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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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Whoops! Open thread

I somehow lost the blogroll when I posted Annebellep’s post.  I don’t know what it was in her post that made our site flake out so, I hope she will forgive me but I am going to just post a link to her post at Peacocks and Lilies.

The Revolution will be Downloaded.

This is an Open Thread

134 Responses

  1. Whoa, sorry for the problem. I don’t know what could have done it. I just typed it up in wordpress. I was seeing the blogroll from your post. But that’s okay. Whatever gets people moving on it. I don’t care how it’s presented.

  2. You know, it just occurred to me, if that happened with this post, it might not be a good idea for you to copy from the Declaration post later tonight IF you wanted to front page that. I can get you a copy in Word if you want to e-mail me. I have katiebird’s e-mail too, if you’d rather I e-mail it to her. That’s IF you wanted to post it. I’m not assuming anything, of course…

  3. Have you seen BO’s WORM on Pro-Choice? It’s over at Talk Left.

    We’re under that bus!!!!

  4. I’m listening to PUMA radio, very interesting. a woman named Danielle just said something that struck a chord with me. I’ve been a little out of sorts because honestly, I don’t feel like I can vote for Obama or McCain. so I may just not vote for president at all, unless Hillary’s on the ballot.

    so anyway, Danielle said what happened in the Democratic party this year “must never happen again” and she’s right. her view was that PUMA shouldn’t be looking just towards August, or even November, but should be looking at the long term, should be a permanent kind of watchdog. I don’t know if PUMA will ever be a party in the sense of fielding candidates, and maybe it shouldn’t be. maybe its purpose should be holding feet to the fire, kind of the conscience of the Democratic party. it needs one.

  5. Annabelle,

    I said this before, but I feel strongly enough to repeat it — if the internet has a reason for being, it is this effort. I salute you for putting your shoulder to the plow on this — thank you helping us to begin to find our bearings.

  6. Can someone point me to the online radio show where riverdaughter calls in?

  7. shainzona, I am livid, just livid, over obamas pandering on abortion to the religious right. he clearly says that mental illness is not as serious as physical illness. this is a very dangerous precedent for the choice community and for health care reform overall. the mental health issue in terms of abortion is actually something that may be legislated on. moreover, he undermined the push for mental health parity in general.

    he just lost my vote all over again. what we fear with mccain are further erosions to choice, not that it will be totally overturned, but clearly obama also supports erosions.

  8. I was just listening to Darragh Murphy on PUMA radio too, and heard something new that maybe has been discussed on the blog today: Donna Brazille has been sending out thousands of emails telling Dems that PUMAS are Republican plants and not to support us?!!!

    We need to have a targeted campaign to unseat Donna Brazille. That woman has driven me crazy for months now, with her “neutrality,” her slanderous emails, her “blood in the streets” divisive comments, and her gum-chewing, texting obnoxious “momma-ness” at the RBC meeting. One caller tonight said that she is the head of the Voting Rights branch of the DNC who would be responsible for election reform–can you imagine the irony?!!

    That needs to be one of our goals: supporting great Dems who are being challenged, like Sheila Jackson Lee, and unseating the Brazille nuts. Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  9. Shainzona, thanks for the heads up. It would almost be funny, if it weren’t so pathetic (especially since he’s my Senator). Typical of a man to say that mental illness doesn’t have anything to do with the health of the mother. Wonder how he feels about PTSD among the returning troops?

  10. I heard a good one today:

    Nader is calling Obama the “Panderer in Chief!”

  11. “He undermined the push for mental health parity in general.”

    Ack! Just when I think I can’t Un-support him anymore, he comes out with something new to detest!!

    Mental health parity has been something that advocates have been working so hard on for years, specifically, Tipper Gore. Hillary made a point of emphasizing this as part of her health care platform.

    This guy has no compassion, no soul.

  12. As for Queen Brazile Nut, I would remind her Nuttiness that Custer, too, was over confident after seemingly important victories. Her feelings of grandeur will come home to roost as the spiritual mentor of her candidate was often quoted.

  13. fif – go to Talk Left – it is amazing the threads over there now -he has flipped on FISA, Iraq, and now NARAL must be saying ouch!

    What a little uniter the DNC has in Opossum!

    Now, about the convention, it’s not too late.

  14. as a rule, I don’t call Obama nicknames. I often lol when I read them, but since people calling Hillary rude nicknames pissed me off, I try not to do it myself.

    however, I did see one that really amused me in terms of the pandering and changing positions for political expediency. I saw it here at the Confluence, but I forget who said it.

    it was Backtrack Obama. I like that one 🙂

  15. I knew this was coming. Obama is very wishy washy on abortion in his book. Plus he already told us he thinks women need to get advice from their pastor as well as their doctor when making the decision.

    The good news is that the Obama trolls have lost the only weapon they had left to threaten us with. No there is absolutely no reason for any Democrat to vote for Obama.

  16. women need to get advice from their pastor? this guy is a republican.

  17. kiki,

    No kidding. Did you see the WSJ editorial about BO running for Bush’s third term?

  18. now he’s backtracking on Iraq.

    can we do the primary season over, with the new Obama?

  19. If you listen very carefully you can hear all the do’s (hit their foreheads) that they voted for him in the primaries. He promised change he said he was different, sucks to be lied to huh..lol.. I love it they are all finding out what most of us known for a long time now. He is a tell ya what you want to hear kind of guy and will throw anyone under the bus who gets in his way.

  20. I too was waiting for this one.
    Bostonboomer- you are right again. When I read his book I couldn’t figure out where he was on abortion. When I heard he was meeting with evangels I knew he was going to offer up something.

  21. BB, I didn’t see that. I don’t usually read the WSJ. when was the editorial posted?

  22. The WSJ’s editorial board had it right yesterday, he’s running as Bush III. I watched the babbling heads this afternoon and you would have thought Cirque du Soleil was in town on the new “more mature” Iraq policy. I can’t tell you the number of times the O’nauts pelted me interminably on the “2002” speech as their basis for supporting BZero (sorry kiki, I can’t help myself).

    What is left of what he ran on during the primary — not hearing Rev. Wright for 20 years is about it.

    It really is amazing that no one has yet picked up on the fact that he lets go with this flip flop scud missile at 4:00 the day before a long weekend. I hope he sits on his flag pin and spins.

  23. without even reading the editorial, I have been struck by how Bush-like Obama is.

    thin resume, lack of knowledge about issues, huge ego………thinking superior judgement trumps knowledge.

    well, we’ve seen where that got us. are the american people stupid enough to fall for that crap again?

  24. What is PUMA’s strategy for September and October?

  25. lol Prolix! I love the names! I just try to avoid using them so I can feel free to criticize bots for doing it 🙂

    just my ocd………….carry on!

  26. Kiki,

    Here is the WSJ editorial.


  27. annabellep,

    I’m sorry to be slow, but I’ve been frantically busy lately. Where is the draft list of objections? All I see is the Revolution will be Downloaded manifesto part. I can’t find the other. And I know regencyg linked to it somewhere. I had it open at one point today. Help!

  28. So slim shady has done it again. Does it surprise us? NO….
    Can we please get to Denver and elect the real nominee…How much will it take for these super dels to wake up?……

  29. “What is PUMA’s strategy for September and October?”

    Working to elect the Democratic Nominee — Hillary Clinton….

  30. Some people make things happen,
    some watch things happen,
    and some wonder what happened?

    PUMA will make things happen. We will stop BO.

    And DNC will wonder WTF happened?

  31. Visit WomenCountPac and give them your feedback! This is the great organization that created and published the wonderful ad of Hillary in the rain that said, “NOT SO FAST!” It was formed by top notch women–a professor from Georgetown who has worked with Hillary on human rights, and other activists that have been Dem party warriors for years. This message below is from them:

    Dear Friends,

    What does the Fourth of July mean to you? Freedom, equality, rebellion? Just like our founding fathers and mothers, we refuse to allow our issues to be taken lightly and we will not be ignored. Like you, WomenCount is fired up and ready to act, but first we need to hear from you.

    WomenCount is an organization that has grown out of the historic presidential primary season – we are of the people and by the people – and your opinion is critical to our success. Think “MoveOn” for women. And now, we need your insight and direction on what issue we should tackle first.

    It’s up to you. Is fighting sexism and gender bias at the top of your list? Do we need to change the discriminatory nominating process? Should we turn our attention to electing more women to office? Tell us what you think at womencountpac.com

    It may seem like just one more decision to add to your list this weekend in addition to what fireworks show, barbecue, or parade to attend. But this decision can change the world – for our mothers, our sisters, our sons and daughters.

    The primary season proved that there is still a lot of work left to do. So as you prepare to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, we urgently need you to make your own declaration.

    WomenCount has already received incredible feedback from thousands of people who have became energized and inspired during the presidential primary. Add your voice to the growing chorus at womencountpac.com and then tell your friends to do the same.

  32. On the 4th in my cute, but odd, part of Baltimore City, we decorate bikes (for the kids) and ride from the library to the church. At the library, a bunch of people read the Declaration of Independence. I will be wearing my Hillary shirt (if only I was not so cheap as to not buy a PUMA shirt) and handing out the PUMA manifesto. Real democrats love DEMOCRACY. PUMA

  33. Hey folks, we need your help over at the 1st Draft: Declaration of Objections post at my place. We’re trying to decide of the part about “We find these realities to be self-evident” part, which comes after the “we hold these truths the be self-evident” part. Can one or two of you slip over there and offer an opinion on whether you think it’s PUMA-related? We’re editing this puppy right up to the minute with your help. Thanks!

  34. For your viewing:


    Obama wades into controversy with Iraq comments

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama waded into controversy on Thursday over his plans to withdraw U.S. combat troops from Iraq, first saying he might “refine” his views but later declaring his stance had remained unchanged for more than a year.

  35. Ha! Good one katiebird. Reminds me of the gas station story that I think was told in comments here yesterday…working hard tonight. It’s hard to keep stuff straight. I need another shower…and coffee!

  36. thanks for the link BB. I’ve felt for a while now that Obama was very Bush-like. and that was more about him personally. now he’s changing his positions to agree with Bush – oy!

    it must suck to be a bot these days

  37. kiki: I posted it on my blog

  38. fif, it wasn’t just Tipper Gore that made mental health her core issue, Rosalyn Carter has been an ardent spokesperson for many years. I wonder how this sits with them, in light of their spouses’ endorsements.

    I was very disappointed in Tipper for not saying anything, nada, concerning the media treatment of HIllary. What is the point of all these fine words and committees and all, if we don’t condemn the mistreatment of women. And saying Hillary is a politician doesn’t cut it.

  39. “Refine his views….” That’s a good one. He seems to be refining his way to the right at a high rate of speed.

  40. The yearlong joke that was the Democratic primary battle is now over. It is official. Barack Obama offers absolutely nothing new except well executed political strategy. The grand political rallies/come to Jesus meetings were nothing more than political theater and viral marketing on an off the charts scale. It is true that thousands of people became involved in politics through the Obama campaign, only to be told now that he represents the same old same old and that they had better accept it and shut up.

    The Obama campaign slogan ought to be “Never give a sucker an even break.” It isn’t clear which sight is more painful to watch, the progressives who fell for the hype and are now heart broken or the cynics who knew the game all along and now applaud the campaign’s increasingly rightward shift

    Think that’s a PUMA site … nope … it’s from the black agenda report …

  41. hey, I just thought of something. Hillary ‘suspended’ but didn’t end her campaign. Obama doesn’t seem to get that he isn’t actually the nominee until the convention – he’s already alienating the people that brought him this far. do y’all think that was her plan? that his ego would erase the word ‘presumptive’ and he would consider himself the actual nominee, and start screwing up now rather than later?

    difference between Bush and Obama – Bush remembered to bullshit his ‘base’ at all times. Obama’s failing at even being Bush. that’s sad.

  42. Now, there is a man who would be the colored Emperor of the de facto U.S. Empire; Barack Obama, the most singularly dangerous threat to Black America, and the planet as a whole. Masquerading as a man of peace when in fact he is a corporate / military representative of war. The same man who has thrown Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his entire church, and the Palestinian peoples under the crushing wheels of the proverbial bus of political expediency and opportunism. No critically thinking person of good will, be they Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, or White should be surprised when this man sets out to sacrifice us on his alter of political opportunism and hypocrisy.

    Nevertheless, this Wall Street-backed, pro-apartheid Zionist Barack Obama could not do successfully carry out his aims without the complicity of neo fascist 21st Century white so-called liberals / progressives such as media personality Amy Goodman and company, who have for over a year now have been among his active cheer leaders. These are people, who like certain French collaborators with the Nazis in occupied Paris of the 1940s, think they can eat their cake and have it too. These are people who always stop short of clearly and concisely calling for what is really needed in the U.S.; and that is total and complete systemic change: a people’s revolution

    This one is from the Black Commentator

  43. This might very well be the first time a political candidate is “recalled” for false advertising and being overall injurious to the health, welfare, and well-being of the American public. The only way around it is for BZero to claim he’s a vaccum because he really sucks.

  44. kiki; Which leads us to my blog today


    It’s not too late!!!! We should be writing the superdelegates now and say, look, CHANGE your minds before it iS!!!!!

  45. Yes, but Bush proved that all that matters is getting elected; polls & popularity don’t count once you’re in office, at least under this new ‘screw the people, I have an entourage in charge’ method of governing.

    Obama gambles that most Democrats won’t go for McCain; it doesn’t matter if they’re pissed off. Just like Kos said, he still wants him to win. The only way to stop Obama is convince people not to vote for him. If he’s elected, why should he care if we don’t like him? We know Congress will pretend he has a ‘mandate.’

  46. If there were any true political organizing in American politics, the Obama sham would be seen for what it is. Instead corrupt Democratic leaders sell snake oil, and the rank and file go along in confusion or succumb to paralysis out of fear of electing John McCain. Because progressives never fought the good fight amongst themselves, they still don’t know what their agenda ought to be, or worse yet, they don’t even know they should have one. Falling for high flown rhetoric became a substitute for hard headed political decision making.

    So we now have the Al Gore and John Kerry campaigns all over again, albeit with more charisma and a better campaign. The fact that Obama has a better campaign means that he is more likely to win. The fact that he is just another bought off Democrat with a constituency who refuse to make demands means that his term will be like that of the last Democrat. In January 2009 we will have an even slicker Willie in the White House.

    Here’s the punch line on the black agenda report…. WOW!

  47. dakinikat, I really like your blog and I’ve bookmarked it.

  48. After the posting of BZero’s refinement story on Politico, there have been over 600 posts in about 4 hours. He’s not getting away with this one — he is in a world of hurt even though he dropped it from North Dakota at 4:00 on the eve of a three day weekend.

    There’s a reason there is no statistical difference between BZero and McCain in the national polls — the American people can smell a turd even if it is wrapped up in a sweet smelling bouquet.

    McCain might just be boring, but people won’t vote for someone whose greatest asset is WORM’ing.

  49. life is sucking.

    my job sucks. it’s so awful there that people keep quitting, and they’re not being replaced. those of us who are still there are basically being told that because we’re not each keeping up with the work of five people (the lucky ones who have left), we’re failing and should not expect raises or bonuses this year. I hate corporate america.

    and my daughter moved to another state three months ago. I miss her terribly, but she’s living around friends and is happy, so I’m happy for her. the bad news – she hasn’t been able to find a job, so I’m supporting two households. I never thought it would take this long, but maybe that was naive of me. it’s really stressing me financially. anyone know of a job around Orlando?

    and then there’s politics. if Hillary was the presumptive nominee, I would be looking forward to the future. no, she’s not Superwoman, and she has no magic wand, but she would be working to put us on a track towards living rather than struggling. neither of the ‘guys’ really holds that promise. depressing.

    anyway, it’s hot as hell here in the south, and I’m lucky enough to have a big old pool in my backyard. so I’m going swimming, and I hope that makes everything better 🙂

    everything will get better, won’t it?

    see y’all in a while, with a new attitude! (I hope! )

  50. thank you kiki!!!! i appreciate the compliment!!!

  51. Thanks to everyone who helped with the edit. There’s still 20 minutes to offer an opinion.

  52. annabelle … i saw that, thought it was wonderful and passed it on … however, to do something like that I need more time to run it through my brain

  53. One more quick thought, Josgirl, regarding your second point. Probably the unifying feature of PUMA is Hillary, and if we petition the convention, that will only embue her with power. If we walk away right away, it does nothing for her. Does that make sense?

  54. I know dakinikat, I know. It went viral late… Thanks though!

  55. whoops is right! that josgirl comment goes over at my place. Sorry!

  56. Okay, I backslid and actually went over to Huffpoop and trolled around.

    It’s great theater!

    You have BZero with a column explaining his FISA flip. You have posters blaming PUMAs for the disparaging remarks about BZero. You have them now saying that BZero is wise about recanting his position on Iraq. They say that he has to reach out to the fundies because they vote and he doesn’t really mean what he’s telling them.

    It’s like someone who bought a pig in a poke, but still loves it because it’s their pig and they financed it.

  57. Annabellep, I assume you mean my point about no longer being a Democrat.
    I agree that this is about HRC and the huge issues that surround her being shafted by her own party, but a big part of what I saw in the early days of the PUMA movement was sheer, incredulous outrage at being abandoned by the Democratic party.
    It was so great (the pain and shock) that many of us said to hell with it and just rejected the party that we felt rejected us first.
    We’re not Independants, we’re Dems in exile.
    I’m sure if the party wanted us back, we’d gladly re-join.

  58. CB, on July 3rd, 2008 at 8:56 pm Said:
    “Can someone point me to the online radio show where riverdaughter calls in?Thanks”

    You probably received a response to this already, but just in case:

    Riverdaughter called in during the June 29 program.

  59. ah, juicy rationalizations … can’t get through the day without them, at least that’s Jeff Goldblum’s belief

  60. jos,

    sorry that comment got cross posted. In reply though, I will comment that Independents can petition the convention too. Both the parties want your vote.

  61. dak, or as the O’nauts are thinking, “Somedays it just doesn’t pay to chew through the leather straps.”

  62. ok, I went for a swim and came back all refreshed and renewed and the first thing I see is…….Prolix went slumming at huffpo. so lemme see if I have this straight…….Obama represents the ‘new’ politics, which means lying to the voters to get votes? I thought that was the ‘old’ politics he preached against.

    this is gonna be an interesting summer. we need to start compiling bot’s excuses for a future book.

  63. kiki,

    I missed you whilst you were swimming so I went for a swim with the sharks over at Huffpoop.

    As for a book, too late, Twilight Zone is a bit overdone at this point, but if there is a market for a male remake of Sybil, we might be in business.

  64. Can someone please find me the link RD posted a while back on authoritarianism? I’ve lost mine and I need it for the Declaration by 11:30. I’m sorry to ask you to do my work for me, but I’m deep into the rewrite and on deadline! Thanks!

  65. Here is the book The Authoritarians


  66. A couple of weeks ago, wasn’t there a push to have HRC offically commit her delegates to BHO right away, and not wait until Denver? How did that resolve? In hindsight it looks like someone might have been trying to seal off some exits before this flurry of position changes of the past few days.

  67. That’s what I was looking for BB! Thanks so much!

  68. Annabellep and josgirl —

    I was just thinking about this, because I turned Independent in June, but I still keep thinking of myself as a Democrat.

    What we want is not Unity, but Democracy. Without the latter, the former means nothing.

  69. as far as I know, HIllary has not released her delegates but Obama is trying to flip some of them and get the state parties to replace the uncooperatives.

  70. Prolix, from now on I’m taking you to the pool with me – I turn my back and you’re hanging out in wierd places 🙂

    seriously though, all politicians list to the left, right, and center. that’s what makes them ‘politicians’ and what gives them a bad name. but you don’t get to campaign as being above all that and then turn around and do it. that’s kinda…….phony.

    lol about the Sybil remake. but I didn’t mean a book about Obama. I’m thinking more of a sociological study of the bots, who turned this into a quasi-religious experience and are now clinging for all they’re worth to the side of the bus, rationalizing like crazy to keep from going under.

  71. El,

    You bring up an interesting point, if Hillary had called it a day in Feb. like the O’naut minions wanted, perhaps BZero could have been nominated by both the Repugs and Dems thereby negating the need for an election, just a little white smoke out of the Trinity Baptist Church, a pair of red slippers and viola, we could all live in HopeChangeland happily ever after.

  72. I read an AP story a few days ago (more than one, in fact) that said HRC has a team of lawyers negotiating her postion at the convention, whatever that means.

  73. kiki, I promise to stay away from the weird haunts, but it’s just sooooo much fun watching the contortions they are going through — it’s better than Cirque du Soleil on crack.

  74. Make that double the oops!!

    Why don’t I see the book thread that masslib put out??

  75. what’s weird to me is that I hung out at free republic back during the early days of the Bush administration – I was amusing myself, and got banned under several screen names until they got sophisticated and just wouldn’t let me register anymore – but the funny thing was, the more Bush f*ck*d up, the more certain diehards insisted that it was all part of a master plan, that he was playing chess in a world of dumb checker players. they just couldn’t admit that he was playing politics, not ‘chess’, and was really in over his head. I haven’t been there in a couple of years, but I would imagine the cheering squad has thinned considerably. but I bet it’s still there. and that’s how I see the Obama cheering squad now. yes, it may look like he’s reversing his opinion, but really…….he’s playing chess. it’s all part of a plan. he’s smarter than us, that’s why we don’t get it.

    I’m getting a bad feeling of deja vu. haven’t we been here before?

  76. Must Share This
    Bitter Hoe Down! Folks Clinging to Their Guns and God What a great Video worth every minute

  77. Okay, all systems are go. The declaration is loaded for publication at the following sites at 12:01:


    Both PUMA facegroups



    Especially if you are members of those last two sites, please go at 12:05 to those sites and rec the diaries up. They are all titled Declaration of Objections. Thanks so much to all who helped create and further this truly people-powered document.

  78. Congratulations Annabelle!

  79. ghost2,

    The book confluence has a separate tap at the top of the page. It’s where Puma Power used to be.

  80. Damn, hit a snag at MyDD. Couldn’t post with links. Directed them to my site at the end.

  81. Check out the Declaration of Objections – http://annabellep.wordpress.com/. Great job Annabellep These are rules by which we should live.

  82. Thanks elixer. I saw your comment over there. I am deeply humbled to even participate. And deeply tired tonight. Gonna finish this drink and call it a night.

  83. sorry everyone fuzzybeargville has been under the weather last few days feeling better so ready to get back into it….I see I missed alot…now is the time to declare independence for our hillary….as promised I wanted to be the first confluence member to do their July forth duty my $ 44.44:

    Date: July 04, 2008 12:16 AM EDT
    Contact: michael varvel

    gainesville, FL 32601

    Amount: $44.44

    ok lets get the ball rolling….


  84. I know the request is for $20.08 but had a little overtime this past 2 weeks and its a good cause.

    Any time i can kick the big “o” and axelfraud in the financial teeth I do.

    all I ask is that we take care of our campaign debt. because we are the ones that have been saying that this is not about hillary any more it about a fair and open process.


  85. ok wish carol was not on vacation-as i see it $ 44.44 is the total so far….

  86. what is a way to contact donna brazile this cnnot go unanswered-republican plants-ha!


  87. {{{fuzzy michael}}}

    the official donation day is tomorrow. even I, financially strapped as I am, have planned for it and I’m sure others have as well. don’t despair!

  88. #
    kiki, on July 3rd, 2008 at 11:49 pm Said:

    and that’s how I see the Obama cheering squad now. yes, it may look like he’s reversing his opinion, but really…….he’s playing chess. it’s all part of a plan. he’s smarter than us, that’s why we don’t get it.


    I hear you — I can’t decide if it gives me the screaming willies or leaves me in stitches. It is very cult-like, and I use that word very deliberately — the more BO flounders, the more they are CONVINCED he has a brilliant master plan. I noticed the increasing insistence that BO was a chess player of great subtlety when he threw Wes Clark under the bus. And the more BO flounders, the more overheated and over-the-top their rhetoric becomes. OMG, he’s so brilliant, we can’t possibly understand his brillianty brilliant luminous brilliance! Is it creepy? Is it hilarious? Who can tell anymore. It’s homemade satire, built in like those little packets of crackers with their own handy compartment of cheese.

  89. alice, on July 4th, 2008 at 12:49 am Said:

    like little packets of crackers with their own handy compartment of cheese.

    I get the same feeling like I did the last time when I drank that bottle of Visine.

  90. kiki it is tomorrow already? I purposely waited till 1216am 4july2008-got my self out of bed-still dont know what it that took me down maybe my salt I dont eat much salt but have been potato chip crazy or could be bad chicken salad-but feeling better.

    Kim il Sung in North Korea has followers like Obama’s is that the future of our country?


  91. Independence Day Donations —

    I gave 20.08 to Hillary’s retire the debt fund. Don’t I get a drink or something cool?? I could really use one after todays flippety flops from Summer Camp O, as I ask the heavens ‘Why, oh why isn’t Hillary our nominee?”

    Also spread some green around to The Denver Group and the buses to Denver! I can’t go myself but I’m happy to ‘sponsor’ anyone who can and will be adding more over the next several paychecks. Oh and to WomenCount, too, because I hadn’t totally drained my checking account yet!

    I just want to say — donating to Hillary’s Independence day felt damn good.

    Free Hillary! So she can Rise, Hillary Rise!

  92. yeah Alice, and it’s so ‘nuanced’ that if we don’t get it, it’s because we’re not smart enough.

    probably brilliant political strategy.

    but the american public (not all of us, but enough) fell for this crap before.

    it hasn’t turned out well.

    I seem to know more people who can tell you every minute detail about “American Idol” contestants than people who even know who’s running for president.

    we get what we deserve, I guess.

  93. Prolix-that is funny vissine that is an old bartender trick to get rid of an annoying customer-never used it myself but if pelosi dean axelfraud obama or brazile were to show up for our cocktail hour….I would slip it to Rico.


  94. seems the big “o” is having problems with finding a running mate still? I would suggest Donna Brazile herself for VP-even if she has more experience than obama…


  95. Fuzzy, glad you are feeling better. As for Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest, with the stuff they have put out over the last six months, they have already drank Rico’s special potion.

  96. michael – WooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooo!

    $44.44 from a true patriot!

    Let the fireworks begin!

    PUMA’S Who Donate Rock!

  97. Michael, I’m glad you feel better. my advice: avoid salt, chips and chicken salad. and tomatoes….although I think tomatoes were cleared after all.

    am I just paraniod or is there a concerted effort to keep us afraid, very afraid?

    fear is getting old. hey politicians, think of a new way to control us!

    you’re right, it is tomorrow, even here in central time, but I’m going to consider it tomorrow after I’ve slept. which will be in a couple of minutes.

  98. Valhalla – Thanks. Rico, drinks for everyone!

    $20.08 making the total


    since the clock turned 12!

    We are rocking, rocking around the clock!

    PUMA’s Who Donate Rock!

  99. Goodnight folks.

  100. Night Annabelle, and congratulations again.

  101. carol thanks for joining us and I feel a shift that the good DNC is ignoring at my table on tuesdays our possum in chief hhas been gone and my influnce has been to encourage questions on the big “o” and his flip flops….The LGBT community is not very enhused about Obama for America. look at all our members who are LGBT on this site….


  102. Fran came through for us late Thursday with $20.08!

    I’m cheating and adding to the total for today, because I believe it was already July 4th in some part of the world!

    $84.60 Total


    PUMA’S Who Donate Rock!

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  103. yes night annabellep- fuzzybeargville

  104. Everyone – I have to go leave for sleep now – in CA on TX time!

    Keep donating and fighting the good fight!

    I will keep us rolling – I just can’t help myself!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  105. carol its going to be a great day for hiollary -she should take the floor and the nomination if her debt is paid…her support is strong. We are not drinking the koolaid.


  106. Hillary video for your enjoyment:

  107. Hi there, we westerners are still up…I’ve caught up on this blog and noquarterusa….alot of reading. Can’t wait to check out what Politico is saying about Obama’s Iraq dodge.

  108. ParentofEd,

    If you are around, you’ll particularly enjoy this on the embarrassment commonly referred to as the jr. senator from KY.

    The full dialogue from the blogpost below according to WaPo’s Paul Kane (and other reporters in the gallery) who heard the full shouting match between Sen. Robert C. Byrd and Sen. Jim Bunning, shouting from their seats across that aisle at each other:

    Bunning: “Regular order!”

    Byrd: “Who said that?”

    Bunning: “I did.”

    Byrd: “Who are you?”

    Bunning: “I’m a senator.”

    Byrd: “You’re a great baseball man.”

    Bunning: “I’m a senator; I have the same rights as you.”

    Byrd: “Yeah, man, you’re a senator.” [Ends by laughing hysterically at Bunning.]

  109. Just read Amy Goodman’s interview with Ralph Nader.

  110. parent-and byrd is very ill right now may not be able to attend the convention-with karma comming home so soon-Russert,Kennedy, andnow Byrd -I would not stand next to Bill richardson in a lighting storm!


  111. Fuzzy,

    PofEd and I were discussing Mitch McConnell and Bunning last night. Bunning is a waste of good skin who took one too many to the head.

  112. hey and byrd is a self serving polititian of the first order…mandatory ritirement for senators? an idea who’s time has come?


  113. does anyone know how much was raised so far on the hillary’s debt reduction….


  114. Off-topic: Do not open any e-mail that reads “MAIL SERVER REPORT”–IT’S A VIRUS!

  115. Varvel……….I want that info too.

    It’s the last time for me, until that info comes out.

  116. Hillary-zilla-I think we have to wait till the FEC updates the numbers for June.

  117. Then we won’t get july until aug. ????

  118. regencyq,,,,,,,,,,,The leadership of this coalition should get in contact with the “womencountpac” and get Hillary on that ballot in Denver, and make it an OPEN convention. They say they have $500,000.00. To me the womencountpac want change, but, they don’t seem to realize the DNC is the PROBLEM. Asking them to change, is not going to do it.

  119. Hillary-zilla – That’s what the Denver group is working to do. Check for a direct link to the Denver Group.

  120. PUMA and the Spirit of July 4th

    The Declaration of Independence has a passage that should inspire PUMAs to keep on fighting…

  121. Wake up, brush teeth, take out dog, make contribution:

    Contribution Details
    Date: July 04, 2008 8:01 AM EDT
    Contact: Delphyne
    Amount: $20.08

    Now, dog gets breakfast.

    Happy Independence Day!

  122. Good morning everyone, and happy Fourth of July! Seems that many editorial writers are taking advantage of this day to begin their independence from viewing Obama as hope, light and change. The NY Times editorial (by the editorial board) is succinct but sad. You can almost hear them saying, by the end of the piece, “Please, Mr. Obama, please don’t adopt any more of these right wing positions. Leave us a few crumbs–like, say, the Supreme Court.” Pathetic, but predictable.

  123. How long before someone asks why the Democrats don’t have a nominee?–since the Republicans have two.

  124. What angers me is when they say,” he has to move to the center for the GE “.
    The democratic party “ALREADY had/has a CENTER
    Look towards the front portion; since she & Bill were the 1st ones under !!

  125. tpt/ny–Obama hasn’t moved to the center–he’s moved to the right. If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the Bush years, it’s that Progressives represent the true political center. The WSJ editorial was correct when it opined that Obama is running for Bush’s third term.

  126. Delphyne – $20.08

    Freedom is within our grasp!

    $104.68 Thanks so much!

    We are in triple digits!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  127. I’m moving the count to the newest BLOG!

    Please join me! ($20.08 entrance fee)

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  128. […] July 4, 2008 · No Comments According to this comment at the Confluence […]

  129. John McCain campaign is buzzing with donations from Hillary supporters come on folks lets give the DNC something to talk about..donate $5.44 after you’ve help Hillary of course. don’t tell us we are FALLING in line

  130. If Hillary doesn’t get the top of the ticket, I think Sarah Palin is the way to go. I think she’ll be the first female President (after serving one term as VP under McCain).

    I came across this site: puma4palin.blogspot.com

  131. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

  132. Actually, how do we go about getting rid of Donna? I mean, who elected her? Who’s her boss?

    Do ordinary people have any control of this or is it a self-fullfilling nighmare?

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