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Feckless Petitions. Ooooo! I’m Scared.

This is too funny. It seems that a bunch of Obamaphiles have gotten together to start a petition to stop the PUMAs. They think we are a front for the Republicans.

Check it out here: Stop PUMA


{{gasping for air, wiping face, breathing deeply}}

But here’s what’s REALLY funny: who the f&*( are they going to send it to? I mean, we’re a coalition with a conference call. What are they going to do? Cut off our grant money? (nonexistent) Are they going to run to the Republicans and ask them to step in and stop us, we who don’t even know any real live Republicans? Yeah, that’s going to work. More likely, the Republicans will take credit for it, ‘cos that’s what Republicans do, then they’ll say, “Make Me!”

These people are *completely* unarmed.


212 Responses

  1. It boggles me that they think I’m a Republican.

    But then again, they took the man who was once called “the first black president” and practically turned him into the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, so anything’s possible, innit?

  2. There is no such thing as bad publicity! (well, at least sometimes that’s true!)

  3. Janis, on June 29th, 2008 at 3:45 pm Said:
    It boggles me that they think I’m a Republican.

    But then again, they took the man who was once called “the first black president” and practically turned him into the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, so anything’s possible, innit?

    And turned a great First Lady an US Senator into Sheriff Bull Connor.
    They can “talk to the hand.”

  4. Oh, bummer I guess we have to stop and all vote for Obama now.

  5. I’ve yet to see a petition on The Petition Site accomplish anything, regardless of whether or not there’s someone to send it to.

    Their target amuses me. Also, the fact that I’m against “the womans vote.” Which “womans” would that be, exactly? The “womans” to which I belong? The “womans” to whom I provide information on where and how to obtain an abortion? The “womans” I’d like to see protected from the misogynistic nonsense the typical InternetObamaSupporter spews?

    Those poor, poor “womans.” How dare I have integrity.

  6. Bill Clinton should be made honorary member of PUMA.


  7. “The mice voted to bell the cat.”

  8. A few bars of “You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog” are appropriate now:


    The media loves Obama and wants him elected:

    Media 4 (Bush over Gore, Bush over Kerry, and Iraq), Obama over Hillary

    People 0

  9. RD:

    Was that a bad idea I had in the previous thread about the totals we have for HRC and Heidi’s website?

  10. How do they plan to corral a wild ferocious feline?

    Republican? Ha!

  11. Isn’t there a better, stronger word than clueless? Because these people are way beyond that.

    Republicans are using PUMA to steal the woman’s vote. WTF? And they are going to let us know that they know who we are? Again, WTF? And last, but most priceless, “they aren’t going to take it anymore” . Take what? There being PUMAs? How in hell do they propose to stop if? WTF??

    But perhaps we shouldn’t laugh PUMAs. I just went there a few minutes ago and there were an astonishing number of people that had signed their petition. 11. That’s pretty astonishing. 11 more nitwits than the person that thought this was a good idea.

  12. Anybody ever seen a dog when it is really really scared and it squirts that awful swell out of it butt and tucks it’s tail between it’s legs and runs around in godawful circles, then when it finally calms down, begins to lick that same end with the awful smell came from. I know gross. Waiting for OB and bunch to follow the hound dog thingy.

  13. Some more interesting comments seem to come through lately.

  14. fredster: No not a bad idea at all. I’m thinking of putting someone on it. Let’s hope she takes me up on the offer. 😉

  15. Wow! They’re up to 12 signatures, and several are actually PUMA’s.

  16. Whoa! They’re up to 12 signatures now. Of course, this is somewhat shy of their goal of 10,000. About 9.988 or so.

  17. And what’s with the double negative? “Just say no deal to Just Say No Deal?” Clumsy… The logo is not much better either. The cross-bar actually seems to reinforce the PUMA message of “Just Say No Deal”.


  18. Stop saying they only have 12 sigs! They are 13, so there!

  19. The internet equivalent of throwing a tantrum. It always worked with mommy and daddy, so why not give it a try?

  20. myiq2xu “Wow! They’re up to 12 signatures, and several are actually PUMA’s.”

    Rapidly closing in on their goal of 10,000. At an average of 6 sigs per day… how many years will it take them to reach their goal?

    They’re in for a rude awakening if they check the actual voting histories of individual PUMAs. Then again, at least it’s a project that will keep them occupied… sorta like dangling shiny objects in front of them.

  21. edgeof: Check it out. Signatory 13 lists self as Donna Brazile discussing elections (or lack thereof).

  22. Oops! 13 now. Hurtling toward irrelevance. Or maybe baying toward irrelevance.

    Well, that was an excellent laugh for a Sunday afternoon.

    But really not surprising, given a support base that thinks the presidential election is just American Idol with a longer season. I just can’t wait to find out where they text their votes to.

  23. Just for fun, we should threaten that we will get together and start a petition to stop the Obamaphiles—then watch them squeal and shiver in fear and confusion.

  24. Karolina NYC
    Just tell me where to sign up.

    BTW, I’m a native New Yorker. Manhattan.

  25. Just say no deal to Just Say No Deal, the father website to PUMA voters! PUMA was established by Republicans to steal the womans vote.

    Let’s see, so JSND is the father website established to steal the womans vote.

    First, somebody needs to teach these kids how to spell. It’s women’s, you silly Obamanuts.

    Second, you might want to watch the sexism if you want to impress us “womans”. We really don’t need a father website to tell us women how to vote. We can figure it out all by our little ‘ole selves.

  26. Should we all go over there and sign with names like Tom Daschle, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi? And then put in silly comments?

  27. “.. Just Say No Deal, the father website …”

    Ok, I know there’s a lot of guy PUMAs, but would we really have a “Father” website?

    Who’s YOUR daddy?

  28. The McCain campaign must think that Christmas has come early this year.

  29. Joe, on June 29th, 2008 at 3:56 pm Said:

    Bill Clinton should be made honorary member of PUMA.

    Yes. PUMA is movement that Bill and Hillary could get in front of, as it increasingly represents the half of the Democratic Party that is disgusted with the Dean-Obama fifth of the Party.

  30. chatblu –
    it’s why I wanted the 13 posts acknowledged 😉

  31. bostonboomer — I think some folks already have your idea, as 7 of the 15 votes so far are PUMAs mocking the petition.

    I’m just trying to pick among the most juvenile taunts I can come up with. It’s tough!

  32. Now there are 15 signatures. Which ones of you have been over the spamming?

    Okay, carry on….

  33. Speaking of honorary PUMA’s:


  34. Maybe they’re expecting the goon squad to send in the exterminators. Maybe, they’ll spray themselves by mistake ;—).

    I find it downright halarious that the so-called “deadenders” have provoked so much frenzy. Remember the early posts about how pathetic we all were, how they could win without us?

    Reality’s a bitch. Now, they’re writing petitions to nowhere.

    It’s almost too much fun to watch. That HOUND don’t hunt; it can’t even sniff itself.


  35. They’ll behave like the punks they are and blame it on us: just as what they did in Miami, spraying 60+ cars with anti-Obama slogans and
    leaving fake business cards behind pointing to HRC supporters…
    What’s this? Mardi-Grass? Cold they behave a little bit more pubescent???

  36. For them to stop PUMA, they’d have to shut down the entire Internet.

  37. LMAO! The sad, yet funny, thing is that the Dem Party members can’t even wrap it around their tiny brains that WE would vote against the party. I mean, how can any good little Dem not like their precious nominee and fall in line by November?? Therefore, we all must be racist AND Republicans. That’s what you get for cheating the voting members voices in this primary through bullying tactics, verbal abuse, and outright cheating in caucuses. How can I make it any clearer, I don’t trust or like BO because he’s a fraud. I’ve been Democrat for 20 years and have voted accordingly. But not this year…helloooo, Senator McCain!


  38. Someone should get in touch with HRC somehow and ask her to
    demand from Obama he restrains his thugs….

  39. myiq2xu, I just left a comment – but I’ll say it again: SO CUTE!!!!

  40. SM:

    They’re trying.

  41. Peggy Sue, HOUNDs are loyal to the hands that feed them.

    PUMAs are independent hunters – we don’t depend on anyone.

  42. I signed as “Nancy Peloser.”

  43. myiq2xu, you mean shut down the Internet?

    Right! The “Blogger” spam shut down! UGH!


  44. I couldn’t resist. This was just too easy. They are up to 20 but I’d say over half of them are PUMAs mocking the petition.

  45. I saw ‘Peloser’ and laughed out loud. Excellent.

    More seriously, I was thinking about the silly fake Republican shtick and wondering — how many total years of voting Democratic do you think PUMAs have? 1000s? Tens of thousands?

    Is there any way to set up a survey with one of those thermometer things they have on that petition site to count?

    Wouldn’t that make a great soundbite — “Amongst the PUMA nation, we have ____ zillion years of voting for Democratic candidates?”

    I’ll start — I have 24 years of voting for Democrats in every d*mn election, across 5 states and only goddess knows how many elections.

  46. They do understand that this only serves to increase PUMAs profile; as if we needed it. However, we’ll take it just the same. Thanks loads, “sweeties”. 😉

  47. No not a bad idea at all. I’m thinking of putting someone on it. Let’s hope she takes me up on the offer.

    Okie-doke. I read Heidi’s site as religiously as this one and it just crossed my mind that it would be cool if we could somehow get some running totals of a number of sites together. It would most likely be an impressive number.

  48. I do love a successful attack through mockery. I wonder how long until the site is taken down?

  49. 40 years voting Democratic in city, county, state, and national elections in NY and CA.

    (ahem…although I’m only 30 years old)

  50. That’s the best fear tactic they can come up with – we’re a front for Republicans?

    I started laughing when I read the father website to steal the womans vote and then had to leave – maybe I’ll go back and get a bigger laugh.

  51. guys, don’t sign because they can make it an anonymous signature.

  52. 42 years in Georgia, NC,and Florida. I have never missed an election.

  53. I wonder if Bush, McCain, etc., wouldn’t want to sign up too. Maybe say that “No problem. We’re happy to give your womans a new home”

  54. Oh, and reliably Democratic.

  55. This is starting to look feel a John Waters movie.


  56. Next they will start a web site to STOP DEMOCRACY NOW!

    Stop people from voting their conscience and having private thoughts!

  57. Speaking of women’s issues, have you guys seen the new post at NQ by Pagan Power? I didn’t realize that UN human rights council has banned all criticism of Islam.

    The ban came after a heated session on Monday, when the representative of the Association for World Education (AWE), in a joint statement with the International Humanist and Ethical Union, denounced female genital mutilation, the penalty of stoning for adultery and child marriage as sanctioned by Islamic law. Egypt, Pakistan and Iran angrily protested, interrupting the AWE speaker, David Littman, with no less than 16 points of order, and succeeding in getting the Council’s proceedings suspended for over half an hour.


    Is this for real? Talk about turning back the clock on women’s rights.

  58. Puma PAC has a new motto:
    The Voice of the Voters

    Use it to help people understand who we are and why we are organizing. We are the voice of VOTERS, not of special interest groups, not of corporations, not of politicians. We are motivated by the factional internecine fighting and the destructive policies carried out by our inept party leadership. It is the divisive disdain for VOTERS, practiced by the leadership and egged on by the media and some politicians, that has brought the Democratic Party to the brink of ANOTHER GENERAL ELECTION LOSS and the irrelevancy of the Democratic Party altogether.

    Our aim is to be the AARP of Democrats. EVERY SINGLE Democrat in America should be a member of Puma PAC. Our mission is to make sure that EVERY VOTE IS COUNTED EVERY TIME, that every good Democratic candidate gets FAIR TREATMENT by the Party, and that EVERY DEMOCRATIC VOTER matters to the Party. We are the voters. We run the party, the party does not run us. This is the United States, Howard Dean and Donna Brazile — not Cuba or North Korea, where the Party rules with an iron fist and voters fall in line. If you own a copy of the Constitution, time to drag it out of the closet where it’s been gathering dust along with your college thesis and other long-forgotten history books.

    In this country, political parties are organized to represent and advocate for the values and needs of VOTERS. Somewhere along the line, you and every shallowly ambitious politician like you, forgot this. You seem to believe that our job as voters is to PROMOTE YOU and your chosen candidate to positions of immense power and fame.

    We’ll come around? We’ll fall in line? We’ll rally behind YOU and YOUR CANDIDATE? You have got to be kidding, right? How about this? YOU will come around! YOU will fall in line! YOU will rally behind US — our values, our principles, and our REAL needs. You seem to have forgotten that you lead to serve. You need to remember this. You and your candidate believe that you can PANDER to LEAD; that you simply factionalize, lie to, and pander to the voters in order to “win” an election.

    You are allowed to lead the party only as long as the voters want you to; only as long as we believe your leadership serves our interests, our values, our principles, and our priorities. You have failed in every capacity of leadership for which we elected and supported you. You have FAILED to keep our coalition party united. You have FAILED the democratic voters in Florida and Michigan and in caucus states where they were bullied and intimidated and disenfrachised. You have FAILED to protect and support an astoundingly competent and distinguished Democratic candidate. You have FAILED to honor the values and principles of TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans by NOT ONCE taking a stand against the sexist onslaught designed to ridicule every American woman and to undermine and handicap Senator Clinton’s candidacy.

    Look around today Howard and Donna. Check out the so-called liberal media and so-called liberal blogs. Read what they are writing about us. Read how they characterize us with the ugliest, abusive, and most vile accusations and ridicule. Even today, bullying, thuggish Democrats are attacking other Democrats simply for standing up for their right to vote and to protest. This is the United States, Howard and Donna. POLITICAL DISSENT IS ONE OF OUR GREATEST AND MOST PROFOUND RIGHTS. Even today you will not stand up and support this, our most precious of rights.

    Every day, even today, you CONTINUE TO FAIL

  59. JJ, who are they going to send this to? This is roll on the floor funny and you can’t help but mock it.

    For the record, it’s really easy to make stuff up and just throw in a zip code for good measure.

  60. Valhalla,
    here’s my bit. I’ve been voting straight Democratic tickets for 40 years with the exception of one vote for a Green Senatorial candidate against our DINO Senator Herb Kohl.

    And if I do vote for McCain, as I’m probably going to do, there noise you hear from Wisconsin will be generations of my family spinning in their graves.

  61. Just this morning I saw the DNC donkey logo on TV and really looked at it. Not just glanced by took a good hard look. I’d never it noticed before, but the head of the donkey isn’t connected to the body.

    Sort of speaks volumes without saying a word doesn’t it?

  62. Does anyone have an email for Bill Clinton? I think sending an honorary PUMA membership would be great. He’d probably never see it, but you never know.

  63. I put the head in Howard Dean’s bed.


  64. I’m going to be a “Republican for a Day”, but not until November 4, 2008.

  65. The sad thing is, they don’t understand that most PUMAs are the LEFT of O-Bots. Freaks.

  66. they’re up to 27 signers, but only 3 or 4 seem to be actually supporting the petition. it’s pretty funny!

  67. They think we’re Republicans?

    That’s really ironic, considering that Opossum is moving to the right of George Bush.

  68. “I put the head in Howard Dean’s bed.”

    Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  69. Okay!

    Joan has added $25.

    mystic has added $20.44

    For a grand total since the party started last night:


    Now, because of their sinister behavior, I will be cleaning bathrooms for the next hour. (Are you sure you two are not family members trying to get me to clean?)

    Fredster: Please post anywhere.

    Also, I see a whole lot of new names on here –

    Please contribute to retire “Our Debt” for our candidate for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

    If there are at least 2 more donations here when I get back, I will be forced into vacumning! GO FOR IT!

  70. All I have to say is…feckless petitions is right! They are going to shut down PUMA?

    Says Who??

  71. Riverdaughter: I have a request, I’m sending this request to NQ as well.. the Obamabots are coordinating SHUTTING down all anti-BO, pro-hillary, PUMA blogs..

    so far 7 blogs have been shut down.. essentially it takes 4 days to unlock this..

    can you do a post on this.???.

    this is the link:


  72. I know the Possum Seal has been “retired”, but I found a site with a couple of “revised” versions of the seal that make for a good laugh. Enjoy!

  73. Another Bowers movement:

    Barack Obama will receive more grassroots, progressive activist support than any other Democratic candidate in history.

    Gee Chris, wanna bet on that?


  74. Guys and gals,

    Be careful though. These sites are not above harvesting your IP addresses and trying to get RL information. OFB have tried to divulge RL information on bloggers friendly to Hillary.

    Just saying.

  75. 42 years voting dem! No more until things change.Go PUMA!

  76. I don’t call Bowers ‘BoneHead’ lightly. He’s earned the title with repeated posts to which even Stoller goes, ‘WTF!’

    OT: Anglachel is back. Be a nice community thing to drop by and give her some positive feedback sez I.

  77. I just want to say….love this site!!!

    GO PUMA!!!

  78. Is the election season actually picking up steam?

    I have never seen anything this anachronistic:

    – Obama was supposed to have won the nomination and according to some polls, was supposed to have won in a landslide already, vanquishing all “dead-enders”.

    Hillary and her supporters (bunch of old, unsexy and bitter women) were supposed to be already on their knees to join the Obama train, fight tooth and nail for the (unqualified) male to prove that they have truly learned what is their role in the society

    I was supposed to check in here from time to time, just to hang out with my fellow Conflucians and remain bitter until the end. Remember, I was among the 9% when Bush had a 91% approval

    What suddenly happened?

    On Friday, the PUMA coalition had its best media day evaah, just stepping all over the “Unity Parade”.

    On Saturday, The Confluence had its best fundraising evaah (for Hillary), that same day well liked and well respected Gov Rendell makes a complete fool out of himself by creating HOUND

    On Sunday, the PUMA coalition has major conference call. That same day, my new favorite website is created: Stop Puma. I haven’t seen anything this funny since George Bush last tried to say something that was not written for him.

    Why do I feel like the fun is actually just beginning?

  79. That petition is really hysterical! I bet the Republicans wish they had thought of creating PUMA – it would have been brilliant.

  80. I think ‘DancesWithPumas’ is the best name ever. 😀

  81. This goofy petition is just the latest evidence that they don’t get it.

    They don’t know who we are, let alone what motivates us.

    We keep telling them, but they don’t listen.

  82. Will Bower of justsaynodeal appears in the French Media


    Riverdaughter & fellow Floridian Michael Fuzzybear if you are here, WTF happened?

    After I heard Cynthia Ruccia, a man named Joh started speaking, then everybody tried mute, then I heard this weird recording of male announcer saying stuff I didn’t understand, then a bunch of interference.

  84. fred:

    Thanks for the link. PUMA is going global.

  85. ummm — totally OT but can anyone tell me why some people refer to the Selected One as *61????????????

  86. New bot bite just more name calling, yes boring childish put look how well calling people biased work for thme, KO will love it, he can rant, how much you want to bet this is the new Axelrod media push script no problem it’s a lie what do you mena their not Dems Dems love O their evil Repugs. Its a communication strategy (call it whatever you want to match your message code, which they know well, inflame negative feelings ……..then everytime you are ask about it just dismiss it as you packaged it. ………. Not as dumb as you might think.

  87. 60 Cars Tagged With Anti-Obama Messages in Florida

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Vandals have spray-painted 60 city vehicles in Orlando, Fla., some with messages against Sen. Barack Obama.

    The cars were parked across from city hall late Saturday night. Investigators say the culprits tagged notes such as “Obama smokes crack” and a racial epithet. They even left business cards on each vehicle.
    Witness Mike Lowe first told police about the damage. He saw three cars with anti-Obama messages, while the others were just heavily painted.

    The business cards disparage both Obama and Sen. John McCain but have messages of support for Sen. Hillary Clinton.

    Police also found that many of the vehicles had open gas tanks.

    Orlando police are investigating.

  88. Fred, I think it’s a sabotage campaign by Obamabots to paint Hillary supporters as evil & violent.

  89. just got off the confrence call just listened it was nice to hear the voices of out leaders and Harriet Christian. Wish she could have talked more-maybe next week.


  90. Michael, I left a message for you above:


    Riverdaughter & fellow Floridian Michael Fuzzybear if you are here, WTF happened?

    After I heard Cynthia Ruccia, a man named Joh started speaking, then everybody tried mute, then I heard this weird recording of male announcer saying stuff I didn’t understand, then a bunch of interference.

  91. nah..not hacked.. too many people speaking all at once

  92. The Obamites can keep their control of the media, and they can even shut us down, but it won’t change me or accomplish anything. I will be lonelier, but I’m not voting for Obama no matter what. So There.

  93. Ssmith: Was it that? It was fine before and then all this interference, then I heard a recording with a man’s voice like an announcer (not anyone speaking) – then this insane amount of static/interference.

  94. SM, I agree that it was vandals trying to make Hillary supporters look bad.

  95. RD:

    I have to disagree with you. These people aren’t feckless.

    They are seriously fecked in the head.

  96. $2240.97 Total Contributions since the Cocktail Hour last night!

    The Unity Pony is around the corner if we don’t retire the debt!

    Please contribute, post the details, and see your name in lights!

    Come on, I need to see the green!

  97. myiq2xu – I disagree.

    They are seriously f*#ked in the head.

    Sorry to be disagreeable.

  98. Obama’s stock-in-trade is voter suppression.

    If Hillary’s supporters refused to hitch their wagons to the Unity Pony, they’d just stay home and be bitter. And unenergized. His biggest fear is that the “Hillary Democrats” vote for the Republican.

    We wants you to be depressed and demotivated. The energy and power of the PUMA movement must be stopped.

    In the meantime, Obama’s volunteers are registering every bacteria in the kitchen sink to boost his numbers. They have new eensy-weensy voting booths ready for election day to accomodate the new voterzoans.


  99. Ooooh, Will on French media. Love the way the French say “barackobama” like it’s all one word and something on a menu.

    A PUMA’s menu.

  100. Carol:

    Don’t apologize, it’s not your fault.

    You’re a PUMA, and being disagreeable is in your DNA.

    That’s why we’re immune to kool-aid.

  101. michael – I didn’t know there was a conference call. Did somebody write it up.

    BTW, my father-in-law lives in Jacksonville. Next time I visit maube we could get together.

    Did you get your laundry done yet?

    I’m so in awe of mawm, gary, and all the reporters/writers. We make the news. We report the news. We are the news.

    We are the media we’ve been waiting for!

    Puma Power

  102. SM you were the one on the confrence call organizing the Latino/a out reach correct I loved you point alot of people are against reforming our imigration system and “just send back the illegals”….I can say your words have had a great effect on me and I agree our country must have a more humane approach to this issue.

    I think we PUMA’s could have a great success reaching out to the Hispanic community it is our nations largest and fastest growing minority community.

    they could be the factor that keeps Obama out of the white house would love to talk more to you about this.


  103. Arabella – let’s stick with reporters who report the news, and are acknowledged for our service.

    We already have enough Chris’, KO’s, Andrea’s, ……………. who think they are the news.

    We are the media we’ve been waiting for!

    PUMA$ who donate ROCK!

    Please post the details so I can tally the results!

    For the last couple of hours I have been neglected!

  104. OT again ..but there was an interesting poll cited in this article about Kerry having a challenger…. I know hold your nose cuz its Fox News but lately they’ve been the only MSM that isn’t in the tank for BO


  105. Arabella would love to meet up I with you. be glad to drive up to Jacksonville. My x-sister-in -law and neice are there and we are best friends my sis in law.

    I am looking for a source for banner signs and paint want to cover my apt bld with a sign that says: Just say no deal.com I am on a busy cut through street near downtown area I may get media attention.


  106. Don’t mind me, Carol. I’m just joshing.

    PUMAs, like all cats, are difficult to herd. It’s amazing that the PUMA movement coalesced so quickly and so effectively. But there’s enough diversity and anarchy within the movement to keep PUMAs real lively.


  107. fuzzybeargville –

    where are you located?… I own a sign shop & graphic printing biz

  108. Me too.

  109. kewl carol! where are YOU?

  110. OT

    I found this interesting… where’s the Obots outrage about this?


  111. from the original lyrics to “Hound Dog”

    “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog
    been snoopin’ ’round the door
    you ain’t nothing but a hound dog
    been snoopin’ ’round my door
    you can wag your tail
    but I ain’t gonna feed you no more

    “You told me you was high class
    but I could see through that
    yes, you told me you was high class
    but I could see through that
    and daddy I know
    you ain’t no real cool cat”

    courtesy of Wikipedia: The blues singer Big Mama Thornton’s biggest hit was Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller’s “Hound Dog,” which she recorded in 1952. Thornton’s “Hound Dog” was the first record Leiber and Stoller produced themselves. ….. Freddie Bell and the Bellboys …. rewrite the lyrics to appeal to a broader radio audience. “Snoopin’ round my door” was replaced with “cryin’ all the time”, and “You can wag your tail, but I ain’t gonna feed you no more” was replaced by “You ain’t never caught a rabbit, and you ain’t no friend of mine.”

    Dunno, the orig version appeals to me!

    “yes, you told me you was high class
    but I could see through that
    and daddy I know
    you ain’t no real cool cat”


  112. Off-Topic, and possibly stale. But I didn’t want any of you to miss this nugget from the LeftCoaster (from Steve Soto himself):


    Thursday :: Jun 26, 2008
    Playing To The Mighty Wurlitzer

    by Steve Soto
    The disappointment continues. Now Obama is also against any return of the Fairness Doctrine.


    Link to bold her: http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6573406.html?desc=topstory

  113. michael P Varvel, on June 29th, 2008 at 6:50 pm Said:

    SM you were the one on the confrence call organizing the Latino/a out reach correct I loved you point alot of people are against reforming our imigration system and “just send back the illegals”….I can say your words have had a great effect on me and I agree our country must have a more humane approach to this issue.

    I think we PUMA’s could have a great success reaching out to the Hispanic community it is our nations largest and fastest growing minority community.

    they could be the factor that keeps Obama out of the white house would love to talk more to you about this.


    Absolutely! This is why I decided to get more involved – I love what PUMA/Just Say No Deal is doing – and I want that message to come out to people like my mom & my cousins in NY and Miami who aren’t watching CNN & FOX & MSNBC. They watch Univision and Telemundo and despite that they all are US Citizens, most of them are naturalized.

    Latino Voters are a HUGE GROUP – we are on different sides of the fence but where we unite is immigration reform. Obama is not addressing that. Hillary did and is a champion – and ironically so is McCain. He defied his party to support human reform.

    So I see that I can use my bilingual & marketing skills for the PUMA effort in this way. I think that it’ll get across better addressing our specific issues which Hillary understands so well.

    But I defintely agree with Diane when she said, “let’s translate the first press releases, then go on and move to specific issues.” I am currently translating one now!

    If you remember, Hillary addressed this many many times. How can you kick out 12 million people? There are children, US citizens, that are being deported with their parents and won’t be able to come back — US CITIZENS who haven’t commited a felony/crime other than being born to an undocumented worker. There is so much more – but I’ll take up my time that I should be translating these press releases!

  114. Leisa, Heh. The ‘bots may get around to it….but Kucinich is a guy, so their misogyny doesn’t respond to him.

    Liked the “depends on where the party’s going” reply on if he will support BHO. Maybe another case of buyer’s remorse?

  115. arabella -the confrence call was for JSND riverdaughter will hopefully do a summary of the call on a new thread later- there wer some technical problems with the call but it was good to here diane and company .

    Will Bower made a nice intro for SM, RD and the conflu acknowledging the birth of Puma here and gave some of the background of puma.

    there was lots of discusion of the new action page at JSND and outreach for the latin community.

    I was glad to see so many people working together for a common purpose with out ego’s being involved. This is why we will win we put self second to mission.

    Look at camp Obama nothing but ego’s



  117. indiogogirl-gainesville florida we have an active lib press here but oborg gets to much attention I want to change that-


  118. indigogrrl – I’m here is Texas with my hand out!

    Over at HireHeels someone posted:

    “the winner is the one still receiving contributions long after they have suspended their campaign.”

    Who’s our winner?

    Donate, Donate, Donate – I need to vacumn!

  119. ghost2 — Thx. That should p*ss off yet more voters.

    “Sen. Obama does not support reimposing the Fairness Doctrine on broadcasters,” press secretary Michael Ortiz said in an e-mail ….
    “He considers this debate to be a distraction from the conversation we should be having …”

    might possible distract from Himself’s lack of integrity.

    Obama, keep those flip-flops coming.

  120. SORRY……..THAT WAS http://www.noquarterusa.net……for radio show tel number

  121. We have 7 weeks to get this done!

    We need everyone on board!

    Gives us all a task and let’s get it done!

    I want it over at the convention!

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  122. Link to NoQuarter. I think this is the link DJ referred to:

    Tune In and Talk to Will Bower on Blog Radio Tonight, 8 p.m. E.T.

  123. Obama says that NOW but I would bet he does support it after he gets in office because Pelosi said she supported it…they want to get rid of Fox

  124. Could someone ban the words

    “Change” “Hope” “Distraction”

    I really can’t stand to hear those words any longer!

  125. SM you are in Miami I have some friends I try to win gator tickets for Alli and PJ down your way I met them through my sis in law Lisa they are lawyers for DCF in child welfare i think…Ally is from Cuba and PJ Perto Ricoy are big on liberal causes like ours have you heard of them?


  126. fuzzybeargville –

    I regularly ship out things to other states. One of my best buds is in FL and runs an internet company… and I too have a Pink Kink… surprising that my gayness has never been an issue here in rural VA with all the sposedly appalachian bigots clingin’ to their guns.

    Can I safely give you my email via this blog or is there another way to get it to you… I would be happy to donate a banner to the cause if you have a good spot for it.

  127. At 8pm eastern, Will Bower, the Co-Founder and Spokesperson for both PUMA and Just Say No Deal will be interviewed on the show.

    You can call in!

  128. DJ,

    Please be kind and put a snark tag just in case. You know, with OFB’s, my snark detector is badly in need of repair. Often, I can tell what is for sanrk, and what is for real.

    Yeah, another example of W.O.R.M.

  129. Nancy Pelosi signed the Stop Puma petition. Yay!

  130. Should be:

    I can‘t tell what is ….

    Riverdaughter, you know how much we love you. Could you do something about ‘preview’?

  131. Carol I am with you on that one-change them to:Hype Cringe and Distortion.


  132. woha impressive petition LOL

  133. PUMA

    Call me a racist, guarantee a vote for McCain. Admit you played dirty, and maybe we can talk.


  134. “disappointed” another of His that I can’t stand.

  135. Read it and Rejoice:


    Sorry, I just have to do it!

    It’s my favorite!

  136. I remember reading once about the difference between humans, dogs and cats.

    If you scare a baby, it cries for help. A scared puppy will cower in fear.

    But a kitten will hiss and prepare to fight.


  137. Indigo-

    Clue to my email address nic+yahoo= how to reach me


    Indigo if the bots try anything with flooding my emaile I cut a paste so many replies they will surrender dorothy

  138. Carol how goes the fund raising I am in for $ 25.00 on 07/04/2008 gotta wait for payday.


  139. Somebody fix my post that you are not posting.

    It is fabulous – we got them on the run!

  140. $2240.97

    PUMA$ Who Donate Rock!

  141. sm-when I worked for MCI (before the bankrupted themselves) we would get cross line interference cause weather and sunspots I think weather in NE may have played into that. but at the end someone was pressing some buttons on their phone to pos disrupt the call


  142. Is there a Plan B if this site gets shut down? It would be really difficult for me to go through my days without the humor and insight of The Confluence. Plus I’d miss witnessing Carol’s fundraising skills.

  143. dorothy surrendered to me once (sigh) those were the days!

  144. Famous signers of the Anti-Puma petition:

    Howard Dean
    Nancy Pelosi
    Donna Brazile
    Claire McCaskill


  145. dorothy surrendered to me once (sigh) those were the days!

    Did you get to keep the shoes?


  146. I LOVE PUMA. It is the best organization ever. I am so proud of them.

    Obama sucks and will lose!

    PUMA is real hope and change.

  147. no shoes, but still have a couple of bitemarks

  148. Indigo you are to funny -fuzzybeargville

  149. I am IndigoGrrl — there is another on here that posts as just Indigo….wouldn’t want to ruin her reputation with my comments!

  150. indigogrrl – Hee!


  151. I can’t believe it!

    Patti donated $100 this afternoon and posted to another Blog!

    $2340.97 is the new total!

  152. 7 minutes to
    At 8pm eastern, Will Bower, the Co-Founder and Spokesperson for both PUMA and Just Say No Deal will be interviewed on the show.

  153. guys.. JSND has a radio show they are trying to build up.. its previewing tonight with Will Bower, co-founder of PUMA and JSND

    please listen:

    Tune in tonight to the blog talk radio show, “No We Won’t,” created by Sheri Tag.

    TO listen in: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/NO-WE-WONT

    Will Bower of Puma08 and JustSayNoDeal is Sheri’s guest tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET. You can also call in to the show, and share why YOU are a PUMA. The call-in number is (347) 539-5420.

    Tune in tonight, and check back for future programming. Sheri has great plans to build her station and interview more PUMAs.

  154. Check out signature #53, fellow Conflucians.

  155. Crybaby:

    Blah blah blahbity blah.

    First of all, I’m a guy. In fact, I’ve been a guy all my life.

    Secondly, it’s not about Hillary. We don’t think Hillary is “the one,” just the best one. We would gladly support a qualified Democratic candidate.

    Thirdly, STFU and GTFO

  156. Oh, and one more thing:

    In a democracy, the person who gets the most votes wins.

  157. There’s no crying….

    We’re not bitter. We’re informed.


  158. Dear TNCIP –
    Barack Obama being nominated would be a huge step backward for democracy.
    Sincerely – Bite Me

  159. seriously , why are you here??

    this issue is way beyond hillary.. the “democratic” party IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there is no UNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hillary or then mccain!!!!

    if you can’t deal with it.. WHY ARE YOU CRYING???

  160. I LOVE this petition! LOLOLOL I bookmarked it so I can always laugh at it when I have a bad day! yeah!

  161. TNCIP: Are you crying because we’re not?

  162. “For crying out loud, she couldn’t keep Bill under control, how is she going to control this country. ”

    wow how classy.

  163. LOL

    “I’ve been a guy all my life”

    way to go, love it!

  164. TNCIP:

    You do realize that over half of the population can’t “keep their spouses” under control. If you can, God bless you.

  165. “For crying out loud, she couldn’t keep Bill under control, how is she going to control this country. ””

    I got one better..

    If that fraud CANNOT steer his own website, how the H*ll can he steer this country?

    What a freaking moron!..

  166. oh, now it’s the job of women to control their husbands. what next….

    and i didn’t know we were looking for someone to control the country…i thought we elected leaders.

    would it be rude to ask him/her to take a sour grape and shove it?

  167. ssmith: Good one!

  168. Hi Indigo – welcome to the party!

  169. hi indigogrrl, thanks!

    would you pass the sour grapes please, LOL!

  170. sorry – made wine outa them already!

    got another troll making fun of us lezbos on the other thread!

  171. Theres no crying in politics:

    You seem to be under the illusion that anyone here cares what you think.

  172. HAHAHAHA. The signatures should show them they won’t get too far with their ridiculous quest.

  173. That petition is too funny! Obrats at it again. Absurd.

    Then I check my email and I get a Care2 petition in my inbox:

    ‘Oppose Legislation Enabling Killing of Cats’

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  174. Ha. Obama couldn’t keep his preacher of 20 years in line.

    He can’t seem to control that middle finger.

    And he eats w-a-y too much arugula – nope, can’t vote for him.

  175. smart to make wine.

    i must have missed something on the other thread. i see remains of a troll perhaps …

  176. Poor Amanda Marcotte is wearing herself out with the meme that PUMA is a GOP swiftboat operation.. Please someone go over to Pandagon and help her out,..

  177. Indigo – RD & katiebird swooped in and poof they’re gone!

  178. RD is talking right now on the radioblog!!!

  179. indigogrrl, bwhahaa. I thought we’re supposed to be closet Repubs, and they don’t have lezbos? I might be straight but they can call me… Shezbian!

  180. Lezbos?

    You just totally derailed my train of thought.

    (I told you I”m a guy)

  181. Wait!!! The Cobfluence *isn’t” a GLBT club???

  182. the troll was calling us all lesbians though I’m a real one (no longer practicing…totally graduated)

    and mr. uwish your iq was 3 x mine — FUCK OFF

  183. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I should feel honored.

    Instead I feel like I need a shower. Ick!

    BTW – Just cuz they won’t have sex with you doesn’t make a woman a lesbian.

    Statistically it’s more likely that she has self-esteem and high-standards.

  184. buhbye troll! smoooooooch

  185. I’m a real one (no longer practicing…totally graduated)


    BTW – Just cuz they won’t have sex with you doesn’t make a woman a lesbian.


  186. Amanda Marcotte has her head so far up her ass at the moment that she can say hi to Rush Limbaugh while she’s up there.

  187. My experience is that men who are misogynists are usually racists too.

    The reason they are like that is that they have serious self-esteem issues.

    Strong men aren’t afraid of strong women.

  188. g’nite lovely ones — I must put the youngun’ to bed and get there myself

    party on pumas.

  189. Michael Fuzzybear – I live in Tampa – I don’t know the people you mentioned, but I’ll look them up!

  190. ~My experience is that men who are misogynists are usually racists too.~

    If a man or woman engages in discrimination against any “ism”… it’s a very short trip to the other isms.
    Conversely… a rising tide, etc.

  191. oops… I’m in moderation

  192. going out for a cosmo chat later

  193. sm great i dont know if thay are puma but they are two girls who hate misoginy in any form


  194. sharmajee,

    Wow, I just read that comment thread at Pandagon. Those people actually have no clue that we are real. And our dear friend Mandos, who spent a couple of days her trying to talk some sense into us is trying to explain to Marcotte that we do exist. He even noted the phenomenal growth of The Confluence. But nobody’s paying any attention to him. They are really in for a shock in November (or maybe even August).

  195. Janis, on June 29th, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    Ouch, but very funny. I assume you viewed her diatribe?

    bostonboomer: August better than Nov.!!

  196. Ever notice that Obama throws everybody and everything under the bus? His “typical white” grandma, his “GOD DAMN AMERICA” preacher, and FISA?

    Obama will betray every principle and every person he needs to to get elected. Then watch out!

  197. Sharmajee, she and that Traister woman make me embarrassed that I ever identified with 3rd wave feminism. I thought it meant taking the tools that the second wave made possible and seeing what we could make — they stormed the beach, and now we had to build the quonset huts and fortifications.

    I had no idea it was all about making breast implants a feminist choice. No wonder working-class women gave the whole damned thing a giant yawn. When feminism disconnects itself from the working class and turns into a bunch of white-collar types doing NOTHING but yapping over coffee about it, as if it’s their latest hobby, feminism dies. When women congratulate themselves on their feminism more for their college theses than for their work at improving the lives of minimum wage workers, feminism isn’t worth the powder to blow it to hell. You can’t DO feminism in an ivory tower, and it doesn’t equal a fucking book contract or tenure. These things can be things to be proud of if you have them, but no — they don’t make you a feminist anymore than calling yourself an environmentalist means that your every action has a zero carbon load.

    Feminism has bruised knees, callused hands, and punches a time clock. Feminism gets the fuck up off its ass and does shit. What the FUCK have any of those waste-oid blog-whiners ever done but flap their gums, sell books, and tell themselves it matters? This is the movement — blogs support movements, they don’t comprise them. PUMA is the sort of thing blogs were meant to enable.

    God, the whole wasteland of feminist blogs lately just sickened me. It all started to remind me of one of those old gauzy General Foods International Coffee commercials from my youth. They did nothing — they DO nothing. They sit there and whinge and think it’s a movement. The earlier waves pulled that shit sometimes, too — thinking that waving a sign and chanting meant ANYTHING. If you don’t drop that fucking sign and roll up your sleeves, I don’t give a shit for it.

    There is not one single woman she can point to whose life has improved (except her own) because of Amanda and her ilk’s online “activities.” They find atrocities, point their fingers and flutter their hankies and talk about their theoretical implications, and move on. They been given one crumb of approval from the menz, and they think it’s their first taste of the success that is sure to attend their every step from now on.

    Let any of them say anything truly revolutionary and see how far that goes. More likely they’ll just simper a bit, get accolades, and tell themselves their the female Ben Franklin.

  198. “. You can’t DO feminism in an ivory tower, and it doesn’t equal a fucking book contract or tenure. ”


    Feminism isn’t an academic tea party: it’s a goddamned war. Quit trying to be “nice” to everyone and get out there and fight.

  199. You know … thinking about what I said above: “There is not one single woman she can point to whose life has improved (except her own) … ”

    That’s it. These people think that, since the second wave empowered them to live feminist lives, that by definition everything they do is feminist. They are the pure embodiment of Susan B. Anthony’s dreams! Since they now live in a post-feminist paradise and are making money and getting attention, then by definition, a woman IS getting head! Them!

    They haven’t yet figured out that feminism has more than one pronoun. “I” isn’t a feminist pronoun. “We” is a feminist pronoun.

    I think that’s really the poverty of the third wave. They seemed to think that just by living their own lives, they were automatically feminist and doing some sort of radical work. There is an incredibly smug white-collar belief that if you just walk around being your smug-ass, enlightened self, that people will naturally gravitate to your fabulousness and the wonder that is you will automatically fill the universe like a pure, white light.

    It’s lazy. It’s a belief fostered by people who are either too chickenshit or too lazy to confront the reality that the world changes when you get up and confront it. When you do conscious, planned, designed hard work. When you sit there and say, “I want to accomplish THIS in the next two years. Then, we do this. Then, this other thing.” It doesn’t just happen because I make fairly decent money and work in a white-collar environment (which I do, although my past is solid lunchbucket). The fact that Janis Lastname is working in a white-collar environment with an advanced degree doesn’t somehow magically permeate the universe and magically make all other women more free. Not even one stinking bit.

    That’s the central egotistical trip of the third wave. That the marvelous wonder that is them in their fabulous shoes and glitter eyeshadow just frees other women worldwide simply by existing. I do wonder if they think their car exhaust is magically transposed into rainbows and fairy farts because they use cloth bags at the supermarket.

  200. Typo:

    ” … a woman IS getting head!”

    Ahead. Although the typo is funny enough to stand on its own.

  201. Janis,

    Great rant! Amen, sister.

    I just checked the petition–63 signatures, some funny comments.

    CB, That wasn’t Nancy Pelosi, that was me, Nancy Peloser.

  202. bostonboomer, the next women who tries to tell me that her Manolo Blahnik fetish is feminist is gonna get my hush puppie up her ass.

    And for anyone who’s reading:

    I don’t CARE if you’re feminist and like shoes, dumbass! I’m an environmentalist, and it doesn’t mean my car exhaust is made of rose water!

  203. I am not a Republican but will be voting for one for the first time in my voting career come November. Let’s all remember, when Obama loses this election it will because of the DNC, the Un-Democratic Party, and Howard Dean & Co. If they wanted to win, they should have nominated the candidate who could beat John McCain in 2008. We are not going to let Dean & Co. blame Clinton voters for this fuckup! This all goes at the feet of these screwballs who have shoved Obama down our throats. Why in the world anybody would vote for the goofball is beyond me! I mean, the guy has done NOTHING but give, what they call, inspirational speeches. I can watch Joel Osteen for that stuff.

  204. Amen Janis!

    Talk is cheap.

    Wars aren’t won by speeches, they are won by people who are willing to get down and fight in the trenches.

  205. I just left a lovely little note for Ms. Marcotte at Pendagon. Just happened to be right after our fearless leader, riverdaughter. Please go there and clear their fuzzy heads about what PUMAs really are.

  206. LHinSeattle,

    Wow… I went away for a few hours and look at all of these posts!!

    You totally expressed my thoughts about the double standard.


    Rock on PUMA… This feels more green and fresh than anything Obama and his “handlers” have produced. The grassroots of PUMA are spreading and growing strong, we are organic, not manufactured!!

  207. […] MABlue,  on June 29th, 2008 at 5:50 pm Said: […]

  208. oohh john mccain signed the petition

  209. Hi all:)

    I just thought I’d tell you that I’m the Lavenia referred to over at Just say no to Just Say no.. whatever. The “ANGRY” email she refers to is me commenting that why should they want a petition against PUMA and PUMAPAC anyway, are they against little things like the constitution and freedom of speech? I believe I also told her that I’m not a Republican and if she wanted to research that, something Obamabots are not obviously good at, to please feel free, but the truth, if they are interested in hearing it, is that I’ve been a Democrat for around 40+ years. At any rate, last night I found that this person has posted her reply back to my “ANGRY” email but certainly not my email itself.

    It’s obvious by the material contained within the website the author of the email to me sent within HER email which is … http://yestodemocracy.org/ .. that they are engaging in further Obamabot propaganda, including they now have a blog on there claiming that PUMA is responsible for the cars with the graffiti written on them in Orlando, FL. BTW, she also states in her post regarding MY email that “someone leaked her email addy” on PUMA sites, when the truth is I went to the link to see what the petition was and DID NOT SIGN the petition, but selected the comments section and commented in that, in which I left my email addy.. and SHE EMAILED ME!!! however, I will now leak her email addy here.. it is christina baker” <chris.bee@hotmail.com. So that’s my story and I thought ya’ll might like to get the ACTUAL facts behind how I supposedly sent her an email. I reiterate, I sent comments at the site to make comments on the Care2.petition site about the petition against PUMA.. and then I got the email to me.


    Honora, on June 29th, 2008 at 3:53 pm Said:

    Oh, bummer I guess we have to stop and all vote for Obama now.”

  211. Honora, on June 29th, 2008 at 3:53 pm Said:

    Oh, bummer I guess we have to stop and all vote for Obama now.”

    Cuz, he is the leader, and the leader makes the Sun shine (even Bart Simpson learned that lesson eventually, lol)

  212. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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