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PUMA Cocktail Party at The Scratching Post

Brook and I are still on vacay here at this undisclosed location.  The weather was beautiful here this afternoon though I hear some thunder rolling in.  The temperature is still a little cool for this time of year but it didn’t stop me from getting a little burnt.  For some reason, no one knows what happened to the sunblock.

Periodically, a friend will send me some piece of news but I’m trying very hard to imagine that everything is beautiful and the thunder is waaaay off in the distant.  Still, there are rumblngs and stirrings in the background.  Diane tells me that our fundraiser last weekend helped Hillary reduce her debt by roughly half.  One more push like that and Hillary can stop being Obama’s indentured servant on the campaign trail.  I say we go for it!  It must be giving Donna Brazile fits and the only thing that makes me happier is getting on Donna’s Diss List.

By the way, do you know we only have to convince 175 superdelegates that voting for Obama is a really bad idea and it will be Hillary onstage at Invesco Field?  My, my, my, that would trigger the storm of the century.

Welcome to the Puma Cocktail Party at The Scratching Post, our new online watering hole.  We’ve retired the Clinton Cocktail Party (for now) to concentrate on taking our party back.  Tonight we are joined in Miami by Diane and her guests from Japan, to whom we would like to say:


(I hope that says what I wanted it to say and not something like “Your mother is a hamster”)

At this point, I believe it is customary to exchange gifts but I’m afraid our intertubez will not allow for such a formality so I will simply say that it is a pleasure to have you joining us tonight.

The bar is to the left of the door and, as always, we are spoiled by the best bartender in the business, Rico, our bartender with flair! Rico is also a PUMA and Hillary fan.  Tonight his special drink was recommended by commenter, terrirobin.  It’s called a Green PUMA Cocktail.  As always, you can order anything you like.

Tonight’s entertainment is provided by Herbie Hancock.  This piece of jazz always reminds me of summer days, soft breezes, languid afternoons on the beach and the sweet release of sun warmed melon.  It’s called Cantaloupe Island:

There are so many good versions of this tune, it’s hard to know which one to choose.  I think my favorite is the one with the “Jump to the jam, boogie-woogie, jam slam” line in it.

Everyone is welcome at our parties but if you feel a trigger word bubbling up, get thee quick to our lovely checkroom attendent Florence, who will keep an eye on it while you’re partying.  Our waiters will be circulating shortly with mini Maryland crabcakes, tempura softshelled crabs, fresh cantaloupe and prosciutto and fresh tomatoes with basil and olive oil.  Please drink responsibly and tip your wait staff generously.

606 Responses

  1. Rico, may I have a Sangria, por favor? Big glass, lots of fruit. Mmmm…

  2. Hi RD – sorry for the bad timing on my post. Feel free to remove it and put it back another time if you wish. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I’m going to kick back and have a drink. Ahhhhh!

  3. Ah, Rico — could I have the Special? I’ve always wanted a Green PUMA Cocktail. And after burning a pot of macaroni all-to-nearly to flames, I could REALLY use one tonight!

    Riverdaughter, I feel another fundraiser coming on…..

  4. I am drinking a toast to everyone here. I read the HuffPost piece about PUMA today. Deeply embedded were all of Obama’s “new” positions and yet John T. still seems to think we are just making it all up. Comments from Obamabots just sneer: you’re just going to get McCain elected. Well, yeah, so? I have a choice and my choice is not to vote for Obama. On Fox Factor last night Code Pink spokesperson wouldn’t say she’d leave the Obama camp but she also reminded him there is a choice that goes beyond McCain: Nader or McKinney. All kinds of choices for all kinds of people. No goosestepping on these premises.

  5. what a wonderful post…..toast to rd for all the hard work

  6. We really retired half of Hillary’s debt? That is absolutely amazing. I can definitely do another $20.08 myself…

  7. No problem. We can leave it up for right now and maybe post it again tonight.

  8. Cool! Thanks RD! 🙂

  9. Good evening friends and welcome to our guests in Miami — Rico, a Glenfiddich and rocks please.

  10. Oooh, Prolix – you have good taste. Cheers!

  11. And cheers to you Madamab, our prize winning playwright.

  12. Now, now – I’m not gonna go all Bill O’Reilly and claim I won “several” Peabodies! LOL But thanks anyway.

    Cheers to all the wonderful Conflucians! Rico, another Grey Goose on the rocks, por favor!

  13. Hiya cats and chicks, a round on the house. Duct work sucks, drywall sucks…

    But retiring roughly half of Sen. Clinton’s debt? Holy shit. That’s a lot of money. I’m assuming it’s half of the part of her debt that wasn’t what she loaned herself? About 4-5 million—sound right? And how much was the lovely Carol responsible for getting out of us?

    Well well well, one green PUMA special thingie for me and the fab GF. And one for Carol and yes, we will be kicking in again because the junior senator from New York should be beholden to no one but we the peeps.

    Give joanie a double when she gets here as she has taken on the Seattle PUMA part of the rebel alliance and will be our Pacific NW fearless leader. Or at least the gal with the phone list.

    Hope you are all well.

  14. Mmmm, margarita please. On the rocks, with salt. Cheapass tequila, too. You know the Cadillac tequila, the one that makes the damn thing cost $9? I don’t want it. I want the pickup truck tequila, the one with water in the fuel line that stalls out on the left lane on the freeway.

    Shit. There’s a restaurant across the street from my apartment that makes fantastic cheapass margaritas. The waitstaff just bring me one when I sit down. I want one now, and dinner too.

    Maybe I’ll fall off the wagon and get the albacore sashimi salad with the nori and cucumbers, and a green dragon roll. Cut spicy tuna roll with tabasco sauce and avocado on top. Mmmmmm …

    With a dinner menu like that, I should be an Obama fan! Ah, well — breaking stereotypes is mah job.

    Latte-sippin’, white-collar, advanced-degree-holding, vegetarians-who-occasionally-fall-off-the-wagon-for-sushi PUMAs all the way!

  15. Well hell, I’ll have a Ketel One and Tonic please…

  16. Funny how we’re not hearing squat about half of her debt vanishing over the 4th weekend in the MSM or any of the blogs, is it?

    Seriously — why are we not getting that number? Do they just not want to make Barky look bad? (If only he didn’t make it so easy.)

  17. Hey there madamab….

  18. Thanks for the drink….it’s pumalicious

  19. RD, glad to hear you’re having a relaxing vacay! And thanks for passing along the news about us retiring half of Hillary’s debt! That is just phenomenal – far more than I had ever dreamed we would do. And it underlines something big – that there are a LOT of us out here who aren’t falling into line. We really need to get this message out. Hillary may not be able to, as they would probably accuse her of secretly being behind us PUMA’s. This just shows how much power we really have to affect the outcome! More than most of us probably realized.

  20. A Pacifico with plenty of fresh lime in a frosty glass, please.

    Paying down half the debt is more than impressive and worth a toast.

    If you’ve got an itch, scratch it 😉

    a California PUMA

  21. BTW, yayz on calling it The Scratching Post!!!

  22. garychapelhill — i have a bit of news that i’d like to share with you re a possible story on the puma movement — is there a way i can reach you?


  23. Hello my friend PsstCmere! Welcome to the party!

    I agree with CognitiveDissonance. We really need to realize how many of us there are. The media and the Obamans will try to spin us into insignificance, but truly, we are a force to be reckoned with.

    I can’t thank everyone enough, especially riverdaughter for creating this amazing place. Cheers and a mighty PUMA roar!

  24. I’m drinking a shot of very cold Don Edurado Tequila and RD – can I request a little Deborah Harry – homestate New Jersey babe !!

    ROCK ON – I know Princess Prada will do us PROUD.

  25. You’ve brought us great news RD- thank you! 🙂

    The way Obama has shifted positions, 175 superDs should be easy to sway towards Hillary. When her debt is retired by her supporters, it will send a very powerful message.

    I like to picture Hillary onstage at Invesco Field accepting the Democratic nomination as 18 million supporters everywhere cheer wildly!!

    Rico, the Special please.

  26. pumalicious! great word, I shall work it into my daily speech immediately.

    Rico, a White Russian please. Extra creamy.

    Where are folks getting the info on how much Hillary’s debt is down? And yeah! good question why no one’s reporting on it. I’m good for a couple more $20.08s.

    When do we think they’ll release BO’s latest rapidly declining fundraising numbers for June, btw?

  27. this deborah harry song is beautiful!

  28. Ha ha —

    Just had this thought:

    Back in the beginning of Junethe DNC had only a bit over $5 mil in the bank, then I read the other day they were up to $11 million.

    So if we’ve reduced our gal’s debt by about $5 mil, that means Hillary has raised more money over one long weekend than the whole Dem Party in a month!


  29. You know what I miss? The West Wing. That was such a great TV show. I might have to rent it on DVD this weekend.

    One of my favorite episodes: “The Crackpots and These Women” described by wikipedia:

    The staff participates in “Big Block of Cheese Day,” when they allow meetings with fringe special interest groups that normally cannot get attention from the White House…

    I fear bad special interest groups would have unlimited access in an Obama White House. He really is Bush’s third term. What a nightmare!

  30. Hahah Brook has the Kanye West shutter shades! Nice.

  31. Oceancitygirl: I’ve never seen The West Wing. There is a huge rift in my space-time continuum.

  32. Fahionably late, had to feed the PUMA Cub. oooh I’ll have a Green PUMA Cocktail too, Rico.

    Riverdaughter, what a cute picture of your PUMA Cub, enjoy your vacay!

  33. West Wing is great! At least the earlier years. Smart, funny, paints a picture of politics that, while rather ideal, is something worth striving for.

    Sigh, unlike the current political landscape.

    But if Aaron Sorkin can dream it, we can do it.

  34. Having a real Cosmo as we speak. Glass has been frosting away in the freezer and it is a perfect drink for a muggy July evening.

    How exciting that the debt has been reduced by so much! What a marvelous tribute and effort on behalf of Hillary, the true candidate!

    madamab: Again, your mini plays are like something right out of the New Yorker (another mag I have cancelled)! Amazing work.

  35. hey indi, what’s going on? Can I email you at the addy you put on here?

  36. Okay, I’m back

    Rico! One Furry Navel please.

  37. Riverdaughter- Well, I guess we know what to get you for your birthday! lol.

    You must see it someday. You’ll cheer, cry, get angry and laugh- usually all in the same episode.

    The link I posted doesn’t seem to work. It’s just a list of episode in case anyone was is interested:

    I give The West Wing an enthusiastic PUMA paws up recommendation.

  38. Myiq: what’s in a furry navel, I mean, *besides* belly button lint? Is it the traditional fuzzy navel recipe?

  39. I was 4th of Julying and away from my confuser so I did not have an opportunity to contribute to the HRC fundraiser. I most certainly hope you stage another and I will make up for lost time. Can we get some verification of this remarkable achievement from our Fearless Leader, Ms. Clinton?

    The Invesco affair is very interesting—75000 screaming Obamabots in the stadium??? Well, that should keep down the riff raff and provide the back-up in case anyone feels a need to recreate 68.

    Isn’t the opening day of the convention an anniversary of Women Get the Vote? Seems like that would be a great day for Ms. Hillary to address the convention—they could use a little pep talk on women’s issues!

    RD—glad you are having a vacay. Rico, I will take a Tall Glass of Water with Crushed Rocks and a double Key Lime.

  40. What a great way to kick back.! 2 for 1 on the Green Pumas

  41. Hey Valhalla….this is my first party. It’s nice to be somewhere you can say whatever you damn well feel like.

    As for numbers being released, you will probably have to pry them out of obama’s fingers… 🙂

  42. Is the story about halving Hillary’s debt going to make it into the print media? Anybody talk to Amy Goodman at Democracy Now? She seems like someone who might be interested.

  43. Amy Goodman is one of the good guys. I catch her every now and then on Democracy Now. I don’t think her audience is all that large and she may have some interest in PUMA.

  44. Is the FISA vote tonight or tomorrow? We need to keep track of those Dems who vote Yes. Feingold gave a very impassioned speech from the well earlier. Reid is backing him on this one. Interesting to see where The Mess comes down on it. If he even shows up.

  45. Pat….I think she is maybe the most objective journalists around. And breaking the PUMA story might just be her cup of tea. I am sure it would be fairly easy to contact her.

  46. Brook’s so cute! I hope she’s having fun.

    The Scratching Post….nice! and convenient in case any of us periodically feel down and our claws come out.

    hey, I thought of a way we can help the Democrats!! I’m going to clean out the back of my refrigerator and send them anything green or blue I find for their color-coordinated convention. let’s all do it!

  47. I think the FISA vote was delayed until Wednesday.

  48. terrirobin: Thanks.

    According to CNN, Obama ahead of McCain by double digits and Edwards is willing to take vp slot.

  49. Rico: Make mine a puma libra. Extra lime.

    Thanks for this place, you guys.

  50. PssttCmere — yes, it certainly is a different atmostphere here! Sometimes I feel like I have a split personality — over there I’m biting my tongue and holding back my fingers from typing what I really feel, but here it’s all pretty cool!

    kiki — I SO have so much to give the Dems for their color-coded excess fest from my ‘fridge. You could say I’ve been saving up for years for this!

  51. On the crawl on msnbc…..showed obama at 47%, McCain at 43%….something is wrong in River City!

    Elizabeth Edwards needs to slap Johnny boy a good one!

  52. Oh Rico, Quick give me a Green Puma Cocktail…It is so hot and muggy here! My hair looks like a dustmop, Just got home from work, cooked dinner for when hubby gets home later.., checked the Puma sites…blogged a little, now I can relax! Whew this is just what I needed, some Herbie Hancock music, a drink and great company!

  53. It may be that Eliz and John made a deal with the devil when he came out in favor of Obama. She heads up healthcare, he gets to be vp. These endorsements are never done in a vacuum.

  54. Another VP rumor today was that since Hagel is going on the most excellent European Vacay with BZero that Hagel will don his hot pants and hip boots and join BZero on the 50 yard line in Denver where he will promptly have a wardrobe malfunction.

    The rumor is true — the rest is courtesy of Rico’s special mushroom sauce I’m having on the little walking around crabcakes — more mushrooms please.

  55. Hiya Guys!

    A little late- beautiful day here in Seattle, and I went to the lake with my boy cubs.

    Thanks Ohio! Do you mind if my double is a single malt? It’s a bit more expensive, but I love it so much!

    I’m hoping we can have a meeting maybe this Sunday eve. Jltacoma and GQmartinez and I are going to try to hammer out some agenda details first.–Still taking names. Anyone else in Seattle?

    Hurray for PUMAS! Let’s wield our mighty fundraising skills and show loyal Super-deez what we can do! A press release about what we did for Hill, perhaps?? Let the other 175 know that BO ain’t the one that’ll have their backs.

  56. Gallup 46/44
    Rasmussen 49/43

  57. RD, can’t wait to hear you on blog radio tomorrow! Don’t forget to tell everyone how well our fundraiser did, and let’s finish it for good! As the cable guy would say….just git er done! Thats nascar talk I learned when I was in Texas!!

  58. John Edwards. I can’t believe I EVER slept with that guy!

  59. I’ll have a Long Island Iced Tea to look at (they are too strong, but I was a teenager on the Long Island beaches and they are summer for me). Rico, may I have a white wine to drink. I have to keep my wits around these PUMAS. My sister-in-law from Boston is a house guest. She was a Clinton supporter and contributor , but now she is for o because of the ‘war’. I have the weekend to work on her, please send me your PUMA powers. I may just get her to work for O’Reilly for Senate.

  60. Hey Joanie! You’re just in time to join me. Rico, please bring me what Joanie’s having — (winking)

  61. I missed the John Edwards story. What happened. (at least I never slept with him!)

  62. Joanie, that’s so cool that you guys are getting together! I can see a meetup coming together in New England too – so many PUMAs seem to be from there. Florida too!

    here in ‘Bama, I’d probably be the only attendee. on the plus side, that makes scheduling a breeze!

  63. Valhalla….I know exactly what you mean….it might not be too long before I go off on the site owner about her infringing on our rights to free speech and squelching dissent. She has become too much….the parameters on there are getting smaller by the day! So, I say screw it and let’s have a toast to Barakula going down in flames.

  64. Has Amy Goodman come around? She was pro BO months ago. After watching her daily for years, I had to stop. Please tell me she’s seen the light ! If Code Pink
    is now baulking, most likely Amy is too . It would be nice to be able to watch again.

  65. I’m sitting here guzzling Cosmos and tossing Cheetos into my face faster than if the Taliban were beating on the back door.

    The thought of Edwards selling out to that empty suit is maddening. Universal healthcare was Hillary’s main topic and now it looks like Elizabeth is going to take over. Makes me sick!

  66. I did not know that Amy was on tv. She has a daily radio show and she was all over FISA. I think I have seen her once or twice on C-Span with different panels or discussing a book but not as a regular tv pundit.

  67. Kiki, you think you got it bad, I am in Gary, Indiana, o…hell….literally!

  68. katiebird; Edwards considering the vp slot. Reported on CNN website.

  69. Anyone….how does one become a full-fledged PUMA?

  70. (shaking head) Really? Yesterday, Hagel. This morning, Kerry. And now? Edwards?

    Wow — a parade of losers!

  71. Katie–stay away from that scotch! I’ve done some stupid things on that stuff. 🙂

    Hey KiKi, you in LA? (lower ‘bama?)

  72. pssttCmere, I think you just say you are.

  73. PssttCmere, just go to http://blogpumapac.org and sign up! We would love to have you.

  74. Joanie, (nodding) and considering it’s my third. Well — who knows what could happen?

    (looking around)

    Where’s bostonboomer?

  75. Pat Johnson, on July 8th, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Sure, Amy has a TV show! She’s on various cable
    networks. I can view her on a station called Mind TV.
    I’m glad she covered FISA. I’ll check her out tommrow!
    Thanks for the heads up.

  76. Pat….Democracy Now is on FSTV on Dish Satellite…channel 9415 and on Direct TV, channel 375

  77. Yeh, but O thinks Hagel looks good in hot pants.

    I think he’s leaning away from Kerry after seeing him that horrifying bike gear.

  78. psstcmere –

    say it out loud and then repeat after me
    I.Will. Never. Ever. Vote. For. Him.

    Welcome to PUMAVille

  79. We have a great action center over there, all the media contacts, letters, posters, flyers. Murphy does a great job. We are a working Pac of Pumas!

  80. I was just over at NO QUARTER and they were talking about o taking the DNC out of our nation’s capitol and moving it to Chicago. That is totally crazy, the DNC is not headquartered in Washington anymore. I think that we need a PUMA headquarters in DC. All it has to be is a mail drop, but it would be symbolic of the fact that we are the real national party and the dnc is simply the tool of o. For my kids ‘toolshed’ is the new dis, so from now on the dnc is o’s toolshed.

  81. gary, yes you can. sorry I don’t know how these blogs are set up and who can see what. email me and i’ll send you the details.

  82. Katiebird, come sit by me, we’ll drink lots of scotch and get real good and smart.

  83. Kiki: where in New England are you? I’m in RI. If we have a NE meetup, Pat can bring the snacks.

    Joaniebird: Good one! I’m just imagining Edwards and Kerry arguing about which of them gets to be on the ticket with O. Losers.

  84. Rico, I spilled my drink roflmao @ joniebone! Another Puma drink please!

  85. oh and psstcmere, click your heels three times as you say it. that’s key

  86. Hi Pumas!

    A quick suggestion – and this is fueled primarily by my own frustration at not being able to donate (Canadian), but while $20.08 is a great “message” to send, if you can afford to spare more, I’d say this might be the time to go full-out. Don’t break your monthly budget – the kids gotta eat! gas is expensive! – and of course, if you’re already maxed out, you’re already maxed out…. but just think that if those $20.08 donations had been $50, Hillary would be free free free!

    Obama is slipping, he’s showing his weak underbelly… it’s time for the PUMAs to go for the jugular!

  87. Honora….I think it is just temporary, so obama doesn’t have to put himself out…..

    And, I like the idea of the PUMA HQ’s in Washington, D.C.

  88. indi, sent!

  89. katiebird and joaniebone: Keep it up and I am telling your parents!

  90. prplvette, katiebird, indigogrrl, kiki….It is a done deal….thanks sister PUMA’s

  91. jules: I am in Western MA.

  92. Oh, kiki, I got so carried away by the 1st part of your comment that I missed the 2nd part – you’re in Alabama. Well, who knows, maybe we’ll all have a huge meetup in January!!

  93. My God, I’m an obnoxious drunk. Actually, I get giddy in the sun. Whoop whoop!

  94. Honora,
    here is a good video to show your o-friends…

  95. I don’t have direct tv so I had no idea that Amy was broadcast through them.

  96. WHAT ! NO West Wing – OH, RD – you’re only forgiven because we really need you chained to the laptop to feed us your wisdom / humor / love. If you only knew how much you save some of us from total depression.

    Oceancitygirl — I own the series and have watched it at least 4 times through. My favorite travel companion on long flights / train rides. And of coarse Deborah Harry.

  97. RD:

    I don’t know what Rico puts in a Furry Navel, but three of them and and I’m ready to Karaoke.

  98. Just poured myself a second Cosmo. Boy are they good tonight!

    Finished a book on Warren Jeffs this week. Seems he would not allow his followers to laugh out loud. Perhaps Obama will consider that since he will be so beholden to the Religious Right.

  99. I will have a FISA post ready tonight, I can make it the AM post or save it for later.

  100. These Cosmos are premixed and strong. I must remember to let the cat in or out before bedtime. Wait, I don’t have a cat. Cheers!

  101. psstcmere:

    They forgot to tell you, you have to buy everyone a round!

  102. Prolix? Scotch makes us smarter! Why didn’t someone tell me that years ago? I could have saved myself a world of grief!

  103. RD: Can I still participate in retiring HRC debt if I already maxed out for the Primary at her website?

  104. Ha! I had to laugh when I saw that first comment, RD, as I was already drinking Sangria. I love that stuff. It was an invaluable aid when I got married last year. Just the right (low) level of intoxicant. My Maid of Dishonor turned me on to it. Hehe.

  105. Hey joaniebone, if you’re good and drunk come sit by me and I’ll whisper stuff about the New Deal in your ear.

  106. Anyone from Las Vegas?

  107. Had I known that Scotch makes us smarter I would have poured it into my kids Cheerios every morning for good measure.

  108. Pat: Yes, remember that you’re in the Springfield area. Would you be interested in getting together? There’s bostonboomer, MA Blue — who else is in NE?

  109. Would love to catch Bette Midler in Las Vegas! Love her.

  110. Rico….drinks for everyone on me please….(using my stimulus check to pay) lol

  111. Katiebird,

    When I drink just the right amount of scotch, I turn into Einstein with a little worse hair. I get so smart, I’ve been known to wear Pat’s cat as a boa on occasion.

  112. jules: A lot from MA. murphy, MA Blue, Bostonboomer, there were one or two others who blog here sometimes. I remember thinking that MA was pretty well represented and it showed when they would talk about O’Reilly v Kerry.

  113. Prolix: You are bad! katiebird, stay where you are.

  114. myiq? Is tomorrow supposed to be the FISA vote? If so, It would be great to have a FISA post then. Wouldn’t it?

  115. Right, murphy, too. Since she’s one of the ringleaders, it should be feasible to pull something together.

    Good lord, you guys are drunk as skunks!

  116. rkothemk– Can’t you donate to PUMAPAC?? If so pls give until it hurts, I promise you that Hillary will help the entire world.

  117. Hey everyone! Had to pop out for a while. Glad to see the party’s in full swing!

    PsstCmere – you are PUMA to the core. Just be yourself – nothing else is needed!

  118. annabellep: Great post you had up this morning. I commented. Hope your move goes smoothly.

  119. (batting eyes) I think Prolix is cute. I’m going!

  120. myiq2xu,
    (Blush…) (Fidget…). Wait! (Emptying Glass…). ohhhhhhhh baby!

  121. I’ll post it late tonight, which is when I cross paths with you earlybird easterners.

  122. Prolix is trouble! And will he love you in the morning?

  123. Is FISA the stuff that makes Pez so good?

  124. That’s right, finish it all. What you don’t drink we’ll pour on ya.

  125. This may be one of the smartest blogs on the net but it is also one of the most Party Hearty groups as well. I think I will have just another half glass of my Cosmo. Am I actually the only one really drinking here?

  126. ugh, BO commercial on my boob tube right now!

  127. Pat….The View just came to Vegas for a week and Bette was on the Friday show….damn….our tix were for Monday.

  128. I see that ABC has o’s kids on, I wonder if anyone will suggest that he is ‘pimping’ them? Silly me it must be the Long Island Iced Tea talking, give me a few more, Rico hon.

  129. Tee-hee PJ! I am virtually drinking only…

  130. I love Bette Midler! She is a dynamite entertainer. You must have been kicking yourself for those tickets being for Monday.

    I am getting seriously mellow. Been eyeing my Sinatra cd’s. I am about one or two sips away from a jag. These drinks are strong.

  131. Why in Gods name would Edwards want to be a 2 time loser? won’t that be a record? losing twice for a veep spot?

  132. My god, Katie. We’re the loosest women here! Shheeeshh. Catholic girls.

    Pat, I think you need to call Mom.

  133. madamab…..lol, a PUMA to the core….that’s a good thing! And, I will be glad to just be myself, since I have to self-edit all the live long day at that other site!

  134. Katiebird, Pat, I will write myself a post-it of things to do tomorror since I’m going to the Glenfiddich Retox Center tonight…

  135. Hey, myiq — do you remember asking me if any of my sisters are single? It was a couple of months ago.

  136. Shoot…can’t drink and drive. I’m off to a state parks’ meeting, gotta fly.

    Have a round on me, boyz and girlz! Rico? Set ’em up!

    Later…(lovely evening here on the bay).

  137. prplevette….maybe he a down-home masochist

  138. At least I am not driving. If push gets to shove I need only roll myself into my bedroom which is somewhere down the hall from where I am currently sitting. At least I think it is.

  139. I am informed by Rico that a furry navel has sloe gin, peach schnapps and a splash of orange juice, but he may be fibbing. Rico is devious like that.

  140. Pat….I kick myself quite often.

  141. Prolix: You really and truly make me laugh out loud. How many times have I told you that? You crack me up at the oddest hours.

  142. Catholic girls???

    Rico! Another round, quick!

  143. Edwards is such a disappointment to me. His endorsement of Obama was ridiculous. I think he’s just dumb enough to try to hitch his wagon to Obama’s falling star.

  144. Totally digging the “Scratching Post” moniker, very nice. BTW, found a nice piece from WaPo about the candidates positions on social security. Not spot on but fairly thorough and insightful. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/07/07/AR2008070702773_pf.html

    This is one, if not the only, reason I didn’t support Obama in the beginning and things went downhill from there – social security. There’s probably not many substantive changes to be made on the war, the economy and the supreme court but social security is ripe for the tinkering. I am banking on my SS check, hands off Obama and McCain!

  145. katiebird:

    I do recall asking that.

  146. katiebird: I remember you saying that. A couple of weeks ago.

  147. (squinting) I’ve got a sister named Jules. I couldn’t be so drunk I don’t recognize her though. Could I?

  148. Joanie? Do you hear what myiq just said?

  149. Pat,

    Everything I type has it’s genesis in things you say…

  150. Pat, thanks, I saw that. It’s a tough subject, and I put a lot into that post. I can already see a couple of offshoots from it. I think I’ll leave up until tomorrow night at least.

    I hate to be all work and no play, but I just thought I’d mention that Murphy is looking for someone with web development skills. I don’t have them. Everything I do is via a program, and I don’t know html, or xml, or anything like that. I thought I’d mention in case anyone here had the experience and the time. E-mail her at murphy@pumapac.com.

    That said, now I can play. You folks sure are a rowdy tonight. I’m feeling it too, having had nearly two glasses of Sangria. I’ll play here with you just a little longer, but when I start slurring my words, I’m going to bed. Heh.

  151. (sigh) Ah, Pat remembers. That’s almost as good….

  152. (head spinning) OH! They both do. NO more drinks or me…. For a while anyway….

  153. annabellep – I may do that. I’ve got some skills – that is, when I don’t have Rico’s drinks in me!

  154. Katie, he’s a L.I.B.E.R.A. L.

    You know what Mom said about those:
    “Grab the closest one and hold tight!”

  155. annabellep: You are a truly gifted writer. I have you bookmarked on my computer. It amazes me when people are so capable of putting their thoughts into words.

    Just an aside, Mawm I think is a graphic whiz if I remember correctly from what gary has said. He may be able to help.

  156. Annabelle, I tried sending a message but, it was rejected. Could you give her my email? katiebird@gmail.com I do web development.

  157. madam, more than Edwards endorsement was a disappointment to me. I believe he suspended his campaign for Obama. I can see no other reason he called it quit, what, two or three days before Super Tuesday, other than he was forced to or talk into it. All he had to do was stay in, and he’d have had enough of slice of the support that he could have pushed parts of his agenda on the winner. The only reason not to do that is because someone you think or want to win has already promised it to you. I wonder in hindsight if the famed meeting at Edwards house and his fake-out stall on the endorsement was all political theater.

  158. I’ve been known to take liberties too

  159. Hey, katiebird, leave me out of this! You and your sister must have driven your mom crazy when you were teenagers!

  160. Are you serious, Katie? And you just RETIRED? Oh my god, you’re my new hero! I will forward you’re message right away!

  161. I was an angelic child.

  162. annebelle, I tend to agree with you. If you think back to one of the debates, when he and obama were tag teaming against Hillary. I told my husband that same thing. Look at those 2 grown men tan teaming here, it is shameful. I lost any sort of respect I had for Edwards at that moment. I never had any for the chosen one!

  163. oops ^tag not tan

  164. I hope Rev. James Dobson is not lurking here tonight.

  165. snort Jules, my poor mother had 8 kids in 10 years. When I was 20 my youngest brother was 10.

    And Joanie and I are the easy ones!

    (laughing madly)

  166. fuzzy late for cocktail hour sorry but the boys were out for their tuesdat night steaknight….

    Rico quick get me a cosmo greygoose grande marinier and pomegranet juice and a nice twist of key lime-that good. With the success of our fundraising Rico make it a double I am not driving tonight….jazz in the back ground mmm…

    This reminds me of summer nights at Preservation Hall in old NOLA (new orleans, Louisiana) with my Douglas happy times, real happy times….


  167. annabellep – I agree.

    I wonder in hindsight if the famed meeting at Edwards house and his fake-out stall on the endorsement was all political theater.

    I think Obama and Edwards teamed up to knock Hillary out. Disgusting, but true.

  168. Is there a Denny’s open around here?

  169. prplvette85, me too! And I was supporting him until then.

  170. I wasn’t quite so well behaved. My mom used to tell the neighbor kids they shouldn’t play with me because I was a bad influence.

  171. 8 kids, eh? Wow. My mom was one of 8. I am one of 3. And my daughter is 1 of 1. So far. My husband and I want to have one in another year or two.

  172. Thanks Annabelle, I’d be happy to help if I can.

  173. KB and JB: That must have been one fun household. I’ve always wished I’d had more siblings.

    ‘Night, Pumas!

  174. Michael: Glad you are here! katiebird is playing matchmaker. Prolix is in good form. miqx2 is spreading the charm. joaniebone is aglow. And I am half in the bag. Other than that………

  175. LMAO! @ Joanie. God, Denny”s sounds so good right now. Especially with you folks.

  176. It all started when the preacher’s daughter took me out back of the church and showed me the holy gohost.

  177. Annabelle, I think the experience shriveled my uterus. I never had kids.

  178. holy ghost

  179. Heh. You big family people. It’s just me and my brother.

    Jews aren’t known for big families…:-)

  180. Herbie is hot hot hot! Hope you are cool at the beach — rather muggy here. Rico, gimme a nice, cold IPA, if you please.

  181. I had 4 kids in 5 years. I was the Ethel Kennedy of my set back then! Had them all by the time I was 28. Good Catholic girl that I was back then.

  182. annabelle how are you tonight what is everyone drinking?

    oh and madamab-your play a sublime riot….

    fuzzy is generous tonight “Mind Erasers” for all the Obama Trolls at the cocktail party put it on my tab Rico!

    what did you say Rico? that would be redundant? heck tonight I am really feeling that generous…


  183. Pat, When I was 5, I was the oldest of 5 kids. I was doomed.

  184. I think it shriveled my mother’s desire to mother as well, KB. She had three, all by accident, and then promptly shut that factory down. I am desperate to have another, having been a single mother for 13 years and always wanting another one, but not having a partner… I’m getting up there, though. The clock is a tickin’ for me.

  185. Speaking of hot, I am sweating over here. Can’t be sure if it is the weather or the Cosmos.

  186. You know, Pat, you can’t be both Ethel Kennedy AND Nancy Pelosi.

    Just sayin’. 😉

  187. BFF: How was the golf?

  188. Hi fuzzy! I’m finishing off my second glass of Sangria, and considerin’ having another. I ain’t slurrin’ too bad, is I?

  189. I remember Edwards, back when I was an Edwards supporter, saying he would NEVER accept the VP slot, that it was a big mistake the first time around. I wish I could find the quote.

    and prplvette, I wavered between Edwards and Hillary until I saw that debate to which you referred – they seemed like immature bullies. she talked about the issues while they went “nah nah nah” – I really liked him a lot less that night.

  190. thanks, Fuzzy!

  191. Annabelle, I don’t mean it shriveled my desire, I realized fairly young that you didn’t have to have a million kids. And that one or two might not be an extreme experience. I mean I think the experience actually shriveled some parts.

  192. getting sentimental now….

    I wish I had a face to put with all the names of friends here that feel like family now. I also wish I knew a few basics, like our occupations, or what we collect.

    (another sip)…. myiq2xu,
    what’s your sign?

  193. kiki – HRC kicked butt in every debate. Dennis Kucinich and Joe Biden did well, too.

    Obama and Edwards sucked. I really started changing my mind to support Hillary when I saw how cool and collected she was under fire. Now THAT is a President.

    Rico, a beer and shot in honor of Hillary!

  194. “No credit”

  195. Oh, wow, KB. How does that happen? Did you want kids?

  196. madamab: A good actress can play many parts. May I remind you of Meryl Streep?

  197. did you ever notice the menu at denny’s does not require even the minimal basic reading skills to order off of? You just point at the pictures….

    katie I am single FYI looking for the Man of my dreams hope to be as happy as Mawm and gary some day….

    another cosmo rico make it a double…and around for every one on me put it on my tab…


  198. madamab, on July 8th, 2008 at 9:44 pm Said:

    I think Obama and Edwards teamed up to knock Hillary out.

    They had pants suit and hair envy — you get two choices on which was which.

  199. Hi … just a white wine for me … have to grade some papers … have you noticed how vacant the news shows are anymore? Some one sent me a youtube of hillary’s 10 ten funniest moments during the primary sheesh, i miss her! There’s no issues out there any more, only vacant posturing and flip flopping

  200. myiq2xu – LOL x 47,000! 🙂

  201. I think I’d better slow down a little.

    (squinting) Did I see BFF and riverdaughter sitting over there?

  202. if obambi gives it to edwards, richardson’s going to develop a weirder tic than he has now

  203. madamab, exactly! I adore Dennis and I kinda like Biden too. but Hillary shone in the debates, often at manufactured (by the boyz) disadvantage, and that really is what won me over completely.

  204. Actually I am an Aries-Rat

    I was destined/doomed to become an attorney

  205. Tonight I really feel like I am sitting in a bar. As a matter of fact, I feel like dancing. This means I am close to my limit. Or ready to pass out.

  206. Annabelle, I would have liked it but, I ended up having 3 stepkids and that’s been pretty fun. It wasn’t a tragedy…..

  207. Prolix – Edwards wanted the pantsuit and Obama wanted the hair!

    What do I win? What do I win? Please tell me it’s eight years of Hillary as President…:-)

    Pat Johnson – My mistake, I did not realize you were in the Streepian category. 😉

  208. Hi Everybody,

    I think I’m just going to have an ice cream bar. I’m sure Rico must have some of those in the freezer. It’s hot as hell here in New England.

  209. LMAO@ Prolix!

    Okay, I’m back with a fresh glass, and I think it’ stime for some music. How about something truly fun and truly bizarre, something featuring a, uh, a TUBA! Yeah, that’s it, and a, wait for it…
    banjo I kid you not. Such is the joy of the Bad Livers, Industry and Thrift. Anyone know it?

  210. Pat, me too! (hick)

  211. BB!! I was looking for you!

  212. Fuzzy, come over here to this velvet divan and tell me about Dougles. Wasn’t he a musician?

  213. Thank God for bb! I told you guys it was hot here in MA so I can blame these sweats on the weather and not the drinks. bb, I have had 2 1/1 Cosmos for real.

  214. 3 stepskids is quite enough I’d think, KB! Are they all out of the nest now?

  215. haha, I’m slurring. Slowing down…

  216. (lighting-up, waving smoke)

    I only smoke when I drink.

  217. Kbird: BFF is the best kisser in the world. 😉

  218. Hello BB!! I’m fake-drinking Grey Goose on the rocks with a twist of lemon…it’s very cooling when it’s 90 degrees and 99% humidity…

  219. Madamab…ding, ding, ding…you win a waffle barely gnawed on by Bzero himself…very valuable…they’ve already been on Antiques Roadshow…

  220. (joins Joanie on the balcony)

    Can I hit that? I’m trying to quit, on Chantrix, but dang, that smells so good!

  221. Weather held out impressively — rain threats served mainly to ward off the sun & heat. Good times with the PUs, who say Hello! Bummed that we could not find soft shells *anywhere* — we should have splurged at Wegman’s. How’s the crowd in [undisclosed]? Send me some pix.
    **ANNOYED** at Cheney/CDC testimony story. Grrrrr.

  222. (crazy laughter) Out of the nest? !!

    (Laughing) No one leaves our nest…. not even mister’s mother. We just keep doubling up!

  223. madamab: I was a recruiter in a hospital for 28 years and had to learn how to act. When you have to ask the 10,000th applicant where he sees himself in 5 years, and you really don’t give a rat’s ass, that’s acting. Believe me, after all those years you get it down perfectly.

  224. Oh, I heard that on CNN BFF!

  225. RD:

    That sounds like a challenge!

  226. Joanie- I am a redbearded(ok more than a little gray) 6′ 2″ 285 lb Irishman with light brown eyes and a broad grin with glasses.

    I keep my hair short on the head because if I let it grow it would look very seventies brady bunch dad…not pretty. I do not miss many meals and am Black Irish and Prussian Jewish decent….

    I work for the city of gville’s power water and gas company here in florida….

    I am a disney nut (they offer their employee’s domestic partnership benifits/like the cty of gville) I collect all things mickey mouse.


  227. RD, I don’t like to argue. But, I don’t think so….

  228. Heh heh heh, PJ! Indeed. By now, you must have the equivalent of several Streepian Oscars. 🙂

  229. chantiz is a lifesaver!!!!! I haven’t had a cigarette in almost a year (and I smoked for about 20 years).. I never thought I could do it, but chantix is magic 🙂

  230. Hiya BB, katiebird, Pat and I are getting really smart on Glenfiddich…we are in retox tonight…

  231. RD-lucky!!

  232. That doesn’t smell like tobacco!

  233. xoxoxo

  234. You know how they ended that story? “And of course, it is an election year, so we looked up Dr. so-and-so’s contributions and all their contributions have been to Democrats. No word in whether this is an election year stunt.”

    Yeah, thank you freaking Marcos. Now, not only do we all have to bribe politicians come election time, but we get to have the fact that we do used against us anytime anyone wants to discredit us. Grrrr indeed!

  235. You all are so funny.

    We have reached a milestone…I have been checking alexa for a long time for our ranking and stats and it said we weren’t big enough to rank.

    Now we are! We are very close to where Talkleft is on the graph. Not bad for such a short amount of time.

    A main water line at my condos busted a while ago and I was getting ready to get in the shower. So now I’ll just sit and drink with you all.

  236. ssshhhh…….

  237. Maybe I am seeing Obama through a fog but he has yet to inspire me. He merely unleashes my fury.

  238. Did I out myself as a hillbilly? Should I say burst?

  239. This really is exactly like trying to follow 3 different conversations at a cocktail party…..


  240. tabby, hillbillly would be bursted

  241. No Pat, it’s because you see with clarity that he has yet to inspire you. It’s not our fault that so many Americans are mindless consumers of emotional intoxicants.

  242. Annabelle, you’re on Chantrix? I’m considering it. do you have weird dreams? that’s what I keep hearing.

  243. {{{tabbycat}}}}

  244. lol@tabbycat. One hillbilly to another, mind you.

  245. Prolix: Will they let us dance? I feel like dancing. The best thing about these pre mixed bottles is that you only need to pour. Otherwise, after a few, if I had to stand and mix the ingredients I would be in trouble.

  246. Hi, You’re having altogether too much fun. May I join you?

    Rico, a double shot of Patron Silver and a slice of lime please.

  247. {{joaniebone}} ‘Tis skill on RD’s part, rather than luck. Takes 2 to smooch.
    {{annabellep}} RD has a book on suppression of scientific inquiry. Very distressing.

  248. kiki, I had the most bizarre dreams. but I only had to take it for about 10 days (they say to stay on it for 6 mos.) and I was done….haven’t had any desire to smoke since….funny though I still like to smell it. when we were in NY where everyone has to smoke on the sidewalk, I was loving t he smell,

  249. Obama is a weak imitation of Bobby Kennedy mixed with Martin Luther King Jr.

    Anyone who’s seen or heard the real thing is instantly turned off by the fake.

  250. Make room for RalphB guys!

  251. Not fair, us West Coasters are just getting started!!1 By the time I read all of the comments, everybody will be asleep!!!

    I’m a light weight, just a glass of White Merlot, please…

  252. Chanitx. How long does it take to work on the craving? Gotta do something about my habit.

  253. I thought mister was babbling away entertaining himself with well, something …… I mean 1/2 of a whole conversation. Wildly funny. I’m listen to everyone here and him and laughing ….

    But it’s not quite as hilarious as I thought. He’s actually on the phone…..

  254. tabbycat, you be amongst friends here, my neck is way red and it ain’t from scrubbing…being from Appalachia I don’t point out mistakes mainly cause my digits are always around the moonshine jug…

  255. Hi RalphB! Welcome to the party! Your first drink is on me…;-)

  256. kiki, yes, I have weird dreams, because I finally dream after many years of not dreaming. But they aren’t frightening.

    I’ve been on it for about three weeks and I’m still smoking, ftr. I am doing things like leaving my cigarettes at home whenever I go places, and trying to wait as long as I can before I have one. It does seem to be improving, and I am smoking less. But I think it will require another round, and this stuff is expensive, and we don’t have insurance. I think it is taking longer for me than for some because I have smoked for 23 years. But there is no smoking in the new place, so that will help. And I am confident that it is helping and that I will get there.

  257. lol Gary, true.

    Hi katie!

    annabelle, we southern girls have to stick together. I think we are outnumbered here.

  258. Congress has a 9% approval rating. The 9% ers are their families. The longer they stay away from home the happier they are. Bush himself has a higher rating. Thank you Madam Speaker! You have done yourself proud.

  259. Pat, I feel like cutting a rug…just a minute and I’ll have us a place to dance…

  260. madamab, I see you’ve got another hilarious play. Keep it up. We need all the humor we can get this election.

  261. Joaniebone
    Douglas was a musician he played cello in the pensacola symphony and organ at holy cross MCC where he was music director and in his keltic band “suite musix’s delite” the viola di gamba and precussions…

    He also sang as a baratone as a principal in the pensacola opera-and cantored at St Michael’s Catholic Church my life was for those nine years we were together surrounded by music…

    He directed music for numerous productions at the pensacola little theater…


  262. Prolix, where are you?

  263. Edwards will not be VP. Write it down. And he will never get to be attorney general the way it’s going.

  264. My second-best kissing technique consists of puckering up and letting her do all the work.

    My best technique involves her neck and my lips. (I think I’m part vampire)

  265. Hello, everyone! I’ve been reading and smiling tonight. Nice to be in great company, having a glass of white wine.

  266. 9% ? That must be their own egos.

  267. I liked Edward better when he had the mole.

  268. tabbycat: The rating is good, right?

  269. {{garychapelhill}} Congrats on quitting. Not to be glum, but I know *way* too many untimely demises of late.

  270. Pat, that 9% are people who have either slept with Vitters or met Larry Craig in the bathroom…

  271. madamab, how bout a one woman play about nancy pelosi starring pat johnson. It could be something gothic…..sunset boulevardesque….nancy slowly losing her mind, dreaming of the day that she is once again in line for the presidency….

  272. oooh, kissing tips from myiq. (perks up)

  273. Gary, stunned I can see it….

  274. lmao@gary….wow. She could say: It’s not me, it’s the electorate that got small.

  275. I’ll drink to that. But on the other hand I would drink to the laundry going through its last cycle.

  276. ben carlson – I agree that Edwards won’t be VP. He adds nothing to the ticket. The endorsement was the test to see if he could help Obama in WV and Kentucky. He didn’t.

    Obama will choose a Republican. Take it to the bank.

    Thanks, RalphB! You either laugh or you cry, right?

  277. tabby: New Orleans here!

  278. Yes Pat. Very good for a new blog. These are stats for websites period, not just blogs. I think that’s huge. And our graph is going up fast.

  279. BFF—I was amazed, I smoke for 20 years, had tried everything….chantix worked like a charm. I’ve become sort of an evangelist….I sing its praises whenever I get the chance….

  280. wow Gary – 10 days! that’s fabulous! Annabelle, hang in there. I’ve smoked for …..uhh……gosh, probably 40 years. I’m 55 and started as a teen. I wish so much I had never picked up a cigarette. I’ve quit briefly many times. I always gain so much weight that I freak out and start smoking again.

    I’ve been thinking about Chantrix………

  281. 9% now but they’ll get to zero eventually.

  282. madamab,

    How could he? How would that help?

  283. Gloria Swanson and William Holden in Sunset Blvd. Great movie! “Ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille”. Scary.

  284. BFF: Your lips, your lips, your lips are juicyyyyy.

  285. Oh, wow, you think so madam? That is just the kind of smarmy kind of thing he’d do, but even I’m not sure he’d go that far, not if the leadership refused to back it.

    (smacks forhead) What am I talking about. This IS the Democratic Leadership we’re talking about. (gulps Sangria)

  286. garychapelhill – OoooOOOoooh…you may have just given me my next play…if so, I will be sure to dedicate it to you! 🙂

  287. tabbycat, I was proudly first slapped on the butt in eastern KY and will always be a proud ignorant, deadender….

  288. Nancy: I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Obama!

  289. I live to inspire 🙂

  290. Where, Prolix? I was born in Louisville, and am an alum of Berea College.

  291. I was given a tip on kissing by a lesbian. She said girls kiss better because they kiss softer. I have never forgotten that advice.

  292. {{RD}} You soo know how to pick the songs 🙂

  293. Laney could I interst you in a wonderful Malbec from argentina? it is called “buenas ondas” and it is truely wonderful it is also organic….I I werent doing my cosmos….


  294. and I don’t know about edwards….Obama seems to really really want to take NC, maybe he thinks Edwards can carry it for him….what they don’t understand is that Edwards is less popular here than anywhere else in the country

  295. I love New Orleans…I haven’t been since I was really young.

    Hi RalphB (I’m plain Teresa at Talkleft-no snow).

    Hi Laney, my dog lady friend! I started to call you a while ago but I thought it was too late. I forgot about the west coast part. Now I’ve had too many margaritas. My air is fixed…now my condo’s have no water…I think I’m in a rut here. 🙂

  296. I love you guys! I know, I know, I have had a few Cosmos tonight but that is rare. I have told you a few other times how much I enjoy your company. How often you make me laugh. How inspired I am by your words and commitments. So don’t blame it all on one of my rare ventures into boozeville.

    Like Joaniebird said, I feel I could draw a picture of you from your writings alone.

  297. Small town called West Liberty, which is actually 200 miles east of Liberty…

  298. Guys – Obama is bending over backwards to appease the rightwing FOR NO REASON. He thinks it makes him more appealing to the electorate for some bizarre reason.

    He’s been floating Hagel and Lugar as Cabinet members for months. Hagel gives him National Security creds he desperately lacks – besides which, he’s a Republican who supports withdrawal from Iraq. Although these days, Hagel is probably too left-wing for Obama…

  299. Ah, Casey County. Not far from Somerset, right? D’you grow up there?

  300. Obama always said he could reach across the aisle. I thought he meant when he was handing the M and Ms off to someone over there.

  301. Fuzzy- I’m always game for something new… Argentina, organic, what more can a girl ask for? Maybe a little Argentine Tango?

  302. Ahhh Fuzzy. Douglas sounds amazing. What a treasure.

    BFF, how was golf? I played today–I hadn’t swung in a year (no elbows, myiq2xu, I’m talking about GOLF!), managed to get Par on several holes! Fun!

  303. Annabellep, Casey Co. is Liberty, I’m from West Liberty which is Morgan Co., or as we are known Moron County…

  304. I think it will be Kerry…VP….because God owes me a big favor for letting him have my Douglas for the string section upstairs….you here me up there?

    BIG Favor….another cosmo rico and a BC powder too


    Who said New Orleans?

  305. AC cooper is talking about Pumas

  306. Prolix, we are almost neighbors. I’m in Knoxville. Are you a Card fan, Wildcat fan, or don’t care?

  307. Thanks dak, I’ve switched it on. Talking unity now…and funders.

  308. lol@tabbycat

    PS: I don’t care, but I’m also a Hoosier, so you’d have to include IU in there. I still wouldn’t care.

  309. Did I hear right that PUMA had raised over $4M over the weekend to retire Hillary’s debt? If so, that’s really huge!

  310. Pat, I’m getting some paper to start writing down your comments. I just love you.

  311. I’m a Baltimoron myself…currently living in NYC.

  312. Tabby, I’m a Wildcat…very Puma related even from the get-go — I can be known to cheer for the Cards if I’m drunk enough…

  313. Fuzzy, Yes. Let’s toast to Kerry as VP! But no more spandex–I beg of you!!

  314. wow Fuzzy. be grateful for those nine years. that’s a lesson I’m learning……try not to pine for what could have been, be happy for what was and what is, and treasure memories.

  315. tabbycat/Teresa – Pat is an absolute treasure. 🙂

  316. Gary wrote:

    nancy pelosi starring pat johnson. It could be something gothic…..sunset boulevardesque….nancy slowly losing her mind, dreaming of the day that she is once again in line for the presidency….

    Oh I would love to see that!

    Pat, Obama unleashed my fury too, lol. You sure do have a way with words. Have another cosmo, what the heck.

  317. annabelle, you have to care! It’s college football time soon!

  318. joaniebone, on July 8th, 2008 at 10:30 pm Said:
    Fuzzy, Yes. Let’s toast to Kerry as VP! But no more spandex–I beg of you!!

    Campaign song: BZero is the wind beneath my sailboard…

  319. Hi tabbycat … I also love New Orleans. Went to Tulane back when the earth was cooling 🙂 Was a really great city and more fun than I could imagine at the time.

  320. (grinning)

    I love you guys!

  321. Prolix, even though I’m all Vol, I like the Wildcats too as long as they aren’t playing us.

    madamab, you too, are a treasure.

  322. I third or fourth or one-hundredth Pat’s enviability with words and fun factor…

  323. Obama/Kerry?

    What is this, Democracy for Dummies?

  324. some of you are in TN? we could have a meet-up! I’m not that far. I fear there aren’t a lot of PUMAs in Alabama. in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Huckabee wins here as a write-in.

  325. {{joaniebone}} LOL. Golf was great — watching PGA pros 😉 If you’re “par on several holes”, you’re way ahead of me. My nephews though — younger one is a high school sophomore and holds a course record 62.

  326. RD-

    when you posted the lovely “Laudate Dominum” I knew I was home….I could pick out the cello it was like I could for the first time in years reach out and touch Douglas face for me truely it was Late NIght Grace.

    I almost forgot to thank you-


  327. @tabbycat…awwwww…[blush]

  328. I’m nominating Madamab for a Tony…because she gggggrrrreeeeaaaatttt!

  329. What did Anderson C. say about pumas? Just now they did a story on Obama forbidding the press to photograph his kids. Now he’s turning into Michael Jackson.

  330. fuzzy – you are making me cry…love lasts forever, even if the ones we love don’t…

  331. 62??? Holy Smokes!

  332. I could play Nancy without much effort. She has that stupid condescending smile plastered on her Botox ridden face and the only time she changes expression is when she widens those eyes. Bloodless woman.

  333. Prolix – LOLOLOLOL

  334. I just hope and pray that Obama does pick Kerry as VP. What a disaster that ticket would be. Elitist flip-floppers extraordinaire!

  335. Michael: You are a treasure.

  336. Ralph, you are in Texas now, I think? Are you looking forward to getting Georgie W. back? I was so looking forward to that and now I’m just bummed about November. Not that it matters in Tennessee.

  337. When people say Pelosi doesn’t crack a smile, they are speaking literally given the Botox factor…

  338. And we rid MA of that two faced rat at the same time. Take BO.

  339. Rico another Cosmo I think we should all toast absent friends….

    to absent friends….


  340. Hi all! Please watch this youtube of Obama (yes, I know it was supplied by Redstate):

    Is it just me, or is it a bad idea for him to laugh at Americans? While I agree with his basic point that it would be better if Americans were bilingual and that the Europeans are better at this, it just seems like a candidate who has already been called an elitist shouldn’t be laughing at people who can’t speak two languages…I don’t know, it struck me as very strange…never a good idea to be siding with the French. Remember Kerry?

    Also., talk about nasty:


    NyTimes story on Obama donors basically refusing to help Hillary with the debt because she is evil. It went from Why Won’t the Stupid Bitch Quit to Why Didn’t the Stupid Bitch Quit…it never ends…with supporters like these, Obama can throw unity out the freakin’ window. The more they continue to disrespect Hillary like this, the more I refuse to ever come around.

  341. {{Fuzzy}}. The cello is so beautiful, perfect for Douglas.

  342. Home late from work. Is the party still on? Is it too late to get a Sea Breeze?

  343. {{{Michael}}}

  344. If she was sitting front row at a Lewis Black appearance she could not smile if he offered a prize. Botox does that to you. Her face is frozen in time. Just like her principles.

  345. To Douglas.

  346. joaniebone: I’m in Bellingham, please list your email address again. i missed it the other day.

  347. Alright, goodnight folks.

  348. BFF,
    For the sake of disclosure, my pars were from “an executive” 9 hole course (short holes, covered landfill). No major accomplishment.

  349. I should have the FISA post up before I go to bed in the wee hours, so tell RD to sleep in.

    She’s on vacation few gawd sakes!

  350. ohioana, of course not — it’s way early yet!


    I did not know this. Checked all my tires and the dates were what they should be.

    This is frightening, but worth watching.
    This is long, but good… and you will remember what they said when buying
    tires for your vehicle.
    Please watch this, for it might save your life or a love one’s life.
    (Commercial is first… so please wait 15 seconds for the News.)


  352. They were interviewing some Hillraisers, this woman named Lyne Forster ( i think) said it’s really difficult because I just don’t like him … she basically inferred obambi was a snob … it was a big piece on how fewer hillary voters are supporty him now than last month, something like a 10% drop, and that the fundraisers were as likely to give money to mccain than obambi

  353. Hmmm, got stuck in moderation, let me try again.

    New York Times story on Obama donors refusing to help Hillary retire the debt. Clinton hating at its finest. As long as this disrespect continues, I will scream PUMA to the high heavens.


    You Tube video (ignore the fact that it is a right wing source, it is Obama speaking only) of Obama talking about how all Americans should be bilingual. While I agree with his premise that Americans should be multicultural/bilingual, it does not strike me as a good idea to be laughing at Americans who cannot speak two languages. Never a good idea to come off as too friendly with the French, remember Kerry? I would also have preferred that he focus on the very real challenges that immigrants face learning to speak english due to underfunded bilingual programs rather than being flippant about how he is so sure they will learn.

  354. madamab, I really love your plays!

    Love this line: They’re so depressed, they’re thinking of spending time with their families, if ya know what I mean.

  355. Goodnight, Annabelle!

  356. Ok now we all know Pelosi suffers from migraines and Botox treatments are considered medically essential and fully covered under the congressional health plan for Botox…to bad 47million uninsured will never find that out-


  357. Hi Laney!


    Would you really come down?? Thanks! Spread the word.

    I’m outta here too. I’m sobering up, and I think I can drive now. Couldn’t locate a Denny’s but going to Wendy’s instead.

  358. Third try

    O making fun of Americans who can’t speak two languages (I agree with the premise that it would be better if we were more bilingual, but I do not think it is a good idea to laugh at people who are not)

    Obama supporters refusing to help Hill with the debt. CDS at its finest.


  359. Night Annabelle.

  360. Anyone who can moderate, I have been trying to post two links (one of Obama making fun of Americans who are not bilingual, another of the NYTimes story about Obama donors refusing to help Hillary) and I keep getting stuck in the filter.

    Please release me! Thanks =)

  361. I’m on quasi-vacay myself, house-sitting friends who are really on the road. Disposing of whateve perishables I find in the ice box, plus chips and a fun yellow tomato tequila salsa I found at Grocery Outlet on the way to Trader Joe’s.

    Still healing from Friday’s heroics, waiting on news from surgery on the Ma’Dear of one of my extended families, and taking the pulse of some Obamanite communities. The natives are restless, and rationalizing furiously.

    If our time is coming, it’s coming soon.

    Love the puma pic, rd. Love it!

  362. Thanks for the props, everyone! Good night!

  363. Ronk? Going to join us Conflucians to organize Seattle?

  364. {{joaniebone}} For the sake of disclosure, I’ve won a miniature golf contest before, but it was against my Mum, and she may have let me win. The real kind is a good chance to be outdoors and socialize w friends. And a good excuse to visit the 19th hole 😉
    G’night, all!

  365. Joanie: depends on when your getting together, I’ll email.

  366. goodnight, madamab!

    I’ll walk you to your car.

  367. I was just reading a news article about a Democrat, Jim Slattery who was recruited to run for Senate in Kansas. According to the Sun Newspapers Slattery was promised 5 million dollars by “the Democratic Party” for his campaign.


    What I want to know is: Where does the “Democratic Party” get that kind of money for a Senate campaign in Kansas? I thought that was just about all they’ve got?

  368. If Obama chooses a Repub as his VP as suggested earlier, doesn’t that free up our girl to join McCain as his VP?

    What’s good for the goose . . . .

  369. ronkseattle, don’t dispose of perishables! if they’ve turned blue or green, the Democrats need them for the convention! I’m putting together a care package myself.

  370. Nite madamab and annabelle.

  371. RonK:

    There was a troll here earlier on another thread who tried smack talking about you. Went by the name “elitist john” or some such.

    I sicc’ed Spammy the moderator on him.

  372. kiki — LOL

  373. Goodnight Joanie and Madamab!

  374. thanks pat-

    Douglas McM was a mischievious keltsman and always loved a drink and a round of danny boy before retiring…

    Had the Bush admin not gutted ryan white I might still have him.


  375. Exactly, where is that money coming from? Last I heard they were desperate in the DNC for donors and many of us here shut down the spigot awhile back and I am sure we are not alone in doing that. Very interesting.

  376. We need more leftcoast niteowl PUMAs around here. It gets quiet about 8pm pst and stays that way all night.

  377. Joanie, Madamab, let me crawl you to your cars…but first, I gotta get this Fiddich bottle outta my throat…

  378. Michael: Danny Boy sung a capella makes me cry every time I hear it. Of course, I am 3/4ths Irish and cry at basketball scores but I love that song. Douglas sounds like someone I would have really liked.

  379. Prolix, hurry up. You, me and Amy Winehouse are schedule to be in before 11.

  380. JJ, links often get caught in spam when they aren’t in HTML Format.

  381. Pat, can Amy drive us home tonight?

  382. http://nytimes.com/2008/07/09/us/politics/09debt.html

    Obama supporters refuse to help Hillary retire her debt with some nasty comments.

  383. uyeah you would think pumas would be prowling on the “Left Coast”


  384. Pat, you are giving me the giggles.

  385. nytimes.com/2008/07/09/us/politics/09debt.html

    Obama supporters refuse to help Hillary with debt with some very nasty comments.

  386. Pete Dougherty’s driving if that is okay with you. Amy has a new tatoo so she isn’t up to it. And I just put Janis on my cd. Her voice can rip your heart out.

  387. kiki-I’m in Atlanta. Where are you in AL? Maybe a Southeast meeting of PUMAs?

  388. good night all fuzzy is also turning in do not forget to tune into blogtalk radio for our own RD on Puma Radio

    nite nite all


  389. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZprtPat1Vk&eurl=http://www.redstate.com/stories/elections/2008/im_having_a_hard_time_selecting_my_favorite_part_of_this_video

    Obama mocking Americans who do not speak two languages and complimenting the Europeans. While I agree with his premise, I do not appreciate his condescending tone. And I don’t think it’s ever a good idea for a candidate to basically say that he is ashame of Americans…

  390. tabbycat. Yes I’m in Austin. W will just one more among many, so we won’t notice him. Since he only bough his “ranch” when he was preparing to run for President, I don’t know if he’ll go there or not. Had a lovely mansion in Dallas which was his real home.

    Like you, I’m really starting to not care at all. While all this campaigning has been going on, I think this has been the best year of his tenure. Not completely horrible anyway.

  391. If Pete can’t drive, we can always call Billy Joel, I hear he hasn’t hit any buildings in a while… speaking of Billy, you wanna go over to Christie Brinkley’s house and watch her burn some more clothes…

  392. I deeply detest Obama and all his supporters. Nasty people.

  393. Pat: A girl after my own heart, Janis… THE BEST, saw her at the Hollywood Bowl, of course she came with her Jack Daniels…

  394. wow, this was a wild party for a Tuesday! I say we keep this up till November and then sue the Democratic party for driving us to drink! crazier lawsuits have been won. we could use the money we win to……party some more.

  395. Well I guess everyone is outie. katiebird, please tell joaniebone g’night for me.

  396. I think we should start asking for a $5.00 donation to Hillary as a cover charge….

  397. I will, myiq — I think I saw her walking out with madamab so it may be morning before I see her, though.

  398. Prolix: I am screaming laughing out loud over here!! And I just read that Nicole Kidman named her kid Sunday for Christ’s sake! Would somebody give these celebs a baby naming book? Sailor, Apple, Harlow, Sunday, what is wrong with these people?

  399. Lakota, I’m in Birmingham, not that far!

  400. kiki, I’ll take the case, I once had a client who wanted to have a custody battle over a colostomy bag (unused of course)…

  401. katiebird-the $5.00 donation to Hillary as a cover charge is a great idea! And, for those who can’t, some of us will donate for them!

  402. Pat, I must have had way too much to drink. I think I just heard you say that Nicole Kidman named a child Sunday? (blinking) Since that’s impossible, I think I should go to bed….

  403. Janis was one of my many faves. That girl sang her heart out and you knew it came right from the gut. She was great.

  404. kiki-You are close. We’ll work on getting some people together!

  405. myiq, some of us are still here. I’m looking forward to your post in the morning.

    katie, good idea on the cover charge. Are you enjoying retirement yet? You sound better.

    I still have no water. I wonder how late water companies work?

  406. Prolix, ewwwww! why?

  407. p.s. — FWIW, Grocery Outlet had a ton of orange Kool-Aid on remainders.

  408. The really great one making the circles tonight is that Madonna cast a kabbalah spell on Arod and that’s why he’s getting a divorce…had nothing to do with all the other affairs of course…

  409. Wow, this place is wild tonight. 🙂
    It reminds me of our victory parties during the primaries!

  410. Yep, she named the kid Sunday but the baby was born on Monday so the reasoning and logic are obscured.

    Demi Moore named hers Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. What are they thinking?

  411. let’s do Lakota. really, I’m surrounded by Huckabee and Obama supporters.

  412. ronK, Grocery Outlet? What’s that?

  413. kiki, she was batsh!t crazy, she ended up beating up her husband, putting him in the hospital — it was a fun case…

  414. Pat, Nicole figured in the International Date Line…

  415. Tabby, I’m awake at least. Sadly, I’m frequently awake at 2:30am too… I think my metabolism is still readjusting to the changes. Mister’s mom doesn’t like it at all. She keeps asking how much longer my vacation is going to last. I don’t have the heart to tell her ….

  416. I let my husband name all my sons. He choose Randy for the last one because….wait for it….he wanted a name that did not rhyme. My ex was gorgeous but to look at but short a few brains. My daughter was 5 when Randy was brought home from the hospital and nicknamed him immediately as “Randy, the Dandylion”. So much for rhyming.

  417. LOL, the kid will be listed in the phone book as Urban, Sunday…sounds like an old Mamas and Papas song…

  418. kiki-It’s Obama supporters in Atlanta! Wish I did see some McCain support. They’re talking about shutting the city down for his “coronation” day in Janurary! In their dreams, I say! A couple of months ago, I was threatened by an Obama supporter here because of my Hillary bumper sticker. It’s quieter now but I’m expecting more hysteria the closer we get to August.

  419. Testing…

  420. before I moved to ‘Bama, I lived in D.C. divorce lawyers I knew there told many tales of people fighting viciously over Redskins seasons tickets and forgetting to provide for custody of the kids.

    I love the Skins too. but I love my kid more.

  421. Rico, I will take a half-carafe of Sangria. It’s one of those nights.

    I miss Hill.

  422. {{masslib}} Hi!

  423. “ronK, Grocery Outlet? What’s that?”

    A name Angelina has picked out for one of her new twins.

  424. wasn’t Obama in Atlanta just this morning? I heard tales of people gathering at 4 a.m. just to bask in the messiahness

  425. Pat-I’m always so impressed by everything you know!

  426. Do you think tomatoes will be tossed at us if we wear a PUMA Pro Hill T-Shirt?

  427. Sh*t, Pat — now I’ve got to figure out how to get a mouthful of wine off my monitor and out the keyboard!


  428. Angelina and Brad Pitt have settled on Gravel and LaBrea Tar for the twins…

  429. oh katie…I hope you get along well with your mom-in-law! I have a great one…but then she lives in Nashville, three hours away.

    kiki, I didn’t realize until tonight that you’re in Alabama. I think we should do like joanie suggested and have a where do you live and what do you do night.

  430. oh Pat, twins could be Grocery and Outlet!

    Grocery Pitt and Outlet Pitt

  431. Lakota, I mentioned before that I am reduced to this blog, a few others, and perezhilton.com. This now constitutes my entire reading habits. Ask me anything.

  432. Yes, Obama was in Atlanta today. Thankfully, I’m in Savannah on business so didn’t have to be there. Of course, I’ve stopped watching any news anyway but I did hear the tickets were gone early. Yuck!

  433. You guys made me laugh. Unfortunately, I have to get some sleep, if the heat lets me. This morning I woke up at 4AM. Talk to you tomorrow night.

  434. lol Prolix!

  435. night bb.

    Pat, please start giving a warning before you post. I nearly choked to death!

  436. Thanks for the evening! Sleep well, everyone, and dream of Hillary being sworn in – January, 2009!

  437. Will someone take out this bottle of Fiddich I got caught in my throat…

  438. tabby, we get along fine — as long as we each stay on our own side of the duplex. And I’m just really glad we’ve got it, so we can help her out. She’s got 5 kids but none of the other kids are interested in helping at all.

  439. BB, xxoo Sweet Dreams!

  440. It is hard to top Prolix. Night bb, it is an oven here tonight. The reason I am still up.

  441. OMG, Prolix — I thought someone helped you with that an hour ago. Lie down on this bench, will you?

  442. Night bb and Lakota — I’m seeing four of you so good night to the other two too — hehehe, I said tutu…

  443. ‘night Lakota! see you tomorrow!

  444. katie, I’m glad it’s a duplex. I have thought about doing that someday for my mom.

    Laney, where you are, you might get something thrown at you. Where I am, it would probably be the opposite. I have not seen a single Obama sign in a yard and four years ago there were tons of Kerry ones (even though he did awful here).

  445. katiebird, if I lie face down that won’t be good…

  446. tabby, if you see one you like, snap it up. We cut a hole through the kitchens so mister can duck in and out to make her meals or do her dishes or whatever without going all the way around outside.

  447. I’m in Birmingham. I pretty much know all the progressive people here (small city and they do stand out) and most seem to have tasted the koolaid. it gets a little lonely offline.

    fortunately, my husband, a former republican, is a surprise PUMA! Bush cured him of all that republican stuff, and he just doesn’t think Obama is up to the the job. I was so proud when he voted for Hillary in the primary!

  448. (sigh) ON YOUR BACK (cough) On your back…. Then I can put my foot up here by your head and….

  449. Hi Folks…anybody still up and is the Single Malt bottle still out?

  450. Why do I suspect some of us aren’t just imbibing virtual alcohol.

    katiebird — Grocery Outlet is a discount operation. Overstocks, seasonals out of season, close-outs, goods approaching shelf date, creative product intro’s that never made the big time. Full of bargains and surprises (upscale and down, at downscale prices).

    Gambled on a Pinot Grigio, too, and it’s not half bad.

  451. The Cosmos are wearing off and I am wide awake. Even with a/c it is muggy. And I just had a visual of Prolix’s last post and it is not pretty.

  452. Ohno, I missed the parteeeeeeee :-(. Cocktails on a Tuesday? You little people on the intertubes are more fun than any real people where I live…

    Lakota, Hey there! I’m in Atlanta too…..the parking valets in some malls refuse to park my car or make a face because of its Hillary sticker.
    Now it has a PUMA sticker. Probably the only Prius in the WORLD to not have an Obama sticker.

  453. tabbycat in tenn, on July 8th, 2008 at 11:18 pm Said:
    oh katie…I hope you get along well with your mom-in-law!

    Isn’t that like an oxymoron or something?

  454. SophieL: Help yourself!

  455. LOL — if you think virtual visuals are bad, reality scares small children and barnyard animals…

  456. Tabby- I’m in Wa. state, a very liberal area. The problem is, Kool Aide, yep, they ALL drank it!!! I thin my mother and I were the only Hill people at the caucas, it was very depressing.

  457. Thanks Pat…I see i have some catching up to do.

  458. lol, masslib. Sort of 🙂 I do like mine though.

    RonK, my margarita is virtually all alcohol.

  459. sorry got caught in email and came back for a last check…did I here $ 5.00 cover for Hillary?

    that is great we will get carol to be the doorman che can collect….


  460. ok, let’s do the math. the obama fatcats coughed up a grand total of $100k for hillary.


    and her supporters raised millions. MILLIONS. AFTER the nomination was supposedly out of reach.

    so, if you were hillary, lying in bed thinking about it, where would your loyalties lie?

  461. If he makes it to the WH we have 4 years of him. Don’t know if I have it in me.

  462. SophieL, I brought along an extra case of single malts, hope you like Glenfiddich so help yourself, katiebird and Pat are helping me right now with my last bottle…

  463. Chevalier, on July 8th, 2008 at 11:29 pm Said:
    Ohno, I missed the parteeeeeeee :-(. Cocktails on a Tuesday? You little people on the intertubes are more fun than any real people where I live…

    Lakota, Hey there! I’m in Atlanta too…..the parking valets in some malls refuse to park my car or make a face because of its Hillary sticker.
    Now it has a PUMA sticker. Probably the only Prius in the WORLD to not have an Obama sticker.

    No. My PUMA father is a prius driver, so that’s two of you. 😉

  464. there’s *virtual* alcohol??? now you tell me!

    night y’all!!!!

  465. Wow, RonK. We’ve been trying to imagine being able to afford to move to SF. Maybe we could swing it by going to Grocery Outlet.

  466. ronk: I am really, really, for real imbibing tonight.

  467. Thanks Prolix. Cardhu was my favorite, but it’s out of print now. I’ve been experimenting with Glenmorangie

  468. Nite kiki.

  469. RD Tabby laney prolix and Ronk-

    we need to do this more often-fuzzy is going to hibernate but going back to the “latenight grace” thread to hear “Laudate Dominum” one more time before I go to bed…I am expecting a visit in my dreams tonight of someone very special….


    signing off – good night and good dreams

  470. (tugging….tugging……POP!) Did it all come out.

    (anxiously peering)

  471. Laney, I swear this is the first election in my life where it is easier being in a red area of a red state. I envy you otherwise though. I only have two friends that I know for sure are voting for Obama. Every other Democrat I know personally is abstaining as of now.

  472. Night kiki…

    SophieL, I will have Cardhu if my case of Glen runs low…Rico, put Sophie’s on my tab…

  473. But Glenfiddich will do nicely…seeings how it’s already out….

    Any more word on the PUMA fundraiser and the 7/15 deadline?

  474. Katie, come to Seattle, much nicer 😉

  475. Sweet, sweet dreams {{Fuzzy}}

  476. nite Michael & kiki

  477. Ah, but Laney — I left my heart in San Francisco!

  478. (whew) that was a close one katiebird, I almost spilled a drop, but thanks…

  479. Nite Fuzzy, be well…

  480. Prolix. I would have helped an hour ago but, I thought you were kidding. That’s really going to hurt tomorrow.

  481. (wiping a frosty off my fac eand popping in for a moment, )
    Prolix, what are you afraid of?

  482. masslib: http://dakiniland.wordpress.com/2008/07/08/what-do-you-miss-most/

    that youtube will cheer you up … it’s the ten funniest moments in hillary’s campaign … friend sent me the link to it today, it really made me smile

  483. Katie: Then you must go and retrieve it…

  484. Lakota, Hey there! I’m in Atlanta too…..the parking valets in some malls refuse to park my car or make a face because of its Hillary sticker.
    Now it has a PUMA sticker. Probably the only Prius in the WORLD to not have an Obama sticker.

    No. My PUMA father is a prius driver, so that’s two of you. 😉

    You are not the only ones! My Prius does not sport an Obama sticker…and it used to have a Hillary one until it was mysteriously peeled off when parked in Washington, DC one afternoon….

  485. Joanie, he got a bottle stuck in his throat. But I pulled it out.

  486. Katiebird, I’m a professional when it comes to Fiddich, but kidz shouldn’t try this at home…

  487. Laney, That’s exactly what I think too. Sadly none of our parents feel the same way…

  488. I just watched the Obama clip about languages – waou, are you kidding me? Oh no he didn’t! That one’s going to get some play. That’s a completely foolish thing to say, to people sincerely worried about immigration issues (I don’t know this issue well, it hasn’t affected me aside from many of my colleagues being immigrants).. but people do worry, certainly, and he seems disinterested and dismissive.

    And who cares about being embarrassed of what Europeans think of us. Again I certainly have felt that myself acutely, but.. that is so elitist – why should we worry on top of everything else whether or not Europeans laugh at us for only knowing one language. It’s heck of easier to learn other languages when you can travel across four or five countries in a shorter distance than it is from DC to Boston.

  489. Prolix, I would never attempt, I assure you!

  490. dg, do you have a link to video? I collect this stuff.

  491. Folks, I’m having to tell you, if fun was a drug, I OD’ed tonight…before I pass out, I’m thanking y’all…

  492. SophieL,
    My BFF! Glenmorangie!. Yum. My favorite!

    Now, I popped back in to hear some stats on everyone.
    Katie? Can I describe you to our friends?

  493. I just read where McCain has said that we won’t have an Iranian problem because they are going to “smoke themselves to death”. Jesus H. Christ, will someone please make a reservation for him now at the Home.

    This is what we are reduced to voting for? An idiot and another idiot. I may buy up cases of these Cosmos if this is all I have to look forward to come November.

  494. Joanie? Which part? (sigh) Sure.

  495. This election cycle instead of Primary Colors the movie they will make will be Dumb and Dumber II

  496. It is sometimes difficult to tell katiebird apart from Elle McPherson. How is that for a description? No one will ever know.

  497. and it’s easy to smoke once you’ve been bombed…

  498. Obama is going to be in a world of hurt over this. Let’s just bury him and be done with it.

  499. Oh KaKaKaKatie, you only live once…
    Take them with you, who knows they might like it.

  500. oh wow katie..I’ve got to join you at Eat4Today for some exercise support. I just walked around the circle to the other street to see if the water co. is still working on the water line (there are thank goodness) and my heart is pounding. I used to walk three miles every night and that was about 1/5 of a mile!

    Welcome back joanie!

  501. jeez, you guys are good!
    I have consumed a whole lovely bottle of wine just reading your comments Thanks for the great time..

  502. Pat? You won’t believe this. But, I’ve heard similar descriptions of myself from people who haven’t met me in person (I used to have a job where I dealt with a lot of people over the telephone).

    Then, when they meet me in person they look shocked. One person actually said: “You’re Catharine? I thought you’d be Taller. Thinner. More Sophisticated” :: this is a true story.

    How’s THAT for a description?

  503. Pat,

    Well. It just so happens that Katie has the most beautiful smile in my family. Genuine, dazzling. Cute freckles, and she inherited my mother’s enormous…..

    I’ll stop now.

  504. Am thinking of joining AA in advance. Will save me the waiting time to enroll as I think I will be perpetually blitzed come November 4th.

  505. lol joanie. you make me wish I had a sister.

  506. I told you people have called me Roz from Frasier because of my voice. They were surprised when they met me because they had pictured me looking like her. I should be so lucky.

  507. tabby? If you promise to come, I promise to actually POST at Eat4Today tomorrow! I’m kidding. I WILL post. Tomorrow and everyday. Now that I’m awake again.

  508. Hi tabbycat!

    I’ll share.

    Katie? I dare you–refute that! You KNOW it’s true.

  509. I’ve seen katiebirds picture on this site. Very cute.

  510. (shaking head) Actually my smile is the worst of the smiles from a drunk circus clown and Jackie O.

  511. Pat: I thought I would go straight for Xanix for the next 4 years…

  512. Okay, let’s multi-task, drinking and a conga line — exercise and getting smart at the same time…if we make it until 6:00 a.m., I’ll make custom individual omelets for everyone, but no waffles, Mrs. Butterworth is voting for Nader…

  513. Joanie on the other hand IS Taller, Thinner AND more sophisticated. And I’m not getting into the details but, all her parts look really great together.

  514. Pat, you will make this election so much more fun than it would have been. I can’t wait to hear you comment on a debate between idiot one and idiot two.

    joanie, with all those siblings the least you can do is share with me!

    katie, do post. I need someone to push me to at least dust off my exercise bike.

  515. Not so katiebird. Your picture is very attractive.

    Four years of either one of these candidates is enough to make junkies and alkies out of us. Eight years of Bush was bad enough. I cannot stand either McCain or Obama.

  516. I was hoping for LIMBO

  517. katiebird – I think it was posted upthread, here it is again:

    What is he thinking? I hate to sound like a reactionary because I am fully in favor of more language instruction and think it’d be great for most kids to know Spanish, I honestly do, but the way he says it is completely dismissive of real people’s concerns, which is what troubles me.

    Hey, though, Obama’s off to Europe soon, do you think he’ll try extra hard to not be embarrassed? Ugh. He is the worst kind of elitist, he really is.

  518. Pat, I always like that Roz story. But, I can’t remember how she looked so I think I picture you when I think of her…..

  519. Prolix, you will never make it past 3. Let’s do the Bunny Hop before the conga line.

  520. I may be taller, but never had the Gazongas.

  521. Boy! This is a strange party to show up late for!

  522. Joanie, I’m the LIMBO king cuz people say I’m lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut at the bottom of the Mariana Trench…

  523. Thanks KB! I was wondering how I was going to spot Joanie.

  524. That Obama story is another great episode in Obama laughs at voters. What a campaign plan.

  525. Pat, the Bunny Hop it is…

  526. Just watched the clip of the Ten Funniest Hillary Clinton Comments.

    Shit, I miss Hillary.

  527. When I think of how Hillary could have blown both of these bozos out of the debates I get angry. We will have to listen to umpteen “my friends” from one side and oodles of hee’ing and haw’ing from the other. Flip, flop, over the top. Ridiculous.

    Two of the worst candidates going against each other ever. And this includes Reagan, Ford, Dukakis and Kerry.

  528. Just don’t ask for the electric slide, I always seem to go the wrong way and hurt people.

  529. Prolix, lol. I’m a dizzy drunk, I’d fall down on you all.

    I just lost my internet connection for a few minutes. First my air, now the water and the internet. Is someone trying to tell me something?

  530. Prolix: You sound like a real catch!

  531. “I cannot stand either McCain or Obama.”

    Pat, I think McCain has the potential for humour, like watching a bad movie (my favorite–“The Mirror Has Two Faces, where Barbara Striesand plays a Columbia prof whose students salivate over her).

    Listening or watching Obama would be worse than seeing Jesse Helms naked.

  532. Yup, what Pat said. She could spin circles around both of them together with her command of the issues.

  533. Okay, I just channel surfed and on a replay of Hannity and Colmes, Sean Hannity just stopped frenching Romney in order to play the video of BZero y’all were talking about…that is synchronicity…

  534. tabby, no shower and you must be sweating down there something fierce. It is bad up here but at least I have the a/c on.

  535. “Listening or watching Obama would be worse than seeing Jesse Helms naked.”

    OooooK, I’m out of here!

    Goodnight, everyone! (Joanie, no secrets when I’m not here. Right?)

  536. I have to admit that the only movie I liked Streisand in was “Nuts”. Other than that I have never been a big fan.

  537. Night katiebird, thanks for your help…

  538. Pat, the A/C is fixed now thank goodness. I’m sweating from my short walk around the block to look for repairmen though and still no water. It stormed a little while ago and the roads have steam coming off of them.

  539. You gotta love Hannity; he is like a dog with a bone.

  540. tabby: It must be miserable. I would prefer having to go without anything but water. At least they are fixing it now.

  541. Nite katiebird.

  542. Okay sis. I promise. I quit after “A Rack and a Half”.

    Goodness, Charles is here. Now I’m embarrassed.

  543. Pat, you didn’t like The Way We Were, A Star is Born, What’s Up, Doc??? Ok, I’ve outed myself as a Steisand fan. Hell, I even liked Yentel.

  544. nite katie.

    I’m normally a beer drinker and these margaritas sure get kind of sour after a while don’t they? I want some ice water. I can’t believe they can’t fix this thing in over five hours.

    joanie, your visual of Jesse didn’t do my stomach any favors 🙂

  545. Yah? But “Mirror Has Two Faces”?, where Jeff Bridges describes the book he wrote on 6th grade math?

    Actually, I love that movie. My brother and I get together with scotch and a Pabst and watch it periodically. Priceless!

  546. I take it back, I did like the Way We Were. But I admit, I am not a big fan.

  547. Pat, it could be worse, I was getting ready to get in the shower when it went out. I could be sitting here five hours later with shampoo in my hair.

  548. To me, the best girl singer ever is Judy Garland. What a set of pipes! Streisand is good but I just never cared that much for her.

  549. tabby: I have had that happen. Awful feeling with that sitting on top of your head for hours.

  550. Yeah, Judy. I really love Natalie Wood though, in the actress/singer department. Loved, loved, loved Gypsy. Inside Daisy Clover was also great.

  551. Hey all – I missed the party-I ahve to agree Judy was one of the best.

  552. I’m glad you said something about the lions, Charles! I thought that’s what they were, but I wasn’t going to say anything – since I don’t really know pumas by sight just yet.

    Makes me feel better to know I wasn’t just seeing things.

  553. Pat, I would have croaked. I would also have itched to death. There are over one hundred condo’s here…I’ll bet someone really was in the shower. Being without air this weekend was worse, so far. We’ll see how much longer this takes…I might change my mind on that.

  554. Aaaaaaaahh …

    Margarita, albacore tuna salad, and green dragon roll acquired.

    I feel glorious.

  555. So much rain down here that the power has been zapped at least once a week. No can do without a/c for too long. It’s too hot and humid.

  556. Oh my, we have 551 entries on this thread…Wow!

  557. Charles- Thanks for the good news. I’m wondering, w/o their scheme to pay for the stadium, wheres the money going to come from?

  558. Best woman singer? Carly Simon. I’ve got ears that can best a wolf — I can apparently discriminate up to 0.635 Hz. NO ONE has pitch like Carly Simon. Perfect, and effortless sounding.

    Best male singing voice? Either Art Garfunkel or Luther Vandross.

    This is of course excluding opera, where it’s either Pavarotti and Sills or NOTHING. Caruso had the same immediacy to his voice, but missed the best of the recording technology. And Sutherland can’t hold a candle to Bubbles.

  559. That’s all the alcohol talking Prolix. I can’t type two words without backspacing now. If my water doesn’t come on soon, I may fall out of my chair.

  560. Just got back from a sensational Red Sox game.

    Rico, a glass of champagne if you would while I’m perusing the comments on this thread.

  561. Carly simon- great singer and song writer!!!

  562. Tabbycat, once I had a leak in the waterline coming into my house and my meter reading was over 600,000 gallons — thank goodness it was on the city side of the line or I would be in debtor’s prison…

  563. that would have been a big one Prolix. I’m not sure what they are doing. They have big lights and a truck doing some kind of digging. Whatever happened, water was shooting into the sky like from a fire hydrant on the other street.

  564. Don’t know if anybody’s still here or sober, but John McCain and Bill Clinton are about to make appearances on the Warren Beatty Tribute on USA.

  565. I’ve seen a couple of sites claim Obama made the following statement on July 2, 2008 but I haven’t found any print Media. This is really scary stuff.

    “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we have set. We have got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” -Barack Obama July 2, 2008

  566. Laney, on July 9th, 2008 at 12:36 am Said:
    Charles- Thanks for the good news. I’m wondering, w/o their scheme to pay for the stadium, wheres the money going to come from?

    Hope of course because don’t you know that hope is the new currency. If you hope for it, it will come.

  567. NH, yes, he did say that during his Flag Pin/Pariotism jag…

  568. reg- very funny…

  569. Laney – almost funny, mostly depressing.

    Did I mention that I miss having Hope in the future? I don’t have hope anymore.

    I’m gonna watch some more Warren Beatty Tribute. I wanna see Big Dawg again.

  570. JUst wondering if Obama makes anyone else totally insane? He is driving me crazy everytime he or one of his supporters open their mouths? I swear I think he has given me high blood pressure. One good thing I have lost 10 lbs watching the MSM while working out, it makes me run harder and bike faster lol..

  571. Love Carly, and she has the best song in the world for Mr. Obama, You’re So Vain.

    I don’t know who it’s really about but if she knew Obama was coming I’m sure she would have waited to record it in time for this election.

  572. wow Kim, you’re lucky, I just drink more 😉

  573. “Why are you embarrassed Joanie?”

    Charles, it’s just that I wanted to show you my best side when we first met.

    Instead, I’ve been so, well…..loose. Bedtime. I will wake up proper (and hurting) tomorrow.

  574. I loved McCains’s new ad that talked about hope and change lol. I actually loved the video it made me cry just realizing the amount of suffering the man has been through. Hillary has had her own hardships in life because she loves Bill, Nobama has lived through nothing, zero, done nothing did nothing lived through nothing just a big nothing. God he makes me want to scream.

  575. Kim- Did you ever think you would have to realize the Bush era? I have cringed for 8 yrs. just seeing Bush’s face. His voice is not allowed on my TV, MUTE asap.
    Now, doing the same thing with Obama. Cannot stand to look at him. And he brought it on all by himself, well ,with help from Axelputz…

  576. Don’t worry Joanie, you are cute when you are drunk.

    I didn’t tell my husband *exactly* what I’ve been up to… I fed him wine and confessed tonight. I am free to meet – btw.

    That’s how we got the cat too!

  577. I have water! I’m headed to the shower. Wish me luck that it lasts.

    Kim, that is wonderful. I have gained about 8 lbs sitting on my butt during the primary. I really need to dust off my exercise bike. You have given me an incentive to start exercising again.

    And yes, Obama drives me nuts too. When I first saw him in 2004. I never, ever thought I would feel this way. It infuriates me that he is where he is at the expense of one of the best, if not the best, candidates we have ever had. By smearing her to get there, the way he and his campaign did, I will never respect what he stands for.

  578. Drinking way more than I should be but that seems to be the only wayto calm my nerves and headaches from all of the MSM love that they give Obama. If they would just look at 10% of the stuff that we have found out and report it we would not be in this situation.

  579. That is frustrating, I always thought the news people love to beat both sides of dead horses… not so much, I guess.

  580. Kim: He makes me looopy. I’m actually loopy. I just scream when I see him on TV and head for the nearest exit.

    Bill coming up on the Tribute for those of you near a tv.

  581. Laney I turn off the radio ( I do not have TV at my house but I have XM Radio) everytime I turn on POTUS or the MSM and he is speaking, my signifiant other was laughing at me the other day because I was repeating Obama word for word when he was talking, he gives the same speach over and over and over, I know everyword of it now and I hated it the first time I heard it, you would think that the general public would get tired of hearing the same speach over and over and over it just baffls me.

  582. I’ve read most of the post here but yet have heard how and who we can vote for? I will not vote for Obama. Even before all the flipfopping, I intended on writing Hillary’s name on my ballot. But I really would like to know how we can nominate someone else while the majority of the Democratic party is for Obama. The way the media tells it, is there are only a few Hillary hold outs and that troubles me. I fear we’ll end up with Obama and possibly McCain as our next President. What is wrong with people. Don’t they realize Obama is getting elected almost the same way that Bush was elected. Remember, the media gave Bush a free ride, dismissing all the doom he put Texas through and many other unelectable traits but he was still selected. Obama has no experience, our country is in shambles from a Bush white house and we’re suppose to elect a man with very little experience and is changing his tune with each passing day. He is no better than Bush. He wants to change our Constitution to suit his needs. What to do!


  584. I swear to god please do not tell me that the general public can not see into this total idiot. He scares me, he pisses me off, he stands for nothing, he changes his positions to suit the polls he is such a phoney.

  585. By the way Arianna Huffington and George McGovern were at this Beatty Tribute. John McCain also recorded a message of support.

    Poor Bill and poor us.

  586. Bill did so much for these bastards. He worked McGovern’s campaign, he worked Carter’s campaign. I hate these people.

  587. I am voting for McCain if Hillary is not the canadate. At least McCain and Hillary have true respect for each other and actually like each other, if it was my choice I would like to see McCain pick Hillary as a VP, I know it would never happen because it would kill the republican party but they are both by-partisan and have crossed so many lines. Be careful and check your state rules because in some states write ins will just go to the democratic or republican nominee. Check with your state first before writing in Hillary because you might be voting for Obama by mistake.

  588. This man can give a speech. Obama wishes he could be Bill Clinton.

  589. This makes me totally insane. Have the Democrats nominated Mussolini?

    “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we have set. We have got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” -Barack Obama July 2, 2008

    This is complete bullshit!

  590. Hi bgail48! too bad the majority of Democratic voters didn’t agree with the party…

    We are all *hoping* to *change* the presumtive nominee to Hillary before it is all over. I will go nuclear if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination (vote McCain) but others will vote 3rd party or write-in Hillary. I’ve heard the state rules vary, so be careful with a write-in.

    Check out ‘just say no deal’ or ‘puma pac’ blogs on the side of this blog, they have suggestions for actions you can take. You can also join the conversations here and know you are not alone.

  591. Riverdaughter—doesn’t it feel like we are up against a big thick wall or a huge wave?..I feel so tired. I can’t bear to even watch anything on tv on politics. I used to be a “poliitcal junkie. No more. So disenchanted. Everything I believed in – my Party–all down the drain. So sad… I have closed myself up to the whole process. I am a life-long Democrat- I always backed my Party and believed in it with all my being. Feel so disconnected and betrayed. I have to work and deal with my family and my responsibilities. My kids. My elderly father.
    Wish I was free to go to Denver to protest …but obligations keep me from being able to go… I am going to write HiIllary’s name in- because no one is going to take that away from me. In my state I can do that. I don’t like the two candidates running. I can’t vote for neither.
    This is the first Presidential election in my lifetime that I feel this way about–that I just can’t bring myself to support neither candidate put forth by the Parties.

  592. I swear to god I hate the Democratic party. I was a loyal registered democrat for years that would sway occasionally, I voted for Mondale in my first election, ok I was yound and stupid, then I jumpped ship and voted for Bush, I hated Dukakis, he kind of reminds me of Obama, then I voted for Clinton for 2 terms and I voted for Gore in 2000 but I did vote for Bush over Kerry in 2004, I hated Kerry almost as much as I hate Obama, I could have lived with Kerry if I had to but I can not live with Obama. I WILL BE VOTING FOR MCCAIN if Hillary is not the canadate.

  593. Hi Kim, are you on the west coast?

    I started out voting republican in my first few elections.

    I eventually came to think the democrats shared more of my personal values, so started voting for dems. I am irritated that it looks like they didn’t really stand for the things they *said* they stood for. Certainly not this cycle.

  594. I’m westcoast…I was just at Larry Johnson’s. They’re all over the “interview” with the children. Opinions any1?

  595. I live in California, does anyone know if I can write in a candidate and if it will count? Thanks!

  596. bgail…call the Registrar of Voters in your county

  597. I’m lookin at the “interview” now…

  598. Maybe not… which post has the interview?

  599. 601 comments-oops 602 this was some cocktail party

    moring all heading to work ck in later on the nes thread…


  600. We have got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” -Barack Obama July 2, 2008

    We already do. They’re called Blackwater.

  601. I’ve been very disappointed in Amy Goodman from Free Speech TV. She was one that also reported Bill Clinton’s fairy tale remark as racism. I don’t know if she’s realized the stenography reported there, but I was mightily disappointed. I’ll check in with her because I’d like to beleive she’s learned more since.
    I’m ready to join in on another fundraising date if you decide to pick a day. Its best when we all do it in unison.

  602. RD! 606 comments! you built it and did they ever come hahaha!

    in serious news — the rotten one thinks he can, but, no! Too late!
    the watering hole is fab! Truly!


  603. Down here in Florida, Obama is totally obnoxious. First he ignores us, boycotts us and disenfranchises us. Now he is spending 14 jillion dollars on BS TV ads.

    What a creep. He keeps BS-ing about how he wants “dialogue”. Then he refuses to debate Hillary and refuses to debate McCain! We haven’t seen Obama in a stressful debate situation for months.

    All we see are these endless, stupid TV ads every 5 minutes. “Hi. I’m Barack Obama. I have a white mama. I was raised in Kansas. I worked my way thru Harvard. I turned down high-paying jobs so that I could work with unemployed steelworkers.” Blah blah blah.

    How many LIES are in THAT, I wonder? The steelworkers of Chicago used to be EXTREMELY racist. They wouldn’t even allow blacks in their unions. So what precisely was Obama doing to help them? What PRECISELY did Obama do for 15 years as a “community organizer” on the South Side of Chicago?

    Inquiring minds would like to know. But all we get are BS TV ads.

    Hillary for President!!! The Audacity of Hope!!!

  604. To be fair, HRC pledged to support the DNC rules and throw out the FL and MI primary elections back in September, before they took place. Her flip flop was quite sudden.

    I cannot vote for McCain.

    I am thinking of writing in my candidate’s name. I feel that would express my views better than voting for a Republican.

  605. “For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and principles that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.
    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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