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Saturday: Ed, you’re making this too easy

Bostonboomer forwarded the following announcement to me:

By Governor Edward G. Rendell

Click here to join Hound

We have formed HOUND (Hillary-Obama-United-Not-Divided) in response to the creation of PUMA (party unity, my ass — or its cleaned up moniker, People United Means Action).

PUMA advocated that Hillary Clinton supporters do not vote for Barack Obama just for the sake of party unity. Even though we in HOUND are loyal Democrats, we agree that no one should cast a vote for President because of a desire to achieve party unity. We believe Sen. Clinton supporters should vote for Sen. Obama because, as Hillary herself said so forcefully and poignantly in her great speech a few Saturdays ago, the best way to achieve the changes she has fought so hard to bring to America, and on which she based her campaign, is to support Sen. Obama, whose policies are almost identical to hers.

The Clinton-Obama plans on health care, the economy, energy, education and on ending the war in Iraq represent the core values that made us all Democrats – values and positions that are light years apart from the conservative policies enunciated by Sen. McCain (e.g., voting against S-CHIP, voting against raising CAF standards, voting against equal pay for women, voting for increased tax credits for big oil and against extending the credit for the production of renewable energy, expanding an increase in the Bush tax cuts, promoting a war without end in Iraq, etc.) If you care about these things, and we believe PUMA members do, then you must support Sen. Obama.

No one worked harder than I did for Hillary and I believe no one could admire her and what she represents more that I do. But we must get over our disappointment and, as Hillary said, not waste time looking back and thinking about what might have been. Our country’s challenges must be addressed immediately, not four years from now. Our beloved country simply cannot afford four more years of Republican do-nothing-for-people government. PUMA members risk just that – it could be a Ralph Nader 2000 redux. Don’t let that happen. Close your eyes and think about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton standing together united at a ceremony for the bill signing of legislation that guarantees every American affordable, effective healthcare.

One last point – HOUND is not anti-PUMA. We agree with many of your grievances. For example, we, too, believe that the Democratic Party’s nominating process is unfair and undemocratic. We must change the policy where some votes are more important than others and some areas receive more delegates than their number of voters would justify – it violates the spirit of “one person, one vote.” We must eliminate caucuses that are inherently undemocratic and disenfranchise seniors (no absentee voting for those who can’t go to the polls), shift workers and our military. Forcing people to declare their preference in public also violates another cherished principle that undermines our democracy.

So, we are asking all PUMA members to curb your disappointment, mute your anger and frustration and join HOUND to help change America. While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.

Nice try, Ed, but HOUND sounds an awful lot like Yellow Dog Democrats and that’s exactly what we are not. To be fair, you make a lot of good points. The caucuses *are* un-democratic. And I will admit that you were loyal to Hillary to the very end. Even now, we understand the nature of your loyalty. Hillary’s and your identities are inextricably wed to the Democratic party until death do you part. There is a lot to admire in that and the allusion to you not being “high class” is just part of the song and not to be taken seriously. No one has shown more class than Hillary and the stalwarts who stood by her.

But here is what you seem to not understand from the voters’ point of view. First, many of us are *not* planning to vote for John McCain. But if John McCain happens to win by default, we will not have a guilt trip laid on *US* for all the floods, famines and earthquakes that follow. The delegates, superdelegates and party leaders had a choice.

You would have us vote for Obama because Hillary asked us to. But, Ed, we are (or were) Democrats. We are not Republicans. If is not in our nature to fall into line when our consciences are on the line. We did it for Dukakis, Mondale, Kerry (we actually *liked* Gore) but we can’t do it for Obama. And you unintentionally allude to all the reasons why Obama is an exception in your letter. We have good reason to suspect that he is not for S-CHIP, CAF standards, equal pay for women, reproductive rights, universal healthcare, the Green Economy or ending the war in Iraq. For the last item, as well as preventing our country from falling into an economic disaster caused by financial “instruments” and the high cost of oil, we do not think he is ready or capable of assuming the office of president of the United States. Nothing in his debate appearances or comedic and disrespectful monologues at rally events (Brush the dirt off your shoulder much, Ed? I know YOU would never do it, so why should our nominee?) give us confidence in his abilities. He has deliberately kept his policies as vague as possible as a campaign strategy in order to lure the independent, libertarian and disaffected moderate Republican voters while at the same time slamming working class, Appalachians and the small town voters in your own state.

And let me tell you about those voters, Ed, the ones I spoke with on the phone, hundreds and hundreds of them. They were stung by the accusations of racism that were hurled at them because they didn’t think Obama was ready. That hurt them to the core of their beings. It attacked their character. No Democratic candidate in my lifetime has ever treated the voters so disgracefully.

You may have noticed I haven’t brought up the subject of sexism yet. The media and others have mischaracterized the PUMA movement as a reaction to it from the post-meonpausal set. But our protest is based on the fact that our party (or former party) did not choose the best *person* for the job. Many of us were early on very intrigued by Senator Obama. But once we got beyond the fact that he is very smart, we saw that there was no wisdom that went along with it. At the same time, we saw that his campaign operatives took a slash and burn attitude to the Democratic party that was in existence. His hooligans chased off or forced off women from the bigger more influential online outlets, yours truly included. I was thrown off DailyKos in January. That’s why I’m here. That’s why a lot of us have found ourselves on the outside of the party looking in at an ever shrinking voter constituency. Systematically, Senator Obama’s hooligans have made women, working class, Appalachians, latinos, gays, native Americans, Asians, Muslim Americans and the elderly personas non grata. Obama sought to recreate the party in a different image, one that didn’t include the poor, the dependent, the entitled to social security, the unpopular.

Is this new Democratic party the one you want me and the other PUMAs to rally around? No, Ed. No. The biggest mistake Clinton made during the primary season was not that she didn’t win the caucuses. The biggest mistake was that she was too nice to Obama and failed to pin him down. She failed to make him solidify out of all of the ethereal smoke he consisted of. He kept himself and his policies nebulous and indistinct so that his young, pretentious and more conservative voters could project whatever politician they wanted on to him. Forcing him to take a stand on something, *anything* would have broken off a chunk of those deluded voters. But one thing the PUMAs can say for sure is that he doesn’t resemble any Democrat we’ve ever seen nor does he adhere to any of our most cherished core Democratic principles. If he had, he couldn’t have attracted so many people not of our party in a year when the vast majority of voters didn’t want a Republican lite candidate anyway. Obama has actually squandered an opportunity. The voters were more than ready to accept a strong Democrat and we are giving them, what, exactly?

Either we all go forward together or the party deserves to lose in November. Either Senator Obama connects with the base or he loses them in November. Either the party power elite listens to the voters or it deserves to lose in November. We would be stupid if we demanded any less. We do not subscribe to the old saying, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” but apparenly Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Obama do.

Here’s what we want: We want a fair, open and transparent convention in Denver. We want Florida and Michigan’s delegates to be restored to full strength. We want Obama to give up his Michigan delegates. After all, he keeps insisting that he never wanted his name on the ballot in the first place. So, we should honor his wishes: no ballot position, no delegates. After all, if Hillary can’t make the same argument about all of the voters who couldn’t get to the caucuses in spite of their intent to vote for her, Obama shouldn’t get freebies from Michigan by having the RBC honoring the imaginary voters who failed to turn up during a record breaking turnout for the Michigan primary in January.

Jeez, Ed, and you guys call *us* stupid. Logic has been completely missing from this campaign season. By February 5, 2008, Hillary had won MI, FL, NV, NH, CA, NY, NJ, MA, AZ, TN, AR and a handlful of other little states. In any other year, Obama would have thrown in the towel and gone home. In 1980, Ted Kennedy won a big slice of these very same states and with a 600 delegate deficit, he *still* created havoc at the convention. But this year, we couldn’t even honor the states that moved up their primaries so that they could make a difference? Like my state, NJ? We are going to a convention where the candidate who has won the biggest Democratic prizes and swing states has been almost completely shut out and you are asking us to accept this, get over our disappointment, anger and frustration? Fine. We’re over it. But we still insist, no demand, that our votes count for something. I want the millions that my state spent on a primary in lieu of spending even one dime on gifted and talented education to be honored. The party owes us that much.

And if it goes against their beautiful theories and plans for party unity (shmoonity), if it ends up with a win for a person who they apparently loathe, along with all of that honorable candidate’s 18 million voters, well, too bad. They will not get party unity until they honor the voters, Ed.

Pumas are watchful and patient. And when the time is right, they strike. There is still time to achieve unity. There are two months before the convention. But if the voters aren’t honored by then, we strike.

For different perspectives, check out myiq2xu’s version at Klownhaus and Reclusive Leftist’s most excellent post on Leverage.

And what has got to be one of the funniest comments I have read since MABlue declared that Donna Brazile had provoked in him negative feelings towards the South American country, Karolina NYC presents this comparison of the day in the life of a Dog vs a Cat.

287 Responses

  1. Sttrange coincidence – take a look at the picture on my latest blog post:


  2. Bravo, RD! So well written, and voices what I feel – thanks again.

  3. Amen!

    I’m so relieved that there are still a number of strong voices who speak for me!

  4. Well, obviously PUMA has them running scared! As well they should be.

    PUMP POWER. Hound dog.

  5. Why, if Obama is such a lock to win in November, do they give a damn about us? Why, if they care to win our votes, do they continue to dismiss us?

    Great post, RD (as usual). Even if Obama staked himself out on strong Democratic principles he would still be most unqualified and, thus, extremely unlikely to succeed in bringing such policies into action in case of opposition. Also, it would be difficult to trust him because he would have no record of past actions (e.g., “present,” “wrong button pushed”)–just words.

  6. Beautifully written RD. I agree 1000%. My mama used to say there was a blockage somewhere between my ears that kept me from understanding what she was trying to get through to me. Same goes for these people who are trying to get us to just fall in line and “get over it.” Well I won’t get over it. We have the power within our grasp to change the wrong they have done. PUMA power.

  7. I hope you sent this directly to Ed Rendell. It is wonderful. It sums up my feelings exactly. Well done!

  8. You must also be a craven hypocrite to trash the principles of democracy, fair elections and representation under the guise of unity. Winning at the cost of those very principles is abhorrent to sane thought.

    How can you say now, when Obama has demonstrated his lack of principles by reversing on so many policies, that he stands for what we believe in. There is nothing to unit for! He can’t stand by his word because his word is his currency in his buying the nomination. There is nothing to unit for, the ideals of the party have now become a snare of sexism, racism and fascism forced upon us on a vacuous promise.

    Even a street prostitute has more credo at least she or he knows not to phuck on a promise. Are you mad or just plan clueless. Would you like some ice in your kool aid?

  9. I should add:

    He would have no record of past actions when push comes to shove. That to me tells me what a person’s true convictions are.

  10. While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.

    Oh please Ed. Show me a hound that is smarter and more perceptive than a puma. I guess he doesn’t watch nature channels.

    I love Ed, and he’s been great to Hillary, but he just doesn’t get it. All this “time to get over it and move on” is so beside the point. Riverdaughter, I know many pumas feel that the restoration of the FL & MI votes and a recognition of the sexism would satisfy the need for unity, but for me, you can’t unring the bell. The Obama Campaign, the media and specifically the DNC used fraudulent, manipulative, and abusive methods to achieve their end–an engineered candidate. For all the reasons we have recounted, he is illegitimate. Therefore, under any circumstances, I will not endorse him. (And that even discounts all the issues regarding his arrogance, dishonesty, hypocrisy, weak character, judgment, and INEXPERIENCE). The RBC meeting is forever burned into my brain. I sat there and watched them rig the election. I will never reward that with my vote, and no amount of fear tactics re: what might happen with McCain will change my mind. As you said, they should have thought of that when they chose the weaker nominee for us.

    Finally, the claim that his policies are almost identical to Hillary’s: first, that is because he copied them from her, and second, he’s changed them so many times, we don’t really know what his positions are anymore. TRUST. He has not earned it. I don’t think he’s capable of it. Obama should start his own group: PANDER BEARS.

    Let’s consider the lyrics Ed:
    You ain’t nothin’ but a Hound Dog.
    Cryin’ all the time (that DOES sound like Obama!)
    You ain’t nothin’ but a Houng Dog…

    NO DEAL!

  11. Of course I am directing my post to Rendell. Sorry, I forgot to address it.

  12. Very well written RD. Thank you for speaking for us all.
    I have to wonder if Rendell would really have been in my shoes facing voter intimidation, voter fraud, death threats, name calling and vandalism he would still be saying these things.


  14. I just want to add that dhelz posted about this in a comment late last night. Here’s the comment from regencyg’s post:

    dhelz, on June 28th, 2008 at 12:39 am Said: Edit Comment
    So, we are asking all PUMA members to curb your disappointment, mute your anger and frustration and join HOUND to help change America. While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.

    Is this some kind of joke?

  15. It seems to me that Rendell is acting like a good Clinton surrogate, dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ to ensure that the Obama can’t turn around after Obama inevitably loses and try to blame Clinton directly for the loss.

    By taking this initiative, Rendell is buying insurance against the future finger-pointing by the Obamatrons, who will be shocked when their wunderkind crashes and burns in November, if not sooner.

    I wrote to Rendell to tell him so at nick@padems.com.

  16. People at NQ yesterday kept commenting on OB’s posture while Hillary spoke in Unity, NH. To me he just looks and acts lazy. Hounddog befits him. He looks more tired as time goes on. He slouches and seems like a child who knows its been bad but just doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions as long as he gets his way. Without coming forward with a Birth Certificate, sometimes I wonder if he is not younger than than he says he is.

  17. Ed, that dog just ain’t gonna hunt.

  18. Thanks Riverdaughter this IS what I like about coming here for my coffee. Going back to your title, I wonder if Ed isn’t trying to make it easy. His tone is so different than what I’m used to — I’m confused about the intent.

    I think that H.O.U.N.D. isn’t meant for PUMAs, I think it might be a census tool for the Tepid-Endorsers (I’m not going to name names, but we could each name 5 without giving it much thought) —

    We’ve started seeing estimates of PUMA strength in some of the stories this week. Maybe this H.O.U.N.D. is just a hook to balance (or whatever) the stories.

    I can’t really see the tepid-endorsers we know pushing HOUND or it going viral like PUMA though.

    It seems more on the level of a W.I.N. (Whip Inflation Now) button. And some of us remember how effective THAT was.

  19. Bravo, Riverdaughter! Another brilliant analysis and post. I too love and respect Gov. Rendell–he is my gov. But I agree that he and the other party faithful do not get it. Thanks for trying to educate them eloquently and articulately.

  20. PS — myiq’s post is awesome!

  21. so really Ed, what you are saying is the very thing we have been told by the dnc just get over it? mute our anger….Ed…just say no……to the kool aid, and we will keep saying NO DEAL ED, NO DEAL dnc…NO DEAL bho……


  22. Great post!!! It is wonderful to have a place to go to find like minded friends!!!!

  23. I am anxiously awaiting a report from Mawn & Gary re: yesterday’s event. I saw the Dog & Pony show on the news, and it broke my heart. I woke up several times last night, thinking of the look on Hillary’s face, and her body language. She looked so unhappy. Her words completely lacked passion and conviction. She is just going through the motions. The only time she lit up is when her supporters cheered her and someone yelled out “She rocks!” Thank you to anyone that was there, cheering her on. The whole charade looked so forced–neither of them appeared to be comfortable with it. Of course, they interviewed one guy afterward who was all smiles: “It was great. We’re all together now.”

    I never cease to be amazed by how gullible people are.

  24. I love this:

    “Obama should start his own group: PANDER BEARS”

    That is really the name Ed should have chosen. LOL

  25. “I wonder if he is not younger than than he says he is.”

    If we went by his resume the most I’d guess is early-mid 30s. I usually say that he has the resume of a 27 year old. But, I’m willing to stretch it a little.

    I’d call a 47 year old with his resume a late bloomer not, President.

  26. Woot! You nailed it, rd!
    Great response to the puppies who will fall in line. I’m not one of them. I’m a PUMA!

  27. Wonderful as usual Riverdaughter!

    And sorry Ed, I really like you but no sale.

    To me, Obama is nothing but a Hound Dog and ain’t no friend of mine.

    Maybe you should have chosen another critter. Something more Obama-y, like a Mouse.

    M ost
    O bama
    U nited
    S hills
    E nablers

  28. lol – pander bears, aren’t they on the endangered species list?

  29. I have been a lurking Puma from the Rodhams’ hometown for weeks and was planning to post the news about our Hound Dog governor as a way to enter this conversation, but more perceptive, faster Pumas got here first. Thank you, RD and posters for all you do in feeding Puma Power.

    Gov. Rendell’s critics in PA call him Fast Eddie. I have always defended him as I support his liberal policy initiatives. However, he is clearly an opportunist. The Scranton newspaper reported today that Hound Dog said this week he would welcome an appointment in an Obama Cabinet once his term as governor ends in 2011.

    Hound Dog “ain’t no friend of mine.”

  30. Excellent!

  31. RD-
    Me thinks the Hound dogs have their ears to the ground and sniffing big troubles for their beloved Anointed One…
    I hope you send it to Ed

  32. oh lord gawd — can they NOT constantly steal ideas from others… and to bastardize the PUMA idea with something so stupid.
    I’ll bet this starts getting MSM coverage right away since the Obambibots control the Message at all times.
    I’m disgusted with Rendell. I don’t care that he’s being the good soldier. I am tired of the lack of convictions from the PTB – he could have spoken out about the un-democratic primary/caucus system way back when it could have made a difference.

  33. Ed Rendell smart, riverdaughter, smarter.
    Ed Rendell wrong, riverdaughter, right!!!!!

  34. Kitties are smarter than dogs. Period.

    Excellent post by the way, and I agree. I do appreciate what Ed is doing, and like him. And I’m happy with what Hillary is trying to do. I understand the effort.

    What happens in Denver is an excellent metric to measure them all by though. No one who voted for Hillary should consider voting for Obama unless the votes are counted properly in Denver. Period. I can even handle SD’s selecting Obama over Hillary for whatever lame reasons they have, but only if everyone sees the real votes out in the light of day. I want everyone to see the votes of MI and FL counted properly so everyone sees Hillary got more votes. Then the SD’s can tip the balance and select Obama. And only then can they ask us to vote for the guy they selected over the will of the people.

    And at least some of us, can look at that, remember what Donna and MoveOn and others said about the will of the people and about SD’s selecting a candidate over that (of course they could only imagine their arguments were for the opposite situation), and see the utter hypocrisy and say no thanks. I for one will so no to Obama but will still vote for other dems. But if they sweep this under the rug and disenfranchise the real vote and the real results, then I may not vote for any dems. Better for short term pain to fix a long term problem. We’re watching you DLC.

  35. Great posting RD, as always. I am just sitting here thinking how the next weeks to come the Obama media is going to be pushing this Hound down our throats and telling us that people have joined this in record numbers to make sure that the public continues to think that puma and other sites anti obama are just a few older bitter women (or however they are referring to us week by week) it will be made out to be the greatest thing and most people do want unity. Just my opinion but I see in the future we will be seeing a lot more about this and many people being interviewed on this new Hound site.

  36. The last line is offensive –

    “While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.”

    …until you wonder if they’ve ever considered what happens if a puma meets a hound. “Claw claw, rake rake, bite” – bye bye hound.

  37. Well said! They just don’t get it do they? It is very painful to have to watch Hillary. No, Brutal is the word for it. Anyway, it’s been interesting looking into who the Repubs are, RD & Co. What I saw happen to the Clintons is beyond disgrace. I think McCain is more of a Dem than a Repub — and he lives near Sedona — one of the most spiritual places going. People actually make pilgrimages there– but not in a way that is organized religion, more cutting edge green/gaia/pagan/native american….

    Being a Dem to me meant kind, charitable, help the poor but? Once I saw Brazile on that Begala tape? Or the way he treated Hillary? forget it. Forget it. At least Mac Cain will know how to get us out of this war…ps: PUMAs made the LAT blogs — haha! Hound? Since their treatment? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    Nearly all the searches chez moi are on PUMAs — as in how to find or join up! It’s rad. Also lately, they seem to want the American Flag.

    hugs! ps– Cannonfire is a great writer!

  38. RD,

    Wonderful post. I knew you could do something great with this. Thanks again to dhelz for the catch! I wonder if there is some way we can get RD’s (our) demands to Ed Rendell directly?

  39. First PUMA now HOUND, more animal people!

    Why aren’t party leaders moving to fix the nomination process? Its completely broken. If its Obama, it’ll be like Bush pushing for election reform after his selection.

  40. The fact that at the behest of the Obama campaign Ed Rendell thougt he had to do this, shows they are getting nervous. They know Puma is for real, they know it’s growing and they know that a tipping point has been reached.

    All of a sudden they are vulnerable to all the same shit they thew at us for the last six months.

    You know what they say, pay back’s a bitch!

  41. You “NAILED IT AGAIN RD”!!
    WOW, I can’t believe the way Rendell was “gazing” @
    Obama. He must have drank a gallon of kool-aide!
    Just “2” additional points to you extensive list of examples:
    1-He doesn’t deserve any delegates from FL either.
    He VIOLATED “their rules” by running TV ads.If they asked me I’d say “NO”, I don’t believe him that he could’nt stop it. Remember Hillary said she declined that same route “because” FL was to be included.
    2-On the last primary day the Deomocrats from SD said,
    “NO” we don’t want Obama!! Even with Tom D. & Mcgovern endorsing him!!
    This is part of what I told Gov.Rendell the other day thru the dem. office in PA-# 717-920-8470!
    I’ve also been posting the # to the Senator A.Spector @ the Senate Judiciary Committee office # 202-224-4254, I spoke with “Andrew”.
    The committee stopped looking into “our” complaints
    “after” Hillary stepped aside. They are “open” to feedback.
    **Finally, Rendell & others should “support us” in getting what “we” need from Obama to make an informed choice. They could do that & “still” tow the party line.”If” Michelle can get away with saying “she” wouldn’t absolutely vote for Hillary as the nominee,.
    Why do “we” have to about Obama. Hillary supporters can’t be “SPEECHED”. “We” require “directness” from our leaders. From the movie “Arthur”, “this isn’t a tie you can steal / you have to EARN IT”!!
    Go PUMA!

  42. Riverdaughter, like the ladies speaking for Puma on Cable yesterday, you give a wonderful voice to our hearts and minds.

    And now, in reference to Mr. Rendell’s last sentence, I would like to post a short comparison of a dog diary (ie. “hound”) vs. cat diary (ie. “puma”). Who’s less naive and smarter?


    8:00 am – Dog food! My favorite thing!

    9:30 am – A car ride! My favorite thing!

    9:40 am – A walk in the park! My favorite thing!

    10:30 am – Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!

    12:00 pm – Lunch! My favorite thing!

    1:00 pm – Played in the yard! My favorite thing!

    3:00 pm – Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!

    5:00 pm – Milk bones! My favorite thing!

    7:00 pm – Got to play ball! My favorite thing!

    8:00 pm – Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!

    11:00 pm – Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!


    Day 983 of my captivity. My captors continue to taunt me with bizarrelittle dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets.

    Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength. The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet. Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a ‘good little hunter’ I am. Bastards!

    There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of ‘allergies.’ I must learn what this means, and how to use it to my advantage.

    This morning I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow– but at the top of the stairs.

    I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released – and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded.

    The bird has got to be an informant. I observe him communicate with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now…

  43. I agree with Mark Woods. The party elite has to know that they’ve backed an election loser. It’s been obvious for months that he peaked in Feb and it’s all been downhill since. People like Rendell do this kind of thing every election year. I’m sure in 1984 they were saying how great Mondale was even though they knew he was going to lose. It’s all about setting everything up for after the election. Hey, you can’t blame us, we went to bat for Obama is going to be their mantra. It will force Obama and his backers to take responsibility in the end.

  44. Excellent reading…Very well articulated and extremely to the point….

  45. If you go to the HOUND website and look at the comments on their blog (which is unmoderated), they’re all from PUMA’s telling Ed and his friends where they can stick it.

  46. HOUND? they are now going to hound us to get our votes? Nothing will change our minds, except through some miracle, the party and the SDs come to their senses in the convention and elect the more qualified candidate as our nominee. We just don’t trust them and their presumptive nominee. (see how he throws a bone at us by agreeing to some but not all that was wrong with the primary.) I want them to undo what RBC did on May 31. If they can’t they have to pay the price. It is really simple, they gave us a flawed process, a flawed nominee even when there was a chance to correct the course and now they will not get our votes.

  47. myiq2xu,

    I didn’t know you had started a blog. Congratulations! I loved your latest post. Unfortunately, my comment on it is in moderation….

  48. WHY is Rendell doing this? What prompt him to be “pro-active” here?
    Any ideas?

    Obama threathened Rendell before the primary. Obama called him and said: I hope you don’t do anything here –meaning helping HRC– that would make it harder for me to win PA in November”.

    Rendell himself reported this and was pretty ticketed about it.

    So where is Rendell coming from with this idiotic Hound thing?

    Anyone? I am trying to understand what does Rendell think is doing here? and Why “he” ?

  49. The biggest mistake Clinton made during the primary season was not that she didn’t win the caucuses. The biggest mistake was that she was too nice to Obama and failed to pin him down.

    But don’t forget: if Hillary dared to question ANYTHING about BO’s positions, she was horribly NEGATIVE and playing OLD POLITICS! She was just a horrible, shrieking b*tch for daring to challenge him on actual issues. Wasn’t she for HOPE?

  50. BTW, riverdaughter great writing in this post!! Thank you.

  51. Aw Ed, don’t worry, PUMAs just love Hound Dogs. On the rotisserie is best but on toast will do.

  52. Maybe we need ELVIS.
    You aint nothin but a hound dog
    Cryin all the time.
    You aint nothin but a hound dog
    Cryin all the time.
    Well, you aint never caught a rabbit
    And you aint no friend of mine.

  53. Here is what we can say:

    We are following your presumptive nominee’s wife to heart when she said she had to think about voting for the dem nominee if it was Clinton.

    WE WILL HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT! (not really, our answer is an easy NO.)

  54. Yes, pm317, that’s exactly what I thought upon reading the name. How apt. That’s exactly how they are–hounding.

    It is working, folks! And great post, riverdaughter. (Dr. Socks’ leverage post is one of my all time favorites so far. It did more than anything to crystallize the bottom line.) If they are going to go so far as to try a pseudo-opposition to our actual opposition, then we are doing something right.

    And speaking of opposition, I re-found a great post from Arthur Silber at Once Upon a Time about opposition, which is what we are, really. I really think it’s worth reading, and could only enhance some of our rhetoric as we try to develop it. You can check it out here: http://tinyurl.com/3qowsv

    Hope you enjoy.

  55. Someone was paid to come up with this Onion like joke ” Hound ” thing? It’s an F-ing embarrassment and Ed is one of the good guys! Pathetic. If they are depending on us coming back, they are in trouble.

    I have a note from Miss Donna saying I should stay home, so fire her ass if she was wrong.

    Karolina NYC, on June 28th, 2008 at 9:55 am

    lol!! Thanks for the laugh!! I have three captives myself

  56. 50 yrs. a democrat, a typical white old lady and I am shaking with anger.

    “While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.”

    What arrogance!! Gov. Rendell wouldn’t dare make a comment like that to his wife!!

    If he and the party are so damn smart and perceptive why did they annoint Obama, a corrupt, dishonest, inexperienced politician interested only in promoting himself.? BO has a proven record of ME FIRST.

    And to say that BO and Hillary support the same policies is total BS.

    Obama voted FOR Cheney’s energy bill, his economic advisors are supply side and support privitization of Social Security, BO supports a Free Market, he refuses to honor his pledge to be a Clean Election candidate, his Health Care Plan is NOT universal and is a gift to insurance companies, he voted AGAINST capping credit card interest at 33%, he supports the liquid coal industry one of our largest pollutors and he thinks it OK for telecoms to spy on us.

    Where are the similarities between Hillary and BO’s background of working for citizens? There are NONE. Information in the Boston Globe exposure of BO’s participation in corrupt Chicago politics has been available on the Net, some of us actually researched this.

    Oh sure Governor, Obama and his democratic
    supporters who manipulated the corrupt primary system to ensure THEIR candidate would be the nominee will change a winning game.

    Well, guys and gals, young and old WE are receiving the same treatment from what once was OUR party as Hillary did during the campaign.

    Could someone put all contacts for Gov. Rendell on as many blogs as possible? How about generating some “swift and athletic” response to the “smarter and perceptive”?

  57. A movement in response to a movement is not a true movement!

    In other words, there is nothing in Rendell’s HOUND group that resembles the organic impulse that led to the PUMA group. That organic impulse is what gives it its power. HOUND is a damage control construction, and as such, it has no real resonance for the people.

  58. Dear Ed, How ’bout if H.O.U,N.D. just rolls over and plays dead?

  59. Ladies and Gents: Let’s not go overboard in our condemnation of Governor Rendell. I admit that I wrote in a familiar and irreverent manner but in no way was it my intention to insult the governor. I understand where he’s coming from and appreciate the difficult task that he has assigned himself. I just disagree.
    But let us keep apply a higher standard to our comments. I prefer a battle of wits to a battle. Insulting one of the good guys gets us nowhere.

  60. I can’t wait to get back on the radio Monday afternoon at 3 so I can call out Rendell, invite him on the air and announce my latest rebel response since founding Operation Turndown – RABID – Radio Action By Individual Dissent. Brother and sister Democrats, it’s time to rock and roll. Each individual vote for anybody but Obama counts. Like the 60s song says, “It’s a turn-down day. And I dig it.”

  61. HOUND . .. Rendell must have deceided on this name because he wanted it to die a painful death at the paws of PUMA! Don’t tell me. . . Rendell is really a double agent working for PUMA!

  62. Hey, Ed! BITE ME!


    You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
    Cryin’ all the time
    You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
    Cryin’ all the time
    Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
    And you ain’t no friend of mine

    Well they said you was high-classed
    Well, that was just a lie
    Yeah they said you was high-classed
    Well, that was just a lie
    Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
    And you ain’t no friend of mine

    You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
    Cryin’ all the time
    You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
    Cryin’ all the time
    Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
    And you ain’t no friend of mine

    Well they said you was high-classed
    Well, that was just a lie
    Yeah they said you was high-classed
    Well, that was just a lie
    Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
    And you ain’t no friend of mine

    Well they said you was high-classed
    Well, that was just a lie
    Ya know they said you was high-classed
    Well, that was just a lie
    Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
    And you ain’t no friend of mine

    You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
    Cryin’ all the time
    You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
    Cryin’ all the time
    Well, you ain’t never caught a rabbit
    You ain’t no friend of mine

  63. this makes me think of something Mahatma Gandhi said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” We’re moving into the fighting stage…I think we are making progress!
    Go Puma!

  64. I need to hear these things form Obama, not Hillary supporters. Senator Obama has to take the leadership role now.

    Every day it seems that Obama and McCain are agreeing more than they are disagreeing.

  65. No problem, RD. I actually like Gov. Rendell. and I like dogs. (Sit! Stay!)

  66. […] waited around this morning to see what my favorite site, The Confluence had to say. She didn’t […]

  67. This is just marvelous, RD. And frankly I don’t find the name HOUND cute or catchy: I find it sexist.

  68. At first I thought this whole HOUND thing was silly, but the more I think about it -it’s great! Imagine- all out war- PUMA’ vs. HOUNDS- it emphasizes and reveals the rift in our party and brings even MORE attention to our cause, showing the Unity Pony as the sham it is. The general public will be motivated to choose sides and many; many will have cover to join the Rebel Alliance. Nothing Americans love more than rooting for a team-
    The DNC and their hacks fail to realize this isn’t about Hillary any longer. We respect her and want her as our President because we feel she is the most qualified, but we’ve orbited away from her position on this issue. We have many grievances and Hillary’s treatment is just one. We DON’T have to meekly fall in line. We will NOT bow down and “curb our disappointment, mute our anger and frustration and join HOUND to help change America”. The America hound offers is not our vision of America. We will fight all the way. Come on Hounds – Let’s rumble!

  69. Great essay!

    I, too, was mystified with Rendell’s Hound Dog plea. But, he is a consummate politician and dedicated Dem, so he’s doing what I assume he thinks is necessary. I’ve always loved Ed Rendell but it’s as painful for me to listen to this latest appeal as it is to see HRC on a stage with Obama.

    In any case, the fact that someone like Ed Rendell makes a national statement like this means that PUMA is a true thorn in the side [or paw] for Obama folks. They keep saying PUMA is powerless and/or deluded. Yet, appeals like this one say otherwise.

    Great work. And Karolina NYC–loved the pooch and kitty diaries. How funny! [and on the mark]


  70. Ed Rendell is no villain, though. He fought, hard, for Senator Clinton, and as RD points out, Rendell will fight for the Democratic party’s candidate out of both principle and pragmatism.

  71. Brilliant post, RD.

    Rendell was head of the DNC in 2000, remember, and one of the first to call for Gore to throw in the towel. So this doesn’t surprise me.

    But his active, enthusiastic support for Hillary earns him points. He didn’t just give lip service — he was one of her best spokespersons.

    But this is too funny.

  72. Calypso, on June 28th, 2008 at 10:12 am Said

    Terrific post !

  73. RD- I hope you can somehow forward your post to Rendell- It would be good for him to see there will be
    NO DEAL!

  74. Sing it sister! You need to take that song on the road. Really, Riverdaughter, you are BREATHTAKING!

    Truly, you have summarized PUMA beautifully, and if you don’t mind, I wish to print this and have it as a hand-out for those I’m trying to recruit here in Washington. Can I? I respectfully await your response.

    I just can’t bring myself to dislike Ed. There is something to the evasive eyes that lends support to the theory that he is doing his part in a strategic set-up for Hillary to take over when the time comes.

    A girl can dream, right?

  75. lol@pm317. I’m still chuckling about Obama’s comment that he could get her voters, but he wasn’t sure she could his.

  76. Once upon a time, I was hostess to a very large dog and six cats. Upon sensing something amiss outdoors, as all good mothers do even if there is not a sound to be heard, I walked to the laundry room door. Upon the walk, all a-tremble, sat 100lbs. of golden retriever misery. Chester was being held hostage by a teeny little tortoiseshell. And all Jasper had to do was sit and make a very small hissy/spitty comment out of one corner of her kitty face to cause Chester to vibrate audibly. That dog vs. P.U.M.A. contest was so one-sided as to be pitiful. Gov. Rendell, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  77. corbett: go to justsaynodeal.com and contact Diane who is coordinating the coalition. Also, please mention to your listeners that there are 2 things they can do right now to make a difference: 1) contribute to Hillary’s campaign to help her settle her debts to her vendors. She invested $12 million of her own funds to win the nomination for us but there is some $10 million in outstanding debt. We need to help her stay independent, if you catch my drift. And 2) become a member of PUMA Pac started by one of our own commenters, Darragh Murphy. The site is http://blog.pumapac.org. This is an officially registered PAC and hopes to serve a longstanding need in our political system.
    Thanks for being out front on this, Corbett. you inspired us with your Turn Down campaign.

  78. Did any of you here how Obama is planning a trip to Europe next month? He’s planning on huge rock star crowds in France, Germany, and Britain to show us the error of our ways and vote for The One (Yes, the Europeans will definitely come out in force for him; many are way too fascinated in seeing the first black US president to miss it).

    It’s probably best for his ego in the long run if he loses in November, because those Europeans will turn on him quick when they realize he’s a sham.

    @Denise W: Yes, that’s a point that isn’t stressed enough: this isn’t about Hillary.

  79. *hear* not “here”

  80. hiya corbett -luv your show I listen to it all the way from sw va!

  81. Thanks for this Riverdaughter.

    Ed, I have tons of respect for you, but now we part ways. This forever Democrat took the ultimate step and changed to Rep JUST to make sure my voice was heard! but, I still hang on to the hope that Hillary will be our nominee.
    Heck, since Precious was happily vying for Obamacans (sickening) I thought ok, I’ll be a Repub and make you find 2 votes actually 4 votes for my family. His arrogance overwhelms me, along with all the money behind him.

    Ed, hopefully your new O support is a political move on your part. I can only hope you see his demise as writing on the wall, and will be able to say: I supported him fully, don’t blame me! (and Hillary).

    I’m not just angry cause our girl didn’t make the cut, or that a woman didn’t make it, for ME O ISN’T ready to be POTUS. Add in all his mentor friends and you can add that he scares the hell out of me. Things need to make sense to me: and with all the Good ‘ol boys supporting Precious rather than Hill I knew the fix was in….and with so many things going against our most quailified candidate I need to make a stand against this corrupt party.

    so, this new Repub says NO thanks to the Dem leadership and their chosen punk. I can live with a Dem Congress and a Rep Pres much easier that O at the wheel steering us off a cliff.

    I will look forward to these hound dogs walking with their tails between their legs Nov 5.


  82. joanie: feel free to use anything you see at this site. Just remember to attribute it to The Confluence.

  83. Someone needs to find or post the transcript of the scene in Meet the Parents where DeNiro talks about the difference between having a cat and having a dog. I’m a dog person and I thought it was priceless.

  84. […] 28, 2008 by annabellep From comments at The Confluence (Author is Calypso): 50 yrs. a democrat, a typical white old lady and I am shaking with […]

  85. Calypso:

    Governor Edward G. Rendell’s Office
    225 Main Capitol Building
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120

    I quoted you at my blog. Hound THIS.

  86. Hi Corbett

    Love your show- I listen from NY all the time.

    Oh and another thing on hounds- they always roll over
    and expose their weak underside

  87. “Calypso”
    I posted the Democratic PA office # earlier to contact Gov. Rendell; because that’s what his office had me do when I called them.
    Here’s the office # 717-787-2500.
    Hope this helps!
    My original post @ 9:55am also included some other #’s as well.
    How great would it be “if” they come in on Mon. to a “full” message machine of “PUMAs”!!

  88. HOUND?

    Seems appropriate enough. Obama trolls always remind me of angry chihuahuas.

  89. HOUND: Hold On You’re Not Democrats

    Some of us remember a party that raged about disenfranchisement of voters. Was that the Democrats?

    Some of us remember a party that opposed spying on Americans without a warrant, on the word of a “unitary executive” who decided in secret. Was that the Democrats?

    Some of us remember a party which held roll-call votes at the Convention, always an exciting moment. Was that the Democrats?

    Remind me. Please. Was there a Democratic Party which elected their nominee on the basis of voting and not caucusing in red states?

    I thought there was, have some vague memory of it. Alas, that party has disappeared. And, in its place, there is only the Republicrat Party now. We’re in the UNITY UNIVERSE where up is down, left is right, and the candidate is SELECTED not ELECTED by DEMOCRATS.

    Sigh. I miss the dreams I used to have of that Democratic Party. But it’s a new day. Gotta MOVE ON.


  90. found it:

    Greg, how come you don’t like cats?
    I don’t not like cats.
    I-l just– I just prefer dogs.
    I mean, I’m just more of a dog kind of, you know–
    Come home, wagging their little tails, happy to see you kind of–
    You need that assurance? You prefer an emotionally shallow animal?
    You see, Greg, when you yell at a dog,
    his tail will go between his legs and cover his genitals, his ears will go down.
    A dog is very easy to break, but cats make you work for their affection.
    – They don’t sell out the way dogs do. – Huh.

  91. Radical fringe?

    Alright! I always wanted to be a member of the radical fringe.

    BTW Suzanne: Such a document doesn’t exist. If you think it does you’re crazy. I guess that makes you a member of the lunatic fringe.

  92. It is getting very old, really. The media and the Obama side continues to diminish those who simply cannot contribute to putting Obama in the Whitehouse. My absence of support for Obama comes with the same intensity that I do support Hillary Clinton. In my mind, they are not nearly identical in anything.

    Ed is using FEAR. I know I don’t respond to that tactic, and from all I can tell, the PUMA members are very capable in their ability to see through that tactic, and, in fact, resent it.

    I don’t honestly think he was trying to insult us with his ending comparison between PUMA and Hounds, but it was about as well-considered as many of the Obama gaffe’s have been.

    PUMA’s must stay strong. The morphing of the democratic party is far more frightening to me than the idea of 4 more years under a Republican. I am appalled at the weak democratic congress. The only courage they have shown is their willingness to perform so poorly in the face of knowing they have a lower approval rating than the president who is experiencing a level that no worker could survive in the corporate world.

    I am certain the media does read dissenting blogs, but describing the PUMAs as just angry, hurt, sour grapes, sore losers keeps the DNC and Obama from having to accept responsibility for the hideous behaviors that divided the party. The RBC knew they weren’t fooling anyone, but as long as they hold onto the idea they can scare us into voting democratic, anyway, they are not going to fix what is so seriously wrong. That bus of theirs is currently hobbling along on 3 flat tires.

  93. I love Ed Rendell. The fact that he has taken notice of PUMA says a lot. I understand why he’s saying what he’s saying. I don’t even question his honesty – I’m sure that he and Hillary truly believe that a Democrat, any Democrat, in the White House is better than a Republican. And I do care about equal rights for gays (pride week is this week), equal pay for women, getting out of Iraq, etc. I also cared about secret wiretaps and immunity for telecoms. I heard Obama say he cared about NAFTA. I heard Obama say he cared about public financing for Presidential campaigns. If Obama has CHANGEd his positions on these issues already – what else is he going to CHANGE his position on? All this CHANGing from Obama is only the beginning.

  94. HI Corbett, I listen to your show from S,C., loved the turn down shows, it is a chance for us PUMAS to hear each other & communicate our feelings RD I am just simply AWED by you & all. I will help Hill pay off her debt, & I will give to ED O’Reilly, to the person trying to win in FL against Wexler. I mostly lurk, I spend my very wisely.

  95. I, honestly, thought it was a joke. I’m still not sure. How, on Earth, is anybody supposed to take this seriously? Of course, the hounds (and what did dogs ever do to deserve this mockery?) will be invited on all of the cable shows as PUMA alternatives. The Republicans will encourage non-animal affiliated voters to stay away from the party that fights like cats and dogs even though we PUMAs aren’t voting for *** already.
    Why would the *** campaign invite even more ridicule to itself by trying to copy and, at the same time, destroy its opposition? I’m waiting for them to announce that, like the seal before it (and why denigrate possums and seals, for that matter?), hound will be a short event that dies a humiliating and hilarious death. Really, this is Governor Rendell’s idea of a joke, isn’t it?


  97. Ed Rendell is from PA right? Just like Rick “man on dog sex” Santorum?

  98. “Sit, PUMA, sit.”

    I feel a cartoon coming on.

  99. PamMc:

    Good for you! I spent most of my life in bars pursuing sins of the flesh.

    The rest I just wasted.




  101. Just one quick remark about the group HOUND.

    Could they have even possibly chosen a worse name? I mean, it is in many ways because Hillary supporters felt they — and of course Hillary — were being “hounded” by out-of-control Obama supporters, and by the Obama fawning media, who simply couldn’t stop calling them names and deriding them, that PUMA was inspired into existence to begin with.

    And the hounding has only continued, and gotten worse, since PUMA sprung into existence. How many names, how much derision, have been thrown the way of PUMA supporters since their inception?

    I mean, really, if you want Unity, the first thing is: call off the dogs!

  102. Wonderful post! Thanks for writing exactly what so many of us are trying to communicate!

    (my only disagreement is that I will be voting McCain, and I will not unite. but of course, there are many others making different choices.)

    I am going to cross post this on my blog, I hope that is ok?? Email me if not.

    Ciao, Sara

  103. I agree with RD and Heidi Li. I actually think Rendell has put a little shout out to us in there.

    One last point – HOUND is not anti-PUMA. We agree with many of your grievances. For example, we, too, believe that the Democratic Party’s nominating process is unfair and undemocratic. We must change the policy where some votes are more important than others and some areas receive more delegates than their number of voters would justify – it violates the spirit of “one person, one vote.” We must eliminate caucuses that are inherently undemocratic and disenfranchise seniors (no absentee voting for those who can’t go to the polls), shift workers and our military. Forcing people to declare their preference in public also violates another cherished principle that undermines our democracy.

    Rendell has been subtly sabataging Obama all along, and if Hillary sees her chance, I’m sure Ed will back her up. Don’t forget he’s the one who leaked the quote from Obama about not needing people, just their checks.

    And Rendell has let out other unflattering information about Obama. We only know about that phone call in which Obama threatened him not to do anything to hurt him in the fall because Redell told the press. And there was also Rendell’s question about why the party is choosing the candidate with less chance to win in November.

  104. Thank you Riverdaughter! the Confluence is always the first thing I say after PUMA. Home Sweet Home.

  105. @GrapeApe

    How true. This Congress has been a joke, they have caved on everything. Like you I feel an O administration would be four more years of Bush.
    He and his supporters are so much like Bush in every way. They use fear as a weapon-puuleeze, spare us!
    The DNC just doesn’t get it; they really thought we would accept anyone they propped up. As I said earlier, this is not about Hillary any longer. It is about Obama! We do not want a selected, (not elected), unqualified, incompetent, sleazy nominee representing us, or God forbid, as POTUS.

  106. Thanks RD for yet another excellent post. You have spelled it out nicely. I hope the good Governor reads it, and the ones you linked to also.

  107. Suzanne,

    I don’t know for sure if you are a woman, but The Confluence commenters are a very diverse group–male, female, young, old, and in-between, gay, straight, whites and people of color. I know you want to believe that we are just a bunch of bitter white women, but you’re kidding yourself. PUMA has gone viral, because there are millions of us who don’t think Obama is qualified to be President.

  108. From American Heritage Dictionary:


    tr.v. hound·ed, hound·ing, hounds

    1. To pursue relentlessly and tenaciously. See Synonyms at harass.
    2. To urge insistently; nag: hounded me until I agreed to cut my hair.

    Seems to fit the way Hillary and her supporters have been treated by Obama supporters and the Obama fawning media over the primary campaign.

    Apt name.

  109. Riverdaugher, Could you please write a blog with the two videos where 1) BHO says he will get her supporters but she won’t his; 2) MO is saying she will have to think about (supporting Hillary) and says it is not a given; to remind everybody these are the people demanding unity now — actually they are still not asking for our votes and unity but they are holding Clinton and her surrogates hostage to make them demand unity from us.

  110. HOUND – that’s almost as funny as the Dog/Cat diary above. He intends it as a joke – right?

  111. Letter to Obama:

    I’ve always thought of you as dangerously naive at best. Eloquent, gifted, genuine, yes. But dangerously naive at best.

    I couldn’t vote for you — but not because of your funny name or your lunatic pastor. I couldn’t vote for you because you say we should raise taxes (even on the rich, who I’m convinced already pay too much), and because you say we should abandon Iraq (which I’m convinced would be surrendering a war we must win), and because you don’t respect the Second Amendment (which I’m convinced should disqualify any politician from any office).

    Will Manly is a reporter for The Hays Daily News and The Stir. will@thestironline.comhttp://www.hdnews.net/Story/manly041408

    Here’s a thought: Maybe gun rights voters know gun control laws kill people and steal freedom.
    Here’s a thought: Maybe some Americans cling to their church because their pastor is a nice person.
    Here’s a thought: Maybe, just maybe, us simpletons in small towns find it harder to be bigoted than all o’ y’all cityfolk.
    And here’s my favorite thought of all: Maybe small-town folks are — really — capable of thinking. All on our own.
    You’re wrong about why small-town Americans don’t vote for Democrats.

  112. NObama ’08!

    Very well written!

    – a NON-bitter Clinton supporter (why must that label be the only one used?)

  113. Corbett,

    Looking forward to listening to you next week. Maybe you can get Rendell on the air. He might just “slip” again and reveal more devastating inside info about Barack. You know he wants to do it!

  114. Gov. Rendell is another politician I scratched off my very short “Trust and Respect” list. Congresswoman Wasserman Shultz just got booted not too long ago. The pen is currently hovering over Sen. Biden. I realize they’re siding with the Obama for unity (whatever that is), but must they sacrifice their pride and morals to persuade us to vote for the lesser of two evils? – although, the way the Obama acts begs me to question who the greater evil is between himself and Sen. McCain.

    As a Floridian, a woman, and a human being, I cannot in good conscience vote for a crass man of few morals for the sake of a lie (unity). It’s the same reason why I, as a Christian, cannot vote for a republican – they disgustingly try use my religion for their own gains. If the Obama turns out to be THE nominee, he’s gonna have to take the White House without my vote – and without the votes and monetary support of millions of like-minded individuals. I’ll stay home and catch up on my reading. I grew out of Kool-aid long ago – and I expect this particular brew to be laced with something poisonous. I’m a voter – not a cult member.

    I’m suddenly reminded of Heaven’s Gate for some odd reason…

    I’m sorry, Gov. Rendell, but that’s how many feel. But I guess my feelings as a Floridian don’t count – or do they only count for half? I guess I should be used to this BS. It just feels weird coming from a party I used to “Trust and Respect.”

    Doesn’t anyone in politics respect the voters anymore?

  115. I’d take a roar over a bark any day.

  116. The thing is, PUMA OWNS HIPNESS now. We have every hip element-viral, sassy, timely, powerful, clever. Obama’s hope and unity brand is so yesterday–old news, not ringing true. Stale, baby.

    The HOUND response reminds me of Amway trying to be hip, or Christian “Rock”, or people at a Republican National Convention trying to clap a beat (hopelessly) when music comes on.

    No, HOUND will sink fast. They can’t hip their way out of a paper bag. But our spokespeople have to have our saucy clever jabs on the tips of our tongues. The hound dog song, the definition of being hounded–GREAT!

  117. “We agree with many of your grievances. For example, we, too, believe that the Democratic Party’s nominating process is unfair and undemocratic.”

    What else is there to say then??

  118. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2008/06/unity-not-so-mu.html?cid=120442376#comments

    The article in the LA Times also discusses Obama’s problems winning over Clinton supporters. posted this as a response:

    Strays? From the …herd? What we have witnessed and continue to witness in this primary is the complete degradation of the American voter. Clinton supporters have already been vilified in every way imaginable; in the case of FL and MI, they are considered half-voters by their own party. Obama will have to live (and lose) from the consequences of that strategy. I’m sure he’ll get over it.

    With the advent of of PUMA, we’ll get over it, too. PUMA members have the intelligence, the humanity, and the integrity to object to being “corralled”.

  119. Suggestions to Ed rendell to improve our chances in 2012-and get me back under the tent:

    1. All primaries are winner take all

    2. All states that have Caucuses must hold a winner take all primary where 1/2 +1 of there total delegate allocation is at stake.

    3. All caucus delegates will be apportioned by the number of partisipants who choose a candidate on the first round. No delegates will be apportioned on any subsiquent rounds of caucusing. this will require the states of Iowa Maine and Washington and Nevada counting the actual total number of partisipants.

    (I think those are the evil four that do not do this)

    4. Causus state that refuse to hold a primary under the condition of # 3 above surrender their 1/2 +1 delegates that they are required to be selected under this process. These delegates will be awarded to the primary candidate who recieves the most popular “primary votes” in all the primaries.

    5. The DNC nor any of its committee’s will set a state primary/caucus schedule. Any causus or primary held before the first Tuesday in January of an election year will be null and void. Their delegations will be apportioned at the end of the primary season. Their delegates will be awarded to the candidate with the highest popular “primary total” of votes.

    5. Candidates will not be allowed to campaign in any state or territory holding a primary or caucus before the first Tuesday in January during an election year.

    6. While the democratic party acknowledges the historical significance of Iowa and New Hampshire going first in the nomination we will not in the future take any position that supports a primary calendar that ensures the persumed “special status” of these states.

    7. the Democratic party(DNC) nor the RBC will ever again strip a state of its entire delegation. Only the sanctions promugated above can be leveled by the party.

    8. No primary candidate who removes his name from the ballot on a state that is sanctioned (or that violates any of the above rules) will be awarded any delegates from that state at the end of the primary season.

    9.If A candidate who removes his name from a ballot at the end of the primary season has the most ppopular “primary votes” they will get none from the states where thir name did not appear on the ballot. The candidate with the next highest total of the popular primary votes will get those delegates.

    10. The number of Superdelegates must be no more than 535+ 50+ 15 for a total of 600. These super-delegates can not vote on the first 3 ballots. If no clear winner appears then on the forth and all following ballots the Super Delegates may vote. I super-delegate who votes for a candidate who looses a general election will not be allowed superdelegate status again for the next 12 years-regardless of their position in the party.

    Unlike Martin Luther-I only have ten “thesis” to propose

    These are my modest proposals I sumbitt them to you at the conflu first for comment. I am looking for constructive critique here I hope you all will comment.

    I am already looking past November….sorry if Hill is not in the race then that all that keeps me going.


  120. Don’t be too hard on Rendell or DWS.

    They are career politicians. They have to show loyalty to the party or their careers are toast.

    Assume they are hostages and are acting under duress.

  121. @laken4

    Exactly! How can the Dems claim they want to fix the problems America has, when they can’t even fix the problems their own party has? Fighting like cats and dogs! Priceless! I think Rendell has given us a Gem; this just brings a huge big spotlight to our cause.
    We currently have a Dem congress with an even LOWER approval rating than Cheney, who would trust this Dem congress with Obama, such a polarizing divisive person? Not the General Public in November!

    PUMA !

  122. Pam Mc,

    Ed O’Reilly is the person running against John Kerry in MA. He’s been offered some “PUMA Power”.

  123. Clarification: Not to denigrate Christianity, just the quality Christian music designed to target the “hip”.

  124. myiq2xu,

    They look like hostages acting under duress. I agree completely. There is something very ugly going on behind the scenes.

  125. “who would trust this Dem congress with Obama, such a polarizing divisive person?”


  126. Excellent! You have articulated what so many of us feel. Thanks. 🙂

  127. Great post, RD. Just one quibble: Obama has told us what he stands for–the problem is, he stood for one thing during the primary and, now that the primary is over, he stands for something else (think public financing of campaigns and FISA). Obama is this year’s George Bush.

  128. Folks I tell you ed rendell could be a “fellow traveler” on the short leash-we have to becareful demonizing this guy Hound will wimper away to nothing and I am sure Ed is laughing at this Obamabot concoction they signed his name to we need someone to get into eds head….psy ops anyone?


  129. again I am requesting comment on my proposals I am planning on posting them on “the HOUND” to see how serious they are…..


  130. “It seems more on the level of a W.I.N. (Whip Inflation Now) button. And some of us remember how effective THAT was.”

    Had to laugh at that one. I remember it was President Ford’s idea.

  131. Just wanted to add that if a politiican as entrenched as Rendell has to go to the trouble of forming Hound to counteract PUMA, the PUMA is causing a profound shake-up in the Democratic party. Amazing for a four-week old grassroots movement!

  132. The system was gamed by Obama. The DNC helped. Nothing could be more obvious. To comfort us, you say it will all be corrected ———-next time.

  133. The inimitable Gary Larson Far Side classic, “What a dog hears”:

    Blah Ginger, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah, Ginger.

  134. Just re-read the garbage Rendell had to sign while a gun was held to his head, and this stood out:

    “Close your eyes and think about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton standing together united”

    That propaganda nonsense comes STRAIGHT from the messiah’s mind control camp. They want to hypnotize and have us drink the kool-aid. They just can’t understand how (like Mawn said) we can think for ourselves, when it is their wish to think for us.

    Just when I think I can’t get creeped out anymore….

  135. Hey RD,you forget Jewish Americans under that bus. Rev.Wright and his buddies in BO’s spiritual circle are all odious anti-semites.All of my Jewish friends are voting McCain. Can’t forgot about BO’s uncle liberating Auswitz.,as if.

  136. [QUOTE]The Governor gave Clinton supporters ten days from the Primary until tomorrow, Saturday, June 14, to be upset. Then, it’s back to work electing Democrats up and down the ticket. And as Senator Casey said, whoever wins Pennsylvania will win the Presidency.[/QUOTE]

    Nice that he set a timetable for us!


    There are 15 anti-HOUND posts at present.

  137. Blogroll me please (or at least link the Ed Rendell Post on my site):

    Also, this article has been dugg.


  138. Thanks to all for Gov. Rendell’s contact numbers.

    Yesterday Obama visited Walter Reid Hospital to meet with wounded military.

    We were a military family (1952-1972) , I have watched for any indication that BO visited wounded military, as Hillary does. Seems Obama has been too busy promoting himself to be concerned with the suffering of those wounded in a war he “supposedly” was against.

    Visiting wounded at Walter Reid at this time to pander to the public for votes is truly appalling. Sickening.

  139. PUMAs and Riverdaughter,

    Here is an article from Netherlands:

    PUMA Takes Over

  140. Looks like HOUND is for Pennsylvanian’s. I guess they know Obama could lose PA. Because of his stupid elitists comments.

  141. As an ex-Philadelphian, I like Ed Rendell, but …

    Well, tough shit, Ed. McCain 08. Live with it.

  142. I’m not happy with this constant bell ringing about “His policies are the same as hers” ..Yes, he appropriated most of her policies as his own. Then he sat out to diminish her thirty five years of public works and said she was only running as a past first lady…BUT we were to give HIM credit for a few community service jaunts…I see. I guess when you don’t have much of a record you must steal your oppositions good plans, diminish their record as a way to puff up your own and then destroy their character even if you have to lie your ass off to do it. I’m not rewarding that.

    Hillary started the kind of community service Obama got credit for when she was only fourteen years old. She organized a large group of students to provide free baby sitting for inner city immigrant workers so they would not have to worry about day care. This was done right on the south side of Chicago in Obama’s back yard while HE was still in diapers. After that she worked on many, many, many initiatives over the years including putting very successful programs in place for the schools in Little Rock starting with the least advantaged schools. Her programs are still successful there today…Some Obama supporters STILL think her record was almost the same as his because of his LIE and the way he truncated her service.

    Then he criticized her for not getting her health care plan through all the WHILE he ran the SAME ADS against her the REPUBLICANS used to stop her. He also neglected to mention how brave it was to even try at all with Universal health care at that time. Most Americans, democrats and republicans did not understand it and did not want it!!! She broke the ground and the republicans smeared her the same way Obama did…all the while using republican tactics against her..

    Now Ed may have been a staunch Hillary supporter. However, Obama has a LOT of credibility problems with us…he’s pulled many, many Alice Palmer like under handed things against her AND used tons of republican tactics here. All the while saying how squeeky clean he was…

    I’m not buying another dog Ed. The democratic one lied and ran around. The hound dog by any other name smells just as bad. I don’t know what I was even thinking. PUMAS don’t make pretenses at being something they are not. I’ll stick with the cats thanks.

  143. Ok, if we think this HOUND thing came from Rendell’s own initiative, we are fooling ourselves. Nobody does anything like this without the prior approval of a campaign. This is from Obama and Rendell is just the front , the messenger for it — the CREDO has all the hallmarks of Obama campaign — you just have to look at that last para and that last line:
    So, we are asking all PUMA members to curb your disappointment, mute your anger and frustration and join HOUND to help change America. While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.
    What does Rendell have to do but to send this out all the while chuckling to himself at the stupidity of BHO’s campaign.

  144. It’s more than the party deserves to lose in November. The pasty MUST lose in November. After flirting so openly with corruption and evil, they must lose — they CANNOT BE REWARDED for this behavior, or else there really will be no difference at all between them and the Republicans.

    What kind of wars will a country like that start? What sort of care for the environment will that country demonstrate? The country with a first world technology and a third world government, and the nuclear arsenal of the last of the world’s superpowers at its disposal?

    No, Ed. I love you to tiny bits, but yallz gotta lose this year. You gave it a try — you tried being just like the Republicans on for size. And you need to get your heads rung like bells for it.

  145. Great posting RD! I am concerned both about Senator Obama’s level of inexperience (Peter principle anyone?) and the very real possibility that he is just corrupt. Now it is possible that he can put that behind him , but I have seen no sign of it.

    But bmc provides a great list of talking points. This is about the hijacking of the Democratic Party and a betrayal of its very principles. To fix that, MI and FL delegates must have the same vote that S. Carolina, N. Hampshire, etc. delegates do. Senator Obama must give up the MI delegates he did not earn. A roll call must be taken. These points should be made every time a PUMA member talks to the media. This is not about just voting for “a woman.” This is about the most qualified candidate being smeared and cheated out of the nomination.


  146. HOUND!!! THat is the LAMEST thing I ever heard.

    Crap, if they want to stand against a PUMA, they shouda made it a CHEETAH

    C lintonistas
    H onoring
    E verything
    E spoused
    T oday
    A nticipating
    H ope

    See Ed? It ain’t that hard. But a HOUND??

    PUMAs snap HOUNDs necks!

    Hound, my ass!

  147. I also wonder if he thought through the dog vs cat / male vs. female metaphor thing before coming up with HOUND? Not a wise choice.

  148. […] to Riverdaughter] HOUND’S CREDO By Governor Edward G. […]

  149. #
    Calypso, on June 28th, 2008 at 12:10 pm Said:

    Yesterday Obama visited Walter Reid Hospital to meet with

    Visiting wounded at Walter Reid at this time to pander to the public for votes is truly appalling. Sickening.

    Well, Obama won majority of his delegates from caucuses where the military did not have a voice. We have two wars going on, one of them a republican war of choice, and yet the Democratic party has a nominee that is selected by the party and the caucuses where the military did not have a voice. Majority of his supporters would be draft dodgers if there were draft. He himself has no experience or insight into war and peace (no his damn political speech does not substitute for a long and thoughtful years of dealing with such a situation). How is that for irony?

    One more thing, do you all notice how Bush is getting away with all his atrocities? Nobody is holding him accountable for what he did. By pillorying Hillary for her vote, Democrats basically gave up on the strategy of making this a Bush’s war.

  150. All i read was:

    we believe that the Democratic Party’s nominating process is unfair and undemocratic. We must change the policy where some votes are more important than others and some areas receive more delegates than their number of voters would justify – it violates the spirit of “one person, one vote.” We must eliminate caucuses that are inherently undemocratic and disenfranchise seniors (no absentee voting for those who can’t go to the polls), shift workers and our military. Forcing people to declare their preference in public also violates another cherished principle that undermines our democracy.


  151. …I like PUMA, Ed…it’s more tasteful tha “Go F___ Yourself!” I don’t respond well to “roll over, play dead!”..never have. No self respecting Democrat would ever let that Committee meeting go without aloud and vigorous response. Fire Howard Dean, let Patty Solis go back to “be with her Family” and put Hillary on the ticket..then I’ll consider supporting the Party again…not a minute sooner.

  152. Thanks, Riverdaughter. Excellent post – I’m saving this one in my files.

    Hi Corbett – Can’t wait to hear you talk about Rendell and Hound on Monday. I listen to your show almost everyday from Durham, NC (and you and I have corresponded over e-mail once). Keep up the great work!

  153. Oh- wowowowowowowowowowowwowWOW!

    I am positively ROARING with laughter over here in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania!!!!

    I LOVE the sit down & shut up, women are best seen & not heard, clearly you are not literate or even a functional adult condescending dribble from Big Eddie, mafia man & lover of all gambling interests extraordinaire!

    Now, in general I kinda like Ed Rendell.

    However, it must be said that Ed is a backroom Democrat from waaaaaaay back, and he knows how this game is played! That and a Mohegan Sun casino will lower your property taxes (NOT!)!!!!!!

    PUMAs are totally scaring the pants off the fraudulent one- the numbers must be making them sweat, plus their internal metrics suck! The fundraising is down! The grumbling is up! Half the villagers are gathered in a bar outside town… with gardening implements & brooms!!!!

    So great that such a high profile surrogate like Rendell was called out to be an enforcer cause a couple girls got on some news stations saying they won’t put up & they won’t shut up!!!!!!!!!

    GO TEAM PUMA!!!!!!! Double triple quadruple ROAR!!!!!!!!!!! These particular Democrats will sell you & your grandmother down the river for less than a song!


    Operation Turndown is in FULL EFFECT!

    We love you – thank you for letting us voice our anger at the DNC scam!

  155. Hey Will, I guess Ed doesn’t know Elvis was a Republican. LMAO…. I think we have them on the run. They are just tring to get us in line.. Elvis was also from Tennessee where Obama’s behind by 15%. I think they are making up these so called polls. We fight back one person at a time. There are plenty of people who don’t know whats really happening because they don’t pay as strict attention as we do. I know Obamas not going to win Tennessee. Thanks for all you do

  156. Someoneone should send Ed an e mail demanding to see proof of citizenship on Obama! NOobama!!! Donna

  157. I want to thank Karolina NYC for her FUNNY AS HELL dog/cat differences. LOVE IT!

    Bostonboomer, Elvis always saves the day!

  158. lock step and in sync! Way to go Ed! Turn your back on your voters who overwhelmingly said NOBAMA

    His message has everything to with party unity! Just ignore the men behind the curtain.

  159. I for one will not give his site the time of day. I think we just need to keep focused and do what we do. You know the obots are going to go on pretending to be pumas and start saying their usual nasty, arrogant, hateful remarks. I will hand write Rendell a letter and send it snail mail. If we don’t go on it they will have to argue with themselves.

  160. I’m so excited!

    I got my first troll today!


  161. Just wonderful and articulate!!! One of your best posts EVER!

  162. myiq2xu – CONGRATULATIONS!!! BTW, I just read your article – AMEN!!! I’m going there now!

  163. Hound Dog? Really lame. I picture a lazy old floppy dog snoozing on the porch.

    There is a saying, “If you can’t play with the big dogs, get off the porch!”

    This little puppy doesn’t stand a chance against our fierce, wild animal that has been set loose!

    Go PUMA!

  164. “Put aside your anger, disappointment, frustration etc. etc. etc.”

    Ya know. I wish they would stop acting as if we have little hurt feelings and that’s what this is about. What they are really saying is that it’s never about injustice or righteous anger at a wrong done IF it’s mostly women who are standing up against something.

    They are using the language of the past, meant as a way to diminish real injustices. Meant to dismiss, meant to say “If you have a real issue of human rights here and it’s about women then the language we use to describe that is the language of “lesser than” so we do not have to take it too seriously. The same way we never intend to take you seriously.” It says loud and clearly that they don’t even understand themselves that this is different…than just “any” race where someone loses and someone wins. Every time a dem lost I voted for I had those garden variety, let down “feelings”

    This is not about “feelings” this is plain and simple about right and wrong. A wrong they can’t even see too well because all their lives they’ve been stewed in the acceptance of sexism.

    If Hillary had won, in such a tight race because of all the twisted hate speech in the media, if she benefited from something like that, these politicians would be up in arms. They would be threatening to shut down the convention and fully understanding the ONLY appropriate response is to reject it. Instead they talk about “feelings” and “moving on” as if it’s something to be “accepted”

    The more they talk that way, in such a blind and dismissive way, the more they make the point that we have to wake them up. The only way to do that is to protest against what the DNC allowed to happen and used to their advantage. It was the most disgusting display and they all sat silent. If they won’t speak up for months on end, and we don’t do it but rather, “get passed our “feelings” then who is going to???? It’s a rubber stamp of this behavior to go along. I cannot and will not do that.

    I am still astounded that so called “liberals” are acting the way they are and I don’t care which candidate you voted for. Where was your moral outrage at MSNBC and all the rest??? Astounding the way they brush it off, shove it under the rug. Try to shut us up. It’s hypocritical as hell to sit there and tout all these liberal values but, then benefit from rampant sexism to push one candidate ahead of the other, to hold NO ONE accountable???

    Now they say something but, only because they want us to “unifiy” with their ridiculous duplicity of values.

    There is so much insulting in this gaming and manipulating it’s not even funny.

    I haven’t got time to play games and go along to get along anymore. Now if you Obama people out there have fifty more elections to right the wrongs, good for you but, I’m not waiting around for it to happen. I’ve worked to hard and too long and the reward was this??? I think not. It’s a PROTEST VOTE. The only way to make it clear we are not accepting what really happened here. If we do we’ll only get more of the same in the future and it will be our own fault for going along with it. That’s a bad deal. So NO DEAL!

  165. Thank you RiverDaughter for such a wonderfully written post again! I have always liked Ed Rendell – but feel that he is in the same boat as Hillary – his politics, his life, his position. Someone said maybe he’s being held hostage – could be. What a predicament the PARTY has put its loyal people in. What a shame, indeed.

    I am moved by myiq2xu’s post as well “It’s Not About Hillary.” Everyone here should read it. I even saved it so I can review it over and over again.

    Got an email from MOVE-ON this morning. They are rightfully miffed that FOX news is attacking the great one and using racist remarks (always a no-no). Wanted me to sign a petition. INSTEAD, I wrote them an email- I asked them WHY they weren’t there when the media was attacking Hillary – the sexism, the misogyny, etc. – Hillary, one of our own, one of their own – a Democrt and a liberal. Where were they? Told them I wanted an answer to this before I could ever again support their agenda.

    Calypso: I love your posts and your “work.” I am a 40 year Democratic voter. You seem to do your work – Obama’s record, the military issue – pointing out these things is something that we all need to be reminded of from time to time – and especially any “on the fence” people lurking around here. Thank you!

    PUMA, I like your post BUT I don’t think there is a chance in hell of Pelosi EVER becoming Prez!!! LOL


  166. This thing was rigged from the start. It is infuriating and Un-American and I will never support Barack Obama for president. The DNC has a lot to answer for their actions. Meanwhile – we should make it our mission to get the superdelegates to reconsider. Hillary is being gracious and doing her part to help her party (if she didn’t – she’d be blamed for anything that went wrong), but I cannot support the man of change who is nothing but an arrogant hypocrit.

  167. Sorry Eddy!

    I’ve never gone to a party where I don’t like the host or the theme!

    That Hound Don’t Hunt!

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  168. P.U.M.A.,

    I had to delete your comment, because at least some of those “quotes” are made up. If you can cite the page numbers and post them, then I’ll consider your comment again. I have the books and can quickly check the citations.

  169. This PUMA eats HOUNDs for lunch!

  170. Honest

  171. Rendell of Obama Useless No Democrat,
    One last point – HOUND is not anti-PUMA. We agree with many of your grievances. For example, we, too, believe that the Democratic Party’s nominating process is unfair and undemocratic. We must change the policy where some votes are more important than others and some areas receive more delegates than their number of voters would justify – it violates the spirit of “one person, one vote.” We must eliminate caucuses that are inherently undemocratic and disenfranchise seniors (no absentee voting for those who can’t go to the polls), shift workers and our military.

    And who is going to DO this reform if the Brazile faction gets their candidate elected President? That is letting the foxes repair the henhouse. First we need to get rid of that faction — by McGoverning their candidate.

  172. Thank you for alerting us to this ridiculous development. Over at my blog I commented on this. I will leave you with my ending words:

    He who sleeps with dogs…

    A PUMA can kill a dog any day of the week. So word to the wise Eddie. Be on the look out for a cat you can’t control. A cat lurking in your backyard. And soon to be knocking on your front door.

    Just Say No Deal!


  173. Could you take that Elvis video and put McCain’s head on it.? That would be funny.

  174. Karolina NYC – your diary was hysterical.

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  175. PaganPower – Another Wise and Great Priestess of the Rebel Alliance!

    HOUNDs are prey animals for PUMAs.

    Canine teeth are nothing compared to a PUMAs necksnapping bite.

    HOUND = lamest excuse EVAH!

  176. is hound getting any attention in the msm? I wonder if ed rendell would be wiling to meet with puma reps in a private meeting to hear us out…also ed had to have known that something like this only elevates the status of pumas, so that makesme wonder about why he engaged us like this…

  177. DancesWithPumas, on June 28th, 2008 at 11:26 am Said:
    “We agree with many of your grievances. For example, we, too, believe that the Democratic Party’s nominating process is unfair and undemocratic.”
    What else is there to say then??

    Exactly! How can anyone with integrity support this?

    Also, I wonder if HOUND should be interpreted as HO UNDer Bro, one of the more despicable messages from the Obama camp. And one more reason why he has to be rejected as nominee.

  178. “So, we are asking all PUMA members to curb your disappointment, …”

    I’m laughing my head off here!

    Hey Ed! Curb This!

  179. Fire Howard Dean, let Patty Solis go back to “be with her Family” and put Hillary on the ticket.

    Not as Obama’s VP! Hillary has a good career in the Senate. Leave her free to run in 2012. She shouldn’t spend her active years propping up Obama.

    No Remington Steele presidency please!

    Petitions at


  181. Absolutely beautifully written riverdaughter. I’ll take a PUMA over a Hound anyday. :O)

  182. Uppity Woman – Yet ANOTHER Great and Wise Priestess of the Rebel Alliance!

    Kudos to the PUMA Priestesses!

  183. riverdaughter — beautiful and eloquent response!

    Where exactly did Ed first post this? Thanks!

  184. How hilarious!

    Just more evidence of Obamaite passive-aggressiveness. Join us, or we’ll HOUND you to death! Release the HOUNDs! What losers…

  185. So eloquently and patiently expressed. This is not anger any longer. It is a thoughtful weighing of what is right and what is wrong. Onward, PUMA’s!

  186. I just can’t see “The Big Dog” joining the HOUNDs.

  187. Riverdaughter, Once again, Brava, Brava! Many thanks for stating our case so articulately. I have nothing to add, save,

    “Ditto”. We are NOT going away…we are dedicated to democracy, and support PUMA, JustSayNoDeal alliance!

    There are too many wonderful blogs to list them all, but Riverdaughter, of course, is a national treasure, as are ladyboomernyc and hireheels, along with all the rest who are stand up and speaking out against deal making and fascism.

  188. HOUND: What a big, pretty kitty. I’ll bet she’ll play with me if I’m really nice to her.

    PUMA: What a dumb dog. Lunch.

  189. Hello! You’ve got my earlier post in moderation. I am assuming you are checking out the Move On info I posted. If you’d like, I can send you a copy of the email I received th is morning.

  190. A true patriot does not rally around a corrupt system nor embrace the acts of tyranny such as the DNC’s attempt to appoint a president for its citizens.
    In spite of the fact that Mr Obama is inexperienced and has a rather dismal voting record, the DNC continues to stand behind their ” pre-selected ” candidate. On the one hand, we are to believe Mr Obama represents CHANGE but, on the other hand it is o’k with the DNC that the CHANGE is Chicago style politics in place of Washington politics……..It’s o’k to CHANGE an unqualified Republican rookie ( Bush ) for an equally unqualified rookie Democrat ( Obama ). If this is the CHANGE you defend and aspire to…….. Please, KEEP THE CHANGE!!!!
    This democrat will be voting for Hillary or McCain because it’s high time Americans vote as Americans! Why support a party for the sack of its name.

  191. Went over to PAdems blog and gave them a PUMA point of view.

    Nope, that dog won’t hunt, as many of us have noticed. Oh, the jokes practically write themselves, don’t they?

    Hah! climbing trivia here: to “hang-dog” a climb means to try to climb something, then fall off because you’re not good enough, try again, fall off again, etc. Hang-doggin’ on the top-rope. Hey hangdog — get some experience somewhere else first.

    I grew up where we had cougars (pumas). I think they can eat doggies for breakfast. And dessert.

  192. The simple fact that Ed Rendell is the face behind HOUNDS is interesting. We are being seen and heard and obviously this is striking fear into some hearts. As a governor of a very large state whose outcome may very well signal who will be sworn into office in January, Ed has been given his marching orders.

    They chose someone who most of us have come to know and relatively like and he was a strong Hillary supporter. They see our numbers increasing. After all, you do not set a mousetrap if there is no evidence of a mouse in the house.

  193. Riverdaughter, you’re the best! Hope you sent this to Ed with love from thousands! Pennsylvania is not exactly renowned for woman’s rights, altho Rendell puts on a nice Governor’s Women’s Conference 1x per year. Check out the Penn State Universities tho – rampant with sexism and no viable courses of action to fight it.

    Gov. Rendell, we love you for fighting for Hillary, but please put your efforts into talking some sense into the DNC – not us!

    nobama, no way!

  194. Dear Bloggers how would you act if someone called you a racist? Get a clue man. Clinton saved this country in the 1990’s. Our country is in the pits and you want to belittle this guy? He still is the BEST president we ever had. Stop drinking the OBAMA cool-aid. The Obama campaign called this great and former president a racist. That is unbelievable!!!

    Hillary supporter, woman voting NO to Obama cult club.

  195. Absolutely wonderful post. You crystallize so much into one cogent piece.

    (That’s probably the other reason they ran you off of the Orange Cheeto. Your writing skills put them to shame.)

  196. The DNC and the super delegates threw Hillary and her 18,000,00 supporters under the bus. Come November we need to board the McCain train and trounce the greedy pigs into dead meat.

  197. governor, too late! too bad for ya’ll! we are out the door and the false hound has no teeth.

  198. RD, you nailed it. As myiq2xu said in his post:

    One thing the Democratic party leaders and superdelegates should have no doubt about: We aren’t bluffing.

    No amount of bullshit propaganda and gimmicks are going to work. Nothing except for backing Hillary, the rightful nominee. It’s fine with me if they want a f*cking stand off because Obama still loses in November. The good news is that we’ll be rid of Bush and Obama.

  199. I’m African-American man who believes that Hillary Clinton is clearly the best Democratic presidential candidate. I’m appalled because:

    1. DNC’s leadership chose to disenfranchise Florida and Michigan rank-and-file Democratics because of the actions of state legislatures.
    2. DNC’s leadership worked to push Hillary Clinton out of the race.
    3. DNC’s leadership said nothing about the horrible sexist treatment Hillary Clinton experienced in the main stream media.
    4. DNC’s leadership has used a very undemocratic process to select a very inexperienced candidate as presidential nominee.

    PUMA . . . JustSayNoDeal.com . . . Clintons4McCain.com

  200. We’re against Obama because he is dangerous to America. A man is known by the company he keeps, and birds of a feather do flock together. Barack Obama has too many long-standing and close ties to to dangerous anti-Americans—e.g., Louis Faraquan, el-slsl, and pastors Wright and Pfleger–for any sensible person to trust him with our future; the Democratic party might just as well nominate Faraquan, el-slsl, or Wright.

    If the party nominates Obama, we’ll vote for John McCain, who’s much experienced and more importantly, has risked his life for America many times and will assuredly do whatever he believes best for this country he loves. Conversely, Obama not only has no valid qualification for presidency but, evidence proves, has no liking for America or most Americans and what he could do as president is disturbing and fear-provoking. We cannot trust our future to a man with his dangerous mindset, friendships & associations, philosophy and beliefs. This would be true even if Hillary Clinton, who is supremely qualified, had never entered the presidential race. Obama is not qualified and his philosophy, beliefs, associates, etc., all make him a danger to us and to America.

    Obama spent millions on the corrupt & greedy DNC. In return the DNC, led by Howard Dean, tried repeatedly to force Clinton out and “stack the deck” in Obama’s favor, even going so far as to disallow Florida and Michigan votes (where Clinton won) under the pretext that those states broke DNC rules but not penalizing Iowa, New Hampshire & South Carolina–states in which Obama won the caucus-style primaries–for breaking the same rules. Clearly the DNC was bought and paid for by Obama; and clearly this corrupt DNC needs to be cleaned out, starting with Howard Dean. We are working aggressively to get the needed cleaning and reform done as quickly as possible.

  201. I like Ed Rendell, but quite frankly, his HOUND is an insult to dogs anywhere. I’m a dog person and I take offense. One of the most beloved and enduring traits of dogs is their loyalty that persists no matter the obstacle. Real HOUND’s would be doing exactly what PUMA is doing, not what Carville characterized Richardson as doing.

  202. Patrick Knif, on June 28th, 2008 at 3:39 pm SAID:
    “…even going so far as to disallow Florida and Michigan votes (where Clinton won) under the pretext that those states broke DNC rules but not penalizing Iowa, New Hampshire & South Carolina–states in which Obama won the caucus-style primaries–for breaking the same rules…”

    I agree whole -heartedly with you. From doing research on the caucus process, I have concluded that caucuses are an “OBAMINATION” in democracy!

  203. HOUND made me think

    1. I’ve been hounded enough by Obama supporters, thank you very much …
    2. of Hillary being “hounded out” of the primary

  204. This has to be the worst idea I have heard from any poiticians mouth! PUMA ’08…..no deal ED! This lady isn’t buying the poop nor is she going to scopp it!

  205. Sorry my last comment should read nor am I scooping the poop from the HOUND!

  206. Leisa: Points 1 and 2.
    Same here.

  207. Well, Governor Rendell, as of now, I am definetly “not a friend of yours”. There are other delegates who have stood firm on their beliefs that Hillary Clinton is the right and ONLY democratic candidate. I am part of PUMA and their beliefs and I say to the Hounds: NO DEAL! How could you fall behind the dishonesty of this finger selected candidate? How could you stand behind the cheating in caucuses and the disrespectful way they treated voters in Florida and Michigan? How could you stand behind the mockery of the Clinton family? how could you, how could you? how can you now ask us to join HOUND? Dogs are creatures who have no memory and if even if you mistread them, they come back and lick you. We are not dogs, we are intelligent people who want what is best for our country and cannot forgive what our Party has done to us.

  208. Amarrisa, everything you said, plus:

    1. Dogs have to be trained

    2. Cats don’t.

  209. Bulleyes!

  210. Flineo!!!

    The PUMA Audio-Visual Co-Commander of the Rebel Alliance!!

    LOVE YOUR VIDEOS – keep em coming!

  211. I supported Hillary Clinton and sent her presidential campaign a donation. I understand she needs to kiss up to Obama because she wants her campaign debt paid and also needs good standing in the Democratic Party. However, Obama has no plans to pay my debt so I am liberated to yell out “NO BAMA!!!”

    Remember, change is NOT always good. Lenin brought change to Russia. Hitler brought change to Germany. Castro brought change to Cuba.

    Barack Obama would be a catastrophe for the American people. He would make the White House into the Wright House no matter how he tries to campaign in the general election as centrist. (Cough-Cough) His 20+ years of friendships and associations with the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Father Plfeger, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, et al. would destroy most people trying to get a job at a fast-food chain. When the going gets tough, Obama changes his position. That’s Obama’s idea of CHANGE!

    PUMA and related supporters are the last hold out for America.

    Ask 100 Obama supporters (the Kool-aid drinkers) what Obama’s change means and you will get 100 different responses. This is frightening!

    Hillary Clinton was treated miserably by the Democratic National Committee – how ironic that their initials are DNC! Us women can identify! Now Obama tell us to “get over it.” I will be happy to “get over it” on November 5 – when John McCain has won the presidential election. I might not agree with Mr. McCain on many issues, but he is a patriotic American who will keep this great nation secure against terrorism.

    Oh, by the way, for Obama supporters who try to sway me with the threat of Roe vs Wade being overturned – ha, ha! If Roe vs Wade wasn’t overturned with 8 years of a Ronald Reagan presidency followed by 4 years of a Poppa Bush presidency, it will NOT be overturned with a John McCain presidency.

    Next time, the men running the DNC (oh, there’s so initials again!) will not ask the woman candidate to drop out before the first primary (New Hampshire). The powers-that-be anointed Barack Obama and now they can watch the election Democrats should easily win disappear!

    Let’s all shout out: YES WE McCAN!!!

  212. gotta love a hound dog.
    I have one. I would not follow it to my demise.
    It barks so much I bought it a collar that sprays
    during loud barking. The smell of citronella is all
    over. Can’t teach an old hound new tricks I guess.
    I have my bumper sticker, Don’t blame me I voted for Hillary!!

  213. Thanks Dances!

  214. Close your eyes and think of Hillary and Obama united? Sounds like the advise Victorian mothers gave their daughters about their wedding night. Close your eyes and think of England. In other words, you are getting s—ed. It’s not your imagination, but we must support the presumptive nominee, or marriage. I think there might be some merit in viewing Ed etal as hostages etc. and who don’t really want to be doing this.

    He has to get that a hound has a negative connotation. Not that the actual dogs do.

  215. I am Canadian and can not vote in the US elections, however, I would never vote for Macain. At least voting for Nader sends a progressive anti-corporate message and is a possible future vote for a party that is for the people.

  216. Gov. Rendell, Follow President Clintons Lead ! Do what is right! Country first ,party second! That’s what i’m doing!

  217. Dear Gov. Rendell,

    That dog won’t hunt!



    (Americans United Against Obama)

  218. I found this address in Rendell’s website. It is the director’s email. maryp1016
    Send them your comments on Hounds!

  219. Excellent commentary by RD.

    My thoughts: Rendell is using the talking points the DNC gave to all the superdelegates. The system needs reform, we’ll do it for next time, let’s unite. Too bad we don’t take orders.

    I’m sick and tired of: we know you’re disappointed, you have hurt feelings that is why you won’t vote for BHO. Well they’re wrong.

    I make my decision on who to vote for on the basis of facts and analysis of who I think will be the best for me, my family and my country.

    I have lived long enough to know that BHO does not have the experience, the knowledge, the gravitas at this point in time to be POTUS. Giving him HRC’s written platform will not change that.

    You can’t possibly think of every challenge a president will have to face in 4 years, which is why you have to vote on trust to some degree. You trust that person, when faced with a crisis will make the best decision, with the nation’s best interests in mind. BHO does not meet that absolute requirement.

    Frankly I do not know what country he pledges allegience to as demonstrated in the often seen video of the democratic candidates placing their hands over their hearts at the National Anthem and BHO fidgeting up on stage.

    Rendell, the DNC, HOUND or anyone else needs to understand this is not disappointment. This is outrage and we’re not going to lie down with dogs.

    Calling all PUMA’s to Denver August 25th where we stand up for Democracy and against this HOUND.

  220. Govener Rendell I am not so sure what he is doing? Is he trying to make this a joke. I know he leaked information out. Well rather or not he is serious about this I am going to tell him he only needs to worry about the voters in this state. I know damn well Obambi is not going to win this state. He has managed to insult us numerous times.
    Well I am just saying no to Obama because our Country deserves more. I wonder if the Policticans who are rushing to support him plan to do so if he is found to be a terriorists. I wonder if they will offer their lives as collectoral because both of these parties must be stopped from choosing these idiots to become President. Well to Ed I plan to say just say no deal. I know the loyality Ed showed Hillary but enough is enough.

  221. USVet, on June 28th, 2008 at 5:05 pm Said:
    Dear Gov. Rendell,

    That dog won’t hunt!



    (Americans United Against Obama)

    The acronym AUAO sounds like the sound I make when I accidentally stub my toes on a table – or vote for another “Democrat” loser.

    WELCOME to the Rebel Alliance!

  222. I hope that everyone has read the article on the housing situation and Obama’s friends and dealings with the developers in Chicago in the Boston Globe (Boston.com). The smell is coming off the rose. Perhaps, people who booed Hillary when she mentioned Rezko was a slumlord need to read it. One question, this info has been known for a long time. Although I’m grateful its coming out, where has the media been all this time regarding the disgraceful shenanigans that have gone on with taxpayer money while shafting the poor people in Obama’s district. Obama says he had no idea it was so bad, and they want to let him lead the free world. This all took place in his own backyard. Get it? His own back yard, as provided by Mrs. Rezko.haha

  223. Not Only was elvis a republican…so was Martin Luther King JR!…The Dems have a lot of work to do… How about true democracy in the so called democratic party!…Blacks for McCain! (Hillary first)

  224. As a regular reader of this great site, I often find that I can’t really add anything to the brilliant regular commenters here except to say “Me, too.” As a straight Democratic voter for the last 40 years, I will be voting against the party of rigged primary elections this year and, at this point, I can’t foresee anything changing my mind. Not even Ed.

    Fellow lurkers, I encourage you to leave a brief “me, too” to let us know that you’re here and are with us.

  225. Well said!
    I don’t hate HOUNDS. In fact – it was the least offensive PUMA
    reference I read anywhere – that alone has to earn Rendell
    some points. But just as one cannot be a little bit pregnant, a party can’t be “somewhat democratic”. If you admit that the nomination
    process was undemocratic, you cannot accept anything else.
    Sorry, without a voice all the platform is a bunch of slogans that can change any time (such as dropping ERA).

  226. Does anyone know anything about the military procedure called stop-loss?

  227. That was one of the best written blogs I’ve ever read. This needs to get to Ed himself!

  228. Dear Governor Rendell,
    I, for one, believe in the importance of the integrity of he words of the constitution of the United States of America before
    I can be concerned about what the people want or need. I cannot know what the people want or need unless there are free and fair elections to determine what the people need. We have not had free and fair elections. The whole world has been watching what has taken place in the Us and they have seen that we have not played by the rules. We have had caucuses where people have not been able to get to the polls-Hillary’s voters. I know because i worked those precincts by going door to door and I co-chaired a precinct at a caucus on election day in Nevada.
    The people who fought and died for this great land, like my grandfathers and Uncles, along with my great grandfather, fought for the right of each American to vote-not for each American to have half a vote or for some Americans to vote and for others not to be able to vote. It is time we stood up and fought for the same rights. It is time we respected the lives of the men and women in Iraq, our fellow Americans enough that we defend our freedom here at home the way they are defending it there. Any American who votes for Barack Obama who believe they are doing it for party Unity is really doing it for expediency. They are doing it for their own immediate gain-whether it be to put food on the table or get healthcare. In the meantime, the nation we so love is crumbling around us. The nation we love so much is disappearing. We are loosing our democratic way of life. We are becoming another Zimbabwe. I shall fight to the death to prevent that from happening. This is about principle. This is about freedom. If the Republican party represents freedom in this election, I will vote with them for the first time in my 45 years of life. Then I will become an Independent. All this after I participate as a delegate at the convention in Denver.

  229. There was a recent movie about this (with Ryan Phillipe?)

    To the best of my knowledge, it means that the military can say that you have to stay in even though your enlistment is over. Others probably have more exact info. I put it in the same category as calling up reserves who are no longer active.

  230. WTG…..well stated and I agree with you 100%…
    I am curious, why do you suppose Ed had to put this out if all is well in Denmark and the guy from Chicago is such a shoo in??? Hum! think they are running scared with our PUMA group….me thinks that might be the case…thanks again for expressing what so many of us are thinking…

  231. My son was pissed after my divorce and joined the reserves. His 8 year contract was up on September 6, 2008. They just sent him a letter to be at Fort Jackson on August 1 and then to Bakersfield California to be deployed to Iraq. I am beside myself.

  232. Kim,
    this link may explain to some degree

  233. Kim, as the mother of two sons, my heart breaks for you. This is another example of contracts with our government meaning nothing.

    As a “military brat” the way Bush has treated the military has had me pulling my hair out for almost 8 years. I was vocal from the bginning wtih family and friends but kick myself for not being more actively involved.

    Can this stop loss be fought legally?

  234. “curb your disappointment and mute your anger and frustration” ? Sounds a euphemism for “shut-up”. Not a chance. The division too deep, too wide and brimming with the stench of false accusations of racism, DNC incompetence, MSM complicity and dereliction of duty in reporting/vetting the candidates, insults by MO, racists preachers, etc… for this HRC supporter to curb and mut.

    PUMA !!

  235. Ed Rendell is trying so hard and I love the guy, but no thank you.

    Cats have never been domesticated. Dogs have. Seems fitting.

    PUMA to the end!


  237. Nice try Ed, You must of forgotten the fact that we are NOT voting for Obama because he is NOT qualified to be our president in these very troubling times. It is not about being angry or disappointed, it is about fighting for what is in the best interest of America. Nice try with HOUND, and I completely understand why you have to do what you do, to try and unify the party. But, honestly Ed, don’t you also want what is best for our country?

  238. One last point – HOUND is not anti-PUMA.


    While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.

    Translation: We’re not against you…we’re just better than you.

    Nice, Ed, so being insulting and condescending to people who don’t agree with you is a good way to win them over?

    A few short weeks and already you’ve picked up one of Obama’s tactics….

  239. Gov. Rendell,

    I live in Virginia but still remain a Pennsylvania resident from the Wilkes-Barre_Scranton region. PA is my birth home and very dear to me. I am simply appauled at your attempt to tell us that “we must give up our disappointement” and vote the party line. I don’t think that will fly too well with most Pennsylvanians outuside of Philadelphia either? This is NOT ABOUT disappointment but about PRINCIPLE–what it means to be a democrat and common sense. We heard little of what that word means from Howard Dean, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry or Gore. They have their own agendas in attracting needed monies to create the down-draft needed to obtain congressional seats. You dismiss us as unintelligent, sir. I received three fine degrees from a very good Pennsylvania University system and know that there is little to trust in a man that is akin to a “marketing concept” found on a cereal box. At least with the cereal we can open it and see what is inside. However, with Obama and his continual flip-flop on most issues making him more centered and politically expedient we get the surprise element. Gov. I rarely buy something I cannot see and examine. This is why Obama as our nominee is A POOR CONSUMER CHOICE. From any logical standpoint, putting aside all the other concerns many of us hold about this current Democratic party, McCain is someone with a record that can be measured and analyzed. That good PA education also taught me that a tax & spend format as well as a bottom upwards health care program will not translate into real change. Some of us can readily see differences between Hillary and Obama? Obama’s energy plan is expensive and light years away to be influential as it is based upon economic restructuring and higher technology we do not have in place while not pushing forward offshore drilling that if done in the Clinton years could have offset current gas price hikes. Of more import is the associations that Obama chose to make while forging a quick rise up the ladder prior to gaining it through experience on the ground. It seems Obama’s ambition outweights his judgement. These things, Mr. Rendell, do not equate to emotionalism. They are logical and sound reasons not to cast a vote of the least of the three choices. Doing so would not be wise?

  240. Kim, re stop-loss, the courts have not provided relief to similarly situated petitioners, even under extreme circumstances as in the case of Emiliano Santiago.

    See wikipedia on stop loss for generic info.

    If it’s any consolations (and it shouldn’t be), there are many other sons and mothers in the same boat.

  241. I forgot to mention in my post (4:08 pm June 28) that I own two cats. I am a PUMA who will not enroll with HOUNDS!

  242. I certainly hope the HOUNDSs are more interesting than the Obamabots, who mostly employ name calling and insults as their arguements. This PUMA needs some real prey that she can get her teeth into. Where can I find one?

  243. Well I think Ed was very loyal to Hillary and now is having to prove his loyalty to Obama is he ever wants The DNC to support him again.
    Obama has been very rude to Ed. So now he has to jump through hoops.
    I think if there is a first round vote at the convention he will still vote for Hillary.
    But I did leave a comment at his new site earlier today.
    It show we are all making an impact and we must continue to stay strong and resolved to go forward . I beleive our numbers are growing everyday as more people find out. I told Ed at his site about my 86 yr old Mother who has ALWAYS voted Dem and will vote for McCain this Nov. She is in PA. and she will pass the word as well.

  244. Dear Governor;
    You are making a very big mistake. You are just concerned about the Party and not considering the fact that Obama presents a real danger to our Country. I have now lost respect for you. Have you considered the fact that Obama is a racist, Terrorist associate, communist associate, antisemitic, white hater by his own admission, insulted the fine people from PA., unpatriotic, supported Odinga(a mass murderer), damned America by virtue of his association with Wright etc. etc.

  245. If PUMAs weren’t a threat, there would be no need to start an organization called “HOUND.” And how oh-so-clever. I wonder if it took them the last two or three weeks to come up with that acronym….
    How disappointed they will be when we don’t follow suit with the HOUNDs.
    I guess they don’t realize that there is actually reason behind our not supporting Obama….

  246. “Obama has been very rude to Ed. So now he has to jump through hoops”

    Obama is starting to remind me of a combination of General Zod and Emperor Palpatine. ‘Kneel before Obama, or your party will be destroyed.’

    This sort of thin skinned, petty, meglomaniacal tammany Hall revenge seeking does not really inspire confidence.

  247. Hounds?? Hounds?? What kind of a lame name is that. PUMAS can out run and out smart and then eat a stupid old Hound Dog faster than you can say Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi,( the ones who need to be kicked out of the DNC) on their faces with a few others i can name.

  248. Hi, I sent this to the Gov Rendell, no doubt he might think I am wacky–BUT I know that what I say is the truth to me. I wrote it really fast, but I felt like responding.

    Hello Gov. Rendell,

    I wanted to pass along one of the PUMA responses to your HOUND article: https://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/06/28/saturday-ed-youre-making-this-too-easy/

    Thank you for being such a wonderful supporter of Hillary during the primary season, and even now. Unfortunately, at this point, I do not believe in rewarding the “changed” dem party with my vote should Obama be the official nominee. For any Hillary supporter who closely followed the primaries…from the OUTSIDE, not from within as a politician, I can only say that it was the most outrageous experience of many of our lives. You know, Obama supporters have a notorious reputation, from the online community–to rallies-to caucuses. I am a hard-core supporter of Hillary in the online community, and I have been called every name in the book, and I’ve been threatened, and abused (like MANY other Hillary supporters)…JUST for supporting her and sticking up for her. We’ve all heard about how Hillary’s supporters would get death threats…please, half the online community who supported Hillary received death threats and malicious emails, etc. We’ve all been spit on and mistreated JUST FOR supporting Hillary. All that abuse for what? Just to shrug our shoulders and follow the groomed and planted fakey-changey out of the blue democrat who was boosted by criminals, dirty politicians, and domestic terrorists? No way.

    We should support HIM? The guy who was protected and promoted by the communist style media that built his cult of personality via propaganda? You understand that people’s freedoms are already being stripped from them. Obama controls the media and even a large deal of the internet. This is terrifying, BTW. Mass media propaganda for Obama is terrifying, and I call it Obama-Media. We are ALL aware of it, except of course, many Obama followers, those who are simply among the propaganda controlled masses.

    I think it’s a slap in the face to make US out to be the bad ones, when we are being the brave ones who actually take a stand against the “changed” undemocratic party, the dem elites bullying Hillary (and even us), and the biased media–the sexist media…we are taking a stand against boosting an unqualified candidate, one who is arrogant, inexperienced and immature–a dangerous mix–one that we are quite used to in our current president. We are not fools, and thank GOODNESS we are not politicially correct and falling in line like indsitinguishable voters on a conveyor belt. WE LOVE AMERICA! Our country is worth fighting for!

    Take Care,

  249. I really like fuzzybeargville’s 10 theses about changes the DNC needs to make to get people back in the ‘fold.’ I have printed them off and will send to many of the loyal Hillary supporters in Tennessee (she won here by 14 points! )

    All 10 are great suggestions/ideas.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  250. Dear Governor Rendell,

    Sorry, can’t join. You know how we female hounds are.

    Yours in PUMA,



  252. Oh Ed,
    you know the hound isn’t smarter than the PUMA!
    It was all over the news out of Harrisburg Friday that Rendell was positioning himself for two different Obama cabinet posts he’s interested in.

    Your hounds Ed will run with their tails between their legs when they hear the PUMA’s roar!

    McCain for Prez.. ’08 Hillary see ya in 2012!

  253. governor Rendell,

    Your support of Hillary has been admirable. But perhaps it didn’t and doesn’t go far enough.

    When you saw and are seeing the corruption of the democratic primaties it would have been helpful for you to go public and tell Dean, Pelosi and company THEY ARE SPLITTING THE PARTY – and you still have the opportunity to tell them that if they dont allow a roll call for Hillary at the convention – they are directly responsible for the election of McCain .

    I have supported, worked for, and contributed to the Democratic Party for decades. This is not the Democratic Party I knew and I want no part of what it has become – a corrupt, broken , undemocratic and greedy imitation of the republican party.

    I can guarantee you the end result of the DNC, Dean’s, Pelosi’s and Clyburn’s actions are going to be the formation of a viable third party in this country with close to 18 million former democrats as the core members-

    J. Kelligesq.
    Party Unity My Arse

  254. I love Ed Rendell. You know his tongue was firmly in his cheek when he signed this.

    I kept imagining what Ed was thinking last week at the Governor’s conference table with BO behind the faux presidential seal…how did he keep a straight face??!!

    My new word for the BO movement..UNITINESS

  255. I’m a little slow — Generally after I work I check out NoQuarter and then come here. Anyway as I was working — the song “Aint nothin but a Hound Dog” was playing in my mind. I just posted the lyrics for Hound Dog at NQ and RD has beaten by several hours.

    The song fits — so their side had better get used to it!

    Oh well I was “original” for a few minutes!!

  256. Hay Ed,

    Are you really asking us to suck up the election rigging of Florida and Michigan? Now both parties are rigging elections and we’re supposed to suck it up? Hell, with all this election fraud, who needs the voters anyway? Hasn’t the Obama camp purchased Dibolt yet? There is no one in place to hack tOhio’s main frame on election night? Doesn’t Obambi have his thugs lined up to intimidate voters? Maybe a few public officials set in place to help bring home swing state or two?

    No Ed, someone has to be the gate keeper!!!! Its the PUMA’s who are fighting to keep them honest and sometimes losing the battle is worth winning the war. If we fold now, we have surrendered our democracy.

    The republicans are no longer the bad guys Ed. This time it’s democrats. Who’s left? Without fair elections, there is no democracy!!! So Ed, I’m not a hound and you can’t train a PUMA!!!! Not because we are stupid, but because we are free spirits who follow our own conscience. We understand that the corporate media and the DNC seem to think that a democratic president isn’t a high priority this cycle, or they would not have rigged the election in broad day light? Even a theif knows to be inconspicuous.

    I guess when Senator Clinton didn’t give up like the loser that they all wanted her to be, it became obvious that it was a set up!!!

    No matter how much the media told us to hate her, we refused,.

    No matter how many times thay trashed her good name, we continued to vote for her.

    No matter how many times they used sexist hate to intimidate her and her supporters, our resolve became stronger.

    No matter how they joined forces to out spend her, we kept sending her money and voting for her.


    So Ed, it wasn’t just how blatently unfair the caucuses were. It was the dienfranchisement of Florida and Michigan. It was the corporate media shoving Obama down our throats. It was so many of the good old boys calling for her to quit from the start. It was so many of them jumping to make rock star endorsements of Obambi in obvious efforts to suppress votes. It was the misogyny and it was the race baiting.


  257. I’m out of town, so getting to this party late, but had to voice my agreement with and thanks to RD for another remarkable piece. You’ve even got Corbett reading!

    The “HOUND’s Credo” is such ludicrous image that I first thought it was another example of Riverdaughter’s snark, like the Ladies’ Auxilliary Tea Party.

    When I saw Rendell on Thurs. AM talking about PUMA, his remarks rubbed me the wrong way. Now, after reading this post and all the comments, I am more convinced that a) he is under extreme duress, and b) he is sending us a secret, coded message in the style of Michael P Varvel!

    I’m only half-kidding. As boston boomer and pm317 have pointed out, that whole passage about an “unfair and undemocratic” nominating process draws attention to the questions surrounding Obama’s legitimacy as a nominee. Maybe Ed is throwing us a bone.

  258. Great! I am glad, so many express my views! It would be nice to know “how many” though…

    Check the hillaryclintonsupportteam.com. This site is still new and some pages are still under construction, but it tries to register us in one place for networking. Only 44 registered so far (including me). Please register just to show that there are really millions of us, it is not just “words” …

  259. Thank you RD!
    I wrote to our Governor last week. He’s the guy who ran for Philadelphia District Attorney in the 70’s ~ “Change” was actually his campaign slogan. I worked my butt off for him. He blew me kiss when he came on stage back in March at the first HRC Pennsylvania rally. (Temple U) I was there with my sign: MSNBC SUX ~
    I asked him in my letter to read the Chicago papers in case he didn’t know who his new candidate really is. Now I am asking him to read the Boston Globe and give a speech on this run-of-the-mill opportunist. I want to know right from the HOUND’s mouth loud and clear what his position is on this snob and why we should “just get over it”. President Bill Clinton speaks for me: Kiss my Ass! Nobama~Not ever. Governor Rendell, you are in a position to save our Country. Speak Up. Obama’s bite is worse than his bark. You are our elected leader and owe us due diligence before you support such a sham. You are obligated to speak up NOW about the dishonesty, deceit and fraud of this so-called primary outcome.

    Super-delegates endorsements are not votes. “Uncommitted”, my ass.
    Both candidates are shy of elected delegates to be considered the “Nominee”. Onto Denver in August with a fair and democratic process for one and all. That is what a Convention is about, your Honor. Naming a nominee– not presuming one.

    Obama slapped our faces good and hard and now you are by asking us to ignore injustice. Who is Barak Obama and where did come from? And why do you support him and the New & Improved DNC? Tell us in your own words, Governor. We are waiting.

  260. […] starting. Governor Ed Rendell for some silly reason thought that we could be swayed back to Obama by mocking the PUMA movement with an animal-based acronym of his own: HOUND. (Hillary Obama United Not […]

  261. I think this is one of the best posts I have EVER read!

  262. […] amazing blog The Confluence broke the HOUND news with a post titled: Saturday: Ed, you’re making this too easy. The […]

  263. Interesting new concept should be:
    Horrid Ostracised Undemocratic National Demons!

    Dean, Pelosi, Brazile are entirely out of touch with Hillary’s supporters.

    In a typical dispassionate, cold, matteroffactish, hiding behind policies response such as the one you get from the little phone peons when you call the DNC: “These are our rules…We followed our regulations… The delegates did get seated…” Pelosi asks:
    “What are people angry about, that she didn’t win?”
    The DNC has shown total apathy, as per any and all meanings of the term:

    Unwillingness to do anything about the situation and worse still, purposely, to serve the will of the few, vs. the desire and the vote of the constituency and a lack of emotional involvement, while Hillary’s supporters are so viscerally involved and entirely passionate about the coup. Well, dnc: you will get yours…
    But our anger goes even beyond Hillary and each and every one of us.

    Our anger has to do with the American devotion to rise against injustice, the American commitment to side with the oppressed and allow for Good to win against Evil.

    Indeed, Hillary did not lose. Hillary, who won the popular vote, did so despise the systematic media conspiration. Senator Clinton would have won, also, if not for the DNC’s ultimate effort to rally the superdelegates behind their flawed candidate and eventually in a despicable final act of despotism, by denying the people of Michigan and Florida their rights to have a voice. Not only did their votes not count, but ultimately a group of 30 people decided that their choice should supersede such of the American people.
    So we are grassroots volunteers, Americans who feel disenfranchised by the DNC and want to connect, network, meet at rallies and fight for Hillary.

    The disenfranchising of our constituents is not only inherent to the people of Michigan and Florida:

    All of us, Hillary supporters feel deprived.
    We feel that voting is a right and not a privilege. We have identified the DNC rules as antiquated and the DNC leaders as bias and even Bolshevik!

    We feel that a small group of people should not be able to substitute themselves to hundred of thousands of voters and their will as our constituents.

    In other terms, 30 do not equal 600,000.
    4 Hillary delegates should not morph into 4 bo delegates.
    54 delegates from “undecided” votes should not be given away by a team of hoodlum Demagogues to an inexperienced, superior acting, magniloquent hijacker and his Caucus defrauding campaign.

    As members of this movement, we are committed to reach out and do whatever we possibly can to help Hillary Rodham Clinton become our President in 2008 or if not in 2012.

    Please join us at : hillaryclinton08or12@yahoogroups.com.

  264. Dear Ed,

    You mean you still don’t get it? America is stuck with a choice between O-flipflop and MC-flipflop.
    What happened with voting for the best candidate in the primaries? Change and Hope were used to get students riled up and sucker in their votes.

    There are none so blind who will not see – I think that many are having buyers remorse – but it is very hard to admit being wrong – many people just can’t do it – they will arrogantly follow their wrong vote right off the edge of a cliff and as they hit bottom – they will still look up swearing they weren’t wrong.

    Axelrod stated eons ago that he would have to sell Obama’s story because Obama did not have experience – he felt that it would be the only way to beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries, pushing his oratory skills and introducing his life story while pushing change and hope.

    If you can’t judge someone on experience – that only leaves character. With all the unsavory friends in Obama’s life – we found it impossible to vote for him. And his flipflopping on the issues confirmed our decision not to vote for him.

    Axelrod also realized that winning would take more then just selling a groomed suit, he also had to have voters who would vote for his groomed suit. Even Axelrod could see that Obama was not reaching the main voting blocks. The main voting blocks already heard the – CHANGE – HOPE – rant 8 years ago when BUSH won so this wasn’t going to sell. Axelrod found that the only way to win with his groomed suit was to sign up tons of youthful inexperienced voters, voters who would gulp the koolaid of HOPE and CHANGE.

    The grassroots of the University population – it spread like wildfire – Axelrod knew that the next step would be to get these new voters activated – send them out door to door – send them out in huge numbers – get them working on getting their other college buddies involved – get them blogging negatives on the opposition – keep them busy little bees – make them feel like they are important – keep them busy so they don’t find out that he’s an empty suit or at least until we can groom the suit later – we need to get him elected – cool – yes we can – yes we can – yes we can.

    Axelrod and the rest of the political strategists worked out the foolproof plan – target the Universities – gain a huge voting block – educate the new voters on caucuses – target the caucuses – get the delegates – Feed the press everytime our opponents say anything that we don’t like – twist it to appear that they are being racists or polarizing – make them work harder to overcome the smears giving us free reign to win by going after the delegates. We will only need to win a few primaries. Voters don’t decide the winner – delegates decide the winner.

    This country is in need of change – no one disagrees with this point – but let’s be real. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that change requires experience. Obamocrats had the chance to vote for real change but voted for the groomed suit – great – so now we have two flipflopping suits.

    Politicians are pretty much all the same – they want to win – they will say whatever they need to say to WIN. We don’t need an empty suit – we need a real suit – but they didn’t like her suit. They were told not to like her suit. They were constantly told to hate her suit. Her suit is old politics – her suit is polarizing – her suit comes with a kitchen sink – That is why so many call them sheep. They don’t think for themselves – they do what they are told. They think the way they are told to think. This type of mind control is what we call cultism. This is why we refer to them as the cult of personality. We didn’t vote for a personality – we voted for change – we voted for Hillary Clinton. If you really want change – change that will not constantly flipflop – they best start thinking for themselves. Our country cannot afford another 4 years of Bush or Bush Jr.

    Ed, One more thing you should know, For those who believe that he can win without maximum votes and support from Hillary, think again. Older voters are much too set in their ways and much too settled to change their opinions. And, experience has prepared them/us to survive regardless of who is elected President. We don’t need any federal financial aid (grants/low interest loans. ) Our formal education is complete.

    Mccain and the Republicans, despite their appearance of weakness, are not anybody’s pushover. It is the undemocratic DNC who history will record as the ones who elected the Republicans back to the Presidency after the most pathetic Administration in the history of this country.


    Hillary Clinton for President 2008

  265. This very paragraph makes me mad out of my mind:

    “Hillary herself said so forcefully and poignantly in her great speech a few Saturdays ago, the best way to achieve the changes she has fought so hard to bring to America, and on which she based her campaign, is to support Sen. Obama, whose policies are almost identical to hers.”

    You ‘ve gotta be kidding us Ed!
    Hillary had no choice! It was the despotic Bolshevic way or the highway.
    When bo loses in November and everyone rallys around Hillary, including the likes of the dean, pelosi and brazile, Hillary will be calling the shots. She’ll be working on 2012.

    Please, everyone, vote for McCain. Just swallow the pill. All of us, p… off voters turned Independent and half voters from Michigan and Florida alike.

    Let’s make it happen! And Floridians will be whole in November! Careful, no hanging chads!!

  266. “While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.”
    How offensive!!

    “PUMAS are top predators. They wait for the right time to strike and are extremely patient while observing their pray. When time comes, however, PUMAS are focused, fast and merciless.”

    That’s November for you!

    What happened to you Ed, anyway? I used to love watching you on Fox. (I haven’t watched CNN or MSNBC since the beginning of the primary).

    With all due respect Governor, you turned into a little dnc doggy I guess…

  267. RD: You rock!

    This response should be sent to all major print and broadcast outlets. Perhaps a synoptic version with the Elvis Hound Dog video to CNN/NBC and the rest of the misogynist media frat-boys that pushed the Empty Hound Suit to a fraudulent ‘finish-line’ of superdels!

    I would relish the thought of seeing your response on the Front Page of the N.Y. Times, Washington Post and you name it!…

    Come November the 18 million cracks on the DNC ceiling will explode like Zeus’ thunder on their empy unDemocratic heads allowing sufficient Light through to cure the ObaMyopics of their dreadful affliction. And the bitter cure will be delivered by that Invisible Demographic most reviled, demeaned, degraded and diminished throughout this ignominious campaign.

    Go roar, Pumas!

    RD–I was delighted to see mention of Barack’s “dusting off” his dainty shoulders. But I have viewed the nauseating “OBAMA GIVES HILLARY THE F!NGER!” on YouTube (it’s a mega-hit) and required the services of a “teenaged pundit” to decipher his mime’s hieroglyphics (worthy of Marcel Marceau!)… Was I shocked to see Him smirking and pausing for his Followers to ‘clue in’ to his well-orchestrated Jay-Z rapper act designed to degrade and diminish further his fellow female Senator! Shame on this arrogant junior-highschooler! And this juvenile rapper-wannabe wants to be President?!! Give me a break!

  268. […] working so damn hard to bring you down.) Gov. Rendell tells us that, basically, we’re dumb pussies. “Feminists” (note the scare quotes) in the Obama camp weigh in with articles telling us […]

  269. The current undemocratic leadership can pray all they want. But PUMA supporters will not compromise thjeir principles. The corrupt leaders must leave the party for real supporters to return if ever.

  270. I just joined the Pumas today. I’ve spent hours reading these posts and agree wholeheartedly with all of them. They are so well written and really tell it like it is. Keep up the good work Pumas!

    Grama Puma

  271. […] riverdaugher wrote an excellent blog post in Confluence that I can actually relate to. You would have us vote for Obama because Hillary asked us to. But, […]

  272. “Close your eyes and think about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton standing together united at a ceremony for the bill signing of legislation that guarantees every American affordable, effective healthcare”

    –all I see is the knife at her back, and then…oh no! here comes that bus, she’s tossed under with the rest of them.

  273. Gov.Rendell and his Hounds are a disgrace to the United States of America.
    I don’t know what is in the Kool-Aid these people are drinking, it appears to dissolve and disintergrate their morals.
    Kids who have never voted, consider Obama a rock star, because of their innocence they don’t realize there are evil people like him actually allowed to run for the Presidency, It is the duty of Rendell and Casey and the other losers in his pack to tell the truth.

    I would still like to know if he is really an American Citizen by law and even eligible.

  274. […] Riverdaughter kicks him in the junk. […]

  275. In the beginning there was video tape.
    and the Tape captured the Word.
    and the Word was HATE.
    and the Word sprung from the mouth of a Man.
    and the Man was Wright.

    And try as they might to keep the Tape from the people,
    they could not.
    After the lands of many caucuses had voted,
    the Tape was seen.

    And the Lord Obama appeared distraught
    because the people cried out Why Lord?
    Why did you keep this man of hate in your midst?

    And the Lord appeared to them and spoke:
    This man is not a man of hate.
    You do not understand what goes on in his pulpit.
    Hate is Love
    Mocking is Forgivenes
    Insults are Ecstasy
    Everything you believe about reality is wrong.
    I am the Light and the Way.

    Afterward the Olbermann tribe was first to sing out:
    Lies are truth!
    Hate is Love!
    Division is Unity!

    Soon the CNN Tribe, and the Huffington Tribe sang out
    in praise of the Lord.

    And those who knew in their American guts
    something was still wrong tried to speak,
    but they were called racists and scoundrels and lepers.

    And so the Arugulas worshipped their Lord in the public square
    and worshiped St. Marx in secret.

    And it came to pass that the Word of Hate was made normal.
    And the march of the Lord went on as before.
    The people pulled the wool back over their eyes.
    And all was well.

    And the Lord took a break to sneak a smoketh.

  276. I have illustrated my NObama comments in videos on You Tube Channel


    Best regards, James

  277. RD, you never cease to amaze me with your clarity! I truely believe this should be on the op ed page of the NYTs . This is brilliant. I’m not nearly as eloquent as you, but I’m using your letter to write my own. I hope you don’t mind. Did you send this letter to him? If not you must. And I also think it should go to all of the SD’s to let them know, we will not fall in line, just because they have no backbone.

  278. Wow. Looks like somebody pissed off the V-jayjay vote.

    I think you collectively chose the wrong acronym.

    Try this on for size:



    Johnny Boy 08!

  279. Open Message to President Clinton:

    RESIST! Please Resist! You asked me a personal question in Upper Dublin PA when I brought my grandson Austin to meet you and profess his little (big) love for the World’s Greatest Daughter, Chelsea Clinton. You spent a great deal of time with him, an only child, 8 years old with profound knowledge of all United States Presidents.

    *Q. Ma’am, do you believe Hillary “should” be our President?

    *A. Yes, Sir. We need her more now than ever. Our world-at-large needs her.
    She has earned this position. She has indeed proven herself over the course of many, many years. Hillary not only represents a Change we can believe in but she is someone we can believe.

    We will come to the aid of our Party when it is clear that we have a leader. President Clinton, please do not give in. Your silence is speaking volumes and we hear you loud and clear.

    We are not so naive that we don’t know in our hearts that Politics is a game. It is, however, it clearly is not and should not be a Shell Game.

    As a mother of 4 lovely daughters and having a Mom who lives in our home, I am begging you: Please Resist.

    ~ ~ ~
    I am doing my part in donating $100. of every paycheck to get this monkey off her back. Pay off the Debt Now.

    Mark your Calendars for the summer evening when Hillary comes to the podium in Denver to speak and to say: I accept the nomination of my Party and will be honored to lead you back to a path of peace and prosperity.

    Encore! 21st Century!

    God Bless our America the Beautiful and Happy Independence Day!

    How ironic, DNC? Get out today, folks, a little SUNSHINE may be beneficial to all of you sitting in the back rooms plotting your next” refinement” a.k.a. “distraction”. Remember CREEP? I do. Smells the same only different.

    Governor Ed, you will make a wonderful VP for Hillary. Let’s hope and pray. You belong to the true Democratic Party. The one we’ve built — not the new design. Please just say No to the Bull. Please stand up for what you truly believe in. Stand up for us who have worked for you over the course of these many years – the ones who got out the vote and pulled the lever for you every single time. You have the power. You have the courage. You have the fortitude. You have us – we’ll stand with you. Go down in history in having the gumption to speak out. You know 4 more years is only a blip in time till the next cycle. But this time the damage may be irreparable.

    After November 4th, you know, the youth will go back to their myspace, keggers and campus fun and their parent’s pocketbooks. They are participating in a movement and they are not in the least concerned about their own long term futures let alone ours who need Hillary in the oval office to clean up and go forward and restore our country. We voted for you and we worked our butts off. We need you now. We need you to speak your mind at every twist and turn. And we will rally with you. You know we will. You have witnessed it in living color for months on end. We will do for you what you did for Hillary.

    Since when did we Democrats become gutless and were afraid of being called names by the opposition? This presumptive candidacy is gutless and it’s malignant and way over the top.

    Please stop this sham before it is too late. Please, Ed?

    All the best to you and Judge Midge.

    It’s a heartache not being able to be a Democrat any longer.

    Sincerely, Patti Dunn

  280. What about PUMA’s for PALIN?

    I came across a puma4palin.blogspot.com

  281. Wow, you really do exist. I thought I must be mistaken, and that you would hopefully turn out to be an urban legend, but here you are. You’re serious aren’t you? You’d actually attempt to saddle us with 4 more years of the republican nightmare because your candidate is not the nominee? You’re not kidding? You’d really do this? Have you forgotten the hell that the last eight years has been? I keep wondering if you aren’t all just republican operatives, as you are certainly the answer to their right wing dreams. . Look, I’m not that thrilled with Obama, but that’s hardly the point is it? It will at least be a non republican adminstration Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine that the neo cons could actually do as much real damage on all fronts as they have to our nation?Shall we let them finish us off? Please think of lower income families like mine, and not just whatever Democartic Party Elite you may have a procedural gripe with before you throw away the one chance we actually have to save what’s left of this country.

  282. I agree wholeheartedly with the previous poster. Sorry PUMA, I think that you guys represent all that is wrong with politics and choose to take your “stand” at the worst possible time. I am an Indepenent because party politics, in general, is to often a sham thats creates the illusion that America has an actual democracy. With that said, this election, I am putting aside my cynicism and I am voting for Obama and support him with absolutely no reservations. Why? Because the stakes are simply to high, and need I tell you what is at stake? McCain will take American along the same foreign policy route as George Bush. As war with Iran, and possibly Russia, is a real possibility, you decide risk WWW III for the sake of your grudge. Shameful. What else is at stake? A women’s right to choose. Ruth Ginsberg is 75 years old and may possibly retire within the next four years. With McCain in office, guess what happens then? The American Middle-Class continues to shrink, and all the while McCain’s senior economic advisor called them “whiners.” If McCain is elected, guess what happens to the American Middle-Class that Hillary sticks up for? I’m going to put this as simply as possible: WAKE UP!!! Obama obviously doesn’t have all the answers but he is at least a step in the right direction, and I’m not one to chant “USA” or wave a flag, but that is what the country desperately needs now. Your factionalism is exactly what it doesn’t need. I am voting for Obama for the good of the country, party politics be damned!!! I am not willing to watch the country continue to go down the shitter for sake of a silly grudge. Are you kidding me!! PUMA, please, wake up, step out of your little bubble, look around you, and realize what is really at stake here. In the meantime, PUMA, you ain’t no friend of mine.

  283. jennifer,
    I only read the first two sentences of your rant and don’t care to read the rest. Why are you commenting on a thread from June in September? Did you link from somewhere else or do you just want to rant and run like the other Obot trolls?

  284. Why did I make a comment? PUMA still exists right? And if you don’t really care to read the rest of my post I will sum it up for you very simply:

    PUMA, WAKE UP!!!

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