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A Noisy Noise Annoys a Noisy Oyster

Masslib at Alegre’s Corner pointed me to the silly commentary on FISA on DailyKos.  Suffice it to say, Markos is uncomfortable.  He is not amused.  First, there was that stupid FISA vote yesterday where the evil villainess, Senator Clinton, voted like she always said she was going to vote- for Constitutional principle.  And Senator Obama, that evil of two lessers, did not.  Nope, he was OK with George Bush listening in on our cell phones and peering into our email.  That’s all cool and groovy for Obama.

So, what to make of this inversion?  Markos said that Clinton appears to be finished triangulating and that’s good because triangulation is bad.  And Barack Obama is triangulating because he needs to win.  And this is also good.  Because he needs to win.  Wrapping his head around this must be tiring because it is making Markos cranky:

Like all retreats, this one came with a price. Much of his veneer as a transformational politician has faded. He’s a gifted and inspirational politician, no doubt about that, and he will make a great president. But at the end of the day, he’s a politician, with all the triangulating goodness that’s become a hallmark of our presidential candidates. That has cost him some intensity of support, some bad headlines, a new avenue of attack for Republicans (even though McCain didn’t even bother showing up for the vote), and … renewed energy and sense of purpose for the ridiculous PUMAs. That last one is really fucking annoying.

I have no idea why Markos is giving us attention on his world’s biggest political billboard but, hey, whatever works.  Make some noise for us, Kos.

Update: I am watching Bush sign the FISA bill and he is thanking the members of the House and Senate, including Steny Hoyer, Jay Rockefeller, Silvestre Reyes … and “other supporters of this legislation”.  Oooo, isn’t that nice?  Bush is thanking Barack Obama for helping him fight terrism.  Wow!  When they said that Obama would have an historic candidacy, they sure weren’t kidding.  He and Bush will go down in history for this day, the day the fourth amendment took a body blow.  I hope Markos isn’t too annoyed.


182 Responses

  1. Great post, RD! My, you have a way with words.

    Yes, thank you, Kos, for giving us a shout out. Much appreciated!

  2. PS, I love that tag “Markos is annoying”. heh.

  3. Wow!

    RD, did you get an infusion of sarcasm in your vacation? What a post!

    Can I go vacation now? My wit has dried up completely.

  4. Poor Markos evidently can’t stomach the fact the lowly Pumas were right all along, while his own judgment was found rather extremely wanting. Of course, for someone with the likes of his ego admitting he was wrong simply ain’t gonna happen. Considering that Obama “triangulation” is not likely to stop here (if anything, Obama’s just getting warmed up…) Markos has painted himself into quite a corner.

  5. Guys, your cause is not being served by the constant “purrr”/”hear us roar”/etc cat gimmickry. It’s beyond weird.

  6. are we on TV??? hi, mom!

  7. it seems to be working purrrfectly miriam…a month ago PUMA was an offhand snarky remark on this blog…today we are such a huge presence that we actually annoy lord Kos…can you explain your point?

  8. Miriam:

    Bark like a dog if that’s what you’re used to.

  9. maybe joseph cannon was right – kos created the PUMA movement, in his usual, unintended-consequences manner.

  10. I have no affinity for Kos, I just think it’s weird to attach an almost Hello Kitty-ish behavior to what’s meant to be a serious political movement. It makes me think of being in middle school.

  11. Miriam is just jealous of PUMAs because her hero turned into zero overnight.

    PUMAs are the “in” crowd now. Obamania is like so 15 minutes ago.

  12. Hello Kitty? are you kidding me. We are as serious as a heart attack miriam.. A PUMA is no “kitty” it’s a force of nature to be reckoned with. And this PUMA is going to devour the donkey if it doesn’t get its ASS straightened out!

  13. Proud to be a PUMA on a day like this. 🙂

    Miriam, we’re having fun, plus we’re right. I couldn’t give two half-craps what the opposition thinks of us.

  14. Purr, RD. Purr bigly!



    (Could it be that the Confluence will eventually trump…?)

    well, marxism, communism and socialism anyway!

    I mean, I just don’t see the Conflucianaires as any of those things, do you?

    we be Americans dontcha know….

    we wanted (and want) Hillary for all the right reasons — @$$es did what they did to help her lose — I guess they have to suffer the consequences, no?


  15. But but but…triangulation is eeeevil….but but but….Hillary Clinton….does not compute……get me some arugula, stat!!

  16. Miriam,

    Whine like a cranky 2 year old. Squeal like a piglet. Croak like a froggie. Whatever you want. We like purring – it’s relaxing, it has medicinal qualities and it can change into a growl in an instant.

  17. I personally like being immature. We may be young, but we’re BRAVE.

  18. Janis, they’re not only thinking about us, they’re pulling their hair out trying to figure out what to do about us. The whole “they’re republicans” smear isn’t working, because it is so easily debunked, plus the cold shoulder O is getting from her donors proves we’re real. Now they’re blaming Hillary for it, but I suspect that won’t stick either…she’s been playing along with their unity schtick since June 6th. Sooner or later they’ll realize they have noone to blame but themselves

  19. myiq2xu, that’s it, isn’t it? We’re the cool kids now.

    That’s the problem when you run as a goddamned fad. Today’s hot must-have accessory is tomorrow’s “OMG I can’t believe I ever wore that.”

    PUMAs are as grassroots as it gets. It doesn’t get any grassier. I LOVE it. This IS grassroots, real bottom-up politics. Nobody made us, nobody sold us, no logos, no faux guerilla marketing. WE BUILT THIS. This is the first time something has been built frmo the gruond up in American politics in a long, long time that is big enough and scary enough to make TPTB quake in their boots.

    GOD, this is great. We fucking ROCK.

  20. Miriam,

    the insult writes itself so I’ll leave that middle school thing alone.

  21. and … renewed energy and sense of purpose for the ridiculous PUMAs. That last one is really fucking annoying.

    Hey! I resemble that remark. But to keep the record accurate, I’ve had purpose since NH and renewed energy ever since I found these PUMA sites. Yesterday’s FISA vote was just a reason to celebrate. I dropped at least a dozen comments myself (couldn’t help it—I was on a spree).

    …thinking of changing my blog name from Sophie to RFA…

    I wonder what makes Kos think Obama will make a great president. There’s nothing that would suggest that.

  22. Hear hear. PUMA is popping up everywhere like mushroom. Of cause they found it annoying. They thought we are going to disappear into abyss and leave the stage for Obots and his website. Instead, we are stealing the limelight.

    PUMA is the “hottest movement in the country”.

  23. Hey, we OWN viral, baby.

  24. Yah, I’d love it if someone could ask Kos or any of those guys what will make Obama a great president.

    Will it be a) because he’ll tap our phones; b) because he’ll legitimize homophobic bigotry; c) because he’ll force women to go to church and hang out with their abusive husbands in order to beg for permission to control their own bodies; or d) because he’ll create an unworkable health care system and not ask his able bodied college aged fanboys to pay into it.

  25. I love the spin, BTD started it yesterday, Tomm Hartman was pushing it this morning.
    Obama’s vote yesterday is equal to Hillary’s vote for the war in 2002..
    Can someone PLEASE tell me what the h— the 2 have to do with each other???
    These people are reaching so high the oxygen level is leaving their BRAINS…

  26. Laney:

    Brains, what brains?

    BTD knows better, what is wrong with him?

  27. hey KOS ….BOHICA is a position you should get used to…..and rationalization as a self defense mechanism is understandable its that or the blues for you …..

    What Kos, other Obama fans and Dem’s fail to understand is they and their nominee have become a late night joke unworthy of angst dismissible. We have moved on and we will continue to call the issues as we have always in our community of interest and unlike the disfunction they have choosen we instead are coalescing around a new political power that’s still forming and he and his nominee aren’t in that future..

  28. I got my shirt last night. This one’s for Mawm. Love you! xoxox

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 1:28 PM EDT
    Contact: Gary xxxxxxxx
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    Amount: $50.00

  29. We’re also more likely to hang around for a looooong time as well, precisely because we didn’t start as a calculated marketing faux-fad. Things that people are handed, shrink-wrapped and with “instant movement just add water” tend to get dumped after a while; they don’t have any staying power. When people are just handed things instead of working for them, they don’t really stay invested in them. It’s a fragile thing, easily punctured — we’re seeing it. The air is hissing out of Barky’s balloon as we speak.

    But real grassroots movement, built by the people who make them up, have staying power. No matter the end result this November, PUMAs are here to stay.

    People in the movements know the difference, too. The Barkybots may tell themselves they are the ones they’ve been waiting for, but if they really felt that way, they wouldn’t have needed some suit to tell them.

    It reminds me of a woman I’d heard of (my roommate’s coworker) who was all-Barky-all-the-time because “she wanted passion in her life.” As if it was the government’s business to give her passion. If she were really interested in passion, if she were really capable of it, she’d have gone the hell out in her life and seized it. These are not exciting people with real staying power here; these are dullards who want pre-fab, prepackaged excitement because they haven’t the slightest idea how to go about creating it themselves. That shit always dies out, hopefully before it does too much damage.

  30. But at the end of the day, he’s a politician

    This is all I’ve been trying to explain to people for months now: he’s a politician. He’s not going to save you, he’s not going to “transform Washington,” he’s not a frigging rock star. He’s not only a politician, he’s a CHICAGO politician, and every single thing his supporters have thought about him is exactly what he wanted them to think.

  31. Tomm Hartman. And he has (had) such big brains. When he went the way of BO, I was speechless. I used to be such a fan.

    Please don’t get me started on BTD….

  32. Yes! PUMA will be on “Your World” at 4:10EST. They’re gonna discuss the donation drive and the DNC’s strong-arm tactics.


  33. How ironic that amidst accusations that PUMA is a Republican plot, the presumptive Democratic candidate keeps voting like a stealth Republican, bankrolled by corporate interests to infiltrate and subvert the party. Perhaps Barack Obama is the best the Republicans can hope for…even if they lose, they win.

  34. Not “immature”, necessarily… Just odd. And has a weird connection to the entire “cougar” thing.

  35. we are the ones they didn’t expect….that’s always more exciting!

  36. @ ms marple… obama didn’t sell out yesterday, he DELIVERED.

  37. The best thing that could happen for the sippy-kup kidz is for Obama to lose the nomination.

    Then they can spend the rest of their lives HillaryHatin’ and dreaming of what might have been.

    Otherwise they”ll have to face brutal reality in November with Obama joining McGovern, Mondale and Dukakis as electoral trainwrecks.

    The very worst thing for those Kool-aid cultists would be an Obama victory in November.

    That would mean four years of misery and disillusionment. Kinda like going on Jerry Springer to find out your wife is really a man, only the show lasts half a decade.

  38. Kos thinks Oboy will make a good president? Hmmm, let’s see what would make him think that? I guess Oboy might be present….

  39. campskunk, I am sure corporate America is doing cartwheels on the conference tables. When this alleged leftist can pose as a change agent and get them exactly what they want, their fondest dreams are realized.

  40. “we are the ones they didn’t expect….that’s always more exciting!”

    You’re the Spanish Inquisition?!

  41. Right down to the comfy chairs and the soft cushions.

  42. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Missouri shows John McCain attracting 47% of the vote while Barack Obama earns 42%. A month ago, the candidates were essentially even. That survey was conducted the night that Obama clinched the Democratic Presidential nomination. McCain had the advantage in earlier surveys.

    When leaners are included in the current survey, McCain leads Obama 50% to 45%.

    Welll we all new this was coming, McCain is also now moving in Ohio

    thanks Claire please MO next time….

  43. fuzzybear is home for quick porridge lunch and it is just right…Carol and Pat my two fav goldilocks’ are out ther somewhere so fuzzy is doing his mid-day lean at the conflu….for dollars!

    Remember every dollar given is like a punch in Donna’s repugnant face…..its like giving Nancy a new wrinkle or ol’ Dean an muric acid laced high colonic!

    Oh and not to foget the god of the KOS every $ is like giving him a fresh new hemroid that festers everytime he sits at his keyboard….

    Now the Bots that have really overdosed on Koolaid are saying a yes vote for FISA is a sign that the big “o” can work accross the party lines -please some one get fuzzy a vomit bucket-


  44. A PUMaiku:

    PUMAs stalk their prey
    from deep in the tall grass roots
    What ferociousness

  45. I went to an alternative college years ago that was full of sexist (actually women-hating), supposedly counter culture “liberals”. I was harrassed and demeaned regularly. That was where I got my first taste of the future abusive, condescending, brutally judgemental and off-base Obamabots.

    When I first got a real whiff of these mean-spirited a-holes and their king this year, it was like reliving a nightmare. I love watching them squirm now. I just do.

    I’m older and stronger now, and

  46. Ever since they lost the weapon of RoeVWade when Obama threw women under the bus with his anti-choice stand, people like Miriam can only hurl insults.

    Wow, I feel like its March all over again.

  47. Pumas are on the prowl and I am loving it. Let’s do this thing.

  48. “You’re the Spanish Inquisition?!”

    Miriam has a sense of humor!! you’ll be one of us before you know it!

  49. You know what I need to do? I need to make a little fuzzy puma, either out of fake fur, corduroy, or crochet one out of caramel colored yarn.

    Hm. *has crafty thoughts*

  50. Miriam is fascinated with us. I take that as a compliment.

  51. I received this email from Hillary this morning!

    Let’s Go PUMA$

    Dear Carol,

    I have so many wonderful memories from the millions of people I met on the campaign trail. Over the past year and half, I have also collected a few cherished mementos. They are a reflection of the many ups and downs that we went through together and represent our many accomplishments.

    In May, Chelsea announced our “Project T-Shirt” contest, and I never imagined we would have such an outpouring of support and great designs. We received almost five thousand amazing entries, and more than 125,000 of you voted for your favorite design.

    While the primary race may be over, I think the winning t-shirt — and it won by a landslide — still makes a wonderful statement about everything you and I accomplished in this historic race and our determination to keep fighting for what we believe in.

    If you contribute $50 today you’ll get a t-shirt with the winning design and continue to help me pay down our campaign debt.

    Click here to make a contribution of $50 and receive one of our winning t-shirts.

    Denitza of Weehawken, New Jersey submitted the winning t-shirt. I’d like to thank Denitza and the thousands of others who put their time, talent, and efforts into all the great designs that were submitted.

    I know you’re as proud as I am of everything we achieved and I hope I can count on you to work with me on the issues that brought us together. By helping us pay down the debt from one of the hardest-fought races in Democratic primary history, you’re making a real difference today for all our future efforts.

    Plus, if you contribute $50, you’ll get one of our winning t-shirts. It’s a great statement about the spirit that drove our campaign, and I hope you’ll get one for yourself!

    Contribute $50 to help pay down our debt, and you’ll get a t-shirt with our winning design.

    Thank you for everything!

    Hillary Rodham Clinton

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

    I will have totals soon!

  52. …and I fight back.

  53. well fuzzy has to get back to work….keep the dollars comming you dont want fuzzy to do something we will both regret….

    love GRRRR and Roars to you alll


  54. joaniebone–my pet theory is that the hippie men allied themselves with the feminists when they needed help in the anit-vietnam movement. When the war was over they abandoned them and went back to their sexist ways, leaving women to twist in the wind when it came to the ERA and other feminist goals

  55. I love it! She knows we are here – she used my term “our campaign debt”.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  56. Cougar? Cool! That means we’re all HOT and attract the attention of younger men!

  57. fuzzy – No Regrets, No Regrets! Do what you must do!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  58. Gary, very true!. And also the pre-HIV sexual revolution.

  59. I AM fascinated by your group, yeah — the logic boggles me. But I don’t mean to be insulting, either. I just said the cat-stuff isn’t lending your outfit much credibility.

    (And Gary, if adversaries can’t come together under the banner of absurd Brit sketch shows, then the world is truly ending. Check out “That Mitchell and Webb Look” if you’re interested in the more recent incarnations — Sir Digby Chicken Caesar’s a personal favorite, though it’s also pretty crude.)

  60. I think the PUMA movement should also be a revival of the feminist movement. If this election has revealed one thing, it is that sexism is more tolerated than even racism, and when you point it out, the Media and the powers that be try their best to dismiss the idea, usually in a sexist way.

    I believe the divide and conquer strategy employed upon women has to be challenged head on. Obama has employed it by telling young women that older women have nothing to say, and are “old school”. This is very damaging in my opinion, because it tries to negate the life-experience and wisdom that comes with age. It is like, they are purposely trying to cut off the younger generation from the collective wisdom of their elders by telling them a version of “don’t trust anyone over 30”. It is revisionist history or forced institutional amnesia.

    Where is myiq2xu’s history lesson for the day?

  61. I like odd. I like immature, it’s been all the rage this primary. Like Joanie, I LOVE Cougar, quite a compliment

  62. Cougar? Heh. I am 40, and happily married to an OLDER man.

    Miriam, watch that broad brush. We might just ask you to stick it where the sun don’t shine. 😉

    RD – Awesome! I don’t go to the Great Orange Satan anymore – haven’t for months. I’m so glad you took one for the team today.

    I’m sorry poor little Kos is threatened by actual grassroots organization and real passion for a candidate we know and love. His nakedness – and the nakedness of Obama and his worshipers – is showing, and he’s running to the PUMAs and Hillary for cover.


  63. “the logic boggles me”

    Miriam, please stop now. Volcano Mawm is about to blow…..

  64. Miriam, you are wrong. We are serious about standing up to the corruption of the DNC, and the empty suit Obama.

    However, I think “the cat-stuff” as you call it is great. Every movement needs a mascott and symbol, and the PUMA fits excellently.

    This blog is serious, but we also have fun too. It is a community.


  65. joaniebone, said:
    Tomm Hartman. And he has (had) such big brains. When he went the way of BO, I was speechless. I used to be such a fan.

    Ain’t that the truth….

  66. Well, miriam, we are what we are. We’re PUMA’s. Our credibility is fine and completely intact. Maybe you ought take your argument up with the ObamaMama’s.

  67. on the previous thread, we were discussing JJSr’s “crude” [that’s what AP called it] comments. All I can say is, if JJ wants to cut those off, I bet he only needs a manicure scissors, cause we all know how big the cojones are on that one. Right, Carville?

  68. Mawm – WORD!

    I will be interviewing Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney of New York next week. Her book about women in politics and society was inspired by the massive amounts of sexism Hillary encountered during the primaries.

    I can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Should be a doozy!

  69. joaniebone,
    I took a hydrocodone the dentist gave me for my tooth pain, so It would take more than Miriam’s derision to blow my stack today.

  70. Miriam, it takes a village.

  71. Oh, lord, I’m not broad-brushing you all as Cougars! I’m saying that the entire pretend-to-be-a-cat thing is something they do as well.

  72. I have to say that on the R v W issue I respect more the people who say that abortions should never ever be legal than someone like Obama who talks about women feeling blue. Can’t they see how much more insulting that is? at least when you are completely against abortion you have a moral, discernible position. when you start making value judgements about women’s motives that is truly degrading.

  73. laney, on July 10th, 2008 at 1:27 pm Said:
    I love the spin, BTD started it yesterday, Tomm Hartman was pushing it this morning.
    Obama’s vote yesterday is equal to Hillary’s vote for the war in 2002..

    This is pathetic. Obama supporters have become like Bush supporters. Remember that each time you tried to point to a disaster brought by Bush, the answer would be “but… but… but Bill Clinton” as if Bush could not exist by himself and be responsible for something he did.

    The same thing is happening now with Obama. He always have to be defined, justified in relation to Hillary Clinton. Every misstep have to be justified and accepted because Hillary Clinton did something. It never happens the other way around.

    I noticed from the start of the race that Hillary Clinton was running to win the Presidency and all the other 20 (men) candidate and the media were in the race to beat her.

  74. Joanie- I stopped listening to Hartman months ago. I had a10minute relapse while in the car this morning. NEVER AGAIN. I thought he was the smartest or the smart. How stupid am I?

  75. That’s very analytical of you, Miriam.

    Sorry about the tooth-stuff Mawm. No fun at all.

  76. MABlue – IACF!

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  77. BTW…I’ve said all along that we were the cool kids. We are the ones sitting in the back of the classroom rocking back in our chairs and laughing at the preppys and jocks. we are the ones who shake out heads and wonder “what are they thinking?” We see through the fads and the crap. And we buy into a fad we know exactly what we are doing and laugh at ourselves when we do it. We are all out here, and had we all gone to the same high school we all would have been friends.

  78. Yes, if she was defeated so completely, why do they have to bring her up again?

  79. Um, Miriam, not to put too fine a point on it, but WHO FREAKING CARES?

    Mawm, I truly do hope that this ends up as a nucleation point for a new feminism. It’s sorely needed. I can see the importance of some of the pop-cult critiques of the third wave, but somewhere it ended up eating its own tail when it turned into women trying to argue that their self-identification as feminists meant that every single thing they did from waking to sleeping was automatically a Bold and Empowering Feminist Statement. How self-absorbed the whole thing got.

    It lost the idea of broader goals that existed outside of ourselves. We forgot that feminism was about closing the pay gap and making sure women had healthcare and could leave abusive husbands instead of arguing over whose pushup bra was more feminist than who else’s. IT just all got so goddamned self-absorbed and navel-gazing, like we forgot that feminism had more than a singular first-person pronoun.

  80. Gosh, highschool would have been great with the PUMA’s.

  81. I adore being ridiculous


  82. KOS, Miriam and pals are jealous that we’re marking our territory. Jane is lord of the jungle !!

  83. Now I’m reminded of something..

    I saw Tomm Hartman up here for a book signing. I’m a big Jefferson fan and of course, that’s his thing. After his talk, he took time with everyone who asked to get their book signed. It was a long wait.

    But when I got to the table, he took one look at me and was totally dismissive and condescending. I remember feeling kind of bruised and thinking that it was the same treatment that I got in college–another “liberal”‘ that thought I couldn’t possibly be smart if I was attractive.

    I guess the BO thing made sense if I’d put it together.

  84. And I still think that a lot of the attraction of Barky for younger women is just that they haven’t lived long enough to recognize a lying smooth operator. We over-40s have. We can sniff out the guy who tries to scam out of wearing a condom immediately.

    Or most of us can — like I said, I know two women on a husband/bedpartner hunt who are currently trying to talk up some rather ordinary schmoes into Albert Schweitzer in order to justify screwing them. If they’d just admit they were horny without trying to rationalize, there wouldn’t be a problem. But they — and women in general — spend our lives talking sow’s ears into silk purses in our private lives. If we do it in so personal a place as our bedrooms, of course we’d do the same thing in the voting booth.

    It may be a stereotype, but older women are less likely to get sucked into that sad fantasyland. That’s the best thing about cougars — it’s bedtime fun for those types of women, and nothing else. They don’t try to talk a guy into being Mahatma Gandhi in their minds just because he has a nice ass. Young women are still embarrassed about wanting to nail a guy for purely physical reasons — it makes them likely to cut guys more slack than any sane human would ever do, in bed or in the voting booth.

  85. They’re all trying to piece together the messy scraps of their exploding heads… and it couldn’t happen to a *nicer* bunch of folks, I tell ya.

    Trying to reconcile: crucifying HRC for “doing anything to get elected” and now needing to applaud Jr. for his brilllllliant strategy of… well… doing anything to get elected.

    Trying to reconcile: oh so principled stances of Dear Leader (“he’s right on the need for Americans to speak other languages, it’s unpopular but it’s the right thing to do and that’s why he’s Teh Awesome!!”) with the he-HAS-to-lose-purist-principles-to win (“he HAD to screw the Fourth Amendment to get elected and he’s brilllllliant enough to do it, that’s why he’s Teh Awesome!!”).

    I tell ya. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks.


  86. I was looking at some anti-puma hate sites, and one had a link to a “petition” against PUMAS, but there were actually PUMAS signing it and leaving messages. This was my favorite:

    11:02 pm PDT, Jul 1, PumaPAC Roar for the pathetic !!!, New Hampshire
    Roar! The mighty PUMA listened and swooned. He almost fainted from the inspirational words echoing from the EMPTY SUIT, “STOP PUMA!” Dressed in BLACK, the PUMA hesitated and froze in his tracks. He casually sat for a moment, one paw holding a MARGARITA, and sipped from his straw. The winds carried high pitched sounds to his ears. It sounded like a pack of wounded animals were approaching him. The mighty PUMA turned to see Nancy Pelosi running towards him. Her single FLIP FLOP dangling from her feet, HALF the democrat she used to be, shouting “PLEASE COME BACK”! Close behind her was Howling Howard Dean with his Hound Dog “Rendell” on a leash, tracking the mighty PUMA. Donna Brazille trailed behind them sporting a Tee-shirt that read, I’M NEUTRAL, I REALLY AM!” In the rear, Ted Kennedy, Richardson, and Edwards were holding out their hands with DONATION cups, while John Kerry rode along in his SWIFTBOAT named “DESPERATELY SEEKING VOTES”. The mighty PUMA proudly rose to join his PUMAPAC. He stepped forward towards the CONVENTION and flicked his tail on his shoulder in DISMISSIVE DISSENT. Then he tossed some PUMA DOLLARS over his shoulder and roared “NO DEAL”. Stunned, they watched the Mighty PUMA strut off with his integrity intact and tail raised high. They looked on in utter disbelief and denial, to see a single word shaved beneath the mighty PUMAs tail. “NOBAMA”.

    Almost sounds like our Madamab

  87. Joanie, that treatment is always what makes me laugh when people say that attractive women have it made and that men “like” us. Yeah, I’ve never seen it. Try to scam us, sure — but “like?” Not in my lifetime.

  88. I read somewhere that the Jesse Jackson Sr. thing is a “planned” Obama camp “distraction” from the FISA vote. A few months ago I would say that’s “INSANE”;
    now I say, “your probably right”!!
    *”RD”-if your on it was GREAT talking to you last night!!
    Sometime I’ll tell you how as a NYer who was “ABSOLUTELY” against the Iraq War; how I resolved Hillary’s vote for myself.
    GO PUMAs!!

  89. Re: Thom Hartmann, I am so disappointed in him and Rachel Maddow. Although she was quite upset with Obama over FISA, they both jumped on the AAR Obama train. I used to love Hartmann and his depth of knowledge of history. He was so strong on Constitutional issues. Now that his naked emperor has betrayed him, he knows not what to do. He would probably be fired if he spoke the truth.

    I am sure that this “progressive” media takeover was all orchestrated by Obama and his formerly bottomless cash register. Axelrod is a known astroturfer.

  90. This Yahoo News headline strikes me as hilarious:

    Obama targets women’s issues with Clinton at hand (AP)

  91. speaking of the jackson thing. I loved JJ Jr’s reaction. “But how could you do this to ME after I’VE been working SO HARD for over a year to elect Obama”….what a whining ingrate. it’s all about him, AND he throws his dad under the bus. These chicago politicians are a hot mess…..

  92. Janis: “Try to scam us, sure — but “like?” Not in my lifetime.”

    Ain’t that the truth. I like being here, known only through words.

  93. Kos would have been even more annoyed…but with his fingers in his ears he couldn’t hear the gates crashing behind him.

  94. Uhhhh, Miriam?

    The “Yellow Dog” Democrats. died on May 31st, 2008.

    If you want the history of why/how PUMA formed, look back at the archives starting on June 1st.

    Otherwise, stop antagonizing & belittling our movement.

  95. #
    MABlue, on July 10th, 2008 at 2:07 pm Said:
    This is pathetic. Obama supporters have become like Bush supporters. Remember that each time you tried to point to a disaster brought by Bush, the answer would be “but… but… but Bill Clinton” as if Bush could not exist by himself and be responsible for something he did. The same thing is happening now with Obama. He always have to be defined, justified in relation to Hillary Clinton.


    Agreed. They still need to limp forward on the crutches of Clinton Hate. They’ve got nothing else. They have never, ever had anything substantial to make one vote for Jr, so they need a body to hate.

    That’s all they’ve got. Especially now that Jr. is revealing himself mre and more to be quite the used car salesman.

  96. SM!!! you and tpt/ny and of course, Riverdaughter were awesome on the radio show last night!!! it’s so cool to actually hear what you guys sound like.. 🙂

  97. Am I the only one remembering that Carville said,

    “If Hillary gives him one of her’s, he will have two!”

    I guess if JJ wants 2, he better head over to Hillary if she hasn’t already given him one!”

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  98. So, let me get this straight. The candidate of choice for Kos and others had just voted for a bill to support spying on Americans, the same spying that ENRAGED them when they found out…and therefore, Obama will be a good President. What the f**k is in that Kool Aide? I think it should be labeled as detrimental to your health and may cause brain damage.

    I’m loving the attention PUMA’s are getting, it shows they are scared out of their brainless robot heads.

  99. Oh and gary – that wasn’t me, but it was GREAT!!!


  100. KOS’ source of annoyance is that PUMA has turned him & his A-lister “blogger boiz” into “the establishment” and we are now the “fighters for progressive policy.”

  101. I think it drives them crazy that it truly is a grassroots movement…there is no head to cut off to neutralize it.

  102. SM
    this should be a bumper sticker:

    ‘The “Yellow Dog” Democrats. died on May 31st, 2008.’

  103. GARY!! Awww! TPT/NY was great, everyone who called was wonderful. I gave you & Mawm shout outs, didya hear it?

  104. Desertpuma, that’s a great idea, go for it!

  105. SM!!! Guess what – I took your suggestion. I’m going to post it here soon…

  106. Yeah!!! the infantry co-commanders of the rebel alliance…I LOVE IT!!!!

  107. Madamab! LOL!!!! Please do, I’m going to read it now!

  108. Hillary looked great at the fundraiser this morning! I hope she gets the VP nomination.

  109. I told two colleagues at lunch the JJ dust up was all a set up. Of course, yet ANOTHER person has to apologize to HIM. I don’t hear that many people having to apologize to McCain about anything…well maybe Wesley Clark. But you know what I mean.

  110. Bevo – and we hope she turns it down.

  111. Garychapelhill…which one was it, I’d love to go and put my 2 cents in thee also. I loved the imagery of Pelosi, and her 1 flip flop, & DB with that tee shirt..oh yah,I think we should all get a chance to visit that site!!

  112. Carol, on July 10th, 2008 at 2:30 pm Said:
    Am I the only one remembering that Carville said,
    “If Hillary gives him one of her’s, he will have two!”


    you’re not the only one. It crossed my mind yesterday when Jesse Jackson threatened to cut Obama’s n*ts off. I thoughts to myself: “you’re gonna have a tough time finding them, Jesse.”

  113. Cougars…PUMAs…feminists…

    Works for me!

  114. SM, on July 10th, 2008 at 2:32 pm Said:
    KOS’ source of annoyance is that PUMA has turned him & his A-lister “blogger boiz” into “the establishment” and we are now the “fighters for progressive policy.”

    Bingo. Except we didn’t do it to them, they did it to themselves.

  115. mary beth, it’s here….there were only 130 signees, and most of them were PUMAS 🙂 everyone should go leave a message if they get the chance:


  116. here’s one more. PUMAS are some funny people:

    12:05 am PDT, Jul 1, YES We Can Pretend, Georgia
    Yes we must stop them! We are the new generation. We own this planet. And we must show them the new kind of politic. They are so old sakool. Count every vote?!? DUH! Who would want to count every vote? That is so 17th century. We count half the vote, and we can steal vote if we are behind. That’s way more kewl. We are proud of our new democratic way.

  117. Bevo, on July 10th, 2008 at 2:38 pm Said:
    Hillary looked great at the fundraiser this morning! I hope she gets the VP nomination.

    And I hope she doesn’t. Major league legends should never play second fiddle to minor league rookies.

  118. Oh and by the way SM I loved you last night with Riverdaughter and Will. I met you last week in the lounge and you bought me a drink..it was on July 3rd i believe.and we talked about only being 1 month old, and how much has happened in such a short time.
    And now look…only 36 days old and so much more..
    Thanks to all of you, for giving us a place to rant, vent, and be constructive. All we want is our Party back, is that asking too much?
    And for the record, NO I do not want Hillary on the VP ticket. NEVER, and I hope she would never consider it.

  119. Just got my tee shirt! PUMA’s rock
    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 2:37 PM EDT
    Contact: LizfromFL
    xxx xxxxx rd
    Tampa, FL 33617
    Amount: $50.00

  120. I have an IQ in the triple digits — so not sure if the double digit barry followers will understand this video.

  121. Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 2:21 PM EDT

    Amount: $50.00


  123. I’m loving the attention PUMA’s are getting, it shows they are scared out of their brainless robot heads.

    it’s funny. i left a comment on Salon about how one should not assume that Obama was not for the unitary executive that the Obamabots have been vilifying Bush for given his endorsement of very right wing frames and positions on other Constitutional issues like the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment, 8th Amendment, Article II or the Due Process clause. i didn’t even mention PUMA or say that i wasn’t going to vote for Obama (bc the topic there was not who should be POTUS).

    the first comment i got was someone screaming about how PUMAs were lying about Obama, etc.

    it was kind of amusing how ultrasensitive and paranoid many of them seem to be.

  124. SimoFish – just looked at the video – John McCain’s expression was exactly what I was thinking? WTF is that dumbo ears talking about…………

    Luv all you guys – I come over here mostly & just lurk & laugh like an idiot – need the humor after I read the paper or listen to some MSM talking head………….thanks

    Go Pumas ……………………………..

  125. madamab,

    i loved “who killed ole yeller”

  126. MaryBeth, I remember, it was a late night that night! Please come back to the next one, I think this Friday.

    Rico promised to put on his bicep-enhancing short sleeve shirt, WOWZA at them guns!

  127. SusiePuma — one would think that even a single digit IQ could understand the video — but I have no faith in the BHO followers.

  128. Many of the sippy-kup kidz are “faugressives” because:

    1. They are opposed to the Iraq clusterf**k (especially if they are young enough to get drafted to fight in it)

    2. Conservatives disapprove of using drugs and sexual promiscuity and that’s no fun.

    3. It’s hard to score with chicks unless you claim to believe that b**ches are equal to dudes.

    4. They are opposed to racism because they like hip-hop music and styles, and many kewl athletes are black. They might even have a black friend.

  129. Thanks for the shout out SM! I enjoy the title of Infantry Co-Commander of the Rebel Alliance. I am trying to get into Jedi school. I hope they don’t turn down my application.

  130. garychapelhill…thanks, I forgot that I signed it already, way back on June 30th..I’m #108…
    we need more people to get on there and voice there opinions!!

  131. I would vote for a yellow dog if it was a Democrat.

    But I ain’t voting for a pig with lipstick

  132. Everybody got your PUMA marching orders. Get to it.

  133. Mawm – WHAT?? You already are Jedis. You are Obi-Wan & Gary is Obi-Too.

  134. Nobody is answering the phone… guess they can’t afford to have staff now.

  135. Hey – we PUMAS just did a Prowl call to the DNC about Hillary’s name being on the ballot for the first roll call – I got thru & was told that yes she will be on the ballot & to spread the news – so here’s spreading………………..

    I think they got a lot of calls (smirk, smirk)……………

  136. Okie Dokey:

    Since my last post: “DRUM ROLL”

    LGM $20.08
    Robin $50
    campskunk $75
    masslib $100
    annabellep $20.08
    Delphyne $50
    LGM $ $50
    mystic4hillpuma’s PUMA kitty $50 (she gave up treats)
    DeniseW $50
    Marsha $50
    madamab $50
    ginainkc $20.08 (let me know if you also bought a T)
    katiebird $50
    EleanorA $100
    parentofed $50
    fif $150 – 3 T’s
    Karolina NYC $50
    pm317’s Husband $100 (good husband)
    dakinikat $50
    Tucson Transplant $50
    desertpuma $50
    britgirls $50
    fliedermaus $50
    fliedermaus $50 (not an error)
    NH $50
    dobarah $50
    perries $250 (her first contribution, and what a contribution)
    Kim $50 (We love your brave self and your brave son)
    joaniebone $20.08
    jules $50
    cate $50
    Karen O $50
    ladyinblue $50
    Phoenix $50
    cackicoots $10
    Marylee $50
    SM $5 (You are indeed very generous as you are only 1/2 of a person)
    samanthasmon $20.08

    Grand Total so Far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  137. madamab,

  138. Maybe the DNC figured out there would be a few calls…?

  139. Someone posted on Puma blog that one guy who answered said over 50,000 and would we stop calling = as if……………………….. 🙂

  140. SM let’s get there earlier than last week, we were both a little tired..but god you sounded great last night and so full of energy!!

  141. I need an update from the following:

    elixir – is that another $100?

    Sorry gals and guys – I couldn’t tell what your amounts were. Please post details or just let me know.

    Thanks so much.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  142. I thought Kos sent a cease and desist letter over here. Boy is he gonna be mad. Haha.

  143. They finally answered and sent me to voicemail.

  144. Carol, I posted my $5.00 on the “Star” thread downstream, hope you catch it!

  145. SM – you are on there! Thanks.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  146. I am always delighted when I can annoy Kos! Thanks for this post!

  147. She’ll be on the ballot, but wil anyone be allowed to vote for her?

    I’m sorry, but I’ve seen more wordplay and deliberate misinterpretations during this campaign that I can shake a stick at. Getting a promise out of those assholes is like making a wish on the monkey’s paw.

  148. I called the DNC at the prescribed time – left voice mail the first time. Called again.

    I got a hold of a live person at the DNC — I BLASTED him. As soon as I said I am a PUMA — he said “stop right there, it’s just a rumor, she’ll be on the ballot” — I asked – without a back room deal? He told me they don’t do back room deals then I went into the RBC ruling on May 31st – that I have an e-mail from Donna Brazile stating they did a backroom deal – that barry had the votes and HRC did not –then FISA, then Brazile NUT –

    I told him I wasn’t voting for a racists — I would vote for John McCain — then the guy says – you’re voting for the war – No – I am voting for the guy with experience.

    I am pissed at the DNC — bunch of f’ing liars.

  149. Maybe she’ll be on the ballot, but how many delegates will be intimidated into changing sides? The DNC would love to embarrass her by stealing her delegates.

  150. I love it! We have a yes. I saw you SusiePUMA. I’m getting multiple confirmations that we have her on roll-call.

    However, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it seems too easy. What are they trying to pull?

  151. Carol,

    i think you missed my contribution

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 2:21 PM EDT

    Amount: $50.00

  152. I see I’m not the only one feel skeptical.

  153. Considering the number of times Markos “annoyed” me during the campaign cycle, I’m more than happy to return the favor.

    Puma Power.

    Oh and Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr(It’s amusing I’m either an old biddy or I’m in middle school. Go figure.)

  154. Carol, I bought another shirt this afternoon for mawm…did you get that one?

  155. Thanks for the props, guys! I did post the play.

    I am so excited that the PUMAs are getting through the DNC. We will not back down. We are strong, like Hillary!

  156. Does that mean she is debt free?

  157. No, regency, I don’t trust any of these people.

    Whatever they do will be window dressing for the Coronation of The One.

  158. Just made my call on behalf of PUMA to the DNC. Had to make several tries but got through. The person said that Hillary will be on the ballot then hung up. I think they are getting swamped over there. But she let me finish my prepared copy then basically shut me down. Polite in a way.

  159. garychapelhill, on July 10th, 2008 at 3:32 pm Said:
    Does that mean she is debt free?

    Doubtful. Chances are it means that we’ve raised such hell that they know better than to pull that duplicitous bs. It also likely means that they’ve got another plan. Forgive me, but I don’t trust them as far as I can evict them.

  160. Please add me to your next list! thanks
    LizfromFL, on July 10th, 2008 at 2:48 pm Said:
    Just got my tee shirt! PUMA’s rock
    Contribution Details
    Date: July 10, 2008 2:37 PM EDT
    Contact: LizfromFL
    xxx xxxxx rd
    Tampa, FL 33617
    Amount: $50.00

  161. The comments on that petition are the best comedy around, period. Check out the great names some people have used. It’s gold.

  162. What about local press? I was contacted by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette last night a reporter is trying to do a feature on PUMA and found my name on hillaryclintonforum. I am waiting to hear back from him. I was wondering about the local press how many other papers want to hear from local PUMAs

  163. Carol, I messed up on this and you can’t get credit here for donating to retiring the fund. I used the link from Senator Clinton’s e-mail yesterday which wasn’t to retire the debt but the regular one for which I maxed out some time ago. So, my $100.00 T-shirt purchase is somewhere it shouldn’t be with no information as to size and whatever. I hope an efficient processor will discover my mistake and I will eventually get the two T-shirts I want and Senator Clinton will have a little more in her retire-the-debt fund..

  164. My 4:3l p.m. correction. …I (vice you) can’t get credit here ….

  165. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    I’d say the PUMA movement is right on schedule toward victory.

  166. All of you longtime Dems calling the DNC – heres another thing to pressure them with.

    Tell them about all the work you’ve done in the past. All the organising and thankless boring chores you’ve done; and then tell them that now you are doing that work not for others but for your own PUMA ideals. Maybe end with saying that if they continue cheating you might consider doing that work in support of McCain..

    They are seeing and hearing how well PUMAs organise right now and I bet the thought that the DNC will lose that, as well as the fear that McCain might gain all this force, scares them like ####.

  167. Gary and Mawm-Did you see that O has now taken over the NC Dnc voter info? He is marching through every state like Sherman through Georgia.

    That thing about her debt and being on the ballot was just a rumor. They can’t keep her off for that. But I am sure many of her delegates have already been poached so it will be a show vote.

  168. People need to connect with their delegates about this. Even if Obama gets the nomination he should realize that not all Dems approve of him and his actions.

    I’ve been thinking, the delegates probalbly gets tons of e-mail and phonecalls – so what about an old fashioned letter?

  169. Carol, did you get the $100 I kicked in yesterday?

  170. “Grand Total so Far:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!”

    Hey I just wanted to add I did a quick tally over on noquarter of those who posted their donations. Which currently stands ar $1420 plus change
    So providing there are no cross posters listed you can raise that total to: $4741.60!


  171. Ohio – Got ya!

    You are on a long list on another blog.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  172. Michelle was in Kansas City. We keep leaping from channel to channel trying to avoid her but it’s impossible. She’s all over the place.

    Well, she’s an expensive home in Mission Hills at a “closed fund raiser” right now.

  173. HA! Sounds to me like we’re a bit of a thorn in Markos’ side doesn’t it?

  174. Carol, on July 10th, 2008 at 3:03 pm Said:

    Okie Dokey:

    Since my last post: “DRUM ROLL”
    pm317’s Husband $100 (good husband)

    Carol, my husband smiled a satisfied smile when I told him about what you wrote here 🙂 Thanks for the laugh!

  175. I’m imagining the day when the pseudo progressives blame Obama for turning them into Republicans. “Oh, boo hoo, Barry made us do it.”

  176. pm317 – Thank ya very much!

  177. I signed the petition and earlier I ordered my T-Shirt, we love Hillary and you can’t stop an army of lovers!

  178. So, I guess Markos will squeeze out that “donation” to Obama ge’s been holding back, now that he’s finally seen the light and acknowledges that just like Nixon “if Obama did it, it’s not wrong”.

    Funny Obama doesn’t even have to be President or even the nominee to achieve that exalted “do no wrong” status for Kos. He’s like Nixon on steroids.

  179. Please post your donations on the latest thread!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rule!

  180. I just went and made my contribution, could only do $5, but I hope it helps. Contribution Details
    Date: July 11, 2008 4:56 PM EDT
    Amount: $5.00
    And I love the article.

  181. […] I’m very fucking annoyed. Those ridiculous PUMAs will only feel vindicated now. Of course, everyone knows he will still be a […]

  182. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog. Thanks so much, Gretchen Glasscock, Together4Us”

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