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Obama Hears a “Huh?” A Play in One Oblivious Act.

THE SCENE: BARACK OBAMA is sleeping in a five-star hotel room. Four-poster bed, multi-room suite, you know the deal. He has a purple satin sleep mask over his eyes. His wife, MICHELLE, can be heard, but not seen, humming “Hail To the Chief” from the enormous bathroom, where she is taking a bubble bath.

BILL BURTON, Obama’s campaign manager, knocks diffidently on the bedroom door.

BURTON: Hey, Barack? Are you awake yet?

MICHELLE (from bathroom): Dammit Bill, I told you to call him “Mr. President!”

BURTON: (rolling his eyes) Sorry, Michelle. Uh, Mr. President?

OBAMA: (stretching and removing his mask) Oh, hey Bill. [BURTON enters the room] What time is it?

BURTON: Almost 6 am. Up and at ’em, tiger!

OBAMA: Oh man. My waffles coming?

BURTON: Like always, Mr. President. [OBAMA smiles.]

OBAMA: Cool. So, what’s happening today? Is everybody happy?

BURTON: Uh, not really, Mr. President. [OBAMA’s smile disappears.]

OBAMA: What the hell? What will it take for those Catwomen –

BURTON: PUMAs, Barack.

OBAMA: [waving hand dismissively] Fine, fine, whatever, PUMAs – to get on the Obama train? Do I have to give them a kiss or something?

BURTON: Actually, I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about your fans in the blogosphere. They are really, really pissed about this FISA compromise.

OBAMA: [chuckling] Oh. I thought it was something serious! After everything I’ve said and done, they’re mad at me about FISA, huh? Lord, they are hilarious. They really think I’m going to filibuster? Are they crazy? I don’t have time for that crap, I’ve got a campaign to run! Let Feingold and Dodd take care of it.

BURTON: But they’ve threatened to withhold campaign donations. They’ve formed a group of 16,000 people on your website.

OBAMA: [smiling] Come on, Bill. I’ve got fundraisers coming up where people are paying $30,000 a plate to see me. Does Markos really think his $2300 is going to make a dent? Seriously, these people do not have a clue.

BURTON: So, you think they’ll vote for you anyway?

MICHELLE (from the bathroom): Of course they will! You think they’ll vote for John McCain? After all…

[all three together]: Where else can they go?

BURTON: [smiling] You’re right, Mr. President. What was I thinking? Unless they plan to withhold their votes, like those bitchy PUMAs, they’re just pissing into the wind. We’ll just ignore them like we usually do.

OBAMA: [clapping Burton on the back] My man! That’s what I’m talking about. Now, where the hell are those waffles?

[Lights out.]

121 Responses

  1. LOL you really cracked me up!! 😆

  2. Thanks luckyann! I live to serve. 🙂

  3. very funny, i actually could vision the entire scene. great job! thanks for the laugh, madamab…

  4. Another legacy of the Precious Presumptive as sold by CNN:

    Bill Clinton down in the polls from last year!

    That racist, Bill. How dare he not bow down to Precious on Sunday, but hey, Oprah had the judgment and character to leave Trinity after a year because she wanted to appeal to a wider audience. Shame on you, Bill for having a conversation about the actual history of South Carolina Democratic primaries:


  5. lol!

  6. (giggling)

    Madamab, that’s perfect! Just the right touch.

  7. madamab, cheers! that is HILARIOUS

    damn I could really go for a waffle right now. Why is there no Tastee Diner here in my neighborhood.

  8. Really great one act play…and so on target!

  9. thanks to you all!

    mmmMMMMmmm, waffles. LOL

  10. I can smell them.

  11. That was great! I could totally see it as a SNL skit, assuming they’re not joining the Obama ass-kissing queue now that the primaries are over. I wouldn’t know as I haven’t watched SNL in ages.

  12. To quote someone we know, “you rock” madamab.

  13. Hi, got a request for Help for Amy Goldman for a retort to a misquote from Newsweek:

    Dear PUMA Pals,

    I have engaged in a mild debate with a member of facebook, who also happens to be a minister, I believe, and political pundit of sorts.
    Here is the link to the article he penned as a blogger for Newsweek.

    We usually have our repartee with slighly caustic overtones ensuing, though Mark claims he is not an Obama supporter. Words, just words.

    Today, Mark Daniels responded to my post written by Charles Krauthammer (sp) of The NY Daily News, regarding flag pins. Little did I know that half of my retort would be used in his blog, attached with the words, embittered Hillary supporter, and twisted to serve his purposes. My full reply was not posted, and such is the world of people who get published. My own background in journalism has taught me NEVER to lie *in print, for sure*, and to give credit where credit is due. That seems to be in short supply.

    I urge you to read the above article for which I included a link. Mr. Daniels stated “other” reasons that exemplify true patriotism, and I think we know better. I would be thrilled should any of you log in and reply to this Newsweek blog, and state our PUMA stance.

    Thank you, all.


  14. madamab, you sure know how to set a scene!

    I laughed! 😮 I cried 😦

    “Where else can they go?”


  15. Watch-out if you bother him while he’s eating his waffles; he might give you the “finger”!
    Going thru some papers I found the NY Daily News
    covering the “post waffle incident”. Anyway on page
    #4 Tues.4/22 edition; he clearly has his middle finger pointing out-ward on the newspaper on the counter. If
    I remember correctly there were a few “bird-sightings” around that time!

  16. dakinikat — I’d happily go talk about PUMA, but I’m confused — should it be on Krauthammer’s site/page or themoderatevoice guy’s?

  17. madamab –Excellent playlet! I esp. liked the shoutout to Markos.

  18. Nicely done. I could “see” it “play” out. The purple satin sleep mask was a very nice touch. Heh.

    Off topic, but I wanted to offer a shout out to several people, because most of them are posters here: Valhalla, RegencyG, CognitiveDissonence, diana, honora, josgirl, & bostonboomer
    all had a hand in editing or contributing to the Declaration.

    Valhalla deserving some extra kudos for really helping me overall, and for writing entirely one of the Objections. the one Sexism. Since most of us (if not all) are regs here, I thought I’d post this here and let others offer them kudos as well. Sorry tit took me so long, but i just got the time to go back and count it up from comments.

  19. madamab,

    As always, I so enjoy your one acts. Don’t know if you can work it in, but how about Burton signing off with,

    “Sorry, but you’ll have to eat your waffles without syrup because I got Michelle’s memo about Mrs. Butterworth being a PUMA.”

  20. Yeah, the wet-behind-the-ears young ‘uns following The One (“Change-aya” someone called him on another blog, after Sanjaya) don’t know FISA from a hole in the ground but Real Dems do and I doubt they like Obama’s fold on FISA at all. He misrepresented the bill and either didn’t read it or lied about it to the public (see Greenwald). I consider either of these pre-impeachable offenses.

    Got one of those fundraiser “Urgent-Grams” in the mail today from Howard Dean and the DNC. Stripped in my own letter over the “Dear J___” letter to me under the “Urgent-Gram” banner with red-white-blue bunting and sent it back, saying “Dear Howard, I’ll be damned if I’ll send one dime to the DNC after the high-handed Rules Committee meeting (with apparent secret meeting and vote against committee rules); after unfair allocation of FL and MI delegates; after the DNC’s coronation of Obama, too green/not ready; after the attempted destruction of HRC by BHO followers, media and DNC/party leaders (she’s fine; she’s a trooper, but we lost our best candidate); and after Obama’s high-handed shifts away from principals. Not one more dime. Signed off “In Revolt!”

    Others here can consider something similar. Use DNC’s return- postage envelope, strip in your own response letter to “Dear Howard.”

    I’m not voting for McCain but if we don’t see a successful Draft Hillary or Draft Edwards effort at convention, I might consider Nader. For once a third party might actually be useful this year.

  21. Obama leaves door open for DRAFT

    In his ‘historic speech on patriotism’ Obama said that public service in the MILITARY or Peace Corp will be a center piece of his admin.

    We all assume he means voluntary service, but with the WORM factor (what obama really meant) he may just as easliy say in a year that “as I said in my 2008 speech on patriotism…..I am totally consistent in starting this draft”

  22. http://digg.com/politics/PUMA_s_Declaration_of_Objections

    please digg this! we need 50 diggs to get it on the front page!

  23. The presumptuous candidate is an idiot … seriously an idiot

    from an article titled “Obama “puzzled” by Iraq comment frenzy” By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent

    he states this ”
    I’m surprised at how finely calibrated every single word was measured. I wasn’t saying anything I hadn’t said before, that I didn’t say a year ago or when I was a United States senator,” said Obama, who is still a senator from Illinois ”

    and then THIS “One of the things I’ve always tried to do is learn from mistakes and try to get better,” he said.

    “There is a learning curve and growth being a presidential candidate. I think I’m a much better candidate now than I was six months ago or 12 months ago. I think I’ll be a better communicator and even more effective six months from now.”

    well now lets calibrate

    after a very long pause for laughter

    and lets select someone to tell him we are not exaclty willing to wait we want the person who was ready on DAY ONE not someone who needs mapquest to find their way around the white house

  24. A vote for Nadar could still give Obama the election. This is not a game; Obama cannot win. Our country cannot withstand another incompetent POTUS.

    Hillary or McCain, 2008; there is no other viable option for our country. If it is McCain; he will be POTUS with a Dem Congress. Then Hillary, 2012.

  25. you are right BJinChicago I will be voting for McCain

  26. Those of us who won’t be voting for McCain aren’t mistaking this for a “game” by any means. We just can’t bring ourselves to vote for him anymore than we can stomach voting for Obama. I’m pretty sure I’ll be voting Green Party this year, as will my husband.

  27. I’m still a day late from yesterday’s thread, but Riverdaughter, you’ve inspired me!
    My husband is a LOW INFORMATION LOSER!!!
    yeah I know I’m shouting but I’m so damned proud of myself.
    I thought about Half Black Half-wit, but I wanted low information in there. He knows little and cares less about politics but he knows enough to know that Barky is a phony and a poser.
    I’ve never been off topic before, forgive this lapse.

  28. I can no more vote for McCain than I can for Obama.
    Its almost like a doomed man choosing the electric chair over a firing squad as a protest against gun laws.
    The result is the same.

    As far as Obama being puzzled by the press reaction to his Iraq remarks, I’ve got a feeling this guy is often puzzled by toast.

    Love the play, but I’m convinced it was not fiction, but really overheard and transcribed.
    My only question, madamab, is how’d you manage to sneak past the Secret Service?

  29. Great comic relief! I am so sick of this guy. With him the only jobs will be military. Since he has a deal made by Rezko mansion, guess he won’t be worried too much about the financial crisis, jobs, shrinking dollar, mess in Iraq that was supposed to supply us with oil so that OPEC could go screw themselves. Corporations love this presumptive fool!

  30. Go PUMA!

    Go PUMA 4 PALIN!

  31. nite everybody…

    Madamab….next chapter when you get a chance?

  32. I am voting for McCain and against all Dems. We will never get any respect unless we are willing to vote down ticket. I do not think the DNC cares about the White House they are worried about the House and Senate. I happen to be voting for any dem that endorsed Hillary the others have to be voted out. I do not mind having McCain with a majority because unlike the Democrat in this race he is able to not only cross Party lines but also vote against his party. Actually he is probley one of the few candiates that I would feel comfortable with them having their party in power. I prefer to have the Congress in one partys hands and the White House in the other partys hands. This year the Dems have ticked me off so no Downticket Dems and no White House Dem.
    I am not at war with the State of PAs Dems and will vote for them provided they earned my vote.

  33. We have to keep our eye on the prize which is keeping Obama out out of the WH. Be sure you know what happens with your vote in your state. I am fully prepared to vote for McCain even though it means I may loose friends and family members but jour goal is lofty. It is worth the risk but our cause is righteous.

  34. Hilarious, Madamab. Out of curiosity, is your title a play on “Horton Hears a Who?” Or am I way out in left field?

    Something to think about regarding McCain: he has always asserted that he is only running for one term, not two. That tells me that he is going to be less concerned with making his party base happy and more concerned with getting something done. In other words, his legacy. I really think that would be a positive in regards to him really and actually working across the aisle, something Bush has never done.

  35. I can see that done as an ad — put it on YouTube!!

    Forget about voting for Nader — if you check on his history — he is not a very nice person. He makes errors in judgment and he never apologies for damage he does to people.

    We must send the DNC a major slap down message and the only way is to do some house cleaning — by voting for McCain we will get rid of Dean, Brazile and hopefully Poopolosi and Reid.

    The moderators are doing a great job keeping the trolls under control. My hat is off to this blogs moderators!!! Thank you for doing a great job of housekeeping!!

  36. Does anyone know anything about http://www.democrats.com? They have either stolen or else came up with the same Idea as RD had yesterday, plus ideas others of us have had about about voting down ticket:
    Let’s Escrow Our Money to Keep Obama Progressive
    Submitted by Bob Fertik on June 27, 2008 – 12:31pm.

    Last week, we asked 1,000 of you to contribute $10 to raise $10,000 to help progressive Democrats like State Senator Regina Thomas defeat “Bush Democrats” like Rep. John Barrow (GA12) in upcoming primaries. Your response was amazing: over 1,300 of you contributed over $60,000!

    Obama Progressive
    Escrow Fund
    Goal: $1,000,000
    511: $73,701

    Now we are asking you to use your money to ensure that Barack Obama lives up to his promise to deliver “change we can believe in.

    How? By creating a progressive “escrow” fund that you control. Many progressives were shocked last week when Obama flip-flopped on wiretapping immunity for the phone companies with this simple explanation:

    “My view on FISA has always been that the issue of the phone companies per se is not one that overrides the security interests of the American people.”

    So if a President unilaterally decides it is in the “security interests of the American people” to defy the Constitution, the Law, and Congress, (s)he can do whatever (s)he wants?

  37. My questions on this are (1) why collect money to give to Obama if he didn’t actually legally become a candidate and (2) why try to control someone into “becoming” a progressive candidate like he “promised” to be, when he has already PROVEN himself to be a slithering, flip-flopping, liar of dictatorial proportions, when the proven, brilliant, elected candidate is (thank God) healthy and available?

    Is this an answer to PUMA—a way to get to dissapointed voters, giving them a beacon of hope that they may get a good president, while continuing to shut out Hillary?

  38. Yesterday when I looked at the Just Say No Deal sight after we talked here on the last thread about fixing up that sight for newcomers, I saw that they said that we are not endorsing any candidate. I can understand why this is written as such, but aren’t we trying to get Hillary nominated at the convention?

    Riverdaughter? Everybody?

  39. Hillary is not important. The DNC is. The process of nominating a canidate is a total joke. The system can be gamed and was, The DNC was a party to this corrupt system. They can pick and choose, anybody they want, and ignore the voters.

  40. Sorry, but I think that Hillary is very important, because she was elected, and because she the Democartic alternative to Obama, and the November alternative to McCain. The DNC and the corruption will be corrected in the process.

  41. KarolinaNYC
    i know Democrats,com since 2000. Consistently progressive
    didn’t mix in this primary much (Bob Fertik was a DK man),
    No unity pony messages from them.
    One of the few progressive groups that maintained their integrity.
    All during the primaries they stayed on the impeachment and

  42. Well, that’s a bit of a relief, edgeoforever.

  43. To answer your subsequent questions, no, democrats.com
    was never officially a PUMA. They have been advocated issues – such as peace, no spying and such. Backtrack has just came into their view and they are taking measures.
    I of course will never hold an escrow for B0, but still respect these people.

  44. I guess my venturing into political internet sights was limited to just reading articles in places like Truthout, and Huff-n-stuff, all of which I stopped reading at the beginning of the primaries due to nausea.

    I’m not saying that Just Say No Deal should endorse Hillary, I’m just saying that, for me, getting Hillary nominated and elected is the short-term goal here, because the other short-term options are most unattractive. I assume that is the short-term goal of the PUMAs as well? And getting as many progressive down-ticket people voted in? Or am I putting words into people’s mouth?

  45. Hillary has not been elected.

    Obama is the presumtive nomonee.

    Hillary has endorsed Obama, and is going to campaign for him.

  46. Hillary-zilla, I am most certainly aware that she is being kind enough to campaign with the presumptuous nominee, but she was most certainly elected by the people. 18 million, remember? Largest amount ever in a primary, right? And the corruption in the DNC is why she had to SUSPEND her campaign, right?

  47. I think the main goal that all have in common here is we won’t vote for Obama and I think that goes for all PUMA sights as well. I know this site is committed to also getting Hillary in the role call at the convention, but beyond that if Hillary is not the nominee PUMA sites have various goals from voting for McCain, writing in Hillary, not voting in November, etc.

  48. Hillary-zilla, I am correcta-mundo, hmmmmmm?

  49. I will not vote for Obama. I will vote for McCain, just to make sure the DNC is destroyed, and the leadership is thrown out. It’s about getting our party back. Hillary is campaigning for Obama, because she promised she would during the primary. She is keeping her word. Not out of kindness.

  50. Yes, but the idea here is to get Hillary nominated and, then after being nominated, elected.

    At this point anything else is not something that I am worrying about.

  51. Karolina
    For myself that is my goal as well. I’ve already made up my mind as to what I’ll do if Hillary isn’t the nominee or runs as a third party, but I’m still hopeful that she will succeed at the convention and I can help elect her POTUS in Nov.

  52. “She is keeping her word. Not out of kindness.”

    True. Out of integrity and clear-thinking, which she will bring to, hopefully, the most powerful job on the planet.

  53. Hillary-Zilla,
    Hillary was elected, O was selected point blank, period. Our objective is to get her on the role call at the convention. If, in fact she is not the nominee at that point, most will make their decision then. The one UNANIMOUS decision is NO OBAMA.
    Now you can go back and tell them what you found out. We still say No Deal.

  54. Madamab, Loved the play! You should send it to SNL! or MADTV. Could be the start of a lucrative career!

  55. Yes, madamab, kudos! I had a good laugh when I read your play last night!

  56. Actually, neither party has a nominee, only presumptive nominees. That’s why it’s important that Hillary get on the roll call and her delegates are counted.

  57. The play is “too close to reality ” hillarious
    btw kudos to Valhalla, RegencyG, CognitiveDissonence, diana, honora, josgirl, & bostonboomer
    all had a hand in editing or contributing to the Declaration.

    my respect and admiration as well you did a magnificent job 🙂

    and to BJinChicago, I have known for some time this is not a game and I understand anyones anxiety in that regard,; I know a vote for nader might help Obama , but I trust McCain to love this country so I will vote for him 🙂 I never had any intention of voting for the presumptuous candidate , even before he presumed .

  58. Is there any hope that Hillary will not campaign for Obama, till after the convention.

  59. Karolina NYC,

    Just Say No Deal is an umbrella site to gather together links to all the different PUMA blogs. They can’t “endorse” someone, because PUMAs all have their own independent points of view on how they will vote in November. Even here at The Confluence, we disagree about how to handle it. Some of us are determined to vote for McCain, and others aren’t sure yet. I think most of us here would still like to see Hillary as the nominee, but we also have to be realistic.

    Personally, I still hold out hope that Obama can lose the nomination, although at this point it seems pretty unlikely. And whether the party would then nominate Hillary, I don’t know. If they did, it would certainly get very ugly, because AA’s would be outraged. Basically, thanks to Howard, Nancy, Donna, et al. we are screwed.

    I think the only solution is to take things step by step. I like the goals of The Denver Group: make sure Hillary’s name is put in nomination at the convention.

  60. Hillary-zilla,

    We don’t allow name-calling here. Please don’t do it anymore.

    I think people are trying to point out that Hillary won more votes than Obama in the primaries, especially in the large swing states. If Obama had not been given 59 votes that he didn’t earn, she actually could have had more delegates too. If the fix weren’t in, she would be the nominee.

  61. BB, I am agreed on all of your points. I am concerned, though, that even if we get HRC on the rollcall ballot, the delegates are locked into their votes, through potentially, having accepted “gifts” and/or fear of Chicago-style thuggery. I would like to figure out how to break that little roadblock down. First thing is to try and understand it, have all the info.

  62. I got some info from a generally reliable friend, (who heard it from a-friend-of-a-friend) right after the Pennsylvania primary, that the next morning after the primary, the Clintons got a call from some of the very highest level people who were outraged that she had won, and who told her that under NO circumstances would she be the Democratic candidate. If, they went on to say, IF, by some unforseen chance, she became the candidate, she would NEVER win the election. And (supposedly) IF, IF she won the election, it would be the shortest presidency ever seen.

    I can’t verify that, but it’s semi-knowledge I have been living with since the Pennsylvania primary, and have been just amazed at her resilliance. I knew that the election was rigged, but kept doing what I could, working to get her in.

    I don’t know about the threat, but since I’d heard that, I thought how ironic it was that they accused her of treatening Obomba when she that mentioned RFK’s assassination was in June.

  63. (Fixing my eye on the party)

    What’s going on in here?

    BB? If you’re here, could you check your email?

  64. Karolina NYC and Hillary-zilla – I had heard that awful story about Hillary being threatened as well but had hoped it wasn’t true. I didn’t hear that it was after PA.

    Why should we drop the subject? If true, the information needs to be out there.

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  65. great play. thanks. enjoyed reading it.

  66. Sorry so silent fuzzybear has been feelinng down last few days- a physical thing not a mental thing-but am feeling much better today. You guys have always kept me pumped up.

    On blogtalkradio last week amember from one of the PUMA organizations said “…there are many ways to get to an Obama defeat in November..” all are valid we have to look at it like basketball.

    There are one point, two point, and three point shots against the big “o”. Think of those who stay home or dont vote for president on their ballot as a one point shot against team obama. Those who vote third party or write in Hillary where allowed as a two point shot, and those who vote McCain as a three point shot.

    We need to use all these shots to attain victory they are all equally important to getting the job done. If you do any one of the above choices you are playing for “Team PUMA” . You are helping us get past the final four. We are going to win this but we cannot win in overtime.

    WE have to all play together as a well oiled and TEAM. It means respecting the other players on your team and throwing them the ball and trusting them to go down court with it.

    I saw this in the NCAA Gator BBall team 2006/2007, that is what we have to be like. Not acting like one mind (the obamanation way) but each mind focused on what we can do to to contribute to the big Victory and respecting each players contribution to the effort.

    So the question is what is fuzzybear going to do, a one, two, or three point shot? You all will have to wait and see depends what we need when I take that ball down the court in the last 3 seconds of the game.


    Sorry for the shameless plug for the Florida Orange and Blue

  67. madamab-great post have boycotted waffles since jun 4th am eating only pancakes-scrambeled eggs w/cheeze and sausage


  68. Good morning everyone!

    I’m a big fan of far-fetched ideas. Certainly, it’s a long shot, but to me it seems entirely possible that Obama is revealed as a liar and the DNC is revealed as corrupt before August. Enough to have a new kind on floor vote in Denver.

    (To me, the threat of AAs rioting seems inherently rascist, like as a group they are out of control..)

    Katie? You’re here-would you clarify what exact obligation the delegates have on the first vote?

  69. Fuzzy, Well said! I do not know what I am going to do as yet. What I do know is I will do all I can to help TEAM PUMA. Oh, and on that note-My daughter and grand daughter live in Boulder, CO. There is a nationally televised volleyball game on ABC this morning. It is live from CU Stadium in Boulder. They made a big poster with a panther on it and P.U.M.A. , They will make sure it gets on camera! The game starts at 1:30 mountain time.

  70. Fuzzy!

    I LOVE your post. We are a team, and its a PERFECT analogy. We need to do what it takes, possibly over-riding our own discomfort, to take the prize.

  71. I am talking about the iimportance of us respecting each PUMA’s November GE vote- whether they stay home or leave the presidential vote box blank write in Hillary or vote third party or even vote McCain. I am talking about respecting all thes choices as valid.


  72. Wow! a new marketing idea!! Get in front of cameras at televised ballgames! Excellent!

  73. “There is a learning curve and growth being a presidential candidate. I think I’m a much better candidate now than I was six months ago or 12 months ago. I think I’ll be a better communicator and even more effective six months from now.”
    This is GW all over again. I don’t quite know how he got here in spite of saying things like this. So, we all have ti sit and wait while he gets the training..

  74. I think I was responding to your personal strategy, Fuzzy, and I like it.

  75. Hi Joniebone,

    If you’re talking about what I said earlier, I only meant that AA’s might stay home rather than vote.

  76. I personally don’t think that just because someone threatens a person, it means that they are planning to carry it out, but, more likely, they are trying to frighten people into submission.

    However that would be terrorism, which we have been experiencing, for example, in the part two elections—frightened into electing the candidate that can protect us better by start an unneccessary, life & money-guzzling war against someone who did nothing against us.

  77. Oh no, BB. I wasn’t referring to your comment at all!!

    I was referring to the shrieking band of paranoid Obama supporters that pull that out as a threat if Obama isn’t the ONE.

  78. Joaniebone – great womens sports deserves respect these are real atheletes and god bless title nine for helping level the playing field…

    Go Team PUMA-to victory in Denver and on to VICTORY in November.


  79. Michael (fuzzy),

    I’m with you. I don’t plan to make up my mind until the very last minute. What’s the rush. Lots can happen between now and November. I’m not going to waste time agonizing about my vote until I see the lay of the land on election day. I just know I won’t be voting for The One.

  80. Oh, sorry, Joniebone. This entire thread has been a little confusing to me. Now I understand.

  81. Karolina, if it even matters, I read your post as a focus on the incredible internal pressure that HRC had to endure from the DNC or Dem leadership and the ironic spin that leaders in the party in all likelihood assited in getting to the media.

  82. sorry jonie my second post was in response to the assissination stream in this thread not you response to my post which I really appreciate-


  83. Dizzying thread, this a.m. , isn’t it?

  84. Again, is there any chance that Hillary we not campaign before the convention.

  85. Take a breather, PUMAs!!

    Boardwalk Breather…My Favorites from the Jersey Shore to NM

    Wind up the holiday weekend on a positive note to start the next week in fighting form!!

  86. did you all get the email this morning from william arnone re the 2008 Dem Platform? it came in PDF form. it does include a link to this>>http://www.together4us.com/ but this site does not appear to include his analysis.

  87. “Karolina, if it even matters, I read your post as a focus on the incredible internal pressure that HRC had to endure from the DNC or Dem leadership and the ironic spin that leaders in the party in all likelihood assited in getting to the media.”

    Indigo, that’s why I was so amazed and utter respectful for her clear courage and strength when she looked evermore radiant, while BO looked evermore annoy and beaten-down until he finally declared himself. Her strength was coming from inside, because intentions were honest and she has self-knowledge and self-confidence.

  88. I got a william bower email asking for 175-350 supers to come to their senses and support Hillary…good email it lays out the puma stand and throws in that obama and McCain are now virtually the same on all positions….real good did anyone else get it?


  89. Bribe Probe Monica Conyers John Conyers Wife

    Feds: Surveillance evidence suggests councilwoman took money tied to waste pact

    DETROIT — Federal investigators have electronic surveillance evidence that allegedly links Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers with receiving a payment or payments in connection with a city-approved sludge contract, two people familiar with the investigation said.

  90. I have Face the Nation on and they are discussing BO’s flip on Iraq. Kerry is on doing his best WORM, but I have him on mute, because who the hell cares what kind of rationalization he is selling.

    Instead, I am now listening to Lindsey Graham to see what the Repubs are saying. Graham is doing a great job of laying out his past declarations of getting out immediately and sudden shift to the exact position McCain has held all along.

    “He’s in a box: he ran hard to the left during the primaries, and now he’s going to go to Iraq, and if he comes back and says we need to stay, he doesn’t know how to handle that.”

    Or anything else for that matter…ugh, I can’t even stand to have Kerry’s muted face on in front of me. How can these long-time Senators stand up for this empty amateur?

    Of course, they are giving Kerry tons of time to pontificate. The MSM is useless.

  91. Saying AAs will riot if O isn’t the nominee is an axelrod psyop. Don’t believe it. Even after Obama race-baited Hillary’s %90 favorability in the AA community to %60 in the span of two months, she still has a %60 favorability rating.

  92. Boy, it seems like Will should follow that by alluding to the fact that many many PUMAS are boycotting down-ticket Dems.

    Naw…they’ll do what’s right and decent without a threat. Won’t they? Won’t they????

  93. And just for one last word on this subject, when I was told that Hillary was threatened with the words “this will be the shortest presidency,” I assumed they were threatening her with the kind of treatment that Bill and she got the last time that they were in the Whitehouse—8 years of attempted scandals that they had to spend their time and energy fighting against, until Bill’s weakness was finally hit by the girl who, for some reason didn’t dry-clean her stained blue dress in many months.

  94. I am afraid that if Hillary campaigns for Obama before the convention. The DNC will use this to take her name of the ballot. Can she delay campaigning for him. ……. Call in sick. alergic to bull.

  95. madamab-he has a special section of FISA in the email-mmmm-did you share your play with him first? I reads just like your one act play-

    If any of you think my BbAll post is worthy of an open thread on your sites or blogs you have my permission to use it.

    I think we are spending to much time on convincing each other what to do on November 4th when we should be “growing our base” by poaching from Obamanations “shrinking base.”

    Also by showing everyone that we respect all the ways to not “get on the uniity pony” then we are more likely to get more of those disenchanted dems and former obama supporters who are beginning to head for the exits.


  96. Fuzzy-here here!

  97. Karolina NYC said: got some info from a generally reliable friend, (who heard it from a-friend-of-a-friend) right after the Pennsylvania primary…

    Interesting because I thought something was up the day after the PA primary based on a scathing editorial against HRC in the NY Times. I didn’t get how they turned on a dime and blasted her for negativity when it was he who made his own bed with the “bitter” stuff.

  98. Morning everyone!

    CognitiveDissonance, on July 6th, 2008 at 3:44 am Said:
    Hilarious, Madamab. Out of curiosity, is your title a play on “Horton Hears a Who?” Or am I way out in left field?

    Dead on, CognitiveDissonance!

    And thanks to everyone again for the kind remarks. As Michael (fuzzy) said, there are many ways to fight Obama. Sometimes, after I’ve posted reams of analysis as to why he is not a Democrat and did not legitimately earn the nomination, PUMA 4-ever!, I just have to lighten up a little. 🙂

  99. Fuzzy,
    Yes, I got it yesterday. A great email. If only 175 change their minds we can swing the election to the right nominee. It is do able! We have to keep the pressure up. This is why having her name on the first ballot is so important. PUMA

  100. madamab, do you do this professionally? You are so funny.

  101. With polling starting to show almost 1/2 of Hillary supporters not willing to vote for the big “o”, The DNC will be desperate to get Hillary out there in front but she is still fighting to pay off her campaign debt he has a legitimate reason to say off the stage with obama.

    Also Obama has less and less cash to help pay off our campaign debt. How are we doing in the fund raising this weekend? anyone have a total?


  102. I hope carol did not have to spend to much of her vacation time strong arming for dollars-remember-

    PUMA’s who contribute ROCK!


  103. Melanie – No I don’t, actually. But my grandfather did, and I guess at my advanced age (40) my genes are starting to sit up and bark for attention! LOL

    Fuzzy – I didn’t get the email, but it sounds great. I tried to email the SD’s a while ago. I got two responses – one good (saying he had just switched to Hillary) and one bad (saying I could stick my petition in my Republican “culo”. Classsss-y.)

  104. Fuzzy Michael, I agree with you that we need to respect all team players. And I too don’t think we have any reason to think about the game we’ll be playing on Nov. 4th yet…..we have lots of games to play before that last one, hopefully. Let’s see who we’ll be playing against in that final tournament!

  105. Well, you are hysterical. Someday, I am sure, someone will put these little vignette’s together and perform them. I’ll be in the audience when they do.

  106. Karolina NYC,

    That is exactly how I interpreted what you said. Hence my great confusion at other interpretations. (Please check your e-mail.)

  107. Hey, there’s a new post up!

  108. Varvel, we have to get the media to help. I hate to say it but, we need them. I keep sending Lou Dobbs an email, to get somebody from PUMA-JSND-CONFLUENCE on his show. Lou to me was one of the few who didn’t go in the tank for Obama.

  109. madamab-the neg reply? was it from donna brazile?
    an SD with no class? imagine-


    Karolina yeah we still have the big game in August…can the DNC really think making Obama into a less heroic version of John McCain a winning strategy?

    Obama will have to forge some good USN flight deck footage of him jumping out of a burning jet and dragging a shipmate to safety with explosions going off around him…

    Not to mention recreating the Hanoi Hilton in S.Chicago and have pics of the big “o” sitting in a cell for 5 yrs.


    When presented with two candidates with the same platform Americans will go for the Hero everytime!

  110. My concern with write in Hillary is that knowing team O’s history, they’ll count it as vote for him! If the DNC STOLE 4 delegates and ALL uncommitted in front of live cameras- Can you imagine what they will do with Hillary write in’s behind closed doors ? They are despicable. The outright gaming of the caucuses- locking Hillary voters out, the 12th hour lawsuit in Ohio (where AA communities and areas where O expected to get votes were issued a court order to remain open-way past polls closing- while Obama bused voters in), The disenfranchisement of FL and MI, the buying off SD’s and many other acts that have shown how corrupt they are, and how they will stop at nothing must be understood.
    I feel they have this whole thing semi- rigged already. I am taking no chances and voting McCain, to make up whatever thievery they have, but whatever choice anyone makes, please make sure HOW your vote will be counted. If in doubt and you can’t bring yourself to vote for McCain- then vote Nader or 3rd party- but please make sure your vote does not go to Opossum.

  111. If Bambie gets the nomination , we will then hear
    during the campaign that if OBambie doesn’t win, the White House there will be “riots” not just in Denver, but everywhere.

    This tactic doesn’t go away if he gets his prize in Denver. It goes national. And of course it’s racist to say Bambie’s AA supporters would “riot”. However I have no doubt Al Sharpton would try to get them to….while Blackwater type agents provoke on the ground .Unless it’s just a threat and they don’t plan to pay for it.

    Obama and McCain are really backed by the same money interests, the top, .999 % . And if Obama and McCain are the ones running this fall, then McCain becomes the new Hillary as the more moderate of the two. It will be the Dem primary over again.

    If the Press do not turn away from Obama, and soon, we will know the same folks who wanted Bush 2 and the war, want him….and badly

  112. Denise – that is why I suggest that every voter be educated writing in hillary is not an option in every state you may have to leave the top of the ballot blank or vote 3rd party.

    Also the DNC does not get a say in how a ballot should be counted. In the GE Obama will have a rougher time stealing votes. They cannot claim any electors in states they lose. It is winner take all in the GE. The supreme court will not act like the RBC in a disputed state.


  113. Thanks Fuzzy. This whole experience has me reeling, but I am more committed everyday in making sure this man does not get anywhere near the WH. I am convinced he and his followers are a danger to this country. If you talk to PUMA Will from JSND mention we must get the word out to non-bloggers and regular working people that may not be as politically aware, of what has happened; and what options they have available to them.
    I was talking to a Hillary supporter friend I haven’t seen in a while, she was angry with how Hillary was treated and the Obama coronation; she’s considering voting McCain but was unaware of PUMA. Needless to say I filled her in.

  114. please denise copy and past my bball post above and give it to your friend maybe she will see all her options…hopefully she will not have to do anything but vote hillary in November…we still have a chance


  115. MadamaB, thank you for the great laugh! Wow, even down to the purple (Roman empire color of Caesar) sleepmask. Love it!

  116. Thanks, SM! 🙂

  117. Great job, Madamb! Terrific and it nails the tone of this campaign perfectly. Keep it up.

  118. Well done, Madamab. Right on the nose and with style.

  119. If Hillary doesn’t get the top of the ticket, I think Sarah Palin is the way to go. I think she’ll be the first female President (after serving one term as VP under McCain).

    I came across this site: puma4palin.blogspot.com

  120. Well, it’s either gonna be McCain/Palin or …

    Barack Obama starring as “Change” the Gardener in remake of movie classic, “Being There”, starring Peter Sellers as “Chance” the Gardener!

    *HT to hs commenting on

  121. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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