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Happy PUMA 1-month Birthday!

PUMA stare

It’s me, SM!  My very first post!  WordPress wouldn’t let me have a two-lettered username, so sm77 will be my “name” when I post.





Wow! Our little cub of dissent has grown into a fear-inducing beast of majestic proportions, to the point that anti-PUMA sites are cropping up lately (see Governor Ed Rendell’s H.O.U.N.D.)  Anti-PUMA articles fill up with comments, brimming with conspiracy and rat-f&ckery such as the latest new rumor “PUMAs are Republicans.” Or that PUMAs are, as Riverdaughter quotes a certain orange-tinged blogger, “shrieking bands of paranoid holdouts.” 

Here at the Confluence, we all witnessed our PUMA cub’s birth on June 1st 2008 in a wee little comments section, a feline mutt that’s half Snarky and half Rebellious Defiance.  We giggled and cooed how cute and funny she turned out.  Whenever we would say her full name, it was like seeing Happy the New Year Baby’s big ears.  Party Unity My Ass, hee-hee! 

Yet Mother Riverdaughter’s muse, the inspiring Hypergraphia, retreated from the gleeful crowd.  In calm seclusion, Hypergraphia gave the cub potent megavitamins of symbolic purpose, chanted shamanic prayers of justice and taught little PUMA how stand on its own two feet.   Like watching the Aurora Borealis color a once-barren night sky, we stood in awe as PUMA arose from its tiny snark paws into a fierce beast of political dissent.  

That same day, PUMA wandered out from its birthplace, reaching official 527 status through Murphy’s PUMAPac.  Each hour-second-minute that ticked on June 1st reaching virtual light speed velocity, PUMA grew faster, bigger, stronger, charging through teh intertubez and resonated with millions of voters who agreed that something wasn’t right with the DNC/RBC ruling, famously demonstrated by PUMA Elder Priestess-in-Chief, Harriet Christian.

Then a week later on June 8th, 2008, the PUMA Priestess-in-Prada Diane Mantouvalos and PUMA Chieftain Supreme Will Bower appeared on the MSM networks, announcing PUMAs’ arrival to the talking heads, miraculously herding a 2,000,000+ PUMA pride coalition at JustSayNoDeal.com.  Through small Midwestern towns to large cosmopolitan cities, through laptops, desktops, telephones and word-of-mouth, emails and thread comments, interviews and soundbites, the PUMA cat not just flew outta the bag, it shredded the bag to pieces.  Yummy. 

But where does PUMA get the energy to move so fast and furious, to charge through the valleys of vote-stealing politicians, through the meadows of blogger boy chicanery, scaling mountains of mainstream media hubris?   

It’s YOU.  And me.  And the people you intertube with.  And your mom, your dad, your daughter, your son, your friend, your boss, your co-worker, your convenience store clerk, your pharmacist, your dry cleaner, your pizza delivery kid, your customer service representative, your nurse, your rooftop installer, your lover, your migrant worker, your ex-boyfriend’s mom and dad, your former best-friend,  your high school teacher, your doctor.  All of YOU.

What we all have in common is that we are all life-long Democrats that defy the RBC ruling on May 31st, 2008.  We defy the sexism, the false accusations of racism, the mainstream media’s relentless drive to choose a nominee for us without having a majority of the popular votes.  And so many other things – but I digress.

PUMA, I am here to celebrate your first month of life.  Thank you for empowering me and millions of disenfranchised voters.  You gave us a voice that was taken away from us on May 31st, 2008.  Thank you for fueling us to fight the injustice that our own Democratic party has inflicted.  One person, one vote” should not be replaced by “my candidate is better than yours so move over, bitch” politics.  And as long as the Democratic Fraternity Party appeases this un-Democratic behavior, PUMAs will pounce and growl louder than ever. 

¡Que viva los PUMAs! 

(Long live PUMAs!)

334 Responses

  1. SM, a magnificent inaugeral post. The first I hope of what will be many more!

  2. Happy Birthday
    Keep going even after the election.
    The people of the USA must alway keep the freedom to chose candidates by voting for them.
    We must NEVER EVER let so called party leaders disenfrancize voters.
    It does not matter if it is the democrat ic or republican party, it must be the people that choose.



  3. Great Post, SM! It’ll be a pleasure to read you and thanks for chronicling our short but illustrious history.
    Long Live PUMA!

  4. Bravissimo!

  5. Wig Wag, oh stop!

    Thank you & this is a birthday party for our PUMA cub, she’s everybody’s baby!

  6. Chatblu, I loved you TUBA comment – we are all TUBAS.

  7. So thrilled to have you and to be celebrating your first month birthday.

    Here’s a toast to thousands of months to come!


  8. By the way SM, I have two questions for you. Your writing is so fantastic, do you write professionally, and secondly now that you are a full fledged PUMA Poster may we still refer to you as SM or do you prefer the more exalted SM77?

  9. Happy one-month PUma!!!!

    Way to go SM. You rocked it, baby. You’re in like Flynn.

  10. PUMAS–be prepared to leap over the fence! You will be caged in Denver:


  11. Today I received a Mail Gram from the DNC with BO’s request for unity and send $ame. I returned their postage paid envelope, crammed with sheets of paper which I had letter-headed with pictrures of Pumas and some with Hillary in the rain.
    I posted my note too: Are we in Zimbabwe yet? (…Toto, I mean Hound Dog?)
    It took me some time to decide just what juicy retort to use—there are so many

  12. Happy Birthday!

    My, how you have grown. You were a beautiful baby and look at you now! You will continue to grow and make us proud!

    We Love You!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  13. WOnderful post and I am happy to be a part of the movement. Perhaps one day I can tell my grandchildren, I posted the day it was born.

  14. Real ponies don’t oink

  15. Happy Birthday from all thosing living under the bus. Oh and since I am a woman (of a certain age) and hispanic can I have two tuba medallions?

  16. We are PUMAS hear us roar in numbers too great to ignore.

  17. Brilliant post, SM! You certainly have a way with words.

    I can haz mpowwrrmnt?

  18. WigWag – ya really think??? You like me! You reeeeally like me! (kidding!) Thank you and in lolkat style, “fer realzzz.”

    When I’m not earning my keep, I’m an aspiring novelist and gawd knows I struggle with my lack of confidence. It’s college dropout syndrome. I have a better flow as a fiction writer, versus an essay writer, but the PUMA High Priestess Riverdaughter invited me to do a post, so I had to accept.

  19. FLVoter: Me, too. Been under the bus since the 2000 election and now have a nice waterfront view. I’m also of that age, a female, AND, grew up in Appalachia! We both get multiple TUBAS – you at lear two and I think I’ve got 3.

  20. Maybe if we are all lucky Obama will come out with the greatest speech evah on PUMAs, that are members of SODA with multiple TUBAS!

  21. Joan, on June 30th, 2008 at 5:33 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Brilliant post, SM! You certainly have a way with words.

    I can haz mpowwrrmnt?

    i can haz mpowwemnt – LOVE IT!

  22. sm77: And we’re so glad you did accept. I myself have pre-college jitters. I always feel like I don’t know enough to post ’round these parts.

  23. sm77 you rock! I was here that day when you snarked the first PUMA. I smiled because I thought it was so clever and because it said what so many of us felt.

    Who knew that between you and RD you would help birth a movement? Who knew it would go from snark to over 2 million members? Who knew it just one month ago?

    Happy Birthday PUMAs. We’re young and we’re old and we’re rich and we’re poor and we’re fat and we’re thin and we’re male and we’re female and we are all 100% dyed in the wool ass-kicking proud and powerful PUMAs! Whodathunkit?

    This kind of thing happens spontaneously and cannot be replicated like some old hound dog trying to be a PUMA.

    Happy Birthday PUMA and thank you RD and sm77! I don’t know where we go from here but I expect it will be one hell of a ride.

    I have a saying scotch-taped to the wall near my computer. It says:

    “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skin in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming,
    WOW! What a Ride!”

    Now that describes a PUMA to me.

  24. FLVoter, on June 30th, 2008 at 5:30 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Happy Birthday from all thosing living under the bus. Oh and since I am a woman (of a certain age) and hispanic can I have two tuba medallions?

    Girl, that makes two of us – gimme 2 TUBAs, stat!

  25. Hell yes! Congratulations everyone. And thank you riverdaughter and sm. I really think the adoption of PUMA as an analogy and symbol helped move this thing along. And there is definitely a humor about the acronym that appeal to authentic liberals. I’m proud to be a of the movement.

  26. What’s most amazing about PUMA is that it is truly a grassroots phenomenon.

    No media coverage initially, no institutional support (in fact, in the face of institutional opposition) and no existing organization. A handful of “B” and “C” list blogs, and a bunch of individuals.

    The Democratic party leadership said “Obama is the nominee, deal with it!”

    So we did.

  27. sm77: Really enjoyed your post. In the words of the eloquent presumptive democratic candidate: You Rock! (imaginary fist bump).

  28. {{{ SM }}}

    You made me cry and laugh at the same time! What a wonderful post. Happy Birthday to us!

  29. beauuuutifully stated! thank you, sm.

  30. sm77, stat it is, girlfriend.

  31. […] PUMA is a month old. We don’t have a central office. We don’t have a board of directors. We communicate via conference calls, blogs, and email. Daily action items originate from multiple sources. You can’t boycott our advertisers, we don’t have any. We don’t accept grant money, so you can’t cut our funding. You can deliver your petition to the RNC, but they’ll just laugh at you. We don’t answer to anyone there. We are not affiliated with Rush Limbaugh or any other Republicans. ‘Stop PUMA’ is a great idea (snark). […]

  32. PUMA lives because it is right.

  33. Great post sm. I love the way you write.

  34. The Soros-Nancy Pelosi connection is covered on No Quarter. When I heard Dean speak at the California Dem Election Board a few weeks ago, a young woman shouted several times: “Where does George Soros get his money! Where does his money come from?” until she was closed off by the crowd.

    There are still dots to connect, but I think the Dems got their empty suit just like the Neo-Cons did in W.

    Who knows whose bidding an empty suit might do? Not the people’s by any means. Follow the money!


  35. FLVoter,

    Sorry, one person one vote. But since you live in FL and right now you are 1/2 a vote, and 1 / 1/2 = 2, I guess you can have two. However, once we smack down the Democratic party and force it to start living up to the principles it so eloquently espouses, you will have to go back to being like everyone else.

    One person One vote

  36. PUMAS RULE…………..


  37. Mawm!!

    Infantry Co-Commander of the Rebel Alliance!

    How are you??? Are you back in NC or still in NYC?

  38. “Happy Birthday to us….. Happy Birthday to us…. Happy Birthday to us-es, Happy Birthday to us ”


    Political Discontent exposes the Anti Puma blog twit

    Thought you might enjoy my exposing the obambi-bot behind that blog !

  39. Mawm, Once we get the Democratic party to begin acting like Democrats again, we can disband SODA, turn in our TUBAs and start all over again. However, in the meantime this is actually kinda fun. Now, if we can just translate your classic statement “I can actually think for myself” into Latin, we can adopt that as out motto.

  40. Woo-hoo, SM! Great post!

  41. Senator Obama, we beg of thee: Could His Preciousness at least get us a larger bus? I getting very crowded (under) here.

    Obama criticizes MoveOn.org in patriotism speech

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday, in a major speech on patriotism, criticized MoveOn.org for referring to Gen. David Petraeus as General Betray Us last year.

    Again, we told you so… Assholes!

  42. O. M. G.

    I am at work. You would not believe you just called me out of the blue.

    Kay Hagan who is trying to get elected to the US senate in NC, unseating Libby Dole.

    I gave her an earful. Told her all about the PUMA movement, and our disgust over May 31st.

    She listened and asked me if I had seen Recount. We discussed how voting rights are so important.

    She asked if I had a web-address about the PUMAs, so I gave her the Confluence’s address.

    I told her that we really need a Democrat that would come out forcefully against the RBC Decision.
    If Kay became a PUMA, she would get my vote here.

    Hope she follows through and checks us out.

  43. happy birthday
    you were abeautiful baby baby
    but look at you now
    and here you roar

  44. riverdaughter I heard you on corbertt, you were GREAT!!!

  45. Happy B’day PUMA Family!!!

    SM, congrats and don’t be shy, confidence comes with effort.
    As one who has had her share of public exposure, I can tell you it gets easier with each attempt and better with time.
    You will constantly amaze yourself while you entertain and enlighten us all.
    GO FOR IT!

    Riverdaughter and all the rest, thank you, bless you and thank you again.

  46. SM, I’m back in NC at work. 😦 Want to be changing the world right now.

  47. Mawm,

    How exciting!

  48. Mawm gave us the battle cry of PUMA:

    “Lipstick on a pig!”

  49. SM, great post. You are a very good writer.

    Your uttering P. U. M. A . has come from the Goddess herself.

    You are obviously a special person.

  50. SM,

    Maum wrote: “You are obviously a special person.”

    I second that emotion!

  51. Arianna has now compared New Coke to Obama Zero. Ha, Ha. They are really pissed at their creation.

  52. Mawm and Chatblu: It will be nice to be a “whole” person again after November. This “Sybil” treatment by the DNC and Obama has been most upsetting.

  53. A big shout out to all our activist PUMA’s!

  54. Regency, I didn’t forget about you.
    Please recognize your own talent and potential, we all do.
    You are special, even if you don’t believe it, just act like you do.
    Everything else will just come naturally.
    And if you ever get scared, we’ve got your back.
    Remember, the saddest words in the world are, “I wish I had tried…”
    Something else to remember is everybody was scared before they tried whatever it is they succeeded at.
    GO FOR IT!

  55. 3,000,000 more under the bus with Move on, MA. Haha. Thanks for the link.

    I’ll see this, at least we get to see a bunch of these losers without foresight get their just desserts. I find that satisfying right before I ask them if they’ve ever heard of the PUMA movement. RECRUIT!

    Did I read correctly that Arianna Huffington is starting to “turn on Obama”?? That would be GREAT!!
    “RD”, you mention something about a speech you gave @ the Daily Kos meeting last year as a “BIG I TOLD YOU SO”!!
    Is there a video of that you can show “us”??
    Imagine “if” H-Post & D-Kos goes against BO; he’d be

  57. MoveOn.org got tossed as well! Ha, what do you know. FWIW I unsubbed from MoveOn myself when they ran the “General Betray-us” ad, I didn’t think it was appropriate and politically was a terrible idea. But MoveOn raised a TON of money for Obama, and this is what they get?

    They endorsed him on Feb. 1. By Feb. 6, they’re raising this much for him in a day –
    MoveOn gives us advance word on how much they’ve raised for Obama since midday yesterday: $357,000, with contributions still coming in.

    Is Obama going to return MoveOn’s money?

  58. PUMA is real.

    PUMA is here.

    PUMA will be heard!

  59. josgirl, hear! hear!

    I want to say to everyone how proud I am to be in your company.

    I feel I know you through your writings. I have been amazed at how amazing the average PUMA is.

    When we got kicked off the Huffington Post, DKos, … they did us a big favor. They forced us together, and we found how much better off we were without their sexist, intimidating, elitism.

    I would choose kindness over intelligence any day.

    I would choose to be on the right moral side of an argument over popularity any day.

    Fortunately, no one has to sacrifice any of those things here, because you all have them in abundance.

  60. Okay it just hit me!

    Obama knows he can’t win as a Democrat so he’s really running as a republican. Brilliant just Brilliant, I say.

  61. ok who did obamanation throw under the bus today we were so busy at work that I was unable to get my union authorized break and read the news?

    anabellep you said 3 million more under the bus…who who?


  62. any FL latinas/os here today? I got an email about some media event where they want to interview latino PUMAs in Miami.

  63. Wow, just dropped by for some psy-ops at the Orange Cheeto. Wadded panties all over the place over Clark and Move-on, as well as a few pearl clutchers. That place is a mess! But there is more sense being displayed there today than there has been in a long, long time.

    Michael P: MoveOn. org

  64. As reported on CNN today Obama has been caught in a lie again. Seems he said he voted FOR the bill that would protect the life of a baby that survives an abortion…FALSE….Records show that Obama vote NO…his campaign is trying to fluff the dates, but now there is further investigation and it makes Obama look even worse…..

  65. Mawm!! I just translated the JustSayNoDeal press releases in Spanish, I think we have a Miami latina PUMA called Mary-Angie, (EMAIL DELETED)

    I’m in Tampa and I am in PUMA stealth mode.

  66. Maum,

    SM is from Florida. I can’t recall what part.

  67. If only they had chosen to display that sense BEFORE IT WAS TOO GODDAMNED LATE TO DO ANYTHING.

    Sorry, sorry, I know … *sigh* Goddamned morons.

    And you know what? They’ll still hate the shit out of us. If only Cassandra hadn’t tried to warn the Trojans of the soldiers in the horse, there wouldn’t have been any.

    Fucking fools.

  68. DJ,

    Susan Hu (No Quarter) wrote about Obama’s vote on that bill ages ago. She was shouted down for on the Orange Cheeto.

  69. I just read Obama’s speech. It was terrible. Can somone tell me who has questioned his patriotism and when it was? He didn’t say.

  70. Hey guys and gals….just stopping by to say Stay Strong and Happy Birthday!

  71. The problem was he could always hide behind Hillary because she took the heat. Now that he’s on his own people are beginning to see what we saw all along.

    Who will he use for his next defense shield?

  72. Bonita, what’s happening is that the Democrats are becoming Republicans. That’s a big part of why I’m totally content to vote McCain.

    There’s only one party in this country — the party of the filthy-rich. Republican and Democrat are only mutable labels. The filthy-rich latched onto the Republican party like leeches, and sucked the life out of it.

    They’ve just about killed the host at this point; the Repubs are a dead party walking. So the Filthies are on the hunt for a new host. Well, there’s only one other party in this place, and the Filthies’d never waste their time with a relatively powerless party like the Greens. They latch onto the Democrats and start sucking.

    But first they have to knock out the competing appendage: the Clintons. And they have to clear out all the rabble — anyone poor or working class, with the exception of black Americans who are momentarily useful. they probably won’t wake up and realize they’re still just shining the Man’s shoes until it’s too late, until the parasite’s latched on and really gotten itself established.

    This is the switchover between hosts for the parasite of the Filthies. That’s what we’re witnessing right now — the chicago Crowd has sucked the Republican party dry as a bone and finished with it. It switches over or it dies, and money never dies. The only thing they have to do is clear out the working-class and labor interests, which they are in the process of doing. In five years time, you won’t recognize the Democratic party.

  73. Boston & Mawm, we are ALL special!!!

    Michael Fuzzybear, Hispanics define all Spanish-speakers from native Spanish-speaking countries, including people from Spain.

    Latinos are generally referred to people whose origins are from Latin American Countries (Spain is a European nation so it generally is excluded). But I have heard on many occasions Javier Bardem and Antonio Banderas define themselves as “Latinos” – so who the hell knows at this point.

  74. bboomer: i think the whole patriotism thing was part and parcel of the no flag pin, no hand over heart during anthem.

  75. You know, I was so upset on May 31st, I really wondered what the ‘political me’ would do. It has always been part of who I am. But, as the saying goes, God closes one door and opens another. I feel like PUMA will really change the course of this election. Mawm is right when he says that it is no longer about Hillary. We can think for ourselves, the DNC is there to serve us. When they realize that this is a brain and sweat drain from the Democratic Party, then things will change but not until. I really do understand people that can not vote for McCain, but I will do so. My vote will help to slay this monster that Dean, Brazille, Kerry and Pelosi created. We will put the democracy back in the Democratic Party.

  76. Dang, Janis, well said. Do you blog?

  77. mawm how well did your “truthy” signs go over at the NYC Pride Parade?


  78. Mawm. do you have an email I can forward the other Latino PUMAs? Will Bower gave me a list I can forward your info to (about 10 emails).

    Michael Fuzzybear, yes, Charles is the PUMA LAtino spokesperson and so far I think he’s on board – I haven’t heard from him directly yet but I hope to soon.

  79. Just popping in for a minute from a huge work project to say..

    Go SM! I was in that thread and I turned around to my husband and told him I was now a PUMA and what it meant. He laughed.

    This weekend, we saw something about it on TV and I said remember when I told you about PUMA? Look how far we’ve come in so little time.

  80. NYSmike, thank you! Isn’t our PUMA cub precious???

  81. Tabbycat in Tenn, you have the perfect name for a PUMA!

    Happy birthday to PUMA & to us!

  82. Long live PUMA! (my birthday as well tomorrow – but it took me a little longer to grow up)

  83. anyone here get an email from “Professionals for Hillary”?

    A number of people at bitterpoliticz have gotten one too. I don’t know how they got my email.

  84. move on.org? move over.org-good cant think of a better place than under the bus for them as long as its not the same bus as I am under-


    ps do they know they are under the bus over at move on?

  85. Janis, on June 30th, 2008 at 6:47 pm Said:
    ….. In five years time, you won’t recognize the Democratic party.

    I don’t recognize it now!

    Excellent post !

  86. Annabelle, I used to blog, but stopped when I realized that … well, I sort of didnt’ give a crap what anyone else had to say in response. 🙂 And I didn’t have the time to police the comments. Or the stomach for it. I’ve reached the age when I get to act like a cranky, bitchy curmudgeon without apology.

    Although I do think that the Parasite Switchover merits a post, actually. That is indeed what’s happening. It’ll take a while before slow-witted libs realize that using cloth bags at the supermarket and swirl lightbulbs doesn’t make you a Democrat anymore.

  87. Maum, you were fantastic in your interview. I just saw it yesterday. “I can think for myself” was the best line ever. You really did great. Thanks.

  88. tabbycat…I wanted to change my user name from something I didn’t use at DK. Now I’m glad I didn’t!

    sm, tomorrow really is my birthday, so thanks 🙂 Your post was terrific by the way.

    Janis…great comments.

  89. Do you know what I’m reminded of? When Christianity became the official religion of Rome. IT was initially a sort of fringe, happy-joy equality-based religion, rather revolutionary in almost every sense of the word.

    Then, the money guys latched on, and it rapidly began to spiral down into exactly the same garbage that it fought against and worse. Patriarchy and autocracy were a disease, and when the Powers that Be (or Were) latched onto it, Christianity caught them.

    Bam. In one generation, the tool for revolution and the people’s empowerment became the tool of suppression and violent misogyny.

  90. Janis,

    Well, if you don’t currently have a home, I’d be happy to allow you to guest post at my blog, Peacocks and Lilies. There’s a contact link on the right hand side that you can use to contact me privately if you are so inclined.

  91. I got another email from the dnc about buying one of there t-shirts slogan: “not bought and paid for by special interest” or some such trip sent them my standard reply:

    Once again please be aware my feelings have not changed dispite your attempts to H.U.O.U.N.D. me:

    “I am sorry my refusal to support Senator Obama in the General Election is not up for discussion. I cannot be cajoled, harassed, or guilted into changing my mind. If you would like to discuss us working on down ticket support of the party to increase democratic control of the congress I am open and look forward to such a discussion.”

    I am sorry I will give no time and money to your endeavor; I am committed to the PUMA movement. I look forward to Mr. Obama returning to the senate for the next congress , where he should spend more time learning his job and showing up to vote on issues that are important to the Democratic Party. I would also expect him to keep President John McCain on a short leash until we can run a more qualified candidate in the 2012 election.

    Also in conclusion, I cannot believe that you would support a candidate that has manipulated the democratic process to gain the nomination. The party should be ashamed. After our loss in November, I expect a major house cleaning when the DNC headquarters is moved back to Washington DC where it belongs. I will be glad to assist you in this house cleaning and in overhauling our nominee selection process.

    Michael P Varvel


    RD and Mawn and SM and all pretty good poke at hound hugh?


  92. RIVERDAUGHTER: can you please erase the name and email at :

    sm77, on June 30th, 2008 at 6:41 pm Said:

    I know this person, and she will not want her name and email posted out in the open..


  93. Thanks — I’ll check it out when I get home and can use a graphical browser. I’m on lynx at the mo.

  94. Happy birthday, PUMAs. 🙂

  95. Ssmith, I’ll do it

  96. “Bonita & Janis”, your “both” SPOT-ON!!
    LAmusing, I got that e-mail also.
    I’m thinking it’s because I’m a Registered Nurse.
    I also keep getting e-mails from the Democratic Party.
    I tell them I’m an Independent & then write,”DON”T E-

  97. OKAY…PLEASE EVERYONE…GET OUT YOUR CRYING TOWELS……I just received an email from the Obama camp. This is a CRUCIAL TIME..the last day of June…the MEDIA is watching the financial figures……..They want me to donate $30.00. I will get a special T-Shirt if I do. They don’t want to look bad because Obama opted out of publc financing. HMMMMMMMMMM…PLEASE DON’T CRY TO HARD….This upset me so much I had to go spend $30.00 on tissue to wipe away my tears..SORRY OBAMA.

  98. Ssmith – done.

  99. Hey indigogrl and are are working on a banner for the corner of my building with justsaynodeal.com our puma symbol and maybe a tag line if someone could give us a a hand.then I will display it on my house for a week take a pic of it and maybe send it to someone else to hang up and take a pic and maybe a pay it forward.

    It could be like the roaming gnome for puma maybe it would drum up some local media attention. what do you think?


  100. I got the T-shirt email from the DNC. too. Since Sen. Obama seems to be busily torqing off his major contributors, I guess finances may be getting just a little bit dicey. Wouldn’t it be a scream if the money dried up just after he has foregone public financing?

  101. Michael – use the PUMA battlecry that Mawm said: “Lipstick on a Pig!”

  102. Michael P: How about I can actually think for myself?

  103. DJ-got same email see my post above of my reply-see how i snarked a dig at HOUND?


  104. DJ
    I just replied to a bunch of those solicitations.
    Love teh way they accuse the GOP of things they themselves have perpetrated, anyway…

    In the subject line I just type: PUMA – NObama

  105. OMG the post was great
    even greater to be a month old PUMA
    way to go LADIES and GENTLEMEN!
    let the games begin!

    no obama ever

  106. Happy, happy birthday PUMA!!!
    What would I do without you?

    voice of the voters

  107. keep um comming maybe we can all vote an the chioces and show the DNC how democracy works?

    I am writing them down….


  108. this calls for choco cake -from fresh market…and one big cat candle-


  109. Ego mihi reputo

    I think for myself
    Thank you, Mary Sullivan, Latin teacher (RIP)

  110. Someone, can’t remember who, suggested cutting out your name/address/etc from the DNC/Obama money begs, so they don’t take you off their mailing list. That is just snarky as hell, and that’s what I did today after receiving the exact same request 3 days in a row.

  111. ~”anyone here get an email from “Professionals for Hillary”?”~

    I did. Notice their email address @yehoo.com?
    Don’t know how they got my email either…
    think its a scam or the Obruthas in disguise.

    either way, it feels slimy to me.

  112. samanthasmom yours goes on the list-next to pussomus morte-fuzzybeargville

  113. thank you sm77!!!!!

    Btw.. the person you mentioned.. I put her in touch with will (of justsaynodeal), in reference to the latina PUMA.. she;s helping out with that…

    BTW: can someone tell me how I can contact riverdaughter? I have some info for her..

  114. Did everyone get a slice of PUMA cake?

    We’re playing Pin the Tail on the DNC Donkey next!

  115. look I have not had any obamabot hate mail in a whole I am feeling un-hated? ingnored? what should I do?

  116. Ssmith, we always contact her here through the comments section. She’s a super busy PUMA.

  117. Happy Birthday Puma!

  118. My favorite quote so far:

    That the women are beginning to have a good time
    is an especially bad sign for Barack Obama’s campaign.
    — Froma Harrop

  119. I will only play pin the tail if I can use a railroad spike….a big rusty ol’ rail spike…the kind that woud give the DNC Lockjaw…


  120. Ssmith, we have had correspondence through Will Bower, we are definitely going to work together. I thought of forwarding her name to Mawm since he needed a lead but I guess that wasn’t the right way to handle it. You’re right!

  121. sm77: thanks,

    actually.. there is another movement that JSND started.. but its by invitation only, and it seems to be growing exponentially.. and I blog on bitterpolitiz, so I know which names I can trust and those I don’t recognize.. I wanted to send this info to riverdaughter and have her send it to her trusted pro-hill, anti-BO people on her list..

    thanks! I’ll send her the info via the comments section

  122. SM, could I have an extra slice of cake? I just wrote a snarky letter to the editor of my local newspaper, and I quoted RD: “Unity Schmoonity”

    Of course, I gave RD credit, so I think I should get a corner piece of the cake, okay?

  123. Seems he said he voted FOR the bill that would protect the life of a baby that survives an abortion…FALSE….Records show that Obama vote NO

    I think we’re supposed to applaud him for even voting at all?

  124. The florida panther (florida puma) once on the brink of extinction has made a remarkable comeback because of a loyal devoted populace in the sunshine state buying panther and wildlife lic plates for therir cares and a broadbased fundrasing and habitat protection.

    This animal was once thought to be going the way of the passenger pigeon now has a fighting chance for the 1st time in decades.

    Ring a bell any one who was thought to be extinct and now has a fighting chance thanks to a loyal and devoted populace?

    I wont say her name….you can think for yourselves!


  125. OKI everyone….on our best behavior (when are we not?)

    Company’s coming!

    I just invited everyone ready for a drink or a break (or a piece of cake!) to the Confluence. Heaven knows who all will show up.

    Mostly ‘busunders,’ of course.

    It’s becoming a classier group, what with Wes Clark now under the bus with us! Maybe we can now develop some tactics and strategies. We may still have to go to WAR!

    But first…

  126. Wow! Go over to No Quarter and take a look at the page on the Obama site. It is disgusting regarding McCain. One of the commentators for NQ said to “pumatize” Obama.

    Our new call to action – “Pumatize”!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

    samanthasmom – you and your party were the biggest rockers this weekend! Hope the party was fun.

  127. Parentofed, of course! I just opened the ice cream vat, you want some?

    Hey, who wants a second round of PUMA cake & ice cream?

  128. ssmith – i think you are good to be wary bots in puma clothing are rare because they can’t sand near a puma who spouts truth about ther messiah w/out breaking into some real strange rendition of St Vitas Dance….

    they are sort of like pod people

  129. michael P Varvel, on June 30th, 2008 at 7:40 pm Said: Edit Comment
    The florida panther (florida puma) once on the brink of extinction has made a remarkable comeback because of a loyal devoted populace in the sunshine state buying panther and wildlife lic plates for therir cares and a broadbased fundrasing and habitat protection.

    This animal was once thought to be going the way of the passenger pigeon now has a fighting chance for the 1st time in decades.

    Ring a bell any one who was thought to be extinct and now has a fighting chance thanks to a loyal and devoted populace?

    I wont say her name….you can think for yourselves!

    Wow, info like this proves to me more that, and excuse the new age-iness of it, we are in sync with the Universe.

    I remember seeing on at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa a few years ago, it’s a magnificent animal.

  130. Can somone tell me who has questioned his patriotism and when it was? He didn’t say.

    He never does specify who did these terrible things, it’s all passive-aggressive accusations – that way his supporters can use it to shout down anyone who disagrees with them. Just like the right wing and BushCo. “Some say..”

  131. I’m not so sure I see Clark and moveon here. I don’t think Axelrod is quite that stupid. I think it was a way to trash McCain, but let Obama stay clean. Same with moveon. I think moveon in in on the tactic, and much as I hate to say, I’ll bet Clark is, too.

    As for ice cream, it is chocolate, right? Cherry Garcia does nicely, though.

  132. I knew they’d swiftboat McCain, and that’s exactly what it is — SWIFTBOATING. But for all the hand-wringing and endless whining the liberals unleashed when it was done to Kerry and Max Cleland, IOIYBO.

    There won’t be TWO evil parties in this country … it’s always one evil one, and one impotent one. The Repubs are on their way to becoming the party of the working-class and civil justices, guys. Start voting Republican NOW — get in early! When I first made the suggestion that voting McCain was the right response to an Obama victory, I was called a venting nutbar. Now, I’m prescient.

    I’m serious — vote McCain. Get in on the new populist-flavored Republican party on the ground floor.

  133. OldPro, yes! Invite anybody and everybody you want!

    We have PUMA cake and ice cream for everyone.

    Pin the Tail on the DNC Donkey, hit the H.O.U.N.D. Piñata, hear “Papa PUMA, Big Dawg” Bill Clinton wail out his sax “HoundDog,” Hillary is in the secret, shhhh!!!, VIP lounge, no paparazzi allowed.

    Rico will be coming soon with the drinks, he’s caught up in traffic somewhere.

  134. SM,

    My thoughts exactly. It’s another syncronicity.

  135. sm77: great first post! From the first cobloggers, kbird, ronk and bb to mawm, Gary to specialists like dotcom, plukasiak to MRE recent additions like regencyg, I have never been disappointed in any of the fine writers we have here at The Confluence. Even the ones who don’t post often are superb.
    Take a bow everyone.

  136. Parentofed, we have Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s, DQ flavors, and for the selective palate, Haagen Daaz.

    I’m faceful in Heavenly Hash right now (no, not THAT kind!)

  137. Thank you Riverdaughter! I thought that we should have a little birthday party for our PUMA cub, (sniff!) how they grow so fast!

    Since Riverdaughter is here, that means RICO and his perky pectorals are ready to serve drinks!

    Carol will happily take “Retire the Debt” Donations.

    Hey, who wants some PUMA cake & ice cream?

  138. what about coldstone ice cream? I love baskin robbins bannanna marshmellow- me and my great gramma hazel whiles would eat it when i got to visit her


  139. Thank you RD. I can’t believe that PUMA is only one month old. Remember back when we got to 100,000 hits? We’ve come so far in such a short time, thanks to your hard work. I don’t know how you do it.

  140. Sebilus said when asked that he is just putting it “out there” in case someone tries something – “questioning his patriotism”.

    Personally, I don’t know of anyone that “questions” it. We all already have the answers.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  141. Welcome home from work, RD!

  142. RD it was nice to here you on blogtalkradio last night what a great peice of technology-will and you appeared to have quite a good time….


  143. My birthday party was great fun! The idea started when I told my daughter that I really didn’t want anything for my birthday so she should take the money and donate it to Hillary. She got the idea of inviting our mutual girlfriends together for a “Support Hillary” party. She threw together some lasagna and rented the movie “Speechless” with Geena Davis and Michael Keaton. Everyone went online and donated at the party except for one who bought me a gift card at Coldwater Creek instead. 8^) Hubby matched her gift card when I got home. (Sue’s husband is an Obamabot, and she didn’t want to deal with the argument when the credit card bill showed up.) it was a great time and a fun way to fundraise for our lady.

  144. Carol, will you serve as our Hillary Donor Host on the 4th? You do it so well, and let’s face it, it’s now a tradition.

  145. donate? carol how do we donate in a way that ensures you get the count I did my last one at heidi li’s site want to make sure that it counts here in the future-I dont want anyonne thinking that ol’ fuzzybear is not doing his part also.


  146. yes on the confrence call yesterday ther was talk about requesting $ 20.08 for hillary on the fourth of july I am going to give her $ 25.00…myself maybe 25.44 because she would make a great 44th president!


  147. Okay everyone – I am leaving to go to LA tomorrow. I stay with an older friend of mine “83 year old woman” – that I became friends with when her son died 10 years ago of AIDS (we were Flight Attendants together). My son lives there, but is very busy in the film industry so I don’t see much of him – they work all night and day – I can’t even get a good Hillary video out of him!

    Now, to my point. She, like many in Rancho Palos Verdes has no air conditioning, additionally no cable TV or high speed internet!

    I will try to drop in as much as possible to remind everyone that PUMA$ Who Donate Rock! Maybe someone will carry the torch for me will I am out!

    Remember, we want to have the Debt paid by July 4th.

    Do your best, I absolutely love all of you and the comraderie! (I do think RD needs to put a spell check on here!)

  148. Happy birthday Samantha’s mom! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  149. Traditions are made so quickly! Thanks for the Cabinet Position!

    I do like counting money. Post where you like, but put the details on her and we can count it!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  150. Just found this at NQ by alee

    2. Women at Obama’s senate office get paid on average less than men:

    The average pay for the 33 men on Obama’s staff (who earned more than $23,000, the lowest annual salary paid for non-intern employees) was $59,207. The average pay for the 31 women on Obama’s staff who earned more than $23,000 per year was $48,729.91. (The average pay for all 36 male employees on Obama’s staff was $55,962; and the average pay for all 31 female employees was $48,729. The report indicated that Obama had only one paid intern during the period, who was a male.)

    McCain, an Arizona senator, employed a total of 69 people during the reporting period ending in the fall of 2007, but 23 of them were interns. Of his non-intern employees, 30 were women and 16 were men. After excluding interns, the average pay for the 30 women on McCain’s staff was $59,104.51. The 16 non-intern males in McCain’s office, by comparison, were paid an average of $56,628.83.

  151. I heard a woman today on talk radio reading an employment ad in NJ for the Obama camp asking people to “help elect Obama” this summer – the pay was between 4k – 7k.

    I guess for females it was 4k and males it was 7k.

    Sorry guys, we have to get in our licks where we can – I’m teasing!

  152. ok carol I may be able to find a little more cash for for hillary how about $ 44.44 on the forth-


    RD need youto email me big prob with diane @ hh-

    please this is no joke red allert from EJ

    sorry all I can say on an unsecured net

    SM need a maimi contact now get my email from RD


  153. Wow NH isn’t Obama progressive. Women in his employ make 87.1% of what men in his employ make. i guess that’s better than the typical woman making 80 percent of what a man makes. Now that’s leadership you can depend on!

  154. can someone get RD to email me or Diane @ hh-

    this is no joke we need a miami contact now


  155. Michael, just got back with the Coldstones.

    There are no diets today – have another slice of cake too!

    Who’s ready for a PUMA cocktail?

  156. Happy Birthday PUMA. Great post sm77, you are a very skilled writer- have no doubts.

  157. Happy B-Day, PUMA!

    SM, thanks for the inspiration to get it started.

    Michael p v,
    I was struck by the connection between PUMA and the FL panther, in that FL was one of the originals under the bus. GO PUMA!

  158. Michael I just emailed you.

  159. red allert SM pleas email me see above this cannot go out over net please

    red allert red alllert
    no joke


  160. thank you -SM did you get mine

  161. michael – love ya.

    Remember, on July 4th – hamburger instead of steak – grilled zuchini instead of corn.

    Hillary needs the money!

    While I have no “white guilt”, I do believe in using produce and meat guilt!

  162. sorry every one


  163. Public financing, FISA, gun control, fairness doctrine, Moveon.org

    What are the media and “progressive” leaders such as Arianna and Markos going to call Obama?

    “Triangulating” Barry?

    “Calculating” Barry?

    “Slick” Barry?

    “Slippery” Barry?

    “Spineless” Barry?

    “Unprincipled” Barry?

    “No clear position” Barry?

    “Weathervane” Barry?

    “Poll driven” Barry?

    “Disgusting Centrist” Barry?

    “Republican light”Barry?

    I don’t need to add that in the case of both Clintons, only one answer is correct: All of the above.

  164. Amazing what a month can do. From a snarky roar of frustration to a movement that’s making the Obamatrons and the DNC wrinkle their brows and wring their hands.

    Power to the cats!


  165. is anyone out ther please keep chatting it is important now


  166. samanthasmom: Much thanks to you and Miz Sullivan for the latin translation. “Ego mihi reposto” Ithink for myself. Pass thr coldstone, please. Hats and horns for all!

  167. Bullshit Barry.

    Okay, sorry.

  168. Howdy Michael. How goes it in gville?

  169. Chatblu, a big slice of PUMA cake and Coldstones!

  170. Barry Boo-Boo?
    Oopsy Obama?
    Obam-uh oh?

  171. Happy one month PUMA. I am one of us since this week!

  172. Has it only been a month? Heavens, is that all? PUMAs grow awfully fast and gets lots of attention, don’t they? Hee-hee-hee…

  173. ohioana, on June 30th, 2008 at 8:32 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Happy B-Day, PUMA!

    SM, thanks for the inspiration to get it started.

    Michael p v,
    I was struck by the connection between PUMA and the FL panther, in that FL was one of the originals under the bus. GO PUMA!

    Ohioana, did you get a slice of PUMA cake & Coldstones ice cream?

    MABlue, your turn on the “Pin the Tail on the DNC Donkey” – stick it where it hurts!

    Where’s Katiebird??

  174. Backtrack Barry?
    Barack Obamauhummmyaknow?

  175. To SM77, Riverdaughter’s Hypergraphia, Murphy and PumaPac, Christian, Mantouvalos, Bower, JustSayNoDeal — thanks for the opportunity to say Happy Birthday to PUMA and to all PUMA stands for. PUMA is a treasure.

    At the same time, during in this month I find I have undergone a metaphorphosis of emotions connected to events. No longer is protest at the shenanigans of the DNC or the RBC or at the robbers of Hillary’s presidency, or plans for the Convention enough. So many Democrats so quickly jumped to support bHo that I have become terribly disillusioned. I had hopes that “we” protesters — we Clinton supporters and other Nobamas– could reform the so-called Democratic Party. I have no false hopes anymore. It is time to despair of what should be despaired of.

    I hope PUMAs and all others who are sick at heart at what has gone down here will create the beginning of a new party, but I am not talking about going Independent; I don’t think it works given the set-up of the American Constitution and politics. However, we could boycott Denver and everything that has to do with the current DNC or Democratic leadership.

    We in this household — faithful Democrats for many years — are considering not voting for any Democrats this year, except for the very few who maintained their integrity. First it was Al Gore, then Hillary, then Wes, now Bill. How can they fall in line for the first UNQUALIFIED AND ILLEGITIMATE CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT ever put forward by a major party. I was willing to give Hillary a pass for a while because of her brilliant candidacy. But their “support” of bHo is going too far — the party Unity schtick has become obscene. I now believe that anyone and everyone who sucked up and is presenting to this country the possibility that This Nothing could be elected President should be banished — or worse. (Again only Hillary will get some dispensation, and. of course, Bill.) They are fu@%ing with us and with our country.

  176. !! I’m here! {{{SM}}} — this is a wonderful post, truly. It’s made me think of all my Hillary supporting friends and how important it is to stay in touch with them. We must make sure that they know there is a growing group of people who are totally opposed to the nomination of Obama.

    One month — Wow. Time really flies when you’re having fun. Doesn’t it?

  177. LAMusing, I got an email from them too. I do not know who they are, I did not respond. Never heard of them, or sign up with them.

  178. To all people that fought against Barrack Husein Obama; stop comment and do action if you’re truly exist on this planet. otherwise whut up and support him.
    Major hint for all of you.
    1.At 4th of July he and Hillary shall attended meeting in Washington DC for show off case that there’s unity and already being kissed and make up. But the way I had learned from the news especially in Washington Post, she is forced to surrender and there’s no way for her to pay off her own debt save only if BHO lend his hand by using his supporter help. To all Hillary supporters that hate this SOB (you know what I meant), buy her back. Here’s how to do it; send your money directly to her while she is on stage. Collect the money right now and sleep over night if you had to, his supporter often times tell the Hillary supporter red necks is small and no significant number that could topple him down. Tell her staff that you all wanted to meet her before Obama speak on the stage in order to show support for her. And meet her by showing the banner which said “We love you Hillary”. All of you that BHO said is the rednecks, comes to the DC and joint your forces on the area of the meeting. Each of you or your representative must bring the second banner that said this”but We love our country so much more.” show the banner the moment after she accepted the money.
    2.After all of the banner is shown; left the building and show to Mr. BHO your back which said were nobama or Hillary 2012. He shall be get the message and he would become so furious and angry. And the best part of all is if he lost his temper, and make comment do record it and caught it on tape; well atleast his face shall show it. He shall do our campaign rightly. Beside this shall show to the America that no deal for him like he said all over the media which already championing him as the Prez. Since that even is nationwide broadcast; well things going to be getting better and better.
    3.In order to succeeded to get inside; you got to drop your allegiance; for example some of you that comes from PUMA; don’t wear any t-shirt that reveal you’re come from the PUMA.eg, instead show to all the member is the banner that written on your left hand is “We love Hillary” or any other code name so none of you could be indentified as nobama groups before the mission is accomplished.
    Here’s another hint. Don’t be afraid of google censorship over anti obama; instead do this tricks that even google couldn’t handle:
    1.Put the blogs or whatever as far away as you can from the Google base first.
    2.Writing with the wordpress blog seems like a great idea but you could use google service against google rule it self, use the addurl, addme.com, Dmoz.org or whatever; the key us your URL is enlisted in the google. If goolge denies it, then google truly taking side, therefore we could sue google on behalf of our first amendment.
    3.The contains must not swearing, cursed or anger writings instead all of you truly work on his weaknesses and his hidden secret; for example his nationality for if not his Kenyan then must be Indonesian. For I know very long from my best friend (obama step father clan owed him his people blood during anti Chinese riots back in May 1998) that none of foreigner could study in public school in Indonesia unless he already becoming Indonesian citizen. The other thing’s is if the husband come from Indonesian then automatically the child although had no blood tied but already accepted and adopted by the step father is an Indonesian so did for his wife if I could recalled it correctly and not vice versa. And this nation had not acknowledge until recently about 2 citizenship therefore if you become Indonesian then you must drop the other nationality. And here’s the best part; no retroactive in Indonesian basic rule unless all of the people forced the senate to do so. You got the picture now?
    4.Don’t get mad, just get even. Didn’t this thing ever ring on your ear before. What is the best thing could ever happen unless we see him doom in this presidential race. He got to paid all of his debt if he losing this race. Lost the battle for us now is OK, but we must win this war.

  179. I’ve got balloons and champaign. Yes, they are helium, but no funny voice tricks. Sorry, I forgot glasses, but all the PUMA wearing soccer players from Spain drink from the bottle.

  180. I STILL cheer out loud every time I play that BEEYOOTEEFULL Harriet Christian rant on YouTube. Just played it again. Damn, I feel better.

  181. Katiebird! Welcome!!! Thank you for coming, see how big our baby has grown????

    PUMA cake is made with an Eat 4 today recipe here’s a slice with Coldstone’s ice cream!

    Time flies, and the PUMA keeps GROWING AND GROWING!!!

  182. good me and indigogrl are work on the roaming justsaynodeal.com banner-please I hope we can make it a reality I hope we can get alot partisipation in this-


  183. And it’s delicious. I’ll share my piece with mister. It’s his birthday and the poor guy had to take me to the doctor (where I got GREAT news — I passed my tests with flying colors!!) and we just finished his birthday dinner.

    The PUMA cake is perfect!

  184. ChumpedDemocrat, on June 30th, 2008 at 9:11 pm Said: Edit Comment
    To SM77, Riverdaughter’s Hypergraphia, Murphy and PumaPac, Christian, Mantouvalos, Bower, JustSayNoDeal — thanks for the opportunity to say Happy Birthday to PUMA and to all PUMA stands for. PUMA is a treasure.

    At the same time, during in this month I find I have undergone a metaphorphosis of emotions connected to events. No longer is protest at the shenanigans of the DNC or the RBC or at the robbers of Hillary’s presidency, or plans for the Convention enough. So many Democrats so quickly jumped to support bHo that I have become terribly disillusioned. I had hopes that “we” protesters — we Clinton supporters and other Nobamas– could reform the so-called Democratic Party. I have no false hopes anymore. It is time to despair of what should be despaired of.

    I hope PUMAs and all others who are sick at heart at what has gone down here will create the beginning of a new party, but I am not talking about going Independent; I don’t think it works given the set-up of the American Constitution and politics. However, we could boycott Denver and everything that has to do with the current DNC or Democratic leadership.

    We in this household — faithful Democrats for many years — are considering not voting for any Democrats this year, except for the very few who maintained their integrity. First it was Al Gore, then Hillary, then Wes, now Bill. How can they fall in line for the first UNQUALIFIED AND ILLEGITIMATE CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT ever put forward by a major party. I was willing to give Hillary a pass for a while because of her brilliant candidacy. But their “support” of bHo is going too far — the party Unity schtick has become obscene. I now believe that anyone and everyone who sucked up and is presenting to this country the possibility that This Nothing could be elected President should be banished — or worse. (Again only Hillary will get some dispensation, and. of course, Bill.) They are fu@%ing with us and with our country.

    AMEN!!!! That’s why PUMA grew so big. The sham is about to fall. The DNC & Obama people are SCARED SH&TLESS that the PUMA is out of the bag.

    They can’t cage PUMAs for too long!

  185. Congratulations Katiebird! Glad to hear you passed your tests.

  186. Comment by ZombieForTruth
    June 30th, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Must See Video OBAMAS OCTOBER SURPRISE (IN JULY) This show a Clear Picture of the Hypocracy of BHO on Race!

    Pass it on!

  187. Arianna called him “Obama Zero” as in the New Coke

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  188. Thank you jjmtacoma. It’s a huge load off my mind.

  189. Honora, on June 30th, 2008 at 9:17 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I’ve got balloons and champaign. Yes, they are helium, but no funny voice tricks. Sorry, I forgot glasses, but all the PUMA wearing soccer players from Spain drink from the bottle.

    Can you do ballon animals, ya know like….PUMAs???

    And those Spanish soccer guys have my full permission to do what ever they want.

  190. I am out of touch with the MSM but I have not heard much on the blogs about WJC making nice with BHO. I hope Bill is PUMA in his heart and soul. I am not judging the pols from the HRC camp too harshly at this time. If the HRC camp has any hope of making any kind of headway within the party, they have to build a network and structure to work from. If they do not succeed, then we will have to see what happens when this election is over. I think HRC, Rendell, Corzine et al have to do the unity dance and make it look real so that they have a leg to stand on when Uhbama brings the Dems down. My greatest fear is that despite all that we may do, Uhbama wins or if he loses it is just by a thread. Our only hope is a landslide defeat and I am so encouraged at the growing PUMA power. It will take many more than 2 million but 2 million is enough mass to really make a start. Thank all of you for doing this, for being here.

  191. Happy Birthday Pummie!!! SM – I love your way with words…

    When I read that we are “cloaked republicans’ I did actually fall out of my chair and scared the crap outta the cat.

    That’s the stupidest thing I have heard next to seeing the dead in the audience.

    I am absolutely overjoyed at the strength and speed of Puma. We are doing something that should have been done a long, long time ago.

    Hele On!

  192. thank you SM-
    for your fast response-


  193. Danceswithpumas,
    The email I got from Professionals for Hillary came from hotmail.

    Professionals For Hillary <professionalsforhillary@hotmail.com

  194. sm77–sorry you will always be sm to me!!– you may do anything that your pretty little heart desires. PUMA Goddesses have the run of the place.

  195. Congradulations PUMA, and Riverdaughter!!! And all those involved with giving us a place to voice our disgust in the democratic party!

    As a 2004 elected democratic Delegate from the State Of Florida..I stand with you all and I will never vote for those who stole the good people of Florida’s votes .

    I didn’t stand for it from the republicans and I sure as hell will not stand for it from the democratic party.

    I have worked for Election reform in Florida and butted heads with the FDP for years over the stolen elections in my state ..to now see the Democratic party do it to us..is intolerable..and I will never ever except Obama as our nominee..

    I will be voting for the first time in 38 years for a republican in the GE for president, and I wrote Kathy Castor today, that no dem who supported Obama will get a dime from me , in fact i will put my money to work supporting their opponent.
    I have worked for the Democratic party most of my adult life..in states i have lived in…never again..not with this cast of crooks!

    In 2001 i was flight attendant of the year for the New York Base of one of the airlines involved on 9/11..those were my co-workers and neighbors in NJ
    ( where i lived at the time and where i grew up!) that died that day. I flew for 33 years and am now retired..I have no doubt If Bill Clinton had still been president ..it never would have happened and they would all be home with their families now. My neighbor on my street lost their son….on the porch of their home is a plaque for him..keeping a place for him..

    I would have felt safe for the people of this nation to have Hillary as president..I am sorry but I would never feel that with Obama..and national Security is very important to me….not for me but for everyone in this nation.

    I have no choice now, except McCain..I could not in good conscience ever vote for Obama…never.

    I always put my passengers safety #1..and It is still my responsibility to do that.

    Again..Thank You Riverdaughter and all those who have given me a place to voice my disgust and anger..and frustration.

    Oh and for the trolls..I was a volunteer who went to Iowa to work for Edwards FOR THE HOLIDAYS AND IN THE BITTER COLD..and I also traveled to South Carolina for him.

    I worked as a Co-Captain for Edwards at a large Caucus in Iowa..with an attorney from San Fran..we saw the Obama cheating with our own eyes and it was vast.

    We reported the cheating to the DNC , through Alice Germond. We got no reply.



  196. SM, you’re a poster! YAY!!!!

    it’s funny, I remember when you first mentioned PUMA. each letter was on a different line. my husband walked through the room as I was laughing, and I read it to him and he laughed too. such a vivid memory, but obviously faux since we now know the republicans started it all to fool all of us stupid old bags. whew!

    or maybe……the republicans took control of your brain and/or your keyboard. they do stuff like that, freaky!

    but anyway, I’m proud of you and proud to know you. you created a monster! the good kind of monster!! way to go!!!!!

  197. I, too, saw those first posts about PUMA and have lurked here even longer.

    Thanks to sm77 for the post and a big THANK YOU to those who created the Confluence – it is now a refuge for me.

  198. The “cloaked Republicans” charge is too, too funny. I’m pretty well known in my town as a Democrat. After my last letter to the editor, a follow-up letter by a local conservative called me a “typical blathering liberal who bad-mouths Republicans at every opportunity.” Really stealthy cloaking on my part there.

    Hey, maybe I was a PUMA before I knew it.

  199. attention pumas-specially those that are in front of the media-be careful-take all types of intimidation seriously-have the emergency and desk number of your police station by your doors. not just 911 it sometimes fails. We make fun of the Chicago Machine -but “lone wolves” out here may take a que from the vile hate speech and turn it into action.

    we had an attempted attacked on a leader of the alliance tonight there is more about it on hireheels. please be careful out there.



  200. Honora, the darn WordPress wouldn’t let me keep my “SM” moniker – it refused to accept a 2 lettered username. But yes & thank you!!!

    FLY: WOW! What a story! I’m an FL voter too, how does it feel to be half a person? That’s why we come to this blog, why PUMA was born, it wasn’t manufactured in a boardroom. It’s an organic grassroots movement and thank you for being a part of us.

    kiki – we had a blast that day! Rico may have spiked my drink with double Bacardi that day, but who cares? Our PUMA cub is 1-month old and look at all the noise we’ve made -and yes, good monsters indeed!

    Alice, have some Eat 4 Today PUMA cake & Confluence Coldstones. We are here to prove that we’re not crazy. bitter paranoid holdouts. We are dead serious.

    Rico, PUMA Cocktails for everyone over 21!!

  201. FLY: Many have tried to get through to the FDP, many have failed. The new management is, if anything, worse.

  202. I stumbled upon The Confluence, no idea how…
    but, I remember when “someone” said Party Unity My Ass and the place lighted up, as did I.

    As if this righteous cause was attracting energy to itself.


    Happy birthday, PUMA, and many, many happy returns of the day!

  203. prplvette85, on June 30th, 2008 at 9:30 pm Said:
    The email I got from Professionals for Hillary came from hotmail.” ~

    Yes, that was it, Hotmail. I guess I was recalling that it didn’t seem like a professional email address.

  204. Michael P: Don’t see anything on hireheels: what happened?

  205. Do you have a link fuzzy? I can’t find it over there…

  206. Uhhh… er, umm…
    all those posts signed “pumahuma”? They were from me. Long story. Actually its short but too embarrassing for me explain.

  207. Happy Birthday PUMA. This will be the birthday of my first post on Confluence.

    Thank you for the Wonderful post and inspiring reads every day!

    I am hoping that maybe RD will see this and shoot me an email so I may have an opportunity to discuss No We Won’t with her.

  208. While out running errands, I picked up a card-

    It has a pissed off looking cat on the front.
    Inside: “Heard you’re one sick puppy- you should pardon the expression. Get Well soon.”

    I think I’ll send it to Rendell (sick puppy = HOUND)

  209. SM

    I think you can define a “nickname” and set your profile to display that.

  210. Just dropping by to wish a happy birthday to all.

    Mawn: I’ll be seeing Kay on Thursday. I’ll see if she remembers your telephone call!

    …and what is it with the t-shirt/donation thing? My local congressional candidate (NC-8, go Larry!) did an e-mail, asking for contributions and giving out t-shirts. I guess they figured if it works in getting college kids to sign up for credit cards, then…oh well, it did work on me today, though. But the campaigns I’m sinking my teeth into this year is my congressional and U.S. Senate candidates.

    Also, random thought about …him. Putting aside that we don’t like him, what’s his “thing”? Like, how would someone try and sell him now? I mean, to me, he’s Democrat X, who happens to be young and black. You take away age and race, and he’s just Democrat X. And, truth be told, as big of a D as I am, Democrat X is not as good of a product as it used to be (think Reid, Pelosi). I mean, I much more like the Democrat brands that may have more of a spicier taste than what I would normally prefer (e.g. Jim Webb).

    But the “hope” and “change” thing doesn’t really last long when you vote for FISA, waffle on the 2nd Amendment, and throw everyone under the bus who has EVER supported you.

    Again, putting aside we don’t like him…objectively, what the heck is the campaign thinking? I mean, aren’t they SUPPOSE to be post-partisan…then why run this campaign like EVERY OTHER cookie-cutter Democratic campaign? Wait…did they hire Bob Shrum and not tell anyone???

    And this Gen. Clark thing is ridiculous. I know alot of people who wish to defend him, and he’s a great guy. But I hope they realize the more this stays in the news, the REAL message is to remind everyone that Sen. Obama has NO military experience and has NOTHING to make him qualified for commander-in-chief. The GOP has to be loving this.

    Oh well, as weird as it sounds, I made a Hillary scrapbook yesterday (I wasn’t going to just throw my Hillary stuff away!). But I have some blank pages to fill for Denver! Don’t worry, I’ll do some posts here from the “delegate” perspective (and let everyone know where the good parties are!).

    Keep on fighting, PUMAs!

  211. “prplvette85”
    Mine was from “hotmail” too.
    To the july 4th event entry.
    Besides that day being his daughter’s “10th” B-Day!
    Was’nt he supposed to do a “TOWN-HALL” with McCain?

  212. I don’t know if this has been posted, or if all of you have read it, but I’ll risk redundancy because the piece is yet another reflection of the positive negative impact PUMA is having on the selectee and the Democratic Party. I think it’s an appropriate read in celebration of PUMAs one month birthday celebration.
    The poster didn’t credit the site she copied this from, but I have requested the info from her.
    Sunday, June 29, 2008
    Why Obama & Dean Fear 4 Million!
    A Message From An Independent Conservative.

    Meanwhile, if you care to, you can go to

    Scroll down to post #668

  213. Apparently, one of the reasons Oblicky isn’t paying down Senator Clinton’s debt is because he knows we’re trying to pay it down, and once it’s paid off, our money will go to McCain.

  214. “Like watching the Aurora Borealis color a once-barren night sky, we stood in awe as PUMA arose from its tiny snark paws into a fierce beast of political dissent. ”

    Beautiful Mother Puma!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW PUMAS! I was fortunate to be there reading that day when that innocent little comment launched a movement. “The truth will out.” The PUMA acronym and the power of the image is perfect for the roaring sense of injustice we all feel and are determined to honor. It has grown exponentially, because righteousness is on our side (the force is with us…)

    I am PUMA PROUD!

  215. DancesWithPumas,

    Why Obama & Dean Fear the 4 Million


  216. DancesWithPumas, on June 30th, 2008 at 10:03 pm Said:

    Love your name!

  217. “Hey, maybe I was a PUMA before I knew it.”

    My sister was going through old photos this week, and came across a picture of herself when she was about 8 years old, holding a huge PUMA t-shirt in front of herself with a big smile. We were both amazed:


  218. Fuzzybearville,

    What are you talking about? The post over at Hire Heels about the troll race baiting? http://hireheels.com/blog/2008/06/28/trash-talking-and-shooting-blanks/

    BTW, great post SM “77”, nicely done and thanks for getting the party started!!

  219. Carol, on June 30th, 2008 at 7:41 pm Said:

    Our new call to action – “Pumatize”!

    Eek! We now have our own verb!!

    I am stunned at how quickly PUMA went viral. I wouldn’t have thought it possible. You know, I was so demoralized, depressed and lost when I was part of the refugee stream from the fauxgressive sites… but now I realize it was the best damn thing that ever could have happened.

    The. Best. Damn. Thing!

    I wouldn’t go back to those old sites for anything. I am having a ball and feeling energized to boot. The fact that certain folks are trying ever-new strategies to frame and dismiss PUMAs is testament to our impact. They need to worry about and discredit us. But they won’t! HAH!

    Did I mention: best damn thing?

  220. Katiebird: It’s rookie blues, thank you for the heads up & hope retirement is wonderful!

    Captsfufp!!!! I’ve wondered if you were on a special mission or what???? Good to see you, have some Eat 4 Today Puma cake & Confluence Coldstones ice cream.

    We also have Pin the Tail on the DNC Donkey and a H.O.U.N.D Piñata!

  221. Janis, thanks but no thanks.

  222. Elixir – thank you! Rico is pouring PUMA punch for the kiddies, PUMA cocktails for the 21+, we have Katiebird’s Eat 4 Today PUMA cake and Confluence Coldstone’s ice cream.

    Alice, like the Tina Turner, Hillary theme song, Simply The Best, better than all the rest!

    Take a turn on the “Dunk-a-Brazile” machine or have fun with Howard the Coward clown. Every time you ask him about FL & MI, he runs away.

  223. fif
    Love your name!

    Thanks! I just learned that someone is using this name (although they are using underscores between each word) at Greta’s site and is saying he/she is a Republican. (ugh)

    Anyone with this name who is saying they are a republican would be your first clue that it is not me.

  224. Wow, thanks for that link danceswithpumas. Great find. I donated $10 to PUMApac, but I could only bring myself to donate $5.44 to McCain. Most of my campaign dollars are still going to Hillary.

  225. Happy Birthday, Pumas! This weekend I was in Newport, RI with friends who I haven’t seen in a while, and a few asked: “Oh, you must be upset about Hillary, eh? What’s next?” I told them how I’ve been feeling sad/angry and recently left the Dem Party, re-registering as an independent. My MA registration now lists me as “Unenrolled/No Party.” How non-descript is that after all that’s happened this election season?

    Then someone said, “Hey, are you one of those Pumas now?” And I immediately stopped and realized, “Wow, it really is catching on! It’s like a new political party itself.” So I excitedly yelled, “Why, yes, I am! And darn proud to be one!”

    So here’s to you, my Puma Pals — keep up the good work!

  226. MABlue,
    Maybe they’ll revive “Bury Barry”.

  227. just wanted to say i listened to the blogradio program this morning — carried my laptop from room to room as i was getting ready to leave the house this morning. really enjoyed listening, lol. all the speakers were great.

    mawm — very cool about hagan calling. she’s an interesting candidate and is doing better than i expected — given dole’s name recognition. i really enjoyed watching your coverage of NH, too.

    happy birthday! 🙂

  228. Thank you for the opportunity to voice how I feel and know that there are so many others who feel as I do. To see how you have grown in such a short time has made me feel like there is hope. I can’t wait to see you in 2 months! I am sure many will not want to see you reach your 3rd month birthday and reach your full potential.
    Grow stonger Puma, grow stronger!
    Marg Mackall

  229. sista wrote a post about an attempted attack (physical) at a members home tonight by a nut job-until I had more info I could not share it with you. now I can I do not believe it is in any ones interest but we need to be carefull if we are going to be infront of the media.


  230. fuzzy, that is AWFUL, is the member okay? Would you mind linking to sista’s post? Thanks!

  231. she u=is safe for now


  232. sorry she is safe now


  233. HireHeels & PUMAs say NO
    DEAL to stupid pet tricks post # 89

    sorry I am not good at this yet


  234. but if her address has been outed somewhere, how is she going to keep safe? That really scares me. They did it to Ms. Abeles too…

  235. I’m not going to link to the Cheeto blog but Granny Doc has another humdinger on top the rec list – it’s very entertaining. Effectively telling them to stop being disappointed and stop complaining and fall in line. Hah.

    Also, Carville on CNN (Cooper) right now standing up for Clark and saying there is no reason for him to apologize. Good for Carville. Not that I thought he wouldn’t stand his ground, of course. 🙂

  236. well here is the pattern in our case:

    1. a foul language (doctored with symbols instead of letters to get throu the filter i guess) post is sent

    2. followed by a call was made poster threatening

    3. attempted physical contact (party dressed as a plice man no badge)

    Provided to keep you safe-mawn gary and RD


  237. Katie- I’m so very glad your tests came out GOOD!!! I’ve been waiting to hear, congrats!!!!

  238. Thanks Laney — I think being able to share good news was the best part of the day.

  239. Katie- I’ve been worrying for you, I’m Jewish, thats what we do…
    Now full speed ahead on worrying about Denver…

  240. […] Nevada) with me to quench my thirst as I read more of Obama’s 2nd book. But then I saw this comment from danceswithpuma in the Puma Birthday Party over at The Confluence, which led me to this comment […]

  241. This post by Joe Cannon at Cannonfire blog intrigued me:

    “The Big Big Cash goes to the pro-Obama blogs. One behind-the-scenes source tells me that much of the money for a certain well-funded pro-O operation does not come, as is generally supposed, from the former hubby of the site’s proprietor. (I’ll have much more to tell on that score if I can get verfication.) Everyone knows that Moulitsas is rolling in the long green. Josh Marshall doesn’t seem to be hurting.”

    Shouldn’t these sites be exposed as being on the Obama payroll? They’re no different than Fox News. Fox says they’re fair and balanced but everyone knows they have a rightward tilt and audience. Same thing with the O blogs passing themselves off as independent minded.

    Ethics and journalistic integrity (or is that bloggie integrity) should reveal full disclosure over this matter.

  242. RD – New – Just Say No Deal poster describing July 4th – pay off the debt.

    Is there a way to post it?

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  243. Katie, yay!!!!

  244. I think that Froma Harrop is a Puma


    another good one:
    Barack Obama is such a stand-up guy that he’ll stand up twice — once for each side of an issue. The poetry reading on change and hope is over. Now that he has to talk about real policy, there’s little rhyme in the rhythm.

  245. As to ‘cloaked Republicans’, tell them that CNN did a poll OFF the internet and found that 39% of Hillary supporters (ie 7 million) will not vote for Obama. Some other big poll found like 23% for McCain now and 24% were for McCain back in April.

    Do they think these whole 7 million are all secret Republicans?

    Cites at turndownobama.com

  246. Let’s start identifying the PUMA delegates to Denver.

    Like Alice’s Restaurant — first you find one, and then another, and pretty soon you’ve got a movement. Hillary can be the nominee if PUMA delegates can start to emerge.

    We need to especially lobby those delegates from caucus states — where only a small number of voters determined the outcome. Lots of those delegates know that Obama would NOT have won if a primary (rather than a caucus) had been held in their states, and those delegates should be ripe for picking by PUMA.

    Delegates are free agents (in spite of what the DNC wants) — they need to be educated so they’ll support Hillary.

  247. Ruallcrazy – Yes, we are all crazy – crazy like a PUMA.

    Now go away before we bite!

  248. FYI—“I won’t do that”–Party Unity? My __ ___ ___!!

    Wanted to share with you this video by cleffnote- a Hillary villager/gatekeeper at the old Hillary Campaign Site.
    She posted this at Hill’s Campaign Blog site after Hill’s concession speech as the sight suddenly became awash in Jr’s trolls who took over the site like an invasion…it captured how many of us felt then and still feel now…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9afuODNDYoQ

  249. Oops: Here it is:

  250. well everyone its time for fuzzy to hibernate-please saya prayer for our HH girl in hiding the guy was in a police uniform no badge-my the creator father mother god/dess keep her safe tonight-she has been their for us we need to be there for her-

    and sleep well my friend we are one day closer to victory


  251. KiKi! Thanks!

  252. Can anyone link me to that picture of BO with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth. I saw it recently somewhere but I forgot to copy it. (It was so presidential looking!!!)

  253. I think the cigarette picture is a Photoshop, his expression doesn’t look right.

  254. I took off my party clothes and I’m back – that “77” is still a bit weird for me.

    Michael Wookie Fuzzybear, may the PUMA force be with you – Diane will be fine. If someone wanted to hurt her – Goddess forbid – it would have happened. That was just a scare tactic – a stalker routine to get people afraid.

    But we are not afraid. We will defend ourselves. Everytime they try stupid sh&t like the Google shutdown of dissenters, or what happened to Diane, it makes us stronger.

    Onward PUMAs, we are only 1-month old and we are bigger, badder, faster, stronger than they are. They more they try, the harder we fight.

  255. atypical, I don’t think you’re talking about this one but, I like it.

  256. RUAIICrazy, there are other sites where ranting is encouraged. My Left Wing is all about it. You might try going there instead.

  257. Thanks for your strength SM they think he may have been a real cop-fuzzybear

  258. dg
    No, I don’t mean that one where he is wearing a hat, looking like Frank Sinatra with BO’s face. Even the cig looks painted in. There is another of him, youngish looking, wasn’t photoshopped.

  259. Now ruall is making put on my party clothes again! Bouncer will be showing you the door in a few minutes.

  260. No, not the Marlboro. I think that’s the one which was photoshopped.

  261. Atypical, try Wonkette – they should have it, I’ve seen that one there.

  262. SM ,i believe i was on that thread where PUMA was first mentioned,.and i remember laughing and cheering out loud!!…I thought it was brilliant.

    It is still brilliant!!

    Thank you all!!


  263. Jonas8

    I love that: “Barack Obama is such a stand-up guy that he’ll stand up twice — once for each side of an issue. ”

    Sad that this truth wasn’t seen months ago.

  264. How do I get to Wonkette? (I’m an amateur)

  265. atypical: they have it on No Quarter now on a post about obama paying female staffers less than men…

  266. Thanks for the link dg, that’s more my speed. Happy PUMAing, I think?

  267. jjmtacoma,
    No that is the Marlboro one. I am thinking of the one where he looks thoroughly dissipated, when he was younger. (as I perceive him anyway).

  268. atypical wonkette is http://www.wonkette.com

  269. google images for >>> barack smoking cigarette

  270. Oops! sorry – I see Katiebird linked the same thing.

  271. I believe ruallcrazy needs to be “PUMAIZED”

  272. Google for obama + cigarette and then select images. There is one that
    has been around for a long time. I saw it originally with the article about
    how Obama Screamed at Me in the Houston-Press. The one that
    summed up Obama’s amazing career from when his hired Harvard
    election official knocked off all of the competition so Bama could run
    unopposed in his first election (the beloved and true community activist
    Alice Palmer was knocked off because Obama’s hired hand found
    4 forged signatures–she campaigned for Hillary in Indiana, wearing a
    bulletproof vest I hope)… how Emil Jones, Jr. wanted to make himself
    a “United States Senator” and had the other legislators throw their hard
    work to Obama so he could get the glory…and other Obama stuff
    that the “indolent” media has ignored in its rush to sell him like it did
    Bush and the Iraq War.


  273. Kudos SM. Kudos RD. Kudos PUMAs.

  274. FLY & Karolina, thank you!

    We are proud PUMA parents, ain’t she grownin’ big and strong?

    Have some Katiebird Eat 4 Today PUMA cake, Rico’s now famous PUMA Cocktail with a side of Confluence Coldston Ice Cream.

    We still have tails left for the Pin the Tail on the DNC Donkey and Howard the Coward clown is entertaining the kiddies with his cowardly antics.

  275. Gosh, I lost just a leeeeetle bit of my temper here:


    I shouldn’t

    1) drink
    2) watch George Carlin

    before posting anywhere. Or maybe I should make a habit of it.

  276. SM: Your post was wonderful!

  277. Is the bar still open…I sure need one..Rico, please, a glass of chardonnay ….anyone still here?

  278. Pat, thank you!!! You’re still in time for the Puma 1-Month Birthday!

    There’s still Katiebird Eat 4 TOday Puma Cake & Confluence Coldstones Ice Cream – we have Pin the Tailon the DNC Donkey, the Dunk-a-Brazile is out of service, actually Donna ran away crying because PUMAs started to growl too much.

    How ya been?

  279. On sabbatical. I am in my Debbie Downer mood and refuse to inflict it on others. But I did read your essay and I so impressed. You did it, girl!

  280. Rico, PUMA cocktails & Chardonnay for Mary Beth.

    Janis – I saw the George Carlin marathon on HBO this weekend, what a treasure. I hope PUMA would have made George proud.

  281. Pat, the PUMA HIgh Priestess RD invited me, I couldn’t say no – I was a blank slate until I saw the calendar.

    Hooray for our PUMA cub! Ain’t she big and strong?

  282. Pat, remember, whether it’s a cloud or a fart, it’ll pass.

  283. SM: You bet your life it is!!! From a little seed to a flowering movement! You are the beaming parent.

  284. The whole election has me down. The national and world news is not good. I cannot stay isolated forever but admittedly I take it seriously and then the elevator drops down a few floors.

  285. Pat, WE all are the beaming parents. PUMA wasn’t born alone.

  286. First, sm77…thanks for all you’ve done and what we now have. A place to make things right, a place where we can come to make the party we have called our own for ever, a better party, where all are equal, and all have a say.
    I spent all last week sending letters to everyone!! I feel like I’m back in college and we’re making a difference once again!! I wish I was as eloquent as some of you, but this is so new to me..blogging I mean..but just like everything else, the more you do the stronger you get.

  287. Pat, give me a hug and go get a margarita, dollface. Seriously — keep fighting. Like Hillary exemplifies, all it takes to prevail is to get up one more time than you’re knocked down.

  288. glad you’re still here sm…I joined i think on June 4th, and this has opened up a whole new world to me. I sure wish I would have known all these women sites during the primary. I blogged on HRC’s site, but rarely was put up, and on aol, but that was it.

  289. Pat – but look at all the progress we’ve made in a month! C’mon, it ain’t over yet! I’m not giving up until November. It’s Rumble in the Jungle time, and we’re just getting started!

    The international news is starting to pick up on us.
    Latin American news, French news, the UK press is picking up the story. Mawm had a fascinating exchange with Democratic candidate Kay Hagan.
    Goiv. Ed Rendell in his reverse psychology H.O.U.N.D. Dog site gave PUMA legitimate status as a force to be reckoned with.

    Don’t give up. I won’t let you!

    Mary Beath, thank you and letters, phone calls make a big differnence. I’m coordinating on the Latino media side, and there’s stuff cooking in the pot there too. We are making a difference.

  290. thanks for the drink sm…so you were invited by RD to write? Is that true?

  291. were you there on May 31st for the high jacking ?

  292. Mary Beth, yeah, it was an honor to recieve it, and trust me, I was scared. I’m more of a “fiction” writer than an essayist, but I’m glad Conflucians liked it. We have to boost ourselves up when we are down and dammit PUMA is only 1-month old!!!!

    Rico, PUMA cocktails for the ladies! This’ll be my last one, put it on the tab, thanks.

  293. Hey, I don’t have time to read the comments. Can someone tell me if anyone was talking about the smear they are putting on Murphy?

  294. Marybeth, you mean in Washington DC? No, I was going to with the Florida Demands Representation group but my mom was out of town and I didn’t want my daughter, aka Puma Cub, to be exposed to possible arrest!

    But we were all watching on C-SPAN and commenting here at the Confluence. When you have time, go back through and find the May 31st posts. We weren’t happy.

    The PUMA Infantry Co-Commanders of the Rebel Alliance, the wonderful Mawm and GaryChapelHill were there live blogging – Mawm was famously quoted as the “Lipstick on a Pig” dissenter.

  295. Mawm! Yes, go up to the post article and click on PUMAs are Republicans. Amanda Marcotte aka Obama Feminist, is doing a smear campaign.

    But brave PUMA Conflucians went over there and showed them a thing or to.

  296. Mawm, they are saying she donated to McCain once in 2000, but that was to keep George Bush OUT from winning the nomination.

  297. I watched a lot of it, especially after there 3 hour lunch, and realized very quickly that a deal was made then or it was before the meeting ever took place.

  298. SM, OK. I did a huffington post contributions tool search on Murphy and it came up with a donation to Clinton in Q2.

    I wanted to write about it, because I had an experience with a propagandist today too. They put up a clip of my Fox interview with the whole first half cut-out. The part where I talked about the most important thing, RBC.

  299. PUMA parents, I am going to my cave.

    Thank you for making it to the PUMA 1-month birthday party – we’ll celebrate more tomorrow!

  300. so what if she did…does that make her a Republican? In 2000,McCain was more Independent then .

  301. Mawm, that SUCKS Azz. Oooh this makes me mad!

    The only place where I saw Murphy’s smear was at Pandagon’s site at the link above, and of all places, a feminist blog for goddess sake!

    Get Mawm, get em hard – we are anxiously waiting for your “Unity Shmoonity” posts!

    If I find anything else, I’ll make sure to save it and send you a link through here.

  302. sorry Mawm..that was not meant to be snide. .I just hate it when they attack this way.

  303. Mary Beth, they are SCARED. They want to dig up dirt on anybody and everybody. But its not sticking because we are regular everyday people.

    If you read above, Michael Fuzzybear refers to another incident. They want to intimidate PUMAs.

    I’m going to bed now, Iove you guys & we cannot stop now! We will remember in November!

  304. to bed for me…2 glasses of wine, and I become very sleepy….until tomorrow..be strong, and sleep well.

  305. goodnight sm77…thanks for the drink! and the chat!

  306. Why is there a fence up for the protestors in Denver? Donna Brazile intimated that the AA’s would burn down Denver if Obama wasn’t nominated, but Hillary
    supporters need to be cordoned off? They would convince you by their logic,
    not by throwing stones.

    The nomination was stolen in
    broad daylight, but Obama is self-destructing in broad daylight now.

    The way to protest is to vote McCain unless the Democratic Party comes to its senses and picks a winner. I really much prefer McCain to Obama. McCain is not a fraud. I’ve been a true blue Dem all of my life (starting at age 4) but I relish voting for McCain over Obama.

  307. I’ve been talking up PUMA and people are sooo grateful to know about it.

    Some Hispanics I talked to today said that they are afraid of Obozo…that at least four of their family members supported Hillary and WILL NOT vote for O.

  308. SM, I am bursting with pride! I know I’m coming late to the party– I just want to wite to say how beautiful you are, and how I am so lucky to have this home.

    Congratulations on your first post. You’r up awfully late! have sweet dreams.

  309. Stronger every day . . . Bring on November.

  310. Another late to the party but in Spirit there from the beginning WELCOME SM !! HUGE HUGS for you , I am so very grateful for what you have done and what riverdaughter has accomplished in such a short time I so proud to be a PUMA I have PUMAPRIDE !!!
    and i will remember in November

  311. Happy Birthday PUMA’s

    You Rock, all of you.

    thanks for standing up for democracy and principles.

    I am very very proud to be a PUMA because of all of you, and those who inspired the beginnings of the real movement for change.

  312. Janis, your post on the power brokers who switch parties to preserve their clout is totally along my line of thought. Being a trekie, I think of them as symbiants who go from host to host. I think of the GE’s, Halliburtons, Exxons, Chevrons of the country and of course Citicorps, the pharmaceuticals, insurance, companies etc.

    I am so proud of PUMA. I think PUMA has become the spirit of 2008 like the Spirit of 1776 (the Boston Tea Party) They are true people movements. PUMA might just be the beginning of a real revolution–PUMA STYLE of course!

  313. Estupendo SM. Congratulations on a great first post.

  314. Oh, and by the way… over 300 comments is quite obscene….Buenos dias, everybody.

  315. Fuzzybeargville-

    Morning sorry about my lack of contributions was a fit full night sleeping. Last night princess wares Prada was compromised at HH last night a man showing up in a police uniform banged on her door demanding she let him in and when she asked for him to show his badge he refused.

    Last weekend a poster ‘big papa” posted an evil vile post on HH and shortly after he called princess and harassed her on the phone. I am not sure if the events are related but most likely so.

    Questions were asked, how did he find out her phone number? How did he know where she lived? It seems he may be a real police officer. I most Florida jurisdictions, the patrol cars have computers that have 911 emergency can access everyone’s address and phone number.

    This is the important part-in many Florida areas like in my county the 911 systems are maintained by jurisdiction. We have city 911 addressing and county 911 addressing and they are two separate systems. I if you find yourself in this situation and find you are being harassed like princess, do not stay home leave your home.

    Try to get out of your jurisdiction into another one have an escort to take you back and forth to your home until your safety is re-established. Keep the police dept desk number and the non emergency number by your door.

    If someone IDs themselves as law enforcement do not let them in your home with first seeing their badge and confirm the visit thru the police dept numbers. Let the person on the other side of your door know you are verifying him with the department. Also make sure you have a good deadbolt lock. and a slid chain on the door to prevent it from opening it all the way.

    Please take these precautions safety first.


  316. sorry missed a few typo’s


  317. PUMA is easily the fastest-growing political movement in the United States.

  318. How about a T-shirt. That reads


  319. Bumper sticker:



  320. click212 right on now gotta go to work to earn dollars to give to Carol for pay down our debt day….


  321. Happy B-day!

    Ready to pounce at any moment, one late night a month ago I was still lurking in the shadows when I came across PUMA’s birth. That night I though how clever the name was—it not only “sock it to ‘em” but, to round things up, also managed to bring to mind the ailing party’s mascot. Poor, poor abused donkey…so, yeah, Party Unity? My Ass!

    At any rate, only reading by then what the folks at Riverdaughter were posting (and after spending the same amount of time lurking at Anglachel’s) I was just happy to read and keep to myself, like apparently many others, by simply liking my wounds and coming here to get a dose of good cheer. But, honestly, the last thing that the funny exchange of ideas on 1 June brought was that the clever name would take off like a wild fire!

    Yet, here it is, a month later, and that brand newborn PUMA has grown by huge leaps and, today, has managed to turn into a forceful and magnificent animal that few should dismiss as if nothing because, clearly, the creature is roaring and ready to show its claws!

    So, Happy B-day PUMA’s, and thanks for the memories that are still to be made, I’m sure.

  322. I’m becoming a McCain voter by virtue of bully tactics of Obama voters.

    If they keep accusing me [as a proud PUMA supporter] of being a “Republican,” I just may vote for John McCain in response. I hadn’t planned on doing that; I was going to sit out the Prez vote [PRESENT] and support my rep in Congress because he’s currently refusing to endorse Obama until the vote at the Convention [proud of him for that!].

    But, in fact, if these HOUNDS continue to berate me [PUMA supporters], disrespect me, and call me a Republican, I may just vote for John McCain after all. They will be the motivation for it.

    So, deal with that, Obama Kewl-Aide drinkers. You can’t bully me into supporting your guy, or your party. And, if you persist in your fascist mob-mentality, you push me further away. Keep it up. I’ll “go there.” Believe it.

  323. I mentioned this before, but I really believe that voting for McCain is using your vote as a weapon not just a tool for democracy. Writing in Hillary will not work in certain states, some states and precincts will just give that vote to Obama. Not voting at all or sitting this one out is giving a vote to Obama. We must be proactive. Anything but voting for McCain is nothing more than a fart in a hale storm. We must guarantee that Nobama is our goal. Once again, bite the bullet, hold your nose, breath through your mouth. But whatever you do, use your vote as a weapon, to guarantee that in the future you’ll use it as a tool for democracy.

    I am even afraid that putting Senator Clinton’s name on the Denver ballot will not do. Because of intimidation by the embedded Obamaoids in the rank and file. I don’t know if we would have enough time to negotiate with delegates. I know that in Texas, the Democratic party is reviewing it’s caucus process to “fix it.” I say one voter one vote.

    Got GROWL?

  324. So, the donations for PUMA ads should go to PUMA pac via
    Murphy? Does Say No Deal Have paypal up for donations.

    Thanks River Daughter for all that you.:-)

  325. “I know that in Texas, the Democratic party is reviewing
    it’s caucus process to “fix it.”
    I say one voter one vote.”-bmc

    I second the motion:ONE VOTER ONE VOTE!

  326. Happy BIrthday, PUMAs!

    How many more days until Obama loses and this is all over?

  327. […] Posts What does real racism look like?Happy PUMA 1-month Birthday!This is how THEY do it.Tuesday: A History Lesson on the Battle of HastingsMonday: The Racism […]

  328. […] make their voices heard and connect with like-minded souls. SM wrote up a history of those days in Happy PUMA 1-month Birthday! (”Those days” — jeez, it was less than a month ago. I sound like a Latin American […]

  329. well, its great that PUMAPAC is up and running. But is there a set of people who meet and have strategic session and chart a course on how this movement is actually going to have an effect on the GE? That to me is key. Handing over the keys to the WH to BO while he has shown no leadership so far in his career and brings no experience or achievements to speak of and will likely depend entirely on a set of advisors and would move anywhere (center, right etc) just so he can get elected or so he can remain popular, is a frightening prospect. we must stop that from happening at all costs. Yes McCain is no picnic. But hey, he has at least shown leadership in the past and we can elect a dem congress majority such that they keep McCain in check, rather than experimenting with a absolute zero on every count in the president’s chair

    I am still wondering how we plan to organize and have an effect in Nov. But it is great that this movement is taking shape by the day

  330. Thank you, SM! Thank you, ferocious growling, Justice Delivery Girl, our precious growing babyPUMA!

    HILLARY Forever!

    “You may write me down in History
    with your Bitter Twisted Lies
    You may tread me down to Dirt,
    but still like Dust I’ll RISE!”

    Maya Angelou’s Ode to Hillary!

    Nader ’08
    Hill ’12

  331. […] a preview debuted earlier this month on The Confluence, Riverdaughter’s  website, and the birthplace of the PUMA […]

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