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Diss me, Donna!

Dear Donna Brazile,

NO WE WON’T featured an interview with founder of PUMApac, Darragh Murphy last night in which she says you are sending a letter to people telling them that we are Republican Trolls and “hysterical feminists”.  I checked with edgeofforever at Not Your Sweetie this morning to see who was included on the list of PUMA sites that are allegedly run by the GOP.  Much to my dismay, The Confluence was not among them.  I find this situation unacceptable.  After all, the term PUMA originated right here at The Confluence in a comment by SM in a post about how we were going to withhold our votes.  We announced the formation of the PUMA un-Party in the very next post and it caught like a wildfire on dry tinder.

The Confluence must insist that you diss us all equally.  It will not do for our sibling sites to get all of the attention that a full onslaught Donna Brazile derision is likely to stir.  We consider it a slight to us that we will not be able to enjoy the fruits of such notoriety.  We count on your pronouncements to spur interest and recruitment in our cause.   Surely The Confluence’s efforts to spread insurrection among the rank and file is worthy of some kind of expression of your loathing and disgust.

We urge you to rectify the matter expeditiously.  If you can not find it in your bile to call us Republicans, please refer to us by some other equally nasty ephithet.  Like, you had something going there with “hysterical feminists”.  We think you can work with that.  For example, Markos Moulitsas called us a “shrieking band of paranoid holdouts”.  But in both of these cases, the slurs lack that certain something that would pile on guilt.  “Hysterical”, “Shrieking” and “paranoid” imply that we are not accountable for our actions.  Please try to tie the two concepts together.  It won’t be enough to call us delusional.  We must also be culpable.  How about “bloodthirsty Amazons of ruination”.  That’s just off the top of my head.  I will sample my commenters at The Confluence for some better examples.

We are willing to work with you, Donna, to strike the right tone that will start a news cycle that the nation will never forget.  So, please, put us on your list to be dissed.


Riverdaughter at The Confluence

217 Responses

  1. RD,

    This is an outrage! How dare Donna Brazile leave us off her hate-mail list?

  2. This is beautiful! I would love for Donna to call me a “bloodthirsty Amazon of ruination.” Meanwhile I started my day listening to the Amazon Diva Shirley Bassey

  3. brazille took the “shreiking feminists” straight from Marcotte’s piece. both of them are lying smearmongers. Karl Rove would be proud. I also cannot access the whole letter from edge’s link, anyone else have it?

  4. how about,
    “a combination of whining fags and their cat lady mothers”

    You know. I can get as nasty as the rest of them. I just choose not too.


  5. When I heard Darragh say that last night, I saw red.

    Donna B. and her slanderous emails, gum-chewing, texting, momma-nastiness neutrality HAS GOT TO GO!!

    Is there any independent action that can be taken to get this woman fired?! Seriously, she is such an embarrassment. Apparently, she is also the head of the Voter’s Rights Commission? (not sure of the name of the DNC branch), so SHE is the one who will be examining election irregularities for future election in the primaries?! She is the one who as instrumental in creating the absurd delegate allocation system this time around.

    Seriously, how did she get her position, and what can PUMAS do about it?

  6. Here’s a link to that old post I wrote on the emails I shared with Ms.Brazile:

    Perhaps I am one of those hysterical feminist she refers to.

  7. You have to include menopausal somewhere.

  8. I always liked the word Banshee.

  9. Mawm: How about “whining menopausal fags and their cat lady mothers”? It doesn’t have to be factually accurate. Even Donna is calling us Republicans.

  10. You wanna piece o’ me? You wanna piece o’ me?!!!

    Go on make my day.

  11. RD, your post make my day! I agree. It’s an honor to be Donna B’s hate list.

  12. “We count on your pronouncements to spur interest and recruitment in our cause.” — How true, Riverdaughter. Brazile’s statements never cease to offend. Do you think she’s deranged?

  13. instead of fag how about…… whining “affrontations to the civil rights movement” and their fag hag mothers who are witches, but will not own black cats because they are racists…

  14. A few more, off the top of my head:

    Harpies of Hate
    Valkyries of Viciousness
    Medusas of Malignity
    Medeas of Misanthropy

    This is fun…

  15. The last bastion of racism

  16. joey….but we didn’t make the list, that’s why we are outraged!

  17. gary: Accurate but wordy. Let’s try something with a little alliteration along the lines of Nattering Nabobs of Negativism.

    Caterwauling Cassandras of Catastrophe

  18. Carol, count us both in your totals:

    DATE: July 4, 2008 11:01 AM EDT
    NAME: parentofed
    AMOUNT: $20.08


    DATE: July 4, 2008 11:04 AM EDT
    NAME: parentofed hubby
    AMOUNT: $20.08

  19. The Confluence are….Diabolical Democrats of Deceit or is the DNC

  20. Sniveling Sirens of Segregation?

  21. Morning, RD,

    you are the most hilarious wordsmith on blogs 2.0…I hope your 3AM muse never leaves… how interesting that you are instead, in a sciency line of work

  22. If anybody didn’t see the Brazile letter, here it is:

    There’s a lot of speculation, but no quotes.
    And then there’s the PUMAs, an acronym from the name of a PAC that formed after Clinton quit to supposedly stand up against the meanie sexist Democratic infrastructure. It didn’t take much work for me to discover who started this PAC:

    With her name and her zip code, all it took was a quick jaunt to Open Secrets to find out her campaign donation history:
    That’s the only donation listed. So, not much of a Clinton fan but appears to be big on McCain.

    The “About” page at the PUMA blog states the vague goals:
    I want to draw your attention to the first one, which implies that the PAC was formed to support Clinton during the primary run. But if you look at the date on the PAC form, the PAC was registered on 6/3/08. Clinton officially dropped out on 6/7/08, but for days before, it was basically known she was out.
    I would like to argue that this PAC was not formed to support Clinton, but to support the media narrative about hysterical feminists, and to help the McCain campaign with goals #1 and #2.
    I bet similar digging would show that a lot of PUMAs aren’t exactly what they’re claiming to be.
    Update: Looks like I’m not the first person to do a little simple fact-checking.

    Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors.

  23. RD: but if they call us Cassandras they are admitting we are right.

  24. LOL you should send this to Donna via email!! xD

  25. I just read somewhere the Donna got her degree in “Industrial Psychology”…..does anybody know what that means?

  26. She is clearly not well-versed in HTML. That ego is just monumental.

  27. Gary: NOW you’re talking. You’ve managed to work in a significant character flaw as well. Bravo!

  28. Those were Amanda Marcotte words. Brazile is a plagarist as well as a progagandist. Wow!

  29. Harridans/harpies/hags from hell?

    Donna Brazile shows that she isn’t exactly what she’s claiming to be.

  30. It occurs to me that people like Brazille must be somehow taken out of power positions asap, especially if we manage to get Hillary to the election. Bill Clinton was not able to get any of his ideas through the GOP congress. Every antichrist-quality idiot in D.C. was trying to put a roadblock or personal crisis in front of the President, so that he could not function effectively. Looking back to the 70’s, a similar situation happened to Carter, but with a DEM congress.

    And, of course, we know that the current Dem Congress has been putting up NO roadblocks or impeachment crisis for Bushy. They are now bracing themselves to welcome BO Bush III.

    If they are somehow disappointed by having to accept Hillary, who knows what might happen to her.

  31. Seriously, I intend to gather up as many examples as I can to send to her so she can diss us properly. We’ve got some real winners here already.

  32. regency: If that letter tells us anything it’s that the DNC has no idea what is about to hit it in November.

  33. Brazile likes to quote momma so much, how about something that includes guilt?

    Sad Sack Spawns of Martyred Mommas?

  34. riverdaughter, Donna doesnt include the Confluence because she doesn’t want you to get the publicity. Thanks to the daily blows to the head by BO, Progressives are now waking up! Donna does not want them coming here! IMO.
    Donna Brazile SHOULD have been fired 10 mins after saying on national TV, the Dem party doesn’t need the working class and Latino voters!! When that didn’t happen, I knew the fix was on. Donna is so confident in this fix, it’s scary .Who in their right mind emails back to members of the public the off the wall , nasty stuff she has? It’s super surreal in an extra surreal season.

  35. mawm—and since marcotte is a plagarist as well, she is a double plagarist…

  36. RD: They’re completely blind or completely stupid. I’d bet $20 dollar he declares himself president before the polls close to influence turnout. He’s that presumptuous. (Assuming we don’t have an August miracle which is seeming less likely…)

  37. an August miracle is seeming more likely for me every day

  38. Karolina NYC,

    Given that you are correct, it seems we should perhaps reconsider supporting down ticket Democrats. Are the Dems who supported Hillary in this compaign among those who helped block Bills agenda?

    PUMA needs to organize to vet Democrats running for office. I sent in my email to Southwest PUMA but I ‘ve heard absolutely nothing. No acknowledment or anything. PUMAs can roar, but if thats all we are going to do, then this is not going to become a movement. Notice the MSM has begun to ignore us.

  39. Brazile has a history of rumor and smear mongering:

    On October 20, 1988, she made news by telling a group of reporters that George H.W. Bush needed to “‘fess up” about unsubstantiated rumors of an extramarital affair. Said Brazile, “”The American people have every right to know if Barbara Bush will share that bed with him in the White House.”

  40. NH.,

    That’s not true the MSM is picking us up more and more. Gary got a call from Abbie Tatten of CNN to ask him about the Unity videos. Lots of PUMAs have been on various networks.

  41. NH: I don’t think the MSM is ignoring us at all. Gary had an interview with someone with CNN yesterday and there is an NPR interview coming up. PLUS, Diane at JustSayNoDeal might have a surprise next week on July 8th where we can participate virtually.

  42. happy 4th everyone!!

    new radios ads playing in all the swing states.. apparently.. in a couple of weeks they will be coming out with some tv spots as well…I think its a repub. PAC also saying NO TO KOOL AID!!!
    (2 radio ads.. its on their website.. if you wanna listen)


  43. she has a big mouth that she never stops sticking her feet into, but she never gets fired…what’s up with that?

  44. “bloodthirsty Amazons of ruination”

    Mark Twain would be proud.

    B. A. R. A bear with a southern accent, another great animal totem and a powerful omen for Denver.

    Ursus horribilis, the American Grizzly Bear. Can you imagine the frightening encounter that led to that name – horrible bear.

    The current range of the grizzly bear extends from Alaska, south through much of western Canada, and into portions of the northwestern United States.

    It is argued by some that there still remains a small population in Colorado.

    Wikipedia also give information about the the diet of Ursus Horribilis, but I didn’t read it. I know the bear eats Brazilles for lunch.

  45. Happy 4th everyone!

    Riverdaughter, you know, this post made me laugh! This place is always so full of wonderfulness. You know Bozo is gone this morning. I’m not sure if I can take anymore…

    Between all the Fires, Bozo, ? It’s like somehow the Confluence is one of the last holdouts of normalcy in this country…

    RD! have a great day today! I hope that ol’ Brazmonster is in a tailspin over all these cranky feminists, sino Peruvians, assorted indy voters, well…you write the drill best….


    Bozo is an icon of an American childhood. Damn.

    I have not looked at emails for months. I decided to only be available in blogworld! hahahahahahah!

    It occurs to me, that I met you right when the Confluence started, you made a place for Hillary people, because the rest of the news coverage was so bad. This place is now a fort. And legendary! So much so that YOU are the new progressive face of the world in here — like Violet said you would be, when she made that list! I still have people funneling through to all those places that were on that list!

    what always gets me are the search queries — you can feel the pulse of the whole thing by what people are looking for, and sometimes it’s totally bizarre……

  46. I hope you folks are right.

  47. NH- I don’t think the MSM is ignoring us either. just a few days ago we had a lot of interviews on all networks and articles in major newspapers. but it’s obvious that the MSM can’t pay so much attention to us all the time. it was probably especially much because of unity, NH. I’m sure there will be more interviews and so on when Hillary campaigns for BO again or the topic unity comes up again…

  48. HAPPY FOURTH….the wicked old witch is dead!!!!!

    Former U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms, a North Carolina Republican who became an icon to conservatives, died today at the age of 86

    and before anybody gives me any crap, this vile old POS had NO redeeming qualities…..good riddance

  49. Funny as hell, this Donna B seems to be.

    Happy July 4th to one and all!

  50. mawminc—nevertheless, we have only a few weeks to get our plans solidified to get some positive changes made in D.C. at this time when everything is set to go the hell downhill. We need to have a strong idea of everything that needs to be done to save the constitution, the country and the citizens, don’t you agree? Publicity is, of course, vital, but Obama is an example of publicity without substance….we’ve got substance, but we need a strong big picture goal….and a plan on how to get there.

  51. Dear Donna, I am a slatternly douchebag, my husband a pimped nutsack. We both left your party on June 10, 2008. We are now officially “none” party members as per Florida choices. When I say I am a “none” people think I have taken holy vows. I have but not they way they think. PUMA needs to be on the ballot, a new and real political party. We will not vote down ticket either.

  52. luckyann,

    I guess I am not referring to the Unity related press. We were a story then because of the Clinton/Obama schtick in NH.

    But I am not seeing anything since then. We need to give the MSM something to get their attention. A demonstration perhaps. Denver is too distant.

  53. NH, on July 4th, 2008 at 11:39 am Said:
    “PUMA needs to organize to vet Democrats running for office. I sent in my email to Southwest PUMA but I ‘ve heard absolutely nothing. No acknowledment or anything. PUMAs can roar, but if thats all we are going to do, then this is not going to become a movement. ”

    Earlier this week I was told that we’d be hearing from the regional co-ordinators soon.


  54. Oh, RD, didn’t mean to not include you. You posted after I started writing.

  55. Here is an idea I had. Burning Woman in Denver.

    We come in RVs filled with PUMAs arriving to a place outside the city. We stage our own rally and sonvention there. We invite speakers, bands, artists.

  56. My husband is highly offended at being left out of some of the suggestions here since he is neither gay nor female. He would like to be included in the epithet, “Bitter Bubbas of the Blogosphere”.

    I like to be inclusive of everyone so I suggest, “Hate Filled Harridans and Hairy-knuckled Howling Haranguers”

  57. I am truely offended and now am glad I have written her off. She is a self loathing person who is so afraid she will lose her power in the Democratic Party by backing the wrong pony, that she is lashing out in MS-directed anger.

    I am sorry Donna if everyone not on the unity pony is a repug, then the house and senate are lost. You should reconsider your words or face a tide of red down ticket that will bury you as Puma’s take out their righteous anger on every member of the unity pony force.

    The rebel alliance is ready and armed and the force is strong with us.


  58. politicians who have the guts to come.

  59. Yes janicen, bitter needs to appear there too

  60. janicen how about “cow-towed curmudgeons of chaos”?

  61. DanceswithPumas: I’d love to get involved but I already have two full time jobs.

  62. fuzzy–her fears are justified, she hasn’t picked a winner since 1976

  63. Where’s the list? I’m confused.

    Elsewhere, I did find a list of 6 or 7 puma-related sites accused of being “launched” in red states (specifically Utah and Arizona) as “proof” of the Republican conspiracy.

    I guess our accusers are unfamiliar with the internet culture — such practices as “hosting” and “proxy domain registration” are foreign to them.

    But where’s the OFFICIAL list of — let’s retrieve a construction from an earlier Great Age of Accusatory Name-Calling — CRYPTO-REPUBLICANS???

  64. I like it, garychapelhill. As mawm said, “bitter” should be included. Perhaps “Bitter Bloviating ‘Bama-haters”?

    Now that I think of it, we really must include “Racist” somewhere.

    “Revolting, Racist, riverdaughter radicals?”

  65. ronk, my host is in Kansas. That makes me a racist republican.

    By the way RD. GIven all that has happened, how can we leave off the word “racist” in our PUMA description?

  66. I really like the word “slavering,” and I think it might be something pumas do. What about “slavering slime-merchents of doom?”

    Or how about “Mad Menopausal Monsters Making Mayhem?”

  67. I just sent a post that has landed in moderation please edit and release it I sent a link to the AP article on Betancourt and I thought the quote from French President Sarkozy speaks to us….SM you are so right on!

    “Sarkozy said Betancourt’s rescue sends a message to people in difficult situations that ‘it’s worth it to fight. There is no such thing as inevitability.'”


  68. How about “raging band of hormone deprived harpies?”
    C’mon Donna, give it a try.
    I’ve got an idea. Let’s change the name of the Democratic Party to the Donna Party. After all, she owns it now and it’ll remind people of that other ill fated group of cannibals.

  69. Oh and Happy Independence Day, PUMAS.

  70. ok time for the noon bling request we must work harder to retire Our Campaign Debt. Carol is vacationing and I have a cook out comming up so lets do it guys what is her debt now any one know?


  71. From Betty— “Ursus horribilis, the American Grizzly Bear. Can you imagine the frightening encounter that led to that name – horrible bear.”

    How about scientific name for us— “Uterus horribilis plus”?

  72. regencyg,

    What you quoted above is from Amanda Marcotte’s post on Pandagon. Is that what Brazile has been sending people?

  73. ronk: The list I saw was on Not your Sweetie. For all I know, Donna never mentioned us in her letter- at all! Don’t you find that unforgiveable?

  74. Karolina NYC,

    I like the “Uterus horribilis” part. Can we come up with a better word than “plus?”

  75. BB: Yeah that’s what she sent me.

  76. bostonboomer—I can’t think, off the top of my head, of a catchy way to include all of the uterus-deprived or uterus-free members.

  77. Betty this is one bear that might not hesitate to verbally bash her and distroy her self-serving arrogance but lunch? Donna would surely give fuzzy a big tummy ache.

    Gary in power since 1976 and never backed a winner? why is the person(her sex has nothing to do with her incompetence) still a “leader” in the party?

    I bet she is responsible for Mondale,Dukuakis, and Kerry- now Obama I guess it is 4 strike and you are out.


  78. Well, there’s always pus.

  79. janicen — There are plenty of good prefixes available. At MyDD a day or two ago I learned we are fundamentally “quasi-racists” (which I take to mean that we’re not racists but we’re going to get called “racists” anyway).

    Straight male pumas can still prowl at the rear and the sides of the PUMA pack as embittered quasi-hags, hysterical crypto-fags, neo-retro-arch-feminist dupes and their shrieking pseudo-menopausal fellow travelers.

    (Good enough at least for a first draft of a McCarthyite revival, I hope.)

  80. Man, if Donna Brazile doesn’t call me a hysterical freak or a closet Republican, my life will not be fulfilled.

  81. Fuzzybeargville is a southern “BAR” on occassions you can see a rendition of him at Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree.

    since I am from Florida does that mean i am 1/2 a BAR?


  82. Karolina: How about “scrotum encumbered”?

  83. Brazile worked for Dukakis and Gore. Why me? Why America?

  84. just a typical old white woman
    love the articledonna is toast

  85. Dear Riverdaughter

    Thank you for making Donna’s actions and laughing at them instead of railing. You took the ‘punch’ out of her like a master judo artist.


    hold your key rings above your head and shake them

    McCain’s medical records say that he is afraid of the sound because the keys would rattle in the door as the guards came to torture him.

    Obama is trying to make his lack of service compare to McCain’s but having his surrogates down McCain for his military service.

    The key shaking at rallies and any other place Obama will be is a safe. easy, go anywhere, can’t make you leave it at the gate protest method. And they won’t know who is going to be key shaking next…or where

  86. Riverdaughter, I think they DNC does know what will hit it in November, which is why they are anxious to scapegoat PUMA. I find it amazing that a four-week old grassroots movement has an entrenched DNC leadership this terrified. Suspecting that PUMA is some kind of covert Republican operation suggests to me that the DNC leaders are beginning to disintegrate from suspicion and paranoia. I don’t know about their Kool-Aid habits, but the psychiatric disturbance is very reminiscent of Jim Jones. Both the DNC and its candidate are an embarassment.

    Thank you for developing an alternative to this insanity. Happy 4th of July to a real patriot!

  87. Darn I am not on Donna’s “List” it mus tbe the nice and respectful letter I sent her back on the thread about her resigning from the party if the SD’s chose the next candidate?

    mmmmm-the only one hating now is Donna Brazile.

    again I want to thank Mawninc and gary for their educational video and commentary from Unity”pony” New Hampshire


  88. garychapelhill, Said:
    Sniveling Sirens of Segregation?

    I like the Sirens part–In NYC, they lead the Pride parade on motorcycles!

    But I was growing fond of the “deadender” moniker…couldn’t we somehow include that?

    Delusional Deadender of Destiny
    Deadender Dykes for Democrat Destruction

    As for the down-ticket votes–I’m only voting downticket for those who supported Hillary up until the last minute of the last day.

    In NY right now, they’re going after the 10th congressional district for waiting too long to support Obama.

    One of these PUMA sites needs to post a “contested incumbent” list and once Hill’s debt is retired, we go after these guys. (And we help the guy running against Kerry too.)

  89. Thank you Conflucians for all of your suggestions to include my husband. He is feeling the love now.

  90. Donna’s degree is in Industrial Psychology? That’s where you listen to the workers weep & rant, so they will go back to work without using sick days or quitting or go off the deep end.

    Looks as though she’s a failure at that, too, when you consider the drones in the Democratic Party.

  91. janicen: It was the *least* we could do. Literally.

  92. fuzzy, we may not be on the list of hysterical feminists, but as gays we are an “affront to the civil rights movement”, which i think is just as catchy

  93. Annie Em-

    I am used to being a scapegoat- Gays kept Kerry out of the white house, Floridians Kept Gore, Southerners Kept Dukaukis, and and people who consumed oxygen kept Mondale out….I am such a scape goat that I look like I have been run out of town on Yom Kipur covered with the sins of the people.


  94. rampaging ruthless republican relics

  95. no, fuzzy, it was that damn DHMO that people were drinking that kept Mondale out. I think it way myiq2xu who pointed out that DHMO is the primary ingredient in Kool-Aid

  96. C’mon Donna – take us on! Try it -PLEEEASE !!!

    Riverdaughter – thank you for the laugh & this site.

    Even thugh a lot of people don’t comment – they sure read yhis site.

    I think Donna’s afraid of you.

  97. Did donna say that gary? “we are and affront” to the civil rights movement? well I think she needs to step out of her closet and look in the mirror. Sorry about that but if she is not a member of our club she should at least say “but for the grace of God go I…”


  98. michael: is that a Jewish tradition? I’m 1/8th Jewish, which I think entitlew me to one night of Hannukah so I’m not really all caught up on the customs and frivolities.

  99. Oh, we’re really getting to her if she’s talking like this. I’ll settle for nothing less than her absolute ruin. I never want her working anywhere near another Democrat as long as she lives.

  100. Interesting link, SophieL. So even though John Lewis caved to their demands and gave a highly publicized endorsement to Obama, they’re throwing him under the bus too.

    Move over, everyone. It’s about to become a lot more crowded under here now that they’re adding politicians who supported Obama, but not soon enough. Will they throw Gore and Edwards under as well?

  101. fuzzy…there was a shake-up at the DNC involving the wrongful termination of a gay staffer. It came out that there was a dispute about Affirmative Action guidelines for delegate selectiona and the gays wanted to be included. Brazile objected saying that putting gays on par with AA’s was an ‘affront to the civil rights movement’. So we get to be called racist while she and the rest of the AA caucus in the DNC are allowed their homophobia. It was covered extensively in the Washington Blade, if you google it you should be able to find it…in fact I wrote a post about it somewhere on here with a link

  102. RD—that might be, but I’ve never seen them that way….maybe “uterus horribilis scrotumus extensis”

  103. Please dont remind me of 1984-bad times to be a democrat-I am going to may happy place Jan 1993-ok back renewed for the fight.


  104. This will have to be my final contribution to Hillary’s campaign, representing the amount I’ve saved since canceling my Democracy Bond on May 31st:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 04, 2008 12:06 PM EDT
    Contact: SherryNC
    Charlotte, NC xxxxx
    Amount: $100.08


  105. If Donna and company were not worried, they would not insist on this spin, fiction, whatever it should be called. Maintream feminists are fed up, women and men who may not even necessarily think of themselves as “feminists”. Sure many will hold their noses and vote dem, but they know that they have a significant problem, spelled PUMA. Rendell’s HOUND dog is a huge acknowledgement of the PUMA challenge.

    They know it. They just don’t know how to manage it because they did not expect it. I think they believed themselves –their own chant– that unity would come.

    Will you post a momentum builder for donating to Hillary today? Where’s Carol, the great $-raising voice for Hillary?

  106. Here’s one:

    Crazy Crypto-Republican Catamounts

    Catamount = Puma

  107. Indigo – Carol, PUMA Fundraiser Supreme, was on the last post “Independence day” – we’ve been posting contributions there.

  108. gary and mawm – tTHANK YOU for all the videos from Unity.

    I wrote a letter to “The Progressive” (the quotation marks are essential here) citing the “Free Speech Zones”, the no signs of dissent and the 10% off the top required of the souvenir sellers. I don’t know whether it will be posted or printed. But they have been warned.
    I have also been sharing your videos with family and friends who would never have seen them.

    janicen- your suggestions are hysterical and i love that we are all included.

    Happy 4th to all PUMAs !!

  109. It’s not that the MSM is ignoring PUMA. It is only that many have caught the PUMA virus and they just don’t know it. Their eyes are slowly opening, as though from a deep sleep; they’re rubbing their eyes as they seem to see the real Obama for the first time and there’s a look of authentic puzzlement. PUMA is the mother of all viral fires. It is really catching.

    Today is Independence Day–the PUMA WAY!

  110. If people here are attempting to live down/up? to Brazile’s caricature then I’d say this thread is a success.

    Last night in a thread that got blipped RD described herself as a “moderate center left democrat” How you care describe yourself is obviously your business RD, but I must confess I have no idea what the description means.

    All I know is that the Dem party has been dead for at least a generation or more. Since I was born in 1960 Dem administrations are responsible for about as many innocent foreign civilian deaths and US service deaths as the Republicans.

    Both are equally complicit in failures and evil at home and abroad.

    Each party calls the other names, and in the Dem Primary?Caucus season each candidate and his/her supporters called each other names like “kool-aid drinker.”

    I have no doubt had the roles been reversed at the RBC meeting in May each
    side would have used the others arguments to get the delegates. A quick look at the ever changing definitions of success during the campaign bears this out. Both Clinton’s and Obama’s swaspped those definition on or around Feb/May.

    All I know is this: when politicians start screaming long and loud about family values, it’s time to hide the kids (Foley etc.). When people start accusing others of kool-aid, it’s time to look around for the big glass pitcher.

    As a person who prefers to vote Green (but does not identify myself as a Green) it would appear your “movement” has two ways it can go. The first which I hope may be the case having wandered around to see if the disaffection w/ the Dems was something that could move beyond the two party system. Something that got real press coverage as real news.

    I fear however, seeing the hyperbole etc. on many of these sites that the press may be interested in your movement like all the other “movements” that were merely seen as ax grinders.

    Folks here may have cheered Harriet Christian, and indeed, I can understand her beef, but for the rest of the world she was a circus side show.

    I hope some of you leave the party for good and move beyond the 2 party system and maybe things will truly change. Or barring that, if your mission here is more than just a cathartic kvatching, you find the solution.

    I will be one of the first to congratulate you.

    And so it goes.

  111. well I believe it was part of the attonement ritual to put a skin on a goat that represented the sins of the people and beat the animal out of town-story told to me as a child – was told that is where the term “scape goat” originated from.

    Yom Kipur being a day of atonement for your sins against the Creator, I may have tied the two traditions that comes from my fathers side they we prussian exiles from 1850’s expelled from their homes to find freedom in america. Sorry if I got them mixed up?


  112. Thanks, SM. I scanned that thread. I’ll go back there to check it out. I’m hoping the number of contributions is high — tho I suppose we will never know. I doubt that such activity can be publicized by HRC….given the unity front and all. But it will help her and send a message to those in the know, right!

  113. Industrial Psychology?
    I like parentofed’s description…my daughter has her big time degree in IP. I haen’t a clue what she does, but she makes a ton of $$.

    I keep telling her “don’t quit your day job” cuz my social work pay won’t get me to the meanest of nursing homes when i retire. i fully intend to move in with her.
    darling daughter is a huge Hillary supporter – god(dess) bless her.

  114. thanks for your “concern” peter. I sure wish the serious people like you were in charge. You may feel comfortable sitting in your ivory tower and tsk tsking those of us who actually feel passion about our country and our democracy. It is especially important on this anniversary of the brave men and women who stood up to a tyrant and said no. I’m sure the British considered what was going on in the colony a side show, but the colonists most certainly did not. And neither do we. So, just as you wouldn’t attend a side show and then critique the geeks and bearded ladies, why bother coming here at all? We certainly don’t care much what you think…or maybe you just like seeing your own elitist drivel in print….either way it is a waste of our time

  115. Hey, can we organize an e-mail campaign for the Declaration to Donna Brazille? I need her e-mail address. I’ve alreadt e-mailed it to Gov. Rendell’s office. (other folks might consider doing so too)

  116. there is a great article on Betancourt on the AP and her triumphant return to France…I cried when I read it she is an inspired individual, the kind that doesnot come along very many times in a generation: again my favorite lines from the article speak straight (sorry Mawm,gary SM et all) to us here they are:

    Sarkozy said Betancourt’s rescue sends a message to people in difficult situations that “it’s worth it to fight. There is no such thing as inevitability.”

    “All those who suffer, like you, throughout the world should know that … there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” he said in greeeting her.

    see what I mean-my link must be held up in moderation buts it a top AP story today


  117. OK, let me try to wrap my head around this. According to Donna, PUMA is tirelessly working to unseat the weaker Dem candidate (Obama) so the stronger, more experienced, and more qualified candidate (Hillary) who received the most votes during the dem primary (18 million) can run against McCain in the general election. Exactly how does that help the republican cause exactly!?

    Oh, Donna, when Obama loses this Nov, you’ll have plenty of time to think over your conspiracy theory and realize just how very wrong it is.

  118. well, according to donna and the other obamaphiles, Clinton IS a Republican, so it makes sense in her puny twisted mind

  119. clinton IS a republican, lol. i didn’t know that 🙂

  120. A republican? Clinton? I guess that is where she got her universal healthcare plan, green energy jobs creation plan(those republican big Oil Co.’s really support green energy that will put them out of business), and bringing the troops home; all her other ideas….it explains so much….

    Democrats are the party of big business and self interest and religous fundamentalism? mmmm

    I have been in the wrong party all this time….

    Donna Obama give me a break.


  121. Riverdaughter, perfect pitch!

    If these are the party leaders, they deserve every bit of ridicule and humiliation. Bring it on, Brazille! Do they see us laughing AT them?

  122. michael P Varvel, on July 4th, 2008 at 12:29 pm Said:

    Michael –

    As a nonpracticing Catholic, I can tell you that being gay, Floridian and Southern are probably venial sins.

    But you really have to watch out for that ‘consumed oxygen’ habit. You might enrich your brain cells and that leads to…thinking – a really, really subversive activity. You have the entire DNC in disarray. Mortal sin!

  123. Okie dokey –

    1st comment to Donna – “Bite Me!” (juvenile I know, but then, I am a hysterical republican).

    2nd comment to Donna – if you run out of names to call us, I am sure Chris, KO, Andrea and Tim (he left a list behind) can help you out.

    3rd comment to Donna – since my last posting:

    NH – $35.08
    chatblu – $20.08
    Lakota – $20.08
    exlixirz – $20.08
    desertpuma – $20.08
    annabellep – $20.08
    Hillary-zilla – $20.08
    joaniebone, with Truman and Quincy – $40.16
    getfitnow – $25
    jules – $20.88
    janian – $20.08
    Laney – $20.08
    salmonrising – $20.08
    Sharon – $20.08
    SophieL – $20.08
    SM – $20.08
    Sheri – $20.08
    TonyRz – $20.08
    parentofed – $20.08
    parentofed hubby – $20.08
    SherryNC – $100.08

    For a grand total of $646.36

    We PUMA$ Rock!

    Donna – Get used to it! First order of business when Hillary takes office is to find you and yours a tour of duty somewhere out of the country!

  124. Gary,

    re: peter anderson

    I find it fascinating that some people simply can’t resist dropping into someone else’s space on the internet and delivering supercilious lectures based on zero knowledge or understanding. It would be interesting to do a psychological study on this bizarre phenomenon.

  125. peter anderson, you sound as though you are resigned to frustration and have long given up any belief in the possibility of working from the grassroots-level toward a cleaner government. If this is the case, I urge you to throw the bitterness into the trash and carry the bag out of your house, roll up your sleeves and get to work. This would be the time to do it.

  126. I always liked “nattering nabobs of negativity”

    of course, it’s not original. but recycling’s a good thing!

  127. “Masslib”
    Thanks for that link.
    I wanted to see for myself a sample of Donna B.’s writings.
    WOW, how un-professional!!

  128. […] From my favorite pro-Hillary site, The Confluence: Dear Donna Brazile, […]

  129. NH, sorry, but what does “vet” mean exactly?

  130. Carol,
    Add my $20.08!! Just wish I could do more.

    So now that Iraq and Choice are under the bus, is there anyone or anything LEFT to throw under the bus?

    Happy 4th!

  131. Is there any independent action that can be taken to get this woman fired?! Seriously, she is such an embarrassment

    Fif and others:

    get her in her pocketbook and use an old activist tool: get a boycott going of her company Brazile and Associates .


    (shaking head) I swear, worked on 2 losing Prez campaigns (getting fired from one) and she gets elevated in the DNC to a point where she’s dangerous to the party and its members.

    I think the only way she gets thrown out is for Obie to lose and then the entire DNC leadership would have to go.

  132. Okay, how about we organize a massive letter writing campaign to NARAL, Emily’s, et al and ask them to retract their endorsements of Sen. BO, simply stating “that’s not the Obama we knew.”

  133. Whatever happened to the Sino-Peruvians? I fancied them.

  134. Carol, please add my $20.08. Thanks!


    DATE: July 4, 2008 1:32 PM EDT
    NAME: xxx
    ADDRESS: xxx
    AMOUNT: $20.08


  135. We have the opportunity to finally unseat “nattering nabobs of negativity” as the all-time alliterative appelation! Senior-citizen sentinels of segregation? Blathering banshees of bitterness? Cryptorepublican codgers of cynicism?

  136. Okay for the heterosexual spousal males of our feminist members here’s one for your hubbys:

    Bitter, belching Bubbas with beerguts

    I know….weak, weak, weak.

  137. carol we are doing good-if the lurkers who dont want to post would just give us one post for you contributions we would appreciate I know you are out there…..Indigo you Rock!

    remember every dollar for Hillary is a poke in obama & axelfrauds eye!

    annie em you gay southern and floridian no wonder I like you and catholic raised? we are like twins seperated at birth….


  138. Contribution Details
    carol please add my $20.08 and thanks

    Date: July 04, 2008 1:43 PM EDT


    Amount: $20.08

  139. My fear is after BO looses, Donna & Co won’t go anywhere, Donna & Co will still there. If losing dislodged them, Donna would be near Mars at this point. If we have learned anything , we know losing does not get rid of them, it seems to empower them!! Every geezer loser from all time is still there and stopping Hill. ….so how can we get rid of them ? Because they must go , or they will try and stop Hill in 2012.

  140. Karolina NYC, on July 4th, 2008 at 1:26 pm Said:
    NH, sorry, but what does “vet” mean exactly?

    It’s political jargon. It means to investigate. It generally entails in-depth research into the past and associations of a given person.

  141. fredster_

    guntoting guys of god?


  142. #
    Annetoo, on July 4th, 2008 at 1:48 pm Said:

    My fear is after BO looses, Donna & Co won’t go anywhere, Donna & Co will still there. If losing dislodged them, Donna would be near Mars at this point. If we have learned anything , we know losing does not get rid of them, it seems to empower them!! Every geezer loser from all time is still there and stopping Hill. ….so how can we get rid of them ? Because they must go , or they will try and stop Hill in 2012.

    Well if BO loses big time it’s a repudiation of Dean’s entire strategy for this Prez campaign and especially if there is no or very little pickup downticket in the House and Senate. There would have to be some kind of house-cleaning…they’re not civil servants! 😉

  143. Wasn’t it Donna one fine Sunday morning I saw on George’s ABC show saying that if the delegates, not the voters decided the Democrat presidental candidate that she would quit the party??? Why isn’t she quiting? Why doesn’t she protest the delegates that pledge to Obama rather than the candidate their state’s voters indicated as their choice?

    Side-show Donna is a joke.

  144. #
    michael P Varvel, on July 4th, 2008 at 1:52 pm Said:


    guntoting guys of god?


    Heh! Almost makes the poor straight guys sound like militant muslims! Well she didn’t call any of us that though!

  145. carol there ar a few nice sized contributions on the next thread be sure to pick them up if you havent…

    PUMA’s who give ROCK!


  146. It’s no surprise that BO flat out lied re his more authentic campaign finance reform. He thinks we are ignorant on this issue — no one will really pay attention to it, care about it or even bother to understand it. Nonsense! Apparently it costs 2 – 30K to support BO these days. Where are his small donors …. hmmmmm. Is that the bus I hear driving away…

  147. all big O and Donna see is hillary’s declining debt and rising strength…

    lit a few candle’s for her today…Rise Hillary Rise!

    Donna is a self hating homophobe and the next time i see her in a lesbian bar in chicago an bear pride weekend…I will let her have it hype-o-crit!


  148. sorry @ bear pride weekend is what it should hav said


  149. Here she is in all her glory – feel sorry for that lipstick tube !!

  150. I assume many of you have seen this morning’s risible bit of “shocked, shocked” buyer’s remorse from the NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/04/opinion/04fri1.html?_r=1&hp&oref=slogin.

    Like most of us here, I don’t hold out much hope for an August miracle. However, when Obama loses The Election That Couldn’t Be Lost, a change is gonna come. The aparachiks of this generation of Democratic “leaders” — the Braziles, Pelosis, Reids, and, yes, Deans, as well as their amen choir in the media and now the shrillosphere, so consistently nailed by Somerby — will be retired, and a new generation of Democrats serious about governing will take over.

    I see PUMA as symptomatic of this long-term shift in the Party, back toward political viability at the presidential level, after a generation of being The Party of Anti-Power. (The Clintons have been an anomaly in the party, precisely because they actually desire and wield power.)

    And on that pedantic note… how about addressing notes to her thus:
    The Donna (a la Trump)
    La Donna e Mobile
    Bella Donna

    I also like the ‘deadender’ meme for us. How about some zombie themes — say, Knights of the Living Dead?

    Also, we must do something with “bitter.”

  151. Falstaff, how about:

    “Bitter Bitches Botching Barack’s Bamboozle”

    Huh? Huh?

  152. So, does anyone think that it is a possibility, as NH said, to vet all dems who will be appearing on the election ticket and to develop a list of which dems are (1) absolutely a part of, or (2) seem to be defending the “corporatist arstocrasy”, (as they were labeled according to myig2xu’s July 2 post).

  153. SM did you see the AP on betancourt?

    I tried to send you the link


  154. And actually to vet all GOP candidates who will be appearing on the election ticket and to develop a list of which ones are less “corporatist aristocracy” friendly than their dem counterpart.

  155. I offer my services to the DNC after the Obama defeat I promise not tochoose that shade of lipstick-gives new meaning to Mawn’s battle cry “lipstick on a pig”!

    Donna you are such a girlie girl.


  156. Apt alliterations are always amusing… but we need to give THEM a phrase they’ll like, not dis them. So, how’s about:

    Backsliding Bitches with their Bitter Broadsides (pun intended)

  157. After her baldfaced deception thoughout the campaign, purporting to be an uncommitted delegate while working behind the scenes for obama the entire time ,after being instrumental in manipulating and bringing about the betrayal of one of the founding principles of this country by the demographic party can we really expect honesty from this woman..?? Donna Benedict Arnold !!!

  158. falstaff said:

    Apt alliterations are always amusing


  159. I think Donna thinks if Obama wins she will be DNC chairperson?

    and controll the agenda for the 2010 and 2012…


  160. Michael Fuzzybear – thank you – I’m not logged in so I can’t see it – I DID read Ingrid’s return to France. It’s wonderful to see her photos with her children.

  161. Hello, guys! I’m not asking for volunteers! I’m asking if anyone thinks that this is a good idea?!!

  162. ok, keeping with the “B” theme……..

    bitter, berserk, backward, barbaric

  163. oops, wasn’t finished……

    bitter, berserk, backward, barbaric, bothersome beldams

  164. KarolinaNYC

    Actually, I have not given up nor am I resigned. I simply believe attempting to rebuild or patch a rotten home (The Dem Party) may prove fruitless. Better to start anew I think which is why I went Green back in ’96 and have since. I readily admit however that that may not be the way.

    If you folks are successful (and certainly the passion is there) I will be the first to congratulate you and join ranks. To do that though, some may need to check themselves so that the movement attracts more members.

    It may be tough for some, as an example, to give credence to an otherwise well thought out article on the evils of elitism (corporate and party if I remember correctly) when its written by some one whose moniker translates to “I’m twice as smart as you”.

  165. Kiki – into it! I would just drop ‘bothersome,’ which doesn’t have the metaphoric, violent, er, bite of the others.

    “Bitter, berserk, backward, barbaric beldams” is pretty good.

  166. Depending on your definition of the word (or usage?) Ms. Brazille is an Amazon, I believe.

    Anyway for those of you upthread who were shocked by the NYT turning on Obama , why?

    They and the WaPo have always hated the Clintons and Gore by extension with a passion.

    My entry: Hectoring Harpies of Hatred.

  167. Why is Donna Brazile sweating anything? As I recall she did not need us so how is it that we are a threat. She said to stay home. To find someone else to vote for.

    How cooking with grease working for you now Brazile?

  168. good point kitty. she ought to just ignore us. why is that so hard to do? 🙂

  169. ooo, I like harpies! I was trying to work out something using harridens or hags but I think harpies is better

  170. delusional, backwoods, (vero) possum-hunting illiterates

  171. I’m insulted that she doesn’t mention the male PUMAs. Isn’t that sexism to leave us out?!?! The gender bias just never ends!!!

    I’m thinking “calculating benedict arnolds who lack the testicular fortitude of the candidate they claim to support?” That would meet the criteria you wanted, right RD? And it even has some American History flavor to celebrate today!

    However, the downside of this is, that there is nothing Donna could really say that would do – because I stopped caring about what she said a long, long, long, long… long time ago. So Donna can diss me, not diss me, or stick her finger up her nose while looking cross eyed. Whatever. After that whole pouting/ranting on national television about “if superdelegates decide the nominee I’ll resign my post!” and that whole “my momma taught me” rant at the RBC… really now, who’s the hysterical woman here? In the end, she’s the one who’ll go down as being the bozo of “the new coalition” that redefined politics at the DNC by pushing to award undecided delegates as well as to take delegates from one candidate to another.

    I call shinanigans and saying that SHE’S a republican troll!

  172. I have a question. The $$ I donated from a link on this site went to HillPac. HillPac is not restricted to collecting the money for Hllary Clinton’s debt. It is a PAC and the money can be given to Obama as far as i can tell. Does anyone have any info on this.

  173. Carol,
    Add me also. $20.08 to HRC earlier today.
    Happy Independence Day, Hillary!

  174. Peter, blogs are like an open-house party—anyone can venture in. It is completely feasible that some people come here with the intent of managing the passion, to make sure that it does not turn into something that actually takes off.

    I only write here when I feel that I have something to contribute, and I am not here to judge all of the various people that have created a community here.

    By saying things like

    “If you folks are successful (and certainly the passion is there) I will be the first to congratulate you and join ranks.”


    “It may be tough for some, as an example, to give credence to an otherwise well thought out article on the evils of elitism (corporate and party if I remember correctly) when its written by some one whose moniker translates to “I’m twice as smart as you”.”

    it sounds like you are NOT here to contribute and invest your time and thinking into working and developing the Just Say No Deal/PUMA idea as it stands now, but that you are here to criticize and to spew arrogance. That kind of energy does not enhance or maintain passsion, which I, for one, would truly like to see continuing to grow into a very effective and serious movement with the power to accomplish much good.

  175. NH, what link did you use. I only use the ones that go to hillaryclinton2008. That’s the one for her primary debt. To me, sounds like you donated to her senate reelection campaign. That’s Friends of Hillary.

  176. I just sent the following message to the Donna Brazile and associates e-mail address (is there a better address? At the DNC? I’ll send it there too).

    Subject line: Republican swiftboating PUMAs

    Ms Brazile,
    Your list of Republican swiftboating PUMAs doesn’t include the most evil of the lot: I mean riverdaughter, whose blog started the whole damn thing! You must warn the others about her! She’s as dangerous as Hillary! If life as we have come to know it is to go on, she must be stopped!

  177. May I just say, this is too damn funny.

    My momma told me never to listen to lying sacks of shit like Brazile, personally…but you just KNOW she left the Confluence off her list intentionally.

    Maybe she could use “traitorous troglodytes of terror?” That would be both sexually inclusive AND super-slanderous! 🙂

  178. Hello Pumas!

    I didn’t submit an alliterative gem to the DNC, but I was moved to write to them, attention Donna, after reading all of the inspiring posts to this thread. It follows.

    Attention Donna Brazile:

    I am an independent voter that was a democrat until the fiasco that was the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting. I would like to point out that you are really leading the party down a very lonely path as you have alienated one constituency after another.

    Referring to those who do not choose to support Obama, and may have been Hillary supporters, as hysterical dead-enders is not a very persuasive strategy. You and the other so-called “leaders” of the party have been taken for a ride and have made a mockery of the democratic process, and the democratic party.

    You are so determined to elect your “progressive” presumptive nominee that it doesn’t matter if you must resort to voter intimidation, voter disenfranchisement and outright rules violations (sunshine laws?) to further your agenda. In the process, you have offended many constituencies, fragmented the party, bowed to special interests, and let a faux progressive make fools of the entire progressive movement.

    You should resign your position as you are a detriment to the party. Please do the right thing, and put the country first, and remove yourself from the leadership of what used to be the proud, big tent party.

  179. KarolinaNYC

    Forget it. My mistake for pointing out a few things that might be worth considering if one wants to upend the status quo.

    Good Luck.

  180. Industrial psychology started out as a way to figure out how to make people work harder and get more done. Think of “Cheaper by the Dozen” and all the efficiency studies. That was long ago, but seems to fit DB. Petty breakdown of meaningful motion into billable moments.

  181. I was actually thinking almost the same thing!
    Bewildered Bitter Bitches Bonded By Bi-partisan Betryal and the Boyz that Back them?

  182. Carol

    Add me 20.08 to Hillary earlier – I went thru JSND.
    I also gave 10.44 to McCain – (I added the 44 to ID myself as a Dem- Dems4McCain suggested we do that)
    At Uppity’s someone who posted contributed to Hillary and McCain also- but get this- When they ask what friend referred him, he put down Barack Obama! I thought that was great. I’ll be doing that in the future

  183. I can’t stand passive aggressive trolls.

  184. I cant stand trolls or passive aggressive behavior
    reminds self
    dont feed the trolls 🙂

  185. […] saw this bit from the ”Diss Me Donna” post over at The Confluence today: NO WE WON’T featured an interview with founder of […]

  186. Bless it! This just breaks my heart!

    Riverdaughter, let me say it since Donna neglected to: STOP THE HATE!!

  187. Hey check this out; got it from Liberal Rapture.

    It’s what the obamadroids look like when they find out their hopey/changey messiah has turned out to be nothing but a plain ole pol switching on public campaign funding, FISA and Iraq:

  188. I think the question is how is Donna Brazile still a leader in the Democratic Party after she screwed up the Gore election so badly?

    I guess we should be happy they are keeping her on as a “power-broker” so she can screw up another Democratic victory and be responsible for the unnamed ones loss.

    Let’s hope she moves faster this time so he can lose the nomination and we can get Hillary in in August – come on Donna do that vodoo that you do so well – but please pick up the pace!!!!

  189. Peter, thanks, and good luck to you too. And if you are truly an American—enjoy the holiday!

  190. all day I’ve had the Beach Boys song “Help Me Rhonda” in my head, only I’m singing

    diss me Donna, diss diss me Donna
    diss me Donna, diss diss me Donna
    diss me Donna – yeah! get me out of the party

  191. NH- I used a link at Heidi Li’s site and received a receipt from HillPac too.

    I’ve since asked my 3 friends who also donated today (from different sites that all said the link went to retire the debt) and all received email receipts from HillPac.

    My brother made a donation using HillaryClinton.com – specifically the section that reads: “Contribute today to help us pay down the debt from one of the hardest-fought races in history” and his receipt came back HillPac.

    I thought that confirmed it was all going to retire the debt, but now I’m wondering. I’d like more info too. Has anyone else run into this?

  192. oh, kiki. Now “diss me, Donna; diss,diss me Donna “won’t get outta my head! Fortunately, I have always loved the Beach Boys; I have also read that BO may accept the nomination at MileHigh Stadium. That brings to mind cheerleaders in Puma costumes, and any number of other amusing thoughts. He could be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct, delay of game, clipping, etc.He could be tackled, punted,ejected. Etc,etc,etc.

  193. Throughout this entire horrible saga, it has struck me how completely clueless Donna Brazille is about email, constantly sending out crap that should never see the light of day, from her blackberry no less, apparently oblivious to the fact that it is going to be posted and re-posted on blog after blog, comment thread after comment thread, making her look like a twit.

    Donna – if you wouldn’t want to see it on the front page of the New York Times, don’t send it.

  194. Oceancity, see Thought On Independence Day thread. We talked about that there.

  195. caterwauling crowbar cuntessas?

    cellulite-engulfed psychotic cervixes?

  196. Awww I’m sorry y’all were left off Donna’s list. I hope she corrects that injustice soon. As least then ONE will have been fixed this year!

    So funny that they accuse us of being Republicans, never bothering to acknowledge that even if we were it wouldn’t make a bit o difference unless there were Dems who WANTED join up with us!
    Do they think this supposed Repub conspiracy is employing Jedi mind tricks, perhaps coming to our homes with bribes? Or threatening our families to lure us away?

    Or is it simply a case of if you build it they will come?
    Thank God SOMEONE built it! ‘Cause we sure needed a place to go!

  197. oceancitygirl, on July 4th, 2008 at 5:46 pm Said:

    You have to be careful which links you use on my site. See this post for the clearest instructions/information:

  198. But if you donated to Senator Clinton’s Senate campaign that is not a bad thing, in my opinion.

  199. Finally, just a quick word about the name I want to be called:

    Shrill Sour Sore Loser

  200. Ok, must go now. Company coming.

  201. Riverdaughter-
    I LOVED your letter to Donna- so true!!
    Dissing your site IS free advertising-
    Bring IT ON, Donna!!

  202. Happy 4th everybody. Enjoyed my day with my 84 year old mother, older sister, 1 brother, neice and great neice and nephew, and my husband. . My daddy died in 2003 and my baby sister died suddenly on Christmas Eve 2006 from a brain aneursym. She was a very young 53 years old and full of life when she passed away. Our get togethers are getting smaller and you miss the ones who are’t with you any longer. Anyway about dear Donna. I wish Fred Sanford (God rest his soul) could get a hold of her. Treat her like an “aunt Esther.” I remember the Tavis Smiley event where all the people got up and spoke, one who spoke before dear Donna was I think a man named Dick Gregory? He commenced to prance around slurring Bill and Hillary Clinton and sounded like a Jeremiah G.D. Wright fellow. Then dear Donna gets up and praises him. In my mind’s eye I could easily see dear Donna giving a hate filled speech if she gets pissed off enough. Just my two cents.

  203. “Aunt Esther”?? I’m ROFLMAO! Hey, how about being called “petulant headcases”? That’s my personal favorite. Donna Brazile-nut : kiss my @$$, sister. There’s a special place for you in the corner of my universe, honey, and it ain’t paradise.

  204. WOW… Donna’s got some serious dumb.

    oh, and can you add me to the blog roll



  205. Carol,

    Add my $100 to the list (forgot the .08 — damn!).

    The Alliterationless Lurker

  206. http://www.prweb.com/releases/clinton/obama/prweb1070604.htm

    America doesn’t become a great nation and world leader again, without developing a culture that supports, encourages, and honors women. For now, the demise of America’s women and the imminent death of the Black woman continue its path.

  207. Donna knows damned-well that her emails are circling the “intertubes”. I personally wrote her an email asking her to stop embarrassing herself; she obviously doesn’t care. I’m not sure exactly why she’s doing this, but the only thing I can imagine is that she simply shes nothing wrong in what she’s doing, and that to me is a mental illness. lol

    BTW, for the alliteration, how about this for the womenfolk:

    “Jealous, Jeering Jezebels of Judgment”

  208. Lurker here.

    DATE: July 4, 2008 8:42 AM EDT
    NAME: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
    ADDRESS: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hollywood, FL 33020
    AMOUNT: $20.08
    I loved the receipt I got in email. It states:
    “The more people we reach, the more resources
    we will have to help Hillary win. “

  209. Good Morning Fellow Pumas’!

    Check this out…Chicago Sun Times ad being paid for by the People.


  210. You’re really not that important, r.d.

  211. lol this was a good post. I think we are getting a lot of attention by the media. We are starting to get noticed by more then Fox and for Donna to call us republicans then we must be doing real well.

  212. Brilliant, riverdaughter!
    bloodthirsty Amazon of ruination
    won’t fit on a bumpersticker,but it would be a great name for a punk rock band

    “a combination of whining fags and their cat lady mothers”
    mawm, I love this! I have no children but if I did they would probably be whining fags!

    Wow I haven’t even read the first page of comments and there is so much pith and vinegar already.

  213. know this thread is pretty much done, but just now reading. Wanted to add these, from my sister.

    Battling, Brawny Beelzabubs

    and Brazile is the Matriarch of Mephastopheles

    also, from T.S. Eliot-“She’s a ragged pair of claws, scuttling across the floor of silent seas”

  214. Dear God, it’s after 1 in the morning…just got my weird kid to bed and read my mail. My sister in Seattle mentioned this post, loving the fags and cat ladies part.
    I hope it’s not too late.
    I’m a peri menopausal mess, a dried up Dogpatch dweller, and a nasty ugly woman hater…oops, that last one is Donna Brazile, but I’m the first two.

  215. I just read somewhere recently that grizzly bears find Brazile nuts to be a rare treat. Hmmmm…. what an interesting picture that brings to mind. ;o)

    Masticating Menopausal Members of Majestical Mayhem!

  216. http://www.ajc.com/opinion/content/opinion/stories/2008/07/10/boggsed.html

    love this article…title should have been ‘What if he ROMPS?” Regretful Obama Makes President

  217. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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