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Rescue Mission!

According to our reliable sources, Snidely, er, the DNC has been pressuring Hillary  to pay her campaign debt or it will force her to release her delegates or have a merely symbolic role at the convention.  Originally, they were going to give her til the end of the month to pay the rent, then they moved it up to July 15.  Now, it’s imminent.  Drat!  Hillary must be flipping some of the Superdelegates or the DNC wouldn’t be so dastardly.

Oh, heck, sure they would. They’re like that.

Once again, we are asking you to do the impossible and reach down into your pocket, waaayyy down where the lint grows, and pull up a couple bucks for Hillary that you might have spent on that iced double caramel latte.  If you can throw in a fifty, you can get the winning T-Shirt from Chelsea’s T-Shirt design contest from earlier in the campaign. 

We were so successful last weekend that we knocked off some$6Million (conservative estimate).  The DNC must be getting nervous that Dudley Do-Right is going to show up in time.  One more push ought to do it and free our heroine from the clutches of the evil Whiplash and make Donna Brazile hiss, “Curses!  Foiled again!”.

236 Responses

  1. All the mighty PUMAs, let’s free Hillary.

  2. Dig the story of PUMA taking Hillary out of debt.


  3. It feels good to give.

    Hillary 2008!

  4. Carol I went back and checked comments on the older posts and nope didn’t post about my contribution until today so put that $50 in the tally!

  5. Sent in an additional $10. Carol, do you need the info from the receipts for this donation and the $50 earlier today?

  6. What ridiculous reason is the DNC giving for linking her debt to her role at the Covention? What does one have to do with the other? They are just dimwits, it makes our job so much easier.

    Which Republican (Graham?) said something stupid today about the poor economy “being all in our minds?” It gave BO an opportunity to look pro-active, because he jumped on it. Some of these Republicans (many) are just as stupid.


  7. $50 with pleasure (and HRC hope!). And the T-shirt is an added surprise.

  8. Hi Riverdaughter, I love that cartoon. It’s very appropriate for this post.

    I was poking around Google to see if I could find anything about our online fundraising progress (I didn’t) But I found this Blog post from HillBuzz. I hope it’s OK for me to share a link to a REALLY creative Hillary Fundraiser:

    You Know How They Have Carnivals All Summer? — THIS is an astonishing post. You’ve got to stop by to see the amazing rides at this carnival.

    Riverdaughter, It’s a particularly appropriate link for you since you’re actually on vacation — and I hope you’re having a wonderful time!

  9. I’ve moved the totals to here:

    I still need to know about these contributions:

    elixir – is that another $100?

    Sorry gals and guys – I couldn’t tell what your amounts were. Please post details or just let me know.

    Thanks so much.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  10. “Dig the story of PUMA taking Hillary out of debt.”

    Is this true Joeysky? WHY hasn’t Hillary’s campaign put out any press releases about her supporters efforts and success in paying off her debt??

  11. carol just thought I would join you here-

    carol I dont know how any puma can resist my special promotions-carolyn M sally and JW just dunked Donna in the boiling oil 3 times and she is pissed!

    Kieths eyes are rolling to the back of his head thanks to lillianjane and cheryl….

    ok who is going to give the donation that get Dr Dean the high colonic Have my ol’die hard barrety ready to un cork….


    and Donna is begining to cool and dry off from her last dunking

  12. Here we go!

    Marla $10
    Sainzona $50

    Bringing that total to


    We need just over $500 in 36 minutes!

    We may already have it with the confused posts from above. Check it out and tell me if you contributed!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  13. Charles, thanks for the Obama Inaction link.

    I’m just a bit perturbed that the background party music was “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”

    In your dreams, NoBee.

  14. fif, she doesn’t dare crow too loudly at this — unfortunately. I’d love to see her laugh her ass off and slap a cream pie right in Howard’s mug.

  15. You guys are awesome! PUMA power!

  16. I sent my $50 and I can’t wait to sport my new t-shirt.

  17. Visit the Carnival per katiebird’s suggestion!

    Then, come back and post the details for the tally!

    It is hysterical!

    PUMA$ I need money!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

    fuzzy – Lean Hard

  18. I think every time some one crows about the Hillary Debt the DNC moves up the date….by ten tonight they are going to say the deadline was last tuesday!


    Dr Dean has a worried look on his face he know that colonic(given buy fuzzybear sireally going to hurt says he may regret throwing his wieght behind obama)

    I am not buying it…


  19. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 7:28 PM EDT

    Akron, OH 44303

    Amount: $50.00

    I guess I wanted the t-shirt and to spite Tweety. I don’t think this whole convention role has anything to do with debt. that is so illogical. but it is the democrat party for god sake.

    This has to be the strangest thing that we are paying down her debt when there is this other candidate trying to win the general election.

  20. Puma-SF – was that a new donation?

  21. Fuzzy: Not buying what?

  22. ben, ben, ben snap out of it! He is not trying to win! He is trying to lose and is being quite successful at it!

    ben carlson $50

    Total so far:


  23. (meant to say “is really going to hurt” not “sireally going to hurt”)

    Fuzzy bear is leaning leaning hard i want tochoke the clinton debt relief system with PUMA Dollars

    Obama knows each of those dollars is a vote he is not going to get!


  24. donna brazile does NOT have a curly mustache! you take that back!

  25. Carol, I donated $50 today. Let’s make the dastardly villains regret messing with our candidate.

  26. ben carlson: People underestimate the power of spite.

    Also, you know who should win the general–if not Hillary, John McCain.

    The only thing I wish Will Bower had said today was that we are giving Hillary money to show how strong support for her remains in this country. With Obama and the DNC going down, it doesn’t hurt to show her fundraising prowess.

  27. Dean acting concerned that he may have backed the wrong horse….to avoid a PUma High colonic…

    Dr dean is a coward!


    And ben’s fisty ups Keith’s dosage another 50 mg’s I think he is goin into a coma

    come on someone donna needs another soaking in the boiling oil

  28. Do they even realize how fucking crooked this makes them look? Seriously, are they just mentally damaged or something?

    They set a hurdle in front of her, and she meets it. Then, they spontaneously decide to put another one in front of her — she meets it. Before it was, if she wins PA by double digits, she’ll be a credible nominee. Okay, she did it. If soe wins the states she’s said she’ll win, she’ll be a credible nominee. She did THAT.

    Now, if she clears her debt by endo f July, she … wait, by the end of next week … shit, by the end of this week! IF SHE CLEARS IT BY TWO WEEKS AGO!!! NYAH! THERE! YOU LOSE GO AWAY!

    And they fucking turn around and go, “How do we make people not feel cheated?” After pulling horseshit like this?! YOU DON’T! You don’t make people not feel cheated after you’ve turned yourselves into knots TO CHEAT THEM!

    Jesus! this is repugnant!

    Sorry, just had to do a little loss of temper there. GAWD, this PISSES ME OFF. They are SUCH FUCKING ASSHOLES. I cannot fathom any so-called “liberal” who can watch this fucking train wreck of corruption and whine at me about how McCain will be worse, so it’s my duty as a liberal to grease up and let the Unity Pony fuck me. WHAT?! This is insanty. This is just fucking insanity. Pantsuit Amazon gets another fifty tonight.

  29. Okay, now my partner is threatening to take my card away. She thinks I’m a bit looney over Hillary. Gave $25 last week, and here is another $50.
    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 7:35 PM EDT
    Contact: Eileen
    Kihei, HI 96753
    Amount: $50.00

    Oops! Just posted this under “Who Killed Old Yeller” but realize you guys want to include it to your running total for today.


  30. dobarah I got you listed earlier today on another thread. Thank ya very much.

    regencyg – He did tell. The bottom banner said that “Clinton supporters” were paying the debt!

    I cheered. I cried. I begged for more!

    Thanks everyone.

    I’m getting bored – someone give it up!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  31. Campskunk only because she waxes with NADS!


    Wrong about Keith O he is only going into spasms he has a high tollerance for his meds-I bet there aint a pint of blood in his eye glazed body-

  32. BO is a nowhere man. (by the Beatles)

    He’s a real nowhere man
    Sitting in his nowhere land
    Making all his nowhere plans for nobody
    Doesn’t have a point of view
    knows not where he’s going to
    He’s as blind as he can be
    Just sees what he wants to see.

  33. Carol –

    Just donated $20.00 to HRC’s website.

  34. Yes, just made it today.

  35. Janis – just let me know when you have finished the “royal fuck”. Post the details (money details, I don’t think I could stand to hear the other details as we all have our own story to tell about beastiality with the Unity Pony) and I will add the totals.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  36. should have said about Keith Oberdozzz-there is not a pintof bllod or drop of tears in his sorry ass waste of skin glazed eyes souless body….some one give another fifty so I can give him a nothe 50 mg’s and see if that puts him out of his misery!


  37. Oh Janis I am right there with you where is pat fuzzy is irritated again by the DeaNC and NoBama for Amerika?

    Pat I need calming down….

  38. and donna gets dunked again the oil is getting hot Donna? well not as hot as where you are going for Dissing our girl Hillary!


  39. Michael: Come over here and sit by me. A big hug, a nice back rub, a cup of green tea should do it. You are doing a fantastic job and need a little nurturing. My son and his partner are outside right now putting up my shutters and making me laugh out loud!

  40. Carol, I’m aiming for tonight — I was aiming for last night, but I ended up falling asleep when I got home. 😛 Long drive …

  41. Janis, don’t poop out. You make me laugh!

  42. Here’s the latest:

    Puma-SF $50
    meileen $50
    Wbever $20

    Total so far:


    Hillary needs $423.32 in the next 8 minutes!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  43. Janis,

    Okay, you killed me. Lose your temper more often. It’s hilarious when you do.

  44. Just checked murphy’s PUMA website. In one half hour the DNC got so many calls they had to shut down! Also, we sent out over 35,000 of those letters in an 8 hour time span!

    Way to go PUMA’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Also, I have my Cosmo bottle chilling and the glass is in the freezer all ready for the Friday night basheroo!

  46. i was in for $75 this am (you probably already counted that), and i just got a $50 t-shirt.

    it’s stand and deliver time for us PUMAs. she showed up for us yesterday on FISA… let’s do it for her now.

  47. She thinks I’m a bit looney over Hillary.

    LOL! We’re all a bit looney over Hillary and PROUD OF IT! I’ll be paying off my “Hillary investment” for quite some time…and I will keep giving as long as she is in the game.

  48. July 10, 2008 7:56 PM EDT
    Contact: Edgeoforever
    Amount: $20.08

  49. go murphy heard the fundraising is going good all over PUMA city and we are really pissing off the DNC OBAMA powers that be….


  50. What are the sources for this information? I have not been reading every front page post so I must have missed it.

  51. this fundraising is so in your face to them @#%$&#(*#$!!! cheaters that they must be shitting great big bricks at the shit storm they have started there better be rioting in Denver! We wonand aint going to be taking any crap from the Unity Pony!

    fuzzybeargville-pat my cosmo’s are chilling too

    say hello to your son and his partner for me

  52. Gave another $50 because I had to have a t-shirt. I think I need to go reread Heidi Li’s admonition not to put my own financial status in jeopardy! But I didn’t want them to run out.


    DATE: July 10, 2008 8:01 PM EDT
    NAME: Valhallaxxxx
    ADDRESS: xxxxxxx
    Medford, MA 02155
    AMOUNT: $50.00


  53. Michael: lol

  54. ok at $ 7500.00 Dean gets his “special” high Colonic and at $ 10,000 Nancy gets her head shaved-untill then ist just upping the dosage on ol’ K Obermann and Dunking Donna in the boiling oil an boy is that fun!


  55. Sorry I’m late. I can do 15.44.

  56. have been raising the temp on donna’s oil bath so she won’t get aclimated to the stuff -Old Scratch is really going to have a hard time punishing her after I am done.


  57. I put in 200.00 this afternoon around 3:15. Its on another thread.

    This is for Hillary:

    To the powerful women I know – Keep the faith!!!

    Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Obama shudders & says…

    ‘Oh shit….she’s awake!!’

    author unknown

  58. chatblu-thanks that is wonderfull we are going to burry her debt-and obama’s run for the white house


    I am leaning hard again we have to get there ladies and gentlemen gust got some new clippers for nancys hair and a nice straight edge to make sure her skull shines….when we are done madam speaker will have to get botox to hide the wrinkles on her skalp!

  59. Read this on Clinton Dems, wanted to get more people to read.

    One Response to “Brazile, Obama Plot to Keep Hillary off Convention Ballot”
    JERZYERNIE, on July 10th, 2008 at 4:36 pm Said:
    Just another Crazy Uncle? It has been widly reported that Michelle Obama practically grew up in Jesse Jacksons house,and is best friends with one of Jesse Jacksons daughters! Jesse Jr is one of Obamas campaign directors, and one of Jesse Jackson kids is one of Barack Obamas daughters god parents.Do not be so Niave people,This is the Politics of Chicago and the Politice of Obama!We are all aware that the Obama Campaign uses the race card anytime it is convenient for the Obama Campaign, as it usually always benefit’s none other then the Obama campaign.This is just another example of another long time Obama cohort { Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, and now Jesse Jackson } making racial statements to deflect attention away from a very problematic time in the Obama campaign. By Jesse Jackson taking this hit in the media,he is getting all the media’s attention off of all the talk of Obama breaking his major campaign promises, in particular The FISA Bill, which Obama had promised his supporters that he would against and decided to vote for the FISA BILL.Yes he has broken another major campaign promise, and has had a very tough week or two, as he has been taking a lot of heat from the media, and even his own supporters. To “deflect” the attention away from Obamas political inexperience, and his FISA Vote yesterday, It is just a little to convenient for The Obama Campaign, headed by Jesse Jackson JR. by the way, that comments made by Jesse Jackson Sr. made Sunday suddenly broke yesterday.Just after Obamas key vote supporting President Bush’s FISA Bill that had been threatening to break even Obamas staunchest of supporters. As of yesterday Obama was being criticized daily by media outlets and supporters alike, about the many flip flops made by the Candidate of Hope and Change, and now even Jesse Jr. came to Obamas defense “Ripping” Jesse Sr’s words, thus successfully deflecting the media attention away from Obamas Hard move to the right! Well played Camp Obama. Now all the pundit’s are talking about is Jesse Jackson not Barack Obama.This is not the Politics of Change, nor is it mere Politics as usual, This is the Politics of Obama. If anyone would like to see how deeply Jesse Jackson is planted in the Obama campaign, go to C-Span and watch the JUNE 29 TH Rainbow Coalition tapes, where you can watch Jesse Jackson and other African American leaders planning the first 30 day’s of The Obama presidency.To bad that it has not been reported how Jesse Jackson Jr. has been treating any elected delegates that did not support Obama thru out this election season.

  60. SimoFish – here- I see my name listed above. I have $100.00 coming in tonight to help retire her debt.

  61. einNC-you just dunked donna Brasile 2 times and gave old Kieth Oberman a nice 100 mg jolt on his meds hes in a complete stupor and drooling wish I had a camera-this would be a Youtube classic oh my kieth just ate a white castle off the floor-so david hasselhoff!


    carol what is the total?

  62. This is from seatourdelegates.com

    The Cause
    Our right to vote. Men fought and died for it during the Revolutionary War. Women and African-Americans marched to be included in it. Today, it is being taken away from 2.3 million people because their state legislatures scheduled their primaries to be held earlier than the rules established by the Democratic National Committee would allow. The voters had no say in this scheduling conflict, yet they are being unfairly punished because of it.

    These much-heralded rules, specifically DNC Delegate Selection Rule 11A [PDF], states the following:

    “No meetings, caucuses, conventions or primaries which constitute the first determining stage in the presidential nomination process (the date of the primary in primary states, and the date of the first tier caucus in caucus states) may be held prior to the first Tuesday in February or after the second Tuesday in June in the calendar year of the national convention. Provided, however, that the Iowa precinct caucuses may be held no earlier than 22 days before the first Tuesday in February; that the Nevada first-tier caucuses may be held no earlier than 17 days before the first Tuesday in February; that the New Hampshire primary may be held no earlier than 14 days before the first Tuesday in February; and that the South Carolina primary may be held no earlier than 7 days before the first Tuesday in February. In no instance may a state which scheduled delegate selection procedures on or between the first Tuesday in February and the second Tuesday in June 1984 move out of compliance with the provisions of this rule.”

    Thus, the rules were not only broken by Florida and Michigan, but also by Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Iowa held their caucus on January 3, 2008 instead of January 14. New Hampshire held their primary on January 8, 2008 instead of January 22. South Carolina held their primary on January 26, 2008 instead of January 29.

    The penalty for violating Rule 11A, according to DNC Delegate Selection Rule 20C1a [PDF], states:

    “In the event the Delegate Selection Plan of a state party provides or permits a meeting, caucus, convention or primary which constitutes the first determining stage in the presidential nominating process to be held prior to or after the dates for the state as provided in Rule 11 of these rules, or in the event a state holds such a meeting, caucus, convention or primary prior to or after such dates, the number of pledged delegates elected in each category allocated to the state pursuant to the Call for the National Convention shall be reduced by fifty (50%) percent, and the number of alternates shall also be reduced by fifty (50%) percent. In addition, none of the members of the Democratic National Committee and no other unpledged delegate allocated pursuant to Rule 8.A. from that state shall be permitted to vote as members of the state’s delegation. In determining the actual number of delegates or alternates by which the state’s delegation is to be reduced, any fraction below .5 shall be rounded down to the nearest whole number, and any fraction of .5 or greater shall be rounded up to the next nearest whole number.”

    According to Rule 20C1a, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan, and Florida should have had their delegates reduced by 50%. However, Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina were not penalized at all to protect their first-in-the-nation status, while Michigan and Florida were stripped of all their delegates. Thus, the DNC is applying the rules arbitrarily.

    We, the Black Sheep Delegation, are committed to seeing that the contests held by Michigan and Florida are recognized and that the votes are counted prior to the end of the 2008 Democratic primary season. Count the votes now, or don’t count on us to vote in November.


    Total Signature Count to Date: 11,783

  63. SimoFish – Let me know. Thanks.

  64. So far my little darlin’s:

    campskunk came through with 2nd donation today $50 more
    edgeoforever $20.08
    Valhalla $50
    chatblu $15.44

    Thank you all so very much.


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  65. RD has the weather improved at your undisclosed location? we have had a break in the rain in florida today….but the heat and humidity-yuck could use some cool weather soon!


  66. wh$ 4712.20 great Roar Puma’s Roar! wish Will were here to see our great effort….

    by the way maybe we should set a deadline for the DNC candidate be up by 15% in ever poll July 28th (my Birthday) or bow out and let the real winner run….Hillary.

    I Hate Dean and Donna with a Capital “F”!

    and that doesnt stand for Fuzzybeargville

  67. new to the site. just gave $25 to hillary to help retire her debt, though i did it before i saw this post about the DNC.
    meanwhile, what are those sources of information? (ryan also asked a few comments ago.) are there links for people to look at?

  68. orange,

    i’m skeptical about Jackson doing this on purpose. it’s been reported that the gaffe almost went unnoticed and was only caught by an intern


    The scathing remarks first came to the attention of an employee working the overnight shift Sunday, who transcribed the tape as part of training for the network’s ongoing digital conversion. Otherwise, “it potentially would have not been discovered,” Shine (FOX’s VP for programming) said.

    the remarks were made on Sunday. i don’t think they could count on the remarks not being noticed on Sunday and only getting play on Wed. if it were intentionally designed to draw attention away from Obama’s FISA vote, Jackson wouldn’t have the remarks on Sunday. also, it’s been reported for quite a while that Jackson was miffed that Obama was distancing himself from Jackson and other black leaders. (SNL even did a cartoon about it.)

    i do wonder if Jackson did this as a way to help Obama move to the center, though.

  69. Contributed $50.00

  70. sorry, my first line should read “i’m sceptical about Jackson doing this to draw attention away from Obama’s FISA vote.” as i say at the end, Jackson may have said it as a way to distance himself from Obama (which might benefit Obama or Jackson.)

  71. I Hate Dean and Donna with a Capital “F”!

    i love that line!

  72. Carol — sorry – let you know what??

  73. SimoFish – when you make the donation. Thanks.

  74. One day someone is going to write a very interesting book on how the Dems ended up with the worst possible nominee in a year that should have been theirs. (If Obama loses in 2008 I expect to see such a book next year; otherwise we will have to wait until he is done reviving Republican fortunes as President.)

    There are many amazing elements of to the story; the strange bitterness of the Democratic establishment towards the only two-term Democratic President since FDR; the way in which so much of the liberal blogosphere tossed out their honesty and credibility in their rush to annoint the Unity Pony; the bizarre nature of the nominating process etc.

    But ultimately the story I think will be about race, and more specifically how the Democrats allowed identity politics to trump any sort of rational decsion making. I’m talking here not about the 85% of the black vote that went to Obama (though without that he would not be the nominee). That was unfortunate but understandable. Instead I refer to the way his skin color induced magical thinking among so many white voters. Reading the comments of countless Obamabots it was clear they saw his race as something that somehow in itself would undo much of the damage of the Bush years, at home and abroad.

    A white candidate with Obama’s thin resume would never have been taken seriously by anyone. But thanks to magical thinking (and a MSM suffering from CDS and a DNC helping to rig the outcome) the Dems have nominated someone whose sole accomplishment in life has been his own advancement, no sooner taking on one role than sprinting ahead for the next one without ever leaving a mark behind in the process.

    And a man whose associates are a bizarre mix of black nationalists, Christian fundamentalists, Chicago School economic libertarians, the corrupt Democratic Chicago political machine, and oil companies execs.

    Yet somehow his having an absent black father turned him into a “transformative agent of change.”

    As I said, I can’t wait to read the book. It will certainly be better to read than it has been to live through.

  75. Sass, I feel the same way. I don’t think Jackson Sr. did this on purpose. It just doesn’t smell orchestrated. This sort of infighting can only make Obama look bad, like it’s turning into some sort of inter-family catfight.

  76. I did $25 earlier

    DATE: July 10, 2008 2:04 PM EDT
    NAME: waldenpond
    AMOUNT: $25.00

  77. Hey Carol!

    Date: July 10, 2008 8:38 PM EDT
    Contact: Ohio
    xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx
    Monroe, WA 98272
    Amount: $100.00

  78. oh — you can count it — a friend of mine is buying me the t-shirts as a “gift” — since I have given $4600.00 already. She insisted that she buy them for me. What a great friend. We all need friends like that. So count it in the total.

  79. Just donated $25 to The Woman.

    You might be interested in the email I sent to the DNC yesterday after receiving their to me incredibly offensively email offer of a free trip to Denver to see the Bright Light come down from Above. Here it is (I was, and am, pissed.)

    July 9, 2008

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Yesterday, being a long-time registered Democrat and frequent online contributor to various Dem campaigns, I received, in the inevitable course of human events, an e-mail under your e-letterhead, signed by David Plouffe, Sen. Obama’s Campaign Mgr., asking for a donation of $5.00 or more by July 31st.

    In the tone of an ad offering a raffle ticket for a cruise to Aruba combined with a come-on to meet a real, live singing star, the copy said that I might then have a chance to be one of 10 who’d be flown free to the Denver convention, to see the candidate’s acceptance speech at a huge (as yet undetermined) stadium, and to meet “Barack” backstage.

    So the Senator’s acceptance speech will be free to whoever acts soon enough to get tickets, in a big outdoor venue instead of in the smaller convention hall before the delegates. This is described in this e-mail as meaning that Denver will be an “Open Convention”.

    Stadium-venue, free-admittance delivery of a speech which accepts a nomination arranged by the current ruling faction of the Democratic Party to be fore-ordained does not mean that the preceeding convention has been “open”.

    The actions (both public and sequestered) of the Rules and Bylaws Committee in Michigan guaranteed that the convention will not be open. The proposal—perhaps not yet confirmed—that Senator Clinton’s name will not even be put in nomination on the first ballot, a courtesy of long standing to other candidates, is insulting confirmation of the Closure of this gathering. You could hold Senator Obama’s acceptance speech in the middle of a 15,000-acre, fenceless Iowa cornfield, or in my backyard, and it still wouldn’t be an open convention.

    I don’t like being addressed, and treated, the way Target Demographics are treated by advertisers.

    It is true that I am white, middle-class, female, and over 60. That, in Davids Axelrod and Plouffe’s eyes, would make me a bitter old feminist who has yet to “get over it”, but who also has “no place else to go”, and therefore profitably cullable from the Clinton database.

    On the other hand, I am a graphic designer and copywriter by current trade, which I imagine puts me in the “creative class”. I ought, by the wisdom of this campaign, to be the type who grasps the Hope and Change Gestalt in a holistic way, and who knows that the current rightward shift of the candidate’s rhetoric (and voting) is only a campaign feint, that he will return to his true progressiveness next January.

    I do not so grasp, or know. I am interested in facts – like the fact that Sen. Obama has no section on women’s issues on his website, or the fact that he was unwilling to put in any substantial time learning how to legislate in either the Illinois Senate or the US Senate before laying claim to the Presidency of the goddamn United States. I am interested in policy – like the impracticability of non-universal health care coverage, or the unConstitutional presidential power grab built into the new FISA law that Senator Obama voted for. I am interested in the power of the President of the U.S. to destroy, wreck, and subvert, on a national and worldwide scale, as demonstrated during the last 8 crony-rotten years. I consider many of Sen. Obama’s choices and past actions to show a tendency for power-consolidation that is scarcely surprising in someone who has benefitted as he has from the traditions of Chicago politics.

    I am not, nor ever will be, one of the Hillraisers who are balking at the Obama campaign’s approaches, as described in July 7th’s Wall Street Journal – I can’t threaten you with potential millions withheld.

    I do have “another place to go” this coming November. My own living room. I am not alone in this. You would do well to keep all this in mind, and so would Sen. Obama.

    Yours very truly,

  80. Tdraicer, white liberals have always used color issues not to really help or support or (god help them) understand people of color, but only to win points against other white liberals. They don’t really care about helping black people or any other people of color. They just want to win arguments with the person in the next suburban McMansion over or score against another parent in their kid’s play group. Or the other upper-class kids in their college classes. It’s really gross. They don’t care.

  81. Janis / Sass — I disagree – I think it has Chicago politics written all over it. What do the Jacksons have to lose? Nothing. Jesse is yesterday’s news – his son can blast him – it’s all in the family. The grand plan is for Barry to get elected. They’ll do and say anything.

  82. sassysenora how you tonight –

    and alicia every $ 50.00 donaton gives you your choice of dunking Donna in a vat of boiling Oil provided by the cheney-bush-obama energy bill…or upping the dosage on Keith Oberman’s meds rightnow he is a practicle mass of jello spasming out, drooling, and eating white castles off the floor like david hasselhoff!

    cricket since you are new to me I will let you dunk Donna in the boiling oil for you $ 25.00 donation.

    what is your choice here


  83. DUNK!
    Hey–did everyone see (over at mydd) that BO apparently had a very bad fundraising month in June?
    Meanwhile you all are at 5K in less than 24 hours!

  84. Hey, Michael, when I slap a fifty at her tonight, can I flatten Olbermann’s canned-ham shaped head like a piece of typing paper? Pretty please?

  85. While fuzzy gets the oil ready, I will post the newest totals!

    cricketintimessquare $25 welcome and thanks
    Alicia, Ontario, CA $50 (I just came back from LA, damn it is hot there)
    waldenpond $25
    Ohio $100
    Simofish $100
    Li’l Innocent $25



    You Rock, You Rock, You Rock!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  86. sure Janis I dont think he will put up much fight with the meds he’s been taking he will need a 24 step program to come down from this i just threw another white castle(krystal for my fellow southerners) on the floor for Keith its cute to see him go after them.

    Cricket Donna got dunked good and she is spending so much time in the tank she’s looking par-bioled may have to let that MCCasskiller woman take her place for a few rounds she is just as bad….


  87. a quick note to add my $50 contribution at 8:50 this evening

    Will try to catch up with comments later this evening.

  88. Just found the rules – they cannot keep her from being on the first ballot. Not sure why this is not being made more clear to all of her supporters, but by my interpretation, unless Ms. Brazile or Ms. Pelosi become the Permanent Chair and then refuse to hear others in the room, Hillary will certainly be nominated.

    Here’s a link. Hopefully there is a lawyer who has bellied up to the bar tonight and can interpret for us:

    Click to access 981e3333676783e79f_rcm6beihu.pdf

  89. $ 5000.00 dollars grrrreat big Puma Growl everyone carol you are doing a wonderful job…Its going to be a real good cocktail victroy party tommorrow…Pat did your boys get the shutters up yet?


    Oh boy this is wonderfull “the One” has just showed up for a few rounds in the oil vat yes for the next hour the One Obambi him self has made him self available for dunking in his own bush-cheney-obama energy bill oil Janis you may wanna use your $50.00 for this…

  90. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 8:51 PM EDT
    Contact: lyn5
    Amount $50.00

  91. Great letter Li’l Innocent.

  92. Oh, if you’re checking out the link, go to pages 16 and 17 or you’ll fall asleep by page 8.

  93. and lyn5’s $50.00 sends Obama into the vat of boiling oil…sizzle sizzle-this is what we mean big “o” when we say give till it hurts….


  94. Michael: Half of them are up. They just left. Gave them some strawberry shortcake and they are happy! Just a reminder: Kathy G is on at 10 tonight.

  95. Great letter, Li’l Innocent.

  96. Newsflash!

    Obama’s a Republican.

  97. and we have Obama in the tank 4 more times woopie he really is going to understand after an hour in that vat of cheney-bush-obama energy bill oil that we really mean it when we say PUMAs-Just say no deal!

    yeah! remember Dean gets the “special” high colonic at $ 7500.00! I have brought in Margret Cho to give the high colonic comentary she loves hillary!


  98. Thought you folks might like to see this post from NOQUARTER:

    Comment by HARP | 2008-07-10 19:44:12

    Good News

    Senator Clinton’s delegates have been coordinating on their own, however, which they have every right to do. They are supporting one another and attempting to prepare a nominating petition to be used at the convention if the usual rules apply. Of course none of Senator Clinton’s delegates want to put her in an awkward position, either during the current negotiations or at the party convention itself.

    Throughout the day, the Clinton delegates have been preparing a petition, which requires the collection of a certain number of delegate signatures from different state delegations. Then, they need a safe place to send their signatures. It is with real honor that I tell readers of this space that the delegates have asked me to consider to accepting their signatures and to keep the paperwork safe until the time when it can be used to aid Senator Clinton. The delegates know I will guard that paperwork with my life. They also know that I will not release it without being sure that any such release will not harm Senator Clinton, who I continue to hold in the highest esteem.


    Off to dinner now.

    See you later!

  99. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 9:12 PM EDT
    Dallas, TX
    Amount: $50.00

  100. We need an exterminator or a dictionary for “Newsflash!”

  101. texasdem – I’m in Las Colinas!

  102. thanks pat –

    Newsflash-you $^&%^$#!!(_)&**^&%$##@! obama will too-

    As glenda the good witch said “…be gone you have no powers here….before some one drops a hous on you and your little candidate too!…”


  103. Carol, no kidding! I live in Carollton and work in Addison.

  104. Michael- add me

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 9:12 PM EDT


    Amount: 10.00

  105. Nobody knows where Carrollton is so I always say Dallas.

  106. I’m not an official PUMA, just a lurker in full sympathy. But I gave Hillary $100 this morning.


    DATE: July 10, 2008 9:16 PM EDT
    NAME: xxxxxxxx
    ADDRESS: xxxxxx
    xxxx, OH
    AMOUNT: $50.00

    I will do more next week

  108. Just wanted to add that, in addition to the $20.08, I sent $100 and bought a tshirt. Don’t know how to transfer the Contribution Details to a blog–am mostly just a lurker and enjoy being a PUMA.

  109. From the MyDD post about Obama’s fundraising has not met expecations, a commenter says:

    my fear: what if a huge chunk of obama’s money was anti-clinton and now that she’s gone they are too. can we get the anti-clinton to become pro-obama or did he screw himself on pub financing?

    by Doug Tuttle on Thu Jul 10, 2008 at 08:43:11 PM EST

    :::snickering like the dog in the cartoon that leads this post::::

  110. Donated 50.00 last night, and another 50.00 this afternoon. please add to the total. $100.00

  111. If terrorists attack the mile high stadium and hurt or maim thousands of people will Hillary be blamed for that also?

    Fuzzybear throwing another white castle at a drooling babbling souless Keith Obermann

    yea texdem obama in the vat again -what ? you are sorry for you FISA flip flop it was hillary’s fault? you were trying to show bipartisanship? oops sorry I accidentally hit the dunk button…sorry big “o” maybe some of those faith based initiatives will pull you out of that oil?

    fuzzybeargville-I am leaning again before I have to join Pat at the TV watching Kathy Griffin

  112. Just made a donation for $15.00.

    All I could muster but wanted to have at least a small part in bringing down Senator Clinton’s campaign debt to thank her for continuing to fight for those who supported her under horrendous circumstances.

  113. curly mustache

    Campskunk only because she waxes with NADS!
    Wrong about Keith O he is only going into spasms he has a high tollerance for his meds-I bet there aint a pint of blood in his eye glazed body-

    I could only start typing once my shoulders quit heaving from laughing my ass off…I love you people!!

    What in the Sam Hill does our girl’s debt have to do with the vote at the Convention?! Especially given the Precious claimed he’d help her and so far his efforts haven’t amounted to JACK SQUAT!

    HEAR PUMA ROAR! I’m counting the days till Denver, ppl…and socking away a bunch of t-shirts with big cats on ’em 😉

  114. Fuzzy: Hillary is blamed for everything that goes wrong in Baracktrack’s life. I was part of the Big Orange FISA diary mayhem last night and indeed, they were blaming Hillary. Like she pushed the wrong button for him.

  115. caseyinfl you sweet thing I will let you dunk obama in the oil because I know you love hillary so!

    Birdgal you get a obama dunk and I am giving Kieth another dose of his meds look he’s tinkling on the floor as my grandma would say…I am almost out of whit castles….pat could you get me some?


  116. Howard is on Hannity right now!

  117. Today I gave another 50 to Hillary. I must be near the max.
    Whatever it takes, I’m there for her.

    I have given nothing to the DNC or to my state dem party.
    They will get my cash when pigs fly.

    Go Hillary. She’s the SMART CHOICE.

  118. Michael: You need only ask. Anything for you. With or without ketsup?

  119. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 9:29 PM EDT
    Contact: Carolyn in PA
    Windber, PA 15963
    Amount: $20.08

  120. meileen, on July 10th, 2008 at 8:57 pm Said:

    i posted that link for you downthread. did you see my comments there?

  121. Good evening everyone. What a great job on donation for our girl tonight! I cannot donate tonight, but I did donate $50.00 yesterday, when I got her email.

  122. Elanor you ar obviously a person of great taste in humor…

    geeze gotta get Obama out of the boiling oil he’s flip flopping around like a gasping fish in the love canal cant have him expiring before his coronation in denver!


  123. Hillary gives off terrible body language vibes. Yikes.

  124. I want to welcome all the lurkers to our fish pond. It’s awesome here, pull up a futon and get yourself a pink PUMA. They’re marvelous drinks. Thank you so much for your time and hard-earned money. *hillary high-five* to all of you.

  125. “I was part of the Big Orange FISA diary mayhem last night and indeed, they were blaming Hillary. Like she pushed the wrong button for him.”

    Yeah, it was mean of her to vote the way they wanted. Now they’re feeling all squinky about their chosen one.

    Bless their hearts, they’re idiots.

  126. I am willing to pay Donna B for a seat close up to Obama in Denver. Since she is making all the “seating arrangements” for this event, I want to be close enough that when I hurl it will have the desired effect.

    And if Donna is doing the “seating arrangements” I am sure she can secure a position on Bridezillas as soon as her hatchet job has concluded. They are always looking for somebody over there to calm the bride down and who better than Donna B?

  127. only 10 more minutes to dunk obama in the boiling oil!
    what is that senator-

    what is that senator Obama?

    You say women shoud “get over it” and there is nothing wrong with requiring a woman to get a not from her pastor before she terminates a pregancy?

    oops hit he dunk button Fuzzybear is having a palsy attack or two tonight

  128. Gayle : couldn’t happen to a more appropriate set of idiots, I might add

  129. ALERT – I will be changing my mantra at the end of my comments!

    texasdem from Carrollton Texas $50
    caseyinfl $10
    derridog $100
    ACT $50
    kayakpond $20.08
    kayakpond $20.08
    Birdgal $50
    Birdgal $50 (no, not a mistake)
    blognovia $15
    Flyfisher $50



    We can make it to $6500 before 9 CDST!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  130. sorry note from her pastor… he is so hard to hear through that boiling oil-


  131. Thank you Micheal –

    Well, off to walk the dog- He’s a PUMA to the bone.
    First time I’ve been able to walk him since late January. Thanks to the good spirits and laughter from yall my healing continues.

  132. Just ordered a Tee. Does that net me a Dunkin’ Donna? I’ll settle for a Dunkin’ Dean since I’m an equal opportunity anti-demagogue and PUMA affiliate.

  133. Carol, on July 10th, 2008 at 3:03 pm Said:

    Okie Dokey:

    Since my last post: “DRUM ROLL”
    pm317’s Husband $100 (good husband)

    Carol, I wrote this two threads down but you’re here!
    My husband smiled a satisfied smile when I told him what you wrote here 🙂 Thanks for the laugh!

  134. $20.08 for me.

  135. Thanks carol a big PUMA Roar for all our giveing members this hour


  136. Oh what the heck! How do I get the TShirt?

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 9:42 PM EDT
    Contact: Carolyn in PA
    Windber, PA 15963
    Amount: $50.00

  137. Carol, I gave 50 earlier today, did you get that?

  138. I think if the Democratic Party pulls this number on Clinton and does not let her be placed in nomination and her earned delegates recorded then that will definitely be it for me, forever for the Democratic Party. I think there are likely to be 18 million very pissed off Dems and I think we should form a special group within PUMA and JustSayNODEAL with the clear aim of doing everything we can to get these votes cast and if that does not happen then get pledges from that 18 million person army to not vote for Obama—anyone but. Such a disenfranchisement has never, ever happened in my memory which spans more than 50 years of Democratic presidential conventions. I have no problem with an acclamation (even though I don’t think Obama has really won this) but to not recognize all the candidates who earned delegates and how many they earned is to make a mockery of the whole process—why should anyone vote if they have no assurance that their vote will not be at least officially tabulated. This is not about the candidates; this is about the voters. But for Brazile, Obama and crowd, it is always just about Obama. His grandiosity is the grandiosity of a profound addict. Maybe Bush will leave a pipe for him.

  139. have a good walk casey –

    hey annie em Obama is filling in for donna during her break you get to dunk “the one” but he’s really looking twice as parboiled as donna brazile in half the time…Ithink it is his thin skin…

    this guys is toast if the republicans get him


  140. Date: July 10, 2008 9:46 PM EDT
    Contact: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Laredo, TX 78043
    Amount: $100.00

  141. SophieL, on July 10th, 2008 at 9:26 pm Said:

    From the MyDD post about Obama’s fundraising has not met expecations, a commenter says:

    Oh! Sweet victory if we can raise enough to pay off her debt before the end of this week. DNC could have reaped the benefits too if they had played their cards right. Unfortunately they backed the wrong horse.

  142. I just watched Megan Mullally & Megan Mullally on Kathy Griffin: My Life On the D-List. Did I mention I love my gay icons?

    I love Megan almost as much as I love Big Dawg.

  143. Good god allmighty! Look at this cash fly!

    Fuzzy and Carol, my eyes are welling. What generosity and patriotism!

    I’m going to visit that carnival tonight. It’s a warm night, and I’m feeling restless, possibly a little sadistic.

    I am keenly interested in what the delegates currently have in mind. I hope they see the same forward motion that we do. It’s so important that we give them support to stand strong. Please keep us posted.

  144. Pat – it will be easy to get a seat near Obama in Denver.

    We will all be watching him drive his Chevrolet SUV away with Michelle in the front seat shooting gang signs at us while the girls cry “President Hillary WILL BE OUR ROLE MODEL AFTERALL!”

    Moments later, his ex-Secret Service staff will take him and Michelle into custody to stand trial for their financial dealings in Illinois.

    Don’t worry, CPS will find the appropriate family members to raise the kids.

    In 2016, President Hillary will take President Elect, Chelsea’s advice and not grant the pardon.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  145. danikikat – Thanks – it was on an earlier Tally.

  146. regency: I am off to watch this week’s episode of Kathy G. I would love to see a show with her and Mario Cantone. Hilarious!

    Big Dawg will always be your #1.

  147. Carol:In 2016, President Hillary will take President Elect, Chelsea’s advice and not grant the pardon.

    If ONLY!

  148. Woopppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Carolyn in PA $20.08
    prplvette85 $50
    okasha skat’si $100

    Grand Total – Actually over 6 Grand Total:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  149. For Carol and Hillary’s mom:
    I know, it’s only rock and rule but I like it.

    (Hillary’s mom is a big Stones fan.)

  150. Well “the one” has left he could only give us an hour in the boiling oil vat and Donna is back looking a little refreshed we sent her to the golden corral buffet and she pigged out!

    Donna told me she is holling the “hot oil” treatment takes off a few “deadender” pounds as well!

    oh and before I forget obama wanted to thank everyone for giving for Hillary he will try not to take all the credit for her paying off her debt.


  151. A cute t-shirt for me, and freedom for Hillary!
    Go PUMAs!!!!!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 9:59 PM EDT
    Contact: Marirebel
    Amount: $50.00

  152. Okay – let’s go $7000 by 10 CDST!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  153. Can I get a PUMA bumper sticker? I want a Hillary sticker for the left, McCain on the right and a big PUMA in the middle.

  154. kathy G has got her assistance giving a class at the learning annex….to funny

    well everyone have a good night and some one take over the dunking booth….for me oh my god just saw $ 6000.00+ dollars

    fuzzybeargville lovin’ all the PUMA’s tonight

  155. Fuzzy – don’t you know that some of us old broads need depends when we read your comment
    nmp $50
    michelina $50
    Phala in NC $50
    lyn5 $50

    Total so far:


    I say we can hit $6000 before 9 CDST. What say you?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  156. McCain raised $22 million in June; the RNC 26 million. The RNC has $69 million CoH.

    Obama has not revealed his June haul. And Dean is incompetent.

  157. Wow–$6k already!

    The Bots aren’t making history; they are> history!

  158. What did HRC raise in June?

    I occasionally have a panic attack that goes something like this. The RNC and Repugs in general know they are in deep do-do. They figure Obama is so bad that the best thing to do is just let him be elected POTUS and the results will be so bad that the DNC and Democrats in general are destroyed, in jail or all hiding under a huge, giant nationwide bus.

  159. HAH! $50!

    *picks up giant sledgehammer*


    *flattens Olbermann’s head remarkably easily since it’s a big paper mache helium filled bag*

  160. Carol,

    Sorry, just checked in… mine was just one $100.00, not two. Thanks!

  161. I think his June numbers are down because his money was coming from Repubs who wanted the weaker opponent. That would also explain how even though he outspent her by miles, he could barely keep his lead. Especially looking at that graphic that was posted here last night, showing the steady decline (with a few spikes) in his website hits since SDT.

  162. OK, got one!


    DATE: July 10, 2008 10:20 PM EDT
    NAME: xxx
    ADDRESS: Raleigh, NC
    AMOUNT: $50.00


    Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

  163. All of the republicans who were donating to Obama went back to the RNC.

    July 10, 2008 10:08 PM EDT
    NAME: Linda

    AMOUNT: $50.0

  164. Totally off-topic, but do most folks here read this blog from the website or through feed readers? If you’re using a feed reader, which one do you use?

  165. OMG – you PUMA$ are awesome!

    Marirebel $50
    Janis $50
    Indi $50
    Linda C $50



    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    (Thanks elixir.)

  166. SophieL, I just come to the website.

  167. Sophie, I come straight here. I don’t bother with a feed;I usually use this site’s or Anglachel’s blogroll as a sort of feed. 🙂

  168. I just sent my $50.


    DATE: July 10, 2008 10:30 PM EDT
    AMOUNT: $50.00


  169. Well, now I get the bears thing. I’m getting my gay-edjumakayshun

  170. regencyg- you did not know about bears?


  171. Let’s go – I’m getting bored. Don’t make me wake up fuzzy to lean and lean hard!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  172. Carol, do you know how many other sites are running these fundraisers in parallel?

  173. Ok. You talked me into it. I gave another $25.

  174. SophieL, on July 10th, 2008 at 10:46 pm Said:

    Carol, do you know how many other sites are running these fundraisers in parallel?

    HRC Forum has been buzzling all day. So many people have bought the winning t-shirt.


  175. Carol: Count me in!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 10:43 PM EDT
    Amount: $50.00

  176. Fuzzy, I swear to god I did not know. Kathy Griffin has taught me a lesson. Excuse me while I love this show more than ever. Now, I’m putting the pieces together. I think I love you more than I did before.

  177. HH’s Sistachristianlouboutin, sista to her friends just contributed $ 50.00 for the conflunce Carol add her up carol-

  178. I believe all of the PUMA sites are up and going strong.

    We were told yesterday that we had through July 11 to get it done!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  179. The Puma facebook sites are doing the pay down hillary’s debt things …

  180. Our latest Heroes to the Cause:

    Shiska $50
    Windy $25
    Bonita $50

    Total so far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  181. I need $7500 for fuzzy’s next performance!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  182. regency one of the guys in the pic with her is a friend of a friend I met him at gay days at Disney World-last month-nice guy

    Sista said she wanted to to take a pair of sizzors to obama like Jesse J suggested-


  183. I think it’s really telling that McCain had a record setting fundraising month and the Obama campaign is being oddly quiet about their numbers …

    Real Women Pay down HILLARY’s debt … and do not donate to the precious!

  184. For Hillary. Thank you for everything. I actually now know what a hero looks like.

    Contribution Details

    Date: July 10, 2008 10:55 PM EDT
    Contact: Linda
    Indianapolis, IN
    Amount: $100.00

  185. dakinikat: I’ve never been to a facebook site.

  186. It’s embarrassinly small, but it is more than I can afford right now.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 10:55 PM EDT
    Contact: leslie former democrat
    xxxxxxx, IL

    Amount: $10.00

  187. cripes ! again with the typos……


  188. Leslie former democrat: There is NO amount too small. Believe that. Hillary appreciates it and so does everyone here.

  189. We must remember that this DNC imposed time table is illegal and since their candidate is a wimp with bush ears I expect he will cave to public pressure and this deadline thing will die a death like the Obama seal remember “vero possumus” or maybe HOUND?

    these guys are nothing to be afraid of- fuzzybear alone would take out a good number of them-

    have you evertried to breathe witha bear sitting on you?

    fuzzybeargville-no longer letting Donna Dean or Barak dictate to me what I have to do….I am done with them~!

  190. dakinikat,

    sounds like it was a bad month for Obama. wonder how they’re going to pay for Invesco Field?

  191. sophie: I’m on facebook mostly to watch my teenage daughter and her older sister … plus lots of my students there, but Will Bower is there and a several other Puma sites including one run by Amy Goldman …

  192. sassy … hopefully, they won’t be able too!!!

  193. Love Kathy and the Bears! Poor Woz does not have a clue.

  194. I’m on facebook mostly to watch my teenage daughter and her older sister …

    lol. that’s why i’m not on Facebook.

    i know i’d probably check out my daughter’s page and her friends’ pages. that seems intrusive to me. i don’t have good self-control when it comes to things like that.

  195. Hi everyone, sassy, I have been wondering the same thing. It was announced just as we were discussing the money problems that the DNC has been having paying for the convention….what am I missing? Is this a private “donation” from the Mile High City?

  196. I’m on facebook, too. I’ve got a ton of Hillary/McCain people on my friends list.

  197. fuzzy -has to sleep because I am helping my friend who cnnot drive this weekend he is still getting used to his new siezure control medication and cant drive.

    If (sorry when)we hit $ 7500.00 tonight I will probably be asleep. Do not worry I will ensure every body gets to enjoy Dean finally getting his comeupance.

    We will do it tommorrow night at the cocktail party if we hit $ 10,000.00 nancy gets a fuzzybear haircut and shave-may let carol take care of that one as a reward for her good work here.

    night all fuzzy is tired

  198. fuzzy – I don’t know how to post that! What’s the name?

  199. Hey guys, I donated just now…Money is tight but it was well worth it…

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 11:02 PM EDT
    Contact: D…….
    Amount: $50.00

  200. As a teenager, I’ve learned that the best thing you can do for your mother is be honest. Then, she’ll trust you and never actually want to look into what you get into. Then again, I’ve always been utterly trustworthy. I can lie to many people, but it’s always been me and ma against the world so I’ve made it a point to never be dishonest with her. My journals, blogs, and profiles are an open book to her. She knows what I’m like.

  201. CAROL, FUZZY-

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 11:07 PM EDT
    Contact: dean
    bellingham, WA 98229
    Amount: $25.00

  202. Good night, Fuzzy!

  203. regencyg – You are a teenager! We are going to have to wash your eyes out with soap from reading the language here!

    Love you!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  204. oops new thread-

  205. Nite Michael.

  206. regency, you must make your Mom very proud of you.

  207. sistachristian (EJ) $ 50.00 we were yahooing when I wrote that …made a contribution

    the late night lounge is oppen

  208. Come on everyone – I want to play beauti-operator on Nancy (and, I will only be shaving her ears and her back)!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  209. My fear is that they will force her to go on his ticket as VP if everything else fails. I fervently hope she won’t do it. Is there something PUMA should be doing to send that signal to her — that she should not do it? Would she do it? I know our focus now is to get her on the ballot at the convention and try to get them to let the chips fall where they may with the roll call vote. I am not very optimistic about that happening and especially reversing the course and I worry about this half fix of a VP position.

  210. Love you, too, Fuzzy!

    My mom made me who I am. She is the reason I swoon over William Jefferson Clinton. She taught me what a tall glass of sex looks like. Looks like the 42nd President.

  211. carolyn,

    i’m pretty sure that donating the use of a building would be considered a donation and subject to the contribution limits. i’m not sure how much it would cost to rent out Invesco Field for a day (or maybe longer if they need special security, etc. that takes a while to install).

    it just seems odd that the Dems can’t even pay for what they had already scheduled then they add this other big expense.

    regencyg, i trust my daughter completely. but i’m still nosy! lol

    i’m not sure if she’d mind if i read her page or not. she’s always been very private. trustworthy but private.

  212. regencyg – Get the soap!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

    Totals on the next Thread!

  213. regency: You are now officially in the Time Out corner until further notice.

  214. pm317: Truth is that ticket would still sink because somebody would start reminding everybody that it would still be BO’s hand on the button while Hillary is playing footsie with Bill at Blair House. That is not a frakking solution.

  215. ps regencyg, if i didn’t trust my daughter, i probably would read her page!

  216. reqencyg – we wouldn’t have to worry – he would be pushing the wrong button!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  217. I aspire the Time Out corner. Bill’s hear a lot and he may need a nice loooonnnngggg hug.

  218. Add me to your list. I’m not in position right now to give a lot, but I sent $25 today.

  219. Carol, Fuzzy, Pat, REgency…aw, the whole gang – thanks for a terrific night!!!! We did good. Good night and sweet dreams (of Hillary in Denver on stage delivering a speech to her superdelegates).

  220. Nene, thank you! You’ll be added to the list as soon as our resident accountant gets back. Thank you so much. Every little bit helps.

    Good night Elixir!

  221. pm317

    Don’t worry, they would rather go down in flames than admit they need our girl Hillary. They won’t put her on the ticket. It’s not just her they want to drive out of the party, but all she represents and her base.

    The fact that (see Heidi Li’s Potpourri) they are negotiating her convention role this month says in big fat smokin’ letters that he won’t pick her. Otherwise, why negotiate her ‘role’?

    BUT… having said that, Pres and VP are voted on separately on the GE ballot. Can you imagine if she was Barky’s running mate and McCain won Pres and she won VP? Lol l might die laughing.

  222. We have Hillary on the first ballot. Now we need these supers to wake up. Fax, email, and write them. Note: Hillary won these states so they have no excuse.

    1. DNC John Davies
    2. DNC Blake Johnson
    3. DNC Cindy Spanvers
    4. Tony Knowles

    1. Gov. Janet Napolitano
    2. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
    3. Rep. Harry Mitchell
    4. Rep. Raul Grijalva
    5. DNC Charlene Fernandez
    6. Terry Goddard

    1. Sen. Barbara Boxer
    2. Rep. Anna Eshoo
    3. Rep. Xavier Becerra
    4. Rep Barbara Lee
    5. Rep Adam Schiff
    6. Rep. George Miller
    7. Rep Henry Waxman
    8. Rep. Howard Berman
    9. Rep Linda Sanchez
    10. Rep Zoe Lofgren
    11. Rep Lois Capps
    12. Rep Pete Stark
    13. Rep Jim Costa
    14. Rep Dennis Cardoza
    15. Rep Jerry MCNerney
    16. Rep Sam Farr
    17. Rep Bob Filner
    18. Rep Maxine Waters
    19. Rep Susan Davis
    20. DNC Hon. Eric Garcetti
    21. DNC Norma Torres
    22. DNC Jeremy Bernard
    23. DNC Mary Ellen Early
    24. DNC Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker
    25. DNC Steven Alari
    26. DNC Inola Henry
    27. DNC Edward Espinoza
    28. DNC Vernon Watkins
    29. DNC Crystal Strait
    30 DNC John Perez
    31. DNC Kamil Hasan
    32. DNC Garry Shay
    33. DNC Rachel Binah
    34. DNC Christine Pelosi
    35. DNC Robert Rankin
    36. William Quay Hays
    37. Lou Paulson

    1. Rep. Robert Wexler
    2. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    3. Rep. Alcee L. Hastings
    4. Rep Corrine Brown
    5. Rep. Kendrick B. Meek
    6. Rep. Ron Klein
    7. DNC Allan Katz
    8. DNC Joyce Cusack
    9. Rep. Kathy Castor
    10. DNC Janee Murphy
    11. DNC Diane Glasser
    12. DNC Mitchell Ceasar
    13. Dan Gelber

    1. Gov. Steve Beshear
    2. Rep. John Yarmuth
    3. ERep. Ben Chandler

    1. Gov. Deval Patrick
    2. Sen. John Kerry
    3. Sen. Ted Kennedy
    4. Rep. William Delahunt
    5. Rep. Michael Capuano
    6. Rep. John Olver
    7. Rep. Nikki Tsongas
    8. DNC John Walsh
    9. DNC Margaret Xifaras
    10. DNC Raymond Jordan
    11. DNC David O’Brueb
    12 DNC Alan Solomont
    13. DNC Paul Kirk
    14. DNC Debra Kozikowski

    1. Rep. John Conyers
    2. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick
    3. DNC Lauren Wolfe
    4. DNC Robert Ficano
    5. DNC Eric Coleman
    6. DNC Eric Coleman
    7. DNC Virgie Rollins
    8. DNC Brenda Lawrence
    9. DNC LU Battaglieri
    10. DNC Joyce Lalonde
    11. DNC Debbie Dingell
    12. DNC Richard Wiener

    New Jersey:
    1. Sen. Frank Lautenberg
    2. Rep. Steve Rothman
    3. Rep. Rush Holt
    4. Rep. Donald Payne
    5. DNC Christine Roz Samuels
    6. DNC Donald Norcross
    7. DNC Dana Redd

    1. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid
    2. DNC Steven Horsford
    3. DNC Teresa Benitez- Thompson
    4. DNC Yvonne Gates
    5. DNC Catherine COrtez Masto
    6. Sam Lieberman

    New Hampshire:
    1. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter
    2. Rep. Paul HOdes
    3. DNC Raymond Buckley
    4. DNC Hon. Martha Fuller Clark

    New Mexico:
    1. Gov. Bill Richardson
    2. Sen. Jeff Bingaman
    3. Fmr DNC Chair Fred Harris
    4. Rep. Tom Udall
    5. DNC Brian Colon
    6. Laurie Weahkee

    New York:
    1. Rep. Gary Ackerman
    2. Rep. Michael Arcuri
    3. Rep Timothy Bishop
    4. Rep. Josheph Crowley
    5. Rep Eliot Engel
    6. Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand
    7. Rep. John Hall
    8. Rep. Brian Kiggins
    9. Rep. Maurice Hinchey
    10. Rep. Steve Israel
    11. Rep. Nita Lowey
    12. Rep. Carolyn Maloney
    13. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy
    14. Rep. Michael McNulty
    15. Rep. Gregory Meeks
    16. Rep. Jerrold Nadler
    17. Rep. Charles Rangel
    18. Rep. Jose Serrano
    19. Rep. Louise Slaughter
    20. Rep. Edolphus Towns
    21. Rep. Nydia Velazquez
    22.Rep. Anthony Weiner
    23. Rep. Yvette D. Clarke
    24. DNC Marianne Spraggins

    1. Gov Ted Strickland
    2. Sen. Sherrod Brown
    3. Rep. Betty Sutton
    4. Rep. Zach Space
    5. Rep. Tim Ryan
    6. DNC Chris Redfern
    7. DNC David Wilhelm
    8. DNC Sonni Nardi
    9. DNC Mark Mallory
    10. DNC Rhine McLin
    11. DNC Enid Goubeaux
    12. DNC Joyce Beatty
    13. Dave Reagan
    14. Gov. Brad Henry
    15. DNC Kitty Asberry
    16. DNC Mike Morgan
    17. DNC Kalyn Free
    18. DNC Jay Parmley
    19. DNC Ivan Holmes
    20. Reggie Whitten

    1. Sen. Bob Casey
    2. Rep. Mike Doyle
    3. Rep. Patrick Murphy
    4. Rep. Chaka Fattah
    5. Rep. Bob Brady
    6. Rep. Jason Altmire
    7. DNC Carol Ann Campbell
    8. DNC Leon Lynch

    Rhode Island:
    1. Sen. Jack Reed
    2. Rep. Patrick Kennedy
    3. DNC Patrick Lynch

    South Dakota:
    1. Fmr Sen. Tom Daschle
    2. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
    3. DNC Jack Billion
    4. DNC Sharon Stroschein
    5. DNC Nicholas Nemec

    1. Gov. Phil Bredesen
    2. Rep. Jim Cooper
    3. Rep. Steve Cohen
    4. DNC Lois DeBerry
    5. DNC Will Cheek
    6. DNC Gray Sasser
    7. DNC Inez Crutchfield

    West Virginia:
    1. Gov. Joe Manchin
    2. Sen. Jay Rockefeller
    3. Sen. Robert Byrd
    4. Rep. Nick Rahall
    5. Rep. Alan Mollohan
    6. DNC Nick Casey

  223. Contribution Details

    Date: July 11, 2008 1:11 AM EDT

    Contact: Juju53

    Amount: $50.00

  224. Personally, I preferred one of the other T-shirt designs, but that didn’t stop me from donating $100 at Hillary’s website.

  225. I don’t think she would accept being his running mate, and there is no way he can force her to be his running mate.

    I cannot envision her wasting her time as understudy for anyone – and least of all for some man. The vice presidency is simply not a good enough job for her.

  226. Independence Day Money Bomb
    DATE: July 4, 2008 12:01 PM EDT
    AMOUNT: $20.44

    Cause I Need To Go On A Diet Anyway And Besides, I Get Another Hillary Shirt
    DATE: July 9, 2008 3:23 PM EDT
    AMOUNT: $50.00

  227. Carol, etc. Good job!

    Just now went to the website…sent Hil another $100.00…

    PUMAs love tunafish and peanutbutter, right? (Not in the same sandwich, of course….)

  228. Thanks gang!

    Totals on the latest threat.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  229. […] Rescue Mission! (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) According to our reliable sources, … the DNC has been pressuring Hillary  to pay her campaign debt or it will force her to release her delegates or have a merely symbolic role at the convention.  Originally, they were going to give her til the end of the month to pay the rent, then they moved it up to July 15.  Now, it’s imminent.  Drat!  Hillary must be flipping some of the Superdelegates or the DNC wouldn’t be so dastardly. Oh, heck, sure they would. They’re like that. Once again, we are asking you to do the impossible and reach down into your pocket, waaayyy down where the lint grows, and pull up a couple bucks for Hillary that you might have spent on that iced double caramel latte. Or more, if you can manage it.  Donate here. […]

  230. I’ve donated a couple of times last few days to Hillary on her webpage. Could only do $10 each. Can anyone say how far down the debt is by now?

    Don’t want those annoying DNC people to hold anything over her.


  231. michael P Varvel, on July 10th, 2008 at 9:49 pm Said:
    have a good walk casey –
    hey annie em Obama is filling in for donna during her break you get to dunk “the one” but he’s really looking twice as parboiled as donna brazile in half the time…Ithink it is his thin skin…
    this guys is toast if the republicans get him


    Michael/Fuzzy – I’m sorry I missed this last night. When I found out I dunked O, I ascended into anti-demagogue heaven for a moment.

    After reading other blogs, I would like some talented web person to create a Brazile Nutz website featuring Donna’s vitriolic e-mails and text messages. Over at clintondems, she waylaid a soldier serving in Baghdad. I think her attempts at intimidation and voter suppression should be recorded for posterity. I’m glad you figured out how to provide her with gainful employment last night.

    By the way, as of this writing, O’s mortgage is being investigated. He will be the gift that keeps on giving to Republican lawyers.

  232. I got me a t-shirt! I always need the inspiration when fighting the Power.

  233. […] Rescue Mission! (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) According to our reliable sources, … the DNC has been pressuring Hillary  to pay her campaign debt or it will force her to release her delegates or have a merely symbolic role at the convention.  Originally, they were going to give her til the end of the month to pay the rent, then they moved it up to July 15.  Now, it’s imminent.  Drat!  Hillary must be flipping some of the Superdelegates or the DNC wouldn’t be so dastardly. Oh, heck, sure they would. They’re like that. Once again, we are asking you to do the impossible and reach down into your pocket, waaayyy down where the lint grows, and pull up a couple bucks for Hillary that you might have spent on that iced double caramel latte. Or more, if you can manage it.  Donate here. […]

  234. I gave and bought a couple of shirts. I have lurking around this evening very disturbed at MSM, the DNC and most of all, those dumb polls. It;s a travesty. Both candidates are imploding. It will be a matter of who will be the worst. And the best candidate that has come along in a long time is being trashed and put down like a leper. Go figure. Go PUMAs.

  235. I gave again and it feels great!

  236. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

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