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      A few months ago I read a couple of books by the Singaporean intellectual Kishore Mahbubani. In “Has China Already Won he discusses Taiwan. The one exceptional trigger for a war involving China is Taiwan. Most of the time, the Chinese leaders have a lot of policy flexibility. There are no strong domestic lobbies to worry about. But the one issue where the Ch […]
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Democratic Convention or Freak Show?

NOTE: Please see action alert at end of post.

We’ve all been hearing rumors about the DNC having trouble raising money to fund the Convention in Denver this August. Today the New York Times revealed that some rather nutty decisions made either by Howard Dean or his chief of staff, the Rev. Leah D. Daughtry, have compounded the money shortage. Daughtry previously served in the Clinton Administration as Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management in the Department of Labor.

Some of the Democratic missteps started almost immediately after planning for the event began. The Democratic National Campaign Committee turned down a chance to get cheap office space and decided to rent top-quality offices in downtown Denver at $100,000 a month, only to need less than half the space, which it then filled with rental furniture at $50,000 a month. And in a costly misstep, the Denver host committee, early on, told corporate donors that their contributions were not tax-deductible, rather than to encourage donations by saying that the tax-exempt application was pending and expected to be approved.

Overly ambitious environmental goals — to turn the event into a “green” convention — have backfired as only three states have agreed to participate in the program. Negotiations over where to locate demonstrators remain unsettled with members of the national news media concerned over proposals to locate the demonstrators — with their loud gatherings — next to the media tent.

And then there is the food: A 28-page contract requested that caterers provide food in “at least three of the following five colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple and white.” Garnishes could not be counted toward the colors. No fried foods would be allowed. Organic and locally grown foods were mandated, and each plate had to be 50 percent fruits and vegetables. As a result, caterers are shying away.

The Obama campaign is frustrated about the situation and very critical of the poor planning and waste of money, which could force them to cover the shortfall themselves so as not to have to compete with the DNC for donors.

Meanwhile, Obama is considering delivering his acceptance speech in the 75,000 capacity Mile High Stadium (AKA Invesco Field) instead of in the Pepsi Center, where the Convention will be held. I’m sorry, but is that really necessary? Could this guy’s ego be any more inflated? Does anyone else get a really creepy feeling imagining him speaking to his screaming followers at a mass rally?

Arthur Silber is creeped out. And amazingly, he is even thinking about voting for McCain rather than risk the danger of a charismatic candidate with glazed-eyed followers who seemingly are willing to blindly follow him no matter how far he moves to the right or how many times he flip flops. In his latest essay, Silber refers to the presumtuous nominee as “Field Marshall Obama.” Please go read Silber’s last few posts. The man is brilliant, and he is saying what a lot of us have been thinking.

ACTION ALERT: Riverdaughter has been talking to Murphy about the possibility of running aerial ads in vacation areas.  Murphy likes the idea, and Pumapac is currently looking into the possibility of buying three hours worth of ads for the East Coast.  She would like to know what people in Texas and California about running aerial ads there.

If you are interested in contributing or have ideas about what should be in the ads, please go over to Pumapac and let Murphy know.

ACTION UPDATE: Please consider donating to The Denver Group to support “rapid media buys” to call attention to Obama’s and the DNC’s efforts to keep Hillary’s name from being put in nomination at the Convention.

The Denver Group has had an amazingly successful 4th of July from a fundraising perspective. We’ve met our first “match”. We are incredibly grateful to each and every person who has contributed so far.

Now, it has come to our attention that certain key decisions about the structure and conduct of the Democratic Party’s convention are currently being negotiated by lawyers for Senator Obama and Senator Clinton, and we believe those decisions will be finalized on or about July 15.

To begin to ensure a convention that is not merely symbolic, we would like to to weigh in now. The best way The Denver Group can have an impact is by running its first advertisement by the beginning of next week. This means gathering the funds necessary ready to buy the most advantageous ad placement possible.

129 Responses

  1. In Houston, at least, they’d probably go largely unnoticed. People don’t really look up that much lest they get hit with a MetroBus.

  2. “Many of us don’t the the PUMAPAC link to those resources because for the sake of time”

    The PUMApac Action Center is separate and doesn’t include comments.

    I just hate to see time and effort wasted trying to reinvent the wheel. I’d rather see energy directed at improving upon the wheel.

    Murphy’s pumapacusa.org = action center
    Murphy’s blog.pumapac.org = commentary and mixed category comments

    regencyg: People don’t really look up that much lest they get hit with a MetroBus.


  3. Considering all of the misinformation going out about PUMAs, I think that a medium that allows more information to be disseminated might be a better choice- smallish newspaper ads or short radio ads or flyers, maybe.

    There is so much marketing right now that tries to be viral based on a short pseudo-mysterious message (attempting to inspire people to say “What does _____ mean?”) that I’m afraid PUMA would get lost in the concise shuffle. A billboard near the convention in Denver would be fun, though.

  4. fif

    Your suggestion for a “don’t tread on me” graphic has materialized and was used today to accompany Will Bower’s commentary at his PUMA08 site.


  5. Seattle has Seafair, and it is at the beginning of August. If it is not too late, everyone and their mother seems to be outside looking up. Airspace is what it’s about.

    I think it can be VERY effective with the right FEW words. Cryptic-not good, but Concise, yes!

  6. joaniebone-

    Do you want to organize a Seattle PUMA meet-up? Say when and I’ll be there…

  7. if an aerial banner is going to be used, it has to be something really easy to remember. most people at the beach don’t have a pen and a post-it note.

  8. RD I ‘d like to put up a billboard on the Denver interstate, or near the convention with something WARNING: PUMAS FREE TO ROAM. or something of that nature

  9. if I was on the beach, and saw ‘VISIT JUSTSAYNODEAL.COM’ I probably would, just out of curiosity.

    pumapacusa.org just seems harder to remember.

  10. has anyone ever tried meetup.com for organizing? it doesn’t seem too active where I live, so I don’t know if it is in other areas. (here, the largest political meetup group is for Huckabee – yikes)

    I was just wondering if people posted PUMA meetups in their area if there would be a response.

  11. If you run the ads, maybe the word PUMA and beneath it a web address. People who don’t know might be intrigued and then go to find out, and ones who have heard will know where to go to learn more and get involved.

  12. I would suggest making it graphically simple but eye-catching.

  13. I like the idea of “Just Say No Deal.com” all by itself. People will be curious and use their newfangled Internettish devices to check it out. 🙂

  14. Posted this in the last thread, but thought I’d repost it here:
    Don’t know if anyone has brought this up, but shouldn’t some sort of press release be sent to local news outlets alerting them to the banners beforehand?

  15. Hi Everyone,

    I added more content to the post, in case you’re interested. I think it’s worth looking at.

  16. Karolina and madamab, I agree. how about

    JUST SAY NO DEAL in big bold easy to read letters, followed by JustSayNoDeal.com

    that way people don’t have to decipher what the four words all stuck together are saying.

    if you were ever in a car with me when I’m trying to figure out what the hell the vanity plate on the car in front of me means, you would understand 🙂

  17. I don’t understand that food color thing. what is that all about?

  18. Kiki,

    I don’t know, but I think it’s really wierd.

  19. Here’s an article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


    The headline is about the fried foods ban.

  20. kiki – definitely! People will say, “Just say no deal to what?” and check it out, I think.

    As for the food – seriously, are they five? Or on some strange diet, perhaps?

    Bostonboomer – I’ve got a new play on my blog for ya. I am mocking the bloggy Boyz and their impotent thrashings on FISA. 🙂

  21. Ok, I’m feeling really dumb. But can someone tell me what an aerial add is?

  22. The food colors represent the daily minimum for high nutrition… DCCC is also requiring mostly organic foods… caterers are throwing their hands up and opting out.

    “I don’t belong to any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” — Mark Twain

  23. From the Rocky Mtn News:


    When the Democratic National Convention says it wants its nominating party to be the most sustainable ever, here’s what it means: Compost the food waste from each meal, 5,000 dinners here, 3,000 breakfasts there and a few cocktail parties in between.

    Then find enough biodegradable trash bags to haul tons and tons of garbage, and test a new brand of biodegradable rubber gloves to see if they really decompose as advertised.

    The DNCC wants garbage sent to landfills trimmed to a spartan 15 percent, all with the aim of making the 2008 nominating event the greenest ever, one that produces virtually no waste and that offsets most of the carbon its jet-setting delegates produce – all on a volunteer basis.

    Presiding over this idealistic undertaking is Andrea Robinson, the DNC’s first director of greening.

  24. Aerial ad: the commercial trailers dragged behind small flying aircraft

  25. BB – No fried food?!

    No, that’s not elitist or anything. [rolls eyes loudly]

    God, these people are idiots.

  26. DancesWithPumas, got it. Thank you.

  27. daughtry is the staffer who supposedly got the gay guy fired who later sued them for wrongful termination. She thinks that gays should take a back seat to african americans when it comes to civil rights….she is an ally of Donna Brazile, and it was in the context of the aforementioned suit that she claimed that gay rights “is an affront to civil rights”.

  28. Good idea, Joanie. I’m up for a Seattle area meeting. I’m in the area for a while, maybe not through Seafair, though.

  29. I like the idea of ” Just Say No Deal.” Just say—maybe in black, and No Deal in red or other bright color w/ thin outline and a drop shadow to make it stand out.

    I think though that before doing that , it would be important that whatever website is put on there, that web site be prepared to immediately catch the interest and imagination of every average josephine and joe in every demographic. In a professional look explaining the concept, reason, goals, etc. concisely, clearly from square one.

  30. WigWag,

    i didn’t know either. i almost posted something to the effect of “i’m guessing they would not work well in the Bay Area (CA) since i have no idea what aerial advertising is”. i thought it was probably the banners (or possibly sky writing) but the only time i’ve seen that is at A’s games. and it’s unusual there so i’m guessing it’s not very effective.

    only tourists go the the beaches here and we laugh at them. (with a few exceptions for kayaker or surfers in wet suits but they usually go to Santa Cruz or even further south.)

  31. KarolinaNYC – I agree. If we send people to JustSayNoDeal.com, it should be very obvious what it’s about. The site needs better organization and a more eye-catching look.

    I have done some web design work and I’m willing to volunteer my services to make this happen. 🙂

  32. Gary,

    Thanks for the reminder. I knew there was something about Daughtry that I’d heard before. I searched, but couldn’t find anything. Oy!

  33. sassy,

    I think getting the attention of tourists is the idea. That way people from all over the country see the ads and maybe go back home and talk about them.

  34. Say “No” to BO.

    See “JustSayNoDeal.com”

  35. Made my 4th of July investment in the future of America. D*mn they’re on E Coast time so it shows up as the 5th.

    DATE: July 5, 2008 1:24 AM EDT
    ADDRESS: Seattle, WA 98116
    AMOUNT: $50.00
    Contributions to Hillary Clinton for President are not
    deductible for federal income tax purposes. Corporate
    contributions are prohibited by law.

    Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President
    4420 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203

  36. bboomer, if you google her and washington blade it should come up

  37. It was Will Rogers, not Mark Twain, who said “I don’t belong to any organized political Party. I’m a Democrat.”

  38. I found a an article about the lawsuit against the DNC/Daughtry.

    In a fiery e-mail exchange obtained this weekby the Blade, a senior official with the gay partisan group National Stonewall Democrats denounces a top DNC staffer, Leah Daughtry, for allegedly inciting anti-gay prejudice.

    “Imagine what [DNC Chair Howard] Dean could do if people like Leah were confronted for their bigotry and fired,” writes the Stonewall Democrats official. The author’s name is redacted on the e-mails obtained by the Blade. The e-mails were sent in 2006.

    Referring to Daughtry, the official says, “I think Samuel L. Jackson said it best when he said ‘I’m sick of these mother fuckin’ snakes on this mother fuckin’ plane.’ It may be time to drive the snakes from the DNC.”

    The Stonewall Democrats group works closely with the DNC.

    Dean responded to the comments in a written statement sent Wednesday to the Blade.

    “Anyone who truly knows Leah and her values appreciates her deep commitment to fighting for fairness and equality for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, and any insinuation otherwise is irresponsible and despicable,” he said.


  39. Gary,

    I guess we were posting at the same time. Thanks.

  40. This is really bad–stuff about Dean and Brazile.


  41. madamab—I’ve worked as a newspaper, corporate, and children’s educational publishing graphic designer for over 22 years, but I’ve kind of, um, not had any interest in web design, though I have all of the adobe software. If there is anything that I can do to help you, let me know, if you end up doing it.

    Would it be organizing the existing website or creating a new one specifically for newcomers?

  42. BB:

    Those stories are depressing. Some people see life as a “zero-sum” game, where one person’s gain is another person’s loss.

    This is the same mindset that sees Affirmative Action as taking jobs away from white men and giving them to women and minorities.

  43. KarolinaNYC – I’m in NYC too! We should do lunch sometime. 🙂

    madamab at gmail dot com

    I would do a reorganization and (small) redesign of the existing site. I love the premise and the URL.

    Gotta go now – have a great weekend, Conflucians!

  44. Sally, do you think that they would know or be as curious about “BO”? Until I started blogging here I had no idea who or what that was, and frankly, had never heard it.

    JUST SAY NO DEAL! is kind of energetic, and might mirror the desire to act due to the frustration that many people are feeling right now about the economy, gas prices, etc., etc., etc….so might be a bit stronger, eh? Hit them in the gut….

  45. Take care, madamab. I’m heading over to read your play now.

  46. I think if we really do aerial and other ads to attract newcomers, it would be a good idea to set up a webpage specifically for them. there would, of course, be links to the existing pages. I visited a couple today and they do kind of assume some knowledge of PUMA, and that makes sense. But I was trying to view them as if I’d never heard of any of it and was just wondering what it was all about. That might work better on a newbie’s page.

  47. bboomer. It looks like the case is still going on, and Dean has had a trouble keeping his trap shut:

    And what’s more, Clark’s (the judge in the case) taking a hard look at Dean and DNC treasurer Andy Tobias, both of whom have been accused of making defamatory statements about Hitchcock.

    Of course, you won’t hear about ANY of this in the mainstream press. you know it burns me up that I get called racist, yet I belong to a group so marginalized that any coverage of our community (outside of entertainment and fashion of course) by the MSM is strictly verboten….

  48. Outreach efforts should be multi-faceted, depending on who we are trying to reach. PUMA is an umbrella organization, made up of people with common, but not identical, goals and interests.

    Outreach to the LGBT community should lead them to PUMA through websites that focus on their issues. The same for feminists, blue collar workers, racial minorities, etc. Think of PUMA as a (ahem) “big tent” with many entrances.

    We can be diverse without being divided.

  49. Gary,

    I hope the whole thing comes to a head right before the Convention. Schadenfreude deluxe.

  50. bostonb – about Leah Daughtry. She is also a Pentacostal minister and is still in the pulpit on Sundays.

    Before this past year I could understand a wacky minister being the CEO of a major political party – however, I would have bet on her being a Republican.

    I bet Leah is planning on a great future as CEO of her own multi-miliion dollar government funded “faith based” gay outreach program. One of those Chicago style government contracts where you just take the bucks and don’t “do” anything or you actively work against the interests of the minority you are supposed to be helping.

    Everything is upside down.

  51. Dee,

    That is so creepy. Why would Howard Dean appoint her? Is he a religious nut too? Or was she Donna Brazile’s choice? The Democratic Party is dead.

  52. fif

    Your suggestion for a “don’t tread on me” graphic has materialized and was used today to accompany Will Bower’s commentary at his PUMA08 site.


    Awesome! I’ll go check it out.

    The 75,000 stadium acceptance speech idea is really really creepy. Especially coupled with his new evangelical outreach (see Rev. Amy post at NoQ). This Messiah grandiosity is quite disturbing. I want-to-see-this-guy-brought-down-to-earth. It is inevitable, but sooner rather than later please.

  53. regency: “In Houston, at least, they’d probably go largely unnoticed. People don’t really look up that much lest they get hit with a MetroBus.”

    LMBO! Sad, but so true. So true.

    I suspect the “overly ambitious goals” were a result of an overly confident DNC taking premature comfort in an enormously advantageous (on the morale and monetary front) “democratic” party to their GOP counterparts. Heh. Can you hear me now?

  54. No fried foods?

    Honestly, Obama can suck my right ass cheek, which incidentally has prospered from years of fried foods.

  55. Oh, and in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties we would read an ad flying over, especially at the beach.

  56. I think Dean hired her because he was accused of not knowing how to talk to “Christians” and he wanted to move the Democratic Party to the right.

    In fact, I think hiring her early on might have been an indicator that they were going after the Republican party base but I was too stupid to figure out that they had actually planned a complete switch from our party base to their party base.

    PUMA is now essential. Otherwise, Democrats have no home.

  57. You know, every time I think Donna Brazile represents the lowest form of humanity, she finds another rung down the ladder.

  58. bostonb – my post at 6:17 pm was meant for you.


  59. Dee– I figured that out. No problem. I do the same thing all the time.

  60. madamab,
    thanks for the laugh!
    I enjoyed your story.

  61. ohioana,

    The play was great. I couldn’t figure out how to sign in on madamab’s blog to comment though. Let’s hope she stops by here again soon.

  62. NOTICE

    If you have a blog, would you please cross post the Denver Group’s latest post? Contributions are needed and stat. This is about the Convention and Hillary’s future. We need to make our mark by July 15th.
    Donate Alert!

  63. KarolinaNYC – I agree. If we send people to JustSayNoDeal.com, it should be very obvious what it’s about. The site needs better organization and a more eye-catching look.

    I have done some web design work and I’m willing to volunteer my services to make this happen.

    I think that’s a great idea. It is too basic right now, and needs a better brand look. Email them at the site–I’m sure they’d be happy for the help.

  64. regency,

    Thank you. I added the Denver Group info to the post in an update.

  65. bb,
    I couldn’t leave a note either. That’s why I left one here. She’s GOOD at these little one act plays!

  66. How about

    Wake Up America, Say No To Obama!


    Say No to the DNC, FREE AMERICA

  67. I agree with the comments re beaches here in the Bay Area not being a good source for ads. Instead, I would recommend putting money into radio or billboards. Unfortunately, there is a lot of politics with getting approval for billboards and/or public transit ads so it may not work

    Actually for all of CA, I say put money toward bilingual ads. Of course that would require a reworking of web page. But the payoff would be great if we picked up Univision.

  68. I couldn’t figure out how to comment on madamab’s website either, but I love her play! very clever. I hope th bloggerboyz actually see it.

  69. Isn’t this the time for the “air shows” in all the states? I know in Indiana and Chicago they are in July. What a great time to have a air banner! Just a thought.

  70. Madamab,

    I hope you don’t mind but I’m passing your play on–with full credit of course–so that others can have it all put very clearly for them. Sometimes humor makes it easier to take or understand.

  71. madamab,

    As always, I enjoyed your play. Thanks for posting all of them, they are always good for a laugh. I feel confident the Blogger Boyz won’t appreciate them near as much as I do.

  72. Charles,

    This is true and is known as the “Brazil Nut Effect.” It’s not a placard slogan, but entertaining nonetheless.

    The biggest nut always works its way to the top where it stands out.

  73. What about signs at commuter train stations? MetroNorth stations in the NYC suburbs have a lot of signs along the tracks. They always catch my eyes.

    Fif, great placard ideas for Brazile nut!

  74. So, Donna Brazile et al think we are kidding:


    Poll: Some Clinton supporters still not embracing Obama

    From Alexander Mooney

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — One week after Sen. Hillary Clinton made a public show of unity with Sen. Barack Obama, a new survey suggests supporters of the New York senator are increasingly less likely
    to follow her lead.

    A growing number of Clinton supporters polled say they may stay home in November instead of casting their ballot for Obama, an indication the party has yet to coalesce around the Illinois senator four weeks after the most prolonged and at times divisive primary race in modern American history came to a close.

    According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Friday, the number of Clinton supporters who plan to defect to Republican Sen. John McCain’s camp is down from one month ago, but — in what could be an ominous sign for Obama as he seeks to unify the party — the number of them who say they plan to vote for Obama is also down, and a growing number say they may not vote at all.

    In a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey completed in early June before the New York senator ended her White House bid, 60 percent of Clinton backers polled said they planned on voting for Obama.

    In the latest poll, that number has dropped to 54 percent.

    In early June, 22 percent of Clinton supporters polled said they would not vote at all if Obama were the party’s nominee, now close to a third say they will stay home.

    In another sign the wounds of the heated primary race have yet to heal, 43 percent of registered Democrats polled still say they would prefer Clinton to be the party’s presidential nominee. Watch why Clinton supporters are struggling with supporting Obama »

    That number is significantly higher than it was in early June, when 35 percent of Democrats polled said they preferred Clinton to lead the party’s presidential ticket.

    Obama won 59 percent of support from registered Democrats polled in June; now he garners 54 percent.

    “These things always take time to heal,” said Bill Schneider, CNN senior political analyst. “I think Clinton’s supporters are waiting to see if Sen. Obama will pick her as vice president. That would certainly be very healing to them.”

    But most political observers agree the prospects of an Obama-Clinton ticket are dim, most notably because Clinton remains a divisive figure in American politics and Obama’s message of change threatens to be muddled by the 16 years Clinton has spent in Washington

    But the question remains whether Obama can win enough Democrats without Clinton as his No. 2.

    “If he doesn’t pick her, a later stage of grief is depression and then acceptance,” Schneider said. “In the end I expect Clinton supporters will accept Obama, because they will listen to Sen. Clinton, who has said the stakes are too high for Democrats to sulk.”

    The analysts said maybe more than four weeks is needed for many of Clinton’s most devoted supporters to move past her loss, especially considering the primary campaign stretched more than 17 months.

    “Many voters find it tough to immediately switch allegiances to a candidate that they once opposed, so they find a ‘neutral’ setting more comfortable for awhile,” said Keating Holland, CNN polling director. “If that’s what is happening to the Clinton supporters who now say they plan to stay at home, Obama may have nothing to worry about.

    If not, there’s a big chunk of the party base that Obama won’t be able to count on in November.”

  75. Also — subway stations, bus stops. I have no idea how much things like that cost, though.

  76. bostonboomer: I have a completely innocuous comment being held for moderation.

  77. Hey guys, I don’t usually post here but trying to get the word out. Please take a second to DIGG the puma declaration. If we can get a few hundred we’ll pop up on the front page.

    There are millions of depressed HRC supporters who are TOTALLY unaware of PUMA. So DIGG it and pass on the link. Thanks!


  78. Jules,

    I couldn’t find any comments by you in moderation or spam.

  79. I met with a local meetup group in Oakland California today.
    We are getting organized to help plan for Denver, and for marches within our state to coordinate with other major cities across the country.
    We had people attend from San Jose, San Francisco and San Ramon as well as Oakland. The organizer is also planning a conference call with Southern Ca.
    If you are in the state, please go to this site and join us.
    It was a great time brainstorming and sharing ideas.
    I even met the famous Normita.
    Please join us if you are in Calif. to ensure our state organizes a HUGE number of participants.

  80. gary and others in NC, is there any organization in our state?

  81. From Liberal Rapture, which was mentioned above. The last sentence is so true! Axelrod is an ad man and his overselling of Deval Patrick in his first Hope+Change(TM) campaign is why so many votes in Mass. defied Terry and Kerry and voted for Hillary.

    “It goes without saying that were it up to the Obama camp – THE ANOINTED ONE would never be questioned. This is patently anti-democratic and obviously dangerous. After role modelling what a tough, qualified, female leader looks like, questioning Obama is Hillary’s most important legacy. Whatever one feels about McCain, or the election- we have a duty to question Obama. Further we have a duty to do it fearlessly. After all, we are the employers, not the employees. Even that is a weak analogy. Countries are not companies. It is our duty to act as citizens with a stake in the republic, not as consumers mindlessly purchasing a product being sold.”

  82. Hi guys. I just want to say that I have the beginnings of a migraine and our air conditioning unit bit the dust today.

    I hope you all feel appropriately sorry for me.

    ekitty, this comment made me laugh through my pain:

    ekittyglendower, on July 5th, 2008 at 6:16 pm Said:
    No fried foods?

    Honestly, Obama can suck my right ass cheek, which incidentally has prospered from years of fried foods.

  83. {{tabbycat}} WHERE have you been!

  84. I’m stymied by the NYT article. While it denigrates the DNC’s management abilities and political correctness, it portrays the Obama campaign as “tight-fisted” and better able to manage this convention.

    First, when did Obama become better at managing money; didn’t he burn it like air during the primary?

    Second, doesn’t this come across as justification for Obama to take over the convention?

    Third, is this an excuse for Obama’s money to come up short, if he has to bail-out the convention?

    Fourth, doesn’t is sound as if elements of the NYT are still in the tank for Obama? No where is there a discouraging word about him.

  85. Hiya PofEd,

    Did you happen to see the exchange from the Senate floor between Sen. Byrd and Bunning?

  86. katie…I have been working! All the stuff I put off during the late primaries came back to haunt me. My boss asked for a couple of projects that didn’t sound like that big of a deal until I got into it. I’ve spent all my evenings doing that though I have read every post here. I just haven’t had time to comment.

    I figure I can use the no air conditioning excuse on my boss Monday. I’ll tell him it was too hot to stay home and work!

    By the way katie, my Puppy boy is doing so good. His platelet count is up to 583,000 which is above normal. We are weaning him off the medicine now.

    Laney, if you are around, I still have your number. I don’t want a relapse and I’m still going to call you about how you kept your dog from relapsing.

    katie, I envy you and your retirement. You need to start posting more now that you have more time…

    Excuse any typos, etc. I’m typing with an ice bag on my left eye~

  87. good grief,no, how did I miss this?

  88. Hold on for a second and I’ll fetch it — really funny.

  89. tabbycat,

    I’m so happy about your dog. That is wonderful news. Sorry about the migraine. I used to get them a lot.

  90. Prolix, my husband despises McConnell, but does consider him a worthy opponent. He thinks Bunning’s a walking idiot. Once my husband wrote him a letter and asked him if he hadn’t been hit by one too many baseballs in the head. Bunning won’t write him anymore.

  91. Parentofed,

    I think when they say Obama is tight-fisted, it means he doesn’t like to share his money with others. Traditionally, the winner does help pay for the convention, but he is resisting. Just like he doesn’t want to help with Hillary’s debt.

  92. I think Jim Bunning has Alzheimer’s so it’s kind of mean to make fun of him. But who knows if Byrd is still all there? They both need to retire.


    Here’s an NPR recording in her own words. Didn’t your mama tell you to honor your word, Donna?


    ELECTION 2008
    Brazile: I’ll Quit DNC Position Over Superdelegates

    Listen Now [8 min 13 sec] add to playlist

    Paul J. Richards
    Democratic Party strategist Donna Brazile speaks during a meeting of the Democratic Leadership Council in 2004. AFP/Getty Images

    News & Notes , February 11, 2008 · Democratic strategist Donna Brazile — who managed Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign and is herself a superdelegate — says she will quit her position within the Democratic Party if her superdelegate colleagues decide the party’s nomination.

    “Let’s wait for some of these other states to help sort this out,” Brazile, a News & Notes contributor, told Farai Chideya.

    As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continue to run neck-and-neck in amassing the total delegates needed to win the nomination, some have suggested that the party’s superdelegates — comprising party activists and high-ranking officials — could make the deciding vote.

    But Brazile says the superdelegate vote “should reflect the will of the people.”

    Brazile is a nationally syndicated columnist who also teaches at Georgetown University. She is the author of Cooking with Grease: Stirring the Pots in American Politics.

  94. thanks bb. I used to also but I had a hysterectomy four years ago and rarely get one anymore. I think stress from the air going out brought this one on.

    We went to my mom’s last night for a late birthday supper (mine was the 1st) and my husband and I told them about PUMA and that we were here reading the comments when PUMA was born. They plan on being readers. I doubt they will comment but they are stong PUMA’s…they just didn’t know the word for it. 🙂

  95. PofEd,

    Bunning was pissed because Sen. Byrd was holding a vote for Hillary to get to the floor — she was coming from outside the Capitol and was the last to arrive for the vote. This was the shouting match across that aisle at each other:

    Bunning: “Regular order!”

    Byrd: “Who said that?”

    Bunning: “I did.”

    Byrd: “Who are you?”

    Bunning: “I’m a senator.”

    Byrd: “You’re a great baseball man.”

    Bunning: “I’m a senator; I have the same rights as you.”

    Byrd: “Yeah, man, you’re a senator.” [Ends by laughing hysterically at Bunning.]

  96. No, Bunning doesn’t. After his reelection, during which he appeared disoriented at times, his office released medical records stating that he was in fine health. He may indeed have something [a la Charlton Heston before he was diagnosed], but nothing has come out to support him. I certainly couldn’t ridicule him if he were ill.
    BTW, Bunning recently announced that he will probably run for reelection in 2012.

  97. Prolix, I can’t wait to check out Ky coverage of this, thanks for the tip.

  98. Byrd was doing the right thing to hold the vote for Hillary, Bunning was just trying to be obstreperous.

  99. Tabbycat, that’s wonderful news about your dog! I hope you get your a.c. working – oy!

  100. That’s my Bunning. Besides, whatever you think of Byrd, you can trust him with the rules.

  101. Speaking of freak shows… I have started a blog please feel free to add it to the blog roll I have no idea how often I might post to it and i am still learning this site so PLEASE bear with me while i figure ot out

    but by all means feel free to visit and comment 🙂

  102. thank you kiki. I was really scared and I’ll always be running to the vet for blood tests.

    My heat pump is 13 years old..I hope it isn’t gone for good. It would happen on a holiday weekend.

    bb, is Obama going to help pay for the stadium? What an ego he has.

  103. I think the stadium idea will backfire with folks — too cult like and will end up with the Possum Seal of disapproval.

  104. Someone on Talkleft suggested they put his “seal” at the fifty yard line. 🙂

  105. BB: re “tight-fisted” Obama.
    You may be right, but I interpreted the article as a declaration of Obama as frugal, and the DNC as spendthrift. In that sense, I thought it was distinctly flattering to Obama, and I’m not sure it’s deserved. He may not want to share his money with Hillary, but I never thought of him as frugal. The article also intimated that Obama would be forced to take over running the convention, that the DNC was inept. [no argument there}.

  106. tabby- just started to read, glad to hear he’s still doing well. Please email me, I want you to get him on milk thistle if your still giving him pred…

  107. Hey kitties —

    Hope this hasn’t been talked about already, but did folks see that we got a small shout out in Entertainment Weekly some weeks back? From the Hitlist (p16, June 6):

    3 “Cougars” declare love for David Cook. But white working-class pumas broke overwhelmingly for Hillary.

    Yes, it’s small, but it was only days after the official birth of PUMA and any pop-culture refs are pretty cool.

  108. Valhalla- Nice find on your part!!! Its always great to get noticed, even in the same sentence as “American Idol”!!! LOL

  109. Oh, tabbycat — I’m sorry about your migraine and lack of air conditioning. Mister called me to dinner just as I saw your comment and I posted without actually reading yours.

    I’m SO glad that your little guy is doing so well. I was really afraid I had missed some news…. So this announcement is a REAL relief for me.

    I seem to be coming out of my stupor — for days I could hardly hold my eyes open. And I’ve got ideas for several posts. (crossing fingers…)

  110. katie, thank you for always being so thoughtful. I left a job I had been at for 17 years a few years ago. I was so tired of the corporate world. I went through something similar to what you describe. It was like a painful divorce even though it was best for me.

    Laney, I emailed you.

  111. I’m going to ask all of you to please send a SHORT note or email to the Super Delegates,a well as the Democrats who were originally for Hillary, and let them know it’s up to them to bring back the only true candidate that will win this election for us, the people, and that person is HRC. You as delegates, have that responsibility to do the right thing.
    And this nudge should come every time BO flips or lets his ego take over.

  112. Good Evening!

    I will amend the contributions report later tonight or in the morning.

    Meanwhile, I declared earlier today

    July 4th Weekend to Retire the Debt!

    If you have not contributed, please do so if you can and post the totals.

    Rico, let’s get the band going and free drinks for everyone!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  113. Hi everyone – I’m so glad you liked the play! Sorry you couldn’t leave comments at my blog. I’m not sure what that’s about.

    Does anyone mind if I post it here for late-night entertainment?

  114. Jules: Where are you located (approximately)? I’m over the border in CT, but if you’re riding metro north through the burbs, then you’re close enough to my neck of the woods.

    I’d be willing to organize a meetup with you anywhere between White Plains and Brewster North.

  115. Mary Beth,

    I think the Super Delegates are immune to emails by now, alas. The threats of Obama supporters burning down Denver may have cowered them for good. I think Donna Brazile was trotted out to spread that rumor.

    But all of the delegates and supers have to be on record.

    The Hillcrats will be corralled in the Free Speech Zone and are too refined to burn anything down.

  116. http://www.liberalrapture.com/2008/07/what-hillary-taught-us.html

    It goes without saying that were it up to the Obama camp – THE ANOINTED ONE would never be questioned. This is patently anti-democratic and obviously dangerous. After role modelling what a tough, qualified, female leader looks like, questioning Obama is Hillary’s most important legacy. Whatever one feels about McCain, or the election- we have a duty to question Obama. Further we have a duty to do it fearlessly. After all, we are the employers, not the employees. Even that is a weak analogy. Countries are not companies. It is our duty to act as citizens with a stake in the republic, not as consumers mindlessly purchasing a product being sold.

  117. It’s sad we even have to argue in favor of questioning Obama, but I see plenty of “liberal” bloggers who’d prefer to twist themselves in knots rationalizing whatever he does, rather than take a stand and fight for what they believe in. All that bullying and.. they just let their candidate walk right over them.

    In one of those diaries on myDD about why everyone should support Obama selling them out on the issues because he’s not perfect.. (the netroots need some cognitive behavioral therapy maybe) .. someone commented that his/her motto was “Elect first, ask questions later.” WTF!?

  118. Hello PUMAs,
    A lot of good ideas have been put forth today regarding the aerial adverts. One thing though … I feel the money is better spent if the ads are concentrated in the swing states alone. NY and CA will very likely stay blue in Nov. But extensive advertising in Ohio, PA and Fl may have a big enough impact to show up in the polls. That would rattle the cages for the honchos at DNC.
    Just a thought.

  119. Let’s see:

    Donations for Hillary’s debt. (Hillary campaigns for Obama) No one can find out, the results of effort.

    Donations for the Denver Group (womencountpac has $ 500,000.00 anybody coordinating)

    Donations for AD’s no one can agree on.

    Just a reminder. We have hard battle ahead of us.

  120. That stadium idea creeps me out. It would remind me of this:

    It’s kinda small but it’s a photo of the evening rally for Hitler, 1936 Nuremberg

  121. sorry bout this but I’m just now catching up.

    The ban on fried food? Hell….someone open up a Popeye’s across the street from the convention. They’ll rack up! 😉

  122. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Democratic_National_Convention

    Does anyone know how to add info to wikipedia?

    PUMA protest should be mentioned in this entry of the 2008 DNC….which has a protest section.

    BTW, ACLU is challenging the penning up of protesters behind chicken wire or chain link….their challenge will be decided by the end of July.

    Also, the convention by tradition should’ve been held in July. However, the excuse for holding it in August was to wait till after the Olympics (bullshit reason since they are in Aug not July) and to have “momentum” in the final months before the election.

    Real reason? The fix was in to install Obama and have him “accept” on the anniversary of MLK’s “I have a dream” speech. If someone knows a good write up of this maybe it could be linked at wikipedia, also.

  123. Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton will help each other raise money in a series of fundraisers in New York next week.
    Obama campaign spokesman Jen Psaki said the Democratic nominee-in-waiting and Clinton will hold three fundraisers. Two events are scheduled for Wednesday night—one to raise money for his general election campaign and one to help pay off debts from her primary campaign. A third fundraiser, for Obama, is a breakfast Thursday morning with women donors that Clinton, a New York senator, will attend.


    That’s THIS THURSDAY that Hillary will be appearing with Obama in NYC.

    Any plans for PUMAs to demonstrate outside?

  124. I am just grateful to be here , and happy to find so many kindred spirits , as I have been clinging YES CLINGING to my two best friends on conference calls daily for hours talking about this with them and now all three of us are pumas …well…we were all along just didnt know it .;)
    You all are beautiful , and you have inspired me to start my own blog
    Soon, on my own new blog I am going to start posting links to songs from independent artists that already express how we feel … I have been fighting the good fight against corporate control of the music industry by supporting independent artists and music from Indies on the net for may years , so I know we can succeed in this as well . I know we can , because we cannot afford to lose .
    and how synchronous to see a picture of the GREAT GODDESS ..when my show to support the women of indie music is called GODDESS RADIO
    I feel at home here and I thank you all so very much .

  125. so right joaniebone

    “To the fine minds here, curiosity (and follow-through)comes naturally. So we might go home and google “Just Say No Deal”. Most people won’t– really.”

    just searched dailykos – the denver group…no mention on comments.

    its like theres two democratic parties… they have no clue whats happening

  126. searched “just say no deal” there too, zilch…

  127. “Meanwhile, Obama is considering delivering his acceptance speech in the 75,000 capacity Mile High Stadium (AKA Invesco Field) instead of in the Pepsi Center, … ”

    Now I’m on the verge of vomiting.

    As a nation, we are so screwed.

  128. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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