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The Honeymoon is Over

Yesterday morning, I woke up to the sound of thunder.  Almost immediately launched into a Bob Seeger song, then realized that it wasn’t a very good omen for a week at the beach.  Indeed it wasn’t.  The thunderstorm that passed through my undisclosed location at the shore shook the condo and made my bed vibrate.  The sky brightened in the morning but darkened again in the afternoon as we sat on the beach, towels wrapped around us, lips blue as the temperature plummeted to a balmy 70.  The cocktail party in the evening made up for it.  Lots of goodies and plenty of gin and tonics.  I forgot about the weather. This morning promises to be a bit more summerlike. I will venture back to the shore after renting a bike for Brook for the week.  Everyone is still asleep in the condo so I thought I’d update everyone.

As you can tell by the title, all those personality quirks and shortcomings that we glossed over during the orgasms of infatuation are now clearly in evidence now that the afterglow is wearing off.  It looks like he is the “turns over and goes to sleep kind” who probably wouldn’t retrun calls if he were single.  But now that the Democratic party has married him, they are in a bit of a bind.  He swept them off their feet and it is going to feel really awkward to want to divorce him.  But when even Big Tent Democrat starts writing stuff like this, you know there is a problem.

We tried to tell them that he was no good. Anglachel has a followup to some of her earlier posts and warnings in Classification.  We saw it coming, he only married the party for the connections but it was always the money he was after.  And considering who has been promoting him, the affluent liberals, libertarian Democrats, disaffected former Republicans and the young, are we really surprised he ditched his old lady as soon as he could?

What about an annulment?  Yeah, maybe we could scotch the whole deal in Denver.  No hard feelings, Barack, but we were both drunk in Vegas and we should just go our own ways.  Heidi Li has been gazing at the legal tea leaves and it looks like Obama is trying to force Clinton into some kind of prenup where she agrees to give up all possibility of nominating speeches and roll call votes in Denver in exchange for help paying off her campaign debts.  We can’t let this happen, guys.

Denver is becoming the new operant word.  The Just Say No Deal conference call last night was full of references to Denver.  After a minor hiccup last week, the coalition has come together and Diane is doing a masterful job helping to coordinate all of the moving parts.  We will be rolling out information gradually but there are a few things I’d like to make you aware of:

  • The most important thing for all of us right now is spreading the word by any media or means necessary.  You can do your part in any creative way you can think of.  I suggested that PUMAs “mark their territory” in some organic way using natural elements such as sand, grass, shrubbery, or flowers to spell out PUMA.  Print it and let nature take its course.  Murphy is trying to arrange for Aerial ads over the east coast, CA and TX.  She calls them “air raids”.  The ads are pretty reasonable as far as cost goes but PUMApac could still use donations so if you can send a tenspot or a yuppie food stamp, go to PUMApac and make a donation.
  • The credentials committee is scheduled to meet sometime in July, we believe it is July 21 in DC but we’re not absolutely sure.  I’m sure that the DNC would like to keep this soiree small and personal, you know, just a few invited guests, very low key.  F^*# that S#$*.  The last thing we want is for it to fade into obscurity.  We want to make sure the whole world is watching. To that end, we may need prot, er, celebrants at the location.  We will let you know what you can do as soon as we pin this sucker down.
  • PUMAPac needs publicity.  PUMApac will be working with RiseHillaryRise and it is anticipated, with The Denver Group to hammer out an easy to digest message about what we want to see in Denver.  These groups have been very busy building regional and state organizations.  Honestly, Conflucians, I am astonished at the way this has come together in the past month.  The energy is out there just waiting to be tapped.  There is a whole nation full of discontented Democrats who are ready to eat raw meat over the way Obama was appointed.  Pretty soon, there will be interactive state maps with coordinators for arranging caravans to Denver.  There is imminent opposition research coming from Paulie Abeles group and there will be an 800 number for non netsavvy potential PUMAs.

YOUR job, should you choose to accept it, is to continue with the energy and joy with which you embarked on this course of setting things to right.  Nothing is settled until the balloons drop in Denver and from what Heidi Li writes, it looks like Obama and the DNC are fretting over uncertainty.  That gives me hope.  And even if we do not prevail in Denver, we can make our voices heard in November so that the DNC will never again forget who really calls the shots- the voters.

OK, Conflucians, I hear the condo stirring.  Off to make some coffee.  Ciao, Caros!

PS.  Thanks Kbird, Mawm and Gary for keeping things going in the morning.  I appreciate having something to read.  😉

105 Responses

  1. Morning RD. Sorry the weather isn’t cooperating for your vacation. Hoping it gets better from here on out.

    Thank you so much for this Vid. It is so damn good. I am once again impressed not only with the determination of the PUMAcrats, but with their talents.

    We are a force to be reckoned with. A may the force be with us.

    PUMA POWER is from the people!

  2. How come I didn’t get an e-mail about the conference call? I was really looking forward to my first conference call to. I missed the invite on the last one by a day. Is it an oversight? Am I being shut out? WTF?

  3. Do we have any idea on whether or not we have even made a dent in her debt?

    About the only thing that could make me angrier than I already am about this election cycle would be for them to pretend that Obama was the only candidate running this cycle and not allow Hillary supporters their voice.

    I also have a question regarding PUMAPAC. I don’t want any of my money going to elect McCain so I have been hesitant to toss money in the kitty. I do want reform though badly and I see PUMA as an organization that has some cojones and would fight for that reform. Is there a way to donate that would ensure my money went to pressuring the Dem party without outright supporting the GOP party(have I mentioned how tired I am of voting Bad or Worse)?

  4. Interesting article from Salon written by Kate Michelman regarding abortion and the party platform. Looks as if the Obamabots who are threatening us with the SC appointments better take another look at some of this.


    ps: Have a great vacay rd. The weather is going to be humid much of the week so being near the ocean is the best way to go!

  5. Good morning.
    Funny what you wish for.
    It’s 105 degrees plus where I am, so a little clouds and rain would be a blessing.
    RD (if I can call you that) have a wonderful time, anyway.
    CWaltz, I don’t think PUMAPac promotes McCain at all.
    I’ve seen more than a few arguments over there between people who want to go that way and others adamant about keeping their efforts neutral as far as who members vote for.

  6. Is the NYT PUMA?

    They show “Primary choices: Hillary Clinton”,

    an old post from Feb on today’s editorial page….?

    I know they initially endorsed her before they noticed she was an assassin wannabe, or whichever scandal du jour tipped them into the Obama camp, but since their anti Obama piece the other day, now I see this:


  7. Maybe I missed it in today’s post ; but I heard Obama confirmed the “acceptance speech” will be @ the Mile High Stadium.
    This is a bit reckless since @ this point they can’t pay for the convention as it is!
    For all those that know what it’s like to “book venues”
    how does this effect payment to the convention center, isn’t there a contract??
    Howard Dean & co. better “watch-out”, I think they’re the next to be tossed. There’s alot of “talk” about “mis- management of funds etc… Maybe Obama should’ve “vetted” Dean better before he “re-newed” him as DNC chair??
    Just a thought!
    Did I mention OBAMA’s BIG EGO!!

  8. RD – The weather should improve for you. Thanks for the post and the movie!

    Pat Johnson – Kate Michelman brings up some good points. The only reason the Dems are even talking about womens’ issues now is that we have been yelling loud and long about the misogyny and sexism directed at Hillary (and by extension, all women) during the primary season. But WTF, how can you think we are going to come around and support Obama because we “know” his policies will be so much better than McCain’s?

    Michelman used to be in charge of NARAL, and they asininely endorsed Obama instead of HRC. I’ve lost track of the number of knife holes in Hillary’s back at this point.

  9. Our Mission? I’ll accept it. Thanks Riverdaughter and have a loverly wonderful day!

  10. From the Associated Press. ……..

    “John Kerry says Republican John McCain doesn’t have the judgment to be president.

    If that’s the case, then it’s probably a good thing McCain rejected overtures from Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, to form a bipartisan ticket and run with Kerry as his candidate for vice president.

    For the record, Kerry is not among those being mentioned as possible running mates for McCain.”

    Senator Kerry should spend the summer away from the media, wind-sailing off Nantucket Island!!

  11. Calypso – I thought that was absolutely hilarious.

    Scary thought of the day – As bad as Kerry is, at least he was a legitimate winner of the nomination. At least he didn’t make up his own faux presidential seal. At least he didn’t use race-baiting and misogyny to win. At least the DNC didn’t disenfranchise massive swing states just to make him look like he was in the lead.

    In other words…I would still vote for him 50 times before I’d vote for Obama.

  12. Many progressives for Obama have seen the light and Count Us Out would like to take this time to invite you to join us.

    Come on! Let’s UNITE and get this country back on the right track.

    To all of our PUMA Brothers and Sisters, Count Us Out asks you to show the former Obama supporters some PUMA LOVE!

    To the former Obama supporters, many of whom have worked side by side with us for many years, we want you to know that we were never against you. We opposed Obama and we simply did not join you in your support of him. Let’s let bygones be bygones. We’ve got room for you under the PUMA tent!

    We have been friends and allies for a long time and we look forward, once again, to joining our efforts with yours as we work toward our common goals.

    Again, we say WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME to the many Obama supporters who now know that Obama wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. By now, everyone who cares about “the issues” has seen Obama unravel in front of their eyes. He has exposed himself as an unprincipled, empty suit.

    It’s NOT too late to send Obama’s ass back to the US Senate and that is exactly what we intend to do.

    As they say, “Let’s really get this party started!”

  13. Annabellep: Don’t take it personally. I’m sure no offense was meant. SERIOUSLY. I know it seems that way because you were originally left off the blogroll. But trust me when I say that Diane, Will and the others are working their asses off to pull this thing together. They’ve had to rejigger the email list for the conference calls to take people off so maybe they’re being extra careful letting people back on. You might want to go to JSND and get in touch with Will Bower directly since he is handling blog outreach now while Diane does media. I think that is your best bet.

  14. Women again are being threatened with modifications to their right to choose. Conversations with church leaders in determining how, when, where, who, regarding termination are again being judged by men. This is territory they have no business invading and setting a possible agenda within the party platform shows little difference between the parties.

    Doing so makes it that much easier for me to vote McCain. If the Dems insist on nominating another Bush I may as well cast my vote in the opposite camp since it makes little difference for women’s rights with either McCain or Obama.

  15. Hey, Count Us Out, welcome to The Confluence. We are part of Just Say No Deal, a coalition created to join forces and keep our message united and strong. Maybe you want to participate? I think you’ll find that we keep the message simple so that all NObama and PUMA feel comfortable working together. It also gives us an economy of scale. We don’t duplicate resources with media, outreach, planning, coordination, action, etc. Go to JustSayNoDeal for more information.

  16. RD, what does it say about the presumptive nominee if he and the DNC are still afraid of the uncertainty at the convention? They are right to be afraid though, as we all have seen the light about Obama’s candidacy many more will, new and old. There is no question but to demand open and transparent roll call vote with Clinton on the ballot at the convention. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They brought it on themselves.

  17. Thanks RD. I’m a little emotional today due to exhaustion and “periodically feeling down,” so I think I’m just going to take myself offline before I say something I may later regret. I am incredibly frustrated with the movement right now, so better to remove the ability to communicate before I talk myself into venting.

  18. RD, one of the ways to publicise this would be for you to diary again in the lions den at dailykos.

    You are a powerfull voice, and they are so sheltered from reality and facts there now that the divide between Democrats is now even greater than the info divide between D’s and R’s on global warming.

    A history of what happened in this primary would be a service to unite the D party. Now that they see FISA, they may be more amenable to reading facts in hindsight they missed out on, they simply did not pick up on all the RW sellout cues that were obvious early to us.

  19. Count Us Out reminds me of my favorite (Sam) Goldwynism: “Include me out!”

    RD…love the frame of your post today…marriage, honeymoon, annulment, divorce. Perfect.

    What didn’t resonate with me is the PUMA video. Not convincing to anyone who isn’t already aboard, IMV. I couldn’t send it with enthusiam or confidence to a friend who might be on the fence.

    I don’t want to undermine the creative impulse and I applaud every effort including this one. Hope others are inspired to take on this subject for You-tube. We do need all the exposure and public outreach we can get. Time is short….

  20. annabellep: I hear you. Periodically I have to do the same and put myself on “sabbatical”. I do not want to sound like a Debbie Downer and impose my mood to the Confucians so I put myself in a downtime corner.

    It works. We get so consumed by the forces working against us that we forget that individually and collectively we are a force to be reckoned with in the end. After a day or two of reflection I can then return and get a more positive reflection from my fellow Conflucians. It does not last for long. This blog sends out a siren song and we gather again, bolstering one another and the cause we so firmly support.

  21. Annabellep: Trust me when I say that the PUMA movement is evolving very rapidly and it is consolidating their various strengths. Right now, there is infrastructure organization going on and typically, a movement would need a lot more time to do this but it is happening at an amazing pace, It is enough to make the head spin. There is one thing for damn sure: the Obamaphiles have vastly underestimated our abilities.

  22. oldpro: There is a lot more coming on the viral media front. Diane says she is getting many submissions everyday. Most of them are unsolicited. They just show up. So, we are likely to see something that strikes your fancy. I actually like this video. It’s eye candy and the music is punchy. What can I say? I’m a product of the MTV generation.

  23. Jeez–have been going to work for an hour now-can’t stop reading.

    This acceptance speech at the Mile High Stadium is so pretentious. He’s become the McMansion nominee now.

  24. RD – good thing they have underestimated us, because they think that Obama will be able to fill 76,000 seats at his coronation.

    I am so angry right now. These DNC morons think that if they just keep saying “He won! He won! He won!” over and over and over, that we’ll just accept the lie as truth. He has NOT WON. He did NOT get enough pledged delegates to cross the threshhold. Neither did Hillary.

    An open Convention is a more and more necessary place to focus our efforts, IMHO.

  25. maybe they were afraid he’d get heckled in the convention center. The larger venue should drown out any protesters, although I doubt he’s going to be able to fill it. (unless they pay people to attend, which wouldn’t surprise me)

  26. Is DailyObama even the same cast of characters today? When I check back,
    it seems that the level of diaries has deteriorated, and the comments are
    often at the sophomoric level. It seems that a key Obama demographic has
    stormed the gates of Kos.

    I wonder how much ad revenue has suffered?

  27. Flineo is a genius at making these videos. I wonder if he/she is a PUMA and would volunteer to lend his ideas/hand to the JSND?

  28. Gary, the media will probably show a 1/4 frame (or less!) to convey the false impression that the stadium is full to capacity. Heh, I like your point about heckling. But maybe you and Mawm could smuggle in megaphones??

  29. It’s confirmed – Obama will be holding a huge rally – but it sounds as though it will be outside instead of the Mile High Stadium – or is that the same thing? (I am not sure.)

    I am on the mailing list from the Obama campaign (I had to go there to get a ticket for the Unity event) and this just came over.

    “I wanted you to be the first to hear the news.

    At the Democratic National Convention next month, we’re going to kick off the general election with an event that opens up the political process the same way we’ve opened it up throughout this campaign.

    Barack has made it clear that this is your convention, not his.

    On Thursday, August 28th, he’s scheduled to formally accept the Democratic nomination in a speech at the convention hall in front of the assembled delegates.

    Instead, Barack will leave the convention hall and join more than 75,000 people for a huge, free, open-air event where he will deliver his acceptance speech to the American people.”

    I personally think it is a little inappropriate to walk away from the delegates. The American people did not nominate him.

  30. cee .. bob seeger, loved him too ..

  31. Sen. Obama will be accepting his nomination at a stadium. I am truly embarrassed for the Democratic Party. Sen. Obama is not a “rock star”. Nor do I want a “rock star” to be President of the United States. The USA has real problems to address. Let me remind the DNC because it seems to have forgotten:

    1. FISA. President Bush power grabbed for eight years all in the name of keeping the US people safe, with the help of Sen. Obama and the Democrats this will continue.

    2. Faith Based Initiatives. The line between church and state has been crossed too many times, and with the help of Sen. Obama this practice will continue.

    3. Iraq. First he was against it. Then he voted to fund it. Then he would be removing our troops within 16 months. Now he needs to “refine” his position. No matter who is President, we are to remain in Iraq for a long time.

    These are only the most recent (do I need to mention NAFTA, UHC, the Economy, Abortion Rights among many other issues?). DNC, I want a serious candidate to be the Democratic Nominee. I want a serious politician that stands up for Democratic Values. The line of demarcation between Republican and Democrat has been blurred with Sen. Obama. The true patriots are the PUMAs that refuse to be bullied into supporting a substandard candidate. I do not care what color Sen. Obama is, as long as he supports Republican Values, he should not be the Democratic Nominee. Supers wake up. We need a serious politician to resolve our problems, not a fist bumping wanna be kewl kid.

  32. WHOA the obama plane wont even fly ..

    this morning …
    Obama’s plane was forced to “make an unscheduled landing” in St. Louis, Mo., due to a technical problem. The plane had been headed to Charlotte, N.C.

    The pilot said on takeoff they noticed there was a small problem with the controllabilty of the pitch of the plane, something he referred to as the “nose up and nose down” mode. He said the problem appeared to have been corrected as the plane descended and assured us there was no need to assume brace positions.
    and i have to include this comment from “Pilot Paul ” too
    ” There is a problem with Obama’s yaw too. He keeps swinging uncontrollably from left to right. ”
    Pilot Paul

    his plane wont fly his horse cant run
    ….this horse just cant run….this race … I think bo is a showman and speechmaker , he is probably using his own funds for the stadium ( is that legal? ) and busing people in to fill it ( that remains to be seen )

    more pumas and less obamabots all the time .. how do you get to participate on a conference call I would love that 🙂 I speak more fluently that I type

  33. annabelle
    I have been lurking for awhile now and since I am new to the blog world have only posted once with a donation. I came to the Confluence after the RBC meeting looking for someone who might feel as I did and wow did I find it!! I watched as it grew from “I love, Hillary” and “How could you do this to us?” to “It’s broken and if we don’t fix it nobody will.” Now I see signs of growing pains which is natural for an organization that grows from the bottom up. Please hang in while we get through this phase because this country needs PUMA .

  34. “huge, free, open-air event where he will deliver his acceptance speech”

    I wonder if they will hire fainters.

  35. “FRAN”
    “Who’s paying for all of this”??? !!!!
    These are the people that “THINK” they can handle the
    nation’s budget ???

  36. Has any other candidate in history flipped on so many issues within a month of “winning” the nomination? I’m just furious that Kerry and the others are trying to make excuses for him and pretend he’s even a Democrat anymore. I’d like to ask all these SDs if they too are actually Republicans disguised as a Democrats? How can he get away with selling us out? He is destroying our platform and none of the party leaders care. Greed, greed,greed…

  37. “He’s become the McMansion nominee now.” Iccckk. so true!

    I know we’ve been living in an alternate universe, but I still can’t believe we’re having to “demand an open convention”. It’s like demanding air to breath. WTF?

    Obama and Co. are getting more desperate to control the leaks in the fortress. I have a gut feeling that they’re going to lose. At the very least, the growing PUMA movement is humiliating. Good!

    And I love being underestimated. We’re supposed to be PUMAS, but I also feel like a shark–I’m attracted to their bleeding and can’t wait to surprise them by springing out of the water and ripping a hole in their ass.

  38. Someone needs to be in mile high stadium filming all the empty seats for publication.

  39. I am so, so angry.

    “Obama is scheduled to accept the Democratic nomination,” now, is he?

    The DNC should just replace the “D” with an “R”.

    Hillary’s delegates may have other ideas…and so may she.


  40. To those who posted comments here, and to Josgirl, who posted at my blog, thank you. Really, it means a lot.

    Can I just take a second to say, because I don’t want to give the wrong impression, that this is not about credit at all for me? That’s why I gave the Declaration to the movement, without asking for attribution, and even asking people not to attribute it. It’s not about me, it’s about the language. And the method.

    I have ideas for how this movement should proceed that I haven’t seen anyone talking about recently (until The Denver Group came along that is), and I have tried via e-mails to get the ears of the leadership just to GIVE them those ideas so they could run with them. That didn’t work, so I went out and wrote something that a lot of troops are rallying around, and made a spectacle of myself online in an effort to get their attention so they could start talking about petitioning the Convention. It’s the only hope to preserve a legitimate political choice for us.

    Building a third party will take too long. We must try to salvage this one first. It is that urgent. If they won’t listen after we present them with rational arguments and evidence of their wrong doing, fine, I’m on board with a third party. But they will never listen to us in Denver as long as we are sitting around all “Nobama! 18 miliion!!! ZOMG!” E-mail, e-mail, e-mail. Ya know? That’s all I hear Murphy talk about on tv, how she’s prepared to vote for McCain, but how about actually thinking about using our leverage to force the REAL issues into the media? What about using it to forcing the party to do it over and do it right at the convention?

    That’s what I’m frustrated about. That there is not yet a coherent message, and we are allowing others (outsiders) to create our brand already. Language matters. We should be careful, and thoughtful about how we use it. And until the Denver Group, I haven’t seen that. I’m STILL not seeing it enough places.

    Thank you for allowing me safe harbor to vent, RD.

  41. Here is the rest of the message. They are asking their supporters to pay for it.

    “It’s going to be an amazing event, and Barack would like you to join him. Free tickets will become available as the date approaches, but we’ve reserved a special place for a few of the people who brought us this far and who continue to drive this campaign.

    If you make a donation of $5 or more between now and midnight on July 31st, you could be one of 10 supporters chosen to fly to Denver and spend two days and nights at the convention, meet Barack backstage, and watch his acceptance speech in person. Each of the ten supporters who are selected will be able to bring one guest to join them.

    Make a donation now and you could have a front row seat to history: “

  42. It’ll be historic – just maybe not in the way they intend!

  43. I thought it was priceless that the authors of the Salon article said that Obama must “set the tone”. I believe he has been doing that for a while now. They must be tonedeaf.

  44. Wow. Cool! Backstage Passes!
    Is that for real? I’m throwing up now.

  45. annabellep – the Declaration was great. I’m going to permalink it on my blog.

    I agree that we must save the Democratic brand. The nomination of Obama will mean its death, whether he wins or loses.

  46. They’ll fill the seats in the stadium by having some rock star with a huge following perform first and get the crowd all warmed up. The people will go to see the rock star, but the media will report that they all came to see Obama. The tickets will either be free or much cheaper than one would normally have to fork out to go so people who really don’t care about the convention will show up. It’s all marketing.

  47. OMG- They’re making a raffle out of the Presidency. Classy, HUH??? WTF

  48. More “Theatre of the Absurd” from Camp Obama.

  49. Great post, madamab. Thanks for sharing it. I’m glad I read it.

  50. Thanks, annabelle – I appreciate it! 🙂

  51. riverdaughter: Fellow Pittsburgher here. Have you ever tried getting the Trib to pick-up a story about PUMA? I am sure they would love to spread the word! If they published it, perhaps it would get picked-up in other papers around the country.

  52. annabellep,

    I share your position. Just wrote to your EM with something I wrote a few weeks back along the lines of what you are thinking.

    Hang in there. Your ideas-excellent! Your work- SO GOOD!

  53. Organic Protest Method that we can OWN!!!!!



    We hold our key rings over our head and shake them…or just hold them in our hand, upraised like the PUMA fist.


    Keys are easy to carry, everyone has them, they can’t take them away from us at the rallys, they can’t id us before our protest…AND no one has used it yet.


    1. McCain is afraid of the sound of keys because he would hear the rattle of the keys as the Vietnam guards came to torture him. Lets use the ekys to show the difference between McCains courage and character and Obama’s lack of courage and character.

    2. Hillary won the KEY swing states.

    Lets take this protest method and make it our signature!!!!!

  54. Just now on Washpost…So he does plan to hold his coronation at the stadium:

    Obama to Accept Nomination Before Crowd of 75,000

    The Obama campaign officially announced today that Sen. Barack Obama will accept the Democratic nomination at the Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver.


  55. I guess we are supposed to be seduced by the raptures of the stadium crowd into voting for him?

  56. I still hold that the ultimate karma and poetic justice would be for him not to get the nomination at all.

  57. I have to agree with you regency , i want nothning more than to see him go home to chicago , but if he does get the nomination …the next best thing would be for him to lose the election , which is what I think will happen …

  58. The guy has not been officially announced the democratic nominee, but he’s so consumed with ambition and his lust for power and fame that he cannot see how this belittles the entire purpose of the nominating process.

    Their arrogance will be their undoing.

  59. Saw Showdown With Larry Elder on Fox last nite. Larry was grilling Bob Beckle about Obama’s flip flops. He creamed him. Even better cause Larry’s AA. Made me feel better. Maybe it’s safe to watch the “news” again…

  60. He picked Mile High Stadium because it will be easier for him to ascend to Heaven from there.

  61. myiq: VERY FUNNY

  62. Swanspirit, don’t worry. If he does indeed become the “nominee” he will never be president. It’s my life’s mission to keep it from happening.

  63. I thought the Salon piece by the two “feminists” was ridiculous. It’s like they completely blacked out on Obama’s OWN very harmful comments about choice. He has said at least twice now that women should consult with their pastors about having an abortion. As someone who does not have a pastor, and sure wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing the issue with my family for cultural reasons, I find his statement to be offensive and ridiculous. I am perfectly capable of consulting with my physician and making the decision that is best for me and my life. Not to mention his revolting comments about mental distress not qualifying as a threat to the health of the mother under the late term exception. Because you know, we women, we just feel blue and “periodically down” so whatever, we aren’t capable of making an informed decision with medical consultation. Are these people seriously that drunk on kool-aid that they cannot understand why Obama has no authority whatsoever on this issue? Barack AGREES with Wallis, that is the problem!

    Also, I hope everyone caught this Wall Street Journal article about top Clinton backers not lining up behind the one. I hope some of their big dollars find their way to PUMA also.

  64. Thank you regencyg , i have to keep reminding myself all this showmanship is just shallow hype and evidence that he sets himself above the welfare of this country, and that is my mission in life as well, and I am glad we are on the same TEAM Puma purrs to YOU .. and myiq2xu that was hilarious …
    and if you all want to live chat come on over to the radio station chat at http://www.cygnusradio.com you would be so very welcome ….

  65. *Purr right back* swanspirit. I’m gonna try to head on over to the radio chat. Might take me a second with my dial-up and all.

  66. […] As I said in comments at The Confluence, in a post ironically (in relation to this post) titled The Honeymoon is Over: Building a third party will take too long. We must try to salvage this one first. It is that […]

  67. myiq2xu – PRICELESS!

    And JJ – Ya know, some of these Obama enablers in the DNC don’t seem to get the fact that [gasp] some women aren’t [gasp] either religious or [gasp] Christian.


  68. FYI – a new post is up.


  69. He is not the nominee yet and (there is a chance he may not be if we have open and fair convention with Hillary on the ballot) but he is already planning for celebration and the big party. I am yet to hear in earnest why he wants to become the president or what he would do as president. Yet, it is all about crowds, crowds, more crowds and some stupid speech written by speech writers and teleprompters. All this is making me sick. There is a certain decorum and respect for the role each individual plays in the convention. This country is built on the tradition of “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” and the pronouncements at the convention is documentary evidence that the majority of the people have accepted and approved a certain outcome for the nomination. To not wait for that pronouncement is a slap on the face of this democracy. Why have a convention at all? Why can’t he go to that fucking stadium tomorrow and pronounce himself the king of the universe?

  70. that was my thought too that the larger venue would drown or deemphasize any protest. i don’t believe for a minute that he wants this larger venue so that more ordinary folks can be a part of it. i am so tired of his campaign’s obvious thinking that americans lack the insight to recognize the transparency of this campaign. this too goes for the dem party, of course.

    i would be surprised if they allowed one seat to remain empty. i suspect they’ll drag people from everywhere to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    fuzzy, as to their thinking that NC is in play, hmmmm, i wonder. i don’t have the numbers from 2004, but if John Edwards couldn’t win this state for his party in 2004, I can’t help but wonder why they think Obama could. we have for the first time a woman on the ballot for governor, a dem. she gets mixed reviews. not sure how this will impact turnout/vote. add to that, we have an R competing against her that by NC standards is somewhat moderate.

    i wish i had a better sense of where the dems in NC were on what happened with the Rules comm and silencing of voters and Obama’s prompt reversal on so many issues — all of this. i know the party people here but not sure i’d get a legit answer.

    gary, what sense are you getting in NC? how many others here are in NC? just curious.

  71. Just for the record: I am not riding on that plane.

  72. In a state where Jesse Helms is “lying in repose” and the media is falling all over themselves to “pay tribute”, I don’t think Obama has much of a chance. WRAL is planning a 1 hour special on him as well (if jeopardy gets cancelled i’m going to be pissed). Kay Hagan is not polling well against Dole and recent scandals involving finances of the Easley administration are not helping Bev Perdue (she should have walked away with this one easily, but it looks like it is getting really close with –McCrory is actually leading by 6 pts.) Add to that the recent offshore drilling debate (Perdue opposes, McCrory is for it)—I believe the democrats are going to fare extremely badly this cycle in NC.

  73. Regarding the aerial adverts. Would it be possible to check into doing that along the “redneck riviera” ? That’s the Gulf coast areas of FL, AL and MS. They do get a lot of visitors around Destin, Pensacola, Gulf Shores and the MS Gulf Coast.

    Just a thought.

  74. “(if jeopardy gets cancelled i’m going to be pissed).”

    OK, thanks for the laugh! LOL.

    I need to pay closer attention to NC #s.

    I can tell you that on some issues re Obama, people are being tight lipped in Raleigh. Looking the other way, making excuses.

  75. Yay! So in a year when the Dems should walk away with EVERYTHING. They may walk away with nothing at all.

    THat’s Howie Dean’s baby. Send him a thank you card.

  76. regency–yeah, I think this offshore drilling thing is really going to be a huge thorn in their side. I am personally against, as are most dems, but they are going to have a hard time selling that with 4.50/gallon gas. It could be a major issue by the fall…

  77. I hope at this minute Jesse Helms is dancing with the Devil down there. The old racist, sexist, homophobic, insane, mean spirited, nasty old klanner. No rest in peace for that bastard!

  78. Well, I’ll take the opposing view here on the drilling. We need it.

    And thanks to Sen. Landrieu Louisiana will finally start receiving some of the royalties that have been generated by drilling off LA’s coast. I do believe that will be the same for any other states where offshore drilling is done.

  79. I’ve been reading the comments on WRAL, a local affiliate on the story about Obama missing a campaign event in charlotte due to plane troubles…one of the more conservative posters thinks its “the ghost of Jesse Helms” LOL….sounds like something jesse would do….

  80. fredster, although I don’t agree, I concede that you are in the majority and that this is going to be a big problem for Obama, and dems in general, especially in states on the atlantic seaboard and the gulf. So states like NC, VA, FL, LA, AL, MS—many that Obama said would be competitive, I don’t think so….

  81. I want the drilling.

  82. I am stuck in moderation with Jesse Helms.

  83. we can’t have that pat! wouldn’t wish a second of eternity with that man on my worst enemy

  84. How the people of North Carolina could keep electing that s.o.b. back to Washington every 6 years was amazing. The same with Thurmond in South Carolina. What is wrong with you people down there? My fondest wish is that you and Mawm tell me you are mere transplants.

  85. Pat—we both are. My parents were carpetbaggers who brought me here from western PA when I was 4.

  86. Gary, I was watching a thread on the St. Bernard Parish forum on nola.com from back home. There is a poster there who works for Minerals Management who was discussing the issue.

    Most of the drilling that is being done and will be done is deep offshore and hence there won’t be rigs in viewing sight around beaches. Now is it a perfect solution? No. However, at this point we’re going to have to go after oil wherever it is. The country is also going to have to look at nuclear for power generation and other forms of generation also and I mean a serious look. I’ve always kinda wondered about why a diversion off the Miss. River couldn’t be built to take some of the flow (around the NOLA area or right above it) to create hydroelectric. Maybe like divert some of the water to hydro generators and then pass it back into the normal flow of the river. I’m not an engineer so I don’t know what the hurdles would be to something like that.

    I do know that with the damned speculators manipulating the markets, our economy can’t continue to handle the price increases and associated costs that are incurred with those increased costs. People are now making choices between buying gasoline for their cars and dealing with increased costs of foodstuffs. This ain’t good.

  87. gary: Thank God! Two enlightened thinkers in the land of insanity. I think South, I think gothic.

  88. Here is the direct phone number for Hillary’s Finance Department:


    Again, please only contact them if you are in doubt as to which fund you sent your contribution.

  89. i’m a transplant too. from southeastern NY and eastern PA! lots of transplants in NC — that’s why the NC GOP is a wreck. Rs from the northeast move here and they don’t recognize the R party. at the same time, we have some awfully conservative dems.

  90. Here’s what I think about the convention:

    If the DNC has beholden itself already to Obama financially, they should be sued for some violation of the rules and bylaws. Come on! You can’t run an organization this way. Isn’t this what’s bringing down the country, doing business as usual with no way to pay for it?
    Letting Obama’s thugs pay for Hillary’s debt, his coronation is going to backfire.

    He should be called on this and immediately made to answer for engaging a stadium when he’s not even the nominee. Whoever is paying for this should be horsewhipped!

  91. All the grassroots support in the world doesn’t interest Obama. The “news” about this coronation event is predictable and furthermore, just smoke…smoke to cover the real crimminal activities going on. Outrageous!

  92. Indigo said:

    i would be surprised if they allowed one seat to remain empty. i suspect they’ll drag people from everywhere to make sure that doesn’t happen.

    There may be one empty seat–for Elijah.

  93. I’m sure, given the polls, that Obama will flip flop on offshore drilling…

  94. Annabellep:

    The Declaration is breathtaking! Following your advice, I left hammer and nails at home, but with no sense of direction, could not find our local Democratic Party office and instead taped the Declaration to Governor Brad Henry’s office door – it was surprisingly, and discomfortingly easy, but immensely rewarding. Tomorrow, armed with Map Quest, I will set out again. Thank you!

  95. Pat, Mawm and Gary,

    I lived in Greensboro, NC for six years till late 2000. Boy, it was hard! (Loved my single A baseball team, though)

    I met my only friends in the park on a Sunday morning when everyone else was at church.

  96. “As you can tell by the title, all those personality quirks and shortcomings that we glossed over during the orgasms of infatuation are now clearly in evidence now that the afterglow is wearing off.”

    Yes….and don’t forget the bad breath and stinky feet!!

  97. Seeger!

    RD, sadly I think you are correct about the paying off of Hillary by the grimsquad. This is so WRONG, DIRTY, FILTHY horrible of them. Is this why they think they can take her name off the ballots, if they pay off her debts?

    I have a new hard news site for you all:


    I know you don’t like McC, and it is VERY hard for me to transfer parties — but this party is no longer the same to me. This year, and the treatment of Hillary Clinton AND Bill Clinton are the END of any allegiance I had to this faction. Cannonfire, who I found off here has spoken of a need to reform the party and chop out all the bad. You once said that the party has been hijacked and I feel that it true too.
    I still consider myself a total PUMAGIRL forever, and pro-Hillary forever.

    She cannot let them do what you said RD. We all saw what they pulled. It would be a srong feminist act for her to not give them ANY support. To do so? We could NEVER tolerate or watch that.

    In the meantime — investigating camp McC. because of things like this:


    have fun!

    and no, I don’t think there are any pro-Obama pumas, Nope.

    We wanted Hillary Clinton. Strange how the Huffposties said Clinton in 2012 — I saw that right around the time all the PUMAS lLeapt fiercely into action —

    also, you might want to know this writer, she is part of the NQ group, but her writing is so totally great and so FUNNY I swear. When she writes it’s like you do, RD. Totally strong and on point, and sometimes you get a chance to laugh like crazy at the graphics and her cute new PUMACAT!



    she’s great!

  98. Zogby has an article out on Bob Barr being a nightmare for McCain. The PUMA will be Obama’s worst nightmare. If you want to scare the “hell” out of the super delegates and the DNC concentrate some extra efforts on these four states. Michigan, Ohio, Pennslyvania and Florida. If Obama is to lose any two of these states he will not win the general election. The DNC and the super delegates know this and they will need your votes if they hope to win. I live in Texas and Mcain will carry it big time. Obama will lose all of the south and border states and all of the normal red states. This BS that he is going to carry some of the normal red states is dead wrong. Kansas and Utah have not voted Democratic in my life time. In most of these red states the Democratic party is a few latte drinking super left wing voters. Even though it does not make it right, the white vote is overwhelmingly Republican and they out number us Democrats. Make a lot of noise in those swing states and you might just turn around some of those delegates.

  99. […] more than fill a page. (Here are a couple of representative samples, Obama’s Chicago Boys and The Honeymoon is Over. Obama, for whatever reason, decided to try to take the center. But like General Pickett’s […]

  100. In my comment on another blog, I said that bHo would be nowhere if it weren’t for the corporations — finance, nuclear, other energy, universities, etc. Riverdaughter, I imagine most of your readers probably know the news from Maureen Dowd on 6/29/08. “About two months into [bHo’s] camapign the daily contribution intake multiplied. Where was it coming from? One of the web site security monitors began to notice the bulk of the contributions were clearly coming in from overseas internet service providers and at the rate and frequency of transmission it was clear these donations were ‘programmed’ by a very sophisticated user….The…ISP they were able to trace were from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Middle Eastern countries….Another concentrated group of donations was traced to a Chinese ISP….”

    Damn!!! Did you all discuss this? If this true, we need an investigation going immediately. And we need to “stop the presses” on this so-called Democratic presumptious nominee and the Democratic Convention.


  102. By placing the diminished candidate in a huge stadium, they can blame it on the venue.

  103. […] The Honeymoon is Over (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) […]

  104. […] The Honeymoon is Over (by riverdaughter at The Confluence) […]

  105. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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