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Sunday, crying in the wilderness

Our fearless leader, riverdaughter, is on vacation this week so it’s up to us to pretend that nothing is wrong.  We can do this alone.  Everything will be OK. She has complete confidence in our ability to keep everyone informed and amused while not totally trashing the place.


Riverdaughter makes it look so easy.  Penetrating insight first thing Every-Single-Morning — she hasn’t taken a full day off in months (if ever.) With one of her first posts (copied here in full) she set the tone for The Confluence showing that she was not just messing around with a vanity blog:

Hillary Cheats in SC by using her gender, Obama camp claims.

Nathor-Nile River GoddessObama’s camp is pre-emptively accusing the Clinton campaign of using Hillary’s gender as an incentive to females to vote for her.

“It’s totally unfair of Senator Clinton to exploit her gender. It put Obama at a disadvantage in South Carolina due to his penis. That is why he lost next week.”, David Axelrod said in advance of Clinton’s victory. When it was pointed out that the Democratic South Carolina primary hasn’t occured yet, Mr. Axelrod responded, “Exactly. This is why we are wasting no time in filing our complaint with the South Carolina Democratic party in advance. This kind of political scheming on the part of Senator Clinton can not stand.”

The Obama campaign has filed complaints in all of the states where the primary or caucus process has resulted in a win for Senator Clinton. They have declined to pursue charges in Iowa even though Axelrod asserts that, in retrospect it is clear that Clinton deliberately lost in order to lull the Obama camp into a false sense of security.

“They are master political schemers. Everybody says so”, Axelrod continued. “Chris Matthews has been following their dirty tricks for years. But I never expected that she would deliberately appeal to females in order to eek out her win next week. She’s crossed the line this time. We intend to file charges of cheating in all of the other states, starting with her wins in NY, NJ and CA on SuperDuperTuesday. “

Axelrod pointed to the fact that Obama had completely sewn up the African-American vote by taking the high road in his accusations of racism against Clinton’s organization. It was a forgone conclusion that Obama would assume the mantle of the most disadvantaged candidate in this campaign. But the polls started to turn in Clinton’s favor when a viral distribution of one of John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s songs from the seventies took the internet by storm.

“She’s already got a former president’s support, years of service and she talks like a policy wonk “, said Axelrod, frustrated. “She should stop using her gender to put herself so far ahead and learn to pack a lunch like the rest of us.”

And right from the beginning comments at The Confluence kept up with her:

oldpro, on January 22nd, 2008 at 9:50 am Said:
Heh heh heh….and Hillary’s response…

“Shut up!” she explained.

(shaking my head)

And so it was that riverdaughter’s The Confluence escorted us through all the ups and downs of this incredible primary season.  I think it’s very possible that she was a P.U.M.A. before PUMAs were cool:

To BiPM and William f Harrison
…. I could never compete with the Great Orange Satan but that doesn’t mean that I have to STFU simply because the Obamaphiles have closed me down on DKos. William f Harrison also has places to go. We’re like water. We seek the path of least resistance. We’re out here. We’re not lurking like we used to and we’re putting our efforts into pulling the party together from the outside. ….. (emphasis mine)

Let’s not focus on missing riverdaughter: this thread is a celebration of the site built by Riverdaughter. Let’s share our favorite posts. AND I’d personally love it if we shared our own first comments — and a bit from the posts that inspired them.

222 Responses

  1. Well, I’ve not posted too much (maybe never?) but I’ll tell ya, I can’t wait to read the first post RD does on her return. That should be a doozy!

  2. All hail our blog hostess, riverdaughter! Thank you for this walk down memory lane, katiebird.

    I will never forget my first visit to The Confluence. At the time, I had begun to realize that I was going to have to leave the Great Orange Cheeto and venture out into the wilderness of the left blogosphere in search of a new home base. I started by hanging around at Talk Left and Corrente. Then one day, probably in late January, Lambert posted a link to an RD post. The amazing Goldberry had set up housekeeping in a new place! I kept checking back and reading, and finally on March 2, I got up the nerve to leave a comment. Here it is:


    I love your writing and your sense of humor. Thanks for starting this blog. I’m another Kos refugee. Have you noticed a lot of the best writers have left there now? And I wonder why Hillary’s supporters have better senses of humor? Those BO supporters are so angry! I really think if Hillary wins, they will riot in Denver. Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent. It’s such a relief to be around friendly people.

    Have you heard that BO has hinted he might appoint Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense? I wonder if he’ll have any Democrats in his cabinet?

    Soon after that, I made The Confluence my homepage and I never returned to the Cheeto.

  3. Morning Katiebird,

    My first post was the product of dragging my pained and protesting orange stained body to the doorstep of the Confluence where I was welcomed by all you wonderfully bright and articulate right-thinking humans. While the “johnnie and joan come-latelys” of the Huffpoop and the citrus addicted had run roughshod over me, I had found a home. Thanks to all who have made me welcome, given me a good laugh and been there to share the victories and offer a shoulder during setbacks.

  4. OMG, thanks, katiebird! I was not a refugee from Kos, but from another, bluer blog, and so I missed that first, absolutely hilarious, post!

    The best irony is the type you can almost believe is real. What’s amazing is that after so many years of the Bush Family Evil Empire, we still have our senses of humor.

    The Confluence is an absolutely amazing place, and I stand in awe of riverdaughter and all the other brilliant posters who started this great venture. Kudos and thanks!

  5. madamab-the neg reply? was it from donna brazile?
    an SD with no class? imagine-


    Karolina yeah we still have the big game in August…can the DNC really think making Obama into a less heroic version of John McCain a winning strategy?

    Obama will have to forge some good USN flight deck footage of him jumping out of a burning jet and dragging a shipmate to safety with explosions going off around him…

    Not to mention recreating the Hanoi Hilton in S.Chicago and have pics of the big “o” sitting in a cell for 5 yrs.


    When presented with two candidates with the same platform Americans will go for the Hero everytime!

  6. goldberry was the stonewall jackson of our efforts on the big orange cheeto back last winter – she could cause more mischief with less personnel than anyone around. i kept running her diary stats and posting them for her, and made a few comments over here when she set up shop after kos terminated her with extreme prejudice. then, as now, it was obvious that you could definitely out-vote or out-shout her, but you can’t out-write her.

    as the Orange Horde took over more and more internet territory, i’ve spent more time here. and goldberry is right. we ARE the democratic party. i was voting democratic before the blogger boyz got here, and i’ll be voting democratic after they’re gone.

  7. My first confluence lurk was at a clinton cocktail party I was sold on my first taste of Rico’s top shelf cosmo-complete with greygoose grand marinier and pomagranite juice and twist of lime-simply wondrful.

    Oh the magic of that night-


  8. What’s amazing to me is that RD started this place all by herself. She started putting up posts and gradually people followed her here from the blogs that had been taken over by the O-borg. At first she sometimes didn’t get any comments on a post, and then it started to pick up. And look at us now!

    I have so much admiration for what RD has done. Really her generosity of spirit is what has made it happen. She has offered people chances to post on the front page, and has encouraged all of us to think of this as “our” enterprise. I admire her so much.

  9. I couldn’t resist lurking anymore in March with this post:

    Riverdaughter on obama’s race speech

    I’d been reading here daily for a few weeks before – after following a link from Corrente – where I am *STILL* waiting for my password to be approved 😉

  10. Finding The Confluence is like finally reaching home after an arduous trip in a foreign land. You are better, perhaps, for having endured the trip, but nothing feels quite as right as reaching your own place.

    Thanks RD!

  11. I’ve been trying to remember how I first got here…

    I think I started noticing “goldberry” standing up to Big Tent Democrat at Talk Left — calling him on his “tepid” support for Obama among other issues.

    My first comment was on Feb 2nd,

    This is a nice post. As a former Edwards supporter, now Hillary Supporter, I REALLY like it. It won’t change anything for me if Edwards nominates Obama….Except maybe to tarnish my feelings for him…..

    And (typically) it was immediately followed by an annotated correction:


    An Edwards endorsement of Obama would only tarnish my feelings of Edwards…

    Yikes! Mister’s taking off without me!! Gotta go…

    (back soon)

  12. Thanks, RD and all here! I don’t post often….shy, but read many times a day. You all have truly helped me keep my sanity during these last several months. Watching the other sites start serving up the kool-aid was scary. I was so happy to find you!

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  13. Lakota in GA,

    Please don’t be shy about commenting. I love your comments. I’m glad that we all found each other!

  14. BB: The confluence is now my homepage too.

    I used to have MSNBC as my homepage, but they don’t have any news there, just propaganda for the ‘one’ and I suspect anything else I read there is equally “managed” even if it is not related to politics.

  15. I met with a local meetup group in Oakland California yesterday.
    We are getting organized to help plan for Denver, and for marches within our state to coordinate with other major cities across the country.
    We had people attend from San Jose, San Francisco and San Ramon as well as Oakland. The organizer is also planning a conference call with Southern Ca.
    If you are in the state, please go to this site and join us.
    It was a great time brainstorming and sharing ideas.
    I even met the famous Normita.
    Please join us if you are in Calif. to ensure our state organizes a HUGE number of participants.

  16. I can’t remember when I moved my embittered, angry self over here to the amazing Confluence, or when I posted my first comment (I’m not a very prolific commenter, to be sure, so there aren’t all that many). All I know is, here is home and here is where I’m gonna stay (although I love to visit NoQuarter, Uppity, bitterpoliticz, fabulous Heidi Li, and Sugar&Spice, to mention just a few).

    As for the best all-time-ever post, there are SO many to choose from, but I’m pretty sure An Invitation to Democrats in Exile takes first prize. I’d already changed my affiliation to Indy after the CA primary in February, and I’m still waiting for my invite to play golf with the Obamaclubs.

    Have a great vacay, RD. Can’t wait for you to come home.

  17. I’m a (relative) latecomer to this site…migrating from the Big O to MyDD, until it turned into MyOB. I don’t recall how I first learned of it, but I sure am glad I have. I’m trying to get out of the “if only I had this/found this sooner” headspace and focus on what we can do now.

  18. I was suffering at Talkleft, lurking and gross-out by BTD’s pompous schtick and his damaging “tepid” support of BO, when sister Katiebord told me to come here.

    Yu could feel the family atmosphere immediately! It wasn’t like other places where you are not part of the club and your comments are met with silence. Katiebird was delighted and proud that I showed up, and everyone gave me a great big “howdoyadoo!”. Love at first sight.

    Offtopic, but using the top of the thread to plug:
    PUMAS in Seattle-write
    to join forces!

  19. Thanks RD and all for making me feel I have found a new home. I volunteered and worked so hard for Hillary. I was on the HRC website constantly when not working or at a campaign function. I knew the minute I found this site, it was a place where people from all backgrounds, races, religions could dwell in harmony, focused on one purpose as it should be.

  20. I keep emailing Lou Dobbs to get someone from PUMA, JSND, Confluence, etc. On his show to get the other side of the story. Lou, to me was one of the very few, who didn’t go in the tank for Obama. Who knows, we could get lucky.

  21. I love this site unlike Hillaryclinton.com where my posts diappeared into the blog ether here I saw them quite quickly rarely ending up in moderation….

    sorry sometimes i use verboten words…
    its the sailor in me


  22. I read and every now and then posted on HRC’s blog. Just prior to the NC primary I hosted a Hillary I Know party and a surrogate from the campaign came to speak. Prior to the event I thought I knew a lot about HRC, and then after the event I was even more astonished by what a great record HRC has — aspects I didn’t previously know about. Well, this had a two-fold effect on me. One, I was even more impressed and more determined that the country needs HRC, and Two, I was so depressed that she was slipping through our hands.

    Then after NC and Indiana, I made the stupid error of reading at the O campaign blog. My thinking was, OK, can I warm up to this guy…and I know I don’t have to tell anyone here, but I was blown away by the level of arrogance of BO supporters even at a campaign sponsored site–spouting off garbage about Hillary. I was even fool enough to write to BO at his senate office to tell him that he should not permit the particularly wretched comments about HRC on his campaign-sponsored site<<OK, I know, I can be naive.

    Then back at the HRC blog someone posted a link to The Confluence. I came and read a while. And what I respected then and continue to respect is that RD’s writings were so well done, so sound, thorough, rational, provocative, policy-rules-and resume focused, and did not stoop to attack BO as an individual. I found this to be a huge relief after witnessing ,what we all witnessed, the attacks of HRC’s femininity, integrity, you name it.

    The talent and commitment here by RD, and those of you who have been here for a long while, is awesome. I lurk more than I post but continue to be so impressed by the writings, and the time commitment!

    I really struggle on this whole issue, and frankly, I don’t know what the heck I am going to do in November, but I have never been much of a “get-in-line” girl.

    Short-term: I would like to hear HRC’s name called at the convention.

    Sorry to be so long-winded.

    Thank you for all you do!

  23. Indigo I ccame to this place by that same link at HC.com I thank the creator for that like to this day….

  24. yep, and hey, i am married to a sailor, so curse away 🙂

  25. Indigo-my post on the last thread may help you to know that anything you do that is not a vote for BO is at least a point for our side…


  26. Don’t recall whose link I followed to get here, but it’s always my second stop (sorry, Krugman still rules my heart )after boarding the innertubes. I also think this was the first blog I ever registered to comment on (tried Corrente and their system never did clear me). So thanks to all ..,RD, Bostonboomer, Katiebird, Madamb et al….for providing this smart funny place to help me stay firm in my convinctions when the rest of the world, especially many old friends and neighbors roll their eyes at my Clinton poster still in the LR window.

  27. Hi Joaniebone! My email isn’t working, but my husband will probably fix it today, he has some dark, secret way of fixing it. I’ll send you a note when I get my email back.

  28. fuzzy, i will have the strange benefit in november that my vote is very unlikely to make any difference. i don’t believe NC will do any differently than it has in the past — goes R for prez and D for most everything else on statewide level. so if i decide to drop off at the top of the ballot, i can do so.

    i am in awe of those who live in states where it really will matter. tremendous, isn’t it?

    there’s a part of me that also wants to not support the NC superdelegates who for primarily self-interest (aka bringing out the AA vote for their own contests) supported BO over HRC.

  29. Hey all —

    Slightly OT (but not really) — a while back there was an article by a man who I believe is a talk radio host who wrote about PUMA. Or his article may have come out before the official start of PUMA. One of the last lines of his piece said something about how the Obama campaign should watch out, because the ladies/gals/women were starting to have fun and that was a really bad sign (for BO).

    Does anyone else remember this and know who it was? I’ve googled various combination of what I remember, but have had no luck.

  30. Not sure how I started regularly spending time here, I’m also on strike from the big Cheeto blog, having followed Alegre in finally saying, enough is enough. I had a 4-digit ID over there and had been reading since it was just a little blog, and posting for a little over four years. I definitely remember reading goldberry’s diaries over there and gradually started spending more time at myDD.. now I just post here at the Confluence, and TalkLeft, and occasionally cause some trouble at myDD as well. 🙂 Thanks to RD, this is a wonderful site.

  31. One night I was drinking tequila, and the next thing I remember I was face down in the Confluence.

  32. myiq2xu: ROFLMAO!!!!!!

  33. I started coming here when I heard (maybe at NO Quarter) about the boycott of big o and checked out the list of sites that were participating. (I had stopped going to the orange place back when “he” dissed women’s studies).

    I lurked for a long while. I don’t know what my first comment here was but finally decloaked during the PA primary (I think). Is there a way to search the archives to find out?

    I enjoy rd and all of you.

  34. Have you all had the pleasure of reading this delightful message from SuperD Steven Ybarra

    A reader recently sent a copy of the open letter that was sent to Howard Dean regarding being disenfranchised by the DNC decision regarding Florida (and Michigan) to about 150 DNC delegates. This is the response received from Steven J. Ybarra, JD:

    good for you, when the fascists come in the middle of the night to take you to a
    concentration camp. remember how you voted.

    take me off your whiner list.

    Siempre Adelante

    Steven J. Ybarra JD
    Chair Voting Rights Committee
    DNC Hispanic Caucus
    PO Box 367
    Sacramento, Ca 95812
    There are three places of relative importance to the Train, watching it go by,
    in front of it or driving it. (end of response)

  35. valhalla,
    I think you’re talking about corbett?

  36. myiq2xu, lmao!
    “face down, just like Elvis” a line from Prince song.

  37. I was a refugee from Buzzflash and then Talkleft and then, don’t remember how, found my way here.

    It was like one of those wonderful times when you find a brand new pair of shoes that fits perfectly and are as comfortable as if you’d worn them forever.

    I was here when SM invented PUMA and here when RD midwifed the PUMA movement.

    That I found my way here is one of the best and luckiest days of my life. That I can be a part of such a movement with such smart, witty, intelligent, talented and funny people is something for which I will always be grateful.

    Enjoy your vacation RD. You have certainly earned it. Just don’t stay away too long, we need you.

  38. I followed Alegre out of DailyKos without hesitation. The hate in that place was too much for me to tolerate. And I think it was a right decision. We have been able to achieve more and get the message across to more people. At DKos, we just wasted time arguing with zombie Obots.

  39. Okay, I loved the Lady’s Luncheon post after the ladies met to try to figure out how to scam us out of our vote. HIGH-LARIOUS! Oh and also yesterday or the day before the Donna Brazille one was awesome! Honestly, this is a great site and such a touchstone for me.Thank You! I stopped the krazykos long ago. His ego is breathtaking. Am I to understand that someone actually agreed to marry him and bear his spawn?

  40. to Ybarra-I never expected to have the DNC driving the train pulling cars full of “Core Democrats” to Dachau…

    I am sure that the McCain Campaign would love to here that a Democrat SD who is chair of the voting right committee compared Senator McCain to a SS Deathshead Nazi.

    I am sure that Senator McCain sat in the Hanoi Hilton for 5+ years for this country so some one could call him that .


  41. I got here I think thru TL-it was the day the Pumas were born-no it was 2 days later. I got to TL thru the Anchoress-whom I still like even if she’s a right-wing Catholic. It was the RBC meeting that got me and RD was just perfect, beautiful writing, great analysis.

    Anyway I wanted to leave this link to Heidi’s pot-pourri, interesting speculation today…

  42. I wasn’t here as long as the rest of you but am I glad I found The Confluence and Riverdaughter and, might I add, the GREAT writers on board here! I wasn’t much of a blog reader and mostly hung out at HRC.com but never would my posts get on there.

    Anyway, good post Katiebird. You know – I remember SO well in the beginning of the heavy campaigning how Hill would always, always say “do not vote for me because I am a woman; vote for me because I am the best candidate for Prez.” Always. And, that became my mantra to friends and family. So, I am especially shocked when reading this crap from Axelrod.

    I had on CNN in the background yesterday before leaving house – Rick Sanchez in early afternoon. He made a little report about Obama, Hill and the Unity thang. Said that Hillary is expected to appear on the campaign trail 3 times this week w/BO. Then, he mentioned “us.” After that report by CNN of voters falling out of line for BO, Sanchez just simply and merely said “guess they are still mad.” That made me mad! LOL

    Later, when I got home, I flipped on T.V. and it was still Sanchez. ONLY this time he wasn’t quite putting it forth as “guess they are still mad.” He was simply reporting that many voters were turning away from BO(as in PUMAS).

  43. regency-

    sorry by Ybarra response pissed me off I am sure he is one of the conductors on the train….


  44. Indigo-

    refusing to vote for Obama or McCain is still a puma victroy! it denies the big “o” a vote. I guess you did not hear the Obama dream squad is putting NC in Play(at least in their minds) and planning to spend resourses there…He thinks he can make it blue.


  45. First post I read was the “invitation to exiles”. I felt welcomed and stayed. Happy to see familiar handles who used to be at TL. I believe I came over here right after TL endorsed O. I liked Jeralyn but sorry to see her go over to Obama although she always said she would if he got the nomination.

    This here feels like home. Thanks RD. So glad you are who you are and the way you are and this site is of course, you.

  46. Hi everybody! (Waving) I came here it seems like oh so long ago, but probably around March and lurked before getting up my courage to comment.
    You are all so smart you can be kind of intimidating ya know!
    I love to read the posts and comments here and I am so glad to haev found this oasis in the desert of journalism that the MSM has become.

    Blessings on Riverdaughter and all who populate this wonderful place.

    OT-My daughter goes to college in Pittsburgh and took me on a Gateway Clipper Cruise last week – early birthdya present. I saw a building with a BIG sign on it saying “The Confluence.” Reminded me of this place and you all right away!

  47. Sophie L: My internet connection went out last night, so I didn’t see your comment re meeting in White Plains. I actually live in RI, but my parents still live in southern CT. Not that we couldn’t meet up, anyway!

    I would love to see a page here with contact people for specific regions so we could arrange some meetings.

  48. ohioana – yes, I think it’s he. Although I can’t find the column! This is driving me crazy. I’ll find it though, PUMAs do not give up.

  49. Sheri, I think that Riverdaughter post was pure snark:

    ““It’s totally unfair of Senator Clinton to exploit her gender. It put Obama at a disadvantage in South Carolina due to his penis. That is why he lost next week.”, David Axelrod said in advance of Clinton’s victory.

    (emphasis added)

  50. I came here from Taylor Marsh and my claim to fame is I was at the party when SM created PUMA. Someone said they told their husband – hey, I’m PUMA and that is exactly what happened at my house.

    While I had lurked at Riverdaughter many times before, that is the day I became a full-fledged Confluence Riverdaughter addict.

  51. oooh — it’s time for my weekly post of my daily mantra….

    (drum roll please)

    I. Will. Never. Ever. Vote. For. Him.

    I feel better now!

    and for the record — hell yeah I’m voting for McCain — makes my vote count double…. says former democrat who has never ever voted for any republican in 25 years worth of voting.

  52. I too was blogging / lurking on the PUMA Birth posting! I will remember that fondly because I truly laughed out loud at Party Unity My Ass because I say “my ass” to alot of things….thanks SM & RD

  53. The first post I read here was bostonboomer’s “I want a President who is tough as nails.” I had found it on HRC’s website. After some tentive poking around here, I decided to stay.

    One of my all-time favorite posts has to be when Riverdaughter invited Obama supporters to write something positive about him, rather than something disparaging about Hillary. Remember what happened? NOTHING! The Confluence commenters were going nuts without an open thread so RD had to make one.

  54. No worries, Fuzzy.

  55. I believe, because senator obama is “vaginally challenged” (the pc term for it), he has one great hurdle he has to overcome before general election.

    I would urge the senator to have this defficiency corrected as quickly as possible, if he wishes to be competitive in the General election. There are numerous clinics around the country that can perform this simple procedure, and as a necessary procedure it could be tax deductible for the amount that it exceedes 81/2% of his adjusted gross income.

    Come on Senator since all your recent flipflops prove you are testicularly challenged(being pc again can you believe it), why not…

    the first african american transgendered presidential candidate….thats real change!


  56. Fuzzy, you may have been under the weather but now you are on a roll!

  57. Hey, does anyone have a video clip of Hillary flinching when BO touches her at the Unity event?

  58. Hi guys- i’m a little new in the blog world, my 82 year old mother is the political junkie. She’s been reading the blogs for years, kept me up to date, though we would listen to Air America during the day. In Jan. when things started going CRAZY, each day she stopped reading the regular blogs, as we also stopped listening to Randi, Stephanie, Tomm and then Rachel, all from the Liberal Radio Stations.
    My mother started raving about Riverdaughter, way back in Feb. Finally at the end of April, I had no where else to go, found Riverdaughter’s blog on a Fri. night, was sold by the amazing Party Mascot with her cropped black hair!!! I also am shy, never posted, but after May 31, I had to, I was pissed. Everybody acknowledged me, which I thought was a fabulous welcoming.
    I wake up to RD every morning, instead of turning on the news. Much more comforting and always a good laugh…

  59. McCain For pres commercial:

    (in back ground LCDR McCain/USS Forestal fire blazing around him jumping out of burning Jet grabbing stuned shipmate dragging him to safety) voice over….

    …Since securing the democratic nomination for president Senator Obama has said(in obama own voice) “…there is little difference between me and Senator McCain with reguard to policy… my voting record on the war in Iraq is identical to Senator McCain…I supported the same supreme court nominations as Senator McCain……I voted for the FISA compromise like Senator McCain….”

    (Obama’s voice fades out the background the footage has changed to stills of John McCain as POW)

    announcer continues-…Senator Obama would like to have us believe that he is the same as Senator McCain on key issues that he is a patriot…

    (stills of obama not waring flag pin or rendering respect the flag during the national anthem rev wright muted in the background the “sermon” footage)

    Announcer continues:…We know better John McCain is a hero who under pressure of torture held fast to his beliefs….can we expect the same from Senator McCains opponent?

    (fade out with CDR McCain the POW returning from Vietnam limping down from the plane to a cheering public)

    then…JOHN MCCAIN…A Patriot you can trust

    The big “o” wont know what hit him!


  60. Katiebird, that’s athough homework assignment, I can’t remember what’s my favorite post, they are all fantastic!

    I can’t even remember the day I rolled along to where the rivers meet. I DO remember that this new “Confluence” blog name started popping up on blogrolls and I floated right in. Soon after, I religiously lurked and lurked, then started commenting.

    I was one of those “Democrats” who suffered guilty pangs that I wasn’t necessarily supporting Obama if he’s “elected,” as we Yellow Dogs have done int he past. I’m really happy to have found out that I wasn’t the only one feeling that.

    And thanks to the Confluence & all of you, we are no longer Yellow Dogs, aka H.O.U.N.D.s.

    WE’RE PUMAs!

  61. thanks jules and good to see you back laney…

    regency- I think Obama and the DNC are doing a disservice to Hillary-making her stump for Obama before her debt is paid….it is clear from her body language that she detests Sen. Obama. Everytime she appears with him more and more of her supporters are offended.


  62. hey SM how are thing?


  63. Jules,
    I propably should have said:

    the first african american transgendered presidential candidate….thats real change we can see with our own two eyes!


  64. In Aruba, I watched CNN because the TV was tuned to that channel every morning at breakfast. It was quite an eye-opener.

    The Unity footage was very brief, but it showed Hillary coming out, looking radiant and positive, and Obama following behind her, looking awkward and clapping insincerely.

    That was the only time they briefly mentioned Obama.

    The whole half hour was devoted to stories that were slanted the Republicans’ way. McCain was discussed quite a bit, and only in a positive light. And during the newsbreak? A full-length McCain campaign commercial that portrayed him as more of a Democrat than Obama.

    The media has re-discovered its true love, apparently, and it’s not Barack Hussein Obama.

  65. madamab-

    Makes you wondr how much of obama’s fundraising was repug dollars that have now returned home?

    did you see my commercial above maybe we could show that during the commercial break during one of your plays..


    My apologies to all the “vaginally challenged” members of the confluence of which I am a member

  66. Its very irritating that Hill is stumping for him. The good part, her people are not buying into it!!! Lets just hope they don’t open their checkbooks to him…

  67. Fuzzy! I’m slowly working up energy through the day, thanks for asking. Hope you are feeling better!

  68. At the Hillary donor forum….the only thing that left her donors checkbooks when they opened up was moths lots and lots of moths!

    Her appearences with him show the world how small he is compared to her. If big Dawg ever appears on stage with Obama then the only result will be millions of Democrats running for the McCain Lever in November.

    Next to Bill Clinton Obama will look like a small insignificant….sorry dont want to end up in moderation.

    lets just say Obama will look less than presidential.


  69. SM its raining up here today and I am on the mend…


  70. Valhalla, you can find Corbett’s posts at WILK-FM. This page has his latest post plus links to all the prior ones:


    I started reading Confluence back when Riverdaughter first started it. I remember her holding a couple of cocktail parties at Taylor Marsh and Taylor linking to some of her posts. I started coming here first thing after Taylor did her 180 and was suddenly singing praises to Obama and telling us that we had to do what Hillary told us – vote for Obama. She lost a large percentage of her old regulars who migrated here and to No Quarter and other blogs, especially after PUMA got rolling and Just Say No Deal linked to all the PUMA sites. I don’t always post comments. Living on the West Coast, by the time I get here, there is often a couple of threads filled with comments. But I never miss the wonderful posts. Confluence keeps me sane these days. I can’t imagine how I would be feeling if there were no Confluence and no PUMA after all that has happened. It would be like realizing that fascism had indeed come to America.

  71. Laney,

    Does your mom comment here?

  72. I can not remember if it was No Quarter or Taylor Marsh where i first heard of this site.
    I have enjoyed the posts and the comments and read every day.
    I am a retired railroader and for Mr Ybarra he would not make a pimple on a conductor’s ass. Conductors are responsible for the movement and safety of trains. He could not cut it.



  73. Katiebird,

    I don’t think you need worry about us in RDs absence. We’re a creative, intelligent and insightful crowd with much to share. The days will fly by and before we know it RD will return. Until then we’ll have great posts – like today’s from Bostonboomer and yourself – and helpful updates on the progress of this most harrowing campaign.

    Keep rockin’ and let’s do some work.

  74. The very first post I read here was “Invitation to Kossacks in Exile.” Either that one or another one that I read had a lot of suggestions about how to give up your DK addiction. It was really funny, and I think it had some quote from Katiebird in it. Another one that really got me hooked was this early one, Know your predators: Aboma or Obama.


    That one had me laughing hysterically. I wonder why I didn’t comment?

  75. I can’t find my first post. It was in the Invitation to Democrats in Exile page, which struck me for it’s passion and clarity, two things I always find in spades with Riverdaughter. I know I left it, and remember very clearly posting it in mid-May after I left MyDD and checking it a few times, but it’s gone now. Or I put it under some name I can’t recall, and have too little time right now to go digging through it. Maybe later tonight.

    I did want to post a little blurb about our real world action tonight, and I hope you don’t mind BB. If you do, please edit the following out of this comment. It won’t hurt my feelings. Thanks!

    Hey folks! For those who are going to do the action tonight (taping the Declaration to Headquarter doors), there’s an after-party thread at my place. NOW Is The Time. If you’re going to do it, please stop by and leave a comment once you’re done. Thanks, and I can’t wait to see how many participate! If you’re going, don’t forget your camera!

  76. Hey, I’ve been wondering what happened to HLR. Does anyone know?

  77. BB- no, she does not comment on any of the blogs. She reads like crazy, know all of you, but I can’t get her to comment. she’s extremely smart, has great insight!!! She had Obama pegged months ago, I didn’t agree with her her at 1st, but as the saying goes, “Mothers are always right”…
    We are in Wa. state, our 1st experience at a caucus, she was appalled.
    She new at that point, this was going to be a fixed, undemocratic race.
    Boy, was she right, again.
    By the way, I haven’t seen Pat Johnson posting?

  78. I am betting that McCain’s VP will be Charlie Crist
    and heres what Crist brings to the table.

    Passed: Property Tax Reform Reduce property taxes by doubling homestead exemption.

    Passed: Crist and Cabinet members voted 3-1 to overhaul the state’s Jim Crow-era system through the ranks of convicted felons already released from prison — which the state estimates at 628,000 — to identify those now suddenly eligible to get their civil rights back.

    Passed: Cover Florida: $150 a month plan for 3.8 million uninsured. (Mar 2008)

    Passed: Appropriate $100 million to continue to restore Everglades. (Mar 2007)

    Passed:$200M package for solar, wind, & biofuel from citrus. (Mar 2008)
    Propose almost $70 million on alternative energy development. (Mar 2007)

    Governor Charlie Crist today announced that the Florida’s Turnpike Turkey Lake Service Plaza gas station has become the first station in Central Florida to offer E85 (ethanol) for sale to the motoring public.

  79. my blog experience really started around the middle of February, when Obama made his infamous statement about Hillary ‘periodically’ feeling down and lashing out. I somehow found my way to the Tennessee Guerilla Women blog, and enjoyed Egalia’s postings immensely (I still enjoy them) but really didn’t like the comments section, mainly due to resident trolls that turned every discussion into an ugly namecalling session. Egalia is very patient and open-minded and I appreciated that, but didn’t want to participate.

    a link there brought me here, RD’s posts were great and the discussions were not only interesting but polite. I first posted as chris, which is my name, but someone else started using it so I switched to my childhood nickname, which I use a lot online (chris is always taken)

    my earliest memories here were being greeted warmly by Katie (twice, actually, under both names) which I really appreciated so much. also, RD’s writing was wonderfully amusing and everybody was just amazingly nice.

  80. I have noticed my fav PPFLAG mom’s absence too laney-hope she is just on vacation or taking weekend off…I know Pat does not drink koolaid


  81. for some reason I think Pat is away visiting family

  82. Charlie as McCains running mate would love it (open his governor spot for a deserving pro hillary democrat) but not likely Charlie will be offered a cabinet position which I expect he will accept.

    Possible Department of Energy or dep of Interior post.


  83. and Pat’s family just got 4-9 million larger with all the PUMA democrats heading for the exit.


  84. Kiki, I came here relatively recently and like you, really appreciated the lack of troll presence as well as the articles and commentary.
    I kept seeing references to Riverdaughter and the Confluence on Clinton Dems and Sugar ‘n Spice and all the other places I was looking to for a place to park my rage.
    While I still enjoy all my old favorites, I like it here a lot.
    One of the things I appreciate the most is the demographic diversity.
    That’s the dirty little secret the unity gang refuses to acknowledge, bitter disappointment in this season’s nominating process is not limited to any particular group of Americans or political party.
    They (the parties) equally suck.

  85. Laney,

    Pat is in the Boston area for the weekend. Maybe we’ll hear from her tonight. I don’t know when she is returning home.

  86. I honestly cannot remember when I first posted. Is there some way to find it on this blog? I tried the search – no luck. I think I found Confluence & RD very early on from a link at TGW. I’ve spent much more time reading than posting. It’s amazing how this community has grown. RD’s posts, in particular, are smart, inspiring, and very clever. Cheers to her and all the other “posters”.

  87. Fred, another thing about Crist & the VP thingy, he just announced he’s getting married. Meanwhile, the Log Cabnin Republicans hold a Memorial Service for Crist succumbed to Closet-dom.

  88. my dream one day to be smart enough to post a thread on the confluence-oh and winnig the florida lottery so can write a big check pumapac and the denvergroup and max out to reduce hillary’s campaign debt…


  89. SM-who is going to marry crist? arianna huffington?


  90. What a great PUMA family discussion today.

    I am a TM refugee. I followed the strike news online, and then visited Riverdaughter when it was linked via TM & NoQ. Needless to say, the TM environment started to change as the Obots infiltrated with increasing frequency. The negativity was a drag. Then, TM shocked us all by overdosing on a Kool Aid infusion overnight. It was so sudden and jarring, many of us ran for our lives. Adrift, I followed the TM crowd to bitterpoliticz and started hanging out here more. This is now home base. The former English major in me loves the literary wit and (thank God!) the troll-free joy of it all. I am also proud to say I was hanging out reading the day PUMA was born.

    Thank you Riverdaughter and all the other regular passionate and insightful posters who welcomed us refugees: “give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.”

  91. well she did it before…and goodness knows she is a convincing beard…


  92. Has there been any news about how much was raised for Hillary this weekend???

  93. well she did it before…and goodness knows she is a convincing beard…

    I heard he was getting married to Liza with a “z.”

  94. come on everybody should get a good laff from the mental picture of charlie crist and arianna huffington marching down the aisle charlie in his off white dress and arianna in her nice tux…what a picture?

    It is at least worth a laff…and then the huff posters could wake up “taylor marshed” to find there world was now McCain territory.


  95. fif at least you saw the humor….yes fuzzybear is feeling much better

    somebody get me donna brazile I could KO her in one round with my superior wit alone…


  96. I am back from Boston. Three days with family. Someone get me a gin and tonic. Quickly!!

    Updating myself on what I have missed over the last few days. I came here almost from the beginning, February I think. It was so welcoming since it was around that time that the blogosphere was beginning to really tear into Hillary and I could not stand it.

    There were a handful of us at that time and the writing was simply amazing. This little oasis began to grow steadily and we began to coalesce in our reasoning and deductions. When it really sank in was May 31st, the day most of us realized we had been bamboozled.

    Madamab: No Nancy in this play??????

  97. liza yes that is great charlie and LIZA life would truely be a Caberet….


  98. ot, but I just saw a yahoo headline that said something like “are candidates’ policy shifts flip-flopping or good strategy?”

    is there no end to this? the flip-flopping handle, in part, buried Kerry. now that the anointed one is doing it, it’s going to be spun into a good thing. amazing.

  99. If Charlie plays on the other team, good for him. But for someone has to go to such lengths to just be considered for a VP slot is ridiculous. It saddens me to think that people have to conceal their true selves because of what others may think. Disgusting.

  100. is charlie crist gay? I didn’t know that. I don’t really know much about him at all except he’s very tan.

  101. Pat thank God we were about to send out the Posse…now all in need is Carol,Gary, and Mawm and we would be complete….(giving RD a pass as she really needs her rest)
    what you have missed:

    Pat we have charlie crist in florida betrothed to eigther Arianna Huffington or LIZA (to disspell rumors of latent homosexuality) and give him a chance at the VP spot w/McCain.

    Obama admitting that he is “vaginally challenged” and checking into a gender reassignment clinic to create change we could see with our own two eyes…

    and Donna Brazile calling us all republicans…

    and rasing at last count about $ 2250.00 to retire our campaign debt…

    anyone want to add to my summary of the weekend


  102. KiKi-
    here in florida we have a saying on ol’ charlie-“Big on Tan short on Ideas”

    that is ol’ charlie


  103. This is OT but I wanted to share a severe case of Obamaitis in our local paper today. A writer was critiquing political books and at the bottom he commented on Hillary winning the popular vote in Texas (by over 100,000):

    “Despite Barack Obama’s new school approach and message of change, the popular vote showed that Texas was still segregated in it’s political thought.”

    Even today this kook hasn’t figured out that Obama’s so-called “message of change” just might be changing the Democratic party into a place that’s not acceptable (insurance-laden health care/faith-based initiatives, etc.)

  104. fuzzy, lol!

    is he better than Jeb?

  105. The diaries are great! Reading them makes me proud to be a Confucian and a PUMA. I made my contribution to pay off the debt awhile back. My Hillary deserves as much as we can offer her since she was so willing to “Take It To The Limit” for us.

    It would be hard to choose my favorite post but the one that stands out was done by my friend Bostonboomer, her letter to Hillary. That was the day we all lost it for those who were online and we all had to take a well earned break.

    Today that letter sits right here on my computer, framed and matted. Lovely.

  106. Aww, c’mon Pat. Saddens? Haven’t women had to hide their “true selves” (Patricia Nixon smoked, but NEVER in public; Mary Kay (super pink ladies) weren’t allowed to wear pants or smoke in public either) for lo these many, many, many years. Let’s not be sad, let’s be angry that folks can’t be themselves, period.

    But, as a Floridian, I agree that Crist is the VP in waiting. I said so to my boss the day after the BIG Everglades/Big Sugar land deal. That was just a few days after Crist switched………to support offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, which was just a day after McCain switched to the same “stance.”

  107. Having been with family for a few days I can report back that the diehard Dems I spent time with are all anti Obama. Some are refusing to vote, others are going to vote McCain. And these are died in the wool Kennedy supporters from way back!

    They are very wary of Obama and simply do not trust him. They are deeply angry at the DNC as well. They want to send a message in November.

  108. Jmac –

    that is all we are going to here from september to november….no policy issues just race race and mor of the same…

    my fav moment in the McCain/Obama debates when obama says for the umteenth time-

    I have to agree with John (McCain) on that…

    Me and John (McCain) see eye to eye on that issue…

    oh and my personal future fav…

    …John I think you are likeable enough….


  109. Michael “fuzzy” Varvel,

    Have you seen this blog at Huffpo?

    It’s called Charlie Crist isn’t gay, okay?


    Apparently, Crist’s beloved owns a costume company (speaking of beards).

  110. connie I am a floridian too and I think crist would like to be the running mate and is going to gat somekind of “prize” for delivering florida in the primary…He is a centrist here in florida not a rightwinger at all better than jeb-well kiki-jeb was unique-he has a great wife.


  111. I wish there was such a thing as a “do over”. Hillary would be 15 points ahead by now. Obama is switching positions faster than Madonna! Wonder what NARAL is thinking now that Obama has come out in favor of “restrictions” on partial birth abortion. No man on the face of this earth should be making decisions about a woman’s right to decide. Including the clergy.

  112. Fuzzy – I agree Charlie is definitely not right wing. He’s actually done some good stuff (shocking to me for a Republican to do anything good). I’m a director for an environmental nonprofit and Crist stepped in and strong armed the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission – stopping them from changing manatees from endangered to threatened. He got a 5 star rating for that, in my book.

  113. Pat,

    I’m so glad you’re back! Gin and tonic coming right up. How were the fireworks? I didn’t watch, but I could hear them in my bedroom. It’s amazing how the sound carries. I could have gone up to the top of the hill to watch them in the distance, but was too busy.

  114. Arianna Huffington should be ashamed-she is modern histories most brilliant example of a beard (a long black curly haired greek one no less.) I believe when Arianna goes out in the sun the birds wont “poop” on her because they feel it would be redundant.


  115. Everyone please take a look at that Huffpo piece I linked to above. It’s very funny, even it it’s at awful Arianna’s place.

  116. bb: The fireworks were awesome! The symphony was stellar! The drive back, horrible. MA Pike very crowded and as you near the New York/NH exit traffic backed up. Had two little granddaughters getting Grandma up at dawn to play! Am exhausted! Probably should have waited to come home on Monday with less traffic but I missed my own bed. Had a good time though.

  117. BB – it’s hysterical.

    A prediction: if the Great O wins (smite me, please), we’ll see Jeb in 2012………….the dynasty continues. Except he got the brains and the charm in the family, since obviously no one else in the Bush clan has any. Of course, he’s as conniving as his CIA daddy. VERY SCARY thought!

  118. Pat I asume that you include the Widow Ratzinger in Rome too….

    Connie and my comment under syncronisity about the comeback of the “florida ‘puma’ Panther” charlie was big on saving the only native big cat in Florida.

    As much as I hate offshore drilling I would rather it be done by far more responsible US Firms that teh Chinese slant drinning down by Cuba…

    We may need that oil to provide a bridge to the future “post-petroleum” america….


  119. bostonboomer- and comming from her (arianna’s)blog gives it the height of hypocracy….


  120. Michael: You bet! That is why I think religion should just be the caretaking of the soul, not a political arm of bigotry and exclusion. That is why for centuries we have always been at war with one country or another. Religion, religion, religion. And this is coming from someone who had 12 years of Catholic school education! Me.

  121. This is funny. Bill Clinton was at the “Aspen Ideas Festival” yesterday and he never once mentioned Barack Obama. Here is one remark he made though:

    Bill Clinton is speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and he said just now, apropos of almost nothing (actually, during a long peroration on Nelson Mandela): “Every living soul on this planet has some highly-justified anger. Everyone. If you know anybody who was a P.O.W. for any time, they can be going on for years and all of a sudden something will happen that will trigger all those bad memories.”

    Not too subtle. Astonishingly, his interviewer, former Clinton Administration official Jane Wales, didn’t follow-up. One subject Clinton didn’t talk about at all: Barack Obama. He seemed to go out of his way, in fact, not to mention Obama’s name. Which, when you think about, calls into question whether the P.O.W. shot was actually an intentional shot at all. On the other hand, I believe that Bill Clinton doesn’t say things by accident.

  122. Connie the big “o” (please use lower case here more ironic) will only see the inside of the oval office when President Clinton invites him oer for waffles….


  123. Check out this site, really funny, comparing Barack Obama to Chauncey Gardener from the movie, Being There:


  124. well, heck, I found a picture of them and they’re not even in costumes 😦


  125. The Chinese are not drilling off Cuba. At least not yet – that’s another oft repeated Republican lie (I believe you can check that out at factcheck.org).

    There’s not enough oil offshore or in ANWR to risk the environmental damage both would do. And we’re not dealing with oil shortages but unregulated (thanks Congress) speculation. See this link: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=8878

  126. the POW comment was for us PUMA’s my translation-“Keep up the good work and our girl may stage the biggest comback in august since the 1969 Mets.”

    It pains me to say that as I am a life long Cub fan.


  127. Apparently I missed Jesse Helms passing. Race baiter, homophobic, sexist, mean spirited, hateful, uneducated, unenlightened, obscene human being that he was. Hope he is doing a two step right now with the Devil himself.

  128. At the first of the year I didn’t even know what a blog was. I only used my computer to look up specific things,write a letter/email, get maps and pay my bills. Then, I watched the medias treatment of the media spin Bill’s statement and started portraying Bill and Hillary as r@cist – and once again nobody came forward and said That’s a blatant lie!!!” – I almost spun out of control myself. I literally did not sleep for days I was so upset. And when I did I would wake up crying.
    I thought hmm.. I wonder if Hillary has a website? That’s how naive I was!
    Somehow I got here and I do not exaggerate when I say this place saved my sanity. Of course my family is a little worried about me now that I’m completely addicted and will check on me when they hear me cussing or laughing hysterically. Oops! did I just say I’m hysterical..?
    My first comment was about my nephew who’s heading to Iraq in February. I remember edwardian welcomed me and expressed concern for my nephew. And that reminds me. Has Kim been around? Did she find out anything about her son’s stop/loss yet? I’ll go check her blog…

  129. New video about The Denver Group–keeping the Democratic Party democratic. Watch and rate up!

  130. If we are capable of producing palm pilots, submarines, jet planes, Stonehenge, processed foods, why are we not capable of producing a car that can run on 100 gallons of fuel?

    We can. We just need to get these great scientists, engineers, and mathematicians into a room and let them go for it. Now is the time.

  131. Wow, I have a comment in moderation and I don’t know what I said wrong.

  132. Oops! A sentence got lost in my 1st paragraph about the way Hillary was treated by the media from the get go and nobody stood up for her.

  133. Whoops, meant to say “can run 100 miles on a gallon of fuel”.

  134. Connie-

    I agree that speculation caused due to low margin requirements in the commodities markets has lead to unsustainable oil prices. These price levels will eventually lead to a costly colapse in the markets a’la 1980’s. Can anyone say Nelson Bunker Hunt?

    But until actual exploration is done any statements about how much Oil is in the east gulf or eastern continental shelf is purely speculation.

    I would prefer that it remain that way but at least we should know how much is really down there? 10, 50, or 100 billion barrels? it would be a chip on our table.


  135. CAgal -right on it Big Dawg Bill is a r@cist then I am David Duke….opps Donna Brazile already called me that.

    the problem is we backed the right candidate and the powers that be backed a loser-how do we hold them accountable?


  136. Question-how do you know if you have a comment in “moderation”? and how do you know if it is released?

    Novice in me showing up


  137. This election is like a match up between Bob Dole and Michael Dukakis. And about as exciting.

    Except for watching Obama disown everyone he has ever known, including family members, shifting on every position he has ever taken, and throwing quite a few of us under the bus, there has been little activity or enthusiasm on either side.

  138. fuzzy,
    How do we hold ’em accountable?

    I’m wondering how much it costs to rent a bulldozer in Chicago.

  139. I can see it, it say’s “your comment is awaiting moderation”

  140. it’s too bad that Republicans have to be homophobic to appease their right wing-nuts…otherwise, if Crist is gay – awesome, bring it on. The Republicans would be more progressive than the Dems if he were a VP nominee…

    Also, gay-Republicans are seen as scourge of the earth by Republicans and Democrats which is a sad statement that both parties act this way.

  141. can’t wait when Obama has to disown Michelle – “she’s not the woman I married nearly 20 years ago. And by the way, I’ve never heard her say Whitey…must’ve been while I was out of the house.”

  142. I’m in moderation too. Don’t know anything about it.

  143. Ah, Gov. Charlie Crist. Charming, nice, popular, young, & photogenic. Campaigned on property tax relief, paper trail for voting machines, anti-offshore drilling, protection/restoration of Everglades, etc. Appealing positions to most FL. voters.
    So what does this have to do with his VP potential? He helped the repubs. game the FL. primary.
    The repub majority passed legislation, the title was 154 words long, that included the following:

    1) Increased Homestead Exemption from $25,000 to $50,000 (property tax relief)
    2) Mandated paper trail for voting machines
    3) Changed FL. Constitution to allow sitting Gov. to run for Federal office (was illegal before)-VP eligibility!
    4) Moved the FL. primary up ONE WEEK-this is what caused the disenfranchisement of FL. Dem voters.

    1 & 2 above were the bait. Dem legislators and voters desperately wanted the paper trail. Property owners wanted the tax relief. The Repubs wouldn’t allow any amendments to change the primary date.
    Did he act on his promises-Yes, EXCEPT, he is now considering off-shore drilling AND now has to INCREASE property taxes by 8% to make up for the shortfall in the budget!
    So, he did deliver FL. to the repubs. He will not be the VP nominee, IMHO, because of extreme right-wing bias against alternative lifestyles. They are going to throw him under the bus.
    He really is a good man, even if he is a repub!

  144. it could be helpful, to while away the time while RD is gone, if someone on staff could tell us what sends a comment to moderation. or is that posted here somewhere?

  145. oh maybe I have never been in moderation? I try to avoid offensive words or at least pull out my thesaurus…


  146. Hi kiki,

    I’ve been out and about so I haven’t kept as close an eye on the moderation que… I’ll check it as soon as I’m done typing this.

    Certain harsh words and unformatted links are the most common reasons for triggering moderation. But sometimes there is no obvious reason.

    So, if something disappears let us know and usually an administrator is floating around someplace….

    My email is katiebird@gmail.com if you can’t get my attention through the comments.

  147. Fun quote from African American 2006 TN Senate candidate criticizing The Precious:

    Ford, now the chairman of the moderate Democratic Leadership Council, criticized Obama during the primary for staying in his comfort zone rather than venturing into rural and working-class areas to try to win over skeptical voters.

    Obama’s problem in places like rural Tennessee, Ford argues, is not an issue of race but of culture gap. What would an affluent U.S. senator from Chicago’s South Side know about the world and worries of a shopkeeper from Dickson County or a single mom from Murfreesboro?

    “He doesn’t need to ride rodeo or hunt if he doesn’t like hunting,” Ford wrote in a recent Newsweek column. “People know that the candidates running for president don’t live just the way they live. But they want to knew that they’re understood, that their daily struggles are respected.

    “Obama should mingle,” he added. “He should go to the states where he lost big: Walk across Kentucky and West Virginia. He should take half a day and work as a fireman, a waiter, a mechanic.”


  148. thank you pam-I think you explained very well charlie’s acomplishments some very admirable some self serving and some pure politics….I like to think that Charlie is a decent guy too….he supported civil unions very unpopular here-


  149. this is an old post from 3/24 from HC.com i did-and know I am not clairvoyant-pay attention to the last part:

    03/24 A gay obama supporter friend asked me why the gay community should support Hillary Clinton and I have answer which I would like to share with you all: The Clintons have made our issues their issues and for the first time in history candidate Bill Clinton said there is a place for you in my administration and he backed those words with action by appointing over 200 openly gay and lesbian citizens to his administration.

    He had first gay person as ambassador to Luxembourg (Luxembourg also had the first African American woman ambassador) and appointed us to the federal courts. President Clinton took hits for us and expended political capital on us. Even when he lost the gays in the military vote he still made a place at the table for us.

    Hillary will do no less – she led the fight to stop the anti-gay marriage amendment to the constitution. She has openly gay and lesbian advisors working on issues of gay youth.

    Obama? What has he done for us in the last year? I am betting on the person that has a proven track record for us. Not someone who’s only acknowledgement of us was in an elegantly written keynote speech “…and we have some gay friends in red states”…duh- I live in republican Florida! While he is a charismatic speaker, he has missed 144 votes in the senate and actually voted incorrectly on over a dozen occasions -maybe he will accidentally veto ENDA in error? Because it is politically expedient.

    On being a Uniter: Being a uniter is a good thing, but there are sometimes when you have to have the moral courage and fiber to be a divider of the house. There are occasions when you will have no common ground, where you are right and the opponent is wrong, you must stand your ground, where no compromise is acceptable. You have to be ready for that moment and you have to draw your line in the sand and say I cannot abide on this we must part ways. I do not see that in Barak Obama he will fail when that time comes.


  150. thanks Katie!

  151. It is a true delight to celebrate River Daughter. Without her, nobody other than my relatives and a group of friends would ever have visited http://heidilipotpourri.blogspot.com/ or http://thedenvergroup.blogspot.com/

    Perhaps a worthy tribute to RD’s writing and her wonderful readers is to let you know that soon there will an update on what The Denver Group has been able to accomplish just today. Why is that a tribute to RD? Because in this great effort to fix our country and redeem The Democratic Party and to support Senator Clinton, people like RD have made it possible for people to take some time off while others do the heavy lifting for a bit. RD: I hope you relaxing and refreshing; we are happily working away in your honor!

  152. “Obama should mingle,” he added. “He should go to the states where he lost big: Walk across Kentucky and West Virginia. He should take half a day and work as a fireman, a waiter, a mechanic.”

    good lord, if you live in KY or WVA, don’t let your house catch fire or your car break down! I suppoe he couldn’t do much harm as a waiter, except you’d be asking for ketchup and he’d say ‘excuse me, I’m eating my waffle right now’

  153. Heidi Li thank you for providing me a link for my last two contributions to reduce our campaign debt…
    for Hillary does anyone know how we did?


  154. Fuzzy, I’ve been wondering the same thing. there seem to be so many places to donate and no place that I’ve found that shows any totals.

  155. KiKi last I heard was we at the confluence were at $ 2250.00-on saturday in the AM….


  156. that’s really very good! and there had to be other groups getting together to donate as well, not to mention lots of individuals.

  157. Heidi Li, you go yourself, girl!
    While we’re passing out props to RD and all the exceptional people here, we have to give a big shout out to you and all the others who work so hard to give direction to our discontent.
    Bless you all.
    And thank you.

  158. Heidi Li,

    I can’t wait to hear your report!

  159. And don’t forget that a few days ago, we raised around $3,000 in one day.

  160. I had only became a regular reader beginning of June I think – when PUMA was born. After that, I didn’t miss a post.
    And I love many of the comments – i copy then and sometimes they
    became fodder for my own musings at my blog.
    From my own “Best of – Confluence comments:
    ben carlson, on June 19th, 2008 at 8:06 pm Said:

    What I think really frustrates the DC Elite, especially the women, is that they can’t take a way Hillary’s rank as a former first lady. I was thinking of Russert’s state funeral, which I didn’t think to watch or read about, and how President and Mrs. Clinton showed up for it. They will always be lead to the front at all events. They will always be front row. She will always walk right by the Sally Quinns of this world and will always have precedence over them no matter how they treat her. What do they plan to do with the Clintons at the Convention? not invite them? Ban the former President? The Clintons will be always higher ranking than Gore, Kerry, and the Obamas, and the Greenspans and so on..

    And a few more from this thread:
    chatblu, on June 30th, 2008 at 2:32 pm Said:

    You know, we should probably consider forming a benevolent association,the Sons or Daughters of the Asphalt (SODA). (My DAR/UDC mother would be so proud)>

    regencyg, on June 30th, 2008 at 4:22 pm Said:

    That Bill-Obama call sounds like.

    *ring ring*

    Bill (picks up): Hello.

    BO: Hey, Bill…

    Bill: ….You have reached fromer President Bill Clinton. Please leave a message at the sound of your ass losing in November. *click*

    Arabella Trefoil, on June 29th, 2008 at 6:38 pm Said:

    Obama’s stock-in-trade is voter suppression.

    If Hillary’s supporters refused to hitch their wagons to the Unity Pony, they’d just stay home and be bitter. And unenergized. His biggest fear is that the “Hillary Democrats” vote for the Republican.

    We wants you to be depressed and demotivated. The energy and power of the PUMA movement must be stopped.

    In the meantime, Obama’s volunteers are registering every bacteria in the kitchen sink to boost his numbers. They have new eensy-weensy voting booths ready for election day to accomodate the new voterzoans.

  161. As the weekend winds down…..

    Boardwalk Breather…My Favorites from the Jersey Shore to NM (Yes, There are Boardwalks in NM!!)

    Relax and see some great pics as I remember good times at the Jersey Shore…Southside Johnny is still playing at the Stone Pony (as of July 3rd!)

    Enjoy and take a breather….so PUMAs can start the week’s
    fight for democracy in a positive mode!!

  162. oy, words of wisdom from our current president…

    “Jesse Helms was a kind, decent and humble man and a passionate defender of what he called ‘the Miracle of America.’ So it is fitting that this great patriot left us on the Fourth of July,” President Bush said in a statement Friday.

    we really can’t afford Bush-Lite…….

  163. Giving much credit to the great and mighty Riverdaughter, I implore all those that admire the Presidency of Big Dawg Clinton read this post at NoQuarter and if you’re so inclined passed it on.

    Barack Obama has lied once again in one of his ads about his support of Big Dawg’s welfare reform. He was against it, before he was against it some more. Now, he’s all aboard. We shant reward that with silence, shall we?

  164. I do not remember exactly how I arrived at the Confluence but I know it probably involved a trail that went through HRC web site, to TM, to NQ, Anglachel , HLF and other HRC friendly venues. With the creation of PUMA, RD has become a true VIP (very important place) in my life. I can not tell you how much I appreciate the absence of Obama supporter traffic—here and at Anglachel’s this safe haven and their silence really opens up the communication.

    As we celebrate and say, “I told you so”, with each new Obama move to a new positions, I wonder, how long is it going to be before Obamaland blames all the moves of The Precious on HRC joining his campaign? I see it coming, if it has not already happened.

    I am not sure how much Obama has changed his tunes and how much of what we see and hear now is just the outing of what has been there for some time. David Brooks of the NYT was one of the earliest “conservative/Republican” pundits to push the Obama candidacy in NYT articles and as a pundit on the PBS Lehrer Newhour. He has now written a few pieces “revealing” what many of us already knew—that Obama was getting money from contributors bundled through huge corporations that represented Wall St., energy, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and other “policy positions” that many HRC supporters seemed to know months ago even though what one saw in various media was another narrative. Now we have a July 4 NYT editorial looking at Obama like he has just turned purple and pink in front of their eyes and they are amazed and dazed. I am waiting for the editorial that blames his game changes on HRC.

    I have never been so disillusioned with the Democratic Party. As I have talked with some of my Republican friends who have been so disillusioned with the Rep. party under Bush, Frist, DeLay et al, we find ourselves literally all singing a similar tale of woe—what we thought our respective parties stood for we find to be a sham and a farce and we are all left with lies and liars.

  165. I think many progressives for Obama have seen the light and i like to take this time and WELCOME them back. Come lets UNITE and get Hillary elected. Let bygones be bygones, Obama has exposed himself and it’s NOT to late to send his ass back to the senate. We got room for you under the PUMA tent…show them some PUMA love people.
    In Honor Of Many Obama Supporters That Have Seen The Light And Returned, From All Us PUMA’S http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCaUJN6MFrw

  166. Obama is not a progressive. With a record that is thin enough to read through those blogs and pundits who readily jumped onboard had no clear vision of where he stood on any issue with the exception of the Iraq war vote which I am sure he would have voted in favor of had he been in the Senate.

    Now that he appears to be dodging and weaving they are coming to terms with the fact that they may have backed an untested brand. We could have told them as much.

    Perhaps this will only lessen the charges of “racist” against those of us who refused to climb onboard the Messiah express to nowhere. Small comfort in the end but I will take it.

  167. True pat, and It’s still time for them to save this country from 4 more years of CHAOS. I welcome them back and hope they join us and get a real C.I.C in the White House.

  168. The MSM, which led the charge on Obama’s behalf need to lead it once again if we are to have a viable candidate in the WH. Should they start calling him out and underscoring his deficiencies there may be a chance.

    I personally believe that if they keep Hillary off the first ballot this will be over. But if they place both names in nomination there could be a shift. He leads her by a mere 100+ delegates and if they can get both names open on the first ballot you may see some crossover. However, if his is the only name offered in round 1 there will not be a round 2.

    I think some of those delegates are scared of bucking the DNC right now.

  169. Fred-Pat– But, I don’t know if all of these people can admit they were wrong? Seems to me, this is the biggest problem. He flip flops, they make an excuse for him. He screws up, they say he has a plan, he’s got a reason. Please, its worse than the Repubs trying to cover up Bush’s craziness…

  170. Pat, don’t you think that if HRC’s name is not on the ballot that there could be a huge backlash from the newly-energized PUMA lead contingent?

  171. Laney: It probably would take an amazing turnaround if some of these pundits and the MSM agreed that a major mistake has been made. And yes, I do believe much of their unwillingness to do so would be difficult for them to admit error. However, as he goes along it appears that it may more and more difficult to continually praise or excuse these positions. After 8 years of Bush apologizing and propping up they may feel they owe it to both the public and their own credibility to back off.

    As for any uprising should Hillary not being on the first roll call, I have an idea that the DNC and the Obama campaign pretty much are in control of the convention and to hell with any PUMA opposition. I think they will take their chances as their entire theme at this point is “unity” so any consideration on her behalf will be ignored. At least outwardly.

    My feeling is that they will come out strong after the convention because there will be no other options on the table.

  172. Pat- It is so sickening and frustrating to read what you just wrote.
    To come out after the fact, will be such a dis-service to the country, and for what? Because they are afraid of a strong woman, afraid of riots, afraid they won’t have money for their next election. For all of their afraids, we, the American People, will be saddled with another 4 years of a very bad POTUS, weather it be Obama (hope not), or McCain. I get so angry every time I think of it…

  173. wrong whether…

  174. Pat,

    Glad you had a great weekend with your family.

    I agree with you that the only chance of an upset at the convention is a gigantic 8+ BZero political earthquake although I still hope like so many that it might take place.

    The blogger boyz, other than the “head” bloggers who are hedging their bets, are excusing all the “refinements and course corrections” BZero is making.

    It is pathetic that a democratic nominee is pandering to the fundies, the right to lifers and hawks. No one seems to get that he is talking up a re-escalation in Afghanistan and even unilaterial action in Pakistan.

    Perhaps it is my advancing years, but for the first time in my life I worry about our future and it is a worry beyond political terms, it is angst about our standing in the world and way of life.

  175. do not forget blogtalkradio tonite show now on 8-10pm sorry no link-listening right now

  176. Since the MSM is ignoring the millions of dems who are saying NO OBAMA!
    JustSayNoDeal has its own radio station.

    Tonight at 8pm EST, PAULA ABELES, MARILU SOCHOR of REAL DEMOCRATS and HARRIET CHRISTIAN !! — Its on right now…

    Please bookmark this website, listen often (schedule posted on the website), pass it on to those interested.

    You can call into this show as well, the number is listed on the website:


  177. What we have to keep in mind is what Mawm had pointed out a few weeks ago: the convention was chosen on a day honoring an MLK speech. It was all sown up. Thrown in favor of the minority candidate to make history! This was their intent from the beginning. Nothing is going to move them now to play fair.

    Unfortunately, and I say this with no other reason than deduction, no amount of pressure will change the outcome. It is a done deal. Second thoughts by those who can make the difference are probably being felt but squelched at the same time. The will not screw the party.

    Think of it: The DNC, the Obama campaign, the super delegates who rushed to declare before all votes were in, the Rules Committee, the compliant MSM, and the talking heads have led us to this. It was ordained. If they could have gotten her out earlier, as their cries implied, all the better. She made them “wait”.

    Their reliance is strictly based on a poor campaign now being waged by McCain. Their hope, with or without us who have backed away, is that just enough voters will show up to pull him over in November. McCain is lackluster but they will hang with Obama because the fix was in long ago and will remain in effect. These are just my thoughts.

  178. good show tonite-fuzzybeargville

  179. thanks ssmith my hero


  180. Great great blog. I love the company and spirit here. There’s a real Democratic spirit here that just won’t give up.

    Rise, Hillary Rise
    Roar PUMAs!

  181. I too worry about the future. The mid east is always a stone’s throw away from complete conflagration. If Israel does bomb Iran the next course will be an all out war because of the oil. We cannot have the price of oil going for 10.00 a gallon because our economic survival is based on that one commodity alone.

    Should they block the Straits of Hormuz we will be escalating our presence and Iraq will surely fall apart. We are stretched too thin militarily at this point in time to keep all balls in the air. Afghanistan and Pakistan are wobbly. Who knows what direction the other “neutral” Arab countries will align with. We are sadly on the brink.

    And with these two candidates as the standard bearers for the US does anyone have any real hope that either one is up to the possibilities that this could occur? I don’t.

  182. Don’t disagree at all with your deductions. My only thought is that something along the lines of the disclosure of Eagleton’s medical history might have an impact. I know it is a far-fetched idea, but….

    This campaign will be a referendum on BZero and I don’t think it matters much about the McCain campaign. He can’t run a horrible campaign, but a passable one. It is about whether or not BZero is “ready” and all he has to do is C+ work. In the end, it is about comfort level. If the comfort level is not assuaged, I think McCain will win no matter what BZero does.

  183. Pat- You make TONS of sense, and I know your right.
    But, are they all that ignorant to think McCain is going to stay quit?
    I think you’ll see 527’s like you have never seen before. They are going to have a field day with the Obama’s. Its so apparent, I just don’t understand the Supers not seeing this.

  184. It will probably be close when November rolls around. Events on the ground will play a part in the end.

  185. It was interesting even after BZero’s pander to the right-to-lifers that they unanimously opposed him at their convention. That is telling.

  186. Can we keep hoping for Denver, maybe some miracle?
    please, please, please… say yes, make me feel better. lol

  187. Apathy and resignation will get Obama elected.

  188. Laney, YES! we certainly can keep hoping for a miracle – I know I am!

  189. Yes, we can keep hope alive for Denver. I am just speaking on behalf of myself and what I have deduced from what is going on out there. We see corruption right in front of our eyes and know how power works. I am listening to the radio blog at the same time and my hopes for a national uprising rise up somewhat when I hear activists outline their plans.

  190. Laney-Yes! I keep hoping for a miracle, too, at the convention. But, then, I remember that I never imagined that we would have seen the events of the last few months. And, I keep wondering why the Republicans haven’t at least begun their fight. Am I wrong or does it seem as if the world is complicit with this bad dream!

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  191. WELL THEN, LET’S RISE !!!
    We know one thing, they were not expecting so many people to protest, they were not expecting P.U.M.A.

    Don’t you feel proud when you think of it, at least we’ve got a voice now…

  192. I am surprised that the GOPers have not been more forceful in their opposition to Obama. With the exception of Hannity there seems to be little negativity surrounding him which is unusual.

  193. Don’t you think they are waiting until after the convention?
    I think they know they can’t win up against Hill, why rock the boat before the convention?

  194. Pat-That depresses me as much as anything else….that there has been little forthcoming from the Republicans and Fox.

  195. Laney: I agree with that assessment. It is just unusual that they have been holding back. Usually they are out in full force.

  196. I know that it will be hard this week w/o riverdaughter. I am,however, reminded of the song the girls in my daughter’s fifth grade graduation sang. The title was ‘Roots and Wings’. All the parents were in tears, it was about giving the kids a foundation that allows (even encourages) them to fly away. RD has given us that, we will miss her, but will give o headaches all week long. Confluence PUMAS rock.

  197. I don’t think they know how to criticize him without the attendant claims of race. If BZero could do it to Pres. Big Dawg, the repugs are afraid of their shadow.

  198. But Pat, Don’t you think they might also think that Hillary is unbeatable against McCain? They managed to keep quiet about Obama’s weaknesses all the way through the process. Why would they break now that they’re so close to victory?

  199. Prolix-If they are afraid of their shadows….then I am afraid! I can’t believe it! I’ve truly lost my mind….that I’m depending on the Republicans to defeat my party! Even cheering them on! Ac-c-k!

  200. Prolix: You think so? I don’t think the Repubs care if their called racists or anything else. They have no scruples when it comes to politics and winning… Look at the Harold Ford commercial, they knew what they were doing, they didn’t care. Harold Ford lost because of the commercial.

  201. Lakota,

    I have the exact same feelings, never in my life have I been cheering for repugs — it’s so antithethical to all I have ever believed. I do believe that McCain elevation of Steve Schmidt will change the “messaging” of McCain to be more palatable and more aggressive.

    One other thing, I have never, never turned to Fox for any analysis or commentary, but during this season, I have — truly the world is upside down.

  202. In the past the GOPers reserve their big guns for after the conventions. The summer is usually rather slow in terms of news cycles. Many people are on vacation and the folks who weren’t paying much attention during the primaries won’t start paying attention to the GE until after the conventions.

    And I think there’s some inklings that the media spin is slowing changing. Of course none will admit that they were insane for the last 17 months, they’ll just start reporting less favorably on Obama.

    The NYT article about the utter disorganization and money pit the Convention has become made me LOL, since it highlighted two things that have historically types the Dems to their disadvantage for years — profligate spending without the money to pay for it and out-of-touch elitism (multi-food-color requirements? c’mon).

    Then there was the NYT editorial about Obama’s flip flops. He’s not the golden boy any more. It will be the death of a thousand cuts, though, not a big whomping reversal on MSM’s part.

  203. Mawm and myiq2xu — please send me an email — katiebird@gmail.com

  204. I just read that Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard was on the Sunday morning talk circuit saying McCain needs to start talking about gay marriage and gays in the military in order to energize his campaign. are these people stark raving batshit crazy? we are fighting two wars, our reputaion and our ecomony are duking it out for the lowest spot in the toilet, gas is $4 a gallon, sick people can’t go to the doctor, people can’t afford FOOD for god’s sake, mostly cause they don’t have jobs……have I covered the main issues?

    oh wait, gay marriage and gays in the military. really, those are the main issues facing this country in 2008. right this minute, I don’t want ANYBODY to be president. I’m pretty sick of it all.

  205. Valhalla,

    If the newspapers turn on BZero, it would be death by a thousand paper cuts.

  206. Valhalla – This is my analysis of what will happen, exactly. The MSM is only pretending to like Obama. They’ve already started to turn on him. Once the sh*tstorm starts AFTER the convention, they will cluck their tongues and say, “Oh, we gave him the benefit of the doubt. So sad he wasn’t who we thought he was.”

    The only hope we have to is to nominate Hillary. Otherwise, we are looking at President McCain.

  207. Valhalla, I dunno – I saw a story today that was spinning ‘flip-flops’ as brilliant campaign strategy. at least the headline was, I couldn’t bear to actually read the article.

  208. I guess I posted my last post too early. I wrote earlier how I still have the crumpled up post it note on which I wrote the name of this web site after hearing Riverdaughter on a radio show out of PA that was broadcast on the net. I don’t know how I came upon it but it was fate.

  209. kiki, was that out of Egypt, the Denial Daily?

  210. i can’t figure out how to post on the blogradio show that’s on now, but i wanted to post here — the young woman (21 –her first election) from california who just called to speak to harriet just about made me cry.

    what a great call.

  211. We’re not going to hope- we are going to make that miracle happen.

    1) Support the Denver Group

    2) Reveal Obama to everyone.

    PUMAS can make this happen

  212. What about those poll numbers? Obama is building up a pretty big lead against McCain and just a few days ago, the numbers were running the other way? Are these just too early to say much? They sure don’t seem to match up with the CNN polls about HRC reporters. Also what about the report of 25,000,000 new young voters?

  213. harriet christian is on blogtalk radio
    she is wonderful


  214. Dukakis, Kerry, and Ross Perot were all wondering the same thing about this time in their elections.

  215. I got to talk to harriet christian on blog talk radio-it was the highlight of my 4th of july weekend -yes ol’fuzzybear was on air live and didn’t get bleeped-


    Invited the listeners to the confluence-they are all PUMA Proud

  216. Jangles – the big “o” is dreaming -and 8 supers left obama today and pledged Hillary get this out on all the blogs the supers are beginning to shift to hillary-this is big news get this out-to every blog.

    Code word “the Chair is Against the Door” and the super delegates are begining to do their job.

    this is a fuzzybear newsflash-


  217. you were great fuzzy!

  218. thanks on new thread now – fuzzybeargville

  219. Jangles —

    Are you concern trolling or is that a genuine question (I’m neutrally inquiring, beg your pardon if a genuine question).

    This is the year the Dems Couldn’t Lose. Except they can. Obama’s up by just about the same amount amount Kerry was at this time. The generic Democrat is running 15-20 points ahead of the generic Republican — and Obama’s only up by 5, barely above the margin of error.

    25 million new ‘youth’ voters? Is that the talking point today? Dear Barack: Good luck with that.

    Obama maxed out on everything in March — exposure, money, support, social networking and blog bandwagon jumpers etc. Almost anyone swayed by the trendiness of the ObamaIpod has already been swayed. He has support to lose, certainly, but not much to gain.

    Maybe the Republicans will roll over and play dead this year. Maybe, in the interests of a kinder, gentler nation (anyone else ‘member that one?) they will decide they’d rather shake Obama’s hand than blast him with their smeary Attack Howitzer. Maybe. But I doubt it.

  220. I lurked at Taylor Marsh for months, until the RBC meeting and Taylor’s shift to Obama. By the beginning of June I was another Marshan refugee looking for a new online home.

    LAMusing, whose posts I had very much appreciated at TM, recommended The Confluence. So did Anglachel. The first blog comment I ever posted anywhere online was in response to Riverdaughter’s June 5 “Welcome to New Readers.”

    Two days later, still feeling quite new at this, I happened to post at the exact same moment as SM’s now-famous “PUMA post”: 12:01pm, June 5, 2008.

    As I said in my very first comment, it’s good to be among you all.

  221. Pardon me, I meant to type June 7, not June 5.

  222. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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