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      Younger readers may not remember the run-up to the Iraq war. It was a full court push, with constant lies about Iraq “weapons of mass destruction” and how Iraq was a threat to America. The media went along with it, with almost no exceptions, and those exceptions paid the price: they were fired or demoted or, at best, their careers stalled. Fred Hiatt, the Wa […]
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Unity Through Purge

This Friday, my partner Gary and I traveled to New Hampshire to protest the sham Clinton/Obama unity event orchestrated by the Obama campaign. The event reached new heights of bizarre political theatre, as they bused a couple thousand Obama supporters into a town of 1500 whose one main road had to be blocked off to accommodate the several hundred bus trips in took to ferry them back and forth to their cars parked ten miles away.

The event was never about people. It was about a town’s name and its location. The event was held in a town called Unity. Leave it to Obama to elevate symbolism over substance, and to choose a location so remote dissenters may have a really hard time getting there, especially if the dissenters happen to be working people who are usually busy on Friday. It might also be hard to get there if you are elderly, or if you are not really rich, since going to out of the way places uses up a lot of gas, which costs $4.30 now, if you hadn’t noticed.

But “wait”, you say, “You are being unfair to Obama.” This event really was about uniting the Democratic Party, healing the rift, and all singing Kumbaya. If that we’re so, why did they never address the Clinton supporters who came there to express their disgust with the party? Every single one of the people who were most vocal described themselves as life-long Democrats. No one ever asked us about our concerns. No one ever tried to help us unify. Instead, we got told to go to a “free speech zone” down the road away from the event. I thought I was witnessing a rally for George Bush. Didn’t he invent the “free speech zone”?

Other attempts at Unity by the Obama campaign consisted of throwing out a Hillary supporter who had a sign that read, “Democratic party, A House Divided”, and getting the secret service to remove another who dared to hold a sign about 2nd amendment rights.

The following video and stills are of one of the PUMA supporters who was removed from the event (her daughter was still inside). I put up one pic earlier, but this is the whole story:

She did get back in (the secret service guards refused to heed the Obama campaign’s demands that no signs be allowed into the event). I got these stills of her being accosted by two campaign members:

There is a final video clip to this series where I ask the man on the left (a campaign member) why they took her sign. He says that the rules were that no “handmade signs” are allowed. When I point out the other pro Obama “handmade signs” he walks away. I haven’t rendered the video yet, but will add it on here when I do.

Obama campaign never cared what our issues were. He never asked. He never sent anyone to ask.

I know from talking to a lot of Clinton supporters that there are many reasons to be upset with the party and Obama. However, let me just explain what I think is my biggest beef in case Obama is reading this blog, and for a brief second cared to know why we feel the way we do

On May 31st , 2008 at the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee held in Washington DC, the Democratic Party took a giant leap backwards, retreating into its old-politics proverbial “smoky back rooms”. Instead of honoring voters, the committee violated their own sunshine rules and met behind closed doors where they struck a deal to give delegates to Obama from voters that had chosen Clinton. The hunch that the DNC had been rigging the primary to defeat Clinton was confirmed to be true for a lot of her supporters. In order to install Obama quickly, the committee was willing to trash one of the core principles the Democratic Party has come to stand for in America, voting rights.

Now, as more evidence comes out about Obama’s anti-Democratic practices in the primary, his blatant lies, and broken promises, his use of the worst divisive techniques, a trifecta including racism, ageism, and classism, more and more Clinton supporters are hardening their hearts to him. Many believe a vote for him in November would be a vote for voter suppression and fraud. To some, a vote for him would mean saying yes to using race as a weapon to deflect any criticism. Others have long not accepted that someone who has essentially never had a full-time job, who continually seeks higher office without ever having accomplished anything, and who has no foreign affairs experience should ever become President. They have lived through the Bush years.

Another dose of reality for the Obamabots.

To any Obama people who were at the rally:

Did you notice how many African Americans were at the rally? The few we saw were selling bootleg shirts, with Obama grafting 10% of the top of their profits.

Obama cares about you so much, he made you park 10 miles from the event, and forced you to ride buses. You were stranded at the event until Obama said it was time to leave, And you know what? He didn’t even care about you enough to make sure there was enough shelter in case it rained. But remember? It did rain, and the tents that were for the security service detail weren’t enough for everyone to stand under, so you had to stand out in the rain. Some of you didn’t even have umbrellas. I felt bad for you. Once Obama is through with his props, he doesn’t need them anymore.

See you next time Obama wants to unify.


Your dearest Mawm

********* Intermission **************

OK guys. I have so much more to tell you. Gary and I have been working like little faeries to get this stuff out. I have to pause because the NYC Gay pride parade is going to start in short order, and I feel I must warn the LGBT community the danger Obama poses to our community.

So here are our outfits. We’ll be capturing interesting things from the parade, so stay tuned. Gay Pride is always a blast!

Finally, from GCH, here is the video of MAWM being interviewed on Cavuto:

MUCH MORE TO COME: more suppression of free speech, an obamaphile calls gary racist, and much, much more….please stay tuned!!!! (we shot the video in HD so it is taking forever to compress and render–but its coming)

134 Responses

  1. Thank you Gary and Mawm.

  2. YAY!! You guys are awesome…thank you, thank you, thank you for representing us PUMAs so well.

  3. Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of the world . You are true heroes and patriots to me.. this is absolute proof that the staging and of this campaign is so false , and popularity of the candidate select is not what it is represented to be .

  4. Great job!

    Please continue to donate to pay off “OUR DEBT” for our great Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  5. (Jaw-dropping awe)

    Mawm — Wow. Wonderful narrative. Great Video. Splendid television appearance. Fantastic posters.

    Thank you so much for representing us so well and sharing your experience so wonderfully. Except for the exhaustion part, I feel like I was there myself.

    {{{Mawm}}} and {{{Gary}}} Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


  6. Thank you both for being at that rally and telling us all about it. GREAT segment on Fox, very eloquent. Hope you guys have a great day today, and thanks again.

  7. I haven’t been able to watch the video yet, but thank you so much for this report.

    BTW, in case you’re interested – I know how to get signs into events like that. The trick is using tools that won’t be noticed or won’t look like they can be converted to using for signs.. Go to a store and get the long, cylindrical balloons – if you look around you can find ones that will blow up to about 40″ long. Don’t blow them up. Put them in your pocket or pocketbook. Make the sign itself out on paper that can be folded up. When it’s time to hold your sign up, blow the balloons up and tape the sign to two of them. The foldable paper will need support on either side to be read.

    Isn’t it weird to know that our presumptive nominee is taking his cues from the Bush admin?

  8. If Hillary doesn’t get the PRESIDENTAL nomination-
    Please vote for McCain. Obama is a liar, thief,and cheater.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

    Truth is our most powerful weapon!

  10. Mawm: Great job! Could you do us a favor and put a link to justsaynodeal.com in yout post at the end or somewhere so it gets picked up by the coalition site. We shouldn’t keep all this good stuff to ourselves.

  11. Sheri donated $25 recently and has pledged more before by the 4th. Who can match?

    $2170.09 and holding!

  12. Fantastic! Great job, guys!
    Thanks so much for being our eyes and ears and representing us in NH!
    Have a great time at the parade!

  13. Infrantry Co-Commanders of the Rebel Alliance!

    Thank you & have fun at the NYC Pride parade!

  14. Good job guys!

    It sounds like the Obama campaign ran things about like I expected, trying to force protesters into “free speech” zones and banning dissent.

    Once again the hypocrisy of the OFB is exposed. For years they have been criticizing the Bush administration for doing the same thing, calling Bush “Bubble-boy” and posting stories about protesters being prevented from expressing themselves.

  15. OMG! What have you done?? You two have captured one of the most amazing images of this campaign season. At a shmoonity rally where the presumptuous nominee is worshipped by busloads of mindless, pretentious WHITE people, some of the only african-americans we see on camera are hawking T-shirts! HAWKING T-SHIRTS!
    These entrepreneurs are selling T-shirts for a guy who is telling them they can opt out of buying health insurance they can’t afford.
    Holy effing Hemiola, Mawm! I think you have the iconic video of the whole “we interrupt the most important election of your lifetime for a teachable moment about race” campaign season.

  16. Riverdaughter – the images say “White people get to ride on the bus while African-Americans MUST work & serve the ONE. “

  17. SM: That video clip is going to go viral, watch.

  18. Also, the end of the video was very sad and lonely looking – it was sunny and clear but once the speeches ended – skies turned overcast and it started to rain.

  19. I just can’t believe what I am seeing. Thank you so much.

    Seems to me that we have learned the worst lessons from the Bush years and his campaign — stagecraft, stifle dissent through any means, photo ops, style over substance..What a fucking state of affairs and new politics, my ass. What are they afraid of? I think I can answer that question to very critic’s satisfaction. If this is what I wanted I would be a republican — at least they know how to win.

    Makes me very sad and very angry at the same time. Those pathetic people bussed from nowhere standing in the rain, what are they thinking? Do they have any brains? Do they have any thinking capacity?

  20. I haven’t watched the videos yet, but the words “The event was never about people” immediately caught my eye. The campaign was never about voters. The voters made it clear in Texas that a caucus does not represent the PEOPLE, the voters.

    Maybe the party leaders will figure that out before it’s too late.

  21. RD: I hope it goes viral! Everybody comes to read your blog, thank the Almighty PUMA spirit.

    It would be great if it’s posted in the “Media” section of Just Say No Deal.

    I feel bad for the woman who got her sign taken away. She is like millions of us whose voice and vote were taken away.

    The rain falling in the end had a profound and sad feel.

  22. riverdaughter, on June 29th, 2008 at 1:00 pm Said:

    Yes, pretentious white people and hoodwinked black people. Neither is thinking about the Country.

  23. It’s an honored to see people that understand this country is worth fighting for. People answering the call to arms to end the
    strangle hold these corrupt, greed filled politicians have on democracy . What you’re doing here is not only for the people, but for the good will of our COUNTRY. It’s not enough word to say Thank You.

  24. Fantastic interview, there, John. You did a great job explaining about the RBC meeting, the secrecy, and the stolen delegates, which are important points in all of this.

    Love this post and the title. Great title. Can we call it Punity?

  25. Munity and Impunity at Unity.


    Mutiny & Impunity = Unity?

  27. Great videos! Thanks for representing, and thanks for making us feel as though we were there.

    My first thought: Shouldn’t those yellow Obama busses be much shorter?

  28. riverdaughter, on June 29th, 2008 at 1:00 pm Said:
    I think he picked NH because he wanted to showcase his white support (“we need more white people here”). May be he is afraid his AA supporters will show in droves to support him if he held it anywhere that is diverse. Aren’t the AA’s offended by this? or do they not have any self respect? He has avoided just about every event significant to AAs. Even the American Muslim community got offended when those women with head scarfs were not allowed to sit in view of the camera. We are offended for just about everybody he has insulted, taken for a ride, and duped. That is one reason why we won’t vote for him. Our vote is an expression for fairness, justice, and respect for everyone and we are not going to squander it for this sham of a candidate.

    BTW, nice try stifling dissent in NH, of all places. His campaign in some ways is really stupid.

  29. $2170.09 going once,

    $2170.09 going twice,

    Can’t somebody help me out?

  30. SM,

    You are a genius with slogans! Well duh!

    SM = guaranteed to go viral way with words

  31. You guys are true heroes and patriots! I am humbled by your actions on our behalf. Thank you so much!

    Mawn, your poise was incredible. You were absolutely perfect, and said exactly how I personally feel.

    Sing it!

    I am so proud to be a Conflucian and PUMA.

  32. Yo, Carol

    Contribution Details
    Date: June 29, 2008 1:35 PM CDT
    Contact: DancesWithPumas
    Amount: $25.44

  33. Pm317, please read Black Agenda Report’s blog. They address this same issue you are bringing up here:

    www blackagendareport .com (eliminate the spaces)

  34. Dances just put us at


    with the generous $25.44 contribution.

    I thank you. Hill, Bill, and Chelsea thank you. More importantly, America thanks you.

    A mimosa for Dances, please!

  35. Thank you. Cheers!

  36. Maum,

    Thank you for the excellent report. Have a blast at the parade! I can’t wait to hear about that and see the rest of the pics and video.

    Gary and Maum, you guys are the greatest.

  37. Bostonboomer, oh stop it! You”ll make my fat-PUMA-butt (see RD’s previous post) grow more! Whatever makes the PUMA roar louder, I’m in.

    OK, here’s a “haiku” just for you:

    Unity, alas,
    With impunity equals
    PUMA mutiny

  38. Boston, or we can do it this way:

    Unity, (my ass!)
    With impunity equals
    PUMA mutiny

  39. Excellent SM.

    I liked the one Gary used the other day too

    “Oh the Pumanity!”

  40. Thank you Gary and Mawm for going, representin’ PUMA, and bringing this back for us. Great plug for “riverdaughter.wordpress.com” there at the end of the interview.

  41. couldsome one please tell obama for America that the whole US of A is a free speech zone…


  42. Thanks, Mawm and Gary for the glimpse into the latest episode of the (BA)ROCKY HORROR SHOW.

  43. Awesome job, I agree with Bill, BO can kiss my lily white a**!!
    (lily added for emphasis).

  44. Gary/Maum, you guys are our heroes!

  45. Michael P

    “could some one please tell obama for America that the whole US of A is a free speech zone…”

    That’s a classic!

  46. Some one get me one of Jimmy Carters Cardigans….I need some more symbolism here!

    Gary and Mawninc I am so glad you play for our team (all the best true and really loyal democrats do.)

    Your interview on fox is so amazing I knocked me on my big bear-wookie a$$.

    I cannot wait to see how your protest goes at gay pride day…

    The LGBT community is well served by you two hero’s


  47. Hasn’t O already done the loyalty oath thing? He copied his campaign straight from George Bush. Controlled, media driven, a fake uniter. Only Bush didn’t constantly flip flop and put people under the bus.

    Hillary went for the middle class. She went for universal health care. She’s not our nominee, but it says a whole lot about Democratic party leadership.

    I think they goofed.

  48. Binita-as long as the possum-n-chief is our persumptous nominee, Irony will be the blue plate special at the DNC Dinner.


  49. I took a quick check to see if I could find a town in the USA called Dissent (so we could have a Puma Rally, but alas all I found was one man named Dissent who ironically lives in Independence, MO.

    Does anyone have the land address for the man who is working on the full-page ads> I want to sen him some moolah.

    All of America is a free-speech-zone!

  50. okay, atypical, so maybe the rally should be in Independence with Mr. Dissent as the keynote speaker at “Just Say No”.

  51. I father (god rest his soul) said the first African American president would be a republican-If obama wins I guess that will be true.


  52. Okay, I took a short break. You are so inspirational:

    I put the laundry into the dryer that I have washed 3 times because I have abandoned it in the washing machine for 3 days while I am commenting here.

    I cleaned the kitchen counters, stove, started the dish washer, cleaned the refrigerator, and got the recycling ready.

    Now, if someone donates $20.44 in the next 5 minutes, I will be forced to clean bathrooms.

    Who is going to make me do this most heinous act?

    Come on, put up, or shut up!

  53. Chatblue
    It’d be our luck that he’s be an OBOT, and in MO, it’d have be a Mc Cain Rally.

  54. America-planet Earth’s free speech zone-all dissenters welcome-fuzzybeargville

  55. Hey, atypical: Whatever it takes to annoy Claire in MO!

  56. Carol-I will do it if you clean MY bathrooms. Ha-just kidding. I’m in for $20.44.

    They had to have it somewhere there wasn’t a college becuase if she had been booed, we would never rest until he not only lost but was run out of the country!

  57. Here ya go. Now go clean those bathrooms!

    Contribution Details
    Date: June 29, 2008 2:38 PM CDT

    Amount: $20.44

  58. SM I am so jealous I could spit I have been wanting to thank Ms Christian for her “Speaking Truth to Power.” Oh boy I have been Invited to partisipate too by sistachristian @ hireheels …

    will finally get to here all these intelligent people speak I will now how it must have been to sit in on the contenental congress’ debate on the Declaration of Independence We have some of the greatest minds in democtatic thought in this confederation….

    I am honored


  59. All of America is a free-speech-zone!

    it used to be anyway. and we’ll keep fighting until it is again.

  60. You guys rock … thank you so much for doing this. If there’s any vestiges of democracy out there today, it’s because of ordinary americans that just don’t let the powerful get away with it … thank goodness for netroots or we’d never hear the voices of sanity and fairness!!!

    One of the shows had a nasty comment about this movement, something about questioning it since there “wasn’t much of a protest @ the Unity thing”!
    WOW , won’t he be “shocked” when “WE-ROAR”!
    “Carol” I agree it is “OUR” debt.
    ** Finally “way-to-go SM”!
    I was so upset when I heard Obama got a better reception than McCain Sat. @ a Latino event.
    All Obama did was #1 “went 2nd”
    then #2- did his typical “not answer what he would do; but “trash” his opponent!
    We can’t be “SPEECH” !! Hillary supporters expect
    “DIRECTNESS”, from our leaders. That is why many
    of us are interested in McCain!

  62. Moderator:

    I’m thinking someone should remove mystic4hillpuma’s phone number from the contribution details. (4 or so posts above this one).

  63. Aw Michael – please don’t be jealous, I’m in shock that I was asked to participate and that Harriet would be in the call today! If I get a chance to speak, I will thank her on behalf of all of us because without Harriett, without Riverdaughter’s manifesto, there would be no PUMA.

    Harriett is the catalyst who gave us the courage and will to group together and fight.

  64. HARRIET CHRISTIAN a true American hero! God bless her and Gary and Mawn!

  65. Michael – you’ll be on the call too? GREAT!

  66. Atypical: Ed Hale is the man working on the full page ad. You can read it at hcsfjm.com. His address is: Ed Hale 1401 Bowie Wellington, TX 79095. (When someone asked if it was safe to give out his address, he replied that anyone who actually made it past the dogs would find him waiting on the porch with his gun.)

  67. womencountpac.com also has pro-Hillary ads. they’ve run some but are trying to get money to run more.

  68. Carol-I just made it an even $25 through Heidi Li’s ActBlue.
    Can’t do the receipt thingy.

  69. Denver Group needs $ for ads if any are feeling flush!

  70. SM: I will be there. I can’t wait to hear your voice.

  71. Tpt/ny, these were “career” politicians. Obama has ZERO clue about us. McCain has a record working with on our most important cause which is Immigration Reform.

    Refrom: Everyone comes out of the woodwork, no more hiding, they have a grace period to pay a fine, pay back taxes & social security, no felonies/crimes on their record, in the meantime, apply for US residency and in 5-10 years, US citizenship.

    As we speak we have hundreds, if not thousands of US born children in foster care because their mom/dad is sitting in a deportation prison, without having commited any other crime other than being an undocumented worker. Some Republicans want to brand these children “non-Citizens” since the parent is undocumented. The Constitution says that anyone born in US territory is a US citizen. What about the human and civil rights of the child?

    I know that there are many people who are against immigration, but there is a humane and reasonable solution that Hillary Clinton and John McCain fully endorse and line out the specifics in a clear form.

    We have yet to hear Obama talk about it – other than his “drivers license” topic and a debate many moons ago.

    Will this be a prime issue for Latino “swing” voters? YOU BET. It did in 2004, which is why Bush won because he was the one to address it (Kerry didn’t), and it will happen again in 2008.

  72. I hope I’m not breaking any rules of etiquette by posting this URL. If so, just delete the post.

    There’s a petition to STOP PUMA. Bizarre that they would waste so much time and energy on a group whose membership is a dozen or so bitters…
    Another site ‘for democracy’, or some such, is trashing murphy and posting her personal info.

    Suggestions to counter… or just ignore?

  73. SM yes I well I am truely humbled by this -sorry wnt to youtube to hear harriett’s voice and confirm that I love her ability to “Speak Truth to Power”

    Chatblu-Ed Hale is My kind of guy dogs and a gun the bot would not stand a chance.


  74. Thank you guys for representing all of us who could not attend! NOBAMA till the end, NOBAMA forever!

  75. Dances With Puma – thanks for noticing that. I thought I’d deleted it before copying. Whoever can delete it, thanks!

  76. Michael P: Truly you are Southern. Dances: To whom do they propose to present the “Stop Puma” petition? Us??? That’s too, too funny!

  77. RD: Yay!!! Cool!!

    PS: Through a collegue, I called Willie Colon (Latin Music legend & NYC Politician & Avid Hillary Clinton supporter) and left him a message about PUMA and asked him if he’d like to get involved. He’s coming back from South America today – so I hope to hear from him in the next few days.

  78. Carol, this is just a thought here…Heidi Li is also running a thing to help HRC retire the debt. I think RD knows her so was wondering if we might periodically update her with our totals here. Just a thought…

  79. I guess I jumped the gun… there are all of 5 signatures on the petition and it’s been up since yesterday.

    chatblu: good question. LOL

    “Just say no deal to Just Say No Deal, the father (There they go again) website to PUMA voters! Together we can expose PUMA for the bunch of UnDemocratic FRAUDS they are! PUMA was established by Republicans to steal the womans vote- their cause is to put another Republican in office to continue Bush’s failed policy!
    Let’s let them know we know who they are, and we aren’t going to take it anymore!”

    Can’t these people just get over it?

  80. Dances: Sounds like maybe all but 5 or so are. Do we feel exposed yet??

  81. DancesWithPumas

    i’d ignore the petition. they have as much right to express their disagreement as anyone else.

    the publication of murphy’s address saddens me and underscores that many Obama supporters are anti-free speech (and anti-Constitution and undemocratic in general) thugs who think they can bully us into submission. it does the opposite for me: it only strengthens my resolution to fight as hard as i can against them and their undemocratic practices.

    i don’t think we can do anything about it but if someone has any suggestions, i’d like to hear them.

  82. mystic4hillpuma & DancesWithPumas, done….

  83. hey could a few of you go to hireheels a do a few posts they are being arttacked by the obots again they need our help-one guy implied that hillary supporters do not exsist or her debt would be paid-that only “poor ignorant redneck trash to cheep to give a dime supported hillary…carol nice if you could gove atotal of our fundraising efforts over at heels…

    come on guys and gals-a rebel alliance member is in trouble please post a few at there sight


  84. LOL. A petition to stop PUMA – like that will work!

    I listened to McLaughlin today to see if they would mention us – nothing. But Pat Buchanan did say the media’s love affair with Obama continues and they want him to win. Michelle Bernard was the liberal spokesperson (no Eleanor today). I should say – the Obama spokesperson.

  85. Carol: Check your email (the one you use to post here)

  86. Kbird: Howz the whole retirement thing going? Is it cool and groovy?

  87. sorry the attack is on there current thread-trash talking and shooting blanks sorry please help http://www.hireheel.com


    and the bots are playing the R*ce card again-how many are there in a deck?

  88. think I am in moderation-could yourelease my last post please may have used a verboten word….


  89. I think the AP story this morning about 60 cars being tagged with “anti-Obama” spray painted messages in Florida is an attempt to smear the pro-Clinton opposition to the travesty of the Obama selection. Using racial epithets and literally leaving calling cards makes it pretty obvious who was behind the tagging of these cars. It’s just another version of shutting down the websites, imo. More of their mischief.

    It’s so perfectly Rovian. I guess I should say, so perfectly Obamian.

  90. the http://www.hireheels.com trhead is trash talk and shooting blanks thanks for any help


  91. you guys ROCK!!!



    justsaynodeal is having a media call .. if you would like to listen in.. please shoot me an email for the conference info.. I would rahter not post the # out in the open.. its at 4PM EST


    (please id your self.. getting some bot-idiots as well, trying to keep them out)

  92. michael,

    which thread at hireheels? i posted a reply to “HireHeels & PUMAs Say, NO DEAL to Stupid Pet Tricks!” but i’m not sure if that’s the right one.

  93. ssmith: I don’t know who you are but you are not supposed to be broadcasting the conference call information. It is by invitation only.

  94. sassysenora yes that was the right one thanks for the help-


  95. riverdaughter.. I blog at bitterpolitiz.. I am asking if people wanna listen in to please to send me an email if they wanna listen in.. a lot of people who used to blog at taylors.. either came here at your site or at camille’s site at bitterpolitizs..

    that’s why I posted my email.. NOT the conference number.. b/c some people may not gotten the call..

    if you wouldn’t mind, can I post my email??.. so people can get the conference call.. b/c a lot of people want to listen in..

    would you mind??

  96. Ssmith: I’m sorry, I completely misunderstood what you were proposing. I hope yo understand that we have to be careful. Oh course, there’s nothing wrong with listening to the media call.
    Carry on.

  97. riverdaughter:

    no need to apologize.. I completly understand.. you can never be too carefull with all these lunatic obamabots ard..

    christs’s GOOD!!, isn’t she?

    a radio show????? YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    a tv show??? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!

  98. First they steal votes, divide other votes in half, now they are preventing free speech on public lands – what’s next? I don’t know about anyone else but this is getting downright ridiculous.

    It’s like we are in a parallel universe or have taken a step back in time – if there was ever the slightest doubt of who to vote for – anyone but Obama and his thugs – next they’ll be wearing brown shirts.

    Petition all they want we will not be detered – it is MUCH TOO IMPORTANT – we represent the democratic (small d) way. We owe it to our country to fight this attempted coup d’etat.

  99. I’m moving the totals over to the newest post.

    Please donate and post the details on the next post.


  100. Mawm, Gary, you guys rock! You ROCK! Did I say, you rock? You do.

    I am a very shy and retiring type and I have a tough time confronting people. I’m the one that drives around the parking lot for hours because I’m always giving the parking space to someone else because I won’t assert myself… Anyway, watching this, reading your prose, seeing the pictures is making me think, hey, maybe I can do this face to face stuff!

  101. So he doesn’t even care that we as voters are witness to this sham of an election!! What an outrage! I hope you are passing this information and videos to those that can get this out there and to those people that are in love with BO .Thank you for your dedication and information.
    Send it to Fox news and anypeople that possibly hasn’t drunk the koolaid……….

  102. Why am I getting “video is no longer available” on the last three videos???!!!

  103. Tried to see all the videos…”no longer available.”

    What am I doing wrong?

  104. Never mind, they work, thank God!

  105. Mawm, thank you so much. This is true journalism, and I’m pleased that FOX let you speak your mind. It’s so important that people understand that many normal, rational, thinking individuals refuse to vote for Obama. Your videos really brought home to me the autocracy in government that we’re facing right now. Very powerful stuff, and I think we are in your debt for this.

  106. I first became aware of PUMA the day of the Unity, Maine rally while watching CNN. There was a PUMA member on the show talking about where he was at and where a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters were at: there’s no way I’m voting for Obama just because I’m a Democrat. I recognized instantly that I was totally sympathetic to the attitude of Party Unity My Ass. Barack Obama is such an ass there’s no way I could – in good conscience – vote for him. I believe Hillary Clinton is the best choice for president out of all politicians of all Parties. The gender bias of her own fellow Democrats weakened her campaign and favored Obama despite the fact that he’s a worse idiot than Bush because he’s that much more full of himself.
    I pray that Hillary Clinton does not be Obama’s Vice President because if he was elected to the Presidency she would ruin her chances of becoming President on her own in 2012. If she does not run as his Vice President Obama will not defeat McCain. I think there are a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters like myself who would rather let old John McCain run things for a couple of years and then elect Hillary Clinton President in 2012.
    The only good scenario for the Democratic Party at this point would be for the Super Delegates to wake up at the Convention and shift their votes and support to Hillary Clinton. This would be a miracle because I think that these people in control of the Democratic Party are such fat heads they would only do that if they had a visitation from Jesus Christ himself.

  107. […] by semidi Over at the Confluence, “Mawm” has a write-up about the Obamazoid love fest that took place last Friday; it seems like it was a hypocrisy-laden […]

  108. So not surprised at any of this from Obama, he thinks he’s king of the US and so do his followers. Look at that Obama campaign worker in that picture talking to you- he’s a college age white guy, just full of arrogance- you can see it even in the still picture.

  109. Who do they plan to submit the anti-puma petition to?

    I think it is funny. It makes no sense.

    Anyway, it is another indicator that the word is getting out there!

  110. […] “Mawm” (PUMA protester extraordinaire and occasional blogger at The Confluence) posted his first hand account detailing the theatrics around the sham Unity event. Mawm also posted […]

  111. WONDERFUL JOB!!!!!!!!! Donate to Hillary and don’t forget to donate..GREEN RAIN FOR MCCAIN…whatever you give to McCain by July 4 add $0.44 so they will know it came from Hillary supporters. Got email from Dean-o , he is afraid june numbers won’t pass McCain, he was asking for money of course…..gave to Hill, now will give for McCain Green Rain, like the guy siad, they will be watching the $$$”$ and the DNC worried if McCain surpasses Obama it will look REALLY BAD and take support away from Obama….I will link aritclein another comment



  113. Obama and his supporters are clearly against the opposition exercising their First Amendment rights.

  114. Perhaps it is time for PUMA to check out the Larry Sinclair story and his allegations about what happened in 1999. Also might be interesting to know more about the Donald Young murder and why the media is staying away from this story despite the fact that Donald Young was a choir master in a church that was repeatedly on the news. http://larrysinclair0926.wordpress.com/
    Also, it is interesting to note that Reverend Wright came out of his ‘retirement” and is now back preaching at the Trinity Church.

  115. Gary and Mawm thank you for speaking for us! Mawm you were fantastic in your interview on FOX. I’m so proud of you both. GO PUMAS!

  116. The Hartford Courant’s article on the rally in Unity was actually mostly about the protesting. They didn’t call people PUMAs or refer to it as organized protest, but the entire article except for about two paragraphs was devoted to Clinton supporters who said stuff like, “I am enthusiastic about him, but he doesn’t have a lot of experience.” Or, “I will never vote for him.”

  117. Thanks so much for this account. The W deja vu is sickening.
    I remember W once came to NYC on the first anniversary of 9.11. He didn’t want protesters so they staged a photo op on Liberty Island. They transporter the crew & rented audience with helicopters and detoured ferries for the duration of the event.
    As I said, when the media is pushing someone on us – it’s never a good guy.

  118. As the proud Mama of Maum and Gary, just wish to comment on the comments. Hey DJ, please let this Grayslady cut in on Dancing with Pumas, and rock out with Rose; Riverdance with Katie Bird, Ciardha, Chimera, Casey, Carol, Chatblu; Wigwag with Amarissa, Anee, and,Annabelle; Sing Swannie with Sima; MAUMbo with Mystic, Mona, Michael, Michelle, and Atypical Myiqtcu; do the OBAMAJERK with Joan, Joaniebone, and Ittybitty Joe; SLAMBOBAMA with Sassy Senora and SM in the PM; do the Frug with Fred, Fooj, and the Fredster with a tail feather; tiptoe through the tulips with tpt and timely Timley; limbo with Lauraln; Break with Bonita’s Bostonboomer; Lindy with Indy and that Indigo Girl; oscillate with Ohioanna; and polka with the patriot to the Edge of Forever!
    Go-Go PUMA. from a proud 1960s Go-Go Mauma. Love my Boys – Hey JimmyMac why don’t you take me back?

    cc: VOTE!

  119. I was there and met John David, Gary, and Laura, the woman in the cap. It was amazing the intimidation and just plain bullying by Ozombies. The sign Laura held was later ripped from her hands, crumpled up and thrown to the ground by one of those wonderful Uniters.

  120. […] voices of 18 million voters who supporter Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  121. […] Unity Through Purge, The Confluence, June 29, 2008. Includes […]

  122. PortiaElizabeth,
    I never got your contact info when we were in NH. I’m sorry. I really wanted to. Could you it to me, to the pumaaction@gmail.com address ?

    Thank you so much for being there.

  123. I love you too buddhamama. You should be very proud of your boy. He learned from the best.

  124. […] voices of 18 million voters who supported Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  125. […] voices of 18 million voters who supported Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  126. […] voices of 18 million voters who supporter Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  127. […] voices of 18 million voters who supporter Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  128. […] voices of 18 million voters who supported Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  129. […] voices of 18 million voters who supported Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  130. […] voices of 18 million voters who supported Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  131. […] tactic.  – The voices of 18 million voters who supporter Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  132. […] tactic.  – The voices of 18 million voters who supporter Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

  133. […] voices of 18 million voters who supported Hillary Clinton have been illegitimately silenced, ridiculed, and subjected to outright fabrications on the part of the mainstream press and the […]

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