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You Down With O.P.P.?

Imagine falling in love with someone who is already in another relationship.  They tell you how bad that relationship is.  They tell you earnestly how it’s you they really love, not the other person.  They promise you that soon the two of you will be together forever.

But they say can’t leave that relationship right now.  They tell you it’s financial, or for the children, or because they are afraid.  So they sneak out and come see you, enjoy some good hot nasty lovin’ and whisper sweet nothings in your ear.  Then they leave.

They keep saying soon, maybe next month, but next month never comes.  There is always some new excuse, some new reason, some new broken promise.  If you have ever been in this situation, you know how much it hurts.  But if you have ever had a friend in this situation, you would tell them the obvious truth:

“They’re just screwing you!”

How long has the Democratic party been coming by, sweet talking and schmoozing you, taking your money and votes, and then going back home to their real love?  How long have they been promising you the sun, the moon and the stars, but delivering nada planada?  Too long.  Way too too long.

Right now this country is controlled by an elite ruling class.  This class consists of life-time and charter members.  The life-time members are the wealthy, the rich and shameless.  They own or control the corporations and most of the wealth.  Some of them aren’t even Americans.  The charter members are the politicians and media.

Let’s jump in the wayback machine and go back to our nation’s founding.  The Democratic party is sometimes called the “Party of Jefferson” because we can trace it’s origins to Thomas Jefferson, our third President and one of the greatest political philosophers in history.  Jefferson is most famous for writing the Declaration of Independence and for making the Louisiana Purchase, but he did something else of great significance.

In 1776, as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, he authored and helped enact a law abolishing primogeniture.  Primogeniture is the common law right of the firstborn son to inherit the entire estate, to the exclusion of younger siblings.  It is the tradition brought by the Norman Invasion to England in 1066.

In feudal Europe, all the land was owned by the aristocracy.  Commoners worked on the land, but didn’t own it.  The more land you owned, the more status you had.  Most of our laws concerning property, water rights, landlords and tenants, trespass and inheritance derive from this system.

If you were the firstborn son and lived long enough, you got everything.  If you had male heirs, your siblings got nothing.  Your younger brothers had few options.  They could join the priesthood, where family connections could hopefully propel them to the status of Bishop or higher (the leaders of the Catholic church were very connected to politics, that’s why the game of chess has “bishops”.)  Your siblings could engage in intrigue and try to poison your food, thus moving into the line of succession.  Or they could participate in military ventures in hope of winning and being awarded captured lands.

Many of these younger sons of aristocracy were given land grants in the colonies that became the southern United States.  The goal of these settlers was to become landed gentry like their relatives back in Europe.  They wanted to own the land, not work on it.  “Gentlemen” didn’t work, they studied the arts and sciences, and lived lives of leisure.   They established plantations, and because they needed laborers to replace feudal serfs, they imported African slaves.

The North, on the other hand, was settled by non-aristocrats seeking religious freedom.  These people, who would become the “Yankees,” were small farmers, traders, and craftsman.  They became manufacturers, sailors, and businessmen.  Their goal was wealth, not land.  This is why slavery never caught on in the North, even though the Yankee sailors participated and profited in the slave trade.

In Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville argued that the abolition of the laws of primogeniture caused the death of the landed aristocracy and also brought a shift to democracy.  This was Jefferson’s goal, to eliminate aristocracy in America.  It wasn’t immediate, and it was a violent transition, but eventually the old system ended.

But it was replaced by something else that is just as much a threat to democracy as the aristocracy.  It was replaced by the corporatists.  Those Yankees were very successful at business, and the Industrial Revolution made many of them fabulously wealthy.  Chattle slavery was replaced with wage slavery.  And the Supreme Court of the United States even declared that corporations were “persons” under the law.

You can actually look at the Civil War as the point when the corporatists overthrew the old aristocrats.  The industrialized North versus that agragarian South.  The “good guys” won, right?  Maybe, or maybe not.  It was more like “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”  We traded one set of masters for another.

Frederick Jackson Turner wrote “The Significance of the Frontier in American History” in which he argued that the frontier shaped the American identity.  That has some truth to it, but the frontier also provided a safety-valve for discontent.  Anyone unhappy with their economic situation could head west in search of greener pastures.  But the frontier closed long ago.

With few exceptions, both parties have supported the corporatist aristocracy for generations.  Once upon a time the power was held by the railroads, the trusts, and big industrialists.  These were the capitalists that Socialism rose up in opposition against.  The workers of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries may not have had televison or the internet, but they knew they were being screwed.

They tried to fight back, and many were killed or imprisoned by our government.  There are numerous instances where police and military forces were sent to break-up strikes by killing, beating and/or arresting the striking workers.  It was a long and bloody struggle for economic freedom and democracy.

Not all politicians sided with the elites, and when the people were able to organize effectively they were successful in making changes.  Theodore Roosevelt was an early champion of the people.  He is known as a “trust-buster” and help break up monopolies.  He enforced regulation of the railroad industry and enacted the first laws on food safety and purity.  He also enacted the first environmental conservation laws.

The corporatists hated him.  As governor of New York he was so effective fighting corruption and “machine” politics that he was made William McKinley’s Vice-President in order to get him out of the way.  But then McKinley was assassinated.  Upon hearing the news of McKinley’s death, Senator Mark Hanna, then one of the most powerful politicians in the country, said “That damned cowboy is president now.”

Teddy Roosevelt was part of the Progressive Movement, which lasted from about 1890 until 1920.  Many changes were enacted during that era, including Women’s Suffrage, the direct election of Senators, Prohibition, and the passage of electoral reforms at the state level, including secret ballots, the initiative and the recall.

The corporatists fought back, and regained power during the 1920’s.  Much like the conservative ascendency that reached its peak under George W. Bush, the Republican Ascendancy of the “Roaring Twenties” was so successful is led to a complete repudiation by the voters in the 1930’s.

The liberal administration of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal began a long dark age for the corporatists.  The liberal movement continued to make gains until the 1960’s and early 1970’s, and the last great acheivements were the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and SCOTUS decisions on abortion and the death penalty.

The defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment marked the end of liberal gains, but it was nearly 50 years after FDR that the corporatists were finally successful in beginning to rollback the New Deal under Ronald Reagan.  Since then it has been a battle by liberals to hold on to the gains made by their parents and grandparents.  The entire 8 years of the Clinton administration was spent defending against the corporatists.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, like Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, are not part of the corporatist aristocracy.  In fact, they are hated by those malefactors of great wealth.  Bill Clinton was elected on a promise to provide comprehensive health care reform.  He tried to keep that promise.  He appointed Hillary to lead the effort, and she did her best.  They were defeated, not by the Republican party, but by traitors in the Democratic party that sided with the corporatists.

These treasonous Democrats in Congress and the media have been posing as liberals and progressives for decades, but they are owned body and soul by the corporatists.  They  say they love us, but they are just screwing us.  They undermined Hillary’s health care reform, and forced Bill to settle for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” instead of lifting the ban on gays in the military.

For years now they have been playing a kabuki dance with George Bush, making speeches but not providing any effective opposition.  In 2006, a disgusted electorate repudiated the GOP and elected a Democratic Congressional majority.  But that victory was basically in spite of the Democratic leadership, not because of it.

People wanted an end to the war and the lawless behavior of the Bush Administration.  Many of us wanted Bush and Cheney impeached.  So what did the new Democratic majority do?  Not a goddamn thing.  Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss.

One of new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s first acts was to declare that impeachment was “off the table.”  There has been no effective attempt to end the war in Iraq, and continued funding for the war passes with little debate.  Congressional oversight into the activities of the Bush administration is a joke.

We now know that our government kidnaps and tortures people, operates secret prisons, and keeps people locked up without due process or the benefit of habeas corpus.  The Department of Justice has been politicized to the point of prosecuting political opponents and screening attorneys for partisan loyalty.

The administration lies, obfuscates and stonewalls, and all the Congressional Democrats do is write sternly worded letters.  They don’t even attempt to block the appointment of radical conservatives to the federal bench.  The latest outrage is the FISA bill, which among other bad things provides immunity to telecommunications giants that participated in illegal domestic spying.

The voters don’t want it, and it is anathema to liberal ideology.  It is in clear violation of the Fourth Amendment, and the immunity provisions will foreclose any independent inquiry of illegal domestic spying by the Bush Administration.  Not only is the Democratic Congressional leadership making no effort to oppose the bill, they are eager to get it passed with as little debate or publicity as possible.

This is why the Democratic leadership selected Barack Obama to be the nominee, in opposition to the will of the majority of the Democratic Party.  This is why the corporatist-owned media has pushed Obama’s candidacy and shrilly opposed Hillary.  Obama is one of them, while Hillary is not.

You don’t really think the Village hates the Clintons because they are redneck hillbillies, do you?  Bill and Hillary are both Ivy League educated lawyers, smart and sophisticated.  They are hated because they are loyal to us, not the corporatists.  That’s why the Democratic leadership wants to purge them from the party and discredit Bill’s legacy.

Senator Obama is a product of the corrupt Chicago machine.   His relationship with William Ayers isn’t about radical Sixties’ politics, it’s about Ayers’ family connection to Commonwealth Edison and Exelon.  Obama’s campaign manager, David Axelrod, is a former lobbyist and astroturfer for Exelon.  Rev. Wright and Tony Rezko are just more pieces of the puzzle that shows the shape of political corruption in Illinois.

Despite what the media claims, Obama is and has been the “establishment” candidate.  He had their money and support from the beginning, despite his empty resume.    We were supposed to listen to the media, we were supposed to fall for the “hope” and “change” slogans, and believe he was a grassroots candidate.  We were supposed to believe that Hillary is an evil, corrupt racist.  We were supposed to believe that she was “divisive” but that Obama was going to bring “unity.”  We were supposed to be stupid, low-information voters.

But they miscalculated.  They underestimated Hillary, and they underestimated us.  They didn’t expect her to fight so well or so long.  They didn’t expect her to win our loyalty, respect and love.  They didn’t expect her to inspire us to rise in opposition to them.

They didn’t expect PUMA

263 Responses

  1. Bravo!

  2. Wow. That was all kinds of awesome. And I love the graphic!

  3. Damned awesome!
    PUMA Hillocrats, rise!
    “They” didn’t expect us to love her.

  4. Great post my IQ!!

  5. myiq2xu, yeah, awesome is the word!

  6. great post!

  7. Aw shucks, it was nothing

    ((turns red with embarrasment))

  8. Wonderful and articulate in explaining what we are up against and who!

    It is for the reasons so eloquently stated in this article that we must fight on and prevail in this movement to stop obama and take back our country.

    See you all in Denver. Our “Boston Tea Party” begins there!

  9. OH



    BOSTON!!!! You rocked it out the ball park!!

    Givin’ us that history lesson !!!

    Monty Python said “no one expects the Spanish Inquisition” – and they sure as hell didn’t expect PUMA.

    PUMA – that’s right!! FO yo FAAAACE!!!

    Rico – PUMA cocktails for Boston & the Confluence crew – STAT!!!

    Until you do right by the PEOPLE, everything you even THINK OF is gonna go wrong.

    Ok, I’m calm now. Boston, THANK YOU!

  10. Jesus – I’m al ready drunk –

    MYIQ2Xu!!!!!! YOU ROCK and everything I said !!!

    Sorry Boston! eelk – embarassed now.

    Rico – bottle of water for me – cancel my cocktail!

  11. It’s my baby brother’s birthday (he’s 32) and here at the PUMA cave we’re are having drinks already – again, I apologize MYIQ!! I shouldn’t drink & type.

  12. It was the Dean campaign of 2004 that demonstrated to them how to get ahead — there was money to be made online, and there was a base of people who wanted to participate in a revolution of some sort that would be cool and that they could claim personal responsibility for.

    All they had to do was take their machine candidate and market him like the sparkly newcomer. And a lot of very, very stupid of craven people fell for it. A lot of people I thought too smart to fall for it, fell for it, for a variety of reasons.

    I will always mentally view it as the filthy-riches latching vampire-like onto the Republican party and sucking it dry until it’s a walking corpse. Now, the parasite is looking for a enw host, and it’s found one, the only other party in town. They’ve latched on, injected that numbing shit into the skin that leeches use, and the cycle’s started again. Abstractly, structurally, it’s almost pretty if not for the fact that it’s outright evil.

  13. I should aos come clean and say that I was an enthusiastic Deaniac back on the day. He had a resume. He had done shit. He had actual relevent experience.

    Little did I realize that I was apparently the only Dean voter who was thinking in these terms, and that most of his other supporters were all about the online woah-liek-cool effect. Like finding out that my white-collar friends are not like me, I’m also finding out what other liberals and other ex-Deaniacs were really about all this time.

  14. Janis, but this is what confuses me. EVERYBODY did well under the Clinton years. Everyone made money. Why fix what ain’t broken?

  15. If the Democratic majority had tried but failed to accomplish something, that would one thing.

    But they never even tried. And we keep hearing (like with FISA) that capitulation is a winning strategy.


  16. SM:

    I’ll see if I can find the graph, but the superrich didn’t do as well as the poor and middle class did under the Big Dawg.

    And you know they ain’t putting up with that!

  17. Wonderful post-keep writing, myiq.
    I especially liked the part explaining why the Village really hates Bill and Hillary Clinton. Insightful, succinct and very true.
    You mean it wasn’t about the blow jobs???

  18. Fantastic post!!
    But did I miss something – what’s O.P.P.?

  19. SM, they don’t have a choice — they are trying to latch on and compromise a new host organism. That means destroying the other potential sources of support for the thing.

    The Democratic party has several other power nexuses, all of which must be demolished in order for the party to become completely beholden to its new parasitic masters. The biggest obstacle to complete dependency is the Clintons.

    This is how parasites WORK. They almost have no choice. They suck the life out of their current host, look around, find a new one, demolish its immune system enough to latch on, and then pump it full of energy to get it up and moving while making sure that the ONLY place it can get energy is from the parasite itself.

    If they don’t do that, the host can break free once it realizes what’s happening.

    Biological metaphors are the bomb, I’m telling you.

  20. My IQ,

    Is this your first post?! Terrific job, what a great history lesson which is illustrative of where we really are!!!


  21. Think of it this way: what does an abusive spouse do? Isolate, isolate, isolate. Otherwise, the wife can leave and find bed and board with someone else while she’s getting on her feet again.

  22. O.P.P. – Other People’s P_____.

  23. They didn’t expect us to love her.
    I think that describes it all. Not only is she the most experienced and most deserving of the WH, anyone with eyes to see could tell that this woman wanted to improve the quality of life for us, for Americans.
    No amount of KO bloviating or Chris Matthews’ shilling could diminish Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  24. Janis:

    I’ve said many times that Obamanation reminds me of a bunch of domestic abusers.

    Angry, threatening, belittling and even stalking. But then when we leave they start talking about the kids, er . . . party unity.

  25. The other day, someone wrote that phrase here in the comments: “they didn’t expect PUMA” and I thought to myself that THAT went to the heart of what was happening now. You not only latched onto that phrase, you expounded on it absolutely perfectly! Thank you for a fantastic and historical essay.

    That phrase keeps me going: “they didn’t expect PUMA”.

  26. Brilliant! A beautifully clear, concise summary. I have to wonder if the Democrats feared that the people might actually vote for a populist candidate this time and saw Obama’s “charisma” as a way to derail the possibility of another FDR or LBJ who would fight poverty and battle for individual rights.

  27. “… why the Village really hates Bill and Hillary Clinton. Insightful, succinct and very true. You mean it wasn’t about the blow jobs???”

    Maybe now someone can explain to me why no one wondered who the hell keeps a stained blue dress and for what possible reason?

  28. There it is in a nutshell:

    They underestimated Hillary, and they underestimated us. They didn’t expect her to fight so well or so long. They didn’t expect her to win our loyalty, respect and love. They didn’t expect her to inspire us to rise in opposition to them.

    Not all PUMA are Hillary supporters, but of the PUMA that are, she has won our loyalty, respect, and love. Great post. Thanks.

    I miss saying this: Go Hillary!

  29. The real elite, the ones that both parties’ leaders are beholden to and that owns the media, wanted to arrange a false choice for the voters.

    But whether you pick door #1 or #2, you get the same thing. Either way, it’s never the lady, always the tiger.

    They give us cosmetic changes and a dog and pony show of partisanship.

  30. myIq2xu, your IQ really seems to be 2X mine. This is awesome.

    I do have a small gripe, though. “[Bill and Hillary ]…are hated because they are loyal to us, not the corporatists”. I LOVE the Clintons, as much as anyone else. But I do know that Bill, and to a less extent Hillary, are actually in it for themselves. Not because they’re loyal to US, or to me , or you, but because they’re loyal to their ideals and they ideas, and they believe, they’re confident, they KNOW they can actually effect change. In fact, they will only be loyal to themselves. And that is actually their strongest card – they will NEVER sell out to someone else if it is not in the interest of themselves, their ideas and their ideals.

    The others, Pelosi and gang, and including Obama, are the opposite. They have neither any great ideals, nor any novel ideas, and they definitely have zero confidence in themselves to actually make anything happen. Since they have no great ideals, they can be easily swayed by anything new that comes along – a corporation that dangles money, for example. Since they have no novel ideas, any new sounding rhetoric to them is GREAT, e.g. Reagan’s ideas or ‘the Great Republican ideas of the last twenty years’. Since they have no confidence in themselves to actually make anything happen, at the first sign of opposition, they cave and put their tails between their legs, they fold and they give up.
    Since they have no ideals, or ideas, or confidence, they make it up with either criticising the Republicans and never offering an alternative, or they come up with empty, nonsensical rhetoric, e.g. “Yes we Can” or “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. Since they are totally in this occupation for themselves, and are ashamed that they don’t really offer us anything, they try to obfuscate their greed by promising that they’re NOT in this for themselves, “unlike the ambitious Clintons”.

    Bill and Hillary, on the hand, have never made a secret of their ambitiousness. Bill has gone on record and opened up himself to the world, made his love for politics plain. Hillary has, artlessly, made comments about having to face no criticism if she were to stay home and bake cookies. Bill and Hillary don’t feel they have to hide their ambition, because they bring to the table so much else!!! Of course we would have no problem electing ambitious politicians if they were good at their jobs, and if they kept their campaign promises!

    And That’s why the Village hates them. Because again, Bill and Hillary raise the standards so high that the rest of them would ALWAYS come up short.

  31. myiq2xu,

    I still don’t get it. I’m dense. Other Peoples P______? Is it animal, vegetable or mineral? Is it bigger than a breadbox? Is it a word for genitalia? Give me a hint.

  32. I would love for the (so called) Party leaders to read this post. It needs to be distributed far and wide.

  33. SM,

    Don’t drive in that condition, OK? Stay in the puma cave. Happy Birthday to your brother!

  34. Janis – amen to the bio-metaphor! I know that the parasite will never die, but dammit, we MUST be the damn vaccine to kill some of it off.


    MYIQ: Again, my sincere apologies for the confusion!! Argh – so embarassed!

    This post is a fantastic reasoning behind our dissent, it’s not just because we are sore losers. We know our party’s beginnings, the seed for economic, social and gubernatorial equality was planted by Jefferson.

    I hope that PUMA goes beyond the November election. Too many wh*res and sellouts looking for that big mansion & offshore bank accounts without serving THE PEOPLE. Otherwise, they should call themselves Republicans and be over with it. I KNEW when Obama started mouthing off on his Reagan worship, when he was THISCLOSE to Lieberman, I knew that he was a DINO – just like Lieberman, Pelosi, and the rest of the tail-hiding yellow dogs.

    F*ck the yellow dogs. I’m tired of the “yes, Sir, may I have another” crap we’ve put up with in the DINO-Democratic party.

    And OF COURSE, we love graphs!

  35. myiq2xu – Great job! You nailed it.
    I read that BO had a lot of the same financial supporters as Bush. He had bundilers who contributed in other people’s names. Law and Order did a show about corrupt bundilers contributing in people’s names and the people didn’t even know it. I expect there might have been some money donated to BO in my name through a bundiler. I never contributed to him. Large corporations give through bundilers and the money looks like it is coming from small contributers. The so called grassroots.

  36. So sorry for the inordinately long comment. It’s just something I keep reiterating to stupid Obama-bot ‘friends’ whose biggest gripe with Hillary is her ‘ego’ and her ‘ambition’: ANYONE who wants to run for President of 300 MILLION people is Definitely ambitious, so please don’t kid yourself on Obama’s extreme self-negating altruism.

  37. Awesome post! Post early and often. That was incredible. I learned things my exemplary history teacher failed to teach me.

  38. myiq2000xu! Great post.

    . . . . .

    “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster
    we counted our spoons.”
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

  39. O.P.P is a song by Naughty by Nature:

    “OPP, how can I explain it
    I’ll take you frame by frame it
    To have y’all jumpin’ shall we singin’ it
    O is for Other, P is for People scratchin’ temple
    The last P…well…that’s not that simple
    It’s sorta like another way to call a cat a kitten
    It’s five little letters that are missin’ here.
    As for the ladies, OPP means something gifted
    The first two letters are the same but the last is something different
    It’s the longest, loveliest, lean– I call it the leanest
    It’s another five letter word rhymin’ with cleanest and meanest
    I won’t get into that, I’ll do it…ah…sorta properly
    I say the last P…hmmm…stands for property.”

  40. bostonboomer,

    The g-rated, applicable to both sexes, version would be “property”.

    I’ve missed being able to post in the comment here! By the time I get to a thread it’s hundreds of comments long. Go PUMA!

  41. BB,

    Other People’s P@$$y (property)

    It’s from a Naughty by Nature song from the 90’s.

    You down with OPP?
    Yeah, you know me!

  42. “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster
    we counted our spoons.”
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “She offered her honor
    He honored her offer.
    All night long, it was honor and offer.”

  43. Please don’t hate me, but today I was listening to Limbaugh. I honestly can’t listen to NPR anymore because they lost all credibility during the election. Anyway, he was gloating about his new contract and the fact that he has a personal relationship with his listeners that the media and the ‘left’ cannot shake. He said the media didn’t build me up so they can not take me down. I was driving and thinking that that was why Hillary is so strong. We fell in love with her. The DNC did not support her, the liberal blogs didn’t support her, the press attacked her. She spoke directly to us. Then comes your post, my IQ, you are right. They can not bring her down because she was not created by them. She is the real deal. The voters know that and we will not be controlled. PUMA

  44. That’s what I figured. Thanks everyone.

  45. myiq –
    thanks for the rationale behind the hatred of all things Clinton. I had asked about that weeks ago. This made so much sense. And the history lesson – powerful.

  46. Boston, no driving! I’m home now & staying home! Grandma PUMA is kicking back some Presidentes too – thank you!!

  47. Honora,

    my mom listens to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh everyday. She’s a bleeding heart–least she used to be. This season has produced strange bedfellows. We’ve all discovered that sometimes you do have to work across the aisles.

    PUMA baby.

    (If only I could have McCain-Clinton or Clinton-McCain, my joy would be complete.)

  48. Bill and Hillary certainly aren’t perfect, no one is.

    There is a part at the end of Primary Colors (which is loosely based on Bill’s first Presidential campaign) where Jack Stanton (Bill) is trying to persuade one of his top aides not to quit.

    He talks about having to eat shit and do unpleasant things in order to win elections, but says that is the price you pay to get the power to make a difference.

  49. I’d rather have Clinton-Clark.

  50. I just got an email from obama about upcoming events…I was going to write back and tell them where to go, but realized this was great info to go and protest every event they have. This one in particular caught my eye:

    GOSPEL concert in the park (Voter Registration Drive)
    Saturday, July 12 at 5:30 PM
    Rock Quarry Park (Durham, NC) – 10.8 miles away
    Come register voters and sing the praises of Obama while you’re at it, at this year’s Gospel concert in the park, headlined by Millennium Revival…

    OK, so its a gospel concert which is bad enough since its more pandering to the religious right, especially the homophobic black religious community, but look at the description…”sing the praises of Obama”?????? They really do think he is the messiah

  51. BB,

    I’m not sure Clark is electable today but maybe after all this has passed.

  52. I will definitely be at that one with video cam in hand

  53. Brilliant post, myiq. Thank you. I MADE my husband read it. He extends his compliments as well.

    Chelvalier, I get really annoyed with people who say that the Clintons are about themselves like it’s some godd@mned power trip for them. It’s not about them, it’s about what’s right for this country. That’s why they can keep fighting the way they do, that’s why they are able to endure the onslaught of abuse. They are fighting for the country they love and the people they love. That’s the only way they can keep going.

    The best analogy I can think of involves being a parent. As a parent, I might walk away from a fight or a controversy if it’s only about me. Who has the time or the energy and is it really worth it? But if I’m fighting for my child, I’ll take any amount of abuse, embarassment, ridicule, anything anyone wants to dish out for as long as they want, and I will never give up.

    They Clintons are not fighting for themselves, they are fighting for you and me and the USA. That’s what keeps them going.

  54. I’ll second Clinton Clark. But hey, if I’m going to dream, why not Clinton-Edwards, as in E. Edwards. Two strong women, kicking some a**.

  55. I agree with Michelle that the media didn’t expect us to fall for Hillary. She impressed the heck out of me in those debates (she impressed Obama also). One of the editors at our local paper went to a Hillary rally and was surprised to see the same enthusiasm he saw at the Obama rally he attended.

    She also impressed the other side. My brother’s a Republican and he said he could easily vote for her in the general – he voted for her in the primary.

  56. GCH:
    Good Lord. (pun intended)

  57. I just wish we had Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton instead of who we do have. Remember the bumper stickers “I miss Bill”? Well, I think I will get one November 5 that reads: I miss Hill
    What a shame, what a crying shame.

  58. Gary – YES!!! PLEASE GO!!

    BTW, PUMAPac has this great little tool now that they have regionalized activities. We are in the SE portion – get some PUMAs to join you:


  59. Gary, That’s true. If we cancel the emailings, how will we know what’s going us? What fun! The Obama chorus!

  60. Bill and Hillary are ambitious and fairly egotistical. It goes with the territory, every politician at that level is.

    They love being in the spotlight, and hearing the applause. All great leaders do. That’s why so many actors enter politics, the personality traits are virtually identical.

    But Bill and Hillary don’t seek power for its own sake or to enrich themselves and their friends (like George Bush did) They are genuine nobility, even though they are not elitists or snobs. They want power because they want to make positive changes in this country.

    The ambition and ego that enabled Bill to shrug of criticism and keep fighting, also got him in trouble with his pecker. But you take the good with the bad, and the Clintons are far more good than bad.

  61. Cloudy,

    If not Clinton-E. Edwards, I want Clinton-Ferraro. No games-just boobs.

  62. Cloudy – Elizabeth didn’t kick enough ass for me when her husband endorsed Obama. Not enough of a fighter for me. Sorry.

  63. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, much less the spontaneously-arisen Puma.

  64. Lovely post. Your work is a pleasure to read.

  65. myiq2xu, on July 2nd, 2008 at 6:38 pm Said:

    But Bill and Hillary don’t seek power for its own sake or to enrich themselves and their friends (like George Bush did) They are genuine nobility, even though they are not elitists or snobs. They want power because they want to make positive changes in this country.

    Which is why I will stick with them always. That kind of change is the change I can believe in.

  66. It is a shame! When will we have another strong, informed, intelligent woman like Hillary? Obamians are a dime a dozen. Big deal – he can read a teleprompter. As my idiotic local paper said when they endorsed McCain and Obama – she can fix the carburetor but we should let him (O) drive the car.

    WTF. Let’s let him go back to the Senate and learn to fix the darn carburetor.
    She’s perfectly capable of driving the car.

  67. There’s a funny story (probably not true) about Bill and Hillary. Back in 1996 they are traveling between campaign events and stop at some gas station/mini mart somewhere. it turns out that the place is owned by a former college boyfirned of Hillary.

    As they are pulling back onto the interstate, Bill says “I guess if you stayed with him you would be married to a gas station owner.”

    Hillary replies “No, I would be married to the President of the United States.”

  68. Myiq2xu,

    That story’s legend. Don’t know if it’s true either but I believe it. Behind every great man is a great woman, but behind every extraordinary man is an even more extraordinary woman.

  69. Actually, I heard it goes that she said, “Bill, if I’d married him, he’d be the President of the United States” but same diff.

  70. MYIQ – who is that AWESOME woman in the picture?

  71. SM:

    I have no idea, I got the graphic at Clyde’s Place.


  72. myiq, I’ve read a few essays by you around the blogs and loved them, but this one is really special. Excellent. Thank you for bringing it to the Confluence, always my first blogstop of the evening.

  73. Off topic – but IMPORTANT:

    Don’t forget:

    TONIGHT @ 7PM –

    Cynthia Ruccia of WomenForFairPolitics is the guest on NoWeWont – hosted by Julie Johnson –


  74. Two examples of elitism. Because they know better.

    Kerry, Kennedy. Massachusetts vote for Hillary by 15.
    Kerry, Kennedy endorse Obama.

    Rockefeller, Byrd. W. Virginia Vote for Hillary by 43.
    Rockefeller, Byrd endorse Obama.

    Because they know better. screw you.

  75. too funny!

  76. Another fantastic post. If nothing else, PUMA is gonna elevate history in the minds of the voters. We’re all getting a lesson here.

    My husband and I were talking about this very thing last night, complete with Teddy Rooselvelt references. We were discussing how the founders mostly opposed the Party system, and that once upon a time, parties in this country rose and fell based on that very battle between corporatists and the people. At a certain point, one side won, namely the corporatists, and there hasn’t been a new party to rise from their wasteland since.

  77. Hillary-Zilla, add California (Pelosi), New Mexico (Richardson), Florida (Wexler) and so many others.

    ALSO: Cynthia is talking about how a campaign strategist said 15% of Hillary voters in swing states can swing the election against Obama, either a stay at home & a vote for 3rd party or a (gasp) McCain can impact the “Obambi-dom.”

  78. i’m twice as smart as you,

    too funny

  79. I believe Hillary’s response to Bill went like this ‘

    “If I had married that gas station owner he would be First Gentleman.”

    Meaning – Bill has been a drag on Hillary’s career.

    I am a little older that Hil and have friends who have known her since she was an undergrad. Back in the 70s and 80s they would talk about her decision to marry Bill and how it sidetracked her path to the Presidency. It made them both puzzled and sad.

  80. Excellent overview!

    Not a doubt–this one I’m saving for my daughter.

    Go PUMA’s!

  81. SM, on July 2nd, 2008 at 7:13 pm Said:
    do you know which campaign strategist? a strategist for mccain?

  82. Let me add my congratulations to so many others on your truly exemplary essay. I hope this is just the first of many.

    Damn, this the best spot on the innertubes. Great writing, lots of nice people to chat with, good booze and a feeling of camaraderie second to none.

    PUMA has become a movement because it is of the people. One extraordinary lady called SM started it, another extraordinary lady called Riverdaughter midwifed it and it has grown because people wanted it, needed it, and are now coming to believe in it.

    I like Ed Rendell. But if he thinks for one minute his little HOUND PR critter can compete with that; well he’s not as smart a pol as I aslway thought he was.

  83. You made me breakdown.

    I wept for our Nation. I never knew it was possible to really do that.

    We must win this. Even though people don’t understand what is going on now, we must try to make them see.

    I believe we can.

  84. OMG, I just caught the title. OPP as in Other People’s P****? For reals? Hahahaha.

  85. Hillary is screwed. She gave her word to campaign for Obama. The only way out is if they take her name off the ballot at the convention. Or nominate her. She won’t go independent.

  86. Dee,

    I believe it. She was far more accomplished than he was at a certain point and sort of remains so. If there was no him she might’ve been a Chicago politician with designs on the presidency decades ago.

  87. myiq2xu:
    wonderful post, thank you.

    The graphic is great, too; that woman knows she’s not an A-list beautiful elite, but she doesn’t give a rat’s ass. She can think for herself.

  88. Maybe I’m just drawing a blank, but I can’t think of a single major policy victory for our side since the 70’s.

    We’ve managed to stop the GOP a few times, and held on to most of the gains from before then, but I can’t think of anything new of significance (like UHC)

    We lost Affirmative Action, and LGBT/womens/minority rights have been stalled. What little legislation we did get was incremental progress or toothless.

  89. Per previous RD discussions, it is no accident that the liberal gains stopped with the ERA.

  90. The only thing I can think of is that people at least now acknowledge that global warming might actually sort of possibly exist, maybe — twenty years after we could have done something to stop it.

    And my state just legalized gay marriage, so that’s something. But it’s all piecemeal, and it’s happening state-by-state, despite the federal government. There’s been NOTHING at the federal level for years. The Clintons tried shoving things in the right direction, but got stymied every step of the way.

  91. Honora- I dropped NPR too. When I watch TV now- it’s Fox, Pat Buchanan actually makes sense. In fact, anyone who is not taken with Obama is worth listening or watching. They are they only ones calling him out, if only a bit. HH had a great video about the strange pairings this primary has produced; it was really funny- take a look at it sometime.

    Myiq- I bust out laughing when I saw your O.P.P take- Great Post. I love this site, it’s become my refuge.

  92. Here’s the historical pattern:

    The corporatists keep screwing us until things get bad enough, and we get mad enough, to do something about it.

    Then we organize and demand (not ask for, DEMAND) change. The political process responds, reluctantly, and we get change. Eventually, as the changes are implemented and conditions improve, we quit being angry and get distracted by other stuff.

    That’s when the corporatists slip back in and start screwing us again.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  93. excellent post.The Clinton’s didn’t fall over the press either which bruised the news folks fragile egos..

  94. luckyann, on July 2nd, 2008 at 7:20 pm Said:
    SM, on July 2nd, 2008 at 7:13 pm Said:
    do you know which campaign strategist? a strategist for mccain?

    Cynthia did not say, she just gave those facts – I was able to get in the show and THANK HER for her wonderful effort. She is a General of the Rebel Alliance.

  95. myiq — (bowing) This was wonderful. Had had to stop and read the whole thing aloud.

    Thank you, thank you!

  96. Katiebird,

    How are you doing?

  97. Vote Green.

  98. Great post. And what just kills me about this is all the bloggers who — thinking THEY are so “progressive” — lash into the Clintons as “the bad guys” and worship Obama as the “true” liberal hope.

    They’ve been duped into hating the best fighters the left has seen in decades. (Talk about voting against your own interests!)

    And they still bad-mouth Hillary and anyone who supports her. You can go into those blogs today and it won’t take long to find some Hillary-bashing in the comments section.

    It’s a d@mned shame, and both Clintons deserved FAR better from people.

  99. That was an excellent post. You,re right. We did fall in love with her. It seems that she is here at the right time in our history. She can’t be denied. Our nation needs this woman.

  100. This may be tangentially related, except for how there’s a parallel in the news. The Colombian Army Commandos, with some help form the U.S., freed 15 hostages, from the FARC guerilla camp in eastern Colombia including: 3 Americans, and 46-year old Ingrid Bentancourt, who ran for her country’s highest office six years ago, until she was captured.

    Note: Ms. Bentancourt said after her release that she still hopes to run for, and serve as president of her country one day

    Can we petition the Colombian Army Commandos to help free another hostage closer to home? Can they free hostage Hillary Rodham Clinton from the Obama guerilla camp?

    Free Hillary!

    (Thought you’d enjoy that thought…also posted over at No Quarter)

  101. Brilliant piece, myiq. Let me add my thanks and congratulations. The best political writing and commentary is right here on this site. Pat yourself on the back, RD, for a gifted crowd here.

    Myiq, the only part of the narrative with which I take exception is Bill Clinton’s willingness to take on the corporatists. Bill C. could have, and should have, used the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (heck, even Reagan used it), and the Telecommunications Act should have been squashed before it ever became law. Bill Clinton has one major failing–the same failing that Obama has, although not a failing that Hillary suffers from–and that is a pathological need to be liked. Hillary’s willing to be a partisan; Bill never was.

    Otherwise, I thank you for so perfectly describing the thought process I went through on May 31, 2008. For too long I had made excuses for the current crop of Democrats, until I could make excuses no longer.

    Many associate Lyndon Johnson only with the Vietnam War, but I associate him with the Great Society–with Medicare and Medicaid, with help for the people who need help from government. That’s the sort of Democratic vision I wanted to see this election. I thought I saw it first in John Edwards and next in Hillary. I should have known we’d end up with the one real loser. Anyway, I don’t know why I say “we” any longer. I stopped being a Dem. on May 31 and became a PUMA on June 1.

  102. myiq, you should send that post to Noquarter and Puma Pac. It should be a must read for all PUMA’s and all in opposition to the crooked dealings of the DNC. I applaud your thinking and your writing ability. You are awesome!

  103. What a wonderful post. It is spot on and well written!! It is so informative and describes what is happening to the democratic party. The class analysis is so well done that it truley untangles the party players and their motivations very clearly. Now, for those of us who have read the post, it will be much easier to identify the enemies within the democratic party. So much more is now in persepective.


    I believe that the Clintons are true to their populist convictions. This is why we love them. They have already shown us that they care about raising all boats. They see us and care about improving our lives, in part because they believe that the country is only as strong as its people. The Clintons value human capital and are willing to invest in it. The working class see this in both of them and support them for this reason. Its a class war and the Clintons are on the people’s side.

  104. Geez that was so brilliantly succinct and intelligent without maudlin histrionics. I knew most of this stuff but never would have been able to put it together so well, you are very talented with words.

    Thank you so much. I’m sending it to everyone I know.

  105. Linda C:

    Sorry, but I have to call bullshit on that idea.

    With a few rare exceptions the media are nothing but bootlickers and buttsniffers without a shred of pride or dignity. They are paid whores for the corporatist elites, and the way they treat politicians is determined by their owners.

    They savaged the Clintons and fluffed Bush and Obama because they were told to. If they can’t beat you, they try to buy you.

    Look at Rachel Maddow – she was a progressive media star on the rise, and then she coined “The Tweety Effect” to describe why Hillary won in New Hampshire.

    The next morning she was walking it back and singing praises to Matthews, and she has had a steady job at MSNObama bashing Hillary ever since.

  106. Why is my post in moderation?

  107. jdona:

    Feel free to tell anyone you want to about it, but link them back here. The Confluence deserves the traffic.

  108. graylady:

    I dunno, were you talking dirty or something?

  109. Grayslady, I couldn’t find a missing post. Are you sure you submitted it? 😦

  110. I didn’t see one either

  111. Thanks, KB. It finally came out of moderation. I never swear, so maybe it was just too wordy!

  112. I look at the post and I think of a bunch of stuff I didn’t say but meant to, but it was already pretty long.

    I’m that way with term papers and legal briefs, I keep revising and editing until the last minute, then I still wish I said more.

  113. Hi BB!! I’m doing fine. I think I’m starting to wake up!

  114. Grays, he has a need to be liked — but he also has the ability to be liked. Obama has the need to be liked, and will get angry and snide real fast when he isn’t. Clinton can charm you into liking him, or convince you why you should, which is something Obama lacks entirely. Fail to like him fast enough, and you get the “LOOK, sweetie,” treatment.

  115. wow! Brillilant, just brilliant!!!!!

  116. grayslady:

    We could argue about Bill until the cows come home, but I think often he made concessions to the GOP in order to keep from losing even more.

    Molly Ivins used to refer to the “First Rule of Loaves.”

    “When you’re offered half a loaf, take it. You can come back later for more.”

    I plan to do regular posts on the wit and wisdom of Molly. (RIP)

  117. Molly wrote this when Billie Carr died:

    Carr had known Bill Clinton since he was a baby alligator, come to Texas in ’72 to run McGovern’s campaign. She later worked her tail off for him. A main thing about Billie was, she didn’t just work herself, she made everybody else work their asses off, too. When President Clinton got himself into that Monica Lewinsky mess, Billie was pissed off at him as only a woman of a certain age can be about men and their stupidity. She defended him against the Republicans , but she was steamed.

    Clinton made the mistake of inviting her to the White House in the middle of that deal. Here it is, a big reception line, everyone duded up, all these important folks around, and Billie came though that line, looked the president of the United States in eye and said, low and hard, “You dumb son of a bitch.”

    Which is, of course, what every Democrat in America wanted to say to Clinton at the time. Such a tragedy there was no one there to write down the rest of the ass-chewing, but we do know that Clinton started laughing and said, “Billie, I knew you were gonna do that.” Which proves he wasn’t all dumb.

  118. myiq–Don’t disagree on the concessions strategy. It was often in play. The sad thing is that he didn’t get the backing he needed from his own party right out of the gate. The history of the non-fighting Dems could make another long post. As you so rightly said, what of import has been achieved by the Dems in the past 25 years? They’ve caved to the special interests on everything from UHC to warrantless wire tapping. By the way, Molly Ivins was always on my “must read” list!

  119. The use of slaves on a large scale didn’t make sense except in agricultural situations, such as tobacco and cotton plantations–lots of land, a profitable crop, but not adequate labor. Indentured servitude was being exposed for the hardship it was and the pool from England dwindled. It was also easier for a white indentured servant to run away from his master and disappear than it was for a slave from Africa.

    Even in the Deep South, there were few slaves in areas where the terrain wasn’t suitable for growing cotton. The smaller farmers in North Georgia, for example, didn’t own slaves, who were too expensive for subsistence farmers.

    I read that the Dems in the 1970s had to start partnering with corporations in order to survive. Of course, we could be like England and provide free TV ads for real candidates who would have to appear in person and say something of substance. Most of the money in our elections is made by the media with its free ride on the “people’s airwaves.”

    By the Reagan era, the percentage of total taxes paid by corporations versus those paid by individuals had been reversed.

    I always found Hillary to be the real progressive. Mr. Obama was so busy writing his books and being present as a State Senator that he didn’t get around to doing much of anything for his South Side brothers and sisters. Other than paying off shyster “developers” like Rezko, Davis, and others with taxpayers’ monies, what did he do? Too bad his hired election official removed Alice Palmer (based on four forged votes). She was a real South Side progressive community activist and part of the community. I wonder if she lives in Hyde Park with the Ayers and the professors or with the common folk.

    The L.A. Times has an article “Barack Obama…What if…?”

    That mentions his large donors for his Senate run and his incredible luck in getting Hull’s divorce filing exposed.

    And then, talk about luck, an Illinois court unsealed Hull’s divorce filing, allowing Chicago newspapers to report embarrassing details about the millionaire’s marriage as the ads for Obama began airing. Obama ended up capturing 53% of the vote in the seven-way primary race.

    But wait! His luck wasn’t over. In the ensuing general election, Obama faced Republican millionaire investor Jack Ryan. But, would you believe it, allegations of a sex scandal involving his ex-wife forced Ryan out of the race. And the Illinois GOP — talk about desperate — turned to that political powerhouse Alan Keyes, who was destroyed by newcomer Obama, who captured 70% of the vote.


  120. Great post. Thanks so much.

    Among other things, it answers the ever present giant question about Obama – Who sent him?

  121. myiq2xu: Honor and offer!

    Yes, “this is the best spot on the innertubes.”
    This really hits home re: PUMA, which “has
    grown because people wanted it, needed it,
    and are now coming to believe in it.”

  122. Television and radio media use the public airwaves. In exchange for being given permission to use them, they could be required to set aside a certain amount of time for political candidates and/or parties to use for free or very cheaply..

    That would not violate the First Amendment, because the government would not regulate content..

  123. CB:

    Slaves would be ideal for manufacturing. Easy to control, locked into factories and/or chained to machines. Unfortunately for the factory owners, workers could vote.

  124. Molly should have added a second part to that comment: “NEVER offer to take only half a loaf first. Demand the whole thing, and fight like a motherfucker for it. And tell the guy with the rest of the loaf that you’ll take out his trachea if he doesn’t give you the rest next time.”

    Problem is, the Dems don’t care enough about that loaf to fight for it. That loaf isn’t made of money. It’s just made of lives. They’ll cave in on that one just fine.

  125. Janis:

    The Dems you’re talking about have plenty of loaves for themselves. they are supposed to be fighting for US

    So instead of fighting, they come back and tell us how lucky we are that they got us a couple of crusts.

  126. Pesky birth certificate questions for our Manchurian candidate. Nothing is every simple about this man of Judgment and Character with a thin resume.

  127. myiq2xu
    Superb Post!! That was really putting things in context. The threat to our nation’s democratic tradition is truly at risk, and I am not talking about the Democratic Party. But the real power is still the collective will of the people. Real evil is at work in these times, particularly in this country. I can only hope and pray that what citizens of goodwill do together will help to withstand these evil.

    PUMA is Power to the People!

  128. myiq: I always like your comments, I’m glad you are posting here.

  129. Earlier BB asked me what OPP meant and I should have said “Other People’s Party” because the people who are controlling it aren’t us.

  130. It sounded intelligent and all, but, um… where’s the proof? I mean, what do you got to say that the corporate government hates the Clintons? I’ve been hearing the exact opposite for quite some time.

    Just curious; hoping you could qualify this a bit more.

  131. myiq2xu-

    many factory workers could not vote. many were women or children. child labor laws were part of the women’s movement.

    using children, at least, was probably cheaper than using slaves. (young women, another big source of cheap labor probably was too.) they made next to nothing – basically enough food to keep them alive and a place to sleep – and the factory owner didn’t have to buy them (and so recoup his investment).

  132. That was absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you!! I love the picture. Perfect!

  133. sullyeliot, what have you got to say the the government loves the Clintons?
    You ask for proof, but offer none to the contrary.
    I found the post to be well-written.

  134. myiq – BRAVO!! I read it ALOUD to my husband (now I’m hoarse). LOL When I was hot with outrage along about mid-April; worse in June, constantly defending Hillary, I stopped one day and asked my friends and family, all Democrats, “When did Bill Clinton become a dirty word?????” No answer of course. I ask my husband all the time – WHY do people hate the Clintons? I am constantly mystified by it.

    NOW you have answered these mystical questions for me. And I thank you! Keep writing. Love it!

  135. sullyeliot:

    Who have you been hearing it from?

  136. Why am I in moderation?

    I’ve spent the better part of two hours reading the lovely piece by myiq and then everybody’s comments. I posted my congratus, too. Please take my comments off moderation. This is the third time it happened and I dont’ see my comments.

  137. Love that song, myiq2xu! Can’t believe you snuck it in there. Excellent post though it got my Irish up. Love Thomas Jefferson-he is a god around my house but it does make me angry how his party has gone so far astray. PUMA!

  138. myiq2xu- great post. Please post more. This was unbelievable. I can’t think of a thing to say other than thanks.

  139. sassysenora:

    There was a time when whole families worked together in factories. Children were seen as ideal for squeezing into tight spaces of machinery.

    At the beginning of the 20th Century, workers were considered responsible for their own safety. If the worker thought the job was unsafe, the law said they should find another job.

    Injured workers were simply cut loose without any benefits. So were the dead ones.

  140. Television and radio media use the public airwaves. In exchange for being given permission to use them, they could be required to set aside a certain amount of time for political candidates and/or parties to use for free or very cheaply..

    they used to have to do that. that requirement was stopped in the Reagan years, IIRC. i’ve talked to my congresswoman and senators about it several times over the years. all mourn its loss but none of them were optimistic about getting that requirement through Congress, much less signed into law.

  141. Sherri,

    I freed your comment. Who knows why the software moderates? It’s not personal.

  142. Sheri:

    I don’t see anything in the moderation queue.

  143. Spammy the moderator is dedicated and hard working, but he’s not too bright.

  144. myiq2xu

    sometimes whole families worked. sometimes the kids worked at one factory while the parents worked at others or did something else. sometimes the kids were essentially given to the factory owner because the family couldn’t feed the kids. young women, most of whom had no chance of inheriting anything, often worked in factories for essentially room and board. (the abolition of primogeniture did NOT help women. women still didn’t inherit property. in many states, they couldn’t even own property, i guess because they and children were considered property.)

    the ability to cut an injured worker loose without compensation was another reason kids were often cheaper labor than slaves.

    i thought you’d said above that factory workers could vote, though. that’s what i was responding to. some could. many could not.

  145. “i’ve talked to my congresswoman and senators about it several times over the years. all mourn its loss but none of them were optimistic about getting that requirement through Congress, much less signed into law.”

    Even when the Democrats control both houses of Congress and the White House, we can’t seem to get the important stuff passed.

    Even when a Democratic President is begging a Democratic Congress to pass a bill so he can sign it into law, a bunch of “blue dogs” side with the GOP.

  146. Women couldn’t vote until 1920 and as long as there were enough men to be secretaries and clerks, women were given the message that these were jobs for men, and slightly dangerous for women. When men had more responsible and higher-paying jobs to fill, women were offered clerical work.

    I think there was some anticipated docility about factory workers that was necessary to get them to be automatons in factories. Being scared about having enough to eat and pay rent was a motivator. Health care might have been more readily available at Charity Hospitals before it too became bottom-line. Today consumer goods, as well as basic needs, play a role in keeping workers “indentured” in a new sense.

    Free public education was a means to habituate children to labor, boredom, and passivity for their factory jobs. Factory work probably required more training and passivity than was needed for newly imported labor that would be gathering cotton and tobacco. Many slaves became quite skilled but were trained in agriculture, not industry. By the time the North needed more laborers than it could attract by immigration, slavery was no longer legal or acceptable. After the Depression, large factories that produced autos, needed workers and many migrated from the South to Northern factories.

    I wonder how much voting really means when candidates are marketed to consumers as in ad man Axelrod’s Hope+Change(TM)–a rerun of the Deval Patrick campaign–that has enthralled America, or at least, corporate-consolidated mainstream media. The fact that our public schools don’t really teach basic nutrition, finance, civic participation, or how government works doesn’t seem so puzzling if one thinks about who benefits from this negligence.

  147. Sassy:

    Progress hasn’t been even or fair. White men were the early beneficiaries of “democracy” in America. Women and minorities still haven’t caught up.

    The corporatists have been playing us against each other in a strategy of “divide and conquer” for generations.

  148. Even when a Democratic President is begging a Democratic Congress to pass a bill so he can sign it into law, a bunch of “blue dogs” side with the GOP.

    that was Bill Clinton’s problem in a nutshell. well, at least during half of his first term. the other times (since the Dems did not have a majority in both houses) it was blue dogs and the GOP.

    i’m not sure they’ll do much if Obama manages to win this time either. and i definitely do not trust Obama to be progressive or work for the interests of the average American. he’s already said the Dems don’t need most of us.

  149. Great post.

    I created a new YouTube video.
    NO DEAL: Current DNC “Brain Trust” a “Lost Cause”

    The first comment was”
    “The current “brain trust” at the DNC are a lost cause. But the princples of the party are not as Ron Brown deceased former DNC Chair wrote, “The common thread of Democratic history, from Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton, has been an abiding faith in the judgment of hardworking American families, and a commitment to helping the excluded, the disenfranchised and the poor strengthen our nation by earning themselves a piece of the American Dream. The dream will live in Denver with Just say no deal.”

  150. Liberty Belle not for Obama, on July 2nd, 2008 at 8:11 pm Said:
    This may be tangentially related, except for how there’s a parallel in the news. The Colombian Army Commandos, with some help form the U.S., freed 15 hostages, from the FARC guerilla camp in eastern Colombia including: 3 Americans, and 46-year old Ingrid Bentancourt, who ran for her country’s highest office six years ago, until she was captured.

    Note: Ms. Bentancourt said after her release that she still hopes to run for, and serve as president of her country one day

    Can we petition the Colombian Army Commandos to help free another hostage closer to home? Can they free hostage Hillary Rodham Clinton from the Obama guerilla camp?

    Free Hillary!

    (Thought you’d enjoy that thought…also posted over at No Quarter)


    I am currently writing my next Confluence post dedicated to Ingrid Betancourt aka the Columbian Hillary Clinton & the FARC hostages, how “coincindentally” John Mccain was in Columbia THE SAME DAY, and how it means to Latino voters AAAAAnd LULAC’s convention next week on July 11th.

    PS: Obama is F*cked with this.

  151. Words can barely express how I feel after reading this so very well written and thought out piece. They didn’t expect PUMA indeed! We must not back down from applying pressure to this con man and his ilk. Only four more months to go! We can do it! Who can believe it’s already July!!!? Party Unity, My Ass!

  152. CB:

    The corporatists opposed public education. They thought anything more than rudimentary reading, writing and math skills would lead to a “discontented workforce.”

  153. The corporatists have been playing us against each other in a strategy of “divide and conquer” for generations.

    i agree with that.

    i’ve been wondering what Ralph Nader would think about you saying the Clintons are the anti-corporate candidates. 😉

    if you can’t vote McCain, maybe Nader is the way to go.

  154. This post earned my first

    Clear Thinking Made Visable Award

  155. I majored in History and Pol-Sci in college, before going to law school. I’m glad to see y’all like this post because I want to do more of them that tie history, law and politics together.

    I’ve believed for a long time that most people consider history boring because it’s taught the wrong way.

  156. Great article! Bravo!!

  157. geeklove,

    great comment! thanks for sharing it. i’m off to watch your video. thanks for the videos too.

  158. “Not a goddamn thing.”

    …and let the people say AMEN!

  159. Geeklove, I’m a bit happy celebrating my baby bro PUMA birthday – and your video just teared me up.

    Maybe we are fighting for a lost cause – but F&ck it. We are fighting for ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE = DEMOCRACY.


  160. myiq2xu, please, yes, write more posts like this! You kind of tied all the pieces together into a bright, clear picture, and that is REALLY fun to read.

  161. “Congressional oversight into the activities of the Bush administration is a joke.”

    …and all the people say AMEN!

  162. myiq…definitely not boring. You made me want to get an old history book out.

    Thank you for this wonderful post.

  163. Truth Rings! I hear Ringing!

  164. Has anybody else tried to visit http://www.hillaryclinton.com today? I can’t seem to get on in every attempt I’ve made in the past hour. I’m a little worried….help!

  165. On a lighter note
    Hillary, marry me baby Video

  166. myiq2xu, on July 2nd, 2008 at 9:53 pm Said:
    I majored in History and Pol-Sci in college, before going to law school. I’m glad to see y’all like this post because I want to do more of them that tie history, law and politics together.

    I’ve believed for a long time that most people consider history boring because it’s taught the wrong way.

    You do a beautiful job of weaving both together – because like Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity regarding SpaceTime, “HIstory” and “Law” are just as interwoven.


  167. If you like my writing, please visit klownhaus, cuz not everything will get posted here-


  168. SM, on July 2nd, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    If you read the post I have up on my blog, it will put the video in context:

    NO DEAL: Current DNC “Brain Trust” a “Lost Cause”

  169. Sugar???

    Is that THE Sugar from SugarnSpice? I kneel before you! I LOVE YOUR WRITING!

    I just commented about you downstream in another thread, there are problems with Typepad – come to WordPress!

  170. Enjoyed it myiq….thanks.

  171. evening all -fuzzy popping in -just lurking tonight who is under the bus today?


  172. I took my two children with me the day I filled out the paper work to become an independent voter. I am teaching my children to be independents and not demos or repubs. I am teaching my children to vote for what is best for the country not what is best for any one political party.

    I received my new voter registration card a week later. It read “unaffliated” but my mind saw…


  173. Ok Geeklove! Got it – you are awesome – we are not done yet!

  174. I will remember…the only prob is that in some states (NY) independents do not get to vote in the primary….you get used to it, though.

  175. that should have been I Will Remember… sorry.

  176. SM, on July 2nd, 2008 at 10:07 pm

    We certainly are not!

  177. for the first time in my life, someone from the DNC came to my door yesterday to ask for support. i told them i’m not a Democrat. it was fun! i like being a PUMA!

  178. Great post. Very thoughtful.

  179. Even back before the Civil War, poor whites in the South had more interests in common with blacks than the white elites.

    Racism was a tool to keep poor blacks and whites from finding common cause with each other against the ruling elites.

    Progress for women and minorities has been impeded by convincing white men (of which I am one) that their livelihoods and privileges were threatened.

    Divide and conquer. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  180. Sassyseñora – this is from the PUMA Chieftan Supreme Will Bower:

    Anytime anyone from the DNC or Obama campaign come to you for a donation or a survey – and you feel in your heart to answer “PUMA” – do it.

    Don’t be afraid, you are among millions. YOUR ARE NOT AN ENDANGERED SPECIES. WE ARE NOT EXTINCT.

    We are THRIVING beyond our captivity.

    SOMOS PUMA, ¡carajo!

  181. I am not really sure why this post was met with such awe. Perhaps it has to do with a couple things I noticed:

    “The fact that our public schools don’t really teach basic nutrition, finance, civic participation, or how government works doesn’t seem so puzzling if one thinks about who benefits from this negligence.”

    I grew up in one of the poorest rated public school systems in the US, and I learned all these things, and how, in the same year of high school. Maybe there are too many stupid parents having stupid children, both groups that don’t pay attention in class, and spend more time thinking about the importance of rah-rah at a pep rally.

    Two, black and whiting (see what I did there) history and making frivolous claims on the minds of colonists, is really easy. Actually using documentation, sources, and grammar structure is a little more difficult.

    But all that aside, the passion behind the banality of such a post is inspiring. Good luck at the polls.

  182. 1. THAT is one fantastic post!! Very enlightening.

    2. The picture is absolutely priceless. Who is that smart cutie?

    3. Were you spying on my last relationship????

  183. myiq:

    Great essay. Maybe uriq is really 2xmine. Very comprehensive piece.

    I have to take time to congratulate those who have posted here at The Confluence the last 2 weeks especially. Every post in that period has been a grand slam.

    Way to go!

  184. IQ, very nice, thanks! you do make history interesting! I would love more posts like this. and some Molly Ivins would be greatly appreciated. I miss her.

    hi Sugar! I love your writing too! I read it all the time but have problems commenting. I agree with the fabulous SM, you need to come to WordPress.

    SM, happy b-day to your brother! you look naked without your 77. I know it bothered you but I thought of it as an accessory 🙂

    Fuzzy, not sure if we have any newbies under the bus today, but it’s so crowded under here it’s hard to tell.

  185. Wow! That was amazing. Hey, do we know how to pick them around here or what? Even I like coming here. I come home frome work and it’s like, “Oo, Oo, I wonder if there are any new posts at The Confluence.”
    What a delight.
    BTW, myiq, I checked out the Klownhaus and I don’t know what kind of things you’re up t, none of my business, but that Klown picture is going to give me nightmares. It reminds me of Pennywise the Clown from that Stephen King novel.

  186. Nicole Toro, on July 2nd, 2008 at 10:21 pm Said:

    I am not really sure why this post was met with such awe. Perhaps it has to do with a couple things I noticed:
    So, you mindlessly wasted your precious time. Be smarter next time if that is possible and choose carefully.

  187. MABlue, I totally agree.

    Nicole, whatever made you visit?

  188. Nicole Toro, on July 2nd, 2008 at 10:21 pm Said:

    Maybe there are too many stupid parents having stupid children, both groups that don’t pay attention in class, and spend more time thinking about the importance of rah-rah at a pep rally.

    And look how fine you turned out. Nicole, please. You can’t fool us.

  189. how are all my friends tonight – i am felling real tired and so am going to get som rest

  190. i think pumas and bull moose could play nicely together. We could bring back the Progressive Party !!!

  191. Sugar, where have you been? Long time, no see. I have to drop in you more often. You’re stuff is sassy.

  192. Hi, Michael! Get some rest. I can tell you that it makes ALL the difference in the world.


  193. “Actually using documentation, sources, and grammar structure is a little more difficult.

    But all that aside, the passion behind the banality of such a post is inspiring. Good luck at the polls.”

    Seems to me the post had much more substance, historical reference and “grammar structure,” and much less “banality” than your post.

    And thanks for the “good luck” at the polls in November. We’re growing by the day, and have new state and local grassroots organizations and strategies are forming all the time! We’re going to do just fine, thank you. Seems you’re a little worried though…

  194. dakinikat, — hey good to see you here– Thanks for today 😉

  195. Kiki!!! That “77” feels like nightmarish shoes that look good but one you put them one, hurt the beejeezus out of you.

    Yeah, agree 10000% – SUGAR!!! COME TO WORDPRESS!!! PLEASE??? The people need your here!

  196. Excellent article. And one thing for sure, they never expect Hillary to last after Super Tuesday. They really believed that MA & CA would go to Backtrack O. They pulled Edwards out to send his base to BO. And boy oh boy, do you remember how BO looked so disappointed when making his speech that night?

    And above all, who would have thought about PUMA? I don’t think anyone even Hillary herself would think that PUMA will be born.

  197. The clown in the Klownhaus header is Sweettooth.

    But Pennywise, Captain Spaulding and other evil clowns will get lots of attention.

    I am an April fool, and my archetype is the Fool, the Jester, the Joker and the clown.

    In the Tarot, the Fool denotes wisdom, and historically/culturally the court jester was the only one who could always speak truth to power.

  198. oh my
    i love this place
    the show is better than bethlem royal.
    and it’s free!

  199. Michael Fuzzybear! The Floridian Teddybear! Hello & goodnight! We’ll chat tomorrow!

  200. SM

    carajo, si! (hits my head with my hand)

    i should have but my two large dogs were trying to get out and i was trying to keep them in and not fall down, which is not easy for me bc i have a balance disorder and limited strength, esp in my arms and hands.

    if the Dems keep records, they can probably guess since i’ve contributed to and volunteered for the Dems for many years. i will tell them next time. gracias.

  201. Speaking about the establishment trying to shove this “Zelig” character down our throats, here is the comment I misplaced. It has 2 glaring examples:

    To all who don’t know how to spell embarrassing, humiliating, pathetic: You can learn how to spell all 3 by forcing yourself to watch the goat’s vomit Keith Obamaman called “special comment” on Obama and FISA.
    I haven’t seen anything this painfully ridiculous since Obama’s last visit to a bowling alley.

    You still can’t spell? Then just read Ed Kilgore’s “Moving to the Middle,” or “Let Obama Be Obama”, where he explains how cynical and stoopid WE are because we don’t understand Obama’s brilliant post-partisan mentality.
    You know things are really bad when moves by the leader of the Democratic Party result in hosannah from from “Bell Curve” Andrew Sullivan.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  202. Zelig is exactly right, MABlue, I honestly don’t think he has the conviction of any position other than those that get him more votes. He’s an arrogant opportunist. PERIOD.

  203. Nicole Bull:

    I earned my BA degree in History. I know how to write a narrowly focused essay in great detail with citations to support every factual assertion.

    But scholarly works like that are done for grades, degrees, career advancement or money. If you care to offer me one of those rewards, I will present you with a more “scholarly” version of my essay.

  204. Nicole

    You should go back to school honey. It might help with your “grammar structure” problem sweetie.

  205. SassySeñora – BE YOU. If you feel that you are a PUMA, then say you are a PUMA – “sin cohibiciones.”

    If you are here at The Confluence “donde los rios se unen” – then you are in the right place. You are a PUMA. If the DNC come to your door, if they mail you a “send me money” request, send it back marked – PUMA!

  206. I very much enjoyed reading this essay, with its clear historical perspective.

    Several years ago, I looked around and noticed that there wasn’t a counterculture any more. Apparently, everyone and everything has been co-opted. And now people are being given the illusion that they are participating in something momentous, when they’re really not. Obama’s race gives him the aura of radical change; which is why he is so useful. He’s a Chicago political hack who is being supported by multi-millionaires who are presenting the illusion that he is a grass-roots candidate.

    I always thought that Clinton’s progressivism was going to be too radical for the corporations. The bitter irony is that people like Olbermann and Randi Rhodes, who fancy themselves as uncorrupted liberals, have utterly duped themselves; and are too stubborn and foolish to realize it. The really sad part it that Hillary is the last powerful New Deal Democrat; her loss will mean that the era has come to a final end. I do not think that we will see a true anti-corporatist movement again in this country. unless all hell breaks loose, and by then it won’t matter.

  207. fif,

    You said it before I could. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, as the old saying goes. Nicole doesn’t write well enough to critique myiq2xu’s post. Good luck at the polls, Nicole. Each of us has only one vote. I plan to use mine to the best possible effect.

  208. Ah,

    Where’s H.L. Mencken when we need him?
    It’s all too much.

  209. SM – i have written “PUMA ” on $$ requests and sent them back to the DNC, the DSCC and the Obama campaigns. i had more time to think then. but you’re right – somos PUMA. soy PUMA.

    i have to run pick up my daughter. gracias.

  210. geeklove —

    That was an amazing video. Except it made me so sad I’m in tears now.

    But it really captures one thing I’ve felt for a long time — mostly in reaction to being called a bitter old woman — but it’s a point that’s far too subtle to explain to the barbarian hordes.

    I’m really really sad to not be supporting Obama. This is independent of my love for Clinton.

    I’ve waited a long time for exactly the things he’s been promising these long months, for an end to the mean-spirited, selfish ruination of the this great country, imposed on it by Reagan and then driven into the ground by Bush Jr. I’ve waited for a long time for someone who could turn the conversation around, who could challenge us all to better than we are, to reclaim our country as a global leader of democratic principles and turn the awesome raw energy of the people into addressing and solving the terrible terrible legacy the Republicans have left us with.

    For years, in big contests and small, in big contexts and small, I’ve always been on the losing side. In women’s rights and reproductive rights, human rights, the fight against horrible capitalist wars, the prioritization of money and sensationalism over reasoned public discourse — the list goes on and on. Whether big dramatic losses or the water torture of watching civil rights chipped away at, I’m always on the side that’s not triumphant.

    And still I slogged on, working a bit here and a bit there, putting forth the best effort I could to improve the world in my own small way as well as I could. And no matter how depressing (2000) or awful (Iraq) or anxiety making (the economy) I never stopped hoping that it would make a difference and that things would get better. That my efforts, combined with the efforts of millions of others would raise the bar, move the line forward, even if only an inch at a time.

    All those bloggerboys with their smirky conceit and keyboard activism have no idea what it’s like to work your heart out for something you truly believe in — not just to win some manufactured game so you can puff out your chest and crow about it — but to really make a difference and leave the world better than you found it — and then be betrayed by your own damn side. Not just betrayed but the target of a full on wilding that trashes everything you believe in and all they purport to believe in.

    I would so much have liked to believe in the promise of Obama, that the time had finally come, that there was a win in the offing, and that the tide had finally, finally turned. His failure to deliver on that promise and his shell-game campaign which traded the great hope and yearning for real change is crushing. It’s worse than Bush, because I never for a second thought Bush would be anything other than the monster he is.

    That’s what they don’t get. They think I’m witholding my vote out of bitterness or pique or crabby oldness or sore loserness, but I’m not. I’m witholding it because the failure of Obama is so great, greater than I can handle and still hold on to my hope of better things in the offing. I only wish I COULD vote for him. I only wish he was half the things he claims to be.

    Of course, as sad as I am, PUMA came at just the right time; now I can turn that sadness into anger and action. I doubt they get that part either.

  211. Sassy – Awesome!


    Valhalla – this is like MYIQ2XU said, we are the “mistress” the piece of ass that after its used, it’s put to the side. Are you going to continue being used & abused? NO MORE.

  212. Check out HIllary today in SIracuse NY

    Upstaters love Hillary!

  213. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your writing tonight. Obama and his supporters still believe that PUMA is just a small group of uneducated ticked off women. That’s good. There will be a big surpirse waiting for them in Denver and in November. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  214. Maybe he can update this for PUMA?

  215. Dear Nicole Toro,

    I just read the first couple of posts on your blog. They are pretentious, leaden, and silly. Nothing is more blunt than a silhouette, friend! When you can write beyond sophomoric clichés — and please, do graduate beyond the choppy and wooden sentences — get back to us. Strunk & White has an edition with pictures… perhaps that might help?

    In the meantime, we’ll be here enjoying myiq2xu’s analysis.

    Have a super day,

    no really,


  216. William, on July 2nd, 2008 at 10:43 pm Said:

    Several years ago, I looked around and noticed that there wasn’t a counterculture any more.

    You need to come to my neighborhood in the ninth ward of new orleans … you wouldn’t say that if you were here.

  217. What a post! Thank you!
    No they did not expect Hillary….or PUMA !

  218. Denise: You aren’t kidding about that grammar and sentence structure. It’s positively dizzying.

    Nicole: If you’re at my university you better hope you’re not in my economics classes. I doubt you’d make it through the first. test.

    Just catching up.
    1st -Hillary-Zilla great points with MA & WV ; add to that
    SD. Remember one of Obama’s main backers;
    Tom Daschle & G. McGovern. So much for being able to deliever your own state.
    **Also maybe “if” they keep her off the convention ballot, she’ll let us put in the “write-in” paper work!
    2nd-CB the video does raise questions about the validity of the Birth-certificate his camp put forth.
    3rd-upstate NY sadly “we” independent Hill-sters have’nt been able to vote for her, yet ! I guess we’re 18million ++…..
    Finally did anyone hear Harold Fineman from Newsweek report from some liberal “think -tank conference”?? He said Arianna is really questioning Obama’s “BRAND”! I
    Go PUMA

  220. Oh come on guys!

    You got rid of Nicole too fast. Some of us didn’t have the opportunity to join the fun. Dammit!!!

  221. I said on bitterpolitcz.wordpress today basically that a President installed by the corporatist will have favors and debts to pay off.

    Obama’s already proven he can be bought – by the likes of Rezko and company. That was the litmus test for the rest of the corporatists to install him.

    Someone had mentioned that the Soros, Pritzer funded Moveon and other 527s plan to spend a billion dollars, and we must wonder whether they made that stipulation IF and ONLY IF, Clinton were not the nominee.

    The Clintons can win on their on – they have the brand. And they don’t need someone to buy the election like Obama who will now owe Soros and company favors out the wazoo.

  222. “They love being in the spotlight, and hearing the applause.”

    I have to differ with you on this one. It’s true for Bill, I think, but Hillary has repeatedly said, and I believe her: “I don’t like the attention, and I’m not comfortable being in public. I like the work.” She has also said this about all the cheering at her events: “I just want them to stop cheering so I can talk about what I want to do.”

    I see that in her public persona. She’s a mid-western gal, with a certain reserve. She is not an exhibitionist like Bill. She became more comfortable as the primary season wore on, but she just loves to work work work. She was supposed to take a month off, and couldn’t wait, heading back to the Senate early. Today she was in Upstate NY (my home state), visiting constituents in Syracuse and Buffalo. God love her.

  223. Hi ! Back from dinner!!! Thank you – my comment to you, myiq, is up now. (smile) Just want to be a part of things when I can and wanted to thank you so much for your commentary. Excellent!!!

    Thanks, too, Boston Boomer!

  224. fif:

    I disagree. They love getting showered with our love. don’t fall for that self-effacing BS.

    Great actors, athletes, politicians and other performers love the spotlight. Just like our children love our praise.

    But Bill and Hillary have earned it. They are worthy of our love and respect. Give ’em love and don’t hold back.

    Washington probably loved it when the troops cheered for him too.

  225. My plan has always been to send a loud message to the DNC, Pelosi, and Reid. I want those delegates in Florida who supported BO to lose their seats. ( I live in Tampa. ) My Congresswoman is Kathy Castor and she supported BO. As a new congresswoman she had been put on a lot of important committees by Pelosi. I decided that I would support whoever was running against her. Turns out her opponent is Eddie Adams Jr. I have worked with, and known him, for 20 years ! I don’t believe in coincidences. I will work on his campaign. This will be one little message to Pelosi and hopefully she will no longer be Speaker of the House, if we all send her these kind of messages.
    At least, this is something I can do. I need action.

  226. Got this from ClintonDems today. You may want to do this action!

    As you may be aware, there are a few brave Clinton delegates out there that refuse to rally around the party due — primarily to Obama’s inexperience and partially due to the obnoxious way he and his people have treated Hillary and her supporters.

    There has been a concerted effort to flip every Clinton delegate, pledged or otherwise, to Obama to remove the possibility of Obama being upstaged at the convention. You see, no one is the nominee at the convention until one of the candidates receives the magic number of delegates. That is why Obama is strong-arming anyone that continues to stick with Hillary.

    Debra Bartoshevich is a Wisconson delegate for Hillary that declared she would vote for Hillary at the convention, but McCain in November because Obama lacks the qualifications to become President.

    You may know that the Democratic Party of Wisconson is now trying to strip her delegate status.

    Please help Debra by writing to the Democratic Party Chair and letting them know how you feel about punishing someone that supports Hillary Clinton:

    Joe Wineke
    222 W. Washington Avenue, Ste. 150
    Madison, WI 53703

  227. myiq2xu-Thank you for your post! AHO!

    I’ve been away for a few days working and now catching up. Missed all of you!

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  228. Valhalla, well said. it is painful. I’ve been feeling really sad and hopeless too.

    what you said about the bloggerboys is so true.

    I’m hoping PUMA is going to go somewhere. for now it’s a light at the end of a tunnel. hopefully it won’t burn out before we get there.

  229. Everyone,

    I put up an open thread. This one is getting pretty long. Come on up!

  230. Wow!! What a post! Excellent writing myiq! Brilliant storytelling.

    I am so glad I found this place. Very proud to call myself a PUMA.

  231. Valhalla, don’t worry about party lines. Women can’t afford to imagine that they apply to us.

    Like I said, find out who the 20-something “Man Show” demographic is voting for, and then vote for the other one. Problem solved, angst avoided.

  232. dan: I’m an artist. I don’t give a flying f*ck.

    And, thanks for the critiques, at least I’m open enough to actually leave my real name and website. Visit again soon. 😉

  233. whispering BB has posted an Open Thread …

  234. Since Carol isn’t here to bug EVERY ONE… may I just channel here a minute and say it’s Independence Day … $20.08 to HIllary to Help RETIRE HER DEBT!!!

    Deliver her to Denver DEBT FREE!!!!


  235. Nicole Bullshit:

    Don’t show up and drop a turd on the rug and disappear if you really want to have a substantive discussion.

    If you walk and talk like a troll, you’ll get treated like one.

  236. myiq2xu,

    I’m coming late this party, and am adding to this list of well-earned praise for your incredible writing. Gorgeous piece, and like Mawm, I feel choked up. Thank you for framing our current times in the proper historical context.

    I feel so privileged to be here among such fine minds and true patriots. Thank you again. We are family here.

  237. Hillary in August. Nothing less.

  238. Excellent, I’ve many times thought of FDR and Eleanor throughout this mess and those who sought to destroy them. This was a beautifully written piece, thank you so much.

  239. #
    Thomas, on July 3rd, 2008 at 8:29 am Said:

    Hillary in August. Nothing less.
    As top of the ticket, nothing less. No VP.

  240. What a fab piece! Especially the last few grafs. No, I guess they expecting us. Klownhaus? Our State is on fire. For those of you who don’t live in Ca. Big Sur (a symbol of writer’s liberty) is burning. We always have a fire or two out here but 150?

    It feels like all is about to go, this election, the war, our freedoms —

    For me, the only good thing happening is the shutdown of yet another corporate monster — the latte libs fav hangout.

    For me, Hillary was the ONLY ONE who could restore order, or at least attempt to, here. At the rate this country has gone downhill… the question arises often…what small island to move to, to get out of here?

    It seems to me, us tail end Baby Boomers can remember how great things used to be. Now? It’s just horror, everywhere you look, and this new? Fascism. That’s how I’m framing it.

    Can it be possible that Hillary can win? Because? I’ll never vote for a Dem unless it’s her. There is more than just the Exelon thing. Try the Treehouse foods thing on for size to see how corrupt they are…or the patient dumping—

    here is the website http://www.obamatruth.org

    It’s a little like Marie Antoinette, no? Except, this time it’s ice cream…


    Thanks for this great writing. Losing the Sur is a very hard thing. Last night fires near here rage too. It’s the planet, raging at what we have all collectively done — I feel the Dems are such cheats, the way they pulled this off. Cheats.

    I don’t want to see the Clintons give him anything. Nothing, after what they did. I hope the public makes them go through what Hillary had to. Seriously.

    Funny, but I saw an article in the Guardian calling him the anti-christ, I’m serious. Not that I’m religious on that level but maybe there is some truth to that. The culprits who have built the megachains and latte houses — in the coming Depression, they will all go down…

    How to be really a green? Refuse to support any of it! Boycott the whole damn deal and put them out of biz!

    ps— I have the creepiest thing RD, hooked onto me in the spam folder — it’s called “public mind share” — does that come around here or for any of you other WordPress people?

    It just irritates the hell out of me! Also, I can’t help wondering who created it? And why?


  241. AND this is yet another example why I have to continue reading on this blog!!! I so appauld the facts that you have put forth in this. The history is excellent and so true. And this is the thing that I really think is important that WE are doing.. getting it out there for all the people who feel disenfranchised because … they have been!!!

    It is past time for WE THE PEOPLE to rise up and take back this country so that we can actually realize the American dream. It’s a dream that has been and can again be a reality if only we participate. Thank goodness there are people like you who give me that feeling, one more time, that WE can do something if we only will speak out and not be the “silent majority”.

  242. DAMN! That is the most direct hit yet! Bravo! You nailed this one for me. Thanks for putting your intelligence and eloquence to such good use.

  243. myiq2xu, if you come back here to check today, I was wondering if you could clue me in to why T. Roosevelt stopped the plan to build a bridge across the Bering Strait, or what would be a good place to read about this.

  244. Awesome entry!!! Thanks for the historical reminders!

  245. That was wonderful. Thank you, and all the PUMAs, for creating a place for those who just couldn’t go along with the latest fiction. I think I would have lost my mind if I hadn’t found out I wasn’t the only one.

  246. I’m for Obama, but great post. Splendid actually!!

  247. I am Jessie’s husband and I, along with Jessie have been life a long Democrat. I am 82 years of age and a WW2 veteran, plus I consider myself a liberal Democrat and supported Dean the last time. Two months ago I returned a contribution request to the DNC and demanded that they remove my name from their mailing list and that I was going to change my registration. The writing was great and when I see my grand daughter’s this week end I am going to have them read the article. The Obama bashers have controled the CNN and MSNBC comments. They were helped along by the Cafferty’s and Matthew’s. Puma’s should visit all of their stories, and when needed, overwhelm the bashers with the Obama negatives and the reason for Hillary supporters to take the Hillary nomination to be President to the convention.

  248. i know this comment may not be morderated. so i might as well say my mind.
    “Hitler failed so will you”

    c u

  249. I’m so looking forward to when a Democrat is back in the White House. Yessireebob.

    The minute a Democrat assumes the office of presidency, we’ll pull out of Iraq.

    The minute a Democrat takes over, we’ll see an end to covert ops that include illegal interrogation of foriegn prisoners, assassintions of foreign heads of state, spying, espionage in general, coup d’ tats, crime, and of course, poverty.

    No more Section 8 housing, no more welfare roles. There will no longer be a need for WIC programs or school lunch programs and CHIPS programs for children. We’ll ALL have health care and global warming will be a thing of the past. Those polar ice caps are laredy starting to refreeze at the very thought of hailing to a Democratic chief.

    Oil prices? Not a problem–well, soon they won’t be. Once a Democrat takes over the reigns of this country, OPEC will cower in fear and drop the price per barrel exponentially. By the summer of 2009, we’ll be filling our tanks will gas that’s a buck per barrel.

    Or less.

    Unemployment? What unemployment? Not when a Dem is in office. The economy? Soon to be just a bad Bush memory.

    And thank God that Hillary and Obama have so much integrity that they’d NEVER, EVER take one cent in dirty campaign money from Big Oil or Halliburton or any of those other “republican” mongering edifices of evil.

    Yes, a Democrat in the Oval Office is JUST the panacea this country needs.

    I for one, can’t freakin’ wait.

  250. I’m so bitter. I’ve been mulling a similarly-themed post for days and you beat me to it. However, since you did such a lovely job, it takes the sting out of it.

  251. That’s funny, icanspeakout, you took the words right out of my mouth. 🙂

  252. “morderated?”

  253. fif, on July 2nd, 2008 at 11:09 pm Said:

    “They love being in the spotlight, and hearing the applause.”

    I have to differ with you on this one. It’s true for Bill, I think, but Hillary has repeatedly said, and I believe her: “I don’t like the attention, and I’m not comfortable being in public. I like the work.” She has also said this about all the cheering at her events: “I just want them to stop cheering so I can talk about what I want to do.”

    I see that in her public persona. She’s a mid-western gal, with a certain reserve. She is not an exhibitionist like Bill. She became more comfortable as the primary season wore on, but she just loves to work work work. She was supposed to take a month off, and couldn’t wait, heading back to the Senate early. Today she was in Upstate NY (my home state), visiting constituents in Syracuse and Buffalo. God love her.

    I agree with you. Hillary is more reserve and you can see it. I think this is one of the reasons so many people didn’t know half of the things she had done. She really just loves to work. Regarding her speeches and wanting people to stop cheering, I agree too. She did that the night she won NH.

    Another example of Hillary not being one that loves the spot light was when she was working on a legislation or something like that. This was in an article about Lindsey Graham, I can’t remember if she was working with him or not but in the article they mentioned that when all the research and everything else was finished and the last thing needed was to meet for negotiations, Hillary didn’t go into the room. She sat outside because she didn’t want her presence to affect the negotiations. (:sad: I wish I could remember where I read it). Anyway I found it interesting that she was willing to do that for a cause she cared about.

  254. Exceptional!!!!! Well thought out and written, a wonderful piece. This should be published by WaPo and other big newspapers!
    Thank You

    One Love

  255. This is brilliant!! I’m so happy someone pointed me to it! Bookmarked and passed on. Thank you!

  256. […] just as high, and McCain just as damaging an alternative.  That didn’t stop the humbly named myiq2xu at The Confluence from writing: Despite what the media claims, Obama is and has been the […]

  257. Brilliant post ! Thank you so much ! Primogeniture played so deeply a part in forming the underpinnings of western society from aristocracy .. It even influenced marriages and the involvement of the church in marriage .The Catholic Church supported it strongly because so many of those second sons either ( unwillingly but at that time they were promised and had in abundance concubines )became priests ; or became soldiers in the Crusades and went off to win the Holy Land for the church and bring back enough spoils of war for themselves to have their own dynasty . The church didn’t yet have the “sacrament” of marriage or in any way involve itself with marriage until the interests of the great landowners and royalty required some other means of anulling marriages for the purposes of marrying wealthy daughters who inherited land from fathers who had no sons because once a woman married her property became her husbands . So the church developed the sacrament of marriage and could annul marriages at the request of royalty at that time mostly on the grounds of “incest” , because almost any one could be found to be too closely related by blood “fourth cousins twice removed” if the marriage was needing annullment; but marriage to a first cousin could have a dispensation if the marriage was convenient.
    One of the reasons we value and hold sacred the separation of church and state is because the church and religion was so very deeply involved in the poliics and power of Europe .
    The Faith based initiative is a money funnel for churches that the current administration supports. Someone that loves this country and understands the basis upoin which it was founded would eliminate the faith based initiative , not use it for their own purposes. it could easily be called the faith biased initiative .

  258. Janis,
    You’re not the only Deaniac thinking in those terms and estranged from people you thought were like you. However, I feel strongly that Dean himself is not in on this coup. I went to an event in SF on Sunday and spoke with Howard face to face. He said that assuming Hillary is nominated, she will certainly have a roll call vote like anyone else. He was on Hillary’s health care task force and said he likes her a lot. I watched his face and body language closely and am satisfied that, whatever other amoral machinations went on, they are not his doing. This makes me feel better, since of all the surprises surrounding this campaign, the one that had me most confused was how Dr. Dean could be part of some nefarious plan to install a bad person as president. I know a lot of Hillary supporters have decided Dean is an enemy, but remember that he was prevented from winning in 2004 as well. That scream nonsense was a well coordinated take-down by the same media powers who sold us Obama.

    I see Howard as a victim of a process that, once in motion, is hard to stop. Dean is clearly very troubled about the feedback he’s getting from Hillary supporters, and wants to reach out to us. Of course his key interest is getting a Democrat elected. He thinks Obama will make mistakes as anyone would, but can be a very good president. This came across to me as more hope than knowledge, however. Party Dems are a conventional lot. They are not ready to believe an interloper has gamed his way into the nomination. They simply cannot fathom it, and even if they suspected it, organizational inertia would prevent anyone sounding the alarm or being believed if they did. But to me, this is exactly what happened. Totally agree it was Dean himself with his grassroots activist, small donor fueled campaign and continuing 50-state strategy that opened the door for whoever is enabling and funding Obama. The left blogosphere and outlets like Air America that started out for good have been infiltrated (I like your word, paracitized) to create the impression of “people power” where they’re really for anything but. Axelrod, the astroturfing master, created a phony grassroots following for Obama in his Senate campaign (Markos was knee deep in this), winning DFA’s A-List seal of approval, and consequent enthusiastic donors and volunteers. The grassroots system has no way to prevent a clever liar from gaining entry (actually, very few systems do). Once Obama was dubbed the grassroots candidate, that gave him automatic standing with legitimate progressives trying to take back America. The assumption of goodness just flows from there, aided greatly by his instant myth-making books. How do you undo a myth once it’s out there, especially when all the media outlets continue to parrot it? A lie said over and over becomes truth. Basically, the whole party has been bamboozled — lulled into trusting a narcissist/sociopath (not sure which). Whether they can be awakened in time remains to be seen.


  259. I want you to know something…

    There are many, including the Operation Chaos voters, who are with you. We have gathered info from the beginning of Obama’s feet touching Occidental ground. I know many of you will be surprised that we on the right noticed from the second democratic debate Obama’s tone to Hillary (vs. to the men), hand to the face, dismissive attitudes all the way up to that socialist show trial at the RBC (we were outraged). Don’t be shocked. The right may yap a lot, but our former president and Hill with her experience and knowledge deserves the utmost respect, regardless of how anyone feels about them. To me it was an attack on America itself, our system of elections and media bias. The Clintons are part of our history; This young guy popped up out of nothing with international grooming and backing. To myself, there was no comparison and I hoped Americans had more common sense than to look at the shiny thing, but what had been tested and proved.

    Just know you’re not alone.

    To Adrienne: You’re right, he is a sociopathic narcissist… malignant in fact.

    Read The Woman behind Obama, section ‘Putting it on the table’ (it was the Sun Times or Tribune).
    Val Jarrett relates how Michelle interviewed and stated her fiancee had to question Daley’s office and meet them before she was able to take the job. She goes on to state he questioned her for an hour over eats. She thought it was cute… I thought it was disgusting. Mind you this is a pro-Michelle piece.

    Do you remember daily headlines of millions raised, records broken in Obama’s donations? Remember, everyone’s oppressed and he gets money ‘from the little people’… where did the money come from?
    That’s the key. Also why he didn’t go with public financing.

  260. um, you didn’t want to speak your mind, so you wrote a lengthy screed that will immediately get spammed? You need a hobby.

  261. get lost

  262. good for you sweetie, I hear he needs it.

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