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PUMAs are coming on! Let’s get this un-party started.

Whoo-Hoo! What a Friday! Let’s not wait until the evening to have a PUMA Cocktail Party. Let’s start now. Diane, our Mistress of Mischief, at JustSayNoDeal.com has sent the following schedule of events:


Interview with MAWM! Neil Cavuto, FOX NEWS- 4:15pm







Diane sas she is fielding calls from the media in Japan and Germany as well. Hot damn! The Viral has gone Global!

Conflucians, this primary season has been strange and tumultuous. The outcome is still, as yet, uncertain and we are very serious about our cause. We can not support or vote for Barack Obama because he is an unready candidate and the way in which he was selected by the DNC cancelled out the millions of voters in the bigger Democratic and Swing States where Clinton won decisively. We suspect that the fix was in since last year when the RBC penalized Florida and Michigan with a 100% loss of their delegates and in spite of what James Roosevelt, co-chairman of the RBC, says, we do not believe the outcome on May 31 was fair or within the rules. What we want is a fair and transparent convention where Hillary Clinton can make her case to the superdelegates and if we don’t get it, we will take our votes and walk.

So, there’s the serious part. And we are sticking with it.

Now, as to the means? Well, PUMAs, let’s leave that up to our oh so fertile imaginations. 😉

Cue the music:

338 Responses

  1. I have nothing to say. But I wouldn’t mind help with the packing.

  2. The best news!! Thank you!

  3. Awesome.

    Unity apparently is just a town in New Hampshire.

  4. I’m all for starting the un-unity party and all, but do I have to dress like that?

  5. hey all, quick post….I’ve just gotten down from unity…we have many tales to tell. no air cards or cell phones work up there…imagine that….but we got some goooodddd video and Mawm is going to be on neil cavuto live at 4:15 turn on the TVs!!!!!!! much more to report when we finally find a hotel after 24 hrs nonstop…

  6. Josgirl, I’m currently wearing a very oversized shirt and a headscarf.

    That’s my uniform.

  7. RD, could you put that on the schedule in your post ??? he’s really excited about it…

  8. Gary and Mawm returning home with all sorts of goodies. Yayness! 🙂

  9. Cheers, gary!!

  10. Regency, that’s good to know, cuz me in Pink’s outfit could be embarrassing.
    And depressing.
    I am wearing black, though.

  11. we met some fabulous pumas. many stories of nasty obots forcing unity down our throats….anyway, I have to run back up and get MAWM after his interview….full post to come later this evening….with video teaser—it took about two minutes for an obot to call me a racist)

  12. Okay, I have Cavuto tivo’d, had to call home to get it done.

    This is fabulous!!!!!

  13. Geez Gary, so they really are that dimwitted? Oy.

  14. My question: RD when are you going on tv, it started here after all.

  15. I’m heading out for the tatoo’s now.

  16. Kim: RD isn’t comfy with tv yet. Radio she said is a go if they want it.

  17. Kim,

    RD, a day or two ago mentioned she wasn’t interested in going on TV at this time. Perhaps after a little cajoling…

    I have to say, it’s a lot harder than it looks.

  18. Go MAWM!

  19. I can’t always keep up, I am one of those mom’s who works a 2nd job to pay for two kids in school’s tuition. Sorry RD, but I know you would be wonderful.

  20. Excellent. Wonderful to be for something and not just against other groups as Obama Dems are.

  21. Is Cavuto live streamed? or re-run later in the day?
    Golly I hope so.

    My sister and her husband were in Unity. I don’t dare ask them about it, though…. They are of the hopey and changey population.

  22. I know it is hard. I was interviewed at a Wesley Clark fundraiser in ’03 and I don’t think I did very well.

  23. TV is easier than radio. I did a news interview right before the Texas primary and it was really easy. On the radio, it’s much harder. I don’t have the personality for a DJ.

    PUMAs are on the prowl. I am so proud.

    Congrats Mawm!

  24. I cited the war and Wesley’s experience and that he got us out of Bosnia and yada yada; then they asked me if I thought he would be better than Bush, I answered of course, but then again anybody was better than Bush. Not good.

  25. Oh wow! Pink is awesome!
    rd is awesome!
    Diane is awesome!
    murphy is awesome!
    Will Bowers is awesome!
    Mawm is awesome!
    gary is awesome!

    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is beyond awesome!

    I am going to pour myself a Cosmo and wait for Cavuto.


  26. How does it feel to birth a movement?

  27. Wow, this thing is really picking up steam! i’m am so excited. Can’t wait to see Mawm and hear his and Gary’s stories. Yahooooooooo!

  28. OKAY FOLKS…I AM A LITTLE “TICKED”…I just heard on MSNBC that after the Obamas’ gave their checks to donate to Hillary, Hillary turned around and THE CLINTONS DONATED TO HIM THE SAME AMOUNT. Now campaigning for him is bad enough, but when Hillary asks her supporters to donate to her, and then she donates to Obama I think that is WRONG. I hate to say it but I am really losing alot of respect for her.

  29. For the record, I knew everyone here when! I’m writing a book about it in a year and making millions. I do hope someone is making notes.

    This is the birth of a new party. The true centrists live here.

  30. Excellent news, RD! Can you post them interviews? I don’t have cable.

    DJ–that’s awful, but it was a face saving device. HIllary probably hates to take money from Obambi.

  31. She has to donate to him.

    She can’t ask him to donate to her and not reciprocate.

  32. DJ: The way I am containing a lot of the things I am hearing is to remember that, if, Obambi crashes and burns between now and August, she has to have appeared to be behind him all the way. That means having to do some things that she may not have wanted to do.

    I always try to remember that sometimes in my job, I am sometimes asked to do things I don’t like or do not want to do, but this is my job.

  33. Great vid of Pink and what a way to start the un party. Watched part of the Schmoonity Rally (nice one RD) and was duly bored. Hillary shilling for Obama, just not entertaining. I watched it on CSpan and they were taking calls before the rally started. One democratic caller said she believes that Obama will be indicted by Patrick Fitzgerald and that Hillary will be our candidate come November. I think it may be a little far fetched but I’m lovin’ it.

  34. DJ, that is part of the unity deal, why are you surprised? Clinton needs to raise money to pay of millions of dollars and Obama needs money for his campaign. Both have personal money to give the other, so they exchanged money. Both also want access to the others’ donors for their own purposes…why are you surprised? $4600 is nothing for Hillary and Bill, an she couldn’t very well ask her top donors to raise money for him if she wasn’t even willing to fork over the cash…this isn’t a big deal, it is nothing more than a stupid symbol done for the media.

  35. Watching Cavuto, “party un unity” was the crawl under a picture of the rally. Hillary protesters coming up…

    Wooohoo, Gary and Mawm. You guys did it, thank you.

  36. you guys i’m stuck in the car, hanging on to my connectivity by a hair…it is pouring here, so you’lll have to give me the 411 on mawm’s interiew….

  37. DJ,

    She has to do this stuff. The only alternative would be for her to leave the party and run as an independent. I have to believe she has a strategy to stay relevant so she can pick up the reins if Obama gets knocked off the unity pony.

  38. DJ,

    I’m surprised your turned off. This kind of thing is regular fare and is expected.

  39. I still don’t think her big donors are opening up their rolodexes. They may give the max themselves but I think that’s all.

  40. Exactly, Kim, this is her job. She is a politician. This is what she does. I am a health care provider, I take care of patients I don’t like very much or who are rude to me with the same amount of care that I provide to patients I adore. Why? It’s my job. Similarly, I am nice to/suck up to higher ups who I may not particularly care for because I recognize I have to do this if I want to get anywhere in my career. That’s just the way it is, I consider it part of my job…

    Her job if she wants to get anywhere in her career right now is to be unified and shill for Obama. Does she mean it when she says the country would be better off with Obama? I think so, I think she thinks she would have been tenfold better, but I think she really believes any Dem is better than McCain. On this point, she and I disagree, I think Obama and McCain are equal, which is why I choose neither.

  41. Cavuto: Dick Morris author of “Fleeced” on. He thinks HRC is hoping Obama won’t win and then she can run in 2012 against a 76 yr. old McCain.

  42. BB: Exactly! We know full-well that HRC is one brilliantly shrewd individual. I’m not fretting in the least. I KNOW Hill’s a thinking woman, on the move. She’s gonna land on her feet.

  43. regencyg, I agree, and I think there are many donors who won’t even give the maximum amount themselves. Heidi Li is a good example, and I KNOW from personal contacts that she is not alone.

  44. I just sat through smarmy Dick Morris instead of Mawm. Ugh!! I hope Mawm is still going to be on.

  45. Wonderful to see the pushback against all the “unity” talk being generated by the joint Hillary/Barry appearances.

    The Dems keep reminding us that we need to vote on the issues, how Barry is one of “us” and McCain is not. There is a simply incredulous puff piece In the NYT today about how “artfully” Obama is moving to the middle. Excuse me? If he is all over the place on the “issues,” how are we to know what his true positions are, and whether they are, in fact, similar to Hillary’s? He was for public financing before he was against it. He was against FISA before he was for it. He was huffing and puffing about NAFTA in public, and privately putting out the word to the Canadians that he’d leave it alone. Iraq? He couldn’t talk enough about speedy withdrawal, now, not so much. His opinion of the SC ruling on the DC gun ban seems to be–and I can’t really tell from his convoluted answer–that he supports the Second Amendment in theory, but has problems with it in practice. As for his thinking on the Middle East, especially Israel and Iran, I have no idea what he is saying today, and won’t really bother to find out.–because tomorrow he’ll be saying something different.

    Dems should stop trying to guilt Hillary’s voters into opting for Barry on policy. He just doesn’t have the courage to take a stand and stick with it. Never has–130 “presents” in the Illinois Senate, 40% “missed” votes in Washington. Which clearly defines the only criteria left for us on which to judge Obama–experience, character, integrity. And on all those counts, he fails miserably. He’s a wipeout even before you factor in the likes of Rezko, Wright, Pfleger and Ayers. His personal, poliical and business associations are merely the icing on one very rancid cake.

    They can scream about the issues all they want. Obama isn’t fit to be President. And that’s the bottom line.

  46. Doesn’t anybody else wonder why BHO needs HRC’s money?
    He’s supposed to be this big money-making machine, he’s “the presumptive nominee” (heh heh) shouldn’t he be raking it in all by himself?
    Why is he groveling?
    Why is the DNC pressuring HRC?
    Especially if the whole point of the exercise was to get rid of the Clintons?
    Seems like Howard Dean’s revenge (Obama) is turning out to be the punchline of a joke on him.

  47. Josgirl, I think it’s connected to Rezko. But I won’t say anymore because I don’t want to rumormonger.

    The money was coming from somewher but now it isn’t. How bizarre.

  48. Who is moderating? There was some guy who just left a message that was kinda threatening on the “About Us” thread

  49. josgirl: Can’t you just see the Big Dawg laughing his head off @ those demo-runts?

  50. Josgirl,

    If you get the answer to your questions you’ll know what’s really going on in this campaign. Why would Obama need HRC’s help unless he’s in worse shape than the MSM is letting on. I think a lot of the recent polls are skewed to make him look good in hopes of bringing all democrats together, you know, “unity.”

    As Pat Johnson said in an earlier post, I think Hillary knows a lot of what’s going on and she’s hedging her bets. She WILL land on her feet.

  51. rain stopped, ran down there…he says he will ve on at 4:35 OR 4:40 sorry to make you all watch morris….ugghhh….

  52. I think Obama’s money has been coming from the GOP

    Smart investment on their part.

  53. Gary & Mawm – THANK YOU!!!

    Commanders of the Rebel Alliance!

    Wow – I missed all of this running to CVS.

  54. Dick(head) Morris has hated the Clintons ever since he got fired for sucking that hooker’s toes.

  55. Seems B0’s ability to raise money (just like Dean’s) was slightly exaggerated by the media (with the help of artificial early inflation vis
    via Bushie pioneers.
    Reading the whole amazing media blitz schedule I feel like yelling:
    Hey, Donna, Howard, Nancy&comp: can you hear me now???

  56. I’ve watching Cavuto now, eagerly awaiting Mawm!

  57. It just doesn’t make sense.
    Did they think we wouldn’t notice?
    We know he got a lot of crossover support in the beginning.
    He joked about it, exploited it (Republicans for Obama, Democrats for a Day) and made no bones about it.
    Is that what’s drying up now, their financial support?
    Or is it the foreign donations?
    Where’d his money really come from and where’d it all go?
    I’ve tried to collect as much info as I can, but those questions really need to be addressed.

  58. Josgirl, if you find out where his money went, I’d love to know. I can’t figure out how he supposedly broke all these fundraising records but doesn’t have the $$ now. Did he spend all of it in the race against Hillary!? Where did it go?

    Mawm is up next after the commercial break- hooray!!!

  59. Mawm and GCH must have struck a nerve, the trolls are flooding old threads.

  60. I agree, josgirl, I have some serious questions about his fundraising. One Clinton volunteer who has some connections with political insiders said it was pretty well known ( I am not sure well known by who, I suspect political insiders is what he meant) that it was coming through collections happening at afican american churches (you can raise a LOT every Sunday by asking everyone in congregations across the country to donate a couple of dollars…VERY effective form of bundling)…

    I also suspect some is coming for abroad…it is easy to make donations online and his campaign has fewer protections against this than Hillary’s or McCain’s did (for example, you don’t have to check the same statement that you are not a foreign national on his site, I think). And, I also suspect that since you don’t have to report donations under 200, there are some very rich people donating a lot more than 2300 in less than $200 amounts…I don’t want to rumor monger either, but it hard to know anything beyond speculation since the FEC is basically out of commission right now.

  61. I’m at work guys, you have to tell me how he does. I have it tivo’d for later

  62. Thanks Kim,

    The trolls were having a regular party over there. They love to play in the old threads. That was more than “kinda threatening” too.

  63. Mawm is so tanned!

  64. Well I did not want to scare anyone. Did you delete it? And save it for Ronk?

  65. Mawm is doing a good job, though I can’t vote for McCain, he is doing a good job.

  66. he mentioned the blog at the end

  67. Maum was great!!!!!!!!! He mentioned our blog!!! More trolls will be coming our way…..

  68. Kim, Mawm did a good job bringing up the RBC committee meeting first and foremost and said that the party went against itself and he cannot support that. The reporter then said but Hillary is up there, so if you support her, shouldn;t you be behind her, and Mawm said I can think for myself, this goes beyond Hillary, this goes to the fact that I can’t trust the DNC or Barack Obama. He said that he would be voting for McCain because while he does not agree with all of McCain’s policies, he trusts him as a human being. He also mentioned that he has never voted for a republican before, but that he will be working against Obama.

  69. I saw him on television! I’m so excited I’m like the proud Grandma who just saw her Grandchild in the school play. Only better! I am so proud and grateful to this blog and all the PUMAs for allowing me to be a part of this!

    Got in a plug for Riverdaughter too!

  70. Kim, I marked it for RonK to trace the IP. I’m going to go delete some others now.

  71. I JUST SAW MAWM!!!!

    Infantry Co-Commander of the Rebel Alliance!


    Thank you Mawm for your words – “CAMPAIGN WAS RIGGED” were some of the words Mawm said!


  72. OpenSecrets.org is a pretty good site for examining campaign financing.

  73. Fatastic job, Maum! You did us Conflucians proud. 🙂

  74. Talked a lot about Obama’s lies and how he can’t be trusted. That we really have no idea if he will actually be progressive or not. Emphasized Obama lies too much.

  75. First post here, so many blogs, so little time……..
    but just watched Cavuto and Overton ( Maum?) was terrific!
    He echoed my sentiments exactly!
    Great work, thank you!

  76. JJ, I can’t vote for McCain, either, nor do I want to rumor monger.
    But unless it’s about unity (votes) and the fundraising is just a political ploy to try to acheive that, you gotta wonder why his fundraising is tanking.

  77. A couple things about fundraising.

    Foreign donations are illegal.

    The cap on donations for the primary does not apply to the general, so his donors aren’t maxed out.

    Lambert and I speculated that *someone* could launder illegal donations through the internet if they kept the individual amounts under the FEC reporting requirements.

    Obama’s donations dropped dramatically in May.

    McCain has reported raising much money, but he doesn’t need the money yet. Using the established GOP donor list, he can raise millions fast, especially if he had lined up “pledges” (which don’t have to be reported) instead of actual donations (which do)

    There is no limit on donations to “independent” (527) groups, like the ones that swiftboated John Kerry

  78. Mawm, you rocked!

    Favorite quote: “I can actually think for myself”

    Great point about not really liking John Kerry in 2004, but holding nose and voting Dem regardless. I held my nose during that vote too and I’m a MA resident.

    It’s so great to have see a man standing up and speaking out – shows it’s not just women who are PUMAs.

    You also looked great- not even tired.

  79. CNN doing a thing on Puma after break …

  80. Must say that our Infantry Co-Commander Mawm had a CUTE TAN working – very well spoken, calm and confident.

  81. myiq, isn’t there a 5000 dollar limit for 527s per individual? Also, many people max out early on…like many gave 4600 to Hill right off the bat for both the primary and general, though she couldn’t touch 2300 of it.

  82. Fellow Conflucians, give yourselves a round of applause – PUMA is only 27 days old and look how far we have come!!

  83. Heh, SM, I know, the tan was the first thing I noticed. He looked like summer!

  84. dakinikat – let me know & I’ll run to the TV.

  85. Wolf: Anti Obama on the Web

  86. I have been chronicling Glenn Greenwald’s desperate fight to hear these words:

    “Glenn Greenwald, tonight’s worst person… In the wooooooooorld”.

    First, Keith Obamaman brings in Jon Alter to share his opinion that Obama is actually brilliant and courageous for supporting FISA and crapping all over the Constitution.

    Instead screaming bravo, Glenn Greenwald goes ahead and commits an egregious lèse majesté by writing a post titled Keith Olbermann: Then and now

    An annoyed Keith Obamaman then replies with a hilariously guffaw-inducing post on the Dailykooks. His deranged ramblings in that piece really sucked out loud.

    However, because Glenn Greenwald wants to win “Worst Person in the World” so badly, he just goes for the jugular by humiliating Olbermann with his latest piece. He has a little warning for all these members of The O-Cult:

    No political leader deserves that sort of blind faith — not Bush and not Obama. That’s how a small child thinks about his Daddy, not how a citizen should think about a political leader. As the commenter sysprog wrote the other day:

    Four-year-olds see their preferred politicians as god-like fathers (or mothers) whose virtuous character will guarantee good judgment. If a judgment looks questionable to you, then it’s because you don’t know all the facts that mommy and daddy know, or it’s because you aren’t as wise as them.

    Down that mental road lies uncritical devotion to a Leader for even the most unjustifiable political acts. Depicting a bill with telecom amnesty when Bush supports it as “textbook Fascism,” only to then depict Obama’s support for such a bill as “refusing to cower to the Left,” is simply inexcusable.

    Before leaving Keith completely bruised in the woodshed, Glenn dabs in 2 virtues the Ozoids buried in order to follow Dear Leader:

    But basic honesty and adherence to one’s core political values compels criticism for what Obama is doing here, and it’s just distasteful and destructive — not to mention dangerous — for people to invoke patently false rationalizations in order to excuse or support what he’s doing.

  87. I had to share this reponse to a troll on an old thread:

    “But, in fact, she is not the presumptive nominee, so a man of character, and an inspirational candidate with THE SAME ideological stances and platform as Hillary popped up into the national spotlight….therefore i support Barack Obama.”

    Why don’t you support that “man of character” instead?

    He sounds like a much better choice than Obama.

  88. myiq2xu, JJ, so basically, there are a lot of grey areas, none of which explain this seemingly desperate fundraising push now that he’s the “nominee.”
    Curiouser and curiouser.”

    And Mawm, way to go!

  89. JJ, he looked great – I remember Mawm at the RBC meeting with the sign “Voter Rights are Civil Rights” – and he and Gary definitely have been out in the North Carolina Spring/Summer sun.

  90. Watching CNN report on all the anti-Obama websites that have sprung up against Obama.

    Finally the movement is getting the media’s attention and their using the ‘good’ name “Party Unity My Ass” instead of the cleanup version. Hooray!

  91. Mawm is a very intelligent and nice looking young man. Good work, Gary!

  92. Abi the on line lady showing a bunch of no obama sites …

    ended on Just Say No Deal …

    Wolf Blitzer asks what PUMA means after she mentions it already …

    He and jack discussing how cleaver PUMA party unity my ass is …

    I think they’ve JUST discovered us on CNN …

  93. Well, Wolf called “Puma” cute…we are cute…good to know…

  94. THANK YOU everyone for your reporting on Cavuto and MAWM !!

    I only hope I can find a video of it somewhere tonight after work.

    Mawm – it sounded like you are truly a hero with your report. “I can actually think for myself”! GREAT!

  95. Ooops, my post should be ‘they’re not ‘their’ – sorry. In my utter excitement, I’m making grammar/spelling mistakes all over!

    It’s a great day to be a PUMA!

  96. Has anybody else getting a boat load of calls from the DSCC, DCCC or Obama for America campaign committees? I’ve probably gotten five alone this week. They certainly seem desperate for money. Perhaps the Obama money train has dried up?

  97. Ya know – just saw the spot on CNN – smirk, smirk giggle, giggle – they still don’t take us seriously – especially the english girl who said PUMA – party unity my ass with a long a…………………Cafferty then read from his emails – mostly bots – whaling on Hillary again – now Wolf is wondering about the Big Dawg – hope Bill is a very reluctant campaigner…………….

  98. Did the CNN PUMA/Just Say No Deal stuff pass already?

  99. SM,

    I can’t believe it has been such a short time. And RD only started this blog a few months ago. It’s amazing. 1,215,064 hits!

  100. myiq,

    There is a 2,300 limit for donations to the general, but that doesn’t start until Sept (after the convention). I read somewhere that in April, Obama spent more than he brought in. I’d imagine May was similar.

    There is an important question to ask re Obama’s fundraising: How many maxed out for the primary but not the general? Many big Hillary donors maxed out to both and that shows a commitment to her til the end. How many of Obama’s big donors are really with him until the end? We’ll be able to find out some info by comparing Obama’s donors to the donors in the last month or so to McCain’s campaign.

  101. but, but, but…”HE said the r-a-c-i-e-s-t poltitians ever -aka “the Clintons” – are what America needs…and that “Hillary rocks” (HE is soooo cool…)

    C’mom guys can’t we just like him a little bit….

    The Unity thing was a little bit Mephistoesque for my taste so….no, I will not vote for O.

  102. How could theObama donors possibly max out?
    I mean aren’t they are smallllll donors who only give under $100 ?
    Surely they have more $$ to give /


  103. Loved the part about not liking Kerry and voting for him anyway. And “I can actually think for myself” was the best! Surprise, surprise media talking heads. You don’t rule our world. And Hillary is a candidate, not our mommy..

  104. Man, the trolls are bad today.

    It’s like a toilet backed up or something.

  105. Where are they now, myiqu2xu?

  106. Tweety also asking if Obama is really making the effort with the Hillary Army? Don’t know how long I can stomach watching MSNBC and Tweety but trying

  107. Tweety says why women voted for hillary was based on need … needing better education for kids, needing better wages …

    Does Barack have to start talking the talk ?

  108. Bostonboomer – I am in SHOCK that all of this is coming in such a short time.

    We, in this little, out-of-the-way place are making history. Our dissent is legitimate, we are not as Riverdaughter quotes Kos “shrieking bands of paranoid holdouts.” We are what Cynthia Ruccia said: mainstream Democrats who have supported the party for decades.

    I am SOOO grateful to the Confluence, to Riverdaughter, to you, to all wonderfully gifted posters here, and all the fantastic commenters and lurkers who KNOW something in the milk ain’t clean.

  109. Caught Mawm and the CNN report about PUMA! Did she say there are 140 like minded sights out there? Wow!

    Mawm was wonderful and did not seem flustered about being interviewed by a big name network. They are paying attention. No wonder Obama is demanding allegiance from the Clinton’s.

    And as aside, Mawm looks an awful lot like my ex husband.
    Sorry, Mawm.

  110. Tweety questioning if MO will be any help with working class and older women given her background

  111. Wow, RD, thanks for the report. That list of upcoming media is really encouraging. Our story is starting to get out there big time. I have a theory about that. Let’s face it, since Hillary suspended her campaign, the whole presidential race has been boring – about as interesting as watching paint dry or grass grow. The only real news has been Obama’s continuous flip-flops. The media really wants an exciting story to cover. PUMA gives them that. I’m 55 and can’t remember there ever being such a growing grassroots movement of angry democrats who aren’t buying who the party is selling. PUMA is a lifeline to the media that has 4 months to fill up with 2 of the most boring presidential contenders imaginable. I am so proud to see MAWM and other articulate people stepping up to the mike and telling the world about why we are fighting.

  112. “Obama’s gaffes . . .”

    Some turd calling himself “voice of truth”

  113. Hillary does well with working class, says Ron Brownstein, because they felt she got their life …

    Obama has not made folks believe he gets it …

  114. I would say that’s because he thinks we’re all bitter and cling to religion and guns … he’s NEVER going to live that one down

  115. SM: And it all began with your own play on words! You have to feel really, really proud! And think what you can tell your daughter about all this. Fantastic!

  116. Tweety still going to focus on women voters after break … whoa

  117. dakinikat,

    MO won’t get anything from me even when she stops complaining about the $10,000 she has to spend on piano lessons and camp for her girls.

  118. This was all it took to get that mofo vetted?

    Should’ve done this in February.

  119. MABlue – I think Glenn Greenwald is now a PUMA.

  120. dakinikat, of course he doesn’t “get it.”
    He’s too busy eating his arugala flavored waffles from Whole Foods and drinking his own patented Kool-Aid flavored beer at the bowling alley in the islands.
    Can’t a guy look down his nose at people in peace?

  121. I think I’m going out for waffles tonight! 😉

  122. Why can’t this blog “close” threads after so many responses or after a few days have passed like others do?

    Wouldn’t this make the job of administrators easier when administering “infinite justice” to the troll community?

  123. Any chance the interviews will be on YouTube? I got rid of cable years ago, and I just might quit all TV next year at the HDTV switch.

  124. I give credit to anybody who can sit through an hour of Matthews.

  125. I think PUMA is going to start getting some mainstream allies. If only because the think we’re “cute”

  126. Mawn, you were great. Looking forward to more details. Perhaps “I can actually think for myself” should become our motto. Can anyone translate that into Latin?

  127. stx…what is with your name? I understand the “abuela” part but the stx?

    No, you don’t need to answer if you do not want to. I have just been wondering for a while (it took me forever to figure out myiq2xu….)

  128. Pat Johnson, on June 27th, 2008 at 5:13 pm Said:
    SM: And it all began with your own play on words! You have to feel really, really proud! And think what you can tell your daughter about all this. Fantastic!

    My little PUMA cub knows I’m up to something – but I haven’t told her everything – yet.

    My mother, who is disabled and since her disability in Lawrence, MA, I told her to pack her stuff & come live with me and the Puma Cub in FL, knows about us here because I told her. She is now a Grandma PUMA!

  129. Native Americans now under the bus. Obama promised a tribal meeting before Native American leaders in order to influence Native American super delegates but now reneging on the meeting by imposing harsh logistical demands.

    article snippet:

    “Obama’s verbal promise was seen as key among influential Indian political activists, and it played a factor for some Native individuals who threw their support behind his candidacy. The promise even partially influenced the decision of at least one of the four Native superdelegates who will attend the DNC to cast their votes for him. All four Native superdelegates, including Free, have verbally pledged their support to the senator from Illinois.

    Now that Obama has all but secured his party’s nomination after a contentious battle throughout the spring with Sen. Hillary Clinton, scheduling the event has become something of a logistical nightmare.

    The Obama campaign has told Free that the senator can only provide two weeks’ notice regarding when and where he would be able to participate in an Indian-focused event.

    Free, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, has requested a larger window of time – even as short as four weeks – but, to date, the campaign has not been willing to budge. Campaign officials have said that the candidate’s time is pressed in the weeks leading up to the convention.

    Steve Hildebrandt, the deputy campaign manager of Obama’s campaign who has been a point person regarding scheduling the event, did not return several requests for comment from Indian Country Today.”

  130. Yeah, let’s get this PUMA Party started!! It’s Friday and things are looking up.

  131. All right folks, who here is from VA and wants to do an interview for the Times Herald? You’ve got to be willing to have your name printed. Anybody? This reporter has a deadline and we have nobody from VA.

  132. talking about women for fair politics on tweety’s show now

  133. WS – Go to YouTube and search for “Native American Against Obama.” They have some very powerful videos already up.

    Saw one this morning – very powerful!

    They are pushing for John McCain because McCain is the Chief of Indian Affairs in the Senate.

  134. @SM: Can we check with Charles re:translation?

  135. The trolls think they are clever by posting on old threads.

    They don’t realize that site admin can scan all comments at the same time.

  136. TROLLS

    We are going to be getting an influx of trolls. Please try to resist engaging them too much. If you do see them on an old thread, invite them in a nice way to join us on the current one. Then we can dump their sorry asses more easily.

    I just deleted a lot of troll comments and they were all from today. Several stated that they had seen Mawm on Fox News. I though the O-bots didn’t watch Fox? I guess they lie like their candidate.

  137. Tweety says the angers about all kinds of things … iron my shirt things, MSM (includes himself) and says against Obama too

  138. Is there anybody here from VA? Does anyone know an active Puma who will talk? Okay then. Maybe not.

  139. but the two women he’s talking to are ACTUALLY dismissing that and saying it’s just angry women about symbol of hillary loosing …

  140. Women are women’s worst enemies.

  141. BB:

    “mike” is hitting all the old threads.

    According to him, we’re all Republicans.

    Back on Tuesday, we were imaginary, so I guess that’s a step up.

  142. http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2008/06/27/grim_proving_ground_for_obamas_housing_policy/

    I know this is off topic, but since it is yet another reason why I am a PUMA, I will post about it anyways. Did anyone else catch this expose in the Boston Globe today about Obama’s history of associating with developers who get into public-private partnerships for low-income housing that tends to go under?

    First, the Boston Globe just NOW decided to investigate some of the issues so many of us have been expressing concern about for months…just NOW…primary voters had a right to know about this.

    But in any case, the article looks at the fact that many of the public-private ventures in Obama’s state senate district, which were carried out by his top money people (who have become very wealthy off these projects), have failed miserably. I said way early on, like back in January, that I could not even consider giving him my vote until I hear about what exactly he knew and when he knew in regards to the 11 Rezko owned properties in his state senate district that were in horrendous condition. The issue faded since the campaign wasn’t forthcoming and the media couldn’t be bothered to dig (until now), but I haven’t forgotten. If the Rezmar buildings were already going under in 1997 when he was becoming a state senator, as the article states, why did Obama write a letter requesting millions of dollars in federal funds to support them? In this article it says he didn’t know about the plight of these buildings, but I have seen it reported that he may have known elsewhere. Why didn’t he ask some questions about the buildings and about Rezko’s company before requesting millions of dollars in federal funds?

    His state senate district is a pretty small area, so it is hard for me to believe that he didn’t know…if he didn’t know, then he failed at his job…it was his job to know about this kind of thing, and in such a small geographic area, it is just inexcusable that he didn’t know…or the more likely explanation is that he heard about it but didn’t care to
    act on it, which is also a serious problem, I am not sure which is worse…if there is a more charitable explanation, I am unable to imagine it and would welcome explanation from him.

    His associations with Rezko bothered me not so much
    because Rezko helped him buy a house, I mean, yeah, that’s corrupt, but I also never bought his new politics garbage, but because of the fact that while Rezko was making millions and helping Obama raise money, buildings owned by Rezko were going under giving tenants miserable living conditions and no one did a damn thing (all while Obama was requesting money for Rezko’s company)…I have had questions about this issue for a long time and after seeing the fact that SO MANY of the public private partnerships that he was associated with went
    under, according to this article, all while the owners/his campaign bundlers, were getting rich raises even more questions for me. How could he not have known about any of these situations, and if he did know, why didn’t he act? And if he didn’t know, what the hell does that say about him? I recognize that public-private ventures often fail because of situational circumstances, these are rough neighborhoods for anyone to building in, but how did these developers get so wealthy off of these properties and why are so many involved so high up in Obama’s campaign?

    Will we get answers? So far Obama hasn’t given any insight and since all his state senate records are “lost” we may never know, but this stuff REALLY bothers me…his record is so slim as it is, and this is a huge part of it…

  143. Any VA Conflucians?

  144. All I have to say is H/T to The Confluence for kicking off the PUMA movement. We, united Democrats standing up for our democratic principles and pushing back on a party that is trying to push Obama down our throats, owe this community a debt of gratitude. Brava!

  145. This blog has a ton of energy! I’m stuck in the Adirondacks on dial up. (Did I say stuck??? I just miss my broadband for the videos and TV to watch everyone)

    You people are great. I actually feel almost human again. And, I can crack open a cold one and Party with the Pumas under the Pine Trees!

  146. Fixie:

    “Tweety” is Chris Matthews’ nickname.

    Russert’s nickname was “Pumpkinhead”

  147. yeah, regency … it is SO disappointing MIchelle Bernard and Margaret Carlson

    they keep saying obama’s the easiest person to get mad it for Hillary’s loss as ‘women’s candidate’

    For these ‘angry women’, kewl guy gets corner office

    Harriet Christiansen mention again

    Now every one is saying she’s a great candidate and has great presence as demonstrated today …


  148. danikakat, thanks for the tweety updates. is he actually being reasonable today? It sounds like it. more details, please.

  149. Fixie,

    Chris Mathews has always been “Tweety.”

    Tim Russert was “Mr. Potato Head” on a lot of blogs.

  150. RegencyG: I don’t know of anyone in VA, I’m so sorry!


    Will Bower of Just Say No Deal/PUMA coalition is in the DC area – contact him at whbower@aol.com

    Try him there. He is on FIRE with our movement.

  151. Hey, Tweety isn’t Russert, it’s Chris Matthews!


    I believe Average Jane, who previously posted at TM and now posts at bitterpolitz is from VA, if someone posts there regularly, please let her know that her services may needed, if she is willing!

  153. My bad. Russert was Pumpkinhead. I knew it was a vegetable Thanks for the clarification myiq2xu!

  154. Everyone, thanks for your love and support. I feel like you guys are part of my family. Gary and I met some very wonderful PUMAs at this event. We also encountered some very ugly parts of the Obama campaign. Surprised?

    I’ll be driving to NYC now, but Gary is going to try and post some of the video we got while we are on the road.

    What a trip doing fox was. I thought I was going to blank as I waited for the cue in my ear piece then suddenly I heard the anchor, Cheryl ask me about PUMA, and all the passion just came flooding back.

    I love you guys, and no matter what happens in this election, I hope we can stick together and keep bringing attention and our voices to the issues of our day. I know now fully that it is only when we stop speaking out that.evil can be perpetrated on us with impunity.

    Go PUMA!

  155. SM: I know he’s the contact but reporter said specifically that he wanted someone from VA. I’ll contact Will anyway though.

  156. UpstateNY: stx?

    My best guess -> South Texas!

  157. Cyn: You people are great. I actually feel almost human again

    I know what you mean about feeling “almost human again”

  158. Whoops! I stand corrected – I always assumed people meant Russert b/c of the size of his head – never realized that there was another person being discussed. Obviously, I do not have cable.

    Sorry, folks. Thanks for the education!

  159. AJ is absent right now. We’re trying to catch her though.

  160. Correction: Tweety is Chris Matthews. Russert was often referred to as Timmeh and other less kind names. We never denigrated Russert since his death.

    Please get facts straight before berating.

  161. yeah, he actually is being reasonable … really strange

  162. Nice Job MAWN!!!

  163. JJ – If it is true that BO has spent every 3-4 years changing jobs/running for a different office, then it is clear he could have missed the “signs” that his constituents were suffering. It sounds like piano lessons, and camp for the girls took lots of time to research. Those constituents weren’t giving piano lessons or anything that he could have known about.

  164. Michelle Bernard is a right-winger pretending she’s some objective Independent. SHE’S A PHONY!

  165. Mawm,

    Thank you for representing us. You were fantastic. You looked great, and you didn’t seem nervous at all.

  166. I’m not in front of a TV right now. Is Michelle Bernard a black woman?

  167. @MS: We know that the Latin for can is possum………………

  168. UpstateNY, are we in close proximity? Are you from the Albany area? I’m in the Mohawk Valley, between Utica and Albany.

    And I’ve felt hopeless for a long time. PUMA has really energized me and the fact that it’s working really has ne stoked.

  169. stx stands for South Texas. I live in Corpus Christi.

  170. Matthews mentioned equal pay for women on Hardball. Has the Equal Pay Act been repealed? What am I missing here?


    I am really happy today.

  171. JJ, I know average jane, what do you need to ask her?

  172. JJ: I read that post. What is wrong with the MSM that they are not looking closely at this story? This is a study in big time corruption!

    Astounding how they can sit around quizzing one another about when Bill will enter the race and what the polls are saying in freaken June!

  173. Thanks, Mawm and Gary!! Can’t wait to see the interview! Hope it will be available somewhere! Mawm, sounds like you did great! We’re so proud!

    I’m so grateful to everyone on this site for keeping my spirits up, for bringing sanity back, and for giving me hope. Glad to be a part of PUMA!

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  174. Yes, Michelle Bernard works for BET news … I believe, she is black

  175. sonya, yes, Michelle Bernard is African American and she is a hillary hater and I am pretty sure she is a right winger, though she seems to be supporting Obama in this election. I cannot stand her, she is one of those horrible women who always opposes other women.

  176. sonya: Yes, she is beautiful. An ally of Lynne Cheney. Why they have her on commenting about Dem politics is a mystery.

  177. The MSM investigates and reports what their corporate masters tell them to.

  178. Pat: Dukkakis was 18 points ahead of bush senior in June … that didn’t help him at all …

  179. JJ,

    Thanks for calling attention to the Boston Globe story. I hardly read the Globe at all since I cancelled my subscription in 2004 because of the way they covered Kerry. My guess is we will not get real answers unless Patrick Fitzgerald deposes Obama and/or indicts him.

  180. danikakat, see regency’s post above (and on camille) they need a virginian who can be interviewed by a reporter

  181. Mawm, I hope there’s a You Tube later. I don’t watch tv, but it sounds as though you were fantastic. Thanks so much for everything you and Gary are doing to put an intelligent, reasoned and passionate face on PUMA. You guys are the best!

  182. At this point in 1992, Bill was running in third behind Perot and Poppy Bush.

  183. dakinikat, on June 27th, 2008 at 5:53 pm Said:
    Yes, Michelle Bernard works for BET news … I believe, she is black.

    Thanks, dakinkat.

    I can’t stand that heifer. Once Obama’s gone we won’t have to see her or Roland Martin,etc. pundit-ing anymore because the only thing they can do is shill for Obama.

  184. JJ, on June 27th, 2008 at 5:53 pm Said:
    sonya, yes, Michelle Bernard is African American and she is a hillary hater and I am pretty sure she is a right winger, though she seems to be supporting Obama in this election. I cannot stand her, she is one of those horrible women who always opposes other women.


    That heifer is as republican as you or me. Black folks like her call themselves republicans because the line is shorter on that side. Same thing with dumb-ass Armstrong Williams who supports Obama. True black conservatives aren’t buying Obama’s crap.

  185. From what I’ve heard, Michelle Bernard is a head for a Neo-con women’s think tank in DC.

  186. If anyone harbors any doubts about Matthews hatred of Hillary I urge you to read today’s Bob Somerby.


  187. I’m sick and f*cking tired of being told that I’m a Republican because I don’t like being called a cunt-faced bitch-loving whore, and other less nice names that the bots have thrown at me and at all of us.

    How about Michael, who got told that he was a bitch-loving faggot and “I know a fence in Wyoming?” Does resenting a threatened gay-bashing make HIM a Republican?

    I refuse to support a candidate who just caved in on telecom immunity, and I’m a Republican?

    I refuse to support a candidate whose backers called universal healthcare a nonstarter, and I’m a REPUBLICAN?!

    What the hell is the color of the sky in their world?

  188. Mawm!!!


    Infantry Co-Commander of the Rebel Alliance!

  189. UpstateNY, I’ve got to sign off. If you are in close proximity to me and you would like to trade information, you can leave your email at my blog by clicking my name and posting in comments. Comments are moderated, so your email address will be safe.

    That goes for all of you upstate NY’ers. Together we have a much bigger roar and could get the PUMA ball rolling in our area.


  190. SM — LULAC is concerned a narrow special interest group, which the Democrats are trying to avoid. Didn’t stop them from taking advantage of LULAC’s legal efforts to pick up an extra seat, though (Ciro Rodriguez TX-23)

  191. SM: You continue to impress me!

  192. Mawm, did you get a chance to plug the Confluence on Cavuto?

    I know you did a great job (judging from your “voting rights is civil rights” commentary back on May 31st), and I hope its on Youtube!

    We should add more functionality to the Confluence like threaded comments and whatever people suggest in order to represent FDR/Hillary ideals even more.

  193. SM — LULAC is considered a narrow special interest group by the Dems, which they are trying to avoid. Didn’t stop them from taking advantage of LULAC’s legal efforts to pick up an extra seat, though (Ciro Rodriguez TX-23)

  194. UpstateNY, I’ve got to sign off. If you are in close proximity to me and you would like to trade information, you can leave your email at my blog by clicking my name and posting in comments. Comments are moderated, so your email address will be safe.

    That goes for all of you upstate NY’ers. Together we have a much bigger roar and could get the PUMA ball rolling in our area.


  195. OK HUZZY IS HOME WHAT HAPPENED IN UNITY? sorry for the caps but I cant read thru all the 500+ posts since i left the smoring?

    fuzzybeargville-waiting waiting tell me it was good news mawm and garychapelhill

  196. sorry fuzzy is home….

  197. Janis: It is comments from the Obamabots who help to solidify out distaste for him. Calling us names is the most juvenile enterprise they could enter into. Is it supposed to endear us to their side? If so, they are going about it all wrong.

  198. Pat and others,

    I am on your side – a Proud PUMA who made a mistake (and was trying to ask for a correction gently, with an explanation of why it grated) – I mentioned it for the same reason I protest inaccuracies about Obama, even though I will never vote for him – I don’t want “our side” to ever appear in the wrong! I am sorry if it came out as ‘berating.’

    If that was the interpretation, then I’m not surprised to see my previous innocuous post disappeared (though yes, I did post incorrect information that I should’ve googled first). I hope my apology and appreciation for the education second post stays – it and the first are honest communications. I am grateful as can be that this site exists – Confluence and Anglachelg are the only blogs I check daily any more.


  199. HLR: LULAC is very important to the Latino community. From the die-hard Republicans to the most Liberal Democrats, LULAC is a happy place where Latinos can unite safely without pulling partisan issues. We do fight amongst ourselves sometimes, as we are racially and culturally diverse, but LULAC brings us together.

    So it is VERY important to address LULAC – if you are a politician who cares about Latinos.

  200. Why isn’t my state a swing state. It stinks being in New York.

  201. Fixie: Accepted. We are on the alert for the Obamabots who once in awhile sneak through and start out innocuously at first but then tend to preach and insult after a post to two.

  202. Mawm you rocked! Loved your line about being able to think for yourself. Lil Blondie looked surprised. Probably didn’t realize that anyone did that anymore. So uncool or whatever.

    Any way can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. You and Gary are so awesome.

    I am so proud to be a part of this blog and of this movement. And it’s not even a month old? How tremendous is that?

  203. I’m in VA.

  204. Posted at Reclusive Leftist.


  205. Why doesn’t O take the public financing he said he would? The Clintons should use their money against her debt.

  206. I’m in SW Va. but I’m holding my ammo until I find out who Obama has chosen as VP. I won’t be voting McCain but if Hill isn’t on the ticket I may stay home.

  207. Obama is all about Obama. He goes where it best suits him. He cares not about you, me, or anybody else. It is all about him.

  208. Poor Michelle Bernard has fallen in love with O. She is a right-winger.

  209. The I Own My Vote thing won’t go through. Keeps saying ‘inquiry failed.’

  210. chatblu, You can get to I Own My Vote thru No Quarter.

  211. regency is looking for someone from VA because there’s a VA reporter who wants to interview a VA PUMA. Here’s what she wrote:

    “All right folks, who here is from VA and wants to do an interview for the Times Herald? You’ve got to be willing to have your name printed. Anybody? This reporter has a deadline and we have nobody from VA.”

  212. Mawm: you were fantastic! I don’t know how you remained so calm. Anyway, if you and Gary are anywhere near Princeton, email me. Maybe I can meet you somewhere for dinner.

  213. Pat – we are feeling the same – I’m in awe & impressed by you and everyone here.

    To be part of a wonderful group like the Confluence is something that has fulfilled me greatly during these times of stormy darkness.

    I can’t count how many times you’ve brought a hearty laugh when I’m feeling down. We support each other.


  214. Pat, it just blows my mind that all this time I thought that the Democrats were the party about respect for women and women’s issues. They’re no better than Republicans. We’re garbage on either side of the political fence. It’s revolting.

    As far as I’m concerned, after realizing that we’re whores and cunts and bitches no matter where we go, I might as well vote for my own amusement and fun. Right now, that means McCain.

    And before anyone jumps on me about what that means for Iraq — if you think the Baby Jesus over there is going ot end the Iraq war, you’re dreaming.

    Only this time, when His Nibs decides to bomb the hell out of people, his supposedly anti-war supporters will be loving every minute of it, because IOIYBO. Dead Iraqis and dead soldiers only count if it’s Dubya’s fault.

  215. Wow! Now THIS is what I call a movement.

    RD, very well put. We want Hillary Clinton on the ballot at the convention and the pledged and super delegates have to vote for either in full view of the camera.

  216. In the future please put TIME ZONES. (EST).

  217. SM — make no mistake, I think LULAC is very effective and gets things done. My comment is more about the attitudes of the “new Dems” who do not want to be seen as captive to ‘special interest groups,’ hence things like NARAL’s capitulation.

  218. I love it how some folks in the left make the argument to women that Roe vs Wade will be overturned if they vote for McCain. George Bush is a real conservative and he has been in the White House for 8 years and he hasn’t changed a thing.

  219. CWaltz, my view on McCain is that he’s a moderate in his heart of hearts and always has been. We know it, and so does he.

    The difference is that he is a cranky, pissy, old fart as well — and there are limits to what a man like that, who does not intend to run for reelection, will do to pander. Given his personality, and where he is in life and his career, there is more than a distinct possibility that he will do what he feels is right when he gets in, and the hell with the machine politics. He will not do anything that will make the lives of soldiers harder, and that means no torture and no Guantanamo Bay and no more Abu Ghraibs, at the very least. The Baby Jesus is young enough, nakedly ambitious enough, and at the right point in his career, to be manipulated and bought and sold. McCain’s not — he’s at the right point in career and life to flip off those who try to control him. Temperamentally, he’s likely to.

    He’s a lot more likely to surprise us pleasantly than unpleasantly.

    And also, it’s vitally important that the Dems get slapped down, hard enough to make their teeth rattle. The Repubs threw one state in the trash bin; the Dems doubled that. They put forward a bald-faced fix; if we don’t bust their jaws over this, we wont’ have a single party that can be trusted to defend the Constitution. We’ll never have a trustworthy election again, as long as we live. What sort of foreign and domestic policy do you think we’ll crank out then? How good will the lives of the poor and working class be? How many more wars will we start once BOTH parties learn that they can do what they want and screw the people’s choices?

    This country will be dead in the water if the Democrats win this year, and for good and all.

    Compare that to a vote for a cranky, pissy guy who once refused to get let out of a POW camp because he cared more about his comrades than his own skin. He was willing to invest a few years’ of misery for what he knew would be a bigger payoff later — how about us?

  220. regency – there is a blogger on pumapac called VAPUMA – i just asked her if she? would be interested in being interviewed –

  221. The hell with Roe v. Wade. Baby Jesus has already caved on campaign public financing, NAFTA, FISA, and Iraq. And now he says he’ll protect SCOTUS and my right to choose? Why the hell should I believe him now? He’s 0 for 4.

    I don’t believe a word that lying creep says about protecting choice. He’s caved on everything else. Pull the other one, Barack. It’s got bells on.

  222. HLR: Let them not care. They’ll think differently after November 5th, 2008.

  223. If BO doesn’t choose Hillary as his VP, then what’s the point of demanding her presence at this so-called Unity rally? How about all the pundits calling Bill out for not being there? The only reason I see for BO to keep yanking the leash is to simply rub the Clintons’ nose in shit. And that just STINKS. I think Bill is showing good judgment in not being there; I sure the hell couldn’t be.

  224. Bush got us into Iraq under false pretenses. We messed up that country pretty bad. Pumping money into the coffers over there has only increased the corruption. Their lives are miserable.

    Iran is an issue. They are quite possibly willing to engage us in some sort of skirmish just to prove their might in the region. The mullahs control in that country.

    Israel and Hamas will continue to disrupt any peace process that may find its way to the table because of their own “crazies” who won’t settle for any arbitrary solution.

    The Saudi’s have us by the short hairs because of their hold on the oil supply. Whether we want to admit it or not, our presence must remain to some extent because our entire economy and way of life depends upon it.

    Pakistan and Afghanistan continue to create sanctuaries for Al Qaeda. We must remain their with whatever little effort we can maintain to assure some semblance of containment. Their respective governments are shaky.

    This is all tied into the oil. The commodity we need to survive as a nation. Without that commodity we implode.

    God bless either candidate who wants this job. Sorting it out is going to take patience and a great deal of wheeling and dealing.

    And as much as I sound like a gloom and doomer, oil has become our lifesblood.

  225. Well I guess we will have to wait for the Mawn Interview…and gary’s words on what happened CBS scrubbed its protest section-there commentator said if Hillary is the VP we are going to come home?

    They just dont get it do they Pat?

    Janis no one should jump on you about McCain the difference between us and the Obots is we respect each others “paths to victroy”….as long as you do not support the big “O”.

    I am proud to be a late joiner here but love every one who has contributed to the 1.2million + hits.


  226. Also, the only reason Roe is hanging by a thread is because the Dems have allowed it to by conscious choice. They know that as long as roe hangs in the balance, they can threaten us into toeing the line with it.

    Again, it’s four years of pain now that will pay off in the future — when the Dems learn that they’d damned well better stop letting Roe hang by a thread and start defending it for real, because they can’t use it as the stick to beat us into submission anymore.

    Roe simply doesn’t scare me anymore. I am well and truly sick of being held hostage with my own uterus, by both sides. The Dems are no more our allies than the Repubs are on this matter.

    A vote for McCain is a vote for four years of not-so-good for a better future. Voting Obama is avoiding a smaller pain now to being about a far larger one later on.

  227. Remember when Greta told Pelosi, that unity in November was delusional. Pelosi’s first response was EXTORTION.

  228. At least she didn’t call it blackmail.

    That would be r*cist.

  229. SusiePuma: I don’t think we have time. I’m so sorry I should’ve posted the deadline time It was 6:15 Virginia time (EST?)–or was it :45? I don’t recall now but I’ve been up for more than 24 hours and it just didn’t occur to me.

  230. I don’t want Hillary to be his VP running mate.

    She needs to get as far away from him as possible.

    Just Say No to VP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quite frankly, she’s to good to be his VP.

  231. Janis you are bloody brilliant….My thought to your words the vulcan mind meld trick is working


  232. Maybe Average Jane still posts at TM

  233. Janis said to vote for Obama

    Yes I W****** —————— errrrrrrrrrrrrr uuuuuuuuuummmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    Good try though.

  234. Irlandese, Bill Clinton has been in Europe with NELSON MANDELA!!!




    Obama’s minions & MSM harpies want Bill Clinton, A GLOBAL LIVING ICON, to leave one of the other GLOBAL LIVING ICONS to kiss ass to a guy who called him a racist??????

    And he’s THISCLOSE with Nelson Mandela????


  235. But Roe should scare us all still. It is the ONLY real declaration of independence for WOMEN ONLY. Whatever happened to the ERA? Not even on the table anymore. My uterus is happily in retirement, but my 15-year-old daughter’s is NOT. We have got to put more on the table for women. If the ERA (or a updated version thereof) could be ratified, we wouldn’t have the threat of R vs. W being overturned held over our heads.

  236. Michael, I’m bloddy PISSED is what I am — but thanks. 🙂

    I also keep thinking with some wistfulness what would have happened has Abu Ghraib happened on McCain’s watch. They’d still be scrubbing the walls off in the Oval Office. McCain would have eaten people’s entrails over that disgrace.

  237. My last post before I go to dinner.

    Janis the Roe vs Wade ploy has been tried here MANY times. It’s an old agrument that we’re not interested debating any longer.

    Try again next time.

  238. myiq2xu did you see the Pelosi interview with Greta.

  239. I think I’m being misunderstood — I’m NOT making the Roe argument. In fact, I’m sick of it myself.

    I am NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM emcouraging a vote for Obama. I’m voting McCain.

  240. Janis – we’ve had 5 Repulican Presidents since Roe.

    Does you uterus still belong to you?

    Mine does. Still does in 2008.

    Don’t believe the hype!

  241. Pat – so Mawm looks like you ex-husband? and from all the comments Mawn in a looker as well then better him than me in front of the camera. My Wookie size might scare the reporters. My muddled accent from being a navy brat would surely get me labled a r*cist.

    Binita you to are channeling me I believe Hillary should run not walk to the Exit as soon as the bills are paid.

    Also I think I would be nice if Bill Clinton stuck to his “27 words” endorsment-he can afford it what are they going to do? rewrite history that GHWB won in 1992 and Dole 1996….come on he is golden and they hate him for it.


  242. Michael: I think they may be beginning to get it. Just a little bit.

    Look at this blog. These posters are a microcosm of the US. Male, female, old, young, gay, straight, super educated, varied life experiences, single, married, divorced, widowed, all shapes, sizes, voices.

    Sometimes the mood is light, other times quite serious. Knowledgeable, questioning, wanting to learn and recognize the truth in all its naked glory. These are the inhabitants of this community cupboard.

    We are diverse yet we are the same. We laugh together, cry together, bolster one another, share stories, hope, dream, and persist.

    We cleave to one another in a way that lifts our spirits. Each poster has an identity. Read long enough and that identity emerges into a fully realized human being. This is who we are.

    So yes, “they” do see us. Perhaps not as individuals as yet but as a movement of sorts. A combination of voices blending into one.

  243. Let me rephrase what I said — voting Obama now is an attempt to avoid a small pain soon, but it will cause a far larger pain later on.

    Voting McCain is a small pain now, but will AVOID the larger one, by communicating in no uncertain terms to the Democratic party that they cannot let Roe hang by a thread any longer.

    I am SICK of Roe being used as a stick to beat us into line.

    Again, I am NOT VOTING OBAMA nor am I telling anyone else to do so. I just phrased myself poorly. Believe you me, I’m PUMA all the way.

  244. HZ:

    I don’t watch television news.

    Other than CMT, about the only television I watch is Reno 9-11 and Burn Notice.

  245. Just to clarify on the notion that the coup began last year…really it began in 2004 with Donna Grendel Brazile and Coward Dean. We were screwed long before the FL and MI fiasco began. In fact, that whole thing was a tool.

    The really messed up part is, Pampers isn’t the reason for the season; he just fit the suit.


    I think we can all be proud of what we’ve accomplished in just a short period of time. Kudos to the Unity landing party!

  246. Congratulations RD and all of you in the coalition that created PUMA.

    I’m one of you and proud of it!

    go PUMA!

  247. I love it “The 27 Words” has anyone read them but me. The best flip off/dust his shoulder I have seen. It was done with class, which I could remember the link-Pat,SM,Regency have any of you seen “the 27 words.”

    They are the most brilliant-the most backhanded endorsement I have seen, better than Rendells “we just need the checks” comment.

    Big Dawg needs to stick to his guns-


  248. myiq2u: By the end of this election our brains will have turned to oatmeal.

    Having discontinued most of my mag subscriptions, do not watch cable for over 5 minutes, have deleted most of my customary blog sights, I am left with this one and perezhilton.com.

    I have now become a walking encyclopedia on anything having to do with Lil’ Kim and the Kardashian sisters.

  249. Denise, I know! I have to get in touch with Murphy – I’m very happy that’s happening!

  250. Whoo Hoo!!!

  251. I also hope that people understand that it’s concerns about Roe that makes me — and other PUMAs — unwilling to support Obama.

    I remember when Bush was early on in his unfortunately tenure. It was a joke among educators and other similar groups that he’d compliment you, then slash your budget. The bleak humor started; if Bush said something nice about you, hide your wallet, because your program about to get starved out of existence.

    The same thing’s happening here with the Baby Jesus — he talks big about defending something, and the next thing he does is toss it under the bus.

    So now he’s talking big about choice. After NAFTA, FISA, Iraq, and public financing go on the chopping block, I’m standing here waiting for the axe to fall on choice now. The last four times that guy swore up and down to defend something, under the bus it went.

  252. Ha remember of the “the 27 words.” Maybe they’re at TalkLeft.

  253. Irlandese, I agree with you that there needs to be more on the table for women, and NEITHER party right now is fighting for this. Hillary was, but the DNC as an establishment could care less, until and unless it gets them vote. This is why I thought it was foolish for groups like Emily’s List and NOW to turn on a dime as soon as Hill suspended and give their support to Obama. In my view, they should have taken a slightly more rebellious approach and engaged in conversations with the Obama campaign about the platforms and policies that he would be pushing. They should have demanded that he put more on the table for women and demanded that he expend some political capital to get these issues taken care of once in the White House. And then, and only then, after they got some progressive policy promises for him should they have given him their support. They caved, as they always do, because they are afraid of losing political access. This is the same reason why they would only call out sexism in the media, but never the silence of the DNC. Their lack of courage in making demands is why the women’s movement has stalled. Voting for Obama is NOT the answer to getting these issues addressed, voting for Obama shows that you can kick women and the issues they care about in the teeth and still get by because you may be marginally better than the other guy.

    It sucks, and I am not playing along anymore.

  254. Michael/FuzzyBear: I haven’t seen the full endorsement, I only have read one sentence – but that’s ok. Our Big Dawg is doing right by us.

  255. Could someone fill me in on the 27 words? I just got back from being abroad for the last few weeks and I kept up with some stuff, but I must be out of the loop on this…

  256. I have been reading Janis posts around the blogosphere and even here I will personnally verify she is dyed in the wool PUMA.

    I got her “voting for obama now…” quote the first time I saw it…think of McCain in Office as shared sacrifice-that both the Obamabots and PUMA’s will do together a shared purgatory that we can say to the bots “hey you brought this on yourself….” and it could be the healing balm for the democratic party helping it get back to its roots.


  257. Well, according to the “news” I’ve heard thus far, the event in Unity was a huge success for the galloping Unity Pony.

    I’m waiting to hear the real scoop from those in attendance [meaning those who haven’t imbibed the kool-aide].

    Thanks to everyone who made the trek. Splendid work. You’re our eyes and ears, our only window on reality.


  258. JJ: That’s just the “endorsement” Bill’s spokesman gave after they wouldn’t shut about Bill endorsing. It was 27 words of “well, I’ll do what I can, and what they’ll have me do…yeah, something like that.”

    Tepid does not properly express the indifference.

  259. The 27 words are the essence of damning him with faint praise.;

  260. JJ clinton issued a 27 word endorsment of Obama it was shrewd and a brush off his ofer to campaign for obama was worded so any one with an elementary understanding of the english language -“dont call me I’ll call you”- the tone was this guy is so beneath me…and he is our nominee? I have never been to talkleft that I know of…

    oooh I got another DNC letter frrom a Mr Macsome one or other he’s on a unioty committee or something?

    he got the standard reply


  261. “President Clinton is obviously committed to doing whatever he can and is asked to do to ensure Senator Obama is the next President of the United States.”

    That’s according to TPM

    Is that what everybody’s looking for?

  262. Tonight at 10 Anderson Cooper is doing a segment on “Does Clinton Need Obama More Than He Needs Her?” WTF???????

  263. yeah it was one of Bills aides -they must be mor competent than Obama’s because Bill did not fire him when his “27 words” was recognized by the MSM as a slap-and Obama is to weak to call him on it….or maybe the big “o” really thought it was a ringing endorsement? or most likely he didnt want to rattle big dawg while he was making nicey nicey to Hillary? what you think regency Pat SM?


  264. That should be how we recognize each other in public just say did you like the 27 words? if the answer is yes then you know you are in the presenc of a PUMA.


  265. isnt it time for a new thread?

  266. Fuzzybear: “o” is not even in Big Saw’s league. He knows he’s got not cred to be coming after the only two-term Prez since FDR. “o” tried so hard to take it as a ringing endorsement, but you can only stretch a rubber band so far before it breaks–especially the wee ones.

    Ah, Bill, a true political smooth operator. Barck is such a rookie.

  267. No Quarter rockin’ the the Boston Globe’s Obama Slumlord Parade. I’m tellin’ ya, we keep bein’ loud and proud we can turn this thing around (Jimmy Stewart accent right there). But we have to grow the numbers to give the super delegates cover.

    Can you believe this crap?

  268. Thanks regencyG- the VA puma said she really didn’t want to be interviewed – so………………………….

  269. The 27 words said. I am a former president, show respect, due. Ask. (You arrogant. ass)

  270. I have just read all the comments on this post.
    I love it here.
    Thank you all!

  271. Hillary-zilla: I think you’d be closer to right if you replaced “ass” with two words, beginning with m and f respectively.

  272. email from hillary…

    Dear campskunk,

    On February 8, in Unity, New Hampshire, 107 people voted for me, and 107 people voted for Senator Barack Obama.

    Today, Barack and I were in Unity to celebrate a unified Democratic Party focused on electing him the next president. I was proud to stand with him today, and I will do whatever I can to help his campaign between now and November.

    Senator McCain and the Republicans may have hoped that we wouldn’t join forces like this. They may have wished that we wouldn’t stand united to fight this battle with everything we’ve got.

    But I’ve got news for them: We are one party; we are one America; and we are not going to rest until we take back our country and put it once again on the path to peace, prosperity, and progress in the 21st century.

    Click here to watch the video of today’s unity rally in Unity, NH.


    P.S. So many of you have reached out to help us retire our campaign debt — I’m so grateful for your support. If you haven’t, I hope you’ll consider making a contribution today to help me as I continue standing up for the values we share.

    nothing in there about him winning in the fall, or even voting for him. heh.

    i’m with hillary – i am not going to rest until we take back our country and put it once again on the path to peace, prosperity, and progress in the 21st century. unfortunately, if obama runs in the fall, we’ll be talking about a target date of 2012 to begin this important task.

  273. There are several Pride events coming up soon that Obama supporters plan to march in or meet at. It would be good to see if we can find some PUMAs to participate too. The Chicago Pride in particular would be good. From what I hear, Obama will NOT be marching in the Chicago Pride parade. Hillary Clinton marches in Pride parades, even Republican Rudy Guliani marched in the NYC Pride Parade when he was mayor of NY. Maybe in Chicago, PUMAs can have signs saying “Where is Obama?”.

    It’s obvious that they are targeting key states (MI, FL, PA, OH) so we need to have a presence there too.

    Most of these parades have no fee to walk in the parades but require prior registration for participation You don’t have to be LGBT to march, you can be friends of LGBT. There are already LGBT flyers at PumaPAC http://pumapacusa.org/fliers/fliers.html

    June 28 – Michigan Pride http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/prideevent/4gfs9
    June 28 – Mid-Michigan Pride
    June 28 – St. Pete Pride
    June 28 – Columbus Pride
    June 28 – Houston Pride
    June 28 – Erie Pride Picnic (parade Sun)
    June 28 – NY Dyke March

    June 29 – SF Pride
    June 29 – Seattle Pride
    June 29 – St. Louis
    June 29 – Minneapolis
    June 29 – Chicago
    June 29 – Erie, PA Pride March
    June 29 – NYC Pride

    July 4,5,6 – Atlanta Pride (parade on 6th)

    This is a great opportunity for visibility.

  274. I don’t know if this was posted, so I’m putting it up 🙂 Found on Boston.com in an article on the Unity farce:

    Laura Smith, 55, who lives in Connecticut and New Hampshire, is carrying a sign that declares, “The Democratic Party is a house divided” and another that says “Puma: Party Unity My A**.”

    She said she volunteered for Clinton during the primaries, plans to travel to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, and plans to vote for Republican John McCain in protest.

    “I think it’s important for everyone to understand that everybody is not falling in line for Obama,” said Smith, who said she believes that Obama is far too inexperienced to be president. “There are thousands of us out there, we communicate on the Internet, we don’t buy his story.”

  275. Janis, on June 27th, 2008 at 6:38 pm Said:

    This country will be dead in the water if the Democrats win this year, and for good and all.

    Word to everything you said. I say it over and over, if Hillary isn’t at the top of the ticket in November, I’ll vote for McCain without hesitation.

  276. Fitz,

    That’s a great idea. Obama seems to be highly allergic to being involved in anything the slightest bit pro-LGBT.

  277. campskunk just got the same e-mail didnt send hillary my std reply-I love her to much to break her heart that I will not support the possum in chief


  278. Another Obama/Rezko crony and fundraiser was indicted yesterday.


  279. Perhaps Obama will speak at the Pride event, with Donnie McClurkin as his opening act.

  280. I am a free minded person but this is too much-do not forget hillary’s independence day July 4th make a donation at Hiedi li’s sight to retire hillary’s debt…

    I miss my Hillary so much she is still my girl even if we disagree on what is best for the country


  281. Drats! Got home late, missed all the fun!
    Thanks to gch amd mawm for representin’ in NH today!
    Wish I could have seen you on TV.

    PUMA just continues to grow. Thanks to rd and sm for getting it started.

    I’d like a cosmo to celebrate, please.

  282. Why wouldn’t he stop touching her? I hated him touching her. Hands off there, Bubby. Not your chick.

  283. I believe only Hillary can save the country and party from its own implosion-you folks here Keep this big ol’ wookie from breaking down if I hadn’t found you I would still be on HillaryClinton.com with all the bots

    You are great-


  284. Yesterday, I was an old, bitter, hag.

    Today? I’m an old, bitter, RETIRED LIBRARIAN, hag….

  285. Cnn, pumas

    Are they allowed to say the a word ?

  286. katiebird: Good work! Congratulations on a job well done! You are going to love the freedom. Nothing like it.

  287. Smith, if it’s in the Bible you can say it on tv.

  288. yes they are it was taken off the George Carlin List of the 7 no no words years ago


  289. KATIEBIRD!!!!


    And let me say that your picture shows a youthful, full of life PUMA that doesn’t look she’s a “retired” lady.

  290. I am an Obama supporter who has also admired Clinton. I am an American with an older brother in the military and a sister soon to emerge from college.

    I respect whatever decision you feel you must make. I simply hope that people will consider that their votes may be a life and death decision for people like my brother, not to mention those who might become the collateral damage of another neocon war.

    Your vote may decide the economy and job market which my sister faces in her first years out of school as she tries to find her place in the world.

    Lastly, my mother is a brilliant woman who has devoted most of her life to grassroots environmental causes, starting with cleaning up the Hudson river and continuing on to today. Your vote may greatly enable or disable the causes she has dedicated her life to.

    I hope that every American will weight their vote heavily. Is there no other way to fight for this cause than to risk another 4 – 8 years of the same disastrous policies we have been getting for the last 8? America and the world will face the consequences.

    Thank you.

  291. ass refers to the democrat symbol for a bucking Ass not ones posterior its a clever play on words right?

    fuzzybear-new thread?

  292. What a PUMA-istical week it was. Congrats to mawm and gary.

    It seems that is was only yesterday that we were an itty bitty baby blog. RD, bb, katiebird & all you good people have provided a safe haven for the birth of a movement.

    The hand that rocks the cradle rule the world. Or, as we used to say back in the 60’s:

    The hand that cradles the rock rules the world.

  293. jesse-this is an Obamabot freezone peddle your tripe elsewhere and since you are new her is my reply directly at you:

    “I am sorry my refusal to support Senator Obama in the General Election is not up for discussion. I cannot be cajoled, harassed, or guilted into changing my mind. If you would like to discuss us working on down ticket support of the party to increase democratic control of the congress I am open and look forward to such a discussion.”

    I do not believe you one Iota Jesse I am strong with the force you kool-aid has no power here


  294. Smith, thank you for the video!

    OMG!! Wolf Blitzer told Abbey (who has that fab Australian accent) that Party Unity My Ass was “creative.”

    (Giggling as I type!)

  295. Jesse, I really don’t understand why you are supporting Obama, then. He voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill, which isn’t exactly good ecology.

    He’s already said that he had no intention of pulling out of Iraq when he said he would and that he won’t be held to any timetable. And what kinds of wars do you think the future will hold when the last remaining superpower lokos froward to nothing but crooked elections from here on out?

    My love for all the things you mention compels me to make damned sure that the Democrats never flirt so openly with corruption and evil again. They need to be smacked down hard — and my hand is up and ready.

  296. arabella- my sweet ray of sunshine now my day is complete I could not truely enjoy our victories today with out one of our greatst supporters and one of PUMA’s most brilliant minds-the fact thay we agree on so mush is beside the point.

    glad you are here


  297. Okay, I’m ready to tell yall what I’m going to eat for dinner tonight. That means we need a new thread.

  298. Michael / Fuzzybear:

    It was not orginally intended as representing the Democratic donkey. That I can vouch for.

    But “ass=Dem donkey,” why not?

    PUMA means whatever people feel it should be for them – as long as it empowers them to take action for the injustice the RBC & DNC have imposed on its decade-long constituents.

  299. Thanks for Bill’s 27 words. I love that man, I really do.

  300. Anyone want an update on the Kardashian sisters?

  301. 304 posts are we not over the limit-Janis glad you are back have you read my sweet arabella’s post? I miss Mawn and Gary….the wookie is going to pout soon…


  302. Katiebird,

    Congratulations!!!! Now you are free to cause all kinds of trouble for Obama and the Democratic Party. And of course to be a lady of leisure too.

  303. michael
    You get extra air kisses today. The Talaxian PUMAs send greetings.

    jesse is a “form letter troll”

    Remember that military mom troll who typed with one hand while she folded socks with the other? Nice Irish name.

    Or elderwoman with her heartwrenching stories of her womyn’s group helping to procure illegal abortions? Oh yeah, elderwoman was some kid in Maine.

    Ou sont les trolls dantan?


  304. The Kardashian sisters? Yes, spill!

  305. Jesse, I certainly appreciate your respectful tone and your recognition that people may need to do what they have to do.

    But I think you should know that just because Obama has a D behind his name, it does not mean that he will be the answer to all the problems that you and your family face. I am not saying McCain will be either, but it is hard to trust Obama on the war when he has changed his position on withdrawal several times and his top advisers have said that we shouldn’t expect him to stick to his campaign promises on withdrawal. As for your sister, I am not sure how much the Obama economy will help her. Obama seems to not understand that the Clinton economy was far better than the Bush economy, as he demonstrated during his final (disastrous) debate with Hillary, he does not understand capital gains taxes, and you should really get some background information on his top economic advisers, specifically Austin Goolsbee. This information will show you that he really isn’t the progressive on economic issues that you think he is. And as for your mother’s environmental causes? I believe it was Obama who voted for the Bush Cheney energy bill, while both Hillary and McCain voted against it.

    So for the sake of your family, and for the sake of mine, if you really want to win in November, please write to the DNC and tell them that Hillary, the only real Democrat among the three, is the only option.

  306. spread “The 27 Words” mantra adn also you can use my std response to Jesse abouve its a little wordy but the dumb looks from the bots I use it on are in Master Cards words”priceless”

    sure pat whats going on?


  307. (grinning) And I couldn’t have done it without all my bloggy friends….

    Gosh, it looks like we could use a new thread. But me? (stretching) I think I should take a nap first….

  308. The 27 words:

    “President Clinton is obviously committed to doing whatever he can and is asked to do to ensure Senator Obama is the next president of the United States.”,
    as related in a statement to AP by Matt McKenna, a spokesman for President W.J. Clinton.


  309. Katiebird, congratulations!

  310. For Arabella;

    One of the posts over at perezhilton.com asked the readers to describe the size of Kim’s a**. It looked to me like you could serve a complete 5 course dinner for 4 on it. With room for a centerpiece.

    This is how low I have sunk since giving up on the MSM, former blogs, and magazine subscriptions.

    My next adventure: scrapbooking online.

  311. SM:
    Bill Clinton celebrates Nelson Mandela’s birthday with him every year.

  312. jesse, on June 27th, 2008 at 8:11 pm Said:
    Why would you trust bambi on iraq? Can you show us anything from his record that tells you that he will act correctly with respect to iraq or afghanistan? (Please do not cite some speech he made to unknown crowds which he never followed up once in the senate)

  313. SM, as soon as I read that post about Bill celebrating with Mandela every year I was reminded of the fact that in the SC race baiting memo released by the Obama campaign, they jumped all over Bill for supposedly insinuating that Hillary is better than Mandela or something…it is racist for a man to think his wife is the best thing in the world.

  314. Pat J. – I have a gland that craves junk. I do a lot of fiber arts at home. I I like to listen to something while I’m knitting or sewing. I have an excuse to watch reality TV.

    Yes, I knit. It’s true.


  315. Jesse, Obama also voted that it’s ok, Bush wire taped U.S. citizens.

  316. New thread! And it’s on me. Bring your own beer.

  317. oh sorry Katiebird congrats my great grand mother who graduated form the U of Chicago in 1907(before she could vote) was a liberian at Loras College for years before retiring to be a house mother at Clarke College in Dubuque she taught me to love reading and books…

    “In your hands michael, is a sacred thing, the fine leather binding the guilt gold leaf on the edge of the paper, the printed words, these are powerful things,they are the thoughts of great men and women.”
    she inscribed it on the inset of a book she gave me from her collections I dont remember the book but still have the inscription. She was a real lady.

    Both my Great grandmothers graduated college, its why I dont have a problem with intelegent women being in charge I grew up with strong matriarchs.


  318. I noticed a strategy for the unity event was to applaud for Clinton…. just so you know (I haven’t watched in months) but I did a few minutes on CNN and MSNBC. Fineman was on MSNBC and he specifically noted that the crowd was applauding for Clinton (he also stated 40% of Clinton supporters are not behind Obama).

    I thought you would like to know that your strategy worked… and it was noted in the media and on KO’s (jackass, cough) show.

  319. Dances: He does? Sheee-it, I thought Bill Clinton was the grand wizard of the KKK by now, to hear Spike Lee go on about him. *rolls eyes*

    Mr. Mandela’s got more sense in his pinky fingernail than the bots have among all of them put together.

  320. jesse,

    We all have relatives that we care about too. If you have evidence that Obama will take action on these issues that you are concerned about, please provide it. As far as I can tell, Obama has no plans to get us out of Iraq to to change the imperialist approach of U.S. foreign policy. He is in the pocket of the nuclear and coal industries, so there is no evidence he will do anything for the environment, and he supports corporate “solutions” to domestic problems–in other words, he will very likely try to privatize social security and prevent any chance of our getting universal health care.

    Now tell me why I should vote for that.

  321. I just wanted to say Congratulations, so proud to see so many who care and are willing to speak out.

  322. DancesWithPumas:

    Global Icon celebrating with Global Icon.

    How DARE Obama & his minions (including Michelle Obama) call Bill Clinton a RACIST???

    I think Nelson Mandela knows a racist when he sees one.

  323. Katiebird, Congratulations!!

    I am so happy for you .

  324. Michael, I started in libraries 29 years ago and the culture has changed quite a bit since those days. Back then there were still Carnegie Libraries in operation. Today, my Library system (Kansas City, Kansas) has the last of the original Carnegie Libraries.

    And librarians themselves have changed quite a bit. Our Media Specialist (for example) is a Roller Derby Queen!

    I say “our” — I guess I’ve still got some adjustments to make.

    And I really didn’t mean to hijack the thread

  325. Janis:
    “Dances: He does? Sheee-it, I thought Bill Clinton was the grand wizard of the KKK by now, to hear Spike Lee go on about him. *rolls eyes*”

    I know! Especially despicable considering the Clintons’
    history with the African American community and all the flak they received for it.

    (whose existence would not be a reality without the encouragement, support, and inspiration of Riverdaughter and her regulars).

  326. KB, congratulations! Well done!

    My nephew has already done one tour of duty in Iraq. It’s for his sake, as well as many other reasons, that I HAVE to vote Nobama. He is untested, inexperienced, and has bad judgment based on his associations with Wright, Rezko, Ayers, etc. Our current president has proven how dangerous that is. There is nothing that could persuade me to get on the unity wagon.

    I’m Nobama, ALL the time.

  327. Why is everyone so surprised to discover Hillary is supporting Obama? She is the wife of a Democratic President and a former First Lady of this country. She is doing what she feels is best for the Democratic Party, and in view of her position in the party, I would be more surprised if she did not. She can’t violate the party of her husband the Democratic President. I wish she could take a vacation along with the President but she does have to uphold her position as a former First Lady, not to mention a current sitting Democratic Senator from NY. Give the lady a break here, will you?

  328. No one’s surprised — annoyed, but hardly surprised. She’s doing her thing is all. And we’re doing ours.

    Join us up on the new thread.

  329. ” She can’t violate the party of her husband the Democratic President”

    humm, did we go back to the 50’s and I dont know about it? She is her own person and she owns herself!

    Give me a break!

  330. OBAMA’S CHICAGO………..Go to http://www.chicagoagainstobama.com……..This is an example of how Obama helped Chicago

  331. Yay Sister Katie! It’s a beautiful day uip here in Seattle-when are you and mister going to visit?

    I now have to do my duty as thread killer and be on of the last posts. I’ve been out since this morning.

    MAWM! Thank you so much. I am so proud to be here making history with my fellow patriots. We are going to take are party-and country back. This is a dazzling achievment!

  332. {{Joanie}} Seattle? I think I was lucky to get myself to the couch! (giggle)

  333. COGITO, ERGO SUM not voting for Obama. There, that’s our motto.

  334. Thank you, EVERYONE, and particularly those who gave us voice on TV. I just got through reading, or at least skimming, all 339 posts before mine and this was like some crazy, impromptu jam session. I’ve only been reading her a few weeks, but already feel part of a movement.

    Thank you, Riverdaughter, for this open forum. Some of us were lost and now we’re found anew, here. I’m sure none of us wish we were in the situation that we’re in, but if I’m to be on any side I’m glad to be on the side of The Confluence and the PUMA’s.

    Thank you, Janis, for your brilliant words of wisdom, really. Your posts are shining through, here.

    I hope we can always remain as upbeat as we are, tonight. I hope we can continue to be creative and dispense wisdom to the nation. Our Hillary is doing what she has to do, and we’re now doing what we have to do.

    Remember, we are beholden to nothing more than our good consciences. This movement is now much bigger than Hillary, it’s about making sure that no candidate as good as her is ever treated the way she was. It’s about raising fairness back to primacy. It’s about holding people accountable to what they say they stand for and for what they promise.

    We may be in exile, or some strange socio-political limbo, but our wits are still about us. We’ve got to stay as positive as possible and keep on keepin’ on.

    Obama can keep the change. We’ll go make our own.

  335. DamonMI,

    What a great comment. It does feel good to know that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, doesn’t it? I can remember how frustrated I was when Reagan was President–how alone I felt thinking that most people actually believed he was a great leader. Now that we have the internet, we aren’t just dependent on party leaders and the media for information and we can talk to each other directly. It is so important to fight to keep the internet open to all.

  336. TG someone is listening!! I am one of I’m sure the many Hillary supporters that feel like we know longer have a say. Unless of course we vote for Obama. At this point I am choosing not to vote at all unless of course Hillary is named VP (which isn’t looking promising at this point). I am disappointed in my own party and feel like my vote in the primary meant nothing! I’m confused how democracy really works these days. Other than being able to blow off steam is there a way to sign up on this website to show our disappointment in our party? Do we have the power to have our voices heard and put Hillary on the VP ticket? Is there enough of us out there to make a difference? I’m ready!!!

  337. Go PUMA !!!
    After reading comments about Dr. NoBama flip floping on all his issues I would like to add my opinion on his stand on the war in iraq. He says that he wants to withdraw our troops as soon as possible. But I don’t beleive him as his ties to Rezko’s foriegn friends are trying to get bids to build security training bases in Iraq with U.S. dollars. These same foriegners are making straw donations to his campaign. His corrupt ties to these individuals in Chicago would only get stronger and more corrupt if he were to become POTUS.He’s ALL about the money !!!!! I am a republican voting for McCain but I have gained a great amount of respect for Hillary in the past few months and would vote for her in a heart beat over Dr. NoBama. My sister chloe is a PUMA member and she met MAWM and Gary in her trip to unity. I am helping her in any way that I can and I support your effort to stop Dr. NoBama . Even though we are from differnt parties we seem to have the same interest in our hearts, and that is to STOP Dr. NoBama and keep America safe. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH !!! NO DR. NOBAMA !!!

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