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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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Two Things

Just a heads up about what’s happening this week:

  • Tomorrow night, I will be a guest on NO WE WON’T with Sheri Tag on blogtalkradio.  Set your bat channels for 7pm EST.
  • Tonight, we will be hosting a cocktail party at the same time that Diane Montavoulos at <a href=”http://justsaynodeal.com”>Just Say No Deal </a>will be giving a cocktail party/interview live with a Japanese TV crew.  And I need a favor from all of you creative types.  We need a new catchy name for the cocktail party.  Diane is taking requests.  My first attempt is the PUMA Watering Hole but I know we can come up with something even more clever, Conflucians.  So, GO!

89 Responses

  1. Should we call it the “Mocktail Hour?” We can spend the whole time making fun of Obama and his whole sick joke of a candidacy.

  2. The Speakeasy?

  3. Just Say No A Go-Go?

    Roar & Wine Time?

  4. The Round Table?

    The Cocktail Table?

    The Puma Tavern?

    The Den?

  5. The Cocktail Hour of our Discontent.

  6. JulieS9164 – I like “The Den.” Roar, PUMAs, roar!

  7. The Pink Puma, The Cattyshack, The Mean-Eyed Cat, the Stray Cat Saloon.

  8. I’ll be listening for you RD!

    Several Puma PAC members in Miami will be at Diane’s Japan TV interview. I hope to see them when the tape is available!

    At Puma PAC, we call friendly gatherings of Pumas a “Lion’s Share”

  9. Hi Y’all — its pouring rain here in ole virginny and I’m cranking up the tunes in my shop …. thought I’d share!

    Indigo Girls “Rise Up!”

    dog at the window still looks all day never gets her fill
    cause a glance means a chance to break the birds out congregating
    I have seen a look like that you licked your chops from where you sat
    make your kill for a thrill and you don’t mind waiting
    rise up your dead, there’s life in the old girl yet
    rise up your dead
    when it bums you out, all the hunters sprung to pounce
    and at best it’s a mess like a nest infested
    you remember there’s more than this
    there always was and always is
    tend the artist in your charges, you are full invested
    and if you need to, read your mindless mag
    call me up for tickets, we’ll go see sugarland
    and it gets better even when it’s been a drag
    just move to the music, move your body to the band and
    rise up

  10. the No Kool Aid Zone

    Boston Tea Party – Revisited

  11. Thanks, Indigo!

    I like “A Lion’s Share” too.

  12. Rico’s Sweeties

  13. “the cocktail hour we’ve been waiting for”

  14. Straight Shots

  15. “spare change”

  16. PUMA Pub

  17. Play to Prey


  18. “Dead-enders’ Society”

  19. “PUMA Party”

  20. “Feeding Time”

  21. Drinks ‘n Distractions

    Flip-Flop Fun

    Fairytale Time

  22. “Stalk and Pounce”

    “Furry Navels”

  23. “PUMA Purr”

  24. Paws for Reflection


  26. Conflucians, you guys ate your Wheaties this morning – I like all of these!


    PUMA-palooza Cocktails?

    PUMA Pride Pack Party?

    Absolut PUMA ?

  27. oops, lilythegreat #5 was me. damn kids!

  28. Puma Place

    Puma Eye2Eye

    Puma I2I

  29. I like “the Den”!

    (Though “Furry Navels” gets an honorable mention… hee.)

  30. How about “Join us for PUMA Causmos”

    I believe you used that term recently, RD, no? Someone here did.

  31. “Cats ‘n’ Soda”

  32. PUMA-tini Cocktail Hour

    Mountain Lion Mixer

  33. “Meow Mix”

  34. Off topic but…

    I’d sent a link to a long-time friend about Obie and I got this response:

    So you’re ready now for four more years of BUSH/REPUBLICIAN politics??? I guess that’s fine…the rich just keep getting richer and the poor (that’s me & mine), keep getting poorer…..same old same old and I’ve had enough….and don’t worry…I’ve done my research

    (sigh) I wrote back I’d done my research too and sent her a list of the blogs I read like this one, Alegre’s, Bud White’s, Anglachel’s, Shtuey’s site and others. Guess she’s drunk the kool-aid, slamming it down. Oh well…

  35. “meow mix” is my favorite!!!!!

  36. NoBama Fountain
    NoBO Fountain

  37. Cat Club

  38. these are so funny. not feeling very creative today, but maybe there’s something we can do with part of hillary’s opening line:

    “This isn’t the party I planned but I sure like the company,”

  39. I like “Meow Mix” but perhaps we could call the cocktail party a “Meow Mixer”

  40. “Furry Navels” should be a specialty drink of the house.

  41. Bitter Sweetie

    The Scratching Pole

    The Ass & Nine

    Roaring Sweeties

    a California PUMA

  42. Puma Purrfect Pubhouse
    Catamount Cocktails
    Clintonite Cocktails

  43. Kittycosmos
    Puma punchbowl

  44. Dem Changes

    PUMA Pounce

  45. PUMA Party Mixer?

  46. Green Puma Soiree

    Green Puma Cocktail Recipe

    Ingredients : – 2 cl banana liqueur (pisang ambon)
    – 2 cl whisky (whiskey,bourbon…)
    – 2 cl orange juice

  47. Pumarangs

  48. The Puma Pause for the Cause

  49. Cocktail:
    10% booze
    90% KoolAid

  50. Kit-Kat Club. Too 1950’s?

  51. PUMA-nation Libation

  52. Pumafest?

  53. For media-interaction reasons, I really like “Lion’s Share”. Fits with the big cat theme, ‘Lion’ is strong and magnificent, and ‘Share’ keeps the open & accepting part of the movement in the title. Plus the double entendre, makes a perfect package!

    However, for non-media consumption, my favorites are:

    “the cocktail hour we’ve been waiting for” (lol)

    “Feeding Time”

    “Stalk and Pounce”

  54. Puma growls?

  55. I LOVE “the scratching post.”

  56. Hawiian Punch, 7-up and tequila with a slice of citrus is not bad and very koolAid-ish.

  57. The “scratching post” is grrr-eat!

  58. roaring roost

  59. Here’s the link for tomorrow night’s show, featuring your very own Riverdaughter!




  60. “No Canapes”

  61. Pumanity

  62. Meaw Mix is great, Ass& Nine, I like…but
    what about:
    1. Pumas Pen
    2. Pumas Pen of Iniquitiy

  63. Love Meow Mix!

    Oh the Pumanity…

  64. sous l’autobus

    I do like Scratching Post a lot

  65. The Cattail Party

  66. So many great names. It would be a shame not to use most of these. Is there anyway to choose more than one, or keep rotating the sub-titles? Or Riverdaughter can choose them for themes of her own Clinton Cocktail hour.

  67. delurking to chuckle a lot at the variety and ingenuity of the names produced.
    My own thought is that it should reflect the serious nature of the movement? Perhaps something along the lines of
    Democracy is Paramount
    Democracy and Justice
    Democracy for all
    Anyway, back to lurking.

  68. Someone suggested the “Kit Kat Klub”. I think it is perfect symbolism as I believe it is the name of the club in the movie “Cabaret”. With what’s his name accepting the nomination in a setting that seems very 1930’s Germany and the way his minions try to smear, bully, and silence any dissent, I think it is very fitting.

  69. @Burgher – I vote for your choice of the Kit Kat Klub. Perfect.

    Willkomen, bienvenue, welcome!

  70. Has anyone ever thought of doing blogroll yellow pages? I have often wanted to find more blogs but the only way to do this is to follow links in the blog rolls some has already created. I would not think that the major blogs would need to be listed but those of us who have small blogs or medium blogs might like the listing. One of the hardest things I found was trying to find African American blogs! Unless they have a cultural title it’s hard to tell who’s who. One thing I will say about us as bloggers, we don’t really cross blog the way we should which doesn’t lead to a large following. Having blog roll pages where everyone could list would make it easier for us to get to all the blogs we like each time we wanted to visit.

  71. I like “The Den”

  72. PUMA ‘s Den ?

  73. Pumas Pen…a play on pen..to write..got it!!

    Anyway brownrabbit..yes i think that ‘s a great idea. You’re right always have to go to so many places and never remembering how you got to them. My favortes are jammed, and I’m always forgetting my passward .

  74. I liked Paws for Reflection, Meow Mixer.

    Baracktails? Maybe “Baracktales” would be more apropos. Or “Hey, come join us for some Baracktales at the Meow Mixer!”

    PUMA Preydate?

    I’m at a loss at the moment, am busy makin’ new designs for the PUMA Store.

  75. “Just Say Highball” (LOL)

    Catty Hour

  76. when I offered ‘sous l’autobus’ earlier, I should have added that it’s french for ‘under the bus’

    I just like french names 🙂

  77. I liked the origianl PUMA Watering Hole, but PUMA Libations was good too

  78. how about Pumacabana?

  79. ooh, one more…..Club 44

  80. […] fan.  Tonight his special drink was recommended by commenter, terrirobin.  It’s called a Green PUMA Cocktail.  As always, you can order anything you […]

  81. DO you few folks think you’re really going to make any difference? Are you so pathetic that you think you can deter the election from ending as it should? Obama is a joke, a well orchestrated joke but a joke none the less. McCain has flaws as do all folks but he is the least flawed. Senator Clinton is a casualty of her own making from her dumb attempt at nationwide health care to her abuse of the good people of the state of New York. Get a grip folks, she is a loser and she will be lucky to get re-elected to the senate in her next run.

  82. RW Johnson:


  83. The Bent Elbobo

  84. RW…the bar is closed to you..we reserve the right…

  85. RW … please, before the big cats get restless, run. Run fast! And be afraid … be very, very afraid! ROOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

  86. Libation Liberation?

  87. FRIDAY, I will be a guest on The Blog Bunker show on Sirius Radio’s Indie Talk Channel.

    5:30 pm EDT!!

    I’m nervous and not sure of the topics that will be covered, but I mentioned POLLING, hot on the heels of my post which discussed how they can be slanted and also the “new” Gallup.
    I worked as a study director for Gallup when the founder was still there and the company hadn’t yet been sold…


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