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Sunday: Tell me again, who’s stupid?

I keep getting told how stupid I am. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz suggested as much the other night on Larry King. The Obamaphiles tell me Every. Single. Day. Even Governor Ed Rendell told me that HOUNDS are brighter than PUMAs.

And why shouldn’t they feel this way? After all, we’ve had 8 years of the presidential rule by the dumbest guy on the planet, save Doug Feith. We sooo want it to be over. We want SCHIP passed, stem-cell research funded, our civil liberties and habeas corpus back. Believe me when I say, oh superdelegates, we feel your pain most acutely. Some of us spent YEARS on DailyKos and canvasssing for our favorite congressional candidates and writing our representatives and protesting the war and we are tired, sick, disgusted and worn out of Republican rule. If we could load up the trucks and move the Bushies to Beverley today it would be seven years late but not a moment too soon.

So, why are you guys behaving so stupidly?

I mean, the rest of the country woke up. They were just as fed up with Republicans as we are. They snapped out of it, looked around and thought, “don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”. This was the year to put a strong Democrat in office. They wanted a DEMOCRAT. Sort of the kind that Hillary Clinton is. About where they are in terms of social policy. Ready to embrace the diversity of the American population in terms of ethnicity and lifestyles. Finally realizing that controlling what people do in their bedrooms won’t put bread on the table. Looking forward to competent, intelligent, wise governmental policies. And what do we give them? Mr. Obama. A man whose resume should have garnered him no more than a low level cabinet position, if that, where he can learn the ropes in safety, is now shooting for the highest office in the land.

And how did we get here? F%&* if *I* know. But there sure are a whole lot of factions supporting him who have virtually nothing in common with one another. The Libertarian Democrats and the academic pretentious liberal would have little to talk about at a cocktail party. The African-American faction is in the backyard having their own party. The young wouldn’t be caught DEAD at this soiree. Are you kidding me? The last thing they want to do is hang around with the old people who are trying way too hard to convince themselves that their tits don’t sag.

There’s no THERE there. No core Democratic principles sticking the whole amalgamation together. Not only that, they need the people they think are permanent losers: the working class, women, latinos, the elderly, Muslims, gays, you name it. Anyone who is unpopular or not one of the beautiful people or just not wealthy enough are not on their A list. And they let us know what they think of us all of the time. We’re stupid, we’re old, we’re women without educations, we’re old stupid women without educations. And we’re going to ruin everything for them. Everything! It is going to be all our fault because we won’t just shut up, sit down and fork over our votes.

God! What insensitive, stupid, selfish, racist idiots we are. We have *their* votes. They have to get their votes from US. Like they have time for this. If only we could see how important this is to them we wouldn’t be so ignorant and self-centered. Why am I not more reasonable with my vote? Sitting right under my old, stupid, racist, fat ass. Funny how that works. The older, stupider and more racist I am to them, the fatter my ass gets. I can barely move it now. Damn, I have NO idea how I’m going to give them my vote now. My ass just won’t budge.

Go figure.

119 Responses

  1. Move that fat, stupid, racist ass over, girlfriend. Make some room for the rest of us. PUMA. We shall overcome.

  2. Sigh. Let me rephrase. Move your fat r***** ass over, girlfriend. Make some room for the rest of us. PUMA. We shall overcome.

  3. Heh. I’ve no idea how to give them my vote either!

  4. I know I’m going to sound repetitive here…but RD, you should have your own nationally syndicated column!

    Damn, woman!


  5. Check out Hireheels. They have redone HOUND: Now it’s an acronym for Hell, Obama’s Unqualified. No Deal.

  6. (waving) Good Morning, Riverdaughter and Confluencians! I’ve been watching my ass grow for the last couple of months — I had no idea it was related to my Hillary Support!

    Someone here told a great story. They got in an argument with a young co-worker about the election. Young Co Worker said, “You mean you guys don’t have to do anything at all?”


  7. Gotta love a blogger that can quote Joni Mitchell, Gertrude Stein, and the theme from the Beverly Hillbillies all in one wonderful Sunday morning post. PUMA!

  8. just what I needed this am — that made me laugh so hard esp. that last line!

  9. Obama “pushed the wrong button” on more than one occasion so perhaps we should follow his example and do the same. He is after all the Great One.

    All I know is that come November my vote (or non-vote) will be in line with my conscience. No matter what, at least, I’ll have that.

  10. Can you believe Rendell? What idiot came up with hound? It’s funny, on the one hand, they tell us we don’t matter, on the other hand, we’ve got the Governor of PA spinning lame acronyms in an effort to guilt us in. Hysterical.

  11. Fat ass indeed….that darn Hillary.

  12. Davidson, on June 29th, 2008 at 10:52 am Said:
    Obama “pushed the wrong button” on more than one occasion so perhaps we should follow his example and do the same. He is after all the Great One.

    LOL. That would be so funny. We could all tell the exit pollsters, “oops, I pushed the wrong button.”

  13. masslib, I read an article in the Scranton newspaper that Gov. rendell handwrote the HOUND saga on ayellow legal pad. Does he maybe think it’s a latterday Gettysburg address equivalent?

  14. God! What insensitive, stupid, selfish, racist idiots we are. We have *their* votes. They have to get their votes from US. Like they have time for this. If only we could see how important this is to them we wouldn’t be so ignorant and self-centered. Why am I not more reasonable with my vote? Sitting right under my old, stupid, racist, fat ass. Funny how that works. The older, stupider and more racist I am to them, the fatter my ass gets. I can barely move it now. Damn, I have NO idea how I’m going to give them my vote now. My ass just won’t budge.

    LOL!! Thank you for a good laugh on a rainy Sunday morning. Isn’t it hilarious that they think they can “woo” us by being continually insulting, patronizing, and bullying? I love it, because they are so clueless regarding our true principled motivation(s) that they keep inadvertently fueling our commitment and passion for the cause. Just like their Undeserving Prince. He really knows how to win over a crowd like those big Hillary donors, huh? Condescension and a dismissive attitude–yea, that’s the ticket.

  15. November 4th will be the day I push the wrong button at the same time I push the right button…it just depends upon your point of view. On 11-04-08 it will be MY opinion that counts. Hey, my a$$ is growing right along with y’all. Too bad O’s nose wouldn’t catch a Pinocchio virus.

  16. masslib: Well, what can you expect from. Stupid old women? I mean we’re *barely* literate.
    BTW, loved you choice of book for the bookclub. The Penelopiad will go right next to the two translations of the Odyssey and one coly of th Iliad that I have. Oh, if I only knew how to read…

  17. And we’re going to ruin everything for them. Everything! It is going to be all our fault because we won’t just shut up, sit down and fork over our votes.

    Don’t forget–we’re “buzzkills.”

  18. Riverdaugher, Almighty PUMA Hugh Priestess – you made me spit out my coffee!

    Good morning to all the Conflucians up so early! Wow, what a party last night – oveer $2,000 raised with the fabulous PUMA hostess of the evening Carol!

    (roar of applause!)

    And yes, my ass is so fat, it has its own zip code.

    Ed Rendell is SOOO f*cked – poor guy, I do like him a lot. But HOUND?? Seriously, LAME-O! Despite our fat asses, PUMAs possess stealth and are lethal. We are indigenous to the Americas both North and South. We are EVERYWHERE, we are your neighbor, your co-worker, your clerk at the supermarket, your doctor, your girlfriend, your mom.

    But HOUNDS?? My mom has a thought that goes well with Rendell’s HOUNDs.

    “Dogs are only faithful to the hand that feeds them. If somebody comes along with more food, that dog is gone.”

  19. Good Morning – Just so that everyone knows, I am still tallying the retire “OUR DEBT” from Hillary’s campaign. The cocktail party is still going!

    Last tally – $2150.09 with Wendy’s husband contributing $35 over 34 minutes ago.

    If you contribute and post, I will keep going!

    I need more than love, I need your money for Hillary!

    Again, who wants to see Hillary have to sit across from Chris and KO and explain?

  20. RD- Don’t stop now, your on a roll. I love it, actually choked on my coffee. I wish you would stop doing this to me. But since I’m another fat a**, stupid woman, I guess I’ll never learn, not to drink my coffee when I’m reading your morning rant…

  21. Hear hear, riverdaughter.

    You have a way with words.


  22. River Daughter, would you please email me, I do have somthing to discuss with you.

  23. Check out Hireheels. They have redone HOUND: Now it’s an acronym for Hell, Obama’s Unqualified. No Deal.

  24. Laney – we are suffering from coffee chokings this morning!

    Lesson: Never drink and read an RD post at the same time. It’s lethal.

  25. Look, Ed is a good guy. I like him.

    I suspect that he and Debbie W-S are doing this to draw attention to PUMAs.

    Rendell was the one who came up with, “Sen. Obama told me, we don’t need them there, we just need their checks” quote to press regarding a fundraiser.

  26. Obama and McCain, at least to my way of thinking, are becoming interchangeable with one another. One flips, the other flops in unison. No clear understanding of where each stands.

    For the past 16 months my interest and fascination with the race bordered obsessive to a large degree, but I am now so turned off by the choices facing us in November that I am almost at the point of saying that I may just bypass the whole thing.

    The convention is rigged in favor of The One. The entire charade will be played out nationally to have the appearance of an old time revival gathering. The media refuses to do its job. The DNC has stacked the deck. The public is being “bamboozled and hoodwinked” into supporting a man with about 300 days of service in the US Senate. The opposing candidate appears bewildered.

    Yet I am told to get onboard. Think of the SC. Think about the war. Think about the economy. And I have. I considered all of those issues and went with the one candidate who I felt had the chance to make a difference. She was cast aside in favor of a man who is a lightweight and offers nothing but more of the same.

    My own party belittles my concerns. I am racist if I don’t vote for Obama. I am old, bitter, petulant because I did not get my own way. I am insulted, demeaned, brushed aside, and told I will eventually come around in casting my vote for a candidate I truly and completely dislike. Won’t happen.

  27. Perhaps we should post the Heimlich maneuver.

  28. multihacks, on June 29th, 2008 at 11:08 am Said:
    Check out Hireheels. They have redone HOUND: Now it’s an acronym for Hell, Obama’s Unqualified. No Deal.

    Outrageously funny!

  29. SM- ya think I would have learned by now!!!

  30. Nice to see that Meet the Press has a real Journalist now! Tom Brokow sounded like a professional Journalist, not a “got ya” commentator!

  31. Carol! The fabulous “Retire Hillary’s Debt” PUMA Hostess!

    WOW, you have a gift. Seriously.

    If I didn’t have my July bills around the corner, I would have easily done 50.00-100.00 last night.

  32. I second the motion – I have NO IDEA how to give them my vote, either, RiverDaughter. Great post – you’ve done it again!!

  33. I realized the day of the Unity bamboozlepalooza that Obama appears totally dispationate when he has to advocate progressive policies. Heck this guy is totally disinterested as soon as he has to talk about anything other than himself and his own greatness.

    Hillary had more umph in her speech at that charade because she actually believes in what she was talking about.

    PS: RD, are you sure Doug Feith is dumber than Bush? I wouldn’t be so sure.

  34. ghost2, on June 29th, 2008 at 11:09 am Said:
    Look, Ed is a good guy. I like him.

    I suspect that he and Debbie W-S are doing this to draw attention to PUMAs.

    That’s possible. There is something fun out making Mr.”Her voters will vote for me, but I’m not sure mine will vote for her” sweat his ass off over PUMA. Well, I’m one Mr.Obama does not have to worry about. He can’t do anything to win my vote.

  35. SM – thank you.

    I would like to rename it “Retire Our Debt”. Hillary did her part, we need to do our part!

  36. Debbie did say she still thinks Hill will be President someday. I saw her eyes and legs cross – she means 2008!

  37. Remember, too, that the Obama campaign said that they were not going to spend much time worrying about Sen. Clinton'[s voters.

  38. I’m taking my fat arce to the treadmill. I have gained XXX lbs. commenting for the last 6 months.

    When I get back her, I hope someone has “made my Day”. Trying to get to $3000 by High Noon CDST.

    Let’s go

  39. the girls and guys at hireheels thought my reform the nomination process thesis was great a less edited version appears near the top of this thread let me know what you think.

    I believe that if hillary is not our nominee then once the convetion is a “done deal” we need to rattle the cages for post election reform and keep our dialog on the GE to a simple “we will not vote for obama/just say no deal.”

    I will infuriate the currupt DNC powerbrokers if we refuse to debate them on the big “o’s” unworthiness to stand up as our candidatein the GE-and just keep hitting them with party reform. They will know we are united and singleminded on achieving reform of the nomination process.

    Also it will send a clear message that we have accepted NObama’s NOvember 4th defeat as inevitable and we can start telling them “they need to get over it.”


    still hoping Hillary pulls of a suprise-but even if she does the reform the party is still necessary.

  40. Moderator – please take one of those X’s off of my weight gain admission.

  41. MABlue, on June 29th, 2008 at 11:12 am:

    How right you are! I always have asked this to my friends who support him, “What has Obama done for black people? What has Obama done for LAtino people?”

    They all say the same friggin thing: “Well, it’s time we had somebody of color up in the White House.”

    I answer back “So you prefer to have someone that looks like you as opposed to someone who has worked their whole life to defend your right to exist & work & live.better.”

    I get no answer after that. Everytime.

  42. ghost2 –

    I think you may be on to something. At first I was mad as hell at the HOUND thang…but I’ve cooled off now and it does seem stupid and can be so easily manipulated into a positive for PUMA … the HOUND acronym has already been reworked on several blogs. Plus – some of the comments in it were so insulting. Ed was just kicking a little dirt in the PUMA’s eye …. makes us madder and work harder, but certainly doesn’t harm us.

  43. RD, I laughed out loud at “Whole Paycheck” where I retreated to this a.m. as the power is out in my part of town….bad storms yesterday.
    I wanted to share something that I think I read here yesterday…Someone said that BHO is riding on his 2002 anti-war speech and said “that nobody heard”.

    Well I was at the protest where he spoke. I heard it. And so did thousands of others. But we have NEVER seen him act on that speech – except to use it against Hillary. And. That’s. It. (my brother lives in southren IL and never heard the Obama speech against the war. Nor did he hear Obama speak against the war whilst campaigning for the Senate. (My brother asked why I had even mentioned it to him in the first place as The Precious never spoke about the war in my bro’s part of the state.)

    I have asked his office decent questions and they have stonewalled me. That was BEFORE he was elected senator. I saw him refuse to answer questions about the war and gas/oil shortages. And that was BEFORE he (officially) began his run to conquer the USA. I have (in person) heard him respond (to other questions on other nationwide problems) saying, “I can’t do anything. I’m only a freshman senator. No one will listen to me”.

    I say this because I have opposed The Precious, The One, The Messiah, from the very first. And when I tell my family and friends (who actually support Him) they just shake their heads at me.

    I thanked goodness for Hillary (even before Edwards left) . Now I thank goodness for the Conflucians!!


  44. That new version of HOUND is hilarious.

  45. i like hire heels adptation of hound
    my thoughts this hound is sooooo old and slow
    he doesnt have any teeth
    besides that he has been neutered

  46. Good morning to yo’all! Wow! This site rocks!

    Totally agree with the idea of sending whatever anyone can afford to take care of Hillary’s debt once and for all (even if it is very little). As a matter of fact, a few days back I posted here saying that with a donation to Hillary of just $2 per @of her 18 mil voters her debt could be erased in a jiffy.

    I’m a flight attendant, have a 4-year-old daughter, due to a messed up back (I love this job but it can be very tough!) on family leave (no pay), and facing furlough (close to 4 thousand of us are shaking in our boots right now—and that’s just in my company, other airlines are facing the same problem).

    Anyway, though it has been difficult as hell, since the very day that she decided to suspend her campaign I’ve donated $35 to Hillary and I’ve just sent $15 to make it $50 total. Does this count as a match up to Carol’s $50?

    Contribution Details
    Date: June 29, 2008 11:06 AM CDT
    Contact: XXXX
    Amount: $15.00

    P. S. Sent it to the other post but just saw that Carol has moved Operation Pay Hillary’s Debt here.

  47. masslib, on June 29th, 2008 at 11:14 am Said:

    . . . There is something fun out making Mr.”Her voters will vote for me, but I’m not sure mine will vote for her” sweat his ass off over PUMA. Well, I’m one Mr.Obama does not have to worry about. He can’t do anything to win my vote.

    ditto for me

  48. ghost2 you are my hero I agree the quote says more than any actions he has taken with hound his credo mentions PUMA as many time as NObama(in November)


  49. Great commentary RD. I love your writting too. Good morning all.

    The press will intentionally mischaracterize the PUMA movement to try to belittle/trivialize it for their listeners in the hope that it will reduce our numbers. It worked with voter turnout for Hillary so why not for PUMA..

  50. I haven’t read all the comments yet but has anyone noticed that the Hound just lifted his leg and pissed on all of us?

    Gov. Rendell said we should not punish Obama over the FISA vote because he had to consider the whole bill and restoring court oversight to domestic spying was more insuring law breakers were not given immunity.

    Does anyone remember why the FL democrats voted yes when the FL republicans moved up the date of the primary?

  51. Thank you Michelle! I feel your pain – I was a flight attendent for the original Frontier Airlines when they bit the dust back in August 1986.

    Better days are ahead for you, I promise. My son was 6 and starting 1st grade. He has now graduated from USC in 2003.

    Take care of yourself!

    You have just moved the cocktail party total to:



  52. Should be:
    …restoring court oversight to domestic spying was more IMPORTANT THEN insuring law breakers were not given immunity.


  53. Today is samanthasmom’s birthday.

    Happy B-day, samanthasmom!

    My dear Conflucians, you have saved my sanity.


  54. Of course PUMAS are racist – Nina Totemberg just said it
    Apparently, we, PUMAS are old women using sexism as a cover for the real reason – which is racism, what else?
    How can it not be so?
    The natural order of things sez BO has to get all votes.
    Whatever deviation from it is caused by evil forces – such as racism

  55. Nancy reagan should have said “Just say No Deal” and maybe her anti-drug campaign would have grown as fast as thr PUMA movement?

    sorry my thesis is on the last two thread-remember Its about the future-not the past.


  56. Just heard,

    We Lost 20 soldiers this week in Afghanistan and Iraq!

    Please match so that Hillary can bring our loved ones home!

    Contribution Details
    Date: June 29, 2008 11:28 AM EDT
    Contact: Carol
    Amount: $20.44

    Total contributions: $2170.53

    Total expense from an inadequate, illegitimate government – don’t know, never will be able to count that high.


  57. Betty
    I remember why the Florida Democrats voted yes on the calendar change. It was their only shot
    to get paper trail to the electronic machines.
    They didn’t want another theft.
    Little did they know that it would be the other guys stealing it this time!

  58. Moderator – please remove the last $2150.09 total off of my last post. And you can delete this message also.


  59. Good morning Conflucians!

    Destardi is right. Riverdaughter should have her own column. If only Newsweek and The Hill would put her stuff in the place of the drivel that Markos writes. And we can say we knew her when.

  60. Carol, thanks you for the uplifting words.

    Have you seen that Party Unity My Ass is now featured in Wikipedia!

    Check it at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Party_Unity_My_Ass

    Considering that it is such a new grassroots network, I was amazed to bump into such entry.

    Great work!

    Go PUMAS!

  61. Us PUMAcrats are sure getting a lot of attention for a bunch of uneducated, deadender, old bats with saggy tops and wide bottoms. Why-ever would that be?

    Could it be that the Obamacrats fear the mighty growl of the PUMAcrats? As well they should.

    What we have is NOT for sale. We own our votes. And in spite of being so damn stupid, we know it. How’s the unity pony like them apples?

  62. Morning Fellow PUMA’s !
    “Carol” I hope your right about “MTP”; but maybe I missed something (flipping channels). What I saw was he had “2”-more mature Democratic moderate seeming Gov.’s spporting Obama together. Then just
    Gov. Arnold Sch_ _ _…,alone & he was racked over the coals about CA. “Like I said maybe I missed something”?
    ** My problem now & has been for a while is Rahm Emanuel who was on ABC. I believe he (also from Chicago / they ALL, are from there or connected to there, Patti S. D. etc…) ; is behind the “hostile take-over of the democratic party”!
    It 1st “hit me” when I saw him “encouraging” James Clyburn to “throw Pres. Clinton under -the -bus”!
    Since then I’ve keep my eyes & ears open & “there he is”!
    *** Finally A. Huffington seems to be “threatening Obama” on his Iraq position. “If” he “runs to the middle” where Hillary & the rest of the country always was he’s “TOAST”!
    Go PUMA!

  63. betty no parrallel with the primary vote in florida the Repugs have a two thirds majority in the house and were assured passage w/out democrats and would have used the “ballot audit trail portion of the bill” to nail the remaining 1/3 this november.

    In the house and senate the anti-FISA forces (the Dems) are in the majority and could have used an anti-FISA bill as a means to nail repugs as against civil liberties and freedom. By voting for FISA Obama squandered a chance to help down ticket democrats to get 12 more repugs to vote for him in november.

    more of the axelfraud math at work.

    fuzzybeargville-in florida

  64. The Fl repubs. put in a much needed paper trail in that
    bill. The FL. Dems were forced to vote to move up the primary or vote against a paper trail. After 2000 they could not vote against the paper trail. It would not have gone well down here. Also, the Florida house and senate have a big Republican majority, not to mention our Governor.

  65. The MSM can belittle us all they want. We are growing in strength and numbers.

    We have brave agents like Mawm and gary who travel long distances to both make AND report the news.

    We have commenters who bring us insights and opinions. Conflucians seem to have a special frame of reference. We look at the entire situation dispassionately and thoughtfully.

    The quality of the writing here is top notch. And the troll patrol keeps us mercifully free from invasions.


  66. Sunday morning’s “laugh riot” moment:

    General Wesley Clark on CBS’s “Face The Nation w/Bob Schieffer” arguing (with a straight face, mind you) the point that on matters concerning our national defense and foreign affairs Barack Obama proves stronger and more qualified than Senator McCain.

    I’m tellin’ ya, PURE COMEDY.

  67. RD, your fat asses rant reminds me of a sign I saw at one of the war protest I went:
    We could adapt it to:

  68. Obama’s Unity body language was -“It’s all About Me”
    and yes it is Mr Obama it is all about your:

    Flip flops

    Nasty Comments
    Leadership Style(actually lack of one)
    Yada yada-meaningless chatter of your supporters

    Wishy washiness
    Evil body language gestures

    KO-nuff said
    November landslide defeat
    Everyone who doesnt agree with you “under the bus”
    Wanting to stand for something but not sure what

    what the last Obama supporters will say after he is defeated in November or August “IF ONLY WE KNEW”


  69. More power to you edwardian- I can’t sit through the morning spin anymore, it makes my blood boil and then out comes the PUMA growl. The PUMA growl is contagious. My dog is starting to think he is a PUMA!

  70. thanks riverdaughter….you do have a way with words!
    my goodness you said it all in a nutshell

    i will take a fat ass anyday over obama!

    i want to know…i thought we weren’t needed….why they can’t just leave us alone and let us lick our wounds and roar….makes me think….they might have a need for us…these hacks make me sick!

  71. Edwardian, as a former Clarkie – this breaks my heart. B0 brings up the worst in everyone.

  72. gary – will you post the work that President Bill has completed since leaving office, again.


  73. All I was getting at was that Ed Rendell said we shouldn’t punish Obama for his FISA vote because, although immunity is bad, there is a larger good in the FISA bill.

    Rendell says this a month after the DP punished the democratic population of FL because FL’s elected democrats voted yes to moving the primary date because there was a larger good involved.

    But after reading all the comments I am beginning to hope he said that to intentionally piss us off and thereby strengthen us.

  74. edwardian, on June 29th, 2008 at 11:49 am

    Wes wants to be VP Sooooo000ooo BAD.

    It’s so hilarious, I have to laugh even though it’s all so serious . I tell you this election season will ruin
    The Onion parody site.

  75. I think RD should replace MoDo. Now that would be progress.

  76. Fat ass? I beg to differ.

    There ain’t nothing wrong with a gal who has a little junk in the trunk.

    I ain’t never met no skinny ones that could cook worth a lick anyhow.

  77. I continue to question myself why I am so consumed with this …mess…sorry, I can’t think of another word at the moment. Typically, I am more involved and interested in election contests lower on the ballot.

    Tension within the Dem Party is nothing new.

    Now the front and center, politically disenfranchised group appears to be made up of primarily women. And now it is OK to verbally dismiss, insult and ridicule women. This is a decades old standard and cannot be tolerated whether it comes from the MSM, the Dem Party leadership, the local level leadership, or friends and neighbors. Aside from the highly questionable rules games the DNC has played this election cycle, this double standard is my chief complaint. I don’t expect to be stroked, but I do expect to be respected and heard. And please, “sour grapes” – women are VERY familiar with not getting what they want or even need, and find a way to carry on; so smug critics can take their “sour grape” and shove it. A line has been crossed here – it’s an old line that for me has a very different and shocking meaning in 2008. And the call for “change” and “hope” in the context of this regressive climate– yet somehow progressive climate (given that we have had two very successful minority candidates this cycle) – smacks of hypocrisy. And I simply cannot get it out of my head that Obama’s staffers selected “99 Problems But a Bitch Ain’t One of Them” as a celebratory song in Iowa, and worse, the campaign got away with it.

  78. tpt/ny – Rahm is David Axelrod’s best friend.

    Rahm is also the chosen one for Obama’s senate seat.

    That pretty much explains Rahm’s actions (or non action) over the past 6-10 months.

    He is a total snake in the grass.

  79. myiq2xu, on June 29th, 2008 at 12:08 pm Said:
    I ain’t never met no skinny ones that could cook worth a lick anyhow.

    I resemble that remark.

  80. Good morning PUMA patriots!

    Riverdaughter, I like being “stupid”. Let them underestimate us. They are going to have an awful hangover when they finally wake-up.

    Your post reminds me of Sir-Mix-Alot’s famous song:
    ” I like BIG BUTTS and I can not lie! You other brothers can’t deny!”

  81. That was CLASSIC! I’m still laughing. Thanks for always being so incredibly eloquent/insightful/hilarious at the same time.

  82. I was out clothes and shoe shopping with sis in law and her friend jennifer the other day and they love their lovely shapely hineys (aren’t I the best gay brother-in law) -they also recommend Ann Taylor Loft for clothes, that accentuate their best a$$ets.

    Of course never having one and completely being one (an A$$) Obama has to look elswhere for votes.

    Maybe that is why Obama and the misoginist in the DNC now want your votes ladies. It’s your lovely backviews they want to see, when they get what they want from you (your vote) then kick you to the curb when they are done with you. (dont fall for it this time)


  83. Fuzzy, there’s furious that we aren’t answering to their come-ons. A few days ago, someone commented that their behavior is like the women-hating guy at the bar that wants to get some–NOW, and then when you don’t respond to the sleazy canned line, they explode in rage.
    Yup. Same guys, same behavior.

  84. “they’re furious”, I mean…

  85. Alrighty, then…the more prominent the posterior, the greater the capacity for opening up the extra-large can of Granny Whup Ass with which to correct some attitudes. I have a five-gallon pail already stirred and waiting to go.

  86. riverdaughter, you are amazing as everyone here sees. destardi said it best for me: “You should have your own nationally syndicated column”. Absolutely! No doubt about it.

    In addition to Hillary’s primary debt (and congrats to the party “givers”), we must sue for bHo’s legit birth certificate. The one on-line is a fake. ALL CANDIDATES’ DOCUMENTS PROVING…ELIGIBILITY ARE PUBLIC. Period. Period. Period.


    The DNC must give us a proper candidate. If we have to sue to find out the truth from Secretive, we should send the bill to the DNC.

  87. Ms. Marple, on June 29th, 2008 at 12:36 pm Said:

    ….”the extra-large can of Granny Whup Ass ”

    You crack me up and I’m still laughing about :

    I walked to the laundry room door. Upon the walk, all a-tremble, sat 100lbs. of golden retriever misery. Chester was being held hostage by a teeny little tortoiseshell. And all Jasper had to do was sit and make a very small hissy/spitty comment out of one corner of her kitty face to cause Chester to vibrate audibly

  88. $2170.53 Total Contributions so far.

    I finding out that everyone is much more generous with a cocktail in them.

    Rico, wake up. Another Round on Me!

    Who has a little extra cash lying around? Post and I will add you to the tally.

  89. I changed the song. Couldn’t resist. {{wicked grin}}

  90. masslib, on June 29th, 2008 at 11:14 am Said:

    . . . There is something fun out making Mr.”Her voters will vote for me, but I’m not sure mine will vote for her” sweat his ass off over PUMA. Well, I’m one Mr.Obama does not have to worry about. He can’t do anything to win my vote.

    EXACTLY. This moment, along with Michelle’s I-don’t-have-to-support-Hillary-depending-on-her-“tone” interview gave birth to the PUMA movement. Both Obama’s basically said that it is okay to walk away from the party if you don’t like the nominee. If they can say it on national television, why can’t we? If Michelle didn’t feel like she had to support Hillary base on “tone,” I sure as HE** don’t need to support Obama…I would like to see Rendell address that.

  91. SPINAL TAP!!!!

    I actually own “Smell the Glove”

    “MUD FLAPS!”

    You are so funny!

  92. joanie you are so right -the worst experience in a bar i was in with some of my girlpals and this guy walked up to one of them and wanted to dance with her she was polite (he had just inteupted an important conversation about her upcoming vacation to the keys.)

    He still was persistent I mean I am a big guy 285 and 6’2″ and was the only one in this group of 7 women you think that would have detoured this jackass-It was cosmo sex in the city bonus season night_-so my drink may have been a clue that I was not her woop a$$ boyfriend.

    He kept going on about he had what she really needed and that this F@ggot could not do any thing for her. Well I set down my cosmo and said in my gruffest wookie voice “thats Mr F@ggot to you…but before I could get us both removed fro the bar my frien michelle gave him a verbal what for that would have made sailors blush….He stomped off like a little boy and said “B*tch you ain’t all that anyway.”

    A perfect metaphor for this primary season hugh


  93. Yes Fuzzy, it really is.

    I want to meet your friend that “gave him a verbal what for that would have made sailors blush” Is she a PUMA? Sign her up!

    “cosmo sex in the city bonus season night” Can I come next time?

  94. carol please also do a total run on 4th of july I am planning to make another donation on that day whe the payday gods refill the petty cash fund. I am planning and I hope everone else who can to partisipate in HIllary for President Financial independence day….we are going to push hard for big lots of donations to show that Hillary supporters are still there for her.


  95. Some of you participated in last night’s thread regarding taking the pledge to “Not Swallow”. Am I the only one that had to curb an extremely vulgar response?

    It’s right there, on the tip of my tongue. There is something about Riverdaughters post, Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom”, and Fuzzybear in general that has gotten the day offf to a naughty start.

  96. Michelle is a great friend and our sex in the city parties ended when I had to move away a few years ago…but we do revive them when I go home again to visit pcola and we pull out the Sex in the city DVD boxed deluxe set…our watering hole did not survive Hurricane Ivan so we are always looking for new venue’s….Carol we would love to have you over for my special Cosmos made with grey goose & grande marinier, pomagranet juice and a twist of lime….

    as to her being PUMA? she is a long time practicing wiccan priestest and fan of Dr Maya Angelu I would gues so…


  97. First – if you retire Hill’s debt then she is free to devote all her time to campaigning for Obama. I just realized if we all give $20.00 on July 4th to Hillary – that just frees her to work for the election of Barack Obama.
    AND it frees his donors to give more money to him instead of retiring her debt.
    If we all give her $20.00, what does she give us? Bo and the DNC?
    No Thanks – that is not what I want.

    If BO wants Hill or Bill’s time, let him pay for it instead of yet again exploiting another female politician.

    Do not donate to the Hill until she agree to organize a 3rd party to actually represent working class voters or to run as an independent in 2012 if Bo turns out to be a dud and we do not get health care and improved economics for the working class.

    Second, PLEASE cal in on the PUMA radio show TONIGHT SUNDAY – go here and get the correct time for your zone.


  98. Since the PUMA Party is made up of rebels against unethical parts of the democratic party, i was thinking of two old Dwayne Eddy songs REBEL ROUSER and REBEL WALK.
    They should be played very loud as we walk away to the new undemocratic party.

  99. micheal – How far are you from Jacksonville?


  100. Excuse me the last post should read as we walk away FROM the new undemocratic party.

  101. I have always love to be the cause of general naughtiness and mischief….I dont even mind getting caught as the ringleader…fortunately RD is here to keep the mood focused-

    It is strange that the only way we can accomplish the most good with respect to saving the Democratic Party is to do the most damage?

    Of course when you see Nero Obama fiddling its not hard to see the burning of Rome on the Horizon.


  102. Green – I see what you wrote.

    However, this is about our integrity vs. the lack of within the Obama camp.

    Hillary’s Debt is OUR Debt!

    Please donate – this is about our place in history and how we honor our word to the vendors that serviced “OUR CAMPAIGN”.

  103. Arabella – I am less than an Hour and 20 minutes-if I aviod Waldo and Lawety-(two famous North Central Florida Speed Traps) have you heard of them I am on the east side of Gainesville I travel to Jacksonville on weekends sometimes more night life and better cosmos.

    why are you in Jville? if so we could start organizing up here would love to find an Orlando conterpart too. On of the hirelheels Ladies is also in Jville.


  104. should be one of the Hireheels ladies is also in Jville.


  105. Micheal – I live in Metro NY, but I have ocassion to go to J-ville to visit my father-in-law.


  106. new thread-Mawninc and gary are posting and its real good like 72% cocao organic free trade triple layer chocolate cake good get on over there…


  107. “Dee”
    I don’t know if your still on; but “THANK YOU”, for your response.
    I always thought he was a good guy but he’s not!

  108. Marc Rubin called the event “The Baracky Horror Unity Show”


  109. Good morning all…I’m up, I’m here, I’m moving to the new thread!

    Not easy to keep up with you young folks…sheesh….I see a hip replacement in my future…

  110. Green —

    I’ve also gone back and forth about HRC’s debt. On the one hand, Obama cost her the presidency and us the Democratic party with his Rovian tactics, so he should damn well should have to pay the bill.

    But in the end, she needs to be free from him. I don’t want her to have to have a big financial gun to her head, just because she’s a woman of honor and will do whatever she can to fulfill her obligations to her vendors.

    She will campaign for him no matter what. She’s not in a position to do elsewise. But she should be free. And we should show BO and the DNC that only she is getting our d*mn support.

  111. guys..

    justsaynodeal is having a media call .. if you would like to listen in.. please shoot me an email for the conference info.. I would rahter not post the # out in the open.. its at 4PM EST


    (please id your self.. getting some bot-idiots as well, trying to keep them out)

  112. Not only is my ass getting fat, old, racist and downright mean, it’s colorless.

    My family (maternal and paternal) immigrated from England and Ireland in the 1850’s and married the Natives. Wow. I grew up in Rev. Wrights’ home town in the 60’s (Not Chicago, Folks).

    I voted for the first time in 1972, @ 18 years of age. The very year 18 became the Majority age. I bought a home and voted for the first time in my life. I ran this fat old ass all over town for the Democratic Party. It’s worn out.

    Thanks to President Clinton for his remarks in Great Britain. My thoughts exactly…K. M. P. U. Fat. A.

    Bad Bye Ed Rendell. Woof.

  113. This Spinal Tap video resonates like a BO rally.

  114. If I can’t sell it,
    gonna keep sittin’ on it,
    never catch me givin’ it away.

    I know that doesn’t really fit here, but I can’t stop singing it.

  115. I just donated $100. to Hillary Clinton via the above link to help Pay off her debt per this insightful and courageous site. Thank you for keeping us informed. It really serves to cut down on the stress to know that you are all here and can have a voice even if it does only float into thin air. You have become my support system.

    Thank you for your wisdom. Pay it off – make it go away now. Free Hillary!

    Denver ~ August 2008 ~ 88th Anniversary of Suffrage Rights

  116. ghost2, on June 29th, 2008 at 11:09 am Said:

    Look, Ed is a good guy. I like him.

    I suspect that he and Debbie W-S are doing this to draw attention to PUMAs.
    Ghost2, I agree. Gov. Rendell could have written a serious get-on-the-bandwagon piece, instead he chose this silly acronym, HOUND. It has roused PUMAs and given them something to have fun with, like a ball of yarn. So many possibilities. He also mentioned the signing of a health bill with Hillary smiling. He knows as well as we do that O’s plan is not universal, and that this picture is not realistic.
    Whether he was asked (threatened) into writing or is running for VP, he has given us a wonderful platform. Have fun with it. It does call attention to PUMA!

  117. RD – such wonderful thoughts and so well said. I now hav little time to read and keep up – I also dread finding people “changing” horses.

    I will never be voting for BO, I will work against all in the Democratic Party who thought up this disgusting “moment”. You mentioned the last 8 years and what we have suffered through – it has been pressing on me and, everytime I see, hear a D saying outragiously stupid things about the insufficient one it hardens my resolve more.

    Wonderful thread!!

  118. “But there sure are a whole lot of factions supporting him who have virtually nothing in common with one another.”

    Spike Lee and Daily Kos — now there’s a governing coalition for you.

  119. I remember well that Donna Brazille stated clearly on CNN the night of the Penn primary that the DNC doesn’t need us Clinton supporters and that there was now a NEW coalition of the party consisting of youth and inner city population. So whats the big deal if we state that we absolutely will not support Obama unless we see a fair representation of the voters who participated in the primaries. Donna has been very quiet lately although I don’t watch the cable shows any more. But I am still waiting for her to resign from the party since she stated that if the Superdelegates chose the candidate, she would . What is she waiting on? Please note that there are plenty of us male PUMAs. Don’t let the media get away with the narrative that its just women mad because a female candidate didn’t win.

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