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Friday : Shmoonity

I fried the hard drive in my macbook the other night and as a result, I can’t hearken to the call of my muse, Hypergraphia, at 3:00am like I normally do. It would mean I have to go downstairs to the other computer and oddly enough, I have found the arms of Morpheus much more compelling. In other words, I overslept this morning so this will be brief.
In case you guys haven’t heard, we made the Washington Post this morning. Or, I should say, Diane Mantevaulos, our head mischief maker and editor of the JustSayNoDeal Coalition did. The PUMAs are official. We have finally made the big time. The article, Hill, Yes! O,, No! was actually pretty fair to us. Diane and Murphy lay it out very well. So well in fact that even Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is getting it:

The Obama-McCain comparison is what Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) has been trying to emphasize. A prominent Clinton supporter, Wasserman Schultz said for women who care about reproductive rights, the economy and a range other issues, the only choice is Obama. “The opportunity to elect a woman has been missed this time, and that’s deeply disappointing,” she said. “While I understand the temptation to gravitate towards a Puma attitude, I don’t think that is productive. In fact, I think that is counterproductive. It will result in an outcome, if it becomes widespread, that elects John McCain by accident or de facto.”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Who said a Superdelegate can’t be taught? Yes, Debbie, while you were making political deals to screw Clinton over so Barack Obama and Howard Dean wouldn’t punish you, the voters in the rest of the country, and your state in particular, had this crazy notion that their votes and phone calls and emails and letters and PLEADING with the RBC would actually, you know, *count* for something. If not, why did we bother to spend our states’ precious wealth on primaries in the first place?? Do you know how much New Jersey is in debt? It’s in the billions. Ånd do you know how much money they spend on gifted education last year? $0. That’s right. Instead of funding a primary that cost millions and millions of dollars, maybe we should have put that money into making sure that my daughter has access to a decent math class. I mean, if it was all an exercise in futility in the first place and you SDs were just playing chess, why bother with a primary at all?

No Debbie, we are not going to come to terms with this. Time is not going to heal this wound. Oh, I take that back. If I wake up on Nov. 5 to find that Barack Obama, the inexperienced, untested, unvetted, lightweight candidate who we counted on you to stop, if I find that he is NOT my president, I will finally be over it. If the man who called me a racist because I thought he was unready does not take the oath in January, I will be satisfied. If all the people he threw under the bus, the old, poor, working class, Appalachians, women, latinos, asians, gay and Muslims find that the Democratic Party is now genuinely shocked and chastened for screwing us over as well as any Republican would have done, then we will have exercised our power.

That’ll learn ya’!

(The pic is of the lovely Diane with her designer stilts by Marni. I don’t know how she walks in those things either.)

Gary and Mawm are in NH at the Shmoonity rally. Can’t wait to hear about their day. For those of you who are going, make a lot of cheering whenever Hillary comes on stage or says anything. Be silent whenever Obama does. Booing is so unclassy in a PUMA.

293 Responses

  1. (grinning) I LOVE that photo although I notice that she is not actually walking in those shoes….

    Good Morning, riverdaughter. Here’s my first favorite quote:

    Oh, I take that back. If I wake up on Nov. 5 to find that Barack Obama, the inexperienced, untested, unvetted, lightweight candidate who we counted on you to stop, if I find that he is NOT my president, I will finally be over it.

    It would be another of those “long national nightmare” moments…

  2. Good morning riverdaughter and katiebird! Today should be an interesting day. I wish you guys could blow off work and stay at The Confluence. Oh well, I have lots of work to do too, but at least I can do it at home and keep checking in here.

    Let’s hope Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has actually started to wake up and realize that we are not going away and we are not going to vote for the DNC’s unqualified candidate. I used think she was smart.

  3. Good morning Riverdaughter. You always make my day. I always feel better after you put just the right perspective on the lunacy of the day before.

  4. If we send DWS enough cornflakes, she may just understand.

  5. RD,

    If you get a moment at work today, please go over to the Cheeto and read the diary by that loser fanboy, Keith Olbermann. OMG, do his bosses know he spends so much time trying to get approval from a bunch of Obama fans? He comes across as utterly undignified and childish. We have a right to expect better from the media than this. God, I remember when NBC was actually respectable. If only we still had people like Chet Huntley and David Brinkley instead of fanboys on parade.

  6. BB, I wish I could stay home too. But since my LAST Day of Work before I retire (go on permanent vacation) I think I’d better show up……

  7. Why do they keep insisting that we’re pissed just because a woman wasn’t nominated? We’re pissed that the far and away superior candidate was denied the nomination because of gender. Misogyny is the great threat to the rights of women and girls. If we legitimize this bigotry from the left then it’s game over for women and girls.

  8. I want to add to my previous statement: I realize misogyny was one of many factors, but it was still a factor and one that cannot be legitimized.

  9. They’re still lost in the Reagan Cult, and they think the presidency is nothing but speeches and photo ops. They just don’t get it that it matters who’s making policy and what policy is made.

  10. Davidson,

    I think it’s because “the pissed” argument is the only one where our minds could be changed. (they think)

    + They can’t give their candidate qualifications and experience that he doesn’t have — not by August or November.

    + They can’t take back the decision to give Obama 4 of Hillary’s Michigan Delegates.

    + They can’t take back the decision to give Obama the Uncommitted delegates even though his name (by his own choice) wasn’t on the ballot.

    + AND they are DETERMINED to keep Hillary’s name off the ballot in Denver. And we’re pissing all over that plan…..

    Belittling our message is the only control they’ve got. It never occurred to them that a bunch of bitter old hags would seize control of The Internets…..

  11. Good morning.

    Congratulations on official PUMA non-invisibility and all of the amazing work done here to make it so!

  12. Also speaking only for myself….

    One huge reason for holding-my-nose for the Democrat in the past was to Support The Democratic Party. I live in Kansas where my vote for a Democratic Presidential candidate is virtually meaningless.

    But, I’ve cast it year in and year out to show that while Kansas always casts its vote for the Republican at the Electoral College — in the popular vote, it’s not unanimous.

    This year? I couldn’t care less. The Democratic Party has made it clear that it NOT ONLY doesn’t speak for me — it has no intention of speaking for me. They’ve told me time and again to get out of the way.

    And at this point, I’m more than happy to oblige.

  13. Excellent finally, yes, we are finally described more correctly as, empowered, not victims an article that calls out our intents and our agenda correctly……

    Defining the Just Say No Deal coalition is not simple. The clearest and strongest sentiments seem to be that party leaders tried to force Clinton out of the race prematurely, allowed sexism and misogyny to go unchecked in the media, and made decisions about the Florida and Michigan contests that were designed to favor Obama. ….
    “I think he is dangerous. I think he is unvetted and unqualified,” aka a third Bush term….

  14. one quibble…

    debbie wasserman-schultz isn’t one of the bad guys. she stuck with hillary all the way through – she held out longer than charlie rangell did. she was out on the road campaigning with hillary in the last primaries. i saw pictures of her standing at the edge of the stage when hillary was speaking at whistlestops in late may.

    i know she’s saying all the good little democratic congressperson stuff now, but she’s still a committed hillary superdelegate. and i was there when she endorsed hillary from the speaker’s podium at the florida convention last fall, despite the boos and heckling she got for it.

  15. bb: Just read the Olbermann diary at Kos. I have never seen such back bending carried out by a “news commentator” on behalf of a political candidate who has now become the king of flip flops.

    After his rightful rants a few months ago decrying the FISA extension and labeling all those who backed it as spineless, he now views it through another lens benefiting Obama.

    If the American public refuses to understand the far reaching consequences of this legislation, they are in for a big surprise down the road. And portraying Obama’s spinelessness as “just wait until he gets in to change it” as courageous is “putting lipstick on the pig”.

    For KO to implement that forum to excuse Obama’s actions is pure hypocrisy.

  16. “Belittling our message is the only control they’ve got. It never occurred to them that a bunch of bitter old hags would seize control of The Internets…..”

    Someone should let them know that bitter old hags don’t get affected by being minimized. They’ve had the time to realize that idiots don’t last long if idiotic meme is not allowed to interfere with the BOHags’ determination.

  17. decent math class. I mean, if it was all an exercise in futility in the first place and you SDs were just playing chess, why bother with a primary at all?

    This point is worth repeating everywhere. So far the SDs have got a free pass on what they have done — choosing the weaker candidate for their own personal gain, me before country. We should hold them accountable — DNC, P-D-B, SDs who supported Obama…..

  18. @KB: Belittling us is exactly right. First, there’s nothing wrong with anyone wanting a woman president and yet it’s constantly dismissed while Obama’s blackness is seen as a symbol of pure progress no matter the ugly tactics he has deployed. Let’s put it this way: If Clinton had been allowed to win the nomination in part by exploiting racist hate and a corrupt Democratic establishment, I can’t imagine Salon or any other media writing an article dismissing Obama’s black supporters as just suffering from hurt feelings who have no choice but to support Clinton.

    Second, why can’t they even acknowledge her qualifications or her voters’ legitimate reasons for actually being for her, which is rare in the “lesser of two evils” era? Obama is glorified for reading a damn teleprompter and grinning like a fool while Clinton is constantly dismissed as “merely” a woman. Clinton’s women voters are usually seen as voting for her for being a woman while the rest of us are surely racists (!) as if it’s impossible for a woman to win over voters on merit (I honestly don’t think the media frenzy is about Obama as much as it’s about being anti-HRC).

  19. katiebird; Congratulations on reaching retirement! It is a big life changer, no doubt about that, but it is wonderful! I can say that since it has been 7 months now for me and I wouldn’t change it. As much as I loved my job, I knew the time had come for “me”.

    Best wishes being sent your way and I promise, it will not take that long to adjust.

    Thoughts are with you always!!

  20. Typical Obot apology – “I’m sorry you’re stupid.”

  21. @KB: My reply to you is stuck in moderation. Drats.

    I’ll take this time to say I meant to write: “Clinton’s women voters are usually described as voting for her only because she’s a woman while the rest of us are surely racists (!) as if it’s impossible for a woman to win over voters on merit.”

  22. Note this ridiculous quote by James Roosevelt in the WAPO article re: “cheating”:

    This kind of talk drives James Roosevelt crazy. As co-chairman of the DNC’s rules and bylaws committee, he presided over the meeting that decided the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegations. He calls the notion that Obama got preordained, preferential treatment “just ridiculous.” While he understands the disappointment of Clinton supporters — his daughter and wife backed the New York senator — he says the party’s rules were “followed and interpreted fairly.”

    Either he is a completely dense or a liar. I sat there and watched that entire RBC debacle. They followed the party rules? They violated fundamental DNC principles & their own Charter!: allocating “uncommitted delegates” (ALL of them) to a candidate instead of those delegates going to the convention uncommitted; then GIVING him four of Hillary’s based on exit polls, unopened absentee ballots and phantom voters who might have gone to the polls?! They never mentioned that he campaigned in Florida with ads, which should have stripped him of ALL his delegates there; and lied about him blocking revotes in MI & FL. And that’s all I can think of this a.m. before coffee. THAT is why the PUMA movement has formed with commitment and passion. They manipulate and then lie to our faces, as if we cannot see what is going on.

    For me, the fundamental issue is the undemocratic process of the primaries and the deliberate manipulation to select an inadequate and deceitful nominee. I will never endorse fraud.

  23. campskunk,

    debbie wasserman-schultz is a Florida State rep who has no reason to go on National TV to stump for Obama except to further her own career. She could stay home and be quiet. Better, she could do what no other Dem is doing and stand up for what is right and call to task their own party.

  24. Hillary must have something up her sleeve. We accept that she is tough and strong but her agreeing to prop up the spineless one leaves a few questions unanswered.

    Does anyone think for a moment that she is allowing Obama to dictate the rules to her of all people? I don’t. He and his surrogates a somewhat miffed that the Big Dawg has not come out slavering over an endoresement on his behalf which tells me they totally need the Clinton’s to appear “unified”. Bill may need to be hogtied to get him up there and complete that task!

    This nobody from Illinois must have made a few concessions to Hillary and I don’t buy into the “unity” thing. She must have him by the short hairs because she is smiling a bit too much for me to believe that he has her cornered. Him, of all people!

  25. Katiebird,

    Congratulations! I assume your co-workers will make a fuss over you today and you won’t have to work too hard. I can’t imagine how it must feel–both exciting and scary? Have a wonderful day!

  26. katiebird-I add my congratulations on your retirement. Just think of all the time you’ll have now to pursue your interests.

    Interesting comments by Heidi Li over at her blog this morning about the fundraiser last night. I always find her fair and reasoned.

    Good luck to our PUMA family on the frontlines today.

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  27. I agree with campskunk, I don’t know a lot about DWS but I do recall her standing up and standing out for Hillary a lot longer than most of the tried and true HRC supporters. Some of that was due to the voters of her home state of FL being disenfranchised but that’s only part of the reason.

    BTW, great post RD et al.

  28. I think the Joshua generation and those who wish to appear young enough to join this hip, happenin’ movement are in for a shock. Those of us who are old enough to have a history and to have studied it, realize that going along with the corruption of the Democratic party is the old politics. The Methuselah generation has been there and seen that and is having none of it.

  29. I love how people like W-Schultz think that electing McCain for 4 years is the end of the world, but setting the kinds of precendents the RBC set is not.

    Electing McCain for a mere 4 years is only the end of the world for those who want power. Otherwise divided government with a spine-ful Congress is fine.

  30. Congrats Katiebird!

    I retired over a year ago and while I was pretty much pushed out the door, young and perky being so much nicer at the front door than old and competent, I’m now glad they did it. (And I never did get that perky thing right, friendly, helpful, yes. Perky, not.)

    It’s nice after getting up and going whether I felt like it or not for most of my life to get up and go when the hell I feel like it.

    And ya get to blog all day long if ya want to! Yahoo!

  31. I am probably the only one that is going to say anything about this, since it may be construed as misogynistic, but I am glad that Diane has those stilts on and that the picture is of a beautiful woman rather than the crones they make us out to be. We are not just the old angy bitches they make us out to be, we are of all walks, and we are male as well.

  32. If you think Olbermann has shown himself to be a complete hypocrite on the FISA issue, check this out. It’s about time both he and Jon Alter were called out for their unbridled “candidate worship.” I see that MSNBC is now being described as engaging in “advocacy journalism.” Isn’t that an oxymoron?


  33. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in general a good representative. The cornflakes statement was just plain dumb. She’s allowed to be dumb, we’re allowed to point it out.

  34. River Daughter – I am taken with the term “shmoonity” and impressed by the post you wrote even while running late. Thanks for taking the trouble.

  35. Congrats, KB. I hope to retire as early as possible. I love school, but hate work.

  36. fif said “For me, the fundamental issue is the undemocratic process of the primaries and the deliberate manipulation to select an inadequate and deceitful nominee. I will never endorse fraud.”

    That is exactly what this needs to be about. Washington warned about political parties and how they can decieve the populous and distort the very process.

  37. Y’know I’ve got to say that I’m at the point where I don’t care who stood by whom and for how long anymore–no one’s standing by us! As long as we continue to be insulted, nobody gets a free pass. If Hillary insults us, which I’m fairly confident she won’t, she doesn’t get one either. Bill does it, he gets spanked too.

    Debbie is either willfully ignorant or playing a game. That is all.

  38. oh, goddam – this article is in the “arts and living” section of the WaPo. they didn’t put it in the political news section.

    i guess we’re competing with cherry blossom festival writeups and georgetown townhouse redecoration analyses for attention.

    @elixir, NH and Teresa:
    i think Wasserman-Schultz is dutifully saying what hillary and every other Democratic elected official who still supports hillary is saying in public. it’s noise they produce for the media. she may even be coordinating it with hillary’s campaign. i mean, even terry mccauliffe is saying it, and you KNOW terry’s a puma.

  39. I think the PUMA movement will continue to grow. We got this far basically on our own, with no media or institutional support.

    Although many of Hillary’s supporters may have switched their support to The Precious, they did so figuring they had no choice.

    And if recent actions and statements of Opossum have been troubling to the Obots, imagine the effect on his reluctant supporters.

    He isn’t winning their hearts and minds.

  40. campskunk, DWS did eventually cut a deal with Obama and Dean and allowed Clinton to believe she had her and other SDs support long after they sold her out. That was unconscionable IMHO. Hillary paid 12 million of her own money on her campaign. They owed it to her to not buckle. They owed it to *us*. They live in a bubble if it is just now harshing their mellow that voters thought they got screwed. It goes beyond not having a woman president. It’s about 18 million people making a decision about who was the better person to be president and then finding out that the fix was in to give the nomination to the teenager. Why did we even bother with the primary schedule if all the big D states got ignored in the end? That’s what’s so bad about this. The fraud perpetrated on the states and their voters is breathtaking in scope. They should all lose their jobs if they think we just need time to accept the royal @$$ f#%*ing we just endured.

  41. Keith Olbermann is a ranting fool. Wasserman-Schultz was a raging HRC supporter. I am beginning to think the DNC is holding people hostage. All this shit is hitting them smack in the face and those bumbling fools don’t have sense enough to see it.
    Olbermann’s rant of FISA “immunizing corporate criminals” or “textbook examples of Fascism”, then saying WOW I’m with Obama, isn’t he brave. THis is sick and disgusting.

    I know we have used it as a joke many times, but I am starting to wonder if they really have drugged the damn kool aid. Why else would people be falling all over themselves for a guy who has turned back on everything he has said so far.

    I feel like the old lady in Eddie Murphy’s comedy routine who is falling down the stairs. With every slip, Jesus lord help me.

  42. CTmom: My fear is that any critique or questioning of Obama will lead to cries of “racism” so the MSM will remain muted and offer up one apology and irrational explanation for anything he does. The fear of being branded “unpatriotic” leads us to where we are today. Completely cowed by whatever administration is in power for the sake of access.

    Again, the fall out from that FISA provision goes far beyond just “eavesdropping” on supposed terrorists. Nixon sought to eavesdrop on his political enemies with far less sophistication than what is available today.

    I would ask those who stand by idly and allow this travesty to happen to only look at what happens on a daily basis, hardly recognizing how Big Brother is already at work.

    Each time you make purchases at the grocery store your tape is played into an advertising base that allows the sender to have as much information on you as a consumer. That is where most of the daily fliers that arrive in your mailbox come from. Your name is not selected at random, you reside in multiple databases where the advertiser if free to solicit your business. It is not random.

    FISA is a break with tradition and must be monitored. Obama has just telegraphed that he does not give a damn.

  43. Myiq2xu: Ya’ll of course saw reports from the fundraiser last night, he ain’t winning Hillary’s donors’ hearts and minds either. They are not in love.

  44. they have all got guns at their heads right now

  45. RD: If we have learned anything in the past couple of months, it is that you can’t keep anything secret in Washington. Which is why I have never believed in conspiracy theories. If we are are right about Obama being “in the bag” for months, it will come out. There will be a deomcratic Scott McClellan out there and he will tell all for a book offer.

    I just wish it would happen now.

  46. Anytime I see religion mixing with politics my hair stands on end. This Joshua movement is another prime example. The reaction from those Obama cable enablers would have gone beserk had that been Hillary. They chided Huckabee for his speech on changing the constitution to reflect God but again Obama gets a pass.

    Having endured 8 years of Bush and the Religious Right we would expect our candidate to distance himself from those loony pastors and their suspect expectations. But no, he is out there touting their support and waving it in the faces of those of us who prefer the constitution.

    The more I see and hear the less inclined I am to take him seriously. Pander once and you pander forever.

  47. CTmom, on June 27th, 2008 at 9:38 am Said:

    Thank you for the Greewald link, he really nails it.

    We need a new and stronger word for hypocrite.

    RD great post as usual.

  48. I understand Murphy’s statement that this has gone viral and there are multitudes of us, BUT, we have to be heard and heard, LOUDLY. Again, we have to take this movement and do something with it, before it is too late. Gary and Mawm are taking the ball and running with it, but they are only two people. Look at Harriet Christian, she got heard. We have to figure out how to be heard and it has to be a very loud PUMA roar.

    JustSayNoDeal is supposed to be working on things to do, but we are still being thought of as angy old women. We are going to have to do something (legally) to be seen and heard.

    Organize a protest in various cities or something.

    If we are old, then we all must remember the 60’s and 70’s. We were willing to do it then and we were heard. It may hurt my knees to stage a sit-in or protest, but age has given me more money and better sense and I am willing to use some of it, because I will not live in this continued facist state.

  49. The reason these people of note are falling over themselves for Bambie has little to do with Bambie and everything to do with the fact he is backed by the those in the highest places . It makes no sense when one looks only at BO. The genuflections we are seeing are for those standing behind Obama.
    Only an awakened population has a chance against these people and that’s why Hill ran so hard this Spring. PUMA is the off spring of that run. Because of Hillary’s super woman run, the DNC had to commit their crimes in the day light so now they will never be forgotten. Hillary also spent the Spring awaking up folks to what their government should be doing FOR them. The whole thrust of her stump speech was completely against the top .999 plans of shutting down the government for the average person beyond tax collection . Hillary was as much a Paul Revere as a candidate IMO.

  50. Well, I can hold a grudge forever, if necessary. We are only going to be happy when she becomes President. We deserve to have a good President and we need a good President to get this country back on track. I don’t want to worry about what kind of life my children will have when they’re my age. McCain will do for now but he’s just a seat filler for her.

  51. McCain vs. Obama: The Hero or the Zero.

    They still have no clue what’s up with us — and anymore, they don’t need to. All they need to know is that they’ve lost this election and they had better NEVER fuck over the electoral process like this again. This fix was in in 2005 — THAT’S WHY WE’RE PISSED. They figured they were doing it subtly enough to get away with it — they didn’t bet on a bunch of old ladies smelling what they were up to and figuring it all out.

    That’s why they’re pissed. It’s like the guy at the bar who wants to get into your pants and gets pissed off as hell when you say no. He goes from “hey-baby” to “die-bitch” in about seven milliseconds, and even while he’s still at the “hey-baby” stage, you can see the “die-bitch” waiting in his eyes.

  52. Ms. Marple, on June 27th, 2008 at 9:28 am Said:
    I think the Joshua generation and those who wish to appear young enough to join this hip, happenin’ movement are in for a shock.

    Bingo, Ms. Marple! Paging Maureen Dowd and Randi Rhodes.
    I don’t know if I’m quite ready for the Methusalah Generation. How about the Sarah Generation? She was old and wise and a woman.

  53. Janis said: ..guy at the bar who wants to get into your pants and gets pissed off as hell…

    that’s both funny and accurate

  54. Hillary as Paul Revere. Well said, Annetwo.

  55. I have always thought that is why we didn’t fall all over ourselves for Obambi. He is the guy at the bar trying to schmooze us with his lines. We have heard it all before and it didn’t faze us. Personally, when he asks me what I want, my response is his absence.

  56. Annetoo—–you nailed it-it’s about power, and keeping the keys to the city for themselves.

    And, Joan–the grudge thing–me too. I actually still boycott Exxon for the Valdez oil spill, and Proctor and Gamble for testing on animals (don’t even know if they still do–but f*** them anyway for doing it way too long), and veal, and definitely Walmart.

  57. –not that I’ve put any on them out of business, but it makes me feel better.

  58. bostonboomer,

    even better is the way Glenn just eviscerates KO — in his usual calm, intellectual, “this isn’t personal” manner. It’s over at Talk Left, just posted. It’s cringe-inducing (if you are a KO or BO fan)! And I love BTD’s new term for Keith: “Obama’s O’Reilly.” LOL!!

    I don’t dare return to the Big Orange Cheetoh, but I remember your name from when you used to post there. From what I understand the children have really taken it over — which is a shame. There used to be some good diarists there. I haven’t been back since they ran the Edwards supporters (I was one) off the site.

  59. Congrats to our KatieB. Have a wonderfully splendid weekend. Look forward to hearing what you’re considering for a 2nd act.

    In the meantime, take it easy while soaking in some of those hard-earned dividends — personal and professional. 🙂

  60. Kim, We are doing something about it, but the local organizations take just a little time to thrown together, so every now and then, I am going to put in a plug to contact me–maybe give Katiebird permission to pass me your e-mail. I am organizing for Washington state, but working on an action template for use in any state.

    As for what we look like, what they call us, and being called “racists”, a part from Washington’s mission statement.:

    ” WE ARE PATRIOTS. We can face anything in the name of preserving the integrity of our government. We are appealing to others to remember what we were born as Americans to uphold, to honor what others have died for. These are dire times. Dire action is required. We have the strength to stand up to corruption. We have the strength to stand up to threats and name-calling. We are PATRIOTS.

    Debbie WS may have been our gal right up to the rupture at the end of May, but that doesn’t let her off the hook for the insulting public comments about the PUMA movement on national TV last night. She didn’t have to choose her words that way. And belittling our numbers? Well now, isn’t that incentive to show her whos boss???

    As for Hill, when I see her smiles now, I see a certain expression. Unity, it ain’t. There was one particularly revealing look from last night’s event.

  61. What’s going to happen to all these sites when McCain is sworn in? These children will not continue to post once BO is out of the picture.

  62. And SIS!!!! Happy Retirement!!!!!! Now you have time to come out to Seattle and visit me!

  63. DancingOpossum,

    I’m reading the comments on BTD’s post on Olbermann while trying to get some work done too. I will NEVER return to the cheetos place, don’t you worry. Did you have the same name over there? I only go over there to quickly from time to time to see what their latest obsessions are. This morning I thought I might see something on the “Unity pony tour,” but instead I saw Keith Obamamann making a complete ass of himself one more time.

  64. Good Morning grwoling and roaring PUMAs!!!

    To the fab Katiebird: Congratulations on your retirement!!!!!

    And I LOVE Diane’s picture!!! Try to call her a bitter old woman and she’ll take your eye out with them heels.

    Love the post, I count on Riverdaughter’s hypergraphia like I depend on my double Cuban espresso in the morning.

    PUMA is ALIVE and ROARING – everyone give yourselves a round of applause !!! The Rebel Alliance is only 27 DAYS OLD!!! And look how far we’ve come!

    They KNOW we exist and superdelegates are either frightened of us or silently a part of the PUMA/Just Say No Deal coalition.

    Even if career Democrats are selling out for “schmoonity” (love that term) – we don’t have to. I want to hold the Democratic Party ACCOUNTABLE for the CHEATING and the VOTE STEALING. Even if that means a Republican in office for 4 more years.

  65. Hello PUMAs, I love Diane’s photo. SHe looks so cool and so chic. I love the shoes, if only I could walk in them.

    great job! Roar PUMAs.

  66. riverdaughter, you are the best. You inspire me. I am not the only against Obama. Yes! This is great. If you listen to some, we don’t exist and to hell with us.

    On a side note, Debbie may have gotten “it”, but her attitude last night on Larry King Live proved otherwise.

    Additonally, How does one donate to your cause, “The Confluence”?

    Love ya river.

  67. Comment on Diane’s shoes, they have a slight platform so they may seem uncomfy, but they’re actually not that bad.

  68. I don’t think they were expecting attractive women to be PUMAs. We’re freaking them out. Somebody get Angelina Jolie and we can really freak them out.

  69. Congrats, katiebird!

    DWS was a good soldier for Hillary, and now, like Hillary, she’ll be a good soldier for the presumptive nominee. She has a future in politics, and it would all go away if she went PUMA.

    That’s why you won’t see any Big Name Talking Heads carrying our message on the teevee. That’s why it’s up to us. Us, and maybe a wildcat independent operator or two, speaking up from political retirement, or from the edgier corners of the public advocacy community.

    But mainly, it’s up to us.

  70. As much as I hate to quote Rightwingers on anything, I have to confess that Chuck Krauthammer is on to something here:
    The Ever-Malleable Mr. Obama

    “To be clear: Barack will support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies.”
    Obama spokesman Bill Burton, Oct. 24, 2007

    That was then: Democratic primaries to be won, netroot lefties to be seduced. With all that (and Hillary Clinton) out of the way, Obama now says he’ll vote in favor of the new FISA bill that gives the telecom companies blanket immunity for post-Sept. 11 eavesdropping.

    Back then, in the yesteryear of primary season, he thoroughly trashed the North American Free Trade Agreement, pledging to force a renegotiation, take “the hammer” to Canada and Mexico and threaten unilateral abrogation.

    Today the hammer is holstered. Obama calls his previous NAFTA rhetoric “overheated” and essentially endorses what one of his senior economic advisers privately told the Canadians: The anti-trade stuff was nothing more than populist posturing.

    Nor is there much left of his primary season pledge to meet “without preconditions” with Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. There will be “preparations,” you see, which are being spun by his aides into the functional equivalent of preconditions.

    I’ll let Semidi express my thoughts on this on other related issues, he can do it so much better.

    From the Department of “We TOLD YOU SO, ***holes”

  71. Two of the points made in the must-read opinion piece in the Baltimore-Sun by psychologist Annette Long:


    Women voters are not factored into the decision making of the Democratic National Committee. The DNC is concerned that black voters will protest and stay home if Senator Clinton gets the nomination, even though she is the stronger and more electable candidate. But the DNC doesn’t worry that white women, three times larger than the combined black vote, will stay away from the polls if Mrs. Clinton does not get the nomination. They expect the white women of the party to fall in step and vote for Mr. Obama in the general election.

    •The rules for women candidates are not the same as the rules for male candidates. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy adamantly supports Mr. Obama, even though Mrs. Clinton won his home state, Massachusetts, by 14 points. Mr. Kennedy has repeatedly called for Mrs. Clinton to pull out of the race, yet when he was running for president in 1980 he took his bid for the Democratic nomination to the convention floor, trying to change the rules to unseat Jimmy Carter, who already had enough delegates to clinch the nomination. And let’s not forget that this year Mike Huckabee stayed in the contest for the Republican nomination when he had no chance of winning. He was committed to stay in the race until Sen. John McCain reached the number of delegates needed to win. At the end of the contest he had a total of 267 delegates, more than 900 behind Mr. McCain. No media barrage pushed Mr. Huckabee to withdraw. Barack Obama has not reached the needed number of delegates to win the nomination, yet Mrs. Clinton – who is fewer than 200 delegates behind Obama – is being pressured by commentators and the DNC to withdraw.

  72. OMG – they just showed Hillary talking to Axelrod on the Plane!

    That snake.

    I’m sure she will be loaded up with all of their luggage to carry, and I bet they won’t even tip her afterwords.

    I hope she did not use gargle this morning.

  73. Brangelina just gave a $1 million to Iraq children. They sure have turned out to be really classy!

  74. Okay, sorry – I just saw a tip jar with her name on it to pay off her debt!

  75. Thought you all would enjoy the video I posted at Corrente, with this intro:

    A son is born again,
    a genius unchained,
    a life of wealth and fame…

    Like a cobra’s prey, sick fascination will draw me to the TV screen. Closer, closer… until suddenly…

    Splash! The TV screen will break open! Kool-Aid will gush out over my white carpet!

    I will swim in the Kool-Aid. I will writhe in delight and languor, like Ann-Margret in champagne foam…

    See the video:

  76. Congratulations on your retirement katiebird – I will have been retired for a year on July 13 – I wasn’t forced out – just got tired of the battle – watching my IRA deflate is kinda demoralizing 😦 – but maybe ‘I’ll get over it’…………watched all the stuff on Larry King & Cooper last nite……..nobody gets it…..I am an angry, bitter?, old (relatively speaking – 63?) white woman but I am an educated, literate, thinking old white bitch and I am not only angry about Hillary but I am angry about the DNC, the Democratic Party and everyone who thinks we are sore losers…………how do we get our point across that we are tired of being treated like 2nd class citizens & that we need to do our duty – the only thing I HAVE to do is nothing (should I choose to do so)…….did anyone notice at the stupid meeting on 5/31 – after the idiots each spoke at the table – women were right there to clear off the tables & cart shit away – couldn’t those speakers carry their own crap – why do we put up with this????

  77. Carol, looking the way they do and blessed with a social conscience?
    C’mon. Let’s forget this President stuff and just annoint Angelina and Brad as Queen and Prince Consort of America.
    I’m only half kidding.

  78. Don’t you get the feeling that all the poll quoting and ridicule of PUMAs only strengthens us? It’s true that I get down about the whole series of injustices that seem to keep going, but I NEVER feel like giving up. In a great measure due to all of you other PUMAs!

  79. Well, the ridicule certainly strengthens my resolve never to vote for BO.

  80. In think many of the super delegates are regretting, or at least having second thoughts about The Precious.

    Some of the Dem leadership would rather lose with Obama then win with Hillary. Others thought they were making smart career moves by jumping on the bandwagon early.

    Now they’re stuck, hoping they didn’t back the wrong horse after all..

    That’s why Dean and the boys from Brazile don’t want Hillary on the ballot at the convention. If a few SD’s switched their votes to Hillary early in the roll call, it could turn into a flood.

    The Precious isn’t making it any easier on them either.

  81. I need to clarify. Yes, the ridicule strengthens my resolve not to vote for Obama, but it’s not really personal. The misogny was and is terrible but , in the end, it’s all about the cheating and vote theft.
    That’s why I’m implacable.

  82. Boys from Brazile–clever!!!

  83. medusa2:

    They are clueless. They don’t even know who were are, let alone what are motives are.

    I think they really believe we are just a bunch of pissed off old ladies who are just sore losers.

    They think Opossum is the best thing since sliced bread, and can’t understand why we don’t.

    They just can’t comprehend that we took a good long look at him, thought about, and decided not even if Hell froze over.

  84. So as members of the Democratic Party, can we figure out how to override their decision not to put name on the ballot? I still say there is something in this damn movement we can do. Sure I love to blog, but I am ready for action.

  85. Hillary must have provided O with her volunteer list or maybe Strickland did, I received a call last evening from an O supporter complimenting my good volunteer work for Hillary along with an invitation to join O team, I respectfully declined.

  86. Oh, BTW:

    I’m neither old nor female.

  87. I find it intersting that so many of these news articles leave out that if we look at either the 2000 or 2004 elections, the 10% of the Clinton supporters that are now PUMAs are more than sufficient to swing the election to McCain. 1.8 Million dissaffected Democrats can ensure a Republican White House. But personally, compared to having the Democratic Party run by Howard Dean, I consider 4 years of McCain in the White House a small price to pay. Instead, I will work hard to see the Democratic Party take more seats in the Senate and House. Let McCain have to work with a REAL Democratic majority.

  88. SweetieSue!: For me it’s both procedural and personal. If he’d been a better man and condemned the very bigotry that won him this nomination, I’d feel some compunction to vote for him. I’d know he wasn’t complicit. He was silent when it counted; now he wants to be somebody hero. He isn’t because now he perpetuates what’s always been. The process was bad, I’ll grant that. But he, as a player, was no better.

    This is very personal for me, though process does play the second larger part.

  89. Oops!

    “our motives are”

  90. Hillary has to play by the rules. If we manage to overturn this slo-mo disaster heading down the freeway at us, then she needs to be seen as having done the right thing. C’mon, c’mon – so do her delegates. If the Obama supporters can’t point to a second of infidelity on her part, she’ll be able to unite the party much faster around her candidacy.

    Remember, Obama’s entire camp is scared shitless of her and the Big Dog. They may be stupid and mean (and they are stupid and mean), but they know that Bill still has an authority that they will never touch, and that Clinton herself, has the allegiance of half the votersin the Democratic party.

    I wish my feet were big enough to wear those shoes.

  91. “The whole thrust of her stump speech was completely against the top .999 plans of shutting down the government for the average person beyond tax collection .”

    That is perfectly said and clearly shows the pathetic injustice we are expected to be submisively led into. I am sadly amazed everytime this plan flashes into view for a microsecond.

  92. I’m starting to believe that Big Dawg campaigning is a pipe dream. Whatever’s in that pipe causes hallucinations. It’s just not in the cards.

  93. Longtime N.H. Dems buck Obama, Clinton

    … Two longtime Democrats in New Hampshire said yesterday that they would lead “Democrats for McCain,” rather than back Sen. Barack Obama for president.

    … James McConaha, a former Clinton administration official, and his wife, Valery Mitchell, a Democratic activist, are working to gather support for the presumptive Republican nominee …

    Are these PUMAs? Or are they “war Democrats” attracted to McCain’s hawkery? Who has the local 411?

  94. Regencyg:

    I didn’t start out supporting Hillary, although I now believe she is by far the best qualified Democrat available.

    But if she had lost to someone like Dodd or Biden, I would have not problem supporting them instead.

    It’s not about Hillary, it’s about Obama.

  95. katiebird- One of the best parts about not working, is when you come home from vacation you don’t have to go to work the next day. I just flew back from Paris yesterday and here I am doing two-weeks of laundry times five, going to the supermarket and catching up on my favorite blog. I missed you all and I am proud of you all. In the last two weeks, PUMAS have become a force. Yesterday, my husband was reading the Financial Times on the plane and there was an article about PUMAS. He has new respect for me and all my blog friends, now.

  96. OK, don’t yell at me, but I was in front of the TV writing out some checks, and had MSNBO on for a few mins. They actually covered the anti-Obama movement, interviewing the Wapo writer who actually interviewed some real PUMAs. He did a pretty good job of explaining that this isn’t just about Hillary anymore. It was amazing to see that on the Obama network.

  97. BTW, that was Annetoo, on June 27th, 2008 at 10:22 am

  98. Honora,

    I missed your comments. I’m so glad you’re back. We are making progress, aren’t we?

  99. myiq2xu, on June 27th, 2008 at 11:35 am Said:

    It’s not about Hillary, it’s about Obama.

    I agree that it isn’t about Hillary. I may have said something different upthread but I certainly don’t recall. I think I’m getting a case of Alberto Gonzalez.

    Anyway, I believe the best of whatever was left should’ve won. They chose the lesser of the two. My allegiance is the better. The problem isn’t that she lost–arguably–the problem is that the “winner” can’t win.

  100. Do we know what happened with the PUMAs going to Unity, NH? They were supposed to get there before 10 am before the sheriff closed off the road (see pumapac blog).

  101. It’s more acceptable to the MSM if it’s not about Hillary.

    All the more reason, to me, to make it about Hillary. She’s the one who went through it all.

  102. Boston – on the MSNBO network???? PUMAs???

    WOW. That WaPo article was good journalism. Presented both sides of the story accurately and FAIRLY.

  103. Pm317, we have no word yet – I hope they are OK!

  104. Somebody take pictures. I just saw a “Unite for Change” banner and gagged. I think I’ve taken about all I can.

  105. My husband brought home vanilla coffee which I hate, so I’m having chocolate milk for breakfast – ahhhhhhh, what a treat. Think I’ll put some cream in it. LOL

  106. Regencyg:

    I’m not concerned about whether Obama can win or not.

    I’m concerned about what will happen if he does.

  107. SM:

    The crying shame is we feel like we’re doing good if a story about us is fair and objective.

    I’d love to see the MSM to do a pro-PUMA story.

  108. myiq2xu: I’m imagining not much. No, I take that back. Whatever Pelosi and friends want to happen. That is why we can’t allow that to happen. He cannot be rubber-stamped by a weak-ass Dem Congress.

  109. Hey all – It seems to me that there is ONE DAY in particular that the DNC officially screwed Hillary over. The day the DNC rented their new headquarters in Chicago should be considered an official D-day for Hill’s campaign. As Anglachel and Riverdaughter wrote, these types of moves have to be planned well in advance. Is there any way to find out the day the new headquarters were officially rented – the day the check changed hands? I really believe this is an essential argument of the PUMA movement and will reinforce the idea that the DNC acted undemocratically during the primaries. This fix was in long before June.

  110. regencyg, on June 27th, 2008 at 11:41 am Said:
    myiq2xu, on June 27th, 2008 at 11:35 am Said:

    Anyway, I believe the best of whatever was left should’ve won. They chose the lesser of the two. My allegiance is the better. The problem isn’t that she lost–arguably–the problem is that the “winner” can’t win.
    Exactly, “they” chose. We, the voters, didn’t. That’s why, primarily, I can’t vote for Obama.

  111. I don’t know ronkseattle. Would McCarthy”s reign of terror ended if one or more Folks at the top, someone in a position of authority or a national voice, hadn’t said enough and shamed our National leaders.

    Part of being held accountable, it seems to me, is asking why they are not speaking out. Our political leaders are Americans too.

  112. myiq2xu, SO SAD, yet true.

    The Salon article written by Rebecca Whatchamacallit, should read the WaPo article and take notes on how you report on a story.

    Journalists’ 101 says to report both sides of the story, if it’s one sided, then it’s commentary.

  113. I am compiling a collection of national PUMA exposure-articles, youtube links. Honora, could you please give me specifics on where to find that?

    Kim, action items for everyone, anywhere include passing these types of articles. Also, concise lists of Obamas flip-flops and inexperience (dishonesty). Sticking with the facts, keeping emotion out of it. Just making the case–to everyone when you have the chance– that he is unelectable and undeserving.

    Swaying public opinion and the polls to an undeniable low against Obama is key to getting the supers to do the right thing in the end. This is more possible than you think.

    Also, contacting loval journalists with these other write-ups so that they can be fiorst to be “hip” and in the know with the PUMA movement in your local area.

    Be sure to have a contact e-mail on any materials you hand out (I’m working on generating them to share..), so that you can organize local visibility events.

    This stuff is doable for everyone.

    Now we all need to do our part! Go PUMAs!

    More subversive is to

  114. ps- PUMA orgs need a compilation of DNC’s illegal and unsavory actions to get around too.

  115. Joaniebone, try Just Say No Deal – No Quarter has posted mostly all of the PUMA interviews.

  116. I just did another post on my blog for action. I don’t get much traffic over there. I am usually over here, but it is a new thing for me and I enjoy it.

    I am Kirafasrevolt

  117. Thanks! I have many of them. I hadn’t heard of the one in financial times. Is it there?

  118. Kim, is that you at Kirafa?? I’ve been there quite a bit – nice!

  119. Joanie, I’m not sure, but maybe Financial times has an online article about it. Try a Google search – maybe something will pop up.

  120. Yes that is me. I just posted a call to action. I did one the other day that was not PC, but I was pissed.

  121. Kim, Thanks! I’ll check it out. I’m trying to figure out how to really join forces here, because there is so much action already in different blogs all over, I just don’t know where to best use my time. I have limited computer time. There are lots of materials and research done. We just need a “one stop shopping” clearinghouse for everyone to post and borrow. I hope that everyone gives permission for reproducing materials.

    any ideas?

  122. top o the mornin to y’all!

    another great essay, rd, and so many reccable comments, so liittle way to give you all pixelhugs!

    They’re still lost in the Reagan Cult, and they think the presidency is nothing but speeches and photo ops


    a bunch of bitter old hags would seize control of The Internets…..


    I actually still boycott Exxon for the Valdez oil spill,

    kc, boycotts work: i tried to boycott exxon for funding lies about climate change for a decade and discovered there are no more exxon stations even left to boycott near berkeley any more!!!!

    ONE DAY in particular that the DNC officially screwed Hillary over. The day the DNC rented their new headquarters in Chicago should be considered an official D-day


    bostonboomer, 11:36 am

    OK, don’t yell at me, but I was in front of the TV writing out some checks, and had MSNBO on for a few mins. They actually covered the anti-Obama movement, interviewing the Wapo writer who actually interviewed some real PUMAs

    hey boston: any way to find this online? which show?

  123. katiebird – how come you can retire at 25!

    I see working till I’m 90!

  124. Joaniebone,

    Check this out. The LA Times blog has a report about the disunity in Unity, NH–and they used the Obama-snob photoshop image!


  125. I think the WP article does a fairly good job of showing that there are sound, logical reasons for people to be PUMAs and that we’re not a bunch of hysterical females.

    How is James Roosevelt related to FDR and Eleanor? What a disingenuous man. He acts as if we didn’t watch on television while they stole delegates from Hillary to give to someone who wasn’t even on the ballot.

  126. Joanie I have suggested numerous times that we take this to the state level. The DNC may not think 1.8 million votes is a big deal, but 200,000 in a state legislator race is a big deal. We find the states that are swing states and the ones that are closest, we assemble there.

    I also have suggested picking a day and a time to send mass emails to the DNC or SD’s or something. Maybe even sending them to Hannity (yuck I said his name) simply because he seems to be the only one willing to buck the system of if that is too distasteful, how about Lou Dobbs?

    Blogging is great, and we may be getting noticed, but time is running and I want HILLARY!!!!!

  127. On NECN video of Murphy is front and center–they are using it to talk about the “unity” rally today.


  128. This is a pretty good read:


  129. Sonya,

    James Roosevelt is the grandson of FDR and Eleanor, and I’m sure they would be horrified that he is head of a huge HMO and fighting universal health care and social security by supporting Obama.

  130. I’m just peeking in ask myiq2xu — aren’t you in Seattle? If you are please email me: katiebird@gmail.com

  131. thanks for the link to MSNBC article.

    “Hillary said during the campaign that Obama didn’t have enough managerial experience to be commander-in-chief,” one top Obama fundraiser told me. “And then she spends herself into debt and we are supposed to help her?”

    Well, not having the experience to be commander-in-chief happens to be accurate IMHO. I didn’t need Hillary to tell me that – I’d been convinced of it since last summer.

  132. “And then she spends herself into debt and we are supposed to help her?”

    Oh — and then the Obama campaign hired Patti Solis Doyle, so what’s their problem?

  133. Ummmh, excuse me, but didn’t Obama say the same damn thing when he was asked in ’04 if he was going to run for POTUS.

  134. I love it when they say stuff like that: Keep talking!

  135. I just got back from running a few errands and had Rush on my radio dial. He was laughing his head off about the unity parade today. Says Hillary would rather be anywhere but.

    Anyway, he blasted Obama again and then said a few cryptic things. I will paraphrase:
    1. It is still a ways to go between now and August.
    2. Things could happen to change his “presumptive status”.
    3. Long way to go between August and October.
    4. Big things could be happening in October to change the flow.
    5. November may hold the key to the October “surprise”.
    Then he said:
    My friends, do not think for one minute that this thing is locked up. Hillary is not playing ball for nothing.

    I know we all hate and despise Rush but he may know somehthing we don’t. He was chuckling and snorting throughout the five minutes I had him on my radio.

  136. OT-but I just wanted to share a good video for those who might not have seen it from Native Americans Agaist Obama. (I’m not good at posting links. Apologize if it doesn’t get here.)

  137. d g, on June 27th, 2008 at 12:32 pm Said:

    No one is forcing them to help with Hillary’s debt. Thank God most of it is her own money.

  138. Racism is an issue, whether or not we acknowledge it. The Obama campaign has used it successfully to intimidate opposition to him and support of other candidates. But it was perfect o.k. for blacks to support him because he is black. The only time that this nonsense of an issue stops being used against legitimate critics of Obama is to say: Racist? Me? So what? If blacks stop supporting Obama because he is black, then I’ll stop supporting other candidates for exactly the same reason–they are not black.

    I’m neither black nor white; I am brown. If someone tried to pull that schtick on me they shut up quickly when I say, “so what? This is a free country. I can like or dislike anyone, for whatever reason.”

  139. Oh what a beautiful morning!
    Message to DNC: Karmas a bitch.

  140. Wow, the Howard Fineman story is a riot. Clinton’s big money supporter do not sound like happy campers:

    Obama has made two phone calls in recent days to a good source of mine who is also a top Clinton supporter and fundraiser.

    Neither call went particularly well.

    Obama’s message was clear: He wanted this person to join his campaign and get her donors to “max out” to him.

    You see, even though some funders have given all they can to the Clinton effort, they are still free to donate another $4,600 to Obama’s presidential campaign.

    Her answer was guarded and angry: I’ll help you, she told him, but only if you help Hillary erase her campaign debt.

    Clinton, she told him, will absorb the loss of the $12 million she loaned to her own campaign, but she will need help with the other $10 million in vendor debt.

    My source found Obama to be haughty.

    She asked the candidate whether he would reach out to former President Bill Clinton. Obama reacted positively — sort of.

    “I’m cool with that,” he reportedly told her.

    She found that outrageous. “‘Cool with that?’ Are you kidding me?”

  141. Lakota in GA, loved the video. Thanks

  142. Native Americans, just another group thrown under the bus. What a beautiful film wtth an equally beautiful musical score.

  143. Surprising that Fineman is reporting this. He has long been an Obama apologist nightly on the KO show. Seems that some of these cheerleaders are taking a second look at Mr. Can Do No Wrong.

  144. Why can’t Clinton’s big $ funders just say NO? Someone shoud do a documentary on this bogus primary,

  145. Pat,

    Fineman gets in plenty of shots at Hillary in the article. He must be stunned to learn that not everyone loves the koolaid as much as he does.

  146. Pat — Rush doesn’t know anything. He’s just making reflex (reflux?) Rush-noises.

    Let’s not get into bad habits.

  147. Is anyone going to watch the “unity rally” live? Maybe I should put up an open thread so people can document the atrocities, as Atrios says.

  148. ronkseattle: I agree it is just that when I hear anyone blast Obama it just feels good. Rush is a super idiot. No question.

  149. ronk: It is hard not to listen to the other side. We Can’t listen to MSNBC-KO anymore, Bill Maher is a no-no, CNN, well I won’t repeat what I have heard it called (I don’t like what they are calling it either), HuffPost is gone to us, Cheeto-gone. We are either left to blogland or we have to watch Faux news.

    I feel like I have been wandering in the desert for 40 days.

  150. Yeah, I can’t stand Rush (though I get why he’s talented, it’s hard to fill up that much time with hot air and keep an audience). I think part of what he’s been up to is spreading the talking point that the Democrats had their candidate picked by elites in backrooms (I happen to agree with this!), that the Clintons are exactly as he’s portrayed them for the last decade and a half, and.. whether there’s a shoe or more about to drop in August or October.. I don’t know..

    It seems the rumors are useful themselves to promote mistrust of Obama (I had enough reasons to mistrust him already). It’s fascinating. I’ve believed for a while that something fairly significant is out there but don’t know what, or the magnitude thereof, given how much the media worships him.

  151. I am afraid my son is going to stage an Intervention; because we have an election coming up. I have always been an activist and crazy around election season. This season, I have just been walking around aimlessly.

  152. Fineman’s article sounds right to me. A good friend of mine who was a high level donor for Clinton has been getting calls from a high up fundraiser in the Obama campaign that he knows personally. They are worried about unity, and my friend let them know that he has no intention of jumping aboard the unity bandwagon. The fundraiser was disappointed in his response, I think he thought because of their longstanding relationship he could rope him in, but my friend stood his ground. The Obama guy my friend spoke to did say that they were aware that there were many Clinton supporters who not jumping in and that they will try to assuage that with the VP choice, whatever that means.

    There was just some fool on FOX now who was at the event last night who said it was all so wonderful last night, everyone was united, and he knows everyone there will be raising money for Obama. Couldn’t be further from the truth, and his report doesn’t match that provided at no quarter, the one provided by heidi li, and this latest report from fineman.



  153. Riverdaughter,

    I love your hearkening to the call of your muse, Hypergraphia, at 3:00am –

    mornings I check in with you first – I bring my coffee over + put up my feet on a cushion on the computer table and theres always a good read from you and everybody here.

  154. Rush, Hannity and Dobbs see through Obama.

    Dean, Brazile, Kerry, Kennedy, Olbermann, Tweety, all get that tingly feeling.

    So do we know who the idiots are anymore?

  155. Katiebird:

    Sorry, but I’m waaay south of Seattle. I live in central California, a couple hours south of Sacto.

  156. #
    SweetieSue!, on June 27th, 2008 at 11:28 am Said:

    The misogny was and is terrible but , in the end, it’s all about the cheating and vote theft.
    That’s why I’m implacable.

    I agree with you. If it had been fair, I would have accepted Hillary’s defeat but can’t do that now because of the cheating and vote theft.

  157. MSNBC is carrying the event. Hope I can get this elsewhere, like NECN. Have to listen to Andrea Mitchell and that is enough penance for one day.

  158. Also, I HATE that he matched his tie to her suit. As usual, he makes me feel like I am watching a high schooler. I often felt like he was running for senior class president, not I feel like he is dragging her to the prom.

  159. boston, I am hanging out waiting to see if 1pm (cspan said last night) is my 10AM or…if we will get it at our PST 1 pm…

    ok its on!
    202 585 3886 call in DEMs

  160. Major Garrett was actually pretty fair just now and pointed out that obama needs to keep recognizing and acknowledging all the records she has shattered in American politics./

  161. why are they taking rethugs calls?

  162. not any unified calls so far

  163. @Kim, Brace up there, girl. We haven’t even been wandering in exile 40 days yet.

  164. If it had been fair, I would have accepted Hillary’s defeat downlisten, that is it exactly

  165. Pat,

    It’s live on Fox and CNN. It doesn’t seem to be on C-span.

  166. I’ll cop to watching Fox more often (I refuse to watch MSNBC) because.. well, it is funny to hear the usual rightwing trash talk about Democrats because I shrug knowing that these stereotypes don’t fit Hillary and her supporters at all – they become pretty laughable.

    I used to get all sensitive about the “Dems are weak, elitists, don’t have values, don’t take national security seriously” kind of talk, worrying how vulnerable our candidates might be to that if they didn’t fight back – I don’t have that worry with Hillary, and I don’t much care how they portray Obama because IMHO some of that stuff happens to be true, in his case. But then, I don’t like what it’ll do to us as a party if we have to quibble endlessly over the same old GOP frames, I have absolute confidence that Hillary would roll right past them and be completely unfazed, but Obama and his people are so *touchy*..

  167. Dot– Are you getting it on C-Span 1?

  168. yep, in CA

  169. Also I am pretty amused at the cable news coverage of the campaign lately being all about which guy can be nicer and do more to win over Hillary supporters. Hah. Let the obnoxious Obama fan base on the blogs insult us as much as they want – we have somewhere else to go, and they need us, and we don’t need them.

  170. Thank goodness, it is on C-Span.

  171. no liveblog at cheetos….

  172. I can’t accept it also because of the kind of campaign he ran, and the fact that the media had their thumb on the scale for him.

    In addition to the vote theft.

  173. Hillary’s fund raisers are NOT “cool” with Obama. The situation is much worse than has been reported. This is having reprecussions in local election races.

    Ugly scene for Obama, uglier scene for Vichy Democrats.

    Trust me on this one.


  174. I couldn’t watch it. Hillary doesn’t look happy to me. I’m just listening on C-Span radio.

  175. a tightlipped unity liveblog started at cheetos, none of the Ocampaign trolls commenting so far….

  176. I need some help, if you guys don’t mind. Twice I have tried to contact Diane to have my blog, Peacocks and Lilies, added to the list, but I get no response, and I’m not added. I tried once right after the thing got started, and once more again this week. I know she’s busy, but I am a part of this movement, and I would appreciate having the opportunity to be included. I can’t find an e-mail address on the site to contact her directly. Does anyone have any idea how I can go about doing this?

    Thanks in advance. I was gratified to see that article, and posted about it last night.

  177. love how she uses reverse bold to emphasise:

    “there ARE no invisible Americans”

    by switching to a very quiet voice

  178. dotcommodity,

    I had to shut off the radio too. I just can’t listen to Hillary praising Barack Obama. I just can’t.

  179. bostonboomer – There’s an old Russian saying about dogs who run in packs: “You can bark or not bark, but you must wave your tail”

    In other words, you have to go along with the alpha dog (wag your tail) but you don’t have to be express your enthusiasm (by barking.)


  180. annabellep,

    Have you tried e-mailing Murphy? Maybe she would have contact information. I haven’t followed these other sites that closely. Also, I’ll bet Maum and Gary will have it when they get back.

  181. Arabella,

    It looked like some people in the audience were with Hillary. She got more serious when talking to some people. If it were me, I’d be saying, “Why oh why do we have to be stuck with this phony loser?”

  182. Of course the cheetopians are tight-lipped as they live blog. The Big Smiling Kool Ade Pitcher himself probably told them “No dissing Hillary.” Ergo, they have nothing to say.

    It’s just no fun any more for those guys.


  183. she holds him accountable

    black and white, etc


    “gender and geography

    she is going to make sure he won’t dump those “racists” in Appalachia

  184. Annabellep, I’ll be checking it out!

    Kim, could you write to Katiebird at the link she provided? It would be great if we coudl exchange contacts, support eachother, the movement and brainstorm

  185. Much too painful to watch and listen to Hillary support that man! Turning off my TV!!

  186. Thanks, BB. I don’t know Murphy’s e-mail address, but I will certainly take the opportunity to approach Gary or Mawm about it in the next open thread for which they are present.

    I’m going to have to take a look at that Unity thread, Arabella, so thanks for the tip. I might have to do a little Psy-ops while I’m there. I do love to mess with those guys from time to time. And it’s not like they don’t deserve it.

  187. bostonboomer – In the bad old days, some Medical Schools, Law Schools, and Grad Schools used to have a little ceremony for the wives where they got their PHT degrees. PHT = Putting Hubby Through.

    golf clap

    “Well ladies, good job. Of course, we know you already received your MRS degree as undergrads ….”

    golf clap


  188. Thanks Joanie! FTR, I can be contacted at annabelle AT rcltd DOT org. Put PUMA in the subject line and don’t send me any attachments. I don’t open e-mail with attachments from people I don’t know. Great idea to get a personal contact list going.

  189. Agent annabellep, you have been tasked with PSYOPs on the designated thread. I hope they are smart enough to be suitable subjects.


  190. PHT, wow, I never knew! It really is a different world….

  191. I get all my news through this source. It’s all I can take.

    I know exactly when I realized that I would definately vote McCain if Hillary didn’t secure the nom–not long ago, since PUMA started.

    I suddenly realized that I could not hear Obama’s voice for 4 years. McCain’s just doesn’t effect me the same way. I get a violent reaction. Obama inspires total revulsion in me.

  192. ok, hes putting thanking kiwanis club ahead of ….whatever – Im going upstairs to get some work done
    bye guys

  193. After watching the great O during the Hill/O press fest today, I’ve got a new skarky label for him. It’s a pet peeve of mine, but I just can’t handle the way he communicates. The uuuuuuummms, and the aaaaaaaaaannnnnds. And then the “great communicator” thing that the press does afterwards just reminds me too much of raygun. So I was just thinking when I heard all of that, that he sounds like a fog horn. So the new label is: The Great Fog Horn (GFH). Spread the word. 🙂

  194. annabellep,

    I looked at the pumapac site and didn’t see any contact info for Murphy. I think she is in NH today anyway. I don’t know about Diane. I think Maum and Gary are your best bet.

  195. annabellep – It is frustrating for some of us Boomers who remember the Bad Old Days. I’m 56.

    I got attacked on several blogs for bringing up factual information about what life was like Obama’s mother was preganant with Obama. I got called every name you can think of.

    I explained (or tired to) that being an “unwed mother” was the worst thing a middle class girl could be. Etc. some genius told me that this stigma “only happened in movies.”


  196. When I hear Hillary doing her best to shill for this guy I start humming (Just) say what you need to say, say what you need to say …

    Hill knows we’ve got our own minds and motivations. And it isn’t to aid ‘n’ abet the “Dubya of the Left”. Nuthin’ doin’.

  197. Can somebody take my McBook Pro away from me?

    I’m such a junkie that I end up listening to the dreck Obama is spewing. against my better judgement. I’m about to smash things in the face of so much phoniness.

    Maybe I should stop working from home.

  198. Oh GOD!!! I can’t take this absolute crap!!!!

  199. Regards assuaging us with a VP choice, that must means he’s gonna pick a woman. Probably Pelosi *retches*.

    They still think it’s all about us wanting a woman, so just “throw a chick at them and they’ll shut up!” Nancy’s a good little buttkisser, hey Nancy! You up for it!

    “Sure!” she chirps back. “I never suffered from sexism, so it doesn’t exist! Beingt a lady in America is just peachy! Can I fluff your pillow?”

    They can kiss my PUMA ass. Seriously — watch for it. Nancy freakin Pelosi. Then, they’ll get all pissed at us — you just watned a chick and you got one! So shut up and fall in line, bitches!

  200. I just peeked in on Fox and saw Hillary standing there – not radiant as she normally, just nodding her head occasionally. It was sad – and he is such a pompous, phony a$$.

    Very heavy sigh.

  201. every once in awhile I pop in to reiterate

    I – Will – Never – Vote – For – Him – For – Anything – Ever.

    aaah I feel better now!

  202. how come no one is reporting on the protesters???
    did our mawm and gary make it????

  203. Thank God, its frigging over. Now I’m going to go outside and kick over some very large garbage cans.

  204. @riverdaughter:

    i can’t find anything about DWS sliding out before 6/2, but this sure doesn’t look promising:

    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) will continue his outreach to female voters Thursday when he returns to Capitol Hill for a meeting with female Democratic House members.

    “This is his chance to seal the deal with women members,” said Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), formerly an ardent supporter of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) who now fully supports Obama and plans to attend.

  205. IndigoGrrl,

    I think they were not allowed to take anything with them on the buses to the rally, I’m sure we will hear from Gary and Maum eventually–that is if they weren’t detected and sent to a reeducation camp.

  206. Janis, actually I’d heard a rumor a few days ago that McGaskill was a possibility.

  207. I hate his frigging guts!

    I wish she had knocked him off of the stage.

    We know she could have.

  208. Karolina,

    If Obama runs with Claire McCaskill, that would easily be the most unqualified, inexperienced ticket in modern history. If Obama doesn’t manage to find a VP with some military or foreign policy creds, he’s toast.

  209. annabellep: I can’t get in either. So if you know how to get on let me know.

    Joanie: KB has my email contact.

    Hmmmmm, one freaking question, has anybody ever heard of a Unity rally happening before?

    Neither have I.

    So if we are all falling in line, why did they feel the need to do this.

    Makes me happy because the change’ling had to, because . . .



  210. Well, THAT was an experience. The DK unity thread (the second) was pretty boring. Mostly people who never pay attention offering one liners about how they are responsive to the marketing that is Unity, NH today. I hate lazy thinkers almost as much as I hate evil thinkers. No Psy-ops, as it was mostly polite, if hypocritical and mundane.

  211. Indigo – you don’t honestly expect the MSM to report on just how disenfranchised the “united” democratic party has become, do ya? Naaaaaaah. They’ll continue marginalizing our protests just as they did during that RBC fiasco/sham. They need to convince those of us who aren’t surfing the web that they’re all alone and should “get over it” already.

  212. When he said women could do it better, she made a “ye” face and shock her head!

    Oh yeah you stup*d pile of cr*p – she did do it better!

  213. curious,

    Don’t worry. We just throw trolls like you in the spam pile–no need for verbal bashing.

  214. CURIOUS:

    Will say something about his credentials or his policy if you can tell me what they are.

  215. Honora, nice to have you back. The last time I heard from you, someone [Gary?] was cautioning you to be careful in Amsterdam. Since we hadn’t heard anything since, naturally I was assuming…..

  216. annabellep: I was in communication with both murphy and mama puma yesterday. Try these:



    They each may be in NH today but they responded quickly yesterday.

  217. How old are you, curious? My guess would be 23, unaware of any history and still recieving financial hoelp from home.

  218. OH, Karolin say it isn’t so. She doesn’t have a competent bone in her body. I’ve never heard of a Senator that makes decisions based on her teenagers views.

  219. BB: So basically, boston, Obama needs to find a qualified candidate who is (and represents) everything he isn’t?

  220. bostonboomer, so lets hope he chooses CM. He should be toast.

  221. Will do, Kim. Likewise, k?

    And around here, Unity rallies are a dime a dozen. There’s one every time a grand jury refuses to indict a white police officer who shot a person of color, or whenever there’s been a slate of gang-related killings concentrated in an area, or whenever any kind of “hate crime” occurs, regardless of color. It’s not exactly a “black thing,” but it is a “oppressed thing.”

  222. July 4th Independence (from BO) Day–Pay off HRC debt

    Independence (from BO) Day—Pay down HRC’s debt by making a contribution of $20.08 on the 4th of July
    Here’s the video from our talented friend:

    We are also encouraging everyone to wear Hillary-gear on July 4th to show their support!*

  223. BO is going to have to pick a VP that has more experience than him. Of course that gives him many, many, many options and Clair is not one!!!!!!

  224. Unity officially reminds me of a disease you get from engaging in unprotected sex.

  225. We are all in favor of freedom of speech. We also believe in the right to ignore.

    This is Riverdaughter’s soapbox. She gets to decide who can use it.

    If you don’t like it, get your own soapbox and use it to complain.

  226. Sure thing annabelleP

    No I am talking about in a Presidential election only.

  227. edwardian,

    Yes, but that candidate was on the stage with him just now. I don’t think he has the humility to ask someone is is inferior to, do you? The question is how he could find anyone less qualified than he is.

  228. Carol said:
    I hate his frigging guts!
    I wish she had knocked him off of the stage.
    We know she could have.

    Carol, those words were in my head, you put them right in print. Complete accordance here.

  229. She diminishes him in so many ways standing next to that big nothing! How could he be selected over her?

    She sounded like the first wife trying to make points for the “trophy” wife on his behalf.

    She inspires; he tires me. I had to laugh at his reference to 20 years as a community organizer. What the hell has that to do with running a country?

    Nothing changed my mind. I just hope that whatever “deal” she had to make to stand beside him it is worth it to her in the end. Now the speculation is surrounding the Big Dawg’s endorsement. Bill, tell him to go f**k himself. That is all the endoresment he deserves from you.

  230. I am opposed to unprotected sex. That’s why I carry a gun.

  231. myiq2x: lol

  232. If only these troll had some originality or creativity, it might be fun to humor them for a bit. But they are unfortunately very very boring.

  233. Arabella, I’m 61. I was an “unwed” teen [i.e., “town slut”] in 1965.

    Why would anybody wonder why girls threw themselves down stairs or used hangers to abort? There was adoption then, but to do that….shame shame shame runaround Sue.

    So….Daddy got out the old shotgun et voila! Married at 18. Mother at 18. Divorced and returning home at 18, but at least the baby wasn’t a bastard. Oooh, there goes that town slut, didja hear?

    No wonder Mr. Obama’s mother went half way around the planet, maybe to put that past behind her — if she was pregnant before she and his father married [I don’t know].

    And you can bet that shame was also born by his grandparents, these Midwestern Kansans who chose in live in a slightly more tolerant Hawaii, probably not only for their own sake but their grandson’s.

    Add to that, the anti-miscegenation practiced, both legal and hidden, back then, too. There was no bold declaration of African-American. The good old days were pretty twisted and toxic in more ways than one.

    Mr. Obama at times calls her “a single mom.” That expression didn’t even come into use until the 80s and Murphy Brown show, and didn’t the conservatives howl as the “cultural” war deepened.

    And now my party has evolved into some pretty exotic creature that calls itself the Democratics. Shame shame shame on them.

    Long live Hillary. I’m really proud to have chosen her to support.


  234. Who is this OZMA person, who was “purely for Hillary as a woman” one issue formerly Republican voter. Not a very accurate example. CNN

  235. BB: “The question is how he could find anyone less qualified than he is.”

    I have a nephew graduating HS next year. Can he wait until May ’09?

  236. Thanks Pat! I’ve sent the e-mail. Kim, did you see that?

  237. I agree with you Pat. She inspires,. I had to flip the channel many times when he spoke. I too hope Bill tells them where they can stick it.

  238. edwardian,


  239. caseyinfl,

    I’d like to see Bill get up onstage with Barack and then deck him. Too bad that will never happen.

  240. “don’t know Murphy’s e-mail address,”


  241. BB I have had dreams of that exact scene!!! I had also hoped Hillary would say F@#$ it. I just can’t do this and then walk off the stage!!!!!

  242. He is a very boring speaker. Don’t know if it is the cadence or just that he has very little to say. Could be both. If he wins the election I will be muting my remote on him as often as I do when Dagwood staggers to the stage.

    Cannot wait for gary and Mawm to report back. They must be overflowing with news! The event certainly went out of its way to show only the Obamabots holding up their placards. From what I saw, and correct me if I am wrong, it did not look like an extra big turnout. Of course, NH is not a hugely populated state. Still.

    I cannot stand Obama!

  243. Oh, and Kim, I meant to suggest that what you’re seeing here (with a unity rally at the presidential level) is a meme in action. In the original sense of the word meme, that is a cultural analogy to the gene. Anyway, it’s going national, now. And it is a marketing scheme, very much like church, where the design is to diffuse anger by appealing to the herd with altruism. It won’t work on many of us, but it will work on some people. Just like people loved that cheesy Hope, AR power point presentation at the 1992 convention, complete with a picture of the young BC meeting JFK. I loved Bill CLinton, but I recognized that for what it was.

  244. Debbie, Debbie, Debbie…electing McCain will not be an “accident”, trust me, SWEETIE. It’s by design. It’s the way we planned it. However, it’s not too late to change the course of history, if you so choose. Nominate Hillary in August and undo all the damage you and your cohorts have caused.

  245. Obama/McGaskill. Sure loser.
    Obama/Sebelius Sure loser.
    Obama/Hagel Sure loser.
    Obama/edwardian’s 19 yr old nephew Possible

  246. It is pretty funny that Bill has been silent. I would like to see him and Mr. Fog Horn together for either a smack down, or more likely a clever verbal assault that FH wouldn’t even get.

  247. Okay this is getting bad, I am talking to you guys. I mean answering you audibly. Annabellep says, “Kim did you see that?” And I am sitting here here at my desk and yeah. Then I realized, crap I have to type it.

    Anyway, my mom called right before this thing came on and was railing. She calls every day and says, “CNN said we were all going over to him” or anything and everything she hears. And everyday I have to say, “Mom dont watch that stuff.”

    My mom has never gotten into politics before and is one who wanted to see a woman before she dies. For her, I think at first it was because she was a woman. But, she started hearing Hillary and was just inspired. We are southern and I worried about the usual stereotyping, and the fact that my mom still harbors some pretty bad feelings about some issues My grandfather was robbed of his social security check and the thug broke his hip.)

    Anyway, it was nice to see my old mommy so into it.

  248. Kim: Don’t worry, you are not alone. I was answering whatever talking head was on tv a few months ago in language that would have made my Mom turn over in her grave. Sometimes you just can’t help it.

    annabell: Great pieces over there on you site. Have you bookmarked.

    VA: I would pay to see that. Maybe a way of Hillary paying off er debt? Pay Per View: The Big Dawg v The Empty Suit.

  249. I thought I saw an article where Bill said he was gonna endorse and campaign on MSN.

  250. Speaking of our mothers and this campaign, my mom has been a major dem contributor for many years. She tends to give anywhere from 20K to 100K to various dem groups. And wow you should see the emails and phone calls. Since the nomination she has said, sorry, no more money. She finally told them that she will happily give to dem causes and vote for dems as soon as they have woman as their nominee, that it is past time, and that this issue is too important to sit by and be patient any longer. Good for her.

  251. I watched at a local pub on CNN and the camera panned to the crowd. There was an older guy with a small banner. Remember the ones that were felt, triangular and had a team name on it? Anyway, was not very big and it had PUMA written on it. He dropped it when he saw the camera on him, but I know what I saw.

  252. VA: Your Mom is one of those they are dying to get! Big contributors must rank numero uno on their donor lists. Good for her is right!

  253. Kim,

    So far, I don’t think Bill has been heard from publicly. He did send out a spokesman to make a very very tepid statement that he would do whatever BO asked him to. I’m sure BO will be too arrogant to do that. Can you just imagine him on the same stage with Bill Clinton. BO would look small next to Bill–and I don’t mean in a physical way, but in terms of stature and gravitas.

    Did you ever think we would have a presidential candidate who would tell a wealthy donor for the vanquished candidate, “I’m cool with that?” Please. This guy needs to start acting like an adult and so do the superdelegates.

  254. Some of my family/friends just weren’t paying attention to Dubya/Cheney Co in 2004-2006 and I kept saying,”You have to start watching & listening to the news; you can’t believe what these people are doing to our country.”
    Now I say to them, “Turn off the damn news, forget what the paper says, you can’t believe them.”

    They all say to me, “What are we supposed to be doing this week?”

    I think the media will cover PUMA/JustSayNo in an attempt to show they’re fair [hah!], but they’ll just do it to minimize us. Fat chance.

  255. annabellep: Diane’s computer was experiencing technical difficulties that were probably more serious than my blown hard drive. She is tring to keep up with all of the email that is coming her way plus an explosion of interviews and media opportunities. There are half a dozen alone in the next 24 hours. So, be patient. It may take a couple of days for her to catch up. Be assured that she is absolutely delighted to have you.

  256. Pat: Yep, and I’m doing my bit to keep her holding fast. She usually goes to donor events and inauguration events, but she’s happy to skip those and just focus on people and groups that actually get something done.

  257. Has anyone “talked” to Bill in days? Bill’s in “No F-ing Ways”ville right now.

    *pouts* I miss my Bill.

  258. Pat: “Obama/edwardian’s 19 yr old nephew Possible”

    LOL! Actually, he just turned 17. He’ll reach “majority” next spring. So, if Obama needs more cool kidz, I’ve got one for him. 😉

    Kim, my father’s the same way. He repeats me all the talking points he’s heard, via CNN and MSNBC. Unfortunately, he’s an Obama supporter. I have to bite my lip as much as possible and simply SMH and say “really? CNN? MSNBC?” and chuckle a bit. He has no concrete reasons to support BO other than the fact that he’s been marketed as the most viable AA candidate running for president. If it were a woman running on BO’s credentials, he’d never take her seriously. Yet he can give this guy a pass? (I’ve remarked about this, and more, during many of our lively exchanges on this election.) He and any family member attempting to sway me KNOWS better. My sister voted for Hill during the primary, but was afraid to amit it aloud, around her friends and extended family (in-laws). *sigh*

  259. You guys seen the interview with McAuliffe on Morning Joe?



    Bill was in London for Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday and I believe he is also going to South Africa with Nelson Mandela too – so he’s not available for a while.


  261. Bill is not sulking somewhere . He is in London honoring Nelson Mandela on his 90th B.day along with many others! I hope he stays aboard for awhile!

    Here are some pictures of Bill and Chelsea in London at a Dinner In Honour Of Nelson Mandela


  262. I’m sending Bill some boxing gloves. I’m sure he’ll get my meaning. Meanwhile, he’s still entitled to hold that grudge.

  263. I’m certainly not picking on Bill. Take that up with the MSM who think he has a case of the bitters. I think he’s earned a case of ’em myself.

  264. SM, on June 27th, 2008 at 3:02 pm Said:

    Great minds think alike! lol! we posted about Bill in the UK the same minute

    and BTW Bambie followers , Nelson Mandela would not be hanging with a ” racist.” . These are great photos


  265. Edwardian: I am getting it from ALL my friends, everyone of them. They are apalled and aghast that I am not supporting him, especially since they all are aware that I campaigned for him last year. By deareast and closest friend though is AA and she came down as my guest when he was here. I haven’t told her yet, we have been talking about our men issues and political issues has not come up. I dread that conversation.

  266. Damn my grammar and spelling sucks.

  267. I hate this is so low down in the thread comments.

    (sigh) I could never do drag…I don’t see how women could be upright on their feet in those shoes! 😉

  268. Kim: I hear ya. One of my closest friends still can’t get over the fact that I’m not voting for him. (And she says it with that surprised, startled, slightly-offended affect.) At this point, she realizes none of the guilting crap works on me. Heck, I’m offended that so many people have being duped by this con and indoctrinated with his empty “hope ‘n’ change” drivel. That’s just beyond insulting.

  269. “Kim” Glenn Beck also “sees thru” Obama.
    I’m taking my cue from Michelle Obama when asked “if” she’d support Hillary “I ‘ll have to see “/
    If she can get away with that “why can’t I / we”!!
    GO PUMA!!

  270. As long as it remains in my power to stop him, this dude will not be president.

    Nope, sorry. Not so much Hillary. You do what you feel you have to but I won’t be taken down with him. I don’t want to see it happen, but you will be if you jump too hard on the Unity Sham. It is a dangerous seat you’re sitting in and you’re not riding it with care.

    I have to keep him out of the White House and if that means taking Hillary down with him…so be it.

  271. No Quarter has just posted some stuff on the Rezko trial.

  272. Okay I know I am going to get smashed on the head by you guys, but I am going to say it anyway. Were any of you hoping that he was going to say, she was running with him? I would not vote for him even if she did, but his not even asking, for me, just fuels the fire.

  273. Kim: Anything remarkable? I’m pretty zonked and I’ve got more windows open than is healthy.

  274. Ken Hall for President.

  275. I’m glad Bill & Chelsea are in London for Mandela’s birthday, and I hope they both are VERY busy with their own lives this summer; just too, too busy to help the One. Oh, but air kisses and good luck.

    At the same time, it makes me kinda sad that Hill had to do this damn unity farce on her own. I know, I know, she’s tough and has support and all, but I just respect her all the more. It’s hard to get through crap [you know, go to grandmother funeral of your ex kind of thing] without your hubby/kid.

  276. Kim: No way did I want him to ask. I’m nervous that he will ask. I don’t want that. I’d still not vote for him.

    Like I said, they’re making her campaign like a running mate when she isn’t one. It’s hitching her wagon to his. He fails; it’s her fault. They’d been intending to do this all along but it’s still frustrating.

    If he goes down now, he’s got her endorsement–best believe he’ll cause some damage on the way down.

  277. He talks about the hospital board and people going to jail.

    I just got another EM from the Huff Post “Off the Bus” project. It is almost tempting to tell the I would be willing to acept a beat post for the Unity angle. I could come in once a week and say, “Nope, Pumas Still Aren’t Uniting”

  278. Kim, asking HRC to be his running mate would be a shrewd political move.
    He’s not that smart.
    So, no, I’m not waiting for him to say that.
    It’s much more fun to just wait for him to say something stupid.

  279. RD post upstairs!

  280. How can anyone vote for Obama. Pelosi’s reason is: He is FRESH and IGNORATE. of the ways of Washington. UNBELIEVABLE.

  281. like Michelle Obama,

    I’ll see too…

    the fact is, if……… he were to adopt her clean energy climate policy, and………….all her policy advisors……. and then do their bidding, I might be behind him, despite all the other totalitarian DNC crap this primary.

    It is my over riding concern. Like some people get all bent out of shape over FISA, losing merely one nation to fascism, I get that way over enacting good policy on climate change legislation that will work. He only has to sign what we send over from the Senate, and I am sure she will enlist us 18 million to pressure all those Senators like Inohofe who stand in the way, so far.


    Alert campaign headquarters, please, trolls. Theres one who can be bought off. Of course theres all the others.

  282. Ewww I really can’t stand how much Obama is touching hillary. She doesn’t deserve that kind of abuse, jackbutt.

  283. Has it gone unnoticed by the media that while Obama was campaigning against Clinton his platform mimic’d hers so it seemed as though there was little difference bteween them? This lulled voters into thinking he’d be just as good or whatever; and now that he’s campaigning against McCain he’s veering right enough to be a centrist like McCain so that he can lull republican/conservative voters into thinking he’d be just as good as McCain, so why elect McCain?

    The real Obama won’t stand up until after the election and it may be too late.

  284. Hi all!

    Couldn’t watch and in fact, I’m sure CNN will replay this 50 times tonight, so screw them. It is too much like Hillary having a scarlet letter put on her sleeve.

    I couldn’t do it–she is stronger than me. As for Bill–I miss him too. And I am sick of CNN saying ‘where’s Bill?’ I e-mailed Wolfe to stop-said that if someone had labeled me a racist, that I certainly wouldn’t play kissy face with them. But they don’t read our e-mails, I think they just assume that since they are probably flooded with BO e-mails that he’s got the juice. Little do they know that they are all bought and paid for.

    Anyway, I only watch FOX now too–strange, I always hated them. This is like our democracy being hijacked by the media.

  285. If there are any who are wavering, just wander over to the “mainstream” liberal blogs to hear how they are STILL bashing everything Hillary says or does. It’s like they cannot think anything positive about her, it’s very disturbing. You expect that sort of behavior from freepers but from people who are supposed liberals its jarring. Their irrational venom makes me wonder why I thought I had anything in common with them in the first place.

  286. As angry as I was–and still am–about the misogynistic treatment of Sen. Clinton (Notice how George Will and others always call her MRS. Clinton?), I fear the election of John McCain more than anything. The guy is so militaristic, what with his talk of “victory with honor in Iraq” and the “warrior” tradition in his family. We would be in a war with Iran soon after his inaugural and, with the state of our armed forces what it is, conscription would soon follow. Want your kids fighting in the Middle East?

  287. Nancy, he’s not crazy, and I don’t fear him. Join us one thread up, where the active comments are.

  288. Nancy,

    McCain has a son in Iraq and one soon to go. He’s been through the hell of war. After Bush, I’m going to venture to say that McCain is less likely to get us into war with Iran etc. than Obama. Problem is that Obama’s like a chameleon, he changes with the environment so we don’t really know what to expect, and I want none of that.


    They’re still bashing Hillary because she is a threat. They know she was and is the best choice and are afraid she may yet become the nominee or pres.

    My republican friends at work told me that they knew it would be a bad year for republicans, so they voted for Hillary because if it had to be a democrat it should be the best one. Unfortunately many dems and our party did not think so. These same friends are now beating the drums for McCain although they are much more conservative because they are certain that an Obama presidency will destry this country. Note that these guys are between 25 and 29.

  289. […] Friday : Shmoonity I fried the hard drive in my macbook the other night and as a result, I can’t hearken to the call of my muse, […] […]

  290. I noticed a strategy for the unity event was to applaud for Clinton…. just so you know (I never watch) but I did a few minutes on CNN and MSNBC. Fineman was on MSNBC and he stated that the crowd was applauding for Clinton (he also stated 40% of Clinton supporters are not behind Obama).

    I thought you would like to know the strategy worked and it was on MSNBC… and on KO’s (jackass, cough) show.

  291. done4 you said something a lot of Pumas are not considering. Don’t you think many Reps voted for Clinton just to screw with us Dems? and keep the primaries going so we would turn on eachother? You really going to let them win especially in Nov when we have have to get the WH back. Nancy you are 100% right about McCain being militaristic. If done4 thinks BHO will start a war with Iran b4 McCain then then he hasnt been paying attention. And a note to Riverdaughter I am Gay and no BHO has not thrown me under the bus he has said many times he wants equal right for gays in all areas what do you think McCains position is? Just please consider HRCs own words she has witnessed 10 presidential elections in her adult life and we’ve lost 7. AS Dems who love this country we can’t afford to waste another 4 or God forbid 8 yrs.

  292. […] Shmoonity, The Confluence, June 27, 2008. The Obamaviks (Sen. Obama, you are known by the company you […]

  293. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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