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Monday: The Racism Backlash

I’m running a little late again and I suspect I have a meeting this morning at work. But in the 6 minutes I have, I would like to relate a little story about what happened here in my school district back in the 90’s. Note to teachers: this incident may be isolated and is in no way intended to disparage a whole generation of educators.

I ran for the school board (and won) back in the early 90s when I went to a curriculum goals team meeting and the only thing the curriculum supervisors wanted to talk about was teaching values. Call me fussy but I don’t think it is the role of the school to teach values. It is the role of the school to teach. Reading, writing, arithmetic, calculus, spanish, english, you know, stuff like that. And I preferred that they do it well. Not my school district. No, they were more interested in making flowery statements about how “Children are the messengers that we send into a future we will never see…” Seriously, that’s the opening line of our district goals. {{gag me}}

So, anyway, I ran and won. Then came Diversity Day 1996. Oh. My. God.

Diversity Day was set up by those same educators who thought it was a good idea to teach values. And in a way, it sounds like a great idea. All ethnicities, races and lifestyles are able to show students what they are all about in a non-threatening and safe environment. Cool and groovy. Except, there were some parents who were strict fundamentalists who kept their kids home on Diversity day because they didn’t like the Gay and Lesbian students who had their own kiosks. Hey, whatever you may think about whether this is right or not, the parents must *still* have the final word about this. I think they are wrong but they are still parents and Diversity Day is a non-academic school day. So, they kept their kids home.

No can do, said the administration. An absence on Diversity Day was to be recorded as an unexcused absence, even you were sick. So, everyone was forced to attend. To give parents some leeway, students got to choose which presentations they could attend. But once a section filled up, they got diverted into another one, involuntarily.

Which leads me to the AIDS activist. She was a poet from around here and she was quite, um, assertive? She started out her presentation with a recitation of the F word. She wanted everyone to get comfortable with it. Then she talked about masturbation and fantasies. One of the more interesting fantasies was if you could discuss your fantasies with your parents at the breakfast table (no I am not making this up). Then she said that everyone should take a good look at their vagina and if you didn’t have one, maybe you could borrow someone else’s. Then, to top it all off, as if that weren’t enough, she put a condom on a purple dildo – with her mouth.

What the principle and the curriculum supervisors didn’t realize s that there was a reporter from the local rag in the audience who took down every word of it and was so shocked she told the principle. The principle asked the AIDS activist to leave out the F word for the afternoon session.

When I got home from work, I immediately started getting phone calls from angry parents who couldn’t understand how I could let something like this happen (I didn’t know about it before hand) to reporters looking for a quote to take out of context (I learned my lesson that day).

The board meetings were normally held in the HS library but the throng that threatened to show up at the next one was so large that they shifted it to the HS Auditorium. I walked to my seat from the wings and HOLY HEMIOLA! The place was packed and there were klieg lights and national media and a fricking circus.

For 3 hours, I listened as parent after parent raked us over the coals. It was humiliating. But the worst thing was the stupid educators who got up to defend themselves because, after all, how else would students know how to protect themselves? They were just taking on the role that parents who were too timid to perform the task themselves. The demonstration was necessary.

I was speechless. The role of the educator was not to invite an amateur sexologist and public health specialist to a school to allow her to highjack a presentation and turn it into a national spectacle. The role of the educator is to have the health teachers perform these tasks in a professional way and TO MAKE SURE THE STUDENTS CAN READ THE GD CONDOM PACKAGE!

Backlash? Honey, you haven’t seen backlash until you see hundreds of angry parents who want your head. None of them thought they were so ignorant that they couldn’t talk to their children about sex. But the fact that educators sought to take this right away from them because they knew how to teach these values better just pissed them off to no end. These are well educated suburban parents and they mightily resented it when the principle et al implied they were ignorant, backwards, prudes who couldn’t understand kids these days. No, my droogs, that did not go over well. A lot of those parents became regulars at school board meetings.

So what is my point? I see a lot of the same kind of stuff going on with the election this year. You’ve got a lot of pretentious liberals who have interrupted the most important election of my lifetime and have decided to turn it into a teachable moment about race. This is a baaaaad idea. Because they have insulted the character of so many voters who do not see the election in racial terms. They think this election is about the future of our country and they are not pleased to be sidetracked by racism nor are they happy about being called racists by people who think they know better.

Backlash is coming, complete with Klieg lights and cameras.

208 Responses

  1. Beautifully written. This piece belongs in a book, not just in a blog. It ought to be read decades from now.

  2. I just read the first couple of signatures on the sop puma petition–they’re all PUMAS! I love it. btw we made it back from our adventure, and I’m back at the day job. I hope I can get some more stuff up tonight.

  3. The bizarre part of this election is the total cluelessness of the Democratic leadership, the media and the Obama campaign.

    It doesn’t occur to any ot them that wrongly accusing people of racism and insulting them in other ways is likely to piss them off, not win their loyalty.

    Then when we do get angry they just repeat the accusations and insults.

    “What are you ignorant racist bitches getting hysterical about?”


  4. “They think this election is about the future of our country”

    Yes — and they think false accusations of racism are a setback to the cause of diversity.

  5. Thank you RD. Every day I am more amazed at the cluelessness of the so-called “progressive” Democrats. You’re right. If something isn’t done before the convention to stop this runaway train, there will be an incredible backlash in November. I simply cannot see how Democrats are going to win the election by calling everyone who criticizes their candidate a racist.

  6. …teachable moment about race.. Perfect. I could not put my finger on it but you have it pat down.
    No, We won’t. We won’t be sidetracked. The irony is that perhaps, many of us are much more post-racial than of them wannabes.

  7. RD, wait until you see the obot who lectured me on race. you’re gonna love it.

  8. One of the many really horrible things that will come out of this corrupted Democratic Primary is that so many people who were not racists have been called racist. Now many of us pay little attention when someone is all upset about racism. They have used it as a political ploy and made it meaningless to many. That is truly sad and very bad.

  9. stevee BOY, we own our vote and it is up to us to decide where we will bestow it and why. We know it’s about the future of the country. And we don’t see Obama as being good for our country.

    And insulting voters isn’t much of a strategy either.

    This from Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix seems a ready made answer for all the Obamacrats that just cannot understand how any liberal could vote for that evil, terrible, crazy, Senator McCain. We may not agree with many of his stands on certain issues, but those of us that object to being continually bullshitted by the Democratic Party find his sometimes honesty refreshing. Obama flip-flops so much who the hell knows what he thinks.
    “Some members of the Democratic leadership . . . were willing, in secret, to go along with the Administration in expanding covert activities directed at Iran.”
    — Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker
    Give John McCain credit for publicly saying what Democrats apparently acknowledge only in private. The presumed GOP nominee unabashedly supports touch actions against Iran.

  10. They still don’t get it and they have the audacity to open their fucking mouth. (this is for the troll).

  11. Little stevie:

    Perhaps when you grow up you’ll understand, but it’s not about revenge.

    I’m not voting for McCain, but I’m not voting for Obama either. Obama will probably win my state, but he’ll also lose the election.

    Letting McCain win is the bitter medicine needed to purge the ills of the Democratic party.

    Another Conflucian said that McCain isn’t the lesser of two evils, Obama is the evil of two lessers.

    Now get dressed for school.

  12. voting mccain over that fraud in a heartbeat..

    I know what mccain stands for..

    the fraud?? who the H*ll knows?

  13. myiq, I was gonna tell you that school’s out for summer, but he probably does need to get ready, poor thing probably got sent to summer school. bless his heart.

  14. myiq, that is a great line: “Obama is the evil of two lessers”.

    I intend to steal it frequently.

  15. I grew up in a lovely Lake Michigan town that was an enclave for 60’s and 70’s liberals. To me, as a child, all of the parents of my friends and my own elders seemed to have common sense, morals, ethics, and to see what needed to be done to change THE BIG PICTURE. And their whole lifestyle was a sincere way to do their part in improving that “big picture.”

    These guys today are not interesed in improving “the big picture,” only on focusing on manufactured “problems” in order to throw false hissy fits to get their own way. Like spoiled children.

  16. Please we need to show strength in numbers, signed the pledge to NOT vote for Obama in the General Election we have over 4200 signature we know there’s many many more not voting Obama we ask that you take a minute and sign this petition to send to MSM and Howard Dean some real PUMA numbers. Thank You For Your Time

  17. I love starting the day with riverdaughter! As awful as that situation sounds, the paragraph about the AIDS activist’s “presentation” is hilarious. You can’t make this stuff up. It should be in a play or indy film.

    Now, I’m being lectured to by friends and family about being “reasonable” and not “emotional.” Apparently, voting on principle is not “practical.” The world is mad. They manipulate an election, force an illegitimate nominee on us, disrespect and insult our candidate and her supporters, and now, “C’mon, get over it and do the right thing–vote for the guy we forced on you because the other guy is going to get us all killed by attacking Iran, overturn Roe v. Wade, and destroy the planet and the economy!”

    When are they going to change the motto from “Hope & Change” to FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR?

  18. We wear our Hillary buttons wherever we go and are astonished with the number of people who notice and speak to us about their support of Hillary.

    Last week two Hispanic professional women told us that niether they or their extended families would vote AT ALL if Hillary were not the nominee. How will this affect the downticket?

  19. speaking of racism smears….

    The paper cited an anonymous Democratic source who provided the quote. That source also said Clinton is not making the primary effort to bridge the chasm between himself and Obama.

    “He’s saying he’s not going to reach out, that Obama has to come to him. One person told me that Bill said obama would have to quote, ‘kiss my ass,’ close quote, if he wants his support.

    “You can’t talk like that about Obama — he’s the nominee of your party, not some house boy you can order around.

    So the dem. party is still trying to imply that Bill thinks of Obama as a “house boy” (and we all know the word that REALLY goes where boy is). This kind of unsubstantiated BULLSHIT is one of the main reasons NOBODY should vote for this race-baiting ASS.



  20. well, you know what, Obama can KISS MY ASS too…

  21. Backlash — I’ve been concerned about this for some time now. There are wounds in this country which were slowly healing, but the bandages have been ripped off and the wounds are starting to fester again.

    Some of the people parroting the charges of “racist! racist!” are simply ignorant young people, who have no idea of the recent (ancient to them, of course) history of our country. But there are those who know better, and have a vested interest in stirring up that particular beehive. Calls for Unity ring hollow when those doing the calling are engaging in actions designed to divide. I don’t feel I have to look very hard to see who benefits by a divided, angry electorate. And those who will suffer are all around us.

    Unsubstantiated charges, repeated over and over, lose their sting. They eventually become a joke. Perhaps, in the long run, this will be a good thing but, in the meantime, there is likely to be some ugliness. Of course, those responsible for it will refuse to accept the responsibility, and will try to paint themselves as helpless victims who just tried to do good. But I won’t forget what they have done, and why, and for the crimes they are committing against our democracy, I will never forgive them.

  22. Downticket dems are so done-for. When will they realize? They have no DNC personnel, no money, no Big Dawg. What will they do?

    I’d start by sending Bill a bucket of hot wings in apology.

  23. Summer school? More like reform school.

    Little stevie is probably an honor student.

    “Yes, your honor. No, your honor.”

  24. Okay guys, again thank you for your thoughtful words the other day. We are meeting with the forces that be this afternoon to find out if this thing with my son is for real. Been walking around in a daze since receiving the information and reading everything I can on “stop loss”.

    The other thing is looking at everything that has happened and saying, does this change my thoughts on voting? Obama says he will bring them home, but I don’t trust him to not make matters worse. SO as crazy as it sounds, maybe McCain will take better care of my son since, he knows what it’s like.

    Any thoughts?

  25. There are about 4.5 Million asses Obama can kiss.

    Pucker up, Barky.

  26. That Telegraph piece still has me steamed.

    Anonymous sources in DC and NY telling somebody something that Bill supposedly said, all of it calculated to alienate Dems from Bill.

  27. I go completely nuts when I hear how Bill Clinton is not doing enough for Mr. No Nothing.

    Bill Clinton does not owe Obama one single word of support when his legacy has been smeared and tarnished, his wife has been belittled and demeaned, his daughter has been ridiculed, and he saw his former friends and loyalists jump ship in support of this empty suit.

    It is Obama who should be prostrating himself and if he is so sure of victory in November, what possible difference could it make if Bill is out there beating the drum or if the PUMAs jump onboard? Seems a little disengenuous to me.

  28. Sorry clicked “submit” too soon!

    These Hipanic women would not vote for BO for many of the same reasons we won’t. However BO and his campaign labeling the Clintons as racists made their blood boil.

    A black active duty soldier solid Hillary supporter, talked with us about racism being used in the campaign.

    Although he is not an Obama supporter he fears bringing to the forefront the issue of racism may endanger Obama’s life because “all the crazies will come out now”.

    I feel like banging my head on the wall because of the stupidity of the democratic power brokers and Dean/Donna/Daschle/Kerry. Frankly they are too inept to operate the goverment especially with an “anything you want dear” democoratic congress..

  29. It sounds like the idiots at the school district failed to print out parental consent forms. Anything that would be deemed controversial needs to have parental consent, especially if there is anything having to do with gay issues. That and excused absences should have been allowed would have solved the problem.

    Of course your piece was really about identity politics and this election. This election has been an absolute mirror image of the 1972 debacle, only there is no illegality involved in the selection of the Democratic nominee. There doesn’t have to be anyway; the GOP controls the media, and the nutroots goes on its merry way swallowing the propaganda.

    Hopefully the nutroots and their ilk will be purged from the party after Obama is wiped out in the election.

  30. kim:

    one of my best friend’s brother is a marine, I think he did have a stop loss as well.. had 3 tours in Iraq

    she and her parents were pretty mad..

    she, like I , are pretty liberal democrats (or at least used to be)…

    we got to talking about politics, and we both said we can’t trust that fraud.. and frankly she said she would vote mccain.. why?

    You may or may not know, John Mccain’s son is a marine in Iraq

    she said to me;
    “I’ll vote Mccain, I will put my fate in the judgement of a man who has his own flesh and blood on the frontlines of a war”..

    so.. my thought is.. the fraud has no freaking clue what he is doing.. and that makes him EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!

    Mccain has experience, and more importantly, him being in a war, and being a POW, I know he loves this country and will do what is best for our troops and our beloved country..

    Mccain over BO in a heartbeat!

  31. gary: If I did not say it before, you and Mawm did a wonderful job of reporting. I know the blog was alive with congratulations but I cannot remember if I posted my thanks as well. You guys did great!

  32. Thank you ssmith. Those were my thoughts as well. I want Hillary, I can trust her. This has become so much more personal now. It isn’t like my vote will count anyway, I am in SC and SC always goes Republican anyway. But I have to go with my conscience and I just think that Barky is so inexperienced he may make things worse. Plus, he has flip flopped so many times.

    I am so scared right now.

  33. Gary,

    I’m glad you guys made it home in one piece. I hope you have been able to catch up on your sleep a little bit.

    I’m guessing the anonymous source in that Telegraph article about Bill Clinton is the lovely and talented Bill Richardson. He used to work in the Clinton administration and he’s a high ranking Democrat. Got to be him. What a sleaze ball.

  34. But hey…parental involvement increased. So it’s all good. 😉

  35. Over at Balloon Juice John Cole said:

    Over the weekend it was “Obama can kiss my ass,” today we are breathlessly told they will meet within 48 hours.

    I couldn’t resist responding:

    Sounds like the Senator from Illinois accepted the offer.

  36. Kim:

    you’re welcome.. yep the fraud is VERY dangerous..
    but please vote… every vote counts.. and every dem that votes mccain is like 2 votes against the dem. party.

    he says we’ll withdraw,, and then if it gets bad we will put troops back.. WHAT THE H*LL??
    I have lots of friends in he military, they are freaking scared of this inexperienced moron getting into office.. the army is already so thinnly strechted.. and the fraud has no loyalty to anyone BUT himself! He doesn’t care about the troops.. did you see the veteran’s pac Tv ad??

    then BO says: “Iran is a small country, not a threat” , then the next day he says “OH no.. Iran is a Huge threat”…

    If hillary is NOT the nominee in august.. this american will do everything possible to make sure mccain gets elected..my country deserves someone whose word and intention I can trust.

  37. I think it’s unlikely to be Bill Richardson, because I doubt he and Bill Clinton have spoken much recently.

    My belief is that the quotes come from people who are, to put it politely, fabricating them, based on what they think BC is saying, or would like him to say — because they want to force a separation between the Democratic party and its only two term president.

  38. Kim,

    I’m still not giving up on Hillary until the votes are counted in August.

    I’m glad you are talking to some people and gathering information. My sense it that you probably need to come up with some hardship or disability issue if you want to get your son out of it. For example, is he need to provide support to any minor children or elderly people? Could he “develop” a back injury or some other disability?

    They are even stop lossing people who already have injuries from Iraq, so I don’t know how effective this would be. During the Vietnam war, my cousin got out by getting a doctor to write a letter certifying that he was gay. He later moved to Sweden and he still lives there. Being gay was a sure out in those days, and lots of guys used it. People even faked mental illness to get out in those days.

    The other option is for him to just not report. I’ve heard of people doing that and not being contacted for a long time. Of course when your son does that, he would face the possibility of prosecution and jail, so it has to be his decision. If it were my son, I would be tempted to support him in not reporting. It’s better to be alive and in some trouble than the alternative.

  39. (Applause for RD’s excellent post)

    For a while I wasn’t really outraged about being called a racist. Then lately, it occurred to me that I have a lifetime membership to the NAACP, and have visited many places important in the life of Dr. MLK Jr.

    I’m simply not a racist. I don’t owe these people any explanations or apologies. They’ve hijacked my Party and I want it back.

    Until I see the rear of the likes of Donna Brazile, I’m going to think tough love is the only way to reach these people. Capitulating to their ridiculous insults and demands certainly hasn’t worked so far.

    GO PUMA!!

  40. Plural,

    I have no doubt that Bill Richardson would fabricate quotes, since he did so already. The article said they talked to Bill’s “friends.” No friend would do this, unless Bill wanted Obama to know what he really thinks. Truthfully, I hope that Bill did have someone plant this. I say more power to him!

  41. I feel certain that the Clinton story was written in Chicago and the former employee is the nasty snake in the grass Rahm Emanuel.

  42. myiq2xu,


  43. We Need Everybody Aboard On This Petition
    Pledge to vote against Obama in the General Election. Strength is in numbers we MUST show Howard Dean and The MSM PUMA voices will be heard. Please take a minute an sign this petition pass it around add it to your blogs. This is a call to arms.

  44. My assumption is that the Telegraph story is a fabrication, meant to drive a wedge between Bill and Hillary, and between Bill and the Democratic party.

    Dee, your theory makes a lot of sense.

  45. WARNING !!!! Due to the doubling of the number of democrats who are going to vote. Not voting, or writing in Hillary’s name will be the same as not counting. But, a vote for McCain will count as TWO, One against Obama, and one not for Obama. It’s the only way to change the DNC.

  46. I loved this riverdaughter. Political rhetoric is good and necessary, but the personal story, well, it can do things a simple manifesto simple can’t. Beautifully written, and thank you for sharing.

    I have been thinking about the underlying dynamic of this for several days. The insulting way political junkie liberals have of talking to and about the opposition. I have to say, I’ve been guilty at times myself, even though I started out my political journey as a working class populist in 1990. I somehow lost that center during the growing onslaught these past 18 years. I have heard in the PUMA movement an appeal to that value, and it draws me like a siren’s call back to my roots. You’ve been a big part of that. Thank you.

  47. They can call me anything they want to. The one thing that I have “gotten over” is being outraged at being called a racist.

    I own my vote. I will vote for who I want to vote for for whatever reason best suits my conscience. Anyone that doesn’t like that; can just get over it.

  48. Isn’t it odd that no one is putting it on Hillary to get in contact with Bill? Normally, every move is on her. Is she unwilling or unable to make the connection between BO and BC? Has anyone commented on that in the MSM?

  49. Gary,

    re: Bill Clinton. I think he’s a PUMA!

  50. I started reading Hillary’s book yesterday at the pool. I really thought that I knew her biography, but I did not. Her early life is really incredible. When people say that she has gotten to where she is because of Bill, it gets me really mad. I love Bill, but I think that Hillary would have been President earlier if she had not married him. It makes me feel so sad that she will not be our President (until 2012).

  51. This election has totally changed the way I look at the race issue. I understand that when you keep people down they will eventually rise up. We used Hispanics in this country and Hispanics will take their place at the top of the ladder. The same with AAs.

    But the view from Obama’s church is not the way to attain a goal. He was told he was a victim and he has played that card over and over in this election. Even after he won he claimed the media was going to try to scare people by saying he’s black. After the Wright issue he said he should have remembered he wouldn’t be treated “as a conventional candidate.”

    He’s set race relations back. And if he loses I feel he will think it’s simply because he’s black. He could have and should have played like Tiger Woods and won like Tiger Woods.

  52. Honora, me and my mom say the same thing. I think his time might’ve been her time. She was so accomplished and remains so. She’s a phenomenal woman of her own right. She was doing great things before him and independent of him. If anyone is qualified for the Presidency she is.

  53. Gossip, tabloid news coming from england, may, just may have a residue of truth.

  54. Obama is not worthy to kiss my ass.

  55. good lord, riverdaughter,

    …. 6 minutes?

    you must type with both hands and feet!

  56. tle, on June 30th, 2008 at 9:53 am Said:
    Unsubstantiated charges, repeated over and over, lose their sting. They eventually become a joke.

    I’ve simply stopped caring. It’s become “oh, ho-hum, one more charge of racism, wow that’s new.” It has come off like some rigid and ideological “no one may criticize the Dear Leader of the party and if they do, they will be accused of thoughtcrime.”

    For me, the Obama campaign and fans have taken away the zing of the racism accusation. They should have held out for the general. It would have served them better then. Oh well — ho hum.

  57. I copied your last paragraph and sent it to my superdelegates.

    So what is my point? I see a lot of the same kind of stuff going on with the election this year. You’ve got a lot of pretentious liberals who have interrupted the most important election of my lifetime and have decided to turn it into a teachable moment about race. This is a baaaaad idea. Because they have insulted the character of so many voters who do not see the election in racial terms. They think this election is about the future of our country and they are not pleased to be sidetracked by racism nor are they happy about being called racists by people who think they know better.

    Backlash is coming, complete with Klieg lights and cameras.

  58. I just posted a comment on the Petition site that we are not Republicans swiftboating Obama.

    I jsut got an EM from the person running it claiming she had to stop the propaganda that we are dems. She says we are republican swiftboaters.

    I told her she was truly laughable and should check and recheck her information.

    BTW, I am holding my son’s papers, this is real.

  59. Obama is about to lecture us on Patriotism? In Independence!! I should have gone. Why didn’t they announce this?

    I”m just 10 miles away….

  60. Great story, now I’ve read it all, and yeas, I do believe the parallell to our situation now is uncanny, and just silly, now when there are so many problems like climate change that are way beyond “teachable moments” in urgency level…

    I think the lesson I finally learned in this primary was

    ” reporters looking for a quote to take out of context (I learned my lesson that day).”

    Kudos to you in taking back your school board back then and wising up sooner.

  61. Yes! I felt the exact same thing when my son was in school. They wanted to teach him values, and I was left to teach him academics! They just assigned lots of homework to cover everything they were not teaching during the school day. I would have home schooled if I had not had to support my household. (I did grad work in education, am certified, etc. – left teaching because I could not go along with the program.)

    I think it is probably true that many of us who are PUMA, who will not vote for Obama, are more post-racial (whatever that means), more liberated, than the Obamabots. They get a twofer – all you have to do is cast a vote and you can feel self righteous! AND you get to rebel at the same time!!!!

    There are different kinds of elitists – social, economic cultural, intellectual. We are dealing with ‘intellectual’ elitists, who seem to think that they know better than anyone. They are certified to believe this! About the only good thing about my having an ivy degree and advanced education is that these people cannot try to hold that over me.

    I’ll never forget a ‘liberal’ teacher I had in high school (very long time ago) who said that if we did not agree with her, we were not liberal! And here I had thought that liberal meant open-minded!

    I was really – really – turned off by the ‘bitter’ comment – and the ‘racist’ label. And, our family is bi-racial.

    Obama seems to be condescending to just about everyone on earth. His followers get to be condescending by riding his coattails.

    By the way, my educated Mother taught me that education was about expanding my mind. When my son was in school, they told students and parents, over and over, that it was about making more money, getting ahead. How is that for values? And here I thought that living a life with integrity was important.

  62. Best line? “A lot of those parents became regulars at school board meetings”. No gray cloud without silver lining, is there? Same thing here. People getting up off their asses and FINALLY getting involved because they realized that in their absence, some lunatics were taking over the asylum.

  63. Spelling police in an otherwise great diary: principal for school principal; principle for a value.

    I’ve used the “teachable moment about race” very effectively in political arguments. Whenever I say that to someone who is tempted to vote for Obama, they nod in disgust, realizing that our elections have become a farce.

  64. I take it we’ve already heard about BO’s coming speech on his patriotism? Yes, it is indeed time for another “Great Speech.”

    Oh, and enjoy this lovely Op-Ed: Is This All There Is?. We aren’t the only ones that miss Hillary.


    The whole dreary enterprise was rescued momentarily last Friday when Obama and Clinton appeared together in Unity, N.H. Suddenly it was the Indian summer of the primary season. There they were on the same stage, as they had been more than 20 times before.
    She said that this time it’s different, but it wasn’t. As she gave the opening speech you felt that at any moment she might respond to the crowd and re-declare her candidacy. The contrast between his lanky, Jimmy Stewart-like reserve and her unabashed blond ambition was as arresting as ever. The words were healing, but the atmosphere was electric. It was thrilling, and I found myself asking, When’s the next primary?

  65. Next up BO lectures us on sexism in….

    LoveLadies, New Jersey!!


    (sorry couldn’t help it)

    Another homerun RD!!

  66. My assumption is that the Telegraph story is a fabrication, meant to drive a wedge between Bill and Hillary, and between Bill and the Democratic party.

    Likely.. I can’t believe the despicable quote in the story who claims s/he heard it from “a friend” and who accuses Bill of treating Obama like a “house boy.” That is just so offensive. The story is a THIRD hand account, hearsay of hearsay, from an unnamed source who is clearly hostile to the Clintons. Unbelievable. And what’s worse I heard it talked about on Russ Parr’s show this morning, he was saying it sure didn’t sit well with him (to be fair a female cohost had her doubts it was true). But now obviously this rumor is making the rounds. It is just so offensive that a Democrat would put this out there in a tabloid to race bait and smear Bill Clinton.

  67. Corbett just posted this on WILK website.

    Rendell Chases His Tail

    Steve Corbett Reporting

    Monday, June 30, 2008

    Gov. Ed Rendell ain’t nothing but a HOUND dog, crying all the time.

    But he ain’t never caught a PUMA and he ain’t no friend of mine.

    Until now, I’ve had a good relationship with Rendell. But I’m with the PUMAs on this one.

    Over the weekend, in response to PUMA, the leader of the pack of more than 100 anti-Barack Obama websites and coalitions, Rendell started his own group. The official Pennsylvania Democratic Party website now includes a call to join this group called HOUND that’s designed to “show the nation that the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is united.”

    As smart as Rendell and his pound are, they’re chasing their tails on this one.

    What PUMA (Party Unity My A…) is to free political thought, HOUND (Hillary Obama United Not Divided) is to taking orders.

    And sit, roll over and play dead are not in the PUMA vocabulary.

    The Democratic Party is not obedience school. Many party members, particularly Pennsylvanians, still value independence. Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher would understand.

    Since state lawmakers are in the midst of hammering out a contentious state budget, you’d think that Rendell would have more important matters on his mind. But he made a dramatic showing of writing a HOUND credo and presenting it to the press. This declaration of disingenuous puppy relations isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. To make matters worse, he insults PUMA members, who are mostly women.

    “While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive,” Rendell writes.

    PUMA membership is actually brilliant.

    As much as Hillary Rodham Clinton did for the movement, PUMA is about more than a single person. The heart and soul of the Democratic Party rides on the outcome of the August national convention and the November election. PUMA wants drastic changes in party rules and behavior.

    PUMA members will vote their conscience, even if that means voting for Republican nominee John McCain, writing in Hillary’s name, voting for a third party candidate, or not voting at all.

    Remember, it’s not over until the PUMA growls.

    Rendell would have been better off leaving bad enough alone.

    But he has now focused the nation’s attention on the Commonwealth. Once again, as we did in the weeks leading up to the April 22 primary, we will show the world that Democrats here are not as easily led as the party bosses want the world to believe.

    Pennsylvania is still Hillary country. Northeastern Pennsylvania is still Hillary country. Scranton, where Hillary’s Rodham roots run deep, is particularly still Hillary country.

    That’s why PUMA represents such a threat to Rendell, who is bucking for a cabinet position in the Obama administration, should he become the official nominee and beat McCain.

    If Obama gets pounded in Pennsylvania the way he did during the primary, Rendell can say so long to a secretary’s job.

    My guess is that Obama buddy and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey already lost his prestige in the campaign. White working-class voters laughed at his attempts to act like one of them and secure their votes for Obama in the primary. The blue-collar crowd is still laughing at Casey’s lace-curtain collar and elitist pedigree.

    If Casey is a HOUND, he’s a snooty Afghan. And since some real liberals worry that Obama and Casey will get us deeper into the war in Afghanistan, that’s not something to bark about.

    Rendell has made a bad mistake.

    Today I’m interested in hearing from PUMAs, particularly Pennsylvania PUMAs, when I go on the air at 3. I plan to invite Rendell and state Democratic Party Chairman T.J. Rooney to explain their concerns about PUMA. Maybe the woman known as River Daughter, a powerful PUMA originally from Pittsburgh who runs a powerful online forum, will call as well.

    Pennsylvania is PUMA country. Even Penn State, my alma mater, presents to the world its wild Nittany Lion mascot, which is really a super puma. And, “Nice kitty, here kitty, kitty” will get you blitzed real quick.

    Apparently you can’t teach an old dog new tricks in the Democratic Party dog and pony show.

    PUMAs want a new show.

    I’m all for giving it to them.

  68. Riverdaughter, pitch perfect analogy. Brilliant, and so true.

    Katiebird and I have a few of the “pretentious liberals” among our sibs. Over the weekend, I received a smug e-mail from one of my sibling Obots. She had forwarded a letter from one of her fauxgressive buddies that was expressing hand-wringing resignation over Obama’s FISA reversal. The basic point was that “there was nothing they could do” regarding the fact that Obama was tacking rightward. Also that it’s what he had to do to get elected.

    I answered by quoting Gomer Pyle: “soo-prize, soo-prize, soo-prize!” , and a sharp dialogue ensued.
    Katiebird and I both offered up solid fact-based points regarding the PUMA movement, but it is so sad that even my own sibs are so off the deep-end. You could hear her shrieking though email.

    I’m convinced more than ever that these “pretentious libs” are just the laziest of thinkers, and poisenously judgemental. And I have to say that about three of my own sibs!!!

  69. That smear of Bill Clinton is a Murdoch fabrication – first published abroad – in his Telegraph UK rag – then, not surprisingly
    by Faux. They don’t want to let go that easily the CDS is still
    raging. It’s an entire piece full of unsourced made up quotes
    that they are now trying to make true through repetition.

    As for the backlash after racism – your example, RD is partly applicable.
    What the Boys of Brazile did was more than flaunt their mandatory
    “Diversity Day” It was beyond clueless and innapropriate, it was
    arrogant and punitive. It’s the accusing entire states of racism that will earn them a backlash – bigger than the one you experienced.
    They are continuing to hold the racism sword above our heads
    making more and more enemies.
    In the end, only the most rabid koolaid drinkers will stand it-
    because it makes then feel better than other people.
    I read once on a board that used to be progressive before Obama:
    “they were not real B0 supporters anyway. they were only in it
    to get street creds that they were not racist”

  70. Thank you RD,
    Great article! I hope the DNC understands why they will lose, but I doubt it. I am so tired of being called a racist because I cannot vote for the presumptive nominee. As far as the discussion about Pres. Clinton, I hope the article is correct, regardless of how it got published. Big Dawg does not have to support any who has called him a racist. He must be a PUMA at heart. It should be the O folks making nice but I don’t think they have enough humility to do so.

  71. d.g. You are so right! I read your comment with the opening lines of that REO Speedwagon song running through my head. “Heard from a friend, who heard it from a fiend, who, heard it from another you been messing ar-ou-ound.” Thanks a lot. 😀

  72. All over that article too was “Bill should just get over it, already!!!” (shriek). oh please.

    did like the “kiss my ass” part

  73. “I’m convinced more than ever that these “pretentious libs” are just the laziest of thinkers, and poisenously judgemental. And I have to say that about three of my own sibs!!!”

    Darn tootin’, Joanie! You nailed it. In that regard they are completely similar to Republicans.

    Thanks for the tip on Corbett’s HOUND statement, Scranton. That was fantastic.

  74. scranton, great piece. Thanks.

  75. Hi, riverdaughter, I hope this is somewhat on topic.

    I’ve been lurking for a while, because, like many people here, I feel disenfranchised by the entire election process so far. So I’ve been following PUMA with great interest, and would consider myself a supporter, if not a member.

    Now, how I understand PUMA, centers around the idea that one’s personal vote cannot be taken for granted, especially after the individual has been roundly insulted by an organization. I personally think I’m not going to vote this fall, should the candidates fail to address my concern, especially the rampant misogyny that has been let loose rhetorically in this election cycle – although how they may I’m not sure. The use of sexist language in aiding Obama’s campaign was met with silence, basically, to aid voter demonization of a female candidate. Now that Obama needs the feminist vote, suddenly sexism is addressed. Well, isn’t that convenient? So I don’t think he’ll be able to address this in any meaningful way, nor will McCain, since his actions (voting record) are hardly in his favor. So, for me, PUMA is a protest movement, and this does not mean a vote for McCain necessarily. I think because PUMA is a very loose affiliation of people extremely unhappy about the way in which organizations (DNC, Republicans, corporations, etc.) are pushing a “get on board or you’re evil” talking point. For someone who respects individual thinking, this is really scary, no matter whether I agree with the message or not. And the way in which misogyny was so easily released into a consuming mass frightened me, to be honest.

    However, I do want to say that I think how messages of racism are perceived needs to handled very carefully. For me, I completely respect the sensitivity over the issue, especially for AA individuals. But I also think the problem is the way in which the label of “racist” is being used rhetorically to demonize blocks of (assumed, imaginary) people the same problematic process as the sexist rhetoric.

    But primarily, I’m wondering how people perceive PUMA (I think it’s funny, the way the Obama blogs are trying to shill us out of existence or seeing Republican conspiracy everywhere, as if protest movements could only be one or the other). I’d be interested in knowing other peoples’ opinions on what PUMA means to them, so maybe we could start getting a better understanding of its shape.

  76. Everyone knows that Bill Clinton will have to “get over it”
    and he will eventually come out and endorse Obama. He has to for the party.

    But the good news is–

    I don’t and I won’t.

  77. Damn, all you guys are soooooo good. I love this blog.

  78. bostonboomer, on June 30th, 2008 at 10:22 am Said:

    I’m guessing the anonymous source in that Telegraph article about Bill Clinton is the lovely and talented Bill Richardson

    or Patti Solis Doyle or Dick Morris or Joe Klein or DeeDee Myers

    yeah, true friends!

  79. OMG! There is so much you can uncover if you just know how to look. Take that Telegraph article. I just googled the American correspondent’s name and uncovered, in less than five minutes, that he’s a plagiarists (http://tinyurl.com/4m5amt) and possibly a Scientologist, the ultimate credibility buster (http://tinyurl.com/4v3os2). Wow.

  80. How better to hide your misogyny that to cloak it in a stand against racism? The fact remains that the cheating deprived a woman of delegates based on the votes she actually received and awarded delegates to a man based on votes he didn’t receive. There’s the bigotry big as all Texas.

    We wouldn’t tolerate that vote rigging against an African American – we’d go bonkers in the Democratic party.

  81. Okay, I need to vent.

    I’m really tired of the liberal elite who live in segregated communities and live pretty much segregated lives (talking about our congresspersons:-) telling me what I should be doing, how to feel, and what to think.

    These people are so removed from the real world. Their the ones who must have guilt because I don’t.

    Everday, in my world, I interact and work with people who are different from me. It’s what makes us know each other as people.

    I think our congressional representatives could learn a lot if they actually interacted with real people.

  82. Obama is doing a speech today about patriotism and another later in the week about faith. Is this the way he is going to conduct his campaign? doing speeches?

    McCain had asked for town hall meetings but Obama likes to gives speeches better. no troublesome questions from the audience.

  83. Obama’s for Equal Pay, Yet Pays Female Staffers Less Than Males

    CNSNews.com) – While Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has vowed to make pay equity for women a top priority if elected president, an analysis of his Senate staff shows that women are outnumbered and out-paid by men.

    That is in contrast to Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s Senate office, where women, for the most part, out-rank and are paid more than men.

  84. I have to defend ED Rendell. He does agree with us. And said it’s unfair and a rotten mess. But, where he goes wrong is when he says, They will fix it ………..NEXT TIME. —— Sorry, that’s to late.

  85. Oh, my God! I guess that Lecturer job went to his head.

    First he lectures us about race, now patriotism, and then faith. What’s left?

    He and his wife of so judgmental!

  86. Count us out:

    I’m faxing a copy of that link about equal pay to DNC.

  87. They think this election is about the future of our country and they are not pleased to be sidetracked by racism nor are they happy about being called racists by people who think they know better. Backlash is coming, complete with Klieg lights and cameras.

    Super pos rd! Thank you! Love that about just teach them to READ ok??

    Because of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s amazing Spring 08 run, we are now in the fed up stage on this waaay sooner than we would have been if she dropped out in Feb. Hill’s run gave us many gifts and this one of them . Without that her amazing dash, we would be at this fed up point in perhaps year two of a BO term. It’s is so vital it’s come sooner

    Thank you HRC!

  88. Bonita,

    So true! I was just walking the neighborhood last night. I live in Magnolia in Seattle, which is a wildly affluent and virtually all-white community (changing some). I was deliberatly seeking out the houses of the Demos I had known from elections past. Obama signs everywhere!

    Head scratching. I know these people aren’t stupid, but lazy, smug and DEFENSIVE! Ughh.

    I am on my campaign to promote PUMA here, and am directing people to the national links. What I noticed on our PUMA links is that one mesage (to me) doesn’t seem loud enough: that we CAN LEVERAGE OUR NUMBERS TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME IN AUGUST. I think we need to be louder on that main point. It is not enough to say that we are not going to support OBama-ever. We have to get everyone to believe that, united, our power can indeed change this outcome.

    Its not the time for any kind of resignation, and that includes thinking for a secong that BO has to be our nominee—not yet!

  89. In case anyone has missed this gem:


    “Barack Obama may recruit defence chief Robert Gates

    In defiance of traditional party labels, Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, may ask the defence secretary of President George W Bush to stay on if he wins the White House.”

    Change you can believe in.

    I think what bothers me most right now (though check me in five minutes, it might be something else) is how the vain, lying, hypocritical kewl Blogger Boyz used that “Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton” shriek.

  90. I stopped by (as I always do) “for just a minute”. But I’ve been here reading the comments to this incredible post for nearly 25 minutes and need to get to work before I get fired.

    I love the “teachable moment about race”, and the early comment by myiq, “Obama is the evil of two lessers”.

    I probably won’t be back for the day, but I am soooo glad I stopped by this morning!

    Oh, drat, there was another comment about siblings that I wanted to comment on…but I ca’t find it again.

    My 3 sibs are making excuses for BHO that are equal to “It’s. OK. If. You. Are. Obama.”


  91. speaking of obama on patriotism, did anybody see the lates cover of Rolling Stone? It is incredibly awful…is he demurring (sp?) or just looking down his nose at us? Also, notice the prominent flag pin…maybe he’s looking down his nose at that, symbolically looking down at all of us with condescension and derision. Anybody have any thoughts. Here’s a link to the cover…

  92. I was willing to cut Ed Rendell some slack until I got to the part that said:

    “While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.”

    You don’t make friends and inspire “unity” when you tell the people you are trying to woo that you are smarter and more perceptive. But then someone that was smarter and more perceptive would know that.

  93. Rolling Stone cover: It’s all about Him.

  94. alice, on June 30th, 2008 at 12:11 pm Said:
    In case anyone has missed this gem:


    “Barack Obama may recruit defence chief Robert Gates

    That is interesting because what no one has been discussing is, how willing would the military be in seeing BO as CIC?? Not very I’m thinking . So to ease that, sure why not keep Gates? As BO says we don’t need the people, we just need the checks .

  95. Good morning!

    Riverdaughter, this post is perfect for me this morning. I just had a conversation with a friend whose relative lives in an Ohio town that went HEAVILY for Hillary. He said that his relative said that Obama would have to do A LOT of campaigning here to win people, but that there was also a lot of racism in this area. My first instinct was basically to recoil and say shut up, stop blaming everything on racism. Maybe there is racism in that town, I have no way of knowing, but my first reaction was just stop assuming everyone is a racist. That is exactly what happens when you call people racists over and over again. After having been called a racist myself so many times (I am a minority and I have most often been called racist by people who are white…go figure), I have become totally desensitized to the fact that it really does still exist in certain places.

    On another note, I am watching the news for the first time in FOREVER, and I was just struck by how dumb some of these reporters and commentators are. On MSNBC, they were talking about how Obama needs to take this trip abroad to shore up his national security credentials. And while everyone on the panel seemed to agree that he HAS to do this because he IS lacking experience, they kept saying that the photos from this trip would fix his problem. He is lacking EXPERIENCE, but PHOTOS will fix the problem? Umm…okay. Talk about smoke and mirrors.

    And Count Us Out, that article is interesting. I posted it over at TM for Linfar, specifically, because I was so taken aback by her claims that Obama would be a “champion” for women’s rights…based on…well…nothing. She just said it as though it was fact…while I expect this from people who have been Obama cultists form day one, it just seemed ridiculous coming from someone who spent so much time writing about the empty suit that Obama really is throughout the primaries. Not saying that McCain is better on women’s issues than Obama because of this, I just don’t think we should be so quick to demonize him on the basis of Roe v. Wade.

  96. that is not surprising about Obama’s senate staff. he also has mainly men as the top people in his campaign.

  97. […] morning, but I found something making the rounds today that absolutely MUST get more attention. H/T Count Us Out via the Confluence. The article is Obama Pays Female Staffers Less Than Males. It’s a […]

  98. I received an email about Hillary’s name on the ballot in Denver. If the
    Obama campaign keeps her name off the ballot and doesn’t allow
    a first vote, the Democratic Party as reinvented by the DNC is
    dead to me. The fact that the media is selling Obama makes me
    very suspect as well. Why did Wall St. and Soros give him so much
    money to buy the super delegates?

    “Historically, what has happened at the Democratic Conventions is:
    In the last 10 Democratic Conventions (1968-2004) one was uncontested (Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-nomination). Of the remaining nine – even though the ultimate nominee in every case had a clear majority of delegates well before the Convention – in SEVEN of the nine, the names of the other contenders were placed in nomination and voted on at the Convention. The only times this didn’t happen were in 2000 and 2004 (although in 2004 Rep. Kucinich still received some votes on the roll call).

    This year we need to make it known that we want Hillary’s name to be placed in nomination. We believe that if this does not happen it will disenfranchise a great many Hillary supporters that we need in order to take back the White House in November.

    It is my understanding that this will be decided between Hillary and Obama’s campaigns. We do not know what is happening behind the scenes but we do know that we are united in our belief that 18 million people voted for Hillary, that hers was an historic campaign, that her delegate votes need to be counted for the record, and therefore her name should be placed in nomination. Hillary delegates want to do what they were elected to do and vote for Hillary on the first roll call vote.”

    Here is how you can help:
    Call, mail and/or email Obama’s campaign
    Mailing Address:
    Obama for America
    P.O. Box 8102
    Chicago, IL 60680
    Phone Campaign HQ: 866-675-2008

    Call, mail and/or email Hillary’s campaign
    Mailing Address:
    Hillary Clinton for President
    4420 North Fairfax Drive
    Arlington, VA 22203
    Phone Campaign HQ: 703-469-2008
    Fax: 703-962-8600

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  100. Blah, and now Obama is blathering on about patriotism…we needed a speech to tell us how to think about race, now patriotism, I hear he has two more scheduled…I hate being lectured about how I should think about something. Why doesn’t he just tell me what he is going to do instead?

  101. And, of course, he is wearing the flag pin he said he didn’t need (surrounded by many American flags, of course, just in case you forgot which country we are in)

  102. What’s interesting about the Telegraph story is that no one is actually saying that Bill called Obama a houseboy. Bill supposedly just said Kiss My Ass, no big deal. The other person said Bill can’t treat him like a houseboy. But Bill still gets tinged with racism instead of just pissed-off politician. That’s a really neat, dirty trick.

    Yeh, it’s worthy of Murdoch, who not only has CDS, but may still be afraid that Obama hasn’t clinched the nomination yet.

  103. The Rolling Stone cover is his faux modest look. Aw shucks.

    He’s an effing megalomaniac, but he likes to pretend.

  104. Okay, I’ve only read a few responses so far, but first of all, good morning!”
    Now, while I agree that race has played and will continue to play a central role in this election, I’ m not sure that we’ve really put our fingers on the essence of the problem.
    This is not about race or racism, it’s about the SYBOLISM of race.
    Somebody thought the way to win and make a point at the same time was to run a black man on the anniversary of MLK’S speech and RFK’s assassination.
    “See how far we’ve come? Don’t we look good?”
    Forget qualifications and stuff like that, this is a shoe-in, a no brainer.
    This is a can’t lose election year for Dems, let’s kick it up a notch.
    The fact that they’re promoting tokenism, not equality is lost on these folks.
    That’s the biggest insult as far as I’m concerned.

  105. Wow, great points josgirl. Excellent points, really.

  106. josgirl: yeah, look how far we’ve come – 18 million DEMOCRATS are racists, by their count.

  107. But who is it we’re trying to impress?

  108. It’s not over till the puma PURRS.

  109. CB,

    Thank you!!

  110. Now [12:15 pm], we’re going to get a lesson in patriotism from the Great One in Missouri. This should be good since the Obama supporters now have Wesley Clark dissing John McCain’s war experience. I’m very disappointed in Clark’s statement. The one thing I can say about McCain is that he’s an honorable man, whose sacrifice to the Nation is irrefutable. Apparently not for Obama supporters.

    This is going to be a very ugly election.

    But now Obama says [heard it with my own ears] he will “never” question anyone’s patriotism, nor will he allow his own be questioned [big applause]. Of course, we all remember the flag pin snafu and the awkward response to questions over it. But then, at the AIPAC conference, Obama felt comfortable enough to wear a “double” flag pin: US and Israel.

    And okay, Barack Obama has just said dissent is “not” unpatriotic. So, I guess all PUMAS have passed a loyalty threshold. And patriotism starts as a “gut” feeling–that’s pretty vague. Now we’re getting family stories, grams reading the little Barack the Declaration of Independence.

    This speech is loaded with cliche and stock July 4th rhetoric. Exceptionalism vs. imperfection. A Mark Twain quote gets a standing ovation and then we’re back to dissent, “a true measure of patriotism.” Sacrifice is mentioned and at least Obama has now indirectly acknowledged Clark’s slight–questioning McCain’s sacrifice.

    Obama is having a tennis match moment–head swinging back and forth on the teleprompters.

    You know, I’ve just realized that BO’s public speaking talents are not rooted in the words; it’s in the pacing, the cadence of his voice. It’s all about style but this head weaving today is very distracting.

    Anyway, that’s my I-report :–)


  111. The DNC chose to have the nomination speech on the anniversary of MLK, Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech, not the anniversary of a woman’s right to vote several days before.

    The merger of the DNC (and move) from D.C. to Chicago (where the spacious offices had been secured months before–any influence peddling there?) had already been planned. The move took place a few days after Hillary was forced to suspend her nomination. The super delegates had already been bought by Obama’s special interests.

    Whichever way Hillary turned, the DNC blocked her. They did not expect her to be such a good candidate, nor not to get the hint that this was no longer the Democratic Party of her youth. it was the re-invented Dean version in which the DNC called the shots and had an empty suit to fill to meet their specifications.

    Pelosi’s compliance was paramount. Her switching between support for the candidate with the most votes to the one with the most delegates was transparent. Donna Brazile swore on TV that she’d leave the DNC if the supers decided the nomination. Well, the supers did. When are you resigning, Ms. Brazile. Is your word not golden?

  112. The Dems and Reps both seem to be trying to take a dive in this election.
    Will whoever loses be the real “winner?”

  113. I had to change the channel – I don not need to be lectured by BO.
    I agree with JJ. It’s so obvious that BO hasn’t a clue. Speeches but no town halls, where he would have to answer questions of the top of his head. He just does not have the experience to answer policy questions or give details. He continues to give vague speeches with “symbolic meaning”. I’m still holding on to the dream that the most qualified, Hillary, will win it at the convention. After many, many,many years of marriage, my Husband registered and voted in this primary ( 1st time ever voting) because he believed that Hillary was the first candidate worthy of his vote. I mean the man now believes that our system is a farce. He says, daily, “I’don’t understand she won the popular vote, she’s the most qualified, she’s the best and brightest person we have to get this country back on track.” I keep telling him to keep the faith, it’s not over yet!

  114. Here’s a bit of what I sent to my Obot sib (with a challenge):

    “In the end, it all boils down to core beliefs. If i understand it properly, your core belief is that obama is inherently good. even though his stated positions may vary and he may be directly appealing to the right, you are confident in what he truly believes. That he will in the end represent your progressive values. I also may be misinterpreting, but I think you must also believe that Hillary’s stated progressive beliefs, even though she has been unwavering in them , are inherently false and that she can’t be a trustworthy person.

    If you have CURRENT evidence that Hillary is taking tactics of appealing to conservatives and adopting conservative positions with her policies, please present them to me. I would really need to know! Remember that candidates evolve, and that Edwards is a good example. So please don’t quote Bill’s actions (she is not her husband) or out of date material on Hillary.”

    No doubt, there will be a shrieking response in return. Very hard to defend emtional and not fact-based decisions.

  115. Mick, I don’t need to be told what to do by a bunch of filthy rich white male shits, thanks. Obama’s skin color isn’t even a factor in my decision.

  116. A friend’s sister who was an actress (trained at Julliard) and then a minister said that she didn’t need to have a preacher in the White House. She studied the same kind of techniques that Mr. Obama has down pat from twenty years of watching Rev. Wright dance around and pull the crowd in.

    Elmer Gantry in the White House? Not needed.

    Also, the average I.Q. might start to get a bit offended at always be lectured at. Especially from a man with Mr. Oama’s affiliations.

    Is Patrick Fitzgerald going to get the boot? No more investigation into the influence- peddling scandals of both parties in the State of Illinois. Now that the DNC has merged with Chicago, I wonder. Is Mr. Rezko stewing in jail or waiting for his pardon?

  117. casey, I had to change the channel, his patriotism speech is beyond ridiculous. My eyes started to hurt from all the rolling so I flipped.

    How ridiculous. The DNC has selected a symbol and it shows in his entire campaign. Unity speeches in Unity, NH, Patriotism speeches in Independence, MO, where will the faith speech be? A town called Christian? Disgusting and way over the top. I like a meat and potatoes kind of candidate who tells me what she will do for me, not a candidate who tells me how I should think about everything under the sun.

  118. “BO’s public speaking talents are not rooted in the words; it’s in the pacing, the cadence of his voice. ”

    Just another American Idol.

  119. Been lurking, feel like I cannot breathe, but most of you know, my son has been “stop-lossed”.

    So, forgive me, BO, for I do not need a lecture on damn patriotism from you or anyone else. My son will show his F&*king patriotism and go to a war zone with a country who did not do a god damn thing to us. You take your skinny ass over there in his place and then call me.

    I want to cry right now, but I can’t.

  120. McCain is doing a press conference. He can actually answer questions.

  121. Kim, my heart goes out to you.

  122. Kim, I am so sorry for what is happening to you and to your son. I cannot even imagine what a difficult time this must be for your family.

    Any plans in the works to see if anything can be done? Have you checked out some of the military blogs to see if they have any ideas?

  123. nor will he allow his own be questioned

    that’s what scares me about him, his lack of tolerence for dissent…

  124. {{{Kim}}} I’m so sorry.

  125. Don’t think I can take much more of his “speechifying”. When he really lost me was when he pointed to his mother reading him the opening lines of the constitution when he was a little boy.

    I remember my kids getting excited when I read Curious George and Little House on the Prairie to them. But the constitution? What universe does he live in and does he think we are all that shallow enough to continue to buy into his bullsh*t?

    If I have to live with this crapola for the next 4 years I am throwing my tv out the door. Out of respect for my bloodpressure.

  126. Oh Kim!

    I wish I was there with you!

  127. Bullshit they won’t impugn McCain’s patriotism or his military service.

    They screamed bloddy fucking murder at the way the Republicans lanced Max Cleland’s war service and implied that he wasnt’ patriotic, and that man left three limbs behind when he came home. Now, they’ll do the same thing to this man who chose to stay in prison rather than go home without the other people there with him. And they’ll cackle and slap themselves on the back for their cleverness.

    It’s all just so disgusting — we had this chance this year to finally point to the Republicans, expose them for what they were, evil and corrupt. This was the year they could tell people, “All of you who thought there was no difference between us and the Republcians in 2000? LOOK HOW WRONG YOU WERE!”

    And they bent over backwards to ensure that yes, there really IS no difference now. The Republicans stole one state? We’ll steal two. The Republicans impugn Bill Clinton’s presidency and legacy? We’ll do worse. The Republicans slander a military veteran who went through godawful hell while serving? We’ll do the same to one of theirs.

    There really IS no difference. There really, really is — I can vote for John McCain with a completely clear conscience with that knowledge in hand. And if Amanda fucking Marcotte and the rest of the lipgloss fembots think that that, plus my touchy, hysterical dislike for being called a cunt-faced whore by a bunch of 20-something male Obamabots with violent tendencies makes me a Republican male, then so be it. I guess wanting fair elections and fair treatment for the rest of the world who wears my genitals makes me a conservative now.

  128. Kim: I am symbolically holding your hand.

  129. Kim, I’m so sorry — stop-loss is so fucking evil. God damn it, these are soldiers, not indentured slaves. 😦

  130. Thank you all, my son is going to be okay. I have to believe that.

    I have called IVAW. He hasn’t been active in three years. But because he is so close to release date, they won’t retrain him for more than 25 days, or he will be over his date. This is insane. I am finally crying, now, it feels good.

  131. jonas8, on June 30th, 2008 at 11:54 am Said:
    Obama is doing a speech today about patriotism and another later in the week about faith. Is this the way he is going to conduct his campaign? doing speeches?

    It’s that teleprompter, jonas8. He reads and the media goes wild with praise – both speeches will be greater than Lincoln’s. We’ll hear about them for weeks. Maureen will wet her pants, Matthew’s leg will give him fits.

  132. Kim, my heart goes out to you too. Sorry you are going throuh this.
    JJ- you make me laugh, saying what I was thinking.

    Gay- Thanks again for your trip. I agree BO’s inability to accept dissent is very scary.

  133. Thats when I knew I could vote for McCain. When I realized that I could bear to see him on the newspapers and hear his voice, and couldn’t bear to see Obama.

    And with you, Janis. That smug a-hole talking about patriotism, implying his own courage next to John McCain.

    There will be a landslide agianst BO.
    What Pat said,
    ” …remember my kids getting excited when I read Curious George and Little House on the Prairie to them. But the constitution? What universe does he live in and does he think we are all that shallow enough to continue to buy into his bullsh*t? ”

    says it all.

  134. Bush has given us speeches for 7+ years now, to no effect — in fact, negative effect.

    And the media wants more of it.

  135. Obama Snubs the DLC

    The Slow Death of the DLC

    By Taegan Goddard | June 30, 2008 9:28 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)
    The centrist Democratic Leadership Council holds its national meeting in Chicago — just a block away from Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters. However, Obama will not attend.

    Even though the Illinois senator has moved to the center on so many issues in recent weeks, he’s not willing to incur the wrath of liberal Democrats by speaking at the convention of the group described by many as “Republican-lite.”

    With none of the Democratic presidential candidates in attendance at last year’s meeting either, it’s fair to say the DLC has officially lost its mojo.

  136. Excellent post, RD. You’re right – this should never have been an election about racism. It should have been about the repudiation of George Bush, the neocons, and their policies.

  137. “How ridiculous. The DNC has selected a symbol and it shows in his entire campaign. Unity speeches in Unity, NH, Patriotism speeches in Independence, MO, where will the faith speech be? A town called Christian? ”

    HA HA –sharp!

  138. Wes Clark must need to take a bath in his defense of Obama over McCain’s military service. How do you go so easily about putting your own values aside to defend someone with absolutely no experience to speak of, let alone military?

    This guy is so unready, so unqualified and so lacking in any sense of service right down to community, that to act as a surrogate means you lack the same principles.

    Apparently in this campaign it is acceptable to say and to anything, no matter how egregious or downright fallacious, in order to win. Before they speak they should all be subjected to lie detectors.

  139. “turn it into a teachable moment about race” sums up the righteous attitude of the Obama fans better than anything else I have heard. Indeed the “call anyone who disagrees racist/remove from our company any racist so identified” is a direct result of that mind set.

    I don’t believe “unity” is possible with this crowd.

  140. I’m thinking about a new viral e-mail tactic. Why not give the people that we know that are Republicans the best of our choice bits about Obama to circulate?

    Why not assist the machine in getting the word out about Obama now? It would help sink opinion polls, which is key to overturning the “Presumptious” nominee before August.

  141. Me thinks Wes Clark has intentionally thrown himself off the short list. That seems to be happening a lot. When refusal fails, gaffe.

  142. Steve Corbett on PA’s WILK talk radio wants PUMAs to call, expecially PA PUMAs.


    Anyone PUMAs from PA here? Corbett’s show is on from 3-7PM EST.

  143. How bout a speech in Hell, Michigan about what he is going to turn our country into?

  144. Pat Johnson, and Clark wasted his breath defending Obama. The Obama campaign threw him under the bus very quickly (surprise, surprise) saying that Clark is not a surrogate, not a part of the campaign, and they disagree with what he said…in any case, I thought it was a dumb tactic on Clark’s part. He opened up the question of what makes one qualified to be President. Then comes the question, if not military service, then what counts as a qualification? Community organizing? Part time professoring? Part time state senate work in which you accomplish zero? Creates a real problem for Obama.

  145. regencyg, you think so? I thought Wes Clark sounded sincere saying it, and in a way I agree with him, military service alone does not qualify you, but it certainly counts as a credential.

  146. Ooooh.. that’s kind of exciting. It says my post at 1:05 is awaiting moderation. Kind of exciting in a Roo sort of way. So I’m just posting again to see if that “awaiting” message comes up again.
    Just wondering if my computer is being a little funny today. Couldn’t get it working right on another site.

    Since I’m taking up space anyway, I just thought I’d share an actual racist occurrence because people
    (Obama people) don’t seem to know what those are.

    I was watching some stupid reality show (so you think you can dance?- Maybe?) and this young AA woman
    (African American, not 12 stepper) who obviously had training in ballet did her performance and this woman on the panel of judges (I don’t know what race she was because she was kind of L.A. orange) said,”you’re black. you should be able to hip-hop dance.” And this awful judge turned to the other judges
    (white and black) and they all agreed. And the poor young woman just looked deflated. Classy, ‘eh?

    1. Please discuss Barack Obama’s bona fides to become Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. (please write a minimum of three paragraphs for full credit)
    2. Please discuss John McCain’s bona fides to become Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. (please write a minimum of three paragraphs for full credit)
    Which would you pick? Hands down . . .I’d pick Question #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. steveeboy, yeah, but at least he’s not Obama.

  149. Dear Sen. Obama:

    Please do not bother to waste your breath explaining your religious beliefs to me. I could care less. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, or if you choose to worship “stop signs” as a measure of your faith makes absolutely no difference to me whatsoever.

    Mixing religion and politics in the public square is wrong. Every religion boasts of exclusion, excommunication, the promise of hell, if one does not abide by its dictates. I want no part of that nor do I wish to have my elected officials falling all over themselves trying to prove how much better they are as a result of their beliefs. Most of the time they fall very short.

    Think of the office of president as one who oversees, with the aid of two other branches of government, the budget allowances collected from taxes as the job that needs attention. How to allocate the money purposely and fairly to ensure our safety and well being. What you do on Sunday morning has zero effect on me.

    Get off your highhorse. Personally, what you did not do in Chicago with your low income constituents speaks volumes about you. “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, thus you do unto Me”. Remember that? You did not. Therefore, whatever lecture you have saved up for your next star appearance will have no meaning.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  150. Mods–Can we put Steveeboy in the permanent spam filter? Thanks.

  151. “Obama described how as he grew up, his patriotism matured to something that “would survive my growing awareness of our nation’s imperfections: its ongoing racial strife; the perversion of our political system that were laid bare during the Watergate hearings; the wrenching poverty of the Mississippi Delta and the hills of Appalachia.””

    Obrutha on patriotism. This stands out…
    “…the perversion of our political system;””
    Well, no freakin’ kidding! The perversion of our political system to which Oblah man is a current benefactor.
    Gimme a break.

    GO PUMA!

  152. We have treated Obama, completely unfairly. He should be treated, just like any other American. And come November or maybe sooner. Be crushed and his remains be laughed at just like any other unqualified politician.

  153. Frankly, not Obama is becoming the best possible qualification for the Presidency.

  154. Is little stevie cutting class again?

    stevie: We understand that politicians use stagecraft. But symbolism doesn’t compensate for a complete lack of substance.

    Your candidate is all hat, no cattle.

    Now get back in class and try to learn something.

  155. grayslady:

    little stevie serves a useful function. He reminds us of the inane and puerile nature of Obamanation.

    Sometimes we start thinking that obots are mature and serious people, and then one of them shows up and proves us wrong.

  156. Steveeboy is a drop out. He did that for patriotic purposes. Helping Obama win over disgruntled voters like ourselves by bouncing in, unannounced and uninvited, to slather us with his wisdom and intelligent thoughts. As a result, I am won over!

  157. Steveeboy: Children should be seen and not heard. Go to your room and play with your obot transformers.

  158. Steveeboys favorite transformers are the decepticons

  159. dropping by again.
    Kim, I am so sorry about your son’s stop-loss.

    I hope IVAW is helpful.

    {{{hugs to you}}}

  160. Leslie-Thank you, my son will come home in a year and a half in one piece. He has to, he is my only son.

  161. Kim,
    Yes, I have only one son as well. I know the feeling.

    (I don’t suppose it matters how many sons and daughters we have, does it? I’d feel the same way for my daughters as well.)

  162. Steveeboys is likely out for summer vacation.
    Isn’t there summer school where you live, stevee?

    I think that with NCLB, there’s still room for you this summer.

  163. Kim, so sorry to hear about your son. Keep believing he will come home. {{{{KIM}}}}

    God, how I hate, loathe and despise every damn politician that allowed this useless, pointless, senseless war to happen so that a few rich bastards could get richer and we could try to steal another country’s oil.

  164. Thank you Kenosha

  165. I saw Clark on Morning Joe (I think it was Morning Joe) and he was dissing McCain’s leadership/command experience. Clark claimed what makes Obama qualified to be POTUS is his “good judgement”. That’s righ, his good judgement! HA! HA! HA!

    We’ve all witnessed how good Obambi’s judgement is… He makes good judgements until he flip/flops and makes and “even better” judgements; Wright, NAFTA, FISA, public campaign financing…. the list should be nearly endless by November.

    Seriously though, West Clark has been a 4-star disappointment. Too bad, I used to respect him.

  166. I shall never vote for Obama. One thing I cannot stand about him is his racism! It was really eye-opening to hear that there are several churches that preach this AA liberation stuff. I cannot imagine attending a white church and hearing them teach that hate-mongering against black people. I believe my head would start spinning like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist We have black friends that are so sweet and caring that I know how they would feel about those people.

    I really cannot bring myself to vote for McCain either. His recent stand against a bill that would give returning veterans money for an education stunk! He was afraid it would keep them from re-upping and they were still needed too much. As if their first service in that horrible occupation was not enough of a sacrifice!

    I would prefer voting for Nader; however, I am afraid that would split the vote enough to give Obama the election. So far, I will just sit out this election. My down-ticket votes have never made a dent in the outcome — still have McCaul, Bailey-Hutcheson, Gov.Perry, etc. – blah, blah and more blah.

    If you cannot get the correct delegates seated, it will not matter if her name is nominated, or not. I have read that some delegates are being replaced, I have read that Texas is being challenged because the primary vote was much larger for Hillary, and, yet, it seems we have more Obama delegates. Why in the world would the caucus earn more votes, than the primary?! This whole election is screwed up and most UN-democratic. It is going to take a great deal of effort to even get it fixed before the 2012 election.

  167. Yep, steeevie, McCain said a horrible thing about Chelsea. And you know what he did? He apologized immediately, privately to the Clintons and in public. He admitted he’d done wrong and took responsibility.

    When’s BamBam going to do the same for the homophobia and misogyny that have pervaded his campaign? When’s he going to yank the leashes of little bots like you and tell you to mind your manners?

  168. katiebird wrote:
    Obama is about to lecture us on Patriotism? In Independence!! I should have gone. Why didn’t they announce this?
    First Unity, then Independence. Wake me up when he speaks in Intercourse, PA.

  169. The only state primary to give Obama less that 50 % of the African American vote was Massachesetts, with 37 % voting for him. I think it was a simple case of race-bating backlash. Back 30 years ago we elected the first black US Senator, Ed Brooke (whom, by the way I voted for, after much soul-searching, not because he was black, but because he was Republican – a Liberal Republican!). And we currently have a black governor, so for us to be told that if we didn’t vote for the big “O” we were racist, is kind of ridiculous. And maybe the backlash was that Hillary won the state by a large margin, even with the top three Dems in the state endorsing Obama.

  170. wow, riverdaughter, you NAILED it.

  171. To the Democratic Party we are still the “rascal majority”. However, they have underestimated us. We are not sheep and we will not follow. We know what is right and we are not racist because we do not support Obama. We are on the front line of democracy and I am so proud to be with all of you.

  172. Sigh, IF it’s true the content actually says that Bill Clinton has not fallen over himself volunteering to help Obama. He’s waiting for a request. This sounds to me like a reasonable expectation for a former president. He doesn’t work for the party. He has no obligations. If they want a favor, asking is the first step.

    If I were him I’d want more than a polite request, but that would be a starting place.

    Either way, neither Clinton can unite the party behind Obama. Neither can anyone else other than Obama. If anyone else does it, the party is not united behind Obama. He either leads or he isn’t the leader.

    Me, I’m waiting to see if he can lead.

  173. loved the part about the “sexologist”. currently our school district is all into teaching “character” which is something I thought is “modeled” not “taught”. they also want to get rid of health and PE. Health teachers are rarely thought of as “professionals” who can and should be entrusted with many of the topics that require building a “relationship” with students, for example sexuality. Well, “sex” ed is what’s covered, not “sexuality” in any meaningful way. Which, of course, leads to “sexologists” and “experts” in the media being the ones teaching your kids.
    And really, I’m also waiting to see if Obama can lead. So far all he seems to be able to do is blow in the wind as it fits his advantage.

  174. This bit that Bill Clinton, the first 2-term Democratic Prez in 30 damn years, is expected to say “pretty please,” let me help you and your campaign reeks of unbelievable arrogance.

    You might think the roles were reversed: Obama was the former president and Bill Clinton the hopeless candidate.

    Maybe Obama’s next speech should be on simple respect. I think he’s starting to buy into his own PR: I am the One.

    It’s frigging ridiculous!


  175. RD, superb analogy, –

    “So what is my point? I see a lot of the same kind of stuff going on with the election this year. You’ve got a lot of pretentious liberals who have interrupted the most important election of my lifetime and have decided to turn it into a teachable moment about race. This is a baaaaad idea. Because they have insulted the character of so many voters who do not see the election in racial terms. They think this election is about the future of our country and they are not pleased to be sidetracked by racism nor are they happy about being called racists by people who think they know better.”

    As, I suppose, many others, at the start of what ended up being a crazy beyond salvation race, I began to look at BO with huge hope. Who knew, if the delivery of his actions matched his magnificently delivered words, then maybe the non-entirely-committal-to-anything-whatsoever “change” thingy could mean…something!

    Well, then going into BO’s list of political accomplishments (as I would do with any other, to me by then, totally unknown candidate) trying to find solid substance over on cue delivered but mushy rhetoric;
    and then finding a lot more than I’d expected about whom BO’s long time friends and/or associates were (thanks, Chicago newspapers, bloggers, kin folks, and friends!);
    and then finding that his religious mentor of nearly 20 years was not only as loony as a crazy loon but also racist as hell,
    and everything else that came up during the primaries (though not precisely on time so, who knows how many voters are now feeling buyer’s remorse…),
    I then started matching BO’s not-to-be-found-anywhere-on-earth list of real (not imagined) accomplishments against Hillary’s strong (and well-documented, not conveniently “lost”) long list of them and the choice was clear. Yep, substance over rhetoric won hands down!

    In the mean time what never occurred to me was the impossible: that by doing what I think is absolutely AOK when faced with the important job of whom to chose to lead this country (and most importantly, during a very difficult time) my not thinking that BO was all that he and his followers were trying to portray was going to make me into a racist.

    A label that could not be further from the truth, and my actions—not flourishing perfectly delivered (though conveniently borrowed?) rhetoric—speak loudly enough to me to allow me to think without doubt that too many of the insult hurlers are an ugly bunch of racist themselves and don’t deserve my even getting upset over anything that they want to spew.

    So, I’ve found inner peace with my choice of candidate—Hillary—not because she’s a woman, not because she’s white, and not because she’s actually a far better speaker than BO could ever “hope” to be (being in possession of a bunch of substance does wonders), but because I’m totally convinced that she’s the best candidate for the difficult job ahead.

    Go PUMAS!

    P.S. Kim, keep faith and God bless. My super dad is a retired mil man.

  176. educonfidential, what it winds up doing is leaving the sexual education of our kids to “Girls Gone Wild” and “The Man Show.” And don’t forget whatever’s the latest “erotic” cop thriller movie about serial killers stalking and murdering blond prostitutes.

    THAT’S what our society teaches as sex. Dead hot chicks and pornbots.

  177. Oh, and I forgot about the Obama Girl.

    Meanwhile, there’s Hillary earnestly telling us about the Paycheck Fairness Act while today’s glitter-eyeshadow-feminists vote for the empty suit.

    After all, what post-feminist woman wants to vote on unsexy downer stuff like equal pay? That’s, like so 1970s.

  178. In his speech Obama said, “…wrenching poverty and the hills of Appalachia.” You know, those poor raci@ts who won’t vote for me.

    Wonder why he doesn’t mention the poverty of his Chicago? And I wonder if this is just a prelude to the federal subsidy to private contractors for low-income housing that he will fund if he’s elected? We have enough problems in Appalachia, we sure as hell don’t need him and his Chicago hooligans.

  179. How about a speech in Boring, Maryland?

    You all could make a very funny Google map out of all this. 🙂

  180. BO can kiss my lily white a**, and take his patriotism speech and shove in where the sun don’t shine.

    Clark, is a devoted supporter of Hillary, remember their private meeting when she returned to the senate? I think he deliberately sabatoged BO, the same way Wright and Pfleiger have.

    Why else would he have said such a dumb thing? I don’t believe for a minute that he meant any of those things he said about McCain, it just caused alot of sympathy for McCain and pointed out that BO has never served in the military. Clark has nothing to lose, he was never going to be considered for the VP slot because he makes BO look inadequte.

  181. BREAKING ON CNN…..Seems Obama lied about his abortion vote…this is the vote that would protect the life of a baby that survives an abortion. He voted for it NOT TO PASS. The Obama camp is already spinning it, but they said that when the media digs further it will look even worse for Obama. As usual he is trying to use date to confuse people…but they have his record….

  182. RD – right on girl! I stopped reading blogs for a while – my righteous indignation will not tolerate any walkin’ back – I am so glad I get to read your blog! Lots of familar names here who had stayed true and it is so heartening!

    What the DNC has wrought will not stand!

    PUMA * The Denver Group member

    Wooo HOOo!!

  183. “The role of the educator is to have the health teachers perform these tasks in a professional way and TO MAKE SURE THE STUDENTS CAN READ THE GD CONDOM PACKAGE!”

    I love that line; great writeup!

    As for the race issue, the true racists are the ones that think it’s even an issue (on both sides). For me, cutting Obama any additional slack or giving him any additional grief because of his skin tone are two side of the same racist coin. The guy’s a bumbling, inexperienced, classical Chicago politician who is pretty liberal. Being a nice guy who uses a teleprompter well just isn’t enough.

  184. kim, i know this is so hard for you. we are glad you are here with us.

  185. the only good thing i see from this is that obama and his campaign have become so surreal that when this is over, no one is going to want any part of that again.

  186. […] Monday: The Racism Backlash I’m running a little late again and I suspect I have a meeting this morning at work. But in the 6 minutes I have, […] […]

  187. LOL!
    ““Children are the messengers that we send into a future we will never see…” Seriously, that’s the opening line of our district goals. ”

    That’s sooo similar to the mission statement of my school district! They must have learned at an administrators conference! I didn’t know it was nationwide! Of course, those mission statements only last until the next administrators conference and/or next superintendent.

    I think Corbett’s “Operation Turn Down” is proof that the backlash has already started.

  188. There is a lot of talk about not voting in Nov. But, here is how that works, the people who vote decided who is the president, the rest just sit and whine.

  189. Brilliant!

  190. When all this is said and done, it won’t be that Clinton supporters are any less the civil rights activists that they have been all along. It will be that the people who didn’t think racism existed before, will definitely think it doesn’t exist after. Obama, his supporters, his staff and the media have totally watered down real racism and made it trivial and meaningless. To all the young privelaged White kids that fill up the blogs and call HRC supporters racists, this Black Mother is asking you to keep your mouth shut and stop making it worse for the Black Community. Every time I hear a story about some young White kid calling an older White woman a racist because she supports HRC, I cringe. Voting for Obama doesn’t make you “Black friendly”. However, you ceasing your baseless attacks of racism toward Clinton and her supporters is a good start.

  191. Can you ask Hillary who is the best person to hire for the job of commander-in-chief now? Obama or McCain.
    Let us know Okay?
    She can stop stumping for the one who only has a speech.

  192. Thank you for a beautifully written piece explaining the simple truth. Since May 31, that day that will live in infamy, I have been trying to make sense of why the Democratic Party would shoot itself in the head to steal the nomination in the light of day – in front of the entire world to promote a pretty-boy rock star junior senator with no resume, no record of excellence, no years of dedicated public service, no demonstrated ability to deliver any of the imitated, watered down policies that he says he feels passionate about.

    Why in God’s name would the party that stood up for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law in the face right wing fascism for all of these years knowingly divide the party in the moment of historic unity and throw the core membership (18 million strong) along with its best, brightest,, and most electable candidate under a bus and then rub her face in the dirt along with her two-term president husband. For what? To promote a coalition of wild-eyed group of left-wing extremists, racists, 1st election idealists, and a bunch of raucous thugs who cannot name one meaningful accomplishment of their candidate.

    Why was the DNC so willing to throw its credibility into the sewer by suspending the vote and wishes of over 2 million US Citizens in Michigan and Florida to install a grossly, fundamentally inferior and incapable candidate as the Democratic nominee? A teachable moment about race?

    The irony? This deadly, irrational, and irresponsible act could very well set back race relations for decades. The entire world saw democracy at its worst and most corrupt in one afternoon. And the extreme liberal left can take all of the credit. So sad.

  193. Lou,
    Maybe you didn’t get the message. We don’t need to ask Hillary. It’s not about Hillary.
    We Can Think For Ourselves!

  194. Thank you Bergie. It’s all about equality. Racism is superiority of one class to another.

  195. I meant superiortiy to a race..

  196. Hi to you PUMAS,
    You are great to read an and support Hillary!I guess I assume you all write and call the Demo party about the roll call and the lack of an answer from OB at the fundraising event with Hillary in Va., when asked about this and he said he basicly doesn’t know what the party is going to do.HE can’t seem to make a statement of fact or fiction straight out!Of course we know he will sabatoge that! I call almost everyday to the Dems and write ,hoping if they follow the OB plan if we say it enough they will beleive it..I tell them that if she doesn’t then I don’t vote for OB.
    I read Kerry had him make the opening speech for the Dem . convention in 20004 and with all the DNC acting like Reps. I think they has this all planned and thought they would cut Hillary down easily but she and we proved them wrong!
    I am new to this but have you all heard that Bucaus woman {I beleive it was cnn or msm , they are the same}that speaks for OB says that the Clintons have to realise that its not the clinton’s party anymore ,That it is the OBAMA party now……she said it with a straight face!
    Also I think its weds. that CNN is going to play a program about “what it is like being black in america”The propaganda goes on.

  197. I found it!
    All of the ten Democratic National Conventions from 1968 through 2004 selected a nominee on the first ballot. In every one of the ten elections, it was known before the roll call commenced that the would be nominee had a clear majority of the delegates – in all cases by a substantial margin.

    Nevertheless, in only two instances was the putative nominee the only one voted on in the roll call of states: in 1996 when President Clinton was running for re-election and in 2000 when Vice President Gore was the nominee. (In 2004 although the candidates other than Kerry had released their delegates, some delegates still cast votes for Kucinich in the roll call of states.)

    The bottom line is that in seven of the last ten conventions – although the putative nominee already had a clear majority of delegates – the other contenders for the nomination were still voted on in the roll call of states. (Emphasis added)

    The more I look at this whole roll call thing, the less it makes sense that Obama could even talk of things still being under negotiation. He’s not our nominee yet folks. Not even close.

    Hillary came out of the primary season with a win in the popular vote count. She’s won the key swing states and has the support among the Democratic base – women, Latinos and the folks who’ve traditionally counted on our party to stand up for them – blue collar workers.

    Neither she nor Obama can win with just pledged delegates alone and yet we’re seeing large parts of the DNC being moved to Chicago and merged with Obama’s campaign.

    Nothing is official until there’s a vote at the convention in August and yet here we have one candidate amassing power and talking as if he’s going to keep the other candidate off the ballot.

    Without that vote NOTHING matters. We don’t have a nominee until the delegates – pledged and super – tell us their preference by voting. And the only vote that’ll matter is one where they actually get a choice between Hillary and Obama.

    Dean and Obama need to issue a joint statement guaranteeing that Hillary’s name will be put into nomination and an open and honest roll call vote will be taken at our convention. Anything less – or any further delay in issuing that guarantee will further erode any chance of bringing those reluctant fundraisers AND millions of Hillary’s supporters on board.

    And they can kiss any chance at party unity goodbye.

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    More on Fundraisers

  198. How come they are teaching little kids about things parents should teach them, RD?

    It seems –? A little wrong to me, especially the sexologist part, and strange.

    My best friend was telling me something like this about her kids and school — and the curriculum. She ended up home schooling them? Well, obviously the school system needs to reform itself. How about if we transform it back to the 70’s — when kids got to be innocent! How totally weird about the condom thing, no? WEIRD!

    How old were the kids in question?

    Geez! If I had kids and knew that was going to happen, I would have kept them home too…

    Shouldn’t some subjects be saved till high school? Like 11th grade or so? And, I don’t know if a demo like that one? Also, what is that new vaccine they keep advertising for teen girls called Gardesil? What the hell is that?

    be well have fun on vacay!

  199. I’m with RD; excellent post. Excellent.

    Kim, I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I hope things work out. My ex-husband was in the Army and I know all about stop-loss; it sucks rocks. I personally think that all those politicos that know nothing about it should be put out in the middle of the Mojave Desert naked. Maybe then they’d start wondering how tough it is for soldiers. (Without decent armor for their vehicles, they might as well be naked.)

    Thomas 4 Clinton, I am with you all the way. I don’t get this and never will; further, I don’t understand why Mrs. Clinton and especially President Clinton don’t both tell Obama to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I see the current Democratic Party as irreparably and irretrievably broken; Mrs. Clinton must see a way to repair it, or she’d not be out doing the “dog and pony show” with Obama. (Btw, that wasn’t intended as cruelty toward animals. Since we’re now living in an ultra-PC world.)

    My personal goals right now?

    1) Pay down Mrs. Clinton’s debt, so she has more options, including perhaps running as an Independent. We need her desperately; if the Dems are too stupid or too self-centered or self-righteous or are intent on their “racial teaching moment” or whatever, we need to give her some other way to run and have a credible shot at winning.

    2) Get Nancy Pelosi out of office, now. We have a decent shot there because Cindy Sheehan has actually garnered some decent SF endorsements and many people in SF are annoyed with Pelosi. (Most SF residents realize that Obama is nothing but lip service when it comes to GLBT rights. I used to live there, still have a few friends there, etc. Definitely know the mood.)

    3) Get Howard Dean to step down as DNC Chair. Letting the DNC move to Chicago was the last straw, as if we needed any more after the so-called MI and FL “Compromise” aka _debacle_ of May 31, 2008. (The day the Democratic Party left me behind.)

    That’s where I’m at.

    PUMA and

  200. I think you are right on target. I sure hope the Democrats who have given us nothing but loss after loss gets lost after this election. They are really bad at the bigger picture – they win small battle after small battle but when the war is over they lose miserably in the end.

    I’m voting fot McCain as an Anti-Obama vote and your post spells it out correctly – I’m not interested in the people who stole this process for Obama. NOT in the least, will I reward the ObamaRATS.

  201. Anee, on June 30th, 2008 at 5:07 pm Said:

    Obama runs best when he’s a great big fat victim!

    Capital V on top of that mans head. It’s great that American Democrats are not buying his VICTIMNESS and will not fall in line or call people racists for him.

    I was personally called a racist by a woman I don’t even know in a massage clinic because I wore my Hillary shirt that day. I don’t go there anymore because then the massage therapist that I liked baited me the next week with how he hated his sister in law becuase she was lazy – I thought how weird and didn’t say anything and then he said she was black. I didn’t buy into his little game because first of all I don’t agree with other people or give them love because they think someone is lazy. Then to tell me she was black just beat the cake. I don’t go there because they are weird, racist and voting for Obama.

  202. OMG, that AIDS educator wouldn’t happen to’ve been named Suzi Landolphi, would she? What you describe sounds very similar to the “Hot, Sexy and Safer” show she put on for my school in 1992. Three “kids” parents sued the school system because of it. But you know what? It’s because they were prudes. They used their kids, trying to say that the kids felt “sexually harassed”, but since I knew these kids personally, I knew for a fact that they were only pissed because it was a mandatory “assembly” that we all had to attend/couldn’t leave (and if we skipped it or left we’d be in trouble). So the kids went home and whined to their parents about not being able to leave, but once the parents found out what the assembly was about, they got a huge bug up their asses.

    But lemme tell you, that show was one of the most informative and entertaining AIDS information shows ever. She didn’t speak down to us, she talked the way we ALL talked. I have to admit that I wore my ACT UP pin to the assembly and she gave me lots of positive attention (and I went up and shook her hand after the show). P.S. This is before ACT UP went batshit. ACT UP in 1992 was still all about the information re: killing off the rumors about AIDS/HIV, well before ACT UP went off the deep end against HIV drugs and stuff.


  203. HA, I found their court case online! Yeah, Jason Mesiti and Shannon Silva weren’t exactly wilting flowers, particularly Jason.


    So glad they tossed that crap out of court.

  204. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

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    Gretchen Glasscock,

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