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La Vie Boheme

If you’re gonna be a deadender, might as well burst into song.

See PUMA getting to do it–on television below the fold.

319 Responses

  1. Today for you. Tomorrow for me.


  2. PUMA is growling!

  3. oh sorry Katiebird congrats my great grand mother who graduated form the U of Chicago in 1907(before she could vote) was a liberian at Loras College for years before retiring to be a house mother at Clarke College in Dubuque she taught me to love reading and books…

    “In your hands michael, is a sacred thing, the fine leather binding the guilt gold leaf on the edge of the paper, the printed words, these are powerful things,they are the thoughts of great men and women.”
    she inscribed it on the inset of a book she gave me from her collections I dont remember the book but still have the inscription. She was a real lady.

    Both my Great grandmothers graduated college, its why I dont have a problem with intelegent women being in charge I grew up with strong matriarchs.


  4. Hey, Arabella! I knit, too! Knit, crochet, spin, the whole thing. I’ve got a sock on the needles at the moment.

    What’s your latest project?

  5. I love Rent. Don’t make me dig up some Wicked.

    I do hope this clip isn’t too racy for everyone.

  6. Hi All,

    Today is my first post with the group. I am so glad to be here among friends, with people who hold the same values as I do.



  7. It helps PUMA greatly that an election with just Barry and McCain, without Hillary, is deemed too boring to bare by the MSM. Work it !!!


  8. regencyg,

    Maybe you could add some videos of the interviews today? Here is the Wolf Blitzer clip from commenter Smith.

  9. No problem, BB. If you can find the others for me consider them added.

  10. Janis – Mittens. I’m also making a kimono and finishing a sample.


  11. I can’t find the video of Mawm. Does anyone know how to negotiate the Foxnews site?

  12. regencyg,

    Riverdaughter will be thrilled to know that Wolf Blitzer thinks she is “very creative.”

  13. sampleR

    Pumas, like all cats, knit.

  14. Here’s one of Murphy on Fox.

  15. Hi, Della.

    Take off your shoes and sit a spell.

    PUMA 4 Evah

  16. Oh heck. I just can’t find the video of Mawm. But here’s Harriet Christian. I love her rant.

    Don’t feel you have to put up videos, regency. Thanks for starting a new thread. I was just about to do it when I saw yours. I hope Gary and Mawm will be able to stay awake long enough to check in with at least a small report.

  17. I think that Wolf clip is good. I love that he had her say it twice. It lifted my spirits because I just got Hillary’s email and don’t have the heart to delete it, but I can’t open it either.

  18. Jessie Loren from justsaynodeal video – MSNBC today

  19. Love this take from “Rent.” Love the energy from a group of like-minded people, too.

    As the first woman in my family to attend university, I can’t help but think that this fight is for all the women behind me: my grandmother who was nearly thirty before she had the vote, my mother who desperately wanted to go to art school but worked to help put her brothers through college and then me and other women like me, with choice and opportunity and a voice that will not be silenced.

    La Vie Boheme!

    PUMA members made us proud today. Thumbs up and sincere thanks!


  20. Hey thanks, regencyg! I think the Blitzer one is a scream.

  21. Welcome Della, you’ll have fun around here.

  22. RegencyG, this song is SO APPROPRIATE to what PUMAs are feeling now?

    What’s so damn wrong with speaking your mind, maintaining a principle of freedom & justice and equality?

    Thank you for this!

  23. I’m back from dinner and about to get on the treadmill.

    First, Janis, my apologies for interpreting your post incorrectly.

    Second, Bill Clinton is abroad celebrating Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Guess who else was there?

    The lovely Oprah. From what I’ve read, they used to be good friends but their interaction at the party was FROSTY. I wonder why? I say that with true sarcasm.

  24. Thanks for the welcome.

    I also felt the same way about my email from Hillary. I can’t open it. Funny how so many people can feel the same about things not knowing there are thousands out there with those same feelings.

  25. Bostonboomer – PLEASE POST YOUR THREAD TOO!!

    You know I need the fix.

    I’m on my Friday Night cheap-but-does-the-body-right wine tasting, celebrating PUMA penetration to the masses. And Katiebird’s retirement!

    Where’s Pat and Katiebird with the Franzia?

  26. Notice, Bonita, that none of the black people there–or any people really–hesitated to jump on Bill. They had the same rock star reaction they’ve ever had.

  27. For those who haven’t seen it yet, there is a devastating article about Obama and his relationship to Chicago slum lords on the first page of today’s Boston Globe. It’s detailed, it’s disturbing. It’s a must read.

    You can find it at http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/

  28. welcome della to the rebel alliance i hope the force is strong with you….oh just cked out hireheels the spam trolls are out in force tonight “Jesse” from the last thread posted the same tripe there-dont worry fuzzy dropped a house on him…..

    bonita-Oprah acting frosty? say it is not so-


  29. SM,

    I didn’t write anything. I was just going to put up a fresh thread while we wait to hear from our heroes–Gary and Mawm. It’s getting kind of late though. Maybe they decided to sack out for awhile instead.

  30. Hey, Bonita, don’t worry about it — I’ve made the same mistake myself enough times to not worry about it. 🙂 We PUMAs stick turgedder.

    So now that we’re on a new thread, I can tell everyone about the ravioli I’m gonna be eating tonight, right?

  31. HRC’s e-mail just has a link to the unity rally video and says we are one party against the Republicans, help me pay my debt.
    Don’t bother opening it.

  32. Could Oprah be acting frosty because the first black president doesn’t like her anymore? I think that’s it.

    And yeah, Bill’s black card is still good with me.

  33. The rebel alliance is strong and we have the best snacks.

    Oprah? Her ratings are in the toilet.

  34. Oprah doesn’t know from frosty — she wants frost, she can check out what was on the windows during that long Chicago winter when the people in that tenement were freezing their asses off while the Baby Jesus warmed his hands over a hot toddy.

    DAMN it. Do people just stop caring when they get their own bank accounts fattened?

  35. I opened it I cried….then realized she is just keeping her promise something Obama has never done.

    She is a far bigger person than he will ever be he shouldnt even be on the same stage as her….he souldnt be on the same planet…

    smug @$$ b@sterd


  36. Say what? Obama and Oprah had a falling out? Pour quoi?

    My husband went out to buy me some popsicles.

    Life is go-o-o-d.


  37. Here’s the votes from the 2004 convention:
    Kerry, John F., 10,045,891
    Edwards, John, 3,207,048
    Dean, Howard, 937,015
    Kucinich, Dennis J., 643,067
    (others), 591,524
    Clark, Wesley K., 572,207
    Sharpton, Alfred C. “Al”, 383,683
    Uncommitted, 155,388

    Hillary has more than all COMBINED. How can they deny her name being put into nomination??

  38. I love seeing these amazingly articulate spokespersons getting the message out to the world that this unity schtick is a joke. This is a very powerful movement and I am so proud to be part of it. BO and the DNC have a huge problem on their hands and the photo ops and stupid rally’s like today with BO sitting there looking bored, crossing his arms, while Hillary is getting the cheers is going to make independent minded Democrats change their minds about the Great Pretender. Obama will lose and it is time for the Democrats to wake up. If they don’t, they cannot blame Hillary. The fact is, BO is not qualified and this primary selection process was a sham. It is now out there for all to see thanks to some amazing people at the forefront of this new movement. What a great day for PUMAS!!!!!!! What a great day for Democracy!

  39. Oprah had a falling out with BILL.

    BILL is the “first black president.”

  40. Oprah is mad as hell because her ratings fell after she publically endorsed Obambi.

    Oprah needs to CHILL THE F-K OUT. She also is on the verge of losing her very tight spot on her media empire by stepping on the backs of those who put her there: WOMEN.

    Boston – ok. You know I’m fiending. Ok, back to the wine.

  41. What’s up with Oprah? I missed the story. When did Oprah have a falling out with Big Dawg?

  42. In the early days, I looked at the chat groups/blogs on Oprah’s site. Her viewers were not impressed by Obama. Bad business move on her part to be so involved in Obama’s campaign. She may never recover from it.


  43. SM, she doesn’t have to care any more. Every goddamned one of those billion dollars in her pocket started out life in the pocket of a working-class WOMAN — and she threw every goddamned one of them (US!) over when it counted, all to prop up some asshole who hasn’t done a THING for the black community she supposedly cares so deeply about.

    Yeah, right. She’s one more smug rich sh*thead getting behind the latest fad. She can go pound sand up her ass for all I care. Damned quisling.

  44. Oprah turned me off a few years ago when it became obvious she really thought she was GOD. It was so obvious how narcissistic she was, HER face always on the magazine, everything centered around her, it was all about HER. She was so full of herself. It came as no surprise she became an Opossum hack, like attracts like. Mr.Waffles and Oprah are two peas in a pod, each one makes me reach for a barf bucket.

  45. cool videos – thanks for posting them!

    heh heh – only Wolf has the nerve to say the “A” word on his show. actually, HE didn’t say it, but made someone else say it…….twice. love her accent!

    is there a MAWM video?

  46. well arabella regency janis bb pat and our new della…I have some very sad news PETA folks cover your eyes and plug your ears…..

    I am afraid the ol’ Unity Pony has been sent to the glue factory and rendering plant….


  47. Perfect song! Another one is “Not Ready to Make Nice” from the Dixie Chicks.

  48. abycat, no more booze for you…now, smell the coffe and lets go over this together. Oprah, Obama, megarallies, SuperTuesday….

    Live long and prosper.

  49. Michael – Yeah, they just showed it on Animal Cops.


  50. kiki,

    I couldn’t find the Mawm video on either Fox news or You tube. I guess we’ll have to wait until someone who tivo’d it posts it. I’ll keep checking though.

  51. Denise W, on June 27th, 2008 at 9:29 pm Said:

    well said and only BO could rivel Oprah in the narcissistic steaks! lol! She DOES think she’s God.

  52. When I saw Oprah gush all over Obama, it was all crystal clear to me: Game recognizes Game.

  53. Fuzzy, I feel the need to buy some Elmer’s glue. For my PUMA arts and crafts project.

    Me, bitter? A little. Bitter and angry? Chyeah I am.

  54. Well, we don’t have to send the Unity Pony to the knackers — just geld the damned thing so its DNA ends here.

  55. Kbird: I do not know if you will see this or not, but from the previous thread…Congratulations on your retirement.

  56. Kiki, I am dating myself when I say this, but Abbey sounds EXACTLY like Olivia Newton John to me (of course they are both Aussies).

    Maybe it’s the cheap wine.

    Ah, what-da-hell! I LOVE me some “Hopelessly Devoted to Yooooou!!!”

    MAWM & GARY, Infantry Co-Commanders of the Rebel Alliance, we hope you are well!! May the Force be with you!

  57. LOL, Michael, you are a riot!

    You know what made me mad today? The way BO sat on a stool while Hillary was speaking. He didn’t even sit up straight. He was slumped over with his legs spread apart. I found it revolting and condescending. When he spoke, Hillary was standing.

  58. Oprah never publicly supported the Democratic party pre Obama. To support someone simply as a personality seems disingenuous. Now Bruce Springsteen fought for Kerry, so when he supported Obama I thought it was fine.

  59. People, don’t feel sad about the Hillary email today. She is doing her JOB, she is a politician, supporting her party come hell or high water is her JOB. Just compare it to your own life. My job as a health care provider means that I have to provide the very best of care to all patients, even those I don’t like; it also means I need to make nice with other health care providers I may not really care for, even those I think aren’t as good as I am at my job (or whatever the direct comparison). She is a Democratic politician – this is her job and it is essential to her political survival. Does she mean it? Some people think she doesn’t, I think she does. Obviously, she knows that she would have been far and away the better President. But I think she thinks any dem is better than a republican. She is party politician and given her long and deep history with the party, as well as her husband’s, I would say she really believes in not just the values that the party “stands’ for, but also the party itself…

    But I do not have her job and I do not believe in the party any longer, so I don’t support him.

    One thing I do find interesting is that although Bill and Hillary made a donation to Barack Obama’s campaign, Chelsea Clinton has not. She is an adult with her own money and certainly has enough to donate to them if she wants and she hasn’t…

  60. sonya, on June 27th, 2008 at 9:35 pm Said: Edit Comment
    When I saw Oprah gush all over Obama, it was all crystal clear to me: Game recognizes Game.

    Riley: Game recognize game and you looking kind of unfamilar right now….

  61. According to Oprah (courtesy some TMZ paparazzi who caught up with her car on the streets of London, yesterday), she continues to be a great supporter of Barack Obama — “100 percent”.

    Oprah then went on to state that she’s such a supporter that she’s campaigned for him by knocking on doors. I’ve got no beef with Ms. Winfrey, but she would get a rude awakening if she knocked on my door with that nonsense. I’d say, “you’re more than welcome to stay for dinner, but all talk of “Mister 57 states” stays on the curb, got it, Madame?”

    I suspect her cooling of BO talk, publicly, has more to do with the downturn in her Q ratings and such.

  62. Obama spread his legs? Did he scratch his face?

  63. Katie retired? wow! congratulations!!!!!

  64. I was at work all day and didn’t see any of the unity rally. I did see a picture of H and O in matching colors??? very weird

  65. regencyg,

    LOL! Aaron McGruder is one smart and talented brother.

  66. SM,

    You, dating yourself? Are you kidding. You are a baby. I dated myself when I posted that hot pic of Elvis in 1968. Here he is singing in his black leather outfit.

  67. The video of Obama in the airplane with the reporters swooning over him will resurface during the general. Not a pretty sight when he spreads his legs.

  68. What is all this talk about spreading his legs? heh.

  69. Damn it Jmac!

    Now I’ve got that visual in my head.

  70. You know what made me mad today? The way BO sat on a stool while Hillary was speaking. He didn’t even sit up straight. He was slumped over with his legs spread apart. I found it revolting and condescending. When he spoke, Hillary was standing.

    BB’s post above just reminded me of the airplane video.

  71. Newsflash- National Enquirer Update:

    yes folks it true and you heard it on page 1:

    Oprah dumps Gayle-now has new galpal-Donna Brazile…..

    the two were seen clubbing(posters of Hillary for President) all around chicago.

    Oprah said she love a woman with such super-D cups-Brazile concurrs. they both dawned their saturday night flapper outfits and headed out to obama’s place for bath tub gin a a quick charleston together. The girls were seen grabbing their fedoras and tommy guns screaming “the little people the little people who are the little people?”


  72. Boston, I remember that photo from another thread!

    That was for Elvis’ TV special. I was born a couple of years after that – 1971. He looked GORGEOUS!

    PS: My mom learned English listening to Elvis songs & watching Sesame Street with us. To this day she knows every word to “Falling in Love with you” pr what ever the song is that starts “Wise men say…”

  73. Hello all, damn we have gone viral as hell.

    I tivo’d it, Mawm but I do not know how to post it. Well Actually it is on my moxie box. The tivo is upstairs and my son did from downstairs.

  74. Can I post from a moxie box?

  75. what do y’all think Hillary wants out of all this? I’m so tired of the talk about her having to grovel to get back into the party’s good graces. what was her offense? running when they didn’t want her to run? please….

    but there’s obviously a reason she’s doing this. I just can’t make sense of it.

  76. Fuzzy, super-D cups are a good thing, yes?

  77. WaPo’s Health section this week had an article on body language that included a HUGE pic of Obama with his legs spread and a caption saying that that meant he was relaxed and confident.

    I kid you not.

  78. Why is it that Obama sat down on the stool when his behind just got off a luxury ride which came from the airport he was SITTING DOWN in??

    Is he sick with anemia or something?

  79. The only Democrat who gets to be standing like King of the Hill anywhere near the recipient of more voters than any primary candidate ever is the Hillary’s King.

    Mofo wants to be Bill so bad I can see it. He just fails to be that cool.

  80. Oh and congrats KB!! Whatcha gonna do now?

  81. D-cups, spread legs, what is this Huff Post?

  82. Kiki, let Hillary be – she is doing her “Good Democrat” thing.

    Meanwhile, we are raising hell. She’s fought long and hard for us, now it’s our turn to fight for her.

  83. We can date ourselves all we want — I remember kids in first grade singing songs about Nixon and McGovern, so that dates me right there.

    But as far as the bots are concerns, we’re all nine million years old with tits to our knees, so I say we all fond a speakeasy someplace and start drinking bathtub gin. 🙂

    I’ve heard some girls are bobbing their hair, but only the fast ones. Anyone else out there roll your stockings, or is it just me?

  84. SM,

    You mean this picture?

  85. The great Possum believes his own PR. He truly believes he’s all that. Yuk! I never bought any of the “charming” “good looking” hype- but he sure has a high opinion of himself- I bet he sings to the mirror the Bette Midler song “Did you ever know you’re my hero… “

  86. CNN also had a segment on body language today. Obama in his blue tie sitting next to Hillary in her blue outfit on an airplane. He had his chin in his hand but the arm seemed to be separating him from Hillary. She did not look comfortable to me.

  87. BB You out there?

  88. BB, is that how O looks when he spreads his legs?

  89. She’s a former first lady and a Senator from New York.

    This is part of her job.

  90. UpstateNY,

    This is what we old, deadender white women talk about when the men aren’t around, lol.

  91. Good-looking? You are kidding me. If a good tailwind catches him, those ears’ll make him airborn.

    I’m sorry, but he’s neither goodlooking nor the Big Scary Black Man that the cheetoheads seem to think I see when I look at him. I see a big, skinny, chess club geek.

    And I’ve got one scary-ass advanced degree, so I get to say “geek.”

  92. She has to be gracious in case he slips

  93. RegencyG: YOU NAILED IT. Obama is such a nerd to me, like a Carlton from the “Fresh Prince.” He THINKS he’s cool because a whole bunch of people tell him that, but he’s really awkward and comes off like he smells like “mouth” – like somebody that doesn’t take of their teeth. You know that smell?

    God, I gotta stop CWD-ing (Commenting While Drinking)

  94. SM….I know……I just sometimes worry that she’s got a game plan and we may be working against it. I dunno….this primary season has taken a toll like none since ’68. and I was younger and more lucid, and less bothered by self doubt back then.

  95. Well, we did put the ass in PUMA

  96. Boston: YES!!!! THAT’S THE PICTURE. WOW. Now that’s another GLOBAL ICON.

  97. Janis

    LOL- good tailwind…airborn..LOL LOL

  98. I did a bad thing tonight, I cancelled a date via text message, Am I horrible?

  99. SM — watch that BUI, it’ll bite you in the ass every time.

    kiki, don’t worry about it. My own judgment told me to vote for the lady with the highlights and the pantsuit, and I still trust it now that it’s telling me the old fart war hero is a better choice than the guy whose folded lke a card table on every strong stance he’s ever taken.

  100. Janis

    Maybe that was why he was sitting today, he had to hold on to something or he’d fly off!

  101. Thank you and congrats Mawm and gary.

    Michael you make me laugh!!!

  102. He also folded the first time he was hit in a debate. She was so awesome in those debates – it’s infuriating that he’s our nominee.

  103. Kiki, I wasn’t born in ’68, I’m a 1971 Nixon baby, Generation Xer.

    Don’t let the MSM trick you. Hillary may walk away and go back to the Senate for another 4 years, and I’ll be a happy camper.

    We need to hold our party accountable. It’s our turn to FIGHT.

  104. sorry about the super-D would never mimic the huffpost- Iran it off on my printer one day and lined my friens cat box with it….now kitty mittens wont shit there…she thinks it would be redundant


  105. Kim: Yes, you are, but sometimes a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do.

    Hey! I like geeks. Geeks were the coolest people at my school. Some of the prettiest too. Okay, I was really the only one that qualified as gee. (#2 of 163.) Gonna study Biology and Political Science.

    Geek? Me? Chyeah.

    I’m joining the Clinton Club for Overachievers.

  106. Oh, that damned debate. I was really bothered when my roommate was ready to picket ABC on the say-so of a co-worker — when she hadn’t seen it nor read the transcript, not of that debate nor of any of the others beforehand so she could compare it.

    She’s not stupid — she’s incredibly smart. But she was ready to “protest” on the say-so of a mere co-worker, without even checking out what happened herself. *sigh* No firsthand information needed, apparently.

    That’s what this ex-hippie generation wants — protesting! Waving signs! Without the slightest actual bit of information to harsh their self-righteous mellow. 😦

    It’s just depressing.

  107. I’ve really enjoyed the video posted in comments, so thanks. Cable news is banned at my house, so I missed everything today as a result.

  108. SM, Obama is NOT Carlton.
    Carlton can dance.

  109. lmao@josgirl.

  110. Candy Crowley on CNN – “It had the feeling of a first date” some awkwardness……….

    Who are these sicko’s? I think someone needs to check the air in Washington DC and New York.

  111. RegencyG, there is a big difference between “geek” and “Petulant Carlton from the Fresh Prince.”

    Congratulations to you & never let your dreams go astray!

  112. I know you are all going to think I’m crazy, but anyway…
    Obama looks like a …sippy cup.
    Those ears (handles) and the flat head, well, that’s what he looks like to me.
    I’ll be quiet now.

  113. casey thanks where in florida did you cast your 1/2 primary vote? I cast mine in gainesville-

    I had a person I know from way back who used to register african american voters in mississippi .

    big O supporter it was funny hearing her argue for count her vote and mine as 1/2 a vote was fair…

    after about a few minute she stopped and said she couldnt defend it ….but was glad it helped the big”o” win

    go figure


  114. Good night, dear Conflucians.

    Sweet dreams.


  115. Josgirl – ooh, my bad! Let me take that back then.

  116. Goodnight Arabella!!

    I’m going for a while too – PUMA Cub requests my assistance.

  117. I’m here, Kim. I was watching the you tubes of Elvis. They don’t make them like that anymore.

  118. What is with all these analogies for dating with these two. It’s gross. She is class–he is a john.

    You do not take him home to Papa. Nuh-uh.

  119. BB – 2 nights in a row you are posting that picture of Elvis!

    Watch out, I’m sure he will be voting for BO in Tennessee, and then you 2 will have to break up!

  120. Kiki,

    If Hillary didn’t want us to do what we are doing, she could let us know. She is aware of our blog. I think she’s probably just fine with PUMA. She’s just hanging back, being gracious until the presumptuous nominee slips and falls on his a$$. And it will happen.

  121. Carol,

    OMG! That’s hilarious. Please don’t dig him up BO! I’d rather remember him in his prime.

  122. Did Candy really compare the unity event to a first date? That bothers me. If it was Edwards and Obama would she have used that comparison? I don’t think so. Therefore, it is not appropriate for her to make the comparison in this case. I HATE how people minimize women in that way, if it is two people of different genders, there has to be something there, they just can’t can’t come up with a platonic comparison…talk about sexist.

  123. Kim, I was chatting with some MUCH younger women at work and they were talking about breaking off relationships by text message……I said I thought that was awful, and one (who is a good friend, and meant it in fun) said “yes, we know in your day you broke up by scratching off one of the figures on the cave wall”

  124. The latest in reality-based bumper stickers:

    get disapppointed by

  125. Obama is that skinny geeky kid from that family show–what was his name? The one with the squeaky voice.

  126. bostonboomer, I don’t think it matters whether Hillary wishes we existed or did not. I mean, her vote is hers, but my vote is mine. As much as I love and respect her, as Mawm said, I can think for myself. But out of curiosity, how would she let us know she didn’t want us to do this? I mean she said directly today she support Obama, she told people who supported her NOT to vote for McCain…hasn’t she already told us to get aboard, and therefore to NOT do this?

  127. Maybe now that BO and Hillary are on their first date, she can break up with him on a post-it or a text message when the feds are on the way for him!

  128. Take care Arabella…Conflucians….lets see what tomorrow brings….hopefully not more unity emails.

  129. BB, thanks. I think you’re right, I really do. this unity thing is just confusing me. I’m unimpressed with Obama, but I don’t hate him. I just so wanted Hillary and thought she was the right choice. I took a while to decide that (liked Edwards first) and now I feel kind of adrift.

  130. JJ,

    She would be able to get word to us if she wanted us to stop. That doesn’t mean we would have to listen to her. But I honestly don’t believe she has given up on winning the nomination in the end, do you? I think she is dutifully doing what she has to do so that if she is needed, no one will be able to say she sabatoged BO. Don’t forget, she still controls almost half of the pledged delegates.

  131. Sorry Carol…I’m writing this from Nashville, and NOBODY here is voting for Obama! :^)

    (Seriously…I’ve been a hardcore Dem for years and people keep acting surprised when I tell them I plan to not lift one finger to help The Precious. Turns out a lot of them feel that way too…)

  132. Annabellep,

    Yes Urkel. That’s who BO reminds me of. Urkel grown up with his voice changed.

  133. JJ, she always ends with something like, “stand with me so I can continue to stand up for you” or something to that effect.
    That always comes after she asks for help retiring her debt.
    What do those 2 things have to do with one another?
    It seems to me she’s saying this ain’t over.

  134. Still trying to get I Can Think For Myself translated into latin.

  135. Eurkle from family matter-funny bingo we have a bingo from BBoomer


  136. It’s my understsanding Hill is now going off on vacation for a month. Let’s see how the Dems like it being just BO all the time. Ugh.

  137. Eleanor A,

    She’s saying BO will register everyone in the cemeteries. Somehow I think they would recognize the name Elvis Presley at the polls though.

  138. Annetoo,

    Is that right? Oh no. I’m going to miss her.

  139. Since we’re talking about dating ourselves – great pic of elvis btw – god he was good……………………………- I think ole possum chief looks like alfred e neuman from mad magazine………………………think about it – better than the pic of possum chief with spread legs – oh stilleto……………………….

  140. bb I have Mawm on Moxie can that be uploaded?

  141. Eleanor A – I’m talking about the living impaired individuals that are on the voter rolls for Obama including Elvis.

    He is also signing up the prison and jail population without felonies – I guess that makes Johnny Cash especially vulnerable. I wonder if that means BO gets 2 votes from Johnny?

  142. I used to post at Oprah’s blog, subscribe to her mag, etc. Then she replayed one of her early shows about a white woman [social scientist something] who fixed herself up black and went out on the streets. The whole hour was Oprah haranguing the mostly white audience. The social scientist said all whites were racist, the audience politely disagreed, but Oprah would have none of it. At the end of the show, Oprah said this had been her most important show.

    The audience kept saying there was racism in our society, but things have improved some, and there are degrees of racism, but Oprah just kept hitting them. It was worse than Sociology 101 at Berkeley. By the end of the show, I thought that Oprah was something of a racist herself. I’ve never been able to see her the same way since.

  143. bostonboomer, on June 27th, 2008 at 10:25 pm Said:

    I believe after the 4th. I got the CD of Hill’s book to help for when she’s not around…it helps!

  144. sorry bboomer slow typing having chat friend life going to pot…his father who disowned him along with his mother for being gay is trying to get back in his life….sad story.


  145. Hey everybody,

    Cleanse your mind of the image of The Pretender with his legs wide open and replace it with the handsome, sexy, intelligent, did I say sexy, Chiwetel Ejiofor. : )

    My DVD Pick for the week is “Dirty Pretty Things.” There’s a clip posted at my blog: http://make-it-plain.blogspot.com/

    Did I mention how sexy Chiwetel was in “Talk to Me” or “Serenity?” If I didn’t, he was sexy in “American Gangster” too. Check him out.

  146. Is she really going on vacation? That would be a brilliant strategy if she did. No risk, let the man fail all on his own, come back just in time to make some salient points to superDs before the Convention. I like it!

  147. what is moxie or tivo?

    goodness gotta start living in this century


  148. Uh, Johnny Cash is dead. One vote from him would be a crime.

  149. Kim,

    I don’t know. I’ve never uploaded anything. Sorry. Maybe RonK would know if he’s still here.

  150. Oh, silly me, I missed the dead celebrity discussion. Sorry!

  151. I have a moxie and a tivo, but Mawm is on Moxie

  152. If any one deserves a month at the spa…its our Girl. but pelosi mccaskiller and all would show up and ruin it for her

  153. Why is Hillary being the Most Wonderful Dem Evah? Because when O implodes before the convention, are they gonna turn to the Sulking, Bitter Dem? Nope. They are going to turn to the Admired, Professional Dem. She has to pull a Meryl Streep at least through the summer. Donate to the Denver Group so that Hillary will get her votes(maybe more!) at the convention. Howard Dean will not be allowed to pull a fast one.

  154. I don’t think Johnny Cash would *walk the line* for BO, alive or dead. I think he’d rather fall into a *ring of fire.*

    Elvis would rather end up in *Heartbreak Hotel* than vote for BO, because BO *Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.” Cryin’ all the time.

  155. Sorry, AnnabelleP. I guess I’m getting a little punchy. I’m still going to hang around for awhile in case Gary and/or Maum shows up.

  156. annabellep – let’s not get technical, pointing out that many of the voters that voted for BO are living impaired is really just a “distraction” from what BO is trying to accomplish with his campaign.

    Try to be a little more sensitive to BO’s needs.

  157. Kim,

    What is Moxie?

  158. funny bboomer-have you ever considered adopting a gay wookie sized man?


  159. I’m sorry about your friend, fuzzy. That sounds really painful.

  160. welcome home carol ROLFOL


    If michelle hear you being so nice to the possum and chief….she might get jealous-and cut you

    ask ms johanneson

  161. Been a while since I’ve commented. I’m not feeling the RENT clip. I’m more a Les Mis person.

    With that being said, this must be very disheartening to the Cheetos and neolibs listening to Barry tack to the left. We had a big laugh in my office today about Barry’s new support of guns.

  162. It is the cable tv version of tivo

  163. yeah he’s a good guy and he’s on my short list too, if ya get my drift.


    gary and Mawm should not get to be only happy gay couple on this blog

  164. #
    bostonboomer, on June 27th, 2008 at 10:39 pm Said:

    I don’t think Johnny Cash would *walk the line* for BO, alive or dead. I think he’d rather fall into a *ring of fire.*

    Elvis would rather end up in *Heartbreak Hotel* than vote for BO, because BO *Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.” Cryin’ all the time.

    You got skills, BB. LOL!

  165. BB Gary said it was a 13 hour drive, if they left at 5 they wont be home for a while

  166. Thank you. My internet has been out most of the last 2 days – dirty tricks from you know who!

  167. one way to look at this is I’m not sure any 4 year term is going to be sufficient to undo the damage of 2 terms of W & Cheney. it’s practically a failed proposition from the get-go. Hillary isn’t Superwoman, but she could have made progress. I don’t think either of the remaining candidates has a prayer. one knows the terrain but doesn’t give a crap…..the other hasn’t a clue what he’s getting into (or trying to get into) and will have to take time to learn the ropes. Bill Clinton was a little blindsided when he took office, but he’s very smart and tireless and adapted quickly. I just don’t think Obama has that in him. he took a vacation in the middle of the primary! and then he wanted to eat his waffle!

    I realize W has lowered the bar. he was in office….what?…… 6 months before he took a month long vacation. but he wasn’t really running the show, as we’ve found out. has Obama not noticed Cheney? or does he want a VP to really do the work while he gets the glory? oy

    this is what I mean – it will take real talent and dedication to right the wrongs of this current administration. I don’t think we’re seeing that in either of the current candidates. or maybe the powers that be don’t really want to change the status quo.

  168. ronkseattle-I went over there. Too funny! That’s supposed to be a pro- Obama sticker? Proceeds go to his campaign. Maybe it’s a little too cool.

  169. BB – they are giving you all the credit – Now, I know how Hillary feels!

  170. I never got Le Miz…..guy steals a loaf of bread and spends the rest of his life paying for it….for what toast?

    ok quick name the movie that quote came from….


  171. Ok confluencians signing off. Getting sleepy, have fun.

    GO PUMA!!!!

  172. Kim, Didn’t Gary say something about stopping in NY? I was really hoping for some pictures.

  173. Kim,

    Gary said they were going to stop in NY and post from a motel. I can’t believe they will try to drive all the way home with no sleep. Anyway, good night and sweet dreams. I never got the DVR from the cable co., but I bet there is a way to hook it up to your computer. I’m sure someone will have the video by tomorrow.

  174. If you haven’t seen the “Hillary and Obama’s Hollywood Ending” video – go there – it is pretty funny on Craig Crawford. He’s great – one of the few that told the truth on MSNBC.

  175. Carol,

    I give you credit. You made me laugh out loud with that comment about Elvis voting for BO. If Elvis were alive today he would be the same age as McCain, 72. He’d probably vote for McCain too, since he loved Nixon.

  176. BB, Carol: you were there. Didn’t I discuss the last scene of The Graduate the other night on a thread. Now, I go to Craig Crawford’s video & he friggin stole the idea that I stole from that movie!

    Do you think Craig reads us here? Do you think I’m a genius at reading politics?

  177. josgirl: “Obama looks like a …sippy cup.”

    LOL!! LOL!!
    omg, he really does,

  178. The PUMA spokespeople are all wonderful and so brave. But we need to start to pull together some updated talking points for them on Obama.

    Specifically, we need folks to understand that he and Hillary don’t share positions:

    1. These past two weeks he has betrayed progressive positions on public financing, FISA (fourth amendment), death penalty, and (I believe) Guantanamo. (Parsing his comments on it showed that he didn’t really support habeas. But I want to double check it.)

    2. Remind people how he has ducked crucial votes on issues most dear to progressives (choice and freedom of expression).

    3. Emphasize how he has never really EARNED anything his entire life.

    4. Explore the lies he has woven about his relationships with Wright/Pfleger – now he barely knows them, but in an earlier interview praised their close friendship and influence on him. Do the same with Ayers.

    In short bring the blogs out to the masses. Otherwise, it will look only like sour grapes.

  179. Article in the Boston Globe on the “unity” rally. The comments on the story are mostly anti-BO. I really don’t think he will carry MA. Laugh if you will.


    Laura Smith, 55, who lives in Connecticut and New Hampshire, is carrying a sign that declares, “The Democratic Party is a house divided” and another that says “Puma: Party Unity My A**.”

    She said she volunteered for Clinton during the primaries, plans to travel to Denver for the Democratic National Convention, and plans to vote for Republican John McCain in protest.

    “I think it’s important for everyone to understand that everybody is not falling in line for Obama,” said Smith, who said she believes that Obama is far too inexperienced to be president. “There are thousands of us out there, we communicate on the Internet, we don’t buy his story.”

  180. Parentofed,

    You’re kidding. I’ll bet Crawford stole it from you. Those guys get all their ideas on line these days.

  181. BB: Someone [you?] mentioned that this primary was more like the movie The Candidate. If we see that show up on some cute “news” video, then we’ll know for sure.

  182. has anybody thought about making a PUMA video?

    I’m picturing a diverse group. the camera focuses on one at a time, and they say

    we’re PUMA…we’re women…..and men…..we’re black….and white….and asian……and hispanic….etc (a representative of each group speaking, of course)…..we’re gay…..lesbian……..etc…….we supported Hillary…..or not…….we were democrats…….we were shocked by the sexism in the primary and the media…….we used to watch MSNBC……we used to be democrats. we never thought the democratic party would disenfranchise voters…….someone from Florida could be shown on a half-screen……I have half a vote. etc etc……..we’re all PUMAs.

    I think it would make a cool video.

  183. Wow, how about telling the media that some of us are P.U.M.A.’s because we believe in Democracy… The MSM is as always, so clueless…

  184. DancesWithPumas, thank you, I thought it was just me.

  185. I am having difficulty trying to determine who I despise more, Jack Cafferty or Keith Olbermann. They each make me sick to my stomach.

  186. Hi, Regency! It’s Karen from LiveJournal. I’ve been lurking here for weeks and I just wanted to break my silence and say thanks for posting these great videos.

    Hello to all my fellow PUMAs!

  187. Parentofed,

    The Candidate is the obvious comparison to BO. The Graduate is much more subtle.

  188. Hi Pat,

    It’s a close call, but I’d have to go with Obamamann as the most disgusting. Cafferty usually isn’t pontificating for a whole hour at a time either. However, I quickly reach for the remote when either one comes on screen.

  189. parentofed – yes you did. Actually, I mentioned “The Candidate” in February on another site. I bet that is BB trying to take all of the credit again.

    Boy, BB – can’t you get some originality – I’m beginning to think this is the “Hillary (Carol) and Obama (BB) Show.”

  190. Why are they insisting that the Clinton’s need to go all out and campaign for The One? Where is Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, Gore, Edwards?

    I know he is scheduled to do a poverty tour with Edwards. My suggestion is start in the housing projects of Chicago he readily left behind. Spend a night there and see how it feels.

  191. OMG! Speaking of the devil, Keith O. has another diary up at the Orange Cheeto. Can’t he get validation in real life?

  192. He then said that he needs Clinton and former president Bill Clinton to win and to bring unity to the country.

    He should have thought about that before he called them racists. I learned at a young age that once you call somebody a racist, you can’t take it back and things are never the same.

    Jesse Jackson, Sr. never called his opponents racist when he ran for president and neither did Shirley Chisholm. As a matter of fact, Shirley complained of sexism, especially from black men.

  193. Carol,

    Please, I’m begging you. Even in jest, do not compare me to BO. I can’t handle it.

  194. Pat – like I said – this whole thing has created a new kind of bulemia – The Obama and Michelle Bulemia – see them, hear them, or have them discussed in your presence – instant Projectile Vomit.

  195. Pat, remember Edwards and Gore endorsed and Obama got no bounce and no money as a result.
    HRC is the only one who can save his bacon.
    Every time he asks (demands) she looks stronger, he looks weaker.
    Whether he knows it or not.
    (Which I doubt.)

  196. Cafferty on CNN was questioning why “Clinton has yet to make a call to Obama. Don’t they have phones in Europe?”.

    Has anyone pointed out to this fool that Clinton was a twice elected former President of the US and Obama has only served about 300 days total in the Senate?

    These pundits are ridiculous and to think I spent money and bought his lousy book.

  197. BB – what makes you think I am kidding?

  198. They study her every move. Unless she agrees to prostrate herself in front of him they won’t be satisfied. Did she smile enough? Did they make eye contact? Did they drink from the same straw? The punishment goes on.

    She must fascinate them to no end since they cannot stop talking about her.

    Of course, he is such a dud that I suppose by comparison she does fascinate. He acts like somebody who would run out of conversation quickly within the first five minutes of a date.

  199. KiKi love the PUMA Commercial Idea I am from florida I get to be half a vote….


  200. hey, when Edwards, Gore and Richardson endorsed Obama was it referred to in the media as a “first date”?

  201. No, like Kim they text messaged him.

  202. Pat, if we multiple the 300 days times 15 to 20 per count on the Federal indictments coming down, I’m sure that will be the amount of time he will receive for all of his transgressions . (Sorry, BO you won’t be able to sign up to vote, as you will be serving Felony charges.)

    If he is lucky, President Hillary Rodham Clinton can pardon him before she leaves office. (But, only if Michelle cleans toilets in the WH during her reign.)

  203. oh and when hillary was talking to us Pumas who might be thinking of McCain….she was in the lions den speaking to Obama’s canned Audience if was bot central their I am sure that Gary and Mawn will tell us more in the morning

    well fuzzybear needs to sleep good night all and godspeed to Gary and Mawn….


  204. Pat-why in the world should Bill “call” NObama from Europe?? Cafferty said that? Pat-you’re a better woman than me! I haven’t watched CNN since March. And, I was a CNN groupie!!

    I was at dinner with a non-political friend tonight. Immediately, she said she didn’t trust Obama but thought he would ask Hillary to be VP only as a way to win! My heart sank! And, I had to say that I would not vote for him even with Hillary as VP! And my friend understood why!

  205. Fuzzy, you could be the half-Floridian in the video 🙂

  206. Carol,

    It’s going to be a race to the finish. If Fitzgerald doesn’t indict him pretty soon, it will be too late. If either Obama or McCain is prez, Fitzgerald will be gone. I don’t know about Hillary. Maybe she could make Fitz Attorney General and let him go to town on Obama and Bush/Cheney.

  207. Somebody ask Cafferty why he doesn’t call BO if he’s so worried about his hurt feelings?

  208. Cafferty said that at the 5pm segment when I was waiting to see the PUMA piece.

    I hope Bill gave Oprah the bird. For no other reason than Dr. Phil and Tom Cruise.

    I never liked Oprah but I did like Gayle who used to broadcast out of Hartford.

  209. Listen, if we do a PUMA video from the Confluence can I be Pink?

  210. Good night fuzzy. It does seem that Gary and Mawm decided to get some rest instead of satisfying our desire for instant info. I just hope they found a nice place to stay.

  211. bb: On an earlier post rd asked them to get in touch so they may have hooked up for dinner in the NY/NJ area.

  212. Could be Pat. That would be nice.

  213. Olberman’s latest diary is a rant about how Grover Norquist called Obama “John Kerry with a tan” and how come the media isn’t going crazy because that is so blatantly racist.

  214. Gary and Mawm might be sleeping or eating???? well, I never! their pay will be docked 🙂

  215. I guess Keith has to make sure he maintains his “trusted user” status, so he can troll rate anyone who disses him.

  216. YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Hear us roar! (Is Helen Reddy in?)

  217. Okay, just so I’m straght, if you compare BHO to a black man (Jesse Jackson) that’s “racist.”
    So is comparing him to a white man (Kerry).
    I hope nobody compares him to Sununu.

  218. Then why isn’t Keith more worked up about the article in the Globe who at least paints his “love” as an aider and abetter to those slumlords?

    He needs to get off that high horse soon or he will become the same laughing stock that is O’Reilly. Same difference.

  219. Pat: “I hope Bill gave Oprah the bird. For no other reason than Dr. Phil and Tom Cruise.


  220. Conservatives love O’Reilly and liberals (probably none of us) love Olberman; logic has not ever been either’s strength. They just say shit really loud and often.

  221. He needs to get off that high horse soon or he will become the same laughing stock that is O’Reilly. Same difference.

    It think it’s too late for that. Olberman is already worse than O’Reilly. At least O’Reilly doesn’t post diaries on fanboy blogs looking for attention.

  222. josgirl,

    Unless you worship the ground Obama walks on, you are a racist.

  223. Yeah, but O’Reilly has an entire show (Colbert) mocking him! Who is the bigger asshole?! I can’t decide!

  224. KO is already a laughingstock. the difference (and I’m no fan of O’Rielly) is that O’R will have you on the show and yell in your face, which gives you a chance to yell back, while Keith prefers to lecture like some a**hole headmaster, to a camera, giving his target no chance to respond. he’s a large-mouthed wimp.

  225. I do not know kieths sexual Orientation but just looking at him….ladies you have to agree……BAD LAY….real bad lay…..

    Probably why he love obama-


  226. I didn’t watch BO’s speech today, but a commenter on TL said that he did the brush off the shoulder’s routine when he talked about how she handled attacks against her. Did anyone see this? The nerve of him.

    Here’s that part of the comment:

    Obama acknowledged that Clinton had been attacked — by some whose names remain unknown, apparently — on the basis of sexism and misogyny to the extreme. That was a start. So was his acknowledgment that she handled the attacks well.
    But then, to demonstrate how she brushed off the attacks, he did that hip-hop “dirt on the shoulder” routine . . . and I could only think that oh, no, he di’nt go there again. Does he not know that video has gone viral — the one with his finger (or, debatably, two), the “dirt on the shoulder” and something on the shoe?

  227. cdalygo,

    You are so right about your suggestions. Our PUMA reps were wonderful, but there were some real missed opportunites. And they need to use the exposure to say (like Mawm did!) (and Will) that Obama isn’t honest about his positions.

    Congratulations PUMAS! We are officially the hip new thing! Obama is so–yesterday. BO–rrriiiinnng!

    We need to do a mocking “No we can’t” style video. Same style as the BO vid, different words. It would be great.

  228. wait O’R treated our girl with great respect when he interviewed her….more than she got from Obama for America, the DNC, and the rest of the MSM.

    Our girl was tuff but stunning during that interview it was O’R making Hillary Shine and look like the commander and chief tha Obama will neer be.


  229. RonK, Joan — re: disappointed in someone new OBAMA 08 sticker site

    That is too hilarious. The poor widdle bots. “Look, this really is a pro-Obama bumper sticker. It’s just a realistic, not to say jaded, pro-Obama bumper sticker. And maybe it’s more than a little whiny. You really think you can win the presidency without courting or crafting constituencies that Good People don’t like?”

    I call it Obot Derangement Syndrome #6: His Specialness is just acting that way wisely, to get elected. Then he’ll turn back into Abe Lincoln.

    Yeah, right.

  230. SM created the most famous political acronym in history. That’s pretty cool. By the way, was there a cocktail hour tonight? I had a number of mojitos and toasted PUMA with my anti-Obama family.

  231. I am serious–calling a few filmmaker friends to see if we can do a spoof video of “No we Can’t” Great viral piece, and fairly easy to do.

  232. Just read the PUMA power post, and this quote caught my eye:

    “They hate us because of who we are and yet they need us in order for them to get what they want.”

    HAH! I think you just encapsulated misogyny with surgical precision! No wonder all this crap came out when we had our first real woman candidate!

  233. Janis,

    What you said!

  234. Lynda! You’re here!

  235. I saw him do the brush off the shoulders. He also had that arrogant look. What an a#$h&^%

  236. Janis, on June 28th, 2008 at 12:07 am Said:

    “They hate us because of who we are and yet they need us in order for them to get what they want.”

    Something akin to committing suicide because you are afraid of dying.

  237. goodnight PuMA-land. The happiest place on earth right now.

    We are a tidal wave.

  238. casey Me in florida too gator city?

  239. masslib, I started a Cocktail Hour piece but, I bored myself to sleep and lost the post by the time I woke up. There’s nothing more pathetic than a dull cocktail party.

  240. joanie-sweet dreams of President Hillary Rodham CLinton…..


  241. katie I will have my gramd mariner and skyy as well as pomagranite juice ready fro tommorrow


  242. Sister, this was not dull. We are offically the hippest thing on the planet, and they are so desperate to keep the Obama vs. Clinton thing alive, that we will be the beneficiaries for a long time!

    We do need to get the talking points straight, though. Very important to nail Obama on his flip-flops and insincerity on National Television whenever possible. Will Bowers and Mawm did great on that!

  243. Good night folks. See you soon.

  244. KB, And what are you doing up? Go to bed!

  245. Thanks Fuzzybear, my wookie dreamboat.

  246. Michael – close to Knightsville, but isn’t all of FL one big gator city???

  247. Fuzzybear-you and I are special buddies. Joined with love as the worst typists on the Confluence. I’ll always love you!

  248. g’night, Joanie (when do you get more minutes)

    Michael, I will look forward to that. It sounds good.

  249. bostonboomer, I’ll see you in the morning. Sleep tight!

  250. Tomorrow am–our strategy call! When should I phone?

  251. Joanie,

    Yes, of course! Back now…. had to restart Safari, and then clicked over at the Denver Group, just one of so many real democratic-action groups … such amazing serendipitous actions all over!

  252. Michael, are you still there? I wholeheartedly believe that anyone who saw all parts of the Hillary Clinton – Bill O’Reilly interview would admit that she is by far the best candidate for POTUS. I was already an avid supporter, and I just sat there riveted to my chair.

  253. Heh, Eastern time zone! It’s still plenty light — and warm still, here in the upper left-hand corner of the contiguous 48. Time for another Cointreau concoction with a slice of home-grown lemon from my potted lemon bush under the skylight. While I download a PUMA video (no high bandwidth here, sigh)

    ‘Nite & sweet dreams to all PUMAs.

  254. So, we are asking all PUMA members to curb your disappointment, mute your anger and frustration and join HOUND to help change America. While the PUMA may be more swift and athletic, the HOUND is smarter and more perceptive.

    Is this some kind of joke?


  255. hey conflu people the ttrolls are attacking our sister at hireheels real bad and they need some asssitance if anyone could spare som time go over there a put a few posts to back our friends up Sistachristianlouboutin says thay are getting beat up I I wont stand for violence against these women on bastard called Diane at home and aharrassed her I you can spare a minute please go over there now…www.hireheels.com


  256. sorry its on the Obama bad boy piece and they are please help

  257. HOUND . . . all I can say is. . . that dog won’t hunt!!!

  258. Fuzzy,

    I went over and tried to roust some of them, but it seemed as though they had a house sitting on them.

  259. fuzzybear, you are the best. can you recommend me a drink? i mostly drink gin (bombay sapphire, either with tonic or a gimlet) and would like to try something different, though even a different gin drink would be OK. summery. 🙂

  260. I think Rendell is doing an inside joke naming this unity organization HOUND — ’cause it sounds so goofy. He has quite the sense of humor and loves Hillary. It’s another way of saying, yeah, I’m doing my job, but not doing any good at my job.


  261. far as talking points, I have been repeating quite frequently that obama flip-flopped on issues that mattered to his supporters, once he already got what he wanted from them. FISA, trade, campaign finance, you name it. that is what we can expect from him. to do what is easy and politically safe, not stand up for our values if it is risky.

  262. Rendell is walking a fine line. I’m trying to defend him.

    Somebody wants to play this game.

    Are they really genuinely pulling this ballot bulls(&t? Forgive my French, but that shit won’t fly.

  263. sorry all i had to really post some strong ones, Diane aka Hireheels got a harrassing call at her home from one of the troll/posters at hireheels. I cannot believe that , obamabots are commiting violence against women-I count harrassing phone calls at home violence- just because they passionately believe obama does not deserve the nomination.

    I cannot believe it thanks parent to fed for your post we have to make sure the rest of the east coasters know what happened tonight-

    fuzzybear anyone out there?

  264. my sis in law d g love gin and has been making tom collins with gin this is florida and they are quite refreshing in our heat and humidity-


  265. Fuzzy,

    All the roaches had scattered by the time I had gotten there. Saw ParEd and your posts, but everything else was all quiet.

  266. yeah but trust me on rendell we have to be careful-


  267. Seriously, I just got home from a birthday party. What have I missed?

  268. Michael/Prolix, I went to look at some other site, but I didn’t see infestations. One of the sites I checked was Sugar’nSpice, but it was ok. Jeez, she seems like a tough one who demands respect. I don’t know who she is, but I’m glad we’re on the same side.

  269. ParEd, I’m back over here now — I tried chasing the little rats, but they were just too fleet on their little rat feet.

  270. little rat feet, funny.

  271. regency-

    troll infestations at hireheels diane “princess” to her friends got a harassing phone call fro a “big papa” can you believe that calling some one at home if you read his post you would be sick…

  272. Ba-rat Obamouse feet


  273. ParEd,

    It seems as though everyone has taken a nap from the adult beverages.

  274. Fuzzy,

    How would they get the phone number or are the O’nauts moonlighting at the phone company?

  275. The little ratfrakkers are hackers.

  276. of course HOUND is a sad attempt to get us on board…I would comment but they make you sign up and I am sure all the posters there are really obamatrons-they probably kidnapped rendell and locked him in the closet.

    More likely they found out what his” …we just need the checks..” really meant and how disloyal it sounded. So to punish Gov Rendell they are making him put his name to this site.


  277. Reg,

    LOL — I bet they have really small keyboards.

  278. Prolix,

    they dangle goldfish crackers over every key.

  279. probably from the justsaynodealsite there are some phone # posted for media interviews-but not sure I a have I few phone numbers to some of them, they are very nice and have helped me network and have gotten me in contact with will bower.

    that is why I love them they are like you guys here and they have shown a real intrest in my polling analysis.


  280. Instead of a mouse, they have tiny little BZero idols that keeps going back to the previous page

  281. well tommorrow is laundry day fuzzy is off to sleep please pass on to the next watch it go over and make sure the hireheels site is not overrun by nasty trolls we are all in this together-

    for if we do not hang together now surely we shall hang seperately later-
    B. Franklin

    fuzzybeargville-signing off

  282. Night Fuzzy

  283. Party unity my ass not now not ever. Obama remains an empty suit while Hillary remains the stronger candidate. I am more determined now then ever. Where’s the bus?

  284. Toni4Hill, you’re in the driver seat.

  285. In case you haven’t heard –

    One of Hillary’s national delegates has asked people to spread the word that her delegates will walk out of the Convention if she doesn’t get a roll call vote.

    They want to put pressure on the DNC to ensure that Hillary does get the roll call vote she deserves, hence the request to spread the word about a walk out if she does not.

  286. Good morning, starshines!

    It’s a great day for PUMA’s.

    And, comme toujours, it’s a great day to be a Conflucian.


  287. Morning everyone. Yesterday was one long roller coaster ride for me.

    Mawm and Gary, our Rebel Alliance Co-Commanders made us all so proud. Can’t wait for their after mission report.

    Then I made the mistake of watching Anderson Cooper for a couple of minutes and all that good Karma disappeared and I felt icky and sad that Senator Clinton had to appear with and support someone not worth her time or effort.

    The Candy Crowley remark about a “first date” was disgusting IMHO. Reminded me of many years ago when due to my mother’s insistence and persistence I went out with the son of one of her good friends. He was a pimply drip that couldn’t keep his hands to himself and had all the appeal of a slug. So I know exactly how Senator Clinton must have felt on that stage yesterday when the Obama slug kept putting his damn hands on her. Unity she had to stand for. Groping, not so much.

  288. Good moring, kenoshaMarge.

    You’re such a nice person. Why do you torture yourself. Don’t, do not watch television.

    Senator Clinton is AOK. She’s playing her hand well. I don’t give a flying phooey what Anderson Cooper and Candy Crowley say about her.

    The Rebel Alliance remains strong!


  289. DWPforHill,

    Do you have some specifics? Who is this delegate? Where did you hear this? I’m not surprised at all, but if there is more information available, please share.

  290. I just say Diane on GMA – she is good!

    They can’t take us down!

  291. The US is calling the election in Zimbabwe a “sham”.

    The US would surely know about that!

  292. Carol,

    What did she say? I didn’t realize it would be so early.

  293. She said she could sum up her refusal to vote for Obama in 3 words – ill equipped,………….., and illegtimate (not of course Obama, but the process).

    I forgot the middle word. But, I disagree, I believe Obama is illegitimate.

  294. Could they just let Senator Clinton be the nominee, I am exhausted from trying to keep up? I also have a job.

    Sleep, I need sleep!

  295. Well done, Darragh and Jessie [?]. They were both great representatives for PUMA and the JustSayNoDeal Coalition of voters. I appreciate their efforts! They represent MY VIEWS completely. I like how brilliantly they avoid allowing media to cast them as somehow radical or extremist–really good at articulating moderate stands with reasoned points.

    And, love the vid of La Vie Boheme. Rent is one of my all-time favorites. Been to see the theatre production several times. Thanks so much for that one!

  296. Thanks, Carol. I guess I’ll probably be able to watch the youtube eventually.

  297. bostonboomer,

    I’m sorry, the only other info mentioned was that there is some communication going on among the national delegates, and they have been trying to get a clear and specific answer out of the DNC on the roll call vote question, with no success. So they want the word to get around about a walk out, if there’s no roll call. If I had been given more specifics, I’d certainly share. 🙂

  298. arabella-carol-bostonboomer-you missed a exciting night the obamanation trolls tried to take down our sisters and brothers @ hireheels last night sorry I missed Diane was up late power posting I am sure thye will have here clip posted later.

    One Obamatron even called Diane at home late at night a harrassed our Diane. Looks like the trolls lost this ona and they cleand up some of the posts.

    I cannot wait for Mawm and Gary hope they slept safely.
    the girls over at HH have requested that gary and mawm send any video over to hireheels too so they can see it I have to do laundry so some one pass it along when they get pack.

    If its good video that counterdicts the unity pony we need it to go viral fast.
    Daine and EJ at HH are wonderfull….


  299. No mention of PUMAs or the rally in this article, but it is all about how Obama is shifting to the center (and betraying his base): http://www.latimes.com/news/la-na-obama28-2008jun28,0,3982507.story?track=ntothtml. What a surprise! We all said he was liar with no history to track. Now he’s for executing people who haven’t killed anybody. I think child rape is a horrible crime, but I wouldn’t whack a person for it. In fact, I am against the death penalty, period. But it’s consistent with the totalitarian mindset: youth group, insignia, FISA, Death Penalty, OK to carry guns, suppression of dissent in your party…we all know where it leads.

  300. Hi michael –

    I saw how you valiantly defended our sister blog, hireheels. Bravo!

    Isn’t it laundry day for you today? I hate doing laundry. To see me carry on about it, you would think I had to take the clothes to stream and rub them on rocks. (Sunday is my laundry day.)

    Saturdays, I pick up my brother from his group home and take him to my mother’s. Mom and I chat and do crossword puzzles. My brother is autistic and sometimes he’s a bit disruptive, but my mom loves to see him.

    Anyway, I’m off in a few minutes to do errands and pick up my bro.

    PUMA! Toujours, PUMA.

  301. The US is calling the election in Zimbabwe a “sham”.

    It’s a pillow covering?


  302. Michael,

    I wonder why Hire Heels doesn’t just moderate the trolls?

  303. Thanks for the breakdown of all the PUMA appearences yesterday.
    I was not able to catch them since I was @ work all day & evening.
    Would it be possible to do the same thing today with the appropriate “links”. I’m new to computer world, so
    “you all” help me so… much to say informed.
    Go PUMA!!

  304. hi tpt/ny –

    You will know a lot about the internet real soon. The people here are all willing to answer any questions.



  305. That HOUND won’t hunt. Dogs and cats – not a good combination.

  306. Adieu.

    Puma 4 Evah

  307. hey guys, sorry no post from unity yesterday. mawm and I just got this video camera and I am having serious tech difficulties. That combined with 30 hours w/o sleep made me give up last night. we are currently in a hotel in connecticut and we’re trying to get out of here to make it to pride in NYC 🙂 Before we leave, though, I am trying to get at least one vid and some pics up, so if you guys bear w/me I’ll have something up very shortly…

  308. Good morning, GCH. Good to hear that y’all are back with us. Wonderful video on Cavuto, Mawm!

  309. PS: Mawm, we’re working on having “I can think for myself” translated to latin for the puma motto!

  310. Meanwhile K0 reveals his S&M fantasies during the Shmoonity coverage

  311. Hate to admit to but KO could be right. If the Schmoonity is unchained, it will be verrrry difficult for him.

  312. You are so right about watching television Arabella. I seldom watch anything that has to do with politics anymore because it just enrages and/or depresses me. Usually both.

    I was channel surfing during the commercials, the only thing worse for your brain than KO and co is some of these stupid commercials. Do they think we are all either 4 years old or think about nothing except sex 24 hours a day? Good grief folks, give the nether parts a rest now and then!

    Why I ended up on Anderson Cooper and why I listened to hackity Candy Crowly I’ll never know. Both are bad for the I.Q. Some swoon for Cooper but I’ve never been able to find someone sexy unless their mind speaks to me as much as a pretty face. Or nice butt.

    Thanks for the pep talk. At least I did not wander into Looney Tunesville with Tweety and KO. I’d have to bathe after that.

  313. Arabella my sweet everybody has chores they hate mine is laundry-because the laundramat that is the best in town is in the middle of Obamaland and they have livestream obama in the place obama news 24/7 irt is so sick…

    bboomer I dont know much about how moderation works but I think how they run their site is ok by me besides there are a few sweet trolls whom they could use for opposition prep I guess?

    also I think the attack last night was a co-ordinated thing it was just hireheels I am told probably brought on by the big ‘o’s” condesending manner on stage at Unity….


  314. keosha-I am right their with you on anderson cooper-not sexy at all….and I look at KO and all i can think is bitter bad lay-right girls-

    fuzzybeargville-your fav wookie in the rebel alliance

  315. Agree with you 100% Fuzzywookie of the Rebel Alliance:

    The trouble with men like Anderson and KO is that they are so preoccupied with “them” that they don’t have much concern for “us”.

    That makes for a lousy lay, bad relationship and an emptiness that no amount of good looks can replace.

  316. If you’re getting bored with tv, watch the PUMA Alliance channel on http://powerofpuma.blogspot.com or subscribe on youtube for the best choice PUMA videos.


    Featuring the best of the best of PUMA.

  317. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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