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It’s Thursday. Has she quit yet? 5 Bucks says she’s in….

I dumped the "star" - 5BUX in the next 48

I dumped the "star" - 5BUX in the next 48

Gracious winners that they are the Obama campaign has been sending signals far and wide that if Hillary doesn’t get her campaign debt paid off by some arbitrary date the DNC won’t allow her name to be entered for votes at the convention. Most recently Alegre posted this:

Breaking! DNC Deadline of this FRIDAY re Debt

Someone just confirmed that there is a DNC deadline of this Friday for wiping out Hillary’s campaign debt you guys.

If we don’t get this taken care of by then they’ll use this to pressure Hillary re keeping her name off the ballot in Denver. That means no real Roll Call vote!

NO WONDER BHO’s donors dragged their feet in helping to wipe out this debt. DAMMIT all they had to do is sit on their hands and the DNC would finish this off by ending all hope of an open and honest vote in Denver. It’s just like the revote in Michigan.

So here’s the deal – we need to GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS on Thursday and Friday. Take care of the last of that debt and tell Howard, Nancy and Donna (ESPECIALLY Donna!) go get stuffed.

Why won’t these stupid losers back off? I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of the permutations this WWTSBQ routine has taken. We’ll get her debt paid off and they know it. They aren’t worried about her vendors. They’re just looking for anything they can use to lever her out of the convention in Denver.

And we’re looking for anything we can use to lever her right back in. So for the next 48 hours The Confluence and all members of the Just Say No Deal coalition will participate in the “I dumped the “star” – 5BUX in the next 48” fundraising drive.

We know that fundraising has been the critical issue this primary season. That Super Delegates were swayed by Obama’s magic bucket of money. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could prove that Hillary is a competitive fundraiser even when she’s stopped campaigning?

Let’s get this debt issue behind us. Then it will be a lot easier to move on to the REALLY important task of convincing Super Delegates that Hillary is the winning candidate NOT Barack Obama.

[UPDATE] I’ve heard a rumor that a $50 contribution can get you a tee-shirt (that link should take you to that promotion).

[UPDATE II] Heidi Li has up-to-date information straight from the campaign!

[UPDATE III] From JustSayNo.Com:

Clinton Donation Link temporarily disabled due to hi-volume…
Keep trying!

155 Responses

  1. I got my t-shirt last night. I am so impressed by everyone…some of you even choke me up a little bit…from Marge:

    kenoshaMarge, on July 10th, 2008 at 7:32 am Said: Edit Comment
    Okay folks, especially Carol our wondrous fundraiser, here’s my receipt :

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 7:27 AM EDT
    Contact: Marjorie Kenosha, WI 53143
    Amount: $20.08

    I am on Social Security and can’t really afford it. But to me it’s an investment in the furture of my Grandchildren. So if I can give til it hurts, and it did, so can a lot of others.

    Let’s make a better world for our kids and our grandkids even if right now it doesn’t seem to some of us that they deserve it.

    You guys are the best!!!

  2. I agree with getting the debt issue behind us. For those interested in word right from the Clinton campaign’s director of finance, please see

  3. i’m in for $75 – weird amount, but it’s what i can shake loose right now. they have underestimated us before, and ended up looking like fools.

    remember back in april when obama made a big deal about how much he was raising online, with a big tote board on the front page of his website and all? so many million dollars? then hillary put out the word that she needed to raise money, and hundreds of thousands of small donors materialized out of nowhere. she raised $10 million in 24 hours. as she caught up to obama’s total, suddenly the obama webpage changed – they started counting donors, not dollars… because they didn’t want to get beaten by a girl 😉

  4. gary:

    tshirt link didn’t work?

  5. OK, as foolish as this question may sound.. here goes: If I buy a T shirt will that money be considered a contribution and help pay down her debt?

  6. I had a hard time getting on too..its the right link. Maybe its just getting bombarded with hits….could be a good sign 🙂

  7. That t-shirt link doesn’t work for me, I would like to contribute today but would also like to wait until I can get a t-shirt, anyone else having problem?

  8. Thanks for the news, Heidi — I added a link to your post as an update.

  9. The image links directly to Hillary’s contribution page, but not the tee-shirt promotion.

  10. elixir, the money for the shirt goes to pay her primary debt. there is a box you have to click to make sure you understand that. I can’t get through to the t-shirt page..maybe they are getting more hits than they can handle, or they may have run out of shirts!

  11. Excuse my ignorance but since when has a candidate had to get their debt paid off in order to get their name on the ballot. Perhaps it’s just me being a low-information voter but I never heard this crap before. In fact I seem to remember reading some place that some candidates take years to pay off their debt.

    Isn’t this just another ploy to make the convention an Obama coronation?

    As for the Obama supporting pisswarts that don’t want to help her pay off her debt eff them and the horse they rode in on. (As we used to say back in the days when I was young and vulgar as opposed to now when I’m old and vulgar.) Then Clinton supporters should be equally reluctant to give him any money. I personally wouldn’t give him or the DNC monopoly money.

    Thanks Gary. {blushing}

    I have gone in a matter of months from thinking about maybe being able to vote for McCain here in Wisconsin where we expect it to be really close, to thinking I will hold my nose really tight and vote for McCain, to saying I’m gonna vote for McCain and be glad to do so. Anyone but Obama. To me he is an Obamanation!

  12. The link works for me. I’m buying two, one for me, and one for my Dad.

  13. Morning guys! Thanks, katiebird, for that great post. Love the graphic.

    I also had trouble with the link – I think the traffic on it crashed the server temporarily. We need to keep trying, folks.

    And KenoshaMarge – I am absolutely outraged AGAIN at what the DNC will do ensure their Beloved will gain the nomination. Don’t they realize how weak, bullying and small this makes Obama (and them) look?

    Man, I can’t wait till we kick all these DINOs to the curb. I wish I could vote against all of them! GRRRRR

  14. Gary, I think you answered this for me before, but I couldn’t get back on line to see the answer that day:

    if I’m maxed out, and I donate, they can still use the money in her Senate fund toward her debt correct? Paula Abeles said it is just a legal definition/technicality, but maxed out donors can still contribute to help with the debt. Can you clarify?

  15. I’m in for more $ for HRC, more for The Denver Group, $0 for BO and DNC.

    (BTW, haven’t been able to access HRC’s site to contribute for over 10 minutes! Hope that’s good news.)

  16. This whole business really is a ploy. I have no doubt they are shoving Hillary towards the nearest porthole. She’s digging in her pumps and refusing to be thrown overboard. She’s the sure-thing.

    That Blue Dog they done picked won’t hunt.

  17. Did anyone see Hill on TV this morning? I heard she was on.

  18. fif, I wish I could answer your question, but I’m not really sure about that. Somebody had a number earlier to her finance person to answer those sorts of questions. I think it was Will Bower. They might have that info on the JSND page which is blogrolled here to your right….hope that helps

  19. campskunk, I remember April too. That night I sent $5 to Hillary, I only had $20 in my checking account.

    I am getting one of those t-shirts for me first, and then next week, if they aren’t sold out, I am going to get one for my grandson. I just don’t know if I’ll ware it or frame it for the wall.

  20. samsgrandma – You are an amazing woman. I am in awe! [choking up a little bit]

  21. Those that are having trouble with the link, be patient, it took me about 20 minutes of trying to finally get in but I just did!!!

  22. Saw Hillary this morning at a breakfast fundraiser. She just diminishes him when they are onstage together. She spoke for about 20 minutes without once breaking stride then he came on and did the usual hee’ing and haw’ing thing so I turned it off. Can’t stand listening to him.

    It was so good to see her again. So poised and polished and the words just tripping off her tongue. What a waste. He sat there staring at the floor. Idiot.

  23. Well, okay, you’ve convinced me, katiebird. That was an awfully inspiring post there. I’ve given all I can truly afford to, but I’ll forgo something in my life and give another $20 right now. BRB with the receipt.

  24. OT but is Jesse Jackson a racist for criticizing Obama’s move to the right?

    Hillbuzz says O June fundraising haul is like May but no source though. I want to know what it is.

    Talk Left has Hillary VP rumors. Is it to shore up fundraising and swing states like Ohio? In the comments in that post, astrologers are predicting a tough July for O – just fun speculation.

  25. Okay, here ya go:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 10:45 AM EDT
    Contact: Anna Belle ****
    Amount: $20.08

    FTR, that’s $40.16 this pay period to Hillary. Plus $10 to PUMApac, $10 to The Denver Group, and $5.44 to McCain.

  26. Yay – the link worked and I ordered the TShirt! Here’s the confirmation:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 10:48 AM EDT
    Contact: Delphyne
    New Jersey
    Amount: $50.00

  27. Thanks Riverdaughter, I fixed the link… I think.

    I got a message from Diane at Just Say No saying that the donation link at Hillary’s site has been temporarily disabled. So it might be hard to tell for a while if the link works or not.

  28. Almost forgot, $5 to Ed O’Reilly.


    DATE: July 10, 2008 10:49 AM EDT
    AMOUNT: $50.00

    Also did $20.08 this morning.

  30. Hi everyone,

    I told my human mom, mystic4hillpuma, that I’d give up my kitty treats for a month so she could donate again to Hillary. (She won’t really stop buying me treats, though, she spoils me rotten. She rescued me, you see, and I think she’s trying to make up for my unhappy start in life!). I don’t think that guy BOBO, or whatever his name is, likes kitties very much, so I’m challenging every rescued kitty out there to talk your human into donating to Hillary again. She even gets a t-shirt out of it, and I know that the money she donated will go to the debt relief because she just called the campaign to confirm.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 10:44 AM EDT
    Contact: Raymond The Kitty
    Amount: $50.00

    Proud PUMA Kitty!

  31. I love those T-Shirts!

    “For anyone who’s ever been counted out but refused to be knocked out and for everyone who’s stumbled and stood right back up … this one …. is for you.”

    Says it all really!

  32. GCH,

    Thank you, I wanted to make sure that my Tshirt money would pay down her debt since the Tshirt page doesn’t have the box you refer to.

  33. Contribution Details

    Date: July 10, 2008 10:54 AM EDT
    Contact: Denise W
    Long Island NY

    Amount: $50.00

  34. How are we going to keep track of the contributions? Any thoughts?

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 10:57 AM EDT
    Amount: $100.00

  35. I’m in for the t-shirt and contribution. I used to print t-shirts so I know the cost of the shirt is minimal, the majority of the $$ will go for the debt. Let’s get her paid off!!! GO PUMA!!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 10:56 AM EDT
    Contact: Marsha

    Amount: $50.00

  36. Anybody keeping a running tab or shall I while Carol is absent?

  37. About My Upcoming Interview on The Blog Bunker on Friday…


    The Jackson/Obama and Obama Family Follies on O’Reilly: I Can’t Believe I’m Seeing What I’m Seeing

    Jackson’s “gaffe” was the most honest thing I’ve heard all primary season….I provide some background on the ‘rivalry” which is more than a rivalry…with reference to earlier research on the 2004 Rainbow/Push Coalition Conference where the type of pators that Obama hangs with protested Jackson, Kerry, and the Democratic Party…(short title: “A Party Held Hostage” )

  38. Elixir – I think Carol does that for us. 😉

    My husband is going to kill me but I’m buying a damn t-shirt. I’ve already given $40.16, might as well go for broke!

  39. Elixir,

    Carol combs through the comments and posts totals several times a day.

  40. I was out of town on the 4th, so didn’t send in my $20.08 — did it this a.m. I’m going back later to order t-shirts for my daughter and me.

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 10:57 AM EDT
    Contact: GinainKC
    Independence, MO 64058
    Amount: $20.08

  41. Time for Obama Supporters to do The Right Thing

    You no longer have to deal with daily confusion about your candidate. All of your speculation has been put to rest and all of your questions have been answered. Senator Obama has shown you exactly where he stands and that is with whomever and whatever can put him in the White House.

    This election to Barack Obama is not about:
    advancing freedoms;
    defending the Constitution;
    bringing our troops home;
    health care;
    the economy;
    paying down the deficit or;
    balancing the budget.

    This is all about Barack and his chance to “play” President. Since he has become the presumptive Democrat nominee (by any means necessary), Barack has shown some disturbing patterns.

  42. I broke down and donated $100 last night (a truly crazy amount for me) but missed the chance to get a tee-shirt. …

  43. Here’s mine:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 11:03 AM EDT
    Contact: Eleanor A
    Amount: $100.00

    I’m maxed out on the primary, here’s hoping I don’t get anyone into trouble, but I hoped an extra $100 could squeak under the wire…and I MUST HAVE that t-shirt for Denver….

  44. You know, it really surprised me. I figured it’d be a shirt with some photo of her we’ve seen 100 times and nothing really inspirational, but it ROCKS.

    I may go back and buy a couple more for friends.

  45. Gary, the t-shirt link worked fine; must have been a temporary glitch before. Carol, are you counting?

    DATE: July 10, 2008 10:59 AM EDT
    NAME: parentofed
    AMOUNT: $50.00


    Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

    T-Shirt Design Winner
    size: XL ($50 each)
    Quantity: 1

  46. Yipee! I finally got through on the t-shirt link and ordered 3:

    1 for sister
    1 for mom
    1 for moi

    Let’s set Hillary free!!!!

  47. Eleanor A, on July 10th, 2008 at 11:05 am Said:

    Eleanor I’m maxed out too, but was told by Paula Abeles that even money that will go to her “Senate fund” can and will be used to pay down the debt.

  48. Saw on AP headline that Obama has accepted Jackson’s apology. Thank goodness for that, I was worried there. No wonder the big o is so gracious at accepting apologies, he is so often the recipient. It seems people telling the truth are always offending him.


    DATE: July 10, 2008 11:09 AM EDT

    NAME: —-

    ADDRESS: —-

    AMOUNT: $50.00

  50. The T-Shirt link works and so does the general Contribut button. There may have just been some heavy website traffic or some updating that prevented access.

    Get the T-shirt with this link if you have $50 to donate.


    Want to contribute but do not have $50 to spend? Here’s the link:


    Remember, if at first you don’t succed, go back later. This might mean the website is flooded with contributions and it straining trying to keep up. Yay!

  51. I’m with kenoshaMarge-how is there any connection between her debt and being on the convention ballot? There can’t be such a rule, can there? Also, why isn’t she having fundraisers for herself, instead of him? There are millions of us who would happily pay to hear her speak and see her in person. Sure, we’re doing it on our own but we deserve the same as those giving to him-if not more! We would show her respect whereas he doesn’t. He just lolls around on his stool while she speaks. It makes me sick.

  52. Does anyone know if it’s illegal to coordinate an effort on behalf of maxed out donors to give money to other people to donate in their place? Don’t rich people donate in their children’s name all the time like that? If so, I’d be willing to donate any money given via my paypal donation link to Hillary today. (There is a $500 limit on the amount I can transfer, ftr) And I’m way far away from being maxed out.

  53. Annabelle,

    I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. You actually have to check a box on that site saying that you’re not doing that. It says something like you verify that you’re not donating this money on behalf of another.

    Nonetheless, I KNOW people do it. Just DO. NOT. talk about it in public like this. I know this feels like our own little safe haven. But it isn’t. It’s a public forum and we don’t wanna give BO any ammunition to use against Hillary.

  54. I think I saw on the last post Carol counted up everything from last night and we were already past $1000….I’m sure she’ll be along shortly to pick up the stash in here, but it looks close to another thousand already this morning…Great work!!!! Fuzzybear would be proud!

  55. I accidentally posted this on the previous thread:


    Date: July 10, 2008 11:17 AM EDT
    Contact: xxx
    Amount: $50.00


  56. I see, Regency. Thanks. Please feel free to delete my comment RD or admins.

    BTW, wouldn’t that be a cool band name? RD and the Admins. Heh.

  57. Another PUMA contribution for Hillary!

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 11:21 AM EDT
    Contact: madamab
    New York, NY
    Amount: $50.00

    She’ll have her debt paid down in 24 hours if this keeps up…:-)

  58. Wow, ANOTHER DNC slimy rat trick. A presidential candidate can’t have debt??? UNBELIEVABLE! What a collection of SCUMBAGS the DNC has become.

    Of course, coming from Florida, I’m beginning to expect the worst from these slimy, so-called “Democrats”. They act more like Hitler’s Nazi Party in the 1930’s, when they eliminated all competition.

    These scumbags are forcing me to vote for McCain. Or maybe I’ll vote for Nader. I wonder if I can “write in” Hillary on our wonderful computerized, no-audit-trail voting machines.

  59. Can you auction something, say on Ebay and then donate that money?

  60. I am maxed out but can persuade my husband to give another $100. I have never seen any candidate being treated as harshly during and after the contest as they have with Clinton — it is like she is making a mistake just by running. Is this the message that America wants to send to the rest of the world? If we sit silently by and let this nincompoop win, we are as much a part of this travesty as any other — that is just my opinion and I believe in crime and punishment. So even as we first started getting whiff of something not being right with the party (and the media) toward Clinton, I started watching closely and my husband started too but not as intensely. We long ago (May 31st, seems like ages) decided that we will vote McCain, because we have to defeat this guy and this version of the party soundly — defeat is the only protest cry they can hear because the situation is beyond repair and nothing else will teach them a lesson. The fact that they are not even going to give her her day in the convention for the votes she got makes us even more resolute in this decision. It was bad enough when they did not recognize the first woman primary winner in NH in the US history, and now this.

  61. I don’t have anything to auction, gary. But I bet I can just decide to give anything I receive today and tomorrow by way of donation to retire her debt. I could just post it to my website that that’s what I was doing. Especially if that earlier comment disappeared. Heh.

  62. I’m selling one of my Tshirts to a co worker and avid HRC supporter. She can’t donate herself because she’s maxxed out.

  63. JackWOrf:

    IMHO, HDS (Hillary Derangement Syndrome) is made up of the following components:

    1 part Envy (CF: MoDo, Arianna);
    1 part Misogyny (CF: MSNObama, Fox, the rest of the corporate media); and
    1 part Fauxgressive handwringing over her “triangulation” and her AUMF vote.

  64. In real news, McCain yesterday visited across the river in southern Ohio; his third visit there this season. They like him. Obama didn’t seem to realize that when he insulted the hillbillies in KY, he was insulting big parts of Ohio as well. I have tons of relatives in the Toledo area [moved to work on railroads in the 50s], the Columbus area, and the Portsmouth area.

    Funny aside: the local news said, “McCain only lost his temper once…” Really, folks, I no longer care about his temper; this country has way bigger problems than that.

  65. reading the tee shirt makes me cry. I think of all the people out there that have to struggle to make ends meet, who work two and three jobs, who are sleep deprived (me), and those who have died because of neglect.

    We felt her empathy for those people and she is the only one in a position of power now that does care.

  66. =============================================================

    DATE: July 10, 2008 11:34 AM EDT
    NAME: Dakinikat
    New Orleans
    AMOUNT: $50.00


  67. In my same soap box frame of mind–you know, when we lose the middle class, we lose democracy. Think of one modern democratic country that does not have a significant middle class.

  68. I love my new Hill t-shirt, but it’s not the one I voted for. Did y’ll vote in that? Think I voted for the pantsuit one.

  69. Just go my t shirt!!! Count me in for $50

  70. Being Swedish I cannot donate but I’ll give you some mood music: Oh Laura with Release me.

    Much better suited for Pumas than Saab.

  71. My husband just donated $100 and 2 T-shirts.

  72. parentofed – I voted for the pantsuit. 🙂

  73. I got ya! It’s on the Donna site. Thanks so much!

    Carol, on July 9th, 2008 at 6:50 pm Said:
    Chevaliar – I was on vacation so I haven’t finished the known contributions for the 4th – I will go back!

    Thanks so much!

    $100 added

    $344.16 Totalllllllllllllllllllll

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock (and wear really cool T’s)!


  74. I voted for the 4 Hillary faces.

  75. JackWOrf, on July 10th, 2008 at 11:38 am Said:
    repaying her debt is only a small part of it. Those of us who care, are grateful to her for having run a meaningful campaign, for having succeeded in garnering the majority of popular vote, for having exposed the party its true colors in its corruption and its depravity of principles, for having exposed the Neanderthal mindset of some factions of the American society with regard to sexism, and for just being the most qualified and electable candidate. If we can afford, we will give her the money to show our appreciation — she has convinced me of her public service goals. In a way, us paying off her debt is a collective expression of the protest for what happened in the primary.

  76. I voted for the pantsuit one, but it was a near thing. I loved the last one with all the different people (Texans, oregonians, new mexicans, iowans, etc) spelling out Hillary. I don’t think many people looked at that one very closely so they didn’t see how cool it was.

  77. Here is another one

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 11:54 AM EDT
    Contact: lynn
    Tucson, AZ 85716

    Amount: $50.00

  78. Karolina, I think I did too. I loved that last one too, Regency.

  79. I read Hillary’s and BO’s body language this morning.

    BO – “Oh Shit, this bitch and her gang are paying off her debt – then what will I have to hang over the Clinton’s. Rinse and Repeat – Madame President, Madame President!”

    Hillary – “See that stupid idiot standing behind me, well, it won’t be for long. Thank you PUMA$ – Bill, Chelsea and I love you too! You won’t regret it!”

  80. Contribution Details

    Date: July 10, 2008 11:53 AM EDT
    Name: britgirls
    Center Valley, PA

    Amount: $50.00

    I’m picturing wearing this T-shirt in Denver!

  81. Carol,

    I like your reading.

  82. Carol – Hahahahaha! Awesome.

    Over at TalkLeft, some think we are bitter deadenders because we still think Hillary has a chance. Well, the alternative is to give up and roll over for The Holy One, Blessed Be He.

    Nagahapin. Denver or bust for me!

  83. Here is another one:

    DATE: July 10, 2008 8:56 AM EDT
    NAME: ****** (Fliedermaus)
    ADDRESS: ********
    Atlanta, GA 30307
    AMOUNT: $50.00


  84. Here is another one:

    DATE: July 10, 2008 8:56 AM EDT
    NAME: ****** (Fliedermaus)
    ADDRESS: ********
    Atlanta, GA 30307
    AMOUNT: $50.00


  85. Guys, I have a fun little post up today about Kos:


  86. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 12:08 PM EDT
    Contact: Nora
    Amount: $50.00

  87. I followed the shirt link, purchased my shirt…it was the one I had voted for…, clicked the box and then sat back to experience mixed feelings. I have seen behavior such as the DNC and Ohno are displaying, but that is normally on the elementary playground. For this, I am torked, but I am also proud of my candidate, so I’m not about to let her get the short end of this stick again.

  88. Hey yens guys –

    I was so inspired reading here earlier this week about the last fundraiser results, that I contributed on Tuesday for the first time ever to any candidate. And you are the first people I’m telling about it:
    DATE: July 8, 2008 4:25 PM EDT
    Northern VA
    NAME: perries
    AMOUNT: $250.00

    Love your blog RD, from a fellow Burgher (grew up in Plum Borough)

  89. masslib, lol

    I love they way they forgive Obama for “triangulating,” which has supposedly been Hillary’s Original Sin all along.

  90. I just bought a shirt. Can’t afford it with all the medical bills I am racking up and the stuff I am buying for my son, since Bushco is sending him on a vacation in the deserts of Iraq. But if she wins, I get healthcare and my son home, so it is worth it.

    Contribution Details

    Date: July 10, 2008 12:10 PM EDT
    Name: Kim
    Greenville, SC

    Amount: $50.00

  91. madamab, those who complain about BO and do nothing to at least attempt to stop him call us deadenders? It’s so annoying to read their rationale for voting for BO when the only thing they agree with is the “D” he attributes to himself. And some don’t think he’s an actual “D.”

    I messed up with my retire- the-fund contribution. Although I maxed out for the primary, when Senator Clinton’s e-mail came in yesterday specifically asking for money to retire the debt, I “bought” two t-shirts from the wrong link. Maybe someone from her campaign will notice and let me contribute the $100.00 to the debt, if that’s legal.

  92. Carol,

    I’d like to help retire Hillary’s debt (and get a T-shirt) but prefer not to enter my credit card information or email address online.

    The downloadable mail-in form at the Hillary campaign site allows funds to be designated for the 2012 Senate race, not retirement of the 2008 presidential campaign debt. Besides, a mail-in contribution would not make the Friday deadline.

    Therefore, I would rather use my bank’s “online bill pay” service to debit my checking account.

    Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

  93. Here is a fun excerpt from today’s Chicago Tribune. Article is by a conservative columnist John Kass:
    “See, Barack’s been talking down to black people on this faith-based—,” Jackson says during a break in taping. “I want to cut his nuts out.”

    The national media was stunned, as if they’d just found out Obama is a Chicago politician rather than a mythic hero of Kennedyesque proportions, who drew the great sword Axelrod from the cornerstone of Chicago’s City Hall.

    So stunned, they missed the truly freaky part, Jackson twisting his right wrist, as if he held a curved blade, giving a little pull, grunting for emphasis, like a butcher of the old school, if you will.

    Blessed are the peacemakers.

    Here in Chicago we’re not shocked. Chicago was once the hog butcher for the world, so our politics is stuffed with meat metaphors and references to animal reproductive parts.

    Our Machine Democrats who back Obama are constantly preoccupied with nuts of all kinds. ”


  94. masslib,
    from your post about kos

    “That last one is really fucking annoying.”

    “That last one is really fucking great.”

  95. Phoenix – I don’t know the anwer. Keep me posted. Thanks.

  96. And here’s a bit more from Kass’ column today:

    “Rather than listen to Washington talking heads explain our town’s politics, I called a friend, a prominent African-American activist of the far left persuasion. He considers me his token conservative buddy.

    “All I want to know,” he said, “is how much David Axelrod paid Jesse to say that @#$%! [rhymes with “it”].

    He was speaking rhetorically, knowing that Obama/Daley strategist Axelrod wouldn’t pay Jackson for such nonsense when he could get it for free. Jackson’s rhetorical castration—and the grunting—helps Obama with white voters. Even those Hillary Clinton voters who, in Obama’s mind, cling to their guns and religion can see it.”

  97. Good post masslib. I rec’ed you, even though you’re on the front page now. 🙂

  98. With all due respect to Alegre, the DNC deadline story is nonsense. No such rule would or could be imposed.

    Keep the donations coming, though – let’s show those Obot tightwads a thing or two.

  99. Good morning–yawn. First stop:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 12:29 PM EDT
    Contact: Joaniebone
    Seattle, WA xxxxx
    Amount: $20.08

  100. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 12:25 PM EDT
    Contact: jules
    Amount: $50.00

    Ah, shoot, guys. I really wanted to buy myself a little bauble for my upcoming 20th HS reunion. But this is a much better investment. Plus, it has the added bonus of being an “in your face” to BO and the DNC.

    I suggest we all email our contribution details to the DNC just to let them know what they’re missing out on.

  101. Erroneous transcript – Jackson really said

    I want to cut his netroots off


  102. Ha Ronk!

  103. I don’t think it helps him — I think it makes him a laughingstock. I think some of his youth-worshipping bots will spin it like Jackson Sr. is old-school and Barky is the new 21st century black (in other words, black enough ot be cool, but not so black that he’ll actually advocate on behalf of his community or anything scary like that).

    I think a lot of bots will love the way that Jackson Jr. totally dissed his father, too — lots of bots have parental issues.

    The thing is, those people are already bots. For the people on the fence, they’ll see this as a big joke, like watching a catfight over a hairdryer on “Big Brother” or something. It won’t make Obama look good even to be a part of it. People will be laughing over it — especially old-fashioned, dyed-in-the-wool racists.

    Let’s put it this way — infighting among the Have-Nots has never made the Haves take them seriously.

  104. “Jackson’s rhetorical castration—and the grunting—helps Obama with white voters.”

    I guess this is why it’s all over the news now — whipped on by the Obama campaign.

  105. KarolineNYC, Kass has been on KO’s case fairly nonstop. I’ve loved me some conservatives like Kass this primary season. In imitation of his Lordshi# BO, Junior Jackson threw his Daddy Jesse under the bus. No denying change is in the air. BO hasn’t won the nomination yet already amicable family dinners are on the way out.

  106. “Jackson’s rhetorical castration—and the grunting—helps Obama with white voters.”

    I doubt it. Anyone reacting that way is already supporting him for lame reasons. Maybe gives some AA cover to lose interest in him, though.

    Blows my mind that they never miss an opportunity to inject race. Not surprised , just disgusted.

  107. I think they’re hoping it helps them with white voters, but right now they have no choice but to act as if it does. They are stuck rolling with it and faking it. They really don’t have a choice.

    They’re spinning it like mad, but for the past few weeks, the Baby Jesus’s campaign has revealed an incredible tin ear on how to get people to like them. They tried it with women, they tried it with older folks, they blew it and ende dup offending the shit out of everyone instead. Now, the cracks are showing (that I suspect were always there) in the black community, which is probably mortified at having a sort of “dirty laundry” aired in front of millions of white people.

    They’re spinning it, but it’s all guesswork. I realyl doubt this will help with white voters who weren’t already going the full-tilt white-guilt road. White people who were on the fence will snicker up their sleeves at the infighting. Which is a shame, since this is the only honest thing I’ve heard ANYONE in a position of power say about him in a long time.

  108. As far as this Jackson thing, I don’t think the newscasters know what they think they know.

  109. I just sent my $50. off…The t-shirt is wonderful – I just wish I could go to Denver to wear it!!

  110. Ronk, I don’t know about “netroots”, but I was deeply disturbed that JJ was misquoted as saying that he was going to cut “them” OUT. I clearly heard Jesse say OFF. He knows the anatomy and the procedure.

    Kass’ misquote makes JJ look bad.

    Sally, I KNOW! I have agreed with more conservatives this campaign season than during the rest of my life entirely.


    DATE: July 10, 2008 12:43 PM EDT
    NAME: Nobamadem
    Boynton Beach, FL 33435
    AMOUNT: $50.00

  112. Helpin’ mah gurl and gettin’ a t-shirt. What could be cooler?

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 12:51 PM EDT
    Contact: Karen Smith
    Amount: $50.00

  113. Hillary Clinton Helps Obama, Democrats Raise Money (Update1)

    By Jonathan D. Salant and Julianna Goldman

    July 10 (Bloomberg)

    “A private reception to raise money to help retire Clinton’s campaign debt was scrapped because Senate votes kept Obama in Washington longer than expected, Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

    Clinton reported $22.5 million in debts as of May 30, including $10.3 million in personal loans. She has until the August 25-28 Democratic National Convention in Denver to pay herself back, or else her loan will be treated as a contribution to her campaign.”

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  114. Now I’m confused. What did Jackson actually say? I can’t find a link.

  115. But here’s a TRUE STORY from the BO’HRC joint fundraising appearance … Obama forgot to give the pitch for retiring Hillary’s debt, and had to be re-cued after leaving the stage.

  116. Did I mention that he’s an idiot? An absent-minded idiot. Combine this with what he did to poor Bev Perdue and you know that counting on him to save the Downticket Dems is a disaster in the making.

  117. He’s quoted in the article that I gave a link to. (Only, really, where it says “out” I heard “off” on, I think, Larry King last night as I was flipping through.)

  118. @ Jules,

    I love the idea of sending our “receipts” by email to the DNC. What’s the email address that they’ll read?

  119. Why haven’t I heard anyhting about all this money Hillary has raised recently?

    Anyway, whether the MSM admits it or not, I am proud of everyone who has contributed.

    Does anyone have the exact, up-to-date totals,
    I will be donating today after work: (I am Civil Service, so I can’t or shouldn’t donate from my work computer).

    I really wish those of you in the know, would call into some of the big-time progressive shows and let them know whats going on, the Obamaphants need a dose of reality…


    Now Andrea is discussing the castration of BO.

    I personally thought that Hillary had already made that cut!


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  121. Yeah. An absent-minded idiot running the country. But this one wouldn’t just be doing a cowboy act.

  122. Carol,

    I couldn’t get through to the Hillary campaign, so I did donate online.

    DATE: July 10, 2008 12:59 PM EDT
    AMOUNT: $50.00


  123. Not an absent minded idiot. Just a narcissistic dick. My apologies to penises everywhere.

  124. Of Unity and Big Bucks in the Big Apple

    “Last night Clinton and Obama hit New York City to speak to 125 donors at $33,100 a plate. You do the math or read the pool report:”


  125. I am buying 2 shirts — I am already over the $4600.00 limit plus some. Does anyone know the limit for her Senate committee?

  126. Sally,

    she does know that these weren’t joint fundraisers, right? They were either for one or the other, not both.

    Why is she so infuriating?

  127. Simofish,

    $2300 for 2012 primary. $2300 for the 2012 general.

  128. Let’s free Hillary. I know we can do it. With financial freedom comes power.

    It will show that Hillary has a back of 18 million voters with open pocket.

  129. Elixir,

    try this:

  130. Carol, on July 10th, 2008 at 12:54 pm Said:

    Hillary Clinton Helps Obama, Democrats Raise Money (Update1)

    By Jonathan D. Salant and Julianna Goldman

    July 10 (Bloomberg)

    “A private reception to raise money to help retire Clinton’s campaign debt was scrapped because Senate votes kept Obama in Washington longer than expected, Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

    So he forgot to tell the attendees to help her with the debt and this even got canceled because of him — what is she getting in return from him for her unity pitch? This is making me angry — not the first time though. If we all end up paying back her debt I want a full front page article on how she still has the BIG loyal following.

  131. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 1:16 PM EDT


    Amount: $10.00

  132. I don’t think he forgot to mention Clinton at the fundraiser because he is stupid. I think he only cares about himself.

    Gary, will you buy me a shirt too, please?

    Love you!

  133. yahooo cackicoo!!!!!!!!

  134. All this garbage from the BO camp, just strengthens my resolve not to vote for this scumbag. This entire election seems so surreal.

  135. Ode to Barry…

    “Difference without Distinction: Clouds have no form”

    Mold me; I am the one
    portrayed in your image
    Reflection of desire and inspiration
    Shape me; into forms of change,
    that may change,
    Faded lines belie all scrimmage,
    Choices made without deliberation

    I am what you want:
    A Kennedy, King, Roosevelt, or Truman
    A stylistic savant;
    My words are divine, my record all too human

    I am passionate potential;
    a needed and arousing awake
    Yet if experience is essential
    A King-maker does not a King make

    Clouds are full of aspiration and dreams,
    where platitudes and generalities reign supreme
    Clouds can be life giving providers of what is needed
    Yet when clouds climb hills, often their water becomes depleted

    Dreams can come true
    if diligence and persistence remain and stay steady
    But when choices are made
    and experience is weighed
    One must ask: “Is America ready?”

    Got one for our girl Hillary coming up soon…

    Its hard to write the praises of someone so deserving. Obama’s was easy, matter of fact i should have been more negative, I think I was too easy on him…

  136. I also bought a shirt yesterday for $50.

    And I agree with DRII. If her debt was 22.5 mil on 5/30, it must be much less than that now. We need to let the media know that the money that the DNC and Obama are looking for from us, is actually going to Hillary. Money talks. And that would make a wonderful speech for the SD’s before the convention.

    Or maybe Hillary is just waiting til she can say it’s all paid, and she didn’t have to even lift a finger. What a great day that will be!


  137. Carol & Fuzzybear, put me down for today:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 2:09 PM EDT
    Contact: SM
    Half a person Street
    Tampa, 1/2 a state FL
    Amount: $5.00

    I wish I could do more!

  138. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 9:22 AM EDT
    Contact: Samanthasmom

    Amount: $20.08

  139. It’s a great idea to sell the shirt to help retire the debt. I voted for that one and love it! All the entries were wonderful, but that quote really hit home with me.


    DATE: July 10, 2008 3:15 PM EDT
    AMOUNT: $200.00

    Got my part done, 4 t-shirts coming, I will try to get the
    extra to somebody going to Denver.

  141. I kicked in another $100 on a link from Heidi Li’s blog this morning, then got an e-mail with the t-shirt offer from Hillary’s official site. If you can’t get in through the links here and have donated to her campaign in the past, I would think you’ll be getting an e-mail as well.

    I do plan to respond to the t-shirt e-mail as well, but probably will do it tomorrow since that seems to be the big push deadline. May even buy a couple as gifts.

  142. 7/11/08 $50
    I didn’t see anything about a t-shirt but that one design of a person in profile looked oddly like it had an erection, so I don’t really want one.

    Anybody know where I can get a good PUMA bumper sticker so they will see that I do exist? I would like a nice strong profile of a puma, the better to view from a distance.

  143. Do we know how close she is to repaying the debt? I heard its down to 5 million. Is that true?

  144. I could only give $25 due to unemployment. I wish I could do more! I’ll go topless and really make a statement! It might be: “women have balls and they’re bigger, higher, and prouder!!”

  145. lillianjane:

    Go to CafePress.com and order one.


    DATE: July 10, 2008 8:13 PM EDT
    NAME: Norma Perez
    ADDRESS: Orlando, FL
    AMOUNT: $50.00

    …and a great quote to wear 😉

  147. DRII – great writing!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  148. Hey guys, I donated just now…Money is tight but it was well worth it…
    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 11:02 PM EDT
    Contact: D…….
    Amount: $50.00


    AMOUNT: $50.00
    I also did the $20.08 and my son and daughter will be doing the Starbuck $5 one…LOL


  150. lillianjane, “I didn’t see anything about a t-shirt but that one design of a person in profile looked oddly like it had an erection, so I don’t really want one.”

    LOL I thought there was something wrong with me because I noticed that too! Maybe that’s why they have so many to give away? Unfortunately I didn’t see the shirt until after I’d given $100, or I’d have given $49 twice just to avoid the T-shirt.

    Maybe I can stamp a flower over it with some fabric paint, haha!

  151. I made my donation today! :OD

    Hillary 08!

    (great job on the radio show Riverdaughter!)

  152. sarainitaly – please post details or info on latest thread so that I can add to the total.

    TOTALS TALLY on the lates thread!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  153. PUMA’s rock. I made my donation $20.08 and the t-shirt $50.00. Count me in.

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