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Is This Really Happening?

I keep hoping I’ll wake up and realize I’ve been having a horrible nightmare. And then I could chuckle to myself, “What a relief! It was just a strange, horrifying dream! The Democratic Party really didn’t force a total doofus on us poor long-suffering voters.” But, alas, it’s not a dream. It’s all too real. Barack Obama is really the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. And with each passing day, he sounds less and less like a Democrat.

For the past few days, Obama has been trying to explain what he really meant on July 1, when the told a religious magazine, The Relevant

I have repeatedly said that I think it’s entirely appropriate for states to restrict or even prohibit late-term abortions as long as there is a strict, well-defined exception for the health of the mother. Now, I don’t think that “mental distress” qualifies as the health of the mother. I think it has to be a serious physical issue that arises in pregnancy, where there are real, significant problems to the mother carrying that child to term. Otherwise, as long as there is such a medical exception in place, I think we can prohibit late-term abortions [emphasis added].

That’s pretty clear, right? Obama is saying that a woman cannot get a late-term abortion (after 22 weeks) based on a mental heath issue. Obama doesn’t seems to understand that this would be a radical departure from current understanding of abortion law.

In response to this stunning statement by the presumptive nominee, ABC legal correspondent Jan Crawford Greenburg wrote on July 4:


This has been a central battleground issue in the Supreme Court going back 35 years, to Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, when the Court ruled a woman had a constitutional right to abortion. The decisions said states can ban all abortions after the fetus is viable — but that any restrictions must include exceptions to protect a woman’s physical and emotional health.

In the years since, anti-abortion groups have fought hard against mental health exceptions, arguing that they create giant loopholes that make abortion bans meaningless. Doctors, they argue, can always find a “mental health” exception. But abortion rights groups just as strongly argue the mental health exception is critical to preserving a woman’s right to an abortion—and that the woman and her doctor must be allowed to make those decisions about her health without government interference.

To me, this seems to be what Obama is suggesting: that women will try to get around the laws about late term abortions by *faking* emotional problems and *manipulating* their doctors into backing them up.

Next, on July 5, Crawford Greenburg reported that Obama had attempted to “clarify his remarks” by telling reporters on his campaign plane that

mental health exceptions…can be “rigorously” limited to only those women with “serious clinical mental health diseases.” He said mental health exceptions are not intended permit abortions when a woman simply “doesn’t feel good.”

“It is not just a matter of feeling blue,” Obama said.

WTF?!! Is he serious? Could he be any more patronizing? Yes, Barack, we know. Women “periodically when they’re down….” Back to Jan Crawford Greenburg:

Here’s the problem with that, and why Obama’s remarks are so startling. Obama is trying to restrict abortions after 22 weeks to those women who have a serious disease or illness. But the law today also covers some women who are in “mental distress,” those women who would suffer emotional and psychological harm without an abortion.

This standard has long been understood to require less than “serious clinical mental health disease.” Women today don’t have to show they are suffering from a “serious clinical mental health disease” or “mental illness” before getting an abortion post-viability, as Obama now says is appropriate.

Jan Crawford Greenburg contacted the Obama campaign for *more clarification* and received this response from Obama:

“My only point is this-historically I have been a strong believer in a women’s right to choose with her doctor, her pastor and her family,” Obama said. “I have consistently been saying that you have to have a health exception on many significant restrictions or bans on abortions, including late-term abortions.

“In the past, there has been some fear on the part of people who–not only people who are anti-abortion, but people who may be in the middle–that that means that if a woman just doesn’t feel good then that is an exception. That’s never been the case. I don’t think that is how it has been interpreted.

Okay, I’ve heard this from him before. What is is sh*t about women having to consult with their families and pastors before they get an abortion? I know I’m an old deadender, menopausal woman and it doesn’t affect me anymore, but what about young women who don’t have pastors? And if they do have pastors, what if they don’t f**king well feel like sharing their gynecological decisions with them?

And family? I guess that means the husband or father has to sign off on the decision? What if the female trying to get the abortion was raped by her father? What if her husband is a violent abuser? Does Barack Obama have any idea what kinds of decisions we are talking about here?

In any case, it seems pretty clear that Obama is arguing for weakening Roe v. Wade. And haven’t the O-bots been telling us forever and ever that Obama is 100% reliable on abortion rights? Yeah, right.

Yesterday Jan Crawford Greenburg blogged again about Obama and his apparent desire to weaken abortion rights. Oddly, she points out, Obama is a co-signer of the Freedom of Choice act, which

contains a broad mental health exception by specifically referring to the 1973 Supreme Court case that demands that any abortion ban contain an exception based on “all factors—physical, emotional, psychological, familial and the woman’s age…all these factors may relate to health.”

So which is it Barack? Does he even know what the bill says? Has the great “Constitutional lawyer” read the decision in Roe v. Wade? Doesn’t he have some advisors who can at least get this information for him? What is really frightening is that there are already enough votes on the Supreme Court to reverse Roe. Does Obama know that? Does this man ever do his homework? Crawford Greenburg writes:

What is his bottom line? Is Obama still the legislator who has ardently and consistently opposed restrictions on abortion, even laws that would protect the life of an aborted fetus who happened to be “born alive.” Is he now willing to support new restrictions on the right to abortion?

Or is he just playing politics with abortion…[and] creating an issue for conservatives to seize—and one they might now win in the Supreme Court?

I really don’t know the answers to these questions. Is Obama really anti-choice or is he just a clueless doofus who doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Or is he actually articulating a new Democratic Party strategy?

Today in Salon, Frances Kissling and Kate Michelman, “feminist Obama supporters,” write that

in recent weeks, Democrats, including Sojourners founder Jim Wallis, have suggested that the party may need to take another crack at tempering its strong platform support for abortion rights by making “abortion reduction … a central Democratic Party plank in this election.” In a recent interview with ABC News, Wallis said he planned to talk to his “good friend” Barack Obama about an abortion reduction plank, and said he had discussed the idea with party chairman Howard Dean and had the support of at least one member of the Platform Committee, the Rev. Tony Campolo. “Abortion reduction should be a central Democratic Party plank in this election,” Wallis told ABC News. “I’ll just say that flat out.”

Can we please have Hillary back now?

176 Responses

  1. BB, I ask that question 8 times a day.

  2. regency,

    I’m asking that question whenever I’m awake. I honestly think that Obama may really be too lazy to do the work to educated himself on the issues–any issues. Do we really want a President who has to *clarify* every time he makes a statement? I don’t think so.

  3. When will the buyer’s remorse really kick in?

  4. bostonboomer, Obama is Bush.

  5. BB: Sounds like Bush after he takes up drugs and drinking again.

  6. “with each day he sounds less and less like a democrat.”

    That says it all. I ain’t voting for him.

  7. I love that mantra, “Can we please have Hillary back now?” It’s the best and addresses several needs.

    This guys a clown and we’re the unfortunate audience at the circus. Here’s a gem I snatched from the new site for RezkoWatch (because they were purloined and kerfuffled) called http://www.therealbarackobama.wordpress.com. They’re having a top 5 runners up to the Barack Obama Jackass awards (pretty funny stuff) and number 4 suggested that Donna Brazile get it for saying the following:

    “Today, as liberals, as Democrats, and as progressive voters, we must acknowledge with humility that what we stand for no longer resonates with a sizeable chunk of voting Americans.”

    Isn’t she a prize? What a keeper. How did we get so lucky? Go check out the rest of the Jackass Awards, they’re informative and hillarious.

  8. […] this with this Confluence entry containing numerous embarrassing WORMs Obama had attempted to “clarify his remarks” by telling […]

  9. The Jackass Awards?
    Why insult people named Jack?
    In fact, why insult asses?
    Why not just call them the Obama Awards?
    Or SNAFU Awards?
    Same thing, and innocent feelings don’t get hurt.

  10. Captsfufp,

    I believe she wants her name in because it’s history, you know, and her delegates have earned the right to vote for her–and she still thinks she could take it, even if the chance is small. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly a big secret. The Party is feeling the burn and they want their way so they’re pushing hard on her.

  11. “… is he just a clueless doofus who doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Or is he actually articulating a new Democratic Party strategy?” — I wonder, myself. I am leaning toward the former explanation: “clueless doofus.” He doesn’t seem to have any clear, well thought-out ideas or convictions. However, I don’t doubt that there’s some new strategy afoot. I think more and more that he’s just the face of a marketing campaign.

    Today I had to take a friend’s 16 yr. old boy to the mall and he wanted to go in Newbury Comics. To my utter disgust, there was a cardboard cutout of Obama in the store window. Is it just me, or is that wildly inappropriate?

  12. WHO ARE THESE SCUMBAGS who would do the vile reprehensible work of the repugs for them and turn back what my generation fought so hard to establish!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama & Dean et al are worse than scum!

  13. Regency:

    Well, I think she’ll be calculating, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I honestly, sincerely believe she is supporting Sen. Obama, for good or ill. And we all know that she “has” to, but that’s why she has us! 🙂

    I suspect she will leverage her “candidacy” to get what she thinks she wants at the convention and in the DNC (I’m not exactly sure what she would be asking for, but probably whatever she wants at this point!). But I know I’ll vote for her, regardless…

  14. Why not an Obamacomic? He is, after all, our REAL super hero (snark). You think his costume will include a cape?

  15. My comment on the previous thread disappeared and now my last comment – with no nasty words – is awaiting moderation. Have I been added to a hit list?

  16. “Now, I don’t think that “mental distress” qualifies as the health of the mother.”

    Two words:
    Andrea Yates

  17. Nice comment from rickya at Taylor Marsh:


    “dafederalist- You are right, he is just another politician like Hillary and Bill. Who thought otherwise? He is a Democratic senator in the Democratic party running to be president. Obama and Hillary on the issues were almost the same, seeing as they both come out of the center of the party. The difference was, Obama and his people ran a better campaign then Hillary and her people. If she had run her campaign in the beginning like she did the last two months, we would be talking about her not Obama. ”

    angels81 | 07.07.2008 – 08:23 am | #

    If he was any other politician like Bill and Hillary, then why did you vote for him in the primaries? You’re trying to distance yourself from the Obamabot, kool-aid drinking factions who are now so disappointed of Obama but you can’t hide the fact that you were a bonafide member of the hopium league.

    Otherwise, why vote for an inexperienced Senator with no National Security creds, with a very limited grasp of the economic issues and whose only claim to fame is a speech against the Iraq war that he took off his website and even conveyed the message that he might have voted the same as Hillary??

    Admit it. You also got suckered in and you’re backpedalling yourself here.

    Richya doesn’t pull his/ her punches!!

  18. Sexism is so automatic for him. Combine that with the constant accusations of racism and you have to either laugh or cry.

    “Now, I don’t think that “mental distress” qualifies as the health of the mother.”

    Yeah, wouldn’t want that whiny little bi!ch to try to get away with something. Force her to carry that fetus. So what if she’s suicidal?

    Oh wait–that’s not what he meant. He meant she should talk with her husband and her clergyman and or maybe her male neighbor or her 13 year old son before making such an important decision. We all know how morally inferior women are to men, how they need to be guided through these complex issues.

    That line, and they way Obama delivered it is so grotesque, so disturbing, considering who he was speaking with at the time. Such a creepy element of sadism to discounting women’s “mental distress.” He is just waving red flags all over the place, telling us what kind of person he is. It is quite depressing.

    Claiming the nomination at the football field is just perfect for him. What a sad joke this has all become. Never in my 49 years have I despised a member of my own party this much.
    I am so disgusted with Obama and the DNC that all I can look forward to is the day they lose.

  19. Arrrrrrgh!!!



    Sorry for the anger burst – gawd he just makes my blood boil.

    There is no WORMing out of this one.

    Where are the Obama Fake Feminists, how are they addressing this???

    Where’s NARAL now???


    Toward an Understanding of the Obamian Language

    A Compendium of Useful Words and Phrases for the Traveler, Student, and Businessman

    By blackhedd

    Here at RedState, we have more than our share of accomplished linguists, and the appearance of a new language in nature is a matter of great interest to us.

    Today in America, we’re witnessing the birth of a language (“Obamian”) which borrows heavily from the grammatical structure of American English, but with a heavy influence in matters of linguistic construction from the writings of George Orwell. Like any truly distinct language, Obamian has been observed to be highly consistent in regard to vocabulary and syntax.

    We’ll be watching the development of this new language closely, with the ultimate aim of producing a complete vocabulary and grammar.

    For now, here’s an initial set of essential words and phrases for the traveler or businessman (pronunciation generally follows American English):

    “Consistently”: Whenever this word appears (typically in the formulation “My position on XYZ has consistently been…”), it signifies that a flip-flop will appear in the next sentence.

    “Inartful”: This term (often appearing as “I expressed myself inartfully”) is used ironically to give a subtle impression that the speaker is acknowledging a flip-flop, while in reality he’s blaming journalists for it.

    “Puzzling”: The speaker uses this word when a mainstream press outlet calls attention to one of his flip-flops. The term signifies that the speaker is not amused, and is intended to convey a vague threat or menace.

    “This isn’t the person I’ve known for many years”: This phrase signifies that the speaker is about to throw a long-trusted friend or political ally under the bus.

    This is the first installment. Feel free to add additional citations or naturally-occurring formulations of actual Obamian speech in the comments.

    -Francis Cianfrocca

  21. Thanks for highlighting the weasel’s right wing views on abortion. What a sexist, saying that women have abortions for frivolous reasons: she’s “feeling blue” or “doesn’t feel good.”
    I’m still angry that NARAL endorsed him at a critical time in the primary process, doing their part to try to force Hillary out of the race. If anyone wants to let NARAL know they need to take back their endorsement go to http://www.blogforchoice.com/

  22. Agreed what a waste, but a good lesson again for America, the Party’s are their own business with their own agenda and they want a Puppet like Bush, Hillary is no ones Puppet, We the People need to fight for our interest against the political parties now both controlled by fringe anti social political sects. IMO they the DNC AND RNC are the number one corrupting influence in our political process they ARE the special interest group.

  23. Jules, comic book shops are not welcoming bastions of female empowerment.

    And don’t anyone give me crap about how you’re a girl and you love superhero movies and comics. If you’re honest, you’ll admit that that industry is grotesquely womanhating, no matter how much you try to paper it over with “yes but.” There may be occasional upwellings of almost-normal attitudes toward women in that industry, but they are few and far between.

    (Sorry for the digression, but I get REALLY SICK AND TIRED of watching women licking crumbs off the sidewalk and acting like they’ve just had a four-course gourmet meal.)

  24. From the same thread, I found this gem:


    Obama doesnt seem to understand that we didn’t care about him as a person, we cared about his ideas. Now that they have completely changed, I just feel regret, because I now don’t care about Obama at all, and realize I should have voted for Hillary.

    I made a mistake, so I apologize Hillary supporters. I let my idealism run away with me, again.

    Posted by: Leroy | Jul 7, 2008 12:40:53 PM

  25. What a shame God in His infinite wisdom didn’t permit MEN to get pregnant instead of mistakenly leaving the whole Very Important Business up to the stupidest, most infantile and worthless half of the species!

    I mean, men are so used to and comfortable with making ilfe and death decisions what with all the death they’ve caused in the past few millennia — surely they are FAR better equipped to make decisions to kill babies than silly, foolish, ignorant wimmins.

    Right? Right?

    This peek into the dark crevices of your average guy’s mind is brought to you by my own unflagging cynicism and refusal to cut anyone any goddamned slack.

  26. Sounding more like Kinde, Kunde, Kirche all the time. What is “abortion reduction?” Does he think women get pregnant just so they can then go out and have an abortion? Hey, honey, I wanna get pregnant to see what it feel like to have an abortion! Whaddya think?

    Why not talk about getting rid of Bush’s abstinence only policy? And which is worse, having a late term abortion if you are mentally ill or getting “punished” by having a baby? Does he even know what he is talking about?

  27. What’s this buzzing in my head? And my eyeballs spinning around? I think it’s the start of my head exploding!

    Please don’t make me listen to this guy for the next 8 years. Please — I beg of you.

    Wait! Nevermind. I just heard on the news that Obama wants to give me a 50 billion dollar stimulus check. That MIGHT just be enough to sell out.

  28. “It is not just a matter of feeling blue,” Obama said.

    Yes, he’s a complete doofus! What kind of man makes the statement that he doesn’t want his daughter “punished with a baby.” I’m pro-choice but that statement makes me cringe.

    He’s worse than Bush with his gaffs. Add that to where he seems to be taking the party with the abortion issue and the religious issue and it’s not a good thing.

  29. “Abortion reduction” sounds like “intelligent design,” just another way of taking what’s being sold and repackaging it.

    This way you can say “abortion reduction” and make the right wing happy (because they want to imagine you’re saying “outlawing abortion”) and the left wing as well (because they can kid themselves you mean “safe, legal, and rare”).

    It’s all just more horseshit. Shitwads who have never and will never have to confront these decisions on their own who see fit to play chess without insides. It’s not just men, although that’s the most offensive; it’s also white-collar upper-class women from white-collar roots who, no matter what, can always fly off to Canada to get their abortions when they need them.

    Like I’ve said, if we don’t kick them in the head HARD, they wil never listen to us again. Ever. We must put the fear of Dawg into them. If women don’t show them that we’re capable of not voting for them, the Dems need never take us into account. (Preaching to the choir.)

    But there’s an awful lot of women out there who are convinced that if they just prove over and over and over that they’ll degrade themselves and put themselves last at every opportunity, that the Big Bad will suddenly wake up and realize How Faithful And Long-Suffering They’ve Been All Along. They’ve read too fucking many romance novels.

  30. “Chess with our insides,” I meant.

  31. Some people in the black community consider abortion to be genocide against people of color. I’d bet that a good number of such sit in the pews of TUCC.

  32. katiebird – are you joking? A 50 billion stimulus package?

  33. Oh, Jmac — do you think that’s the TOTAL package? Not my share?


    Yes. I’m serious. It’s part of his TAX War against McCain.

  34. I wonder how great the leap is from declaring women need their pastors, husbands and doctors and now, it seems lawyers and judges to consult with regarding abortion, to needing the same committee to decide if she needs birth control. I can’t decide if I despise Senator Obama for his politics or his patriarchy-on-parade attitude. Gosh, I guess it’s a two-for-one jackpot.

  35. This was posted at NoQ in the comments section by an Obot:

    According to recent polls, Sen. Barack Obama is doing extremely well in states that have voted Republican in recent presidential elections.

    Montana: Bush won by 11 points in 2004, Obama leading McCain by 5 points
    Colorado: Bush +4, Obama +5
    Virginia: Bush +8, Obama +2
    New Mexico: Bush +1, Obama +3
    Florida: Bush +5, Obama +2
    Indiana: Bush +20, Obama +1
    Georgia: Bush +16, McCain +1
    Mississippi: Bush +20, McCain +4
    Alaska: Bush +26, McCain +4
    North Carolina: Bush +13, McCain +4

    I know, I know: it’s early and polls are unreliable. I don’t even know which one’s she’s citing, but I’m curious to hear RD folks thoughts. I am worried about McCain’s weakness as an opponent. Tonight, I was eating dinner in the other room when others had MSM on (ABC), and they depicted McCain’s economic policy as total Bush redux (cut corporate taxes) and BO (cut middle and low-income taxes), and on energy (McCain: nuclear power and drilling), BO (altenrative energies). How is McCain going to beat him without packaging himself as something new???

    I know it’s early to panic, but the very thought of that blowhard as POTUS is unbearable. Thoughts?

  36. fif,
    Obama is Unelectable. I don’t know who or what has been conducting those polls but it’s beyond my imagination to think that Obama will win those states.

    If you’ve got links to the polls and the dates, it might mean something. But it sounds dubious to me.

  37. What we are seeing is nothing more than another scenario in the “search for Baracko” much akin to looking for Waldo.

    The guy makes no bones about his sojourn to “find himself.” What we are seeing is another vignette in how to fill the teleprompter. The guy doesn’t know who he is or for what he stands. His life has been about finding acceptance — it has never been about something greater than himself.

    It’s like the old saw of trying to cram 10 pounds of sh!t in a 5 pound bag, about half of it is going to end up on the floor. The stuff of the primary is now all over the floor — FISA, faith based idiocy, campaign finance, pandering to right=to-lifers, re-escalating the Afghan war while waiting to go to Iraq to “refine his policy” — hasn’t he heard of a telephone?

    Evidence of this — look what happens when is weened from a teleprompter and has to answer a debate question or a question from the press — he starts, he stumbles, you can see the cogs churn. He doesn’t know what he believes other than striving for acceptance. For someone like him who receives their self-esteem from others in the way they are perceived, it is indeed a fragile existence.

    We are witnessing the evolution of this 10 pound bag before our eyes and at the end of the day whatever is left is still going to be fertilizer.

  38. BostonB,

    This is an astonishing post. I knew of course that Obama has no personal sympathy for legal abortions. But in the past he’s managed to keep his distaste hidden by a reluctant code of sorts.

    This sounds like he’s revealing more of himself than he’s allowed since he began formally running for president. I don’t like it — but he’s obviously not trying to impress a droopy breasted broad like me.

  39. fif:

    It is a bad idea to repeat poll data that is favorable to whom you do NOT want to win unless it is sourced!
    Why do it?
    We should be concentrating on doing everything possible to spread the word about why Obama is bad for America and Americans.

  40. Charles, (splattered brains)

    Wow. Can you put the kiss of death on the corpse of a dead-in-the-water-campaign?

  41. Is MSNBC reporting that Obama picked Kerry or that Kerry is possible pick? Thanks.

    If Obama picks Kerry then all I can say is . . . .THERE IS A GOD (even though I am an agnostic)!

  42. Backtrack Opossum strikes again.

    God help us.

  43. Thanks Katiebird.

    Why do it?

    You are a pragmatist! 🙂 I am more emotional, and worried about McCain’s lack of fire and force to date. Bush has so badly damaged the Republican brand that Mickey Mouse could run and win, and I’m afraid of that. Especially because those states are included in the “whole new strategy.” I put it up because I knew that the intelligent posters here would have the real facts and allay my concerns. Didn’t mean to be a downer, but we have to know what’s going on out there to counteract it.

  44. MessNBC is reporting that he is POSSIBLE pick after yesterday’s swipe at McCain.

  45. I was thinking about what Hillary said:

    McCain is a good man with bad ideas.

    Then it occurred to me: Obama is a bad man with good ideas (the good ones stolen from Hillary of course).

    What a choice.

  46. I don’t listen to any of the VP talk. I think it is a way for them to stay in the news in a positive light.

    Having said that, if it were Kerry, I would know I was living in the Twighlight zone. I could see SDs defecting on mass the minute that happened.

  47. Interesting that Webb pulled out. Strickland, Webb, Warner–does anyone think this is odd that young ambitious Dems are running AWAY from the Chosen One?

  48. What a gift to PUMAs too.

  49. Webb seems like an honorable guy. Maybe he doesn’t like how sleazy Obama is.

  50. wow. Obama just hasn’t been the same since he saw all those dead people in the audience on Memorial Day. must have shaken him up…..

    omg! he’s Bush II. what in the world are the democrats thinking???

  51. fif – I don’t know where you’re coming from – I haven’t seen too many of Obama’s good ideas.

  52. I think the VP talk is just a way of filling 24/7 news. They love to blather on about what might happen, if it happens, could possibly happen, might not happen and if not or if so then what might possibly happen if it doesn’t really materialize?

  53. fif – I don’t know where you’re coming from – I haven’t seen too many of Obama’s good ideas.

    I’m talking about all the policies he stole from Hillary: alternative energy, cuts for the middle/lower class, gradual withdrawal from Iraq.

    Uh…it’s hard to come up with them, because he has basically contradicted everything he claimed he was advocating. I was referring to her economic plan (re: the middle/lower class) and energy. Of course, he also voted FOR the Bush/Cheney plan.

    Hell, I don’t know what he stands for–it hurts my head.

  54. fuzzy is here and every day and in evey way I feel like I am living in some twisted version of George Orwells Oceania- the land of doublethink and newspeak barak obama is playing big brother and hillary clinton is emmanuel goldstein.

    I every where i look the obot thought police roam trying to trip you up and send you to room 101 and give you the koolaid so you leave saying 2 +2 = 5 and I love big brother…

    please someone anyone tell wake me up…

    fuzzybeargville is in the house

  55. really speculation its kerry? be still my beating heart-
    only better choice for Obama is Howard Dean.

    I think it is a trial balloon- see how it floats accross the room?


  56. Kerry is Obama’s VP Pick??

    A Flip-Flop duo!

  57. I think the Obama campaign should regularly schedule 4 press conferences a day:

    1. So he can make a statement

    2. So he can respond to the outcry from #1

    3. So he can WORM his way further around #1 & 2

    4. So he can reverse himself completely.

    I do think this is a strategy so that anyone and everyone can agree with him on something, and since the media is dancing as fast as it can to justify whatever he says, he gets away with it. For now.

    I read a story earlier today about Brown, the Republican oppo king (Willie Horton creator) and how has “dogeared and highlighted” every page of Obama’s biography, preparing for September commercials.

  58. mawm and gary did you guys get any rest over the weekend?


  59. I think it is a trial balloon- see how it floats accross the room?

    Maybe Annie Oakley will shoot it down with a 6 shooter.

  60. went to the beach and slept.

  61. Janis —

    You nailed it:

    ‘“Abortion reduction” sounds like “intelligent design,” just another way of taking what’s being sold and repackaging it.’

    ‘Intelligent design’ is a phrase meant to hoodwink thoughtful people into not realizing they’re really talking about Creationism.

    ‘Abortion reduction’ is a phrase meant to hoodwink faux feminists and liberals into thinking he wants to reduce the incidence of abortion. This has always been part of the Dem platform, but in the form of greater sex education, better access to contraception and women’s health services generally, and better political and economic conditions for women generally, as those two things correlate with lower birth rates overall.

    But that is not what O’s ‘mental distress’ comment means at all. He’s flagging reducing the incidence of abortion by increasing penalties and barriers to abortion. It’s Orwellian word choice at its best.

    And yet, I already hear the pummeling cries of the Faux multitudes — ‘but don’t you want to reduce abortions!?!?’ ‘what are you a ravening baby-killer feminazi?’ and the best, ‘But Hillary said the same thing!!’

    Ugh, I threw up in my mouth there a bit when I first read that phrase. Expect to hear a lot more of in the next 4 months.

  62. This man is a “clueless doofus” – What the F*#% is his problem. How dare him tell any woman to talk to her pastor about her choice! Why not have a round table discussion with the neighbors, the male ones that is!! Don’t want us woman folk to make any important decisions on our own!!!

  63. for the love of goddess-what did obama flip flop on today?-Jimmy Carters wife must be doing backflips she was the first public person to focus national attention on metal illness-

    She must be relieved to know that mental illness is just a trick women use to have an inconvienent futus ripped from them-

    take all that mental health money from the budget and put into obama’s faith based initiatives.

    somebody please tell me this guy aint for real?


  64. The “bright” side (note the quotes) of this is that it pretty much ends the argument about PUMAs killing Roe.

  65. If the Kerry pick is a trial balloon that thud you hear is it hitting the floor.

    Obama meeting with all the religiosos and coming out with his abortion statement is his way of appeasing them to get their votes. The man is shameless and stupid to boot.

    Here he is up against the female faction of the Dem Party, all swearing their allegiance to PUMA and this fool steps right on the one issue which is sure to ignite a fire storm. Obama is hopeless.

  66. The Republicans and the NRA have the right idea when it comes to gun control. They oppose every measure that would restrict their use. It doesn’t matter how small. They understand the notion of the slippery slope. You may not agree with them, but their strategy is effective.
    The freedom to control one’s own body is, I believe, a fundamental right that should be protected with the same zeal as voting rights. If Democrats are going to cede this battle without even a challenge, I know we are in trouble. These utterances from Obama should sound alarms all across feminist USA. When will they wake up and see what is slipping away?

  67. obviously mr obama was affected by the culture of his youth where women we treated as chattel and property.

    he will obviously look at femal circumsision as a personal choice that women in the 3rd world make on the advise and consent of their mulahs fathers and husbands parents…

    some one give me a bucket


  68. “It is not just a matter of feeling blue,” Obama said.

    It’s amazing. Every.single.day he says something else THAT INFURIATES ME!!

    Tipper Gore and Hillary have led the fight for mental health parity against great odds. It has been ignored and diminished as a “real illness” and so many people suffer desperately because of this idiot’s condescending attitude. “Oh, c’mon. Snap out of it. We all get down sometimes.”

    Once again, he shows a complete lack of true understanding and empathy. This guy just does not get it on so many levels. He is an egghead with vague philosophies, but he has virtually no connection to ACTUAL PEOPLE and their lives.

    I’m glad he has all his other male friends (Dean: sexism? what sexism?) to decide how women should handle their own DAMN BODIES. What about atheists? Do they need to consult their lawyers or accountants since pastors are out?

  69. where did this empty head, come from..and will we REALLY have to listen to him for the next 8 years?

    Everytime Bush comes on I can’t get to the remote fast enough.!!

  70. In future, any woman seeking an abortion will have to appear on “Deal or No Deal”. This way the males in the audience, the banker, Howie, her family, and the sponsors can all weigh in. It makes as much sense as his reasoning which would have her producing a survey of all male contacts weighing in with a thumbs up or down position.

  71. I find myself muting Obama when he comes on. It used to be a contest between me and Bush to see how fast I could push the mute button when he took the stage. I am now happy to report that I have cut my former time in half with an Obama appearance.

  72. Kerry will never be his running mate. That is just crap. A man as crafty as he is would never pick a loser like Kerry unless it’s some weird way to deflect swift boating. I’m thinking Tim Kaine of Virginia or Sam Nunn just to piss off women and gays even more.

  73. Obama has done the impossible- made Bush tolerable. When given a choice of watching or listening to Obama vs Bush- Bush hands down!

  74. Present.
    Isn’t that his only vote on women’s reproductive rights?
    (shaking head)
    Please, let the election returns be a blowout that not only sends him home but eliminates the possibility I’ll ever have to hear anything from him again. That would be a wonderful “present.”

  75. re: polls

    i didn’t check how much Bush won by in the states, only the Obama v McCain polls at real clear politics.

    Montana: Bush won by 11 points in 2004, Obama leading McCain by 5 points (RCP: +3.7)
    Colorado: Bush +4, Obama +5 (true but Rasmussen is the
    only one who’s consistently polled there and Obama is
    trending down according to them)
    Virginia: Bush +8, Obama +2 (RCP: McCain +0.7)
    New Mexico: Bush +1, Obama +3 (RCP: true for latest poll,
    though another recent poll puts Obama at +8 but is
    trending downward)
    Florida: Bush +5, Obama +2 (RCP: McCain +2.2 but Obama
    leads all recent polls but is trending down)
    Indiana: Bush +20, Obama +1 (RCP: Obama +0.5)
    Georgia: Bush +16, McCain +1 (RCP: McCain +6.7 and has
    won every poll against Obama since April)
    Mississippi: Bush +20, McCain +4 (RCP: McCain +11.4 and
    has beat Obama in every poll there)
    Alaska: Bush +26, McCain +4 (did not see AK on RCP)
    North Carolina: Bush +13, McCain +4 (RCP; McCain +4.5
    but he’s won every poll there and has been holding steady
    since April)


  76. fuzzybear news flash:

    rumor has it this weekends fund raiser for reducing our campaign debt…..$4-6 million. Rico I need a cosmo-hell make it a double grey goose and grande marnier pomagranet juice and key lime…

    Pumas who Give rock!


  77. ps – re: polls

    most of these don’t look particularly good for Obama. many are a result of his post-primary bounce (now that he’s the presumed nominee). polls this far out are not particularly indicative of how ppl will vote, esp because this is before the Repubs have campaigned against Obama. most are also before his recent flip-flops and the bad press he’s been getting for them.

    on to Denver!

  78. “rumor has it this weekends fund raiser for reducing our campaign debt…..$4-6 million.”

    That’s good news, but we’ve got to keep on giving. I have completely stopped reading the papers, but at lunch today there was a NY Post (ick) sitting there and I opened it up and was immediately sorry. They had a cartoon of Hillary at a lemonade stand: “Lemonade for sale to pay down my debt.” It made me sick and sad. We need to free her!

    I also received an email from Paula Abeles saying that even if people are maxed out, they can give to her Senate campaign it will still be used to pay down her debt–it’s just done for legal reasons. Can anyone confirm this?

  79. Connie,

    I freed your comment. You’re not on any list. The software sometimes acts in mysterious ways.

  80. When Hillary becomes president , she will create a new cabinet position(in the white house mess) sec. of waffles…for the great one…


  81. fif-

    hillary can transfer her pres campaign debt to her senate campaign account…


  82. $4 – 6 million is pretty impressive for a candidate who has suspended her campaign, yes? i wish we knew what she raised in the month of June.

  83. OK, OT but can anyone tell me the skinny on the AOL straw pol? I mean, is that real? If so, why are all the polls CNN and even Fox put out so favorable to Obama?

    Help me Pumas?

  84. thanks fuzzy. So I can keep giving to that account and she can use it for her debt right? (I am maxed out)

  85. Maum,

    You are so right about the slippery slope. One of the disgusting things–discussed at one of the ABC legal blog links in the post–is the way Democratic (male) politicians have used abortion restrictions to pander to the right, while at the same time assuming that the Supreme court will overturn the laws they vote for.

    That is no longer true, and Obama has taken a position on abortion that is supported only by the right wingers on the court. If Obama becomes President, and keeps up this pandering to the religious right, Roe will definitely be overturned. Why should any woman vote for him or support the Democratic Party when they are using women’s bodies as bargaining chips to get votes?

  86. I just read all the comments. You guys are the greatest! I actually feel a little better now. Gotta get back to work. Will check in later.

  87. BostonBoomer, I’ve read your post a couple of times and I just can’t stop shaking my head. HOW do so many people that I know are committed lifelong liberals support Obama? How did I escape his charm?

  88. “Is MSNBC reporting that Obama picked Kerry or that Kerry is possible pick?”

    I initially read that as “possible prick.”

    Ha Ha katiebird,
    This afternoon, I came home and decided to start comment on the last thread before coming to this one. I ended up commenting on what to do to “keep my head from exploding”. Then lo! I come to this one, and my sister’s brains are everywhere! Must be a family genetic pre-disposition, these hairline skull cracks.

  89. Can we get a ‘football pool’ kinda thing going on the VP? We could do person and day announced. I am having such a hard time deciding if I want Richardson, one of the obnoxious women that campaigned for him ( I really can’t spell their names so I will just put them together), or Kerry. Actually, I am hoping that Caroline pulls a Cheney and announces that she is the most qualified of all the choices. Sometimes, I feel that living in Alice’s Wonderland would make more sense.

  90. I am wearing a helmet these days to keep my head from exploding and to ensure I do no permanent harm while banging my head against a wall every time he opens his stupid mouth.

  91. Love the football pool! I’m in. I am going with Kerry simply because it will rid my state of his presence.

  92. Another questioner….can we still give to HRC if we maxed out for the primary…?

  93. Pat,
    I highly recommend those band-aid-colored stretchy wraps underneath your helmet. Prevents chaffing.

  94. To me, his statements seem extremely ambigous. It is almost like he is saying nothing. This is a bit puzzling to me because some comments are painting BO as a super anti-abortion crusader. I just do not see it.

  95. fif:

    that’s the worst cherry-picking of poll data i’ve ever seen. obama up 2 in FL??? and down 1 in GA???? somebody needs to put down the hope bong. thirty seconds on the realclearpolitics website is all it takes to see this for what it is.

    don’t repeat stuff that you don’t want to reflect on your own credibility.

  96. BB: Obama’s suggestions and innuendos about late term abortion and mental distress are truly sickening. Decisions women make about abortion are deeply personal. Nobody who has a late term abortion is taking abortion lightly; in fact, the evidence suggests that very few people who choose to have an abortion take the decision lightly. What is particularly ironic about Senator Obama’s suggestions otherwise is that his perspective is what made many unwilling to see government funds -e.g. medicaid money – usable for paying for an abortion. This was a direct slam at poor women of color and it rested on the stereotype that they were “just” using abortion as a means of “birth control”. That was and is a despicable viewpoint about women and abortion; just like Senator O’bama’s.

    End of rant.

  97. Ryan: He is suggesting that abortion rights be amended to include provisions and also suggesting that a woman “gain” permission from a member of the clergy while she is at it. It is a ploy to assuage the Religious Right. Women do not need permission from anyone after consulting with her physician. He is throwing us back into a century where women had little choice over their lives and bodies. This goes against any claim that this man is a progressive. He is a toadying panderer.

  98. aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    phew – I did not think it was possible to dislike anyone more than Dubya….. but I’ll be damned! I cannot stand BO and its in a gut wrenching visceral kind of internal hemorrhaging organ slamming constipative vomitous riot of intestinal distress that makes me sputter nonsensically.

  99. indigogrrl: Well said!

  100. couldn’t have said it..could only type it.

  101. but I did get permission from my father and pastor before I posted that.

  102. Ugh, Obama’s recent comments on abortion DISGUST me. I am not worried about Roe v. Wade being overturned under John McCain, I don’t think he has any interest in fighting that battle, but I do worry about erosions. Now I have every reason in the world to worry about erosions under BOTH Obama and McCain. And though I disagree with McCain’s position, at least I don’t hear him making repugnant statements about how I should consult my pastor or not have an abortion just because I am “feeling blue.” What a jerk. He has NO idea what kinds of challenges women face in their daily lives. I read that Planned Parenthood is putting 10 million into his campaign and will be runnings ads against McCain, they should be ashamed of themselves. The women’s movement doesn’t get anywhere because groups like Planned Parenthood and NOW are ALWAYS willing to settle, they are never willing to take a firm stand. If Planned Parenthood came out and said that if Obama continues to pursue this line of campaigning, they will withdraw funding in support of him and will advise pro-choice women to abstain from voting. That would change the Dem party platform about abortion reduction or whatever nonsense they are talking about damn quick. Just like NOW should have withheld backing Obama until they achieved some gains in the Dem Party platform for women. They all cave too damn easy and then we are always left with two horrible choices for women.

    fif, I also am worried about what a cakewalk this election is starting to look like for Obama. The news coverage towards Obama was, as usual, glowing today, while McCain got crapped on as being George Bush the third. The media is sick of McCain, they want to “make history” with Obama. I don’t think they will turn on him and I think we will have a genuinely unqualified candidate take office. Geez, I can’t believe I am feeling sorry for a republican candidate.

  103. He’s black.
    It’s the 45th anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
    It’s the 40th anniversary of RFK’s assassination.
    Nothing else matters.

  104. They are also planning on a presidential welcome when he visits Europe and the mid East this summer. Posing in front of the Brandenburg Gate and the like. Sickening. And what the hell does ail McCain? Get out there. Show some grit. Don’t let this hambone steal the spotlight! Give some of us a reason to vote for you. Idiot.

  105. josgirl: Wouldn’t you love to see Sugar as his v.p.? She would fix his a** for him. That woman makes me laugh every day.

  106. Chr*st.

    Let’s see – he already has the left sewn up so that when you point out these half truths, they defend him. My hunch is he is going after the right leaning independents with this current line of bull. Polling probably indicated it might help, as long as you don’t lose the lefties. They’ve already drank the koolaid and will not be moved; we tried moving them when he flipped on FISA and look how that turned out – they refuse to admit they were wrong.

    Boy, we’re screwed.

    I too, want my Hillary back.

  107. Pat Johnson, as entertaining as that visual is, it still features Obama as president.
    Even Sugar can’t make that palatable.

  108. Ryan, he is not being ambiguous at all. He is saying that he favors a ban on third trimestre abortions where mental distress cannot be used as an exception.

    He is going farther than even the laws that groups like NARAL are supposedly fighting right now.

  109. Y’know, for awhile in the heat of the primaries, I was thinking what a dirty trick on us, running both an AA and a woman. For awhile, I was thinking this was an arrangement made in Republican heaven (I had my conspiracy hat on). Now I’m really starting to believe there is something more going on behind the scenes.

    America—really wanna make history? Storm the convention and emerge with Hillary!

  110. Pat- I don’t even want to hear that ‘after consulting with the physician’ crap. Woman, who is at least now a full US citizen takes urine test, finds out she is pregnant and for WHATEVER reason says THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT. She gets an abortion PERIOD The saying in law school was that tough facts make bad laws. It is a woman’s body and she gets to decide if she wants to have a baby. Spoken forcefully by a woman with three wonderful children. Believe me if I did not want to have them then they would not have been so wonderful, because I would have been a completely different mother.

  111. nitpicking abortion is something republicans do to get people to the polls. democrats don’t do it. they mumble that they’re pro-choice and try to change the subject. so either Obama’s an idiot or he’s truly decided he wants the ‘moral majority’ vote.

    or he’s so petulant that I wonder if it’s meant as a slap in the face to……well……us. as in ‘screw them, not only will I not court their votes, I’ll court the votes of their natural enemies on the right’ – that’s a possibility.

    he could be figuring that he can flip-flop all he wants and still retain the loyalty of the blogger boys as long as he insults and demeans middle aged women (and yes, I know all PUMAs are not middle aged women). but this primary has been open season on that particular demographic and the blogger boys participated with glee – they may be able to tolerate anything as long as they get to keep up that fun activity with the approval, even the passive encouragement, of The One.

    so where we’re seeing a pattern of listing to the right – campaign financing, FISA, now abortion, we may be misreading the pattern. two strikes for bots – financing and FISA, followed by a home run – keeping women down and dismissing them. yay, that’s the Obama they know and love!

  112. “This country is worth fighting for” Hillary’s words that still ring in my ears. Indeed it is worth fighting for. She fought and we are still fighting. The times are worse for this country than media, leaders are letting on. The economy is sooooo bad. And it is not just the subprime mess. The market, stocks and commodities, are in the hands of people who make money shorting the U.S. economy. So they couldn’;t care less. That is why Obama is the perfect candidate for them: a surefire way to really drive the economy down; and they continue to make more money. Soros made his money shorting the English pound. I suspect he, and others like him are doing the same thing or setting the stage to have the same thing happen to the US dollar. The housing market will take years to recover and foreclosures are projected to increase even more. I curse them all who are doing thesse evil things on this country. Anger is beyond what I feel these days.


  113. I suspect we are probably reading the same statements in pretty different ways. I am disappointed because it seems like he is giving the religious right a bunch of lip service. The statement would be terrifying if read in the worst possible way and as a declaration of intent but I just see those statements as neither, but vacuous. He has so much wiggle room in them; like what is the difference between mental distress and mental health, if any? It just seems so open for interpretation.

    I am still of the opinion that the abortion issue is a red herring. It really is a shitty situation. Republicans are (in general) outright against abortion which leaves democrats free to oscillate between “use government to reduce/restrict” and “funds + no restrictions whatsoever.” I think both parties are vested in the status quo, if abortion is restricted too much then Republicans will hemorrhage otherwise women republican voters to Democrats. If abortion was completely safe, Democrats would lose an issue that keeps women voting for Democrats because of the alternative.

  114. This is BZero’s world and welcome to it folks,

    If a woman is “blue,” take control of her body and give it to a man who might be a pastor. If a man gets blue over gun control, give him a handgun.

    If a church says GD America, give them billions to profligate that philosophy through faith based idiocy.

    If the 90’s were bad, copy Pres. Bill’s AmericaCorp by increasing funding to $3.5 billion.

    If campaign finance is bad, announce a raffle for $5 for 10, count them 10, Americans to come to Denver on the same day you are having a fundraiser in Atlanta for $28,500 a head.

    If you can’t back down on Iraq, bolster the hawks with reupping the war in Afghanistan.

    If you can’t keep your word on filibustering FISA, say you are too busy campaigning and giving up your civil liberties isn’t such a biggie.

    If your constituents are living in asbestos-laden squalor, give the same developers who put them there additional billions to build.

    I could go on, but I need some scotch.

  115. Honora: We both feel the same about this issue. And it has such far reaching effects. Women who find themselves in this situation are all too common. Children born into an unwelcoming home are bound for problems later on. Benign neglect is as soul snatching as actual physical or sexual abuse.

    Men dictating to women about their bodies and future are morons. It is between a woman and her physician with the woman’s choice dominate throughout. I have no idea how he can substitute his way of thinking in place of someone whose life he has no knowledge of.

  116. Prolix, you earned that scotch. nice summation.

  117. Up is down. Black is white. Left is right. Welcome to the new world of Obama.

  118. Ryan, what is really shocking is that we have to listen to this crap from a Democrat. We know what to expect from the Republicans, but now we have to deal with it coming from Obama too. Obviously, women are a big part of his bargaining tools to get the religious right to vote Democrat in the fall.

  119. flipping news channels – I caught Alan Colmes talking about a Politico piece that says GOP operatives may go after parts of Obama’s autobiography when he talks about drug use etc.
    then they played a clip. Ha.. he sounds like such a DORK. Not that I wish he’d make it sound cool to take drugs, exactly, but it’s so flat.. he manages to make drinking beer sound like it was never any fun either.

  120. and you know, those pastors and other guys a woman must consult aren’t going to be around to help raise or support that child. I get tired of people who are totally into fetuses but not so much after they’re actually born. I would probably feel differently if the people who picket women’s clinics actually pledged to help support that fetus all the way through college and actually made good on that pledge. not that it’s all a matter of money, I don’t mean that, just that they don’t seem to connect their right-to-life activities with children being raised in poverty and neglect.

  121. mawminc, I think Republicans are a big part of his bargaining tools to get the religous right to vote Democrat in the fall.
    They’ve been a big part of his campaign and campaign philosophy since the begining.

  122. If a woman is “blue,” take control of her body and give it to a man who might be a pastor.

    By the way.. I’m completely and totally appalled by what he said. All those back-and-forth statements with the ABC News reporter tell me that he doesn’t really care about the issue, didn’t bother to do his homework, and sure as hell can’t be counted on to stand up for women’s rights. It’s outrageous.

  123. Pat – ha ha, excellent idea. I’m going to buy myself a helmut tonight and put big pumapac paws all over it.

    Eleanor A — I don’t think so, but Heidi Li’s blogsite does a pretty good job of explaining the whole campaign donation thing. You may have to click around a bit to some earlier posts:

  124. He has NO idea what kinds of challenges women face in their daily lives.

    Clearly, no. None. And no interest. It’s all about him.
    I wrote to NARAL already when this article first came out in the magazine, I encourage everyone to contact them, contact Planned Parenthood, NOW, the Feminist Majority.. Where are the feminist blogs on this? I’ve been busy at work and not checked.. we should contact them too if they’re not on this..

  125. You have to hand it to the Obamabots. Their responses on other blogs to The Mess are hilarious. Not sure if they still believe he is going to cure the world of strife, but they still insist on defending his every move. They are overjoyed at the stadium idea! Comparing how McCain probably could not fill a garage with supporters.

    About every 5th one an anti Obama post sneaks in and one guy compared going to Denver with The Mess being hauled to the podium by 12 white horses and everyone just faints outright. You have to admit there is more humor coming from posters who are on our side. The Obamabots are dull, dull, dull.

  126. lol – that could be the PUMA uniform – no boring t-shirts for us, everyone does that! we’ll all wear helmets with PUMA paws on them for when Obama and the democratic party make us bang our heads against walls. that would be really funny in Denver!

  127. Honora — I totally agree. I cringe every time I hear ‘consulting with her physician.’ It implies that her physician should have some say in the matter outside what is strictly medical. And sorry, her physician does not have a say.

    I know PUMA people don’t mean it that way, but the same language is repeated over and over all over the place. And there’s no other medical procedure I can think of that gets that tag line ‘consulting with her physician.’ Abortion is a medical procedure, of course it involves a medical professional in the process.

    You don’t hear people say “She has a right to plastic surgery, in consultation with her physician” or “He has a right to a vasectomy, in consultation with his physician.” Or even “She has a right to prenatal care, in consultation with her physician” (because that statement might imply women have a right to prenatal care!)

    So why is that attached to every statement about the right to choose ever??

    Ok, that last sentence is an exaggeration, but that’s how much it bothers me.

  128. And Viagra was invented for whom by whom? Men.

  129. a physician’s input hould be physical risks, recovery and cost. obviously a patient considering any surgical procedure should discuss the medical aspects with the doctor. medical, not social or religious or moral.

    remember a few years ago when pharmicists were refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control pills on moral grounds? outrageous! is that still going on? I haven’t heard anything about it for a while.

  130. “Does this man ever do his homework?”

    No, because he’s still in grade school. He’s inexperienced, people! He’s not vetted! He doesn’t know what to do or how to say what he means in a major election because he-has-never-been-in-one!!!and I had to sit there and just take it when he said that it was a good thing that he was not in Washington D.C. very long because if you were in D.C. very long you became a patented politician… Excuse me, Obama, but it doesn’t make you a more deceptive person if you had good character in the first place, and more years in W.D.C. added to that! If we elected Hillary Clinton, I just know she’d be hammering the right right nowwith what she is going to do firmly in tact, and maybe that isn’t as lefty as Barack Obama was in 2007, but it is so much more reliable.

  131. This man as a presidential contender said at the AIPAC convention that he was for a united Jerusalem. If that man said this as president in any official capacity..what do you all think would happen in the Middle East?

    This man went as a sitting US Senator on a personal get to know your roots trip to Africa. Went around and campaigned with Odinga. He meddled in a foreign country’s general election and his mere presence gave tacit US support for a candidate that was never intended. When Odinga didn’t win, blood shed ensued.

    This man will start WWIII by just opening his mouth with self serving stupidity flowing out.

    Yes he wants only to be accepted so he says and does the anything with regards to foreign and domestic relations causing chaos and then becomes “puzzled”.

  132. Linda C: And it is always somebody else’s fault.

  133. valhalla, I apologize if my saying that it is between a woman and her doc is offensive, I meant nothing by it except that it is a medical procedure, you need a doc to do it, and there are health risks as with any medical procedure. the doctors job is to inform the woman of the risks and benefits based on on concrete medical research and then leave the choice to her. I am in the medical field, so I would talk about any procedure tat way…

  134. kiki, I think we should wear tinfoil hats with antennae and Obama’s picture on the side.
    Just imagine his supporters’ confusion.

  135. Poor Obamabots if they look at the cultural revolution in china in the 1950’s and1960’s the first people attacked were the communist purist not the the revisionist. The revisionist were attacked in the great leap forward but later brought out of retirement in the labor camps to rescue the economy.

    The purist believer always makes the best coolie in the forced labor camp because they believe they deserve to be there. They came up short not their leader a cult of personality ensures the forced laborer continues to work themselves to death for the revolution. Even in the labor camps they will still love “the one”.

    I think that the Obama-bots should remember this if obama wins they will be the first to be stepped on and trampled.



  136. Remind me to buy a pair of stilettos.

  137. I read The Plight and forwarded it along to others — another great read. thanks!

  138. ok every one we did real well with our fundrasing thei past weekend only got great news over half of hill’s debt has been wiped out only 5 million to go and she has been given a 7/15 deadline to raise it or the DNC will shut her down…the DNC and Obama want to chang the rules we need to dig deep to help her out.


  139. Michael? What does “shut her down” mean? Who has the right to do that?

  140. we need $ 5 million from hillary supporter by 12 pm on 7/15/2008 or no open convention no hillary on the first ballot and no roll call vote….

    please guys I just got this from the hireheels girls pat indigo we need to get this out to evert on if $ 5.00 was given by 1 million loyal puma’s it would be great

    I am going to give $ 25.00 first thing tommorrow I am tired tried to walk 5 .5 miles tonioght exausted some one call carol we got our work cut out for us…


  141. Obama is running the party like a chicago gangster him and dean (this comes from a puma inside the campaign)


  142. we need to get this out to everyone (sorry so upset I cannt tyoe str8)


  143. This sound ominous. Are you saying she is being held hostage to her debt? That if it is not paid down by a certain date she will be denied access to the convention in terms of a speech? Something is not right here.

  144. And to think that only a few weeks ago the bots were screaming all over the place that if we did not vote for ‘THE ONE’ we would lose our rights, Roe would be overturned.
    What do I hear now from the bots? W.O.R.M or {crickets.}
    Women consulting with their pastors and doctors??? AH NO! My Ob/Gyn tried to tell me I was too young to have my tubes tied when I was 35- I told him he had no say in the matter and he either would do it and get the fee or I would find someone who would. He did it of course.
    Women were for centuries the primary providers of health care- to all. Only when ‘doctoring’ became something studied in Universties, where women were not allowed to attend of course, did the choice thing become an issue. HMMM and they started burning “herb-women” at the stake as witches too.
    I have a different doc now- different state- the current doc takes a LOT of crap from the church communities around here because he is one of the only physicians who will perform abortions. I had a very long conversation with him when I moved here and was looking for a good Gyn. He is FIRMLY pro-choice, and believes in empowering his patients to take an active role in their health. Got me all the way through the change with NO DRUGS. Now docs like this- we need more! Candidates like O- NOT!

  145. Please…won’t someone spare a few words to me tonight regarding the AOL Straw Poll??? I feel certain it has already been discussed by you all but please just one more time for those of us in the cheap seats????

    (I only ask because the new one that started today has Obama at 35% and McCain at 65%..)


  146. In other words: IS THIS A VALID POLL?

  147. that is what is being implied chicago stiyle politics at its best-pat this is bad she did to well last week end they are trying to punish her-


  148. Cate, it’s not an “official” poll, but it’s been running like that since it first went up.
    Since there’s no way to control the sample, it can’t be sanctioned.
    But as a public opinion barometer, it’s pretty darned impressive.

  149. Pat we knew they were slimey but this is intollerable-fuzzybear

  150. fuzzy: Got to say this make little sense. I will be happy to contribute a little more but it is difficult to get my head around this frenzy. It would seem that something this threatening would have been leaked to the press already.

  151. cate: I have no idea what an AOL poll is. Has not been discussed on this blog tonight.

  152. Charles,
    Perfect Summary. Thank you!

    It’s imperative that we take these facts to all Democrats. It’s not to late to turn the tide. Slim yes, but not too late. Remember, we’re “bat-shit crazy” patriots! We will only win if we refuse to give up.

    Fuzzy, will send more $$. I am anxious to hear more detail. Also, what about the 8 Super Dees?

  153. why would the DNC leak this to the press it might make them and Obama look bad-cant afford to have that happen – we are trying to ogranize a virtual telethon on march to raise the money.

    O has been beaten up alot lately…doesnt want to be publicly seen as pushing hillary around after the unity thing…


  154. I wonder what BHO’s June numbers look like, when do those come out?

    if she raised that much so far, another $5 mil can happen, everyone.

  155. What Joanie says….

    Michael, do you know if Heidi Li knows about this?

  156. is it in the press, Michael? if not, can we get it there? would that stop them from messing with the convention? and by what right do they?

  157. some super d’s I was told were listening in on the conference call w/JSND…sunday

    We have to work on this together HireHeels is rallying the troops we need to see this through-

    hope mawm and gary read ths thread in the morning get something out to the conflu allies like hiedi Li and such….


  158. Hillary raised more than the DNC in June dont know but heard Obamas nimbers dismal-they believe she is draining money from them


  159. Thank you josgirl….I am inclined to think it is a fairly true barometer as the I can’t believe the Bots are ALL just disregarding it. After all, think of all the people who see it and are shocked by the vast disparity in the face of the MSM’s polls. Personally, I love to watch the numbers grow. I have calculated that the poll gets between 35 and 40 votes every couple of minutes. It always starts out with Obama having all these states and within a couple of hours, all is red…:) Thanks again josgirl…now I am off to send HRC some more money…,

  160. And they think we’ll open our “purses” to them if they drive her out? I don’t know if that’s optimism or insanity.

  161. This money thing makes no sense.

    Obama was supposed to spin straw into gold, lay golden eggs, and have his own printing press. That was one of the big reasons the SD’s picked him to be the nominee.

    So how come money is suddenly a problem?

    Something stinks, and I’m pretty sure it ain’t me.

  162. Cate, you’re very welcome.

  163. Cate you rock…

    well carol has got her work cut out for her-gotta get a few hours sleep

    good night all lets brain storm fundraising for hillary tonight bring your Idea’s to the newest thread tommorrow at the conflu-and please spread the word to the other blogs-

    fuzzybeargville signing off

  164. myiq: I posted this in another thread on this blog:
    a writer on another blog a few weeks ago (sorry, no link) felt that the DNC is prepared to lose in the GE because of all the money and young new voters Obama brought in. Young new voters is key because these people will vote Dem for many election cycles (like the run the Repubs got from the Reagan and the Young Republicans).

    If that’s true, then it’s possible that the reason they were pushing Hillary to get out of the race so soon was so that “Unity” would happen faster and money would go to OB and the DNC. I think they knew the people/donors, even energized, could not afford a long primary and a GE and downticket candidates. Accusing her of draining the money comes from the mindset that it belonged to them.

    So, if all of that is true, there is a ray of light starting to shine. There are several SDs out there who were threatened with contested primaries in their districts so they would endorse. Perhaps the party can’t afford to contest anymore?! (Great news for the folks in Brooklyns 10th Congressional.) Let’s write to them and let them know it’s safe to come out. The boogie man can’t afford to come and get them anymore.

  165. He’s so anxious to be all things to all people that he can’t keep his story straight. He thinks this legerdemain on abortion rights is going to endear him to the religious right, and doesn’t give a damn if he alienates the voters who supported him in the primaries. After all, where are they going to go? To Nader? To McCain? He may be in for a rude awakening.

    If I had voted for this fraud, or–God forbid–given him money, I would be feeling like a world-class sucker right now. It saddens me that so many people seem eager to give their precious vote away to a man who has no core values whatsoever.

  166. Oh, and on poll numbers, I heard yesterday that Barry leads McCain by just six points in the under-30 demographic. That’s almost in margin-of-error territory.

    Is that possible? I thought those voters were solidly in Barry’s corner.

  167. To Cate: My husband is into politics to almost a fault and tells me not to take these polls serious. He stated that a major newspaper or polling company had released a survey that was released about three or four weeks ago which gives you a better view on where the public is-The survey revealed that 90 of AA were suporting Obama and 7% suporting McCain. Whereas, 51% of the white voters were supporting McCain and 39% were supporting Obama. AA represent about 13% of the general polulation and the rest are white, Latino, etc. When you do the math you will see that the numbers overwhelm Obama. The 10% not listed are either undecided or going to Nader or Barr. Hillary will be a much stronger candidate and would defeat McCain.

  168. I still just can’t ever understand how ANYBODY EVER could have thought that they had a right to stick their proverbial noses into a woman’s uterus. And, frankly, how could anybody even feel that it is proper to TALK about what goes on in there.

    Imagine if we started making laws about whether a man’s testicle, which carries potential life, can legally be removed just because it seems to be cancerous. Imagine if his mental anxiety, was not reason enough to allow incision into the scrotum to see if there is a malignancy. Imagine if his wife, girlfriends, and a few nuns had to sign off on the operation. Imagine what Obama would say about that one.

  169. Regarding the pushing Hillary meme…saw in the WSJ that HRC’s “big backers” are not flocking to Obama. This could be a way to get them to possibly pony up for Barry?

    On the other topic (of the thread), I can’t believe this asshole didn’t get the hint about using phrases about women “feeling blue”. I am amazed that the man is that clueless after having made similar comments about HRC during the primary.

  170. what a sick f***ing b******d. He starts off making an incredibly WRONG statement, then goes and ‘clarifies’ with something so grotesquely offensive.

    Seriously, W.T.F. is WRONG with our country, our party, our world, that such a person can win over someone like HILLARY Clinton??????

  171. Just gilding the lily here, but that mental health exception (pre-Roe) used to mean having to claim you were or would be suicidal, in front of a judge, if the pregnancy were to continue. Thus, in Obamaland, you would need an actual suicidal diagnosis on the books to get this medical procedure, which pretty much negates your chance of ever receiving independent health insurance again, because you would thereafter be considered high-risk.

  172. When the Obamabots decided to hit us with the Roe vs Wade stuff. First I know its established law. I may only be a high school graduate but I can read and I have educated myself. I knew then that I still trust McCain over Obama with women’s issues. I cannot think of anything truly sexist that came out of McCain’s mouth this Primary season but Obama I lost count of some of the most sexist ones. I also do not think Obama has an opionion on anything. He sticks his finger in the air and thats how he decides to do anything then if he’s wrong he flip flops. I call him Obush because he reminds me of Bush. I actually think that McCain’s personallity is more like Hillary then he is to Bush and I feel that she is more like McCain then she is Obama. Hillary and McCain are good friends after all.
    I also like the fact that McCain pays his women more then he pays his men. I know he’s against the law but is he not an Republican. He has proven to me throughout his career that he will put Country over Party. I believe that he will prove to be a Maverick president as he is a Maverick Senator. I think he may actually be a more Democratic President then Obama. I think Obama may want to take more power then the forefathers wanted for the President. That reminds me of Bush. Give me McCain any day.
    Damn I feel so robbed. I want my Hillary back

  173. Honestly, I have little doubt how pro-abortion he is. All Obama is doing is trying to take a more centrist position to hopefully cut out McCain support. Now I can’t stand Obama, but probably for the very things that you find redeemable in him.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  174. I don’t find anything redeemable in Obama. I have no idea what you mean. You may be on the wrong blog. We don’t like Obama here.

  175. Karolina NYC,

    That’s hysterical. I’d love someone to post that question to Obama. How about asking him if wives and pastors have to sign off on men getting prescriptions for viagra. That might cut down on adultry. Obama ought to be for that.

  176. How is it Obama can predetermine what degree of ‘mental distress’ is too much for a pregnant woman with raging hormones who doesn’t feel fit (physically or mentally) or emotionally/financially ready to care for a baby-for whatever reason? I don’t advocate abortion. I couldn’t do it – but I don’t believe it’s my place to shove my beliefs down anyone elses throat. A woman must do what she must for her own sake and the lives around her affected by her decisions. I don’t have to live with another woman’s decision-she does! That would be why she should be able to make the decision-she has to live the consequences of her actions. Obama does not!

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