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    Beata on OMFG, we needed a Jaime Lannis…
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PUMA Action!

Our conference call was cut short tonight due to bad telephone connection but there are some interesting things in store this week:

  • There are now entries at the action page of JustSayNoDeal.com.  There are links for making phone calls, writing letters, donating to Hillary, etc.  Check it out at the action page.
  • There is an opportunity coming up to make a viral video/ad featuring the many ordinary Ammericans who are disenfranchised Hillary supporters in “1 in 18”.  Check out the page 1in18 and submit your photo.
  • There will be a mass action fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on July 4, 2008.  We want to give Hillary her independence so all of us in the coalition will be out in force asking our members to contribute $20 to the cause.  Think about it.  Think who you can hit up for a yuppie food stamp.  Or I will sic Carol on you.
  • There is a coalition blogtalkradio show and there will be a chance for you to listen and call in tonight at 8pm at NO WE WON’T.  Will Bower will be hosting tonight.  Tell him where YOU first heard of PUMA.

104 Responses

  1. I believe someone posted that Will aknowledged you came up with PUMA first…is this true? LOL

  2. yup he did — mentioned both Riverdaughter and SM got credit

  3. can someone please escort the troll from the last thread outa here!

  4. Yes — he went through the whole story. He’s still talking

  5. 2 million –whupwhup!

    and thats only the online community

  6. I’m the most vicious of the PUMA$

    Donate or we will Perish!

  7. indigogrrl, on June 29th, 2008 at 8:07 pm Said:
    yup he did — mentioned both Riverdaughter and SM got credit
    how did he explain that he took the name?

  8. he said someone else had mentioned the name and phrase to him and they all ran with it…kinda like cool did ya hear party unity my ass — PUMA

  9. he really did give them all the credit for the phrasing

  10. VL – troll much?

  11. Vagina Lover: ?? some of us are quite fond of penises.

  12. Someone mention that we want to retire the Debt by Friday, July 4th – including the $12.2 Hillary contributed to our well-being!

    Pay it Forward – It really works, take my word for it.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  13. yay RD way to moderate that troll right outa here!

  14. Sorry, I’ve got a heavy hand ….

  15. wow – trolls are out tonight —I’m counting 3 already!

  16. Darn! I missed the trolls. Katiebird, you’re good.

  17. good shot katiebird

  18. $2340.97 Tally so far!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  19. Riverdaughter!!! Go!

  20. yay Riverdaughter!!!!!

  21. Riverdaughter great to hear your voice!

  22. I love her voice. It’s beautiful!

  23. good job RD — so thats what you sound like!!!

  24. We’re an official movement. We can actually change history.

  25. Good Job RD!

  26. we are GOING to MAKE history. count on it.

  27. …or rather, change the COURSE of history.

  28. We will change History!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  29. indigogrrl, I have no bout adoubt it!

  30. Carol,

    Just got back from the birthday party I mentioned last night. Three new books to read, Coldwater Creek gift card, and $275 given to Hillary’s campaign debt relief. Most are willing to donate again on the 4th. I have generous friends. Actually, they just want me to STFU about it. 8^)

  31. samanthasmom – $275 – You are a true Patriot and keep talking so they will keep telling you to STFU!

    New Tally – Drum Roll:



    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

    PUMA$ Who Get Their Friends to Donate are Super Stars!

  32. I heard Riverdaughter! You sounded so great & young and PUMA-rrific! I got on the blogradio right before you started. I just sent Diane & Will & Charles the first translated Just Say No Deal press release – I hope that we can penetrate the Latino media the same way.

    Yay Confluence & PUMAs!!!

  33. same troll – different name – last thread …sigh

  34. Any one read about the fascists actions going on against the PUMA blogs on Google? Some one should mention that.

  35. hey samanthasmom, Happy Birthday!!!!!! you and your friends rock!

  36. carol: did you check you email?

  37. I HATE packing!

    But now its pretty much official that I’m outta here. (Unless the lady friend proposes, and even that wouldn’t really keep me in CA for much longer.)

    I have to say, Hillary inspired me to leave an academic and/or high paying industry career to toil in the world of policy. I keep asking my Obama supporting friends what he “inspired” them to do and all I get is ‘to pay attention’. Its like compassionate conservativism: I see your pain, but I’m not going to do anything about it. So it goes.

    Not sure if I’ll be logging on much in the next few weeks. Don’t you all forget me and my ugly mug :o).

  38. gq, where are you moving?

  39. RD – yes – I emailed you back. Thanks.

  40. gq: where are you going to?

  41. I feel better about Will. at first it seemed like a “guy” stepping in to take over from the ladies. but I don’t think that’s the way it is, so that’s a good thing.

    I just tuned in – who are these people talking?

  42. {{{gqmartinez}}} Oh, NOooooo!

    We could never forget you….

    (sniff) But you will be back. Right?

  43. g’nite lovely ones — I must put the youngun’ to bed and get there myself

    party on pumas.

  44. “Vagina Lover: ?? some of us are quite fond of penises.”

    I’m not fond of penises. Well, there is one I’m kinda attached to, but that’s it.

  45. Great blog talk show. RD, glad you got a call in. I plugged The Confluence in the chat area.

  46. I lost the audio?

  47. SM: Check your email (the one you use to comment)

  48. What happened on the call??

  49. Hello there, I am an exile from Taylor Marsh. I just donated $50.00 to help Hillary retire her debt. Hopefully she will not have to degrade herself for much longer and appear next to Obama in any more shameful displays of Unity enforcement and Hope and Change servitude.

  50. IzzyVT – Thanks so much. I left there on the 7th or 8th. Couldn’t take the hypocrisy of it all.

    You just moved our number to:


    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  51. I did too, I guess when time is up…thats it. Does anyone remember the name of the singer/song that they played? I couldn’t even hear it.

  52. The No We Won’t show was just great – there were 150 people just the ones logged in and chatting – no idea how many more just listening! Hood to hear from Riverdaughter and lots of important things were said. And, guess what? No one sounded “bitter” – they were all funny and energized and ready for action!

  53. Welcome, IzzyVT

    Kick off you shoes and set a spell.


  54. My 5 year plan includes starting (or expanding) a non profit working in the Southwest on rural education/early childhood development. (I grew up in NM.) I have some options in NM, but may detour to DC for a few years to learn the game and how best to shame legislators int doing the right thing. Twill be visiting the fam in Seattle over the next few weeks though.

    Oh, I’ll always be one of the gang! I may come back to get some help from ya’llz! :p

  55. You guys rock and I’ve already forwarded this and other PUMA blogs to other people I know who are unsure of what they will do in Nov., but they are not biting into the Unity meatball sandwich that Obama is serving up.

  56. Ok, RD! Going there now – laptop is sloooow.

  57. In Taylor’s defense, I was only on there a short few days, and she was clear she was a Democrat first!

    I, on the other hand, liked Hillary in the beginning, but fell in love with her as time went on.

    I could never leave her for a party that denigrated her.

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  58. Thanks for posting the radio link. Great fun to listen in. And kudos riverdaughter!!!

  59. We’ll miss you gq. I hope you’ll check in here. Best wishes for your future.

  60. Good night, Conflucians.

    Hope Mr. Sandman brings you wonderful dreams.



  61. Carol,

    Holy cow! Getting up toward $3,000. You’re good!

  62. hi Izzy … i was at TM awhile but used to be mostly on FDL … I’m sure I’m persona non grata there since my blog featured TM’s hypocrisy with a really unkind reworked cartoon she had up that I morphed into her

    i’m not very fond of people with principles that appear to be based on the highest bidder …

  63. IzzyVT, Hey, me too. Also in exile from Taylor’s!

  64. Riverdaughter:

    LOL!! “ess emm”!!!

    Gosh Riverdaughter – you are something else!

    I really appreciate everything you have done for the people that come to your blog, looking for a sign that they’re not crazy, racist, or whatever the Obamabot “defector metatag of the week” is.

    It’s an honor to be a part of your community and I can’t thank you enough for your inspiring words. You are touching lives. Your morning posts go great with homemade Cuban espresso!

    My mind is drawing a blank right now, but I won’t let you down.

    PUMA – ¡carajo!

  65. dakinkat:

    I can be bought.

    Unfortunately, neither Barack Obama nor the Democratic party seem interested in bidding.

    They expect me to give my vote away.

  66. dakinikat – I would like to see it. Can you post it here?

    Also, what about the birth certificate?

  67. myiq2xu, on June 29th, 2008 at 9:02 pm Said:
    “Vagina Lover: ?? some of us are quite fond of penises.”

    I’m not fond of penises. Well, there is one I’m kinda attached to, but that’s it.

    *dead on the floor, LOL-ing!

  68. myip2xu – only the DNC can buy me with Hillary as the nominee and BO back to the slums of Illinois!

  69. http://dakiniland.wordpress.com/2008/06/16/taylor-marsh-doesnt-get-it/

    That’s the TM entry and cartoon .. i don’t know if you saw the original but it was the same cartoon aimed at Hillary supporters … I couldn’t resist

    my blog’s on the high ground today, it’s about the women under carriages, under street cars under buses …


  70. myiq2xu

    i’m not sure that whores pay for whoring …


  71. Carol, I agree. The only way I vote Democrat is if, Hillary, the rightfully elected is the nominee.

  72. Can’t we all just get along?

    Everyone who loves either Vagina’s or Penis’ s – Donate money to retire the debt!

    I have never begged so much in my life! Ya are making me feel like I live under a bridge in Obama town!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  73. dakinikat – I saw that and I read you site today!

    You are a very talented writer!

  74. Here’s a partial list of what I want in exchange for my vote:

    Universal Health Care

    An end to the war in Iraq

    Campaign finance reform

    No on the FISA bill

    Democratic primary reform

    Anti-global warming legislation

    Effective investigation of the Bush administration

  75. $2665.97 Total Contributions

    I need $334.03 to call it a day!

    Rico, one last tune, please!

    Everyone, as a special treat – Dog and Pony Sandwiches (with the crust cut off for the ladies)!

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  76. Carol, thank you! I appreciate it … i wrote that straight from the heart … i’m so rooted in the women’s movement and i have two daughters … this year has just made me feel like everything got set back to zero again

  77. Carol, I missed the link to the way we can donate–having trouble keeping up with the threads. I can kick in 30.00, and when I get a job–more! I am also holding out to donate July 4.

  78. my embarassing Mayor Ray Nagin announced that New Orleans was a vagina friendly city and that he was a vagina friendly mayor when they had V day here …

    Oprah brought her Vjayjay ….

    they had a thing at our faculty club too … not sure how well that went over

  79. myiq2xu – DITTO, and I’ll add Comprehensive Immigration Reform Policy

  80. SM:

    Immigration reform? Don’t get me started.

    The GOP postures as “anti-immigrant” while doing everything they can to encourage immigration (in order to keep wages and benefits low)

    They pass laws to punish employers who hire undocumented workers, then cut funding for enforcement.


  81. Dakinikat – WHAT A GREAT POST!!

    Women, please stop and think about this before you donate your time to peace movements, misc. civil rights movements, ANY kind of movement. We are the work horses of all of these movements, yet how many of these movements turn around and provide us ANYTHING but lip service?

    AMEN! We are the wheels & the motor & footpower of movements – yet we never fully benefit from them.

  82. There is no fricken way I will ever, repeat DEMOCRATS ever vote for OBAMA.

    Howard Dean do you hear me? This man is wacked. He is a man in an empty suit. What does he stand for ??? Yah? What does he believe in? Yah? He said oops to 6 state senarte votes and voted present over 100 times!!!!

    This guy does not even come close to have the qualifications to be president. Are you kidding me? What had he done… name one thing, just one. Nothing. That’s right. A man who won’t say he’s half white (why??) and has a problem even saying he loves America? Very odd folks. Regardless of party this is very odd indeed. My dog loves this country more than Obama. His own actions make you wonder why he is running for president of the USA. Does he love America? Don’t know. Does he stand for anything? Nothing. Does he represent the avg. person? Hell No.

    So who and what is making him run? I never believed in the manchirian candidate theory, but believe me I do now. Lived in INdonesia, never toured Europe, visited Pakistan in college for 6 weeks, changed his name from Barry to Barack, never disclosed is passport information (why not?), will not acknowledge or give credit to his white ancestry and only goes to a black hate monger church and hangs around 1970″s bomb toting people, including Farrikban? Are you kidding me. And this coming from an avg. American.

    I am voting “write in” for Hillary all the way. This guy preaches the same thing Hilter did – Change. Check out your history before you rebuff comments.

  83. SM, I’ve been reading Mockingbird: A portrait of Harper Lee, there’s a lot of evidence that she helped Truman Capote write In Cold Blood but he never gave her credit … yet the rumours are that HE wrote To Kill a Mockingbird …

    that just struck me as SO typical

    We empower all these things without any recognition, gratitude or payback

  84. myiq2xu, EXACTLY!

    Whenever I hear some conservative drone like Tancredo spread his toxic spit everywher about this, all I think about is the 150+ years that the US has meddled in Latin American affairs.

    From the Spanish American war (thanks William Randolph Hearst!), to the Cuban Missle Crisis, to the Iran/Contra scandal, to the countless CIA funded coup de etats and military rebel activity in mostly all of the region – it’s like – WTF?

    The result other than death and less than 1% controlling the money & resources? Chaos and mass migration north. They want to keep the system broken so they can keep exploiting it.

  85. Here is what was said on the French TV segment. Not a perfect translation admittedly but got most of it, I think.

    Welcome to Will Bower’s apartment. This Hillary Clinton supporter quit his job after the primaries. his mission since then, is stopping the election of Barack Obama, a full time activity.

    [Will:] “I do this for about 19 hours a day, I go to sleep every day at 2:30, and get up at 6:30.”

    Telephone calls, emails, followed by his blog, Will fights from between his couch and his kitchen. For him the Democratic Party hasn’t followed the will of the activists and, in any case, he doesn’t have confidence in Obama.

    [Will:] “I don’t connect at all with his slogan, ‘Hope and Unity’, I don’t think it’s sincere at all, it’s a marketing ploy.”

    And as for the push for unity by his ex-champion [Hillary], Will doesn’t believe it for a second.

    [Will:] “Well, I don’t really see her smiling, to be honest. She’s doing what she has to. She made a promise and she is honoring that promise. We’re not obligated to vote for him.”

    Since leaving the race Hillary has met Obama several times in private, for example introducing him to her donors in this large hotel in Washington, but for the moment, only some of her supporters say they’re ready to vote for Obama.

    [Woman at Hillary rally outside the Mayflower:] “The economy, foreign policy, there are lots of things that worry me about Obama. I think it’s important to vote, and I’m going to vote, and it’ll be for McCain.”

    For Obama, there remain five more months to rally all the Clinton supporters, but for some the pill of unity decidedly remains extremely difficult to swallow.

  86. That was kind of an ugly translation, the reporter was more articulate in the way he said all that, of course.

  87. d g: Thanks for trranslating. We got the gist of it and that’s what counts.

  88. joaniebone – Thanks so much. Let me know when you can donate. Don’t put stress on yourself if you can’t afford it at this time – there will be ample opportunity to help later. There are other ways to help also – see above.


  89. Oy, McCain, really? Are you really voting for him?

  90. Dakinikat – I worship Harper Lee, and YES, I also believe she was definitely a ghostwriter for Truman. I wonder if that’s what turned her off to writing again. Maybe she wrote under a different name?

    Rumors that he wrote To Kill A Mockingbird is laughable. Truman’s style, at least to me, was more flamboyantly verbose. Harper Lee’s writing was gritty and in-your-face storytelling, beyond the fluff and hit you like a dagger. Maybe it was that the story called for that style, I dunno.

    I must put that on my summer reading list. Thank you for the heads-up!

  91. D G – can you believe Will Bower quit his job to be a full time PUMA? Incredible. I hope that the PUMA spirit brings him many blessings for his efforts.

  92. I’ve been wanting to read that biography of Harper Lee too. There are way too many things I want to read! We should tell masslib to add it to her book list.

  93. ~ Women, please stop and think about this before you donate your time to peace movements, misc. civil rights movements, ANY kind of movement. We are the work horses of all of these movements, yet how many of these movements turn around and provide us ANYTHING but lip service? ~

    When the SFO Bay Area gay community was being decimated by HIV/AIDS and our gay brothers were dying by the hour. It seemed that almost all the men I had known in SFO – East Bay area was sick.

    Women, lesbian and hetero, answered the call by the thousands and did whatever was needed to serve the gay community. Many of these women were nurses and social workers who worked themselves beyond exhaustion to the point of burn-out.

    A few years later the coalition of Bay Area women’s cancer groups organized a fundraiser / walk to raise funds for the various women’s groups.

    I’ll never forget how deeply grateful I felt for the men who showed up in support and walked side by side with us in unity and in gratitude for those past years of the many hours of volunteer support we women had dedicated to them. I’ll never forget those men… all seven of them.

  94. wow danceswithpumas … that speaks volumes

  95. I was on the conference call — too bad it was cut short.

    Also the fundraising drive for July 4 is for $20.08. Don’t forget the 8 cents 🙂

  96. my sister read the Harper Lee book in her book club in Seattle and forwarded it to me because she thought it was outstanding … we should add it to the list.

  97. have fun on vacay and that’s a fab little leaping puma RD!

  98. Dances with Pumas, that sort of thing just … no words. I’m sorry, no words. We need to cut men loose. That’s it. Okay fine, that’s not what a lot of women want to hear, but it’s the truth. Cut them loose. I’m not saying all women are our friends and sisters — Amanda and her perky buddies at Pandagon are a perfect example of why this ISN’T the case. But men? No. No effort invested. They are big boys, let them lick their own fucking wounds.

  99. And yes, I know there are nice men here — I’m aware of it. But nevertheless … they are grownups and can cook and clean for themselves, and manage their own lives.

  100. I prefer enlightened conscious men. And there really are quite a few out there, and in here (The Confluence and other blogs), but still, I do tend to hold back a bit of myself in my relationships with men, I reserve that bit of distance and space in order to buffer my disappointment when the situation arises that inevitably reminds me that we do not share the same degree of vested interest in my status on the planet.

  101. The song played on the radio show was sung by “Duchess” Wilder and can be found on CapitialHillForum.com.

    I’ts called “Don’t Wanna” by “Duchess” Wilder and Black Velvet.


  102. Cool show, Riverdaughter! We’re taking this thing further than I’d imagined. Love the accent, BTW. lol

  103. Oops, just realized I was listening to the June 22, show.

  104. Here is the link to that article on Politically Drunk On Power: http://politicallydrunk.blogspot.com/

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