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    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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Spikin’ it in the End Zone

In spite of, or perhaps, *because* of, the sussurations of discontent rippling through the political sphere over Obama’s recent turn to the right (we told you so, sorry, couldn’t resist), Howard Dean, et al has decided to take what ever money is left from what the DNC doesn’t have and bet it all on an extravaganza at Invesco Field in Denver.  Dean’s taking inevitability up to 11. We suspect that a major rock-star-slash-slavishly-deluded-devotee of Obama’s will provide the halftime entertainment. Howard Wolfson, Fox’s newest addition to its political coverage will provide color commentary, along with the master of the game, Karl Rove.

The plan is to fill the seats with thousands and thousands of Coloradans who have nothing better to do to than to celebrate a staged recreation/renewal of Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream Speech” on its 45th anniversary (I’m sure it’s just a coincidence) with a new and improved speech by the Dauphin of Democracy, Barack Obama on the day of his coronation.  His speech has already been hailed by historians as the most-awesomist-uplifting-inspiring rhetoric of the century for people of all races, ethnicities and religious affiliations, regardless of trust fund (offer does not apply to Muslims, women, working class individuals who can’t tell a San Giovese from a Super Tuscan, persons over the age of 50, or sino-peruvian lesbians).

He will be preceded onto the field by a procession of buxom blonde beauties from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models with PhDs in Architecture contingent who are free and equal women, wearing hot pants and shiny, white, patent leather boots and carrying pom-poms in aqua and sky (to reflect the lines in his speech about “sea to shining sea and the sky is no limit”)  Right now, they’re practicing their jump left, pom-pom, jump right, pom-pom, step wide, thrust out chest equipt with cantilevered demi-bra with silicone gel add-ons, grind, left-right-left (to reflect Obama’s propensity to swing back and forth).

At the end of the speech, Obama will run into the end zone where he will stand patiently waiting for Howard Dean to lob the phallus, er, football from the 10 yard line.  Obama will spike and do the funky chicken, take a victory lap, pour Gatorade on John Kerry’s head, accept the nomination and become the Patriot we know him to be.

150 Responses

  1. Ha! Brilliant! I can just picture this fevered daydream coming right out of David Axelrod’s seething brain.

    We’re not going to let it happen, are we?

  2. McCain’s Appeal to the PUMA Subconcious Mind(?)


    I’m not a psychologist, but I’ve learned enough to feel compelled to speculate on what is, perhaps, a less obvious reason why so many dissed Democrats are not just hanging back, but going full-throttle for McCain.

    Includes the eerily prescient 2004 remarks by John McCain’s former campaign manager who discusses the use of race in South Carolina in the Republican Party in 2000…

    It’s really a must read….

  3. America Unleashes a Monster

    By now, even the people living under rocks have heard about Obama’s forged birth certificate. This is worrisome for a number of reasons. First off, that he and/or his campaign staff thought the general public was that stupid/gullible (well, on second thought, he DOES have a lot of supporters, maybe a lot of them ARE that stupid.), and secondly why on earth would they feel that they needed to submit a forgery? Is he a native US citizen or not? Or is this about his name? or his parent’s religion? Either way, it is a reasonable thing to look at since after all, there is that little legal requirement that he be a native US citizen, and not just a naturalized one. One person put up a website for an online petition calling for the REAL birth certificate to be released, but within hours of it going up, someone, using the site operator’s home address, left a veiled threat against the site operator and his family.

    What are Americans going to do about this? I called DHS , I Called THE AG office this type of mob fear tactics has to be STOP. We set passively and let this crap happen WAKE THE HELL UP

  4. EXCELLENT… it’s the archetype of male achievement. grown men running around in tight pants and shoulder pads, acting like adolescents.

    it’s an accurate summary of the entire primary season. i still remember edwards and obama giving each other the “let’s gang up on the girl” signal in that debate.

    i think encore encore over at Alegre’s corner is right- the political process has been reduced to a weenie-waving contest. even marcos is working with what he’s got.

  5. you have to read this:

    I think Cocco writes for all of us!

  6. Oh. My. God.

    This is such an evolutionary regression. These guys have got to start laughing everytime they catch their own eye in the mirror. One big ridiculus joke, that they are counting on having the power to create as much damage as any little boys dream of the ultimate mischief. They need a good, frigging spankin’. Each one of ’em.

  7. Great post as always RD! I got several visuals while reading it. More coffee!


  8. Will that drill team have a name? I propose “The DNC Marching Sweeties” to be led by drum major Donna Brazile followed by lieutenants Senator McCaskill and Governor Sebelius flipping waffles at onlookers.

  9. Good article. He can be proud he was sucessful in stealing another election. Good luck trying that against McCain. My personal new name for Obama is now Obush. The Dems also learned how to pick an idiot against the more qualified person from the Republican Primary. Obush reminds me completely of Bush. They are like twins.

  10. Great! A larger venue means Hillary has a bigger crowd witness her acceptance speech as she becomes the official Dem nominee for President 2008 after an epic defeat of Obama with a swing of votes going for her instead of him.

    It is the come-back story of the century and there will be thousands more to see it firsthand. Hooray!

  11. Howard Wolfson is joining Fox News?

    Uh ooh! I smell a “Special Comment” from Keith Obamaman.

    Lambertt said it best:

    Of course, it could have been worse: He could have joined MSNBC!

  12. Hillarymygirl08- Thank you… Nobody mentions how similar the two are. Its hard to believe, the Dems who are followers of Obush, are so blind, or is it dumb?

  13. They could do a documentary of the whole Obamapalooza and name it “Triumph of the Will 2”

    I can see it now: The adoring (pre-screened) crowds chanting His name, the banners everywhere showing the Obamalogo, the ritual drinking of the kool-aid, and girls fainting in the front row.

  14. If these pathetic crowd manipulators are going to run this “Nurenburg Rally” type event to get the Precious in the puppet-dictator seat, maybe we can do a little subtle catchy manipulation too….how about someone who is a good song writer a song based on a well-known tune that will catch on real well. Like someone got “Diss Me Donna, Diss, Diss Me Donna…” stuck in their brain over the weekend. Maybe repeating somethning catchy like “goodbye, Obama, don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.”

    If it was catchy enough, it could spread like wildfire, easily. And effect unviversal SUBconcsious.

  15. Everyone, please write the SuperDs today. They, at least in North Carolina, seem to be of the opinion that we’re all united because they’re no longer receiving messages from Hillary supporters. Let them know this is not the case.

  16. Maybe we can do something with Backfield in Motion.
    “We’re going to have to penalize you, Oooooo
    Backfield in motion, you know that’s against the rules”

  17. What Karolina NYC Really Meant:

    If these pathetic crowd manipulators are going to run this “Nurenburg Rally” type event to get the Precious in the puppet-dictator seat, maybe we can do a little subtle catchy manipulation too….how about if someone who is a good lyrics writer would write a song based on a well-known tune that will catch on real well. Remember how someone got “Diss Me Donna, Diss, Diss Me Donna…” stuck in their brain over the weekend? Well, maybe repeating somethning catchy like “goodbye, Obama, don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on your way out.”somehow throughout the song would get stuck in EVERYBODY’S brain, including Obama’s and the Obamanots.

    If it was catchy enough, it could spread like wildfire, easily. And effect unviversal SUBconcsious.

  18. RD- I love that song. What a flash to the past!!!

  19. OK, a faux recreation of MLK-JFK-Caroline ambience in the stadium, Ted on the sidelines cheering them on. Wow, count me in. Why didn’t I think of that?

    No, Barack, you cannot “JFK” your way to the highest office in the land. It’s not Broadway, it’s government.

    Obama is living in a 60’s flashback and blaming the rest of us for not moving forward.

  20. BTW, I meant AFFECT the universal subconscious.

    Bye, gotta go. And I’m sure I made made many more mistakes while typing on the run….

  21. RD that’s a great song start….BTW, I ENVY your opportunity to sit blue-lipped and towel wrapped on the 70’s cloudy beach right now. I’m running around like a chicken w/o a head. Definitely NOT a watercolor running in the rain.

  22. The only difference between the inexperience-plus-arrogance of George Bush and the inexperience-plus-arrogance of Obama is that George Bush doesn’t give patronizing speeches. The Democratic Party, at this point, thanks to Obama enablers, is nothing more than a laughing stock.

    This news about hiring Invesco stadium reminds me of what I once read about Hitler’s big rallies in the biography of Albert Speer, Hitler’s chief architect, who was in charge of stage managing Germany’s version of the new Messiah. Could Obama and his handlers be any more offensive?

  23. How about “Under the Bus” to the tune of “Under my thumb?”

  24. What’s up with last night’s donation drama?

  25. RD:

    Except for the rain, it sounds like you’re on a California beach. People come here from back east thinking California beaches are sunny and warm 365 days a year.

    The truth is that the prevailing winds come down from the gulf of Alaska, and with a couple exceptions most of the California coast enjoys gale-force freezing winds until late August /early September.

    Mark Twain was right. If you go to Fisherman’s Wharf today, you’ll see street vendors making a fortune selling over-priced souveneir sweatshirts to shivering undressed tourists with blue lips.

  26. This whole situation the Democratic Party finds itself in would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and scary.

    Help us, Hillary, you’re our only hope. May the Force be with you.

  27. Obama’s folie de grandeur is now causing a crisis in Germany.

    I posted yesterday about Obama’s wish to give a “historic” speech at the Brandenburger Gate during his visit in Europe.

    Obama’s team likes the location of Berlin and the Brandenburg Gate. “The setting would be great,” the advisor said. “The memory of John F. Kennedy’s famous Berlin speech is still alive. Berlin is a bridge between East and West, and the German-American relationship is very strong,” said the advisor.

    However, this privilege has been afforded only to 2 POTUS: Kennedy and Reagan. Last time we checked Obama was still just a candidate. Kanzler Merkel doesn’t quite feel comfortable with BO’s level of megalomania:

    The German government has already announced that it would give Obama a warm welcome but also voiced concern that an Obama speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate may be misinterpreted as German interference with the US election campaign.

    The only problem is that the mayor of Berlin wants to grant Obama’s wish and normally he should have the last word, thus the crisis. Both (German) sides have been working on a compromise where Obama would walk through the Gate but not give a speech at the most historic site in Germany.

    Obama’s obsession with large crowds of adoring devotees is quite disturbing:

    The message will also be directed at voters back home because it will signal that America’s reputation in Europe would improve drastically under a President Obama, the advisor said. “TV pictures of 100,000 cheering people in Berlin can drive home that point.”

    Can you guys imagine what Obama would be like as POTUS. How would he want to be addressed? Your Highness?

  28. On Southern California beaches we have low clouds and fog that take a while to burn off, but I haven’t seen any gale-force winds here in July. We have plenty of strange people, though.

  29. Every day, the AP has to publish something positive for Obama; they spin, they find a tiny fiber of something, they dance around, but they manage to find a headline for the big o. Today’s news: Obama beats McCain among pet owners.

    Yeah, that is newsworthy. And no, I didn’t click to discover that it probably was taken among 4th graders in Chicago.

  30. Well, we can laugh like crazy when the pom pom set descends and breaks up the marriage, no?

    Good article here from Guardian on our Hillary!

    You have a funny point about Rove, althogh he is supposed to be on the other side, isn’t he? You know RD, I think you are right about that!

    Funny, so little press on Hillary, the sexism, and the so forth of it all — I wonder why?
    Here is the guy behind guess who — funny, when you start reading it you can see what kind of ——- he surrounds his lil self with…


  31. “voiced concern that an Obama speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate may be misinterpreted as German interference with the US election campaign.”

    Ha! Ya think?

  32. Is he running for president or King of the World?

  33. For months we have heard about the threats of riots in Denver if Barky isn’t the nominee. But it won’t be in the streets of Denver. The extravaganza at Invesco Field is where it’s planned to “happen” if things don’t go Dean’s way . The delegates will literally be under a gun . Barry was created to destroy the Dem party and the Dem elites are all on board .

  34. Bill Clinton spoke at the Brandenburg Gate also.


    “On July 12, 1994, U.S. President Bill Clinton spoke at the Gate about peace in post-Cold War Europe.”


    “The Democratic Party
    Friend —

    I wanted you to be the first to hear the news.

    At the Democratic National Convention next month, we’re going to kick off the general election with an event that opens up the political process the same way we’ve opened it up throughout this campaign.

    Barack has made it clear that this is your convention, not his.

    On Thursday, August 28th, he’s scheduled to formally accept the Democratic nomination in a speech at the convention hall in front of the assembled delegates.

    Instead, the convention will move to an outdoor stadium where Barack will join more than 75,000 people for a huge, free, open-air event and deliver his acceptance speech to the American people.

    It’s going to be an amazing event, and Barack would like you to join him. Free tickets will become available as the date approaches, but we’ve reserved a special place for a few of the people who brought us this far and who continue to drive this campaign.

    If you make a donation of $5 or more between now and midnight on July 31st, you could be one of 10 supporters chosen to fly to Denver and spend two days and nights at the convention, meet Barack backstage, and watch his acceptance speech in person. Each of the ten supporters who are selected will be able to bring one guest to join them.

    Make a donation now and you could have a front row seat to history:


    We’ll follow up with more details on this and other convention activities as we get closer, but please take a moment and pass this note to someone you know who might like to be there.

    It will be an event you’ll never forget.

    Thank you,


    David Plouffe
    Campaign Manager
    Obama for America”

  36. Thanks for the comic relief. Those Obama girls in the video with perhaps Ph.D.s in agriculture (lest we offend the real Ph.Ds). Many of them are journalists too, again not to offend real journalists.

  37. on another note, I heard 7 SDs switched to Hillary yesterday. Can somebody fill us in with what happened?

  38. This is so bald. Howard Dean living vicariously through Junior. He misses the “Rock Star” title sooooo much.

    You forgot to mention half-time entertainment by Obama Girl, slithering around.

    “Kanzler Merkel doesn’t quite feel comfortable with BO’s level of megalomania’. Thank you!

  39. OMG!!! Gosh Riverdaughter, I needed that laugh – thank you! The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders – brilliant!

    There are quite a bit of PUMAs and pre-PUMAs in that NYT “Letters to the editor” link you provided:

    To the Editor:

    Skip to next paragraph
    Enlarge This Image

    Joel Holland

    Editorial: New and Not Improved (July 4, 2008) Re “New and Not Improved” (editorial, July 4):

    There is something very important that Barack Obama and his advisers need to understand. Senator Obama could lose the election this fall if he squanders the support of people like us, who have high hopes for him and send modest and frequent donations to his campaign.

    We realize that in today’s world, we may never see a real “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”-type candidate. But if the choice in November is between two different takes on same old, same old, there is a strong possibility that we may just not vote. Mel Minthorn

    Gail Minthorn

    Wilton, Conn., July 4, 2008

    To the Editor:

    I share your disappointment with the “New and Not Improved” Barack Obama.

    As a 60-year-old white woman who should have been firmly in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s camp, I eschewed her triangulating for the promise of a politician who promised to restore the Constitution and govern the country for the common good, not just for a wealthy elite.

    It is particularly disheartening that on our nation’s birthday, a progressive Democratic candidate cannot find the courage to uphold the vision of the founding fathers against an overbearing state and instead feels moved to support warrantless wiretapping and telecom amnesty.

    His disheartened supporters are beginning to see that “Change We Can Believe In” is really “Change When It’s Expedient.” Barbara Kautz

    Tiburon, Calif., July 4, 2008

    To the Editor:

    Your excellent editorial was not strong enough. Barack Obama is in a process of betraying those who voted for him in the primary.

    The Democrats have no one in leadership who genuinely leans to the left. Mr. Obama has been a little left of center on some issues, thus making him the only candidate that a good leftist could even consider.

    We believed him when he talked about change. But he is showing himself not to be a man of integrity, but an opportunist, like the rest. Too bad. Hope springs eternal — but not in 2008.

    Andrew P. Connolly

    Manorhaven, N.Y., July 4, 2008

    To the Editor:

    I agree that it is most disillusioning to see Senator Barack Obama go back on so many of his principled campaign positions, undermining our trust in him as a “man of passionate convictions who did not play old political games.”

    Mr. Obama is not yet the Democratic Party nominee for president, and the reality is — it’s not over till it’s over. He should keep in mind that, even now, there are other viable candidates out there who would be ready, able and willing to stand up if chosen to do so.

    Lee Bergman

    Tuckahoe, N.Y., July 4, 2008

    To the Editor:

    Your editorial seems surprised that Barack Obama has shifted positions on so many important issues.

    What surprised me most during the primaries was the group euphoria among the media and many Democrats for his candidacy. Most of these people were taken in by his soaring rhetoric and lofty proposals.

    But these same people failed to examine his record in Chicago, a city not known for genteel politics or honest politicians. Or perhaps they chose to ignore it. If they had bothered to look, they would have found a crafty politician who made calculating choices from the very beginning.

    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has asked her supporters to endorse Mr. Obama. Although I cannot vote for John McCain, neither can I cast my vote for Senator Obama. He is a roll of the dice, and I’m not a gambler. Laura Stern

    New York, July 4, 2008

    Can’t say we didn’t warn them.

  40. “I heard 7 SDs switched to Hillary yesterday. Can somebody fill us in with what happened?”

    Who are these brave souls? Are they willing to speak?

    If so, they would be flushed with reelection $$ support from we PUMAs. If they came out to thundering applause,and huge campaign donations, wouldn’t that encourage others to follow?

  41. Seriously. I want to know why this is going on. I have watched the media, the same that you have. I read every link that you have put up for the last five days. The overall tone of these blogs is one of the nastiest I have ever seen. It’s either the bottomless anger at Hillaryis44 or the snide dismissal of the millions of people who _did_vote for Obama here. Is this simply “my horse didn’t win, so fuck everyone”or do you all believe that there was a conspiracy to make us choose one of two candidates who have virtually identical views and electability?

    If this is a conspiracy, who the hell is benefiting?

  42. you might want to ad your public comment here: Texas is reviewing whether the caucus is inherently unDemocratic.


  43. welcome alexander!!!! be careful in coming over here… it’s contagious, you know 😉

  44. http://hillbuzz.blogspot.com/2008/07/why-hillbuzz-exists.html

    I have been trying to find out exactly what Barack Obama might have done for his constituency, and so far, I haven’t been able to find out anything other than that those who can further his career are those he pays back with taxpayers’ monies. He needs to let us know what he has accomplished for the people he represented. So here’s a view from Chicago:

    Just so you know, this isn’t an academic exercise on our part. We live in Chicago. We’ve seen first hand how Obama behaves, how he carries himself. We’ve seen how he bullies others to get what he wants. We’ve met Alice Palmer — we know what kind of person she is, and what sort of job she did for her constituents. We know how Obama treated her, how he shanked her, double-crossed her, and then did nothing for the community when he usurped her. His eye was always on the next office — and he never once in his whole career did a thing for Chicago, for his district. We’ve driven around the neighborhoods he represented in the Illinois senate: you couldn’t find a more horrifying ride if you went for a drive in Beirut. All of this rot, decay, squalor, and neglect: just 10 minutes from the Obama Mansion. And yet, no Hope or Change ever came to Chicago on Obama’s watch. And that’s because Obama is only about Obama. Always has been, always will be.

    The same goes for his wife Michelle, who is truly one of the rudest and most crass people we have ever met. We’ve personally been pushed and shoved by her, which has become a weird sort of honor here in Chicago, now that she’s world-famous. “She pushed you? She shoved you?”, it’s almost like we’re lucky somehow. But, yes, we’ve seen how Michelle behaves when no cameras are around, and she thinks she’s talking to someone who doesn’t matter. She pushed by us in line at an event at the University of Chicago in 2004/2005, and when called on her rudeness shouted back, “I’m the SENATOR’S WIFE!”.

    This is the woman who thinks she can be First Lady of the United States. The wife of the man who thinks anything he’s done in his life warrants making him President of the United States.

    We honestly do not believe either of the Obamas give a damn about this country. We’ve seen them both in person, live in the flesh. We’ve heard their words, in private, when cameras aren’t around (or, in Michelle’s case, when they are around, but she believes no one will give her up). We’ve seen repeatedly that this election is all about them — about trading up, yet again; about leaving the Obama Mansion for a bigger, more fancy residence, because bigger and more fancy is the Obama Way.

    That’s the only change these two believe in. And the only Hope they really have is the hope they’ll get away with yet another upgrade, using every trick in their book to pull it off.

    So, as much as we respect, admire, and appreciate Hillary Clinton – as much as we’d do anything for her and honestly plan on spending our lives fighting for all of her and President Clinton’s causes – we continue to work hard every day in this election because we feel Barack Obama is the worst possible choice for President of the United States that we’ve ever been faced with.

    Barack Obama is in this only for the Obamas. That’s why he changed the presidential seal to the Great Seal of the Obama Nation. It’s why he’s now ordered the Convention’s acceptance speech to be delivered in a Nuremburg-style rally, to best suit his cult of personality. It’s why he’s continued to allow his supporters to viciously attack and malign Senator Clinton and her supporters, despite Clinton suspending her campaign.

  45. parentofed: I read the same story that said pet owners preferred McCain. he beats him 42 to 37. He does best with dog owners, 43-34, but surprisingly even beats obama among cat owners–and we all know how crazy those people are 🙂 41-38. if 63% of americans own pets, this is seriously bad for obama and contradicts other “serious” polls. what’s up with that? but the AP can’t help but throw in the obligatory racism charge….it seems the vast majority of pet owners (64%) are white…

  46. ….sadly Alexander: 5 days is not enough to understand what happened from our point of view.

    Rather the way that (because they get entirely different media) the split between Democrats and Republicans views on global warming are now unbridgeably far apart, the Democratic blogosphere has split. When we were hounded off the sites we all used to read together, our reality also split from yours. We were no longer there, so you had the Obama version of reality unchallenged. Now, you cannot understand ours. Now there are views you find incomprehensible for progressive Democrats.

    But if you read back to the beginning of the outrages, covered from our side of the divide, you would get the background. Would you like a list of key essays covering that period?

  47. alexander, where were you 4 months ago? do you remember the nastiness of the progressive blogosphere to anyone who didn’t bow down before the one? Let me see you endure charges of racism, of being a “low information” voter. Of not “getting it” of horrendous sexism, and NOW Obama flips on every progressive issue he ran on….and you don’t get it??? well, my friend, you must be pretty damn stupid

  48. dotcommodity: Reality is the issue. I have been lurking on most of the political blogs for years now. I said five days because that is how long I’ve been actively looking at these sites, but I’ve skimmed them for months. I try to have a balanced, albeit left-of-center view. So when you talk about reality, from my perspective, it seems like a contingent of democrats decided that the majority reality was incorrect and began building a separate reality among themselves. In this reality, every news report that disagrees with them is part of an overall conspiracy. In this reality, polls that show one thing are picked apart until they mean another. In this reality, the moves of a post primary candidate moving to the center to solidify moderates (a process that has been documented in many presidential contests) is seen as a “stealth” candidate showing his “true face”.

    So the question that I am asking is, why is this reality so valid? I mean, I’ve followed some causes from the fringe, so I’ve been on the smaller team. But honestly, do you think everyone is stupider than you?

  49. Popped in for a moment, can’t read the comments right now, but had an idea for another song:

    To the tune of “Old Man River”, each verse begins w/ his name and then shows, in rhyme, one of his shortcomings (granted that might make the song too long, we’d have to trim it). Right now I just have the first line of the first verse. Any ideas?

    Barack Oh-bama,
    ‘Z no Dalai Lama,
    He (somethnih, something)
    (and somethnig something)

    See y’all in a few hours.

  50. pm317, on July 8th, 2008 at 11:29 am Said:
    on another note, I heard 7 SDs switched to Hillary yesterday. Can somebody fill us in with what happened?

    I heard 8 a few days ago. I wonder if the numbers are just confused or if that’s 7 more. People with different insider sources have heard that the tide is shifting. Some SDs aren’t pleased with the Precious’ flip-flopping.

  51. CB,

    “We’ve personally been pushed and shoved by her ”

    Damn. Wish you had video! Totally believable nonetheless.

    Alexander Until,
    ‘have virtually identical views and electability?’
    Go to hell. That line makes me sick with it’s ignorance.

  52. alexander: you’re sooo cute when you’re angry.


  53. garychapelhill: Is that what this is about? Hurt feelings? Because someone was nasty to you on the internet, you want to be nasty back? The sins of the supporters shall be visited upon the candidate and his party threefold? Really?

  54. Alexander, what makes you think that you deserve to your questions answered, especially when your vision of “reality” in my opinion is one with blinders on. Please take your concerns elsewhere. we are not your science project.

  55. joaniebone: Okay. Rectify my ignorance. Where can I find contrary info, in case I missed it? I swear I will read it.

  56. Alexander, it kind of tees me off when people drop in unannounced and start telling me what I think. In an insulting way, such as the “do you think everyone is stupider than you?” Illogical and rude.

    As far as realities, if you’ve followed the mainstream media for as long a time you may have noticed that they fabricate them all the time, such as the narrative that Al Gore was a shameless liar, George W Bush was fit to be president, Hillary Clinton would do or say anything to be elected. So yeah, if that’s the majority reality as created by the mainstream media and fed into by any candidate who benefits from it – it’s incorrect and worth fighting against.

  57. RD, This was a laugh riot. I love that these guys can’t do enough to “cow” us Hillary supporters into submission. Renting a stadium, aligning a speech with those of historic leaders, breaking the bank to prove how popular your candidate is…these folks must be really, really scared. There must be some internal numbers that are looking very, very bad for Obama. I’m lovin’ it.

    When can we have Hillary back?

  58. Alexander, if you don’t “believe” the reality that Obama is a corrupt politician and a serial liar and hypocrite, then what’s the point arguing the reality with you. The fact that Obama ran one of the nastiest campigns ever does have repercussions ….we are not some lone holdouts…there are millions of us who do not buy what Obama is selling. If you think its sour grapes you’ve got a lot to learn.

  59. Oh, the temerity of posting my opinion on a blog! And dissenting from majority opinion when I do it! Clearly I think everyone is stupider than me – otherwise I’d fall right in line and STFU!

  60. fact alexander: the DNC on May 31st took delegates from clinton that were awarded to her based on votes for her and gave them to Obama. how is that ever justifiable? Obama took innocuous comments made by the Clintons and twisted them with the help of the media to make them look racist in a cynical ploy to win votes. Is that justifiable? Obama has backed off almost every promise he has made in this campaign AFTER accusing clinton of doing anything to win? should I go on????? its not hurt feelings dumbass, its anger that he has hijackedk OUR party and is destroying OUR democracy.

  61. dg: I don’t what to tell you what you think, I want to find out whether or not the worst stories about Hillary supporters are true. If that is what you think, say so. If not, what do you think?

    garychapelhill: My mind can be changed. I want to know why you believe it. I don’t want to believe that this is hurt feelings.

    dg: Oh, the temerity of posting _my_ opinion on a blog! And dissenting from the _blog’s_ majority opinion when I do it!

  62. joanie: this one?


  63. alexander, like I said, this blog is not here to help you understand us, ok? you’ll have to try to figure things out all by yourself…sorry, the psychiatrist is OUT…

  64. My apologies, Gary. I have just been dying to be a concern troll myself. Actually, there is something I am looking for here. Bear with me.

  65. go for it!! I just love the audacity that after we are shut out of the party, by a fraud no less, they want to come and investigate why we push back…..

  66. Maybe “Triumph of the Willie” (you know, the meaning that had the whale movie change its name in UK)
    But what about the quest for Ich Bin Ein Obama international bestest speech of them all?
    It seems he gives the Germans the willies…umm..at least bad memories

  67. Whatever the troll’s name is, complements to others who seriously engage him. I have given up on these low information voters. I firmly believe it is not my job to EDUCATE these guys. If he thinks our reality is unreal, why bother to come here and challenge us. In the simplest sense, his type is arguing for and defending their choice at all costs and our type is fighting based on our principles and convictions and Clinton is just incidental and provides an acceptable alternative to the one we rightfully reject. The fact that she was unfairly treated and injustice perpetrated to benefit her opponent does not help at all.

  68. It’s mind-boggling, truly.

    But pushing back we are, and they won’t stop THIS tide.


  70. tpt/ny,

    They have no idea.

  71. edgeoforever – Ich bin ein Obama! Hilarious…:-)

  72. RD – Will there be a point after attempt by his veep choice? Kicking a Hillary Bobble head through the uprights.

  73. my comment is awaiting moderation.. I have not said anything controversial.

  74. Alexander, Fuck off please. The primary is over.

  75. (sorry Alexander, must get to work so not providing extensive links to the primary season as seen by us…) read linked at side Anglachel, reclusive leftist, correntewire’s Lambert and Vastleft and Paul Lukasiak – from march through june archives. – RD, you need to post your excellent archive at the side – including your key dailykos pieces!)


    I am going to propose something truly bizarre: but hear me out: we must ALSO infiltrate the Obama netroots on policy, just in case our plans go astray, and he is elected.

    The O campaign is asking its obedient dolts to host meetings to decide the Democratic Agenda. (accompanying materials: O position conveniently listed for hints) But we can shake it up.

    All the misogynist, homophobic, environmentally obtuse postions we hate, now we can at least TRY to change, by hosting a meeting of Obama dolts in our neighbourhood to spell out the classic Democratic agenda FOR them, remember a lot of them are Republicans, love a “great orator” thats all, they are easily swayed..

    Heres the story with the link on Writing the Democratic Platform:

  76. Why is it that Obama trolls come in here and demand we explain things to them.

    You are responsible for your own ignorance.

  77. Mawm: Okay.

  78. or straight from O- Dean horse mouth:

    from mid july we will host meetings to decide Dem agenda.
    how to here


  79. Alexander says:
    ” but, but, but I just want to understaaaaaand”

  80. “complements to others who seriously engage him…. I firmly believe it is not my job to EDUCATE these guys. ”

    I am not the slightest bit interested in educating HIM. I am looking to educate myself on a few things for strategic reasons.

  81. Last night someone said we only have until 7/15 to pay our campaign debts. Folks asked for readers to come up with fundraising ideas. Here’s a start:

    Let’s aim at 7/14 for the payoff, which is Bastille Day. We represent the Third Estate (the common people) and the DNC/Obama campaign represents the Bastille, a prison.

    I am hoping myiq will write the story with accurate historical references (if so inclined).

  82. sorry Joaniebone, just wasn’t in the mood for Obama troll tricks.

  83. I think, Alexander is a paid troll. The “concern” is a dead give away.

  84. It’s pretty funny someone coming here to complain of nastiness on the blogosphere. I know I put my nice comments on RD! But the other point is the guilt shit working is way over. Come back with something besides warmed over concern troll in your casserole dish . We aren’t the Dem base you knew. We actually expect people to earn our vote and respect with fights they are actively conducting ….not fights they promise in the future , which never materialize . We do have Barry to thank for that.

  85. joaniebone, on July 8th, 2008 at 12:56 pm Said:
    I like the Lamos article at NQ. It reflected my own anger and frustration with these low information voters with big egos and a debilitating competitive spirit (defend their choice at any cost kind). The laughable thing now is that they know they are being fooled but they rationalize it to say (like this guy does) that Obama had to move to the center to win — in a way, they are applauding the fact that he can fool them and others yet again. So much for the idealists on the left — I thought they at least had convictions but I am wrong on that aspect. The same divide will continue in the GE — people who find out for what he truly is will walk away and low information voters and party loyalists will stick with him.

  86. That’s HILARIOUS!!! hahaha! Thanks I needed that. And woe to the irony as I’m sure MUCH of that will in fact happen. Too much kool aid being consumed.

  87. For the lurking Alexanders, someone should put together our alternate history of what actually happened, and what we learned.

    It is not possible to explain this in a brief comment, any more than mawm you could go to dailykos and get their explanation on a comment.

    I am in a unique position, commenting at both places – to have seen the reality split happen in real time. And ours is predicated on actual facts, we read the fine print: look at cnn exit polls “did debates matter to your vote?” Clinton supporters listen to debates, Obama supporters not interested.

    Anyone want to help me compile a list of key diaries during the course of this primary? A couple I would suggest


    Click to access 2008caucusreport.pdf

    absence of voters benefits Obama – Nebraska:

  88. again stuck in moderation 😦 but thanks if you release it.

  89. I won’t subject my fellow patriots to my research.

    Alexander, if you want to be my guinea pig, first be prepeared to wear lipstick. Then you can write me at joanieconcerntroll@gmail.com.

  90. Rasmussen poll today has the approval of Congress at 9%. That’s the lowest ever recorded. Who says this is the Democrat’s year? This could be a great year for a 3rd party or Independent run.

    IMHO Hillary should lead a filibuster of the FISA capitulation bill. Filibuster will most likely fail, since the Democrats have already rolled over. Once it fails, she should use that as a reason to bolt the party and restart her run for President as an Independent who will protect and defend the Constitution from both parties.

    I know it will never happen but a man can dream. sigh

  91. Stump him. Ask Alexander why he is so committed to Obama and what issues/policies are intriguing enough to cast his vote in that direction. What he demands from us is equal in return.

  92. At a 9% approval rating, who are these people approving? The congressional pages, the guy at the newstand, the cleaning crew? Sure as hell it’s not Nancy and the rest of those spineless bastards.

  93. Since most of the members of Congress have done nothing lately but snipe at Hillary, I think nine percent is a little high.

  94. Hi Pat,

    I have lots of questions for him., and will provide no answers. If he is a brave troll, then he will be prepared to answer for all kinds of things. And if he is being paid, the better.

  95. Who is answering that Ras poll? Those are future PUMAS!

  96. joaniebone: Why do they bother? None of us are budging. There is not one Conflucian who is fence sitting on this. We are united in our defense of Hillary and the corruption of the DNC.

    Obama could personally come to my door and offer to clean my entire house and I still won’t vote for him.

  97. Sorry guys. I might have chased Alex away by saying Fuck off.

    I hope you will forgive me. I am not having a good day.

    Sorry Joanie, Pat.

  98. I have a sister I haven’t heard from for awhile. But thought out her life she always worked the guilt nerve
    on others as a way to navigating though life. We rarely have talked politics, but I recently got a letter telling me she was for Obama and had been since he delcared his run. . I’m not surprised. Obama as worked the guilt nerve his entire life…… and he calls his on own unto him.

  99. Pat, he wouldn’t clean your house anyway. He would tell you that you are the house cleaner you have been waiting for.

  100. Mawm: That was a great comeback! As for Alex and his type, who actually gives a good c**p what they think. They are hellbent to see this country slide further into the muck with The Mess at the helm. As you have said, I think for myself, no one does that for me. We stick together on this site and unless we hear that Hillary was stirring a cauldron of baby toes in her cellar, we always will.

  101. Mawm, you should never tell anyone to “fuck off”

    It’s bad grammar to end a sentence with a preposition. The correct terminology is “go fuck yourself”

  102. Come on folks. We’re just poor little disappointed people who are angry cause our candidate didn’t win. Does no one every think when they say something like that how damnably insulting that is?

    But not to worry because, speaking only for myself, I’m over it.

    I’m over being a Democrat after 45 years.

    I’m over voting a straight Democratic ticket after doing just that for 45 years.

    I’m over donating money and time to the Democratic Party.

    I’m over believing that the Democratic Party is the party of the people.

    I’m over believing that the Democratic Party is any better than the Republican Party. Individuals, yes, the party as a whole, not at all.

    So yeah, I’m over it. I suspect that a whole lot of voters feel the same way that I do.

    Which explains why sm’s genius PUMA snark which was then midwifed into a movement by the brilliant mind of riverdaugher is a genuine movement. Bottom up and mad as hell.

    Not good news for the Democratic Party. Just good news for ordinary people with the extraordinary idea that corruption, lies and a lack of integrity are bad no matter who is doing it.

  103. Mawm, Ha!!

    You are my inspiration. I’m sorry you are having a bad day! Muggy as hell there, isn’t it? My years in Greensboro were tough.

    Hey, before Alexander (with my help) hijacked the thread, I asked a question worth repeating:

    “I heard 7 SDs switched to Hillary yesterday. Can somebody fill us in with what happened?”
    Who are these brave souls? Are they willing to speak?

    If so, they would be flushed with reelection $$ support from we PUMAs. If they came out to thundering applause,and huge campaign donations, wouldn’t that encourage others to follow?

  104. OT, but did you see anglacel’s fanbulous post today? If you need a laugh, go see it. Reminds me that not everything is deadly serious.

  105. joniebone, fuzzybear was saying there were 8 that switched to her the other day. don’t know where he is getting his info, but he also said that therer were SD moles on the JSND conference call. He also says we must retire hillary’s debt by 7/14 or she will have no part at the convention….lots of stuff to consider

  106. joaniebone, I have heard that rumor all over the place. WOuld love for it to be true, but I haven’t gotten any confirmation.

  107. I have my wallet out, but first I want to have evidence of the actual threat. How exactly is that articulated for consumption?

    These SDs could start a stampede. Is there anyway at all that we can let them know that they will be greeted and supported as heroes? Could we organize a visibility coming-out event and have thousands of us there?

  108. Trolls are like children, before you know it you are engaged with an endless ‘why’ arguement where the point is not to get an answer but rather to engage the arguement (on the hope that you will give in).

  109. My mail today consisted of: an Obama donation, a plea from Gore to save the planet, another from Edwards on poverty. What is it going to take for them to get the message that I am not supporting any of them when I have sent back, twice now, the same requests with NO written clearly across the envelope?

    I hate not being taken seriously. Where is the return mail going for God’s sake that they have yet to understand that NO means NO!

  110. Pat,
    They think NO means you are being coy.

  111. The Roll Call Negotiations:

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting on negotiations for Hillary roll call.


    Dropping the roll call would require a vote by the delegates, and would need choreographing to prevent any protests by disappointed Clinton delegates. But an unanimous nomination of Sen. Obama would send the message that he had unified the party, while allowing Sen. Clinton to ingratiate herself with his campaign.

    The problem is “there’s a strong feeling” that Sen. Clinton’s delegates need the chance to vote for her, Mr. Devine said. Many are still angry with a party decision that they feel deprived her of delegates from Michigan and Florida. “You don’t want a situation where anybody feels they’ve been cheated,” he said.

    A second option would be for Sen. Clinton to be nominated, complete with laudatory speeches and happy floor demonstrations. By prearrangement, Sen. Clinton then would take her name out of consideration and endorse Sen. Obama’s nomination.

    “There’s nothing symbolically wrong to putting her name in,” followed by a scripted withdrawal, said Ms. Brazile. But the spectacle of a rapturous welcome for Sen. Clinton would be irresistible to television and could embarrass Sen. Obama.

  112. Pat, you could toss them and know that it costs those fools money to send you junk mail…

  113. And we would never want to embarrass Obama. God forbid.

    Obama and the DNC are going to be really embarrassed in November, and I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame Hillary for it.

    These guys need to be taken down.

  114. Mawm: That may have been true in my younger days after a couple of drinks.

  115. ” followed by a scripted withdrawal,

    wtf???? do they think this is going to get her supporters to fall in line behind Obama?

    i know this shouldn’t surprise me but almost every time they do something, i think they are even dumber and more clueless than i did before.

    thanks for the story, regencyg. i don’t subscribe to the WSJ and only got the first part of what you posted when i went to the link.

  116. My mail today consisted of: an Obama donation, a plea from Gore to save the planet, another from Edwards on poverty. What is it going to take for them to get the message that I am not supporting any of them when I have sent back, twice now, the same requests with NO written clearly across the envelope?

    i’ve been sending it back filled with pennies and “here’s change i can believe in, PUMA” written on it”. i read somewhere that the postage they’ll have to pay is more than the pennies i send. does anyone know if that’s true?

  117. Sassysenora, I don’t either. I’ll see if anybody has the whole thing and post if I find it.

  118. “while allowing Sen. Clinton to ingratiate herself with his campaign.”

    These f*&%ers are going DOWN! Okay, we work our asses off now–get these 8 brave SDs, throw BIG $$ at them, offer huge emotional support to every national Hillary delegate we know, do our BEST to get Hillary nominated.

    If for whatever reason we Patriots do not succeed then, MCCAIN. MCCAIN. Whatever it takes. These evil people will NOT WIN! (yes–yelling now)
    You bastards! I cannot tolerate language like this anymore!!!!!!!

    This isn’t “dumber and more clueless”. These people are sick, possibly evil.

  119. Oh, I’m dying here!!!

    Just read the post, RD–priceless. Problem is–your description of the coronation is probably accurate.

  120. […] Spikin’ it in the End Zone (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) In spite of, or perhaps, *because* of, the sussurations of discontent rippling through the political sphere over Obama’s recent turn to the right (we told you so, sorry, couldn’t resist), Howard Dean, et al has decided to take what ever money is left from what the DNC doesn’t have and bet it all on an extravaganza at Invesco Field in Denver… […]

  121. regencyg,

    thanks. you posted more than i could read when i went to the link. i hadn’t seen anything about them wanting Clinton to withdraw her name.

    when i googled it, i got the Brazile quote at TPM and noquarter.

    i still can’t quite believe that they’re seriously considering that. we’re already pissed off. this is going to make it worse. it won’t matter for the people here because we aren’t going to vote for Obama anyway. but it will alienate other Dems who might have voted for him. or it might drive Dems who were going to stay home to vote for McCain bc it will seem so arrogant, sexist, and undemocratic. i’m no expert on political campaigns but this is completely clueless. it violates the public’s sense of human decency, tradition, democracy, and fairness. this is dumb, even for the DNC and Obama campaign.

  122. sassysenora–I had the same problem. Even after countless times of me unloading on the DNC, they kept sending me crap. Finally, I unsubscribed and apparently that worked.

  123. kc,

    how did you unsubscribe? bc i unsubscribed at the DNC web site and i don’t get emails from them anymore but i still get a lot of junk mail solicitations.

    can you unsubscribe from the DSCC and the DCCC? because i’m never giving my money to the Dems again. i will contribute to specific candidates i like (and in this election who have not endorsed Obama) but not to some org that decides which candidate gets my money.

  124. Pat—Obama could crawl across broken glass and kiss my cat’s behind and I still would not vote for him.

  125. sassysenora–Alot of them have unsubscribe links at the bottom of the email. Sounds like some of yours don’t–try replying to them. It’s always fun to vent. Maybe they don’t care since they are not paying postage. Otherwise–you may be stuck until they give up. sorry.

  126. Dropping the roll call would require a vote by the delegates, and would need choreographing to prevent any protests by disappointed Clinton delegates. But an unanimous nomination of Sen. Obama would send the message that he had unified the party, while allowing Sen. Clinton to ingratiate herself with his campaign.

    don’t you love how they’re more worried about sending the message that Obama unified the party than about actually unifying the party? doesn’t that just sum up Obama’s candidacy in a nutshell.

    i can’t actually do anything but i can spout soaring rhetoric and paint beautiful, meaningless word pictures. isn’t that more important? how about a pony? with rainbows.

    it’s all empty rhetoric to them. all pretty package, no present. all bun, no soy burger (to use an image from a much earlier campaign).

  127. I think the DNC/obama is counting on most of the dem base showing up to vote without looking carefully at what REALLY happened, just perception. They are probably right. I don’t think there is ANYTHING obama could do at this point to get my vote, so pissing me (and most other PUMAs) off more doesn’t hurt him.

  128. re: emails

    i don’t mind the emails. i wish they’d stop killing trees and overworking the postal service to send me junk mail.

    and that’s not so bad either since i usually send it back to them (sometimes with pennies in it, though i’ve thought about using washers or those lead weight things you use for fishing) so they have to pay postage. i know it’s not much but if millions of us do it, it adds up. and it’s more work for them too so, at worst, it’s taking time away from them actually raising money. at best, it’s doing that, frustrating the Obama worker who opens it, and costing the Obama camp a small amount of money bc they’re paying the worker (or, e.g., rent for the office).

  129. kc: But that visual you presented made me laugh out loud!

  130. I think the DNC/obama is counting on most of the dem base showing up to vote without looking carefully at what REALLY happened, just perception.

    i’m hoping FOX news or some news service will talk about what a departure this is from past conventions. and how no other candidate has been forced out like Clinton was. maybe speculate about how they’re doing this because the party is not unified, etc.

    if that doesn’t happen, then i agree with you.

  131. Maybe Howard Wolfson can offer that commentary when he joins Fox News.

  132. “Allowing Clinton to ingratiate herself with the campaign”?

    Who do these thieves think they are? Hillary, listen to Bill. Tell them to kiss your butt. You don’t need this patronizing attitude from anybody! Technically you won.

  133. I hope Hillary does listen to Bill. I’m sure she is smart enough to realize that these ‘leaders’ are going down.

    What I don’t know (wish I did), Pat, is how they are arm-twisting her. The pressure must be unreal. Even if she plays nice with him now, i won’t hold it against her-because I know that the burden she carries is heavy.

  134. Just talked to my sister in NC–she thinks that her boss and co-workers who were Hillary supporters are probably going to go for Obama now. I told her to hook them up with JustSay NoDeal. Most people, them included, are not political junkies like we are and so don”t know the alternatives. Wish we could get an email list of her supporters-and have people in each state work that state’s list.

  135. “Allowing Clinton to ingratiate herself with the campaign”?

    i know. they think she’s supposed to kiss his ass, not the other way around. i’m missing something. he needs us but she’s supposed to suck up to him. how’s that supposed to win over her voters?

    i guess they think that since we’re all older women, our dementia will bamboozle us into thinking he’s our spoiled, petulant two-year-old grandson. so everyone should make it all better for him because he’s so cute.

    but then we’d never vote for a spoiled two-year-old so i’m still lost on their reasoning.

  136. Sassy, the spoiled two-year old effect is one reason why I have no maternal instinct. I’d just kill the little emeffer.

  137. sassysenora–you hit the nail on the head. There is no reasoning with them it seems. Good point.

    Gotta go do some shopping—–see ya’ll later.

  138. Most people, them included, are not political junkies like we are and so don”t know the alternatives.

    i think this is why getting MSM coverage is key. it has to be in the news for more than a few days.

    if a lot of us go to Denver, will that help? so much is out of our control. just like it was for HIllary. she could be eloquent and wonky and have excellent plans but if the media didn’t cover it, it may as well not have happened as far as most voters are concerned. it’s very frustrating. i can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been (and still is) for the Clintons. and, as you say, kc, i’m sure the pressure she’s getting from Obama and the Dems is unreal.

  139. I still say, stage a visibility event for the brave SDs still supporting Hillary. Do it in front of a newsstation. Have a huge money bomb to give them for their support and loyalty to Democracy. Let the other SDs know that there is $$ and support from the PUMA side. The Obama well is drying up. Isn’t that whay they came to him in the first place?

  140. joannie,

    can we get enough money together to do something like that?

  141. Sassysenor, that’s why I had the idea yesterday that we need to create our own newscasts. I know it won’t necessarily get on mainstream tv, but it will become viral online and imagine what that could do for us. Finally, people who hate to read have someone consolidating his his foibles into tiny five-minute chunks.

    If anybody is interested in getting involved with that type of thing, let me know. I’m hoping I can get something together in time for the Convention. If not by then it’ll be happening in time to keep him from the White House. That is my goal.

  142. regency: You lead, I follow.

  143. I do think an important battle right now is to make sure that Hillary is on the roll call at the convention, and that she speaks. To not have her would be a total and complete break with how and what a convention is.

    I love the way the O campaign says he is speaking in the large venue is because it is for The People. Yeah, right. I bet it is not for the Hillary people. It is only for certain people. All of those people under the bus are no longer real people.

    I kept thinking of that movie ‘Triumph of the Will’ after I read the announcement.

    I have been checking back on sites that I stopped going to awhile ago because they were so hostile. Guess what? Now there are more comnents against O than for him!

    I stopped reading Bob Herbert at the NYT but looked today. He has been very pro-O. Today he starts off –
    “Back in January when Barack Obama pulled off his stunning win in the Iowa caucuses, and people were lining up in the cold and snow for hours just to get a glimpse of him, there was a wide and growing belief — encouraged to the max by the candidate — that something new in American politics had arrived.”
    And he ends with, “Time flies and the Iowa caucuses seem a very long time ago. ”

    And a quote: “”In one of the numbers from “Fiddler on the Roof,” Tevye sings, with a mixture of emotions: “We haven’t got the man … we had when we began.””


  144. Pin a medal on Bob Herbert’s ass for coming to his senses just after the nick of time.

    Sorry. I know I say that a lot, but I will never stop being angry about it. Any Barky-bots who want to hand me that horseshit had better run faster than I can throw a brick.

  145. “There’s nothing symbolically wrong to putting her name in,” followed by a scripted withdrawal, said Ms. Brazile. But the spectacle of a rapturous welcome for Sen. Clinton…”

    great catch regencyg!~

  146. Oh, another indicator that things are not going well for Barky is the increased activity of the trolls.

    He is planning the great coronation just as his support is slipping away and even his own people are mad at him!

  147. Well, I’m from Florida, so if I go to the Convention, it’s only going to be halfheartedly. I’m not sure whether to send my better half or my worse half. My top half or my bottom half? My left half or my right half?

    Life is an existential dilemma when you are only 50% of a person.

  148. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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