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Latenight: Grace

Conflucians, I’m planning to go on vacay the week of July5-12. I’m not certain that there is going to be good wireless or high speed internet at the shore where I’ll be staying. So, if I’m not here in the morning when you get up that week, I’m hoping one of the other Conflucians can get your days started in the right frame of mind.

In any case, withdrawal symptoms will set in during the drive. We need more blogtalkradio!

Some of you may have wondered what the phrase Holy Hemiola! means. Well, it’s a sanitized version of Holy $%#^ and something my choral director used to say. A hemiola is a musical term that means “grace note”. Here is one of my favorite pieces of sacred music by Mozart that features the hemiola. It is the Laudate Dominum from his Missa Solemnis. Sit back, close your eyes and let you spirit soar on the grace notes of the amens at the end. You will feel like a lark ascending.

114 Responses

  1. How lovely and cleansing for the spirit.

  2. Wow!

    Has The Confluence been on a frickin’ roll lately or what?

    RD, you’re leaving right when this is getting more fun than evaah!

    I haven’t had so much fun since Hillary wiped the floor with His Awesomeness in the last PA debate.

    I was really thinking about tuning out of the election to “spend more time with my family”.

  3. Continuing from the last post with the French translation–Obama has FOUR, not five months to win over the regular Dems who are not riding on the Unity pony. July, August, September, October. With Obama the less you know the better so shorter is preferable for him.

    After Denver when the supers officially appoint Obama, the Republicans have two months to remind–or inform–Americans of Obama’s thin resume, patrons, spiritual leaders, terrorists friends, and who knows what else?

    Wishful thinking, but it would be karmic if the yet-to-surface birth certificate showed a place of birth other than the U.S. With Obama, nothing is as it seems. Why can’t the real birth certificate just be shown (the one with the seal)? End of story.

  4. I though “Holy hemiola” was a comic book reference.

    “Holy hemiola, Batman!

  5. RD, have a good vacay. You and yours are more than welcome to come here and help me hang drywall. In fact, any of you can come on over and help.

    Anyone? Anyone?


    Anyway, enjoy and have a martini in memory of my lower back.

    MABlue, dude, it is getting funny again.

  6. Riverdaughter,

    Did you know that Amanda Marcotte thinks PUMA is a Republican swiftboat operation? You have to read the comments on her post. Remember Mandos–the guy at Corrente who attacked you? He spend a lot of time on the thread trying to convince these people we’re real. But they aren’t buying it. There are just a few hundred of us, according to them, and we are all Republican men pretending to be women. Talk about out of touch with reality.


  7. Have a wonderful vacation & know that we’ll miss your muse Hypergraphia, but we understand that you need to recharge your batteries.

    We will try to keep the mood up!

  8. ($*%$)%^*$!!!

    Amanda Marcotte is a joke. Her handling of her book’s racist images and her “borrowing” Brownfemipower’s work is proof that she’s as real as a $3.00 bill.

  9. RD,

    There’s quite a bit of discussion of The Confluence on the Pandagon post too. According to them, we are getting money from McCain to do this. I never read Amanda Marcotte much, but for some reason I assumed she was smarter than she seems to be.

  10. THANK YOU! The soprano in this clip is Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins, and this video provides an excellent introduction. Even those not of the classical music persuasion will find it hard not to form a deep and abiding crush.

  11. Vacation….vacation….it must be nice….

    Have a great one!

  12. Amanda has been shilling for Obama for a few months now.

  13. Amanda Marcotte recently got nailed big time for racism by using and not citing the work of a woman blogger of color, who then packed up and closed down her blog. She’s a bit anxious to pin the “I’m a nice white person and this proves it!” label to her lapel.

  14. I think the issue is.. few on the so-called “liberal” blogs supporting Obama can wrap their brains around the fact that people disagree with them, and are choosing a different path, and these people are not any of the following: insane, Republicans, ratf***ers, spiteful, angry, or stupid. But damned if they’re not going to keep hammering those points as long as they can.

  15. “…we are getting money from McCain to do this”

    I now understand where “all that money” in my account has been coming from.

  16. SM,

    I knew she was shilling for Obama, but that doesn’t require her to stupidly assume that anyone who doesn’t like him is either insane or a Republican.

    All she has to do is look at the polls to realize that if only 53% of Clinton voters are willing to vote for Obama, and of the remainder around 20% plan to vote for McCain and about 12% are undecided, the PUMA vote could be rather large. Even if we only make up 3-4 million votes, we could swing the election.

  17. Y’all are getting paid by McCain?


    I may be poor, but “my strength is the strength of ten because my hear is pure!”

  18. Janis, I just talked about it above. I’m still reeling over BrownFemiPower.

  19. Fuckola!

    My “hear” ain’t so good anymore, but my “heart” is still doing fine.

    My typing, OTOH, sucks.

  20. d g,

    If by wrapping their brains around it, you mean accepting reality OK. But they know perfectly well that thousands of people left the Orange Cheeto and other blogs because of their harrassment. So maybe they are in denial about it. But at some level they know we exist.

  21. Bostonboomer, remember, she’s an Obamabot blogger. Do you actually think she’ll do research? Besides, look how she handled BFP & her racist images in her book?

  22. Furthermore, how is PUMA swiftboating? PUMA is about voters who won’t vote for Obama. It is perfectly rational and democratic for us to reject Obama, and to encourage others to reject Obama. Last time I checked, we still had a First Amendment. We’re not making up lies. We’re just saying “no deal.”

    I suppose the Obama fans need an enemy to caricature and rail against, as always. Oh well.

  23. Nobody’s paying me, that’s for sure. And last time I checked I was not a Republican or a man. Let me see, yup still not a man.

  24. Sorry, I’m talking to Amanda here but prefer to do it where everyone is civil. 🙂

  25. d g,

    Go read the comments on that post. They are bizarre.

  26. Sure, your heart is pure….me, I am living the life with McCain’s mula.

  27. BB, what freaks me out about Amanda’s lead and the comments that follow is, it’s readying torches and pitchforks.

    There used to be an unspoken but extremely important rule on the blogs, which was that going after and exposing someone’s personal information and identity Was Not. Done. Ever. It was grounds for banning from places like Daily K0s. I guess now it’s open season on anyone who rejects the Unity Pony.

  28. d g,

    Oh yeah those rules about decency went out the window when CDS came in.

  29. “going after and exposing someone’s personal information and identity Was Not. Done.”

    that bad? yikes.

  30. SM, where is “above,” where you’re talking about it? I’d love to read …

    You know what’s depressing about the “swiftboat” charge? It indicates that they didn’t know WTF the word meant the first time they used it, either. All this time when “we” as liberals were complaining about election-stealing and swiftboating … a good chunk of us didn’t know WTF they were talking about and were apparently just goin,g “Yeah! Yeah, like totally!” with not a CLUE what was actually being talked about.

  31. lovely Mozart RD

    just floating on up…

  32. d g, and it’s all by people who were like, so TOTALLY like aghast y’know, at what happened to Kathy Sierra.

    Yeah. Right. Guess we knew how much they gave a crap the first time around, huh?

  33. Marcotte:

    Maybe if we can show them that they’re being duped, they will start being rational and quit living up to the stereotype that women are irrational.

    What kind of f***ing goddamn bulls**t feminism is this?!! I don’t have to prove anything to her. What a despicable (and illogical) thug tactic – insisting that we must agree with her so she won’t think we fit a sexist stereotype.

  34. We’ve had several trolls in the past couple of days who had that info about Murphy’s political contribution–but Marcotte posted the town she lives in.

  35. wow, i’ll have to check for that McCain check too … as far as i know I’m a poor Lousyana state employee with no hopes of a raise in the near future

    although, i’m going on on the job mkt in fall …i’ve been committed to the new orleans rebuild but it’s getting riduculous here since Jindal took over as governor. He put a blanket hiring freeze on EVERY one. We don’t have enough professors in our university and the med center is in crisis mode for nurses and doctors. what an idiot!

  36. SM,

    For some reason, three of your comments ended up in moderation. I don’t know what made that happen.

  37. Please Lets get Some Hard Numbers;
    Pledge to vote against Obama in the General Election

  38. (blinking) A week without you, Riverdaughter? Impossible! There MUST be a way….



    I believe that the Republicans are cheerful rat-fuckers and therefore would not hesitate to set up a secretive operation of people running around claiming to be Clinton voters who are voting for McCain to keep the legend of the PUMAs alive.

    This is hilarious — ’cause I think the entire Obama campaign AND the blog-swarm of the last year or so is a Republican Swiftboat-ish/Rat-fucking operation.

  39. Riverdaughter, thanks for the Soprano and your lovely posts. I hope you and your family have a wonderful and relaxing vacation. Forget about politics and test tubes for a while. If anyone has earned it, you have!

  40. d g, she can eat shit and die just for that one comment.

  41. Carol, You can take my part of the McCain bucks and apply to Hillary’s debt.

  42. RD,

    re your holiday – I’ll post my off topic diary then, you’ll need something to fill the cavernous halls of confluencia more when you are vacating, and I’m just too pooped out today from posting it at dk.

    At least by posting here I can be sure it will go right to the Obama headquarters. I’ll have the ear of those who need to know just how good eco policy should take us into the sustainable future…

  43. Jeez, guys, I’m not going for a week. I’m still going to be here tomorrow. I just wanted to give the other Conflucian bloggers a heads up in case they wanted to take the morning shift for next week.

  44. “at least” ….

    = I’m sort of arguing with myself about not wanting to dilute the focus here…but I loved masslibs book corner…but this is different, no its ok, no its not etc

  45. Katiebird,

    What’s really funny now when you look at the Obamabot blogs is how they are trying to rationalize to themselves why it’s perfectly all right to elect a person to POTUS who has “hardly had a full time job” (credit to KB), had flip flopped so many times it’s impossible to believe anything he says, and has moved to the right of McCain on several issues. They are starting to wake up to the reality of Obama, but they can’t really face it yet.

  46. UpstateNY: Yeah, I can see it could be that bad. Readying the narrative that we’re GOP ratf***ers and Swiftboaters – therefore, it’s scorched earth open season, because you can do anything you want (per the other unspoken rules of the “liberal” blogs) to smear suspected Republicans. Maybe I’m exaggerating but.. well, the car tagging incident in Florida worried me, because THAT was ratf***ing you ask me.

  47. You know, we should just admit what we are. The jig is up. We’re really bitter old hags who can barely read who are really republicans and racists. They’ve caught us. No use denying it anymore.
    Now, how is that going to change the way we vote?

  48. Oh, hell, being called a Republican is not remotely the worst thing I’ve been called for opposing The One.

    As far as I’m concerned, they can shit and fall back in it.

  49. RD, and you left off the bit about car-tagging vandals.

    Because I agree with d g — I think THAT’s a rat-f+cking episode. No way Hillary supporters did that.

  50. Frankly, I’m just a regular voter looking for a place to exercise my first amendment rights without being insulted or accused.

  51. Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Because none of you were willing to donate your big fat pay checks from the McCain Campaign, we are going to have to go with this total take of:

    $2665.97 to Retire “OUR DEBT” for Hillary’s Campaign

    We Love You Hillary, Bill and Chelsea!

    July 4th is officially PUMA$ Love To Donate Day!

    Thank You all very much for your committment to our future and your generousity.

  52. Duh…Gee I’m to stupid to figure it out. The part that blew my mind is when I found out I’m a male Republican who is making big money for pretending to be a Hillary supporter who doesn’t like Obama. That was just way too confusing for this deadender. I was getting used to being an old hag.

  53. bostonboomer, they’ll never face it. I know old-time Republicans who STILL wear Nixon buttons. When you are taken for a ride to this extent, you never admit it. Especially when you are a *L*I*B*E*R*A*L* and hence entirely morally perfect and above reproach.

  54. Katiebird,

    I assumed that when I first read the story. What kind of vandal leaves a calling card?

  55. Parentofed, my foul-mouthed Italian grandmother had a saying for this sort of event: “Shit in your hat and pull it over your ears.”

  56. chatblu – I don’t need play money, I need real money.

  57. I’m in good company–just went to Pendagon and left a little something for Ms. Marcotte, and who should be right before me posting her comment was our fearless riverdaughter–Yay! Why don’t you folks go on over there and clear the air about what us PUMAs are really about, wouldja please? They seem to be a little confused. Let’s all set them straight.

  58. what a lovely video. thank you so much for posting it.

  59. I’m reminded of that Monty Python clip that gary put up about a week ago with the old ladies beating up people in the parks and acting like hooligans. The car taggers must have been them.

  60. RD:

    We either don’t exist or we’re just GOP ratfuckers.

    So why don’t they just ignore us?

    Why do Obama trolls keep showing up and talking shit?

  61. I’m sure we can make the identifications from the videos.

  62. So the Obama “drama” today is that the “LEFT” are
    up-set with his “shift to the middle”!
    I’m sure there’s some of , “we made you / owe us”,
    feelings going on!
    What “angers” me is Hillary was “always in the center”
    and the “rejected her for it”!
    So far “NOTHING” has changed how I feel about him.
    “The day he CHOSE to give a “SPEECH” on race; instead of answering “direct” questions about “judgement,” it was the begining of the end!

  63. Oh, yeah – we are the ones in the pointy white hoods!

  64. tpt/ny: If only I could easily search for all of the comments where I told the Kossacks that Edwards and Obama were going to have to shift right after either secured the nomination. I just hate going back to that place now.
    But Hillary wouldn’t have had to shift at all. She was right where the vast majority wanted to be: socially liberal, tough in foreign policy and a policy wonk from an adminstration they had come to trust.
    God, the Kossacks are such easily duped children. Why did I hang out with them? Fuck, my stupid little speech at the YearlyKos last day’s breakfast open thread seem positively clairvoyent now. I can still see Markos sitting up on that stage smirking at me.
    Not so funny any more, eh?

  65. myiq2xu,

    Guess what, you’ve already been branded a racist by “Ms. Kate.” Apparently she hates baby boomers too. But she’s not bitter or angry. Noooooo. She’s all sweetness and light and hope and change.

  66. (eyes glazed)

    Wow — I love that Pendagon post and comments! It’s like 40 people all writing like my next-younger sister. “Honey, don’t you realize McCain is a Republican?”

  67. My spirit is cleansed for a good nights rest…but every time I here the violin cello I get all misti eyed it was my douglas’ instrument-he lovingly named her Francine she was a beautiful thing from Prauge in the 1930’s she survived the war and its privations to be placed in a young 12 year old boy who would make her sing.

    For the next 28 years they would be inseperatable until on May first 2001 her companion and mine was taken to the Creators heavenly orchestra.I miss him at times like this….

    Thank you riverdaughter you reminded me that even though we live on earth we should never tire of our desire to touch the devine…

    Good night all I will sleep well tonight and dream of angels I have missed


  68. at least we’re safe on wordpress here … i’m still reeling over the google blogs… can you imagine shutting off folks’ opinions like that? what lil goosesteppers these obamtrons have morphed into …

  69. {{{michael}}}

  70. When Pandagon bloggers have to brag that Obama’s ahead in New Jersey, you know they’re in their own little world. It’s all cosy and warm and safe – they have New Jersey and PUMAS are a media myth.

  71. Katiebird,

    You are so funny. I just found out today that one of my sisters is supporting Obama now. My baby brother I already told you about. Thank God for my mom. But my mom’s sister was brainwashed by her kids and all she does is rant at my mom about Hillary and how awful she is. Can you believe she was angry at Hillary because Obama had to bend down to talk to her??? My aunt is kind of crazy.

  72. BB, Before reading this Pendagon thread, I would have thought you were kidding. But, now I see it’s true. “Damn Hillary” If she was really supporting Obama, she’d grow a couple of inches!

  73. Bostonboomer:

    I saw what “miss kate” had to say.

    For some stange reason, being called a racist does absolutely nothing to make me want to vote for Senator Obama.

    Quite the opposite, in fact.

  74. It is sloppy writing when people use the term “swiftboating” to refer to any criticism of a specific candidate.
    I am extremely unhappy with John Kerry but the Swiftboaters LIED about Kerry, and he didn’t deserve it. We’re not lying about Obama, we criticize him and dislike him. That’s not swiftboating.

  75. I guess if she really wore the high heels that Obama thinks she wears, that would help a little. The funny thing is my aunt voted for Hillary on Feb 5 in VA. Then her son got to her and turned her into a Hillary hater.

  76. Thanks for the response “RD”!
    I hope “WE-PUMA’s” are Obama & crew’s worst NIGHTMARE!!

  77. In 2004, my dumbass cousin, who’s married to a fundie preacher, convinced her 82 father that he couldn’t possibly be a real Christian if he voted Kerry.

    My Republican uncle wouldn’t vote Bush, so he stayed home. Imagine, a WWII vet who worked his butt off for 40 years and the whole American dream, didn’t vote. I don’t know if he didn’t want to make her angry, was too tired for family discord, or didn’t want to be called “unChristian.”

  78. er, that’s 82-year old father. Jeez, might be bedtime.

  79. you know, Amanda Marcotte has caused a lot of distress and hurt feelings. at first I thought the backlash against her regarding her book was maybe unfair, but the more I learned and the more I observed her insensitivity towards the feelings of others, the less respect I had for her. I’m not at all surprised by her post about PUMA. I’m sure she’s trying to divert attention and I’m also sure she’s trying to get her open-minded cred back. I doubt she’s a racist, but I’m not surprised she’s trying to live down that reputation by attempting to impugn the character of others. that seems to be her style.

  80. Michael, thank you for sharing that beautiful story. You sound like a lovely person, with a lovely partner who is, no doubt in my mind, one of your angels now. During 9/11 I was in my apartment where I actually heard my Dad’s voice telling me that I was safe—before I found out, a few minutes later, that a “small plane” had hit one of the towers. I am certain that those relationships truly never end. I hope that you sleep very well tonight.

    Riverdaughter, that joy-inspiring music was a delight. Thanks.

    Goodnight, everyone.

  81. enjoy ur time off. as for me i am SOOO glad that there is this website. i was just on talkleft.com for the last damn time.

    Big Tent Democrat should call himself Big Turd Dumbass for being such a jerk. Just because I still defend Hillary and not support Obama I am called a republican concern troll.

    Screw them. Obamapologists.

  82. Amanda Marcotte

    Well, for what it’s worth, I left my comments there, I was even civil.

    I can’t believe Amanda effing Marcotte, of all people — she who was hounded off Edwards campaign by nasty misogynist fanboys. God, I even felt bad for her back then.

    But I guess as long as it’s your fellow cult members who are demeaning, degrading and minimizing you, it’s ok. This must be that post-feminist feminism I hear so much about these days — screw that.

  83. well, I was just on my way to bed and instead went to Amazon and ordered a Katherine Jenkins cd.

    RD, thanks for introducing her and Joseph, thanks for identifying her. she has a wonderful voice – I want to hear more 🙂

  84. Don’t know if I may be posting twice or not but…
    have any of you seen this by Linfar at TM:

    Hillary Knows Barack Supports Women’s Rights

    Almost blew me right out of the chair.

    Ya know, they shouldn’t do things like that. For all they know someone with a cardiac condition might be reading that site and then Lin-whatever would be responsible for some person having a coronary!

  85. Oh Riverdaughter….indeed what a latenight grace…Mozart, one of my very favorites, and Laudate Domine…We praise you, Lord! In the midst of so many lies, so many of the lowest human acts, so much pain and dangers for our country and us all, truly this posting is grace, indeed. Whenever truth is sought and found and stated, Laudate Domine! May you and may each of us continue with courage and tenacity to continue….Laudate Domine! Hope you post some more Mozart down the line and Thank you!

  86. I was out all day – just got home – so I am very late to the party. Just saw the earlier thread about the STOP PUMA petition…


  87. The whole thing is hilarious. Like we’re even going to notice if some fembot arm of the Blogger Boyz thinks we’re Republicans?

    The O-bots have been calling HRC supporters Republicans since January. This is news? (insert violently-rolling eyeball icon here)

  88. Cracking up that the petition comments were pretty much taken over by PUMA’s 🙂

  89. If they were right, about most of us being bitter old women, they should be smart enough to realize that bitter old women are dangerous.

    We bitter old women are mostly retired. We have nothing to do and all day to do it. Thus we don’t have to go to work and are free to Obama-bash to our bitter old hearts content.

    We can send letters to the editor. We can sign petitions. We can STOP being the willing peasant servant girls of the Democratic Party. We can stop being Democrats and become Independents for the first time in our adult lives. We can STOP donating what little money we have to the Democratic Party. We can NOT support the Democratic presumptuous nominee.

    Bitter old ladies get one vote a piece just like hot young things. And there are more of us. And having nothing else to do we always vote. And if we’re Republicans, well, we still get to vote.

    Now whether our votes are counted ala FL and MI, that’s a whole nother story. We now have a bi-partisan effort to suppress and steal votes.

    Last but not least, if the new strategy of the Democratic Party is to insult and alienate large swathes of the electorate, well good luck with that.

  90. does any one know when gary and mawm are getting back…hope they had a good time in NYC and are rested from the ride I miss their insite to the conversattion.

    We Slept well forgot to set alarm but my angel woke me up as if by magic-hope all have a great day keep fighting will try to catch up at lunch…


  91. RD, remember what happens every time Jon Stewart goes on vacation… On second thought, go! Surprises can only be good these days! Have fun – we’ll hold the fort.

  92. “KarolinNYC”- WOW I just read your post; thank you for sharing that. For me I was on LI along with my
    immediate family members. Not the same for many
    from my working class community & other close
    family members. Most I knew made it out, some didn’t.
    **With this in mind the MAIN QUESTION I post EVERYWHERE for Obama is this:
    -“If” you were’nt in your “home” church the Sun.
    after 09/11 then “why not” & “if” not then how did you react when someone must have told you about the sermon??
    **As an American & a public official (a st.senator) I can’t
    imagine you can’t remember where you were. I find it difficult & also insulting as a fellow American & a NYer
    to think you don’t!
    **If someone’s good at this kind of stuff I’ll bet there’s a paper in IL that has listed the where abouts of Obama & others. If not statewide papers then possibly

  93. Just thought I’d mention this; don’t know if you already know.

    I’ve been up all night and I happened to be viewing MTV this morning. During Parental Control there was a commercial for a new rap duo YMGA, I think. Well, it’s opened on a picture of Hillary. The two guys were a tatoo parlor trying to decide on new tats. Apparently one wanted Hillary but the tatoo artist said that one had been discontinued. So, the guy said, I’ll take the McCain tat instead. His friend was like, just take the Obama one. But he was all like, if I can’t have Hillary I want McCain. They started to fight a little bit but the tat artist just said, “It’s his choice. He can choose whoever he wants as long as he chooses.”

    It was a choose or loose commercial to GOTV. By the way, they were all black.

  94. RD, you should never take Amanda Marcotte seriously. I checked out her blog last year, after the Edwards brouhaha, and I couldn’t understand why anyone would even want to read what she had to say, much less hire her for internet communications. We’re not talking about someone here who writes like Anglachel or Heidi Li, or, of course, RD. Amanda is not an individual with any political acumen at all. The anti-PUMA petition was both funny and pathetic, but Amanda isn’t even worth a link.

  95. I would have to change my party affliction from a democrat to a republican to come within compliance with the ObamaBots Regulation rules for being anti Obama.

  96. I feel sad for Amanda.

    Kool-aid addiction kills brain cells, especially the ones needed for rational thought.

  97. Jay:

    If we really did switch to the GOP, do you think that would shut them up about party loyalty?

    I doubt it.

  98. Obamacrats pi$$ and moan and claim this and that and whine about PUMA.

    If they are so all fired sure their presumptuous nominee is all that why the hell are they worried about us, the few, the proud, the PUMAs? Except maybe we ain’t so few after all. So then why not claim we’re all Republicans? Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, we’ve seen that the Obamacrats, the DNC and the pathetic Democratic Leadership has no interest in honesty.

    Like Rahm says:, just let us tend to our knittin and you tend to yours. Or whatever. They are getting to be worse than freepers.

  99. “I believe that the Republicans are cheerful rat-fuckers and therefore would not hesitate to set up a secretive operation of people running around claiming to be Clinton voters who are voting for McCain to keep the legend of the PUMAs alive.”

    Hey–we’re LEGENDS already!!!

  100. My, my, I really must stay up later, I appears that a lot happened after I shut my eyes. I just read the stuff at Marcotte’s site. I felt like the invisible man, able to read all that stuff about us and not be seen. While I found all the accusations and insults amusing and delusional I am really offended that Marcotte would publish Murphy’s address and other private info. I think that is really low and very Republican-like. Oh, I forgot we are the republicans. PS, No Quarter has Mawn’s clip up. Onward PUMA soldiers!

  101. Okay guys, again thank you for your thoughtful words the other day. We are meeting with the forces that be this afternoon to find out if this thing with my son is for real. Been walking around in a daze since receiving the information and reading everything I can on “stop loss”.

    The other thing is looking at everything that has happened and saying, does this change my thoughts on voting? Obama says he will bring them home, but I don’t trust him to not make matters worse. SO as crazy as it sounds, maybe McCain will take better care of my son since, he knows what it’s like.

    Any thoughts?

  102. myiq2xu, is that really a photo of you in the “Recent Comments”? It shocked me this early like 2 espressos.

    tpt/ny, as a New Yorker, another thing irritated me that all of these BO idiots kept using as an excuse as to why to vote for Obomba—”she voted FOR the war in Iraq.” All thought I was certain that Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11, as were many, I understood that because Iraq was being presented by the administation (abhorently) as a direct cause of 9/11 and a threat of nuclear attack next time, Hillary as our senator would seemingly be willing to put more danger on us, a city and state hit by US’s first foreign bombs and now left with many traumatized people, if she voted “NO.” She would be going against her constituency. She never made these excuses, though, which I respected her for. And, of course, the idiots used this as “Wah, wah. She never even apologized!!!”

  103. I am visiting my intelligent, sensitive and very well-read brother this weekend. Unfortunately, he only gets his news from the NY Times and minimal TV. We got into a heated argument at dinner because of: “Nader is an egomaniac who caused Bush to be president in 2000, and now it’s like all these people who won’t vote for Obama, because Hillary lost. You have 2 choices: McCain or Obama, and if you want to go to war with Iran, vote for McCain.” As usual, I tried to educate him about the “real” Obama and the DNC fraud and coercion, but he kept yelling, “McCain-Obama, that’s your choice, you can’t be emotional about it.”

    Then the kicker: “Hillary voted for the war, so we have her to thank for that.” [I guess that means it wasn’t Bush/Cheney’s choice, but Hillary is now to blame for Iraq in totality too.] When I mentioned that Obama did not vote against the war, he insisted that he did! I never ceased to be amazed by the success of the Axelrod myth and the propaganda machine.

    The point: most people, even good people, have absolutely NO IDEA what happened during this primary season, so it looks like we are just “sore losers bent on electing another Bush,” and they find that [understandably so] incomprehensible and destructive. Since journalists no longer report the truth, many people do not have or take the time to find information elsewhere, and that makes this kind of distortion possible.

    I got so angry, I left the restaurant and walked home in the rain. I will not be bullied into voting for someone I do not trust or respect and made to feel guilty for voting on principle. That’s how we’ve gotten here. Our “leaders” do not stand up for fundamental principles, and we, too, are supposed to go along to get along. This is where it stops. I am not thrilled with McCain, nor do I know if I will vote for him, but I will not give my vote to a race-baiting fraud.

  104. “I am really offended that Marcotte would publish Murphy’s address and other private info.”

    If (should I say when?) Murphy starts receiving threatening phone calls etc., she and Paul Abeles and the many others–including bloggers–who have been terrorized should form a group and begin speaking out about this on whichever media outlets will have them. The hypocrisy of the Hope & Change crowd needs to be exposed.

    I hope she has taken security measures.

  105. fif:

    who is murphy? darraph murphy of PUMA??

    those Assh*les put out her home address?? and phone number??

  106. I was just quoting a post a few places up, and it has to be that Murphy, because they are discrediting the Puma movement as a Republican swiftboating operation. At the top of the thread bostonboomer included this post and link (see top of thread if link does not work here):

    Did you know that Amanda Marcotte thinks PUMA is a Republican swiftboat operation? You have to read the comments on her post. Remember Mandos–the guy at Corrente who attacked you? He spend a lot of time on the thread trying to convince these people we’re real. But they aren’t buying it. There are just a few hundred of us, according to them, and we are all Republican men pretending to be women. Talk about out of touch with reality.


  107. Hey, fif, we had a “synchronisity” moment. We both published about the “Hilary voted for the war” at 9:06

  108. Karolina NYC: “Great minds think alike!” 🙂

  109. I have the same problem with my brother–can’t mention politics at all—-never. The last time he did, I lost it and actually screamed at him and went home. Just got sick of it.

    You know what I find strange? I hear what the supposedly ‘smart’ people say about Obama, and it is wrong-factually incorrect. Or, there are chunks of info. they don’t have. Seriously doubting that ‘creative class’ crap, unless creative class means that you don’t bother with facts.

  110. And, of course, the idiots used this as “Wah, wah. She never even apologized!!!”

    That was ridiculous, I remember.. Chris Matthews was going nuts over it. It would have been insulting to apologize IMHO – you can’t take a vote back, though Edwards was happy to try and do that in order to pander to primary voters.

  111. Karolina:

    I don’t disclose any personal information over the intertoobz.

    I don’t want some hater publishing my true identity like they did to Paulie Abeles and Murphy.

    The icon is Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding (House of 1000 corpses, The Devil’s Rejects)

  112. myiq2xu, I’m just relieved to know that’s not your morning face. Although, I pretty much looked like that when my eyes fell on Captain Spaulding. (Wow, yikes, aaaaaargh!)

  113. fuzzymichael,
    tears for your comment. what a beautiful thing to say. love to you, my patriot.

  114. I come to this site often, but seldom blog . I love to read you Riverdaughter, and now that I know more about you, I just knew I was right about you. Thank you for having this space to come to, to vent, to ask questions and to get ideas on what we as a concerned Democrats need to pursue to make our country stronger and our lives more honest.
    I don’t care whether someone accusses us of being Reb.or Pro BO’s…it makes no difference, I know who I am and whose real and whose not…this will not weaken my resolve to make my party regain it’s core values, and honesty from the people who represent this Party.

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