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TV Worth Watching Tonight!

Heads up, PUMAs. Last week’s conference call with Just Say No Deal brought a surprise. Coalition members will be on Larry King Live tonight at 9:00pm, or so was the plan. I believe that Women For Fair Politccs will be represented tonight. They estimated that they would be featured in a 20 minute segment. So, if you have a chance, turn your tabbit ear antennas to CNN at 9:00pm and cheer them on.

Go Pumas!

254 Responses

  1. Wow. We are making history, fellow patriots. Go PUMAS, Go!

    I wonder if its on at 6pm west coast.

  2. Riverdaughter, this arrived from the Stender campaign today in case your interested.


    I have some exciting news to share!

    The Washington Post recently moved our campaign up 2 spots as the 7th most likely to win and switch party representation in Congress. It’s clear that momentum is on our side, and you’re the biggest reason why we’re going to flip this seat in November!

    Heather deJong
    Finance Director
    Linda Stender for Congress

  3. I just hope they get across the message that this is the only way to ensure that at least one party takes democracy seriously. The Rethugs disenfranchised only one state, after all. And now the Dems must be slapped down for trying it with two.

    This is a strategic vote — we can’t defend voting for McCain as if things are otherwise hunky-dory. If we let the Dems get away with this, there will be two parties that don’t defend women’s issues instead of just one.

  4. PUMAs of the world – roaring loud to the masses!!!

    Running to the TV – now!

  5. Great news about Linda. Now PUMAs let’s get Ed O’Reilly over the hump and get Lurch Kerry out of the Senate.

    We hold the keys to the White House my friends. Don’t forget it. Be strong, Be resolute. Stay hungry.

    And get your Naughty Nazi Nancy Doll before supplies run out!


  6. Just caught the whole “unity” (puking my guts out every time I hear that *word*) schtick on Larry King.

    Terry McAuliffe is next – any chance whe know when our PUMAs are up?

  7. Way to go Barry. Why stop while you are on such a roll.

    After the FISA humiliation where he embraced the Dick Cheney position, after standing with McCain, fat Tony Scalia, Samy Alito and other Rightwing freaks on yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling on death penalty for crimes not resulting in a death, Obama didn’t want today’s SCOTUS ruling to disrupt his wishi-washi groove.

    Au contraire, today he embarrasses himself and his minions with this:

    Obama Camp Disavows Last Year’s ‘Inartful’ Statement on D.C. Gun Law

    With the Supreme Court poised to rule on Washington, D.C.’s, gun ban, the Obama campaign is disavowing what it calls an “inartful” statement to the Chicago Tribune last year in which an unnamed aide characterized Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., as believing that the DC ban was constitutional.

    Lemme see the creative class and MessNBC explain how this guy will singlehandedly save Roe v Wade and revive the Liberal movement. I don’t think the Bush apologists were any different than this pathetic bunch.

    Somebody please kill me now!

  8. WigWag: I got the email from Stender’s campaign as well and if you see her, let her know that we intend to follow her campaign here in the next couple of months. Linda can do it this year and I can’t think of a better Democrat to send to congress.

  9. MABlue – Glenn Greenwald has a great article on the whole hypocrisy and water-carrying the “left media” (namely Olbermann) for Obama now that he’s flip-flopped.

    He’s worse than John Kerry!

  10. Wasserman-Schultz who I generally like us making me sick, sick, sick. My days as a Democrat are soooo

  11. Hey, anyone watching Larry King? I just caught the part where Candy Crowley & Debbie Wasserman-Schultz were talking – was that part of the PUMA segment?

  12. SM, saw that too. I remember now why I stopped watching CNN. Let the PUMAs loose, Larry.

  13. Wig Wag, every career Democrat is making me sick – Wasserman-Schultz is just doing her job, like Hillary is.

    But we don’t have to!

  14. Just saw that BO cut a check (personal?) for $2,300 to pay off Hillary’s campaign debt.

    What a magnanimous gesture! Considering how tepid his request to his own big time donors to help yesterday, is this to “get the ball rolling”?

  15. SM:

    I posted that on a previous comment thread, I think it was 2 threads ago. Glenn is pretty much the only progressive writing about this charade.

    Now we see that these fuxgressives are not different from Bolsheviks. And Mao couldn’t ask for a better personality cult.

  16. Where are the PUMAs?

    Wasserman-Schultz talked about the protest today at the Marriot Mayflower – any news from that?

  17. oh gag me. I can’t take the forced unity crap spewing from Debbie WS’s mouth. We know what BO really thinks of Hillary and her supporters. Diane Watson told us as much from the congressional black caucus meeting from a week ago.

  18. I have volunteered to work on O’Reilly’s campaign. Time for Kerry to spend more time with Teresa.

  19. MABlue, Mao is grinning in his grave.

  20. It’s Lanny Davis on Fox and Terry McAuliffe on CNN after the meeting. Terry said he took the check from BO, and “it was a lot of fun”. Stay tuned…

  21. SM: patience

  22. Riverdaughter – my TVs are in another room where the computer is – grandma is watching her telenovelas and my little Puma cub is watching Cartoon Network. I’m going back & forth to check CNN and run back to the computer.

    Have our growling PUMAs spoken or are they still coming up?

  23. And Terry McCaulife too, I can’t take it. I’m beginning to think a pox on all their houses.

  24. OK, Riverdaughter aka PUMA Priestess. Good! I haven’t missed them yet!

  25. Terry Mac somehow doesn’t look like himself. Cheerful and optimistic but his heart isn’t in it. Am I crazy?

  26. Ok, I made a deal with PUMA cub, I’m DVR-ing Larry King in case – she can watch her show in the meantime.

    WHY is Candy Crowley pushing the-greatest-Dem-Prez-since-FDR Big Dawg Clinton to “campaign” for Obama? Now they are saying he’s “holding out,” he’s still “hurt” over Hillary??? Why doesn’t Obama issue an apology over his racist smears?

  27. LOL. Did I just hear someone say that Hillary and Obama are going to be doing the 3 legged sack race at the picnic.

  28. The panelists are lame but Larry King is so dumb!

  29. I think there may be a method to their madness. My gut feeling is that Obama and Hillary campaigning together is not going to be a great thing for Obama. It’s just going to make people want her.
    Throw Bill into the mix and Obama is in big trouble.


  30. Oh my God, are they still talking about “unity”? Been busy chasing a mouse all over the house for the past 2 hours so I did not get to see Larry King (talk about old people).

    I hope at least that the spokespersons for PUMA resembled murphy in appearance. So sick of being made out to be some old buzzard who is pouting because she got green jello for dessert and not the promised vanilla pudding.

  31. SM, PUMAs coming up now!

  32. PUMAs are coming in the next segment!

  33. Pat – LOL! Send the green Jello over my house! Grandma Puma LOVES it.

  34. Cynthia Ruccia is terrific; Ellen Moran is a sell-out

  35. WigWag, Ruccia is doing a great job.

  36. As long as the women’s movement is defined only by abortion, sexism will be ignored. Wow, Ellen is great.

  37. Is anybody recording this so it can be put on youtube?

  38. Cynthia rules

  39. Media, the Democratic Party, Surrogates of Obama campaign brutal in terms of sexism.

    Cynthia, I’m in love!

  40. Was Cynthia Ruccia the PUMA??

    I love Cynthia Ruccia, BTW – she’s always VERY VERY good.

    Emily List’s President – forgot her name – I like her too but we’re definitely not on the same page.

  41. Can anyone tell me the name of Cynthia’s organization (is it on the blog role)? I am cutting a check right now

  42. what a great segment for PUMA and for our coalition….way to go ladies…..:-)

  43. “As long as the women’s movement is defined only by abortion, sexism will be ignored.”

    AMEN!!! Love that quote!

  44. WigWag – Women for Fair Politics – go to Just Say No Deal’s site – it’s there.

  45. 3 million PUMAs – I bet the party is having a “hissy fit” now because you know that there are more nonPUMAs that also will not vote for Obama. What a mess!

    In a year that Democrats should have had a cake walk to the White House, they figure out a why to lose AGAIN!

  46. 3 million – that number is staggering.

    Nader shaved off Gore votes by less.

  47. Clinton surrogates said some racist things? What a fucking liar!

  48. Are 3 million people still “shrieking bands of paranoid holdouts?”

    Just asking…

  49. wigwag: cynthia is from women for fair politics. I haven’t put them on the blogroll yet because our sites are popping upike mushrooms but you can fi d their site at JustSayNoDeal

  50. Where is that three million number coming from? I know about 8 Democrats who aren’t voting and they don’t even get on the internet. (I only know about 8 Democrats total where I live unfortunately.)

  51. “I am not sure what was in Cynthia’s corn flakes.” Debbie WS can take a flying…

  52. Another point:

    I LOVE it that Cynthia Ruccia also referred us as “mainstream” Democrats, the people that have been with the party for decades.

    Not this “I was a Republican in the 90s, now I’m a Democrat” garbage.

  53. I think the 3 million is coming from the Just Say No Deal coalition as a whole right now.

    Did she get a plug in for Just Say No Deal?

  54. WigWag, Debbie Wasserman said that???

    I walked away from the TV to post here – WHY are career Dems not listening to us????

  55. Debbie Wasserman Schiltz wonders what was in Cynthia’s cornflakes???? I’m sorry that I ;ive in the next district from hers or I would be p-leased to show her what’s in mine!!!!! Also, she doubts that there are 3 million of us?

  56. GrlPatriot – Cynthia plugged Just Say no Deal coalition.

  57. SM, Riverdaughter, thanks for the info. I am going to figure out what I can afford to send her organization and then send more, So many of these organizations are popping up. We can’t support them all. Does anyone have any idea how to vet them?

  58. WigWag – we should start a campaign to send Debbie WS boxes of corn flakes.

  59. 3 million is a conservative estimate per the most conservative poll (LAT/Bloomberg).

  60. WHY are career Dems not listening to us????

    Why didn’t they listen to us the entire primary? Because they don’t care. They don’t even care about the netroots that promoted Obama. They proved that with FISA.

  61. Hillary “couldn’t help talking” about her own campaign – Larry King is a dick.

  62. SM, thats exactly what Debbie WS said. All the politicians I used to like, I can’t stomach anymore.

  63. Or, “having discovered Sen Obama and his inspirational message, I am voting for the first time in all of my 54 years on earth. He is amazing; there never has been a politician like him and he is going to change the world!”.

    Or, “he’s the dude, man. I told my parents and they are voting for him too. Say, when is the election anyway?”

  64. 3 million boxes of corn flakes! Let’s do it!

  65. LOL @ Pat!

  66. Hillary for Attorney General? – WTF!

    I’m definitely sending Debbie some cornflakes.

  67. Ga6thDem, I think they care — in fact they’re furious that we’re so defiant. We were supposed to fall in line months ago. They can hardly stand it that we are so staunch in our support for Hillary.

  68. grlpatriot, great idea, but let’s make them Frosted Flakes. They’re great!

    Anderson Cooper is showing cell phone pictures. What is this? Kindergarten?

  69. 3 million boxes of cornflakes to Debbie WS…..

  70. I also hate it when they say “This is the most important election of our lifetime” and then they tell you they didn’t vote last election.


  71. 3 million can easily change the result of an election. They have so screwed up. I saw that poll, RonK. They played it up as if it’s a good thing that just over half of Hillary supporters will vote for Obama. That’s good?

    I’ve never even considered not voting for the nominee. Not ever, but since my vote in TN won’t matter, Obama isn’t getting it. I almost wish it did matter because I am still mad as hell.

  72. I’m sorry moderator – I mean’t “love”.

  73. Please note:

    I can’t stand Tanya Acker – she has been WAAAAAAY too dismissive of the Clintons throughout this entire primary. I remember her heavily pushing the “Clintons are racists” agenda. DO. NOT. LIKE. HER. AT. ALL.

  74. Exactly katieB! They’re just putting on the best game face they can, at this point.

  75. Good God–the Stepford Wives Club on CNN. I’m nauseous.

  76. Where is the check from Michelle?

  77. come on edwardian, you’ll “get over it”. 🙂

  78. If Candy Crowley mentions one more time that Obama and his campaign finance chair each gave $2,300 to Clinton, I’m going to puke

  79. the “o” team yuck-Some on get me th vomit bucket please-

    Now we pumas are in control just made a nice little donation to retire hillary’s campaign debt-$ 25.00 waiting with baited breath for obama for america contribution requests-

    Oh lit a candle for obama that he would return safely to the senate for the next congress-

    lit 3 for our girl hillary-sending her positive energy


  80. Michelle’s check went for piano and ballet lessons. Don’t you know how expensive they are?

  81. I wonder, what Susan B. Anthony would be saying, if she was here?

  82. Local address for Debbie Wasserman Schultz: 10101 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines FL 33026/. Telephone 954-437-3936. Let’sgive them an interesting week.

  83. Tabbycat, EXACTLY – 3 million is a BIG number – Nader knocked out Gore with much less.

    We can DO THIS. We need to burn down the DNC house of LOSERS and CHEATERS so we can rebuild our party again.

  84. Please o please o please have just ONE of those women come out and speak THE TRUTH–“hey, doesn’t it just SUCK that Hillary got screwed?” What I wouldn’t pay to hear the truth for once.

  85. Carol, Michelle decided to put her contribution in the collection plate and Trinity United.

  86. Candy Crowley is a hack- I remember in 2000 how she relished reading Gore v Bush to a stunned world audience….I am trying not be misoginstic here real hard….oh jeez please Pat help the words are on my tounge-


  87. who is debbie wasserman? I missed Larry King?


  88. Btw, Pat – tried commenting at Sugar’s the other day, in her “Class Beyond Compare” post. It was held for her approval, I guess. Haven’t seen it yet. Day before yesterday, that was.

    In my response, I was just remarking how much I admire her “speaking truth to power” in the only way Sugar can. lol! Even gave you a “wave”. 🙂

  89. DWS makes me so fricking SICK…no, there can’t be 3 million of us and if there is we must be some type of idiots. I wish I was in her state because I would work to get her out. I CAN’T STAND HER…………Cynthia did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PUMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. AC is talking about the fundraiser thing … big dawg and michelle are AWOL …

    i’d like to see them in the same room together .. imagine an All Star Wrestling match would ensue

  91. It makes me sick that no one would say that Obama himself was the biggest, sexist pig!

    Oh I wish the face scratching shoulder-brushing clip came up as a pop-up. Or the sweetie comment to the reporter. No one is doing their job on this guy.

  92. OMG, Obama can write a check! All by himself. I just love that scroll on CNN. I accidentally hit DKos from my favorites list (I need to delete that) and Kos has a picture of Obama at a laptop and says “our candidate can use a computer”. What a multi-talented man he is.

  93. “A huge step”??? A lousy $2300 check??? What a guy. I’m even MORE nauseous.

  94. Michelle Obama – no I just cant go there-ok I will,welcome to Hillary’s world-


  95. Of course, I meant in THESE media situations, of course.

  96. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a Dem house rep for Miami/Dade area. She worked on Hillary’s campaign but – as expected with a career Dem – now supports the “presumptive nominee.”

  97. It’s kind of funny hearing the Hillary fundraiser (Mr Bill White) on the phone say how important it was for Obama to help pay off Hillary’s debt & Anderson Cooper asking “did he [Obama] do what he needed to do.” You know I’m sure Obama is well pissed off that he had to go to Hillary’s people and ask for something and give a speech that didn’t passive-aggressively attack the Clintons.

  98. DC address for Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

    118 Cannon H.O.B
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: 202-225-7931
    Fax: 202-226-2052

  99. tabby: Never, I say. NEVAAAAAAHHHH! 🙂

  100. The dem majority is not going to survive November. We’ll lose the Senate and the White House. I see that really clearly.

  101. If the unity people’s slogan is “get over it,”
    Our slogan should be “get off of it.”

  102. the proof is not in the meeting however, the proof is in the checkwriting … we’ll see which of these fundraisers will actually pony up some money … especially if the big dawg is still testy

  103. What is wrong with these people? It is bad enough that we get battered around by the Obamabots but now our own? We are angry enough as it is and the throw more fuel on the fire by stupid remarks.

    Has anyone seen a split in the Repub Party? No. And many did not want McCain from day one. But they closed ranks. But here we are with a huge division, one that has not been erroneously characterized as a bunch of hateful, whiny, Hillary supporters, and they talking heads think it is no big deal. Just pour Cynthia another bowl of cornflakes and she will come around.

    The arrogance, not to mention the ignorance, of these women politicians is breath taking! Whatever happened to sisterhood at least.

  104. Okay everyone. My cable has been out all day. I think it was dirty tricks.

    I missed everything.

    If I was on the shows with these creeps, there would surely be some “love-bumps”.

    Someone tell me about 3 million?

    They are so condescending I am even madder.

    Oh my God, he is talking about his GrandMother – you remember the typical white women under Gary’s feet on the front end of the bus!

  105. i wiahHillary would’t take any money from him. dirty, filthy money. i love the idea that we all send money on one day, and knock it out.

  106. Pat: they need the party structure to get re-elected … the party discipline is really hammering down on every one

  107. Pat: They will be hoist on their own petard. Looks like we’ll have to do the hoisting.

    The anger I feel is enormous. It just festers. They really want to lose an unlosable Democratic year. Fine by me. I’m going to be a medical research. Chances are I won’t be broke.

    Chances also are that they will be unemployed.

  108. Amen, Pat.

    Unfortunately, the “slave mentality” is alive and well among many women.

  109. Irlandese-actually Obama cant write a check one of his incompetent Aides did….and he regrets that the error happened…er no thats not right….he fully supports the right of Criminals in DC having full access to hand guns and semi-automatic weapons…er no thats not right at all…FISA is a great step forward in the fight against freedom of speech er no I didnt mean to say that some one get me an aide so I can fire him….

    I saw that act already and Madonna did it much better in “Truth of Dare”


  110. Pat, there is that huge contingent of women-hating women. Often powerful women that can’t stand the idea of another, truly powerful woman. disgusting.

    I had four sisters. I grew up loving women. Fighting sometimes, but defending them forever. I love women, but am at a loss to describe how I feel about that kind of betrayal.



  112. Michael P Varvel–I’m telling you, the overwhelming GENEROSITY of BO is making me feel…underwhelmed. Maybe all the ‘spin’ and ‘flip-flopping’ is my REAL source of nausea.

  113. Why am I in moderation? Please fix my posts if I have been inappropriate.


  114. Women who don’t support other women are simply consenting to their own eventual eradication.

  115. Gary – good luck tomorrow – call if you decide to make history and are incarcerated for showing a Hillary or Puma sign.

  116. Pat I did it again for got Kathuy Griffin is on….missed first 20 min well I guess I will watch the rerun on saturday-She is going to Mardi Gras in Sydney!


  117. They were unaware of sexism. Didn’t watch cable news. Had no idea that another woman was being savagely beaten by an accommodating MSM. Had no idea this was going on or the impact it may have on the outcome. Bulls**t!

    We made calls. We sent faxes. We wrote letters. We signed petitions. You mean to stand there and say you had no idea of what was happening?

    They all need to step down because if this is as much attention they pay to actual discontent within the pubic framework how much of the actual business of the day are they unaware of?

    And I am not buying that they need to protect their seats in congress. That tenure is not a guaranteed job for life. Too bad if you step up to the plate on occasion and speak to power. These women are despicable.

  118. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has never had a serious opponenr. Many Broward Democrats run unopposed.

  119. Michael: Dammit, I missed it.

  120. I love that she talked about Bill being the only Democratic President elected 2 times.

    Get it BO – you won’t be elected once.

  121. PUMA is definately getting everyone attention. I am so proud to be a member of the rebel alliance. I wonder if we could start a diary or web page with the addresses for PUMA organizations by state. Is there something like that already? I am in Florida.

  122. Ish, I missed Kathy!

  123. Anderson just called her polarizing – who are these wacko’s?

  124. Is there any chance someone could put a small stuffed opossum in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s cornflakes? Or may a puma?

  125. BB: we should just put some hanging chads in there. Bet she’d get that message.

  126. And giving him a pass on FISA. Is anyone of these congressional morons, along with a worshipping public, concerned enough to consider what that use of technology can mean?

    They will find an excuse to look at your confidential medical records which may prevent you from securing insurance, getting a job, holding you hostage to things in your personal life that may recast your whole career?

    The government is setting itself up as Big Brother right under our very noses and this candidate has been given a free pass and every excuse in the book to explain his turnaround. Bush and Co. have opened a door and Obama is ready to step right through it.

    Sorry, I am on a tangent when I hear stupidity being spewed and labeled discourse. It is still stupidity.

  127. Greta and Fox running video of Father Pfleger demeaning Hillary.

  128. DJ.

    There is a photo that Obama’s camp flashed around with Obama in the middle and his white grandparents on either side of him sitting on a bench. I am certain that picture is also a fake. Its a composite where they have merge together images from other pictures into one. Maybe someone here with more expertise can take a look.

  129. Pat–the ‘not our kind, dear’ kind of women who played blind, deaf, and dumb now profess that they were unaware. This actually may not be far from the truth, since they’re all living on Planet DNC and NOT Planet Working-Class America. Apparently, the Planet I live on has suffered the same fate Pluto did–I’ve been downgraded to who-gives-a-sh*t status.

  130. Christ, will they ever get off her back!!

  131. The funny thing about “Angry PUMA” is that he sounds really stupid. Stay away from satire.

    *Shrugs* We can’t all have the good sense God gave a brick.

  132. Dang. I meant to watch Greta and then watch the replay of 360 at eleven. Anderson is such a creep to me now. I used to like him.

    Is there anyone in the media worth listening to now? Craig Crawford still have his senses?

  133. Me thinks we have a troll in the house tonight – Angry PUMA

  134. Yep, another asshole got through the filter. regency, hand over that bucket of water I was going to throw at you last night. I am going to take aim at the next troll who dares to ridicule us.

  135. Does anyone know where the 3 million number came from, in the Larry King interview?

    I sure hope that we are that many.

  136. We need more PUMA’S on “AC360.cnn” blog.
    Cynthia R. was GREAT!!
    How “rude” was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz??
    We’re in this together PUMA’s!!

  137. As a matter of fact, someone may want to throw that bucket at me tonight because I am stoked!

  138. AngryPUMA,
    “But since this party has made a decision that isn’t what I personally wanted, I’m going to team up with other like-minded people to take it down.”

    You just don’t get it. Maybe you don’t understand what a Democracy is or what this country stands for. The Democrat party hand picked Obama and rigged this election. This isn’t just about Hillary losing, its the tactics and methods used by the Obama campaign and the DNC. The MSM fueled the flames, but it is the Democratic party that now longer represents us, and doesn’t care. You can’t know what Obama will do because he flip flops day to day. All you can do is ‘hope’ he will represent you.

  139. Latest reports show our numbers may be higher than 3 million closer to 4.5 million and we did this in less than a month? Pat since you and I were there…Maybe Rome was built in a day….

    we could be 13.5 million by Convention and surely over 18 million by November

    good news yes?

  140. joaniebone, on June 26th, 2008 at 10:16 pm Said:

    Pat, there is that huge contingent of women-hating women. Often powerful women that can’t stand the idea of another, truly powerful woman. disgusting.
    I am not a sociologist but I think it is a well accepted idea that minorities (including women though not in number) run away from their own. I have had my share of betrayals from women colleagues. There are so few of us in most everything that the more established predecessor fears that their own success will be diminished by the new comers. There is something to be said about making room for the next generation — we do it for our children, others’ children.

  141. Angry PUMA, on June 26th, 2008 at 10:31 pm Said:

    “But since this party has made a decision that isn’t what I personally wanted,”

    Angry, that is why we are angry. The Party made the decision when that right belongs to the voters.

  142. Pat: Here’s the bucket. I had to refill it because I put some ribs in it for Big Dawg, but he’s done now.

    *hands over bucket*

  143. Windy – Cynthia Ruccia, that fab PUMA from Women for Fair Politics, said that the Just Say No Deal is 3 million strong.

    We can DO THIS!!!!

  144. NH, you beat me to it and said it better.

  145. Tabby, I never cared for Anderson. Every bit the prick I’ve come to know and loathe. Tries to hard to come across as a highly-reputable journalist. Poor fella.

  146. there was a comment of Obama about the agressivity of his campaign and the back and forth between his campaign and McCain’s that stuck with me. Obama said that sometimes his campaign lets its testosterone get away from themselves.

    i thinnk thats exactly the problem that i have with Obama’s and McCain’s campaigns: too much testosterone

  147. Anderson is all handsome, but no brain-some. Shame. Used to like him.

  148. Hmm. What Hillary said earlier (on CNN – recording from the fundraiser) made it very, very clear that there is a BIG difference between the past 7.5 years and the years before (eg Bill’s administration). Obama’s not going to get away any more with rhetorically treating the 90’s like it was no different than now..

  149. Is it time for fuzzybear to drop a house? Angry PUMA?


  150. riverdaughter, I hope you see this. Can you please correct the link to my blog, Blue Lyon, in your blogroll?

    I’ve moved to bluelyon.wordpress.com


  151. regency: lol !! You may come out of the timeout corner now.

    I’m munching on M & Ms like the Russians were in Hartford!

    Michael: Don’t push your luck with the “Rome” connection.

  152. michael P Varvel, on June 26th, 2008 at 10:38 pm Said:

    Latest reports show our numbers may be higher than 3 million closer to 4.5 million and we did this in less than a month? Pat since you and I were there…Maybe Rome was built in a day….

    The number of people not voting for Obama will be much higher — we have to count all those bitter and clingy middle America that Obama failed to convince and they don’t necessarily feel compelled to tow any one party line. There is also a silent faction of Democrats that does not participate on Internet blogs.

  153. edwardian, my judgement on the media stinks. I used to like Keith O. too. I just never found Anderson to be too political until this election and he has been so slanted. I’ve tried to post on his blog and I have never had a comment get through moderation. And I’ve never posted anything ugly…I just call them on their dishonesty or partiality.

  154. Anderson Copper-what do you expect from a young man whos mother put her families good name on the @$$ of every teenage girl in the 1980’s?

    I can tell a closet case from 10 miles away and without my glasses.


  155. Obama was interviewed on Bloomberg tonight and I held my nose and watched for about 4 minutes. (that was all I could take). He said he was going to roll back taxes to the rates we had in the 90’s. GAWD, what a hypocrite. He virually quoted Hillary. What a pri#k.

  156. Is the democratic version of “You are doing a heck of a job Brownie” while New Orleans drowns?

  157. NH, did you see on 360 where he said that Hillary fighting for the people reminds him of himself? The crowd laughed but I’ll bet it wasn’t the kind of laugh he wanted.

  158. I dunno, i know AC … he was a hillary supporter … i haven’t seen him so much as the last few years when he was down here drinking in my neighborhood bar all the time with his entourage of fine young men … but i can certainly find out …

  159. LOL! Hey, I had that name on my @$$ in the ’80s! What do you expect from a guy who went from reporting on MTV to MSM? He’s a media darling; he’s welcoming a new fraternity brother to the club.

  160. I admire all of you who still have the stomach to watch TV.

    I have even tried to TiVo some stuff but even my TiVo protested and suggested I punch myself in the b*lls.

  161. What’s so sad about AC is that Gloria VanderBilt loves Hillary, was a big fundraisers for her. Wonder if she gave jackass any money.

    Y’know if Hillary didn’t look so unlike the Hillary I know now, I would feel better. She looks like I do when I’m really depressed. She looks like if she tries any harder she’ll cry. That’s hard, I know.

  162. Fellow PUMAs, could I ask a question that is possibly naive and cynical at the same time. Since Heidi Li & others have started a drive to retire Hillary’s debt by her supporters, is this push by the Obama camp a way to detract from that? I know that an analysis would show repeat donors [like me] vs new donors [Obama supporters], but we know the press will never differentiate.

    In other words, is this an attempt by the Obama folks to take credit for rescuing poor Hillary, when actually the rescue is from her real & grateful supporters?

  163. Sorry Pat I just remember the good old days hanging around the Forum going to see the Gladiators it was such a simple time. I miss Ceasar…and his wife was so above reproach.


  164. tabbycat in tenn,

    actually Obama was talking about his grandmother (that something that is starting to get on my nerves, did you notice that everytime obama talks about women or to women he has to bring up his grandmother, mother or daughters???)

    i guess his grandmother told him that she saw herself in hillary. maybe thats why he threw her under the bus

  165. Irlandeses: I had Vanderbilt on my a*( last year, then I grew out of them.

  166. MABlue–I’m stil ROFL! I can stomach it; I’m afraid my NEIGHBORS can’t stomach me still watching. They’re getting a little concerned about the continuing howls coming from my house.

  167. parentofed, on June 26th, 2008 at 10:52 pm Said:

    Yes, they do want to take credit for retiring her debt. Expect it, but don’t be discouraged by it. You know what really happened.

  168. LOL

  169. I know why Hillary is smiling. She knows that even if she and Bill went door to door with Obama in his carriage requesting our votes it won’t happen. She knows of the PUMAs and the disgust we share with the DNC. She knows that no matter what she does or does not it will never satisfy the Obamabots anyway.

    And she also knows that he is the worst candidate the Dems ever should have considered for president. Knowing this, she can get as big a belly laugh as we do, watching him flame out as his former acolytes start looking for the exit.

  170. regencyg–I haven’t fit in those damned GV’s SINCE the ’80s.

  171. parentofed-my that was golden I just donated $25.00 to her campaign from Hiedi Li’s site- I have ben waiting for my mailbox to fill up with obama for america requests…for support and a check-oh screw the support I am “the one” I need the checks not the people-


  172. Sorry Michael, I was too busy helping Claudius compose his memoirs.

  173. parentofed, on June 26th, 2008 at 10:52 pm Said:

    In other words, is this an attempt by the Obama folks to take credit for rescuing poor Hillary, when actually the rescue is from her real & grateful supporters?

    Parent, that is a GREAT POINT. Is it a photo op moment to say, “you must support us now, we SAVED Hillary.” Ugh.

    But that still won’t make me vote for him. Ever.

  174. Jonas, I missed that. Do you notice that he talks about what an inspiration she will be for his daughters or something about his mother or grandmother but he never mentions Michelle when he compliments Hillary? Never.

  175. You noticed the Cheshire-like smile, too? Kill ’em with kindness, Hillary honey. We will all have the last laugh, methinks.

  176. tabbycat in tenn,
    No, I didn’t see it. I would have liked to have seen Obama’s expression when people laughed.

    I really do limit what I watch, and usually change the channel when the story turns to presidential politics.

    But, I wonder how many feel as I do about the lack of credibility that I know have for any of the news channels. If our MSM can’t report presidential campaign news in an unbiased manner why should we believe anything that is said. As I turn on 60 minutes last Sunday and CBS news it occurred to me that I can’t trust anything I hear.

  177. NQ just posted an insider note from Larry on THE meeting … he says the Grand possum was singularly uninspiring

  178. NH: i’m the same way. I used to be one of the most informed people I knew. News, especially CNN, everyday. Now, I don’t bother because I don’t trust them. That’s a shame.

  179. Michael: I am getting those Obama for America requests. Today my non-political husband got this evil gleam in his eye while holding the request, and said, “Let’s send play money back and say, No Deal.” That’s hysterical to me.

    The party elders don’t realize that for everyone like me who joins PUMA, donates, and comments on blogs, there are 2 or 3 or more standing quietly but ready to stomp on the possum.

  180. NH, I feel the same way about the media. Were we always this misled? I watch very little anymore and I was a news junkie. When I feel my anger starting to die down, I just turn on the TV and then I remember why I am so mad and how justified I am in feeling that way.

  181. Well I, for one, am glad I refuse to watch television news coverage of th presidential election. My stomach is already a little upset today–no need to tempt it to vomit. But thank you folks for taking the hit and documenting the atrocities.

  182. I bet they have millions in play money. If only it was Monopoly Land instead of America.

  183. FYI — LJ at NQ has news from today’s fundraiser meeting — not good for Obama.

  184. I hardly ever turn the tv on. My visits to the blogs consist of this one and perezhilton. Does this explain how insane I have become?

  185. Larry Johnson at No Quarter says his sources said Obama didn’t do a good job at tonight’s money meeting. Also, says Obama doesn’t have her list (Good! – let him make his own list)

    CNN says the crowd was positive but with a wistful tone. Reporter said Obama was the “soft seller” while Hillary was more enthusiastic.

  186. tabbycat in tenn
    i’ve noticed the same.
    Anyway maybe its better than he doesnt bring up Michelle when talking about Hillary. actually i would prefer he talks about himself and what he CAN do about hillary’s policies instead of mentioning little stories about the women in his family

  187. pm317: I read it and he sounded like a teen ager who had the car keys taken away. What a big baby!

  188. Must turn in. I wish I could have joined our fellow PUMAs in Unity. I can’t wait for news, pictures comments.

    GO PUMA!!

  189. Pat Johnson
    just to say that i love to read your comments!

  190. tabby: When you have little to offer he has to do the best with what he has at hand. Mom, Grandma, Michele, the girls. Other than that: not so much.

  191. Jonas, he can’t do her health care policy now after his Harry and Louise mailers. If she could get it passed, I guess he would sign it (if he won which I seriously doubt).

  192. You know, reading Larry Johnson’s blog about today’s meeting, Obama does not handle being in hostile territory. Toda he had to convince these fundraisers that there is something in it for THEM to jump on his bandwagon but it looks like he failed to do that. So, how is he going to work with all those less than friendly guys all over the world or within the congress who don’t agree with him? More and more he has an uncanny resemblance to GW and I don’t think it is an accident. Both are inexperienced and unqualified and therefore, less secure.

  193. With the way the Dow went today (way down), and the way the gas price went today (way up), and the way the myriad other things have been going for the past week (way out), I have serious doubts that OhNoBama is going to be the captain of this sinking ship.

    My current concern is that Gore is positioning himself to be the recipient of the nomination honor once Oh’s star goes ker-plunck. Mr. Democratic Elite to keep Hilary off the throne when the current plan fails. Gore is someone that I DO NOT trust anymore, and he would come in whinning about finally getting the presidency that he deserves.

    I hope that I am wrong. And if I’m not, I hope Hillary will be able to catch the crown as it goes ker-pluck after Oh.

  194. Bills entitled to hold a grudge. And that’s the only ‘entitlement’ I’m willing to endorse this election.

  195. Obama speech recording at the fundraiser – being played on CNN – ugh, I had to turn the sound off. I am sincerely sick and tired of him always talking about himself. All. The. Time. You’d think there is no issue on God’s green earth that isn’t first and foremost about Barack Obama and his wife, his daughters, his grandmother, his grandfather, but mostly about him.

  196. This Friday, June 27th, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will make their first joint campaign appearance to demonstrate to the nation that the Democratic party is united. The event will take place in none other than Unity, New Hampshire.

    We all know that this show of unity is a sham, but Obama wants to flood this small town of 1500 with 2500 of his supporters to create a staged impression of overwhelming Democratic party togetherness. His campaign wants to sell the American people a big lie by staging a fiction worthy of Hollywood.

    It can’t happen, if we “Just Say No Deal”!
    Please come to New Hampshire to let the American people know the reality, that millions of Clinton supporters will not vote for Obama in November should he be the nominee, and no amount of staged “Unity” rallies will change that fact.

  197. PUMA makes it to WaPo!

    Hill Yes! O No!

  198. I say Bill’s out of town till Thanksgiving

  199. When Bill went after Chris Wallace, which gave most of those spineless Dems a reason to do likewise, I fell in love all over again. Especially when he put his finger right up in Chris’s face.

    Bet he will do the same with Obama if given a chance. And boy, would I love to see that. The One will need Depends during that meeting because I can’t see Bill holding back.

  200. Tabbycat – Craig Crawford was on MSNBC tonight and he made some inane statement about how sad it was for Hillary to be out begging for money.

    And I was just on the Left Coaster where some idiot commenting on the fairness doctrine said Clinton made Obama move right.

  201. parentofed-for every one like you to or three? do not sell yourself short more like 20 or 30-who will not support the possum in chief.

    Pat Perez is allowable “mind candy” its how we stay sane in a world that rapidly is becoming like the movie “Brazil”


  202. Hillary was introducing BO and before she said his name she said “ahh”.

    Was it an accident? Does she now have “halting speech”? I think it was our “signal” – and Hillary, we heard it loud and clear.

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2008

  203. Karolina-That has been a nagging fear in the back of my mind as well. If NObama goes down, then Gore will “come to the rescue!” After the way the DNC has run Hillary out, why are we thinking that they would just hand the nomination to her even if something happened with NObama? Call me negative, but that’s my fear! And I know there are lots of people who still like Gore. I’m just not one of them.

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  204. #
    Pat Johnson, on June 26th, 2008 at 11:08 pm Said:

    pm317: I read it and he sounded like a teen ager who had the car keys taken away. What a big baby!

    Pat, What did you think of his response “there was another woman brutalized…” Was he referring to his wife? He compares what they did to Hillary with what his wife brought on herself?

    He needs these people more than they need him. At this point, many of them don’t believe he will win — so it is a dead investment for them and also, they don’t trust him to give them anything for their money’s worth (in terms of addressing their concerns, issues — hell, he did not do it tonight and he will do it after taking their money?). I bet they won’t fork him a dollar — they may match him for Clinton’s debt but no more.

  205. I read an article of Bill’s “Official” endorsement of Obama-not good for the unity pony-the media is refering to it as “THE 27 WORDS” I was a wonder analysis of what these words really meant-the finger,the brush off and the dont call me I call you all rolled into one….

    I here Nancy Howard and Harry are sh*tting Bricks. Donna Brazile has hedged her bets buy getting a coach ticket to siberia.


  206. Hope your kids aren’t of drafting age…

  207. article snippet

    “Five hours later, Mantouvalos, age “north of 35,” had built a new Web site, JustSayNoDeal.com, which has become a clearinghouse for the renegade forces that are now confounding Democratic Party officials and Obama campaign operatives.

    Democratic leaders insist — and polls indicate — that the vast majority of Clinton supporters, including women, already have flocked to Obama or eventually will. But the effectiveness of the Internet as an organizing tool for dissent is creating concern and uncertainty about the scope and intensity of those unwilling to fall in line.”

    Hey, we’re causing a bit of heart burn for them.

  208. #
    WS, on June 26th, 2008 at 11:17 pm Said:

    PUMA makes it to WaPo!

    Hill Yes! O No!

    Wow!, I must say that Diane (in that picture) and Murphy, Cynthia, Harriet (and all of us) must be shattering their myth that we are just all some angry old hags on our well beyond menopausal deathbeds, ha?

  209. To offer him one dollar would be an admission of supporting him and his questionable tactics all along.

    As for the “another woman brutalized”, he may have been referring to Scarlet Johannsen.

    Loved the PUMA article in the WAPo. See, they are beginning to pay attention. Bless those who are making this happen. Starting with this blog.

  210. I love it. In the WaPO we are referred to as “renegades”.

    The 60’s live!

  211. the caps were intentional in “THE 27 WORDS” it will become a rallying cry for the rebel alliance-

    Pat you did a wonderful job on I Claudius-


  212. Another article snippet:

    “This kind of talk drives James Roosevelt crazy. As co-chairman of the DNC’s rules and bylaws committee, he presided over the meeting that decided the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegations. He calls the notion that Obama got preordained, preferential treatment “just ridiculous.” While he understands the disappointment of Clinton supporters — his daughter and wife backed the New York senator — he says the party’s rules were “followed and interpreted fairly.”

    There was no rule that allowed the RBC to hand over delegates to someone that didn’t earn them. He wasn’t even on the ballot and they could have at least ordered a revote.

  213. Jmac, I can’t handle The Left Coaster anymore. The comments drive me nuts.

    Another Obama supporter disses Bill C. on 360. These people just don’t get it. Remember all the small towns in Texas, Ohio, PA and South Dakota that he visited? Why do they still claim he is a liability? They just don’t get it.

    Notice that the Republicans are comparing Obama to a Carter Presidency or to the “excesses of the 60’s”. They aren’t stupid…they aren’t mentioning Bill in any negative way. It’s the Democrats doing it!

  214. WS – I read the article – I LOVED IT!! Good for WaPo to show a more balanced view.

  215. Well, Michael, I don’t want to brag but there are at least 7 people I’m taking with me to do the Possum Stomp. Everyday I inform them of what’s REALLY happening, and rant some, too. We’ve all given up MSM, we all say the “news” is just National Enquirer.

    Their safety phrase is “you know it looks like rain,” and that’s my cue to back off politics and try to be normal.

  216. Nicole are you still there? or did you have nothing more to say?

    I served my country Obama has served no one but himself since his birth-he does not deserve to be pictured with a soldier (his new commercial) much less shaking there hand-some on get me a voomit buclket again!

  217. Nicole, had there been a draft we would not be where we are today. Comfortable people, of whom little is asked, now sit by the computers directing ill conceived venom onto other people because they do not support the presumptive nominee.

    Had there been a draft, you can bet those parents, whose kids would have had to answer the call, would have raised hell. There would have been daily protests and Bush would have been less capable of sending somebody else’s kids to go and come back in bodybags.

    Sometimes when all must make a sacrifice , the thunder is louder and more intense.

  218. Another snippet:
    “Carroll said the Obama campaign’s outreach to women has grown through the primary season to now number 30,000 core organizers and surrogates, who actively recruit online,”

    Yeah, I’ve been “recruited online” for a year now – by being told to STFU, had coat hangers waved at me, told to crawl back under a rock, said I was off my meds, called racist, and had my candidate subjected to incessant, vicious, nasty personal insults, character assassination, and slander.

  219. wow, the WAPO article is great!! We’ve been empowered by the MSM …

    While Clinton and Obama are scheduled to campaign together today in the symbolic New Hampshire town of Unity, many in this loose confederation of nonconformists have embraced a mantra that runs counter to the notion of reconciliation: “Party Unity My Ass.” They have taken to calling themselves “Pumas” and have adopted as their logo — on T-shirts and Facebook pages — the portrait of a snarling cougar. Though not all have the same specific grievances or agree on a course of protest, they are linked by their dissatisfaction with the primary process and its result, and are unpersuaded by the gestures of heroine Hillary.

  220. look at THAT


  221. Michael: I Claudius was one of my favorites on Masterpiece Theater. Derek Jacobi was magnificent as Claudius.

  222. Lakota in GA, all I can think of is that PUMAs must show their unwavering support for Hillary, watch from the bushes to see what will be happening when OhNo falls, and be ready with a plan to spring into action.

    I like Hillary very much (and, yes, Bill is great and, still, eye-candy) but the real deal is that she is the only one (plus Bill) to whom I would feel relatively safe entrusting the future of America in these most frightening and critical times.

  223. parentofed, HRC has also said publicly that while she is committed to helping BHO, her first priority is paying off her debt, so until its paid she doesn’t know how effective she can be.
    Bless her heart.

  224. Josgirl, “bless her heart” is the insult that keeps on giving.

  225. Pat: yes, another I, Claudius fan; I own it on VHS.

    WS: well, driving James Roosevelt is just a welcome side perk of PUMA. He deserves a long, long drive.

  226. Regency, I know, but I love her for her smart politicking.
    I meant it sincerely.

  227. I know, josgirl. I was wincing internally.

    Bless Barack’s heart. God I hate him.

  228. I think Obama was indeed referring to Michelle, that “other woman” who was brutalized. It’s the art of deflection, but from what I’ve read Obama failed to connect or persuade Hillary’s supporters.

    And Michelle? It hasn’t even started yet–the Republican howl machine. I don’t favor that tactic [going after a candidate’s spouse], but I cannot believe that Obama wouldn’t have the decency to admit that yes, Hillary was the object of blatant sexism. No, he rather talk about himself. Or make indirect suggestions of racism as he did in Florida. Or join the bandwagon of journalists who have denied that sexism was ever an issue. Or say, Michelle’s abuse was just as bad–my pain is bigger than your pain.


    What an arrogant, gutless wonder.

    Wake up America.

  229. The hireheels.com site is a trip, by the way. As a feminist I’m not sure how I feel about the silly stuff.. but then again who am I to complain, I went and bought a $200 pair of shoes myself last week. (Flats, not stilettos. I can’t walk far in the super high heels.)

    Also.. if a moderator is around.. I have a comment a few posts back in moderation, if you could release it, many thanks.

  230. Wake up super delegates!

    Mawm has a new thread up. They are on the road!

  231. Now, now, Regency, he’s doing the best he can with what he has to work with, bless his heart.

    I truly believe he has no idea what his positions are or what he’s supposed to do next.
    He has to wait for his handlers to prep him and give him his script or he’s completely lost.

  232. wasserman-shultz(code name Obamanazi) doesnt get it.

    does she not understand the sacrifice we are making by throwing the election to our parties opponent?

    We are willing to suffer with the Obamist’s for 4 years to teach them a lesson that you cannot corrupt the process.


  233. josgirl: Couldn’t you just picture Obama and Sugar in the same room? She would tear him apart.

  234. Pat: that is just damn clever. ….As for the “another woman brutalized”, he may have been referring to Scarlet Johannsen.

    I think is was Delilah Boyd that welcomed Scarlet to the bus today, following Obama’s reducing her to an email line once or twice. Suspect Scarlett is another who hasn’t realized she’s under the bus yet.

  235. Want to bet Scarlet wasn’t exaggerating? She is not about to say something that could be verified and make herself look foolish. Just another one of Obama’s “I did not know her as well as I thought I did”.

  236. Regency, YOU would tear him apart.

  237. I miss masterpiece theater-a victim of reagan budget cust for public television-sigh-we have some much in common Pat and parentofed-you both have wonderful taste

    d g you should read some of my post over there I contribute to the dialog quite ofter at hireheels
    oops new thread-

  238. Pat: Love I Claudius and especially love Masterpiece Theatre.

  239. Josgirl, don’t tempt. I really can’t stand him.

    Hey Pumas, I had an idea. Would it not be something if we could get the organizations that have previously endorsed Hillary but aren’t feeling BO to reinforce their endorsements now?

    Take the Philadelphia Gay News. They aren’t big fans of BO. Maybe they could do another editorial stating how Hillary is their choice–they don’t have a dog in this race.

  240. edwardian: Me too. No better actors than the British.

  241. regency: I have a feeling that some of these publications may be picking up more and more of the PUMA revolt since it is now being nationally recognized. Some publications may be a little hesitant to break away until now withouth having a reading on public sentiment. Remember, they count on advertisers and readership numbers to stay in business. Hard to do if you are not mainstream.

  242. PUMA is for real and it also helps PUMA that a Barry and McCain only election is too boring for the Press to bare!! lol!


  243. McCain vs. Obama: The Hero or the Zero.

    No contest!

  244. FYI, Michelle contributed another $2300 (per NYT).

  245. What did she do, pawn a few pairs of Manolos?

  246. What in hell does Candy Crowley know about “Just say, no deal” or PUMA. She is a joke as a reporter and in the tank for Obama.

  247. Want to bet Scarlet wasn’t exaggerating?

    She seems to have a bit of a thing about looking for older guys she can idolize. (“Idolize” is too strong of a word probably but I’m rather tired!) But the equalizer in all this is that famous Hollywood stars just like rank-and-file Democrats are finding out that Obama will do and say anything to get elected, and winning the general just means he will quickly people under the bus if it’s the politically safe and easy course of action.

  248. quickly **throw** people. oops.

  249. I’m a year older than Opossum.

    If Scarlett Jo wants an older guy to idolize, I’m willing to make the sacrifice.

  250. Sorry but I’m being dumb again. What are the “27” words and where can I read them?

  251. I really wish that Cynthia Ruccia had brought up the stolen nomination. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s own voters were disenfranchised. I felt the message was watered down only talking about feminist issues. there is so much more.

  252. I agree. The election rigging and disenfranchisement of Fl and MI are way too important to ignore. The sexism is important, but the totality of the election rigging and the misogyny reveals the magnitude of the schame.

  253. All of you wonderful people stay the way you are..determined..strong ..and dedicated. In future years people will talk about the strength Of a marvelous group of people that were a real “change” in politics. I for one am proud of each one of you.

  254. For those who wish to stay together in a long term commitment to the ideals and rinciples that Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime promoting, http://Together4Us.com offers access for activists, funders, students, policy-makers and ordinary people to come together in support of each other and their goals for America. Please come to our website and join, use the code below to put our linked logo on your website and distribute our message and this code to all your network. Spread the word. We will be happy to put up a reciprocal link, your own co-branded web page on our site, or your own blog.

    Thanks so much,
    Gretchen Glasscock,

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