35. F**king brilliant!!!!

  36. Pat: Admit it, you liked Ed Rendell too, didn’t you? The seem like similar types tome though I’d trust Ed more.

  37. madamab: It was funny as I was waiting to get through and rereading the script from murphy I decided to use “Nancy” as my name. However, I think I read it so fast, and the person on the other end must have heard this same thing dozens of times, that she jumped right in and said “she will be on the ballot” then disconnected. Short and sweet. They are probably in meltdown mode by now since regency said she was thrown into voicemail.

  38. Carol, when did you start this tallY? It doesn’t include last weekend, does it?

  39. Carol, I bought my t-shirt late last night and posted it on last night’s thread. Hope you included those totals, as quite a few people were buying.

    Madamab, brilliant and funny as always!

  40. I started it yesterday afternoon on the Donna post! I declared we couldn’t wait for Friday.

    I have most of the contributions since then on the end of the 5 BUX.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock! and get really cool T’s

  41. regency: I do think Ed has “something” too. Like Big Dawg, just something there of the “bad boy”.

  42. Paaaaattt: Don’t talk to me about Big Dawg. You know how I get.

  43. Ed Rendell has something for sure. He’s a definite mensch. 😉

  44. Ed is a charmer all right. Just something about him.

    regency: Head for the shower now!

  45. We’ve raised nearly $4,000 in 24 hours? Just in reported contributions? WOW!

  46. 1992 Perot 18.9%
    1996 Perot 8.8%

    Funny, madamab. well done. YDD however may have been a mythical figure.

  47. My political sex casserole includes Big Dawg, Evan Bayh….uh, Michael Nutter–cuz he’s sweet–and Eugene Miller who was so cute and so devoted to Hillary no matter what. Oh, and Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothchilde, cuz she’s awesome.

  48. Hey guys – did you see this? Pelosi is getting a very, very small clue. Is she setting the table?

  49. peter anderson – Oh no, Ole Yeller was real. I was him, as were many PUMAs.

  50. As was I.

    I loooove the new myth that it was all due to Perot.

    Short memories — At the time, we knew better.

  51. Give me a break! He will be gone in 6 months and they are now considering impeachment? Ridiculous.

  52. Carol, here’s my info so pls add to the total. I didn’t realize the DNC had put a timeframe on Hillary…the bastards! Anyway here’s my info and I got a t-shirt too!


    DATE: July 10, 2008 4:27 AM EDT
    NAME: James xxxxxxx
    ADDRESS: 35071
    AMOUNT: $50.00

    My frackin back was bothering me again so I was up and down last nite and when it’s twinging might as well get online…

  53. plural – Obama supporters have an extremely revisionist take on recent history. Too bad those of us over thirty actually were there, were sentient, and knew what happened.

    Bill was a phenomenon. A real one, unlike the naked emperor Obama.

  54. I still need to know about these contributions:

    I need an update from the following:

    elixir – is that another $100?

    Sorry gals and guys – I couldn’t tell what your amounts were. Please post details or just let me know.

    Thanks so much.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  55. Who is Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothchilde?

  56. PJ – Thank Gawd for Kucinich. He is really making some noise on this one. I have a feeling he would have made a lot more if the Party hadn’t threatened to withdraw his funding and primary him in Ohio.

    What a bunch of clueless schmucks we have for Congresscritters.

  57. McCain raised $22 million for June – I can’t hardly wait to hear Hillary’s and BO’s numbers.

    HA HA!

  58. i read on TL that the press may cut back on some of the convention coverage to cover Obama’s speech at Invesco Field. this could mean that they cut back coverage of Hillary’s portion of the convention.

    the only thing i could find was at American Thinker, which seemed to think the press may instead anchor their coverage from somewhere other than the Pepsi Center and pool their coverage of the final night.


    does anyone know anything about this? are the networks planning on cutting back on their convention coverage?

  59. What a bunch of clueless schmucks we have for Congresscritters.

    Clueless or conniving?

  60. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. A Yellow Dog Democrat since 1960, I ‘m perfect for the role of ghost-of-old-yeller .

  61. Pat: Former Hillraiser, founder of together4us.com, another PUMA like site. She’s the one who said she wasn’t backing Obama because she just didn’t like him among other things.

  62. Hey folks, pls go over to Heidi Li’s blog for an update on “deadlines” for HRC’s debt payoff. She has some info from Hillary’s finance guy. It appears there is some breathing room but let’s get this paid off so she’s not beholden to anyone !

  63. Oh good, we’re back on the Ed is sexy topic!

  64. Karolina NYC – I’ll take BOTH. They’re conniving, and they’re clueless enough to think we don’t realize it.

  65. The trolls are out in full force at NoQuarter.

    Can you believe they are still trying to call us racists?

    I think the whole race card has backfired on Obama and his supporters. My theory is that they expected Hillary to drop out after they used it on her and Bill in SC. If she had dropped out, they could have saved up the card to be played on John McCain in the fall.
    Unfortunately for them, Hilary fought on, and they had to use it over and over and over again. It now makes them look like crazy people when they try to play it, and people are going to laugh at them if they try to wheel out the same old tired schtick.

    Obama, you need different dirty tricks. The ones you’ve got are old news.

  66. Will is on Fox stating we are close to paying off her campaign debt – We have raised more than $10 million not including today!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  67. I get so sick of this myth. Hillary does not HAVE $100 Million dollars. That’s just what she’s made over the years. She and Bill have something like $20 Million to their name, maybe less with how much they’ve given her campaign.

  68. Carol – that is absolutely amazing!!! I could not be more thrilled with all of us PUMAs!

    Markos is soooooo jealous. How much money did he raise with his little “elect fake progressives” actions?

    Bet it wasn’t $10 million in just a couple of days!

  69. Will did a great job on FOX…

  70. Real reason Obama move the convention PUMA?

    Before the change, Obama was scheduled to give his speech in a hall half full of hardcore Hillary Clinton supporters who don’t particularly like him. So odds are that Obama was looking for a larger venue in which Clinton’s supporters would be only a small portion of the crowd. If things had gone ahead as scheduled, Obama might well have given a stirring address, only to have it met with indifference on the floor — and that would be too big a story for the media to downplay.

  71. OH MY GOD

    A Tornado just touched down in


  72. Carol,

    Uh-oh. Well, that’s got connotations.

  73. Carol – YIKES!!!

    All right, time to go take a walk and enjoy the beautiful day.

    Thanks for all the compliments, everyone. You’ve got me purring like a kitten. 😉

  74. I am naming that Tornado – Revenge!

    (I hope and pray everyone is okay!)

  75. OT — but urgent — I’ve been in and out the last couple of weeks (family emergency) but have we all discussed the fact that on 7/8/08 the Judicial Watch filed an Ethics complaint against Obama re: the jumbo loan on is mansion? Info is here:
    I hope this is true and I hope it has legs.

  76. this is great—bravo—well done!

  77. O.M.G. You’re SO F***ing good, madameb. I read that thrice and still cant stop laughing. Very vivid, very well-written, very visual indeed.

  78. Fredster – did you post already post this last night?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  79. madamab…my sincerest apologies, I went backup to read who the playwright was, and found your name. As a fellow playwright, I should have been more aware.
    Sometimes, my mind is much faster than my eyes,..enough..I love the script, and thank you for writing it. I haven’t laughed like this in a long time, so kudos girfriend…kudos!!

  80. That was crazy good!

  81. Gals and Guys – Keep donating – the slugs for BO are going to try to take credit for this!

    Let’s get it done.

    RD or Someone – please repost that we are on this mission for those that don’t follow everything!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  82. Oh Regency, I like Michael Nutter. He’s got that geek charm thing going on, but I’m worried about him. He was so brave taking a principled stand against such opposition. I hope Rendell keeps an eye on him and that his career doesn’t take a hit because of his stance. We PUMAs really need to make sure that Mayor Mike doesn’t get kneecapped in the months ahead.

    Are you guys serious? $10 million, since when? Since the drive the weekend of the 4th of July? Have we really raised $10 million in less than two weeks?

    I’m worried about this — Hillary’s team can’t crow over this or else she’ll be accused of making the DNC look bad (as well as being accused of souring milk, rotting the harvest, and turning the Moon to blood), so I’m worried we’re getting inflated rumors. How can we get serious, confirmed numbers?

  83. Madamab,

    At first, your story was funny. A lot. And then it was not funny anymore. And then I cried. A lot.

    Thank you, Madamab.

  84. I suggest you follow the bouncing ball if you want to pinpoint BO’s position(s)!


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  85. Alegre is extremely careful and has very good sources. If she is hearing this about the DNC and the debt then somewhere it’s being discussed.

  86. I need money!

    Donate and Post!

    We have less than 32 Hours!

    $3771.60 and holding!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  87. Give me a break! He will be gone in 6 months and they are now considering impeachment? Ridiculous.

    Pat, I’m having a real funny feeling about this, if Pelosi is indeed letting the impeachment thing happen. Why now? How about this – the Republicans are famous for October surprises that tear down democrats right before an election. What if that’s what this is – an October surprise to throw all the republican stench from the past 8 years in the news right before the election, thus again dragging Obama over the finish line? At this point, I would put nothing past the dem leadership. And you notice how they keep trying to tie McCain in with Bush.

    count us out, interesting article. There is also a very revealing article on HillBuzz about this issue. It seems that Donna Brazile is putting together a seating chart for this outdoor coronation that separates all the Hillary delegates from each other. That way, if they get up and walk out, as it is rumored they intend to do, it won’t look like a big block. They’ll be mixed in with 75,000, so this would totally dillute what would have been a big, revealing moment if it had occurred inside the convention center and half walked out. You know that could very well be the reason. Why else would the dems be adding another big expense to a convention that they already can’t pay for?

  88. Happen to catch Will on FOX-

    Good interview. Was awfully glad to hear that there’s only a about 5 mil to pay the rest of HC’s debt!

    Will try to do my part tomorrow to help with the effort–still on family leave and the going is tough.

  89. For go all luxuries – I need money for our Gal!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  90. Really good play madamab.

  91. @Janis snip: “making the DNC look bad (as well as being accused of souring milk, rotting the harvest, and turning the Moon to blood….”

    rofl – don’t forget their horror at discovering that third nipple on their @sses. Clearly there’s got to be some chica to blame for that.

  92. Looks like our next action will have to be pushing Dean to make a FIRM statement that Hillary will have her name submitted for the nomination and that there will be a roll call.

  93. I really can’t afford to give much more, but if we need it now, i can skip a meal or two…should i go back to ..never mind i answered my own question.

  94. Maybe….

  95. I hope Will’s sources on this are good. Heidi Li’s post with the email from Mantz, the top money guy in Hill’s campaign, did not sound promising…

    I really want a tshirt but I am maxed out!

  96. Bloobbering, Blathering Chris just named the 50 bucks for a momento for a failed campaign the Big Number of the Day!

    Hillary, when you are coronated on January 20, 2009 –

    OFF WITH HIS HEAD! (I’m afraid it will keep yakking even after that!)

  97. OH MY GOD!

    Chris just keeps saying that BO is “working hard” to pay off the debt!

    SHUT UP!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  98. Carol, on July 10th, 2008 at 5:37 pm Said:
    Bloobbering, Blathering Chris just named the 50 bucks for a momento for a failed campaign the Big Number of the Day!

    What does this mean?

  99. CognitiveDissonance: It could also be that the 9% rating plays into this. They want to look “busy” since they have done next to nothing in the last 2 years. Nancy may also be up for reelection to the Speaker seat, not sure how often they have elections in congress.

    It just seems “dirty” to me somehow with only months to go they decided, after just giving in to FISA wholesale, that they are talking impeachment. Makes no sense.

  100. How on earth can anyone believe Obama is “working hard” to pay off her debt? That’s absurd.

  101. He has a “BIG NUMBER” segment (usually some kind of insult) everyday.

    He was saying that we are getting the shaft for paying $50 to get a T!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  102. As long as he mentions it. That’s good. More PUMA to hear about it.

  103. They are donating and posting like crazy over at No Quarter!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  104. Srsly — how much did we all raise with this fundraising drive?

    What was her debt to start with?

    What did we raise?

    What’s left to raise before the Pantsuit Amazon is once again a glorious free agent?

  105. I am in moderation.

    Credit is given to anyone who can watch MSNBC. Awful. Matthews the worst.

  106. Masslib: He can’t even remember to work hard to pay off her dead. The propaganda is mind-boggling. She’s working harder to get him money than he is her and he’s supposed to be Senator Warbucks.

  107. Hey everyone – thanks for the compliments!

    Don’t you worry about Tweety. He is a big ol’ jealous queen who is just bitter he’s not having sex with Bill!

  108. Janis,

    According to Will Bower, we raised $6-10 million over the course of the 4th of July week. She had about $22 million in debt to start with, about $12 million of that was her own person investment. So, if we only raised about $6 mill, she’s between $4 and $5 mill in the tank right now.

    That’s what we need to get done with. We can do this between now and sooner than later.

  109. hello all fuzzy here a tornado touched down in Clinton County Iowa that is close to my hometown in dubuque-lets hope no won was hurt and all that damage was minor.
    Madamb your play was simply brilliant….

    carol -How successful have we been so far? I see we are ahead of our forth of july pull in that is good is it time for a fuzzybear lean on the group?

    Maybe if we promise a real nice cocktail party for tommorrow they will come off some for their widow and orphans fund cash?

    I have the pom juice chilling behind Ricos bar…think everyone Hillary is not even campaigning and she is bringing in the cash probably more that the DNC and Obambi.


  110. I spoke with a woman at the DNC who said it is up to the candidate to ensure he/she has followed all the necessary requirements to get on the ballot for the first roll call. She instructed me to check out the DNC site, find the convention rules regarding nominating, and specifically read pages 16 and 17.

    Guess my blonde is showing, as I could not find this document. My fear is that there is a deadline for Hillary to pay off her debt, that they will use this to keep her from being on the ballot. Does anyone know the rules, or know anything about these pages?

    BTW, awesome play there madamab!

  111. Meileen, they cannot use debt to keep her from the ballot. There’s no rule for that. Some people spend years paying off the debt from their campaigns. However, Hillary gave her word that she’d pay her vendors back because they gave her credit in good faith. She wants them paid back and if we don’t do it, somebody else will.

    The ballot issue is totally up to Hillary but she could certainly use some strenght coming into the month of the Convention and being debt free could definitely be it. Money is what they’re holding over her head.

  112. Thanks regencyg.

    What in the world is on pages 16 and 17 that could somehow keep Hillary from making the ballot?

  113. Heh – I told my hubby I’ve given Hillary $90 in the past few days, he nearly had a heart attack! But then I told him that the DNC was trying to push her off the ballot in Denver, and he was fine.

    He’s a PUMA too.

  114. Gotta love that guy, madamab.

  115. You’ve taken one of the last good males, madamab. Damn it.

  116. Teehee, ladies! Don’t I know it. I am very lucky. 🙂

  117. madamab: He is right up there with Ed and Big Dawg!

  118. “I’M IN” !!!
    Just made a $100.08 donation !!
    I wish the MSM would stop talking about Hill & Bill’s $$$.
    Their not asking for that back!!!
    Go PUMA !!

  119. Just read this at NOQUARTER:

    Comment by PKat | 2008-07-10 16:42:33





    How in the world do we regular joes and janes find out what is really going on? I certainly don’t trust the DNC to tell me the truth these days.

  120. The yellow dog died, rise the PUMA.

  121. A little insentive on why we give….

    Remember every dollar given is like a punch in Donna’s repugnant face…..its like giving Nancy a new wrinkle or ol’ Dean an muric acid laced high colonic!

    Oh and not to foget the god of the KOS every $ is like giving him a fresh new hemroid that festers everytime he sits at his keyboard….

    Now the Bots that have really overdosed on Koolaid are saying a yes vote for FISA is a sign that the big “o” can work accross the party lines -please some one get fuzzy a vomit bucket-


    yes the FISA vote was not selling out the progressive Dems it was building bi-partisan unity-Yeeech

  122. Meileen, don’t even worry about it, just keep shoveling what you can at her and screw the rumormongering …

    Madamab, I still remember doing a total WTF?! at Tweety when he actually, gawdz honest truth, made some tiny-penis crack about how Hillary looked like the kind of woman who doesn’t like guys like him, overweight midwestern guys. He seriously said it.

    I was like — how can she NOT like midwestern guys who are a little soft in the middle and like corn dogs? She married one, stupid!

    Tweety is completely incapable of rational thought. What a tool.

  123. PJ – He is better than they are cause he’s mine! 😉

    Okay, I’ll stop now.

    Anyway…I’m sure Obama won’t give one damned dime to HRC. Michelle needs a manicure and the kids need new clothes, don’t you know…

  124. joey – Did you contribute – I couldn’t tell?

  125. I think the DNC likes to make the rules up as they go along-I wll be so nice to march into DNC HQ and grab Donna and Dean in a giant bear hug and grop them out of the top floor head first-might knock some common sense into them…


  126. Janis – LOL!

    Madamab, I still remember doing a total WTF?! at Tweety when he actually, gawdz honest truth, made some tiny-penis crack about how Hillary looked like the kind of woman who doesn’t like guys like him, overweight midwestern guys. He seriously said it.

    I knew I really liked Hillary when she said to Tweety, shaking her head, “I really don’t understand your obsession with me. I just don’t understand it.”


  127. OKAY – They are pulling this shit so they can say the Great One paid it!

    BULLSHIT – I’ll fucking sue!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  128. Okie Dokey!

    npt/ny just got us started again with $100.08

    Grand Total so Far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  129. typing faster than my fuzzybear brain can think! It will be nice to march into DNC HQ on November 5th and and grab Donna Brazile and Howard Dean in a giant bear hug and drop them out of the top floor head first-might knock some common sense into them…

    fuzzy wants our candidate back….Can we have hre back please-pat madam carol gary RD do something

    fuzzybeargville (at $94.44 in donations since July 1st) carol has already counted them


  130. Madamab you are awesome! You made me cry — and I’m an independent!! I miss Hillary so much; she inspires me. Got a note re: the winning tee shirt and asking for a $50 donation towards retiring her debt. And you get the tee-shirt free! I’m going to try to get it before the 10th. LOVE your work, and sm77–que muchacha linda!– and each one of you.

  131. Madamb_
    who is tweety? and should fuzzybear give him/her the bird? – or would that be redundant?
    actually a nice stuffed bird would do nicely tonight…

    what we are at $ 3821.68? what a good number but I know we can do better when was the last time you vacuumed? ther may be change down in the sofa and chairs….

    Fuzzybear Leaning Leaning and Leaning on theose out there who know who they are…


  132. Thanks, Maria! 🙂

  133. Heh heh fuzzy – you sound so bearlike – cuddly but ferocious! 🙂

    Tweety = Chris Matthews who has a yellow haid like Tweety Bird…

  134. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 6:06 PM EDT
    Contact: CA 92004

    Amount: $100.08

    This is for Hillary and my ticket to the plays.
    Checked HLF’s site and the reply from Mantz does not seem like we have raised 1/2 but it is not specific. Just says, “…we have a ways to go.” Also notes that the deadline for Monday is in place.

    I don’t think there is any need for HRC supporters to walk out at the acceptance speech. Sounds like an Obamabot play. But I don’t think they have to get hysterically pumped up either. This party is not coming together—that is clear.

    Please clarify the meaning of Yellowdog Democrat. I read a piece on Anglachel that seemed to give a different perspective but maybe I just got confused. Would appreciate “the” definition, if there is one.

  135. I believe a yellow dog Democrat is defined as a Dem who would vote for a rotting corpse as long as it had a “D” after its name. Democrat-or-die, basically.

  136. I dont know of this chris matthews….is he as medicated as keith Oberman?

    rememberall those democratic leaders out in the open like that in denver? did they not see sunday bloody sunday? they would be a big terrorist target out there….

    I think they should rethink the stadium think our hillary, big dawg and her delegates could be hurt….

    I think they should stay away..let the obamians be the human shield for their own candidate


  137. IF donna is doing the seating chart then who is baking the cookies?

    I will not vote for obama and I am taking as many yellow dogs with me as I can,,,


  138. Jangles, it generally means someone who will vote for any Dem candidate. e.g., “i’d vote for a yellow dog if he was a Democrat.” it was used a lot in the 1928 campaign when southern Dems voted for Al Smith even though he was a Catholic and wanted to repeal Prohibition.

    however, it’s first use was to essentially say “i’d vote for a yella dog but not for you”

    according to wikipedia:

    The first known usage to date of “yaller dog” in relation to Democrats occurred in the 1900 Kentucky gubernatorial contest which turned into quite a dogfight. Irvin S. Cobb wrote a first hand account in his book Exit Laughing, published in 1941, now in Canadian public domain and authorized for academic and non-profit use. It details the saga of the Kentucky Governor William Goebel, who killed a man, exploited the split Democratic Party in Kentucky, and was assassinated in 1900 — shot in the chest the day before being sworn into office, and dying two days after taking the oath of office.

    Mr. Cobb relates —

    “the most devastating retort I ever did hear. It was delivered by Theodore Hallam, a battered-looking, hard-hitting, hard-drinking, little Irish lawyer, and an ex-member of Morgan’s Rangers — and that for nearly half a century qualified a man for social and political distinction anywhere in the border South and particularly in Kentucky. Despite a high, strident voice, Hallam was perhaps the greatest natural orator in a state of natural orators and had a tongue pointed with a darting, instantaneous wit.”

    “Hallam lived in Covington, where Goebel likewise lived, and as a comrade in war and an ally in peace of Colonel Sanford, the Conservative whom Goebel pistoled to death, he hated Goebel mightily. Having bolted when Goebel seized the gubernatorial nomination by craft and device — and at the last moment, by open violence — Hallam promptly took the stump against him and went about over the troubled commonwealth joyously sowing dragons’ teeth and poison ivy.

    The seceding wing of the party picked on Hallam to open its fight, and chose the town of Bowling Green as a fitting place for the firing of the first gun, Bowling Green being a town where the rebellion inside the ranks was widespread and vehement. But Goebel had his adherents there, too.

    I could fairly smell trouble cooking on that simmering-hot August afternoon when Hallam rose up in the jammed courthouse to begin his speech. Hardly had he started when a local bravo, himself a most handy person in a rough-and-tumble argument, stood upon the seat of his chair, towering high above the heads of those about him.

    “I allow I want to ask you a question!” he demanded in a tone like the roar of one of Bashan’s bulls.

    One-third of the crowd yelled: “Go ahead, Black jack!” The other two-thirds yelled: “Throw him out!” and a few enthusiastic spirits suggested the advisability of destroying the gentleman utterly, and started reaching for the armpit or the hip pocket, as the case might be. Despite the heat all hands were wearing their alpaca or their seersucker coats which, if you knew our sturdy yeomanry in those parlous days, was a bad sign.

    With a wave of his hand Hallam stilled the tumult.

    “Let it be understood now and hereafter, that this is to be no joint debate,” he said in that high-pitched shrill voice of his. “My friends have arranged for the use of this building and I intend to be the only speaker. But it is a tenet of our faith that in a Democratic gathering no man who calls himself a Democrat shall be denied the right to be heard. If the gentleman will be content to ask his question, whatever it is, and abide by my answer to it, I am willing that he should speak.”

    “That suits me,” clarioned the interrupter. “My question is this: Didn’t you say at the Louisville convention not four weeks ago that if the Democrats of Kentucky, in convention assembled, nominated a yaller dog for governor you would vote for him?”

    “I did,” said Hallam calmly.

    “Well, then,” whooped the heckler, eager now to press his seeming advantage, “in the face of that statement, why do you now repudiate the nominee of that convention, the Honorable William Goebel?”

    For his part Hallam waited for perfect quiet and at length got it.

    “I admit,” he stated blandly, “that I said then what I now repeat, namely, that when the Democratic party of Kentucky, in convention assembled, sees fit in its wisdom to nominate a yaller dog for the governorship of this great state, I will support him — but lower than that ye shall not drag me!”


  139. Michael: If I had it in my power to do something you know damn well I would have marched into DNC headquarters and been the only one coming out! I loathe that whole group. What keeps anyone of us from committing hari kari is us, right here. We stick together.

    The whole thing stinks and our Hillary does not deserve this.

    Can anyone think of any other former nominee whose supporters have gone to the lengths to retire her debt as the PUMAs? I cannot think of one.

  140. What, has this turned into a wedding now? A seating chart for God’s sake? It is too breathtaking to process at once. Imagine if he actually makes it into the Oval. Bowing and curtsying soon to follow.

  141. This is the historical root of Yellow Dog Democrat from Anglachel. Comes from a big Democratic party fight in KY. The following exchange was from a debate held to challenge the party’s nomination for Governor. The exchange is between the spokesman for the challenge, Hallum, and a heckler from the crowd. Hallum allowed him to ask a question providing that the heckler abide by Hallum’s answer.

    “My question is this: Didn’t you say at the Louisville convention not four weeks ago that if the Democrats of Kentucky, in convention assembled, nominated a yaller dog for governor you would vote for him?”
    “I did,” said Hallam calmly.
    “Well, then,” whooped the heckler, eager now to press his seeming advantage, “in the face of that statement, why do you now repudiate the nominee of that convention, the Honorable William Goebel?”
    For his part Hallam waited for perfect quiet and at length got it.
    “I admit,” he stated blandly, “that I said then what I now repeat, namely, that when the Democratic party of Kentucky, in convention assembled, sees fit in its wisdom to nominate a yaller dog for the governorship of this great state, I will support him — but lower than that ye shall not drag me!”

  142. meileen

    i couldn’t find the document there today either. i saw it there about a week ago.

    here’s a link to the document:

    these are the same as the ones i saw on the DNC web site. they not only say there will be a roll call vote for the nomination, they allow 20% of the delegates to call for a roll call vote for any issue (IIRC).

  143. Jangles,

    that’s the same story i posted above. i got it from wikipedia.

  144. Yieks!! Today IS the 10th. Carol, I just donated $50 for a total of $90.16 this month. Hope it helps! I’m so proud of us PUMA$!

  145. fuzzy – LEAN, LEAN, LEAN

    Jangles’ $100.00 just brought us to:


    Who is going to take us over $4000?

    Please check my earlier post to see if your name is on it as confusion regarding your contribution. If it is, please post details or tell me so I can add to the total!


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  146. Marla’s $50 has taken us to:



    I need money!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  147. Thanks for the Yellow Dog stories, guys! Hilarious! 🙂

  148. you’re welcome, madamab

    i like this part of the story i got from wikipedia

    “But it is a tenet of our faith that in a Democratic gathering no man who calls himself a Democrat shall be denied the right to be heard. If the gentleman will be content to ask his question, whatever it is, and abide by my answer to it, I am willing that he should speak.”

  149. Wow! This place is impressive. Keep it up everyone! Tomorrow is my birthday and I can think of no better present than our girl’s freedom.

    Free Hillary!

  150. Fuzzy is ready to do the full court lean here….and he will take not take No for an answer.

    Are their any lurkers out their who have not done thier part-remember you to can be a hillary hero! a simple donation to retire “our” campaign debt and a simple post here can do the trick and put us over $ 4000.00!

    The other blogs are watching and we are the midwife mother and OB/GYN to the birth of the puma movement. They will take there lead from us and we will prevail in eliminating Our Girls Debt…

    Fuzzy smacking his chops…come on lets do it!


  151. Put me down for a C-note.

  152. #
    Carol, on July 10th, 2008 at 5:07 pm Said:

    Fredster – did you post already post this last night?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

    Carol don’t think I did. I had to breakdown and take a Soma for the back but I did the contribution and waited for the email reply and I was just going to wait until this a.m. to post on a thread that wasn’t so full.

  153. I’m lovin’ it!

    Decided my SO needs a T-shirt too. (Actually, I’m more afraid she’s going to steal mine!)

    Carol, pen me in with another.


    DATE: July 10, 2008 7:02 PM EDT
    NAME: SophieL
    ADDRESS: CT 06470
    AMOUNT: $50.00

  154. PUMA”S Roar with there hearts and give till it hurts…quick we need some more dollars every dollar up the dosage on Keith Obermann’s meds who will be the lucky guy or girl that contributes the dollar that gets his stomach pumped?

    Also you can donate to hillary and help Dr Dean get a much needed battery acid fille high colonic!

    And do not forget that with the right donation you can take a shot at the dunk the Donna in boiling oil booth sponsered by the Bush-Cheney-Obama energy Bill


  155. J.W. – I can sing that note!

    We are over the $4000 mark!

    I found the following guys posted at another blog:

    Carolyn Mann $100
    lillianjane $50
    cheryl $25
    Sally $100 (we are counting you)
    J.W. $100

    For a Total so far:


    We will be over 5 Grand by the end of the Hour, right fuzzy?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  156. Nancy Pelosi has offered herself up (quite unwillingly-but this is how fuzzy rolls when he leans) for a special head shaving for the right donation level….(head shaving was done to nazi colaborators when France was liberated by the allies…

    I cant think of a bigger traitor to core democratic values


  157. WooooooooooHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Fredster was in it this morning early for $50
    SophieL is in for another $50 (loves that T)

    Total so far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

    I’m taking the total to the next Post – Please contribute and post details over there!

  158. carol I dont know how any puma can resist my special promotions-carolyn M sally and JW just dunked Donna in the boiling oil 3 times and she is pissed!

    Kieths eyes are rolling to the back of his head thanks to lillianjane and cheryl….

    ok who is going to give the donation that get Dr Dean the high colonic Have my ol’die hard barrety ready to un cork….


    and Donna is begining to cool and dry off from her last dunking

  159. Okay, now my partner is threatening to take my card away. She thinks I’m a bit looney over Hillary. Gave $25 last week, and here is another $50.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 7:35 PM EDT
    Contact: Eileen

    Kihei, HI 96753
    Amount: $50.00

  160. madamab,
    Fantastic once again.

    Do you do this for a living?

  161. I need some help here!!! Been away for awhile and I need someone to catch me up on this thread.
    Someone said that BO had until tomorrow to pay off HRC debt, so that she has no voice at the convention…true?
    Someone said Will , on Fox, said we raised between 6-10 million …true?
    I heard somewhere on 1 of these sites, that the DNC has given Hillary till the 15th of July to get her debt paid, or else (i’m not sure what)…true?

    Madamab, I hope you got my apolgy earlier. So please if there’s anyone here who can answer these rumors please come here..and set this bird brain straight. SM where are you when I need you?

  162. Has someone sent the “you tube” of Will on Fox today? I’d love to see it.

  163. Charming!!

  164. Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 12:03 PM EDT
    Contact: Marian D
    Amount: $150.00

  165. […] July 10, 2008. Feminists Support Obama?? Are You Kidding Me??, Lynn Spirit, July 10, 2008. madamab, Who Killed Ole Yeller? A Play in One Mysterious Act, The Confluence, July 10, […]

  166. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

  167. […] Gee, what about all those Yellow Dog Democrats, you say?  Didn’t you get the news Lanny?  Ole Yeller died- and from its broken bones, a PUMA emerged.  Maybe this example is too extreme, but it certainly […]

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