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Wednesday: Across the Divide

The party sure is divided.  Yep, I’m thinking Grand Canyon territory.  The party loyalists, their eyes glazed and glittering with feverish intensity, are screaming UNITY with an urgency that belies the reality of that claim.  Witness Debbie Wasserman-Schultz last week on Larry King Live insisting that Obama addressed the Women’s Congressional Caucus and everything was fine now.  There were air kisses and make-up sex and no, no one had an orgasm but they sure did come close!

As the Cry of the PUMA video says in it’s final frame “Simply proclaiming UNITY doesn’t make it so”.  And may I say something to the party leaders that I’m sure they will ignore, because why start paying attention now?  It isn’t Hillary’s job to unify the party. I know, I know, this comes as a shock to some of you but it’s true.  Hillary is not the presumptive nominee.  If you wanted her to unite the party, something that would have been a piece of cake for her, you shouldn’t have *selected* the guy.  You should have let the election process play out without a year’s worth of interference.

Hillary *could* just sit out the rest of the primary season and work on paying off her campaign debt.  Just like Joe Biden and Chris Dodd and John Edwards, nothing more should be asked of her but her support.  There is no need to drag her along on some dog and pony show where she is forced to ask her reluctant and adamant supporters to vote for Obama.  Either we will or we won’t. The party is behaving like evangelists who will not stop trying to convert us in spite of years of persistence and emotional blackmail and shaming and every other trick in the book. We got the message.  You can stop now.  Some of us LIKE being heathens. If we’re not going to paradise with you, maybe it’s because the thought of spending an eternity with fundamentalist evangelicals makes us physically ill.

But whatever.  It looks like some of the blogosphere are starting to figure out what’s causing the rift, some more cogently than others.  For example:

  • Did you know that Markos is a racist??  Yeah!  Yesterday, he decided to withhold his maxxed out contribution to Obama. (No, I am not providing a link) He claims that he hasn’t given a dime to any of the candidates during the primaries, no doubt to preserve the credibility of his famed impartiality (snort!).  But yesterday, Markos realized that Obama’s turn to the right was unacceptable.  There are a lot of things he could overlook, like throwing working class, elderly, women, gays, asians, latinos and Muslims under the bus and using Rovian campaign techniques to destroy Bill and Hillary’s characters when it comes to race.  No, those things were OK.  But when Obama shoved the Dirty F%&@ing Hippies under there, that’s when Kos blew the whsitle.  Well, we won’t say we told you so but we *did* mention on more than one occasion in the comments that Obama was going to have to turn to the right after he snagged the nomination but the Kossacks would have none of it.  And he will probably have to continue going right now because he’s on a bit of a slippery slope.  The more he goes right, the more votes he loses in his base, the more he has to go right.  That’s because he doesn’t have any core Democratic Principles to begin with to know where to stop.  That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you all this time, Kos, but you and your “shrieking band of adolescent zealots” just keep calling us racists.  You might as well send the $2300 bucks.  After all, as the party leaders have told us, “Where else are you going to go?”  Oh, and look for your “Now that you’re a Racist” welcome package in the mail with brochures on our program and coupons for free gifts.  It will arrive in a white envelope.
  • Speaking of “Where Else Are You Going to Go?” go read Anglachel’s brilliant piece on the subject titled “No Where Else To Go”.  I’m starting to get the feeling that the Clinton supporters are being punished by the Stevensonians because so many of the working class defected to the Republicans during the 80’s and 90’s.  Nevermind that the rest of us didn’t or that they have come out of their trance now and want a true Democrat this year.  They ain’t gonna get one.  The party elite is determined to hold us down and force Obama on us and they are filling the void of the country club voters that the Republicans deserted in their quest for world domination through movement onservatism.  For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s over yet.  There are still two months and a lot could happen between now and then especially if we make a lot of noise and Obama keeps alienating people like Kos.  For sure the swing voters he is courting right now don’t want anymore moralizing on patriotism, faith and race.  They just want to be able to fill their gas tanks.  Go read the whole piece.  Well worth it.
  • Heidi Li Feldman is trying to give the DNC one last chance to heal the divide before we take our votes and walk.  She has set up The Denver Group whose goal is to persuade the party to conduct the convention in a fair, open and transparent manner.  The means to do this are through advocacy for the millions of voters whose votes need to be honored at the convention.  This may require buying media so The Denver Group is accepting contributions for ads.  Please take a look and if you have the means, contribute to this worthy cause.

The blue PUMA is actually the old logo for my alma mater’s mascot, the Pitt Panther from the University of Pittsburgh.  I completely forgot that the panther is really another name for PUMA.  It must be in my blood.  And remember, JustSayNoDeal,

116 Responses

  1. Group To Air Obama Homosexual Relationship Ad Today In

    Key States FL, VA, CO and NV
    America’s Hope Foundation will Air this Radio Ad.
    Obama – Sinclair Radio Ad #0127
    listen here; http://countusout.wordpress.com/

    In states like FL, VA and CO this could be damaging

  2. Great post. The tide is turning and not a day too soon. All of these indications should be red flags to Mr. Dean to keep HRC on the ballot. I love the Denver Group and will hop over there ASAP to donate. This is where our energy should be focused, on getting Hillary to the convention with her delegates.

  3. I don’t believe there is anything Obama could do that would cause the supers to pick HRC–nothing. There’s no way Obama would be appeasing the right-wing if his backers, the Democratic “leadership,” didn’t agree to it.

    My only hope is that Obama doesn’t win in November, which I’m unsure of because of the influence of the Obama-loving media. And because McCain is not proving himself to be as sharp as I expected.

    Either way, the next four years look absolutely depressing.

  4. Holy heck – I away from the internets for three days and I’ve already forgotten how to post comments here. I put this on the wrong thread.

    RD – It can’t be said often enough:

    It is not Hillary’s responsibility to “unite” the Democrats.

    So great to see so many new names here!


  5. AA4Hill: Thanks for that update but you should know that we at The Confluence try to avoid character assassination and rumormongering without evidence. I’ll leave the link up but caution everyone to use their critical thought processes in evaluating what is presented there. It’s unlikely that you will see it posted here.

  6. Another Great Post RD !!
    It’s “almost fun” to watch the people that put him thru
    start rejecting him now. I say “almost ” because this isn’t a game it is ,”Our Country’s” future we’re fitting for!
    Go PUMA!

  7. SORRY!
    the word is “FIGHTING”
    Excuse me while I get more coffee!

  8. Sorry, RD. I moderated AA4Hill’s comment, because I asked him/her on the previous thread to stop posting rumors and smears. Should I unmoderate the comment?

  9. BB: No, leave it up. We’re adults.

  10. OK, it’s back up. Sorry….

  11. river daughter:

    .. … thank you for putting up the link for the donate link for JSND.. I am trying to spread the word to all pro-hill/anti-bo sites to donate thru the JSND site or Heidi;s site.. so hillary knows where the $$ is coming from..

    hope you won;t mind the repost from the last thread

    wanted to repost it again.. b-4 I drag myself to work..

    Hi guys: posting this b-4 I go to work.. please

    1) Remember July 4th is “Financial Indepedence Day ” for Hillary, the quicker she pays off her debt, the less she has to campaign with him.. PLEASE donate, if you can $20.08 on July 4th, and see if you can recruit 2 more people to pay off the debt and contribute $20.08

    When donating, PLEASE PLEASE use the contribute link off of http://www.justsaynodeal.com , the link in on the main page, this way Hillary knows where the money is coming from..

    2)JustSayNoDeal now has a radio show as well, they will be airing 2 times a week, both being 1 hour shows, they are in the process of building it up and want to have names like Liberman and others on. PLEASE listen in. The next show is on Wendsday 7/2 at 7PM EST. Cynthia Ruccia of womenforfairpolitics will be on. Bookmark the site and check it out for the schedule of the shows. You can call in as well.. the number is on the link below:

    the site: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/NO-WE-WONT

  12. Excellent post. I agree on the punishment bit by the Stevensonians in particular.

    It’s disturbing seeing the McCarthy style loyalty oaths and working to find any evidence that someone ever at any point supported a Republican financially or otherwise as proof they are “plants.”

    Remember when a Republican donor or voter supports Senator Obama that is proof of his ability to unify, but when the same thing happens to any other Democrats or a person who questions Senator Obama has ever shown evidence of “disloyalty” they are EVIL!


    I think we can do without that sort of “unity.”

  13. @ Davidson,

    I guess since I’m a Sagittarius I always have my bow pointed upward aiming my arrow for the sun. I will continue to aim for Hillary remaining on the ballot and her superdelegates, whomever they may be at that time, speaking for her.

    Just donated 25 to Denver Group. I like this effort.

  14. Senator Obama doesn’t need Hillary’s assistance, he can easily bring people together by himself.

    Look how he unified us PUMAs!

  15. OT,

    Does anyone know if HRC has spoken on any of the “momentous” decisions that have come down from the SCOTUS? I suspect she’s behind their decision on the DC gun ban and habeus corpus (sp?) but was curious if she’s made any statements. Also, I checked the senate voting record and she didn’t vote on the FISA bill either. Do we know if she stated her position on the FISA bill?

  16. TalkLeft has an alleged list of Opossum’s VP candidates. He’s gonna have a tough time finding someone qualified for the job who isn’t way more qualified than he is.

    Finding someone less qualified than he is will be impossible.

  17. Hey, Obama has some real problems brewing in Missouri and this the Larry Sinclair episode won’t be helping any ( I heard him on Rense last night…very interesting interview and Rense hammered the idea of legal rights being violated and the deliberate ignoring of murder threats by law enforcement…mmm….)

    McCain and Missouri…

  18. PS….in my McCain and Missouri piece, I discuss VPs…and even Jim Webb isn’t helping there at this point…


  19. i LOVE the irony of being told i’m not a REAL democrat… by kids too young to remember the 2000 recount.

  20. Sen. McCain might be better off with either Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Sen. Susan Collins as a VP. One could help sew up the South and the other help out some with NE.

  21. I actually combed through the 1200 comments to kos coming over from the side of the one who really would “do anything to win”, who actually planned a “coup by superdelegate” – who really “darkened” his opponent through the magic of pixels by smearing her character…

    In 1200 comments there was 1 “welcome to the puma pov” comment… the rest were tearing their hair out!

  22. myiq2xu,

    Eaxctly. United in Opposition!

  23. RD
    Another Pitt alum here

  24. If they had actually listened to the Faith Debate in PA instead of just screeching about her wearing yellow, if they listened to both of them this would be no surprise that he is Bush III on faithbased ickiness.

    If they had actually read their posted policy, it would be no surprise that he is less progressive.

    If they could compare and contrast, if they had reading comprehension skills, it would have been no surprise that a candidate offering bipartisanship is going to cave to Republican policy…duh.

    Why didn’t they get up in arms over him supporting dirty (typical Republican) energy policy? That is FAR more dangerous!!!!

    I am totally baffled by this sudden FISA highmindedness….
    Why wouldn’t he also support Republican FISA policy?

    He is even to the right of Snowe (R) on energy policy!

  25. Totally O/T but worth it. Check out this hilarious video of a bear “pole dancing” (basically, the bear is scratching its body on a tree while a rap song plays).

    I thought we might need a laugh or two so here you go.

    @Elixir: I’ll always have this desperate hope that somehow HRC pulls an upset but I just can’t even imagine how that’s possible. We can’t assume they have the same motivations as we do; in fact, they’re the exact opposite.

  26. Sorry RD was not trying to post rumors was told that this group was a running these ads in my state of FL and in my state this is news and people are waiting to hear these ads. Maybe its because we know little about Obama and any news is some news, but thats his fault from being so secretive. Boston i never go you comment on the issue, i would never disrespect the room rule, I be in and out of the thread sometime I miss posts. I apologize

  27. ……is anyone here still writing to superdelegates via lobbydelegates.com? I’m thinking of sending another round…is it worth it? Is now a better time?

    I just went over to see if Jay Inslee is still in Hills camp (yes) and noticed that now it is 60 39 in her favor…guess we are finally using that site……….

  28. POTD from Balloon Juice:

    “Obama seems to be working to find out how solid my resolve to vote for him really is.”

    That’s amazing to see because the BJ crowd takes their kool-aid in powdered form (without sugar)

  29. “For sure the swing voters he is courting right now don’t want anymore moralizing on patriotism, faith and race. They just want to be able to fill their gas tanks.”

    The swing voters aren’t the only ones. Those of us who are not being courted feel the economic pain, as well. I want a real Democrat in the White House. I want Hillary.

  30. Don’t Miss Alegre’s Site! Must Read from KnowVox:

    Obama’s Law School Crony Issues Warning

    Tue Jul 01, 2008

    Superdelegates, are you listening?


  31. Does anybody know what the women count pac is going to put out, and when.

  32. I’m so proud of being an upstater today! Sen Clinton is getting back to her base in upstate NY visiting Syracuse and the finger lake region. welcome back senator!

  33. SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Fresh off the campaign trial, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is logging miles again in upstate New York.

    Clinton is scheduled Wednesday to talk about alternative energy in Syracuse and farmers hurt by a recent hailstorm in the Finger Lakes. She will be in Buffalo later in the day for the ceremonial opening of the Erie Canal Harbor and to tour an artists’ center.

    The second-term senator’s frequent appearances around the state were curtailed when she ran for the Democratic presidential nomination. Since attending the State Fair in Syracuse last summer, her only public appearance in upstate New York was at Gov. David Paterson’s inauguration in March.

    Clinton suspended her campaign last month after Sen. Barack Obama secured enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

  34. “bmc”
    Thanks for the link; but now I’m even MORE confused.
    Obama is just too much of an “unknown”!!

  35. jonas8, thanks for the update.

    Lucky NY’ers.

  36. Dot: I don’t think the lobby super delegates site is being maintained. I’m pretty sure Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray have already switched to obama. I don’t know about Jay Inslee.

    I don’t think the DNC cares anymore where the pledges are – the current *idea* (as I’ve heard it) is to not have Hillary on the convention ballot and so it won’t matter if the superdelegates pledge to her or not.

  37. did you guys see this poll:
    AP-Yahoo News Poll measures the favorable-unfavorable ratings for the presidential spouses:
    Michelle Obama: 30% see her favorably, 35% unfavorably.
    Cindy McCain: 27% see her favorably, 17% unfavorably.
    Dates conducted: June 13-23. Error margin: 2.3 points

    Ah the karma, after complaining about HIllary’s unfavorables, poor little Michelle has the same problem

  38. Good morning everyone!

    Tech point – I can’t see the images up at the top of the post. Maybe it’s my sloppy jalopy laptop. I’d like to see the blue panther!

    I’m glad that Orang-tinged latino man’s “2300-gate” is pure theatrics.

    I think he got marching orders from the O-borg to do a psy ops “reverse psychology” – i.e.Kos is “pretending” to be upset, writes this pseudo-PUMA post, get people riled up at his refusal to donate = Kossacks donating more to Obama in place of Kos’ pseudo-PUMA stance.

    Maybe I’m overreaching, but as much damage that Kos has done to the progressive blogosphere, I don’t put anything beneath him.

    Or, it could be legit. But I’m not buying it.

  39. BO built a straw house and the winds are blowing.

    Will it be in time for HRC to take the nomination or are Pelosi, Dean and Reid too power hungry and maniacal in their quest to be right in their choice that they won’t bend either.

    This is getting interesting.

  40. “I want a real Democrat in the White House. I want Hillary.”

    I was thinking the same thing this morning as I was listening to someone on the radio complaining that neither the Congressional Dems nor Obama have a clue about the oil issue.

  41. AA4HILL, this sort of homophobic rumor mongering does a disservice to Senator Clinton and her supporters. The Clintons have been victims of these sort of hit-jobs for years, the politics of personal destruction are something we should all avoid.

  42. Isn’t that the most convoluted “thinking” you have ever heard – Hillary must now provide “unity” for Oppossum. She must now bear the burden of propping up the unqualified – geesh!

    Heidi Li had a contributor link who was doubling donations to her link at Actblue for Hillary and three others(good Dems) – giving double to The Denver Group. You would find that link at her site. It is real action to get proper credit to Hillary at the convention – I will not give hope for her til all has been tried. I do agree that the ratF*&%$ D leaders seem to WANT to lose with the selected one. ?? Really need to get them out of the organization.

    PUMA + The Denver Group member

  43. Womencountpac has collected $500,000.00 in 6 weeks. Anybody know what kind of AD they are going to put out, and when.

  44. “My only hope is that Obama doesn’t win in November, which I’m unsure of because of the influence of the Obama-loving media. And because McCain is not proving himself to be as sharp as I expected.”

    I just talked to my sweet, simple mom and this is what she said from watching the news: “Just like they did with Hillary, now all you hear about on the news is what Obama is doing, and nothing about McCain, and they keep repeating that he is 16 points ahead according to the polls.”

    I asked her which polls, but she doesn’t listen that closely, and neither do most other Americans. If this charlatan, with all his flopping around, is not called to account for his lies and inexperience, the media is responsible. It’s disgusting.

  45. RD–great point! It really has gone beyond being about Hillary at this point. But BO and Howard and Co. must continually flog her and Bill for the “rift” caused by her not conveniently dropping out when requested back in February. Unity schmoonity. It has very much become the “evangelical” movement that you mention; however, like you, the more I’m pushed the more I resist. At this point? It’ll NEVER happen for me. Push away, guys. Right out of Obamaland.

  46. SM,

    I can’t see the images either.

  47. Fif,

    ya think Al Gore would let us borrow his cable network? We could use a platform.

  48. love all your articles river daughter
    this one as all are right on the money
    hillary or mccain 08
    for america

  49. By the way, some of those pics aren’t showing here either. All I see the donate pic though. (So pretty–Saves)

  50. Boston – ok, I thought it was just me.

    RegencyG – how ya doin’? I doubt Al would allow it, but who knows? There are quite a bit of material to do a “PUMA Pod.”

    OOh! Mawm & Gary, have you looked into doing a “PUMA Pod” for Current TV? How hard is it to get in?

  51. There is only one choice for McCain: Sarah Palin. If he picks her, it’s over. Even I’ll vote for him. She’s the only Republican governor fighting corruption within her own state party that I know of. Governor of Alaska, to be specific. Pro-life, but I’ll take her for the crime-fighting, because that is what we need now.

  52. Just checked out the Nicole Belle piece over at C & L regarding the “faith based” programs and Obama.

    I will concede that I do not have a PhD but some of those commentators who still back Obama are some of the dumbest people giving reasons why this is okay.

    It does appear that the “bloom may be coming off the rose” however. Many respondents are actually getting a wake up call. Appears as though their Messiah may have clay feet after all.

    Hillary, wherever you are, we need you. Yet more proof that the current “leaders” in the DNC need to go. What were they thinking by foisting this pariah upon us? He is more Bush lite than McCain at this point so if I do vote McCain I won’t feel so bad in the end.

  53. SM – I’m great today. I’ve actually slept in the last few hours, a rarity for me. I think a Puma Podcast would be so popular. I should send that up to Will Bowers, maybe they can think on it. It’d go awesome on iTunes…That might be a damned fine idea. Way to go, lady!

  54. “ya think Al Gore would let us borrow his cable network? We could use a platform.”

    There has to be some way to break through the censorship and mass hypnosis. I am freaked out by it–it’s feels like we’re living in a police state with propaganda 24/7. What’s next: building size paintings of Obama’s face, looking down at us with that snotty expression? Thousands of people creating live murals of him by turning over placards like they do in N. Korea, shouting “YES WE CAN!”??

    All very creepy.

  55. RegencyG – good idea to you! Good thinking about sending to Will. I know they have viral videos which are great – but we have to see about Current TV. I don’t know if Current will accept it, but it’s worth a try.

  56. Fif,

    What’s next: building size paintings of Obama’s face, looking down at us with that snotty expression? Thousands of people creating live murals of him by turning over placards like they do in N. Korea, shouting “YES WE CAN!”??

    Please, fif, don’t tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing.

  57. SM – I alread sent the idea to Will but it might be a bit before we hear back. If you know how to get in touch with Current,do it.

  58. RD, you ao sood. This line:

    “There were air kisses and make-up sex and no, no one had an orgasm but they sure did come close!”

    so funny!

    I hope you all are reading our book. I’m to the half-way point, which we discuss tomorrow.

  59. Pat, AMEN. I used to be a Crooks & Liars steady reader, occasionally I’d post but it’s gone the route of The Kool-aid Ones. I’m glad to see some of his supporters are seeing what we see, a pandering DINO, unexperienced, capitulating hack who’ll do anything to get elected.

    There is a sign that this is changing. Corrente has a post regarding a NYT article about the Obama Supporter “FISA backlash.” Here is NYT article below:

    Obama Voters Protest His Switch on Telecom Immunity

    Published: July 2, 2008

    WASHINGTON — Senator Barack Obama’s decision to support legislation granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies that cooperated with the Bush administration’s program of wiretapping without warrants has led to an intense backlash among some of his most ardent supporters.

    Thousands of them are now using the same grass-roots organizing tools previously mastered by the Obama campaign to organize a protest against his decision.

    In recent days, more than 7,000 Obama supporters have organized on a social networking site on Mr. Obama’s own campaign Web site. They are calling on Mr. Obama to reverse his decision to endorse legislation supported by President Bush to expand the government’s domestic spying powers while also providing legal protection to the telecommunication companies that worked with the National Security Agency’s domestic wiretapping program after the Sept. 11 attacks.

    During the Democratic primary campaign, Mr. Obama vowed to fight such legislation to update the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. But he has switched positions, and now supports a compromise hammered out between the White House and the Democratic Congressional leadership. The bill is expected to come to a vote on the Senate floor next Tuesday. That decision, one of a number made by Mr. Obama in recent weeks intended to position him toward the political center as the general election campaign heats up, has brought him into serious conflict for the first time with liberal bloggers and commentators and his young supporters.

    Many of them have seen the issue of granting immunity to the telecommunications companies as a test of principle in their opposition to Mr. Bush’s surveillance program.

    “I don’t think there has been another instance where, in meaningful numbers, his supporters have opposed him like this,” said Glenn Greenwald, a Salon.com writer who opposes Mr. Obama’s new position. “For him to suddenly turn around and endorse this proposal is really a betrayal of what so many of his supporters believed he believed in.”

    Jane Hamsher, a liberal blogger who also opposes immunity for the phone companies, said she had been flooded with messages from Obama supporters frustrated with his new stance.

    “The opposition to Obama’s position among his supporters is very widespread,” said Ms. Hamsher, founder of the Web site firedoglake.com. “His promise to filibuster earlier in the year, and the decision to switch on that is seen as a real character problem. I know people who are really very big Obama supporters are very disillusioned.”

    One supporter, Robert Arellano, expressed his anger on the Obama site.

    “I have watched your campaign with genuine enthusiasm,” Mr. Arellano wrote, “and I have given you money. For the first time in my life, I have sensed the presence of a presidential candidate who might actually bring some meaningful change to the corrupt cesspool of national politics. But your about-face on the FISA bill genuinely angers and alarms me.”

    For now, the campaign is trying to put a positive spin on the new FISA fight among its supporters.

    “The fact that there is an open forum on BarackObama.com where supporters can say whether they agree or disagree speaks to a strength of our campaign,” said Bill Burton, a campaign spokesman.

    Several activists and bloggers predicted that Mr. Obama’s move toward the center on some issues could sharply reduce the intensity of support he has enjoyed from liberal activists. Such enthusiasm helped power his effort to secure the Democratic nomination, and it has been one of his campaign’s most important tools for fund-raising and organizing around the country.

    Markos Moulitsas, a liberal blogger and founder of the Daily Kos Web site, said he had decided to cut back on the amount of money he would contribute to the Obama campaign because of the FISA reversal.

    “I will continue to support him,” Mr. Moulitsas said in an interview. “But I was going to write him a check, and I decided I would rather put that money with Democrats who will uphold the Constitution.”

    Greg Craig, a Washington lawyer who advises the Obama campaign, said Tuesday in an interview that Mr. Obama had decided to support the compromise FISA legislation only after concluding it was the best deal possible.

    “This was a deliberative process, and not something that was shooting from the hip,” Mr. Craig said. “Obviously, there was an element of what’s possible here. But he concluded that with FISA expiring, that it was better to get a compromise than letting the law expire.”

  60. Masslib: What’s the book? I’ve forgotten.

  61. Regency, it looks pretty easy – you just make the video and upload to the Current Website.

    After that, cyber-viewers vote which ones make it to air on Current TV.


  62. Tomorrow millions of Democrats and Independents will UNITE in 2 causes, to retire Senator Clinton’s debt, donate and join John McCain For President. Tomorrow history will be made and the steps to rebuild the Democrat party will begin. The old saying you don’t miss your water into the well runs dry. Howard and Donna take a look in the well tomorrow. The Democrat party is no longer the party of the people its the party of the election fraud, greed, flip flops and losing candidates. I will leave this party with a heavy heart, but with a great sense of dignity. I am not afraid of John McCain I know from his PROVEN record he will work across party lines. Senator Clinton and McCain have respect and admiration for each other I believe they will work together and advance many of her policies.

  63. Atwood’s The Penelopiad. It’s a novella. I read the first half very quickly. It’s an easy read.

  64. Obama does whatever his handlers tell him to do. This is why we reasonable voters who observe the issues were not enchanted from the beginning. During the debates he only said “me too” whenever asked a question. Particularly when that question one of Hillary’s mind blowing answers.

    Voting for a candidate because he is black, perceives to be “hip”, a reason to assuage “black guilt”, is equal to buying an untested car because the cd player works most of the time.

    His positions are wobbly, suspect, and hold little substance. We all recognized this. Any opposition was labeled “racist” but we are deliberate in our choices. We wanted results not rhetoric.

    Perhaps his flip flops and his Bush lite agenda will allow some of the scales to fall away from some of those diehards who saw him as the “hope” and “change” candidate and they pause long enough to reconsider.

    Obama is more of the same with no center. Wake up superdelates! It is not too late.

  65. WOW “SM” !!
    Karma’s a B***H !!

  66. I too hold out for Hill still. But it would take Bambie stepping down and I can’t fathom that whatever comes out. And even if that happened, the DNC would insert Al Gore or some other complaint corporate journeyman . Because anyone BUT Hill is their core mission . It’s not like the Dem elite couldn’t sand bag Hillary every step of the way and work with the GOP to make her life as nominee and President a living hell, sure they could and happily would. But to those who own Nancy , Howard and BO, Hillary’s very concepts of a government who works for its people’s welfare is too munch of an affront to bare at all. So now we find ourselves faced with the fact that the Democrat who won NY, CA ,PA ,OH ,FL, MI, NJ ,TX ,on and on, will not be allowed on a Democrat convention ballot . How can any Democrat agree to that?


  67. In thinking more about Wes Clark… I wonder what obama said in the last couple days that he doesn’t want anyone to pay attention to – before the Clark statement stirred up controversy. It seems like in the primary, when there was something obama didn’t want anyone to notice, he’d have *somebody* say something that would draw fire.

    FISA? Gun Control? Death Penalty? Is there anything else? Anyone catch the “Patriotism” speech? I heard he threw Move On under the bus… was there something missed?

  68. I am again in moderation. Feel like I have been sent to the principal’s office.

  69. This is very enlightening: Iran, Iraq and Pakistan, Europe.


    “Obama camp signals robust approach on Iran”

    The Obama Cult got us into this…

  70. tpt/ny: Yep, that is the truth – although again, I don’t believe Kos’ pseudo-PUMAness. I think his defiance is a reverse psychology to rally up his troops to donate more money to Obama.

  71. Pat, I logged in but I can’t get you out unless it’s my post. SORRY – the Conflucian Hall monitor should be by shortly.

  72. @SM:

    gee, who else does that “reverse psychology to rally the troops” stuff? rush limbaugh. i think i’ll start calling them cheetoheads- the group dynamic is virtually identical. megadittos and all that stuff.

  73. alienating people like Kos and Move On is meaningless they are fools and should now be dismissed, they were ANTI Hillary and now that Obama quit feeding that beast and shows himself in a way they can even grasp they understand the Con…. I’m not sure I’m following your though process here though fisa, faith based initiatives, death penalty, attacking McCain’s military service and Obama being Right of the Party to grab swing voters these are not swing voters so it’s not strategy but IMO who the guy may be another Bush.

  74. I thought you were on vacay you trooper, you!

    I’m laughing to hard at your post to see but apropos of all of this those Kamikazi (sp) Cause filled, Kommie, Kwazy, ahem, sure have some interesting lil ol backstories

    Oh thank heavens for Le Confluence!
    ps: I found out there are Plenty of Gay Repubs for those that these things matter to — Dems don’t corner the market after all!
    and check wonkette!

    RD it is totally funny how you are keeping that bus tally!

    Tally ho, I say……..

  75. Obama Voters Protest His Switch on Telecom Immunity

    WASHINGTON — Senator Barack Obama’s decision to support legislation granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies that cooperated with the Bush administration’s program of wiretapping without warrants has led to an intense backlash among some of his most ardent supporters.

    Thousands of them are now using the same grass-roots organizing tools previously mastered by the Obama campaign to organize a protest against his decision.

    Hes pissing off drinkers of the juice….LMAO

  76. Today’s letter-to-ed in NY Times:

    Re “It’s Over, Lady” (column, June 29):

    Maureen Dowd quotes Barack Obama as claiming that because of Hillary Rodham Clinton, his daughters “can take for granted that women can do anything that the boys can do and do it better and do it in heels.”

    So Mr. Obama’s definition of progress for women is to come in second, but do it better and do it in heels?

    Charlotte Adelman

    Wilmette, Ill., June 29, 2008

  77. Great letter.

  78. campskunk, on July 2nd, 2008 at 11:38 am Said:

    gee, who else does that “reverse psychology to rally the troops” stuff? rush limbaugh. i think i’ll start calling them cheetoheads- the group dynamic is virtually identical. megadittos and all that stuff.

    PRECISELY. It’s a power move to anger up the Kossacks & make them sell their own kids just to donate to the O-borg.

  79. The Times also has an article on Rush Limbaugh that reenforces the fact the Dem leadership was in the tank for Obama – “Howard Dean implored primary voters in Indiana and NC to ignore Limbaugh”.

    It also says Karl Rove said he helped “tip Texas for Clilnton”. Exit polling from Texas shows Republicans voted for Obama/Clinton in even numbers – plus Texas didn’t TIP Hillary! She took it by 100,000 voters.

    Voters were ignored in Texas just like the party leadership ignored any info that didn’t push the guy they wanted.

  80. Somebody, send this guy back to Indonesia with the street children. The street adults are getting sick of him.

    SM: Regency, it looks pretty easy – you just make the video and upload to the Current Website.

    After that, cyber-viewers vote which ones make it to air on Current TV.


    We should get that message out there. There’s no reason not to do it. It’s publicity.

  81. Obama has been dissing and pissing on the netroots and on real progressives like us since the campaign began.

    But until now the OFB were too busy HillaryHatin’ to notice.

  82. Jmac:

    Expect the real GOP to take nice about Hillary for a while. They’ll be Phil Donohues about the sexism and misogyny too.

    Just like they started quoting MLK when the Rev. Wright story went viral.

    But don’t trust them, they are only on our side in an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” sense.

    It is nice to see some national media telling the truth though.

  83. Oops, that should be “talk nice” not “take nice”

    Or maybe “make nice”

    My fingers have dyslexia

  84. I admire the lady who runs this blog for her activism. But not for her futilism.

    There are only two choices for President in this watershed election, and nothing is going to change that. Obama or McCain. America can live with the first or die with the latter.

    It’s over. The Democratic Convention is not going to see Hillary anointed as nominee; that’s just an ephemeral fantasy. So make up your minds. Vote for McCain in November out of spite, and watch our nation continue with four more years of Bush. Or vote for Obama, and hope.

    I’m 63, so the result may not matter much to me — I don’t expect to live much longer — but it matters to my sons, as it should matter to yours. I’m going to vote for hope.

    It may seem a bleak choice for Hillary supporters — among which I was an early member and donor — but the writing is on the wall, now.

    If you are not emotionally mature enough to deal with reality, please stay home and watch the returns on TV and know that, whatever happens, you opted out of your Constitutional duty. Do NOT vote for McCain out of some distorted sense of heroine-worship.

    Yeah, I and my wife would’ve like Hillary as nominee, but it didn’t happen. Now it’s on to November. I love my country too much to waste energy stamping my feet in anger and wetting against the wall.

    Grow up, people. America is too important for senseless rage.

    Cordially and sincerely,
    Buzz Kelly

  85. Hey, Buzz. Make like a tree.

  86. Maybe we should make July 4th a big splash not only for donating to retire the debt, but to write to Supers again.Independence from Obama day.

    I was on Edward’s steering committee in Washington, and it was Jay Inslee himself that talked to me about coming to Hillary after the suspension. (Not that I wan’t already ready to support her at that point)

    Both he and his wife are huge Hillary people. Further, for Inslee, it’s all about ENERGY. There is no way that he supports Obama on that note, and he was very explicit about that.

    About Murray and Cantwell, they eventually went to Obama, but I see them coming back to Hillary if the momentum is there.

    But isn’t that what it would take for everybody? Again, it takes Obamas opinion polls being in the toilet, and that takes relentless exposure on his negatives to all sides of the political spectrum. can’t be shy, and can’t be holding back. We have to expose what the netwoks won’t to all our contacts–not just our friends on the left. (only fact supported angles, of course)

  87. Buzz, Not gonna happen and activism is all that we have. Not going to just swallow the bitter pill, I am going to get to the root of the problem and try to repair it.

  88. Wrong as rain – there aren’t two choices. We have lots of choices. We can stand for principle and send a message to the party.

  89. Buzz,

    You just don’t get it. We are fighting for our Country. We are fighting for our Democracy. We are fighting for people like you. Go ahead and hope, if you haven’t seen that your hope is wasted, then I pity you.

    If we don’t take back our Democracy from those who would steal it, we will have to answer to our children.

    If all you see or understand is disgruntled, saddened hero worshiper more the pity.

  90. Some comments ended up in the spam filter. I couldn’t find yours Pat.

    Just so people know, I won’t be around as much between now and July 18. I have to start teaching 2 classes on Monday that meet five days a week. I may be able to check in at night. I’ll be around through the weekend but I’m working a lot. I hope Gary and Katiebird will be checking on comments.

  91. buzz, you’re quite the pessimist. 63 is not that old. anyway, when you say things like we are voting out of “spite” it shows how little you understand what’s going on here. Obama is a liar, a cheat, and wholly unqualified to be president. ANYBODY would be better than him, including, in my opinion, McCain. So you’re probably wasting your time

  92. dwwenz: and leaf?

  93. Buzz,

    If you aren’t emotionally mature enough to deal with people who disagree with you and don’t think Obama is qualified to be President, find another blog to comment on. We have been lectured hundreds of times by people like you. You’re not saying anything new.

    If you have some vital information about BO that proves he is qualified to be President and that he would govern as an actual Democrat, share it. No more lectures please.

  94. Wetting against a wall- that’s just nice! Cordially go on now.

  95. Hey Buzz, talk about a buzzkill. I have three children that is why it matters to me to stand up when candidates are selected by the DNC, not to mention the clumsy, hamfisted ways – the nasty methods – trying to paint to two HONORABLE, worthy Democrats as racists.

    It is especially important now after eight years of h@ll created by another phoney, unqualified president who also was not elected.

    Buck up Buzz and zip it. If you are happy in a pile of warm shite, want to play in it – your decision. I suspect you want us all the be quiet so oppossum, the affirmative action candidate slips through. It’s not gonna happen.

    I just posted for the first time at MyDD – RD caused someone by the name of geekeques to get their panties in a bunch and was – surprise, surprise – calling her a racist. I care not if they delete it – it is such an old tired meme I had to respond.

  96. Yes. Very cordial, Buzz.

    Buh Bye.

  97. This whole process has just made me crazy.

    I used to gloss over and try to ignore every time some jerkwad with a third leg, who thought it was just going to melt my knickers, called me sweetheart.

    It now totally enrages me.

    Am I the only one who has gotten kinda touchy since this whole biased election happened?

  98. Wall-wetter that I am, I don’t like these pessimists coming here today.

    But I do think we need to stay on task with the things that can actually turn this thing.

    1) Mawm’s (and other’s) pursuit of info on caucus fraud

    2) Campaign to thoroughly sink Obama in public opinion

    3) National exposure on DNC fraud.

    4) Retire the debt and get Hillary out of the “unity” show

    To me, these are the things that can give cover to the delegates and supers that have it in their power to elect Hillary. All focus. Steam, no spray.

  99. Kim: I have too. I was never this super serious, everything is sexist, kind of gal, but now I see sexism everywhere. Things I used to find funny infuriate me because I imagine these things–and remember these things being said about Hillary.

    Not just sexist, but just plain out of line. I don’t know when that happened but it’s changed me for good. Feminism is back and I thank Hillary for bringing it.

  100. “If we’re not going to paradise with you, maybe it’s because the thought of spending an eternity with fundamentalist evangelists makes us physically ill.”

    That entire paragraph made me laugh out loud in agreement! I quoted it and linked to this post in my blog. Well put!

  101. Buzz, translated: America is too important for you and your stupid little issues, girls. Get back in the back of the line and step away from that button. Just who do you think you are, missy?

    And get me a beer.

  102. Joanie: I’ve already sent in my caucus story from here in TX. I’m constantly sending Hill money and will continue to do so. I just need to comment on more articles, but that’s hard. I get so furious the room spins. I’ll work on it.

    Call it youthful denial, but I still believe we can change the tide. I will not watch–a bound and gagged–Hillary Rodham Clinton ride the Unity Pony all the way to the glue factory.

  103. Regencyg, neither will I. We can do this–we have TWO MONTHS. We need to use every angle and venue to hammer the points above that will give cover to the Supers and the delegates.

    Obama needs to be considered TOAST, and his campaign and the DNC need to be WELL-KNOWN FRAUDS for this to come off.

  104. Kos & the rest will end up not loving Obama, but saying he’s better than McCain. They’ll end up with holding their noses again, and exhibit complete amnesia toward the one candidate who could have made a real difference. I can’t believe I bought the books of all those assholes, buying multiple copies to donate to libraries and give as gifts.

    Hmmm, I’m thinking about a post-bra burning of all those “progessive” books. If you all see a really big smoke stream hanging over the site, you’ll know it’s me, trying to feel better about leaving the Democratic Party.

  105. Parentofed:

    Shame on you, you know better than to suggest burning books! You’re a librarian for god’s sake! Just kidding. I would be pissed too. I just bought Lewis Black’s new book to cheer myself up. Just looking at him makes me laugh.


  106. Parentofed,

    burn that bra–eh “book.”

  107. Marsha, I love Lewis Black. What’s his new book?

    I used to love Franken’s writing. “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them” is a favorite. Especially the little comic in there about John Kerry and co in Vietnam. Rich!

  108. Lewis Black’s new book is “Me of Little Faith” it’s a rant about religion, should be hilarious

  109. Bill Kristol thinks McCain will pick Sara Palin for VP.

  110. Buzz–because I love my little daughter and worry about her future (as well as mine, which is intrinsically tied to hers), there’s no way in hell that I’m going to be voting for another Bible-totting, fuzzy with words, important documents loser, slay middle-finger user,FISA yielding, under the bus tosser, or not standing by anyone but himself type’a good guy.

  111. Gary:

    Here is a link to the video editing software. There is a free trial available, so we can both try it and see what we think. I think it will probably be better than Movie Maker and easier to use. But we’ll have to pay for it. I’ll get a education discount, I don’t know if you qualify but check it out.


  112. Oops. That was for one version, there are three.


  113. Marsha, jeez, had no idea the ALA Intellectual Freedom folks would be here monitoring! ha! Maybe I’ll just trash the CDs. Better?

    Actually, I want the old Kos/netroots writings preserved, because I think his eventual legacy will be very sad. Imagine, being remembered not only for hypocrisy, but as a left Barbara Olson

  114. I love when democrats beat up on each other can you all do it again I didn’t get a chance to see it all the first time.

  115. There was nothing Democratic or democratic about the netroots demonizing Hillary; they just used the GOP playbook. As I to told my Republican brother, the GOP has trashed Hillary for 16 years, and since we will likely end up with Obama as the President, they deserve a lot of the credit.

    BTW, he’s not too happy about Obama as President, and is beginning to have some real respect for Hillary. Not sure better late than never applies here.

  116. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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