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What do these people have in common?

J RICHARD and CAROL MUNRO, of New Canaan CT?
LEE MURDOCH, of Medford OR?
JOHN S MURK, of Cardiff by the Sea CA?
CHARLES D MURPHY III, of Lafayette and Sea Ranch CA?
DONALD MURPHY of St Louis and Kirkwood MO?
HARRY L MURPHY, of Pacific Grove CA?
LINDA MYERS, of Sapulpa OK?
JOEL MUST, of Bloomfield Hills MI?
CARL MURRAY, of Indianapolis IN?

You noticed these names all start with ‘M’? Remarkable! Observant citizens such as yourselves are the lifeblood of representative democracy!

Here’s another thing they have in common: all made FEC reportable contributions of $200 or more to John McCain’s 2000 presidential primary campaign. But wait! There’s more!!!

In particular, they made these contributions in February, 2000 — after McCain’s New Hampshire primary win, when observant citizens (such as yourselves, no doubt) observed the low-down dirty rotten Rovian campaign George W Bush contrived against McCain in South Carolina … and reacted with alarm.

In even greater particularity, all are listed among the (150 or so) contributors on the same FEC reporting page as the $500 contribution by Darragh Murphy that led a few of our less strategically-minded brethren to conclude she who founded PumaPAC must be a Republican operative.

And now to the major point:

All of the named contributors have histories of FEC reportable contributions only to Democratic candidates and committees — with the sole exception of McCain 2000.

    Here’s the honor roll again, with added detail.

  • MICHAEL MULLOWNEY, of Newton MA ($250 to Niki Tsongas in 2007, $200 Joe Moakley 1999)
  • J RICHARD and CAROL MUNRO, of New Canaan CT ($800 DNC 1994/1995/1996)
  • LEE MURDOCH, of Medford OR ($500 Bill Bradbury 2002, $250 Howard Dean 2003, $1850 Barack Obama 2007, $1,500 Steve Novick 2008)
  • JOHN S MURK, of Cardiff by the Sea CA ($250 Vic Fazio 1996)
  • RICHARD MURPHEY, of Columbus OH ($1,000 Bill Bradley 1999-2000, $250 Maryellen O’Shaughnessey, $4,600 Hillary Clinton 2007)
  • CHARLES D MURPHY III, of Lafayette and Sea Ranch CA ($2,000 John Kerry 2004)
  • DONALD MURPHY of St Louis and Kirkwood MO ($500 DNC 2004)
  • LINDA MYERS, of Sapulpa OK ($500 Bill Settle(D) 2000, $850 Glen Johnson 1996)
  • JOEL MUST, of Bloomfield Hills MI ($500 DSCC 2004)
  • CARL MURRAY, of Indianapolis IN ($250 Kerry 2004)
  • DAVID MURTON, of La Mesa CA ($200 DNC 2004, $400 DCCC 2004/2007)

Another 18 of these February 2000 Murphy-page contributors gave primarily or exclusively to Republicans.

[Among these, I spotted Ralph and Karen Munro, of Olympia, WA. Ralph is my state’s long-serving and well-respected former Secretary of State, who spent a political lifetime trying to nudge his Republican Party back toward the center. I last met Ralph when he stopped in on Election Night to congratulate one of my (yes, Democratic) candidates.]

Another half-dozen contributors were mixed by party — a combination of real independents, real big-time influence peddlers, and real eccentrics. (Bill Bradley + Rick Lazio + Ron Paul = ???) In none of these personal political palettes did I notice a major stripe of Bush money.

Another 30+ individuals who gave to McCain in this critical interval have no other FEC reported lifetime contributions.

The effort to derail Bush in the 2000 primaries did not succeed … but it had a game chance, and it was worth the effort. Savvy Democrats crossed over with their dollars (on the order of 2,500 individuals if we extrapolate from this small sample), and votes (hundreds of thousands, re-registering briefly in nonpartisan status as necessary in some states).

One of these was Darragh Murphy — not the founder of PUMA, but a savvy Democratic citizen-activist who founded PumaPAC in only the third day of PUMA’s viral contagion.

50 Responses

  1. So her effort to derail Bush (OMG!) has been used to make her a Republican and not a “real Democrat”.

    Typical of the BS that BO and Friends are slinging!

  2. Thank you, Ronk.

    I also want to draw attention to the diary by grlpatriot on Alegre’s corner on this topic.

  3. BTW, I have a lot of respect for John McCain. I don’t deny that his policies and the party he comes from are scary.

    The other day, someone tried to call Cindy McCain names, “what has she done?” on TalkLeft. I had to step in, and set them straight. She and McCain have done a hell of a lot more than Mr. Community Organizer.

  4. ghost2 – If you have contact info, please advise grlpatriot et al of this post (and crosspost at MyDD)

  5. This is great, RonK. Thank you for doing this research. Amanda Marcotte has demonstrated that her research (and reasoning) abilities are deeply flawed.

  6. Wow RonK – this is a great analysis! I hope that this will vindicate the fantastic Murphy.

  7. Thanks Ron. (re-reading)

    This is important information; and it must have been a pain to pull together.

    So I appreciate the information, effort and composition!

  8. thanks! this is a really great analysis!

  9. I was appalled at Amanda’s post the other day. There was simply no excuse for printing any of it much less her address for all the world to see. I have never doubted Murphy’s sincerity with respect to Democratic causes. That whole post was really uncalled for.

  10. Fantastic, Ron. We need people like you doing exactly this kind of research. We are having to replace the online network already established, including sites like MediaMatters. It’s a damn shame, too, but thank goodness we’re up to the challenge!

  11. RD,

    I left a message for you in the last post…just an FYI.

  12. I seem to remember Bill Press – of the defunct Spin Room being on that distinguished list – albeit, not in the “M”s.
    However, I think it’s a losing proposition trying to defend one of ours
    on their terms. It’s opening those gates to “Are you now or have you ever been”? which they are so eager to bring back.
    A certain forum that banned non-koolaid drinkers during the primaries
    is about to extend the abuse to those who returned riding the Unity Pony by declaring that “only those who supported B0 are
    allowed to criticize him now”
    Let’s not allow them make us show them our credentials.
    Let’s just make sure, they’ll never get into a position where they can do that in the real world.

  13. It’s increasingly clear that Axelrod follows Rove’s handbook; one way is to accuse the other person of an act you’re committing. I think the Obama fundraiser in FL will prove to be an example of that.
    Eveyone noticed the race-baiting by Obama, but I thought the first part was interesting. Obama says McCain will try to scare people about him.

    Ignoring the obvious recognition that Obama actually IS scary, I think we’ll see the Obama campaign attempt to convince us that we should be afraid of McCain himself. That he’s unstable, seen by others as abnormal, e.g., I think we’ll start hearing more about his temper. It certainly didn’t hurt Bush in 2000, along with the black baby slurs.

  14. Speaking of the fabulous PUMA High Deaconess Supreme Darragh Murphy – please don’t forget to tune in:

    Tonight, Thursday, July 3rd at 8pm EST, please join Sheri Tag as she hosts Darragh Murphy of our sister PUMA group, “PUMA PAC” (People United Means Action):


  15. Do we know why Murphy gave to McCain in 2000? What has she said?

  16. I suppose you can ask her tonight if you tune in NO We WON’t radio.
    Personally, I don’t care.
    As long as she speaks for me, I am with her. When that will
    no longer be the case, I won’t anymore. It’s a very simple principle –
    people should apply it in their voting choices too.

  17. pm317- Murphy was interviewed by a blooger via mail, but I don’t think this question was asked. but I’m sure she can answer the question today on the no we won’t radio program…

    it’s also good to know that Murphy contributed to Hillary not once very late when she could have done it as a cover up to form PUMA pac (obamabot talking point not mine ;))

    6/3/2008 Darragh Murphy $100.00

    5/21/2008 Darragh Murphy $50.00

    5/16/2008 Darragh Murphy $50.00

    5/7/2008 Darragh Murphy $100.00

    4/11/2008 Darragh Murphy $50.00

    3/31/2008 Darragh Murphy $100.00

    3/21/2008 Darragh Murphy $50.00

    3/19/2008 Darragh Murphy $100.00

  18. ok, I don’t want to question Murphy’s commitment to Hillary but I’m personally curious why she decided to give money to Hillary at the end of March and not earlier. please don’t see this as an attack I’m just curious. was it because at this time the re-votes in MI and FL were prevented by the obama campaign? I remember I was furoius about this.

  19. I voted for him in my open primary since Gore was a lock. I did not want to take any chances with Bush. Sadly, none of us were able to stop him. Remember how sure we were that Gore would win?

  20. Can’t speak for anyone else, but March was when she really needed money. She had money early but her staff blew it and then it became big news. O hit her hard in February but she didn’t give up so she needed money to continue.

  21. Black Conservative Group Rips Obama


    Here’s a sample of what you might hear on your radio:

    “Bitter is what Obama called blacks and whites who love God.

    Racist is what Obama called his white grandmother who raised him and made sacrifices so Obama could get a good education and become a millionaire,” says the narrator one of the spots.

    “Obama’s mentor for 20-years was Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who said innocent Americans deserved to die on September 11th,” says the voiceover in another.

    What Obama actually said about some Pennsylvanian voters:

    ” … It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them …”

    And, during his race speech in Philadelphia, of his grandmother:

    “I can no more disown him [the Rev. Wright] than I can disown my white grandmother — a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me . . . but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed her by on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe.”

  22. BTW does murphy have other FEC reported contributions besides McCain & Hillary?

  23. This is an interesting side effect of the campaign finance laws. Private citizens have their private political information available to everyone on the internet. The vote used to be secret. Is it now?

    I am much less willing to donate to campaigns now that I know about this. Is this a good thing?

    If people could give thousands or millions, the privacy violation might be worth it. Is it worth it for a couple of hundred up to $2300?

    I realize I am really politically incorrect here, but I think it’s worth thinking about.

  24. I don’t feel good about being knee-deep in Murphy’s business. I don’t care who she gave what money to or when. If she wanted me to know she’d tell me. It’s not my concern.

    I gave Hillary money and that’s all I can be arsed to care about. Anything else really is very intrusive.

  25. Luckyann – who cares? Maybe she couldn’t at the time. Jeez.

  26. Hell, I knew my share of gay guys who were in favor of McCain. BFD.

  27. SM – you and I may be the same person. We’re responding at the same time in the same way.

  28. luckyann, on July 3rd, 2008 at 6:38 pm Said:

    pm317- Murphy was interviewed by a blooger via mail, but I don’t think this question was asked. but I’m sure she can answer the question today on the no we won’t radio program…
    I am not questioning her motives but to see how the critics can be silenced. Seems to me like, the injustice rankles her the most like it did the rest of us — McCain was unjustly treated by the Bushies and perhaps the media too in the 2000 primary.

    We all started taking it seriously in end of Feb — does not surprise me that she started giving in March.

  29. I’m not sure anyone on the Titanic was worried about the seating capacity of a lifeboat if there was an open seat. If someone sees an election the same as I do, I’m not kicking them overboard, I’ll hand them an oar.

  30. RonkSeattle: Where are you? I’m in Seattle, too. Can we talk?

  31. I don’t care about her past contributions. Bottom line is she got fed up with what she saw and took action. I am grateful for all the work she does in exposing the farce of the DNC and the lies and incompetence of Opossum. Possums have a hard time understanding that, they are too busy fainting and controlling their leg tingling to see what the big O is all about. They can’t understand how someone can reject the snake oil he’s selling.

    Give em hell Murphy! We got your back.

  32. Regency – it’s a Scorpion sister connection!

  33. SM – it’s universal. Over at bitterpoliticz, me and Ani are connecting the same way. She’s a mean, writing, Scorpion machine. She’s awesome. I think you’d love her writing. We should all connect.

    She also loves teh Bill. We talk about Bill a lot. And how much we miss Hillary.

  34. regency and SM: Funny you should mention that. I never see the two of you post at the same time…

  35. luckyann — FEC does not show any other contributions of over $200 in a cycle (the required reporting limit). Lots of activists contribute more volunteer hours than dollars, and some spread their dollars around.

    I haven’t checked the Massachusetts campaign finance disclosure database for contributions to state/local races. (Or rather I have, but the Electonic Filing System link at http://www.mass.gov/ocpf/ just hangs. Browser compatibility quirk? Somebody else could give it a try.)

    Murphy indicated she had changed her registration from Democrat to “Unenrolled” just to vote in the GOP primary, then changed it back.

    All signs are of one who saw what needed to be done, and did it.

  36. Well, I don’t really care about Murphy’s contributions. There are plenty of Democrats who wanted to see John McCain over George Bush and contributed to help make it so. And just think how much better off we would have been with McCain over Bush…in any case, I remember her saying during her first tv interview that she was originally an Edwards supporter and did not switch her support to Hillary until later on, so maybe that is why. Regardless it is very hard to imagine that she would have started contributing to Hillary in March for any less than sincere reason…

    I say we stay out of Murphy’s finances, I truly appreciate all she is doing for the PUMA and JSND movement…

  37. I think it was around March when the MSM started reporting Hillary’s campaign running out of money.

  38. jjmtacoma, es, wasn’t it right after ohio and texas that they started to report that? or maybe right before or something…

  39. Thanks, ronk. I appreciate the work you must have put into this.

    I’m glad ronk and murphy are on our side.

    GO PUMA!

  40. I couldn’t care less about the path Murphy or anyone else took to get here; we’re all here now and that’s what counts. Also, I couldn’t care less about justifying anything about PUMA. One of our strengths has been that we are only answerable to ourselves, not the DNC or blogs or anyone. Anyone who is thinking of coming aboard with us probably doesn’t care much,either.

  41. parentofed, on July 3rd, 2008 at 6:28 pm Said: It’s increasingly clear that Axelrod follows Rove’s handbook

    I think he attempted to, but I think Axelrod is to Rove what Elvis impersonators are to Elvis, an amusing facsimile. I don’t think Rove is idiotic enough to have alienated 1/2 the party; Axelrod was idiotic enough.

  42. Annie Em, my fear is that Axelrod consciously figured he could replace 1/2 the Democratic party with 1/2 of the Republican.

    JJ, I keep thinking what would have happened had Abu Ghraib happened on McCain’s watch. He’d have eaten people’s entrails over it.

  43. Let’s think about it — what’s left of the Dems at the moment? Rich white people and black people (who are momentarily useful to the white money, but still out int he rain selling shirts).

    He wants to consolidate the filthy-riches of the Republican party, who are done sucking that party dry, with the filthy-riches of the Democratic party. The AA community will find out too late that they were pretty much used.

    There will be one party for the rich, with a new consolidated rich coalition (that’s what they mean by bipartisanship), and nothing for the rest of us since the Repubs are a dried-out husk.

  44. Murphy has stated in interviews that she contributed to McCain hoping to get rid of Bush.

  45. pm317–In the article link above, at Alegre’s Corner, Darragh explains that she donated to McCain during the primary to try to keep Bush from getting the nomination. In the General, she voted for Gore.

    If you ever do a zip code look up for donors–not by party, just by zip code–it’s amazing the number of people who give to both Dems and Repubs. I think there were probably lots of Repubs donating to Obama because they didn’t want Hillary to be the one facing the Repub nominee.

  46. Ronk, I just left a comment for you over at MyDD. I’m going to include a link to both of your posts as an update on mine for cross reference. Great work.

  47. Way to go, Ron….you’ve been a busy, busy little bee! Happy 4th tomorrow!

  48. Questioning someone like this is a kind of McCarthyism. So you gave money to McCain once? Are you still or have you ever been….?

    It’s too bad this info is available on the web. But it’s like people who were saying Hillary was really a Republican because when she was still living with her parents she was head of the Young Republicans. These losers will grasp at anything.

  49. luckyann
    I started supporting Hillary right before New Hampshire (thanks, Tweety), but it never occurred to me to send money until
    sometimes in April when I read a anarky headline in the NY Post
    about her lending money to her campaign.
    She didn’t ask, we never got involved on line – March is actually early in
    my book. I am sure this is true for many of us.

  50. […] to McCain during the 2000 primary. You can check RonK’s post out at here at MyDD or The Confluence. Tags: 2008, Darraghy Murphy, Democratic Party, Democrats, DNC, Election, Hillary Clinton, John […]

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